Moore Restrictions on AR-15 Purchases?

Carolina Focus
Saturday, March 17th
State Representative Rodney Moore (Dist 99) is working on new restrictions for the purchase of the AR-15 and other rifles. We discuss that and a new law impacting Driver Education in North Carolina schools. A look at the student walkouts over the Parkland, Florida killings from ABC News, Mark Garrison, Joe Gillespie and Vince Coakley.

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I'm mark Thomas and this is Carolina focus on news talk 11109933. DT 179 the length. 1025610. W a frenzied it's where we look at issues events and happenings of effective Carolina's Charlotte region and you. Welcome. So glad you could join us here this morning. On Carolina focus and a lot of things have been happening lately as you're well aware of the shootings down in Florida that the high school. And there's been a tremendous amount of fallout today in the aftermath of that. And joining us now from the North Carolina House of Representatives is represented Iran mean more religious district. 99 here in Charlotte. Good morning mr. Moore who mourning marked glad to be here I'm really glad you could join us here you are taking some hot but some action. To Abu Seif you can prevent these types shootings in the future is at pretty much correct. Now flue 001 of and it is developed the draft. Where we can. Have started debate in North Carolina. About both holes what businesses and all the weapons of war because that's what they are fifteen audio fifteenth and weapons of war. Enough hunting rifles. And also we've seen a proliferation of these events happened. Around the country. And so we've been pretty blessed here no co. Not to have a major incident of magnitude apartment. Sandy hook and so. We just this Phil who do some time now to have this conversation. And the times that we can put some things in place to. To try to avoid so tragedies we've seen in place what. Oh. We've do you have some specifics as to what exactly. What kind of changes you're looking to make I realize that at this point the bill is strictly in the draft form you haven't submitted yet to North Carolina house. So you're still working on details I understand that what what are some of the things. Because to say we are going to ban the AR fifteen. That's kind of that Beth turner broad right well this is this not a ban on air fifteen does a couple of things. First of all this is that it raises the age. That a person can and can purchase that type rifle from eighteen to 21. It also. Provides full waiting period. So that we can so that that person can be properly vetted through criminal background check in through mentally valuation. To see if there. Able to be would Helm of such a weapon. Also there isn't and I'm talking about modifying down a rule. There is going to be a component where if you you're accepted though if you approve flu is type of oil weapon that you should go through some type of training. So that you can understand what the Lipton does lose and and and to compare. Process a lot of times people. Can go and spend money. Embodies weapons they are 56 hours and others Andy have really no idea how to operate the way the problem. And so. Builds on the day that also. It makes the facility much stiffer when you uses this particular weapon and commission on crime. And and schools. Houses of worship. And at some public facilities that. And you mentioned houses of worship obviously the name dome roof. Comes to mind when you say that and I don't believe he used and they are fifteen don't know just cues pistols but the gentleman and Texas. The small town in Texas were word epic with 21 people. Lol still. I think he wasn't position earlier fifteen of those type of muscle. I guess the good thing that strikes me in there there are number things and in in what you're saying. You know big background checks are being done currently what do in we've seen in in the case of the Texas shooting. Information that should have been in that man's background to prevent him from buying a weapon. Wasn't there and that was an omission made by the the United States government the united states military. And these. So we can't necessarily depend on the government in this particular case to do the right thing if you will even insistence that they didn't you know by law are. Establishing chorus. Room. Do you think it do you think you really can be able to prevent people who really do want a weapon because what we're looking you wouldn't we will look at Charlotte. There's a lot of murders committed in this town flu and then. I don't have the information in front of me and I'm kind of speculating here. I don't think all of those were purchased legally. I think we can it's pretty safe to say so someone really wants to kill somebody and once again a weapon. That's not necessarily. You going through legal channels isn't necessarily. Something with the going to do. Right. Grew again this is this a very broad issue. Bill me and a lot of moving parts. This particular piece of legislation. Oh. Costs trees on the legal purchases. Of book over the assault weapon. And how weak and navigate from assistant to make sure. Then com. You know using. And this is not a ban it and naming naming them if that is again. Not a ban on play any type of weapon or is it a ban on any type of magazine or know anything such as that or. I bought stocks or anything such as that your your strictly talking about. Have allowing access in setting up structures around the purchase of these weapons remnant I'm not advocating for banning these weapons. You know you have to. As a sitting in your nose for 1821. I don't know waiting period. And some preventive sometime provocative