Mice,Moisture, and Ants

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Sunday, January 7th

Marty Ivey of Ivey Exterminating joins Paul to talk mice, moisture, ants and more.


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Yeah advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis listening should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Many investment and should carefully evaluate before investing. This is your realistic and going to help heal and WBZ. And. Hello welcome to the shows your realistic today well. Marty and I are here together and doggone it if they didn't bump us again so. I don't know what to deal is but I was too old I was promised. That the following Saturday will be back alive and back on a normal schedule itself. Marty was gracious enough to come in and help me. To pre record today. So sorry again sorry about that we love your calls we love listening to you about Marty avenue and I've exterminating. Obama will give me some lug asset that's an art the year hit the start the year out Marty and I. You're ten. You're tan this is the year mainly in this yeah hopefully yeah. I think it's beyond that mentally them wondered. Yeah all right so 27 team what a year art team set a new record we're glad about it. It was a wonderful and to those that are clients and friends thank you. And to the listeners out there we thank you we knew we were blessed. I know Marty. We wore you out this year but yeah we were you have this busy camper this year we were busy. As the old saying goes we were as busy as the under third grateful for a bill being in the shareholder in your business in. It's just truly been a blessing for us out today what Marty we rely on you we rely on your team. And you know it it's interesting some of the things we're gonna talk about and 2018 I think. You and I can certainly have an exchange over but. I think to start out the year and to start out to show what I'd like to do is just talked to you a little bit about. Some of their outward outlooks for 2018 and then I'm gonna share with you some more things that I see happening and some steps that you can take. To have a great Tony eighteen. Here's some other quick notes. From the outside and then I'll get to my comments in a little bit later segments with Marty. But first of all interest rates. Certainly we're gonna see them rise but do I see them as a threat to overtake an upset the market and 2018. No I do not nor does the outside the outlook is. Rates will go up there about 4% right now please don't quote me but that's about where they are. And I don't see them go under seven or eight. So at about 4% may be it goes up to 44 and a half according to the outside sources. But still and all were in a great environment for borrowing money or purchasing property. Second of all. There is a move. Meant now that banks are getting more aggressive especially as it comes to investors. They like. Real estate again. That's a good thing you'll see some more creative packages I think coming from lenders as it relates to investment property so look for that. More homes will be selling in the higher tax states. Because of the new tax law. You know I think in the Carolinas were very blessed. It's so funny when I have clients that come from New York California are other areas in similar tax situations. They say pol. The mortgage payment and taxes and expenses on this house are half what I'm paid in property tax in New York. That's insane people. Are. We can just teach him how to drive art next thing. More vacation home sales will go up. There'll be an increase in that they are saying because the top 1%. Has a little bit more discretionary income and they do expect vacation homes. To be. More in vogue than they have in the past. End. Last but not least now I'm reading to you someone else's forecast for Tony eighteen. New real estate options will come into the market meaning. That they will try to take as much of the real estate business virtual. As a making. And take the people out. You know I think the interesting thing about that and then Marty would love your feedback on this well. I listened to a news report last night I think it was the five on fox I'd like to listen to them sometimes I think they say some pretty funny stuff. They were talking about now in net a couple of different states New York in New Jersey and others. They're now allowing people to pump their own gas. Well or endorse that for years right. And you know we've taken that people out of pumping gas and their talking about you know what a shame it'll be for all those gas station attendants that now won't have. You know the ability to pump gas in the car for. And it'll save a few books but you know there are certain things I think. That. You know if if you remove a person from it. It might not be so bad. But the real estate industry. And a mortgage. And the biggest purchase you'll probably make in your entire life if you take people out of that business. Glad you Marty but. To save a few bucks. When you really look at it it's interesting because they've done a comparison that they say if you compare for sale by owner properties. And one soul by realtors realtors typically get 17%. More even after you pay their realtor. Now I would totally believe that it's just. An interesting phenomenon as you'd take. Personalities. People interaction. Communication. Out of the process. That that's going to make that real estate market. More efficient or saves somebody a few bucks. I say Nene. I say. Double main day. I think that's dangerous I think there are certain things financial planning. Homeownership. Mortgages. You know. Where. I guess though that the most exaggerated. Way you can express cities where you can sit nose to nose and have communication. Yeah my point would be right off the hip would be the