Meet the New Boss...NOT the Same As the Old Boss

Carolina Focus
Friday, July 13th
NOt wearing a jacket or tie and having a very open collar, the new owner of the Carolina Panthers met with the media this week for his first appearance. The Panther's radio broadcast team of Mick Mixon, Eugene Robinson and Jim Szoke discuss David Tepper's vision. Kenya Proctor with the Alliance for Suicide Prevention talks about suicide and upcoming Charlotte sessions to help prevent this tragedy.

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I'm mark Thomas in this is Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WP team. 1079 the point 1025610. WF and see where we look at issues events and happenings of the for the Carolinas. The Charlotte region and you. Welcome. The Carolina Panthers have a new owner David pepper to meet the new boss not the same as the old boss. Mr. Cutler arrived at the podium for questions by the media not wearing a jacket not wearing a tie and having a very open collar army shirt. It really set the tone for the new ownership guys have any questions. Mope about what this Steve. Hey hey good morning Joseph person with the Charlotte Observer. I know you're finished. I don't know if that's a good thing. When we spoke to Atlanta and you said that you needed some more time anyway things you know it's only been six weeks but. What changes are you looking to to make organizationally. Or personnel wise just. Make sure that things Jerry Kill him. Well this is. I don't know quite quite have 24 hours yet but it on this team so. Still evaluating things. Mob. In general. Like edges that I like to have an open environment a big one big family environment. Where everybody feels safe like a family. And let me shouldn't come up and talk to people. And there's going to be you know just openness on all sides of this organization multiple balls side in India and the business side. And go ahead. Air chamber and every air chamber with DS or business journal. You made a reference to you developments. We were to plan. All of us have been speculating ever since so continue to talk a little bit about. Future. Practice fields traders had orders those kinds of things how you approach them when your time. Well. I think I don't know who wrote the articles about practice field this be one of the few places doesn't have to practice fields obviously. Were indeed. So I think a lot of these things can't be done independently I can't talk about practice field without talking about. New stadiums and you know and as arrested before you assess. You know the Carolina Panthers are both states so we have to think about where we're putting things. And we're putting things but. You're work things I did say that when he is important. One way or another we have to make the campy who less than competitive with other NFL teams. At this point. You know given our practice field when other people have in the league we're falling behind a little bit. So that's because I do view the football side. It is this is a business don't forget that and hear the business guy I guess in the room there's so. But the Pope both sides very important and winning is my case is very important you know on the football side might mention to be beside. But one of the aspects is that we don't. We treat your players right and we don't have any good of an assistant unity instantly. So you top priority would be thinking about that practice field. Drew. Welcome to earn its answer and turns at this point modernizing this issue compete with the league around the world and it. Where's that year in history unity coming in and get out of our own view this organization. Com so you know we have we have talked about more than just a side again thanks so. Look we have. Just a law that was passed just recently and it's not yet hit the Carolina's the whole gambling aspect. And you think about the fans in the U wanna keep the periods in the building eventually is gonna hit you know with itself Kara. It passed it from a revenue standpoint. We have issues with you pay teachers and other things out there and you know tax revenues. Does this inevitable. We think about these things we have to take that consideration because you know wanna make sure the answer in that building and sharing this team. And I don't want fans not in that building so we have to hit the things com. So you know we're we Europe. You know sometimes you get lucky when you don't think you're lucky you know so one of the things were left is that we do have an old station in the have to do. We do have an old practice field we don't have approach in which captain and new practice fields. I don't know those things with some of the changes with the the gambling. You know we do have an advantage that we can think about what fans may want to make sure they're in our building. To tear this Seymour because they do figure active fan base I do believe that. The fans are fit to twelve men on the field. OK and I wanna make sure that twelve minutes in that stadium. So. My guess is some of those things where there are revenue producers. This other development here you know we do. When the practice field. To someplace other than right next to stadium which pessimist and makes so much sense. Com community do open up a lot of areas for development and other development here in this going to be the new Amtrak station. In house just up with street guess with a Greyhound station is that they got that right. So I'm thinking about those sort of things and I mean all these things sir. You know. You know everything goes here to him and in this in this community. You know it's not just the business thinks it's a matter of also things like high school games. I kind of think that high school championship should be played in that stadium. That's what I think OK because that's part of community bringing in an community and also think it is should be more. I'm not I don't wanna screw up the field. But I think they should be more bigger events there like you know. You know. The right type of concerts okay. In this state and it really