More Ideas On How To Prevent School Violence

John Hancock
Tuesday, February 20th

Hancock reviews more ideas being floated on ways to prevent school violence, updates on several planned protests on the school and gun violence, and more.


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This is John Hancock. Other artist Tuesday's that you may. Partly sunny outside part of the body of tiger's consumer preview a look at that tomorrow or today that we may see record temperatures 75 degrees. We were to set a record today would have to us surpass 77. But in order to set a record tomorrow we just have to get to 75 or hotter. So. They were were him into the seventies. That'll be a true basically for the arrest of the week. I even into Saturday. I don't see any mention of rain on Saturday or Sunday. 00 women. Sunday showers. When was the last time we had a completely clear weakened. But while. So there are from. There you go now and there is they. There's a different discussion. There's going on. After the massacre in Noah of Florida last week. And it it's a less of a knee jerk free discussion. And if you haven't heard yet. Or you haven't been exposed to it yet we will expose you to a couple of really interesting articles one that Ron Rivera the panther coach sue me yesterday. And today read this. And I have finally got around to reading it last night. And it's written by the kind of teacher that you OP your child. Is exposed to. And the other was turned onto me bio one of our production whizzes here you don't micro is. Micro say TV guide. Does the Discovery Channel series called dirty jobs. Did. Via CNN series somebody's got to do it. Got a blog you have some stuff for FaceBook news. Anyway he's written a piece today that was shared with me by a Billy black who does a lot of our production work here at WB to B he sought and you know like to so he sent on to me enough. That's all we'll share both of those slow with youth. And we'll talk a little bit more about some of the things that are percolating in the background. In regards to. Massacres that schools. So while I'm I'm excited to our turn to share of both of those articles with you because they don't follow video knee jerk. A reaction or the politics sort of anything else and it did it somewhat I guess mirrors. It kind of a roundabout sort of way. The column that we shared with you by a guy by the neighbor rob Myers. The other day. Since yesterday there was that Friday. Today's Tuesday and trying to get my good days straight. I guess it was yesterday. Rob Myers is the a student housing leader who wrote a blog. And says there's a way to stop mass shootings but you'll like it. And he said the reason you'll like it is that you're not going to like him because is going to require you. To do something personally as opposed to. Shouting for the government or anybody else to do something and he said. Here it has noticed those around you who seem isolated and engage them. Georgia was a guy that called and said yeah now that didn't work out so well first. So and so. Yeah but Charles that they go gaga well as can billiard Equus counselor collar with the negative opinion here. Edited they send and work out so well for the group down in Charleston new invited into their midst it's. They a young kid who log and ended up killing all of them. Yeah I'm okay. Probably pretty good example. But this is a little bit this is a little different doses. Hey here's his line of it was to say. You know if you see somebody. If yes somebody that worked and is isolated that. You know implicit debt next on the conversation group. If teaching kids to go I have a conversation with the kid that never has any friends at school. And and ending columns that I have today are somewhere along remember all of all share those with fewer when we get in a just couple seconds. Whichever story of the day all those two of them actually Elizabeth Swanee is one of them you know those of us want he has here's an Olympics. She's in or other American. She won't win a medal. Action has no shot at winning a medal. She's actually not competing for America's she's competing for Hungary. At a donors yes. She was in the women's half pipe last night and she. She put on qualifying run yesterday were in she Arab. Skid through the half pipe without doing a single trick. She's barely been competing in no World Cup half pipe events and so Tony thirteen by not doing any treks. But just getting through the course without falling and since so few women compete in these events she was able to get enough top thirty finishes in other words. She's not doing any tricks and she's finishing everything that she finishes ahead of those who go and and in and push it and and and in crash. And don't get any you know points so she didn't finish last enough that she qualified for. But she couldn't ski through the United States should not even ordinary big talent enough Tuesday Abbott's so few women compete in these events that she was able to get enough top thirty finishes to be eligible for the Olympics. Her regular gaming of the system. I may not happen again. Because they'll probably do something about it but there. In fact there's a slopes well judge says Steele Spence who said there are going to be changes to world club quotas and qualifying got to be eligible for the Olympics but. But the Saudi editors she describes her motives as being pure she told the post I want to inspire others in non agreement and the world to become involved in freestyle skaters skating. Maybe perhaps I'm the bridge to those who all want to get started in the you know the life of freestyle skiing and want to show people that yeah I it's possible to get involved in freestyle skiing through a variety of backgrounds well that's crap. She gave the system. And I don't remember that all the scenarios but it's like her mother is of some dissent so she could have qualified for that team. But she was a good enough to qualify for that team. But then she's got relatives or something that are Hungarian so she was allowed to go compete. In Hungary and nobody nobody freestyle nobody does that half pipe in that and so she kinda guided by default. Which allowed her to go to the Olympics which allowed her to go in there and there's euros on TV last night just got to do. A leisurely this came down and joy that I mean should not without some ability. She didn't fall. She judge she did get some elevation coming up both sides of the like about two inches. But. Anyway I watched your last night and I just thought to myself. You you got to give it to were if for no other reason you have to give it two or four. Figuring out away she's 33 years old and she is say a Berkeley and Harvard grad she's not stupid. So log she is as she's able to experience. The Olympic. I mean mark got off your bug killers to make the Olympics. What she got in common with everybody else of the Olympics well what about 80% of them that they didn't win a medal in their. So I I get that tour. But then my favorite story of the day is a case. Did you know cows can swim. Because of people flippers on they can just a bit Medicare and they have cows could swim. There was a cow that was facing imminent doom who managed to break away from the slaughterhouse workers as they attempted to loader on a truck at a polish farmer she was raised. And then she ran into a lake in south Poland and appeared to fixate dive underwater. And swam over to an island. Which has now become her new home. The farmer has been trying to get the animal back for a week he keeps failing. One local politician says he's promising to get the counterweight safe place. And as a reward. For her attitude guarantee her a long term retirement and a natural death. Well very cool I love people that bucked the system. Appeared for the cal. Students from must Norman Douglas high school time enough Florida. Where the shootings occurred last week. Are in the state capital the day after busting up thereof for a rally to urge lawmakers to take action to prevent more of these massacres from taking place there hoping to put. Pressure on the Republican controlled state legislature opened at Tallahassee. To pass a package of gun control laws which some of the GOP lawmakers said that they consider. There's a GOP senator enough Florida and bill gal bottle. I incoming Florida senate president said that they are preparing a package that would raise the veteran crude raising the age to buy a firearm to 41 creating a waiting period for buying any type of firearm banding bumps stalks. That allow us semi automatic weapons to operate as an automatic weapon and creating gun violence restraining orders. Also being considered is that increasing spending on mental health programs for our schools and giving law enforcement greater power to involuntary hold someone