Mentors, And Confidence

At Home with Roby
Sunday, July 15th
Patrick and Trent discuss their mentors, confindence, and more!

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Following is a sponsor program on WBT. Good morning it's rude and ask. Services along with a decent in the mini camp. We are your 'cause it's Sunday morning at 9 o'clock. We're here every Sunday but not really kind here this day. In spear in spears spears my body and soul 9 o'clock on Sunday morning Trenton weathered this week has been awesome yes Tuesday it is to update or according out journal he backed up got study last Sunday we will we're the show was airing. And it I was ready for some for some football. Really do is bring unity was was. And I mean next is here you know what do it again at chili's. I'm ready for basketball. IQ is it North Carolina fan understand that we got to Georgia Bulldogs sit across from us and of course I'm Clinton tigers they were. We're always excited about some football but it did it was an unbelievable how the weather has changed. From you know I ninety's right in just overnight we had a lot of storms come through over the weekend and in the wake of Saturday in his sixties. Thousand amount you're then I went and mountains. For four for four federal can't. Alison fiddle camp with the family. A family of filler is a family this funds that he get a look at is Alex not a slug and the did have fiddler crabs up there in amounts are now would instantly went up there my in laws have a place up you know between been nimble rot and a better. Friday before last then and still fiddle camps inaudible conference in which editing and it was there. Nice very nice place on Sunday went from Sunday to Sunday. And a word a couple beta came off my home. It. A couple days and got some stuff done but a senator in Iraq a fiddle camp my daughter smoked three dollars played a violin. And I mean they had everything just the walker friendly kosice owned and there there and thirty are now home. It musicians in the in the southeast and Scott Walker middle school man goes a lot of fun I got it I got I got about. Three b.s into a snare drum and a triangle in the percussion department appeared in the sixth grade srac come from Sussman I'll have on king sing Ole. Ian chorus in the seventh grade. Housing course class. And I guess I was a pretty good student medallist singing 'cause I'm loud I'm proud from a talk about battle later on the show though VoIP. But Alice singing and monthly report we were training for competition and my teacher. Asked me not to lip sing and she said a few lips saying I'll give you one day and you go to conserved and you can turn the pages on my piano forming. So I got the word comer bond with and I remember remember very well where at an ounce of the dead drop and and and Alice to page turner. And and I had minute page turner one other time in my life. For one of my mentors with talk about later. And his wedding that's called the funky job well here. Here's the deal I have a couple comments to make on what you just said there one is. We are gonna talk about mentors and what they mean it and how that can help people both in business and my in my daughter Scarlett. Started. Violent camp on Monday and she's never played the violin so what I'm thinking. Is maybe your daughters could mentor Scarlett I had played well until is at this. Came out so they take Suzuki violin as a training bank and espy ear NS integrate it with the family and I mean you re music and stuff. But every night they would have a chance session and you have experts and we are great to see these seniors they have like eight seniors at a mingle for like teen years. Sixteen years as things Ron and and they're like professionals yeah they're they're a magicians. And they would sit around a room and so it's some random person could be a kid or anybody would start playing in a song. And ever pilots are playing that song my ear muff feel and my kids are not in a week like seven songs. That's and that they're addicted to. So I think Haskell at that I think that is confidence thing they got Reagan said some about it she said. She said that it was really cool will's little awkward first make as these people been warned for years and years and these families. And we were little fish out of water for statement as second day kids are. Hanging out of the pool table in between her classes. Days days they go on the launch early with their friends and their plane intact outside. And they had a freedom at this place in and it complements the though that was we were proud. Less coal in in and that's great that you're you're teaching your kids about music is as he said he. This I would have been a page turner I think I tried out for course and this break as he got to get a Six Flags as a as a field trip. And I got the sort of eat babies should stick to something else. But my brother did course all the middle school like he did and he also played the piano on not. In that's his funny that you bring is so says in my heart on them of course middle school he's right. In my Brothers and a very good mentor of mine and we'll talk about that later in and he was I mean did you know that's where all the pretty girls were at an angle they just. I wish I had to learn and play music I'll love I cannot place serenade Reagan with the guitar song I can't play any new instrument and I I'm with you talk about this before and and I cannot sane people they can saying. This is something to eat it seemed like he can either tutor he can. And I heard you sing and you've heard me say unfortunately this is in places it. They want that we weren't