hasn't been so I think what I want to use was the stadium a lot more for the community but I think that's important is being remembered the community. So. That. He. The highest ever and Hyundai and say hey you aren't more than a lot of recommendations that Mary Jo White recommended be implemented. Eat light. Those recommendations including. Or August and he's not disclose payments Tillman its relations with isn't this continent. I will be reviewed by the week. Here at. Within the Panthers will you implement those recommendations regardless of where to leave decides specifically to non disclosure agreement are. Specifically non. Listen. Whatever was was this is now okay this going to be open place. So there's not going to be you know you know nondisclosure agreements. No matter what in this new place. And that sort of thing okay that was then this is now. Okay that was then this is now as we open place where people when it happened right people talk to to come up with problems. And by the way that problem with a piano go by and do something incredibly stupid they should be talking about me. Okay that's a place that's what this place is going to be. Okay. Actually. Learning some boats are actually flew up and dance. They do it. I'm sorry were you with the story that's OK and show us. In terms of looking at the home team that not only the city and the relationships within the rules that govern as well. Have you had a chance to convert their passing each. Search engine relationship with apparently you reelected by city. Arm listen I really haven't had an extensive conversations with. Governors and as such is just had a very quick greeting with the mayor but that's about it. I'll there's a lot of discussions to have. About how we do things here this is my view this as a partnership. Hopefully you're not just with it you know and you guys you know what this is this is a logical place for the statement. Not just with Charlotte that's what it is but also with hopefully be. The governor of North Carolina governor South Carolina and a even though I haven't really. Return their calls yet I'm happy to return the calls now. It was appropriate before and if you are so I think there's a lot there's a lot to talk about and I think. There's some really interesting things from the development side for them from me for us the answers to consider him. I was sort of law hey good morning editor in SE I think you yeah. I think there are two schools of thought when it comes to you. Professional sports teams being supported by tax dollars you have knows who say. You know what it's an international drive it helps to see its crown jewel for us English or lenders and other schools offices hey. I'm a billionaire who support his old sports team how do you process that has placed all the talk Wednesday. Defied. Let's just talk about what to do it here what would do in the fire if I do if I go night. Put development I'd bring a lot of dollars and here in tax dollars and here and there can be dollars if you have enough to be tax or hotel tax or something like that. And I'm bringing that tax in there. I'm making an investment among ask him for people weren't using those facilities. So as a lot of different ways you're talking about it from talking about people. You know. We know we're talking about. Win win situations. OK can't just be for me and can't just be for them. So it has to be a partnership and partnerships and is one way and that's definitely possible fees if you think that so we knew. We do a development here than it does new development luckiest people are just lost dating game we open up for other things and I'd make an investment in them last night bring that in here. Here and I bring them anymore. Dollars into the community. And that's businesses in the community. And there's more tax dollars generated. And that makes sense to split some of those tax assessed not taxing people for who weren't using those facilities but they used in this that they're using piece of some help him breathe here. That's the partnership. Let's go to. And I'm sorry which. The name of the trustee Gonzales treated I want to follow until person's question and I ask you if you plan to do an investigation into. All the folks in your physician who were aware. Of the grass and over the years to aid in it and created that culture here that I don't know. Perhaps still exist or you investigate that. In my 24 hours so far there you mean. I was an innocent this tonight at in I can't emphasize enough. The openness openness that went to have this organization out. And openness seventeen T of this sort of this organization. I think there's been an atmosphere where the thing this this organization talk more than this aside was a lot of B team. And there was not able to go walk and talk about things OK there's going to be no impediment to that in the future. There's going to be known only to say that again does me no impediment that in the future. And whatever that means so whenever that. The sergeant said with him that. Bill. And we've done little pairs calmly as he did you know that infrastructure I imagine because you're not giving up your other job you're currently looking. For president if so are you able to update or that search it is and and what are you looking for a guy who will be taking over the duties. Or woman correct. Our own and yet. I don't look so obviously east. Experience running case sports team is probably be number one a different types of experience like that. One of the things that. Reno and and and also development you know but you know obviously absolutely obvious this is things. Come on marketing. On development experience of some sort of be able to that as soon as we talk about this probably. A lot of development here. And you know I just wanna make sure that the persons here knows you know the personally and I know that the two there's a couple people kind of pinned down on but. That they'll be able to build a good team here and also all also understand the philosophy that I just outline. Viv Bernstein. You know openness and