not considered to be a danger to themselves but there's. Still some pretty strong resistance bios from Republicans to any good gun control measures and and many Democrats don't believe. Things like raising the age limit won't create a waiting period due to a buy firearms don't believe that this enough. So Bob yesterday they did the White House said the of our bipartisan congressional legislation to strengthen federal background checks for gun purchases will see where that goes. There are some things on the calendar that are coming up that'll be it seemed to seal have to wait until March. When the organizers behind the women's march. Are calling for a seventeen minute walk out on March the fourteenth to protest congress in action to do more than tweet thoughts and prayers in response to gun violence. So that's two weeks. Released Thursday. I mean all the network for public education and advocacy group up for public schools announced in national day of action on April the twentieth the the anniversary of the 1999 shooting a Columbine High School the add to the organization encouraging teachers and students to. Organized sit ins and walkouts. And though marches in nerve for other events to a protest gun violence in schools so loved. March 14. And April the twentieth two dates that will load will keep in mind and watch. The survivors of the a school shooting. From last week. Our non. Calling on out for a march on Washington on March 24. So that would be ten days after the women's march calling for the walk out. So. Survivors of the school shooting enough Florida. And a teachers. Actually I think it's surviving students that are calling for the march on Washington on no marsh the 24 two. Demand action on no gun reform and also all planned to have to visit the state capital and to Tallahassee they're doing that today. So a lot of those are just some things that are being thrown around. They'd be ongoing theme. Has primarily been how to articulate these kids are and they are. And a similar rumor very well spoken. And at some point or another is there a town hall meeting is that tomorrow. On CNN. I heard somebody say so. Vigor that's always pretty actually today. That these kids have been very articulate and albeit town hall meeting tomorrow but keep in mind that they are still young kids. And they've been an extremely ploy is to. Considering what they're going through. But they may lose some of that poised tomorrow night that emotions could possibly get the best album and after remember who your. Anyway all of that is so gone on but there's a theme that has kind of emerged that I think is different in this one. Com. But we expected they had gotten reaction the and they anti gun. Bet that we knew that was gonna you know that's coming every time something like this happens. But there's there's. There's a little bit more of love. Unless knee jerk discussion going on in a number of places. Like Rhode. Up from discovery channel's dirty jobs and CNN somebody's got to do it who writes a blog and gets a fair amount of attention for his level headed this he wrote one some thoughts on the Florida shooting. And yeah. And there was another whether coach Rivera sent me yesterday from reader's digest about one teachers brilliant strategy to stop future school shootings I can't wait to share that with unity effect I'll do that next me. And it's. Hi. Pay structure Marron I have a talk show that we do. By text and and and as for Fredricka Leo Lola text each other back and forth you'll hear some on the show are no immediate comment on it no load golf texted back and saying. That are just post B unit drafting Cortland summary from those and and and Edna. But anyway he's not just football coach you say pretty pretty insightful guy and has opinions and the last piece that was written on him and was it to do observer talked about news. He likes to listen to talk radio and it doesn't and analysts are here for a long long time and and and we appreciate his input. I guess they played the other day did you submit that piece the other day about me and my parking space to bow to play in the morning. Where did you find that. Yeah 2012. So he says via text the other day and he said something about I agreed. I disagree with you I agree with why I went back and listen to the podcast. And I don't even remember doing that piece. But as I listened to what I thought. I don't agree with me in this tees either. So I can't imagine that that was ever truly in my opinion I must it has been dry and big bluebird. Something that I talked about having a parking place and gone back out earlier car and I was checking my text messages or something like found innocent in the car. And her well look Hulk. And I do have figured I can't be for me Doug sauter our continued and I heard another Hong canal to run outside the back marooned on there was a lady there aren't gonna have a together. Out of that parking spot and I came to the conclusion eventually. That today. Possession. Mine and and then he was saying no it's a NC it's not a place to conduct business and businesses. Neither does parking spots to ensure that they can remain profitable and and and they and they guy great. So I don't disagree with me. But I I can't believe that you pulled a piece of from four years ago. Maybe us are sort of loosened the six. I anyway he's send me a story yesterday as we've been talking about the Florida massacre for a good long while and he sends me a story and he says any other Kirk reduce. And I see a mealy that is from reader's digest and I'm thinking man. When they got it good don't tell me courage is going on benighted and sitting down and read readers' digest condensed books and stuff like them. I read this today this morning and I I just think this is the coolest thing and you. Should hope that this schoolteacher. This is thinking out of the box school teaching and it basically it's a story from a lady who went to her son's class. For some math tutoring not for her son for her she was having trouble basically hoping her son do math and so she called the teachers today. I need some help figuring out how you guys do. Well long division these days or something like that. And then she says afterward we set for a few minutes and talked about teaching children and what a sacred trust and responsibility it is and we agreed that subjects like math and reading are not the most important things that we learned. In a classroom. We talked about shaping hearts to become contributors and a larger community. And then she told me this so this is this teacher. Sharing this with this parent. Every Friday afternoon she asks her students to take out a piece of paper and write down the names of four children. With whom they would like to set the following week. The children know that these requests may or may not be honored. She also asked the students to nominate one student who they believe has been an exceptional classroom citizen that week. All the ballots are privately submitted to her. And every single Friday afternoon after the students go home she takes out those slips of paper. And places they have them in front of her and she studies them. And she looks for patterns. And she's been doing this for a long long time since colossus colorblind. So she's kind of learned how to read. These. Slips of paper. Who's not getting requested by anyone else. Who can think of anyone. Who can't think of anyone to request. Who never gets noticed enough to be nominated. Who had a million friends last week and none this week. The teachers not looking for a new seating chart or an exceptional service and the teacher is looking for lonely children. She's looking for children who are struggling content connect with other children. She's identifying the little ones who are fail a falling through the cracks. Of the classes social life. She's discovering whose gifts are going unnoticed by their payers. And she's pinning down right away who's being bullied. And who is doing the bullying. This parent says brilliant. It's like taking an X ray of a classroom to see beneath the surface of things and into the hearts of students. It's like mining for gold. The goal to be in those children who need a little help. Who need adults to step in and teach them how to make friends. Ask. Our how to ask others to play. How to join a group how to share their gifts. And it's a bully deterrent because every teacher knows that bullying usually happens outside her I shot. And that often kids being bullied or too intimidated to share. The truth comes out in knows safe private little sheets of paper. This teacher's been doing this using the system since Columbine. This teacher said that she watched column by knowing that all the violence begins with the disconnection. All outward violence begins with inner loneliness. Who