MLK Discussion, Detroit Auto Show, Best Jobs

John Hancock
Monday, January 15th

Hancock talks about Martin Luther King and plays excerpts from his "I Have A Dream" speech. Reviewed the results of the Detroit Auto Show and the "Best" jobs in America


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This is John Hancock. Are there other friends that I hear on Martin Luther King Day as we can be. We get a can't pay for this so. Size that we're gonna play RO part of the a dream speech we do that every year we normally play Sam Cooke change gonna come. Always a world. The sticky with our tradition or by good demand good weekend. Ready for the cold weather all over again. Should be here tomorrow. Into Wednesday morning possibility of some snow but I don't think they're expecting no accumulation actually have a the original forecast. And what we have now was a little bit of a lighter version but nonetheless. You tired of the deep freeze those of you moved here for the weather. To Chile. And will stay pretty chilly and also we get into the weekend if you make it to the weekend Saturdays upper fifties Sunday low sixties. So when you add that to the weather we've had you get into upper fifties low sixties. In retrospect it kind of feels. Pretty nice. I think it probably is pretty nice actually it did low sixties the middle of July wouldn't. That you were true. So other go on all that. NFL divisional playoffs yesterday. We were two for two from our pixel note Friday. And I picked Atlanta they lost to Philadelphia I picked the patriots they won. Beat Tennessee. I picked Jacksonville. They beat the Steelers. Get a big bin clover was like 500 yards or 600 you are so like that's five touchdowns what was it. And still lose the game how do you do that you have great. Like portals wouldn't too shabby either. Anyway I and then numb we had picked the states. And they'll look real good there are right up until all the. Last second. Literally that was just unbelievable. Arm and I and I feel for. Well I feel a lot more for Marcus Williams today if you wanted to neural insane and Bernadette to headline in the newspaper about owning us. That somehow or another puts a dent in my sentiment. So I guess an actual real bed for the saints today. And so much for the NFC south everybody can now go home and we'll see you next year. I do feel bad for Marcus Williams. It is pretty of CO we're down to whether or nor Owens. Newspaper. Just kind of see what the reaction there was and he's getting a wave of support from a former NFL players and fans and observers saw. Just our personal level above and beyond a football rivalries and all that. He's a rookie safety he had six interceptions this year he's part of the reasons that the you know saints are so much better this year than they were last year their defense actually is. I'm pretty phenomenal and he's one of the reasons why and I don't know if you if you buy the explanation that he had been told by his coach not to. Even running a risk of interference. Look to me like he went for us to take a guys legs out from underneath him and closed his eyes as he went for him that's sort of what collector may but. But he missed the tackle and now Stephon digs though walked into the end zone as time expired in the vikings win the game and it was just the most amazing ending. Until the vikings are still alive to host the Super Bowl think it's an hour another beat the Eagles in Philadelphia. This next weekend. And no one said there have been I think what they say eight teams have had a shot to maybe post their own Super Bowl but nobody's ever done before. But pretty good games are pretty have been a pretty darn good dinner games effect. You'd you don't have except for the patriots beating the titans. Every scorer was. Was close within a school or the other. And you know offers a while when I thought Atlanta was gonna pull it off. So wamp. They re go to go to the New Orleans no law NO LA dot com if you want to go to the same section and you can see what people are saying but essentially they're saying when his team lose as a team. And he's getting all sorts of former players are chime and and enough. Harry Connick and some of their Kirk or Kirk herb street road hang in there are Ed baby magic got 32. It great rookie year learn from this ski growing. When this group loses a group you've had a blood. So off to those that was all about that a Keith Jackson died over the weekend. He was. He and burn Lundqvist to me work college. Football and I probably shouldn't even mention burn Lundqvist in the same breath as Keith Jackson because he just was Florida had. I'm. The man. But to accused Jackson passed away over the weekend and that was just for a few weeks after we lost to convert. Saw as a long time and my mom the other day not necessarily about this but I was saying you know I'm I'm at the stage in my life my mom's and ninety's now on. And I am now we're talking about it I mean she lives in May. It is it's a senior. Up apartment dingy stuff assisted living should be good yeah. But she was saying Mel sudden you know you go down to the cafeteria and you notice that you haven't seen somebody you know while in new say hey whatever happened to so and so and also know they moved out a lot of cases that means they've moved on to a different. An area of care or. Russia haven't seen. Jim and lasted a few weeks so underwent all Jim passed away last Thursday. And I told my mama so yeah I mean even its stage in my life for a mug on a more funerals and I am weddings ago. Com and I'll watch and I'll a lot of the people that were beat keynote. Names of my generation of my growing up the link that my dad and I had together people that we. That there were in their prime when I was a kid. Watching sporting events with my dad and stuff and keys to. Actually would have fallen into that to a category. So why he was 89 years old and he just had a remarkable life from remarkable career and he just had that voice and he was a Georgia native so we kinda had that down home southern. I charm to him. So rom. They wait eight CO HC's Keith Jackson's the world stepping off to the other side but you know what the next generational have their voices. The people that they grow up with the and and so that's then that's just kind of the way it the kind of the way it works. So Martin Luther King Day well let's talk a little bit about Martin Luther King note today of some good stuff in the paper today and no play the last six minutes of the dream my speech from the Lincoln Memorial and we'll do that probably next we'll. Well back to Mississippi. Back to Alabama go back to South Carolina go back to Georgia go back to Louisiana brought back. Through the slums and get to all the run moments it is. Knowing that somehow this situation. Can and will be changed. Man does not want my and the value of this crap. I say do you. Looked a bit my friend. So even though. We face a difficult it is hard today and tomorrow. I still have a dream. Yeah it's. A dream deeply rooted in the American dream. I have a dream. But one day. This nation will drive up. Live out the true meaning of a screen and we hold these truths to be so bad but that. All men are created you can. I have a dream. Then one day own the red heels of George. The sons of former slaves and the sons of almost slave owners. Well babe BA bowed to send around to DeVon at the table of brotherhood I have a dream. Could one day. Even though instead of Mississippi have state sweltering. Web Vuitton. In just us. It's sweltering with the heat of oppression. We need transformed. Into an oasis of freedom and just as I have a dream. I thought little children. One MM and a nation I'm glad they will not be judged by the color of about skin but by the content of their character and. I'm gonna win. Outlook dream that one day and. And and. Alabama. With its vicious