openness and a team team environment and one family. Okay we're family here and I wanna make sure people understand that Steffi and we. Is on the extremely close of football side and inclusive business that's where my other business you ask them out of this this is a family okay. This is a family. And the families protective and we feel safe in here. And inside this building inside this environment. So we'll look for somebody that China. Can. Make sure they have their positions ahead. Let's turn Jim Jim Morrison no easy radio pro sports network speaking fault also in winning championships. Is your ultimate goal here become for an organization into three head coaches in 49 years. You have a vision of what he did they hear you wanna see implemented here kind of speed that process I think that the details are you working from that organization to put. Complaints here. You know you see a speed that process up this kind of not speed that process up OK a certain amount of patience and let things develop. You're you're actually. Have. And wanna. These people to me compliments but. You actually blessed with a pretty good. Football side here you know head coach it and understands. And understands itself. Appreciate some the change is there were made on that on the staff side in my view I would have nothing to do with it but just appreciate it and of north. His as a pretty good addition in my mind I'm on the offensive side I think. Rawness and it's a national defense a guy OK to snatch mean naturally walking on the street entry in the water natural. So I think you appreciate you got a guy that understands he wants to have streaky organizations. And bringing good people to do that. That's important so I think that's kind of the things you like to see. Tom. So listen I'm not looking to do too much there I think we've got some good folks there. And you know I know people always wanna hears things that are bad or not but it so I can do it. So is what it is. It's good or hate these children dubious as he's shortly you're very emotional but the cardinal commencement speech in the morning. To what extent this process is what you kind of reflect on your career and yourself. When you find yourself. Asked me that more time. You were very mostly car you know and I'm wondering if this process. You know here. In the business world ago as this process what you kind of reflect on how far you know party com. I mean you grow as a person okay and what is that yes I am well. You back there Carnegie Mellon just we we related to this I mean it was hard for me to get the words as I said there at the united. You guys just have. Just understand my neighborhood. It was in the east liberty in Pittsburgh was it was real inner city stuff. So. Nice and I think it says there that I didn't go to a pro games toes into my twenties somewhere. So just you know that whole ideas for ideas kind of crazy to me and with tonight. In. I really do. I know people. I really do and I am a person who have seen her faith okay. So I know I kind of wake up sometimes to say thank Scott thank you god I don't know. That is this is what it is okay for me. And I think and I think it is they god bless America because I think this is a great place to be and I think everybody is from us. It's incredibly lucky to be in this country so those two things you know I do reflect on all the time and then my fortune and two things to think of the different. Question my note you know different question left with some fantasies like different lights for me. And I do appreciate. I think just the appreciation to help to do to charity side and we know where it came from and you know how people. Lived in what happens in certain situations. I think. They by my hero my high school class was near 800 cornyn and 500 going out. You know that sort of thing and I think there's worse than that in some places now still. So. You know I do think about some of the stuff and listen I've been reflecting a lot of about the football players who are just I don't know you don't have to those who talk about the Slobodan. And some of these issues system is gonna ask eventually. But you know this is incredibly good guys here are really good. Guys that love this country that don't get sick enough. And. You know and I think you know and and and who guys that are treatable on this team and you should CD you know I don't know if you guys appreciate the look of the website the the organization to these guys talk about football players from all of them. So I think that and I hope to hopefully get it you know more involvement from them but there's there's already false okay their frequent fault. An autopsy report enough no honestly decide enough but hopefully we can start. Accentuated the positive a little bit more you know round so. I hope hopefully I can read that out tonight I hate. This nice of them to be told by my press people it should be saying it is but you know you watch my sentiments of the some of the push of what's Spiderman. Despite him in Palestine to experiment. In with great. You know power comes great responsibility. So I think I have that I think our players of that tour I think a lot of and appreciate that so. I don't know that gesture that's a long note today nobody else is missing uniforms answers that once. To agent. Candidate John Jones and Sports Illustrated. Unit couldn't. Indians are now coming up on ten years. So you may not necessarily be easy details to pass into the table now that you have one of the 32 votes that table. What do you consider to be the biggest issue. Facing the wall in the NFL moving forward especially as we looked on the barrel on news media in the next three years. Both CB is definitely a challenge and you know it always has a challenge every CB is a challenge and expect to see BA won't be more of a challenge. Com. Listen I guess you know obviously CT he is. As a challenge the league has been on top of the issue making rule changes. I mean listen I. No pianist you know. Still have steal liquor someplace might cost us on this and make definition also but I