fact that. When you meet people when you deal with people you'd get some level of Chris what I call transfer of energy have some level of trust for some level of gut. That tells you whether or not you get a fair presentation. When you're dealing with something electronically and as well a lot of people fall FaceBook. Wouldn't it is. Failures book you mean fake book yes there's there's not a whole lot of truth in it and well and a lot of stuff you gotta read Giambi able filter through it in committee you just can't do that to an Internet. Wrote an interesting article about Mercedes beings together runs Mercedes Vincent. He was tale of how life would be in the future 20/20. Plus. He says that the car would become operative. Purchases would become flat in fall for the simple reason that. Most people would know record anymore they now it Hooper has kind of taken over that what you were called taxi market. That there would now the car for coming out were you don't have to have a dropper from a car that. He was just when you wanted to go somewhere you would just hit an app in the car with conviction. I don't know about chief pol but I'm not getting in the car there's nobody behind to win I mean I'm not and I wouldn't buy a house. Without some by being behind the wheels help and steer him as just me but. You know Phil come fairly grounded in give ago and a good understanding award score life but I don't so I think some of this technology is not for the best I think it is in the long run that. People were can be pain paying a premium in. Getting a whole lot list you know it's interesting Marty would you and I've had this conversation before you know years and years ago. Win zillow became. An industry player. They came up with a zest am I right that was an automated value of your home based on an algorithm. And come to find out. Not only. Was that wrong. But in a lot of cases it was way wrong. You know certainly there're tools within zillow that are very very helpful. But when it comes to valuing the home. When's the last time that that computer ever step foot in your house. And sat down nose to nose with you and talked about the neighborhood the schools all the different things that. You can't equate in an algorithm. They're somebody else's outlook for 24018 I'm gonna share some of mine Marty's gonna talk about termites. Moisture in the crawl space mice. And any acts who as well I'm looking forward to are they showed your real estate today stir. Whether some Paul Jamison here when Marty diving on 1110. WBT. Hello welcome back to the show your real estate today we're glad you're with us we look forward to next week playing let's use Saturday at 2 o'clock. Back on our normal schedule. So thank you for that and happy new year to those were just talking to you for the first time. We're graduate a sudden you're Marty I do not exterminating them hall Jamieson your host Jamison realty with Callaway it was Jamison property management. This is the show you real estate today are Marty well it is. Cold. Out side your brother outside India drift Monday you see it drives as insects in cynical things. They do crazy things as time year one of things we talk about her own preview shows that especially with this or colts now. These in in six or Borland from Bob and outside they're gonna make hard attempt to get inside his house on the major things we're seeing right now is. His hands and on mice mice specially we're we're getting ten or fifteen calls. A day strictly my excellent. We need to make a violent effort that we go around her house look at the foundation Venus make sure they got us. Solid screens own home in the sugar rush or completely sure. We need to make sure there's new openings. That miles to squeeze through and it's hard for most people imagine this forty pound wrecking go to a four inch square hole. I'm miles things is hold sized picture button that's crazy ants. We need to pay attention these things. I've Sid this before my mark raw two a livable kind of image of wooded area and in the inner Charlotte. And I bet you I'm kitchen fifteen to when he might Amal in Novgorod tournament rocked the attack from off tiles. And it's a fascinating committee that held these especially when these cold snap run hell hell you'll just have an influx of mother nature pushing these this this while life and insects in words right there were seen a lot of stink bugs and there's video and they'll in this is fascinating to me that. Talk about the slot that. All in six follow predictable path of energy we do it to humans do it. All animal life does it in six specially they're gonna chase a sunny side of the house. A lot of on whom optical house. The sunny side out of my house is the side interest where we use or daily basis to coming goes and we pick up a lot of insects it just. From that area of the house that would jump point you in that area of the yard in product. Hitch a ride inside tiles on that. It's hard to imagine that is something that we've seen a lot of and and best one in the important powers that you wanna have some type of service where we come out and we treat these sunny side areas to be home. To minimize the impact walking migrating most insect like that occurred in word. As something that migrate from the outside Iranian in the easily shows up on a sunny side. When we have a little bit mile oval to temperature were were working on the warm days and cool tonight. I'm one of those people out like cola are always liked elected as a child no love it as an adult. And in the wintertime if it was up to me we sleep with the bedroom window opened. But my wife Ruth heaven they're part of that how. I'm not thinking oh via. But the interesting part of it is is if you leave a window super crack a window for have a wind of this deal fitted not fitted tightly. These insects