celebrating we're celebrating like that in a couple funerals that you have had it and we fencing makes each other ninety carry a pretty good team and that's a I'm confident that it's on saint nick and alien charged one time they say you embrace the spirit they play it with the but. Thank you wouldn't you know senate base. Oh we can't build up to it is again I'm we're gonna talk about a couple mentors and allies can. And a couple on takeaways from what they tell him how important is to be a mentor leading up to next week's show talk about workforce development. And I think that's important but and then I think it. As we talk about mentors today it'll lead in and want what's tie Ian where are companies going one and the rugby services umbrella. That frankly a couple of mom more recent and life mentors have helped us get there and get our arms around so kind of lead in the that. But is this a great day as if I'm glad to be here I'm I'm pumped up I'll take you one thing Summers are busy when you have kids. As owls licking on my calendar but thank you get passage to an email. About my account my weekly calendar and light for six leases clogged up minutes free for a this free for like ten weeks and that's when I get back to school. At that abetted that they not response of that email us like I'm pretty much did just looking around him is he a year year you're pretty tired of that debt. My wife works at the school where she starts back here around c.s are expected next Monday says. We listen and at home what rebbe thank you for joining us and when we return home and reminisce on some. Welcome back desolate road contests are fantastic programs and services along with Trent. From the ruby's family of companies we are here host it's Sunday mornings. Graham and it did time it's 9 o'clock. Yeah about 920 now I did late in music there balls we did we did and ensure we're talking about talk about a lot of things in the first and then of course he can always get back in and listen to the podcast. You can podcast any of martian days. Which are beyond that obviously all heavily different Flaherty and into nature and we're talking about. Ruby services were talking about mentors who were talking about how this mentors have shaped us professionally and personally and we're talking about through the next steps in how we got instant. We are now our mentor ships have mold of us on our company entered into gross and and you have mentors at different phases of your life. And yesterday evening and I went and visited one of my very best mentors LeRoy it's. And his homey you are with the since 1950. Since he was fifteen. Age at mania around that town. He was the one of the very first employees under my grandfather in disarray would be. And he's eighty this year he'll be eighty. So he's eighty my dad would be seven the malice. It is sixty this year and he doesn't moment to say that and I am forty this year so lot. Is chemical that did not cannot always remember that but. I got to go see LeRoy agent and though he's he's getting old and tired of he was still very very positive still had this lag still cut. Let me kiss on in the little bitten and hug owning. And it and I truly love that man and and he taught me. How war. And how laws and and almost like man we need to talk about this on radio little bit. I agree suit. Historic the company was fifteen years old or thereabouts yes it's cable they would thereabouts that'd mean you you work with him through high school. And college well a woman granddad as the story goes that my granddad that they had a Mason and LeRoy liberalism mice and help her pay was that he would. And they were date and out of bigotry in my our spark out of New York. My hand with the sharpshooter and manic and acts as Tina in 1950 ace. And and the Mason wasn't worked much in my granddad grandma says so gay guy all of Europe you go home. You'll have a job and LeRoy you get my truck in and now as the end of it. So move. Immelman granddad became think this season and he was my granddad sidekick in. And they would knock around my whole life knock around on Saturdays and cut my granddad is grass clean up brown as Alice watches callers. And and get an office when we had an office and clean the office and an office when I was real little Q was on my grandparents' house. But. Says so that's what I knew but the way it happened was they became buddies and asked how LeRoy air and some extra money in them Brando work hand in hand with and they really don't open them and they were tight and an Indian woman dead came he obviously work will LeRoy and it as a teenager. And he went opposite to Vietnam served a couple tours and when he came home he was tightened my granddad raced him to be tight. And he did all the side Giles for mr. Rudd please tell you saved his money. And he would do the drought lawless that a mr. rebbe seven the things that he was somebody who's a corporate her garden today only one or for comic. And it nine my damn hero would do the Roos to drop all and all that stuff together. So they were best friends. And that's how they earn extra money together. And then in the late seventies they build Monday as house together really damn LeRoy. Primarily built that house to house a year living in now. Yet that I'm sane in the basement somewhere and all my house next door but house to house more than 78 not the only house I live via forever and and and when I was a kid you know from my first ten or twelve years of the in my life. They finished the basement solely would be at room weakens and maintenance and and Jeff Robin that would come as he lived in the neighborhood. And the best