Medical Breakthrough - Regenerative Medicine

Scott Fitzgerald
Tuesday, August 8th

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So are you afraid of a thousand fold death. Really did I want to turn this that's occurred to. But North Korea has vowed to launch a thousand fold revenge. Against the United States over these new sanctions opposed to you know punishment for the missiles. Territories as we're ready to retaliate with Favre for your actions to make you guys just pay a price for its crimes against our country and our people. Heinous plot to isolate and stifle. You measure how much fun it would be to actually be like one of those PR riders the you know the press release people. For North Korea Sony look in July and customs and we need something very very threatening against the United States. Okay. We'll shut down their cell phones and FaceBook sent threatening enough no no no no we want bigger thousand pulled death. Antonia mr. supreme leader if you to interface put their cellphones would be that much more tragic foreign. Explosions I want explosions aren't that firm we'll see how that works our for an instant results when. So I think it would I'd like to embarrass Kim Jung and Vietnam like your help with us there's a a new app lets out there that two that allows you. Two world. To create a sultry where they we hear dead friend or relative or a lover former lover. Which I could see some real problems we just imagine if say if you broke up with some what are they broke up review and there with somebody else now and you use this app. To put together a Sophia view we of that person and then posted it so that the current love interest would see it and lose their mines. Every break up you know got a break up revenge shall please I guess is what they would be. So the IDF says he won't take a Sophia PR Eiffel Tower with your grandmother who never got to see parents what you can do that when this particular app. Our homes and Brandon Wood and put the name forward here. It's a company called coal royalties you all are all I ask you can do us on the South Korea. And they've introduced the we give me app. Designed for those who lost a friend or family member having trouble moving on legacy with an Avalon faux news. Find yourself a picture of Kim Jung un caring and stick it in this app. And then put it in two compromising positions. Like I don't know with a John Deere tractor that's wearing our injury. If Kim Jung and sitting on top of that John Deere tractor you know Smart. And then we can I figure out a way to post them to be North Korean social media of some sort and it and then we concede. How serious he is about to after threats because just imagine would get a hundred. Really embarrassing. Quote so freeze for Kim Jong Hun Sen and his way I think would be an honor to ought to have him run to assassinate me. So. John Charles if you ask you get this out. And figure out a way that we can get these pictures of Kim Jung on live with me or review where we Hancock it would blow. And then put them into compromising positions. With a goal in mind of being. To have him issue a death threat an ultimatum against us I think that would be an herb that make my week. Maybe my month I never had anybody threatened to work. To assassinate me in effect people threat to kill me before which is a different animal altogether. But assassination not so much so will report more on that Tuesday morning progresses shot 36% of people right now polled say that trump is honest. And trust word we will look at some other poll numbers as well. And the appalling is currently there's one person Chris. Who each and every day you emails me and says that if if Chris sings a song on the program then they're not turning the channel. How do you feel how do you feel about that. Pro Chris yeah how do you feel about that did you would have sent. And not I don't look at this and. YouTube is you practicing your you know why aren't you hurt so I guess China I am rehearsals important understand that when you're hitting it very much. He said that Jason Sweeney Millard and and Susan Chris sings a song. Then now I'm going to turn the channel. Our. O Rourke hate rare it is so I want more love I wonder if if there's somebody that knows you personally. Grew up for other probably use your brother sibling rivalry is a bad thing we'll talk about that later on this morning progresses too so it is a country western we is that correct. And I bet that that that's right thank you for remembering I do realize that sometimes my memory works. But but there. Television seems harmless greasy. While they would look really well received but now that idea now on its order. I am not elegantly built up please don't you know this TV being followed so well received. I'm gonna colored little bull mix up people wolf American pie and country western not to remember the the peaks after. I certain certainly do daisy dukes still fund went on marriage he getting that's right I'm in my dreams go ahead real world. Eric. Yes some good old Lola do indeed lose all literati or little. I've seen and admit Ramon and at all ever go back a little boo him leading Gannon more. Bloomberg. No wander around Quincy stated is stationed at rock. Talking about for. You know what and amenities. Immediately information. And data can lead. Jason good old boys he's due later in the special to me that's why my ballot I would say that our eleven couldn't fit it. BP. Know. And they're good jump your car over improving now and look for hot woman with daisy duke shorts on and about it. I have a good you have to go what Catherine Bach I think was an original days and I'm going when Jessica Simpson could shoot yet she serves to rock the other fugitives. We'll be chasing wasn't ready to. Kim Jung on mead says please don't give John any publicity your reason to get his name out I'll come help us to be a lot of fun to talk about that most dogs. Lot of dog who's going to win next year revenues 1110 that in my freedom your future. Just how dumb are we as people think. Here's a couple reasons asks us to. One of them is because we just lost very a member of the media climates Chen tech. Usually a male orangutan who was among first. Leaps to run learned sign language. He's also better than most twelve or boys because you could clean his room. He also memorize the way to a fast food restaurant unfortunately he passed with the age of 39. So sad stuff there for that monkey. And and chances are. Chance it would been Smart enough not to look directly into your clips when that's just not only had 90% of whatever sort of percentage is going to before wherever it is that you are. It amazes me every single day in my mailbox there isn't a story. Of some sort about the eclipse. And and always includes a warning. Couple things if you're planning to take pictures. Using your your Smartphone. You got a plan ahead of the Smartphone tripod because of the moves of all slight lead and tiniest bit demotion could ruin yet. Ruin the shot illustrations to be a once in a lifetime opportunity to get this picture right. Puppet to follow on to try parts you can set the timer and back away and became get a tripod. Here's a bag of sand to worry bean bag to prop up your phone. Telephoto lens up because if you used to zoom on your phone qualities to be crappy. Telephoto lenses for your Smartphone at twenty bucks. Real good one but forty bucks. You need to get a solar filter she does is critical shall be taken pictures with the Smartphone you can't look you know direct polling data in through the viewfinder either whatever. You get cheated us filtered solar filter stuff. And really does put it in front of the camera there. And then at the end of historical. Again the warning one more time never stared directly at the sun it will cause immediate long term damage to your allies. How many times do we have to hear that. Apparently they think that there's a lot of mouth breeders out there. And have you talked to anybody yet about the eclipse where they should you can't wait a goal from the crowd that it. No I don't know anybody and don't let anybody like that then I go to the wrong places. Because apparently there's some people out there we haven't found ambient. That's a disclaimer liability issues so you don't get sued it Panetta who are gonna sued the sun. Smith for a good it would be liable if you go blank is you're looking at the gamut clips. The other other story that came in today animals react very strangely during the eclipse. But are scientists are looking for some help here. They don't have a whole lot of data to. To figure out what they reduced they're hoping that you'll become a citizen scientist. And and helped change that this year when the solar eclipse you know travels to assault August 21 just almost two weeks away. Under article says if you download the I naturalistic app to your Smartphone. Or the day of the clips sample feature a special. Menu that allows you to record option variations of animal behavior leading up to during and after new solar eclipse. She's written a people die out. For interesting or unusual behavior snap a picture while you enjoy the show. But if you have an opportunity and when an animal refugee. We'll resume there will be a good place to watch on the animals back in the gonna promised added together and try to come up some conclusions and then again at the end of the deal article head of course. Never looked directly at the sun without solar glasses. I'm counting like a about a thousand warnings so far. I do remember back when I was a kid like I can remember the year seventy warrants and to show me three so more than a good ones. Have been seventy or 71 there was an clips of some sort and I don't think it was via a full a clips but I remember. Parents in the neighborhood saying don't let your kids go outside during this. In the image and I hand with a disturbed death phrase coming out of the sun or something you know that we can almost immediately Fries and a teeny tiny little. In a different worms shriveled up on a sidewalk. Can sort of like sidewalk bacon. Com. And I never understood the the warnings now perhaps when it was as they just wanted to make sure that they kept us dump kids off the street so we would look directly to solitary. Hi good morning you're on W charity. Good morning good morning you are absolutely right looking across all on instant destroyed littler. Also just don't do it but the morning now on TV. Don't look at the firm to handle all you can get richer. Look at Baylor roar well world. Do you think he's gonna be out there and be one of those folks. Who tries to figure out the special classroom but. But he probably was on the special bus remained consistent in like that. Great Brian and I thank you very much you can go out and look up if you wanted. You know you're right ordering this morning got a big filter of the clouds and rain so yeah you're you're rewrite a monetary and I won't shoot you. I continue to get rid of damage good. Okay. They are at thank you so much Charles I have ordered us a pair of glasses not it won't airboats belong pair for each of us via yes. And I should get them on Wednesday how much were there. It was their fourteen dollars for ten pair. Little. I am and SO 12 finish realists addition to seven left over but how well street corner you gonna stand on an us and selling stakes list. And if you go to if you go to The may very