Mickey Raphael, NFL Anthem Policy, and Adults Living With Parents

John Hancock
Thursday, May 24th
Mickey Raphael, muscian with Willie Nelson joins Hancock to talk about their current tour. Hancock discusses the NFL anthem policy and adults who live with the parents.

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This is John Hancock. Heather rather other cameras on Thursday as we can being. Apologize for being absent from class yesterday. Thomas thanks to a JD Hayworth who filled and I believe he's filling in tomorrow tomorrow's elections scheduled day off. When together rail Friday and a Monday intern at a sporting weekend out of their whole deal about. And aren't you sorry you didn't figure that. I think Nantucket Bjorn a DJ. The best the. So why anyways there you. Owen Mallon. Obviously in my absence we have us in the new world owner all the press conference. Video. And the new owner of the Panthers so holt is a press conference and so that's got a lot to talk and I'm sure most of you talked about David temper and no stuff over the last couple days for won't touch on that. Big stories today is the owners approving changes to. The wind itself. And discipline players for not participating in me. While star spangled banner. The players will be allowed to stay in the locker room. Of really playing of although author on the field they're going to be required to stand I don't quite understand how they think they're gonna work all this but don't. I'm Davis said the players would be fine majority have one owner that's come out instead he'd pay their fines the New York Jets owner artisan -- pay their funds. And then add the San Francisco owner. He didn't vote in accused himself from the votes always players are crazy about him. And that's where all started. So other protecting their bottom line I understand that. They heard. A good majority of the fans who love felt that this was disrespectful I understand that. The original purpose of the anthem boycott. Was to draw attention to racial inequality. I understand that. I'm not so sure. A lot of other people understand that or believe that. But that's kind of where I was where where are today until the owners yesterday decided to protect their bottom line and let's say. If a franchise cost 2.2. Billion dollars you would wanna protect your bottom line when you. So I don't know that this willow do anything if all the players decide that they're gonna stay in the locker room during media. Now the National Anthem. You don't think that every network go will low right down mix and actually everybody's name who's not out on the field and then I use that as part of their game broadcast. It'll be the same as it once this will be the same deal. Well in essence if you hadn't done anything. You went ahead and a handful of papered players doing what they did last year. I assume. And for the most part we cut grown. Oblivious to it that way. We are to bend to the big deal. Colin camper nick and Eric Reed of Marty figured out what the ramifications are for. Or that. First Amendment right I don't know if that's being violated or not. Give the right. First Amendment that you have the right to voice your opinion you're not free of ramifications from your opinion. Especially if you do it on company time. So. I don't know if you dig a hole deeper by all of this approval to the an attempt to want to try to do with Thea National Anthem protests in the new rules or. Whether you should just left well enough alone or. When he should elect individual teams. A deal with this in whatever way they wanted to deal with this but I do understand owners essentially saying. While this is put a real. Smear on our game. And are looking at TV ratings. And are not necessarily. Look at each other say while TV ratings are down across the spectrum everybody's TV ratings are down. So are they hold this these protests in part to be and they should. Because there are good many people that are fans of the NFL who said last year and this is actually part of the most amazing part to me. There were fans that said I'm not gonna watch anymore. And an amazing part is apparently. They didn't. And normally people say I'm not gonna do that anymore not gonna watch anymore and you know when we first heard the people saying Ahmad analyst and do the I'm not gonna watch the games anymore you thought to yourself yeah right. You're addicted to the National Football League this is part of your weekend deal you can't wait for the season to start you've got your favorite team you're gonna watch. But people didn't. People actually were so disgusted by it that they didn't. Now then. Were they disgusted because dared definition of what they saw. Anti military anti flag anti country. Because they wouldn't take. A man in his word and say that this was two. Draw attention to racial inequality in the country. Heard somebody and they don't remember who was. And remember well listen do today was. It may have been Colin Cowherd show. Although I don't particularly know that to Colin resolve their. I don't remember but somebody was making the point what if this original. Strike. When a lot of this original. Protest. During the National Anthem. Had been to draw attention to school shootings. What we have been more. Amenable to the message. Then we apparently are to racial inequality. The fact is is that people don't turn in the National Football League. The learn about somebody's politics. People turn on the National Football League watched their team. May be their favorite player. But by and large watch their team and see whether they win or lose it is supposed to be an escape from the realities of every day. And a win win all the sudden reality started to creep its way into the games. When the games became more about a political stance or a cause. Then it did. A 35 year relative of a yard button hook. And people so law that's been edited dead at least psychologically said well that's not that's total of four. Dollar went in their four. If if you read ice cream because you because you like to put chocolate sauce over the top of it. You may not like the ice cream without chocolate sauce. And the NFL push and somebody's. Message down your throat. Was that's not that's not your chocolate sauce. That may be the suck used analogy I'd use of a long time. More than that it's not Willie Nelson in her lifetime boy you better. Take advantage of it when you can't break out to both he's. Now he's just Americana is what they all as we had the opportunity you luggage Sonoma hero Phil number of years ago and just texted him a couple of tickets go on today I'm going to be at a town this week and why haven't called you but if you're around colony called they've Mikey Mickey I don't. They can't John how are you I. A mob but well I learned where in the hills right now we're. Well we're we're West Virginia know. Where North Carolina but thought they'd lose. No that's that you know if you do I'll still be able to say you called in its oil needed help get in an apparent and we will be there are so. You who whose album of I heard you on recently you're not with front even doing everything with Randy Carlyle manager. No I love Randy Carlyle well you know Stapleton the last couple albums. There's there's a new. I think Ahmad had ordered the bank all middle then there's debate a new band called quiet guy out there in your god your country guys. And I meant to write it down because you US such a distinct sound. That did that you know you hear it you go oh my god that's Mickey and and knew it was a John Prine all of John Bryant's new album till. Yeah I don't debt saw what it's on the road again on the road a lot this summer. Well yeah how we got there's outlaw. That would do it we're good about seven assists and eight. That these seven. They gave them but you don't cities but ended a different line up coming up we got or do then then. And the while others without they had that you know throughout the summer we got everybody from about Brandi Carlisle is bad or they're both you know the pretty collective group. Randy Carlyle as new album the Joker is. Incredible. Yeah you bought out there she is a new I assume got to know our friends the David Brothers because they were on the outlaw tour last year with you guys. You have there were incredible enact judges played on the track. That they did with right that's probably the wheels so. When we've we've known them for about thirteen or fourteen years in fact I think I brought her name up well with you before but when they and we have I got a picture on my desk down there are of us Seth and Scott playing with Willie a long long time ago. But tell when I saw you guys are doing now on tour stop I just thought that was so cool it couldn't hardly stand it done and I figured you probably get a chance to. To bump into them and let's say hi you work with Chris Stapleton. And talked about that that's that he's is bigger name is there is right now and they're. Yeah I think oh I went upper duck in a leopard would put the play on his record. Our understanding is not news