Memorial Day 2018

Carolina Focus
Wednesday, May 23rd
Rep. Walter Jones, NC-3, U.S. House on writing letters to the families of the fallen. Ranger Catherine Lynn, Kings Mountain National Military Park on the Battle of Kings Mountain.

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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the wind. 10256. MW FMC. That's where we look at issues events that happened certificate Carolina's Charlotte region can you. Welcome. So glad you could join us here this morning as. This is somewhat of a special weekend. And the weekend broadcast here on Carolina focus. It started. Off as decoration day and was known as such for over a hundred years officially and we refer to it now as Memorial Day. Originally started to commemorate the fallen in. The American civil war. In the 1860s. And there's some debate is exactly how it got started and by whom but it's a days that we. Honor and think about. The fallen in America's wars and it has come to encompass all wars. Throw for all times here in the United States and I've as you may or may not be aware of a specific letter goes out to the fallen in the current conflicts. And it in it reads as follows my heart aches as I write this letter for you for realize you are suffering a great loss. I know that these words are inadequate in trying to express my deep sympathy to you and your family. At the death of your loved one. Your loved one demonstrated courage bravery and dedication to his fellow soldiers and to their mission. He has sued people love for his country that he was willing to give his life. In John 1513. Jesus says greater love has no man then this that he laid on his life for his friends. I'm grateful for his service Stanford's commitment in keeping our nation strong and free. May god always publisher family and may he bless this land of the free and home of the brave we call the United States of America. Signed sincerely. Walter B Jones member of congress. Representative. North Carolina's third district. And we welcome back to Carolina focus congressman Walter B Jones welcome back to Carolina focus or. Mark thank you very much in. There's a lot of ambitions Simon. To the families that lost loved ones and Nate Andy extended families. Sense about 2000 parole. It this is still long going that scientific condolence. And alas not two army as soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan. And I guess for people who may not be aware. This is this came about through of the seriousness of events. On some may remember. When the Iraq War the second Iraq War if you will. Was being. Talked about and generated back in 2002. And early 2003. Many nations around the world were hesitant to get involved as they had previously back in the early ninety's. And the nation of France was a very hesitant. And as a result of that because of their lack of support. It was you congressman Jones that said we're not gonna call them French Fries anymore wrote a column freedom Fries. And things have changed however. In your in the way you view this sequence of events as they have happened. And tell us a little bit about. The story and the history behind. Where you were and where you come to today. Well mark week two they've. Very quick they and countries. Hamburger. Restaurant down in Beaufort North Carolina. Brought this issue of freedom Fries some nine attention. He had a lot of memories from care reform there and use ended did beaches in have been lunch with him and a broad to me again I didn't know it that to have us Abramoff as human. I decided that two cavities. That I did note that house would be incident changes the name in the house restaurant. So you grip and and at target the Bob hey at this chairman it was a house chairman that so that house operations. And and a no enemy out though it would be and it. But they got back into session may have thought it was a good idea. And it was an idea of a press statement and that's what really paying prepayment and national story. And did you could say I was you know between new to see if there was any interest in new laws. I didn't really have animosity. Toward friendship wasn't my idea business someone's else's idea. But then. Going to vote matters and you diamond Wednesday. Starting to give President Bush since it started going to Iraq. And I wish I had not voted to give them authority and been in. Earlier in March. The first you were in there Michael this as a disorder. From Camp Lejeune it was appealed. The first two weeks civil war. I would do is here at camp adjourn. I'd say it was his life I've felt the pain the family. Our craft with them out of jail is so bad that I had not heard him unconscious and not conscious would sit and don't give boosted authority. And led I was proven the right. But I started though let us in about 2004. We were in 2003. And since then we sent questions 121000 of us in this country. And it's. It's. So what cathartic for you to do this. I need you must certainly feel a tremendous burden. And in order to continue to do this. For the past fourteen years. Well mark it was actually actually mine field to remodel and savior. That after oh this would be retribution. To answer that I was sincere would not pain. Not good in my conscious as a related to send their actors to Iraq. And that was the Genesis of I've written letter writing I just wanted their families and that I chose ban of that nature. Loved one being killed. Awarded instant and it's really been an invasion