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Rory and Thompson argues 1110 tonight and I pray. And easy to see. You know it's like after the big games. Think you're up to the winning quarterback and they say. They say sir you just won the Super Bowl what are you gonna do now. I'm so Allan man that little bit us a supply allows you just were sworn in as the new mayor of Charlotte. What are you gonna do now mayor Bob Lyles that's right mayor lot of miles on just by Lyle lost that much. My Lyle as you've been sworn in as mayor so now that you are mayor what are you gonna do. You're gonna go on WBT radio thing he does with Pat McCrory and vote Thompson and I'm looking forward to this because here we have a mayor talking to a mayor. And this is the conversation you can only here on WBT so good morning everybody and congratulations. May your Lyles thank you very much tell what indeed like the mayor pet person you know you can't be a mayor by air by actually mayor behind it sounds good yeah. Irvine I know I'll never forget when John about whenever I was mayor and there are other mayors in the audience I don't always recognize them although one time I called Harvey Gantt. John Denton bill horror because I don't know won't never hurt pet makes in a misnomer stern on my Internet Explorer and it Sunday to buy a always called John Belton the mayor. That is true you mayor coming in he was such a great great guys both standard I need to ask some inside information from okay. So you got sworn in you have all the hoopla on ceremony. And then I'm sure you one upped the mayor's office with your family. When you walked in the mayor's office which you had been in many times budget directors city may assistant city managers the council member. What did you did. You know I actually went man and I look that the space and I open the floor and patsy Kenzie has side. On the inside of the roar patsy Kim the mayor and the date that she was there. So I'm wondering where your signature is. In the deaths they must change desk guy did that. You tip I had them they might have changed desk and I always left and a previous mayors always left a note for the new mayor I left a note for Anthony Foxx. Did this Jennifer did the previous mayors and you know and what did it say. Jennifer at Lafayette card and it said I am best wishes and smiley face. That's my thoughts that was that was really nice so what you looked out the window. You looked out the window into beautiful short skyline which is changed tremendously. When you were brand new city employee back in nineteen god knows what. There was no wind out if that happened in my office. They actually hired me and they put me in a closet Eminem you're an old City Hall you're an old City Hall parking that was the last mayor in that all right that's right and you know if you go to the City Hall on the second floor of the old building. You could actually opened the balcony and standout on that there's no balcony on the fifteenth floor there were some people who wanted me to step out of that shouldn't. That's that's a Pensacola mayor there is a balcony. Well. Well you know I sat with mayor pat for a number of years and that office and he says that but not really it's not that well. Listen when you're budget director when you were assistant city manager under I think the greatest city manager this city ever had was campsite for so you had a great role model and she's I know continue to be a good friend of yours Pam cipher it's. One of the most under appreciated people in the city of Charlotte she was my city manager of the all time I was mayor except for two years with Wendell white. But done a lot of times in that we'd have a very tough conversations in fact I'm a bears now looking back and help. What my attitude was you know as a 3940 year old authority had all the answers did you ever think at that point in time when. All the previous mayors that you work where that we're given staff Greif Greif did you and your mind go I'm going to be in that best score and time. Absolutely never thought about it this way I am I that way when I was working for the city it was all about what she and what you're talking about. Coming in and being the best staff person that you could be and we continue to do that I do have to say though. Mayor pat about this. Camp probably sat there and thought. And Scott are friends and so I can treat him just like I treat Scott and I got up and it was kind of that look but let me tell you when you walk into that. Mayor's office you see. The world a little bit differently. And you have to because you actually. No then wait. Of being a spokesperson. Or 845000. People. And you know that the word is the chief speak are going to be taken in some context. And you have to think very carefully. Very carefully about that responsibility. To communicate well. Because she represents so many people with so many interest in you want to do it right describe the mayor's office. So when you walked into the mayor's office it's actually. One of the triangles and the government center which is a triangle building. And when you walk in the first thing that you see are the three flags that represent our country our state and our city and it's a reminder. The commitment that we have to this democracy here. And it also remind you that we have a responsibility to work well with other. I'm governments in fact I'm leaving here today and I'm going to see the congressional delegation. In Washington to introduce myself once again but in a different way I'm looking forward to that. Riley will