are our next mass shooters and how to we stop them she watched that tragedy knowing met children who aren't being noticed may eventually resort. Being noticed. By any means necessary. And what this mathematician has learned. While using this system is something that she really already knew. That everything even love even belonging has a pattern to it. She finds the patterns. And through those list she breaks the codes of disconnection. And then she gets lonely kids the help that they need it's math stir her its mass. One way to spend a life. Looking for patterns of love and loneliness stepping in every single day and altering the charges that turned trajectory. On our world. I think that's fascinating. Arm and man hats off to a teacher that can think outside of the box. And I hated and ended cares enough about her students you know one of the things that they article that we got some mode and some push back on an and then then that's fine. Because I listen I that'll. And eliminate. In no lolly pop world. But rob Myers had said. You know the way to start mass shootings is. Notice those around you who seem isolated and engage them. I'd do something. There's there's there's nothing the government or any organization can do to prevent these events you can effectively keep drugs out of the hands or of those intent on doing drugs you can't keep beer out of the hands of high schoolers. Intent on getting beer. You have a huge supply of weapons everywhere in concrete federal law protecting know those weapons. You have as much luck passing regulations against tornadoes. It would be equally as effective. So there it is no entity can do anything meaningful to Florida disaffected person hell bent on committing such an act but you can. You can talk to your co worker for a few minutes you can talk to the kid and your physics class that appears to be all alone. You can teach your children to do the same. And make sure that no one is left feeling totally isolated. Because that's the breeding ground that's where the seeds are planted. Community is easy to take for granted most of us have strong family connections and healthy friendships most feel as though they're part of that group be a community are religious or work related. But it's increasingly easy for people on the edges to withdraw. And it's easy for us to forget that for to forget them. And we have to change that. So. There's a different discussion taking place. After this massacre. And Mike Rowe has written a column. And and and some thoughts on the Florida shooting and I'll share those with you just a couple of seconds. Your legs and feet use their works relief this fast acting on his clinically proven to relieve lake and put craps they're works relief can also prevent muscle cramps get their works released today at select CVS and Rite Aid pharmacies or thorough works relief dot com. OK so who do more Americans turn first in the morning to start their day. Tellem Robin Good Morning America your morning America earlier Good Morning America cells taken from around so. A warning was ABC's Good Morning America. Nolan column has been called my attention. That Richard by micro. Micro is say. American actor. I narrator television host blogger. Doesn't stop unknown FaceBook. You may know him from the Discovery Channel he does a series called dirty jobs. He's done a CNN series called somebody's got to do it he hosts a podcast he's so known for his level head he's narrated programs. On the discovery and Science Channel and National Geographic give them. Apparently he's written on things in the past people look to him for ale level headed explanation. He wrote about the Florida shootings. Shared his thoughts on a recent tragedy at Stoneman Douglas high school. He writes evil Israel. As long as humans walked the earth people have chosen to do evil things that's what happened in Florida a nineteen year old man chose to do an evil thing he planned it. Yeah executed. He succeeded. Evil Israel. He said that while it's important to find out the contributing causes of mash shooters we shouldn't absolve the killer responsibility for his actions. Should we endeavor to know why it absolutely. Should we discuss the impact of video games accessible firearms single parents know parents powerful medications social media middle illness bullying or anything else we think might be. Might have encouraged him to choose evil over good. Without question. But we should also stop confusing the influence of those those such things with the root cause because. Nothing in this man's past and sponsored possibly explain his decision to kills seventeen people. And he said if you believe otherwise ask yourself while millions of other people. Were they similar past don't make the similar choice. The past does not equal the future. This is the most comforting thing I can tell you. He writes. It also is the most disconcerting because the facts are undeniable people from horrible backgrounds often become the epitome of kindness. And people with every imaginable advantage often go on to squander everything. The past does not equal the future. To the families of the victims I can only offer my sincerest condolences. Along with my heartfelt wish that the man who killed their loved ones. Is removed from the planet went all due speed. As for words. I can roller repeat what others have said and asking you to remember those who confronted evil with courage. People like here in phys the football coach who threw himself in front of kids that the killer was trying to murder. Beyond that. Writes Mike Rowe. I'm afraid I can offer nothing but my weekly attempt to prove that goodness also walks among us just as surely as evil. In numbers far greater than our news feeds would allow us sole or lead us to believe. So there's a different narrative. I guess that's what I'm kind of picking up on is that. There's a different narrative going on or maybe I'm just exposed to it. But I can't imagine that would be the case. There's a different narrative going on after what happened in Florida there's the say there is the same narrative. On these the kids of this high school you got to give him some credit they are. Flat out. Dedicated. To making a difference. In this world. And whether or not their aim. Did their intent is certainly honorable. On whether or not they're solutions. Are correct or not is up for debate is and always has been. But there's a there's there's a narrative going on underneath this. Are you less knee jerk discussion. I read an article last night as well about. Quit blaming mental health and are remembered the lady who's called us twice. After tragedies like this who we've talked about middle help that she has deliberately. I mean read us riot act. For our ignorance in. Always blaming mental health. And I don't find that article ensure that with you as well. But there is. I don't know maybe it's maybe Camby. But the idea of teaching your kids to find those kids at school that are outcasts or are not popular are the ones that story is so alone and have them be approachable and and does somehow or another have a discussion with them or you'll sit down with someone in work who is an outcast and as you know stranger and so on and so forth into. Go and sit down and have a discussion with them to try to bring these people into some sense of society to try to let them feel like they're part of community. But to me that makes as much sense as anything else I've heard. All right let me mail phone call and then all move onto I mentioned that the students romo's Stoneman Douglas high school load in Tallahassee today after being bussed up there are two urge legislators there are. Two. Not to take some action. Hoping to put some pressure on another Republican controlled state legislature to pass a package of a gun control laws and and a sort of so forth as the GOP senator their incoming Florida us senate president to who I was preparing a package and all. We'll share that with your disable Liguori earned it's a little 4571110. Silencer Alan WBT itself. Expected. Got a list period here. I I'm totally impressed that your idea to your buddy got there. Our enemy current spell out what you're putting out their true. Engage people. Absolutely because you really know. Cruel people are year old girl you really do Oscar. Every year whatever that for respect our best at best bet I bet they are Kirk yet but I speculate. So many people are not occur it be a factor being right in PP IE. About. And not be leaving them odd. What do cookbook respect glut bad disorder. They had their buyout are because they have it really has. Bipolar. And grow old Aurora Aurora burst out and all. These are very real and it can't be really treated. Within a car early situation. Not sure I'm not so sure that's. Not trying to show you down I