More Sexual Harassment Accusations, School Buses and More

John Hancock
Thursday, November 16th

Hancock talks extensively about the sexual harassment accusations against Al Franken, the CMS School Bus Fires. I Read The News and more.


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This is John Hancock. Are there or has it. Thursday as we can do. And today his name on the sexual harassment perpetrated a list is. Hurley made about her role. All Franken. Franken led his bill and Al Franken. Hey June. Tag you're anybody that's ever set before they committee that Erica and now in front of congress. Should be. Well I don't you know there's a few are Republicans and of I had no withstand his ire when there in front of the senate wherever it is a panel and. Yeah Al Franken. Radio host and former Playboy playmate says Al Franken assaulted her and there's actually a picture. You seem to picture. So either it is that's your name for it today. Tune in again tomorrow and we find another well known celebrity. Either from Hollywood or Washington. In our. News 1110993. Grope report. You know if that. Well. Follows the phrase that they used to be bandied about to have heard for awhile. In months not years. I asked. All men are pigs. We believe that was. Believe that was the. And it's got a proven to be true admit. Maybe not all men but. Many. Al Franken. Lee and Sweden. Our first person account on KBC says she was groped in December 2006. When she and the democratic senator from Minnesota. That a comedian. We're on a plane ride home from the Middle East Afghanistan I believe where they had entertained the troops as part of the USO tour and then she slept. Franken groped her breasts in a moment that was caught on camera and there is there's a picture of the we have heard of him. I deterred or rush talking about just who took the picture. And we don't know who took the picture somebody took the picture but. I here's I mean she's sound asleep she's wearing a helmet and I I don't flak investors don't like them. And and there he is. Hands on breast look at that the camera. With this. Well you know like had a grand I'm thinking about. Can't necessarily describe it here but. But there's picture. Pretty hard to. So so obviously can't deny that. But she also has a an account of of him kissing her without her consent. As they were rehearsing for us yet. And he decided that their characters would kill us and now mashed his lips against my shoes as. Frank decided that their characters would kiss and quote mashed his lips against mine. And aggressively stuck his tongue in my mouth. I felt disgusted and violated and wanted to shout my story to the world with a megaphone. But then she says even as angry as I was I was worried about the potential backlash in damage going public might do I have on my career. As a broadcaster. But I've decided it's time to tell my story. Ash tag me too. And Franken was pretty quick to apologize. Says he remembers the SK at rehearsal a little bit differently than she does. But as do the photo it was clearly intended to be funny. But wasn't. I shouldn't have done it that's just partially of but on what there's proof he can't deny and on what there is innuendo about. Then he says well I don't remember quite that same way. Al Franken Democrat Minnesota. We should call Jason Lewis. Jason's in the house now many of you remember Jason from visited days here. And I he and Al Franken is to get into some pretty good squabbles back and forth I doubt very seriously that they are close friends I doubt very seriously that Jason would probably enjoy it needs he'd name the but. I doubt that that Jason's. Two busted up about the demise of this. Philip Minnesota yen. PS David below allegations that he groped and forcibly kissed her radio host against her will be first thing I wanna do is apologize to Leander everybody else who was a part of that to urge everyone who was who has worked for me. To everyone Ira. Percent and everyone who counseled me to be an ally of supporter and champion of women. There's more I wanna say but the first and most important thing. And it's the only thing you look at infertility. Kid thing you cared here that's fine. Is I'm sorry. I respect women I don't respect men who don't. And the fact of my own actions have given people a good reason to doubt that makes me feel ashamed. But I wanna say something else to over the last few months all of us including and especially men who respect women. Have been forced to take a good hard look at our own actions and think perhaps shamefully for the first time. About how those actions have affected women. For instance that picture. I don't know what was in my head when I took that picture and it doesn't matter there's no excuse. I look at it now and feel disgusted with myself it is it's funny. It's completely inappropriate. It's obvious tell Leon which will Leanne would feel. That I violated David excuse me it's obvious how Leanne would feel violated by that picture of and what's more I can see how millions of other women would she violent visit feel violated by it. Women who have had similar experiences in their own lives women who fear. Having those experiences women who look up to me. Women who have counted on me. Coming from the world of comedy I've told and written a lot of jokes that I once thought were funny but later came to realize were