be going their necks and so it does remind you. That the flags that they are for a reason the value in the spirit of our country. And their responsibilities to work with all of the people that make it possible. I've always been impressed with the your professional. Decorum and your maturity. And you know that's an issue were have been right now in all of politics at the city state and national level is that decorum infect you came minutes it. You know I kind of wish they would a few of the people would've gone opening pool. During a very formal ceremony of the swearing in. During the last two years we had people come to the diets and I occasionally had come home and watch it. And people be cussing and swearing in yelling. As mayor that's a very difficult spot to be an impact I made a point never to use the gavel for fifteen years but I had to have control. How are you gonna try to change as a corpsman fact yesterday I got tossed out at a restaurant and I'm just gone on my gosh I cannot officer must a year. We do this you're I think your perfect fourth but how would you control meetings and then tell your fellow council members in the audience. Let's be professional and respectful of their. Office. I think he got try to control a meeting what she tried to do is to make sure that before the meeting happened. That people understand that they can talk with you privately they can talk with you and a group setting any kind of setting. But there is a decorum to that office but the world has changed hats I I don't know how. Express it you can go on social media you can say any thing we talk about terms about what his real news and what his fake news so we're struggling with that. So I'm not gonna use the word control. Well I'll laugh. Night of course was a changing of the guard so to speak. Are you both have been in city government Charlotte so it's not the first one either of you experienced Pat McCrory via Lyles your former mayor and the current mayor. But let me come back I wanna talk about that meeting last because while you all have experienced that before there was kind of a different. Feeling to me as I watched that last night just symbolically a lot of a first last night a lot of a new council members. And in what's that headline Ayman Renault morning six county a City Council members under the age of forty around that guy ask. We are talking to Avaya allows the new mayor of Charlotte of course former governor and mayor Pat McCrory I'm boat Thomson more to come on WB chase. Pat McCrory the governor is back Winslow township on news eleven dead but he died three. We can't. Nine maintain on WBZ on Tuesday morning December 5. And not one but two mayors. In the tabloid studio today the former mayor Pat McCrory was there for many many years and the brand new mayor as of last night. Mayor vial Lyles is with us and as you were coming and now we are talk and then and Pat McCrory said you know you already. You didn't make the mistake that I made the first night which is you didn't talk nearly as long as I did. I can't keep I gave I think when I was 39 years old elect a mayor and went 95. I think I went like 35 minutes. I mean it was entirely too long and on and by the way everyone else went like 35 minutes left Kyrgyzstan 11 o'clock and during my second third fourth fifth sixth seventh term we cut that down but I thought it was a wonderful ceremony last night. Your speech was concise and to the point inspirational. And I thought the other council members by the way you must give a time limit to right. There was a time limit and most of them appeared to it. Put those really judge. I got they expressions of the new council members were particularly important because they wanted to communicate why they ran and what they were doing and what they how they think I think that they did a good job. No I've got to remind them that when I was on cal they think they're all the new young first young people ever to be on City Council are gonna let them know they worked. I think I was 32 years old dad thanks I get Ellis got Olivia look I'll buy it. FDR Laura millennial but I think the difference is that I am we have such diversity. When you think about. Simple as our first Asian American I think she's thirty. And I'm you think about Justin who moved here from Atlanta bringing a different perspective. Braxton who grew up in New York. I'm coming down to Davison. All of these folks have great stories to talent and meshing them together is going to be important. One of the things that TARP the curry said last night one of the take away your lines of the night I thought was. For those of you think no Lenny ills are people who are living in their parents' basements so we get we're gonna show you a few things in the next few years are great line and as a great lad but he has three kids I know he's not. Living although they're one of kids target you're listening of ten years ago when you first ran for city councilor told you to change your haircut yet like spider. And Alistair cal looked straight but is a little boy had to say America that he and years ago. And here's another. Story line last night we have been the new blood. Did indeed so many millennial that are part of this but you also had the end of an era last night. I will when it came to patsy Kenzie and also are Claire Fallon and and we've talked about this on the show Pat McCrory about the fact that. You gotta match the old in the new here. That you have a new mayor via while sitting right across from me who has been in city government for many many years but I know