racists. Residents got no. Haven't nose lips dripping with the wedge about the position another vacation yeah. Monday night back in Alabama little black bar than god the. Hundreds on hand when little Red Robin white girls as sisters and brother my. And the I would dream. I'm proud of Shelby told you never know how things have been then my. Plays that would be made plain and the puppet made some will be made straight and the I'm not something you. I don't see it to devil. There's been. And this is a fan of that fact are back to resolve ripped. Read this way. We will be a go to if you out of amount in of this map a stone of hope it will be afraid. We will be able to triumph on the timing this callebs about nature and enjoy a beautiful symphony of rubber boot on the road this faith. We will be able to work together to pray the devil to struggle to Daubach to gonna do well to double the roundup of freedom of the doubt about. Definitely be in the Bennett went all of God's children ahead. Would be able to send with the new meaning my country to be you know. We had planned never to feel beyoncé and mammogram on all of those god man but the pilgrims. Pride from every mountainside. Let freedom ring and America has to be a great nation. This must become true. So let freedom ring. From the probe into now tops of New Hampshire good let freedom ring. From the minor amount things and we don't. Let freedom ring from the heightening not a game in the Pennsylvania. Tonight let freedom ring from the snow capped Rockies of Colorado. Yeah pretty land from the presidential shouts of California. From not only at bat. Let freedom ring from stone mountain of salt. And backlit and from my god I've been a tendency. Let freedom ring from every hill and yeah. That's the shipment could have ripped open side. Let freedom ring and wind problem. Wouldn't and from every advantage and ever Hamlet. From that state and average student. We will be able to beat up bad bad let the ball children at CNN white men. Jews and gentiles Protestants and Catholics will be able to Joseph Carnahan. And saying you know that I've been called negro spiritual free at map three at math but bottom line is we. A crowded just about. Everything that we just aired their low what was really a sixteen and half minute to almost seventy minute speech. And other president today in the gas and gazette. Beginning their editorial piece are just about or we started that recording. And so as I listened to it today I don't follow along. And read the words this is he spoke the words. And and and I think Dario went to the same dissertation last year. But. That's an old speech. I think Kennedy was quoted as saying was he not in a room someplace. And he saw that and he said to the rest of the people in the room. That guy's pretty good. A deck I was pretty good he was so are the radar doors of our own lifetime. There are things that you may or may not know about the king dream speech we'll talk about that it was so pointed out the US dated dated today I think I've heard most of it but not all of it but other parts of them were pretty interest and and we also have a tendency over here you love to play Sam Cooke. On this Martin Luther King Day every year or change is gonna come so although we'll take care of that as well so. We are happy to be here on Martin Luther King Day news 1110993. WB tapes. For the last six minutes of podium Martin Luther King I have a dream speech. When he took to the lectern and on that march day fifty years ago. And it has been fifty years ago now. This year April I think march April. The tax he had in his hand did not contain the words I have a dream. Now he had doesn't. A facsimile of the dream speech several times before so it's not like he pulled it out of the hat. But he did got to pull it out of the hat that is not the speech that he would planned on giving. To be improvised and on the spot. And as I've followed along the words today as we play the recording a few moments ago. If for no other reason. Just. To deliver. That powerful speech. Improvised. I'm impressed just as a just as a person knew load them loans people who can do that who can put the right words in the right order at the right time for the right reasons. In March wasn't king's first use of the dream. Speech. He they came actually to regret that phrase. About the top by the time he had died. And that speech had faded from public memory. It was his death that really brought that speech back to the forefront. He spoke on August the 48 1963. At the biggest most important civil rights demonstration in American history. And it was at the heart of the civil rights movement. And anybody that is in there in my age group that was alive for that particular period of time. John F. Kennedy of Bobby Kennedy Martin Luther King they're assassinations. The civil rights movement The Beatles. Eight and the Vietnam War. I am is it was a heck of a time don't. Just to and especially. 1963 I was eleven. So you were starting to kind of be aware of things I go I was raised by a Goldwater Republican my dad. Some and and so I was very familiar and I don't I've talked drug Goodman many times about my mom putting the bomb shelter in the basement of our house during the Cuban missile crisis. So I was I was aware of the Kennedy. I'm presidency and my dad's opposition to his. Points of view and. OK I'm eleven. My girlfriend got beatle cards all over her blue wall of her bedroom. I was allowed in her bedroom then because at eleven. I would even try to get a kiss back in those days you know I just did your girlfriend. Somebody I can hold ends with walking down the hall. Pretty innocent time. Kennedy spoke on. On that day. The most important civil rights demonstration in American history. Eight years after the anti segregation Montgomery bus boycott. Three years after the lunch counter sit ins in Nashville and Greensboro. Two years after the first freedom rides on nine interstate buses through the south three months after police in Birmingham Alabama horrified the nation by using attack dogs and fire hoses against women and children. Pro testing segregated public facilities. About 250000. People are on the National Mall. They're there to demand jobs and freedom. Including a passage of civil rights bill. Kennedy are scared me king employed the phrase is the I have a dream phrase. And the oratory it framed a week earlier in Chicago two months earlier at a mass rally in Detroit several other times in the previous year or so. But he hadn't planned on using it that day. Drew Hansen author of the dream book about the speech. Said that between 1963 in 1968. Bethpage which largely forgotten. First because of the crush of the events and later as kings earlier optimism began to seem somewhat ill founded. And that he became more controversial. Especially in his opposition to the war. King's assassination on April 4 1968. Led to the Nash added to the nation to rediscover that speech. But that's speech almost didn't happen. And if king had not improvised as he did that day you would not have happened. On the day of the march. More than two thirds. Of African Americans. We didn't call on African Americans then. Lacked the right to vote. Attend integrated schools. Or use the same public facilities is whites. I don't feel like an old guy. But I'm old enough to have seen. Restrooms in water fountains that were marked appropriately. Or inappropriately I guess I would. King's movement finally had made the civil rights. The nation's top domestic policy issue and that's summer would see 11122. Civil rights demonstrations around the country and about 20000 arrest. Obviously almost all of them in the south. And then on the Wednesday morning at the march. Washington. Was pretty tense about things cops everywhere. The crowd gathers at the Washington monument and they marched to the Lincoln Memorial. And