will migrate those ears because they won't feel like energy Lofton they would chase today and and that's reason a lot of people see. A lot of insect activity around candlelight Kim license orbiter park where homes. In a lot of older home to countless from stall their number energy efficient there's a lot of air leakage around them most of now our insulated so that you put insulation Roma in the attic. But a lot of old ruins you could put in less insulation around for golf potential far hazard. And you see a lot of insect. Population around these years is because there's a lot of inner Jalal synergies gained through this area is we see it with while life. We see squirrels that rundown ago outer and they can tale by the degree of energy all along these airlines. Where openings large enough that they can either get through it or not paying at least easterners in in all the way through it. Right now. I can't talk enough about this mice issue. Meister gonna get rooted in general whom become more and more severe insure older. With this development that we're going along especially in Ayers long reliance. Rail lines. Rural. Light rail lines are notorious for road and issues lie. Just get some analysis direction a predictable system direction. There's there's a lot of things that show up along rail lines that that a lot of heart bridging areas. That these roads seem to be attracted to the when we monitor that kind of stuff at our shop and areas that are associated to railroad line into real lines typically have are higher road and issues. And Lotta Lotta people just never think about that but it just doesn't give some predictable path they can follow. In his very very generous and wants and never thought Marty. You know got a friend of mine until about this stuff all the time and and he went uptown Monday in. He ball past him one of them because tales of town and he is well there's there's Marty's niche here in the new steer evenings no suitable Mitchell and occupied through time Wilma thing famous. Slogans like to yeast. And they're the was the results have been a lot of hot air coming out this detail at this exulted in there was a hole. A little community of homeless and in. People. Staying. Occupying an area this is interesting fight about it if you micro down. To an insect in six new differ he's gonna chase chase these predictable path of energy. And once you give us that you use it looked and added life becomes. Fairly predictable. People ask us sell time how did you know that. That would be there in his calls his predictable with you when you have deal fitted Doris. Areas where you have lightly execute help Walter gains of energy. These these insects are gonna migrate to visitors and show. I took them B class upper income quarter and one of the interesting things laws. In the B class I was going after late afternoon he has and beat the likened Honeybee Klaas I very problem always been a honey bee Glover. In we were very proactive about protecting the Honeybee. And I was taken Honeybee class appear. And in late afternoon when the sun was was going down it was you go approval fail marks. Oh yeah where he'll plant plan a player and you would see this the cattle company like categories of there have which a set sunlight in. Down to the very very yes. Smaller area and held as. In that you. The panel comedy you appears can't all be spread out when his son Ty has a son source good daily el stored huddle up inch Asus on. No vote insects and they're different is that isn't what makes them to me you what makes the world group. Round and round about is very interesting you follow about it. Mike's problem for huge issues in Charlotte. Typically the most mice walls stay you know Timothy an area. Hundred square feet if you're seeing. Mice droppings are my syndication in multiple areas yeah about where she does like Marty if I'm walking around my house scored. Where would I look at most most mice and where have you look most in my head of the most mice occur in pantry areas. A spears associated with pet food areas associated would bird seed precede. And areas in crawl spaces and that is probably where we see him in his best calls label they they wanna go the least. Path of resistance and they go say in a close proximity of these ears and when they do. They did that's where you typically grossing a few feet to pay it in your leaving pet food out all night. If you should really start looking around and start my core and now you're probably gonna have mice some type of broad an issue you know tiles. It's fascinating to see it but. Grassy virtually we do a lot of people that hey did you guys come by. Our store or grab the bird seat out in their but do you. Usually dog food out all that we had an odd you know I am I'm thinking what I mean Marty. Marty so let me give you it's an up here mark Marty takes care of my house right his people come. I think once a month almost quarter wants court yeah a guy if you need is we come back in addition to that but. I mean when they're walking how I mean think about it like this morning SL piece of dog food on the four months and keeps the dog food in the house and then their dog bowl. At the dog doesn't always finish the dog food at night. Well you know in region near policy in mice is because you've got our servers but. There's the crown so the album is if you've got a dog you know or you have a dog you don't know no go we have a lot of customers have doggie doors neatly pet food out they give up in the middle might make him in there's a pop record I've seen that that happened. That happened on our garage where we used to feed the dog outside. We get back there's a bagel racquet in game two that dork yeah I mean molester. Draft Canadians are bold I mean I got amid their Bolden and can be very very destructive. But is something that