have to say I'm not so sure that that's a conversation that can be had. Another talk radio or on Fox News or on CNN either I think that goes a little bit deeper. Then society. Being able to discuss the pros and cons and merits or non merits of that because. Would understand. Psychology and understand. And there have been who have done a big medical aspects so vote of what may cause people to do or not do things. I ajar if you remember the movie that Kirk spoke. Yeah it does me no doubt that there could at the principal who cling to get on the week. And what does it do we go to a brick building up and it had been a while agers. I don't what brought it back up or not. And so what victory go to aren't just big for outdoor outlet in my bank brought in school. What sort of people as best predictors. But they don't watch and know our question. Concerning don't go broke back content that's a book called back appropriate they don't want addressed a pair of themselves. But certainly. So I don't doubt record at the burning or collusion or not they not been a little more work your lawn or. I think the eighth only to be held up are all bad day out. A gangster type erratic guy he ought to have a parent knew he had it is intermediate definitely added. People white police sop there's. Everybody here we should not have viewed a ballot but you know don't beat people and spend a court. And pseudo. I'm ready to go broke especially out polygamy pick people who know. Its parent if I am not the Specter at least come and who know. But how old you are isn't it you are lost good majority of the but apparently. I appreciate it back yard. All right thanks so one of the most egregious parts of this whole story good toes are still breaking out of Florida was that the press conference the day after essentially the favor of that press coverage so there you see something say something. But then you find out that the people who said something were totally ignored. So that that just basically discounts. That whole press conference. Because now you put skepticism. And day out. And it's not because president trump has been a fight with the FBI. The FBI has now put doubt. On in everybody who's following this news story at all. In their ability. Do. React. To what must be an unbelievable workload I I mean I can't imagine. And obviously if all the sudden you send out the plea and say it and and did essentially the word is. AF if you have if you find somebody that's kind of weird tell us. Well I Valerie phone college that you get out that. That you you go to onto. Drama theatre in Los Angeles and make about 27 phone calls just standing there on an evening about 7 o'clock just owned by the way if strangest people you're. Or receive in your entire life. One do her a relatively unknown tools for stopping gun violence is gonna get a lot more attention it's gotten so already and that is Turbo the extreme risk protection order which empowers family members and police to take guns away from a person who may pose a danger to themselves or others. And the person's access to firearms is blocked until they can demonstrate that the risk is over. And essentially. As of now I think washed in California Connecticut. Organ I think came on recently. They have her poll laws. Indiana and Texas have modified. Risk warrant statutes. Over the past year there are legislatures in nineteen states and Washington DC who have taken up 32 separate ER PO bills. Up for consideration. Although there. That's according to every town for a gun safety this nonprofit organization it's gotten an awful lot of ink because of the shooting in Florida last week. And that's the same organization that was responsible for last week's wrong. Eighteen school shootings in Seoul. So they've ruined our credibility. With anybody is following the news saw saw stats I see the stat last night talking about the purple bills. And and then I see that the source for this information is every town for gun safety. And and they've already blown their credibility. They've already rough proven that they will air or on the aside or hyperbole. There's a growing consensus that this could be the first step these herbal laws that could be taken no one where we're talking about people who are at risk of hurting themselves or others that's according to Lauren Alford. Of the a gun violence prevention group sandy hook promise. The purple OK you know again Oregon State Legislature was considering ER PO law this summer National Rifle Association said in a statement that the bill would allow people who work. Not mental health professionals. Who maybe. Be mistaken. Or who may only have minimal contact with the responded to file a petition with the court and testify on the respondents a state of mind. So that the ARP go with a essentially just stripped the accused of their Second Amendment right and would be if I issued by a judge based on a brief statement from the petitioner. That was the statement that came out of the NRA. The answer to those concerns. Embedded in these laws is that the courts must show substantial evidence. And that of course today's we've seen that general credibility on stuff like that is also substantial evidence. I'm and they haven't we just to see you know learn that things are required substantial evidence haven't required such substantial evidence so just recently. Like vital laws. So as I say that they they shoot themselves in the foot. Because they continue to. Ruin their credibility in the net tell you what the systems are that are set up. But the courts would have to show substantial evidence that a person is a risk to themselves or others and in addition. The removal of a firearm is only temporary generally for a year and less the ER PO is that a renewed. And a ladder at a latter hearing. According this offered again and if to overcome a lot of Second Amendment no legal and political concerns are with the RPO. So news while it's impossible to determine how many of the recent shooting tragedies ER PO as good of a prevent a day they they could have provided at least another layer of protection. And that's why the that that's why you'll start to see this in new York and oppress again this so well. Here's the article was look at for a little bit earlier doctors not happy with trump associating mental illness was violence or the last night and I believe a lot of argument over this lady TJ that's all the sub twice now following school shootings and just read us the riot act for our talking about mental health and the dangers been. There are many in the medical community there growing extremely frustrated with the association of violence and mental illness. A doctor Louis cross said they concept that mental illness as a precursor to violent behavior is nonsense. Since the mass shooting in Florida last week a drug administration spent a lot of time making the correlation between middle illness and mass shootings. Mental health professionals say they welcome more resources in the attention to middle health but they feel that trump is ignoring the real problem. Which they think is easy access to guns. And there lies. The debate. Isn't it tomorrow that the president goes down and not talk to all the students in Florida has become known for their discussion instead. It was a breaking news right now that president. Trump is signed a memo directing the Justice Department to propose regulations to ban all devices like bone stocks used in the biggest massacre. As director DO Justice Department to band bump stocks and other devices that turn legal guns and automatic weapons so it's I don't have all the details about the stories breaking news we have. All right as we go speak but apparently. Trappist as so directed DO Justice Department to our banned gun modifications like bump stocks. So we'll hear more about that. I can't imagine that does not to somewhat to it. Because of who he has to face tomorrow Damascus and the ability to vote. On to say we're not just doing nothing. And that's pretty elementary conclusion. But did that to a timing would lead me to believe that he needs so it. To be able to do stand on some ground tomorrow when he's sitting there in front of these. The of these people shows up on WBT hey Joseph. I. To the court should thank you Kirk Taylor called top dollar players like you're right there are about up. At the mental. Background check stuff like that but I'll. As they bolivars while shopping for got silk the parent. Not bad shoot. But I won't about it right older. You know lately will be a struggle to keep tattooed but. You know pediatric guilt or so a big guns are there yet answered still so there. Air brigade have more pressure but I do agree Libby background check that should be. You know it should be area cabinet where there are also bought all our Betsey and I agreed that