Mitochondria Makeover

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, September 16th

Dr. Ernst discusses the missing connections between mitochondria and your health.


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The asked doctor Cho is presented like doctor Aaron hurts a board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on anyone this it asks doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. With one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total help. Over the next hour learned from experts on how to revolutionized that helped the nose you look moments. Sears as a doctor her. Choose your hosts. Doctor Eric Hertz. Well as those are like to thank greater listening and viewing area this yes records though. We are broadcasting live again on FaceBook dot com are there because we apparently loves football here in Charlotte. Though that this broadcast is the unique special 18 by video only. And when he beget the ground rules on what we're talking about the game he can maximize the benefits me you know. I'm getting used to doing it we called mitochondria. Make over and wanna might not like a mouthful to say. It is vitally important for your overall health that they understand what you're mitochondria. Are what they'd do for you and a little secret there would give you outlets an ounce of energy. They help it heal they protect you from aids. Literally you can't live without these guys. And most of us are doing things that damaged him though wanna talk about. What we're doing in arc arc current modern lifestyles. With our diet how we work out with the kind of lifestyle that we live on a daily basis that we're doing it sucked in life out of what's making us sick and tired and fatigued and you know cranky and duty air it will depressed like why are we gaining weight so much in. Aka we have sugar control issues and in all honesty it passed you it is it a tiny tiny guy inside every one of yourself called mitochondria. And because our FaceBook live what I'd like you to do is couple things one like this post if you would just we can get people CNET and Ann Alberts who share it. Because chances are you know some but he did deals with energy crisis that health crisis or there haven't been sort of challenge with their overall yes. They're they're desperate like it's like you can sense that he's not quite right with them. And what we tend to find as of yet mitochondria issue you would never even know about it because chances are your doctors have never checked you. Mitochondria of disease is sorry becomes something note if you Google it. But that the likelihood of you walking and to your primary positions and they got tired all the time yeah it's her. My cholesterol off my insides out to them and you know it could be mitochondria disorder. Is few and far between but you have a very high likelihood you may have something wrong with your mitochondria. So obviously got to make over a year mitochondria so your body heal by itself you're filled with nasty sleep well yet energy. Who wouldn't want a needless and great side effect is you lose a lot of weight when mitochondria work. And it is your first time viewing the aspects urged though. On FaceBook like or listening to us on our podcast at its core of the archive. Couple ground rules for you guys makes you visit our website which is ask doctors dot com ASA DR ER and FT dot com. We have a hundred Mason for you. Free recipes. Three protocols. There's even a hot at least 20030 days e-book guide. We have all sorts of stuff available for you on there and the best part of it is you can use top ranking quarter. Which is our contact list but what I like about that is it'll actually do it's you'd to wreck the media asked that question you can Pena with the information. It's not comment on a weekly basis I get people stand. I was diagnosed with this what's it like the my son. Out he has this. What did he do. I've heard about that's what do you think. And honestly if that Ricoh pave way for me to support and information you a bit in natural practicing physician for over ten years now. You chiropractic physical therapy but some distance I've learned quite a lot of things. And and from means that the way to give back if I can point and it direction sometimes that's politics because what a lot of us are looking for his health. And we sort of lost it you know I have a six year old who likes to play heightens the right now as it began. Yup I pick a really really good hiding spot. Still go I give up. I don't know where you are I don't know what to do and I had to help her enhance her. By screaming your name and having her come find me but I'm sort of wondering what your. Sort of sneaking in what hidden your health is hidden inside view. But you're seeking it if you're in the wrong area or your looking in the wrong spot meaning get bored and it becomes very much like a thing is as possible so. I sorted here today to say it is pots and out like he can happier how. He could be vibrancy can be filled with energy completes way to get off medications. And you can live an extraordinary life if you just understand what the core concepts that help our. And one core concepts. It'll no one is dealing with is your mitochondria. Now before I get to deepen its you have you scratching your head then I'm one. So my country yeah RD little