Friday but he nobody else knew it and I remember. After the record came out. He was playing in new York and Michael and I want to see it play. And a little clout probably 200 people in this club. And yes he's gone this guy could be so big and that I repeatedly to stoke club. So you know but we just so much on the why what cannot play with that throughout the years or you know I get that you are the real it was so well it like it quiet here. Like what that would eat you know boot from the far too little bit bigger up venues that are out and do it you don't huge note that you get. We probably talked about this before but I'm looking at a list of people that you have are performed or recorded with let me throw a couple of names are you Paul Simon. Would you do with Paul Simon. What we did several Willie shows are these tribute. What. We did we. What do we do it was Kirk went up when we get the Gershwin award it replaces. Watching this. And I was the Babbitt back it up but. I think we did that vaalco remember beat that was my belt and call it what else. This slight bit you know he's just he's one of my favorite are all thought of street you get the flight with a. And says he's getting ready to hang it up another call of the day but tell you kind of wonder if after about a six months alone wanna pick up a guitar and come back out and and no keep on going for a while. I you worked with mild employer Leon Russell for awhile which I I guess I probably knew Bob Dylan. But to bike to work with Dylan. Here. It's pretty unique among we did several summer tour with was Bob. And great get to be able to watch them puppet state you know. Several times he would say the I get all the B a would have called what the Obama could do something about that award goes thump them and see ya get what you guys don't walk around that you don't. You don't really you can't wait to leak about you couldn't do it don't wanna pop up if you really you know such. Up by the person and onto their the people wrote and yet the washcloth that slide where. You you like you give of this obviously and let them how to walk around albeit not but he could be you know what are the sweetest guy. You know on the planet. Early seventy's I'm in the Stanley Hotel in my hometown of Estes Park Colorado and I'm dropping off sun but the front desk. And I hear music come from one of the ballrooms. And I go overnight slide one of these great big ornate wood doors off to the side and their stance Roger McEwan and Bob Dylan and they're practicing for the rolling thunder to work. Yeah and moved when c.'s meet broken through my face up broken through the oh hole in the door and he says hey come on man. And saw walked out and I sat down and a chair and watch those guys practiced for about 45 minutes and Dylan was just as nice as he could be and I that's surprised because I thought he'd be kind of aloof and onto himself but. He was really cool and engaging want to know who I was in noted that I live in Estes Park and how long I've been there and he was very cool. You know what I effort that it allowed in California beauty dead. You know who's to talk about what brought to you you're on golf dot. And he said that you lose your outlook in the fire something against Abbott had you know where Ireland but he you know he he's very quiet. And but he knows what sort of around it all the time because there are dark about. About drove prolific writers not so lucky to be working Willie that corporate profit and I'll just repeat some of the order but I just. You know as it over the ball close. I've always wondered this is a morbid question but I've always wondered how many days to I have to wait to a call you up less of never happens to Lilly. Look at don't read the Internet you know it is there's there's there's there's somebody called this morning that oh I thought Willy stricker get in our fight about this. Just job. Don't you don't get your news of the Internet stuff. Tom I'm so I'm gonna miss you guys this time around I'll catch you next time around and you guys come through every two years or something like that so I hope you have a good show at two PNC a pavilion in nine and I thank you for. Carving out a couple of minutes Soria and not go check to cover that bus and if you I got lost John Hancock coffee cup going get you another one. Yes no I think regard right here. That's your story you're sticking with that did whatever they always say in Ottawa I know it's Willie's favorite I understand completely. Hey thanks Mickey I appreciate you always. I didn't start here dried off we goes home article player with a man such a distinct sound of his own no Mickey Raphael albeit B and C music pavilion. But with Willie Nelson and company on a Saturday night in a few I have never seen Willie. You better do it fast. We talk about the NFL passing day a new role for the National Anthem protests while we're talking about that. Ron Rivera text me and says a you know give fans are tired of it he says though the same thing with a Oscar acceptance speeches. People are tired of it time for action I think by large Internet. And I do and I guess to some extent I think they owners understand that as well. But and there's a kind of a technicality. Here and that is that the NFL did not actually hold an official vote. When it passed the new anthem resolution. The the league executives polled owners and knew how they would vote didn't hold an official tally. Which they say is typical atypical for a major resolution. Why they did that way I don't know and then why then can the commissioner come out Roger Goodell and say that the vote was unanimous among owners. Wind technically there was a polling there wasn't a vote and how can they separate Cisco owners jet yet judge York. Abstain and apparently so did Mark Davis of the raiders. How do you abstain from a vote that never took place. And maybe they just abstain from giving their opinion when they were pulse. And probably just a technicality. I don't think it's any big deal but I. But I think that's kind of an interesting element and why didn't they take a vote. I'm and is that because it would have been detrimental for one owner to be on record is setting voted this way and one red I don't know. So while the ample policy NFL game operations manual and also not subject to collective Barbara bargain. We'll be part of the NFL's game operations manual and thus not subject a collective bargaining. NFL players association said in a statement that they will review the policy and challenge any aspect that is inconsistent. Oh with DOC VA. So that in essence is so what happened but the new policy in NASA's would find teams and league personnel who do not stand and show respect for the flag. And the anthem. And those wishing to. To not be a part of the national I think would stay in the locker room until it's over with. Good also that the policy was approved. In concert with the NFL's ongoing commitment to local communities and our country. And one of the new rule states that the commissioner will impose appropriate discipline on league personnel who do not stand and show disrespect our show respect who do not stand and show respect. To the flag in the anthem. And I think I think Rivera's right I think go by and large fans are saying hey. I don't wanna go on to a football game and have a protest breakout. Any more than I wanna go to war protest rally have a football game break out. Over the robber we go on WB TJ Robert. They yeah I heard you before the break and then you repeated that. I just wanted to say that I have front roku a pair front row in particular strike back on the Panthers can't bench. And I have not attended the game and two years. Clue that may even make your point. A little more. And what it and what's your message. Well is very simple. If they don't have respect. For the United States. And the number one democracy in the world I'm not going. And one of the players who went the mile Marmara and we do as a mold shop to each other on Tom Baer. Then although I'm a local guy. But I want schools there and in any event. I just feel that. It can't be patriotic. Then you shouldn't be there and and what players do on their own. Is there no matter but what they do in uniform. As an employee and that statements have been made over and over the radio and TV media and I endorse that. And the next thing everybody's gonna say what you're racist well let me make sure that by news that that's not true. I grew up on a farm on our joining county here my granddad had a gym. I picture gotten along side. The other races and we drank out of the same water bucket and the same dipped her which should today's. Felt good that expert should say that not even Janet regardless of. Regardless of your dragon which and you lied and therefore have my dad out our worst door in this city. And he was broke first flight customer. The individual and commercial you logged. Yeah first Robert Robert. Operated bank and sure like. I got your point you'll love. You argued you do not like their style. In this particular protest do you believe