you need to keep in our own. I've got bungee cords so much trashed Ian. And I'm I'm amazed at how they can analyze his bungee cords. And ripped to get the eyelash from back when they're done that but yeah he's just gets to train wreck the all right well. Right back you're Marty got the ivy exterminating I'm Paul Jamison your host Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management here on eleven Jen 993. WBT. Hello welcome back to show your realistic today here on 1110993. That you eat she was glad to with a simple. Into your host with Jamison realty with Carol Williams and Jamison property management here with my good friend. And great partner to Jamison mr. Marty I'd be with Heidi exterminating. We have just kind of walk through some initial things around the home and ants and termites and moisture we're gonna talk about a little bit later as well as answer it right in can't. Well one of the things I wanna share with you and Marty feel free to chime in but I've got I'm gonna kind of move. Quick exit cassettes were pre recording and don't have any calls I've got some things to share with you and you may wanna call me in panel and talk more about them. Course you can give me an 846 dollar and 8463663. Here are some things that I see for 2018. Feel free to chime in Marty as they apply do you. I look for home sales activity to start earlier this year. I expect that the home sales spring market quote unquote should start. If not sooner. By no later than February we're already seeing a tremendous amount of calls so. I think it'll start a little earlier than usual. Because I do still believe we have a pretty strong low inventory. That we're faced with especially on homes under 500000. Dollars. And I. I also see investment property will be more expensive. For those of you that are interest and and investing in real estate. I've get a lot of calls about that we do a tremendous amount of investment and I see that is a big part of 2018 as well. I wanna remind you of something very interesting about investment realistic yes cap back sort capital appreciation is important. When you're looking at investment property. But what's more important. And that is cash. Demand an opportunity. So you may pay a little bit but perhaps some parameters around cash flow. You know we like to see a gross. At least 8% or higher and there are some exceptions to that. And we can talk more about that one on one anytime you want. So. When it comes to that I see an opportunity for. Those investors who have waited to cash in. Some of the folks that we've worked with bought property back in 07. Or act actually 08 or even 07. 08092010. You really need to sit down right now if you have a portfolio and investment property and look at. Is it time to cash in and do a 1031 or tax free exchange in two. A different piece of property in other words take those gains taken now. While we have the ability thanks to the new tax plan does continue to do a tax free exchange. Is this the right time to do it and you can only do that by sitting down and looking at it and the opportunity cost over the next couple years. Also. There are some new opportunity areas in the Charlotte region. North and South Carolina. That have traditionally lagged behind. I have identified some areas that I work with with investors. That still provide you with a good value related to capital. And a great value related to rent an opportunity. There are areas left. OK and I and and there are areas that still need to be avoided. And we can talk about that are we may and other ships. What do I think about the real. Turk population for 28 to. The schools couldn't be Fuller Marty. There's a bunch of people in the real estate schools but you know what I think's gonna happen in 2018. I think that the real their population is gonna finish out. I think new agents will not be able to be successful. In this kind of market unless they either put themselves with a mentor. Who's been through the ups and downs before. And understand. What a buyer's market. Needs. Our seller's market needs I'm sorry. In order to be successful how do you find homes how do you win bids have you priced homes correctly how do you get the job done. This is not a flat market. This is a market that if you have to find a buyer of home you have to be very strategic if you're gonna list your home. You have to be very strategic. But no home in a cam. Does not work in this market. You have to have experience you have to know. What it's going to take to get the deal done. There's also. Some new players that smell opportunity and Charlotte they're gonna become an end to this market and they're going to. Bring their checkbook and they're going to scream. At you about how great they are in other places. They're also got to try to bide your business. They're gonna be a discount place they're gonna cut she'll deal they're gonna. Buy into. Trying to capture mark picture and they're going to come and screamed. Well. Come home. Because I still say. That slow and steady wins today. Those that have been here those that have been through it. Those that have been through the ups and downs over the years. Slow and steady wins the day you know and I would expect Marty my business your business many businesses say domain people com. But. They're not here they're not invested here they don't live here they don't root here they didn't fight here. They don't understand what we understand. That are rooted in this marketplace page is common looking for the dollar. I threw Russo agree with that are a run into semi times that people buy. Stories. That if you really broke it down it just would not be the and I cius so much of it I see so much have it it frustrates me so attack so many times that you know that. And at two in the game today. You can only do some Sochi. And somebody