hostile have a month to date they didn't get them until yesterday to the ship to yesterday that's was still gonna tomorrow okay to me delivery. If you go on Amazon may very well still have plenty. When they had ten pack stay hundred packs wow. But that was Betts who looks like the best price and their certified and so I'm confident they're good. Will let you look first I'll look for a look at what I do know is now if in fact. As has more garrison had a story a lot of young lady who did in practice child when you look at that we've we played the right that's right so you know that there was imprinted on honor RI right. But they did say that you can look at it what is the total. Eclipse not sure yet has completely gone but my question is how do you know. The second that it's not mean. That's to me ask you scary yet and it broke and my guess is you priced alone have gradually to leave mom right and then if you want to come out here at grant and that's awesome article looking. I think they're just like the cardboard. And and and the course you can't see anything out of them. There's assumed market is my understanding that your initial looking at the song OK and the eclipse you don't really see anything I was hoping they would be like double duty can't drive with them perfect. That's what you say I. I thought they should be really caught this really is we're going to be hip and ninety's in 99 when seven or 97 point 9% area there way up there yeah because Colombia is that is at peace and so to speak. And I'm glad I'm not there because they're going to like a million people coming in from on a state. Poets Kia all along that do the clips line their sanity insanity sure Tom could you imagine being the dude that had to pick up garbage all along that path. No huddle and at a lot of a lot of our actual on that path I would and I just because it's really fascinating and there are some great articles NASA has some wonderful things online about it. How cool what kind of activities. That could be be going on during the eclipse. Would would need to take upon this. Hillary into the world cultists will probably actually did ginned up by. You didn't look at drinking liquor and out of the bottle are starting their morning that. To get prepared for the into the world but I mean like imagine your idea a golf game going on right in the middle eclipse would you stop when it got to totality. Because it was too dark. We would you plan to you know have the turn. Happened it just the right time she could be taking lunch during that it's gonna flip I flip good morning here and WB two assessment. Okay I've wondered did it take like start your own record. And it but it upload your page and then look up and that would hurt the -- that would hurt the propeller and that means recorded and then look at the recording. Yeah he RP your own spot in so you're watching I'm pretty well. Not that because it would store of the senate tense on the experts are saying that that if you do that contributed to hold up the farm and you try to recorded and then you look at the screen at. Very oh to read a sore like a Star Wars blaster on your eyes. Your wallet. Or. Will now. Can do what it you can go to the allotment. Inmate. I'm not. Mean some people say cliff diving is a lot of fun and you can go ahead and but I'm not gonna do it. You can try it. I would recommend if flip remain some advice real local scout BC now Bob and I don't gonna go but don't go down the road. Whoever ordered it are yeah I think in my view Giles got some magic you're got to deal would have flipped. With the Catholic and I bet there are all right have a good day they. For the golf narrates most of Clinton's best and the I remember. I'm trying to remove his there was another partial eclipse in the U make this little box. Not a card where we poke a little teeny hole in the front of it. And then it projects via the clips on the other side of the other parks be looking at the shadow makes him that's all we have is a pain. But the only other to have his glasses when I was a kid in the first happened it was you stayed inside that closed the windows only animation nobody went out death and destruction coming down on you from outside as the people are just really for the sun to come back out again forecasters were national ranked pretty much. Powerful weak law so that sucks let's just cross our fingers that when the clips that sounds. How awful would it be evaluate your entire life to see the clips. And then it's raining cats and dogs with a healthy and are flat rock that today to do is go back to bed you know. So I CNN developing story here. I can't find about the stimulus. Apparently the president this week tweeted a report that contains classified intelligence about what is that I don't see it. I do not suitable continue to look for that were you. So well the the clips we're gonna talk some folks from NASA next week as a matter of fact about some mention stuff that. But they have dreamed then learned through the years. Two to deal with when it comes to money clips from looking forward and that's not right now let's go to White House correspondent let his act cared tremors still take a little time off here. And and appreciate you being with us here today so. Via the battle between the president and mr. Blumenthal it sir it's ongoing isn't it. He is senator bloom and home says that he thinks that it's all slurs and distractions. Mum and Wang believes that. The the president is really trying to deflect attention from the legislation that he sponsoring to try and protect the special counsel. The investigator who's looking into Russia. Bob Mueller from being fired by the president and that's what prompted an president trump to tweet out no less than four. Really personal attacks calling senator Blumenthal a a phony Vietnam con artist. So there is some truth to. The back story on that though we're a Blumenthal actually one point in time talked about his service and that wasn't true is that correct. While it's an infant. The little complicated on. He could he talked about his service in Vietnam when he was campaigning as a mom and it would have been more accurate knee and he said so leader in 2010. Test at his service during Vietnam he was a marine reservists. But he was stationed in the United States so he was not actually in theater in Vietnam during the Vietnam War. Bitten but didn't tax serve as a marine. Got you okay an accident that makes some sense and who else is involved with this legislation that that would end up protecting special accounts or Robert Mueller. Whoever and whenever we're talking about that Russia investigation here in Washington it is so highly politicized that we really see things start to break down. Along party lines between Republicans and Democrats in terms of of support in and right now it doesn't hook me it you know this legislation is still is sort of in its early. Stamps and and certainly what we have seen from from congress. That previously is that it's going into very hard to get anything. Through the senate right now Seoul and the chances of this actually passing I don't see it on the immediate horizon here and I want to address one other things got that you brought up which is sad that Fox News reports on. The the president retreated and I and I'll read you part of aligned. That has people. Really taking notice. It Kool Aid quotes. US officials with knowledge of the latest intelligence in the region. Speaking as an unnamed source talking about the and that and nick issues with North Korean missiles. Come and and reminding. Confidential information in which would would and the essence be seminal leaks of the president has. Being railing against so for the president in his three tweets to tend to lend his support to this article which. Quotes unnamed sources and and seems to provide. Classified information and making that public. That's something that that people are are really seizing on as potentially hypocrisy in cash or evidence that the president didn't read the article. Okay it's another tweet itself is no longer available looks to me which we which has to be obviously. Canada are very open library it's employed time Kazaa and they need to keep all those tweets. So I saw this on CNN precinct so this originated with a Fox News stories are we sent. This is a Fox News story and president trump. Re treated three hours ago. An article from FOX & Friends. Link. About US spy satellites detect in north Koreans on moving anti ship cruise got you missiles to patrol a vote. A gun and bounces that's what the president retreated. And and for my part I still see it up so so we can may be the difference between looking on a device and looking on the computer. Yeah I got went up from my phone here so why I don't know that there's a big to do about this of he's not re tweeting classified information he's retort re tweeting an article that may have. You know contain classified information so I think via. It would follow up on fox two. To figure you know tune to stand up and say that here's what we did this tournament. Well I think I think wake what people are responding to is. Is the fact the president seems to be endorsing an article that quotes unnamed guy courses. Com and and also seems to provide an. Come on those unnamed sources are is not seeming to provide. Confidential information in a leak to a news outlets such mum and and that's why a I think some people are saying hey. You've been saying it's. This we've been spending so much energy saying that these leaks need to stop that confidential sources. On our I had an unnamed sources should not be used so why are you endorsing. Forcing me to endorse the. This article judge Atlanta's Aqua maybe Syria talk about what's going on would be a president and hi there it goes the confidential sources thing is not gonna go away any time soon. Each side is going to continue to use them and I don't think we should really be complaining bottom because. Sometimes it's used for position that you like and sometimes it's used for position that you just don't like it goes both ways certainly to us. Multi level marketing never been approached by somebody say hey. A bit of opportunity feels too good to be true you can't pay is set up. What's causing stress bankruptcies incredible debt and even divorces in this country. We'll open up the phone to talk about that situation we will come back next year going to be brings to an hour from now exactly an hour now to be talking to a doctor BI head dude. They just come up with the technology business changed the way that we deal. Amazing stuff. Military note NBC news reports the Pentagon weighing a strategy that would allow us to launch airstrikes on prices. In the Philippines. Also saying we're gonna send additional Marines to Afghanistan not following him on the ground request couple other things going on in the world the eclipse is coming our way we're less than. Two weeks away thirteen days from now. And we talked about a little bit earlier in the hour here. Scientists entrepreneurs. And they're both looking for ways to it to maximize this day aren't they Jim Ryan would ABC's good morning. Good morning yet it and then doing pretty well are apparently. So these you know these that class has their disposable in many cases paper cardboard which are supposed to be certified safe still look at the side. You know I don't know if you do beat you if you really want to