when they say that this is not anti military or anti country this is. Has to do with calling attention to racial inequality in this in this country. Absolutely. Not think that it did it creates more reason that month. Than anything they might possibly gain. And they 'cause they're more people that until I don't watch it on caves. That may be the result but do you believe that that's why they're doing it in their hearts do you believe that they're doing this to call attention to racial equality even if you leave you don't feel that the message. Is is portraying that. Well they may well feel that that is that a good way to get attention. To the problem. I would argue there are much better ways to do it. For example we had the former apparent third. And Dancing With The Stars than my wife watched every minute of that ventured for him. Every second at the slowly selling and any thing. And helping. You know improve the lifestyle in the economic style. And getting read them MS thirteen or wherever they call it. You know those things and we are all 400%. More equality and jobs than equality. The way that and I have found. Then the last decade I'm an old old old guy. That. People are much more polite regardless. Of the race. That I interact we have. Every day. Whether clerks or. Are any anyone else and we seem to get along fault by the way. One of my very best brand and one of the three people. That I have a clue do mine is secure alarm system and the key to my house. That pro America and we've been friends for thirty years he had insult. What a night that two Obama music. A good friend Stevie Wonder you know and nobody's and that's not very damning in and day out that's on nobody's called your racist here you've defended yourself well. And it links. Charles Sherrod to you're on WBT hi. Well are. I don't like that wagon you haven't got anything new politics that they better important. Everybody who Don the uniform of the somebody of every race. I'm an oral and Paul put you and you've gotten the US. And I wonder though what ballplayer. Like you haven't figured out how worried when you don't grab. And I didn't go into that to lighten the hole deeper checks they just do what are they get report theoretical support it. Many at the airport here about going to meet his or do anything like that it just didn't like it just. I think you are not what you eat or. Oh I think you hear about them up players off the field doing all sorts of things in the community all the time. But I don't write a bottom but don't do it but he's a good. Well I didn't know about. There's not there's also there's not a lot of them taking a meaner and the National Anthem either so a lot of this is it represented above every player in the league this is they. Representative of some of the players in the league. No I don't talk about the Winnipeg in the arm they take it for real read an article I can just going to be two and get their patent. And at that digital. Well no good go Google contributions by Colin cabernet conceal worries put his money. Well I ain't. Even went I want startled I think maybe. He's got a lot invested in it. And net between human the owner but I don't think it if you go to your your mind if you do it there on the football field that's not what you do not like we're about. Get back to let her go out and we've we've we've got to give you an avenue for your questions but apparently your believed. She don't wanna take time to go do that so and I guess you'll just have to keep on wondering since you know looking for the answer. Well they go weird sail out of Brian on news talk element in 993 WVT hey Brian. Hey there hi again John thanks. Yeah I'm I disagree with the Arab new program and hand that's dealt bad Tom pick on the press people lighting. Two weeks where there problem. First Amendment do you know say what they have canal and the call to the problem as well person. Bet you this celebrity to try to analyze on a problem with this city that too many times. Forced into mid to get Tom Dick and significant situation. People who did that revealed minority problem that are being killed. Battered. Harmed mistreated. By a look at the deeply opposite they try to channel at almost to get people to leave the pop this into a period London sir you try to make a change and it's not about how to disrespect. Beyond military disrespect that country by god and they think it's just saying bad. We're at and yet the country but not standing up. Well what's the anthems blogs. And you well know in our last two callers exhibited people are going to. Define what they see in the way that they wanted to find what they see and know whether or not that is the I'll make meaning that be a player is trying to portray or not gets lost sometimes India in in the definition. If somebody decides that it's disrespectful to country military and flag. They're not necessarily gonna get off on that and I'm not saying that they are necessarily wrong on that either the NF helpful in the NFL owners acted on this in my opinion. Or one very real reason and that's the bottom line and that's what I said the the interesting thing about what's been happening. Especially last year but really back into the year before that. Was people started to call talk radio shows and sports programs and set I'm not gonna watch the NFL anymore and everybody kind of wrote in my office yeah right. Comment but the fact is. People did quit watching. And people didn't quit going and that affects the owner's bottom line and so that's why they reacted yesterday they didn't do this out of any good sense of purpose. Other than among themselves. Yeah but I don't think inflation double down now and this will be the perfect time for somebody. Who can do a documentary and just call it what I and Neal and go ahead and chill that different instances where. Dare. Edie played 200. Precede. That somebody. Open this in very simple circle and they'll kill somebody. Even if they did that why would you Wear what you make you think anybody would pay attention to bottom that the word is here and I think what people are saying as. I don't turn on a football league to get into. And ascertain shouldn't of what's going on in America I turn into a football game to be entertained. And that's not the time I did the same thing with the Oscars ceremony is his coach Rivera pointed out in his tweet people or start a watch and aboard shows because they're tired I haven't. Our Hollywood glamour boys and girls talk everybody down to an end and the NFL's gonna say I come here to watch you play the Oakland Raiders I don't give a damn what you think play football. But that's looking back with a lot of into good now where. We track about the moral compass this country and how the moral of the country Fabiano were awarded by different saying we get deep. Turning in a black and two from the moral shortcoming the different politician. The job. You make equality in society. Now we're concerned we're at the bottom line that ballot issues and. Our country was not founded on a dollar. I make in the cash register remained blocked and engagement the biggest. Tags wake it was a dumb founded on ideals the higher source and the people to push that are here. I'd deal. Plus to try to be better at bay and we ought to be more then we are and that there ought to watch he would. That's what she's doing that the call be paid better these days and had been paid time and time again that people. We're being in a prayer and just treat. Mistreated by a man who'd let we can just because at any time it doesn't do one thing Borg. It still has he did so later on we can't somebody can't claim they didn't know. Up in the bride and her alleged gaga Soria got about a minute and a half left and wanna give a Philip by the minute and a half I have left tape Philip. Rajon. I do on my hip unless you want but you got sixty seconds I agree with ever bring you say you made some good points out. I'll let me I've never met general Libya loved the show. But I've never heard anybody actually it might not be today did do it. And it's it's like I have the damage is done I'll never be back. Famine that could be allow home grown our conversation but it. Why. Why why you want want what has been so appalling by this that would cause you to never ever go back. You know it's sort of the army made before departing for Craig aren't there and all armed armed armed. I mean and our I report Q sorry why is there explanation deal as to why they have done it Pella fill up. Why is there explanation view as to why they are doing this. I totally why won't you believed that they're telling you exactly why they're doing what they're doing. I guess that's that's its. My opinion now. Well they're trying to tell you why they're doing that and if you choose not to absorb that or not to believe that song. What are they supposed to do. Yeah I'm. Everything about this during the break goes off for lunch just burn it down I can't believe this is such a subject. I guess that Jack here I am not so appalled by it or inspired by the either way. I think