just plain offensive. But the intentions behind my actions. Aren't deployed at all it's the impact these jokes had on others that matters and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to come to terms with that. While I don't remember the rehearsal for the skit as Julianne does. I understand why we need to listen to and believe women's experiences I am asking that an ethics investigation be undertaken. And I will gladly cooperate. And the truth says what people think of me in light of all of this is far less important than what. People think of women who continue to come forward. To tell their stories they deserve to be heard. And believed. And they deserve to know that I am their ally and supporter. I have let them down and am committed to making it up to them close quote into statement from senator Al Franken at the complete statement. On his. Well there is no alleged. Groping. There's a picture of a groping. And as for the. As for the kiss for the rehearsal no Sorenson fourth. I don't know some of his serve fellow. Now senators. Que estan. Gillibrand. Says the allegations against her fellow democratic senator Al Franken are disturbing and should be investigated. There were a few others. Tammy Duckworth. Illinois senator Tammy Duckworth says that I believer and if there's an ethics investigation. That should move forward as well. Mitch McConnell said he hoped democratic leader Chuck Schumer we're joined him on the issue. I'm McConnell a citizen ethics committee I should review complaints against Al Franken after allegations that he forcibly kissed in group a woman in 2006. And so that's when McConnell says he hopes that Chuck Schumer we're joined him on the issue the a Kentucky Republican said regardless of party. Harassment harassment. And assault. Are completely unacceptable. In the workplace or anywhere else. Statement comes as senate Republicans have called the four Alabama GOP candidate Roy Moore to step aside and faced allegations that he molested two are women decades ago. More have come forward. McConnell had led that call. More has dug in saying the allegations refer our Paulson now so that's kind of been they ongoing story over the last couple days following Harvey Weinstein following nine Kevin Spacey following. And it had just put me in Trenton and here some. We are in the all men are pigs category of our I hear of news. And it seems like we get a new name every day or. In the case of day before yesterday we brought up an old name that needs to and the press has finally decided that. They probably need to hold a Bill Clinton accountable for his actions. Now that only took twenty years. Latest national Grover to be named Al Franken. Hi and they got a picture of mood so. Can't deny that one Amanda so that's the name today you know we just can't wait to see who the Davis tomorrow. New grow forever day. Group November hits grope in November it's November. Every day a new Grover. It's a whole new world gym and. You actually got to start being the person that your mother raised. The pressure. Willy your on to alleviate take. I did that paranoia I'm good man. I boy. You know never broke a woman Gillibrand a bit but I felt guilty. So you guys who have not expecting his name to pop up. Every day somebody is drop the case so give him a smile. The big potential credibility in the world history. Oh presidents get a pass continued DVD's release saw that agree that that happened twenty years ago presidents get a pass. Why are. Well I don't know I don't know apparently I don't know why but apparently they do Oakland got a pass HW apparently got a pass. And trump struck should trump still working on his best. Joplin. But we'll get done and now let it bother head wondering what are you talking about Kennedy. Jonathan president. You didn't want to own Johnson doesn't kick start DJ ditty I did Johnson ever. The won't hit it about it and whatever you the candidate I am I now present it's gonna pass the commander in chief clearly that's apparently that's the title you can do whatever you want. I would do little article we both opened number who went to the government. Once they then I appreciate go once they get all the old guys maybe don't go to the president it brings up the point. Being that that there's a tape that goes along with ballot. Even you hard Corso trumps the borders Kim denied the tape so loved it. Well I don't know what is the answer that question what about the president. Curtis is broke her name is Al Franken and I was embedded knew when to almost every day we asked and I didn't expect to get a whole lot of response because people's voices can be recognized and so once before so I get them. But I would assume that there are probably people listen to this radio station who have felt that there are values have been compromised in order to get a promotion or get a job borrows a console for such as kind of curious. Women of the workplace or otherwise have you ever. I have a and experience almost like we've fur read about with Harvey Weinstein or read about with some of the Hollywood actors or renovate you know. Propositioned. In order to get a job proposition in order keep a job. And wanted advancements. We are still go to Tim 704571110. Hates him. Day John Abbott opera you know. My eight my daughter will collapse like it in the bank grade when she wouldn't score. Antarctic it will barker