tiny. You could call them organisms because they have their own sort of I'll call it. Structure and environment basically the city of it like this they look microscopically like little tiny bacterial particles. And their inside. All of your cells will most of them that is. So for example the more energy an area of your body requires. In the more mitochondria you have in that area and the reason for that. Is mitochondria are you were energy producers they act like your batteries today. Hate the nutrients that you consume. And they take water and oxygen and to gather like factories that crank out energy though. Most people that I work with and stuff like tired all the time I'm from out of content makeovers that would tell me your efficiency is shot. Here's an analogy I can hopefully teach you guys you'll understand this. A highly efficient human being healthy human being. He generated from medicine that energy. And they don't require a lot of effort to deal that they don't at the sleeper and nights the Disney eats in court nutrients. Drink some water exercise and get on the lightly it is yeah outside go for a walk he's not in and so if you are highly healthy and you did those activities. And here we have somebody who has known conditions these eight could be hearty cancer diabetes and parkinson's you do any thing. If you have a problem and you do the same stuff here in the same foods you're walking the themes that he is enough sunlight. United reduce my energy and that is. You are mitochondria your fuel efficiency is off so if I'm healthy. It is not a healthy eight point four mile per gallon machine I get point four miles to a gallon of gas on that efficient but over here if I have this sort of like. Nine mile per gallon efficient machine. We've both drank in eight with him out of food our tanks are full I go further. With less energy required because I'm more efficient. This nine you know mile per gallon machine is in a cop outs him and kind of what's happening for you guys. You wake up in the morning you've been arrested you have your practice or whatever. And by about 1 o'clock or 10 o'clock you have run out. Okay about a highly help the efficient. Individuals like 3 o'clock I'm still going and I know you want that you want it it's the one that energy. That would need or stated that in my country guys. You're buying a country determined York. How is that how long you can stay healthy active vibrant hole with cracks in and they produce energy for you. We have an estimated. Millions upon billions of these guys. Yet even idea one. Of the different parts of your body your liver for example just the cells in your liver have close to 2000. Mitochondria inside the cells of the liver. Again the more energy that's required. The more about ecology out there your heart for example of course requires a tremendous energy it's estimated that sometimes your heart even 101000. Mitochondria. Her parts now and we surge if things like here I mean we take it for granted that we openly concede. But my goodness it's not a tremendous. Or eight that tremendous energy requirements. Mean to be able over your eyes out like Condit have that be generated in two in electric chemical signal sent across the optic nerve. In your brain for your brain to recognize. This is what I'm looking at. Your eyes have the highest not a mitochondria incited them and what we tend to see. In people who have inefficient mitochondria. We see organic dysfunction. The mitochondria and heart start to suffered they're not as efficient your heart efficiency goes down in your pressure Moscow. Your rates must climb. Because less efficiency but still meeting the same amount of energy reserves or the necessity press that energy requires things to work harder. And the harder body works this ticker yet because we're not prepared ourselves a regular basis. The year mitochondria are vitally important and you know here's the sad thing. I look at it as if the average person who's trying to get healthy. And then sometimes. You know several thousand dollars a year going to doctors taking medication. Putting potions and lotions and creams on their body to try to get help they opt anti aging process. And to get more energy we sell tons of energy drinks in power bars and Austin and did wrong with those experts say. But what if instead you can in lists. And natural power source. A natural anti Ager in natural healing system inside your body. So back that you would correct yourself be filled with energy lose weight feel great and be cognitively alerts. All the way into the gold in your life ready so how to we do that OK we have to extra mitochondria. They are the little tiny factories inside your body that hate the food you eat. The U three and turn it into energy with and here it's only today. Americans are any energy crisis for their help we are running out of energy in the exciting news. If you understand this and you can at least as Google. Mitochondria. And boosting their function or make you know we are Monica on or take for Roche it's notes today due every single thing I tell you I promise you with Japanese. You're gonna have more energy you gonna feel better which they have to start feeling better. And hopefully you're gonna learn what you have been doing it sucking the life out of you because honestly the best way to fix your help is