mark. I have a book that if you put it argued there is. And it would be probably eight to ten inches. That sick. Responses to about letters. To the families and as this time I've got rid of one level. And ten at some point down the third period the whole book. But just let us all eleven all electorate saying west Astros have DO passengers. You're dormant. To war when it was not necessary. And this is not a way of sand to use the plan that is what goes demise. And say yeah I'm sort excellent idea. And we're speaking with congressman Walter Jones here on Carolina focus. About the letters that he writes to the families of the fallen in our current wars. And you say it's it's around 121000 that you written so far. But we're right at 121000. And destitute. Extended family is gone you have a lot of divorces you know mom and dad. Have to divorce that you write to so sorrento is Friday at 121000. Lotus and have they in the and away is one of those things that. I have always felt that it was retribution. And that. What do god did give me promote remind. And what's you say you've gotten a tremendous the number of responses. Though what is. Due any particular responses standout to you. From any particular family members that you. Received over the past fourteen years. Well I would say that the some outages severe and I salute noted that people who then. Some you can deal with some of the response that they want to do know about that challenge. I have one on that would give the first time I read that you brought tears and I visit though the bet that is done. What can Alter boy you some video man. When they go to college and so I'd join the military might get his education pay for him. United and then they get to the idea that this son of adore him most of these was silence. At that time agree they have women Q2 in. But. It's one of those things that. You know you almost wish they would like to back and I did I say that. Respectfully because of squad but it is not a decision that sent their job. To war and again if the war in Iraq it was not necessary. Is manifest. Actors. Of course you were not alone in voting for that. Four that a particular. Decision to go to war. In Iraq. But it's. Do you think in Italy in retrospect. Do you think anything could have stopped it. Yes I do if we had. You know assist that thing you found out discount but the Vietnam War outlines some newspapers. That sir and I know Paige Leo it's about the Washington Post and did Daniel Ellsberg as. Information came out they showed that the Iraq emitted Vietnam War it was really not done as Serb war itself. And I can Mecca parallel to not thinking about Afghanistan. Now. And that is different wave that. Too many times. We don't do what appreciated and ask him questions before east. Sent our young men and women to pipe in this country in. Whom we've been trying to give it debate for the last 45 years on Afghanistan. We've been has saved in years and that tends change it. And yet we can't get a debate on the floor of the house and about far someway. More we've written let us sit back and and ample time ask them toward debate and we king did. Is very frustrated. And I guess since were were kind of swerving down a little bit different path. In the past several weeks. We've seen more and more calls for. Regime change in Iran. And many of the same people who worry involved in the run up to the Iraq invasion. Are now within the trump administration. Our. Specifically. We use the name of John Bolton. Who is one of the biggest. Architects and cheerleaders of going into Iraq and now have us. Is pretty much the president's right hand man on and on foreign policy matters as it relates to war. Do you think we're make in the same mistake again. Well I'm going to be very outspoken would the members from both parties is that we've gone to. Certainly demand that congress. Person whether we commit terrorism not. And look at bailed it Bruce. May draw. I wanted to introduce after memorial week. That deals with in his present that commit true. That does not. Come to congress first. That date could be impeached I would. And saying that mr. trump who has opposed to going to Afghanistan. And Iraq if you remember. I would hope that the president understands. That this spill series delighted date that date. He achieved it could be she one day. That they would come to congress. This does not have mr. Trump's name alone or anybody else it just says a president. Well I think that's one of the things that. Since. Big Korean conflict. When president Truman sent troops in under the guise of using the United Nations is a pretext. How we've not seen the declaration an official declaration of war from the US congress actually since December 8 1941. Getting us into World War II. So do you think there's a bin enough of a precedent now that it's going to be difficult to change or do you really think we can make there can be changes. To do re direct the executive office back to its original. Congressional mandate. Well more people like he's throughout this country can make a difference. Because you have a large list and all ordinance if we had a draft. It would be a different pressure on congress then there is now it is no pressure on congress today. So I think that if if we sort haven't. Saber Redmond about Iran. I think it would seek quicker outraged. Then you do today is interlaced this stand in Afghanistan. So I would say that. Most members of congress we spin and billions and billions of dollars. Net