risk it could talk to your ophthalmologist maybe about what they would recommend. Followers and he is that the best way to see the eclipse might instead be to look at the effective as the sun goes dark and head daytime turned into nighttime you ought to look up in the sky to see that. I undoubtedly people will be jagr right from all the way to put it organ down to the Carolinas people are making real reservations even now for August 20. I would of the scientists are all excited about. Well scientists say that did you know this is gonna give them a new fresh look at the sun again they'll see the ring no realm decided. Stay the effect of you know potentially be of the affected the environment on its. What what's happening with the sunlight that's a rare event for them. Good but again it's concerning to people who were in there are worried about it I care. Also Duke Energy you want to be solar farm in Union County North Carolina they're trying to find ways right now that they can reroute electricity for the few minutes at the sun gonna go out. Yeah and I've hopefully they got enough going on there that that's not going to be. Convicted geez you know imagine that you're you're using something that's electronically driven during that and all was a little rule. Right there ideology that they did see it seems fairly trivial because only few minutes they had every night the sun goes down but. They're having to to arrange for something that doesn't happen in the middle of the afternoon. And then concerned about to get that done I had you folks still living and are part of the country in this that you gonna get. I'm looking forward to it Romeo sunflowers owners they're gonna get confused because normally follow the sun maybe they'll start to droop in the middle of all that putt 950 issue time here. Some of the most in knowing interactions I've ever had with people. Are when they come up to me and they say I have come out of business opportunity for you can we just a couple of minutes sit down and let me tell you about. Dot dot dot. And years ago it was so I'm always at Herbalife. Amway was the run is a wanna kind of stick out in my mind and there's this kind of glazed over look face that does some of these and we do itself you know. It's you know it's the most wonderful self employment you can possibly imagine. So I wanna know what's your reaction is to when people come up to you or have you ever been involved in a multi level marketing business. The reason I bring this up is that. That doctors and psychologists. As well as financial folks. Are dealing more and more often with folks who've been involved. We v.'s most relevant market thinks it's called scheme swing you can you can com business you can common everywhere or. Armed. Stress because they are encouraged and maybe this is something that you've dealt with to invest more money in the inventory. She whatever that is you know pampered chip colander shore it's you know green coffee. Boy or it's toilet paper you know it's all the products that you use on a daily basis to imagine saving this and having your friends sort of on this. And then you create this so they call down line. And you get those people to buy more from you and that supposedly be Rich's role win. And more and more people are finding out that their way too far down the line they've invested all his money in this quote opportunity. And then they end up bill. Honing their vehicle two to stay up on you know buying more inventory they're encouraged to turn to stop paying their payrolls. Soros and getting themselves into this financial problem. And the depression. Is tied and we both the finances. In addition to what they realize is maybe they've been taken. Two days they bought into a lie. Lure at least they've bought into an exaggeration. And the fact that they're not going to be able to make any money and they're already into it for for a bunch of books. And there are so pushed and encouraged. True. To get the folks at or below them to buy more. And to get more folks to become the ones that are below them demise. And it's just come to this insidious culture of the American antibody approach you do would you do it or did you. I've had several people over the years approached me with a different different products different approaches and the what the what always gets me is. When I when I won't do it when I won't participate it's always the same snide reaction will. What are you afraid of success exactly if Trey don't have more money you know I'm pulling down 101000 dollars a month I don't know where you're doing. And and that doesn't usually make me wanna do what they're doing and it turns me the other way. Please god don't Romania. Yeah ancient. Did you write this kind of snide the way that that works Charles anybody ever approach you to shake hey you can be rich you know like winning the voters don't like Amway type companies multi level marketing yes when I worked at the Fontainebleau Hilton. Including beverage management they had their annual. Marat and meet there promotion of New Orleans that did well. And it was like. A religious event not it is just amazing. I mean just to. Simply will lookers it was just crazy that probably was but it was like whatever it takes to sell these products. That's what they're gonna do what they get the most. In the top leading motivational speakers to come out yo yes and it's a big giant Ron Ross session and and the awards ceremonies and all that sort of stuff I was in sales many years passed most hype I have ever seen wryly yes. The most it didn't it amazes me. They've been so many stories. About these multi level marketing deals. Through the years where you've got to Noelle. You have to have heard at some point in time. That there's no way for you to make any money unless you are away away at the top of the chain yes so. It is an incredible moneymaking opportunity if you start but if you're you know if you're the one in your Livan. You know you live and in Salisbury in somebody that this in Concord comes to you and somebody from the you know from Concord was -- gotten by somebody from Moore's film remorseful person was somebody from you know from uptown Charlotte. Roll. The Salisbury person in good make near as much money is the person from Charlotte and the Charlotte person isn't gonna make near the money that somebody nationally up the chain. Cheryl given American spending habits today. I wouldn't buy stock in those companies. Maybe Amazon may be Wal-Mart but not those company does not at all people people go online mean listeners most distressing that the death of the season is coming up. And in them in the line is always sort of dissect these are things that you use you don't even have to advertise and if it's because the one of the big ones as these. Like leggings. That that seem to be so popular is a political aluminum now role. And it's oh yes it was a baseball gone we have Britain exactly that all people use of social media all the time for that kind of stuff too. I think that the study shows that about 30% of people on FaceBook or are doing something along those lines and and what you Wear on. You don't even have to sell them because somebody's gonna see them and go I want them to and then you can then you've got him when he got it right there by the shorten Croatia Shawn hi good morning RW retreat. Yes. I know I appear real but that won't Levitt level to be talking about yeah in the order called. What strong tropical birds and I got a lot of good guy and data goes god how could they talk about trump university ball lever. Outbreak people that Oliver now begin our kids to grow best don't you can't look at that would trump university they get straight vote to put the president. John I wouldn't you if you got you got a great laugh man. How close it got to correct you do this that. And I don't know that that trump university was multi level I don't know that it was there you go be a student and then. Then you try to find other students to it to get there underneath you. But I sure appreciate the comet so. Yeah I I find him to be about as annoying as. It it really mean Charles said it's it's kind of like a religious experience it's it's almost as it's somebody tried to evangelize issue. It's almost as obnoxious as you know somebody who who doesn't believe that you know where you're gonna go when you die and there's a lot of buy in because a close friend will come to use a lot of strangers is somebody respecting you care about like. Hey I got some that'll tell you about via boat was I was trying to do you favor yeah I'm trying to help I can't really be saying no to me. Trying to help Jerry hi you're on WBT. Well I Jerry. I figured I meant very little quick go through loud younger. We that would lead and more you move but I have yet you have. Our yards argument are grading I got a lot of of all heard about odd Jeremy but I read the magnet out of court dolphins. They would they'd taken blood you know hey call we got him you know demo or what if I would guess bullets played. And everything kind of like yeah I walked along rock and being a bomb or something on what we've seen. You know then wait like an hour mark he got back to it being like yeah I'll let you know they dated it's a cover up a lot out of. Rob yes as like I I went for my free roll of toilet paper but rather than that man thanks so much Steelers sayonara. So that I go anywhere. Too rapidly destroyed evidence Charles eluded the online world you can hear us but. Caught up in the next hour gonna talk to a doctor's gonna change your life as far as healing 1115. We talk to the big frozen doozies foot dude saw coming up. 111109893. Of the three team. We're giving up to donate a story that we touched on last week. We drag queen that one of the read kids' books. Others is a situation where she wanted to sit home and we don't read his books is not that. If you wanted to go to be blunt. We'll see shields. Got dressed up as you this. So wanted to go to be dragged and create drag queens story time at the other public library uptown. 07 was he up to a location and look at shut down. So. In response to that there's a a local business maybe maybe you know the common market. They have said hey come on it. So. The owner says since the day open the store. It's been opened everybody. I think it's ridiculous to be offended by this idea of a deal drag queen reading this story. To me it's just to drag queen who happens to be reading to children who were offended by just don't go. I'm not into gun shows I don't go to them but they're welcome to have all the guns if they want close quote. So that's. If you're so inclined to to make a comment either way positive or negative. It's. 2007. Commonwealth avenue and plaza and then went and so the reading is going to have coming up on August 12. 10 o'clock. Shall we recommend as to whether or not there will be protesters there will be a thing I bet there will be good chances are the chances are. And what if I had to guess are going to be people who are protesting. In addition to. Two. Being exported. So from a seed James. Do we redeem its 10 o'clock. August 12 you'll update on that and other local thank via candidates. And be Torrey seventeen. Agenda mayoral mayoral forum is is coming up this going to be August 29 Tuesday. I'm Laura theater spirit squared up town that was just we're Bo when to go she. Resource be right up I think it was yeah there was a beautiful place. A you do need to get tickets for this to be able received. All seven candidates. All seven. 