eight. Quick to doing it Robinette. Beat these that the different it builds its seat sit back and watch what happens your body and actually take care of itself. Researchers today our understanding that your mitochondria. Are so vital that they've now connected almost every disease that we know from diabetes to dementia it's also are eating cancer. Chronic fatigue fibromyalgia. Blood pressure diabetes you name it. I cholesterol. I I expect her to having some sort of mitochondria all. Inefficiency. And I want to understand is gay. And now are in late willingness something you can Google called mitochondria old disease. And if you were to look into this you're gonna find out that now. The symptoms of mitochondria diseases often what a lot of us are experiencing which is I'm tired. I I can't seem to just. Habit of energy from my day I'm in a patients in my. Energy cycles Ike Ike hit sleep very well I'm awake at night and I'm tired when I wake up. I have a help this year in my blood sugars are elevated my pressures are high. I have this syndrome might have that disorder and this is the I take this pill for that condition all of that. Have to deal with you mitochondria because. The mitochondria. Have a massive impact on every square to help. Don't you think of it if we look at every single human being on earth about 7000000008. Billion and it's on the entire earth. So if we were to sort of look at the scattering of where those people are. Obviously there are sections of the earth where it's very remote there aren't that many people but that we have like our clustered cities. We have bigger cities and other cities your body's at the same way we have. The whole environment our entire earth our entire body. We'll have areas of high clustering of energy and we'll have lots of mitochondria for example in mine analogy. The earth is your body. The clustering of where the human beings on the earth are are of course the city I think those are your organs. But they're humans themselves what's rotted all around and making the activities of the city's happening. That Humana confident that we have an estimated rate at seventeen. Thousand different biological processes taking place that her body at any different time. Every single one of those mitochondria that we have is doing one of those 171000 biological process. Some of that involves making energy detox that fine. Building needs issue repairing cartilage opening up ligament that tissues reversing inflammation. Igniting inflammation and killings cells making news sells the mean we are littered the arrow universe in fact they estimate. That your body by by weight from hot from top to bottom is about 40%. Comprised. Of these mitochondria power plants. So if you took a sell out of your heart. And you sort of look at that felons that account in the country in its list on one side almost half that's Allah be billed. But not a country liver again areas of your body of high productivity will have a lot of mitochondria and the thing about mitochondria is. They are so vitally. Important but yet also so vitally fragile. There are Mitt like miniscule things we can do that you might think are not. For example let me give you one of them wanted to know what things that destroys mitochondria is your current and previous exposure to antibiotics. And their reason for that is that these little mitochondria are used to come from the aids a bacteria. So if we think about it if I take antibiotic and it did in its intent to kill harmful bacteria in her body. That we have to wonder are the best aren't the antibiotics somehow altering and affecting the mitochondria function there body are they sucking the energy down preventing us from generating our cellular energy. And the answer is yes we now know this. So the question becomes do you ever taken an antibiotic for anything. Or your currently on antibiotics technically you are harming your mitochondria. Shutting down your energy production making your body more and help the and damage seen potentially the ability to repair yourself and he'll and you might think that's odd because Arctic taking the antibiotics that I can. Get well cards are trying to kill the bacteria off. But let me just ask you can question. Did you get sick in the first place are you filled with this bacteria whatever infection you have because of the fact you might conjure were working well the start. You taking antibiotics because your doctor isn't aware that your chronic sickness has to do with my cards real inefficiency. And so they give you an antibiotic which will kill the various bacteria that you outgrow it but if that's the symptom you're looking for. You make this mitochondria weaker than now what often happens is and I thought this trap. Taking antibiotics. He give for six days you're symptoms clear but it happened that same thing comes back the things that returns later or the infection it wherever you had it returns later. Very dangerous to treat symptoms of disease in collector clause. And you might say well I thought. The cause of my condition was the bacteria that there was growing in my body. May be but what caught the bacteria to grow with it weakened immune system that didn't date enabled device to be able to go for the actor and a first place as it is our. That's why you've had a so we talk mitochondria. Remember they com. From