king not even 35 years old was the last one to speak. And millions watched on TV and all three networks could cut away from regular programming. So that means the whole world was watching. And king began reading from a typed text. Any invoke those words. Of the president whose likeness loomed in the background. Five score years ago king said. The emancipation proclamation. Came as a joyous daybreak. To end of the long night of the slaves captivity. Hundred years later he said the negro still is not free. The promises of Lincoln's proclamation the constitution and declaration of independence were like a bad check and now he said. We're here to cash it. And after ten minutes he was more than halfway through. The speech he had planned to get out. That had been well received but was as Kennedy biographer ours are king biographer Taylor Branch would write far from a historic. And king looked up and put aside his text. And apparently. Saw an opportunity. Now king rarely spoke from a text. And apparently rumor. Legend has it that the my Haley a Jackson who performed earlier. In group wanna king's favorite gospel singers. Cried out at some point tellem about the dream Marten. Whether you heard better not I guess nobody really knows. But apparently he did. And he said. Improvising from his original text I say to you today my friends that even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow. I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream it is a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its create. We hold these truths to be self evident that all men are created equal. He raised his voice. To be heard over the growing applause and he repeated the refrain seven more times. Moving from justice and equality just something deeper. Human bond of transcending race. He said I have a dream that someday in the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together. At the table of brotherhood. And he went on to talk about Alabama little black boys a little black girls will be able to join hands a little white boys and white girls. Ans as sisters and Brothers. I have a dream today. And then he suddenly. Returned to the speech that he would. Left lying unread at the lectern for the last line. Free at last free at last. Thank god almighty. We are free laughed. So he created technically that masterpiece. On the fly. And the march ended peacefully. And not a single marcher was arrested. And Kennedy met the leaders. Ed dubbed the march at the White House. And he walked into the cabin or room. Any look at king and he said. I have a dream. And three months later Kennedy was dead and Lyndon Johnson. Rammed the Civil Rights Act through a previously. When receptive congress. By saying it was the best way. To honor the fallen president. So there you go a little background to the background. It's your off today this volume pretty good day to have off it is supposed to be the unhappy this day of the year. Monday January the fifteenth the unhappy this day of the year told blue Monday AA expert and seasonal disorders first identified January is the most stressful month. And now there's a formula that works out to other worst day of the year and it happens to be a this year. Monday January the fifteenth. The formula takes into hotel lousy weather. Debts owed after the holidays in the amount of time that you before you abandon your New Year's resolutions. Now we're the fifteenth how many people Marty. Trump canned there. Not resolutions. The buzz over the weekend anonymous comments to the observer of the paper from time to time. Taunt Charlotte everybody needs to pony up so Felix who bought us can make some real money. I have solicit me an email over the weekend. New and sent out here that they'll land out there by the sale barn yard flea market on our route 51. Is potential new site for panther stadium in Dallas say a report that had come at a red murky up wc and sega's tomorrow play last week you know want. I'm spam Byrd was talking about it on the morning show. But there sure as there are set 220 acres of farmland sit right their belongs to a guy by the name of Jim Miller who I just happens to be area. A panther fans. And there's some speculation right there on the South Carolina line. Apparently it was in play originally. Owned before they decided they had to have the up down thing but to it was gonna be called state lined stadium. Sits right on the line. But it's got it's got the acreage that you would need so that you could day have 20000. Parking spaces out there and the owner of the team would be able to. To capitalize on the revenue from all 20000 of those parking spaces and that's gone on. The shortfall that they are Panthers situation has compared death. Now some of the other stadiums all the hallmarks of the playoffs last night. And you you know I mean Minnesota's got there are new deal. But you know much in Pittsburg and watches some of these other places and a command or whatever thirtieth thing about Pittsburgh having to have a new stadium. May because I don't live in Pittsburgh but there seems to be an awful lot of stadiums out there that are doing just fine. And as they had asked. Stamberg if he got the Super Bowl and you got the final four and you got that. Ten biggest concert draws and they're not play in stadiums anymore but let's say that comes back. If you got all of that would that pay for the difference of a billion dollars in the stadium you have now on the stadium that they'd wanna build and the answer is no. Now obviously having a Super Bowl here would be advantageous to the city's rapid nose or and so forth. But it certain did did did having the Super Bowl turned Jacksonville and do away new Mecca. Know. So I don't know I kind of discount I understand that that's it's all gonna come up and that's what's gonna happen and. They're gonna fleece the the citizens and the taxpayer and and the resources of the city because. Or why shouldn't it. That's gonna paid two point eight billion dollars for the team is gonna have to fleeced somebody. But. But the idea that we absolutely positively have to have a new stadium I just think is. I understand that it means more revenue for the owner. But I also understand the owner is all about the owner he's not necessarily about the fans and if you don't believe that asked Jerry Richardson if you're PSL longer what happens to your PS cells that they build a new stadium and how much she cares. And the answer is probably not a whole lot. Anyway the other blows that I saw that came through was Feyerick trump tower whose Pitt started that. They did have a fire truck to our not too long ago so I thought that was so. I thought that was a pretty funny so all this cold weather does that now mean that there will be fewer mosquitoes next summer have you thought of that off. You look at the bright side you're trying to find the so ignored doesn't. Much of the United States says still experiencing cold weather we're going through another about a cold weather we can even see some snow by tomorrow night into Wednesday morning. Not to love not to any serious accumulation but. I mean I wouldn't start trying to find the slow but. But we may see some. So does so putting up with colds doesn't mean that there will be fewer mosquitoes comes summer according to Susan Pasco which the chair of the department of entomology at the University of Wisconsin Madison she says. Not necessarily. Pass again you are get through this. They're going to make it because they have experienced these kinds of conditions before. They don't get wiped out. Maybe you'll get a little suppression of ticks but does she said Woolsey. You also adds that most of the bugs are likely to make it. Though it's going to depend a lot on the factors including know what insects are in your area how cold it gets where you live and know whether or not Q I get a lot