there's a lot of distance to cover and race equality in this country I think we've proven that way outside of but the altercations between a few bad cops is known. And members of society. Just like the players who are. Protesting in the way that they're protesting a national football legs. It's only a small percentage of the players are doing that and they know police officers who have taken upon themselves to. Home. Not be lawful in their dealings with other members of society. Only represented a small. Fraction of what is otherwise. A very good group of people that we couldn't live without. I'm a big supporter of police. Armed but apparently not all police. I'm not a big a fan of the National Football League. Button. Not on every single player that the league has to offer. I if you wanna love protestor in the National Anthem. That doesn't say anything about my love for the country. That doesn't say anything about my cinema for the country. That doesn't say anything about two that person's teammate. Feelings about the country. Owners yesterday made a decision do I protect their bottom line. The players went out to. Instigate a discussion. Behalf. It's not necessarily the one that they want. There is a large segment of society who won't believe that they are doing what they are doing for the purposes that they say they are doing it. I don't quite understand that either. If somebody tells you that they did something because. Blah blah blah blah. And you choose not to believe it well then that's your prerogative. But I don't know what they're supposed to do. Into. All man can do is look you straight in the eye and say. This is why I did what I did. Or this is why I'm doing what I'm doing. And the fact that does similar view of Jews not to believe the sentiment that is being expressed for why the so those started now on the other hand. Is this why do you know is this what I turn into the National Football League over now. I'm quite frankly let the end of last season are during the still live season last season I'd. It is scattered tried to avoid the National Anthem that was a good time to go get to read us. So I you know I I don't know it's interesting that we're having a discussion about love of country and flag. Well as we get ready to enter a Memorial Day weekend. A time when we're really should be more focused on those who gave their lives. For what this country stands for. And I'm not going into a beach multi deal about your first amendment rights in the players in this the other skirt the NFL. Let's remember what Memorial Day weekend is here for. But the timing of the owners yesterday brings us back to the forefront for discussion. Starting Sox. Because this really is a time to give banks. For what for the ideals of this country and the people who sacrificed their lives. To make sure that we have. Those rights. That's what this weekend's all about that's what this whole Forte weakens all about I guess we can talk about this today and I'm not. And then honor don't do that Friday Saturday Sunday and Monday. Thursday. Nor did Thursday's four men. That's on eyes trying to kind of ironic that work. Andre did did did that we're talking about this when technically we should be focused more on those who served. And and made the ultimate sacrifice. So that we consider to dial 70457011. Jenin voice our opinion. So anyway I gotta hope at some point or another in my busy weekend. That all stopped down long enough. I too remember those who. Made everything that's possible in this country possible. Good bad. Great in different. Hold the whole deal. Made made possible. By people who were willing to sacrificed their lives. To make sure that future generations. Would enjoy the same freedoms. The two previous generations of fed. Should we bring can only Rico would definitely increase word. I Jones up on WBT hey Joan. Hey John. The problem I think with the whole milk thing is that everyone has their reasons for taking the me. Everyone has their own individual reasons particularly need so there's been mixed message for two real patriot is an insult to the country. Keeping us safe and that sort of thing my take is that. If your given the opportunity become. I support your country back standing high and saluting the flag by if you don't want to sitting in the locker room is no different than taking the need. The only difference is it doesn't upset her and my brother who get. And knowledge differences we don't have that we don't have to look at it appears that you do your part we just don't have see it all the all the you know the announcers are going to know every single player that didn't it was an Labarca. They don't have to name them all they will know that why they will though John because that's part of the story of the game that at least initially out will be part of the story of the game. We have a right. Under the freedom of speech we do not have freedom to force people to hear what we wanna say we have the option to not listen. So they're announcers are just soaring gasoline on the fire. Note that aren't out there appear in dependency who isn't coming up you look if you wanna look at the people saluting and at the patriotism. And all we know what ever band might be playing her whatever. You look. It's a it's a country thing. In other countries if you were to do that you get shot. The announcers job is to cover the game. That's right and the players staying in the locker room are part of the story of that gal in the game starts on the game start. The game does not start. My game to game coverage starts well before the game starts. They don't have to convert the good it sure they do they have advertisers they have to be there on air hour and a half before and they will use everything they can to fill that time. Including any other story lines that are going on around the game including players that are deciding to stay in the locker room and not come out to the field. And I kind of like I'm yelling fire. In an airport. No it's not hunted there reporters there reporters there's they're there to report the goings on now of that particular event. To do we ignore what's going on in the locker room would be did not be did not be doing your job. And all of them with their little murky quirky than a little things well. And every a lot of chicken may have been different reasons so there's a lot of mixed messages going out there is being no different than saying they could go ahead and out so well. Until blood didn't come out let's say this person didn't come out will interview the halftime or after the game and find out what their rationale it. But it midway anyway what's the point that nobody believes the rationale and they're told the truth anyway. Well but Martin elaborating banking gibberish January according to know according to joke you know. Job if a player comes out and says he's taking a neat. Because he's trying to focus on racial equality in this country and you choose not to believe him then what's the point. You can they can say that after the game is delighted to come out with a good that the same is taking unique and that too. Protests racial equality. Just hustle game without you can do without sitting on the flag we can do it without insulting the back from that are there watching. We can do without without embarrassing his parents. Well then we'll just have them call you Joan and find out how they should do it. What it could argue who could you know it all gone now I don't know at all but I do got a question do you when you called me did these things I don't give you just a free ride. Well I don't doesn't I'm tired of July I'm I don't turn on the NFL to watch them protest the flag I don't like the fact that they're taken a need for the flag either. It appeared to all of you who choose not to believe the reason that they're doing that with no. Wood with no proof as to the reason that you doubt. What they are trying to tell you. You're just basically callable liars with no justification. No basically I'm saying they can protest by not going out on the field and insulting our veterans. I planned Memorial Day games are on the fourth of July. What ever. They can stay inside they can talk to reporters afterward. We can let the post visit but that I can't speak the festivities go on with the proper decorum. But I apparently they've decided that they're not going to play by Jones rules they're going to play. But their own rules well apparently the rules of the league are that there newspaper wrote I tend to agree with. Well then they'll stay in the locker room and that'll be technically a bigger story now than it should have been. I don't know Don I'm not your orbit. Now will integrate don't call me after the season begins and I am and we'll talk about whether or not the announcers are covering those who were in the locker room or not. They will be. That's my whole point. That's having another couple hotels enough for we will do our revenues and all that kind of stuff in note to Mike we go on WBT hey Mike. Senator John Read in my. And I just wanted to throw that