now historical. Relationship to individuals single celled bacteria. If you're going to look at that sort of that I'll call it evolution there'll. Evolutionary. Viewpoint behind how our bodies formed. India ocean and you had various types of bacteria and we know this for a fact that they in a small cell plankton and ousted things like that. It takes like energy and food water and turn into the Pacific that energy. No it is ATP. Has very important yours it is because ATP or Dennis in tried spots eight. It is the energy in your body it's what makes things work. If you were to say my batteries are low and I'd like to recharge my battery you would do that by increasing your production ATP. ATP is formed inside your mitochondria. And nowhere else that inside your body so in essence you can't live without the mitochondria. Because if you had some sort of I don't now does again making is that because deputy it's like this but if you had something that would suck all the mitochondria out of your body you'd be dead nothing would function you have no power there'd be no use. You'd be a hollow empty shell of just human tissue with no spark no liked it because your battery again. It would feel like you're you're watched going well it's a watch I can see it but it's not sixteen minutes now Duke Team. That would be your body with about a hundred. So when you. When you understand the idea that they are he's still are alcoholic archaeologically or historically they are related to bacteria. Anything you do that disrupts accurately it's that your body can damage on your image in my college it decreases your energy production. And that's what then makes a skeptic. And wherever the amount of energy. If it's your heart and a country you're gonna have hard facts be delivered at a country that are affected your pancreatic mitochondria. He left pancreatic effects and that's how we can now enact. What my current condition is to the potential for having some sort of took on the deficiency. Very fascinating stuff when you look at it from my biological evolution aerial standpoint and here's the great thing about it by understanding what's harming them. We and then reprogram them and retrained and actually grow Buick that's so exciting about that. They are living cells dislike the cells inside your body of you'd damaged a selling your body can be repaired the damage mitochondria. They can be repaired but like I mentioned earlier in order to repair something you have to stop damaging. The the first. Thing that we do that damaged mitochondria is we take antibiotics when we have a coal to relieve a sickness or were not a pay attention to the healthy versions of bacteria and her body. So what can we do instantly right now to start repairing their mitochondria. We need to stop slap their antibodies that antibiotics. He's not taking antibiotics when we get sick as about it if found in lots of things from soaps shampoos. Even some of the foods we consume the you might think loss how to antibiotic exposure if I'm not swallow an antibiotic a lot of our ticket base our beef or pork that your. Antibiotic retreated. When you treated with antibiotics antibiotics they them. Third in their skin tissue in the human tissue in their meats and as you eat that meets your eating antibiotic byproduct. So one thing we can do is clean out our I go antibiotic hormone free wild caught free range except for a and also stop using traditional over the counter cleaning products that out antibacterial type of them. And I think it destroys our mitochondria is the idea of the foods we consume that leads to inflammation. The neat thing about the mitochondria is in order for them to produce energy. They must take water and oxygen in certain nutrients into themselves. And now we have the cells of her body. And an inside that cell we have the mitochondria which is its own cell to cell within us now. That we need to be able to get a lot of things like proteins and fats and sugars. Through various membranes very deep inside now. So when we're inflamed number one we have inflation body. Our outer membrane of our. Body tissue cell is already inflamed so inside the mitochondria are there going hey it's nutrient deficient in here. I need. Glucosamine. Acids accident proteins and oxygen and water. To make energy for you but because your outer membrane is inflamed I can't do that so that's why you have no energy and that's why you're sick. So what are some things that inflame the outer cell membranes well number wine. Is that dietary amounts. A pro and lamb. Torre foods weakens him. And you guys know every single cell I don't think it's possible for me to not mention sugar. An artificial sweeteners because I was the state the one thing that damages the membranes more than anything else it would be an excessive amounts of elevated senators. And bad rancid facts the cell membranes around the cells are organs are made of that the think of it is that like the then the brick foundation. Of your cells the actual core rapper what protects and makes your cell itself is an outer layer of fat. And sugar can inflame those acts and eating festival and or trans fat or rancid fats. Can inflame those that there's actually been studies that it shows the composition of the self fluids. And itself that determines the fluidity and the army ability. The reason that's