of snow. I don't know if it's because were in between maintenance crews are not that I was noticing on my way out here on Friday in the lower part of our building. That's where the cockroaches didn't show up from dive dive you'll see him play and on their little backs down there are sometimes still running in place. And on my way out of the door I've noticed like three album on the floor and I never see that. So I don't know if that's a sign of cold weather or the outside of we're in between maintenance crews. The go go with the maintenance crews. We always played this remark with a few days we've been through this. Up the back kitty improvised the last half of it so it's. Please Sam yeah. ABC. Okay. Man. Okay. New. Jay you all com. Well. We're. Okay. Okay. OK. In new. Yeah. I. Okay. Love yeah. We're. Okay. Okay. Okay. Okay. Champ car com. Which is one of the guys is to come to Charlotte back in the day and stay with rocket regulating who went into the WBT hall of fame along with the Henry voter myself this last year. And didn't know I knew rock and ray well. But I don't know that I knew all of the legendary people that when they came to town this data raise house or do you find about ray's house or you'd walk in to raise living room and you know Otis Redding would be sitting there. I knew we knew home I didn't know that he knew. Tim Cook. So I'll let me ask you kind of a personal question would you rather hang out with your dog genuine your friends. It. If you have a dog owning a friend to us that have been a flake and out on you all know when you have plans they could be doing a bang out what their dog. There's a new study 2000 dog owners found that it's a common. We more than half a blue admitting to sometimes skipping social events to spend that time with their pet instead. So much less pressure. And it's less expensive. I need to get dog had to go potty they're pretty much happy. Now you can't dig a friend out to go potty just a million that they got have a beer and again Sunday evening they wanna go I you know chase chicks are an area that's gonna get on. Let's go football game wants us dead and had them dog and never go are all that. They are mangled body of Mattel we're out there and done. Checkbook. Never touched. Steady from Smart dog collar creator link eight keys AKC. Also found that 60% of their dog often takes care of them in some way with many saying that they talk to their dog like they or friend. And that their pet helped them get over break up or handle the death of a loved one. Unconditional love was named the biggest benefit of dog ownership. By a 55% of them followed by constant companionship. And 88% of their dog made them male better person. So there you go. If you're one of those who from time to time. This flight down on your friends. To spend time with your dog. You're not alone. There's a kind of a side story on this Martin Luther King Day which really has nothing to do with Martin Luther King Day although they timed it to. Do have a protest on Bartlett or king day a lot of Americans are working today. And others are protesting a work that they describe as slave labor. This is from the guardian reporting an unusual protest organized by prisoners. In the state of Florida. That kicked off today in the primary agreements. Is that they're forced to work. And pay nothing. Not even the nominal fifteen cents an hour that some prisoners and other a bad day and that is a C and some other states. Sit down in Florida of their us seeking a fair wage and hope to arrive. At the end via a monthlong operation push. During which they plan to not show up for their work assignments. Does that give ago. You you're not gonna be real tough to find. Prisoners said to stay record our goal is to make the governor realize. That it will cost. The state of Florida millions of dollars daily. To contract outside companies to come in and cook clean and handle the maintenance. This will cause a total breakdown. As for those millions the intercept. Which reports at least eight prisons have inmates who plan to participate in the protest. Notes that in addition to the work being done in the prisons community work squads blog to three point 15 million hours of work about 38 million dollars worth. And which included hurricane earned a clean up throughout the state in 27 team. Now. I don't know I got my first thought was how much does it cost is substantial. How much does it cost to keep these. Gentlemen. Incarcerated. And the personnel that it takes to. Keep them incarcerated incarcerated. And medical. And food and and housing but so to speak. 50000 bucks a year for an inmate or some I mean I'm just pulled that out of my butt. It's something along those lines when you when you into when you rooted in to put everything in there so long. So I don't know if you know maybe they ought to basically throw those numbers back at them enough and see how they. And then the other part of that is. They didn't hire you. You've got to demanded. It that you be under their. You couldn't go live under the the laws of the land so we are. Yeah that's kind of your own damn fault but that's who you ended up. Quote unquote working for. Well I had a big time in Hawaii over the weekend. Can you imagine. I mean have you seen the tapes of people. This is the stupidest thing I've ever heard and a first for the first thing I saw. Kind of heard a rumor about it. The golf tournament Charles Howell the third eating breakfast in a hotel and restaurant. And everybody. Had their phones. And were receiving the same push message and the push mentioned that everybody was getting a Hawaiian was. Ballistic missile threat inbounded. To Hawaii seek immediate shelter this is not a drill. And for 38 minutes. They were led to believe that this was a reality. Although. The truth was known within a few moments. Apparently it took two clicks of a mouse for this human error to interpreted. All the alarms went off at the same time Powell said he got everybody's attention I didn't know what to do we all stared at each other kind of shows you the world we live in right now your whole life can. Change in the second. That push alert turned out to be a mistake a human mistake early morning emergency alert mistakenly warned of an incoming ballistic. Missile attack. Dispatched to cell phones across Hawaii who's gotta be a little tense because of North Korea right now anyway. Saying off widespread panic in a state that already is on high emotional alert because of the tensions between the United States and Kim Jon Gruden. Officials recalled the alert about 38 minutes after it was issued. The outrage was a media. Officials said that the alert resulted from a human error and was not the work of hackers Soro federal government to or anything along those slides at no time. Was there any indication of a nuclear attack. That had been no launched on the United States are Hawaii. The alert went out at 8:10 AM. Lighted up a lighting up phones ballistic missile threat inbound to Hawaii seek immediate shelter this is not a drill people flocked to shelters if they can find one. Crowded highways in no scenes of terror. And helplessness. I was running through all the scenarios in my head but there was nowhere to go nowhere to pull over said Mike has to ask your retired a military captured. Human error is to blame. US military is in charge of detecting ballistic missile launches and maintains a complex and integrated network of sensors and detection capabilities in the Pacific to follow a missile activity. Eight network that has been improved in recent years. Missile launches are detected immediately by satellites that notice the end of the inferred signature of a launch pad. The detection triggers an instant Strategic Command or scrapped come access asked not to process. The assessment looks at where the launch is the potential type of missile