At Home with Roby
Sunday, March 18th

Patrick and Tremt go down Memory Lane.


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At home the ruby on Patrick passing president of ruby services along with the hastened president and CEO of the ruby family of companies. It's Saturday morning sonic plot for and I am pumped up that position I think there. Saturday morning this Saturday does this Saturday. He did Lal is really tee today it's the committee that's the the perpetrate like his son is a good day Lordi that's how excited eyes in a unit has city how excited are you living in the past solid. It's time we in the future ideas but just far enough man on the way on the way. Taken Mikey is a school this morning I just knew I tell my kids if you haven't heard the song filed more minute spot Scotty mccreery. Act he lists act you finish our entire shows Google it and play it on my YouTube Scotty mccreery five more minutes OK so wonderful song I can't tell my kids my girls this more and on the way to schools and kimono and I'm obviously not defined has it didn't come. But don't the way here a couple hours later I heard I think a salute Brian's song any. It is some about that people are good he believes that people are good but he says apart he says apart. Date he believes days are short years are fast. Ten and I don't Haitian art. No it does not say he's he's TV days are long gears a year or fast pass game here or short the an idea my parents' house outside of high school it is graduation time. And they had that quote on the on the days are long years visuals so that's it thank you for him. They Dennehy he sits on the deep remember I remember as a kid it would be it's on. I don't and he really really lights in the night knicks are look this boom in every now and again you get right. Now it's like a really good this would like when you're watching baseball and he say barb wires in the hit a home run right here. Anita edit that was like dream every now again that would happen that it Mark McGwire when you are huge Mark McGwire I. I have Mark McGwire all over my wall my office I have one wall in my office is kinda nostalgia trip like this my biggest wall of my past. And out people coming in I had this this paying you know Mark McGwire say sip print I notices a training personnel and and act. I also have a lot of stuff Michael Jordan and Margaret Gordon very successful but both those guys are way out looking Adam is. But to those glass. Have live life and they may mistakes in maybe it is some mistakes were pro I'd have some mistakes they just got called up in the in the towns and on. Is sitting sample of life go read the Bobble go to do whatever you go home but it did people are the people pump commoner I knew Ari is steroids I'm like hey man. He was my idol he has to move he is what made me who I am frankly there's a portion of it. A talk about layered church solve those all of the long way he's one of those guys I love the long wait I still would like to meet the main market view listen let me just. Do it but I used to have dreams and I'll tell but this. Plain with Mark McGwire like Rosemont dream night I don't really remember too knee drained us still vividly remembered he's drained. And we would spend the day together in my dream in swing homelands 'cause I had violently to swing on across street from my house yeah over the ravine lease opening and I am being asked us live is like cliff may expect and how would dream about that. With live with that hanging out with Mark McGwire and Michael Jordan and him mop clean. Is. Got to do's and in what I try to do now at the age of 39. Is. Really of those experiences. In that youthful missed that backhand in the care free net did you start to get the homer but man. If you're not enjoying life flight data switch gotta be work. Willie in people deserve a second chance we've talked about that time at times I think it was a rude good example of that this past Sunday. Tiger Woods oh yeah came down to the wires. In loss loss to about one shot I think. Eight in a golf tourney and you know Tiger Woods has been through the ringer. He he's paid is sort of you know these pages these he's been her a couple of times you sort of thought he wasn't gonna ever play yen. Now NASA yeah I I really enjoyed the fact that he was back in I think he's got his humility about him on humble said he didn't have before. You've heard I think you've heard me say I think he's gonna I think he's gonna make you act now they exhibit the top of his game assay that of people and it thank now again eighteen years lead a low golf it is funny they asked Phil Mickelson I'm sure anybody who's familiar with golf her disparity. Phil Mickelson won the week before hand wanna like four years that there for years and they asked they said hey what do you think about tiger having the chance to win. It is answer without beaten miss an idealist to be just like him to wanna be one more time. Thought it was pretty that's a great Phil Mickelson is always. Good for a diesel that's meant you know it is mutual respect. And they battled their peers you know I mean hey I'm sure they've been really good friends and I'm sure they've been enemies but that's a life in and I don't know man policy tiger comeback and to get I'm gonna see the good and everybody really try and I just know one thing we're all falter and we all make mistakes in. And I mean we're all you know we all do things that we shouldn't do and and the moment Trent paste and start Christmas and somebody we Olga Perot. A threat so. I do respect Mark McGwire way he did I think that mean to