action training. To make sure Dan. People who on positions of these weapons. Understand what they a lot of Hedo they are fifteen and and 6000 very group pop pollute. An automatic go weapons a lot of people just you know first of Stillman and they have no idea of the destructive power. Of of these weapons well I would say in the case of the Florida shooting arm the individual that committed this crime obviously. Knew very well how to operate the weapon and this destructive power. It's it seemed so matter of motivation. More so than knowledge. That word you're really talking about yours and right there Anders did do and there's the mental health component in this is well. This bill doesn't doesn't address that. But. You don't know mark. Here's little. Lot of factors that goal is to these type of these type of incidents. And though. I don't want anybody to. Who's to be misinformed. This particular piece of legislation. Is the is the is the answer. Because there are a lot of different ideas and you feel a lot of different. Proposals as we eagle down rule. This is tilted feel very strongly about. Connell of Ghana watched the rise of Gonzales. Especially especially who put what we call full targets. Schools houses of worship. He knows the most recent one in Portland. And sandy hook the the shooting India the Ater in Colorado. And so this is to this proposal loses. The challenges. This to the school does this kind of slow the process down it's The Who who is getting these 1000 feet. If if we can hold them accountable if they use them in. And have serial. And we're speaking with representative Rodney Moore from district 99 here in Charlotte. Are representing that district in the North Carolina House of Representatives here in Carolina focused. I'm mark Thomas your host. And unique you you talk about raising the age from eighteen to 21. My question would be. We have. We have fourteen year old. Currently in school in being recruited junior ROTC. Would you also see. Bull what do you think about raising the east in the military to 21. If someone between the ages of eighteen and 21 isn't doesn't have the mental capacity to. Purchase the weapons such as this and why do they have the mental capacity to make the decision to going to care go to the military and carry this. Actually more dangerous weapon disease aren't fully automatic weapons were talking about here. It's for sale to the public although. Asterisk there is a way that you can get a fully automatic machine gun. But that's a whole different it's a rarity of Chris what we're talking about here are basically. Single shot. Weapons that look like machine guns but if you're eighteen years old you consign them carrier real machine gun for the united states military angle halfway around the world news where on a daily basis. Why is someone not capable if they're gonna stay home to buy one but they're mentally. Of a mental maturity to be able to sign up with the US military to do the same to do the same or even more. But think this is two different issues for as well let me say. Dead. It in high school. We'll owls. I know what hurdles. Zero OTC you could dance and I had a very good experience. We're talking about two different things and with eighteen year old going into the military. The arm properly trained. And bed or in how to use this weapon because their job. Is to be a part. Of bill full of food United States so. Well what I'm talking about is is putting these particular weapons into civilian environment. Oil streaks. Death that's basically there's there's no there's no prohibition in this particular bill. The talk about. Eighteen year old who go to military. That's the federal issues so. Why am I understand that I'm I'm talking more about you know we view eighteen to 21 year old is not being you know mentally mature enough to purchase a weapon like this. But then at the age of seventeen. They can sign up with the military correct correct. And if so how can we say that they have the mental maturity to make that met that large of a decision. Because that is as big a decision as going on personal weapon is not. And I'm not get into a little a little different area that we noted as a firm. Because it you know in in in part of the reason why kind of bring this up is. Something that I booked into. Twenty plus years ago drug Bill Clinton's administration. He made a comment. There was some shootings in in saint Petersburg Florida on some teenagers OK and he made a comment. I'm gonna productivity exactly right. Because been few weeks since I heard it. But that the founding fathers never envisioned. That teenagers would have the ability to have weapons equal of the US military. Right okay and it you know it kind of struck me. He's one of those things you hear you think okay. Proof. So a little research battle kings mountain which you may be familiar with just west of here over in Cleveland county. Was one of the turning ports in the American revolution. And in researching that battle. One of the things I found. Is that for people who were in the battle where they knew their ages. Over eighty of the participants were under the age of eighteen. And there were many of them were like 1413. Years old who were officers who were captured tortured escaped rejoins the battle. So teenagers in and of themselves I don't think we can categorically say just because you're this particular age. You can't have the mental capacity to do certain things. Well. There and I know how to get off the writers that are offered bill just a little bit and AM I'm OK with it but a good discussion that's what I wanna have. House leaders walk. You preface this revolutionary. War battle of kings mountain. That gained. Through people were