the trajectory. The opera GB distance and the potential targets the of the path of the missile. Talk military commanders join a conference call with the top priority being to decide whether the missile as a threat to the United States or its allies. If the missile is a threat to the president's brought in response to decisions are made NORAD. Strapped com intelligence agencies the National Security Council involved in the decision making even if the missiles not a threat the president usually gets notified. Quickly. While missiles are still in flight. United States has not had to make a direct military response. To recent North Korea launches because it's been assessed they posed no threat to the United States if they did. Missiles on ships in the Pacific or other land based missiles could be launched to try to shoot down the incoming missile. The military shares all tracking and verification with civilian authorities. Hawaii's emergency management system relies on the military because it does not have detection capability of its own. Why has a three component emergency notification system the first part of the system is that outdoor warning sirens sound. At one minute attention alert signals. At the same time the emergency alert system. We use Hawaii's broadcast industry cable TV wireless cable and send an emergency message that type of system is used would like AMBER Alert Toro weather emergencies. In the case of a real emergency. Two pieces would be a joined by alerts of the wireless emergency alert system Saturday the wireless emergency alert system and the emergency alert system are used to warn of a false missile threat but there were no reports of sirens going off in the state. Human error. Caused the false alarm. It was a mistake made during a standard procedure at the changeover of a shift. And employees. Pushed the wrong button. The warning went out to cell phones television and radio. And it took them 38 minutes. Although there was a senator from Hawaii that had. The answer a lot faster than that and and ended tweeted out false alarm. But the powers that be 38 minutes. Before they finally. You. We're able to say a second emergency alert stating no incoming missile was sent to those same phones. In Hawaii. 38 minutes of sheer terror. Oh and acceptable. It clearly it's Danica Patrick is confirmed she's dating Aaron Rodgers. And they do all in my bed. I'm here because. Really both had time. Dan Gurney died racing legend first race car driver to achieve wins in Formula One and NASCAR and Indy one of the most revered and accomplish figures in motor sports history had died yesterday Sunday he was 86 years old. And read the news today oh boy coming up and just have to shake you know we also may you know the auto show has started out there in Detroit which is always an interesting time muddy car of the year the SUV in the year of the truck of the year those mauled and announced so we'll look. We'll talk about that and maybe even do way about of all what do you drive and why coming up next. Nor has done as a must watch to a boy yesterday TJ is that it staying lighter later. Like instead of 535 going dark like 540 now. Bloggers talk. March something rather that works or not that far away from going back there daylight saving them. He started driving home in the dark you don't also get tired of that water main break on Wilkinson they're still working on it they were working on it when I came into that. They've built tolled lanes on cell. Of these seven faster than they've been the water main break on Wilkins. It's not that I'm complaining. Fifteen days into the year 350 days ago it's January the fifteenth on this date 1889 the Coca-Cola company then known as the beverage and medicine company was originally incorporated an Atlanta Georgia. 1967. On January the fifteenth the first ever Super Bowl. Green Bay defeated Kansas City 35 to ten tickets for the two super Super Bowl range anywhere from six. At twelve dollars. It would have cost you like 48 dollars for a family afford to get into the Super Bowl outrages of new. 2009 the miracle on the Hudson. US Airways flight 1549. Makes an emergency landing on New York's Hudson River. No one was injured. Plane sits about 20 what three and a half miles from here. Aviation museum no one was injured miracle on the Hudson on this date. 99 years ago. Twelve and its own right. Singer songwriter Jon Fogarty a little upset that the title of his classic song proud Mary is being used as the title for a movie about broad professional assassin. GL my read the news today oh boy announced that next year we'll have a car on the road that has no steering wheel or pedals. Course I saw some drivers on the way home last week could do I don't use videos during will of the battles anyway so what's the point. Seattle has a new soft drink tax that makes a Costco pack of drinks that normally cost fifteen dollars and 99 cents now cost. 26 dollars and 33 cents. Pull it out to throw a Tea Party you know taxes are still there. And they are false alarm may be sort of pop party. Hey a false alarm meant that everybody in Hawaii thought that I ballistic missile was on its way to the island. Oh well. Oops. Sorry. Novel approach comes to a restaurant pricing how we feel about this is happening in lending of one of their London at one of the leading restaurants. They have launched a new pricing model based on the travel industry with different charges depending on the day of the week in the tiger booking. Ball that Ricard known for a luxurious dining room is offering exactly the same menu only prices are 25% lower for offbeat time off. Peak times such as Monday luncheon 15% off mid week. Including dinner on Tuesdays and and Sunday's. Booked for Saturday night it's full price so another words when the wind when the when they're busy your pay full price. And it's not so busy. In the prices reduced. I would take death. Actually makes a lot of sense I guess we'll. Unless you go in there on a Monday night have a great steak and then go back on a Friday and can't understand why are costs so much moron you have been met but hey that's your problem and I. Okay cool man I. So. Here's a news channels up byline on their TV stations are by his word about the death could deal. This president came out I was over the weekend and today I know I'm not gonna happen Democrats don't want it. And and the government shut down we go we got that till the nineteenth and then that's looming. And those are just great stories for MSNBC and and fox and CNN to get all fixated about Nelson fill time. But. We still got days before the deadlines on those things. This is all part of the negotiation progress this is a president who negotiates hard all the way down to the last second. And I'll betcha the government doesn't set down an omission that something happens in regards to deck and if not immediately they'll be a bridge that'll get us to something. Too many people in this country want to deck a dealer happened I want some sort of protection for all those people. It would be political suicide in some way or another to not appeal is all the people in this country don't want to have Betsy that happened with president not just gonna give him four days before the deals all up. If we get as much as he can. And put people on as much. Egg shells as he can get before they finally got to come up with some sort of a solution. So you can now get fixated on all of this right now if you want to but. This is kind of like that New Orleans Minnesota game. Does Merlin looked really good for Minnesota right now. But then you just never know do you. I have a feeling Dak is gonna be like the vikings yesterday somebody's catch and pass. In somebody's gonna take a dive right underneath them at the very last second. We'll see raw goes best job in America other than this when. We figure. You know I US news