bald spot should be late. I'm a neck cancer angle oh without a media I don't wanna sound like a jerk here but I mean there are efforts are probably more efforts. Good going towards kids with campers at cantor and and none. Well and and money and medical know researcher no solid so far so way it's not dent to some extent like we're standing by I believe in just oh lead trying to wait this thing out. But should it not only last 4% back to our researcher. Children street searched our law I think perspective though that body talk let back. Let loose shot or actually Abbott Al Khobar. Our basic supplies to sit. There are a lot of but got I may be. If I can't there are or children act there are no. Albeit at a big 'cause a majority of the net that the children are all our problems but it's an old as the. Why is it then that does such a did that so much money goes to adult cancer and not. Pediatric cancer. I also believe that her beer eat up higher traders got a Oswalt all our trial about state I've got a child ought. To try to get treatment as I believe our money. I think what children and it does have an open debate that's why. I loved it let's say you can't be sure that big out or start get a big impact let local people say hey now. Here's the face that showed there is six. I don't know why they're not getting what they aren't clear look at the close network spam millions more search shouted back at speak out. Under edit your area neighborhoods but not really talk about these kids dark Parcells is the combat. Fairway that may be world. But you'd still borda and bubble are so you're actually at that child has died of cancer beat out comment at all. Well you're near information surprising to me are probably because of a Keefe Larson's ride for the kids a lot of those kids. Better than a cancer of similar made it's a moment have not. Council we've been exposed to those kids Jeff Newton a guy who built my house enough who has done not. The dream house they assay Jude's house for a channel three for the last three years get ready to do it for the a fourth year he's turned into a good friend of mine have been exposed. I to a saint Jude's because of that Bob Crawford the bass player with the David Brothers so of course. His daughter probably wouldn't be here today if they had been in Tora saint Jude so. May be I've seen more of that that's why it surprised me to some extent than pro that you just gave me because. Apparently I've been exposed more to kids with pediatric cured cancer than. Than most of the population. Exactly reality and I'm 200 our arsenal play. Average recipient of bud or brought. Well not let you call them a way to try to keep our blog rod every year. It's currently. He's doing that again this year it's how I talked to the other days they donated in May because he's got a daughter that's getting married in April so I think they're gonna do a little little later this year but it's coming up and make. Vote yes Serb I like your call tonight does but what gets me like youth and the they mean you guys are. Known about it because she died at about it. A lot of people that don't ask don't ever hear about it. Now pale thanks for the information appreciated joke at outback. February the twentieth. 51 days into the year. 314. Days. Ago. How would that be TJ 300. Eight days until Christmas. 1965. February the Tories were just talking about this yesterday with the boomer in the Smithsonian O while aboard friendship seven. John Glenn orbited the earth three times four hours and 55 minutes became the first American to orbit the earth that was big I was ten and or grid there was him. But I remember there was big. And that are never go to the Smithsonian. And I don't know if that's still the case or not but it those days you could walk right up to the capsule it was right there in the lobby of the Smithsonian. And and it didn't and look into that. I would not like them walked me up into space in that thing anymore than I would ride in the thing in the back of a flatbed truck. But John Glenn and did. Putting up an orbit three times fascinating if you forget the Smithsonian I assume it's still there. 1992. On CNN's Larry King Live Ross Perot announces intention to run for the 1992 US presidential election. And then the next morning at 9 o'clock on WBT. Frivolity ensued. I didn't see it. I came in I don't know what we were gonna talk about that day but I came in here. And all the sudden I looked out I had even sent a low yet and the phone lines always doubled were lit up. I had no idea what was going on I took a phone call the guy wanted to talk about the guy that was on no Larry king's show last night. I took the second call they wanted to talk about Ross Perot. And we we talked about Julius Fultz wherever you are. He was the Perot lady. And she nightmare we fought like cats and dogs are of that election season. And I remember because she hung in there. And turned out to be a good friend. Perino when you have disagreements with people would still allow you to be your friend you. We've got some program directors had fallen in that category B boy fought with vigorously and consider them to be friends. I city port daily news blues in the field goal at 91 years old today knighted by the queen Elizabeth the no 1974. Presidential medal of freedom by a Barack Obama ninth 2009. Mitch McConnell 76 today but it does look a day over bill and I know ninety. And Charles Barkley. 55 years old today a member of the French Olympic team was sent home for being selfish rather than a team player that was Mikhail shepherds boyfriends and know that very. Rip to stabilize gave for me. Just remember there's no lives you. Know reverend. Some 600 KFC locations in the UK had a closed down on Monday because these supplier failed to liberty checking them to check in charge over there. Have appeared in here KFC had chickens cannot. You run out of a lot of things but chickens out audible. And that Russian Olympic athlete who failed his drug test was revealed to be the curler who won the bronze medal. Vijay and I were talking about this earlier. You need drugs to finish third and curling up. Grilling. Courteous to apologize to her rendition of the star spangled banner on a Sunday night to she said she was honored when me and VA Astor. Bush taking a beating it's got to be our death. It's one thing to add. And the local press Terry opportunity to have the entire nation repealed. So off not a good week for a Fergie John Olympics tonight primetime coverage includes Lindsey Vonn trying for her second downhill gold medal in eight years. Ladies short program and a figure skating women's bobsled. Men's snowboard big error do we not have later on tonight like 10 o'clock finish tonight. That it 10 PM to 12:30 AM according to my schedule men's ice hockey Czech Republic against the USA who beat Slovakia the other night to the USA hockey team's doing. Better than what they were expected to do. They lost. Oh they are Olympic athletes from Russia or whatever they're called that group. The other night but. That's this silly game mode entered the Czech Republic because a quarterfinal so I think I think they're doing pretty well CNBC tonight at 10 PM I think it's where you'll see that game and I think that's life. But not to if I'm not mistaken. So anyway the rest of the coverage of course or NBC at 8 o'clock and an MS ER excuse me NBC sports network. Which if you're on a spectrum is on not 314 did you know that Colin Quinn recovering from a heart attack Saturday Night Live. They'll talk about that the second day apparently is okay they use east Sweden and doing stuff like that but. Colin Quinn recovering after suffering a heart attack on the view that just a couple of seconds. Time and had a lot of alarm Colin Quinn thinking is a friends and fans wishing him well as he continues to recover from most suffering a heart attack last week is a trademark sense of humor at. They intact. He broke the news on a February the fourteenth series of a social media posts he treated my heart broke on Valentine's Day. Literally. Rep for Quinn says that is to agree so there you go there we were just talking about daylight saving. Two weeks from Sunday. We go back on it. And as far as I returned and stay there. On lots legislation Florida's considering no. Just get near a terror Florida's a talking about it did. Not enacting it are enacting it and they're not coming back off of it I think they're they're good news. It is is doing spring ahead and and stayed there. But anyway I load. TJ and I who who we love that. As we thought he hated it when it goes dark. And you probably do it too I mean if your bed the nine to five worker then that means you're driving home in the dark and it makes you feel like you are you're working the night shift. There's just something about haven't daylight to drive home and make you feel like you still got some time watching get home you're gonna unwind a little bit visits a psychological thing a light of the barbecue earlier. All of it's a mindset two weeks from Sunday well lumber of our clocks forward in the annual ritual known as a stolen sleep week. Daylight saving time. It used in the United States and in many European countries since World War II at that time and an effort to conserve fuel needed to produce electric power Germany and lost Austria began no saving daylight and. On net April 30 1916 by advancing the clocks the hands of the clock one hour until the following October. Then other countries immediately adopted does that in 1916 the plan was not to formally adopted in the United States still 1918. And actor preserve daylight and provides standard time for the United States and acted on no march 19 1918. And it'll turn 100 years old. When we do it this week are this. Next month February 11. 