have moved here figured out. But. You know she is a year. That was like a big shock. And I think some would change there's constant change is going on the league and I think it leaves really think about it and trying to address those those issues costly. A somewhat different tackling Malaysia the patent applicant is it going there so I do think that's a tell us but I think it's been addressed. I'm Tiffany. To Clinton and hit a high definition. Or go back to Europe it's about opportunity. And your time Steelers are these folks behind me you. What tape from your experience at times and apply here. Well it is set ascension of football I think this Steelers had you know pretty good philosophy Gannon you know our had a pretty good to have pretty good velocity on the Steelers on the steelers' side and so take you know and those sort of lessons. You know take the patience and when he's developed I think which I think sometimes. These are made too fast tiles have personal greater appreciation for things I don't know and as I mentioned before that's not that that's me. Although I think there you they have appreciation to. Com. Listen obviously agreed organization. Com and you know it's certainly is not a bad thing to be have been with him for nine years and kind of just make observations. Have that much worse than that. If that answers a question. Dear. This afternoon Pro Bowl oh you've been willing to make pointed comments powerful people in the past how would you support players that they have opinions you may not be able line. We have our sections of your fan base your customers you. I don't really make them any point economist at that many are. Four people but tell you the truth I made some he referred to it things I did during the campaign. But I've tried not to make any. Since that powerful person you're referring to who has been depressed the United States are really haven't said anything about it except for a few positive things and economic policy. Which again you guys choose not to talk about. If you decide to talk about those things we'll talk about those things but people don't like to talk about positive things. But listen there's. You know for my charity stuff from a bit big believer in social justice. And I'm actually a big believer in you know a country of patriotic and you guys you guys know the pledge allegiance to the flat for the United States of America. In of that for the republic which just is one nation under god. Indivisible. Whistles left and bust that left quite. With liberty and justice draw. With liberty justice for all. That's what this is about liberty and justice for all okay this is the most patriotic thing. Going so that's August 7 that. We had time for two Mormon go to countervailing rumor Carrasco well. It is kind of related WS into Sports Radio. In this same thing. You know last week president trump told is a relative or zero months in the inventories were down 20% down east into is that true coalition compound that but I am curious. What do you guys deal on the horizon in terms of you list your immediate partnerships because it is increasingly difficult to not just attract double or keep them there so. You know solidified thank you for you talk a little bit in the past what you see don't know on the horizon for the iPhone really all sports and a strong. You know TVs and I'm practice contractual license speaks with a lot of different medias you TV ratings but when you out of all the different. You know social media apple Amazon that I don't think. Footballs been affected us any more or less than anything else I also think this thing that we talked probably forum. Called gambling. Is gonna make Brady's go down I just have a feeling about that okay you may know more about that than me but that's my feeling. So football. Club. This is the best sport. Okay my opinion I mean I love this game. I love watching this game I'm watching schemes and watch all kinds of different games and is the only sport talk about football game and I don't know about you folks there. But I can watch almost any team on a Sunday. Okay Kazaa and it discusses entertainment in this great entertainment. And law love the play also some other sports just awful well okay you watch the regular season baseball game when we know obstacles for some of the team some place else in the country. And I'm making cracks about baseball so apologists is offensive viewers an order that I loved baseball by the way revert connected was my idol when I was a kid. This as an aside but anyways that's that's been my feeling. It's gone. Scott tell us from Charlotte Observer. There's a ten foot statue Jerry Richardson also the north can you planned to leave purses were wounded. And contractually obligated keep that stature as it is. Carolina Panthers broadcast team of mechanics and Eugene Robinson and James O'Keefe were on WBT's mourning news and gave their reaction to the new won't. Mick Vick since you first play by play voice for the Carolina Panthers figure in the building your full time staff members there. The energy the excitement what's the feeling with the the new owner David tepper and some of his were to be brought the press conference yesterday. A week ago sort of point counterpoint on some of the things that he said but no one did say that the as a bad thing happened already. These he's been very open I think sort of overall. He's he's he's he's got a charming I mean with. Rick says his it's styled the way he dresses the way he the way he speaks in form sentences I think he makes fun of himself. Effortlessly keep me Newton got to. And I. Kind of way about him I think that any. Any sort of wolf for Wall Street. You know perhaps reproductive organs on his desk what do we get it for a I think it's sort of check the box off. He's a real guy he's excited about being a part of the Carolina Panthers are but the clippers are excited about him being a part of our community. And you Jeannie did talk a lot of marketing and business but also football and today he sounds like the kind of got its gonna leave football to the