More Immigration, Presdential Approval Ratings, and Vacations

John Hancock
Wednesday, June 20th
Hancock talks about the executive order signed by the president today, his approval ratings, and vacations.

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This is John Hancock. Heather the other is Wednesday as we get rid. Willie Nelson back in town tonight PNC music rubilian it is going to be toasty out there if you did you dress accordingly a DJ. Going in a Speedo. Speedo and a straw cowboy hat that'll be TJ alone you'll notice him. Oh believe me if that's what he's going in you'll notice event at a the fact just about everybody in this room right now defines flight in just an almost bright opaque fashion. Not necessarily what you derby called pool boy is. Let's skin cancer thing you know we're just. Does not risking it. So we're way out Willy enough friends tonight David Broder should go on about 830 is my understanding and I know this is a great inconvenience to of people who tried to travel and for the first show but ended up with Willie in the David Brothers in art and now Concord has sought for. Good trade off. So I hope you'll have they are good night tonight guard should start off in the ninety's and by the time my Willey takes the stage be in the eighties. It is toasty outside my car thermometer. Inside. Outside guard thermometer. Said a hundred degrees and has come on Wilkinson boulevard looking usually runs like in Ohio but. Hottest hot too general talking about that. What's the difference between a 105 and 95. Not not much if you're out of it all well and I ever really stayed outside for a long period of time but. The humidity does it seem as oppressive as it. Camby. But it's still going to be toast European seat tonight so a beer sales should be a good. Om and as you just heard during the news Dwight Howard who apparently was kind of locker room cancer but. He apparently has been traded. Then this side guests. Would be his. His song today. Car and drive. We ran real bag. And grab you cloned. It needs and our own. Mean I had enormous. Won't lose me. On the back iron. It is not that. There's a lot of time and time. It's. Well now it's it's. Yeah you're right. And this yeah. I mean girls. Wherever I'm sure they'll be Albany's in basketball shape. Ryan and his hands are shaking too badly and that is heads are spinning completely out of control one of the dumb things that they had a batting hero was apparently he had a little bit problem running on the plays that were called. So I don't know if that's animate thing or if that's say. I don't understand type thing. But anyway I liked in my I mean I don't know I don't follow basketball are closely I'm not to the point that I would be able to assess. You know I look at his numbers and I went to a couple hornets games and he's got that engaging personality and big smile on his face and he seems to be nice to the people love their tune were on the sidelines and I you know that's about as much as I knew. But he's a Brooklyn net now know we get a couple of draft picks out of the deal including a second that'll be utilized tomorrow also Fogg got this right the the hornets at this stage in maybe something else goes down before tomorrow night so draft but at this stage got to eleventh pick in the draft and into number two picks. But number two picks in the NBA draft or. I'm not not necessarily. Would you would consider to be gold. Being number eleven pick in the draft is not considered to be gold I think you get at best about what picked 45 and at that point it's kind of a crapshoot and an even. One through five this I guess that's a testament to how great an athlete you have to be to be in the NBA. I mean union look at all the kids that are playing basketball with hopes of being a professional Sunday. And all the kids that you watch in the colleges. And and the big dance. And you see you know. Really what appeared to be great basketball players at the college level but then they come to the pros. And and there's just to select few that make it so the guys that are in the NBA for the most part. Our are are just unbelievably talented. So they went to load the car and and right to know Dwight thanks for a year got traded a year to the day. After he was traded here last year from not. Was an Atlanta. And Orlando. To Atlanta to Charlotte. To Brooklyn. I'm. Morgan right now working his way north. So love what next would be. Ottawa. All right it's official low or well we got on the air we were still kind of waiting for it to. We've the president held a press conference earlier today and on border separation since all be signing something all he had house. Signed an executive order to allow children to stay with parents caught crossing the border illegally. And moved just stop the family separations that. Obviously have triggered a national outcry and a political crisis were Republicans especially Republicans that took. There were worried about derby affected child separation would have on their own on bare mid term elections. What do you figure was a bigger concern. There are stakes are the kids stakes. The measure would allow odd children to stay in detention with parents for an extended period of time and that comes as southern congressional Republicans are trying to. We'll address some legislation to would address that same issue but to. You know they may pass something in the house and and that's probably gonna run into opposition in the senate because they need. Democrats some Democrats to go along with whatever it is that they come up with 'cause they need sixty votes. And so it's gonna take. The majority it's gonna take all the Republicans and and some Democrats to a pass anything and and we all know how well that goes these days. But had trumpets addressing the border separation issue you said today we wanna keep both families together reading got his attention. Milan Villa or a bunker. Because they've both got to come out in the last couple of days so it Merritt said they don't want this. Separating families saying anyways and today I'll be signing something a little love while little would do just that keep them which together. And kind of preemptive. He also said today and will ultimately be matched by legislation. I'm sure. So we'll see were all of that goes so with our congress. Politico had reported that the Homeland Security secretary Christian Nielsen. And White House lawyers world working on what he is now apparently signed when they had a press conference earlier on today. I you might recall that in late may trumpet treated to put pressure on the Democrats to end the horrible law of separates children. From their parents once they cross the border that was late may. And he was referencing the Flores settlement agreement. Which I think came out to of the a ninth circuit in California which is is the most inconsistent. Or I guess what what the most overturn court. A federal court in the land. But that's illegal settlement that's been in places 1997. Medved is not a law but has the force of law. The Washington Post had reported that congress does have the authority to pass a law that overrides the terms of that. Consent degree Bob which mandates that the government keep immigrant families together for only twenty days via post. Washington Post said that courts have ruled that children must be released from detention facilities within twenty days under the floor is. Consent decree but none of these legal developments prevents the government from releasing parents along with the children so. That's that's kind of were all that goes so the executive order to allow children to stay with their parents caught crossing the border illegally has been signed. There's press conference is going on as we speak and I don't know if that's. Looking up the TV said no march in new president signs something but I think that's probably taped I think that's are taken place. The action. Would allow children to stay in detention with parents for an extended period of time. And in the meantime congressional Republicans all of scramble too or try to draft something. To address the same issue but. As we've seen made they are around they're they're they're challenge tonight in getting the votes for them. That 1997 order. And then some other related decisions. Children cannot be detained for