gets sacrificed. When you do it too cheap and it's always going to be the customer doesn't mean the guys sell it to you it's always going to be cut. Story. And I always had the expression. You don't have to screen to be good. You know. Slow and steady success. Track record experience. And come into the table nose to nose is what gets it done this product category. So if you're an investor considering our investment this year were gonna do a couple of seminars and I've not done this in the past. They're going to be small. Probably 20/20 five people a piece. Look I'm not selling tickets this is not a gimmick. I'm not gonna take the first wanna callers and actually do forty. We're gonna actually sit down and I'm got gonna give you just two nuggets and sell you a program. I actually wanna sit down with people that are interested in investing. In real state. And if I made one Iran meet three or five meet five. That's fine. Or five share some information that's helpful with you like we do on the radio that's fine. I am looking for investors. That are interested in buying investment property and working with them. And I also have a management company we can help manage them. So. That's what we're gonna be doing if you have an interest in that. You can email me Paul I had my Jamison homes dot com Paula my Jamison homes dot com just give me your name and number and when I do it I'll reach out to. But look. I'm not playing in the game of we got ten tickets for the first ten dollars or whatever. That's normal work for me I just want to sit with a group of about twenty folks. And talk about what's going on in the marketplace and yes self feature are. I also think the flippers are going to struggle this year. And also if you are considering downsizing. I think this is the time you should talk about that get with somebody now sit with a real turn now if you wanna talk to us that's great. We're gonna help you develop a plan. He just talking to my investment god Marty moreover there Carroll's place. And I asked him I said should we be scared at the market's gonna go to 30000. And he said Paul he said. It's going to go to 30000. And is gonna go to Tony. I just don't know which is going to happen first right. I love that. So. You got an empty house. And you don't know what to do what letter you're thinking about downsize and it's time to talk and first time homebuyers. You're gonna keep having a hard time in out to talk more about that later. The show your real estate today Marty we are exterminating I'm Paul Jamison stay away this year will be right back on 11109893. WB to. Hello welcome back to show you real estate today ample Jamison goes. James really to Keller Williams Jamison property management here with my good friend Marty I've I've exterminated by the way before we start to segment Marty. But journals phone number 7043341616. Roebuck got B dot com. Move. A little bit recent I. Was still laughing at him. Goes on like you know and I was on his whole bulletin and he did that the other day. Wait for sharing Shelley. To ask her question yeah we got bet that right thank god they got off or phone system and are vital to our before we get to the to the audience. Marty and I were talking at the break him and he made a really good point we've never talked about this. And one of the things in share personal experience. This is not a shameless plug this is the truth. We were laughing before about Anson dog food and so on and so forth than Marty made the comment well the reason. That we haven't had any issues is because there's a guy in your house. Consistently looking act. Looking for warning signs of what's happening. Correct password that's having a quarterly service forward come out once every three months. And we deuce and treatment around the exterior we'll do the and subtle complain basis. It's very important as you keep these things up more quarterly basis most products that we use in our industry. You'll get about ninety days out urban and they've rapidly diminished to do that in a ninety day says this need to stay updated. In the of the key thing is were coming out looking for telltale signs that species made. Occur are occurring and it is something that you can't do that and wish her out fear or quarterly basis. It's almost like a change of season what are called me is something that you just kind of got to constantly keep in our own. We have a lot of customers. That do this Corley programs and they love it and it meant is is very cost affordable and it minimizes your issues. Any calls is a better living environment for the people inside the styles and less trouble as far as insect pest related condition. Well you know Mardy I did a little study and I didn't share this for you so this is completely. On. Solicited slash prompted. We did. We had. And and the reason it's it's fresh in my mind is because it just happened. The last week of the year we had five closes right. Of the five. Two of the houses out of four Marty two out of five. Had active term. Catalyst in both I just loved and term life. 40%. We have of the homes had active termites I'm so shocked about how many. Folks have have not had a termite bond or kept a termite bond on their property and the fact that. And it goes back to what we're saying earlier there has to be some level of consistency. We if this. Which your industry in order to to protect against bigger issues. You know band steel issues moisture issues mold issues bug issues mice issues. You name. We see it every day and you know it's like preaching to the quo are sometimes. Tell customers about its tail customers about it and they turned a blind not to it in the and some studies they have test for your hand. People think that the calls right now. And I'm fascinated them as people think it. Well for life or relatively new issue now