and his change in and from time to an American does that. So I think that he dynamics so where we are today. Has changed Spain the American people. We're certainly be more engaged. If we had in the Saba nine as it relates to Iran. And we're speaking with representative Walter Jones from the North Carolina third district in the US House of Representatives also on the armed services committee. Here on Memorial Day talking about his letter writing campaign. I shouldn't say campaign but. The letters that you are writing to there. The families of those killed in action. In American wars currently. And do directly to the as you said the guilty to feel for having voted for. The initial Iraq War that in the 2002. And giving the Bush Administration that authorization. As a member of the armed services committee and there's a proposal I believe an amendment to the national defense authorization act. Which is up. Representative told C Gabbard from Hawaii. Who's a Democrat. Has has proposed. Making it harder for. The president to declare war and particularly when it comes to the situation with Iran. Have you talked to representative Gabbert about this. I am actually cosponsor. Of Europe man. How is not audited data could be last night as other commitments but I told her yesterday she came to me on the floor. And ask me. If I would do it dear colleague. And ask an album members did failed tonight. Boom boom whenever rebook on her amendment hostage here so I guess you say I am I coast plaza for effort. And do you think it's now is that vote going to be happening and were recording this on Wednesday prior to Memorial Day do you think misses it does have. A chance at passage at this point. Probably did that chances those slam simply because of the Mecca but the congress we have more war halt Samantha not sane in along time I mean. I hate to sip and made him in the Republican Party. Leadership then today pretty much control. But I think it would give a good I would hope it would about partisan. But there of those of those in the Republican Party is that things we need to follow the constitution. That would commit our troops. Now you used the term war hawk. In reference to the makeup of congress currently that. It seems to be dominated by. That mindset. You're going to use it because you use biblical references the scales fell from your eyes. Back in 20032004. Why is it that others have not do you think why have why haven't haven't others. Had this sort of epiphany. And road to Damascus moment and maybe that's a good metaphor bad metaphor I don't know. In this particular case since we are in Syria as well. Why is it that other members of congress seemed to continue to think that. War is a way to deal. With. Unpleasant situations that we don't agree with in other parts of the world when we've seen Afghanistan Iraq Libya Syria. Etc. With boo little little success if not abject failure. Mark I think a lot of it is that they're not here in the people. After camp and churn or not there's I got the form a common dot remaining core chip cruel act has been unofficial Basel. Afghanistan. Five years. He sent me emails written lattice it just president talked. About Afghanistan and I think now they're back to your initial question. I don't think that the American people. Are engaged in what we do and around the world. And that's why people like you across. America are very rare import it happened to educate the people. Because before you know win and other war Yemen was blunt country that you may have made to do I mean it just. Right now and the congress is so supportive. You know administered trot. And if he decides he want astute. Goran has some of these other counties and sent troops I would hope that we as Republicans would say. We want to have a better understanding and we wanted to date. Whether we should commit treason. I doubted that would happen in the house. Well and you mentioned Yemen. This is one of those wars is that even though technically an idea I don't know if we have troops in Yemen or not I don't know if you as a member of the armed services committee you can. Tell us yes or no. As to whether or not troops American troops are in Yemen. But Saudi Arabia has been waging a war on Yemen. For some time now with. The full support of the US government and in congress. Oh where where do you see that particular. Adventure going. Well. That the whole thing is. Mark as just like I got a briefing last week a month as you squares in directly. Sunday as they have to do down toward. This class that. Then two other members of congress got at a briefing with the CIA. All of this about a plan in Afghanistan. And ended thing is what has happened is we in congress. Have at dictated our responsibility. Two be an equal branch when it comes to war. That was appointee dismay of we we are blamed congress I don't blame the president. I blame us but not demand in that we speak sane as equal branch. Will we go to war topic goes we do have to come up with that money. Is there any ways to are you you say the money is there any way to define these wars. You know you can't get and a purpose not do we had a bipartisan amendments on the dam on my names have been on it and you can't get their majority in congress do. It's to do these fun and I think that goes back to what. Present. Our assailed when he left. The White House has said beware of the military industrial complex. Well I think he also in the original draft had including congress in that. If if