longer than twenty days. With the adults. And so the executive action that trump. Has assigned would run afoul of that and that may lead to whale lawsuit Rush Limbaugh was talking about though when I was driving in. Fox News is told that the Homeland Security. Secretary. Will recommend to trump that he throw his support behind developing house legislation. And if that doesn't pass then now a standalone bill will close the loopholes regarding a family detention. But whether or not that works or not and then with that without Democrats support want to guess to the senate without Democrats support Republicans can't get the sixty votes that they need to move forward on legislation. Dumb and so what to in essence that is the explanation. Floor. The president and administration saying over the last Hillary's bid is due to democrats' fault. Well it all depends on which networks you. Sign onto and in which angle you want to believe. Democratic opposition to the border wall have come under intense scrutiny from a trumpet. Who has has blamed the party for the failure of congress to pass immigration reform. And both sides blame both sides. Trumpets we did have a little bit earlier today. It's the democrats' fault they won't give us the votes needed to pass good immigration legislation they want open borders which breeds horrible crime. Republicans want security but I'm working on something it never ends. On the senate side Republicans are trying to rally behind a different approach. A theirs is is a narrow legislative. A proposal by Ted Cruz of all people. That would allow detained families to stay together in custody while. Expediting their hearings are now possible to portion. Deportation proceedings. So at the cruise bill would double the number of federal immigration judge's home. It authorized new temporary shelters to house on migrant families. And would limit the processing of asylum cases to. Good to know more than fourteen days. Which is a golden immigrant. Advocates say would still be difficult to meet in Hollywood and Mitch McConnell yesterday told reporters that he's reaching out to Democrats up for bipartisan backing but. Oh we'll just have to wait and see where that goes. So why trump signed an executive order to prevent family separations of the border and now he'll be accused of caving in all that stuff buddy. Listen two thirds of Americans opposed the the policy of separating immigrant children from their families that's according to goodbye there's cornerback Gary university poll. Majority of Republican voters supported separating these families 55%. That was that the soul group of poll respondents to a support policy. So every other demographic included in the polling political party gender education age racial group opposed the policy. Americans overwhelmingly. Americans in general are willingly. 79% agree that dreamers the children of immigrants brought in the United States at a young age should there be allowed to remain in the country and ultimately be able to. Apply for citizenship. And historically. The air of the sport for dreamer since or remain pretty hard 7181%. Have a longer wants. The go long range. Problem is you got to solve the problems now that led to the problems of the dreamers and I had all that kind of stuff. And now so you've got our president to use taken not. And that there is steak and hardline on know things are a lot of things tonight not just immigration but to have good trade and also just off. And that's what prompt us. At two trumpets. And then then the master negotiator. Bit high. Stand your ground. On and see what you can get. And don't listen to the people love that are our crime bloody murder around you were. Don't start feeling sorry for the executive across the bargaining table lose a tapping his fingers and have an area. Now a nervous meltdown because that's exactly you know that's exactly what you want. So it's not necessarily pretty to watch but you see what the results will look a lot to be. So why this even the president and instead the last couple days and some of the meetings. This doesn't Wear well. Had to sort of separating kids from families doesn't Wear world. Not even his negotiation process and don't discount and I'm not saying this had an effect as I don't know I'm not in the White House I don't know we've bunker I don't know maligning him. But when now when the wife of and favorite daughter of on the president both voiced concerns about what's going on the border there and. Then maybe that's what does get your attention. I don't think here's. It Caribbean controversy or unpopular. Or anything like that always maintained and been popular since. We need before you ever he wasn't popular in the debates. He just was the whole reason everybody tuned into watch. So while say all that odd couple other things have gone on this week been to haven't got a whole lot of Inca he unveiled a new health care plan for small businesses and self employed people. So if you're an employee of a small business and or your self employed. You might soon be able to get to cheaper health insurance under new federal rule it's a rule that expands the use of association health plans. In which small businesses including self employed workers can join forces by geography or industry. To get health care coverage as if they were a large employer. And so we'll see what positive effects that may or may not have critics always so warned that coverage might not but I'll be comprehensive and and could leave. Consumers paying higher prices but all OC were all that goes Barry Obama thing is news. Is getting pretty expensive to solve. Now these plans won't have to offer the same benefits as plans that were bought by individuals on the Obama care exchange like maternity your. A mental health care or something along those lines so that's a story that's kind of percolating underneath the F. Other surface out of the headlines because it's not sensational it's. Health care what kind of boring. Ran into speaking of health care Iran into uninteresting situation. Still TJ this earlier. Started going to my pharmacy. Because as you well know I have at last July get diagnosed with diabetes type two and and go onto those hard craft blessed to have. Three weeks were reeks would've spent. Part characterization and so on and so for stress tests and some programs. All good I mean you know we found that I have a healthy heart good valves and all I can still sore we're so not sure exactly what's going on but were. No we've eliminated some pretty major stuff. So anyway I start going in for all these prescriptions they've got me on cholesterol high blood pressure and decision on. And the last I don't know four or five prescriptions that. I've had renewed and picked up. I get to the window and they say no charge. And as all eyes that they of that I don't know. What's along not argue with you are just don't quite understand. So why then this weekend ONN in. And got to war. Renewed. And you know I got my little. Optimum all to monitor that is a health card health savings account thing out. No charge. Went in yesterday got a prescription filled. No charge. I said to her I don't get it. She's the I don't know either a citizen. Free drugs and every heart Catherine is Asian month or something like that. And she said no but maybe that's it maybe you've reached your limit. She's Ted do we actually no people that are of did that have major procedures and they're gonna have a major procedure done. An expensive one. On don't do it at the first thing you know the beginning of the year. So that then bid they're coping and all that stuff is already. I'm taking care of so. I don't knows I mean I'm on free drugs for the rest of the year. If that's gives him a schedule another heart Catherine and stir fry next January there were nice to me I blue ridge today. But to see the operating room again. Like to try that. That Jews he gave me again. That you were supposed to be kind of a wake for the hard characterization you are kind of a wake kind of like when your sleeping there's somebody in the room and you know there's somebody in the room. But you you don't wake up for because you don't wanna wake up forward. And so I knew this for a new harkat was going on but then again I kinda didn't. Because all of a sudden it was over. And it didn't take long