football experts of course have final say but our data today. As seems happy with the first of all Ron Rivera mentioned nor turner the entire football sides so. It is let's remember a team that going to accomplish what they want it last year losing the first and oppressed but they did win eleven games so a your take on kind of what he does bring it from the football conversation side. Nobody ever thought that the that the great Britain and good site because you know if you got oh to get them well the last. What five years and you don't wanna go to Iraq triple a locker chemistry. And you would appear to recognize what the guys do and do well cook prepare. Come to mind immediately and that an awful apparently you do a passion that I see our home every time you talk like that at all. I think you're the patent avoid. About it but well worth the team but they've got the ball being part of the National Football League and peer to Carolina though Mo Mo realizable we do have. Here in an attempt to our deepest who complete and others. Different pole here so. I think I hit that passion every time I I here and we cannot disarm is currently the other. The cup and put it in the past and they come and cook that up in particular all of. Mickelson at the coming years spring but there is a lot of talk about things that may come things at this moment that are possibilities like maybe practice facility multi purpose or think off campus. May be. Further renovations to the current stadium or moving the stadium altogether or restore your thoughts on what the future may hold over the next couple years from just a stadium in practice facility standpoint. Yes sir Gary rats to go to the refurbishing of the older. You know word of the notre what eleven billion dollars in the bank. Build a practice facility. Many working and couldn't get a foot of this question has intrigued me ever since our first. Sort of work which you got. And that's the question of he. But we're in the self we have to place some hot weather games since September. But he has said. He could even alluded to the fact that. Yeah there's a lot of their you can start your not careful. He he don't have the practice that's how I interpret it if you don't have the practice facility can't get we've got out of the EU risk starting this these were the tired. Football team. And you can't afford a slow start in the NFL Europe how hard you party reduce illegal or order. Why did that let freedom but with you because. You know did you realize that one thing that we do football player I don't know Blair could shake a little bit slow and careful well thought our five we are there in the heat. Double practices and you don't wanna kind of view cricket out of they eat is that the port number that you've got to learn to go there. And secure you're you're you're young you and again the course rates the local portal. Vehicle occupant but just what tiger does very warm your career her car because. You know wouldn't you just spending you don't period so I picked up. I think that the plane moving forward pedal. Didn't like something NASA. Hopefully that they can go and door right when they have to include worker and ethical aren't an appropriate decoder and and and and I don't think they'll walk through and they can't actually. Drove a ball around and do what they could do things you have to both think they're going door to pick him. The accumulated and either so I think people like to the nuclear solely. Or something like that I picked up a very early Marten Berkman is a prayer for mark or thinking because you wanna go and that in the. The World Cup football season. I had known all cylinders and network what your card or your guy can't very very vocal lessons as a. Making Eugene both of you thank you appreciate you both joining us today as a an exciting time for the Panthers organization and appreciate you both fearless. You're listening to Carolina focused on news talk 1110993. WPT. 1079 the length. 1025610. W have been easy to also syllables of podcasts that WPT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas. So lets you be join us here once again this morning and we wanna get on or rather serious note here because a room and we do that. On a regular basis on Carolina focus. And try to take a look at some of the more difficult subjects and issues that face. Carolinians and Charlotte eons. In. And people in general and what we're going to be talking about now is something that is actually the tenth highest. Cause of death. According to some surveys over about 45000 people per year die. From this. And that's far in excess almost half again as many as die in traffic accidents. And we always try to stress you know when it comes to car wrecks that you know we've got a safe driving and efforts are made to or to reduce traffic fatalities. And in this particular case we don't seem to have as much effort and we wanna change that a little bit. And what I'm talking about is suicide. As a very very serious topic obviously. And joining us now from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Here in North Carolina is Kenya Procter welcome to Carolina focus Kenya RO LD Adam and I bet. Now I guess the first thing I wanna do is talk a little bit about. Some of the things about suicide because it's a topic that's. People don't wanna touch on we have here. In fact. We've spoken to some of the we will work here at 1079 the link who've dealt with depression. And have considered suicide. And are now. Getting treatment that sort of thing and obviously since they're still here they didn't follow through. On on their suicidal tendencies. What to. What are some of the numbers. Between the ages ten and 34. In this or any contraband and I mean some electoral that we are ranked 38 and influential. Chris suicide. And one of being struck me. Last. Command that we have to meet me in any great love. And creeks and I didn't leave. Both went a lot of people do not know can fill the agony 59 as the people who put their lives in the game and we we don't know being. And that's in the and that's the thing