memory serves. D.s is it isn't a matter that the the congress. The representatives in congress have too much to vested interest. In seeing that the military industrial complex that you refer to. Is creating jobs in their districts is that is in DC that is being one of the main things or is that just happenstance. Well I think most of it is that. Haven't done raises an embryo DO does that and as they. Different groups throughout the country to a legal by the way they're illegal. To trip to the campaigns. To me. This is a moral issue in your hand dollars cent of that fact. That congress should there has no more. Sacred duty dentists in a young man who won is that this country yet we do we end up to date our responsibility to. And are speaking with congressman Walter Jones from the third district in North Carolina. Representing in the US congress. Here on Memorial Day talking about. We started off were we kind of got a little bit away from the letters a to write for the families of the fallen. In America's wars. As you said due to the Gil you feel for having voted for those wars. I do wanna ask you another question though as it relates to Saudi Arabia. And it hasn't been in the news much lately. But with the American support of Saudi Arabia and their war on Yemen. The 28 pages from the 9/11 commission that have been redacted you've had the opportunity to view those pages. And you came away saying you were few were shocked. Chile is too what was in there. Do you think it's time. To act because import it's been implied that Saudi Arabia in various and sundry ways has something to do with the September 11 attacks. Do you think it's time to two on redact those records and what the American public notice exactly what's going on. Remarked thank you know we did get under they've put a map Obama administration. They did agree to release the 28 pages that have been classified. And big west side and was not heavily redacted Groce concede that name. Prince Bandar. That is part of this Saudi royal family. And he and his wife gave 75000. Dollars. Past public. 21 of the hijackers. Put that hijacker didn't learn has a pop plane. The saudis I mean there's talk about the Iranians I mean I think this saudis. I just as bad as it rains quite fine. Do you think it's time for. Those documents to be fully exposed for what they are. Yeah we'll ask some work and it happened today bread crime you don't do before. Came in we don't work and at what descendants. And we taped bit. So under Blumenthal from Connecticut. His staff told granted there ready to world with us on trying to get more pages. Relates it to about. And and any timeline is to win that might happen. Well what we've tried to do man of it than the Blumenthal who's kind of wait for those senators Schumer and that they human to limit the oldest let. Blumenthal going here and and and more of that with so of course we have Republicans and Democrats don't ascent of wanna be part of it is separate. At they'd been a while we're hoping to do is to press conference. Right before July the fourth brake override app to a certain. We in the process of working that out which we would have deals that are sending enhanced bills. Called an own congress both abstinence and it. To court to release this additional information. On 9/11. Do you think. Any policies will change if and when this information does come out. Well you know hopes. I think you know. We're not located in amiss and someone has than did the sword dance sort of the thing was. In there always settlement munitions to. The saudis planes and help them fight and Yemen says. I understand port not treatments standpoint. Assets. So. I don't know who would ever change and not. There's too much geo politics involved and so much of this. And again we're talking with congressman Walter Jones from north Carolina's third district here on our Memorial Day broadcast on Carolina focus. I mean host mark Thomas. And kind of coming back to the letters that your writing to the families of the fallen. You say you've written some 121000 letters. Somewhere in just a little short of 7000. American troops have been killed in action. But the course this doesn't also take into consideration. The troops that come home. With post dramatic stress disorder. Were taking their own lives on on a fairly regular basis we hear the number of 22 suicides per day among veterans and of course that's across all age groups not just those who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan. It's it would seem that. The Cold War. Isn't limited to the battlefield to this particular case. Well knows can be you're right I mean as spammers out that will forget. Those would be to ESP NTB but. Years ago I was asked to speak and it major screw camp adjourned. There's a nationally today. And I am papacy so he has three dot the city's storm. And it is very yen abuses in their committee. More at that period in that sit out Taiwan moral question as to questions about do you have a care idea though do you have a child that kind of thing and less kid out there. Asset. This vehemently and squares have to get as little voice in the me mad it is not needed yet. My idea it is not dated yet. All I think. Here is those city trio which now. And I was so I shot my staff was with me Jason Lambert. And the librarian. Where just. Red I'll let them back on the dog there's so there was we've got those moms and it is our shot when match now. Sit that is not being ideas so when their children left. Where