anyway twenty minutes fifty minutes whether it was the prep probably took longer than the actual procedure. I'm. But I wasn't really bear fort 'cause I was kinda looking forward to watching that Omnia TV monitors. Like the so programme I watched all of that while she was doing bad and bad diesel serpents kept on coming out of the side in my heart. And I senator Warner is there were those. But oh my god I've got its next. Just think it's a valves. Are out of kidding. So I was fascinating do want to watch all of that happened Al's got a lot just got great to see them. I'm you know the boot thing whatever they send a Jermaine and I happened through the wrist for me and and and I think they put a die and Aaron and more than dye doesn't go that's where they got to figure out maybe they've got to blockage or something like that. Outstanding should watch all of that. But the next thing I knew they were. Tell me it was a redundant. We want me back down the hall where Susan was waiting for me selected sit in there for another. Four hours. For today. I'm getting free drugs so a bit of audio like there's Lamo undermines. Save your brewery needed drugs. I'll move now and I don't I just only a bit fat I. NBA draft is tomorrow. Enjoy everybody's and excited about them. Urgent TJ. We've been in near a few nights when they've had a thing Norris has not to be big quite senator. Mistress got there's got to w.s were decider Merrill because of a live while we're on or. Off. But it and then the next year they did again. There was Kaminsky is so much that there's coupon drafting these big white. Senators do is think yourself. Maybe that's the problem you know under an. Not saying I know more than Uga has been. Number Earl Long long time ago back in the I'll probably get to it was some sort of racial load despondency around his visit. A long long time ago would have been probably the late seventies early eighties and remember but Denver. Was not having won their banner. Years. You know. And they had John key worth and two other white running backs in other words all three of their remarks were quite good it's. There might be the problem. No I said that and no digital radio and I got suspended for three days. Racial something rather. So obviously have learned my lesson here 125 years and 35 years later. Risking it all over again but. Since Wednesday so that would give you want Thursday Friday. We have in this budget would be two days five days. Thursday Friday. The Wednesday. What don't win big can I give the apology on the first day get an out away with in the and enjoy the whole. George walked out of the executive offices and I know what they're thinking when you. I had to do the apology now. And Al they can get to a JD is here by 5 o'clock we could start serving the suspension immediately. The more you just don't have a good attitude. I Rory GL Giuliani has revealed that today he was questioned by the FBI as part of the inspector general's a leak investigation that's another story and it's kind of no underneath the headlines. I'm not so sure if he's an asset to the president or off or not he he seems to. Again it softened to some really precarious situations and and I don't know it's a he took me he's just maybe that's the whole deal maybe he's supposed to be more outrageous than the president. Defer. Attention. Attention. Difference. Syndrome. Via a former New York City mayor currently acting as one of president's. Attorneys and said down. That was yesterday. What's today the twenty today's threats ordered yesterday. Bet he was question in February about his remarks in the closing days of the Tory sixteen campaign. About the upcoming. Quote on quote surprised seat he was a top campaign advisor to a tropical wonder at the time and he told the Huffington Post. That's all they asked about oh what was I talking about in terms of sue prizes. What was I talking about when I was talking about new information and the revelation about the interview means that there is an investigation into anti Clinton leaks. From the FBI's New York field office during the campaign and and now however the so that's what he was questioned about by the FBI as part of the leak investigation. So. There's all sorts of interesting things going on that. IG report the other day. On coney and everything and a two FBI agents are the FBI agent and the FBI a lawyer. That's stuff was pretty interesting. Anxious to see where that goes. The F former trump campaign manager Paul Matta Ford is being held in solitary confinement. After his bail was revoked yesterday according to the trump attorney John Dowd. In solitary confinement for his own safety he said the warden is concerned that someone would violently attacked Paul just for the street cred. So not necessarily worried about Paul. A man afford harming himself the worried about somebody else harming. Paul metaphor. And assorted bits of reports that its surface the said that today he was so being held at a VIPs cell at the northern neck regional jail in Virginia but the superintendent jail says that these. Not getting any special privileges. So 69 years old oh white collar criminal locked up a mayor jail ahead of its a September trial and that was kind of an interest in non development is so well. And the band landing him a state where we've held our Christmas parties not recently but. It was about three or four years there were we are held our Christmas party. Fans landing him state has been okayed by City Council as of last night to. Went to rezone in bill 22 town homes and what that means long term for the ban of landing him state surplus and it would I don't know hopefully just. Doesn't eventually go by the way the wrecking ball on the guy who currently owns a third is having trouble making any money off of it. Billy matte along. He's hoping that it does survive for wrecking ball as well so well we'll. See we're all of that goes four. Walk our next. Head there was an article the paver that this seceding this was two days ago. President trumps approval ratings continue to climb matching its highest rating ever on Monday. You're always surprised when we see that but they have they've been steadily going up. He has two percentage points off. Is like 45%. This Gallup poll puts trumps approval rating at 45%. That's his highest in eighteen months. And is very close. To the 47%. Approval rating at the same point the same eighteen month point that Barack Obama had. Now who would've ever thought. With a barrage of negative. Media. And and just his controversial nature his tweets and news. And embedded Enceladus may have come into play in a similar may not have. Did the recent summit with North Korea would have weighed heavily into the positive on this. And I don't think that the full brunt of the terror of seven. And certainly not the separating families. Would have played into this person. So North Korea obviously gave his. But his approval rating could. That could take a hit. Well we'll have to wait to see you on the border separation deal considering meant to say he signed an executive order ending. That today had an executive firm order to prevent family separations of the border today. That's the big story of the day. So I just find it fascinating visited that is approval ratings are right now at the highest ever and somewhat parallel with were Barack Obama was always in the same territory within two percentage points of world Barack Obama was at the same time of his presidency. And. Another story that kind of flew underneath via mainstream media's radar. It turns out that mr. trump was correct about. Economic growth. It looks like Americans have felt some pretty good use for the tax savings that there are receiving. And from all indications that went shopping. Consumers drove retail sales up. And that sparked economic growth the economy grew at almost 4% in the second quarter alone. And that's the level that trumpet raved about last December just before the tax bill was approved when he told everybody. That the economy would grow about 4% what do we do win all this mocked him. 4%. And what we read at the time. At a window of 4% along to. He also told reporters that he was holding out for a doubling of growth to 6%. Which sounds. On kind of far fetched even today. But who knows. I mean we're only halfway through a year of a viewers again know somebody your own money back and people are spending it. Which may be spending it because you didn't have any to begin with but don't. Jobless claims also have surpassed economists'. As of last week falling 4000. To nearly a 44 and a half year low. Two or 2181000. Signaling an economy. It's full employment. And general you know that's our report that that that's part of on us rebounding from a recession and all of that stuff but. These are numbers that nobody thought would be a possible especially with this president the primary source of the acceleration in our growth this quarter economic growth this quarter. Is GO the consumer. Which looks to be expanding real outlay is said about to three point 7% rate. In the second quarter. Following an anemic 1% pace. That happened last quarter. Now one of the things that is weighing a little bit hard is the hard stance. On. Terrorists. And the stock market is still reflecting that the Dow was down today 42 points 41. 