important days. If I need to get oxygen in and needy nutrients like Suker and that protein is and into the cell so that that little mitochondria can then eat it. The ability to meet its transfers through the membrane is vitally important. They give it as if something's porous. I can push things through but if something is non porous or repellent to just bounces right off. So from I don't country need to drink water drink error or breathe air and use nutrients. That I need to have them get into the body so if we consume a classic inflammatory foods sugar. We corn rice soy. Dairy and the various royals that come from vegetable sources or hydrogenated sources margarine soy canola sunflower sap RE tetra. I'm going to inflame the membranes of myself and inside the mitochondria are going we're starving. Now here's the unique thing about the mitochondria. In May like your human cells can become weakened and I and become inefficient in their productivity. And so if that happens then the salvage. That is housing the mitochondria then becomes it. So again remember right that if you have dysfunction in them mitochondria your pancreas in your pancreatic cells become sick and whatever the function of that cell is. Doesn't perform it's normal duty. In the instance of this analogy prepay critics felt you're not gonna present the properly you have to producer digested reportedly gives it properly. So that downstream effective but superstar to elevate it digested disorders I'd. And and we look at data we say oh that's genetic or that's something you inherited from your family or you know whatever. And my and I'm trying to show you is if simply because your body's a fifth since the was. Tapped out and mitochondria said I can't keep up this anymore. The unique thing about mitochondria and are working let's say you weren't taking any antibiotics and you weren't eating pro inflammatory foods you very clean. You still need certain functions for the mitochondria to work so even if everything is great with your membranes. And you're not taking antibiotics. They themselves need certain key nutrients it's certain key components that you're probably not pay attention to work in the first place. Another heavy heavy. I'll call it sort of them. Destroyer ever mitochondria is just break out right mineral in nutrient deficiency. So now eight if I'm not antibiotic they destroyed my body and be have a lot of openness to the cell membranes empty inflame. All my facts are perfect have been easy to clean diet etc. which by the way I could ask them lots hey listen I started eating well. I you know 34 weeks ago how long is it gonna take until I start to feel better so I start no longer have disease. There have been studies showing that the membranes. Of yourselves the facts that are incited them. Can take up the four years to completely regenerate themselves back to the normal relationship. Still find someone eating high pro inflammatory foods and not the trans fats and you know I'm healthy oils that I think are healthy like. Canola. And vegetable oil west and Marjorie eccentric that supposedly I believe those are the better oils. Which they're not by the way as you know this. The membranes become delta those facts and so if it I've been eating that way for thirty years and I spent. Three weeks going organic and using coconut oil at temple on flax oil and he is seeds all the help he did back in the ankle oils etc. And to think that in three weeks or even three months or even three years I'm going to completely rebuild that membrane. It's not gonna happen. 50% of the membrane to regenerate within about four years. So in order you to get the 75%. In eight years or if you to have 100%. Replacement takes about ten to sixteen years. Does that mean you're not gonna see efficiency increase from just those first couple of months or years now. But in order Peta fully completely regenerate it takes time athlete takes time. Time so just imagine if you are deficient in any of these he'd mitochondria of nutrients. Just starting them or added them back into your supplemental regiment will help but it's gonna take a long time he'd basically be jittery about a country. Some of the classic nutrients that I see deficient in people with mitochondria disorders are co Q ten. And unique thing about co Q ten is almost all medications destroy co Q ten. And you must have co Q ten in order for your body mitochondria of cells to make energy think of it is yeah if if might byproduct. At the end is energy if I want these keys to become energy I have to have co enzyme Q ten. Card it's seen the rise both magnesium. Healthy bats healthy proteins beef vitamins and things like like public acid in a fetal Sistine anti oxidant. Like I've got to have this sort of arsenal. Of healthy ingredients to make energy. Can't make a cake with now all the ingredients. The pocket and make energy without ingredients energy but most of us are are duped into the idea of energy comes from rest and relaxation with a cannon. But you're not gonna sleep yourselves into rebuilding your Cokie ten deficiencies were carted he expects. Something I would highly suggested you have a current health issue. It have been a functional blood panel run or urinary testing Marcellus actually assessing what is your level of your co Q ten what's your card team looking like you're right