2 o'clock in the morning. Couples would get drunk together are much happier. Not all cases so does that leads to a police skulls and it. There's a study published by the journals of gerontology. Series B. Psychological series. TJ let him borrow his copy. Doubt they attack couples who drank together reportedly being a lot happier with their partner and their relationship than those who are not drinking together. Well I would be seeing the world through rose colored glasses wouldn't it. Thank you so. Opt for the study researchers surveyed 4864. Married people why that number I have no idea. What did the other 36 were passed out. And with the average relationship being 33 years participants were asked how often they drink and a week and how much they drank each time they are pop a bottle. And researchers found that the couples over the age of fifty reported better marriages have both partners drank alcohol. If one partner drank and the other didn't Peron they worked more likely to report to feeling unsatisfied and there. Or they were more likely to report feeling unsatisfied in their marriage if commuter drank a similar positive response was given. Analyst of the U or analysis of the data showed that he quantity. That the couple strength didn't matter. Or how often per week. What really mattered was that if they were going to drink they did it together. Don't forget juror you're a team so if there's a drinking to be done. It drug together. Now what about the two alcoholics that have been living to you know I'd just get faced every. That can't be a good marriage cannon what if you're drinking because of your marriage to. They say that Fred drinking alcohol plays a role in living past nine. So here's an information to ponder while you're at the gym instead of a bar. Beer and wine have better health benefits and exercise in terms of longevity. Those were the findings of the University of California neurologist Claudia call loss. And other researchers conducting a ninety plus study. An effort to that started in 2003 to explore impacts of daily habits on longevity in the 17100 persons surveyed people who drank about two glasses of beer wine per day. Were 18% less likely to experience a premature death. Then those who have staying. Participants who exercised fifteen to 45 minutes a day cut the same risk by 11%. When my mom I do but nine B one now I guess. And. I think she still has a glass or water to every night. Then maybe that's issued a good genes my grandmother lived to be under 201. So what that might answers like 95. Hurt by my mom's sister. I don't know if it's the drinking. Could be a by the mama exercises to a degree to they say drinking about two cups of coffee a day lowered the risk by 10% compared to the non drinker. Those who spent two hours today and hobby were also at 41% less. Likely to die prematurely. And a call Assad has said that I have no explanation for a but I do firmly believe that modest drinking improves longevity. So. George go one on down nine to opt out and get us a modest amount alcohol or do. A bottle of twenty year old Scotch editor at. Researcher at Harvard wasted no time on us when. Grant. 4000 millionaires came to the conclusion that people with more wealth tend to report being happier with life. You think. Now money can't buy happiness. But lack of money can buy a miserable to us. It gives you like it it can be here by jet ski goodbye contentment. It can buy. The peace of mind taken by a lack of worry. Large amount of wealth linked to increase and happiness. They say one inching side note is millionaires who earned their wealth. Were happier than those who inherited it. Well feeling of you deserve it. Particularly I think I could probably figure out a way to survive underwear. Not having. Burned. A ton of well. Not knowing edited the prospects. Any coming my way I guess all just have to take their words were. Although the good lord has been pretty darn good to be ideal number of children to have. To. At least that's the word from our British scientists who have determined that parents who have more than two children face a greater risk of heart disease. And each additional child boost the danger even higher and weirdly having only one child or no children also increases the risk. I'm an only child. But I imagine my mom's idea one. Survey discounted. Hearing on the news and I know we've heard a little bit earlier about about a hundred students from Florida Stoneman Douglas high school where seventeen students and teachers were killed and they. School shooting last week you know. Went to the State Capitol and a Tallahassee today. To put some pressure on another Republican controlled state legislature to pass a package of got a gun control laws. Which even some of the GOP lawmakers say that they would consider there's a GOP senator by the name of bill Gelb Arnaud down there are the incoming Florida. Senate president. Who us says that they were preparing or are preparing a package that would raise the age to buy a firearm to 21 create a waiting period for buying any type of firearm ban no bombs stocks that allow us semi automatic weapons to operators automatic. And in and creating got a gun violence restraining orders. And apparently also being considered is increasing spending on mental health programs for schools and giving law enforcement greater power to involuntarily hold somebody. Considered to be a danger to themselves. But. I would rather what what comes out of that I don't know what came out of the students meeting with them I don't know there's still strong resistance obviously by many Republicans. On any gun control measures and there's a lot of Democrats that don't believe things like raising media age limit and creating a waiting period to by firearms is enough so. Let's see where that hole of a discussion goes there has to VA. Are they walk out on April. Or my dates at this point fourteen. And there are some nothing's scheduled for a march and 9 April and and and so on and so forth. As I was reading about all the protests that are being planned in the women's marches planning a deal and so on and so forth I was a read and Atlantic magazine and. I in the back of that they had good thing about what was the most influential act of protest in history. And that they don't mention the Boston Tea Party. Think that would be in their somewhere. Gordon NASA would Pulitzer Prize winning historian and author said the protests against the stamp back to 1765. Which and have a little led to the creation of the the United States say a decade later. David S Meyer the author of the politics of protest said that the conscientious objector or Randy Keller. Who went to jail for nearly two years to protest against the Vietnam War and then years later Daniel Ellsberg said that it was Keller sacrificed to persuaded him to share the Pentagon papers. Most influential act of protest in history TV read author of the art of protest rights Rosa parks' refusal and 1955. To move to the back of the segregated bus of Alabama. Readers' responses. Charles. Learn rubble. Moderate California set on June 5 they 1989. Tiananmen square. Wonder man you remember this guy stood against the entire Chinese Government to protest the oppression no vote more than a billion people use only his body managed to stop an entire tank column. And even for a he even if for a moment they are brutal crackdown on our freedom and democracy. And then there resolution yeah. Perry of Guthrie Oklahoma. Who said that the. One of the bid that the most influential act of protest in history. Was when The Beatles refused to play. For a segregated audience. In Jacksonville Florida in September of 1964. The band's contract signed by his manager Brian Epstein stated that they would not play to a segregated audience since then we've all. Our debris that come together. But