12465780. I assume that's the close. And we are now in red territory for the year. The NASDAQ today was up 55 point 93. Yes. Up 55 point 93 closed at 77081. Point 51 and the S&P was up four point 73 and closed at 276732. So love but but the Dow down about 42 points. Any negative territory for the year. Trump on the F cherished thing trump has directed the US trade representative to prepare new tariffs on. On China 200 billion dollars in a Chinese imports. As. It that chess game goes on potential trade war on the balance. The terrorists that trump wants to us set to a 10% would be double latest. Latest round enough measures that. Have been escalating nine because of the large trade imbalance between the two countries. This all started when he ordered tariffs on fifty billion dollars in Chinese goods. And down from polity ensued. And those tariffs were quickly matched by China on US exports. And so than the president said well China apparently has no intention of changing their unfair practices so rather than altering those practices. It's now threatening United States companies and workers and farmers and end all that stuff so trumps that of China responds to this fresh round of tariffs and help. He'll move to countered by pursuing additional tariffs and another 200 billion dollars in goods. So we'll see were all that goes but he's all he's obviously have. He's obviously gonna play hard ball no and that's just the way that that goes so that's that's what's what grassroots dragon on the stock market at least this week. I'm if they ever get in deposit territorial matter of Mexico and Canada and China and if we ever got to level the playing field into it would be painful that you're not gonna get. You're you're not gonna make inroads on this thing until you absolutely stand your your ground for awhile. So we'll see were all that goes. Believe me I'm I'm hoping that short term pain. Lens too long term gains. But I just as soon got to get the the Dow Jones and on the stock market back up to world was. What five months ago signatory 66 range instead of that. 249 range. So there you go on that one so those are some stores have been bubbling underneath the news and speaking of bubbling underneath the news Canada. Yeah well Canada. Dude. Legalize marijuana we'll talk about it next. PI NBA draft is tomorrow's is still looking at this CVS. This is their last mock draft. Day two on the Brooklyn nets and on the bed becomes official until July but it's a done deal. And don't get the number a number two pick in no tomorrow night's draft another number two pick and then they get this Russian senator that. May cut checkered signed for an astronomical amount of money and along with the Los Angeles Lakers that they've got traded to Brooklyn now. Times and always under. It's his control again. Isn't some salary relief but it also means that they're obligated to a player that's being overpaid for two years instead of Dwight Howard who only had one more astronomically here to go on his contract so. You know kemba. Kemba around. There's some speculation I guess there was some of thought that may be at the Cleveland Cavaliers might be a landing spot for a kimbo which would be the eighth pick in the draft so that would give the made eleven. Well all the mock drafts and during the CBS leg in the rumble can end right now says shy guild Issa Alexander. A would probably be there I'll pick with the eleventh he's a Kentucky point guard. And he would be eight as I guess somewhat of a natural if you thought that maybe Campbell was gonna he's a guy you could play with kimbo but he's also a guy who could replace Cambodia that's. If that situation where do come up and and if you had the eighth pick in the draft. You know I have no idea. Build bridges from Villanova. I mean there's a number of voted to for players that do it to the navy go to a miles bridges from Michigan State. Kevin Knox who was suing Intel enough for a trial with the a team is say. Forward. One that they could do that they could use some I don't know that maybe they again a couple of draft picks out a deal and and then start because it's going to be a rebuilding deal. Saw a way that'll be tomorrow this is the one time a year that even know people don't pay a lot of attention to the hornet's of those draft is always kind of interesting because you get tough. Because he did he get to open up presents its open up a package you get some new. Well you get the idea the prospect of maybe something sensational. And then when the season starts you remembered that the league is so competitive that no rookie. Generally not even the number one pick in the draft walks in and dominates the league. Wish takes a little bit of time. So I royals who what happens we'll all that we're talking about the president's approval ratings are being up. Within two percentage points at the eighteen month point of where. Barack Obama was and how surprised we were in the economy is rolling along he was right on that as well Leo money that your getting back from the tax cut is being spent to know the economy's perking along no because of that nice and I was surprised about governor. Barely Brad is not high Brad how aria. John yeah eight yeah aren't about Chilo. Particularly the fact that you have on how to approach Redding. Rather to the American. I think our term chart or are Barra global I don't think we're also proud of our college. Yeah he's eighty sooners substantial. Utility and it didn't. And I am not survive dual air. And thank you want me to get our current fusion deliberately Abdul. Nadal will look turned out senator. Well they wanted to let you know like to do my guess shackled tracked sewer or would doubt him we were born and either he deliver a great doubt. You do want to change it didn't know me even more Asian. Can I get my unleashed terror such a gosh. You know he definitely delete. Well and presidency no one. I'm but I am surprised with the negative onslaught of publicity that he gets and every return and even the way he tends to shoot himself in the foot with behaviors and tweets absorbed so from time to time. That is approval rating on a broad scale. And I think polls are largely done on people that don't pay attention to the news and certainly don't pay attention to any of the details so yeah I am surprised because I would expect the popularity contest vote. In a poll. I had to go more along the way that the press has groomed them to be rather than do be. Not answering on no fact Dora are all actual results from that standpoint I am surprised. I the other part geared singing my song on the tariff things somebody had to take a hard stand on Madden and how that works out for us in the event. In the long run I well I guess we'll have to wait and save but I. I'm I'm I'm totally understanding that there is going to be short term pain if you're even have any chance of some long term gain are too long. I T even though the the field and it to some extent it's had a career is a good example of that. Well you know two months ago three months ago everybody thought we're gonna get a new nuclear war and now it would appear that things are. A little bit more healthy than that so. Yes I I. I like Kevin A president to stands his ground and I like a guy that's willing to not bowed to a public pressure of for our popularity contest. I'm did to try to achieve the results that he promised he was gonna try to achieve. Well. Are great they're great thanks for the end you end. Yeah probably the kind of off the court Wiki playback strip while we're looking at it you know I would say about how he. I labor's lead themselves. And no one is among. Rubber already delivers my hand and he's due to work. Please feel that I interfered wrote about cellmark do you live now let us know if I don't get how long. And he you know all were not surprised were. Both were happy is an. I think simply look at all. All right there's no no you don't play as a businessman. Com I'm not crazy about his character. And I and I respect him as a businessmen. Wednesday. June 20. The first day of summer begins tomorrow at 607 AM would vote Dobson and WBQ morning news. 171. Day isn't here there are 194. Days to go 1963. June the twentieth the so called red telephone was established between the United States and the Soviet Union. Following Cuban missile crisis. 