both. Are you with normal. Do you have the right amount of magnesium what's the ratio of your Omega oils give too much inflammation. Easier inflammatory markers through the roof. Really good worth brightness down if you have a local physician that you go to at least every six months or a year to just running annual blood test. Ask them to look for C reactive protein the letters he reactive protein almost sustain. And these are great markers. Another almost sustained that you can actually said he run knees and just so you Holland play New York. That in order to get this next tester probably need to talk to a holistic practitioner functional medicine doctor some sort of wellness position. To get him to measure the ratio of bureau Mecca that. How much three to six to nine do you have. Because if we can do that we can determine how to play under cells are. We can determine the amount of mitochondria or precursors for energy and like a recipe to build a nice dinner. We want to make a large amount of energy that we need those nutrients co Q ten. We're gonna get Cokie Ted probable first of all I mean you could just take it supplements. He can go out and get back. But I'm a bigger fan of fining clean healthy sources from a natural state because again we want this could be a long term. What I'll call sort of main news program. Could you take cookie ten every day for the rest tonight as the capsule gas but it's just one more supplement that by wind if you're already gonna eat. The X and Q ten. And they're the best ways to do that grass fed beef. Sar Deans anchovies mackerel and potentially even eating healthy organs from healthy animals. And I stay healthy and that of course you don't you don't when he eats. Liver from a corn fed cal because that would be it very unhealthy liver with damaged mitochondria. We wanna consume healthy mitochondria healthy tissues. But healthy animals that's why your meets Europe this year chicken must be grass fed. Grass and it's. Rearrange antibiotic free hormone free eccentric and again most that your local health food stores have that. Carter eighteen again comes from red meat so if you're a vegetarian you may need to supplement. Your card team which should be very good to do a unique thing also about Carter team is it helps to settle the facts. Across the membranes to get them into the mitochondria. You can take that back. And make energy out of it sometimes the reason people are having difficulty burning facts is because again they're membranes are inflamed. They can't get the fat than a country and also number two you might be deficient Encarta teens who could even move if you want it to you. Right both again a very key nutrients amino acid which can be found in mushrooms grass fed beef. Free range chicken and eggs. Again and so obese are dean's you're gonna find that a lot of our classic. You know protein sources like meat fish in our fish and chicken fish and that's a mixture between fish and chicken isn't it could hear meats your fish senior chicken. We'll have all of that inside of it the usually most of these nutrients are going to be found in those foods that you just consumed him. So write us again will be and mushrooms. In free range chicken eggs. In Su in its free range beef anchovies are deemed to catcher magnesium one of my most favorite. Nutrients because so many of us are deficient it's one way to know your defeats in magnesium is that you cramp a lot. The vehicle like Charley horses at ninety you know like a muscle cramps. And EU having difficulty sleeping with them it's the relax or healthy to sleep you know how's your muscles that kind of stays soft and supple. And down it's also connect it's almost every single. A call biochemical paths with in the body. May need him again you can consume but again I like to get it from foods pumpkin seeds are extremely high. And a coach at most he'd he'd like to kick him in their Ross states that not hosted in the various oils that are dangerous. Unfortunately a lot of times meego device he'd. From not even so the health food stores they've been sort of soaked and door roast sitting in knoller vegetable oil that's almost like your coating them with poisoned. Spades is also great for magnesium Brazil nuts omens walnuts pecans and a Canadian cents. A mega three fatty acids but that the reason this is on our list from at a ConAgra Foods is because we must ensure those membranes. Can transfer. Electrons energy nutrients back. In anything toxins across to get out that we can keep the self help in well. Of course almost all of our healthy Omega oils are gonna come from things like base nuts and seeds. Eating it and things like olives and coconut oil. Instilled to me out a Condo coconut olive a piece of this ethic great Omega three snack that'll help you mitochondria. B vitamins again are vitally important for energy production because there intimately connected with in the pathways that occur inside your mitochondria. And again almost all. Clean meets in this we'll have them. Out of my public gaffes that again yet another nutrient that helps to enhance the electron transport. Ports in basically what happens is when we take nutrients like sugars fats. And proteins and make energy out of them we have to transverse sort of energy components across the membrane. And without out like a gas that it doesn't work