730. Engaged community members I guess that's the number of tickets are available for news. So the other runners join us for one of the largest local political forums. In the United States as your candidates for mayor present there vision. And I guess they all get tea a little slide show. Tony slides twenty seconds on each slide. And this is Julia for a little Q2 candidates moving through so that everybody can get a glimpse of what they think is the in the future surely. So the mayors have been Jennifer Roberts mayor pro to combine miles and see senator Joseph forward who work. According to the Ford folks. Is leading in some of their polls. And most of the time when the candidate puts up their own poll. They generally say they're doing well right. Council Kenny Smith Kimberly Page Barnett Gary Mitchell done. Constance Parti Connie Johnson word that may be two separate people but that's the way came on looks like its own when mark. So again August 29 but growing fear its spirit square. And it's free but you do have to register okay. It's a free ticket again but you've got to have one and chances are they're well. There are already expecting it to be a full house it goes from 6:38 o'clock doors open at six. Presentations begin at 630. When those are all done all the presentations to be questions. And answers. After it's also not. Tennis and has even started to get ugly and hasn't. No no not yet but it will you can count on that shortly mayoral race. He's always up close approaching getting hot and heavy. I mentioned earlier this morning as they're gonna have some stories about dogs and so I wanted to. To get to these. Robert Patten said you may know him as the actor that it was all the rage for young girls. From knowing the vampire movies. And I can't remember the names of the vampire movies but they were in the in the everybody twilight the terror analyst I was twilight. He's got a movie coming out and in he explained to Jimmy Kimmel that the directors. Wanted him to do a a sex scene. With a dog. And it'd just do it's I didn't. So really this is what you need to put remotely. The dude the character that Robert Pattinson plays has salaam. An affinity for dogs which couldn't do it. He thinks that he's a Dorgan previous life and there's a scene he says which we shot. Which was basically a drug dealer bust into the room. And I was sleeping with my dog and basically. Preparing him for. Artificial breeding. Which. If you've ever been involved an animal breeding and animal husbandry. You know the ideal situation is you don't have a what they call life cover breed. You. Making free engines with a horse and we used to do this with a horse you have to jump up on a dummy and then you if you collect is the doesn't work. Some certain certain activity that you had to do in order to be able to collect. And in this particular movie that's what the director wanted to Robert Pattinson to do with the stock. Which I find to be generally creepy. And generally they'll be the kind of thing that would make me guess math don't pass on that movie. Isn't there re release of some sort of Disney flick American grocery. So Peta has not come out and there's thrilled when Robert Pattinson. But he says Robert they say Robert Pattinson. As our kind of guy. For refusing to. Do you boost to dog. Which they contend is like a child molestation. And for talking about it so the Republicans seem to once again. Animal trainers top priority is money and animal interests and well being are often ignored. Mean I don't imagine that it would be all that much fun for. For Robert Pattinson to have to go through this. I don't know that the dog necessarily would be all of so it. Just to guests are all tied it into a local story. Yes I do believe it or not to others. People animals love this whole. Okay it's taking its Indy. And it's up next here on newsletters ten united 93 WB two. However it justice update for Chicago is now suing the DOJ over the a Sanctuary City policy. And Jeff Sessions is saying no limit now. Now you're not to begin any money from us here because we have laws that you're going to be following these laws and if you don't then the big gold hammered won't come down on you. Cut the pit bull story I get to momentarily. Palm chances are if you vote if you rushed HGTV. Any of those shows about homes and and living in that sort of thing lately. They've all touched upon a phenomenon but I trying to be fascinating and that is the tiny. House movement here in debt Calvin young as I just announced that he's a throwing me option into the mix here in Charlotte coven welcome to WB TRE today. A great group who are hey I'm glad that you witnessed here today so your your idea your concept is to create. Eight tiny house neighborhood which it will what did you think of the Saudi official. Well just you know stroke go to Google place to live vs console except to play most of his will grow so. You know people that are usually. Bit like the cut out movement there are you with someone like my of the people so I'll let there be a great opportunity to put all those people. Another neighborhood together. On the somewhat some of those so called blue but I have none of whom look alike you know maybe they'll bell because the men. And I've been working in this cup so probably about two years. I'm glad for neutrality be be ready. So really the idea that is to create affordable housing it's not to necessarily just create a phenomenon tiny houses in Charlotte. Yeah I think that cut bank you know. The word of four black columnist is we who uses so so much nowadays. You know sort of have a negative connotation. Or update the good thing about counting houses. You know cut out movement is better as a great opportunity. Four great crowd out. To be affordable. For the people of salt. Who could so. What about the zoning and a in this city and rules and laws are your run and in any obstacles here or is it they're creating clear sailing here. Well the good thing years you know Mecklenburg county and tribute Charlotte. All left me to my apartment is very barrel toppled everything you've got a group with fingers. You know. But kinda help move a lot of which is used trailers. You know all wheels so that we recommit to resolving problems and all those things because. There have to be aggressive move RV. Or mobile although Omar or actually houses you know had to go to the permit process so. That's why does Sony and others have been from the rest. So that would be achieved through all of that without a word about different types of dog because there's a single family residents of a gold above normal standard house building codes and don't. Touch it so some people have different morals they can choose from I'm guessing and different builders that you work with here what so what is a typical cost what's so what's gonna cost somebody to move. Took to give this you know to give this ago. Bumped off for what we have a model radius they do not felt dollars that. Six amounts thousand foot hole. 20000 for the land. It's 400 Mercury square freedom of loaded love review we have hardwood floors granted to Ku leads. That was me in a minute this sort of viewed in mid air. There are still applies to all that they'll come stand or local water heaters all hard abort citing I mean it is not. Well. And so what we mean typically what with a mortgage on that be like 500 bucks a month for most for most folks in Europe and look what we will we've motor credit. How poor profile. For their home matches. So he's had 493. Square feet compare that. Help me get a handle on what that might be like is that like a big hotel room or how would you characterize that. I am always character rather you know all most help people Bogle so to quote garage dislike. 20 X 20 four so there's so by the fogle worked through core garage roughly bird at all. You know 400 doubtful that was seventeen but 29. I would have picked we have sixteen foot building. In the court of those models was seems way bigger. Than what it feels like. Well how how close are these going to be you know placed. Near each other. We actually their groove the last the word. Developing and they are there going to be extended outlook spell Buttafuoco about acre of like fifty. Well 14050. About what you speak because. The coup finger Mecklenburg County has done. They've all adopted SF would drilling rules are running a few years bet where it allows you to put an effective unit. All on your property in a war experience all of their property. Where the little have to be met separately the said the main house but no less than 800 cellphone companies and affect your. Others troopers of the Miller the album in the backyard or people that community could have to help resolve their Los would imagine there. You know all our future 25 years old approve 450000. Dollar mortgage. Could have a 700 script was trying to help sofa. Could have a 350 square foot try to help them the better. Career set out their B&B that out. They kissed him do also with the mortgage it to be a great opportunity for people Q doesn't that way because they. You know a lot of people could benefit from this problem. Gotcha yes so it sounds like you're you're thinking in not nimble terms. Com readers called us here read you've got to come better question for Kelvin yup. Yes stop it's a great aren't they in fact it's already been tracked for yours in this area it's called mobile all art. No that's that's different that or actually a running out about a third of a mobile home. But the difference is you know living in a mobile home the differences it'll have more than older trailers. I don't regard trailer Trevor who have enormous bill go visit you have to build a home that's my reprieve and a mobile. Well I'd that they they are similar to that they're Ayers you can tow truck built the spot. And now interpret it muddies. These are underground outrage your thinking of the you're thinking of a different animal altogether you're thinking of the ones like like he was saying that they're that are on TV that. There and these are these are built right on the on the lay it mean they had to go Marlboro braces you can reported anywhere. Yeah yeah you're more liberal leader Carl you can try to on the you have to be real stud to move it right. Fit that. So I think it's fascinating and you know for me it is a guy that separated. And who knows what's gonna end up happening with the added mean to me it seems very very appealing. Is it do you in your mind is it typically say a single person dwelling or I can't imagine put the family of three or four and in some ugly girl you. I tell you it has been in just four people grab them Bob before we announced that we credits is this because so many different walks of life means war. For a lot of people sort of calm about it could be their own good put there. Aging parents yeah and affect our sort of well assisted living in order independent living and yet I have a lot of people stop the talk about that. A lot of COPEL sort of downside we have a couple of a web site on our if the growth phase right now. It goes to why they really good starting hundred square feet come toward our home. As different as Griffey wow you know they added they added a hundred square feet go to that the current sudden would have got you know that would