once all the pomp and circumstance ends and last night was a great night but there's gonna come the point where you have to get down to business. And really acclimate all these new voices and mash them together and and that's what really is on your shoulders now. You know I take this job very seriously so one I was elected the first thing I did was I called every member of the council and I said. Tell me what success looks like fear in the next six months and I listen very carefully I said tell me a little bit about two and boast that makes a difference so. I feel like we started that process we're gonna bill. I sense of cool ER. My theme for the City Council is shared information shared accountability. Doesn't mean we're gonna agree on everything. But was we all have the same information and we know that we're responsible for it dressing an issue we've got to take that. As what we are doing to make a difference in our community. I'm over here look at it. That the former mayor typing away feverishly on his phone. And I IA I watch men's room last night and I think about. Phones and I think about this age that run and were were in a new way of communication any people tweet. From from the diet dug their. I was the first mayor went in email. Contact I don't think I even had an email my first two years because there was still working for the thought I was the first mayor with a computer. And my ten year old nephew had to come and show me how to use it a things have changed he's helped Harvard MBA graduates have. I can open. Things have definitely changed and one of the very first things that. Some of the newer council members were questioned and they brought this fall it anthrax and particularly is that we stop televising ARRIS public forums. And he said why are we doing that and that's a great question and I think that's one of the very first things that we're going to address. I think I think that's a tough issue because some people were playing into the audience. And the decorum was getting so bad but. You hate to not let it when we were together when most people will realize she was budget director and assistant city manager deputy city manager when I was mayor. And we remember we had done Robin Hood and we had a guy dress up a bow arena and it could ask those helicopters to help our helicopter Amanda was Ralph yeah as I got it read all the library books with curse words of a and now you're gonna have to deal with those schism mayor because you're gonna have your regulars that enjoy coming in from the cameras. And I think that's the balance we will have the regulars that we have made some changes to say come every quarter. And so we're trying to make space for those that really need to petition. The City Council and their people that come won the Desai sticks with me. A sinkhole where your house is falling and we need to know that if it's not getting fixed. And we need to start talking about that but the staff openly right now we've been saying I'll thank you. We've got this and I want to say to the manager tell us what we've been doing make a difference so that the communication. Is both ways so we're trying to make it work let's tell people if we haven't made it work let's tell people that is well. You know you also have issues of confidentiality. And I know when I was on council there were council members would come right out of a confidential real estate session or personnel session. And so people are go right to the media and other things you need to be transparent to the media. There's a big issue coming on right now that's right on your plate Amazon the biggest recruitment ever for every city in the United States of America and even Canada. What is going to be you you've got to educate new people on the Amazon issue and also you've got to make a decision as forest. What is the public gonna find out about what the Amazon proposal is from the city county state and it's going to be tough competition. It's it is going to be a tough competition and the state is taking the lead on. So once we have the state taking that Lee will be working with them and that's the way will have a message that's consistent between Raleigh and Charlotte. If that's the case if we're fortunate enough to do that I'm that would be where we would start. But we're gonna have to wait and see Amazon had a dead lie in and there's no deadline and is needed there's not even today. And as you know the debates we have to in many meetings was how big of incentive do you give and when does the public find out about that and senate. And that incentive it's actually going to be a community benefit document you've got to have something that you can write these things down and be committed to so win. That choices may whatever city is chosen. That is going to be the next major negotiation with that city and the state because we're talking 50000 new jobs. Most people don't realize the city of Charlotte's major responsibilities when we used to call the hard stuff the airport watered sewer roads and the county was always kind of a soft stuff there's been a little overlap now. Although you have police and fire that's that's 90% of the budget those four items is or something that you need to say to the public that. I hidden issues that we need to resolve that may be one discussed during the campaign. That we need this we really need to solve a problem that's maybe not sexy you're interested in the media but you know what's on the plate some. I and I'm gonna tell you on that I've actually talked about. With Ellis Scarborough. Slash