I wanna earn the big bad soccer players play the BitTorrent barker and Arnott didn't grow up. My daughter. What was pouring out would actually put it it's soccer player he is pointing out NH. And it won't be Carl didn't play against like I don't want to look battered at that my son so am pop like. Like you would not only and and Liddy no wind. Oh absolutely didn't back. And we need illegally. Illegally. Jack go to or call eight bought by a popular program and I. You know I don't and that and that's what it all that it that it. He realized right then an error that he had just you know. Messed up now up in a way. That's Big Brother not that I mean. I would like Barnard rock what I heard that I put myself. Now that the situation well at Big Brother Robert both. And and then I'm not expecting any kind of true confessions but do we not all have. An impropriety. In our past or something we could of handled better or sometime when our. Way to win our style. Certainly would merit questions. We we absolutely you know I don't forget that I stole what what about what we're gonna help form and I don't. I got I don't like there was no tomorrow. A my after all this started before about my dead among a thousand other things was an oil trader and an artist. And he always had. Mitt an easel and oil paints a neck campuses and stuff downstairs we always had a basement he always had a senate drums in a killer sound system that he would play no longer records with and stuff. And he always had an easel on record set up and he would paint nudes in my dad was I mean it was a great artist are really good artist. And he would pay nudes and so consequently he would have Playboy magazines and he would have art magazines with nudes in numb. And I got busted in the third grade four trading Playboy and art magazines for us Superman comic books. So. I don't. I know I could but there as well. Yes I heard a LC that. That's I think that I think I tried that angle and and it was true enough but I still Alyssa in a world of trouble my dad also swung a pretty good. Elastic belt with those little metal clips on number two to remember that part of the experience is well so. I met right historic but what her heart out about it. I had demo I appreciate golf I've I've been carrying an article around with me I'm not in this direction but I didn't turn an article around with me for a gosh. A couple of among little bit hours spanking. Well August 1 sort hasn't been more as well has been months August September October and outs of middle of November John. Spanking. Just wondered does anybody spanking anymore. And and Ben and those of you are appalled by it. Are you really appalled by it in this day and age. And those of you believe in it. Do you still believe in. In order to death Sunday. Are the Amazon rankings and now these artificial. There's I heard boat Thompson talking about this on WBZ's morning news serve today and he was talking about a with the governor McCrory from my 9 to 10 o'clock as well. But dad died so I went looking for the story and actually if you Google. Amazon HQ. Two cities. List. You'll find all sorts of publications out there that. Then add that have come what they think you're that or they contenders and who's the favorite in. The Wall Street Journal kind of did a composite. Love Tom. But they confined. Moody's and CNBC. And CNN enslaved in the New York Times. And and they have Atlanta. Ranked as the number one city to get. The Amazon headquarters number two now it's still early I assume that they're gonna come up when they list that'll be the final whatever. And then at that point they probably would reopen the bidding so people could do sweeten the pot if they wanted to so that if they felt like they were. For instance we know New Jersey offered seven billion dollars and incentives so at some point cities may say well maybe we'd like to have a they have dealer a little bit ever. So I'm not exactly sure how that works Charlotte made the top 25. That's the good news we cracked number 24 I don't what was it 200 and eighty cities. But. Bad news is Raleigh crack number ten. Analog I think is gonna get it. Austin, Texas came in number six. And the only thing I can think of that would work against Austin. Would be their airport. Maybe there airports not to I don't know what the status of Austin are reported as well maybe the airport isn't. Because that was one of the criteria that Amazon had listed that they have a. International top notch international airport. But anyway according to the Wall Street Journal and their composite of all of these places. Atlanta. Is the is the big favorite. The are the ranking concluded based on the study of the rankings and the lists of eighteen other sources including an I read some of those studio. Trust us they write. It's going to be Atlanta. Well let go almost a death. We don't really have a competition with Atlanta because. Because we can't. But the other part is we don't wanna be Atlanta. So to some extent it if Atlanta got the Amazon headquarters. Well maybe that would be a good thing that we're just screw their city no more they've already got traffic it's horrendous this would just add more to it they've already got to a growth bigger than what they can handle maybe this would just add to it. Then also admitted landed on a little bit as black already is just. Way too big. But then