cultures have cold. And that's gotten really nothing to do with a we have to. Active termite. And I these tasks that are active and I'm. Active means eating eating the and that's an odd days a year 24 hours today people and think about it. Once people would realize that building envelope of that how's your from your perimeter walls in word is basically a controlled environment. Even if your home was a little crawl spaces still somewhat control. Especially if you've got air ducts run and threw it in when that occurs. You gonna pass on this go maintain that light in there are so many. You know facets of lock all the snowball effect from for more pressure to two humidity to everything in the market. That calls as the insects. Could be a problem. And especially with termites. Termites like SA 365 days a year for four hours today in their huge issue you know or you know Bobble bell here in the Carolinas pitcher in the termite belt also. Termites blind his pick with fifteen it will meet the new direction trouble up profiles and yards and a fourteen day period. It is something that needs to be looked at and a yearly basis you need to have some like come on look at your house. They're called the solid invaders and the reason they are his calls that you from the inside out. A lot of times they're not even detected by a homeowner in toll start assure pointing to her walls. And or to the base boards. At that stage of life the damage is done. Bacall severe showing that the sheet rock or base board that means you've got dame reached into her walls and costly damage to Mansfield. Or Joyce took over in April place. Something that I cannot say and you need to have it looked at or routine basis but somebody that's qualified. And is is is something that I just looked at 1. This morning. Had damage are we up to the circuit for flipper both the house. Clinton Howell for a lot of sheet rock golf started when he Torre eastern Chirac golf you realized he had damaged and Walt. Damage always seen on the second floor headers. And a lot of damage in this tiles. And they just don't understand how that can happen in. In the reality is is as deep H Al so does little lot of programs lead. Put in place at an early age and things do Weis they get busy either kids have kids in. Actors bigger issues on the plate in the things fall flu waste I give it. But it is something that you need to. It's instant you need to have somebody qualified. To come out look at that crawl space. Look around the texture on house but in the house had a regular basis I mean is my body's got to get under that house sometime right or at least once a year if animal rights and mean. It is something that won't pay me is impaired who grew Democrats. We're great at best a little bit in order to assist night I mean people there. And my pair started this business and were very very passionate about it my nephews narrow involved in the business. We're very very passionate about what we do we'd love what we do Iraqi tale people think we're crazy but. Of I've always been under her passion in 60 July about life. The other issue that we're seeing a lot of right now is. Yeah what about that house of mine that you found those carpenter and it's in they have taken over. Yeah basically the whole header on the front part of that cost him the stem from orderly bit as to improve more for penetration to a who. And trim on the outside. We've had an explosion of my chance in the last two weeks which is very odds for this time is our certain types. Most of them have been so a lot of them have been owner's house science. Is amazing the calls enhanced typically do nots. Dual mating flight what we refer to an entry as a swarm this time a year. We've had a lot of calls on in the only thing we weaken temper too is that. We had a lot of warm weather that or if this year especially going into the fall winner months it just recently got cold. And thing that they have not just it it mr. cycle up and they just emerged but we've had. In the last couple days we've had just an explosion. I call the shots. And it's very very odd usually you put a time line. You know start and end February. 1 remark tool when term ice storms warm. Made here April and may termites warming or in full. Full flight we get a lot of he has formed during that sinker time that this is extremely early. I hope that that doesn't step the her mighty she's calls it would is it means we're gonna have a much much longer term my swarming season. And we have is termite swarm of people use frantic. They get in a panic and they may and rational decision that this time. Will do a lot of people that collar offices in more qualified technician out right thing in in its not always possible to give technician now within an hours time offering. And they call somebody held in the in the Emeka in hacker decision. You know Marty right. Now because. One of the things before I wanna make sure we talk about this is. You know right now if people are thinking about selling you know or or if they're. Washington do some of the things you said this is the time to start absolutely I mean you know this isn't right now the time because you wanna get these you wanna get your home if you're gonna sell. Or even if you're not you wanna have Marty come out now. And pre inspect at home would you not agree I would agree weird you know we've we've talked about this one prior shows. Microbial mold issues or our ours is a big deal breaker right now. The bright and it and if you have to do some more work. You wanna lineup contractors now because if you call contractors and they say they're not busy. You got to wrong one absolutely Marty how to they get jet 743341616. From bug I mean dot com call us at 846 done 8463663. God bless this this is show your real estate today here 1110993. Debian beat TC and actually.