year. We realized that we had thirteen to fifteen year olds that have no place to go during the summer and we work with the Y to get a program. But we have rec centers in almost every neighborhood. So one of the questions that I've asked Allen is how to use the rec centers because there's not a wise on sugar creek. And sugar creek has a great rec center not sexy not fancy. But we really working to make sure that our goal of having safe places for young people to go in you know this not only I. Usually it's all about earlier and I -- midnight basketball and mentoring and exactly and can we do that in our recreation center thought Leah Berman is still alive and well I'm gonna tour under the sun young man I meant toward I've assault Furman just two weeks it took him and his kids out to have pizza but many train I hope you continue to mayors and I absolutely is an essential program. Well Lou. This is the beauty of this new show that we have where else and Charlotte are you gonna hear a former mayor talk into the new mayor on day one of her job and and you have a busy day. A big itinerary so we promise you we get you out of here and on a few days who will honor that but I hope this is not the less than that we do this. Absolutely not well I wanna say thank you to Euro listeners. Far I'm having me back I know you have a lot to do with the with the you really have to have people say that they want to hear news about Charlotte. I'm gonna be here I'm local pets here with friends. And we're gonna do well together some good. Adulation and that Raj I hurt us a lot and the new mayor and the new council and to the greatest city in the United States of America sure absolutely thank you. Pat McCrory the governor is back with a motel six foot news eleven that night he died three. It. 33 on WBJ I'm vote Thompson. Alongside. The governor the former governor former mayor Pat McCrory is which means. And worried we've. Turned our normal format upside down a little bit because we had the new mayor by Lyles and its first half of the show in. She's got a very busy schedule today so she was kind enough to come in and offer some time so we we change some things a bit but we usually open up the show and kind of hit some of the headlines. And I wanna do that get your quick reaction. Pat McCrory and number one of the national politics first. We saw yesterday president trump put his full support behind Roy Moore. Course one week from today is the big special election in Alabama and president trumped. You know for the first time yesterday came out and named Roy Moore several times said that he supports him and then. On the heels of that the RNC has now re embraced Roy Moore in full. And as so now this is it you know really kind of ups the ante as we go down the homestretch this Alabama special alert. And it all comes down has there with a vote for the tax. That's gonna conference committee they wanna make sure a new senator that comes in might be the swing vote for any. Tax relief for the people of our nation and if they don't get that vote. You're probably having as at a minimum vice president parents breaking the ties. So and you could still have some people leave based on the house conference and Senate Committees serve. You know or put aside values for the sake of a political agenda which people think would be better for the long term for our nation we see both Republicans and Democrats compromise these values. For the sake of policy. And then what about Michael Flynn. President trump had not tweet your friend has anything publicly about the the plan investigation. Since Friday than yesterday just as he's about to get on. I Air Force One and head to Utah he stopped in front of reporters briefly. Well I feel badly for general that I feel very badly is that a very strong life and I feel very badly I will say this. Hillary Clinton plugged up fourth of July weekend when the FBI and not under roe. Who has the most incredible thing anyway devastating. He lied many times nothing happens you're. I had it like. They ruined his night very advanced thank you for. Cars are brief conversation but they're making the plan Clinton connection yesterday. Wells watches CNN last night the president's going to be impeached according to CNN I'll watch fox. The Hillary Clinton's going to jail. Coming it was like two different countries I was watching. And you know I'm just waiting to see what the real news is regarding all sides the issue and I wish these commentators. Would quit speculating. They spend half the shows speculate to what could happen what might happen what people were thinking and the fact is they don't know. And we all need to take a deep breath for the sake of our nation. And get the facts before we speculate because even ABC news the other day. Clearly false news report and the impact of the stock market about 300 points for a short period time and in the view. Announces it. As though it's his brand new news senate everyone applauds is so bad news for the president's good news for our country and that's not the case and have won the case. We should amend the case when Obama was President Clinton or bush were president. We need we need to start rooting for our country. And let's get the facts because right now we've too much speculation regarding investigations. That are supposed to be secret investigations for the sake of innocence before proven guilty can you. Real Brian Ross of ABC news who was has been suspended for four weeks and tie it remains to be seen whether or not they'll bring him back at all. Local politics back to