1967. Mohammed Ali convicted user violated selective service laws for refusing to be drafted Supreme Court later overturned that conviction. 2015. June the twentieth. For rally calling for the removal of the confederate flag formed at the capitol building in South Carolina in response to the shooting earlier in the wake of the nine African Americans by the white supremacist. We don't say shooters name. Brian Wilson of the based voice today 76 years old palm Beach Boys 76. And John Goodman 66. Never for the day 161000. 60000. It. Pounds of food a person will eat in their lifetime. And got to make sure the slowdown of the. These thieves stealing flags from a veterans cemetery in Massachusetts turned out to be. Ground hogs. Bill Murray has been named the first event. World Cup players are being attacked by swarms of flies and at the circus in Russia a bear jumped off the skateboard. That it was riding in a attack the circus screw. Pay us a measure just doesn't have moved a skateboard. But you are right. Stay with the most fast food restaurants in America already figured. Texas is a good good guess because so big. Then you would stay and based on that than you'd think California and there are 500000. Fast food locations across the United States state with the most is. Alabama. Six point three fast food restaurants for every 101000 residents in Alabama making a mistake with the most fast food restaurants in America. Per capita so you may be right TJ visual and actual numbers. I don't know if that's sort of a debate Texas would be illogical California would be illogical just for sheer numbers but. Per 101000 residents Alabama. Nebraska and West Virginia followed with five point four or five point three restaurants per capita respectable. And Vermont. Has the least. Fast food restaurants per capita. So if you're Jones in for best food. Don't go to Vermont oh. Can you lump. Or does last night and thought to myself pumped. Study shows 35% of drivers are not able to tell when their tires are vault no. You see there's this thing called tread. In English here at Jean Max. And you're running slicks. We'll know there's this thing called tread. And yeah if you can put your pinky in that you've probably still got some dread dude do if you can't then you probably don't. Anyway this study says would you consider that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that vehicles were born out tires or three times more likely end up in a crash that it's a problem that car owners can't tell their. Where they're tires or ball. You can tell already day. In fact if you've ever driven on almost bald tires and and I've got news tires it's amazing. The difference if I mean god it's like did they talk about Griffin the road and new tire. It's really does almost feel like you got claws dug into the asphalt is supposed to have. Roller skates. So. And. I. Really super article in the Charlotte Observer it's online right now I assume it'll be in the Europe turned addition. About our buddy Nathan Richie who all passed away in a broader cycle accident on a Saturday as funeral will be this coming Saturday. But it really talks about the essence of the man and do we was and many of the stations that he works for another quote Jack Daniel nick Cordero columns and a court to up. Chuck Boozer and some of this really close and personal friends of the quarter ruin her or not actually drove it to. And chuck and Jack got in there and now. It's they have shown that TJ it's the most bizarre thing at the last meaningful conversation or remember heaven with Nathan was a week ago today. Because I stayed after her. Normally no matter pretty quick after 6 o'clock. But do we had that general seminar a week ago. Were you instant defender came in and I had promised that today if you showed up for this wouldn't none wanted to see one Julian price plays behind the receptionist desk I'd be happy to stick around until 730 and and and and give you the tour and and so did. But that meant I was sitting down at my desk go all part of the seminar was going on 'cause I've been to about nine of them sort kind of know the drill. Sosa data my desk at some stuff done and none Nathan came walking out his office was down on the same floor as my cubicle and he stopped to know we set and then talked for a good five or ten minutes about all sorts of things. Com. Below his wife Wendy. And his sons and most of those were constant conversations that he and I always had those destroys cable but I was asked about Wendy I knew windy back when their courtship began W Ian do you at the end when IO left here and on time out. And his sons always came into the conversation because he was just proud of them in fact one of the sun sells. Radio time here in the market for another company and and and and we got to talking about I was told on the Keith Larson was driving across country and gone river route 66 and nose sore and so forth right now case about. I don't know weaker eight days into I a three week journey that'll bring him back through Colorado for the gave her Brothers red rocks and so loved I've got to got to keep it up on Keith in KeySpan know leave himself out on June we have sort of talking about that he's and I knew we had a love Nathan had a local motorcycle so no we got talking about that. He was telling me a week ago today about how did part assembly closer together he and his brother Ernest Adams. So on and so forth and and and that was last truly meaningful conversation that we have but we we've pretty much covered the gamut everything that you read about Nathan Ritchie did it we kind of covered in that conversation radio would. Windy at the suns his love of motorcycles. Family and so while it's a bizarre thing two I'm sitting here today are told to do it TJ I'm sitting in my desk earlier today and I got his obituary sit there right next to. And a week ago I was talking to a in the same location. Space and time who would have ever thought that his obituary would be sitting there within eyesight. A week forward. You just never enough. Nelson at PNC the united. Brothers part of that concert. TGL be going all ask him about it tomorrow. Although it hard being a dog tired by the time he gets here tomorrow so he brought over here doing a lot of talking took. I'm envious and then again hang it out and upper ninety's. At the beginning of that thing no by the time Willie gets out their play be in the eighties and still be a pretty toasty night. But David Brothers and Willie Nelson put what could be to me what to be better than them. On Donald Trump was Braylon against Canada on Tuesday. And. He's accusing our northern neighbor of unfair trade practices. Like smuggling shows out of the country. We heard this this is pretty funny this preemption. Trump said in a speech. There was a story two days ago in a major newspaper talking about people living in candidate coming to the United States and smuggling things back into Canada because the terrorists are so massive. They buy shoes. And then they Wear them. And they scuffle mop. And they make them a sound old or look called so they can now get them past the border guards. But you can only do two at a time. So I what's what's different today that it just coming down the United States abide shoes has crossed the border to buy issues. I mean that would be like going into South Carolina for