mrs. something that it touches many many people it's not just. A celebrity here or there. It's something that. Average everyday people have to contend it accurately. One of those things in and looking at some of the numbers. You know it's like I say it's you know that in the mid forty thousands. In the number people who take their own lives here in the US every year. The word not however. As a suicide rate necessarily the highest in the world but we're we're we're pretty good at it and fortunately. What so what efforts what are some of the signs what are some of the things that people can do I know. In in talking to people and you know struggling at times myself you know when when you get into very deep depression. These you have a feeling of help must helplessness. Sometimes people say well you know they committed suicide and that was the coward's way out. Which. I would strongly disagree with me canoes most of the people I've spoken with. Who have. Had suicidal thoughts or maybe survived an attempt. It's it's not something that they've that they viewed as being a cowardly thing to do it lose more of a last. Ditch attempt to perhaps help others in their wives who they saw themselves heard. So what are what what are some of the profiles were some of the things that. That we need to be looking that. Panicking he can look forward intently who may potentially be ethnic genocide is. I'm blue jeans and they die you know I'd be eating war on eight ED black. Sleek look I think sleeping more rapidly sleeping wrong. These past someone who was basically. This is being teased out of the and the let me begin to withdraw. Or you have someone who are sitting back who was it is unique and introverted now under the Clinton and very. Cullen spell in the morning that can pay. People who are giving in to wave that do these cracks discontent. I also think you can look forward looking and environmentally. And their lives as it is could be moved. I'm spoke to a returning that they and I got prepared time. I'm okay experience depression which could potentially lead to suicide. I'm luck of the loved ones and our lungs that are tiny piece that you can look for a first someone who is potentially that was considered. Well I know that in looking at at some of the figures. I was surprised it's to see that. Men over the age of 65 is one of the highest categories. And I think that would go to New York the change in life retirement type of thing him. Oh maybe a sense of a lack of worth. Have Coke who has. And I don't think and then he has they've been on and four and number of years in different that they know to do and all of the full peaceful at all. You've got a great club and we don't want you anymore and they have. That went to block that went forward less self worth and I don't know what to do and so the next Olympic fan and and when you captain Cullen who has this T July team. And one of the other areas. That we've that we've talked about. Is veterans. The number 22 per day has been. Put out there as the number of suicides among veterans per day in this country. In what's. As far as the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. How do you view that how how can those people we recently have specific needs. Or triggers that you need to be on on the lookout for. That sentiment and typically we hear it better and be blank. Vietnam that Kyle will Wear cute that because they're older. Actually wildly has don't it and she may be born. 24 hot. I'd be here. The wind began to sleep because we do and you know that in that they. And making sure they have access here. Alternative to beat. Out twenty to leave bull has been without being. And we actually get and the content for a little bit liberal court in and day. But it hasn't got killed these current commitment should Hitler reaching out content that he said he had access here. I'm trying to figure out what is going on within base things communion between species that. The rest of America bank. But they have been. He expects there and we can overlook that because police he had it and they're the ones that have been told that we can see things are currently him. I have been along those lines became. He goes into oh yeah Polonia help but the once you have those ones that we will see are the ones that would not reaching. Completely sure that we're taking care about it and an intern and to be and would scorn on. And we're speaking with Kenya proctor who is with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. House so it's the post traumatic stress disorder that or you used to be called shell shock. We've sanitized. The trauma. And made it much more palatable sometimes just referred to as PT SD. Which doesn't really reveal. The devastating psychological effect that. Being in a war actually has on people. Now it is doubtful and it's not. This sojourn that is also Mexican Ian. Won't he talk about PP if he extracted from the individual could actually get him in when you think about and we are park community. Our community a march. Is expected I'd want her until then to let me begin to wrap our arms around those going into effect for compete EST. Ali against him in this thing not only they can't Ali particularly. What if they're feeling no validity and beaten they did something wrong something it's triggered an emphatic and so it's important. Go one better in to figure out with a picture here as a team with. For him to come out there that. Back out our as the children who ever look at that and on a regular basis that they got within traders and help to mitigate morning. When the best thing to do is to get better and into treatment. Convincing people meet with the there at this and figure out what it is an over president can be heckled there you can be making it could be comparable soon. But the key they can also get different things that. Their community at large can do it can help with their TPC which is particular exit. Regular diet of Alex that actually. Making sure that they could take care. Do you find substance abuse. To play have a significant role in suicide