basically shooting was called Davy Crockett mosque but multiple. I don't ago found that follows globe attitude. Comment ex President Clinton made. I don't think I'll founding fathers could ever envision envision. And 2018. And the destructive powered and with that. Hello what they would call rifles that. Well fifty caliber ball in areas of the human body is just as devastating is. Six hour. Ned not that in 2000 rounds a minute. And now with the velocity. You know I mean it it would area by it was yet you you would have those below were killed and you know that it would also level also but of people surviving as well. We've these weapons' interviews reviews it's almost like cutting cutting a person and a and so I mean we do we we could we we agree will sells well I would disagree but. You know. The Fy going back to the through military issue. I believe. The 78 feel that we've. If they make that decision Google with whom those that are humane decision to do going through gold through every. Tested every. Proper training mechanism and only to be able to. You know be able to. Handles on the Eagles went to responsibly and you are correct. They have much. Were swept within those hitters and that's the common and what we're seeing increases in now but you know it is there. You know you total issued basis on the problems. Which could make. Some element room rifle Leo and so debt as the broader conversation that this bill does this bill. And we're speaking with North Carolina representative Rodney more reps since district 99 in the North Carolina house here in Carolina focused. I'm your host mark Thomas glad to be join us here this morning I'm glad I don't believe more coming in to to discuss this beak is. You know this is this is a kinda like you say it's not just. One particular aspect. You know you mentioned. And we talk about the mental state of the people doing background checks and making sure they have the metal. They don't have any mental issues to get these. I guess we're seeing more and more of this and more and more mental problems in the United States. What's. Him. What do you see is possibly being the reason for that. Why we're seeing so many young men in particular because I mean that's basically what we're talking about here. In for the most part were talking about white young men. Doing these killings. Oh what oh what is. What do you see is. I mean causes you know I don't put you on the spot for that. But. In your view of society you're not I mean and and are now are the totality of our our country. What's changing to make these things happen. In your mind. The use do you see any particular. Triggers if you will flow not not to make him an opponent tennis. Some courses fruit fruit. Letter who loses much will qualify do you understand but I would say a I was Sadie. And you mentioned by way young man you know white males I would miss Iowa thing. And of grounding. Society. Has kind of left. Some of Caucasian Brothers. Well you know a little. I was soon. New youth right. What would you would do to do a little overwhelmed by the changes that are making this society. We have who we have an influx of immigrants that that we've never seen that this never been in his shoes you state. We of immigrants come though would do have this anti immigrant. Tied it Coleman on only last year so and so all that with with the economy changing. The though workforce skills changing. And those things give us a global view of you people who level well frustration. And stress. And so things. This is the broadest of those things that a I'm not qualify suit who ruse look at. Inning you know. But before my day Iraq we just say put up a contest random figure out the problem I don't think is a figure of the combination handles things and some most of changes. And close vote. So lesson that would be one of the things that I would probably point to put it there at their home videos of factors. Then that we can Connell look at I really can't think of it. And again we're talking with the Rodney Moore here on Carolina focus. About initially we started off on his draft bill to. Put some. Restrictions or more background checks. The training of individuals who want to buy weapons like an AR fifteen so they know what they're getting into. You know you mentioned the training and that's something that you would that be done how do you envision that happening. Would that be done by private individuals or would there be. For example weren't we talking here in just a minute about your driver's education bill which is handled through the schools. Would would you see something like. A weapons training program. Being implemented in the schools as crazy as that might sound and in this day and age. Or Heidi how would you see them people being trained I think it would be something if if we if we implemented a training program be it could be something. And that by the schools but by but butchering law enforcement. IE year. CU PB industries so future department. So so no you know I have an issue about guns but overall school I believe that good should be is far away. From learning environment especially for four arc you know. It is well but then you look back you know 304050 years ago. It was common for students to bring guns to school because it really go hunting afterwards and that sort of thing we didn't see this kind of thing. We're going all. Regardless of whether it's it. Cindy you will. Anywhere in the country. And I guess it's. As we roast put more restrictions on the ability to access. Do you think that. Takes away a level of respect for the destructive power that these things have. Don't think so think. He mr. Ruffin fifty years ago and and I understand. We have looked hope