steroids thing was a sign and Townsend. If you morgue when he got left behind this is the world and then and then of course says it all happens just like with the banking crisis in in a way. In the ninety's everybody should own a house is what the government regulated banks Delis demonstrably game. You have to Lian a certain amount of money to these delinquents votes. What now is that that shouldn't be the case and in Indian teen years later. Oh my gosh UN ninety's people a year or so on right now you're gonna go out of business in and the but that's life too right get over and mean yeah if he you know there's also pain from our hat days a saline. Don't hate the player hate the game that he so new blood. But yes if you're ever over 2000 Wes morehead. Well around there are not poppy head in our office and come check out mar mile wall and take a look at this chemical is got a I just got some the 92 dream team thing frame them but I think you're normal wall. When he says some clouds with the in got a few things in mile all the nothing eat eat you done a good job keeping stuff throughout your past that. Our aren't very good client and for indeed Johnson when I was twenty deviant autographed Michael Jordan North Carolina number 23. Baby blue Jersey meaning of these Indian inmates and company notes on the outside that a friend to I think is cool risk tolerance it's the NCAA tourney trail. I high go to Tar Heels. Hang time. Welcome back to Trenton Patrick's baseball card real neat idea that you know now I haven't talked. Backpacks of just didn't this is Patrick McCann as that for rebbe service in ten hastened and rarely Stanley company you listen at home with a Roby. Now we're talking about baseball cards during the break and how imports these cars played a big big role. In the younger years probably for you in many other listeners out safe and ages thirty to forty. They're listening and knows how we learned that's how we learn entrepreneur or is them. I can't tell this story I east again it cut right cut yelled yeah yeah in my neighborhood then stacked hundreds hundreds thanks home offer lower. In my home offer lower my dialog in Hampshire whose prose proud of me you know little little businessman in the bin. It simply need to take that money in the bank as a nominee and I'm build a baseball card show you're crazy but I don't get shaky as any other counties face and please don't play it please don't waste your money. And but the funny thing is that's how you learn how to invest I was investing whether it united you win some and you lose some that. You know nasty save money if that it floral NK about piece of real estate Baghdad now by and based on new banking to Fiji your upper deck 89 he I'll know until I I will say. Bill is a couple times doha I still like growth restorers. That would order just they're national chain would order certain amount of rat pack extra special callers want to do it is and and so they would know it adds you know the pacts or sell for four hours a tag neighbors don't for a dollar Tony natter sound because that's what the labels it. And apart and shop only woke a symbol of our colleagues at honey hole and he did so my dad was stopping get a smoke said the service distributor. But. I would gating NASA let's go to Parker shop occasionally every couple weeks. And if they had a nice boss Iraq price Sutton and off the resale for dub or treble. He loved me honor bias and lending bounds that he says though he gagged in light he didn't like it I think he'd light. Ma ma hustle I think he did to daddy you talk about haven't monsters are a funny story it's funny just came out says talking and talking to Brad he's going to be on the four segment. Are are really rocks are police please take a listen to that press got a wonderful story and the we had my brother and handle concerts in an AM I think who's in it Eminem long K I'm not sure which can win the first of ethnic guys that can make Isaac there's an old business card somewhere I think I told the story on the show before. That we had we had two on the lawn mowers we had a McLean injured we had a com why we need here in two home lightly floaters. Incidently we put in the newspaper or do you have demo on the ballot sheet. I'm very realistic and yet they deputy we costs and that is out upon purchase Clinton did appreciate it a bit dull legislation 179 no agenda at the depreciation and believe me I don't think we're quite there yet. That we we went in the newspaper every eagle in the classified as neck and back you know I just go on Craig's list. When the classified as an it down an old wood in trailer. Does somebody was gonna happen to be a friend of mind playing football with high school is his dad and we thought the so would trip by 250 bucks. My brother had an old Jeep Wrangler with I don't think we had side view Mears and sillier all pumped up we had this trailer we had the lawnmowers. We're hustling trying to go out there and cut grass and during the week in Macon Macon little money in my dodge and uncle saying but I'm at 6 o'clock arts. I've never dropped another who went town and this is like the nicest on our neighborhood and we just pass about a hundred yards passing for some reason Alec they're much shorter. Now Bedard that trailer had fallen off and torrent wrists and their yards in which is part. With all if they can lean upon its engine today that person's yards and a I think that was a hard lesson in did you knock on the doors and management to be any of ceremonial or yeah I think we are you were recognized arts. We had to face Geneva the best kind of like you