no doubt it'll Washington Redskins. Dan Snyder. Hamachi spent but he handed out T shirts. Lastly let's say that we should say and for the National Anthem and not one Washington redskin player took a knee during the whole scene again. That's because our owners at a low blood could tell them that you're gonna stand for the National Anthem. Going to our. I don't think we've had a Carolina panther taken me half way we had a Julius Peppers stayed in the locker room for one game but have we had I don't know that we've had any protesters air. I don't think Charlie they're so I give candidates an owner of that football teams. And you have that the Pittsburgh Steelers that Oakland raider the San Francisco 49ers. I hope they are handling being seen as this whole controversy. Are. Acting GM Doug Williams the first African American to win a Super Bowl. And would hand over his heart for every National Anthem at the Washington Redskins football games I'm a season ticket holder. And I can remember a ball me and my. My dad and your dad probably rolling over in their graves over this controversy. My father back in the sixties when I was a kid. Watching them play in the stadium wouldn't yell at people are not remotely and they're hatched our National Anthem. Now let's get on wait do fox. They need to fine I'm all about very quality but they need to find a different venue to express CNN. All right Mike thank you very much hours rusty or his mind afloat through my next caller rusty is up on WBT hey rusty. I shot. In lieu of moral weight so if you come automotive retired paratrooper at a combat veteran. And you act that the player earlier what would it take to get him to come back to the NFL get the answer that already what they fired them. When they that may opening match at the are. Gonna. Of course it's not gonna happen the battle that's Blackberry. What I would like for everybody that. Derek come back and they will have to say that are gonna come back and that they're just expressing their opinion because the perceive their quality. You know that a lot of heartburn I'll send ever want to open the same thing you don't protector but just about the only obeyed the law. Well I agree went down there and I agree with that rusty but there have been some pretty egregious. Police actions against. Are minorities said the didn't merit. What happened. Not in all cases but there have been some pretty egregious actions and I do believe that there is such a thing as driving while black and I do believe. Why did you have a greater expectation to be pulled over in some areas. If you're a member of a certain race. I agree with. But I also emphasized there. If you are not. I can't remember those older like yeah. So it's just cannot wait wait what am not stop Coke bottle and because we still there's human being. Tickets it's something we always did their book called born. Usually if you get that you that you make your first impression on somewhat the first bit thing check in you Barack what. Now I know as say okay this is a long time a long haired hippie. I know exactly what that is. So I am not saying it's like I'm just saying it is what it is it's reality so you know you are not. Don't draft like what don't act like one don't talk like war. Now and I'm not I understand your sentiment but. Him. I'm not assurance that easy. All Friday that may 24 2018144. Days in the year 2018 there are 221. Days ago. 1830 on this date Mary had a little lamb by Sarah Haile was published. And the first night baseball game took place on this date in 193040 figure what everybody held a scandal. Broccoli fields Cincinnati Cincinnati Reds defeated the F Philadelphia Phillies by the score of two to one. Has more than 20000 fans enjoyed the first night baseball game in the major leagues. Tommy Chong she Asian joggers poll today. AD were close. Could you shed 79 Bob Dylan 77 today Gary bird off from mash 75 today. And war hero Monica Lynn brown thirty years old. You know she has. First woman during the war in Afghanistan and only the second woman since World War II received the silver star the United States third highest medal for valor. Happy birthday Monica Lynn brown thirty years old today new Star Wars movie hits theaters this weekend. Remember when you just don't like. We'll wait for them. Can we just have one. Sink holes appeared in the L White House lawn. Don't suppose that's Michelle's garden beer. And according to Forbes there are six states that don't have a billionaire resident. Alabama Alaska Delaware. New Mexico North Dakota and Vermont. We just we just got us in new billionaire. The multi billionaire. A speed street opened today. And we'll continue to borrow. And the next day. And the next day. Get to go to a little bit later. And the Coca-Cola 600 of course is on Sunday. And 6 PM according to a new study only 4% of the mammals on this planet are wild only 4% all others have been domesticated. If you see the video of that just came to my mind the video of the fox gets in the rabbit. And then the eagle catching the fox. It takes him out doing you know about fifty feet or something like that I mean it's it's human nature it's hard for me to watch stuff like gravity itself. And the talent that most are hurt double fox. And did did did they eagle ended up with a rabbit right. Where are the Super Bowl champs you know. Astronomers have discovered asteroid orbiting the sun and reversed its. A short search got a lot to all the shells of the South Carolina jail on fortune released its annual list of the top 500 companies based on sales. Wal-Mart number one ExxonMobil. Number two woman. Anthony Hopkins. Heard this story. Direct opposition every stereo type about grandparents and existent so miffed with a even his daughter. He has zero interest in whether or not he has any grandchildren. Silence of the lambs are great actor. Told radio times he doesn't even know if his estranged daughter Abigail has any kids. I don't have any idea he said. People break up families split up you know. You know what your life people make choices. I don't care one way or the other. Can't be a happy life to be that miserable can. He and have a gales mother patrol Petra and Ella barker. Split up when Abigail was a toddler. Through. It is called. Life has told. Which TJ answered hey this studios called. Boom boom boom business. People who. Who do good interesting if you Google. What does the NFL players hope to achieve by taking a knee. You won't find an answer. We will talk about Donald Trump's comments and it will talk about how this start it and it won't talk about every aspect of it but he won't tell you what they hope to achieve. By taking me. And it's whether you're appalled by it or not or whatever the case may be. The message is not there. And maybe that's one of the problems. In people either understanding nor reasoning. The explanation. As Specter fiction. If you can't. Put down into simple words. Exactly what it is you're hoping to achieve ultimately. Then what's the point. John's up on WBT hey John. They don't they didn't call sheriff. It's so are they still being in the radio or industry you know that words really matter at all or talk about a couple of words here. Our book it's what does it is no word believe. All of that we don't boo you third third third messaging a couple of small believe or talk about the word disingenuous. Because I do believe that their message is about the recovery but I think of the continued to say that there that you need because of that. Then they're and then really pursue other word that people will fortify what I believe because you were in the year earlier about the perfect work. They were trying to instigate something. He wanted to bring attention to this. This issue right but instead. That my last word I wanna bring up at the same year. Cold tablet. We'd get caught without it wasn't something on the fly you if you thought something that was serving them society. Thought about it long and hard. What you wanted to do what get as much attention that it could possibly could and so he thought about how can I get. So many people so while the what's the most. Incendiary things that I can do to get that much sense as possible wouldn't be opposed would have been saying something a post game press conference. No no I think I need to be bigger than that. I'm going to offend everybody. By kneeling during the National Anthem that will give me my greatest exposure clear that the unit this unit can do believe they're messaging. I thought about believe it's about. You're owed that specific event because he knew you'd get the largest response from. Well I data and that's silly doubt that bad days he did it to protest racial inequality and people don't believe that that's why he's doing up so there's the workers were the belief comes and. Serb Serb you know my point of view I do believe that like you did it but it's code they have them intentionally. It's code that moment because it knew it would rile people up. Yeah well I'm a dead and it happens now I dread to the point that thirty some odd owners had