they teach looked at the library and I'm not spam and mass sit I don't know what is this. Back code Alice that's what war does. And ask why and so it. Board that it congress to follow the constitution. I'm Reid did you speak in this. More. North Carolina on. That the day of memorial today and I count to approach. Sister. And meaning to it insists. They did it Spain in the war. Play it to. Sisterhood laws and silent in the midst of the launch it is important we tell man now. We got people around the world Biden guy. India we don't debate. So I guess you're so it is now. Congressman Walter Jones. Representative. In the US house from north Carolina's third district. We hope you have a blessed Memorial Day weekend and we appreciate you being here and sharing your thoughts on Carolina focus. Mark thank you so much and thank god bless all of them men and women in uniform. Their families whose loved ones that cost him time and let us yes that is enough. God bless her. You are listening to Carolina focus on his top 1110993. WBT. 1079 the wing. 1025610. W a frenzied. It's also available to podcast that WPT dot com and postmarked promise or pledge to join us once again this morning. On a Sunday morning and we continue to commemorate Memorial Day here on Carolina focus this week. Because. It is the Memorial Day weekend how obviously and a lot of times we look at our modern day issues which. Kind of trigger our thoughts relatives friends that we know personally. That. Need to be commemorated who were killed in in various wars. Over our lifetimes in an Indian not the too distant past. But I wanted to take a little different look different angle this morning on something because. What we don't often remember. Are those who gave their lives many many years ago centuries ago in fact. And going back to the founding of our country. And one of those battles where. But the I guess there were British subjects I guess we should say correctly. Who gave their lives for the American cause for the creation of our. Great nation. And this goes back to kings mountain and the battle of kings mountain in many if you're probably familiar with it maybe you've been out of the park. There. South of the town of kings mountain just over the border into South Carolina. We wanted to take a little bit look a little look at that battle because it was a turning point. Particularly in the south and in the southern campaign for America's. Liberation. From the British empire and joining us now is park ranger as she said a few seconds ago extraordinary. Kathryn Lynn from the kings mountain national military park welcome to Carolina focus. It and so. I'm glad you could join us here this morning this is I guess one of my first question just how long have you been working with the kings about military park. I've been here think maddening. In 190120. So. So you've been there for a while and you've probably more as much or more than anyone else knows the story of the battle of kings mountain. And we wanna talk a little bit about that but. As I mentioned earlier just few seconds ago this was really a turning point. In the American revolution was not. Yet there was. Teen mountain. It may or may not know was by entirely by Americans on both sides. So I'm at the time the Carolinas where 13 patriot 13 loyalists and the others that are just wanted to be left alone. So on target them about the red. Young men on both sides. Canes to fight here kings mountain and canyon they were all Americans he had Brothers fighting Brothers neighbors fighting neighbors. So that kind of showed. Our main British army that there were going to be in that we're gonna stand up to The British Army and the threat that they were making. And when you put it like that it almost makes it sound like it was a a true civil war. In a cents. Definitely you know. Up Kris civil war that yes definitely. Because normally that a civil war news that people groups fighting over control of a given area. As opposed to the what we normally call the American civil war which who has actually worked for secession. The kind of split hairs on that but. What so. You say. Ferguson put up the call. Give us a little more background what so what precipitated the events and how did things evolves to actually have that meeting on that fateful day October 7 in 1780. They have a warrior thing going and battle here raises 1780s the award thing going on for a few years mainly yep no word. And it started again stalemate that north I had decided to come down south. And it sickened child and they start moving in inland more into the Carolinas in that corner pilot had Ferguson has left flank of The British Army. And once they realized that you know they had men in the Carolinas that we're willing to fight for it separated. You know you start it happened having a lot of smaller skirmishes. South Carolina actually have the most. Rev war battles discrimination than any other colonies you know from above were all just as they're happening each other attacks but they did have a lot. So Ferguson may got its come to the Carolinas recruited many of those loyalists deceit and he put haven't read it. It stated that joined the loyalists that he was gonna paying the leader of that lately. So either land. Which riled up some of them in columns here we have the summit over mountain men that came from. Eastern Tennessee wasn't Tennessee at the time they came across the mountains and tracked Ferguson now for two weeks before they finally found him