mom hammering and and they were best for eons. And and it's worked too hard work and do earn money and to find them success and really defiant to loving toughness right I mean that's what it is and so when I turn. When I was a kid dad who knew we had another fellow that drove dumb drug. Two when I was a kid and LeRoy rode shotgun and these guys work so Orton and did such a good job. And really has come under what are Bahrain and the change ruby 68 year brand emulates. But. My dad when I was a kid will let in were with an occasion when I turned fourteen after work full time. So he would drop me off at a rest on every dad didn't have school I'll tell you story. So my dad and a term Ahmad turned fourteen Monday comes to him before summer. Decision have a thousand dollars in you savings account. You can work any day you don't have school. I'll find you saw on the day you don't mind minimal wage for Clooney found and it was legit and that tax our primary about three dollars. And and he said but yeah it came replace face curricular activities this school you will do race curricular activities a school I don't care what it is but you came work and afternoons you would you'll participate in school and however much money you have say when you turn sixteen. Out will buy you a vehicle for that amount of money but she came Spain the money that you have saved until you're 21. So. At four point bowed and our taxed as the government. Safe 7500 dollars sass a sixty Fowler and 17500. Dollars a in my primer. Of a thousand one house sixteen and a really just toppling of the pack can't climb a mentor my dad. To be am hey LeRoy to be a miser and but I did all that war with friendly would that would drop me off at a rash on every down on the work which was every day added Haskell. As 630 an out route friendly round today and they were dropped him back profit Alfredsson were non what what. I have to ask his question what did you like so much about working with. Those guys I say not us say it all the time and and race that it. Is there to African American gentleman. And a written or mid fifties at the time. Metal upper forties and fifties and Fred was a drummer from Chicago had Afro it is stuck out of his hand. And they took me in men I was there on can date unconditionally. Als or Tommy Lee were talking yesterday. About frilly top about Fred and at Nestle would talk about the whole time I hang out with ping an. And every other word for it said was a cuss word he was from Chicago he doesn't drummer had these tight jeans yet these beliefs slice that to his knee camps and is Jean stud in them. And you rule scheming. And he will carry a toothpick in his mouth decent about these gas smile now is known about quit smoking 'cause they had heart attacks and and it worked like dolls. Fred cuss everybody except my granddad and Monday and mean literally talk about that yesterday. He and in my dad's offspring and my brother work too he was four years older but. Massa in the middle and I don't throw between these two guys and they treated me like I was raised fifty year old man. They respected me like thousand feet the year I didn't know when you bear house living and now world I didn't realize sentence follows the in my Tony's or thirties and reflect and life. I always heard all the same alassane that's the point. But I'm so blessed that did trust. My dad instilled confidence in me Anand him to these many job as to his apple dissolve off everyday regular with these guys you know and trust the and they taught me how to work late. Physically. The proper way to work successfully. My dad used to always say LeRoy no matter what no matter he couldn't see as steel and he would he would always pick up the Bremen sweeps up. I can attest to that and I do that I have the same. Bill because he he addict in my day east always say he'd say you can tell how somebody worse but how to Altidore. The spots among the door first time you meet Tippett prevail. And but I'll tell you it is confidence and Islam and has worked in and people. Due to lower works pride and ending issued. But it. One time when I was in middle school. Dad Pena from basketball camp armor and were blur wanna. But it appears father had committed so was that not so worried. As a middle schooler to my dad who I love and cherish is gonna commit suicide. An acid dead and got an out of my mouth right we don't paradigm opposite dead. Massive would you ever come as soon as he stopped the truck. Any lived in me he let me with his big issue. With his Vietnam stay here any symbol let me tell you some peace and I love myself too much commit suicide if you ever found me did you better go apartment killer. Any turn has say it does Obama is saying oh god are engaged did you vote bag boy. Com but that resonated with me for rests in my life and I'm by our values that NASA mentor. Would trickle hold that thought this keep going down this path is I think we're we're on some really cool here to feed you know hopefully audiences is reminiscing about their mentor yeah that. We'll continue this conversation you list. Welcome back home with drug. Kaiser permanent services along this season in the ruby family of companies we all year 'cause we're going down memory lane Sunday morning. Talking about name Taurus and trim its awesome stories about some guys that if he worked with him back when he was in middle school and high school. Sort of his fourteen years old that's mr. early warning and print friendly roll Fred I did not I'm never meant Fred and it did. I do you know LeRoy in and treat me a comment about him I was. A let me continues that they which you were saying it was