a meeting about it. And he lost his gig. You're asserted that it would call all right thank you. Agitation on your on WB TA had. They were burned out you are ma'am I heard there are popular that the boot pro so and out are going to conclude there. Like they don't work you're a minority. It's like. People distinctive ignore the point eight everybody's like hey forward who bereavement. I know you're a let you go through it. You haven't spent a reason you don't fit it's clearly right Beers on TV copy book you put you through it don't do it right now and what everybody is singing to. They know they don't ignore that. Oh that's not the ballot with a look not only when. What is customer money had to guess by the owners actually addressed to your restaurant is because it is cost him the money and ratings but. I ask you what I just came out with the a break with what is the message. Americans are good luck so I'm Marty I've been through I've been a situation where are you driving and it dual portal or. Well all through the radio third look you can it's dark stole all the third don't appear on air. You know good OK art art that while we're at the registration but out of our optical look from all try our traffic stop. Try to do. Our constituency. In the pouring it is it's. The good group going on in America but he won't grow our. America wants to ignore they wanted to. Well I don't know enough about pack can't believe it and respectful book welcome to milk the plant but it's been used but who would pretty cool we protect the food. Who insult the sugar pill that's all I'm preparing got a point now nobody but nobody wants the under pretty into it really happened the so like a park that would cap the oil would be holding him to do it caught in its drop what is that the fact that it's really going to want. And Martin now armament and nobody will wide America it's just want to ignore it. Yeah well that didn't aren't aren't and may be met maybe they do I don't know if that's necessarily true or not I do think that there's an element there though and and hear me out on this and I don't have the exact percentages in turn mean we talked about him a couple of weeks ago but you have. A lower percentage of the population committing a higher percentage of the crimes in so you almost put a target on your back because. Of your race being responsible for so much law breaking. And I'm not saying that that justifies what's going on but I do think that that's one of the reasons why maybe you are more suspect than others. And I agreed to enactment would blunt audit committee and and my apartment fuel big blue is now right. You don't pit and I people who do well at the right right for a loan. Now and then then that's something that needs to be addressed and it needs to be addressed by people that have the guts to bring it up. And then have an honest conversation about it and then come up with some solutions to know we have the right to the well we were supposed to start having that conversation we were supposed to try to start having inroads on that so that may be weak good. I'm so all part of that problem and not to the best of my knowledge we have had some housing. Discussions but I'm not so sure that we've ever really sat down and and discussed some of the percentages. That lead to two suspects. Thumb and as suspect behavior. Yeah troop sump to shot I've I appreciate your comment thank you very much better. All right poppy doesn't really able to do the same come back after the 5 o'clock hour and I get more from a boomer. Todd traffic I haven't talked about via thirty year old loser yet today one who would get to that. You know from cancel the summit with the Tim Johnson today leaves the door open for a maybe that's still take place we'll see what happens there but I doubt very seriously you'll want to talk about bad. So. We'll we'll talk about those videos. The Biggest Loser. Michael. Road Condo. Amman. And if you're 3011 which apparently. Heard your name of Michael returned else. Would you favor government. How Krispy Kreme hit BD have to I don't know what I was thinking about all. He's southerner. That's probably the answer is that it's. And really started thinking about Dunkin' Donuts. Good news Oliver gave brought me are you boy I know I'm not. Play controllers say it's too early dozed out there and in the Jacksonville I haven't even seen them here but the never been to a Dunkin' Donuts are long long time. The used to love the once with the chocolate on. Pretty tasty cake cake doughnuts but those were pretty tasty. Now another thing about it donuts but those are pretty tasty. In text don't that are into a ditch self donut. You have a better chance of winning a thousand dollars if you text donut to seven to anyone. But. You won't get a donut. Michael. Read time ago. Thirty year old been in the headlines low for about a week now. He was on CNN last night. He did an interview that did him. No good at all in helping one iota. He's thirty years old is a loser. In fact he uses the phrase at one point. Said that he's never been expected to contribute to household expenses. Assist with chores or. Maintenance of the property. He blames his so called quote unquote failure to launch. On a custody battle it has been waging over is a son. This is the guy who got into a suit with his parents. Is parents' want him out of the house. Boy this has got to just make for a really uncomfortable. They think he gets his chances choice of our channel or anything. He's a thirty year old he's been making the headlines are refusing to move out of his parents house Wednesday he went on CNN with Oprah Baldwin. So she can ask a question and and stare into oblivion in the way of issued us. He had told her that he doesn't like living with his parents anymore because it's quote very tense very awkward. He called his parents attempts to evict him quote unquote a tax. And he says he wasn't given enough notice to leave. They've been trying to game out of the house for what eight years or eight months or. He told Baldwin I'm trying to do what's best for me. My folks and I never had this problem. In fact. I've probably lost before they wish I had. I left with a couple of months left to go to my senior year high school. Rented a cabin with a couple other aggressive that we haven't for the summer. They did it was like. Premature launch. From now we'll tell you that are about to 28 I got myself and IRS tax problems and moved back here and but that was because my dad demanded it. So he could help me get my life straightened out now was also I believe the time that I remember my dad looking at me sitting down looking me straight BI and he said. I'm not gonna pay your debt I am gonna help you get out of this mess. And then. You never had this phone call again. The next time year up duque creek. On your own. Don't call me. Don't call your mom. At that point I had gotten and do so many different. Acquired hours. That they were just fed up and meet Eddie and ended and he basically said this is that I'm gonna help you with just what. And then I'm done. And from now on you are on your own. And the meted loved me he did unconditionally. And now that I'm a parent I understand exactly what he was trying to do. He was trying to get my attention. On and say listen. You're 28 years old loser. On. The party ended for years ago all of your friends have left the party you are still in it. But I'm not cured get out of jail free card any longer. And I got my attention. Well he's at 130 on CNN tried to explain it. More on Michael Redd Condo in just a moment. The court case that pits mom and dad gets their own son's thirty year old. They want him out of the house upstate New York. Eviction notice offices of cash offers of cash. They get get and believe. Court ruled. Told him he's got to go. Michael rotunda told CNN last night I don't wanna live there anymore. But that hasn't spurred him to find a new place to live even though his parents want him to move out and on the on what his life he says I don't have the means to do that tomorrow. He's been living in that house for eight years. He even nick said last night that he has had not been expected to contribute to household expenses. He has not been expected to assist with any of the shore is or the maintenance of the property or anything he has been living there. Rent free Kirk free beer is eight years. He doesn't have the means to go out and get himself an apartment. Among. Said you need to get a job you need to get health insurance. In the time that he's been all he's done nothing he blames his so called failure to launch a little bit for his. On a custody battle that he's been waging over his own son. The judge Donald Greenwood agreement mom and dad and mom. He can fight that battle with his son does somewhere else. I'm granny in the eviction he wrote. Our he ruled. Redondo contends he's owed a six month notice. The judge even. Congratulated him on his homework. But it's a very got to go we moved in with his parents. In this upstate New York home after losing his job eight years ago and