to its full capacity suspended. NATO's Brussels sprouts. All loaded with now flip a gas. Now I'm what do talk about one more component here of what's sucking the life out of us. In regards to not just their mitochondria but also just our bodies in general is the amount of lights that we are required to house. In order to produce energy. So it sort of look at sort of the equation here making energy requires air. And water. And lights. And nutrients. And the mitochondria ST can't do it without the mitochondria. So obviously we know we get air by breathe oxygen in. Obviously we know we get water by drinking it but the water in your mitochondria. Are very unique is not tap water. It's not even just 820. It's component of water based called the fourth phase or easy or structured water. I don't have enough time during today's show it to do a more detail about it but if you just very simply. Go to Google and type in EZ like the letter. A water has you know classically we have liquid we have steam we have ice. And we thought that those with only three phases water could go into and really realize that the water in our body is really neither of these. It's the fourth base called easy water in essence it is sort of like them. I'll call it a matrix it the specific relationship of how the waters all the way down to elemental form. But it's allowed to to carry an extra hydrogen atom you can think of easy water at like 830. And that extra hydrogen. The which it has a positive charge to it is what utilizes the polarity. In them not a country remember under our realize that my Beagle and a little people on this but I where attorneys analogy for you. When you look at battery you have a plot sided negative side. And by connecting the pluses and the negatives you allow for an exchange of energy to flow through it so. Whatever voltage battery is that it's at twelve full battery and it's fully charged. Connecting the positive and negative is gonna float while full of energy through it. Now why is it still vitally important that we have certain positive and negative ions in the mitochondria where they are batteries they they hold the energy so. The more you charge. The mitochondria the more you Aggies extra hydrogen atoms and you keep all of those sort of react this species. Beyond the proxy data damage as they come from burning energy the more you get those out of what you possibly charge that mitochondria and the more power again remember I mentioned it but your efficiency. I can ever mitochondria over here that's hard to say six positive charges and this was at twelve that kept more energy and it. It's north can be more effective and what happens it's who many of us are drinking inappropriate styles of water. We're definitely dehydrated approximately 35% of Americans don't even drink enough water. And we wonder why we're tired all the time only wonder why we can't steal we wonder why our bodies are working now that they mean just go to the tap. Pork costs for a gallon of water and drink it now because the body's water is different if there. Fourth phase now and teach you something right now. It's very simple and easy to do in all honesty it's making your own version of body water. Because again if we can eat food and have them be filled with things like cookie ten incarnate T at bright those magnesium. Omega three fatty acids B vitamins now let put gas in which are the ingredients for energy I still need oxygen in water. So I'm not as well drink the water that's found in the mitochondria. So here's how we do this so much but take a glass of water. An ad about. Eight entities that is the thought maybe even a little bit more quarter teeth but it seasonal. And what you wanna do is put it outside in a covered closed in and container. So you could use that like a glass pitcher with a lid he's a Mason jar indeed what everyone is noisy and close it. You gonna put that outside in the sun it's going to be a thirty day and it's tap water insult you put outside. And he just kind of shake it around and let itself there for a couple hours a day yes they require some time to do this what's unique about it is the UV light. That is now actually found in the sun will go through the glass. It starts to activate the water they've discovered that by adding all through violent power not light but ultraviolet power. The sort of heat the energy to radiance of the sun will take the salt. And actively charged the water because we have hydrogen chloride and the Balkans things fact that salt. And it will make it into structured water now. Are we using table salt now that chemical it's that it quite. We want by the active components of mineral based salts Celtic Himalayan stature. Cecil you put this in the sun in his start to charge itself. And it there's a little bit of salt left to the bottom just you know ports they can leave that behind and you gonna take that water vigorously stereo for about thirty seconds. And in drink it it's not a salty you think it's it has a little bit of the you know like a soap taste it is not saltwater you don't drink the ocean water which would be about 40000 times more so. But right there that's the water the inside our body that's what's inside of ourselves so if you'd drink that you'll hydrate your cells. Giving yourself the water. And now we need to make sure we have enough oxygen in