here at kings mountain. And as far as. The violence and so forth it was so we have this and sort of a Hollywood vision of what. The revelers revolutionary war was are actually about. But it truly was a very violent and vicious conflict. Yes. Definitely and the reason why this battle of the a little different than a lot of your revolutionary war battle means seeing babies you've been revelation that we're baffled most of them are opened so. You Wear the men were trained to fight Linear tactics being you would have. Two to three lines of a hundred men all firing at the same time volley firing Inman advancing on their opponent and they thought that way Campbell the continental and the British that. Risking Matheny did not have the big open field it was a virgin forest during the time of the battle. So you had around trees at the time they say that too that the remains could hide behind wintry in be seen. It so that made. Trained. Loyalist. It was a little mortar ineffective for them as they were trained to fight and then opened. Fields. And then they also had another thing that makes the final of the fray as the weapons they are using most of the weapons on both sides were brown as much. But a lot of than man once they came because of that red paper up what they had with them which were there long rifles for hunting weapon. So and they were told the for the battle began to act as our own older fire upon will. You know they were again and their reputation has been barbarians because they were fight what we call today guerrilla warfare. Which you know they were and I used to fighting people and that action. And that was that what as you say that was one of the things it really made it different. And not only the terrain the tactics that were used. By those seeking their their liberty. And if you've not been to kings mountain the battle area the bat that you you can rootkit called battlefield even though I guess technically that's what you would call it. It is on a hillside it's not it's it's it's not flat terrain at all in fact some of it is rather difficult to navigate on foot. And of course now you have a nice little walking path it's paved in and out quite comfortable but. They didn't have it paved trail back then. Array. CA fury come out of the battles so. You can act you know you could actually see where they were happy climb up there today. Patriots down on the bottom haven't run up to they healed as they have somebody. But she met them and then you know attacking what they admit that it was quite difficult but they were able. Obtain their grandpa and around loyalist forces to battle lasted about a hour of five minutes. And I and that I'm 13 of The British Army was either wounded killed or captured here kings mountain. And as we said earlier that was the turning point I wanna talk about that aspect of it is well in just a bit but one of the things. That we talk about. And of course being Memorial Day. Is to commemorate those who have died. In battle. For the American cause and in this particular case. The participants. Although there were some. That were a little older. Now you don't join the military until you're eighteen years of age you might have a pre enlistment at seventeen or something like that. Those were the old guys in this battle. Exactly. Between the ages of thirteen and seventeen we had 41 young men that were actually here biting the youngest we had 313 year old that were out here fighting in the battle. You kind of busy you'll read signs about a couple of sixteen year old that were wounded here at the battle and how they're fair account of what. They experienced during the battles yet definitely. A lot younger kids than we've African Americans that spot in the battle to women that we're here while the battle that's going on. It looked divert. Here. And it's I guess the the thing is we talk about children these days growing up too fast. But these were not necessarily just. Kids who were along for the ride they weren't so beating drums they were just carrying flags or anything like that. They were actual participants and some of them were officers were gonna. Yes that's correct all the obvious that younger man born in one year old they are supporting one. Under seventeen yes they were all soldiers no drummer boy appeared so they were all partaking in the battle you what their fathers uncles. Carrying weapons. And taking it to the British forces in this particular case. And what it's. And you say they were mostly relatives. But some of them actually gave their lives I mean they were there were casualties. On the patriot side as well organized. Yet he of their where. You have different counts but and you rant about numbers around 28 patriot that died here on the battlefield. And do we have any names for those or are they a little bit to have has that been kind of lost the history. We have some names and yet they keep in mind they did have at the end volunteers and not in the continental army beta and have role. Ideal role caller. A roster. Troy is different accounts Serb quiet for a federal pensions we do you have names of some of the participants and we also have a monument. That list the names of the soldiers that were killed here on the Patriot Act. Now the battle itself how to power actually did that play out. So. Ferguson had been appear on. Guilt that. For a couple days he'd made he did get the message that the patriots were gain an adamant they found out where he was. So he decided that he was