know like you talk about your baseball cards and net. You learn a lot of value and that their hard work can mean it's it's like having eliminate stand when your 4567. Years old. He can't learn the value of a dollar in the value of of hard work and what he can it can do euphoria. Browse on these stories and it press commissioner are our ruby routes are Tellme is stored before the break. About his son I think he's gonna tell on the fourth foreseen that. How he's in grainy in his son the value of hard work and I know that's that's important to use apparent to me is apparent wealth yet now you said. Before we change go off so so the buzz today show is is this trend Patrick as a way and we said we're gonna dude. A show all on the value of networking and had a tackling network in what you get out of the that I they weren't doing a a show all missed Algeria. So in this low life lessons because this what we're going. Now you say you had a story about Mark McGwire and your brother before we get out the baseball Mark McGwire. Yeah okay sue if you listen to sit before I brought my brother went to South Dakota to sell books door to door when he was in college in eagle vision. Which was a car back in the day and relax and. Through I eagle is it was Randy in it to a dog bit all the tire blankets. They tell us they never heard in my Ailes told coastal AA does it. Two days I think now is the he would have been in nineteen house seat it is to point out sixteenth. You say it did this on those who Doris had come that we are myriad Georgian remember when Mark McGwire broke the record. He was later able hands EDT job to try to make up for the lost time they had. How it's not the candidate trotted to try to have enough money to get back college where he went in Auburn and a leader who hands he has or hasn't later on after football practice I stop by there and yeah I got a chicken fingers Fries meal and and I remember watching Mark McGwire break that record. I think it was 62 home runs was a record sixty want to time. In a mean it was such a big moment in that we talked with TJ was that 1996. It would have been to follow my 19971998. A care housing college da de LL IV ER 98 it was 1998 it was my junior year I remember where I live about watched our admiral Watson added as well that he Dallas so much. Eat even the black we said the for it is tainted now I stuff and what you were trying to forgive and forget new line. The baby in a battle between he and Sammy Sosa was who was incredible. And our memory lieutenant hotel yield was called up if that's got. The best routers that gas that was fun to watch him and his guys are just mean that they were swinging for the fences on every every it. So alma Teddy some Mel's side east to do as a as a house. Who were on the one among little. Little jobs as I sold limb and quits or is at the Collins Charlotte coliseum. For any Hal Eddie House mob boss and I went to school and a middle school and hospital with daily Al. Any I've been doing good I think he's aghast and counting police officer. Now but he was always the head trainer Dave middle school and high school. He was the manager our baseball team Wilson middle school in the and he became my balls. And I used to Los zone and the question what is a limb in clincher I mean I am so frozen lemonade it can only guy who constantly is somewhat almost as account like that equity ET were carrying a tray. The thing around your neck and you're gone. Let gay and get roaming emea at tea alike tips hey Dylan page minimum way to pay you four point. That's not. Consistent minimum wage for golf in my career a bit seed net OK but the agency charged for twenty fab I think guitars which when he found that men and quarters. Not in charge toward me. How would you they would a living actually do we sell barbecue at a church. Is we charge nine dollars opening get depressed Ian and they invested in that stricken straight that's him and Yani edit it do we we were gonna talk a little doubt networking add add a due to bring us and did you Wear and a hat and I want you talk about your dad. Clark brand beef is a pretty cool hat I caught my attention Salma oh okay. Tech we're gonna did. It's tabled our brand thing for second is I got an email from a from a good friend of mine. Jeff Paton and news who's in the lighting industry. He's been on our show before and he was asking me about our are still lag Brandon. Were always learn some logo stuff. And I told him I got a couple rows and an asset number line I have some remaining. Hats insurers over the years. That I get a golf tournaments and stuff people give me and equality anger that is not something I would get a bound where they sit in my cause there sent my drawer for about. Two years and then I never worm in the regular on the goodwill in the gag goodwill whoever bows are closing goodwill. Where's OK so when I started doing our brain and I said number line. I'll loan it to be something that I would go pay for such our hundred dollar for whatever your world is history it but Allenby solemn and some lighter than anywhere. Eight year hundred dollar share. It's a good is what they're nicer Sher says some put my logo and some that people wanna Wear number two. I like the co brand and Ralph Lauren ally like Ralph Lauren he spends a lot of money for his brand of cost stuff like that whatever your style is. In the lane lifestyle to their logo sides. They're already spent and all the money salon on jump on the piggy bagging and regulate our brain with Ayers in a number three. It's OJS's. If they hip surgery until it is probably pretty cool. It's tough