all the sudden they become what Chicago. Anyway Atlanta number one Boston number two. That would be your eastern seaboard city there since are already in Seattle. Chicago number three Philadelphia four Washington five and then goes Austin. One of the publications have listed Dallas Texas is the number one. That was Moody's may be. And ahead and and knowing Dallas the way I know Dallas Dallas is a status city I don't know of Dallas says that vibe that Amazon would be looking for but. They got an awful lot of land and they certainly got the airport. So why Dallas is in their Denver came in at number eight they do kind of have that to revive but there in the middle of the country nurture that's what they're looking for a new York and number nine and number ten Raleigh. Fourteen full places ahead of Charlotte. Does that bother us more than Atlanta being ranked number one yeah I think I've probably bothers us more than Atlanta big number one. Although you get all the status of having Amazon in North Carolina and none of their growth and no traffic problems. So maybe that's a good thing I don't know peg go ahead go screw up horrible stroke Raleigh and don't take. The plane missed a volley away from it. It's. Okay. Movie. Yeah house to pass their tax reform legislation this afternoon. Arrived pro went on the air majority Democrats voted against Tibet there it doesn't surprise you thirteen Republicans also voted against the measure. The house and senate. Are pressing forward Dirk. Overall the nation's tax code which I assume you're well aware of the senator's tweet their legislation will that earlier this week to include repeal the affordable care exit requirement to buy insurance. In part because that would save 600 and some mud was a billion dollars or something so bettered par would go to help pay for. This tax revamp. That could increase opposition in the senate as well in fact the senate. Then look like anywhere close to they are sure thing in their efforts to pass tax reform legislation yesterday the senator Ron Johnson from Wisconsin became the first GOP senator to say he won't vote. For the measure he did he left the door open a little bit to changes that would allow him to support. The final version of that legislature. Legislation. But. There's probably a potential problems from other Republican leaders we'll see what happens with Susan Collins we'll see what happens with Jeff flake we'll see what happens with Bob cork herbal see what happens with the John McCain a so that's what all goes a mirror right after the house passed theirs today. You on a release from the trump. Pence Merrick America great again. With tax reform milestone reached in the house a message to the senate. Overcome politics to deliver Americans a tax break ASAP. And response to the successful passage of tax reform legislation by the US house today. Michael ask glass or executive director of the Donald. We wish to congratulate the house for passing legislation that embodies the principles of president Trump's tax reform plan. Which will deliver jobs and pay a raise. And a pay raise for the forgotten men and women of America. Who have been sitting on the sideline of the sector you have this economy for over a decade. President trump has been fighting to bring economic relief to those hardworking Americans ever since his historic election one year ago. Now the focus will go to the senate for whom we have a simple message. The fate of families across America cannot be placed at risk over politics. As we saw with obamacare repeal and replace legislation. Americans need president Trump's tax reform passed into law urgently and they deserve nothing less. We look forward to seeing senate Republicans worked closely with the administration to deliver on president trumps promised to deliver the biggest tax cut. In American history. As soon as possible so let's say our release follow what the house did today. There's so about fifteen tax credits deductions exclusions. Salome getting wild Leo why does. Press such coverage and some of them are not. Some of the changes to us some widely used parts of the tax code like the mortgage deduction and the child tax credit. Are those who grabbed the headlines. Over the last a couple of days in this tax cuts and jobs actors as being called. But if you look a little bit closer you'll see some other things that don't get much attention. One that I noticed today it probably not a big deal though won't cost the singer entropy either pass or fail but teachers would no longer write off the cost of supplies that they advised. And we've heard stories over the years from teachers that trying to. Level the playing field for us some of the kids those supplies they don't get in the classroom they spend their own money on I thought that was kind of interesting. I've college boosters sports fans would no longer be able to deduct 80% of the cost of donations to colleges if they are made only to become eligible device seats for games are now get preferences such as our prime parking spots. He had gain on our homes our sale of a home is not taxable events under 500000 dollars for joint filers the new rules would require the home would be the primary home for five of the past eight years. Try to qualify for that anymore and the income exclusion would be phased out for taxpayers with incomes over. 500000. Dollars. Moving