light on it just quiz real quick is where were kind of in a show what's a really great way to get more oxygen to her body. We have the three we have to breathe deep you know most Americans do what are called this short shallow reading you can find out if you're doing it. By watching your frame these you breathe. Suffice in different Amir. I'm taking a deep breath in amiga continues that would replicate this the fight breed like this. K I know this is a web broadcast knows you listening on iTunes later in a what are you doing. Download go to FaceBook dot com asked doctor hurts find my broadcasting today and watched this my shoulders rise. And my ribs expand that is short seller breeding is called lung breeding let's do it again so I go like this. See how my ribs and my shoulders just elevated now. I'm ecstatic exhaling. If they short breath mean you're not really gain a lot of oxygen that true form of greeting is with his abdominal reading what you wanna do is actually. Three through the after admitting expand your belly huh. And blow up Alley and you pull more oxygen and also they've discovered that. If you can breathe in no longer so maybe four or five seconds of an inhale. With two or three seconds of an exhale. What you'll find is eventually get really light headed to get a little dizzy because you're pulling more oxygen and you're also retaining some carbon dioxide that then after a while we wanna switch and how do you. Exhale longer than you inhale. He about a country. Have to be sort of trained. So what do you think of this if if you worked to selectively cues. Here's an aficionado Condrey here's an inefficient one I don't want the inefficient ones to replicate reproduce in the where mitochondria. I want these guys. We have to sort of starve out the ones that are efficient and some of the best ways to do this. Is actually decrease your oxygen for a period of time. Increase trucks in record time and another way to do that of course exercise that great great way. Exercise has been linked to reversing in helping almost every condition including things like depression. I'd dementia alzheimer's. Most diseases. Even things like lowering play suitors lowering blood pressures. Helping to normalize cholesterol so the why they'll see the watch it's not that the working out to make that. Happening that it increases the efficiency of your mitochondria. And they make it happen because they are the power sources for your body. So we need to work out more I'm not saying yet to go to cross things and you know hundreds of dollars every month and Terry your tendons and break your wrists. Most work outs that are efficient for your health entry energy are simple things like going for a walk. Maybe briskly riding a bike having fun with your kids when their outplayed on the gyms and things like that does it outside move around. In half the time. Now the final thing that we're doing this destroying our body's energy cycles and ability he'll. Is were robbing ourselves from the natural healthy like that we were created to be if you think back to several thousand years ago we did not spend hours upon hours in tot. Especially inside with artificial light. They now have discovered that your mitochondria how photo receptors on them. And in order to take the water's oxygen nutrients that make energy sunlight ax as the catalyst UV light acts as a catalyst. So the longer you stand in healthy lights. The better your mitochondria art of course the healthiest like if at all. Is this not yet I know what you gonna say a but the sun was dangerous but against this cancer etc. really it's covering your body from the sun does that. What the most dangerous things on this planet today. Is blue lights artificial light Hume in May and made like the so called joke like that you go to my website have a brand new article out. About how junk like he's actually more dangerous for your body than junk food junk like sets down mitochondria functions. And what it is is it doesn't have enough of the full spectrum we need to read it we need absolutely need to green but we need him to be balanced. LED lights they have pulled almost all of the light on except for the blue and your mitochondria are freaking out. And where it's the heaviest is yet again LEDs this the F bells and fluorescent lights and fortunately even here in the studio I've been paid by fluorescent light which means. I have to go and spend an eagle limit time outside to undo the damage or a need to get some sort of red or infra red lights. Now we are running short on time but remember I've got four minutes of fun for our faith that your son and giving guys the couple tips. But the simple things at home you can do to booster mitochondria. Don't forget that in about a week I have a very special seminar coming up I've rented out the holiday and express your Charlotte not hosted a diabetic. Summit. I'm trying to take people who are ready for a change their life through a lifestyle change that they can reverse diabetes divided selves. There's information below under this video how to register thanks for watch yesterday don't forget that like this like our page here this what your friends and family commando of the of Mason's case to be transformational. Authority guys east every week and don't forget stick around performance upon. Yes doctorate Chelsea guys next week.