boot into that leaves us with my heart brand at. That we will pick back up on the next segment so hang tight. Welcome back into recruiting them Patrick casting Cameron services along with Trent hasten the Rooney family companies. We are here has to be missile last these segments. And you wanna get to know kind of who we are our backgrounds get back in check it out with the talking about some pretty. Pretty light fun stuff this morning on Sunday. Trying to keep the audience is. Good you know I mean this algae believe. I believe that. Abaya and this a 100%. The deet tails add to the flavor and among life's a leg it. Get off Fontaine instance he'll nudge me and stake in the in the saddle and on top and somebody. She has to do that let's now become a little more tactful in my. Elder years less and that it holds the people like details of the buzz of me in the what's going home when an ally remember. Details in in trim we we were in and you be wearing this have for reason. We do we we said we are gonna it was leased him for the show hey let's talk about business now working here we are indirectly doing that. Because you're wearing a hat from somebody that you network with you IP he just talked about Jeff Hickman his news in a good friend of ours that we need and we served his back and forth. In the near talking about Jeff statement he referred him because he asked about your brand Scott Dunston and the elected that I had is made by Richardson that one your friends gave TU. Out of Texas had to take got to say this I saw him a couple of weeks is using the same has CF four people. And he standpoint and Richardson's kind of outdoors he's forty brain and the Ted Scott Dunston who runs a dosing group is counting you know own the on the outdoor world so it's a flat Brill top big had you know a spell my whole. To a couple decades of my life taking cut now the inside of my hat wouldn't stand up to flail my daily city and down light my dad the old man learned I had the cheek and punching in the top eight. And this a flat brim and I promise you about in five years ago right when the hits to start aware of flat brim I swore off everywhere and a flat brimmed ball cap. Now Phil black hello like a baseball pitcher with the eating ice take they had the bill and you'd be in the memory to being brought a bit. And it rubber bands around a baseball that's it didn't get into the event today in it would almost curve around the funniest bits and remember seeing some baseball players in college or with the clapper and has is ghastly and in the end. They started a what I remember going to air product. The Tar Heels were making notes championship runs about. But Els about teen years get a Ellis when I first started seeing a flat breads at 6000. Runners that. And yet this is a really nice hat but my buddy owns these cattle rancher. He his his meat is aka sushi. Look it up park brand beef is so all of this really simple and nice Brandon had. But. He has a wonderful story about this premium Japanese cattle and he is the only. Hockey is she person in the US now he sells and other people but they came reproduce it. Destiny's wholesale mrs. Jordan beam and he is in the but yes I got addresses more and I have a Roby commercial. Pull over to Matt young was so nice to give me. Chilly day in and I and then come this had matches it pretty well as custom written great units saw Roger now. It's our EC aka sushi pocket these and don't ask me to spell measure of their tight on time if the data spillage and okay. You are you multitask and only trying to so that's that. We actually have some nice Richardson hats as well very similar ball camp that we get gaffe from Scott Johnson this dangerous to be really sleek. Also say at another point or about Randy is. Position your logos size or somewhere stands out most local taxi don't just do the normal size in the normal spot kick it over to decide or some put on a sleeve. I think media allow like if you know you're playing him at a at a at a cooled off course or maybe going on vacation somewhere cool it has been kids. Pinehurst logo for the breasts normally is main pillar on the side mixed sample they don't have to have the letters. I think that people always it just asks a question but allow you year. What do you debit assists like Melissa worked on it like he said early on. I don't bring plagiarize. Outs say yeah I mean I study Ralph Lauren like that brand my whole life as a kid. And are really respect him as a businessman's son studied him a little bit and and I think I said this before but about fifteen years ago us all. I don't know way is that you know a new style and eight men and they interviewed him. When he was really hitting the home goods sat at a business rules strong. And they said are you get and you know regains makes stub your close the year night going home visit and he says no when people where mom ran. Whether it's a suit apple. You know office. The weather's casual weather's out doors and and final pattern or what. He should eighteen delays are feeling in the hand and he said I would tell my customers. To do that any take that lifestyle only into the home. It any he said I spend billions of dollars over my career. Branding. How this makes people feel a lot of par like that in other areas for for my customers. What a little lesson that you just said there and I think that's obviously kind of what we do with a really Stanley conference is exactly what we do our clients cost and say hey I need I need a plumber need a plumber. Is there a case we've brought a plumber in house because their clients are demanding it. And Edie Cohen person I need this I need Danny to handyman. I need commercial construction and he goes to such a good job on this and the media bring the sensitive person we're essentially do the same thing yeah. Other than world road rules scale in the talk about real state as well hey I need help find Sauna hunt so to ever be realities it's a very similar concept smaller scale. But it it's amazing how these things work we had a bad day chef from Russia last week right he's talking about. Essentially the same thing that we we do with how it's coming in the in the in the world of eye care. The just because we're par weighing in bringing people winning getting bigger doesn't mean this or civil ever change. No right in a the funny thing enters the funny thing is I don't knows Sandy Bridge is again a really good friend of mine at church. Sunday evening and was she was showing me her is how cult she lived in my sunglasses I don't buy and know she listened to the show or not. But she was show me her to disperse Christian sunglasses. And how trendy they learn how cool now they've been around. At any Olympic opponent like Dallas the whole topic of the show was that. David's business model is bringing top line fashion. Sunglasses. Hipster or sunglasses. Debt are prescribed strength and indoor group providing top notch medical service where. You had stores are sold his sunglasses and and get done really good doctors but they they were rarely had the buying power as a if you're David shepard's dad and your just a proprietary in your not Goddard you don't have the power to really get about the best sung I glasses. The coolest eyeglasses and that in your Forte you're over here taking care but he was fast but when you have over 300 assembly location that night then you can spend money. This study. What the trends all our what the hitters are aware what people light would. Saying saying the stage and Nina about him ball gaining in you can really add value to the customer. Would whether semi parallel stated his business our business I was in a much larger scale he's at 300 simulate patience. They want to stated that it could kick good contractor might not be a good service provider is still in it. Is stuck in a construction site just the same is a good service contractors service provider. Probably isn't good contractors wool would really married SSL against us right right customer let's talk about accustomed residential ardea traditional ranger Roby. Family business world what we are we grow in this this. Great bit sleepy family ran her family and the gambling guys are at the job almost every day. In to a business where we've empower people people like Branko makes you hear him come home. But Bill Lynn when we go begin small boutique gas. Is CC easy to say we love our competition that Assisi to say hey. The honoring going to be here tonight in a personal service that the Yani Yani. Well. Bob being larger re able to provide more assets and have more defense mechanisms. Have more pro activity do more research and a the goal list and a lot more value to our power at our sides. For the client owns this bowed to the job with it in the after the job several anti plug him into our services division and we were their free for that for the long haul hay if you don't believe what I'm saying go back and listened to the last two shows. Of the rugby rise dollars skill lion. Jacob walker in the and listen to this next segment. With Brack club match he embodies Hal we provide value about being in a bigger company grown and empower people. We'll trinity is he has Brad Clinton is he's in over here. He's about seven feet tall he's got a goatee down to his toes he's now part of goal bodies standard rockets and rocket in nearby yeah I think I think we're gonna see some of that as we've been talking with him about lowering and discusses necks and stay tuned to check brown now. Back at home the president on. Katzenberg and services along and hasten the ruby family of companies. We are your post trimmed up Brad clinicians. Will match clinicians to manage. Colonias club management guys Dick Clement just act I don't party did and I'm starting getting paraded on people's names but what a great show we've had man's been also has been done has been little education and in nothing I'll learn a little bit from me. Imagine that if the kkk is all right hey Brad I go man from the great guys have access those doing wonderful sorrow. Brad yeah you are the I think marks Friday marks the second was employee appreciation day. So for the month of march we are. Having Nairobi rock stars come on the shows that your number three. Your third Roby Iraq's minister. Consider after we started weeping about a program I think is very recognizes you know employees who are going above and beyond and who are team players and you know. I personally love the company to death. You know lower courts feel that starts from the top over to the bottom and notes that are creeping. Star for. In and out and as severely as we love ET I think trillion on via the defected did it they were all here together were essentially partners he said from the the virulent. Junior's face in following up to the most senior associate. But it Trent tell them tell that he how many nominations in bagged frank Kimmel was born in one. We'll I think you broke the record you have four nominations. I don't know did you know that Millen and say we keep this a secret. And I'm gonna tell you one of the nominations is from me from up here in the they're all from pierce right where I am in world we're all on the same plane. But one