gonna take the high ground like that he had been here but he had a couple they make fortifications speak he believed in his men in their weapons. And I think he had a little bit of air that he'd said it last word or that not even god almighty to remove him from the mountain is still here buried here at compatible. But this of the popular back country hunting by epic kind of some of the year Muller local Bellman Belmont guys Estonia get. You know the area. So they pretty much figured that Ferguson would be on the ground and they on it but hillside and they knew that they are rounded. The battle settled that. They say it that would be the way to goes so they they did they sound came in from cal and march from cal and down near Gaffney South Carolina that morning. But here and started breaking up in the flank and surrounded. Still. And we're speaking with Kathryn Lyn who is South Park ranger at the kings on national military park here on Memorial Day talking about the battle of kings mountain. And the effect that that had on the the turning of the southern campaign in the American revolution. And Ferguson himself had quite a reputation Katrina. Yet Ferguson did and Ferguson is actually one of the more well like British commanders. But he did have a reputation. That was the breech loading rifle. It was able to fire that he demonstrated it in the labeled fired six shots amendment. No evidence that they were used in the battle but he did have a quarter of men that were Chinese. What the Ferguson and. And there wasn't a lot of you mentioned prisoners being taken. That was something that. For the British they didn't necessarily take a lot of prisoners today. Net net and a and even as they sit prisoners they spent the night here once the battle over. You've and then they got up early the next morning can they were not surge reinforcements were coming. Corn while it was in Charlotte at the time and Ferguson has sent at this bat. Before the battle acting forward reinforcements and he thought Carlson upcoming power and was they can't let able to bring his name. The won the battle is over they spent the night here and they got up the next morning and started marching soldiers on the British loyalist soldiers. But it but that they were all volunteers that they start again closer to their homes they've started breaking up saying gone back home you know they've come. To do what they they did and they want. That they started breaking up field. Obviously the prisoners started it is escaping get in the way as well. And as far is so we talk about being a turning point in the southern campaign. What did this lead to how to how how what how was it a turning point. I anti gay and and it showed. King and the British that there were going to be people here are tough fight. The next major battle you had raptors kings mountain though that kind of put. Again and they're they're mandate to the world step back. And your next major battle after that one would help and was to a five in January 17 eighty. And then you had Guilford courthouse. In march of that 1981. Of course sets up near Greensboro. Eric Green broke correct which eventually led to this surrendered at York. So October 1781. So it really is it it was sort of kind of a domino effect once this happened. That. In the overall scheme of things things started happening rather quickly. And you know we ended up about getting our. Breaking away from the British crown. As a result. What so what else can you tell us about. The people and the times and so forth. Or surrounding kings mountain. The Scott I wrote that where it played a big part in and the battle I think Matt. You know you're ahead. Keep what I always amazes me is just you know you had brother fighting brother and you know today we could think of my goodness who would've thought for the loyalists but just to try and think you know YA. They were kept choosing to fight for the loyalist or what was going on in you know in their minds to think that. Fighting for the oil at me at that time you they had been winning. So why up by eight you know we had like it that African Americans that were. Promised. Freedom it say you know but the loyalist was. And it happened you know they have lots of different reasons hardware at the scene now but why they would and it's besides that they did. And fortunately for us today. I guess you say the good guys won. In this particular case and it on the other way to British would be saying that. What. What let. As far as what we can learn. Is there anything we can learn about ourselves today and how we view. Revolution how we view. Wars for liberty and freedom. From this battle that you concede. Yeah definitely I think a lot of it is just. And believe me you know and and what she believed then and standing. Where where. What she did you believe in him for you know that bit freedom then. And fight for fight for about. And these men would've just taken a backseat. In that battle when it happened in that would have turned the tide for the American revolution. We you talk about the over mountain men. That wasn't supposed. That was quite a hike for those guys. Right so they started up near Abington Virginia so the whole thing was you know little over 330 miles. And they covered that few weeks you know pour it back some blocking. But yet it's become its second two weeks says the cover of the ground. From having been giving you had a big run they've been near Elizabeth and and that the president it was the sense. Where