although he has so many interest like mechanics in contraptions. He hasn't had any luck finding a job. He is college educated. That I went for engineering and then when I couldn't do the math. I switched to business. In the what I didn't do business. Guys switched their favorites it. Very rather astute judges thirty year old that at a court rule against him deliver the spiritual last eight years they want him out he won't leave in the U courts ruled they have got to go. The he's now the poster boy for losers. And name is mark rotund over. He was on CNN last night with Brooke Baldwin. And that didn't really go all that well either. But he's not listen Thirtysomething still living at home mom. Lots and lots and lots of company. I'll share that with you when we come back from the 530 news just to Salem and over until loaded james' ability bta James. Hey John probably won't hear Belmont neighbors call thank you. Yeah in my mind that made it clear out and when the clock was not on the outlook for next year. College kid might not finished in December I had a job where only an hour had an apartment I'll assure with a friend who did a good movie until February 1 so there was that. Forty days or so. And night that sort of planned on Whitewater figure our where first candidate not what works or not charges murder he charged me 200 bucks. For that 140 days a rare. Send a message that he was done and now. Now you know what the problem child resistant you made it clear that you know the financial support Hillary you're on your own. Did I did he foot the bill for college. Oh sure yeah Dell saw zone in some ways he's got its AMA a heart that I'm already paid the price. Yeah we have we had a great relationship we still do and on the upper between Ichiro has about six months ago before he got collagen. I charger ran well at a. We have one of our sons moved back in most for awhile and we charged him rent and we charged him some other fees for food and so on and so forth and I don't remember how much it all came to. And our kids are never been a problem either. But I you know I was like 15117100. Bucks when it was all said and done with that he hiatus when he got he got a job offer you sort of for Time Warner at the time. And he got a job offer with Time Warner to move to Gunnison Colorado. And the morning that he packed up his car to head for Gunnison Colorado or to go to work for Time Warner I handed him checked for every dime that he had ever paid us and written everything. In and sit here this'll help you with deposits of nine and meg getting established and and so on and so forth. So it wasn't a matter of making money on it it was a matter of teach adolescent. Exactly yet and I think this Kidder one given him a hard time but I mean. I have to think person parenting involved that got him to Wear year. You know recorders are still within home on the the other it's not all the kids while they're so there's about owning a way to know that probably. Now there are Tom and I you know I got to know I'm not all that quick always to blame the parents although I others think you're ever you probably have a valid idea there com. But god dude. Gotta come on. I have some self pride. Come up with some of those some some reason diagonal got to get an interest in pursuing it. Yet and and then I listen I'm all for telling kids. And if all the sudden it's not reality by 2829 or thirty years then go do what you ought to be doing but. If I had to do it all over again I'd headed to Los Angeles or New York either doing a radio order doing comedy. What I've made it who knows her. Well I'm glad you know that near my wife and I enjoy and reconfigure or not little bump into you or your. Local IR RR Glenn white barber wanted to thousand blazes so I appreciate all meant thank you very much. But Alter egos and now we'll do the same data came up with some stats about this and because of this thirty year old upstate New York man. Ordered to leave his parents' house. By area state supreme justice on Tuesday. And he's he's far from alone this is he may be an extreme example of a phenomenon that demographic. Demographers. I have been now tracking for years and that is this growing rate. Of young adults particularly young men who were living in their parents' homes even after graduation from high school or college. Now the excuse in some case would be in other cultures and this is done all the time. And I don't think there's any send. And in fact it makes economic sense in some case. Tom do are doing that but if all of the sudden your parents say hey I'm. I've been here eight years we think it's time for you to go out. Don't take them to court. It's a good Orlando we had talked to Mickey Raphael is the harmonica player throw Willie Nelson they'll be in town that took PNC pavilion on a Saturday night and accused of a friend of ours over the years and so we have talked to him over the a 1000003 o'clock are about 320 or something like that if you want to podcasted. They were on the Airbus yes don't bust. And just come into our North Carolina from a West Virginia. And I asked him I said I've that I have heard you won us some albums I've listened to recently asked him if they were with Brandi Carlisle and she said no. He said no but we figure maybe I heard in my interest able to double but is such a distinct sound enough and been with Willy for ever. And one even really that big in the country music go when Willie picked you mafia Don tomorrow Monica worked for BW Stephenson who knows some others and but he he turned harmonica into a symphonic orchestra and RO US symphonic instrument is. He adds quoted everything he touches they went all the auditor PNC music pavilion. Willie and I and a whole slew of people part of their outlaw to work. And the Blanco was one of the company one of the groups that he said he had played with recently but I don't think that's right are hurting every now and then I hear harmonica in the background somebody's song and I go. Mickey. On any recorded thing with a good Brothers and asleep at the wheel. Now Benson and accompany you because they'd they'd do you have favorites were on the outlawed tour. Last year or year before that or something like that so world Mickey got to know demo as well. I'll give you some of the stats here on thirty somethings Lebanon home because this this guy that you're getting all the publicity for. This Mark Richt Hondo who just lost a court case though is parents want him out of the house and the judge said yeah. Get out of the house. But kids these days are are around. According to the US Census Bureau. Nearly one in five men ages 25 to 34. And that's a significantly higher share than the twelve point 5% of women that age living at home. And the numbers have increased dramatically in recent decades roughly doubling since 1960 got some more stats but all of a talked a couple people first and say a lot of Troy Abdullah. BT hey Troy. I darn. Before my comment I went there it has been back from five years away from the area to access and also computer or against us. I just a kid can go and I seem to say worry in Texas. I was then not used to incur about two years solo or sexist for not Houston and then all culture a couple of years now also there are placed yeah lost. It is one there may be my favorite city in the country other than the one but I live in and and Houston you can have Houston too big too fast too dirty. Yeah I'm at their current job and it just politics concrete jungle you know everywhere and everything was 45 minutes away. Yeah I it's it's almost like within an LA about Austin. And I assume did you notice we water in places like that need brisket. All kinds of stuff yeah you know frank that overrated it's not worked so blatant so many other places itself. I miss the food and the music domain pointing been exposed to it just. Like music everywhere all the time upon me to write a way just contraction. I mean Charlie could I had to go to Orlando apartment and I felt like I got the other side of the planet. You have an Austin let's keep Austin weird and Lake Travis and Barton springs and there's a whole bunch great things going on in Austin, Texas always has been. Yes sir so are they thought loser guy he would definitely be. Poster child. The title millennial but if you dig into some that. You know if you go on and all the media off. So I don't have any sympathy for. You know it is negative same output has parent they've written notice back on February 2. And they said thirty days and then went and they handed them all of our all star Howell. And that would that look like they hadn't done anything except say that what I can make any progress will paper storage or how great the picture broken down car to get that out of our yard and so they can't give an emirate noticeable opera help our marketplace. Sort it intriguing who. We introduced after the judge like what I mean I only have one day here at about ninety days from official notice after eight years. Well any had been there for eight years this audio do you think yourself where I wind as