and societies has told a different culture that it did fifty years ago fifty years ago we were basically steal. It with a nuclear tuned to Paris at home now we much different dynamic from the you know then advocates of and so the thought hasn't changed do you think that's. That's a factor in what we're seeing here is the breakdown of the nuclear family. Is it could be I consider there are many factors. Many ways to look at why. Why these particular incidents up a lot society's evolving the way it is now. And a wanna talk one about something else here to shift gears pun intended. And talk about it and this is the case. You've you've got you proposed legislation he got passed in the law which. How often does that happen. Where where somebody proposes not you in particular guys that he proposed the bill would actually ends up being part of state statute that's. It's not it's not a slam dunk when you wild bill is. Own. Bill that does full Latham news and so. Trust me and you know. Partisanship. To the no no no no no no there's no no no no no I'm happy that. Big every available to. But you know of people people who and two years to. Through remark. People really don't understand the process. This just like this giraffe. Pupils took a couple days ago. People rule is that I think that who what is this address. Insulin has to be you know as the introduce. As dubious side to a committee or committees. As soon as the goal be vetted in those communities to get to. The helpful in my case that healthful. Amy 61 and people who supported. It at a minimum. Figure deal with the defendant in the whole process does the game. And all along the way people can change I want to take this word out and replace it with another word Friday it if you have been due. It took and as though you notice that with. I understand with the opinions than and he emotions of people looking regain regain optical bill bullet. Amazes. The process as the play now you proposal horse and you get a camel. We'll old. It all Melissa M bone opposite what Buckley could it get it Tuesday but this bill that he did get to past house built when he won. And act to require driver instruction on law enforcement enforcement procedures during traffic stops and it doesn't really end there is other stuff in here to. What. What was your motivation bringing this up first of all. And Powell what can people expect when this thing does become law. Or actually has become law. Well but my motivation was because. It long fall. Some type of interaction between citizens. More fluent and just be quite clear. Black and browser uses the holiday of interaction with blues with two police. With traffic stops and so. You know some of them have have turned have turned deadly in some instances missile what I wanted to Jews will view this particular avenue. That was the person is is going to driver training and he really understand. How to interact. With law enforcement how to to cooperate. And you know what he can and cannot do. So slow that it can basically have income base would be easier experience for them either fearful of full law enforcement off there. And you know or Vatican about a can go home after the stop. You know there's been some instances. Here is Sheldon and then all the Boston country. Where idols traffic stuff little's interactions with the beliefs of that today and it is the very dangerous consequences. And so that in terms deadly but it didn't daily dangerous. And so we want to would be their view and be proactive and do everything we can to protect doses than. We take law enforcement offices and bundles. Well this is. Somewhat. Near and dear to my heart in a way because. I do some. Teen driving instruction advance team driving instruction in this is one of the things that we that we do in the classes. I'm I work with Doug Herbert breaks program could based opening Concord. And there's always North Carolina or South Carolina or Georgia highway patrolman there. To talk about what to do during a traffic stop because this sort of thing hasn't been done. Generally. Up until July of this past year you got this past in this went into effect. And people are not immediately and particularly of the parents of the students that are fair. The parents have to attend with their children. And that they're often surprised. By things that are being said. That that the officers wanna make sure happen and in a good way so things don't. Turn at bat him. So even though this went into effect back in July. The bullet through it's still go through the rules process so it may be in it could be a couple of years before it gets into the drivers handbook Hulu. OK I'm I'm you know it that we should be is should be so it is indexes and hopefully have been an exhibition you know because I think you know a lot of people. You know in and you mentioned. The deadly consequences that happened far too often. In interactions between police in the public when it comes to traffic stops. Because people do you know. All of a sudden you get in the blue light special you're not gonna necessarily be called when you're not necessarily going to be at EU's. And it's you know it's a tense situation peoples that want to Tenser situation for the police well hey this couple over. Yet a this isn't exactly relaxation time you know so everybody's on edge. And it's in a so it's not. Or are we doing anything as far on the other hand. For police to. To some of the interactions we see it's you know command has barked. Immediate compliance isn't isn't done and shooting ensues. Do you think there's a certain level of responsibility on the part of law enforcement to. Back off and a little bit. And and not have such. An absolute. I I can't see the video sites