what happened last night at the government center we of course have talked a lot about. How what happened at the top of the ticket sort of speaks the new mayor vial Lyles but. Lot of new blood last night six City Council members under the age of forty and perhaps the most high profile. How the at large a winner one of them Braxton Winston how we know that I he was very young front center with those. Those demonstrations back in September of 2016 and now. A little more than a year later he becomes a City Council at large member. Now this is what he said last night when he had his moment on the microphone. That make you very much. I started today talking to reporter. From Australia. I was reminded I spoke to that reporter. Flew over a year ago. Just after. My first trip into this chamber. On September 26. Of 2016. And I had a conversation on that date with with color and another member. Very well respected of a man who I respect quite dealing now. He's in this community. And he said something he said. When they sweep up that glass on the street came on as we'll see you up to beat you up with them and resuming don't be here. Bomber here right now. He also went on to say make a point to say that because you lost pets Dickensian lust. I'm Claire Fallon last night that there are lest we females of course. This at the same time you have a a new female African American mayors who got a point that I don't get that comment but he did say that they need did. Maintain the the influence of females on the dies down there but that is and it's an interesting story there I don't know if he keep. You knew this but these the Australian reporter. Then he referred to the did the story a year ago at that famous City Council meeting at first when after the riots she was back last night and as she interviewed him again as he became a City Council member. All right it's time to come back come for all the City Council members because the major job that you have regardless what the observer news covers which are usually social issues. Weathered house doing bathrooms were. Social justice or. Abortion or whatever the gun control the main job of the Charlotte City Council is. The airport which is the largest capital assets the roads which are army major issues regarding tolled lanes not just on 77. But told lanes that were approved by the Charlotte city Cal's for the last six years and independents and I 77. Everywhere else but most people don't realize the Charlotte City Council and kind of commission approved for the gander about how are they gonna pay for new roads. The third biggest issue is is going to be police and fire. How are they got to pay for police and fire and mortar again do about the morale right now in the police department and some distrust. In the community but the main issue of by the way the other big jobless water consumer. No one covers it but that is a huge part of the budget and it's that you pay a water and sewer bills have. Most people don't realize the main job of the city is the hard infrastructure. And how are we gonna prepare infrastructure in the future and as we recruit companies like Amazon and I asked the mayor this question. When are they gonna let the public know what proposal they May Day Amazon. And what is have proposals are they gonna wait other cities have released it there's a reason for keep in some of the secret especially if the real estate deals involved you need to do that but at this point time. What is the deal from the state and local level and should the public know what that is. So translation you thought last night there was a lot of profit pomp and circumstance. Symbolic in a way changing of the guards but. Now you get down to busy crazy to get to the hard issues and most of them frankly are gonna learn all that's what were released files before that's what I learned at the age of 32. When I was a new City Council member and they've got some big decisions regarding taxes regarding budget regarding where they're gonna put new roads. And 25%. Of their job is zoning. No one brought up zoning but zoning is the most difficult part. Of any city council's job whether your shoulder Matthews or pine Biller Lincoln to have it doesn't matter zoning is where you really make enemies. And very few friends OK so let's get to it we've talked about this moment that happened to you yesterday. And as so you're you're out at one of the pancake place right after I made I had. Some breakfast room a friend of yours and mine was helping him out some issues are these dealing with regarding infrastructure of all things. We finish up the breakfast had a wonderful time being portrayed me and him great restaurant I'm walk canal and also discuss mutter something to me that power to cuss word has a balky back. And I went back and I said excuse he what did you say to you said you blank B blank blank blank. Or an embarrassment to the city of Charlotte and I went excuse me sir he said you heard what I said you blank the blank blank blank blank. And I was stunned. Image shows the decorum. That we have now where people he obviously disagreed with me on some issue. Yet rather long here he looked like a professor type you know I'm just to sit I'm assuming. You can probably was only serve WBT Lewis and knowing the demographics sooners. In fact if he's listening I'd love to hear from him but I was unsure of what to do because it stirred media. Anyone who calls you such names and has so disrespectful whether you're a former elected official pass like the official weather just a human being. What do you say and