expenses cost of moving fifty miles or further for to take a new job has been deductible that what area and there's a few things and there you may or may not know about. All lines are always open at 7045711. Did John Hancock. And guided Billy BG does come home. Your email and you'll wish you love correspondent that the. I. That ought to be flippant but has anybody checked the oil on the school buses. It says that both buses but that said the two buses that have caught fire here both spares had been pulled into service. Which means that they were. There were buses that were primarily used every day. And so my sinister mind thinks what is somebody is draining the oil out of one out of these things while they sit dormant not being used in a negative pulled a disservice. I'd Soledad good mother question would be if you drain the oil lot of Abbas. How long does a run before it finally. Because it would run for awhile when that everything would be lubricate it for awhile right. I am sure tomorrow while induced j.'s I'm sure there's no validity to this I'm sure that they have brought. Thought about every single question that could possibly come down the pike. But hey it is this seems weird that this is happening here twice. But it's not happening anywhere else in these buses are in service everywhere. State local industry expert they're all scouring the remains of the a bust so you know that they check the oil. Orders to fire reduce such damage that you wouldn't be able to Intel up there was like you know loyal oil there or not I don't know. They are Charlotte Mecklenburg school system sent out a spokesperson yesterday not to superintendent but. VC EMS chief operating officer who are part if I heard correctly with Mark Garrison last night Charlotte have six. May have been in the Transportation Department before she was promoted to this position. But anyway they're all trying to figure out why two buses. Both the same make and model. Cat 3126. Freight liner Thomas built buses. Both spares had been pulled into service. Among 259. That are in the CMS fleet. On more than 14100 buses. About one of the imaging things that was so pulled yesterday I think it was Joseph Gillespie. Who asked would you pull these buses off line and tell you come up with a solution and they say no we don't feel that's necessary. And then I think ES something along the lines of. If if you have enough buses to be able to pull these off line. Would you do that and the answer was Ella probably. CM SS a 1007. 90000 students to and from school. And so obviously pulling out 200 buses. And be like 20% of your fleet. Well we don't disrupt us schedules pretty amazing the other part though came out here was they are struggling to find mechanics to service. So they did they normally have 42 mechanic positions and they have eight vacancies right now. So. They say that you know and there there's a lot of overtime we are not short cutting anything. So they claim that that's not our problem but. These buses are throughout the state and all over the area there's no trends or patterns of the problems that are creating the fire risk. And it's only happened here. There is no history of on an abnormality with this particular bus or buses in general catching fire. So that's why I want dried discredited I immediately think OK well that somebody's deck around with a and and so if they're not if if they're both spares that have been pulled into service and that means generally they would be parked somewhere and our other parks or worse for somebody could. Screw around with a and if you were screwing around weathermen you were just a novice. But one way I would think to do that is to get underneath it and and take that plug out drain the oil. Which you can do and do what came out and take the evidence with you. And like I say this is just me being super sleuth I'm sure I'm not even close but it just that's was say don't. I don't mean to be flippant but I do to believe that the first question asked Mark Garrison last night. And they checked oil. Got that bad that would lack of oil would did because. Friction when that friction caused this fire. I'm sure that covered it it couldn't be that simple only I can be that simple. Mike you're on WBT hi. They don't do it freaks me MF has put all of the county have enough liability insurance. They can do it I keyboard and a bit like American Airlines have been through jet fires. See it in six months of not grounding the fleet that had those engines. There will even be possible on the road do we have enough liability insurance in case god forbid a third but catches on fire and kids get hurt. Now I don't know the answer that question at the other part of that is they seem to be able to determine they smell smoke or they smell something before the fire breaks out yesterday's there was a new students on the bus. And the one before that there were students are from south Mac on the buses was another east Charlotte. But they had apparently enough warning that they were able to get kids off the bus so I'm sure they briefed their drivers is too low what to be aware of and if you got me even close to smelling of soap. But I I had I don't know the answer to your question I would assume that they must. Full third incident wouldn't count of negligent 'cause they had the first two would. And and still didn't hold both of off the road. