More Facebook, A Candy Company In Trouble and More

John Hancock
Monday, April 9th
Hancock talks about the Masters, reviews the latest on Facebook, the maker of Nekoes Wafers in financial trouble and more.

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This is John Hancock. There rather other wars Monday's big debate is Monday up. April the night. Which means that tomorrow's 96 anniversary. Bed really thought of until is Michelle it's. Six years is reduced vision and I have around. I'm a cup check has the energy of the hornets they'll have a press conference tomorrow at 2 o'clock to officially. Announced him. News broke on a Friday about Thomas Davis. Scheduled. Dude testing positive for AF supplement. Four game most suspension. Heartfelt video. Not yet the other. Then I mean you know you hate that. But. But I gave that. I'm. And the masters. To watch. I watched. I didn't know who I've learned more about Patrick reed today. Listen into FNC. A the than I've ever known about Patrick created and brought maybe even more than IL wanted to know are apparently is not the cleanest guy nicest guy Leo on the tour. But he was slow solid gold yesterday and a cap on wait for this guy that. Mean we kind of way you know we're follow the leader board last week. And now and and Patrick Reid's name kept on. Hanging out of the top. I know it was. There's no he was an American. No reason I do that is because on. PGA website they put a little flag next year name that talks about where your from. I know the American flag. Who's the rest of the guys I was confused about. So on. Thorny weigh in day number one ends you know Patrick region not okay auger. So as an extensive. They never tell. When that the night knows data broad speech came up I know I got out what did you what did two stroke lead 600 select that. Think it wow under FISA. What he's gonna run away with this term. Then he comes back to the field they falls way behind in the field this Patrick reed guys still hanging out near the top. They number three Patrick grade. Yesterday you expect OK well the guy's got a pretty healthily what are going to yesterday three shot lead fortunately it's not let them. So you figure well so. Final day of the masters says. As caused several good golfers to. Don't lose their shot. So surely this guy who I've never heard of before other than the last four days world. Oh fault or someplace along the line in the new us start watch him a note Jordan speaks like you know what is the 89 under yesterday. I mean he's just. If he hadn't been so far behind it would have been known in need to have a runaway if you had Betty but it laws. And Rory McIlroy is play with Patrick created. Surely Rory McIlroy is gonna. Show up for that now. He was the wandered. Fell apart and back nine. I'm and then the guy that I was kind of root and for that I always got to root for two I don't care one way or the other but I like Rickie Fowler. I was like him. And Rickie Fowler all the sudden news got to hang around yesterday within spitting distance but you know the holes are also. Now they're at thirteen their tortilla nerd fifty merit sixty and they you know they didn't. It got to close that gap. And then all of a sudden Patrick reed becomes the the masters champion. Fifteen under Rickie Fowler fourteen under Jordan street thirteen under. And. A great line at the beginning an attorney yesterday when I saw Patrick reed come out for the beginning when he was on hole number law and I was thinking to myself this guy didn't think he's gonna win a masters. Look at that color shirt that he's wearing if you're gonna win the masters if you or your head think you're gonna win the masters. You're gonna Wear something a looks good with a green jacket archer. Yeah all that bad jet that red shirt there that's not even close don't look in good route to green jacket. I didn't think he was gonna win that turn and an even dress ripped apart. It's a judgment I don't. So bomb. Anyway pact agreed Wednesday a map. Her yesterday and done. Then I was listen and FNC in those guys over there or not. Apparently he's not the nicest guy Ares I got himself into trouble along the way a marriage played down and Augusta State or something along those lines he wasn't popular there and. They deeds had I can't repeat all the stuff that but I think I heard about it because federal remember the specific service or today's so I would derby slandering him to fire stated to wrong and I would stayed around Owen Wilson and a closely. I just to come to find out through the press today that. Guy's a jerk. It's also the masters champions. So loud now that there's always that thing about people are gonna take shots at the people of the top he's the top today. So our best regular shots. But apparently he's he's had some muck things in his past that. And it's based. Eight yesterday I kept on waiting for him to fade and you just never faded. A speech all the sudden ties into what was it thirteen or fourteen under. And you thought OK well there goes. But anyone up to the next hole and I think was at thirteen under went to the next hole and nailed it and I was fourteen under there's nobody was a stroke ahead of the field again. But the brass something's. I'm not thank you know. I don't think it was his putter. Granddaughter. Emilia is a six months old today. Put her picture up on FaceBook today. Got 200 and somewhat responses. Spam like that. And yes she is just cute is about managing. I try to our beat too much of the burden our grandfather with the pictures. Thing on everybody. But six months to monitor. And to put up a six months. If for no other reason just to keep its favor in the fans. She is she's certain she's adorable I know everybody thinks their grand it is adorable but in this particular case I happen to be right. So ago. Now. I'm not saying that my granddaughter is cuter than your grandchild. Necessarily. Uterine George. Granddaughters tutored George. Now tutored TJ. Are cuter than me. Noble trust me TJ. I don't all right I don't crusher immigrants. In fact of your your mom that's over that first. And it. FaceBook the whoa we'll talk faced token if you because those are the birds' big day is tomorrow and Wednesday he's in Washington actually today talking to a lawmakers. Bill Nelson who is surrounding senator who's running for governor I believe. Whom I interviewed a thousand years ago and I'll work NY 103 in Jacksonville. He was say a senator then but he is claim to fame was that he was the senator who had just flown in space. And you as a young man band that was thirty. 12 years ago. And now as it was like. Problem. At least forty I had been killed in the suspected poison gas attack in Syria and world that goes far. Nobody knows. But at least forty people were killed including women and children and they suspected poison gas attack. On a Saturday in Syria. Targeted. Was the but that town of Duma. Which was the last foothold on the opposition. In eastern suburbs of Damascus. And trump on a Sunday blamed Syria government forces for the chemical attack. And Bashar Al Assad the president. Was referred to his being an animal and or trumps at the time to be a big price to pay Britain now what. This also just oh by the way happens to be. These first day on the job for. John Bolton. Who is the new national security advisor. I'm like have a first day on the job like that. No pressure sir. The. President also the blade placed blame on Russia and Iran who are the main attackers main backers of the sun. And and then criticized prudent. Syria's government denied the allegations calling them fabrications. And also agreed to give up its prisoners. The Russian military and Syrian state TV place the blame on Israel for the missile attack. On us Syrian air base earlier this morning. After a Syria originally said that America was likely responsible. And the US house is suspected of having acted in. In response to Saturday's chemical attack or denied launching those those airstrikes. The defense minister Russian defence minister said eight missiles were launched at a base by Israel and Syria are shut down five of them a Syrian war monitoring groups and fourteen people were killed by the missiles. That day hit the base most of them. Are Iranians or are members of the I ran back to a group so that's where you are at that point the missiles that hit the Syrian government air base on Monday. Escalating. Attentions. So let's stop the news right now and John Bolton. New session national security advisor. Now on his first day of work. Takes over for HR McMaster just as the top administration is facing one of its biggest foreign policy decisions. And emboldens not. Many knows about all of this. But how he'll responded better parent chemical attack on civilians and Syria is we just don't know. Trump himself already a suggested the Syria an ally or Russia will pay a big price that we just don't have the definition of what that actually means. But I investigators will determine exactly what kind of chemical weapons were used. And then Bolton immediate job would be to gather assessments from on military and civilian and intelligence. Components and ensor and so forth of our national security operation and then no and then see what what they all think via the response should be. Axial lays out the basics beginning with punitive but relatively limited response. A vote of a missile strike similar the one that we launched last year Syrian air base I think it's going to be stronger than that something more aggressive would be to take out a large part of the Syrian air force herta. Drop the idea of withdrawing nine US troops from serious and the president really wants to do. Released to seems like who wants to do that. One expert quoted says said the US would be wise to making a military response say coalition affect effort. Like you know you still friend Jeff Francis co leader or something along those lines. And I don't know that we've heard from Vladimir Putin yesterday and I imagine that would be one of the big wild cards in the decision making process as well. Bolton has publicly advocated for more aggressive stance against a Bashar Assad Syria's president. In fact said last week last month and in fired on Fox News that the military strikes would be justified. So. So we'll see where all of that goes but that's that's the big guns of those that's the big thing on the big burner right now. North Korea also in the news said yesterday that the North Korean government has told the US that leader Kim Jong-un is ready to discuss the country's nuclear program with the trump. And. Daddy's. Total sewer that goes there were scheduled to watch tech had a bit tentatively scheduled to meet in May. And he's told China and I think you said yesterday that they would be willing to. So we'll see where all though and goes on. Till it's a lot of us. Says he's not going to be pursuing the Panthers. That it is imprudent. I know you're all thinking about page W bush surgeon. Our Dana Carvey and Virginia they don't want them. We wouldn't be prudent. And I also would like to announce that I also are not planning doing it to the minute bid for the vintage. So all you're doing whatever you're doing this weekend. Mark Zuckerberg was in a crowd of people have been a roomful we'll. Getting Brett to go sit down and part of the senate committee tomorrow and a house committee on Wednesday. And they are gonna. Toast him. He's 33 years old. He's brilliant. He doesn't like criticism. And he's going to be up in front of all whole bunch of people that are like sixty. They don't understand technology. That are gonna be grandstanding for the cameras. And dignitary mop. And he's already said that may be the door would be opened to so regulation. And is that not like throwing blood in the water with a whole bunch of sharks I mean come on. So FaceBook on today's sometime today I don't know if you have to sign out signed back in again or what. But sometimes it even to your FaceBook account today your vicinity thing I'd tell you whether or not you were compromised every. And I have an either but I never sign out of FaceBook I just. Maybe I should bigger should go. But anyway FaceBook has postal let's start letting up people know today if Sarah data was shared with the other data mining. I'm a firm Cambridge analytical. Informing them via a detailed message on their own news feeds. And in addition to all of that all FaceBook users are supposed to get a notice about protecting. Our information. With a link to see what apps they use and what information they've shared with those apps some of us Marty dug out. And as many as 87 million users most of the mind the United States. May have had their information shared in this data privacy scandal with the UK based Cambridge analytical analytical. Which was. Affiliated with the trump presidential campaign. But this kind of data mining has been going on for campaigns before trump so being able to put Trump's name on it only makes it more interest to know more people because. Everybody is trying to get it. So why this is not exclusive to the Donald Trump campaign. But let. The information was obtained when some FaceBook users took our personality quiz. Via an app called this is your Digital Life. What happens if you take a personality testing you fail. You think about that. Where'd you get all I can notice. Dear cardboard box. Tom. So anyway. FaceBook is gonna start notifying users they would be West Coast time right so it would be like quarter to one. I always wonder why it has to be late in the afternoon Michael like I can I've gotten us this morning. Maybe that's what they're donated wanna ruin their launch. The rumor relaunch and come back and memo hit the button and we'll send all of this out in the noon. Quick everybody turn off those fans. So FaceBook all start notifying. Who among us. I as many as 87 million of us had our data potentially harvested by a Cambridge analytical. And then well how would you react to that if you. If if that's what they. I mean they did they did this in addition to all the 2.2 billion FaceBook users Wall Street a notice of up protecting your information. With a link to see what. Apps they use and what information they have bush shared what those apps but I if they want they unity know when they're shut off the apps individually and endless and when you get there. You'll see all these apps that basically mine information yours and some of himself he is every day like ESP general or something like yeah. And you may or may not decide that you. It's your mind am. You know get bed that the information they get to that maybe helps with the use of the product on our. I think you'll see some stuff in there and go what is that. And if you run into all what is that an exit out get rid of it. The the FaceBook app called this is your Digital Life was personality. Quiz and it was created in 2014 by an academic researcher by the name of. Alexander cogan. Who paid about Tony 700 dart toward 270000. People to take it. And then that app vacuum up not just the data of the people who took it but it also thanks to the and this is what Zuckerberg had drilled on tomorrow Facebook's looser restrictions. Data from their friends still. Including details that they had intended to share publicly. So that's one of the things will come up when Zuckerberg talks to congress senate tomorrow house on Wednesday. And it in he's got to get grilled. And we already know. Because FaceBook has already released his prepared statement and he'll offer me a couple of similar to the one it's been no offered no various days from various media outlets. But the key part is as he'll say you know hey it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used. After harm as well. Now I don't know if you get in there and say listen we're all kind of in the infancy and all of us. But we we had no idea. That the information was being used like this and now we're we're we're building this model as we go. We we kind of invented the social media platform that's that kind of loosely because there were mugged there were MySpace and then things before FaceBook. But did to basically they kind of pioneered. I'm not only FaceBook at least on this level but then they had to figure out how to make money off of it. And in order to make money off of it they had to come up with some sort of a system where it wasn't just dumb as a senator bunch of salespeople auto industry. I'm trying to sell individual banner ads because that was a going to be effective. And and advertisers wanna have some idea that what they've bought is working. That's why radio works. Because people go in and say. Yeah I heard John Hancock talking about your radar heard you know whatever birdie abound WB DR urge under this station urge Anastasia. So you can be you can get to you get him a feedback well that's what FaceBook was doing. They basically came up but these formulas that essentially. If you went into NATO search and you were looking for. Baby diapers. Well then they would figure that out and then none next time you're on so and so aside there was those box says over there that change constantly you're gonna see ads for baby diapers because they knew you were in the market for. But then that becomes compromised so that's what Zuckerberg saying it's clear now that we didn't do enough to prevent these tools from being used four harm as good as well. And he said that goes for fake news and foreign interference in elections and hate speech as well as developers and data privacy and we didn't take a broad enough. Few of our responsibility and that was a big mistake. And he'll say it was my mistake. And I'm sorry. He said I can't help save tomorrow I started FaceBook are run it on responsible for what happens here. They are in our chartered territory and slowly but surely through their hits and misses. They'll redefined the industry. But to some extent Zuckerberg is gonna have to answer to a whole bunch of people tomorrow that don't know technology. Just waiting for the middle of the hearing from somebody that need help with their own laptop system. Firemen and. I don't. I get out FaceBook and get back to my Twitter machine. It's. Canada editorial yesterday in the Denver Post newspaper. Kendra used to be a two newspaper town on the east of the rocky mountain news in the mornings they had Denver Post in the afternoons. I don't know of anybody other than New York that has. Morning and afternoon editions of the newspaper anymore but it is to be commonplace. So the Denver Post is the only one left and it is essentially owned by a head for lunch. Alden global capital. Which means it's owned by an investment company. Which means that they don't operate. It's kind of like 'cause some radio groups. That are not in her come by the way we're owned by a roll. Radio. Company. Comforted believes in radio. Kind of refreshing we've been owned by insurance companies so for the last to entertain some odd years. Well actually before that although we lectures about. So they print this editorial in the Denver Post yesterday. And essentially. It's taken a shot at the people that own them. The Denver pollster. Writers revolting against the quote on quote vulture capitalist. Owners. So if you're a journalist. Are your just like to write for a hobby you might want there's an arrest of the Denver Post of I think there's going to be some openings. Be Smart money is the end that in a few years the Denver Post will be riding bones that was one of the lions in this editorial printed in the newspaper. If you think the post newsroom staff was horrified to read that he be wrong they wrote it. It's found in the weekend editorial that calls for the 125. Year old paper to be saved amid what it's journalists are saying and seeing as a long road to destruction. Paved by the vulture capitalist owner. That's had it since 2010. And that owner is this New York City hedge fund Alden global capital which owns digital first media which owns the Denver Post and other newspapers. And has called for thirty positions to be eliminated by July. Which means that the ranks Hersh reveling quickly. The Denver Post once had over 250 people working forward and now they have under a hundred and they're being asked direct to cut even more. Now. I'm not try to take shots at the Charlotte Observer. Because they've still got some great writers. They've got they have great content producers. They're sports department is especially good. Com. Tim folk is a good and had a bird candidate Tim. But they've lost a lot of good people to Tommy Tomlinson and and not Tom Sorensen and and and so on and so forth. And I expected to win the print part of the newspaper started to become less of a priority. Which is kind of the way the world is going now people are you know I'm still walking down my driveway get the prudish in every morning but you're not. Everybody's reading the paper online so I figured that Charlotte dot com would become the quintessential website for news in Charlotte. But quite frankly. Charlotte dot com the Charlotte Observer website gets beat by the TV stations every single day on breaking news. Or if you're looking for an update on a sports story or something like that. So I that's kind of been disappointing to me and I'm not trying to take shots at the observer I've been I've been an observer subscriber for 28 years I don't wanna see them go by the wayside. But it's not what it used to be in the paper is a pamphlet now compared to what used to be. And it still does worth it to being further editorials they got a good editorial department I don't think they necessarily are right the angle that you want necessarily. Want better. I don't have problems reading things I disagree with sometimes it. Sometimes it gives me more fire to have. A better opinion of why I disagree with something and it's some of the cases that that they did the observer makes me. Twice about it and I think they've come a long long way in the last five or six years. And in the Scott Fowler's of the world and and some of their sports people over there or did do a great job Joseph person. We regalia all of those that do a great job but newspapers are just to make terrible position right now. All right in that the moral world is changing in the in the model for what a newspaper used to be. But anyway that this. They don't they didn't tell their editor in chief yesterday and they didn't tell anybody had to obviously at the end digital first media. That they were gonna post this yesterday they just put it online on one on Friday and landed in Sunday's edition. So why that's that that fight in the handed it to. Which is great. If you have a fallback plan. Does your business journal on over the weekend. And it back and they got this thing called business pulse. And they have. Good question and a they get all the answers and they compile and first it's a question this week was would you support a higher transit tax in order to build light rail or commuter rail lines. I don't necessarily know which way they're business journal. Leon's philosophically politically. I think it's the best source for local information and obviously we have a lot of respect further expand bird good here. I don't think he's good rider he covers the stuff that were interest it and bought stuff on the sports teams and but there's also other writers over there that Derek cover restaurant openings and closings and and business and they discuss had their additions soon though just recently voted the top forty under forty which is a residency and a seal up and comers that are make an earmark and business and as significant publication it comes out once a week every Friday and that's when we try to doctor expand urged him to get the latest on that once up. They ask us their readers would you support a higher transit tax in order to build light rail or commuter rail lines and it was overwhelmingly yes 78%. 19% note 2% not sure. Doesn't surprise me. I think the idea. That it and maybe they've got a younger demographic then. The observer for instance I don't know that for a fact but maybe they do and the younger demographic would be all in favor of transit tax were light rail. On and now you're starting to see. They benefits of light rail. Although the housing that was supposed to come out of light rail the affordable housing opened on this south boulevard corridor has acquired. Come to fruition. Lot of housing happens but affordable would be the key word there and south it is completely different than what to it used to be it's just. You get over there in the old gin mill area and and an area through there Greek isles where you Greek isles used to be and all that kind of stuff amidst cottage just apartment on top of apartment. Markings pain. You almost have to have light rail but if you work uptown and you live in the south and perfect and then you got light rail now up to a UNC Charlotte. Which show opens up mark my son graduated UNC Charlotte but you know doubted what whatever was eight years ago. But the ability to jump on light rail and I had uptown. You can't stay until 2 and 3 o'clock in the morning goes or not run in that late but I mean you certainly have access to of talent to come up and have dinner and have a drink or two wouldn't. Check out the F senator and or go to a basketball game or one of the case may be and and then Ronald dug in on backed up by light rail to get out to our UNC Charlotte and opens up a whole new world for them. And I think will be beneficial to. So it be that the results of that didn't surprise me at all would you support a higher transit tax in order to build light rail or commuter rail lines. I'm an overwhelmingly 78% said yes. I biggest misunderstood my my question would be would you rather support a higher transit tax in order to build light rail or commuter rail lines or would you rather. Find some sort of a tax to help the new owner of the Carolina Panthers build a new stadium. Boasting about that over the weekend. Sometimes I'm really happy removed gestured gently. So anyway. The bottom of that day and kind of nondescript style has new questions. Are you getting a bigger tax refund this year have you done your taxes yet I did on Saturday. Getting a bigger tax refund this year. Which to me says that were having too much taken out. The ultimate is not to but the government have your money and sit on a so all had not had in the past. I've been having a hundred bucks extra per paycheck we get paid twice a month. Taken out so that I would never tax ability into the year. Well that's about what I'm getting out. That's about what I'm getting back. So that means I don't have to do that anymore thank you Mr. President appreciate the new tax plan. Our state I'm doing about the same as some of the state as I was doing before I had read nightmare articles about the state. Thing was gonna I was gonna get there's gonna cost you money with the state had to do and you'd be the case and in my case so. Are you getting a bigger tax refund this year yes I am. Another question they asked are you thinking about deleting your FaceBook account after the latest data scandal. Now. Not yet. But I fall into the same category as though the rest have you. There's people out there. But I grew up with an Estes Park and went to high school with them which college with. People I worked with early in my career and IA you know those are under the 5000 FaceBook friends I have there's about 88 of them out there that that are meaningful part of my life. I like knowing how they're doing and I like no wonder if they're in Paris this weekend like no one. Seau went to the Los Angeles Angels baseball game mode. Or you know I like second stats what did that the benefits of FaceBook. So I'm anxious to see what FaceBook tells us today and how we can monitor our accounts and I've already. We've and we put it up on the Hancock agent how you can kind of start to. Control of at least a little bit more. How your information is taken and harvested but. It's not just FaceBook it's doing that is the whole Internet that's doing that every time you go someplace on the Internet new Google and or something like that. There's a record out. So you're yours you're sitting down you know what and I'll go rhythm or something and you're you're basically helping to develop a profile on who you war. And that seems to be the trade off for the Internet. Decreased security of your medical and financial records. Arm but information at your fingertips and convenience. I can buy a movie ticket. Now I can order a sandwich from Harris teeter to pick up at 630. Before the first. Minute and a half of the newscast is over. I mean you know let's all that kind of stuff over. I look at a map and over and find out if there's a new Ricard is next near me and and an Adams who wherever I needed. Wherever I am in need to go alligator because we've used that in Dallas we use that also are supposed. Then there was a third question. Should the use of marijuana be legalized in North Carolina. Now how do you think the readers of the business journal answered that. Because I was I had to go look for it. Because their results are not readily available and maybe that's because that question is ongoing maybe they haven't printed that one yet or. Or maybe that's just a side question anyway I I had to go into their website to find out. How that was tallying and I don't think they had a lot of votes generally over 300 and some mud responses or something like bets on any pull with less than a thousand is garbage. But. But I was curious as to how that would be going and again I don't necessarily know the political or philosophical or the demographic age of they Charlotte business journal reader but I would assume that the business journal may have a younger skewing. And maybe even more active in other words it would be geared at businesspeople. It would be geared that young professionals. And professionals. Should the use of marijuana be legalized in North Carolina my gut instinct told me. God this is gonna be negative just like it is everywhere else. Then the south. Including North Carolina. Is going to be the last bastion default to legalize marijuana and it will all. Whether or not it happens in my life to. The thought that maybe it question. No blood and I'm going anywhere any time soon but I I just think it's going to be a long long time before the south's decides to do what some of the other states redundant. And I had think that for months some cases. Conversations we've had here which is not necessarily a great litmus test two total population but. But nonetheless. I and then reaction to what we went out Colorado what was that TJ three years ago. It four years ago and shot the video of let's go into a pot shop and now getting out of the car and walking in and go into the whole process we felt all things to say you've got to have an idea. Of what what it all involved. And we got I we got massive response on that video. But. So he's still haven't gotten over. Not to some of you I'm still that pot had. I don't think we showed me smoke in any evidence great we just showed me buying it. And that because I want did you see the process. I did smoke it. Not all of it. Our mental and I didn't understand. So anyway the business journal poll. Should the use of marijuana be legalized in North Carolina. 81%. Said. Yes. So bad answers. The question. Well answers that question but it answers the question. Yes they do have a younger demographic at the Charlotte there's just her. Stock market today. Al was up I don't know 2030400. Points or one point closed out of about 46 points. I'm not I read an awful lot about the certain that tariff wars and China and US and positioning him. President's comments. And and all that stuff Phnom animals and and grow little bit today as well. And in order to load level the playing field is supposed got to play hard ball and so large you know I'm bamboo a moment to watch the process but to. Stuff. I don't anywhere for a while Sawyer. I got time but man if you're like if you're if you're retiring in the next couple weeks. You know like you know digging this at all. So willow Woolsey. You know I guess there's always a chance that the president puts us on more stable ground it worked and how the stock market react to that. Probably pretty favorable. Crushed fingers and say I'll overdue mobile phones we go and Ryan up on WB TJ Ryan. Okay gallery today a good long time no talk. I know I figured I'd give it bridge. Appreciated checks in the mail. I. All the like they say the cult accused Europeans have made it ever happened to get rabbit called very appreciate it he's these these are very patient guy Georges. Yeah absolutely it I'll I what I wanted to do what Randy is when you show that 8081%. Approval yeah. Shall you know you're we respect that I think in the partly too because he didn't talk about that so much. Couple years now I'm taking I'm not to not take the blame for this just kind of work you put up let me have you got all over the goods there and and I don't and you you've written what I want to ask you are are you know. And you think of any over the last I hear that a American that had agreed. 80% at our I'm a much. Now but I did you also that's what I was trying to point out I don't I don't know I can't define know the demographic. Breakdown of people that would participate in the Charlotte business journal poll but I doubt very seriously. That it is so much raided that it's representative of the people of North Carolina however that said my own personal belief is it's not the people of North Carolina by a large. That would hold the legalization of marijuana back. It's the legislatures of the state that would hold the legalization back the thing that I don't understand is is why are companies like Philip Morris and others. Not throwing tons of lobbying dollars to get legalized here just because of the oh facilities that they can dough fill and the money they can make. When you're actually right there actual fatal patent they've been holding pat for awhile maybe now that they hear that it will percent of global. Is your tobacco country mile limit those most well hopefully Greg Republicans it's not politics. Now and I given fuel and material we've been the swing Philip Morris. Over the years Izod it was sensing magazine when I read the question and had to go look at the answer. I really thought that there was going to be typical load North Carolina or typical what I thought though would be be feeling in North Carolina. And then it best it would be a 5050 proposition but today I'm unlike you 81% kind of surprised me. Our own right John thanks so much migrate their all the ghosts. If you believe me it's going to be up. It's going to be awhile. We'll be the last state. Mississippi Alabama. They're going to be one of oil being the deep south states. I was gonna say Georgia but then you've got Atlanta. So you got a big metropolitan area that could probably swing of the but it will be right there was some North Carolina we'll be right there with a South Carolina. Erector with a. The whole West Coast now. The entire West Coast now is legal. I'm there was an editorial actually op Ed piece from the Washington Post that was printed in the paper yesterday. Member delay we talked about it last Friday I think. And I read the news which is governor front around the corner. Why I'm suing for the right to flip off the president. The lady that was riding your bike when the president went by it she flipped from often know she got fired by her employer and to read her. Analysis. Of all of this. And her reasoning behind all of this. But I couldn't disagree whether more bag I totally agree with her right to be able to flip off the president. Comment but her analysis of her employer's actions and and all that's all share that with you when we. When we come back on the other side of Bill Cosby showed up for court this morning and topless woman attack deserve. Motorcade. Armed. Not one that you necessarily want to see topless. But there that's what happened so I read the news today. Next. Nine B nine days in the year 48 team in 99 album 266. Days ago. I gave thirteenth opening date and its field new home of the Brooklyn Dodgers. Fans had to wait an hour to get in because. Nobody brought the key. Then there was no flag to salute for the National Anthem. Dodgers lost to Philadelphia wanted nothing 1913 1965. Major League baseball's first indoor game was played. At the opening of the Houston Astrodome. The eighth wonder of the world then. Thank you 65 all of the whole Houston COLT forty fives. The networking. Tom Bennett got that naturalist our nature let's turn Jim Fowler of mutual Oswald came radiators old and it. Money magazine profile they a kid who I dropped out of college US start a Twitter business worry breaks people's dogs. And after two years he's now making six figures a year. Black panther will become later this month the first film shown in Saudi Arabia since the kingdom looks to be 35 year ban on movies. Wildlife officials believe that the reason Iraq could have an Ohio town have been misbehaving crazed alias because they contract to do just over. For viral disease among animals is not found in humans and a man in Georgia is suing. Over being fired after accidentally pocket dialing his boss. While he was ranting about his boss to his family this is just bad this timing. Pocket dials his boss. And then proceeds to tell his family went up those other guys. Doing yourself human DNA testing is that they I think for a few years now some of you got these like DNA things. Christmas. I if you like to find out exactly what your dog is made of you can that you can know for a bit shy of 200 bucks do that. Hi and they air show you as they show on this box of bush embarked dog DNA. You can find out if your dog is but whatever. 23 point 7% Golden Retriever or fourteen point 5% Australian Cattle Dog her eleven point 8% Great Pyrenees. On the MI OS you brought it in Poland and in those categories. Why you would gain from all learning the exact racial breakdown of bureau dog is is hard to know but as the reviewers said when people that the dog park guess what kind of dog is that you can just reprise her phone and inertia on her family tree. But you can be one of those really obnoxious people on the part that's able to say well that dog happens to be. A 50% Stafford terror terror and 43 point 7% less sure there. Yeah. She. Via voice of I'm cuckoo for cocoa puffs. Chuck McCann who also had an acting gig and a bunch of boys were. Passed away over the weekend 83 years old. Who for so we'll post guys this. Never heard this ice cream place called Jenny is. JE ENIA. Us. They're gonna open up a place. Again Charlotte. The first North Carolina scoop shop. Be open India south then sometime this summer. And they carry all your traditional flavors that make their own cones I guess on the premises. Roles things and all accustomed to really but. They generate impressive lines and wait times wherever they are including Atlanta. End and one of the reasons for that is unusual flavors they carry I mean really weird stuff like rook cut Rick conduct post. Ice cream. Read bury Ager rainy M jam. Well but we didn't you I mean. Was it Joseph Baskin Robbins are. The German the first time anybody ever came out with like Lucretia ice cream or bubble gum ice for Iran mean a million that time. That was revolutionary people were on our I don't know I had been drinking needing. Can't eat ice cream anymore I am I walked on the almost wanted to convulsions. God guided to tell all my old friends to sit there in the cabinet. At a Hoggan does stuff put the pieces of code and it may have coffee in the an element to all my god. Susan was prior in my hand off they the case how come on. Just one convulsion I can pick one convulsion. I don't forget by the way tomorrow is free cone day at various it got Ben and Jerry's all the locations here and Charl a month for. Myers park Foster trust they do this every year I think it's noon until 8 o'clock. Free cone day have been in jurors there's way of their way of saying thanks to you Charlotte. Way of saying that thanks to visit from the whole chain but free cone day is tomorrow. New York Times is reporting that David camper they had plunged billionaire many NFL owners pointed to is their preferred choice to buy the team has backed out. Of the auction for the Carolina Panthers according to people with knowledge of his interest in the team tempers departure comes a few weeks after Michael Rubin. He. Oh vote the fanatics website and or some other business centrists also. Apparently bowed out. So that would narrow the field according to the New York Times to the two vote bin Navarro who owns Sherman financial group and investment firm and Alan Kasten bomb the chief executive the bedrock industries. Who's the guy who lives in Florida arrays to new York and bought the Canadian steel company. And according to several people familiar with the auction. New York Times says it's unclear whether he needs the help of other investors. To cover that price. So that's a break. You news out of the New York Times this afternoon and we'll see what goes on there and packet WBT dot com I respectfully disagree with you about mr. Reid wonder though if masters yesterday yes he has been a high maintenance in his youth but to say is a jerk I believe is a little much listen to you a daily and think you missed the mark on this guy. He is Olympia and the father of two dedicated to his craft and now masters champion in the future my hope is that you'll do a little more research before you criticize a good young man. Who's on a good path better than most of us. Well my wish would be that you would actually listen to what actually said in the fact that I was listening to WFANC today. And those were the impressions I was left with but that didn't never stated that that was my impression I was telling you that that's what has been reported as the day went on. And the whole point of my talk was I didn't know anything about him. So maybe you should do some homework and learn to spell maintenance. Now then Steve Martin. Retiring his voice of the Carolina Panthers and speaking at best and see Chris Kroger put this together. Filling the coliseum as the all of a new legacy. The legacy of around 1 o'clock. Some said he could never happen in the league smaller cities but in a region rich in fat. Provision there was never a doubt. Believe we had to turn. I had the path of the. I. OK okay. This. Okay. Right so we wanted to. Okay. City Council. Save. Once again you've. You find yourself smack. Sports history. Walker is now outside would jump started putting all time scoring lead a big example lain dormant under the you all time leading scorer in Charlotte hornets history. And apply quite an achievement for Kemba Walker the former gay. Jerry necco wafers. They've been around since the civil war. Come and they. I don't know there's something about him. You go into a day's news deltic. Candy shops and stuff where they have all the stuff that's can't find anymore and there's the Mecca wafers. The chocolate ones I liked. Wall Street Journal. You haven't had the chalk those. Necco wafers have been around since so the civil war plenty of detractors would argue that they taste like it. It's what the Wall Street Journal join Clark writes. The flavors have been described as tropical drywall. And that's better. Last month the New England confectionery company making. Serve notice to its hometown of Revere, Massachusetts that it would close operations in May. If they didn't find a new owner. And so. Frivolity is ensued consumers and sellers are starting to stockpile and hoard whatever necco candy they can. Get their hands on which also includes other things like Mary Janes. Jack any stuff like that anymore pulls my teeth out. But I like the buccaneer merry way Clark bars squirrel nut zippers a lot of those sweethearts. DI heart shaped pressed sugar Valentine's Day candy bearing the romantic messages including kiss me and be mine and all that stuff that's necco product. Now. That those aren't any better than necco wafers but their traditions. I mean I didn't really Valentine's Day without those little arch shaped things that. Let's say stuff. But what about future generations TJ saying you're just thinking yourself. With us suspiciously long shelf life. It. Like for ever. I'd be nearly indestructible necco wafers were used by union soldiers during the civil war and American GI's during World War II. People have are complicated our relationship with permits and nostalgic candy that people love to hate which brings back happy childhood memories. Of that chalky crunch. Depends on how fresh they aren't I know that sounds like a oxymoron but. You get somebody if you bite down they turned it chock dusty gets some that do you bite Dow made. And break into pieces. Four years automobile drivers would flip a quarter size Wafer into the basket at a tollbooth to avoid the fair and everybody about it. Rubin noted in the old days. Then the equipment wouldn't have been as. Able to. Ascertain so anything I guess what the right side as would. So would like construction slugs you remember those who they used to knock those things out of the electrical boxes and stuff like that. Where those work on the O'Toole told boots. Since the news broke necco product sales are up 50%. Candy store dot com online ball candy store based in Los Angeles. Has noticed a quick uptick in sales people try to get him before they go out of business. Need an echo supply chain extends to crafts word ginger bread house builders. Didn't think at this site either. May be forced to seek new roofing and siding materials for their candy covered homes. Say because that was the nickel wafers that they would use like for shingles and stuff. Anyway they're cosa necco wafers the details to childhood. In chalk. We could be near the final crunch. And our fans are hoarding the candy ahead of made deadline. Sweethearts. Done done done done are at risk. Now I know some entrepreneur world company that's come out with. Sweethearts and don't just say. Pulled me or select have been almost you know like provocative. I'm sorry in my mind will not go from likened I I I in my either goes complete acts or complete unity as a result have a CD deck go sweetheart in my head since those. The sewers streets so a Pulitzer. Status studio here about 1990s I don't know I was five or six. To a nine to noon it's time. We got the windows guy walking past the window and said damn that looks like Lindsay backing him. He looked at me I'll look at him I keep him. He showed us desert area. Came and spent thirty minutes should breeze that may apparently and TJ just pinch me thing Lindsey Buckingham leaving Fleetwood Mac. They're coming up what they're doing a tour this summer right. He's going to be replaced by Mike Campbell the longtime lead guitarist for Tom Petty and our breakers in crowded house from my Neil Finn. This is the one were Christian McVeigh's is going out on tour with them in she backed. Stevie Nicks I mean it was begging Yemen Nixon joined up Fleetwood Mac in 1975. That made him what they are today. Fleetwood Mac have been around for a good long while before that. Hypnotized and and I all that kind of stuff put. Anyway. And and had just read the whole thing but apparently Lindsey Buckingham will not be part of the. Maybe go two or Three Dog Night. Are joined the Eagles. We're in town on Wednesday night. Overdue let me go to who is this array or K it's K on WBT AK. Paige earned. Did that article in the Wall Street Journal nature of the Vermont country store. They have all that community that old can be built parent candy. Sodas like go mass general store cures all this stuff to him. Well they have it but Vermont country store tested except president north east yeah but they re enact Kolb is. Do you remember a group. Kolb squirrel nut zippers and musical group at Chapel Hill AB is there until well yeah and act could not figure out why they were named that now know it the candy yeah. What did that can be thankful and kept. It's fiery it's like a taffy. And they've been I can't go out of the game go to farther than now but I think it's like a taffy maybe with some chocolate involved. Well my goodness well we can never could figure out how they came up with that name and now I hope yeah tells you guess is as good. Good person that develops Soledad yeah well happy you my duty is Jordan showed I don't like to take. Care thanks Eric while she goes. She felt what it was a malfunction for the Levi. I can't show up for the day tonight I'm as a bad things Promos ever. If it was a good like that okay straight face. Reset atmosphere. I'm actually there is no chocolate involved and it's grown led zipper. And tea chewy caramel candy mixed with peanuts there is a candy called squirrel nut Kara mills and there is as and that days chocolate flavored. I don't think got better had a squirrel like Carol. Chocolates were all terrible sorrow over the original flavor a video squirrel nut brand. The ingredients are corn syrup sugar peanuts condensed milk chocolate. Partially hydrogen. Hydrogenated. Did. Soybean. And or cotton seed oil natural and artificial flavor salt and so whale a lack of then. A much of that stuff commit diabetic type to rev up. And probably not much of it. Scoreless zippers are the you've been Elena terrible variety and they were developed in the mid 1920s to complement to chocolate variety in May contain peanuts and are sometimes passed out that up performances. By the band shared their same name of squirrel nut zippers. Of which show the caller came under and I talked about a few moments ago but it say caramel. Candy. Mixed with peanuts no chocolate involved in this world example. All afternoon will be able to clear that a. There was an op Ed piece in the Washington Post in the paper yesterday. The lady who we talked about on Friday who flipped off the motorcade to trump motorcade as it went by. She said as the motorcade sped by I extended my middle finger and a brief and almost reflective expression of my frustration with his mean spirited narrow minded politics three days later I lost my job. Well wire service posted the photo on line. I used the photo as the background on my personal FaceBook and Twitter accounts. Neither of which mentioned where I worked. But after the weekend I'll let my employer a camera. Know that I was the cyclist in the picture of the picture are gone nationwide. While acknowledging that the First Amendment protected my right to extend my middle finger my boss told me that. Corporate protection dictated that he terminates me on the grounds of a social media policy that prohibits. Obscene. Or inappropriate content. So they're saying they fire because she put the picture up on her social media and I used in his or. Cover photo or whatever is that she dipped. She then says that came does business with the government. And company executives. Obviously. Feared that the proper administration. Would in parentheses unconstitutionally. Penalize my employer for my gesture. Well that's a pretty big jump. That's a pretty big assumption that what we have to be one that would be proved in court I would assume yes I hints. Why she's suing. But that's diver today yesterday and I thought obviously. No I'm not necessarily. Maybe you sucked is an employee your your employer was looking for a reason to fire you and so other social media thing was just exactly what they're looking for. I wouldn't say that that would be obvious but it's as obvious as what you think is obvious. Are you could be somewhat biased and affect your the one Losman did. She writes the First Amendment bars retaliation against me by trump but trump doesn't need to be to put up punish me for my speech. If Friday it fear of him spurs my employer. To do it. Any private employer can't suppress my freedom of expression. On my own time out of fear. A legal government retaliation without violating Virginia employment law which is why I have filed a lawsuit against my former employer. So I'm anxious to see other court rules on that too. Because quite frankly. Her boss. Said. That corporate protection dictates that he terminate me on the grounds. Of a social media policy that prohibits obscene or inappropriate content. Least we not forget what the one thing remains. I think she's gonna lose the lawsuit. They are a little sticky. In. A major radio groups. About what you post on your FaceBook page. On and in fact the last ownership group we had. Tried unsuccessfully. Several times. To have editorial control over our FaceBook pages. To which so loved people in this building. They veered into what some of us said. Enough. I don't think so. So we'll syrup goes on but it radiates to from the Washington Post lawyer suing for my right to flipped off the president I agree with that. I think you should be able to slip off the president. But any president. Freedom of speech. Right down to yell and fire. Crowded theater you can't do that but he had no he's been able to football to president. He's been able to slip off a police officer room. But you better watch where you posted. Somebody is going to say that they had disagree group. My assessment that you could flip the bird. And I think he was doing you more on the fact that it's rooted. So yeah I know I diet I buy into that I'm not the other world produce more manners or buy into that as well but. A civilian flip an awful police officer can be our cause for a vehicle stop or arrest can't be the cause for a vehicle stopper arrest. Federal appellate cold ruled that in fact. A famous 1971. Supreme Court case. Ruled the right of a young man to enter the Los Angeles county courthouse wearing a jacket emblazoned with the words. After the draft. So a police officer cannot pull you over an arrest you just because you gave him the bird. Federal appeals court judge declared that back in ninety back in 2013. Now. If you Ben pulled over. At forest some sort of a violation. I'll bet may not be your best. You know attacked. Blooded you know it's your life its appeal. Quite frankly I don't think that necessarily. As as TJ said. If you flip off a police officer knowing that he can't stop you or pull you over for that probably best to make sure you don't have a busted tail light but at. Or something along those ones bald tires. Or I wouldn't do it when you're doing like a 93 miles an hour 45 miles on that may not work out real well for you there. There's a new citrus C Bud Light coming out this summer. Bud Light orange. Debuting for a limited time to join Bud Light lie in my. The same thing that Diet Coke did. Susan tried the Diet Coke a lime. Very subtle. And Irish bar can this last weekend of the they say but my issued in drug about bush started the Diet Coke. She tried those at the orange mango or the mangalore. In out there should try to go I'd have no idea. And I I don't forget stuff so are Anheuser-Busch. Released a bug light orange earlier this month they say it's the brewed with real orange wheels. Yes. Though they got. You know anybody that needs to say include every day. You George doesn't Hillary your eight. Are you do not eat broccoli rice every day it. No wonder you're always such a cranky mood. I've. All that is they you know I've expecting peeps that are. Jersey Mike's subs or do you know something like that broccoli rice. Six and ten bread to eat the same food every day. The unit varieties especially if new study out of England polled 2000 adults found 60% say they need to say improves every day. One in three admitted that they were stuck in a rut. When it came to their diet and 22% say that they do not have the the time. To a very they're diet more than half who always eat the same foods. Say the just caught up in the routine. That they just do so ought to have a while 46% said they just simply like to. Stick to foods that they know they like and still overall seventy present so that they wish they get can get more variety of their diet. They not have. The same fast food options that we do. This jacket see somebody that like the diabetes type two thing. Which when I first got that a year ago. You kind of came up with. Won't was legal and and as Susan I'd get her home burned our rent all the white flower and all the kind of Leo's stuff from the house and noted in this or neutered bread and torrents or. And then you kind of figured out what she could eat in that was kind of so once I kind of figured out. What what was best for me to do for breakfast whoa because they also want you to eat at the not specific times but with reg you know at set times. Three meals a day and that a snack before you go to bed like peanut butter or some the protein. So Bob it was say at the beginning of all of that it was easier to have just keep the same damn thing for breakfast or morning eat the same thing for lunch or be the same thing horizontal or have a good two or three may be different varieties for Denver. Just did you kind of knew that you were staying with the program. But I couldn't do it forever. Hillary did his career or around market garrison is prepping for a Charlotte the six victims opened just say a few minutes. Thought Felix a modest says he's he's not going to be in the process I announced my intention not to be part of the process the same time. I guess. Everybody's out except Jews are. Had the billionaires are bailing this said 2.5 billion dollar price tag too much for guys even neural loaded times says the New York Times says it's Alan Kasten bomb. And Ben Navarro from Charleston and at 605 we'll tell you a little more about who Ben Navarro is what makes him tick he's an interesting guy. Not I don't know Pinto hold any credence number one of the first things I read about gender borrowers that NFL owners might have a little bit of a problem with them because of the nature of his business which show could lead to some. So bad PR if you're in the collection business that's not always. Always. Good PR source who were all that goes. Com the doctors in the atrium thing more running that commercial that anesthetic commercial this things get nasty. Yeah and is not just the anesthesiologist there is yet another big group of 92 doctors who were saying we've had it where they trim their suing they want out they wanna be independent. And looks like a hospital might cut the blues though that's not officially decide it's annoying yet that fight is getting ugly atrium is getting quite a black guy will would do something a menace extremely. And you arrest warrants are you get a video special edition. Dirty restaurant Monday people love them at 635. It looked at you about a restaurant where apparently there were people sleeping in the kitchen. I am and that's a problem he's after he had the inspectors that you're not supposed to cook you know have a home in the same facility of your serving through tough. Mean can you sleep on the grill you stay warm up. If that's true. Yeah so they don't side how policy markers in China will face longer and you're not just about took four minutes and and you'll be all yours and just about a nine slower. Stick around for our Charlotte has six on news talk element in nine demand three. WBT yellow submarine is a sailing back into theaters says 68 animated film version. Getting our re release in theaters across the United States in celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of they get a four K digital resolution restoration and and no big scorer but a remixed so. I probably Garcia. Just see what it's all about. And remember what the movie was about if I remember right though there was an earlier plot line in the movie was there. Well we've got to Garcia. Legendary astronaut Buzz Aldrin passed a lie detector test over claims that he's encountered an alien spacecraft. Buzz Aldrin know the second man on the moon. And three others gave accounts of bear sightings under strict lab conditions according to a British newspaper all Vern L word and Andrew Mitchell Gordon Cooper. All took part in the study conducted by the institute of bio acoustic biology in Albany Al Ohio. Alternates now 88 years old claims that he saw spaceship on his way to the moon adding. There was something out there that was close enough to be observed sort of L shaped. The test reportedly more reliable than standard lie detector tests showed that he was telling the truth. Do you believe in UFOs. This pictures that came up about three weeks ago. Of a couple of airline pilots has also been kind of hovered up in the air did you ever see those. That's on you always wonder if somebody's doctoring video or doctoring pictures or whatever the case may be in this day and age almost anything is possible but. And if they have come here while I don't think drop him well don't they stop and say Heidi you know. And a Gillis and they show they say a radio waves go on for like. Years and years and years and like good to hundreds and thousands of years don't think. So what we're saying right now could be listened to 4020800. Years from now. Long after I'm gone. And that would be followed with probably not an English but some. Some. Alien language of somebody saying turn that off. FaceBook is going to be in the news the next couple days to Zuckerberg goes before a senate committee tomorrow and house committee. On no Wednesday. And he'll be grilled in his cannon to a -- call plays already kind of released that he was in Washington today talking to us senator Bill Nelson and I think some other. I'm members of our congress as well also he has so well on he's spent his salty can get kind of briefed and experts. Cutting. Get in ready for what you'll experience and it probably won't be the most to have fun but he said the news so lifetime. There's a lot of people unhappy with FaceBook right now late last week it was confirmed that a Mark Zuckerberg has the ability to delete messenger communications from other people's in boxes and other. Social network is a going to give all users that option. In AS statement FaceBook said we have discussed this features several times and people using our secret message. Featured in the encrypted it version of messenger have the ability to set a timer. And have their messages automatically deleted. We will now be making eight broader delete message feature available. This may take some time and until this feature is ready we will no longer be deleting any executives matches that messages. We should have done this tumor over sorry that we did not so FaceBook is reportedly. Going to lay you on the send. Messages. Soon. Would that just be in messenger. I hate messenger. Messenger was. Currently if a rumble messenger was invented to keep us from not using them to text. But people were so reliant on FaceBook that if you opted out and I did a couple of times out of messenger. Then. The people caught on a messenger almost immediately so then you miss stuff. And that's the whole secret to FaceBook as you don't want to miss stuff that's why. People that are upset with these data collection. Can't quit FaceBook because it's not because they're married to Mark Zuckerberg and it's because they're afraid they're gonna miss something. That. I'm not gonna see. And in Jaffa third trip in Paris or not not get another embarrassed or I'm not gonna know that my good friend. Gave glendening is back in Estes Park this weekend or I'm not gonna know that my mom. Went to Dallas art gallery this weekend or you know all that kind of stupid little trivial stuff they kind of keeps you up to date on what everybody's doing. So it's not that it's necessarily addictive. He can he become reliant on it for information that you've kind of like to have. So quick messaging me an email me. And stay Oreo are right now because Charlotte assistant mark chairs in this next.