anyway side it was gut wrenching as to what those some people said the UK miners' strike of a 1980. Got to listing. Mohammed Gandhi's 241 mile salt march in 1930. I got to mention the silent sentinels protest outside of the White House in 1919. The end Newburgh conspiracy in Marcia 1783. Protests that failed. In the 1930s 80000 Muslim men and women formed an army of peace. So I just some of the things little. That were mentioned in it in correlation to over the go. Protests that are being started today. Pump researchers have pinpointed the moment they humanity of fundamentally changed our natural world in other words we started routing the planet win. Cheer that was you just the second. Humanity officially started rooting me a planted in 1965. I was right after The Beatles got here. In fact they had an album called Beatles 65. Our researchers have pinpointed the moment they humanity fundamentally changed our natural world I know a lot of you are buying this. The at the embassy in. Age begin to between October and December of 1965. According to a study. Published in no scientific reports which found the marker of this new era in the heartland of a strange and lonely tree. On an island in the middle of the Southern Ocean. Researchers university of New South Wales. Said he radio active carbon spiked created. By the Al culmination of atmospheric thermonuclear. Bomb tests in the 1950s. And sixties that appears through photo synthesis in a ring no of these spruce tree known locally. As the low earliest tree in the world. The other trees should go over there and. Be next closest tree is over 125. Miles away. Think about that big about the birds. Yeah I mean you make a commitment. It dawned the other end and extend the closest tree is a hundred part of our miles away on the Auckland islands while load this one is by itself. On neo world inherited side of Campbell island. All of that that I just said. That most of you totally understood. Is what we officially started routing the planet I team. 65. It's in my notes from about a year ago. And we look forward to about daylight saving time goes into effect two weeks from this Sunday. Do you know what goes into effect two weeks from next Tuesday. Actually three weeks from today. March Madness. So about the time that. As we we got out of football season and got into the Olympics so that was kind of like. Thank you. But then there's gonna be that gap between the Olympics and you'll still have NBA basketball. College basketball. But but march medicis is worth the wait won't workman's. So long way to Soviets and notes and bit. A year ago we were talking about an article from a company called sports grid who has suggested some college basketball changes. You remember this conversation. No shot clock except in the final four minutes of each half. Minus one point four missed slam dunks. Yeah I guy I know a fact that figure action should have to sit for a minute oh. You know. Sit down Joba. Last two minutes of each half played with the lights out of fluorescent ball and rim. But. We thought that was a good idea. Coach can take a shot of the ball bounces to him on the sideline. A big enemy that thinks it's over the coach Dunleavy and some people have had them pretty good shots and not only that but thank you don't you have Melamine. What steps curry coach. After his playing days are over he bribed still buried the three elements assured Dell could bury a three it. Players on the bench can tweet with the fans. And they would never stand for that would that. Each team must play its mascot a minimum of three minutes. They've got mean all of these things to me would would liven up again we're talking about a year ago. Tom. Who left for South Korea on Monday. From Florida. To be a part of the NBC broadcasting him. Who left for South Korea on Sunday from Daytona Florida. To be a part of the NBC broadcasting him. NASCAR's most popular driver. Extra arbor. Dale Junior. Daytona is over Dale Junior has moved to the Winter Olympics to South Korea. He obviously a retired from full time racing at the end of the year Tony seventeen NASCAR cup when all the that's news to anybody he has been transitioning to our broadcasting within BC. He made his debut during the Super Bowl pregame Super Bowl pregame he said coverage. And because NBC doesn't take over on the broadcasting of NASCAR from faux until July. They're looking for stuff for him to do is so they're having him cover the Olympics he left for South Korea on Monday. On none at Daytona International Speedway on Saturday he was talking about how he wasn't quite sure what he would be doing in South Korea because NBC hadn't told him yet. I doubt real seriously that he's doing this figure skating. And then when he addressed the media on Sunday before the Daytona 500 he joked about the right person hearing that because he was emailed a schedule that morning. Similar to what he did with his Super Bowl coverage is angle will be. The fish out of water. Kind of thing but anyway don't be surprised to follow wonder watch an Olympic coverage over the next. When we got about a week ago. Lesson that is an over Sunday. The you may see dale popping up there Olympic coverage on TV Sri Lanka audience has shrunk a little bit but as I read the deal missiles from two days ago. They were down 7%. Isn't everybody down about 7% this says more to me about either. Not being able to calculate everybody who's actually watching and all of the different mediums that they're watching whether they're streaming or whether there. Or. More choices. Older population I don't care what anybody says after you reach a certain age. The drama of world champion or that drama of this is yet. We've been through all of this is its. Way when did did this is it every four years. The Super Bowl every year. The the culmination of well after awhile. It's it's just another world champion has so I think the older population has something to do with that as well but anyway TV is just down as all of so when you read something about the Olympics being down. But the whole medium is down NFL's down all TV viewing seems to be down at some way or another. And where itself but not so sure that there are calculating all the different ways that you can access. I'd television and live events and everything these days so. So that's true that one goes. We told you about snow boarder last night 2951. Of the world's greatest athletes. But the snow boarder Elizabeth's want me now one of them. Snowboarding throat burn Hungary. Canada and Germany have tied death for gold in the two man bobsled and the 22 largest team at the Olympics I'll tell you about them next but Alltel yeah. Right now. It's the Zamboni drivers. Here are long and storied life have you. Is there a job interview that you ever had that stands out among all the rest. There was a guy there is a guys' names David Bernstein. Are very. Respected program directories to be a TIC opened our Hartford Connecticut is where I have my. Interview with him a thousand years ago he went on to our programs some of the bigger stations in the country and he still active in the business and highly respected and he he brought me in a numb. We talked for about an hour and all the sudden five people walked into his office sat down on the music. Meeting broke out. So there was submit them music director and a it's also worth had been part of this and they were asked my opinion on some of them. And so that was over and it was time we want to launch. And we came back and we were talking for about another fifteen minutes and normally radio interviews you know 35 minutes forty minutes maybe an hour ago on. So all the sudden now come back from lunch and we sit there we talked for half an hour and five people walking and promotions meeting breaks out. Stuff that they've got coming up things that they're doing personal appearances by the jocks while while while the sun. Lesser about an hour. They leave. He and I talked for about fifteen minutes and almost in the middle of the sentence he stands up and says we're John thank you very much governor entered burn it shakes my hand and walks into the dark. I was at. And get the job but it always remember the interview and I've talked to about it since goes up doctor of several times over the years. And now I've asked him you know what was that all about blasted that about does size six months after it was over with and he told his losses we have interviews and all wanted to put me in situations that I didn't expect to be tendency how I'd react to all of that and I was still program director at the time so I stole that right out of the out from underneath him and anytime I had done. Job interviews or I was looking for somebody who knew afternoon driver meeting amid days or so much that's right I said them through the