like you're the shooting them and they're there I hear the screaming. And it's like that's not and that's not a way to put somebody he's right by yelling at them. Is that something. Did the police have some sort of responsibility to not escalate the situation as well you know mind. And mama think they do a thing of previous bill. A couple of years ago Luna cripples. About about training officers. The bow. Also it is. We were tried to my bill tries to bill. Change some of the training. Models. Then offices face as far as understanding now to in Iraq with flow with with people. Different types of people because we we're basically North Carolina has basically. Grounds that those senators that are of stage with immigration we will a lot of different. Immigrants to have a lot of different cultures well a lot of different languages. And we have a lot of different world perspectives about how. The law enforcement is viewed and so what followed news that could go so these incidents is to make sure their offices on the stand when they stopped. A person and that person may not speak English. Or you know or may not understand the command my understand ruling from rounds two then command. How to how to. Do your job but at the same time. You know the hold yourself accountable for food doing your job in the proper professional manner. And a and a lot of times. All exes do escalate this situation. And equities to two passes for Mexico. Could become. Representative Rodney Moore district 99 in the North Carolina house we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus. And wish you well in your future endeavors and legislative actions. Appreciate your month. Until 2000. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WDT. 1079 the link. 1025610. WFANC. It's also available to podcast it WP TV dot com. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. To BP T 1079 the link. 10256 and WFANC. It's also available to podcast at WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas. And as you know this past week there were school walkouts in protest over the shootings in park when Florida. And ABC's Brian Borough was in Parkland Florida. It's done in part from the floor. His fourteen days of school freshman Brooke terrorist. The ritual or routine altered my ribbon to remind what's ahead. The new backpack to replace the old and Horace associated with. It was important minute time out box there's friends only me. Thanks for everything maybe they. I'm memory to push it through the pain in the past and to what she feels is for new perfect. Do you know why can't find. Really blame them for an offense to discuss what she's just an alliance looks like the usual things five. So I remember walking past the case and I'm very ethnic cleansing is moving in the past I had and that will be able. So like I say it again and that just and so I. She and fellow classmates are preparing to walk out of there classes. Joining students for more than 3000 schools across the country. Were demanding change seventeen minute walk out. One minute for every life lost. For broken so many other times stop on February 14. It's almost like it was just lost all she was on the very first class from the shooter came to the seventeen people murdered three were in her classroom. Me words the warnings. Sentiments. We didn't get that we can Brooke remembers in the chaos trying to hide behind a desk my numbers when telling me there's not long room. And I was being pushed back and mean we Adrian a drastic situation facts surrounding them was and I wonder sneaking down by contact with the well can even have words because. I don't think in the moment either of us could I want me. No laughing and then remotely the last. Saying I had and was on her actually having some. Stanley were later interview by the FBI. Brooke and four other girls three curator at a diagram mover every one was city. And they weren't a lot to their goals shy killed. Kitchens item. I am. It doesn't makes governments Brooks says replaces backward a big game at school or make sure that no kid my age ever since he died to see. The response to the shooting Egan how cruise was able to carry it out despite numerous warning signs about him. With the subject of hearings on Capitol Hill outside local students protest turning their backs to the White House. But despite their efforts it's unlikely that Washington lawmakers will take action on gun control. After president trump initially expressed support for some gun control measures some of you people are petrified of the NRA. Can't be petrified he walked back on federal restrictions pushing the decision instead to the states. One place which changes already under way in York governor Rick Scott signed the ball both increase in funding for school security. And also raising the legal age to by any guy and in the state to twenty walked. Marching about the thousands out of their classrooms and on to the school football clean. Parents and family showed their support from the discs. This sort of going back to class hundreds of students continued on to pie. Trails park will be huddled around memorial for each of the seventeen cost. There in the emotional weight in this game poured out and G news and outrage. Never is a word we've all heard before. This time does don't get me. Words centuries old reminded us as we look into the junk pieces. A child shall lead the way. I. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. Deputy PT 1079 the link. 1025610. WFNC. It's also available to podcasting WBT dot com. Locally students walked out of classes here in Charlotte Mecklenburg and surrounding counties. And WBP's mark Pearson and Joseph Gillespie looked at that situation and those walkouts it was a different. Hey at school. Protests over school shootings kids in Charlotte Mecklenburg and union county and many other area schools briefly walked out of class today. Some kids probably just like too little time outside but many others clearly were concerned about so many school killings and that's. There were chants and speeches at schools across America today. Including here in Charlotte and remembering what happened one month ago today seventeen people shot to death of a Florida high school. And at 10 o'clock this morning kids walked out of classes for a few minutes. Yes they honored those killed. They talked about gun control. They talked about their fears he wants us to be able to come to school and now worry about one of their classmates sitting up the school that that's seventeen year old Mary on to show me. I'm moderate independents she's a junior she was the main speaker at the brief ceremony fares. An area on I read the name of each victim from the Florida shooting. Roughly 1000 kids sat in the bleachers and independents at the football field but yellow rose was placed on the track beside each name. Then marry on talked about school violence. It's. Funny yeah I'm there. Didn't eat it. I she and another student urged congress to act to stop school shootings though not giving specifics on what congress might do they also encourage the kids and independents to vote sons. That's the most powerful or thirty years into. Country after the seventeen minute ceremony was done a teacher told the kids not to act up but to go back to class I. I know why. You I'm learning what are your world views and how. Let's go back peacefully. And calmly. And dismissed back to class. And back to class they went. Marry on tech show me told me that kids and independents do worry about school shooters. One concern she has potential shooters already know all the safety drills that all the procedures on campus. I don't feel safe in the school because as I've told them before on. Most of the shooters that have been shooting in schools are from within you know they have been here in our schools during our jails they've been here daring are on. Not now they have seen what we do they have seen well worthless hide they know all the procedures over what to do inside the school. Therefore they no way to go would argue and which side of the mountain goats and they know everything about the school so that literally that was everybody in the school at this and the goal in the students the faculty the staff members acoustical everybody and I'm so like that is very scary. It'll certainly clear today that going to school is not what it used to be in past generations. At white water middle school in Charlotte students marched and talked about all the news safety procedures they practice. Oh is that you get out of anybody comes yeah. Got a zip code and we know it's a high eight or what did you come outside and get away. Joseph Gillespie was at Whitewater medals. Go to market that floodwater middle school vocal than others just to. Permanently creator Gary also concern sometimes I do ranges are these things can happen to anyone and just like gap and avoid this can happen faster and her friend secure also feels the worry Friday and I just how often a slow start shooting. How wanna 'cause plus gigs so. Where is managing. Students like Rio field the weight of the school shootings is. I'll do my kids and that's an app until everything galaxy guys speak out. Fayetteville he may have missed Thompson's principal of Whitewater middle in the very beginning are kids who wanted to have a police and they wanted to be able to speak out she's pleased with today's demonstrations is about 98% of the students took part. I actually met a bonding experience for us as a staff and as a as school community today not about what ifs but about what has become too real what's more secrets I think that's rally spot rightly that it was it that it was a sacred environment nobody with nobody would touch a school buildings come but that's been violated and we CNET over an ever get I ask should depend smoke period gun and now guns are not answer when guns are not the answer to guys that hit that makes sense but there are a lot of other things we can do to help this problem but I do not think having. Omni carrying a gun is gonna solve that problem. Observe in the white water events EMS school board member Thelma buyers really this was an awesome opportunity for our children to learn how to speak truth to power how safe first Yemen schools aren't kids. How are as safe as it. He can make him today. That is not enough shouldn't teachers be armed no absolutely not. Our teachers are overburdened and under paid already. They do not need another test their desk fires Bailey says it needs a bigger picture approach we need to be looking at growing army desirable or how we're going to decide. Our 21 century schools to make them safer. But today the students say enough. Thanks so Nowak that. How to make the change we're not make that same day as well whether you have help when Mac. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk eleventh in 993 deputy PT 1079 the link. 1025610. WFANC. It's also available to podcast at WBT. Dot com. And WBP's mark Pearson spoke with ABC's parlance signs about a new bill that was passed in congress this week. To address school violence. So what to do about school violence will today in Washington the house passed a school safety bill. Basically it is a huge bucket of money airlines signs joins us from Capitol Hill it's called the stop school violence act what does it do Arlen what. Have bill does that they're really focuses. On any hand being at school safety is that it authorizes fifteen million dollars a year for ten years. I had to try to train teachers and students and ways to prevent unidentified. Potential violent it also helps to developed. Hey reporting citadel where people could anonymously report. Potential threats and at school violent that it really does. First measure that we can be no lawmakers to vote on it. In the wake of the park when shooting it now passed the house for the governor the lieutenant there's a similar bill McDonough we're not really sure when they might be voting on that but one thing. The Democrats have been quick to criticize about the bill even though. The ad supported that they wanted to see more actual legislation relating to gun don't. I think gun violence included. I in this legislation and potentially future legislation that things like. A comprehensive background check that the senate Democrats. I would love to see if in any type of legislation that gets. Voted out that the how to do that that wolf the F ballot ever eventually be able to agree on that or not. Yeah you know edit in a way this is kind of a typical Washington approach through 500 million dollars at the problem and did that doesn't give me a lot of detail from what I am rant on how that money will be spent specifically is there. What did so although we know at this point is that this would be doled out through the department of justice and no it focused on helping a lot local. Outline force meant the well at school personality of it and making sure there are trade I think a lot of that would come down to the local level and I mean how they would actually implemented elect a president that there's one item that the president supported. The president also out there are supporting the stick up next act. Which was introduced in the wake of the Sutherland would bring the shooting got church shooting down outside of it Antonio. Technically that bill when it died in that provide incentives for states and federal agencies to actually report the data. To the background check system but it's and perhaps are short. A comprehensive background check and just which shook a few weeks ago. President troubling thing an average that lawmakers I had a giddy Dianne Feinstein and next to him that he would say hey yeah maybe I would support comprehensive background check. Now let the White House really a proposal earlier in the week. That was then part of that had happened near the NRA did not support the and that doesn't mean something that I had to kind of failed to gain traction and none of bipartisan traction appear on capital a little. And day it was interesting today and we talked a lot of school principals and a lot of school board members and they're like no we don't think teachers on I have gone to the president is still pushing that idea. That's let me make he has that should be identified and provided. On the state level it doesn't look like they're going to be any federal law. Saying that a teacher decade can be armed we do you know that the Justice Department will be working units cope with state tour and been interested in implementing that at the program but it. This school they give all that was voted out of the house today I had nothing about it army and schoolteachers and they. Has a lot of money though are let's signs thank you and ABC Washington 500 million dollar school safety bill short on deet tails and how will be spent one thing the bill mentions is setting up an anonymous tip line to report possible shooters. Of course sure remember in the Florida shooting the shooter had been reported as suspicious to the FBI previously on their tip lines. And nothing was done about it. I. Okay. You are listening to Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the link. 1025610. W offends the it's also available to podcast at WET dot com I'm your host mark Thomas and as we just heard reports from ABC news from park in Florida. Also reports here locally by Joseph Gillespie and an interview by Mark Garrison. With the ABC news regarding a new. Bill that just passed this week with a half a billion dollars for school safety has been earmarked. And joining us now to continue conversation on the park when shootings and actually the walk outs surrounding. There shootings is. The one and only. Vince Coakley. From WBT. Load up good morning Vince good morning guys you could join us here. In of course you do talk show on WBT. From ten to noon Monday through Friday. And I guess so well what I wanted to find out from you is we've heard the experts we've heard the students we've heard reports from Capitol Hill. And what. What do you what's what's the the man and woman on the street saying about the walk outs in particular. And word we go from here as far as school shootings and that sort of thing. Well. Like so many other things all depends on who you talk with. My serve goal people I talk with. I don't see anybody who's been impressed with these forecasts at all. And some meaning meaning the people who. I interact with most they tend to be more on the conservative end of the spectrum. And they don't believe these walkouts and what they're pushing for. Really are are related whatsoever. To any solutions. To school violence. What what do they think is the solution to school violence. It if the walkouts are not gonna have any impact. I think there conviction would be an and that is where I am certainly that there are fundamental things in our society. Their building blocks. That have been undermined for a number of decades our country and I think we're experiencing the fruit of those. We're talking about the breakdown of the family. We're talking about it the destruction of me and rooted. We're talking about. Violent