us from a pier about position and three are from project managers in the office. That you work with on projects says that the way we're set up on our custom residential stuff that is. We have. It's a feat defeat Steve Jobs we have the gal that worse with the clients how on the field and produces the job or guy are warmly and and we have their counterpart in the office did the prices to jump those jobs and worse on the numbers and and they were together for an. And that's what I think makes our company so beautiful so I think it's really cool because you kinda. Have the dynamic. Sales and production. Right we have every business has is true got to read all the books they have equipment. Missed a finger pointing contest ended three people owned quote sell side and our business. Nominate you one town. Is is impeccable that's that's awesome it's a very humbling you know the two shows that you know. I help him out as much as possible in over a team like you always preaches team. In no way and so if you don't have that team aspect we can do what we do and timely fashion make morning and if the course that repeat Corso have. Without a good chance or no idea. Beat the funny thing is one of the 15 of one of the guys you're with a lot to nominate you ought to go ahead and say is Chris Maynard. And who is one of my very best friends in life then with the since 2003. Arabs most senior residential project Mandarin he's my brother. And I'll Solomon Hill by a month ago in and he was Alice asked him how his job when he says he's. Give read this he semi gosh she gonna every Panthers game easily and all of us gains from our clients have Mandy got a celebrity status with the with the customers. You know they're gonna take care room. Little if you go above and Deion out at I want to make sure I believe we we talk about this three of the four nominations talked about. How IE take care of the clients it. There and that's above and beyond I don't think he would Trent Trent talks about taking it from the paper and pulled the trash barrel in. Picking up stakes is your walking up to the dryly just a little things. Did it sort of did are above and beyond that it in the net that's really lets think why you were nominees any time to. Take care clients may take the dog out for a lock that kind of thing. Okay if they want to other. Are you know we won't we work for the clients we do whatever it takes to make them happy. Now it no main aid do you see that there and you see that I that you do get to Garrity gains and take it to the next level the prince in the putting I mean the results a year projects are successful your hat clients are happy days. You know out of their eggs that are awarding new we're rewarding unity goes and you got a team team atmosphere responded here they gassed up about it. Are really enjoy you know I mean. We see each other again as a wave sometimes. A couple times a week in and sometimes. And couple terms of time there are two or three months. So I enjoy he's saying hello to you in telling you thank you but you always are pleasant the city. You always. Are good for a little bit up day in and you know who tags belief in nothingness is very important. In a professional like yourself you know thankfully how how how much to communicate how how little 'cause I have I have muck things the edgier things apiece and so that that's all some. I must take it to the next level. Or when you go to the gains and do this stuff from because you because you do here's the papering you give priceless service for a surprise right. You take your fan and you take your son and you talk about your ram when you talk about trips on and Nestle were about. Murder story into a room that's okay immunized I mean we talk about that also a time barricades block it and what we're San Fran has seven year old son and a seven year old daughter in. I mean the kids of the next generation and in your instilling. The whole work ethic in in that sense of pride I think is is the main words in what you do a tier senate concede at this talk NT. Why do the same thing like tricks Betty do with him bring the work make them work make them earn what he wants if he wants something he has to earn. And you know my wife she backs me. Excuse me but. But there thing I do you know this job takes me a lot out of me. I'm very stuff for him. She backs and 100%. In my son is doing. Spirited Wesson has offseason it in my camera work with you dirty on the you know but yours is a in my getting paid Internet address after this. I'm like come on now words you know but you know it's electric says accuser Patrick is fairly yeah. Normally our family. And I wrote an email to some of our leaders. This morning and date I site came across and it's not about how product Scully anything outwardly pride bit but I wrote that my father. And how humility is the key to success and I said how much father. Did not walls that was his best trade in and he had pride internally not democracy is the one for show not as he cared what people all. Because he loved his family's in my team have you been Meehan passes in everybody's. Will leave us with a good word away isn't here Brett pitch on the spot who word of wisdom. Call ruby and you know I'll rock base he's ever and he's cut the sales side they brag congratulation. Thank you are what you do you're wonderful part of our family and our team and a little slower than many many decades together with. Really pretty sure appreciate you your brother your daddy is the proper way and before you know precision is very very much. Young jazz have a wonderful Sunday thanks for joining.