prevention. Unfortunately. Alcohol abuse as well it could be. Companies are vulnerable because you have those folks who want it felt then he won't be able alcohol is definitely try to. And you almost can you are again elect a Rebecca her talent they have to go cartons in principle because he had the courage. To. And so that that does play a role in actually in in individuals acting out on their suicidal thoughts then can be. Somewhat of an instantaneous thing sometimes perhaps. But it I am more he has goes from there he has more on my god I didn't see coming. As we go that can take a look at what was going on and that person client who little I thought they were trying to go out. Tried to get back into their letter was something was going on with the work. I asked my opinion as to people but we do know that alcohol they're going to put any because. Many of them are using alcohol as far too and it it is this now pork. Well of course it is a depressant which isn't going to necessarily it it may give you as you said a sense of false courage. But it's not. It is overall effect is is one of depression as opposed to. Being uplifting as such especially when it's you know in an abusive situation. What other aspects of suicide that we not talked about that we need to that we really need to be paying attention to. She couldn't control in here to the people out there the people there and I. People want somebody that it would have been talking about booty dance well. Having that ability to have a constitutional. It's and one is Alan Clayton. Lee who believe that we the people those that have cook can certainly glad that. Potentially I was there I and that article component to rattle he's been known that it can and Graham are. I have had both mental health issues going on. It did not calling the crack so we don't want it very this statement ties people who are depressed and say you're definitely gonna settle because that hole. Also new animation that we are changing their culture. So often we don't want to talk about to happen is so important that we eat and Wear an entry in equal the effort suicide. Say something people being loose your life coming to me and in the identity is changing how we viewed it how we talk about suicide. So often that didn't happen that we can say discussing committed suicide. And people cooler than that. Are people who would mean in terms don't want to look at this stamina by themselves they hadn't committed act. Crimes so we typically refer to someone who had suicidal and they have increased to. It's interesting that you that you bring up that fact because. And I don't know that the laws are still in effect necessarily but I know in certain places at certain times. It has actually been a criminal act to take your own life. And and armed with a killer like you say there's this stigma. And wouldn't really it's more. An act of desperation. It's not necessarily something you say committed suicide towel I thought through ruin to saved you people were a victim of suicide. Because. That seems to be more. How in my mind it should be properly viewed. That someone has gone through is who is going through such a dramatic. Days of their life that they think this is their only option. You are responsible for doing it but it seems as though you're putting more blame on someone unnecessarily. It truly is and then remembered again don't wanna go convict him in the back at hadn't made. An act of violent content and at that with a crime. So Wheatley try to make sure that we're taking in consideration goes the less. Because it's statistic could channel people who unless. That the only meant that the fans are at greater risk for the fact that. And we're talking with Kenya proctor who is with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Call why is that news that someone. Someone's family members may be more prone to suicide if for failing member has committed suicide whether or has. Take in the act and killed themselves why it is that why does that happen. And you have some room you're dealing with grief and they don't know. Come that you know that I think this is grief and if you have someone who's done at one stage and they don't see he arrogantly out. Looking at what differently than we did they need to pack for. And we don't ever want to put traces found at an option. Calling for an author being in in this economic corruption. Fortunately typical. But we don't want to portray him as its troubled it was a an honorable thing to do we do know that from cultures in our Opel. To take your own mind that we don't wanna overwhelm me. So you'd have to want this to let Kenny go uh oh that was when that would be my house when he. Packed a role when you know how everyone is warning formula it was wonderful. To see our although that was shelved won't. There's more than that for you when you're here. There's there's other options for Utah and the Pentagon are going to. Why and you mentioned that and their their reminds me of a new story just recently of someone in Korea who is in the airline catering business that committed suicide because of a business downturn. And near the idea in some Asian cultures of that being an honorable thing to do. It's really not something that. We share in this country obviously but it is it is a factor. Overall is it not. Absolutely. We would become a vaccine for that we have could be called truly because different cultures. Won't go differently about suicide. I'm Alex is patent settlement yet stable in the African American culture we don't talk about suicide that is organized and it's not even. So we have to remember that. Until we part of community called truly be lumped in the code differently about this after the epic look all of in consideration. Public health on the books about it. Play and and you bring up to bring to mind another situation. Where there is I believe was a naval officer in the US. A number of years ago the committed suicide after it's particularly. Bad situation occurred that he was responsible for. And people talked about how honorable that was. And you