video games you can put that into the equation. I Goldman's among a lot of younger people. And we've also discussed this on my broadcast. Business. Societal. Problem as it comes to people were outcast. And our inability slash refusal. To drop people Wimbledon recognizes the problem this kid in Florida. Everybody knew there was a problem and an as a society. We you know it's like we identify. Acute problems he's really screwed up well did anybody ever think. He truck and I engage him relate to this person and be friend this person rather than continue. A pattern of this kid being ostracized. You know and and I just for practical thing. Soon you eat you save that but then. The authorities. Such as they are the sheriff's department the FBI they had been warned about this. Yes in did not yes so another important element I guess him when I see that when I see the walkouts and I you know the call for legislation. We spoke earlier with the state represented Rodney Moore. He wants to have some restrictions on the ability to buy a ar fifteens for example. The government has set up these systems as they are to report things like this. It totally they. And it's obvious and seventeen people dead. So how can we expect looking to government for more legislation. To fix this problem it's. It's a fool's parent is what it is you're ultimately not going to legislate. They human heart. And and that's really important to understand that this will take a different form I mean. Look at what happened with the Boston Marathon situation where what happened there that have anything to his guns. No pressure cooker is somebody who really wants to do harm they will figure out to do hog doo Hartmann a mass scale. And they don't have to use guns. Well it's interesting you bring up the Boston Marathon bombing in that. The FBI had gotten warnings from the Russian government about these guys of course and they had been in contact with his family with their family. Yet. We see this this play out. Again. They have notification yes nothing was done here and I are in and and I'm pipe I don't necessarily like food in the thought path I'm going down right now. We have failure in so many areas of our society in rather than addressing those. We think that we're going to restrict an inanimate object and somehow it's got to make a difference. What are laws for. Laws are with a law abiding for the law abiding again so if somebody is. Is going to do something Wallace. The law is not going to matter and we can stack. Love one love one glove on law. Or it's going to do is further. Restrict the rights of law abiding citizens and lawbreakers to keep doing what they do witches. Lawlessness they do it well. And we're speaking with Vince Coakley from WBT. Archos. Tendon noon Monday through Friday. About the aftermath the walk outs you say that the the people you've spoken with in your circle. Are not impressed in a positive way with the walk outs. Do you is it. More of a sense of I've heard manipulation that these kids are being I say kids these young adults. Are being manipulated by others who have an agenda. Is it is that one of the things that they're saying. That's a concerning here all the time to these these kids are being used because it's. If there's an emotional Tug and you know as well as I'd do when your especially when you deal with younger people. Date and a and I wanted generalize here but. Unfortunately. You have people who were drawn. By the emotional pull of the issue as opposed to. The the deeper intellectual consideration of the some of the things that we were just talking. So there's this mindset that I think drives a lot of people with two to something. And doing something is great but you gotta do the right thing. And there's a difference there. Well and so often we see after any particular event there are calls for an legislation passed. That. It feels good at the moment yes long term as a really had any impact. Based on the trend of where society is been going it would it would seem that these efforts have failed. And that's really where we are that people. I in the Indian can take all kinds of subjects here even dealing with some of our our economic problems. And how. The left has sought to solve these problems with government programs while they make people feel good they make the politicians feel good that long term. The war on poverty how is that turned out force how's the war on drugs turned out. Which is you're me you talk about the left I mean and you bring the war on drugs I mean that's certainly is from the right. And had an abject failure I mean that was my goal is to get people to top stop taking in toxic it's that of which they disapprove. I mean it it hasn't worked yet. Those on the right still pursue that same path. Attorney general Jeff Sessions. Kind of like being the commander in chief of the war few well. So. You you say it's people on the left I think it's you know the sort of thing is is an equal opportunity employer. You're absolutely right in and it goes beyond and this is where I think there has to be a mindset here understanding that. We come right down to it there's certain things about the human heart you're not going to know. Or be able to control. And and that's just reality. And the sooner we adjust to that reality the sooner ridiculous that these lofty expectations about what government is going to be able to accomplish. This Coakley WDT we appreciate you being here in Carolina votes thank you. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news talk eleventh in 1993 WBT. 1079 the only 1025610s. Of you have been easy. It's also available to podcast at WPT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and until next time you well.