tax free weekend or so like that would that. Not busily smuggling goods from South Carolina back across the North Carolina border that's going to under get a better price Bernard back here. New York Post reporter was a native of our candidate had written a story and know Sunday's paper. Expressing her skepticism the Canadians would boycott American goods and in incited her. Her family and her a friend's experiences by lower cost shoes. Clothing and other items in mistaking them back across the border to avoid to a terrorist speaking of Canada. And now we may talk about this in the next hour. What do another. Pot foray. Could the stories are mounting up trade trump may support to moved to a let states legalized pot one state now let's school nurses give medical pot creative low figure in Charlotte has. I'm hired a marijuana. Beat writer. Which they've done in Colorado and states that it so legalized in Britain. Seems a little premature. In a North Carolina since I think North Carolina in the southern states will be the last. Like we were with the lottery and everything else to legalize marijuana but 65%. Of Americans say it's morally acceptable to smoke pot. Senators agree on protecting state laws on marijuana although stories have been in the news collect a little bit on all of them so we may do another pot or radio but Canada. Canadian lawmakers have taken the final step towards legalizing recreational marijuana. So maybe that's. Maybe what you do now is buy yourself a new pair issues. Walk across the border. Trade your shoes for pot. Import export. Or would that be export import. There's a bill ending the country's 95 year prohibition on Canada's past pick candidates senate by a vote of 5229. After royal assent is granted. Which they say could happen as soon as today. The government will set a date foray a new law bill C 45. I determined to force that bill grants provinces a buffer period of eight to twelve weeks to prepare for legal marijuana sales. Meaning that Canadians over eighteen could be able to buy legal pot as soon as September. I Canadians will also be allowed to grow small amounts of a pot for recreational use which is the same provisions that the states that legalize it for a recreational. They usually have a some sort of provision that allows you to grow. A certain amount of your own. Via independent up in Canada senator by the name of Tony dean who has the bill's senate sponsor in Canada. Said this is a obviously a historic vote for Canada. But he added that this is now time to start addressing the harms of canvas and the seven billion dollar illegal market. An approach that was accurate just oh by the way by their prime minister Justin Trudeau who as you well know is so on the outs with the president. And I trump. But true no president or prime minister Trudeau said it's been easy for our kids to get marijuana and for criminals to reap the profits. Today we change that. So. They've legalized in Canada the bill makes candid only the second country after Europe way. To a legalized. He recreational use of Canada's nationwide according to the MB music. So that's your headline news. On pot parade. And more in the next half hour as we head into the F 5 o'clock hour much happier news talk 1110993. WBP on John Hancock I'll see you on the other side of the news. Sure yeah. There are on the word legend lives little legend that if the NC tonight. Prison guard about. Jeff and Scott David. Some guy from Texas named Willie Nelson could be out tonight as well. I hear he's pretty good. I'm Mickey Raphael. This. It's as we had him on no last time they came that we do bypass saluted the same interview. But if you're going after the show tonight to for a Willie that tall guys stand in the left hand side of him is our buddy Mickey Raphael who are. If the harmonica and turned it into us and phonics instrument. He's so helps define. The sound of Willie. I just Lowber. And I and I here now know all sorts of other artist records he started off would be W Stevenson a thousand years ago and and he's been heavily used by a lot of people because it is nobody. The plays harmonica like like Mickey Raphael. And then about 830 that is what I understand they're Brothers will look take the stage. So wave your Brothers and Willie Nelson PNC it's going to be hot tonight but. Some sort of sounds like a pretty good trade off to me that would do that would be your or showed who remember our own no TJ is going out to it. And it's a school night decade ago. But that should be good. Tom. We were just talking about Canada legalizing pot. Creative gloating just hired a beat writer. On marijuana beat writer. And wrote earnings Rihanna no Fiona and bumper announcing that correctly. And as she wrote the article couple weeks ago called the will to decriminalize and nor is North Carolina ready to take marijuana reform seriously. When will loved will be among the last but she is the out created a lot of things first dedicated can a best reporter. And a mark camp who has the editor over there came from San Francisco's so I would imagine that may have had some influence and their. And it seems premature to me I think it's going to be a long time before the south starts to. Except legalized marijuana but. But who knows. 65%. Of Americans now say it's morally acceptable to smoke pot nearly two thirds of Americans say that smoking marijuana is morally acceptable. 31% disapprove upon a moral grounds. But to sharp jump from just a few years ago 2013 and be about five years ago surveys and found that slightly fewer than half Americans said it was morally acceptable to smoke pot. The shift in moral acceptance of a marijuana mirrors the shift in support for legalization over the same time period which rose from 48%. At the end of 2012 to 64%. Last year. At suspect from above morality. Are on the spectrum of morality. Americans now rate marijuana use similar alien to gay and lesbian relations. Stem cell research. And having a baby outside of marriage that's seems like an interesting collection of. All according to Gallup. It's also seen is significantly more acceptable then know medical testing on animals. More acceptable than abortion and pornography. And it's viewed as less acceptable. Then alcohol use. Which 78% of the respondents say is morally acceptable. So the gap in the acceptance of marijuana and alcohol they say is driven almost entirely by eight. Conservatives. Marijuana and alcohol use is viewed as. Morally acceptable by a large majority is self described liberals and moderates but among conservatives. 75%. Say drinking is acceptable. And up 47%. Say the same of marijuana use. I don't know without surprises me. In on the Frank Sinatra at 5 o'clock somewhere. Crowd. Doesn't see any difference what does see a huge difference between having a high ball at 5 o'clock or drink and Arab urban and a brother or irrelevant Coker a Scotch and water or beer or some blog that. That's fine. But they're also living under the same reefer madness mentality. And 1960s. And seventies. And I guess eighties mentality. Not that existed in the country for a long long time. So while. They were I decided interest and I don't know where you stand don't care we're used to have. Nobody is forcing anybody to smoke five nobody source and invited her Michelle. You have a hard time convincing me that one is better than the other. I think more lives have been run by alcohol and have been ruined by taught. America we don't give up deserved. This according to a high times. See there's or Colorado is letting a school nurse. Or letting school nurses give medical pot. I never thought I'd see that headline. Hi times says this puts a Colorado one ahead of the curve and the thing I guess that really surprises me is that governor John Hickenlooper. Has okayed a law the last school nurses administer medical marijuana to students now this isn't exactly what you think it is well maybe it is. This has more to do with the on the oils and and a non high aspects of canvas than it does. And a Rowland joins her here for the kid period between known. You know home American chemistry class. I Hickenlooper was against the legalization of marijuana the governor and there are and once it was voted on by the people he gonna have to get on board at least as an executive in charge of the state better. On his opposition