by the way the companion he was with a cross the table she looked down. She did not wanna make eye contact I think shoes may be afraid there's going to be a fight. I'm glad to report you're not reading about this in the newspaper so one alternative I didn't select was physical. But I take it crossed my mind so the question to the listeners and maybe even do you vote. What what are the options. You saw the senate Clemson football game the play elsewhere obviously someone got a fight and you wonder what what are people think can throw. It correct to us something that you know because we have not talked about this yet but that. Video from the ACC championship game. There's that and there's of course that the video that was at the the other Eagles game at the Panthers yeah it has few weeks ago now I don't know if you all seen both of these videos but this latest one a high he thought the first one was bad there's blood in the second one and there's an all out body slam from two rows up on the concrete. And this usually starts with a verbal confrontation where people feel like they have a right to call anybody anything and sadly. If you're a former -- elected official. They feel like even more right to do that. But what is the right of me and what should my response is so what are my alternatives were so what do you think. What would you do well at abbey because people and media get to stay at my public figure gets this. Well we also have to say that we live in a day and age where. You know 1015 years ago there are cameras everywhere when I say cameras I mean phones I mean people can put it on line in an instant yeah this one would have been online yet well I only know how many people heard it. I don't have the whole restaurant heard it. Well I I am surprised that well I guess you would know by now someone taped in but a lot of times at these events when something like that happens. You know people around the bystanders their first inclination now is to. Get out their opponents so what are what are the alternatives while there's there's physical which we both say yeah yeah except that that's not enough let your emotions are high course. Someone calls you name if your spouses we view I had a friend with a many. But one option is definitely physical. The rally your first reaction would have been mine as well when someone. Says something disparaging about you there's. There's the remark itself but then if they take it to the level of profanity is. That's where I would probably the same thing you didn't say excuse me did it did you did you say what I think you said that because there's a just a level of human. Decorum order what's the what's the second option and and I'll take what I did it dissection not second option is to turn around walk away. I ignore it ignore I guess what's a third option. Because what do letters around where you guys think what are order some other options walk away physical what are what are some other options. Green Day. Are compliment them killing of kindness kill them with kindness. Okay that's interested. I assume you're still looking for a fourth option that I haven't said another dog to secure asking god I I got back in my car after I did something. I went up back in my car and I went like the SA TF yeah. Okay levee viewers should tell you what I may indeed but not see here or yeah I wanna know what you did if I sat there stunned. And I thought about the physical option my emotions were that way and it's not the first time it's happened to me believe me. And I instead of saying some Smart Alec bad I went god bless you you need to clean up your language. In and he then responded with another use something and I was and I love you thought this could happen. So basically you did a hybrid I don't hybrid up. I said god bless you and you need to clean up your language and walked away and he said something in return. I've got my car and I actually thought about. My gosh I'm a return I'm not to let that son of a gun talk to god bless you but god wouldn't approve went into effect at. Yeah. I would straight to Bible study just for this job okay hey it's so you know this this is that this decorum and respect. If we do I don't even know what I don't know the man's name I don't know what he disagreed with me I eat obviously didn't like me and I do this. I couldn't change his mind because another option was hey can we talked about it can Reese can I sit down with the and talked about it that is the other option I was looking for. But I realized. He was in no mood for discussion is made was mined out mine a made up I was scum of the earth. And that was again I wasn't gonna changes opinions at least not now and environment. Well and I know this is not an isolated moment for you had you I mean there was the one that they did get some the national attention now I remember you have if told me and in the days sense that not the huge dot if you dobbs thing most cars down in the zone during the Lou Dobbs Lou Dobbs no yes and and that got immunity it's funny how these things get reported and and how the story actually gets told. A lot of them much was made about the fact that it was you and Lou Dobbs and it's the way the media would portrayed is that you Lawler chased down an Alley in their youth who jobs. Went into. A bunker or something but that's not exactly how it went well way to. It was I was chased down the street by a group of protesters shouting obscenities at me and saying shame on you shame on you. I had no security I was after I was governor and it was a very tense event did you grow Lou Dobbs and I have a run in the Lou Dobbs was being chased you said you need help I went yeah. I guess what I'm saying is that is some of the media would have you believe they was you Lou Dobbs together going stars and Lou Dobbs at the end where he couldn't even get the door open to his own studio. They give us Russell safety so there's an example of a a time where you felt like you were well being was threatened. You were in urine and in harm's way yes OK even sure if that guy was his temper was pretty strong I wouldn't sure if he was gonna take it to the next level. I think if I would've taken it to the next level of shouting back. We're saying something to return it could have gone to the next level from him I don't know what you're saying web site yesterday or Esther okay yesterday and now I've had other circumstances. Well I've had security I'm walking down the street Raleigh or Asheville primarily in someone yells something YouTube is not low view. And I stop in my security is to go governor keep walking governor please keep one. Police governor. Because they've been and one time I didn't I went back because there were kids around when they cuss me out. And I went back to the individual said hey you're cussing in front of kids you're being very route from children. In a realist that time there is about to be a confrontation between my security and that guy and I was thinking of iphones I was thinking of putting my security in a very difficult position. So I immediately walked away and defuse the situation. So that's what Pat McCrory did yesterday's in my life for her I. What would you do what would you do I have some people who would like to chime in on this coach Sampson Democrat or a. This is WB today. This is slow and the governor plug muluzi 11% 993. WPG. Pat McCrory the governor is back with motel six plug news eleven that night he died three. Preteen and a moment here on WB team. Ferrari vote Thompson. And so these these 32 nutshell version. Oh yeah I was at the pancake house yesterday and guy walk I walk by Booth in the sky they've they actually verbally abuse me he said you blank the blank blank Karen embarrassment the Charlotte. Humanity and that is that. I did not physically have an altercation Wear them verbally have an altercation Wear them. But I said god bless you and you need to clean up your language and walked away it he perceives say one other thing. But the question is what should I'd done because afterwards. I wonder comeback and the more I thought about it deal with them. Just man to man mono mono but that would have changed the headline in the newspaper today for Bob Lyles the mayor I don't want that. So what what what's the list or say what to what what would you do if someone verbally accosted you like we've seen sadly it does some football games both panther and the ACC championship. 7045701110. Let's go to tam tam good morning you're on WB Tate. I bet I sort renewed terror there Woody's probably one of these I love abilities they're great guys that there they are. I ordered aid is still and that ought to put a note in the bottom of the release. Oh pastry basically built for the guy you costs are then put on a governor bill next time where you're stupid at. I. It's a great. So I should've gone to the cash register and said I'm paying for the skies bill which at that pancake house or wherever it was I hopper wherever. You pay your bill afterwards that would have been too generous to throw that would be that Killen with kindness and then some that would take it to the next level for the what it cost me money yes that's. But that's us a great answer to GO Euro on news 11109093. W beats a good morning. There they vote promoting governor. You know I don't disagree with you all plenty of issues because. You know I hope that if I had the opportunity we can have your conversation. Via. But I always found that that type of behavior is an indication of the lack of educational. And we basically I think he did the right thing and who is could not be able to articulate your college without vulgarity is just. Who. Harlow well. It is just the lack of education. You know it's an arrest and I I assume this guy was very well educated. Did it come along here you have a look of a professor. Kind of love liberals. Eclectic left professor but maybe that's just my bias of how we look but I did not assume he was uneducated but he honestly didn't know my viewpoint. One more let's go to Maria comment Marie you're on WB take good morning. Directly McCrery how are not doing I'd like to amend it on and security and growing up we had to kind of language. The best thing they do really is ignored because it kind of appropriate. Might want IQ number one big therein and it ends and it actually I don't think that educated to know what I see. I'm thinking about it. The rule really. To a powerful and called any idea what it right here where I can walk right in Erie. Great comment I guess the answer is what would have Chris Christie had done. Well we don't have time to talk that that's an event but Dexter says. Just say I love you till it. And Chris Christie would say now sit down and shot up. And you expect. How the he would go to Princeton I don't think so either that's gonna wrap for today. The former governor and mayor Pat McCrory thanks to the new mayor now -- Lyles probably do more of that and judging by the phones on this last discussion we may have to bring this back. And tomorrow and talk more about it thank you. I command. And I have a great day to Vince Coakley show is coming up next.