and world report. Just released its annual list of the best jobs in America they determined that nationwide ranking a team of researchers gathered data from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics 100 popular jobs than they rank each position based on characteristics like demand. And work life balance in growth potential. And while Dennis have been considered the best jobs in America over the past several years one tech position offers a better overall lifestyle according to the report. Software developers earn the highest rank on this year's survey. Of the best jobs in America. Not only do these skilled at techies earn an average salary of a 108000. Dollars almost a 109000. Dollars but they also are likely to be hired fast. And the huge demand for software developers is an expected to drop anytime soon so your top five jobs in America. Software developer. And then followed by dentist. Yeah Easton fanned out. And then physically physician assistant. And then nurse practitioner. And an orthodontist. None of which are we qualified for any of the I don't know. Radio announcer didn't completely soft. All right. You're trying to sell to installed electron. Should just said. Alford edit. Your card pretty good at that TJ my son gonna install anything. Eye on the other hand America right guard and my dad I used go to my folks house his way back in the days when to talk about the stereo was. And I think he could do it. But it was just easier to get me to do it. And have kids were Taylor. But. I you don't for awhile there I was them. Installation and made. Now. I've either gotten colossal and low you stupor. As life has gone on or. On some of the stuff just. Frustrates me no end. A new survey reveals 75% of Americans to purchase gadgets like streaming devices and Smart TVs in printers and Wi-Fi routers price setting them up on the Rhone. The study also reveals that nearly a third of those who. Who do give up. And call tech support. I just moved to an Apple. Mac. And if I hadn't had the engineer here. 25 bucks an hour. I'm come over and help me. Get all hooked up and email on Wi-Fi and for error and does that the other. I'd still be worried and while first place there would be destroyed equipment strewn throughout very. So. What it would do all what are you all do that don't have they are like engineer on staff that you can. And it's called Bob and Bob. Bob comes over and it takes care of oh what I need. Become bigger they've become but the combined total. All of births deaths and net immigration. Add one more person to the total US population. Every eighteen seconds. LB for this year. US population on New Year's Day 2018 is projected to be 326971407. At the projected growth rate the US population could be expected to grow by about one point 75 million people next year this year viewer we're just littered. The data was published Thursday by the US Census Bureau. The agency's. Estimate. On the country's population. Grows by one person every second is based on three elements. One birth every eight seconds. One death. Every ten seconds. And one me international migrant. Every 29 seconds. Just done away. Big global. Population on New Year's Day was projected to reach. Seven billion. 444443881. A one point 07%. Increase since last January 1. Adding about 78 point 52 million people for the world's population. But in the US we should add one person about every eighteen seconds. Based on one birth every eight seconds one death every ten seconds and one international migrant net. Every 29 seconds just in case you're wondering. No we talk about streaming a couple of seconds ago there's a new 2017 year end report by Nielsen music. That shows that streaming. Is now. The majority. Of music consumption. And that ran out. Has passed rock. To become the biggest music John Ray in the United States for the first time in terms of total consumption. Who would've thought that fifteen or twenty years ago. Well anybody that's got kids that are about thirty year 35 now. That watched film shown that. The rock stations when they were teenagers and and listened. PEG and other stations here in town. Could have told him that this trend this is the way it was going. Says while album and song sales fell 19%. And 2017 from a year before streams. Were up 43%. And streaming now account for 54%. Of total audio consumption. Making up the majority for the first time. A year ago 2016 streams accounted for about 38% of total audio consumption and it was 22%. In 2015. Meanwhile. Talked. May Day eight of the ten most listened to artists in the year. Came from the R&B slash upon John rate which was led by Drake. And Kendrick Lamar. Both of whom I've heard of both of them if you put their songs on right now would be able to tell you they were. When I see the Grammy nominees. I used to know all of that stuff. I have no idea who they are now. Now I looked through award presentations just to find names I may know. I tried to hold on don't cool just for as long as I possibly could. But after about 55. Or sixty of the most you do. Especially with the U earth technology and how fast it goes today. Wrapped dominate streaming rockets still the big genre for album sales account for about 35% of all albums sold. 6505. Eddie. Business. It. I. And I. Learn. I. And. Okay. Move its. There. I. Yes there. Morals of the Betty all right I've never been my tennis. That the band I don't know if you ever saw petty or not but yeah. You are you walked away from that thinking that is the best rock and roll unit the best band I've ever seen him. Better than the so on there where we keep on doing that on Monday Monday as. 505 petty and then we've kind of switch it up for a Wednesday Thursday and Friday with still would do world big weekend on a Friday so were that's weird pretty today in Somalia. Won't your pay due tomorrow. You do sort of tribal. Today there's never Claritin. Just down. I don't know I was on one of my favorite Dave Matthews I perform my favorite Dave Matthews beginnings. He. Annual Detroit auto show is underway. This always makes sugar reading if your car enthusiasts at all all warrior in the market for a car you're thinking about buying a prominent simpler in my life because at some point or another. I don't know in the next three years all by a new car. And then that probably will be my retirement car. In other words no other I retired three years or five years or whatever the case may be that's probably the Carl have gone into retirement or not cut school and that means all that's probably Karl stay with for a long long time so my thinking changes I'm not looking for flashy and immoral to for reliable. An and quite frankly I gotta tell you that Honda Accord has been on my mind recently because I'll discuss such a great long term track record in the accords big unit would be great recruiters and under some manner cruise and up to new Yorker. Although I am for awhile there I was driving revolts like in the slot. Which are never one to suspected me giving. But I was doing commercials for a boat bull Toyota dealership at one point and not thoroughly enjoyed the facade. And bill Harry engine and didn't 290 horsepower so like that and here's a great freeway car. Well I was looking at they are on the annual Detroit auto show winners. Car of the year. Honda Accord. The runners up were the Toyota Camry. And the Kia stare. Now that's another bottle a car that's kind of interesting Kia. First place they advertise all lot. And second place every now and then you'll see a car on TV and you think wow what is that and then you find out it's a Kia. I'm not inclined to wanna buy Kia. But maybe that's change. The SUV of beer. Is the Volvo X C sixty. I never even what I thought about it I'll probably at least now go take a look at that's followed by the Honda Odyssey and then the Alfa Romeo. Still be O. And something tells