to necessarily matter anymore. The house bill 1286. Allows school nurses to give non smoker bull marijuana medical marijuana to qualifying students and there's a written agreement between the pair in the school principal not. Parent brings the marijuana to the school all the kids can't bring it to demo. Of themselves. Along with a doctor's note on when and how to take it and the medicine is captain may locked storage unit at the school. Previously it was permitted for Colorado parents to come to schools to administer medical marijuana to their children. Who often taken for seizures and we've had that debate here. And I'm a simple and McCrory had signed legislation that I think allows the oils and stuff to be used for the kids with the seizures and now that was but it took a long time to get there. Hickenlooper had cited this handle Lovato. And her son Quinton. And talked about the big difference that Canada's oil had made in the life for her son Quinton who suffers from multiple drug grand mall seizures. As well as other types and tourette's syndrome. And she notes that it's not working as well as it took could because it needs to be. He needs an extra dosage in the middle of the day when he's in a school and she and her husband are at work and unable to administer the Mets themselves so. That's kind of one of the things that convinced via a governor that. With the doctor's note and delivered by the parents that these school nurse could give out medical pot new law doesn't. Mandate school personnel. That that they have to administer the medicine and only that they KM but without the fear prosecution. So very ago. Are all blocked for three years councils like a lot of that does John that TH C pharmaceutical stuff doesn't get you high. No it doesn't now it doesn't get I'm not not in the way people think of smoke a joint dvd oil is a worm goes down to visit the CB deal royals the deal that's where we had the debate here and in no Charlotte and can get and people were moving to Colorado. So the third child would have access to the CB deal well we've we've we have book. When we talk to parents on this radio station whose kids were having hundreds of seizures a day but was CB deal oil. We're having two and three today as you know one I mean that the big boo boo feel the effects are are are dramatic soap and there or else getting high you don't sit around a CB deal oil and get hot now or there or have a look they've had little pills with THE concentrating on. It's somewhat over the way they produce that I mean it's not it's not like smoking a joint or borrow or something like it's not like kids are gonna be high walking around school they got to get past the now the does the recreational aspect to this drug reefer madness and give it credit borrowed from forward for the positives that it can have. Come from a medical center and those are very proven and very real so very healthy. I assume we all know clue Flavin and analyze the person. Who. Much to run their mouth and thanks third expert on everything we got one of those in your office. The family. A radio studio. Or management office. The science has now confirmed that. Those people that know at all. Well actually is probably less informed about the world than their peers. Sciences confirmed that those people aren't nearly as clever as they think they are. That's gotta like talking about a a certain local county commissioner that we've fed news recently or are opposed says that you don't ever ever met somebody that. Maybe not be as deep as they think they are. They are liken themselves to one of the great. Thinkers of our times and. We'll have to be actually put. Top on a cardboard box. They have. Well. I University of Michigan researchers conducted six studies in focused on several topics and they found believe superior people all of that phrase. We're consistently over estimating their own knowledge. The researchers a guy have a name Michael hall the ads whereas more humble participants sometimes even underestimate their knowledge the breeze superior. Tended to think that they knew a lot more than they actually did and also in one experiment the belief superior individuals. We're more likely. To choose articles that supported their set of beliefs and ignore articles that disagreed with their beliefs. Which another researcher explains why saying having your beliefs validated feels good. Whereas having your beliefs challenged creates discomfort. And this discomfort generally increases. When your beliefs are strongly held and important to yield. That's a pretty good lesson for politics as well just told by the way. Summer officially starts tomorrow 607 in the morning on WBT morning news or boo Thompson. The arrival of summer brings up thoughts on the beach and barbecue on vacation and but you know nearly half of Americans are gonna take a summer vacation this year. But you early week or two and you are get away from work and your every day life when you go on a trip someplace. This a survey by Bankrate dot com found that nearly half of Americans are going away on vacation this summer. The top reason given the can't afford it. The hot the economy may be a humming along. But people can't afford. That was named by 50% of people who said that they know won't be taking a summer vacation getaway. I hope you're at least taken the time I mean if you get paid vacation you should at least take the time. In fact I've taken those good visits I've been here so long on good term. An unbelievable amount. But I mean I've been known to take you know a week. I go anywhere. Just hang out. Beautiful thing waking up in your own bed and I have a method to do for a week. Or being able to do what you wanna do work getting ready are getting things done her. Like in my case. It's hard for me to get to Brooke sandwich shop because there are under and no doubt I'm in Belmont but if I've got time off. Well Aussie at Brooks. According to this a study 76% of respondents. You may have to give one million main reasons cited by others include a family obligations. Named by 25% of respondents who aren't vacationing and not being able to get time off from work and by July 22% but nearly half of the people sit in on taken vacations we. The other whether I was just looking that is so why traveling is good for your mental health and I beg get away is good for you. Researchers the American Psychological Association chose to frequent travel can help you what handle stress more easily in your life. Mostly because it allows you to literally withdraw yourself from stressful situations and environments for a little while. I don't know if you learn how to vacation yet or not but it you should. Don't you don't check your email. Don't stare her phone. Get the hell away from your existence. Also according to the study bio mom Mundo. Which is a website that helps you search for hotels and airfare information travelers also say it traveling also helps you increase your empathy. Your ability to relate to others according to the study 76% of respondents say they believe that traveling gave them a more positive view on people. Are from the countries that they have visited other cultures in general and on differences and diversity. I've had a opportunity to be integrated in a number of different places already in the world and Noah and overseas in Europe and I don't care where you go when you come back to the United States. And you start to understand how great it is here. That's how I would have been and the outside a little bit. Compared just double that of what's considered to be a luxury houses in parts of the world that I traveled there and got my house would be deadly I Paulus. And I'm not bloated and a power she. So it's a man if you wanna see how great America is. Believe it she and then you get a better understand. Talk about having a lot of vacation days in a bidder for a long long time and having unlimited numbers of vacation Disco sounds amazing but they say it could be a trap. May but the trend offer employees an infinite number of vacation days began back in the mid ninety's and now they perk is so popping up in more places companies claim that. You know policy workers. And our policy works wonders and allows employees. To create better work life balance and makes him happier however. The truth is quite different they