yourself prides start to kick him. When you become an uber driver sovereign and then take advantage of that situation stack up. So I think that think that with my son after college I let them stay he regrets. And the moment he moved out I took a 100%. What are you afraid in pain or achieved through loan during his name. They have they have it and then that's then then that is you're not charging him to make money your charge in them to try to teach a lesson or two of I have an impact in so that's kind of the same thing that we did so hale welcome back to the Carolinas nice to have you. Helping our particular night off because Troy Charlie hang on a community to have the second first. Made reference to Franklin is at Franklin overrated Franklin barbecue got an Austin is legendary. But I've heard the same thing that it time has not stood treated real well and no competition for our brisket barbecue down in Texas I mean that's a religion down there you better know how to do Brister barbecue or your. And I should do you BC and barbecued just say brisket. And if you need sauce on it then it's bad brisket. You and puts it needed. That first. No longer. And alleviating newsroom are markers of putting the finishing touches on a charlatan six foot don't want them opened at just moments how many your kids to salute and Omar. Why men. And hold at at at at at. Well he's over thirty then how long you've been there well since he was mourns the F a wake. Up. Are made for Michael rotunda. At. Hey if it is all smarter than rotunda of a sudden you know Redondo enunciated last night and didn't do work out real well for a million liberal minded and well. The secret it is and he's not I don't I don't know today that's the look anything big the and I don't think you are pretty much gave us exactly what he had the fact that so a trump has canceled the North Carolina are the go to North Korea no summit so I guess that means Jim John and be moved back into his parents' part. The narrowing Harry net it is this is uninteresting no war of words now that's a ratcheting back up between the two countries in trump today Mac out talking tough saying the military is ready if there's that says the option that's needed. But on the other hand has left the door open and I said this could still take place or maybe it happens at a later date when he is acting a little bit more presidential here when I was listen enters speaker earlier today. He didn't use the term rocket man that's right aura fire and fury. Now to light up North Korea he didn't talk about them now. China have they said anything I haven't heard anything in the last little bit as to whether they've reacted yet them. All right melody and you story to watch. You bomb. Have a guy who tries to give hope to people who have been shot stabbed her hurt and bad Rex tell me about this this. Is an amazing guy he's part of a group of people who themselves have Ben badly injured he was run over by a hit and run driver when he was on a bike and so now he goes send people who have been in traumatic situations. He goes to try and tell them hey you'll get through this then he's quite a guy while. Yeah well if you've been their that's right that help you can say yeah that's that's what he said you know it. When it in and he'd he's doing this because the guy came to his room. Who had been much worse off than he was at the time he was down on his back in that guy looked at him and said you'll get through this. And it mid term is an. Tear around Mount Pleasant that's exactly what Mike Collins told me when he hired me because I think he said yes it sucks but you'll. You'll be okay and I've always taken those words and who have absorbed and look where he has now on public radio well yeah but an institution got fears that your dirty restaurant Thursday if air breaking news Charlotte's growing. Yeah I did the Census Bureau said we're number seven for newcomers last year no one of the roads are so crowded. And how many of them are living with their parents. I was about 151000. People Cisco I Al batches some Albemarle. I felt that that we were talking about an article in the Washington Post about the a thirty somethings living at home. That this guy's not alone in fact the numbers have increased dramatically in a recent decades roughly doubling. Since a 1960. Men are more yet 28 of five to 34. Are more likely to be living at the home then no than the women about twelve point 5% of the hunt so. Com this guy is not a Denali necessarily. But he's. He's just pollution. The spends a lot of time on the computer big surprise there huh well and then apparently thinks he has a business or does it does but does are leveraging their shelf endorser. Except the money takes are mom and dad and the eight years he's been how she's doubt have been required to do eight shore oh Purdue or kitchen for rent or do anything like that and these children have enough money to negotiate an apartment I mean dude. Well not I'll see you and your never as tiger's arm according to the US Census Bureau as of 2017 nearly one in five men ages 25 to 34 lived in their parents' home. Twelve point 5% of the women. In raw number terms there are four point three million men and two point eight million women ages 25 to 34 living with their parents. That's a total of about seven point one million people still living at home. Odd that would be just about the size of the entire adult and child population of Arizona. People live and instead all there's no sin in this and delegates to a point where. If your parents ask you believe in and it ends up at a court. And then it gets to be problematic 2016 the Pew Research Center noted that more young adults ages thirteen 918 to 34 were living with their parents then with a spouse or apart her first time that's ever happened. In at least a 130 years. And they say it is fueled primarily by the dramatic drop in the share of young Americans who were choosing to settle down romantically before the age of 35 people waiting later too. Oh Dick do you do get hooked up and and to get married. The employment situation is another factor the share of young men with jobs peaked around 1960 and 84%. But in 24 game. Only 71%. Of eighteen to 34 year olds were employed. It's partly as a result median annual wages for young men plummeted over that period from about 27300. Dollars this was measured at Torrey thirteen dollars. In 1970 to about 151000. Dollars in their 20s14. So wages for young men have declined. Rick has gone up in real terms and the result is that staying with a mom and dad makes more financial sense they say. Then ever before order Charlie we go on WBT hey Charlie. I don't John good manner you. Nominated for outsell found mile marker 62. And we're going to not allow we've slowed down there. Oh yeah. Well. I've got a story about how all of a depression era father and build his son just graduated in 1981. World opened my parents strong boy who had everything. I just graduated. And the first thing though my dad's mouth well what else are you doing here I want it. Well just drop and so far but barred pop is so good you'd better have a job appoint a little considering here. And that was there. And when you're pulled into the driving area were you planning on staying for awhile. Well absolutely not. Not okay oh no oh no good god I had a lot better job I had a plate below there was no whales don't factor that. Now it's pretty interesting when you end up backing your parents' house and you're in your twenties or thirties and you think to yourself. How did I ever lived with these people because you go it's he galway do it's completely different lives and once you get your own independence than. The idea of living but mom and dad is just really foreign. Well it's good to have my parents say were you going when we'll be back out all of the big negative but lived under a bridge. In the there there's no way I'll go have that. And well these days I'll have to fight that bridged. There it would it would just expected back there and you knew what winning Ruben back home video rural or about six months until she got her stuff together. Third minute when we got out and got a goal. Yeah yeah no I couldn't get out fast enough. And quite frankly they were all for that they couldn't get me out fast enough so those sort of have worked on nights are playing tonight. Video game night T shirt for the first 2000 fans gave starts at 704. Five dollar craft draft three dollar domestic draft dollar sodas. The knights and factor in town all through the Labor Day weekend Coca-Cola speed street presented by a Coca-Cola. Takes place through the 26 so today tomorrow and does Sunday's starts every day at noon trials street in uptown. And then at 8 o'clock go ahead on down to erode their beer market that's worthy. Regional and national headliner concerts will take place to get started about fifteen bucks. They increased to 25 dollars on made the first for 35 dollars on the day of the show. And all other activities are free so there you go their speed street in the nights good time to be uptown.