result leader face anymore. All we've had a lot of people that were this thing is how low the ball but I just don't need. 2050. Hundreds earlier. We've got to go do Keller we we got to go but I appreciate your time Kelvin young if they wanna find this on line. Kate. Or nobody else. Keynote tiny house dot com either one of those open house coming up on August 19. It's a great thing that you do and I'm gonna come check them out and did and I appreciate your time Kelvin young. Once again. We this year on news 11109 and I three WB to break him back uses on the way next. Dead 34 hey there I'm Scott FitzGerald. And I was fascinated via its tiny house movement is just coming to Charlotte and a fairly giving B for web site. He'll park west that's okay Eli. OP. A RK. West he'll park west dot com. Pretty neat stuff. Houses designed around use so that slug once think big live tiny. And again is gonna be an open house on 819. Full disclosure I. I got no relationship to this guy had always thought it was a neat story to pass along to so before we get to. To a time rivers and they've received I'm running they have the story. How about but the Robert Pattinson in the dog in the last half hour and how they had wanted him. Two to do something a little unpleasant to at least for him to the dogs may be the dog would enjoy it if you get my drift. But apparently there are some folks out there who. Very enjoy it. Has sickened twisters it may be coming out of vote Lawrence in South Carolina can he do the rest of their after it was caught. Caught. Whether in my case a leader said he was caught having sex with a dog. So is the officers who have got a phone call from some excellent hey you need to come on over here in pooch or pencil. Any a witness. And the owner of the pit bull dog in question here. So this was gonna do gone over to his neighbor's dog they took a picture of Willie Joseph Greene. Having. Love affair here with the dog before he saw them sort of taken pictures and yet he ran away. And so the office and into Friday and obviously Willie Joseph Greene. And he admitted to having sexual content with the dog and he said that he needed some kind of help. I great he said he needed some kind of help now there is a disciple of the obvious right there. So. Good luck really Joseph. We're all rooting for you except the dog. Dog misses you. It's 1130 should be 1035 get ahead of myself here. And and we go to the folks from ABC once again in that time rivers and I spoke about this yesterday here in there was show a couple of questions. What I'm talking about his the other British model who's allegedly kidnapped stuffed into a bag in and they threatened to seller. On the dark wet and and Tom and I think we both kind of agreed that they've. So kind of fishy about this summer and we both a little bit skeptical about what has this done to your dander hasn't got a battle about. Yeah a little bit. A little bit more development laboratory for our book let's cut through some of them it's been disclosed rule her lawyer in Italy. That Chloe ailing actually argued she lobster or shoot somewhere along the way for GRC. During his one week of incarceration logical that the dust farm out she was taken out. Driven to Milan where she did some shoot shopping list he's the assailant saying. You're afraid to act you might get killed so she just went along without without putting up costs. Open at the grocery shopping I guess and the fact that these two had actually met briefly at a photo shoot in Paris. In April bullet hit it it's a strange story getting even weirder if we may be looking at a case where there was an eight. Gained per say but maybe just one very. Very often rail individuals with maybe a helper. Set this whole crazy story and emotions. So. Black guys will make sure I understand here. These kidnappers took her shoe shopping. Yeah right okay so was so they and that won him some points there sure. They went grocery shopping and in addition you know do we have any any knowledge. That she may have been cooking for him. Inhaling those. We ever heard that one guy knows semi and they hear me out to mentally tough is it put a supposedly she was in handcuffs. From Tommy I. Well I guess they guess what you don't know about you could've just you know truth and just run away she would have been in handcuffs walking down the street right. But they're a machine Fred you're afraid she'd been told other people were watching and she would be killed. So she's she played along with. Individual. And and yesterday I 'cause signal the sounds like it's a you know a script in the making here Tehran. What would end up happening do you think if it turns out that it was all just made up and it was a fraud here was do or would somebody be arrested for. Yeah I mean editor. Bring your Kabila chargers have if you were the case of a wasting police time certainly does yeah. Charter that over here in the UK it looks like bogus that this may be a demented individual this manner. That somehow. Got her involved in this thing and you know she could have been a total innocent in this whole thing yeah I guess there's more chapters to be written. Again a cure for what it's worth the our lives so everybody in the UK knows who she is today's. Two days ago. Yeah yes she's gonna get booked for sure yeah and Deb hi simply by some bondage pictures of I had to guess or maybe it may be it's an ad for luggage Tom. They could or could it hurt really got to think outside the box you implied or even on FaceBook and I think what ever heard her numbers were last week I'm sure they've quadrupled this week yep and and we certainly helped add to those numbers did we don't. I just our own way we do we did. I got a picture above the law here all of a keep an eye out for time rivers and ABC always always a pleasure. The world's crazy place that is for sure otherwise I think what we get bored as hell was going. So thank goodness for some insanity out there via the folks at Ohio State have come up with an amazing medical discoveries that and really. Truly could change the future of healing and we're gonna talk to the man who created this and let the study will make a backyard whose eleventh tenth 1993 to beat. Pay much ready at 1047 is your time. I think because since the beginning of man there's always been this kind of his fantasy in this hope that when somebody's hurting or somebody has an. At that healing sort of touch units you have to kind of that that. Holy Grail in the world of medicine although I don't know that anybody really believe that we would ever get there. But we're getting a lot closer Shannon said director of the Ohio State center for regenerative medicine and so based therapies joins us here now. And there's some new technology tissue. Nano trans action TNT used what is this and what is the magic behind the starter. So that is their ability to take a politician or an ally of body. And using the technology we introduce a particular type of energy quote so weekend sort of step function of the tissue for example will be published. As that and let it go but those homes are damaged by an accident or trauma. We are able to convert the skin into blood and it goes without a touch with the Asia which is less than 12 brawls. And then as you go look at body. And the reprogramming of the skin begins and his doc needs seeing new blood vessel than a week and in two weeks doozy but fusion of a leg up blood supply to the magnet of the injured. So how many how many. Kelly skin cells do you need the touch to do this is just a domino effect forty at the touch a lot of them with this would this sort of technology. So interestingly. In this case that you can go to this site is up almost leg it's reverend closed out. In general was my case and then the we will now have done some work with a statement he goes into the might strike. We've got you know more than one centimeter squared and the data was then now because of properly tested. The body does get in the zone than packaged our reprogramming factors. In those certain bicycle event dispatched them to other injury injured part of that issue do Roscoe right now so you doctor endeavour's smoke are some that'd get. Separate art so I mean this is a situation where I mean in humans. That kind of issue could potentially cause a stroke or blood clot is that correct. So it ended up a lot to get out of blah blah you know you have this give me all you have hemorrhage. Where the buck applied to that usually is interrupted under those circumstances you may want to Biden prospect interaction. Using the tablet technology that might view. This switching off paint our picture if you will and not just limited to stretching. A look scanned to blog about those we are also none firms can do so of the brand and that theoretically you could assuage any tissue pretty much faster than the other issue of the day in the interest. I've also been involved. So I could imagine. The folks who are studying it dementia and the role of alzheimer's and all. As they look at the changes and better in the brain. Is there a possibility that perhaps we could reverse dementia and in some cases is sure way to reimburse certain signs of Beijing. Okay you make it very interesting point and that contradicts their and that we have concluded. As though we have taken brand that has been injured because the stroke. I've been postponed a bailout blocked a particular part of its function and nobody gonna bother August issue what you have done done is we have reprogrammed the skin. Do we gum brands sold it to about three weeks to get. Fired hitting the beta cells and that was growing in the skin gently grabbed and does so does suck it back into the red and rescue them functions. This fanned an amazing now. For the article that I read said that you're actually kind of surprised that this worked. Where did the idea come from how did you just sit around wondering go oh wait a minute what if we tried this. So you know when we are in the DelHomme as as because you know we have. An amazing toxicity to generate any organ pretty much we need. And as that worked out so well the question has been that must be glad don't. It will that you do those which is the purpose it. They you know the organs and are blocked that's what we've talked. But now we learned that not true recap and unlock the pocket to the other adult tissue what you're looking at the functional scores aren't as well as the people that you would do it certainly to meet certain needs said that and the dots. So doctor once again doctor. Which on incentives witness here from Ohio State so let's say somebody needs a kidney transplant. Could this potentially be a situation where this technology will allow. The transplant net knew the person who needs the transplant to build or regenerate their own kidney. So if you just a proper foundation headed politely acknowledged it has regeneration because proper foundation is wonderful science but it is not perhaps sustainable size that is not enough organized to go around rightly so the names. So but having said that when you do and engineering at trying to Bend, Oregon and you need to settle some different types to be working together. Doors that organ. So this and then that can't themselves tourism becomes an issue. Our technology will provide details sourced but will then be dog and engineering to generate Dorgan. Got you so when you when you use this nano technology new touch