say usually technology companies and professional service companies offering the unlimited. Vacation days. And they tend Albie you know to be all consuming workplaces. That means employees can feel guilty when they take that time off. As they believe that there colleagues will view them as not fully commended for doing so. So if anything the policy can mean employees often end up taking less time off not more. It also means that companies do not have to account for holidays that day would have previously have owed him ploy ease it's the workers who stand to lose if they leave. And they will not be paid for news holidays so this is unlimited unlimited vacation time. I'm sure there's some parameters on that you publish either. But it's interesting because if you do would. In addition to the vacation time some of the health time I've lost the yours made mis self conscious about and everybody's got job security over here right now it's probably me. Why you can you know. Please do you you feel guilty when you're not picking don't worry if you feel like you're not picking up here in the of the party. Hi mr. Paulson spice himself mark Harrison at the Ed WBZ newsroom and back. When you I was listening in your four last night on the way home. And day used at four miles before you get to blowing rock and us at all although that's that row of stores that. The highway used to go right past and then once they get all the revamping up there it's now about what 2530 yards back from the highway yeah that's exactly right three out. The man and all owned by the same family and there's so much stuff there you could just spend a lot of time in looking around like tourist Wal-Mart it's a perfect pitch except. Nothing like killer refined a Wal-Mart. Answer no no no and but but anyway I've I've stopped in their before it got to remind Israel where I'm from tourist traps Syria none you know via. Those cedar. Chests or not. And the bathroom humor and you know and other than that corn cob this said the others you know. I anyway Tom trump signed an order today. Women get away for this I guess to keep them ordered families together. So what's all that may well there will go in depth on that it's 605 V the short answer is though this is not like snap your fingers and suddenly parents and kids are back together. There's going to be some court says arguments that'll happen as a result of this and the bottom line is if parents and kids do get back together and they will just all be family is in detention. Because the crackdown on immigrants staying locked up we'll continue to so it's a matter of are you in jail with mom and dad or away from the men so on but essentially this just means putting kids of parents and their all locked. My first thought was how well on the record keeping them all of this have they and will they have trouble getting the right kids back to the right people how I can be a bad analogy and nightmare yeah there really weren't. Now I'm twenty bucks a month gets you three free movies we get AMC theaters and they got free air conditioning I understand. Yeah they do they're trying to get people to come back to the movies or some other past offers that are out there are so they decided today we can play this game to. As pretty inching we'll talk to a Jason Nathanson and Hollywood about this because theater attendance is kind of flat. So they're gonna try a few things to get your back in the movies. And urge you promo a little earlier too high school kids who have developed an app for runners and there are and that sounds like these kids are gonna make a lot of money and don't you. Eight over weavers like this. That's their only sixteen and seventeen guys will never make it and radio they're aware are qualified and to that they're probably already gonna make more money and you and I put together especially at this amp wins a big contest and its Internet industry lion it looks like it will. But they're from Cox mill high school in Concord and we'll find out about their rapid 635 on success at six it's amazing. There with a broad back up. No I don't I don't have a very good graduation their parents narrows round Greta feeling must that be you know I have kids that are obviously on on that road to success other groups very cool and they have a cool teacher to. Yeah hey maybe that's the secret you think that I think it helps success 66 and and as easy for me to say and all that other stuff. But mark Harrison coming up and I just busted a five minutes on Charlotte have six or will follow us so well a while watching mr. Gerson. Wander in here and not just couple seconds. We were out talking about vacations kids make decisions about where their families are gonna go courted her Royal Caribbean in the sun they did a poll of undisclosed number of parents with kids is a kids' ages seven to twelve generation Z. And they found 70% of parents say they consult their kids before deciding where to take their annual vacation yeah I'll. It's kind of important that did they are. In line with that. When now when I was working Jacksonville Florida weird had an opportunity to go down and work Disney a lot. And it was fun and we go to a gym and we don't do a radio studio down there and all and so it was great and every time a call would open up a new. World. We go down and broadcast from that analysis on. But I totally honest to feed you would see father's down there who obviously had worked their tails off may be double jobs to come up with the dream on vacation. To take their three or four kids to Disneyland or Disney World for you know. And they'd be on the second or third day of that and money just porn out of their pockets and it's expensive to begin with and and it's hot. And the kids aren't nearly as happy as what they thought there was going to be O utopia and they're beat down and they you know and you just gotta you look at him and you just think of that. That poor. At board dude. Bait you do what you gotta do for your kids in your hope you'll leave them with some sort of a member who don't remember when there are 3540 years. Old you know says more than 40% admitted to ignoring their children to advise an option to go somewhere else solely to regret it later. Also this poll found that 90% say they put the a vacation happiness of their kids before that of themselves. And more than 60% of parents said relaxing on the beach was so one of the main things they enjoyed about being on vacation. And the kids tend to like the beach as well although you gotta keep your keep your eyes open on that. I'm more than 50% admitted that water slides and action paction activities were the at the top of their children's travel wish lists and more than 80% say that they felt that their children were. Lucky. That their horizons had been widened by travel. And 83%. Complained that their children just had no idea how lucky they were to have all those trips so way indications that they do. I guess she would discover that when you become apparent later and find out how much at all costs. But does that doesn't help the parents are. And then they are part we talked about a few moments ago it's unplugging on vacation and I said do you know how to take vacation can you get away from your cell phone and not check your email and a poll of 2000 US adults reveals that really. 10% say they checked their phones. More than twenty times for our our on on vacation that won't help you get away 53% say they never unplugged or reduced their phone time away. 46% to they don't take a break from their phones on vacation because they wanna stay connected to family and friends are because they wanna share their experiences. 20%. So they don't disconnect on vacation because their phones helped MBA a Smart tourist and get around unfamiliar so. Locations were using it for that. And then not having getting away from what you're getting away from a sort of two different things 68% admitted that they check social media while on vacation in more than 10% reported. Missing their vacation destinations because they were so focused on their phone screens if you've ever done that. You don't know how to take vacation. So they don't listen to earmark 3 o'clock appreciate you being here news talk eleven did 993 WB Jian Jun Eckart Charles host hello. Love it all make way for a mark areas because I am out of here.