pretty cool in it was it was really impact will. Speed data mentioned about mr. LeRoy and he's mr. earlier in the early decade and he'd Internet title it's a me he's. And it's okay that's what Monday Collard LeRoy it's Arroyo's his last nine Mazzone cinemedia column arrives and we you know when I first started. It would with the office was up Harding place. At that time reveal much recuse myself and one other woman. An office and upstairs left better and I gotta say that was not the good old base to believe. OK I am ashamed that they eat it we live we learn. You got to build a foundation. In Wii in we again I thought toward a devil we had. A disk at legally I don't you know amenities myself petered ECB was that he was a machine I mean this guy with. He had completely blower go when he was sleeping that he never put his head up his always work and work American thought Tyrus on take a break is an elitist sandwich on the back steps. While today you. Eight results. Win is basically term there. During my professional career what's the 2009 and 2000 when I graduated college. We'll LeRoy really at a time when we grew pretty quickly. So where when we needed some might maintain our office and he'd he'd wouldn't we allowed him on the come and he. God bless us but he he wore runoff this holiday which was a blessing. It was kind of my desire and because I'll own him around. Because I'll go talk to the house about the same same thing and in there was there was some therapeutic value. If he didn't realize he was even do and he just had a demeanor to home and he was so respectful everybody everyone came to that office had no matter how tough your day was. What was going on your head he could see LeRoy. And he can handle quick two minute conversation with them and it was like he was a better with a deal is he knew everybody he was so is he says it is. And I can tell about people now he tells about everyone among hostile. If Thompson won him now mentioned saying rot out or Scott Trotter west siders. In blood or any Bailey he knows everyone in my high school friends that were for a company so. If but the way the worst hat the you know whatever and it in and then that the way worse that means a lot more than the weight worst act. But now would be having a tough day you wanna talk about somebody and I'd literally they means. And that's all you needed. We know what in your your father was the same exact way for some reason he always had the uncanny ability to wanna pull the chair throwing your desk. At the hardest time beat nearly ye EEE could be the worse and it's the ever thought it happened earn a day. In your daily sit down women meet at a toady just before and he was sitting tyranny gets out back in the chair like he did. And he just want to talk happy medium leads you bounce ideas off of what am I gonna do about this and that and this and that it was never. A directive only should do is sort of like he'll Connelly chief come up with the ID itself. And now they're buys out these problems you guys in the got to play you know and hundreds of thousands of dollars ago tells people to give it a daughter and all that but. I don't know I mean that Angus collecting misled are coming to where it is this allow me to hopefully you look at me as a sort of mentor and a afraid I mean mentors are friends I mean that's that's what assay. Is the wild day exude gauges of confidence but. It's a sounding board rules what's main events about it he had 100% like it's his mentor and I think that's your role of their company UN Travis and and we were fortunate to have people like David Bayard. His or CF that is coming in sort of he he's been able to fulfill that role with with some of the younger guys and these guys there are a little bit older. Been there done that and only have roundly Willer same way. Been around the block a little longer than some maybe the younger leaders that we have our company and we're fortunate to have that sounding a lot with those gaps and the view your brother I mean. They would bear Enron loop will learn new. In India others aren't Dave Dwyer and there yet are armed by happenstance. I mean we we try and put the right pagan right hole. But. It's a big thing about Heidi Tearrius serafina David Merlo my father pain in my father. He always says they're renovation for him he's our CFO. Under renovation for him and in 0203 in a first time I went to his house atonement and house Tony four years old. Romany rude and he says he would not Tony found Ron Merritt he says he would not hiring probably without my dad that he semi dead head deceiving. Confident. Oksana. Alice gears south so my dad as a scapegoat nine prod there thumb and a war and then and and then I'd build the trust general I shipment but when we were done David says. Mean if you ever can hire me not to overlook me ask that you pray he's a man knows we can have a bookkeeper at a time. I was saying the day he MBA. He probably played in the India. A Ellis Chris whoever is Vanessa articles that's pretty cool. But so semi modern day mentor one Amal very modern day mentors will sorely pass away was in the nursing home business and it kind of mentor me in net. And Randy Burris. Is one in my other modern mentors. And and that's where Honolulu will work. His business overhead door cost sub bullet. But rain you tell somebody's always ten years he'd he'd he'd he'd he'd. Charles me about it or whatever but he he Sam while always on the T news Andy's just just hang tight you always only behind me chase and meet. But that's how it gets me Dolan but really he is and has been in his career self made and now. But he ran a very successful