they they gathered in you know kind of followed them and they do you actually re an act that every year they are. September 27 and arrived and try to stay in the same areas that the men would have can't. During that time and they arrived here on the battlefield on October 7 and re. And I think for some of us you know we knew we try to put this in in the context. And these were just paths. These were relatively. Primitive roadways if you will for them traveled on it wasn't like they could you know hop on a sidewalk curb or you know. A fully maintained road or something like that I mean this was this was difficult terrain. Yes very difficult specially you know coming from any other side of the mountain and having passes and on October. In had been raining. In up that whole two weeks but it's been raining you know making it Chile sometime in October but yet but yet definitely and they have highways that they were traveling on the the Olympic mountains in. Breyer's and trying to find whatever they did on their march the. And and you say that and you know we we talk about that but I mean that was literally true. That we sometimes kind of gloss over what these sorts of things actually mean in the the hardships that they had to endure. Two actually go to battle. It wasn't they didn't hop on a plane they didn't have. Mess kits or anything like that they had like you say they had eagle on the way and and forage. For their sustenance. RA. And we and we had a lot of visitors today apparently once they'd they'd order. The that are that are maybe new name you know first thing that they have all these mini think about it now how many people would do that today. You may make that march with. No vehicle I haven't explored whether they use them yet mean definitely different different mind set. Very different mindset and and it kind of Q gives you a little. Humble view of your own life these days when we think whose sacrifices that were not called to make. That they were willing to do. For little or no compensation other than their freedom. Kathryn Lyn park ranger at kings mountain national military park. And tell us a little bit about the park in what you've got going on out there. So the thinking about nationalized their weary years usually open seven days of the week. The we. About a foot trail in the mile and a half walked picture around complete. Wayside you read monument markers. About betrayal of all paved we have the recycled tires but I often hear lacking. We have that 25 minutes now that's how about the battle on the we have. And exhibit area what submarines and weapons. And artifacts found from the battle we also have an original target rifle on display one of only six some public display. This weekend we have our military duty in the event that we will have living history interpreted valley here from the French and Indian war. I think we have and filled. Vietnam War fully locked in the camps they'll have. They'll be in there are dressed from their certain areas have different weapons from the areas. Artifacts. Appease some weapons demonstration that you'll be able to the plant lot. Rifles from the revolutionary war of the civil war can't be fired here that's going. Saturday night. Latin Sunday night at ten. And Catherine Flynn we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus and hope you have a blessed memorial thank you thank crap. Yeah. I you are listening to Carolina focus on news talk elevenths and then 9:3 PM PT 1079 linked militant violence extent that we offends the it's also available as a podcast at WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and some other things going on in the area this weekend. For a Memorial Day to commemorate at the US national Whitewater center. They're having it today Sunday from nine until dark 9 in the morning until dark the. Whitewater's Memorial Day celebration. And they've got trail races where there is a competitive race and they've got live music which is free and also some fireworks going on as well. Out there. Carol wins is having military appreciation day sacked there was military days both today and Monday. Active inactive or retired United States servicemen and women with a valid military ID can get into care once for free. And also on the UR radar are a couple of events coming up about later on today on Sunday from noon until six. Ms. hill madness festival on Memorial Day weekend that's going to be at the veterans memorial park. And a bit hundreds of bill tomorrow on Monday Memorial Day from 1030 until noon. There is going to be a Memorial Day ceremony. And that also is in veterans park both of those events in both mint hill and up and hundreds who built our free. And if you're feeling like a little bit of a road trip. You might wanna consider Jordan lake up in apex. It has the largest population. Of bald Eagles in the eastern United States and the best time to see them is now through June. And they recommend that you do bring binoculars if you wanna come to the park and see the bald Eagles. They're quite spectacular. The admission their also is free this have camping hiking boating fishing and swimming as well. And that's that Jordan lake state recreation area opinion apex. You have been listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the length 1025610. WFANC. And it's also available to podcast. WGT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and I hope you have a blessed and restful Memorial Day this year. And until next time. You well.