same drills. Our founder most beneficiary of I've just always remembered that. I can't remember any specific questions. Did ever threw me for a loop but I was reading an article about apple is known to be one of the most challenging and exciting places to work but getting a job there is no easy task. As they ask both technical questions based on your past work experience and then just some kind of mind boggling puzzled questions. So they have some glass door had some recent posts. Of questions that people were asked when they interviewed with the apple. And some involves some fairly tricky math problems depending on what your trying to apply for and others are simple. But just big enough to kind of keep you on your toes having consider yourself you're sitting in an interview. And all the sudden. They ask you have. So what is your best friend. Now this was somebody that was applying to be a family room specialist. I have no idea what veterans. Where you sit in somebody's family around and above operate the remote control. They even have similar rooms anymore. You have family rooms where you couldn't be in the living room you weren't allowed to be in the living room except I'd like maybe Christmas. Explain to an eight year old what a mater router is at its functions. Now that would have been torn at home advisor. Candidate. You have 100 coins laying flat on the table each with a heads side and a tail side ten of them are heads up and I do your tails up. You can't feel see or in any way find out which side is up split the coins and the two files such as that. There are the same number of heads and each trial. Describe yourself what excites you. I'll take mid September for. Hundred Alex. You can or just a second. Good dug up building engineer candidate was asked are you Smart. Now do you answer that he can't just sit there are your thumb. We've we didn't you just can't sit there with your film on a the pretty go without John. What are your failures. And how have you learned from them that is had an interview questioned it I've that I would. Then I would almost expect I don't know that I would expect that particular one but that's kind of questions I've heard I've seen in the back and he's gonna wanna see what your. Can you think are your fate. Have you ever disagreed with a manager's decision. And how did you approach the disagreement give a specific example and explain how you rectify this disagreement what was the final outcome and how that individual would describe you today. That's for a software engineer candidate. Now I go you know I how much time do we have. Our last program director one of the first things that we ever did was when no senator took place was the night that we were supposed to do the bike try about it. South America share impressed during church. And he called me at 1 o'clock in the afternoon news that I need you in the studio tonight has now moved from spot. I understand that. Big big gravity of sandy hook for a no I got of got a bike drive they did. It this day is all about kids tragically. I got kids that are depending on me. He denied region the studio to Madison I'm not gonna be in the studio and I'm going to be an in the parking lot of Sharon pressured church into a trust that's rod supposed to be just wrong going to be. If you need to have put somebody on the error. That's your prerogative but I'm gonna be a shared Presbyterian Church that is it period. Well I was we broadcast and know sort and so forth than. It it brought us closer together. We did broadcast from out there and and in the years later he came but to me and he said you were right now and I said no I wasn't. It was only right for this radio station in that particular event I was I was only bright for. This radio station for every other radio station in the country you were right they should have been in the studio that night. But not for that by drive night and not for the history that we have with kids first. In ironically sort of way we learned how to fight with each other and we both respected the fact that we can disagree with one another without revealing that our friendship was in jeopardy or our jobs were gone. So it was actually the most beneficial. Relationships start that he and I ever had. You never know. There are asked to the apple job interview. We always ask children earlier have you ever had a job interview that sticks out one more than the other or not. You know normally there pretty much Erica and drive that are really you run into somebody that's either eccentric are pretty sharpened they. But they put you on the spot and you got to respond and you've got to figure out away to answer your why should we hire you in body ever asked you that the mail in a job interview. Why should we are you. How would you answer that. You gotta gotta be ready. You kind of got to hope that your bio rhythms are working that day it. You put a glass of water on a record turntable and begin slowly increasing the speed. What happens first of the glass slide off tip over. Orders the water splash out. They asked that of a mechanical engineer candidate. Yeah I don't know I don't think you would slide off. I think it would be more likely to tip over. It depends on the bottom of the glass. And Andy because it says all you put the years that glass on her record turntable. But it doesn't say there's a record on the record turntable. It doesn't say there's felt on the record turntable it doesn't say that there's rubber on the record turntable what if it's just the battle. Over record turntable and you've just put a glass on it then it would slide off. I get the job. What's more important. Fixing the customer's problem or creating a good customer experience. Good customer experience that would be the answer. I don't know I admire your question would be what Tug or get off. Alabama education do against. I need to raise. If you're gonna put these pressure on me with these kind of questions I'm gonna have to have more money. What brings you here today. You got all dressed up they've got your resume you went through all that stuff you probably filled up whatever they make you fill our view of the reception has given you that the official form of intercom Charlotte. You know we know about all your felonies and stuff like that drive piece of paper. You seem pretty positive what types of things bring you down. Job interviews. What was your best day in the last four years what was your worst. That's a bed I've wanted to standard question but that's the kind of question that. Generally don't try to pop on you'd know just to see. If you're given a jar with a mix of fair and unfair coins. And you pull out one and you flip it three times and get these specific sequence heads tails. What are the chances that you pull out a fairer. Or unfair coin that's locals. Lead analyst candidate Saturday and understand the question and we nor a fair point is what's a fair and unfair going do you know. If it. They asked of a software this is apple Augusta based software. Engineer candidate. How would you test a toaster. Well I'd probably immediately asked for a piece of bread. Or maybe several pieces of bread and I'd try to sitting at two and ten. And six. And see if the toes fixed finished itself accordingly. If it bird it to and it wouldn't burn it ten and I would say maybe your toasters got a problem. What would you want to do five years from now. What he'd better be something having to do with that company. But I don't know I don't to be hell out of here yardage I had right now. Are you guys are gonna keep on asking me all these stupid questions I don't have a lot of time to waste. So. Why do you wanna join apple and what will you miss at your current work. If apple hired you. I wanna work at apple because of the discounts. And I can't think of a thing that I'd miss at the if probably I'd ms. JJ had that happen who will AJ. So there you go. All right they say the average American has sixty bad days a year. Urges in case you're wondering new study finds the average American has sixty bad days a year. Fitness that real addicts surveyed 2000 working Americans to determine what exactly makes a Dave bad and and see the effects such as you know what it was on your health. And they found the average responded blames work for four out of five bad days as they experience. And also not getting enough sleep was a big contributing factor to weigh a bad day. Other big causes of bad days feeling sick being worried about finances and work related stress off. How do people deal with their stress. Well among those who exercise 95%. Said working out after a bad day makes them feel better. Not working out after a bad day makes me feel better. Best bet chocolate egg there which had hit your ball scrutinized very mart shares is up next on the Hancock were out here.