know it's it's it's it's not something that you really wanna think about that term. No doubt. In our country we don't typically being. So when he beat them as an honorable thing to do that again goes. The culture in the military but had their own subculture. That out. Culture we have a bit stay. He has twenty. All of those things into consideration were talking with some. So do you think that military subculture issue just referenced. Is that one of those things that plays a major role in the 22 east. Suicides of veterans per day or twenty as you said the numbers now down to is that part of that. It actually could be and compete about their own act we pay. We will be able to move the goal and our country. As a part of it won't country if they are able to go back now. This that they can apply that that compare. What am I. Supposed to do now and when someone posted and that is not being able to act. Be able to perform their duties. That could lead to depression which people could potentially lead pieces. And again we're talking with king at proctor who is so with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. Here on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas and so as I said at the beginning we're dealing with a very very. Difficult and serious subject here and that is the so abuse suicide. Now you've got some events coming up in the Charlotte area do you now. Yes we do care if we do and Phyllis tells a bit about that. Well on this third this school arc and hit an August 11 we will be in the territory. I'm doing what we're calling secret. And you're going to be threatened in their local area and it abusive treatment he won't Glen MacNow foundation this is a crippled and we have a board of about who members. Cool all volunteers and we have I say 100 candles in the get a lecture on my neck it is too. Lane between people can cover angry counting illegal traveling the state will be in Charlotte on. Until he Turkey for a little flat which is the creepy thinking about it color. In ninety minute and it's going to you know we handled to the media arts about suicide. On how to implement that Arnold. What would yell at me and they can do hope that. The as a part of the true me. The effect it has been detained because you wouldn't count and extra time quarter. School systems and beat your opponent Steve particulates and one educated old school personal. One compared almost loses stick themselves. And we want to bring back into the school system all of these presentations are pretty free of charge. The more than that that the two hour presentation. Only talked about the difference between what went wrong and how to recognize the final of the crescent. And what are your child. For those students themselves their. And how can people sign up for us. If you were currency AN EU. That ORG. Actually Caroline and that brings me to I'll bet he. And that should be a little. Unclear that would take you to the registration or alt who wouldn't want people only have to register call one day. So we're asking you for an hour it's pathetic that blank and I should have some dietary restrictions. Urban and provide land and ask for them he could then begin with and you will be talking about this. And he had to make it sound a little cheerful. But it is a serious subject but I do wanna touch on before we before we let you go here. You know of these increases. The of teenage suicide and bullying and all that and bringing this into the schools because I think this is something that you know we talked girl you know we talk about how. You know men over 65 veterans and so forth. But we are seeing a very tragic increase in. Teenagers who are taking their lives as well and even in some cases preteens. Absolutely we are funding it number. On the rise on last year on the that the longer it was apparently been kind eager for the fourteen. I'll only gotten noble black market from the CDC is now the second wind constant support loops. Truly effective than a swing that we can do something about it and that's what they did he looks to educate the community alliance. You form and we'll have a little took a look bad because I have hole. People asking all the time how can you talk about the fact everything being acted because I have hoped. I have hope that we can really understand why beaten it I've been applicable in Christian TV and educational. My hope is that they will go out and they unfortunately somebody else. So I coached by Chris I have no idea it didn't extend that out and so how many people have I'd take 101000 and war. Forgot my hope that plant goes cheerful and I talked about tax. Because I truly to be political heat get out the UP educated community educator felt that the government can have encouraged. Have a conversation with someone who might be at room. May be cute movie that could in my home state of mind our own and her a couple of minutes. Consider opportunities of actual stadium on the fact that he gave no opened. Good cheer for me and luckily because I'm so excited. About the opportunity to go into the senate panel launching an unconventional. And one more time give us the web site people can go to to sign up for a visa programs coming up in August. Eight NC. I'm sorry and only at act and die though are achieved. For a flash North Carolina. That's a F as an American foundation suicide prevention dot orgy. That's slash her North Carolina. And Kenya Procter if someone is listening to this and is having some real problems there's a national suicide hotline they can call right now correct. That is correct that is the 1887. Degrees hot. 1800. C and problem 38255. And that they want to attack the content. I'm Miller Park or chip stack I include 7401741. Kenya proctor with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention thanks for being here in Carolina focus. But you haven't traveled. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the wind. Bulletin 56 MW open seat. It's also available also podcast at the BP team dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and until next time he well.