yourself. Eight you have to create a different I don't know. Frequency or or per alphabet of genes or something is or something you program ahead of time that is how do you get it to tell the tissue. To go in this direction that direction. So dependent on that change depending on the intended hey do we have got big growers that we have discovered a certain period. And more prepared day in a court will be discovered in due time. Not if you wanted to be a new hotel if you want to know if we do on the skids so to make insulin. We have now published pin up. All of you want to give those to make that doesn't always do wonders goes out to make muscle you know so those would be a whole different jedi cords on which reserves is going out. Many of those corder road and all others on the reasons. So what now would somebody invented the computer chip years and years ago baby they knew what they could do with a right then and there and then. Futurists or maybe even day sat down and dreamed about where this could potentially lead. When you when you look at the long term game of this doctor what do you see as perhaps perhaps the ultimate use. For this technology. I've seen it low post up all the technology and really in can be glad that the wind up scared of that actually brings down a lot of Barea. And actually encourages. In a mock use that you because you don't need a low budget laboratory procedures. I've seen this chip being mounted on paper that Orlando's got big. Catheter and reaching out to an internal organs that have been damaged. How big thing being a sentence so that have been injured and the and the million reprogramming them and do intended purposes so I think that. Well of course there's much a way to go. But I believe that this would emerge in the market eventually got the device that can be used borders and generally have beloved intern. So you think it why don't care so like paramedics or emergency medical technicians or even. Military doctors are on the field. Yeah also we absolutely. Have very you know we are funded. Probably. Those projects we have funded by the department of defense and we have the military and Reid need them that. Front of our mind that and we are collaborating with the hundreds scientist then putting blinders when we weren't doing busy programming we've found. That our technology works out to 72 hours of injury so we have a window of opportunity I'll be 72 hours it within this hundred dollar if we can get. The question do be subject to live programming we are hopeful that we will get the independent pay to have it resolved and rescue. That's amazing now so you can reprogram. A current healthy skin so can new reprogram. A scale lest she be SL that we don't want and her body for example can you go and reprogram. Cancer cells to change it something. We have we actually did that would give not a part of this study we have reprogrammed. Solid tumors that particular I would do much volume and Umar due primarily see that on the base our kids to and these have been that they build so tumor. And then we have been getting in a remarkable man to present roster regression all these tumors not be Indonesia date ebitda on this date Anil. And I did not have been awarded to that study will and I'll start. So an opportunity that really read quite broad. What about spinal by injuries in spring note and and nerves. So so that it would mean that one would probably not only inmate who knows but didn't have been good good achieved the proper second we will there's our little guard but that's obviously additional reserves didn't need it. But certainly within his goal but to myself putting down what bill already achieved. As we have a reprogrammed. For example of the skin cells to become blown that'd cause tissue type front metabolic biomedical tissue. I'm not suited program that gives out about it it was tissue we've seen documenting the right to. Wrapped around it to the right side of the bad pass the ground that it's good pets so you've got stopped them on the way the right side. So you know possibly do that a gradually opening up described rodeo run out notices they're opening up I knew we are possibilities. Does doctor do they do a Nobel Prize for medicine. Yeah we're gonna do okay then then I'm gonna make a prediction that at some point in time they're gonna be just be stone that would upon you because. This IC is a world changing technology united Arab. I wouldn't go that far below president actually part of his college in the kind of have medicines you know we don't do this for a war we do this to achieve. They in our government need that I hope really that we can achieve that and I would be out of work. I understand but I'm a lot of women or say that's my prediction for doctor. John didn't set again with the he's the director of the Ohio State senator for bridge editor of regenerative medicine and so based therapies. Healing has just entered a whole new world. So the last 1520 minutes. For me it was a national fascinating discussion. Talking about. How you can literally take this technology. Touch somebody's injured. And start the healing process. Regularly trained skin cells into other kinds of cells they reprogram your genetics and maybe you can. Turn back the time that I never Beijing may be you can turn back and and our brains and have been stroke you have stroke or dementia. I mean this guy has almost a woman here knew it almost looks like they may be found the technology. That could keep our bodies go on for. Way way longer than the you know them the maximum what a 118119. Years that we've been deal with for a long long time. Tim hi there your WB two US up which you. Kara mr. Did you do and I get way too much credit now and a noble prize winner you're you're well I think they're talking this morning. And it couldn't fit he couldn't fix not up to impart. But but but I sort of same guy. What's not to. Let's not you're you're flip phone five has not made had a skin cells made it sound like and guys a target territories be holding on. Since then. I think Israel Stewart typical of either job. That start with chris' song or a look at your a it may be a cruise CD for charity. For surfers were first special needs singers like like Chris. The but you're there in fact I meant to begin with that but that kept them. I can't go anywhere there's actually I kept it was Tim. If it was temple so a Huckleberry Finn is to be coming out as a movie again I remember seeing in this and a couple different incarnations and I was a kid. And there was always kind of a big to do about it I mean I remember reading the book and I was in school. And guess what when I read the book when I was in school it had the N word and it. It wasn't it wasn't censored it wasn't changed it wasn't asked direct. Two you know to quote make it less offensive. Even though you know exactly what the word was and now they're putting out a you know an adaptation new adventures of Huckleberry Finn. And guess what are people RD party honked off about it. Because. They're gonna use the N word. And I think it's ridiculous for somebody be pissed off about this. I understand it it's a word that we generally don't use in and come discussions anymore I get that and I get that it's a highly offensive word. But that's. What was written by Mark Twain. When he published today in 1984. That's how they talked. In this story. It's still makes me angry when it's band Depeche Mode is banned in and a lot of different America's schools and libraries. Because of the language. And there's some folks are saying you know what guess what the word needs to be included. As all the previous films were aimed at kids. And they've been unable to properly honor the book but this particular version of the film aimed at adults you gotta have the word yet. Which Twain himself used in the context of the times. That makes me so angry when people say something that's offensive today we can't talk about because she's beaten because defensive today when. When it was used that's the way of the world was I mean imagine if we had one you know a movie about women. Today and they always use the term lynch. And and women got all upset about it well there was a certain period of time in certain places in the world where that was just a common term for ladies. Get over just remember James hi good morning here on WBT what's going on your world. Well Scott I really think you're on Islam than with the F they'll be with him don't really think you're gonna start a fantastic trend not correct. OK good to remind folks there's an app that that you can get that allows you to. Put yourself. Together with anybody that you want as a as a self again in this case they're they're marketing to folks who who have dead relatives and they want you know. Soltys with their dead relatives but I think we can do with Kim Jong-un and I sent him pictures Abbas in compromising positions but go ahead Wadi what do you think the subject. A fan tab rules under. I've been with that your show for a while now and you're just opening it needed more on that up but you know if it's I think he's got like a bad boy but what we're open because. You know what exactly of the that I would view art in all I really care about the issue and can you imagine their heat ball like you know half a million Americans with they're still be with him it would drive or not. You definitely think. Especially if if this. What you here's a possibility is that we all make our own T shirts that say I'm with stoop dead or but doesn't this guy have a crappy hair cutter whatever so that we can each have our own little. You know no opinion or or jab at Kim Jong-un. But I doubt I'm not be as you know all around the backdrop setting where there may not that I'm I've got a lot on my. And you can you share one. Oh you know this you know and and it romantic Italian Eden you know like the let the lady in the tramp with spaghetti like. Golf there there's another group from Kermit the Frog they'll float around out on the other there's a yeah. I'm something's gonna him with a dude from the pit bull and South Carolina is is is working in my brain goes without. James your right I do have kind of have a bad boy streak they try to keep it down as much as possible soundly cowboy. But doesn't steal a few shots a man and a hard time keeping that under wraps up a break and back James if you wanna hang on we will otherwise we're gonna move on to the bigfoot people. Yes bigfoot sightings in our area and I cannot wait to have this conversation. I cannot wait for you to hear its next. Commodity has got his Joe's my name as his WB two often run into this you're today's Tom over the other weekend. They large bi pedal animals covered in hair was reported this is McDowell county. And the story is that this is bigfoot. And others and folks who look at together in a regular basis brother in the wood strips around a bit and try to find. Saw squat sure bigfoot as he is otherwise known bigfoot 911. Is one of the groups. And John Brunner but Marriott joins us here now and John glad you did so so. This was a close encounter with a big foot over the week and tell me about it. Well wait until the next additional prodding. That one of our researcher areas we did that. We've been doing this since 2014. As saying but I have been doing it for a 41 years well. Friday that we were about two hours under expedition. And I witnessed a in a world detains looks Whitney we witnessed a opened step into parks service route where we understand that. We don't market layup. It was a huge huge. Creature. By people. And it is just walked across the road and went back into the woods on the other side. And I went to work went into the woods and I entered the woods probably sixty yards. And I stopped to listen to see a target CEO we are here to walk in or any thing. And up and with my flashlight and about thirty feet Somalia it was standing next to a tree. They said it was huge jump out. How huge weight or what are we talking here. Well after we after it was ever we went back into the measurements and we estimate. From from Graham to topple that it was eight foot two inch. Wow. We're talking basketball bunker there at Korea and has designated by people does that mean it has to. Which imagines burdens and bi pedal would Jimmie does it mean to two feet right up on two feet. Yeah it a little sleep now by appealing to confused at its word sounds awful similar to. Besides I even doing this for forty plus years what what piqued your curiosity or intrigued you to begin this is as a lifelong search. I want I want to child watched the tee program six million dollar latest YouTube and they had the they had suspended any this kind of pick my interest in that I've just started reading everything accurate read. About the preacher and then. You know out heard about the Paterson didn't Palin that just in over the years not just chip Reid named chip looked in. Because I do believe there at that North America has that habitat to support. Very. Large they take. Run that do you ever have like what is go pro cameras like strapped next to your. You had Lampard and. No we we don't have any get rewarded so small Salem saying you know we didn't have. Cameras out there but we don't have they spent to build programs and things. Yeah yeah I don't think I don't know how expensive they Jarno that you we could do like India. General fund raising campaign to China begin the healing the tools of the trade the Q do you actually need your so you're part of big foot 911. What. Whether requirements for membership. There has been that you don't even have to believe in big opportunity to become a member I have three skeptic so let's say less able. They go out with a regularly and have jobs all the same old they expeditions. They're just there. She says it's rather than their own curiosity. Did they are currently you know in the non believer I like doing what we're do. I think you need to make the skeptics carry the coolers or beer mean that they should be their punishment. Won't say that we do not allow we do not allowing any alcohol. Well these expeditions at all. Okay well that that's good and and I know there are other big four groups out there. What kind of relationship do you have with these other groups is it and a kind of a rivalry thirty all get along and share information. I you know every saying that I find due loans were placed a page. But I don't actively talked sea near the other groups in the end I don't let him to contact me there. Much if you ever. Compared kicked everybody out of the group and of so winning what sort of further infractions or or rules your appropriateness whether have to be in order to kick somebody out. Well it there's alcohol involved that's immediate dismissal. They any any saying that would be dangerous to deal more or another team member would be a dismissal also. And kind of what's that what's the best time I mean. Which a best time in which the best kind of place to go look at. The list the best terms. That I have failed and and it's kind of very. It is starts around dusk and get an estimate these 3 in the morning. Instinctively when we get the most that she didn't and now I have an activity during the day when not New Delhi hopes. But and most of the time it did not. To the days are called hunts in the ninth sir expeditions. Well and the days theory what we do you is before we do an area we get a win in the daytime. And end up for a couple days and Serb Ilia. And at our political alliance accidentally not trying to learn the lay of the land him at all. That makes a lot of sense. If somebody's new and and joins a group wants to be a part of it. Do if there are some sort of like the lessons. You know it is are sort of like you know here this steps to learn to be a good bigfoot tracker. We have our own training program for membership consultants say. Do manually to training manual when you connect. Is that something that's on the FaceBook pages or Mikey get a hold of consumer always I always wanna pick a new skills and life you know you can Harare and we know. I have let alone the on the plagiarize nailed it that if you argue your address how will you will. OK well when you when we can only interview you hang on and in a pass at that information. Well are you know I I saw other commercials. Where they they have that the beef jerky deal would bigfoot now big is that real do they really beat jerk here what do you think bigfoot skeet. I think big big so it's never very I think they hit an eight little model very mushrooms. Plants and play like that and got eight big neat neat neat animals small animals. Don't like they have. Got you. Now I know that the other TV folks there finding bigfoot people came. To look to North Carolina. Those are they the real deal or they kind of like closers. I did not. I did not interaction then wouldn't they were here. Will kill you bit seven. The bit the part of the program. We're but Berlin is free and we're doing there exploded expedition was about forty miles from where we had this siding. Friday not really yeah well then that adds quite a bit of credence to to what you do and what they've done. Yeah that's that's pretty amazing. Are you married. And days your wife also a big footer. No you not to she tolerate your big footed this well. Yes she did okay you mean that would be a real issue I would imagine rule have you had ever had anybody in the group get a divorce because their spouse just didn't support their beliefs. Now event and this and never had done. This was not like you know the that the trump people and then the Democrat be breast could cause a lot of divorces these days because of Barack difference. In belief. It's that they article says that that you were kind of like in a brief stare down there and you're kind of hide out I and it didn't appear aggressive to yeah. So that's that's good news that I guess well. Mean what would you do if the bigfoot charged you do you have any sort of protocol for that. Well when we haven't. Just get out of the way yeah and a candidate try not to be that we we do know it keep mobile only in the woods and Foley did attain. That makes sense because swimming. Joseph what if you found out. That because you generally going see big for its by themselves so what if you found out that that these big treat we're very very lonely. For a long long time and they were very very fast and they were horny as hell I mean then what would you do. It would be to get a good look ahead today that would be about yes it would that's where you Wear overalls and and pray for the best rates. All right John what is your FaceBook page if somebody wants to learn more about what it is that you do would pick foot 911. Didn't do not want. Big foot 911. I'm gonna be in touch your hand on on the future I'll give you my address because that would love to get via the manual. And then I would love to sit at the time where I can come out an extradition review to have to bring lay on drugs or do I bring my own bug spray. Well no support for 1040 man this sounds like up an awesome group to be a part of sort of sluggish writers I'm guess and without a little cars Johnny hang on a look at some information from you I appreciate your time what's been big foot 91 what they are find themselves. The big hairy beast so live on the loose. That's good. And above the other could come decision. That was a that was cool but wolf we'll put it up on the web site. So that you can hear it all again. I was I was. We'll surprised to find out that they don't eat beef jerky. Mess was they went feature euphoria of the had an opportunity. Two good wholesome beef jerky so if you happen to see a mini mart it's important time in the near future. With the big foot in there you know what style they're going to be go and are most likely Jim hi you're on WB take apart. Yeah you're gonna lasting about starter had this little girl big foot stand. The last Norcross body armor or wherever you are over and take oral care are. There he's all big bird because magnet bar. That bought. She ended up. You know I've been here Hugo. Out of your car or your uttered a word that tonight and that debt does bigfoot is storms magnet for our. Well yeah those are dangerous remain if you. Could be assault with a deadly weapon if they throw segment that you you don't send. Yes Scott you know I'm already out here radios aren't very Allstate you were obviously better be careful what they're up about you know garbage than no dude I dodged the blasted by the time I'm not a very you might be ready for ebitda. We'll put it a good word for me when if we talked to the folks in the big time okay. What. Are the chances are it would now would you ever go on a a bigfoot expedition pissed. He I I asked him I gave him my address in John Broder is gonna send me one of the the training manuals and and I cannot wait to go through be a big for basic training. You know hopefully it's it's less marching in more comfortable socks than we had a West Point to tell you know I'll go with the flow Jim would you ever come along. Well I only care about that below their year out there again well break through it explanation. And not scared to death. Do you send him money and a bigfoot expedition or do you send him out to go catch snipes. Well well yeah I'll go to Smart birdies on hole you know we are Haitian art collectors know. I think ultimately linked to a. They do you think snipes went extinct but are we are tomorrow. But do so honestly Jim when you're a kid does some of the older dudes in the neighborhood take you. Psychotic. Our yes I have very little doubt that glorious past I have I did two. Mark you're you know what else are scared a better. He's geared to. I hear all I've got bad as they narrow artwork do you have. How all of our back. And a look at this might look like was it a black furry creature with a white stripe down his back. No it through all murder actually. And that would all the big tracker big you know that big key is you've got to re create the wrong. Almost as long birdie is Tucker beat that art its current slang word for everybody Daryle Ward yeah. I I would imagine that's a lasting in the world I want turned on me is up pecker beat Jim. You know I'm sand. And I think Jim does appreciate the call I. Can I get I get taken out snipes running it is like fifth grade anything. No it was third grade we just moved to a new house we came back from New York City and then moved back to Cincinnati. And Ricky and Danny entirely. Tumors tumors over. Mariah Appalachian. Hillbillies that just moved there literally car on the blocks in the in the yard side yards not a failure. Then they took me and my older Brothers like on my little brother was. The angels three or four so he was allowed to grow this and that's where the phrase hold the bag came from the end they made me bring the deck is we have horses so we have these big giant burlap bags that the with a grain would comment and as I got older I was always wanted to go. Have somebody say take me so I punting again. They have like a chicken tied up out of the woods someplace. Where maybe Iraq sooner or something. And then I put that thing I think in the bay gonna come back with a with a bag going you know moving all over the place I got it got Estrada got through and I got there what. And and then handed over to a that would to have those people turned. Have the government's opening. Yeah I think Demi I guess I was about. 