me L for a male may not be it might very strange. And the truck of the year organ to a just abject. So 457. Know 1110. Detroit auto show is under way we have an annual look tradition to ask you what are you drive and why are you driving now and I'm drive and a am decode I one MI drive ends. Canyon pickup truck. GMC. Why I didn't go with the Chevy Colorado which is essentially the same damn truck I don't know I should be driving a Colorado. I did it because they know ward Williams over it. The Gypsy shop over on a south boulevard known and says he and his dad were run in the Folger Buick you know stuff solo. Because got a better deal. And GMC. Tends to have a a few extras on non. But every time I look at a Colorado pickup truck present eleven I drive the Colorado just makes too much history. I got a truck when I traded in my viable target us not because. I moved guest in county and know its own law that would view moved guessing carrier don't turn. So I really had no choice. I think I'm supposed to drill hole in my muffler to know make it as loud as possible pickups the next but I vein I haven't been pulled over for having to quieter truck you know I'm just waiting. MS looked up front response on that. Yeah so I can iGoogle like keep it nice for awhile until I. Basically take got hammered over like one of the fenders and puts in front response on. And now how long before I put the confederate flag in the back bed. It should be done this year yet it. So up car of the year according to the Detroit auto show is the Honda Accord runners up Toyota Camry and the key is stinger. SUV of the year the Volvo X C sixty. And the runners up the Honda Odyssey and the Alfa Romeo still feel. And the truck of the year which is desk and TJ about this is the Lincoln Navigator. But I would've thought that was an SUV event I guess I don't know what I'm talking about so that has a bed and there's one other runners up is the Ford Expedition and I would've thought that was a huge great big old. SUV two but that's got to bed and until. Not much of one but solved. And the Chevrolet Colorado ZR two which is their big I pollutants four wheel drive. They've got a couple special edition Chevrolet Colorado said come out since I bought my big canyon and I probably will look more closely at some. Pretty good look at stuff. But anyway those old school pick up trucks remain hot sellers says sales were up on pickup trucks four point 8% and a 2017 and I don't think all of those people moved guest and counting. So what do you drive. And why 704571110. No Americans are warming up to spending money on cars and trucks. We're not that the bid their cars and trucks are flying off the lots but the ones that are coming off the lots. According to the consumer auto site Edmunds dot com reports that we are spending a record amount of money on average to buy new vehicles. Web site estimates that the average transition prize on a new vehicle was 36495. Dollars. I do remember this look thousand years ago when I was a kid. Chevrolet corvettes. Were sold for 101000 bucks. 101000. Dollars and at the time you thought oh my god who would pay 101000 dollars for a car. That was about the time you were saying the day cigarettes get to a dollar pact that's when I'm gonna quit. For a while. Transition price average of a new vehicle now 36495. Dollars in December which is a 3% increased over the average. Up from a year ago and a 13% increase compared to December Bakken 2012. Edmunds analyst Jessica Caldwell explained there are fewer buyers on the market right now but those who are out there or not only are feeling confident but they're willing to shell out the extra cash to get the larger vehicle with a all the bells and whistles. I'm more interest in the big ol' Larry engine. The canyon I'm drive and I think is 309 horsepower 300 than ten horsepower something like that. Sold I'm not race and it. But I just like to fumble and out of our shoppers that are on trying to get around somebody before I go through the new to narrow bridge over their you know between Mecklenburg Gaston County you know wanted to. I wanna get some plays a wanna get some glitch. Shall come back and a second after we go to news in the last Q the question what do you drive. And why are you driving it. I did over the bulls like you decide 'cause I was doing commercials world for a while the car that just absolutely surprised me. They got rid of my. Beloved Chrysler Crossfire which is the most foreign car probably had a long long long long time. When you drive and why 7045. Seminole. Eleven Gen-Probe. Right auto show is under way at this when they name the car of the year this year Honda Accord the SQB of the year this year's the Volvo X C sixty. And other truck of the year this year to Lincoln Navigator were asking you the question we asked about once a year and that is what do you drive. And why and we'll start off with brawn and no excuse me with Kim on WBT take him. Paid job market I'm good thank you very much what you drive and why you drive in the 66 Ford Mustang. You like most things are your us stuck with the car I just like classic car. Yes 66 Goodwin. The death and able to block a few reasons. Number 1 o'clock number two combined just about any part that section for cheap money and fix it yourself. Number three all complicated computer search tactic in light so under the hood you know today cars. About beat a doctorate in the electrical engineering strolling spoke of a level on exit. Pressure even even I've told the story before but even I have 1520 years ago I had a Alejandro frail lewd and I took it and to metric wrench is good the late Scott Norris and company got. Get some work done on the transmission and I went over editor check on it one day and they headed up halfway up on the rack and I looked at it and looked like half the engine was gone I did was the transmission but. Now. The yet entered orbit and it keeps me nice and I would appreciate it certainly thought and value as time goes now that this is your every day. Loses half its value in the first forty years. Now NATO it absolutely does the advantage of the old adage and it's always been true well how much money you lose just when you drive it off the lot after you buy it no. This is your everyday car you drive it every day. Well I have some cool cars like driving and I have a 67 impala SS convertible. Already dying try and to have similar to what they used to smoke from the band it. Now very cool. I heard a very cool Kim thank you forget restarted I appreciate. It Alter egos are comes Adam on WBT Adam what do you drive and lie. Badger all of us on nine saw when ordering her. Speaking of our Rangers the Detroit auto show after an eight year hiatus the afford Rangers coming back for 2019 they're gonna start making them again. Are they get a good idea they've always been a real good truck now. I drive my truck is we got them cheap you. I don't know I haven't gotten cheap but I don't know what year we've got but I want the station vehicles Ford Ranger and as far as I know gosh they've headed for a long long time it's pretty reliable. Yeah I don't Paula diamond this thing haven't paid off for awhile now and I just gave excellent driver and it is not too bad on gas up my white drives are really nice. Shlomo LTD meld those seven Melba yeah. And that's a real nice start our favorite feature a net thing is they heated leather seats yeah you should put their thing and about media rare and she'd love. If you guys are ready to go on longer trip you'll take the Malibu instead of the ranger. Power edit things right like a buck board but it's solid dependable now. Now I don't know the feeling hey Adam I appreciate stall thank you very much. Talk about the auto showed that Detroit auto show is under way car of the year SUV the year truck of the year all been announced a none so we generally around this time you're asked what you drive and why and that's overdue at 70457. All of intend. Over to Chris we go on WBT hey Chris what you drive and why do you drive it. Thank you delegate that. You. Followed the beautiful day. I gotta date back a couple vehicle daddy OK you beat the air that drive every day. Exactly. What it got ready he's got worse. It got I want to pick that out loud. I've read a couple. 