services company and ask them. What we've grown to rugby fan out Roby services it part of the rebbe Pamela. Now you mean your writing it in sort of spot on that I got to read the electric in really handy man and now obviously were Al offering plumbing and an HTC heating and calling services which is. Which is great and it's kind of nice Cedar Point that we have a guy like probably Willard who who has been their done and I think it did an awesome Boyce it in that in the area territory that. Iran and Rainey he mentioned rainy Burress youth has or about into that the he could be anybody's been tortured listening and paying attention to what he has to say. I mean they're running hundreds of technicians who were were not quite there are so it's kind of nice to have somebody that's there the can help us present GAAP. Well I talk a lot more to my dad did. And a lot worn only role Lleyton and I'll learn a mentor people might be a little eat too eagerly to tight to give back cannot thank god over cult some people. ER earlier in my career might or run the couple. The good case maybe it. Young people go different ways they might come back around and mine not assist the fact alike you gotta learn at a her mafia loans is still does. But it. Mid tour stole bones but they don't babble off two months they give enough and let him list some that plant seeds and let it grow at a very patient. But I'll take you an old Tom likes to black Ellis is thinking the same thing and people look tall. And and educate but I'll tell you they don't wanna be patron that don't and and you have to know in the listened and I think that's probably worked where some of the difficulties come he might he has some great ideas that your. I mean I'm guilty and we have and I offensive renfro enemy in your view is so easy to pull yourself away from paying attention to what would an old old time is telling you. Because of the constant. Everything has happened now oral pain I came out richest man embattled I believe it did today and that was a sovereign netbook. I got to a funny story about how valued dad and I members either my first or second Dana I did not come from the construction right came from the hole so there should be some world. And we're walking a house and Myers park and you know I was with the with that the person that all alternately took their rent and electric would help people like you famous paintings to hit product. A probably wouldn't Wear inside as I look a Fini. Head buckles on the Suzy down on sand but. Or look at figured your dad was just lighten and all these subs I mean just mean it wasn't an amino waive it to stemming fiscal Hurley knows you're dead at the time. And continued conflict means the went when he really attendees get the job done. And the standard and in saint thing I'm nervous I'm not sure if I should saying they Heller says to do it. And about after the 47 I think this guy was down to a simple words that he would he would. And those to say pushed along the way he looks at me winks and smiles and go right back at it again nominees ourselves on. With its cook it well a year. But for some reason he always he always. Sort of gave me the benefit of the doubt but how is appreciated this as that he knew I didn't know without any crises but I'll tell you he told Maine. You know he always say do you never you're never be able to run a Serbia is come in with a fancy pants like Patrick can still Michael. Profit. On your investment like the books say as the disease his service companies the profit now ownership salary and I'll as health. Saying. And when the last great conversation I had with team. You know with doable it's money time figured out last great conversation I had with team. He popped up not a bad it knowing that was gonna do one last break you guys. He said you found figured out mostly Toma and he said you figured out how to run services company with a fancy pants like Patrick. And and do well the next month we made money and we wait the Wii is its eight down a little profit every cent so while I'm where I'm losing I. I have one more story about my dad or return and we have to make a wish list child segment nine weeks to the corn hole. Welcome back to head home with rodeo I'm Patrick got sick from red services along with the paces from the ruby's family of companies we are your clothes. We've been reminiscing talking about mentors and got into a conversation about transcend late father mr. Ron case and pop Iran as he was affectionately known around our office. Really cool stories of ED TV if you miss the last few segments connect and check out the podcast. Or course she can always so listen in the immoral coaches. And I think each one offers some sort of unique. Perspective on on how we think and and some of them you know important people we have on the show betray you or he teed up the segment now when they shrink it back to this. On you until story about about about your dad well till two story so want one well as visit and LeRoy yesterday. I have a picture toll rise and a plot mile home take take the picture to women showing. To picture so when Allison and Alice 34 years old sitting on the the bobcats Ratner which was an area when they you know because badminton that I house and we're still working on dealer for a decade. And and I got knocked around now I'm bill Mott Hal senders and attract her bop bop jazz style track grandma's house yeah I'll little boys three and a half. And asset on the track and into the picture into the picture would mean some pictures. And Reagan set I think that's seeing the same pitcher both use at the same age with your dad and only Roy. Next