913 years old there I was holding the bag battles on the lucky guys but I'll walk into the woods with a stick put pushing leaves insane pierce not pierce night. So. It's it is just as bad if you got the stake in you're trying to scare a month. As if you're hold on the back no it's mused it was the bag there really nice standing there in the middle woods. All by yourself. And then you hear him yell and for a little while. We don't need you don't hear anything and they only area and the daily sun of and you walk back to the house and you know they're there and there sit at the table. Duncan chocolate chip cookies and milk gone cook book include Newark that. Yeah that was me from time to time. So. I don't know who it is a road and here says that big foot question. Who will they find sooner than Jimmy Hoffa. Bigfoot. Dear lord and that caller Jim. Doug Wright said. I need to be friends with him. I'm not a matchmaking service Doug good to. I'll be best I can't send a picture viewing Monterey and I'll get him to do the same and the nausea back in a few guys up. Every night so they are a break and back him when we do Beers gonna make you healthier than you ever imagine. How. It's not a fear element John that's not the right answer. What does the answer we come back. Right there's no other reason for me to imagine a story. Except to talk about where they were coming from forty year old James Williams safer. Was charged for causing a rollover accident on high ninety's. He was a passenger in a Jeep Wrangler that rolled over a guy honked off of the driver and yanked the wheel. And the other vehicles being used as a transport for people to and from. The testicle festival school. That's the only reason known to bring about Stewart. Have a Missoula Montana and I guess that's where they do all things testicles and I believe it's much the rocky mountain oysters I guess is. There's no they called bet yet Charles you the food guy you would know. That they taste like chicken. You know I get on well but I understand. Judy nugget you next first lay gets big foot deep did you really have an experience with bigfoot. Well I consider myself a public order more often than not happen. Yeah Jihad had some weird things happen out there. Not so it big footers out via an official job I thought I kind of made that up is that really a term. Are okay a big foot or gadget because so we'll share your expensive illness you're embarrassed to. Now coming out and and slap before like occurring in the morning. Things all around campsite you know lately you're not earlier early morning and I'll offer. You know Paula luck. Not fox a bigger rocks smashed ever and. What's bigger than Iraq. But don't look at rocks and big outs you can help no grudges who's almost boulders boulder rests kind of yeah. Amendment works so hard no. Like when you're ten was slapped. And and you're here there's noise being used did you stay in your tender did you go out and explore mean you're on an expedition has a big foot or so. No. I bought my body froze. I thought Clinton home. Blew it out of wood cut other. Defeats the purpose hypocrite I don't want public like that actually happened. And it really it's really. Are. Did you ever hear any noise or bigfoot Norris. We don't throw on the animal itself I mean. No I haven't heard any. Screens and and I'll bet. Okay. Did you ever find any big foot. Leave behind its I've always wondered if somebody were found like big foot hoop. But I have found the track before. Marty on a muddy little creek. All I have a picture and in his deep deep and awards were no one would ever. Differ bigfoot. Object is they don't Wear shoes and I think they'd be sandals kind of got a creatures if they had to go that route. I. Had a big flip flip flops as usual the thank you so what did you wanna join this big foot 911 group them we're gonna go autumn weather expeditions. I'll probably not come. I haven't thought oral. But it was the fact that lucky if you get murdered in contrast. And anticipation of something happen. We I think current. Courage is something that's not lest we need to strap on some courage for your you know you're either says that the cowardly lion meets bigfoot is not really the the best way to Davis. A governor and lieutenant port Arkansas and like it happens yet you know you gotta. Don't know what you're. Not a blame I peed myself most likely. Even though you know I was there to find me some bigfoot Judy hi good morning RW BT. Pat you know what I'm doing good how you. Just glad I thought you know go out. Kyoto like well I'm glad. I was a little worried about you has been a while Judy. Yeah if I call it a strange experience. And I would. I'd like to experience. All I am not completely integrate its act Paul and I are all eight. How lesser formula and are they let the ball into it and let them. It's an era that came out there live let. It eat it in our church. Bit. It was tightening unless she touched Charlene Cilic he a candidate it making it the at all. And also let the blood started. I wouldn't badly that it petition. They took the. Well especially if you're if you're your leg explodes you might wanna go find. I don't know the doctor that we had on from Ohio State he could probably. Help him you you you more along those lines is go to a Gary hi Gary RW BT was evident. I got hate that. I'm so much years ago began would phone the got a little more costumes I think in many years yes. He was on the radio ink darker and until there it was back there and you've done that people came in he got those seats. They went out to lose the drug to treat people and all kind of bad they would get. The big states. But just so there was this probably always rendered out for the weekends limits because he. Hood. The yacht that limit down some guy had a plaster like that got said he found a footprint out they come with. Some that they had a plaster but pretty wouldn't go happens that those things that randomly somewhere button that. More costumes and really an interesting got it up to about. I might have to check that out in the air and you prior right I went on Amazon or some dug a pipeline. Like some big foot strap on feet that you put on over your your work boots right. Mehmet be kind of fun and he'll be even more fun as we get we set up to go on an expedition with these dudes and then as they sneak away to the left we sneak around the right. Do on the costume and and come on out full full regalia. That's right right here in this Ryder Cup. Ticket get take a sultry at that point. Hey Bob good morning on WBT. Thanks for taking my call John good I'm doing and I'm living large man that is not as large big Toobin I'm living. Well. I guess probably till I was twelve or third period let your your talk show and Howard might. And I laughed at my stats out the way last year. But. We all hot and sell sack you know oil probably. Twelve or thirteen I'd I'd be frightened of doubt that I run into something that he called about oral buffer. And and it it would. You know crop we have buffalo and a gorilla right. Who did who in that situation you think who was a matter in I don't know. Do you remember the movie. But Blair witch project yet yeah with a real shaky camera thing from 1999. And I just remember. What I saw that movie I would bring myself neither a lot of people that have never been camping before. That have never been out in the woods the poor. That don't know the difference between a beer. And something walking like that one gentleman not that makes a lot of emit so something's slap it right. Feel limb that I want to yell or a bird a blind to our yet a thing you know that some big flop it you know it and it remind you that that may be reminded me that the richest city vote. There had never been camping poured everything what was frightening them. You know yet they yet they were bit. Or on the wimpy side for sure you know. But Adam took a buffer real that's great now how how long. How old were you before you decided that the buffer Rolla. Most likely wasn't real. There are probably let you know I mean that was built on in here content and how we fix though. You know are gonna say that I would hear the bought Perot look for probably. I'm gonna say twelve or thirteen you know wow and you know yeah. Any tease me about my AMO Reilly so let's talk. But I'll tell you that story what I public doubt the Japanese. And and there was a spirit and image of the pit stop 78 when I went up you know. Yeah but was big. And I got capital by myself and I here won't clog or bomb front porch. And I'm scared to death and I know that our our know that it. Big but you know and that my dad had a shotgun in the quarterback when he grabbed the shark. And I peeled back the curtain and their art Powell. And he's facing me. A window. And and noble blue back help at all. I mean it was gave it scared the life out of me guess you would bigfoot that on the front porch and so I peeled back deck curtain and they were the cap off stared at me. The good thing I didn't pull the trigger could have been one pissed off rancher. He should. The Chicago a lot of brisket furlough hung tough I like what the proper role no kidding because those are dangerous from what I understand. At least at least according to the you know the old man has sought the Bart that one day so. Bob I appreciate your call thanks for listen admit I got there integrate directly with my peripheral. Parents can be so. So taunting and twisted to children can't think. Things are go bump in the night. 1156. Buenos Diaz Willie. I have Iowa where. As an assistant never mind big put out by relocate big mama out by an Iowa last week Billy other there are bitter beer. She disappeared. Yeah really got a little bit Kumar sir Colin Elena Russia a OK let's do it and enjoy that is it's still early. Well there's Lilly call me if there are not all but 5555. Or would act com. I really wanna speak that I love you let night out here it departments. This I wish it was she's it was her relationship between. This Russian woman and bigfoot doing that you have. A mustache. Are you might think well she's your big mama I'm or perhaps something or comment on what I'm there are issues that story. But may be what they are don't pick you we'll tell you what what's I shoot. I think are important then she's bigfoot Willis. I think she's bigfoot. Here. I always knew you were little on the strange side willing but I didn't know that you would go after hairy beast. Then again I've never seen a big foot. Female but for the particular there might be some sexy. You never enough. I've never been into too much here. Shave that back maybe shave that back pay my time is up and I thank you so much for years we'll see you tomorrow same time until then I wish you can't you she's. Those guys to look at that and the green light to take care.