100000 you said. Ryan aren't sick while did you buy new. No I didn't actually bought it about three putted a lot opening and gained and and hoped it would work and men this past. I I figured out what all went bloody. But now that I happen. Yeah is it a diesel or is that just a regular. They hit it in direct look at that later. Then a great threat remaining guide you to that you didn't put. I'm delight behind it folded yet well. That I have replay it BK we get that they often that they throw at it. It got me Elba 80000 dollars. Well and you say you use and abuse that I I would assume at this point I mean up all the sudden it gets muddy here you put a scratch on that are sound alike that you don't quite care as much as you what is your drive and a 28 team. Exactly. That Blake and it got the night let him beat Bennett Howard beat heated seats. A lot of happy bride and I'm happy right and it expands. Outward Barrett metro. We have now cool hey Ellison thanks 506000. Miles. Makes me I think maybe I should keep that standard for a while the government. I don't know if worth about 191000 miles or something I only have 490. Some odd thousand miles ago. I mean I'm I'm. And Volvo X C sixty the Honda Accord in the Lincoln Navigator taking honors the Detroit auto show which is now underway. Car of the year SUV a beer truck of the year. We're asking you what you drive and lie 704571110. Then we're off to talked to. NATO. On WB TV and either. How are you can't tell you it's great thank you very much pretty drive and I'm driving a 2016 Honda Accord coupe. And they six speed transmissions. And man and and why though why the Honda Accord. I love the way it looked to I had a civic before that two dork who says that manual transmission and I tried going and a lot it was like governor go Kart all the time so much time and I've tried going to a the day and thinking that maybe I needed it where I am in the stage of my life I did that for two years with say. The CDC the continuous variable transmission. And it was just a it was no fun and I decided I needed luck kids back. So you're driving a stick you're one of the few people driving a stick these days and Andy and anybody that ever own one and I was little while since I've owned one. I mean if you really wanna drive a car if you wanna go up a mountain canyon reduce on the along those lines striving to stick is just. It's the only way to go off. Yeah and it and it it it's just so much fun and it you're in control you know you're in control. And that that's what's really cool club that has earned an ivy tech engine minutes. And so when I get on the only other state or top pull out somewhere I know I'm going to fly. The. The that now delegated clutches you haven't you don't every bombarded not clutches are they like that. No never have. I I never have burned clutch out and never in my life yup that's considerable. First and a long time Honda drivers so you must be happy with Honda general. A very yes on eleven years now that I've been a Honda and Hurst who aren't yet just really on a solid. Pretty nice solid everything you know at some problems here and there but basically. Yeah I did a few people a better fit you know I know there and they're going away away from everybody is away from manual transmission I just think you lose a lot of a kind of driving. Yeah I got all these days are gone away from steering wheels and I know any control at all it's gonna get to the point work. We're gonna set our butts down in a pod and we're gonna tell the world we wanna go and it just get up take us there. Yeah exactly net net funnel Piedmont of long backing him. Now I'm kind of with you I think the same way they need to thank you very much appreciated they'll stay with ponder for a second door sale at a chuck on WBT hey Jack. Thank you aren't aren't a good so you drive and Honda. You know I've bought a Tony fourteen Honda V6. Which they're no longer putting in the accord as a Tony eighteen now to four cylinder Turbo and got two sides of the rabbit. You know the Honda just the Honda you know associate it right now but. But I this I love vehicle or not I love the B six it's about 280 horsepower it dismay with the quality of its reply trying to fit me go performer applies. I mean I just I just enjoy that. And total area took me three words to figure out this is our body checked Boozer. Who are dug his sold over to Hendrick under for a long long time and and and and that is that when you got hooked on Honda's. I underwater or you know I'd. Oh everything enemy don't tell machete in the GM and a great product and but I did by the when I was wrong I cannot come on bell boulevard. And I mean this is just you know mark my son has on tomorrow are proud 08 CRV. And this is you know that to my daily driver my daily driver actually or 97 del sol. Which is a little clinic two seater that barely made about warrior only brought certainly by Alvin and the US knew about three of them. This is much port built all they go from there that the contractor romance thing and it is about attend primary. Yeah very good stuff I if you're looking to trade at canyon if you'll just get rid of that number are going to work Padilla told on Iran and. I'm not get rid of the canyon but I now I am probably in the next two years can be get rid of a mini men and that's were I may be talking to you about in the court. You have my number yes I do as a matter of fact so big here are you doing good. Yeah I'm doing great but I was just going as a pimp in the you don't disclose the interior so up. And that lady all the admiration in the world of its bid to drive domestic and it it was a fun Bakken driver or low power. It does it feel I am I it's been a long time since I've driven a stick but tissues exactly right can I remember there were times especially when I was living in Colorado think and man if you're not driving a stick in a mountain canyon and you are just missed and the whole experience of turns. And hills. And downed shifting instead of breaks and all I mean it does it make striving fund. Well they have the dvd transmission in the distinguished friend relationship these days it's better gas mother think there's a ten speed the new cordoned stuff like risks. As you know that brings him back in about did you know that the del sol was it respect himself but for you folks sitting on 85 and 77 north and southbound on now that are shipping and stopping and shipping yep I know. Now they're gonna pay Jack thanks very good to talk to your kid ends up on WBD what do you drive and why Kim. They hour you John Goodman. Thank god bless LA do you like her manual transmission for me I mean to talk on the cell phone or laptop in the violence is just part of you that and more about shifting I don't think in the same thing Jekyll and a cup of coffee were the stickers not a good deal. It would. They Obama die hard Toyota ma'am drive on the point fifteen to call right now prior that I had a 99 Toyota or America 530000. Mile that you'll remember October. What we. We lived in I'm in a neighborhood or is never very big driveway and I just did not ought to have a third vehicle are much at a. Has she had that forerunner of wealth to government started. I felt for the Toyota with them it's been a great guy. I affecting people vehicle I think we and I appreciate hell I think people to go with Toyota or go or Nissan are wrong with Hondo once you when you have line that does well for you stick right where that all.