door on the same property so that's that's pretty cool lot toll road today yesterday and hate he little locket globe man. But move one that I'll McGill little racy here on debut BT talk radio. On Sunday morning. The one thing my dad. A story about my dad is he when the job site one today. And the same thing you say Eddie was Chinese guys and he's the big beat these guys figured out all those are Ron Mason moment from haste in the legend. Anyway and anything special but it that he was just so stole a game and set. People were always so scared out of my and I would ask people off my whole limelight so scared of him things like that that's a biggest days Zalmay look healing as I as he'd blow where you and me if he's a court scatter into our own but. It might have been wondering kid and he hung sideways on the basketball poll the united I was like the legend nearby heard this story now kid. So we rat that job site net and at think it was a plumber is. He's found a towel talk his game up causey figured out around hastens that the job and and Ed said. He said no year. In the castle who who who won't kill blu wound you know move from a decent. Gosh do you last week it could be ball mark and. This guy. Outing and shot. It would all day and a third man I heard that detail that Hillary. Call people ally that multiple times annually. You'd be a real Michael book you know you almost say it and it was a man and never went at a movie bar that could ever cousin Maryland habitable are. And and hit the inning in here. Boo who who actually Google did not say hi Dina or or food. That was a long time ago. But but it was pretty cool he he needs is a lab he's out just in now don't go to those places stand as places that bad for you I. There are never beaten an older Fella that property you know looking at that right on the book a brightly cross and it Belmont he says that Gundy from some bar in but the right. I've never been doable and I said that he had some Ron paste any into the went out and was sailor when he got started here under boo boos. In how would you shot a mob. At his side as like a hot pants. In the simulator. Send us a good run hastens to work bliss switch gears a little bit hesitant and this is you'll get from racy to some super important and that's obviously talk about our Cornel term at the September 15 that freedom part. In ten weeks leading and we always like to tell about Emeka we story can you were in our net. The in what this and to place that they once had once again it is the way you're gonna remember. But this is wish kid Grayson and Grayson wish to have it wave runner jet ski. And that's CD would it whatever you want a college in this is what it childless facing critical in illnesses often least in feeling I slain in the line which week we talked about that last week. For a freshman high school as reality can be even more difficult and so spending time with his friends playing sports and going to school the funeral Grayson spent most of his time in treatment for hodgkin's lymphoma. For Grayson the most difficult part was when his hair came out the calling the memory is mom said it made it all real. During typical treatments grace and often imagined a life outside of the hospital walls. His PE teacher being reunited with his friends on the lake with the size face in the wind and it's fair it was these visions of influence Grayson to wish to have his very own wave runner. While patiently waiting for his wish to come true Grayson and his family are invited to speak. Their annual wish ball gala. Walking into giving grace to notice an extra special auction item parked outside of being the blue Yamaha wave runner up didn't just like the one he had been hoping for. During the event represented as representatives from Yamaha motors as well as team Charlotte motor spores went out to the states to talk about this particular item. They didn't nickname by grace not to ask. Before beating a begun their food grace and it wasn't an auction item after all he was his wish coming true ms. Lewis came true grace and mom said I don't think we were aware. It to take this journey how incredibly nice people war. Our entire family was amazed and off about how much is the has happened and how much people want to do. Gracing can't wait for warmer weather city he can hit that hit the Lakewood as friends on spring anyway runner. His wish as how he wins his children renewed energy and strength bring Stanley close together and unites communities. My hand. That's hard to Dallas there I was 2000 very powerful Tom very powerful story in Indy I'm on team Charlotte motor sports it is such a good job with without a kind of went to that whole process of them. Making it seem likely was the auction and surprised that's the make the listing yup that's Mankiewicz central and let's get right back percent from publishers get central and western north on a 51 western counting brother. But Amy brenly is the CEO or she does a great. I don't my man acting get off to make always train once I got doughnut committed to a pro life and until I until some changes. I just think it's such a healing. Madison take grant. That child's one true which I think it it means so much what I green at me read this way last week about it a child wanted to gaming system and after the show less because got an email from Craig done. And he unity speech to the person that made that wish happen city if you so much power that did that make a wish can provide connecting people obviously opened families that are in need but thanks for join in this have a wonderful Sunday if they enjoy the seventy degree weather per Patrick Macau as a.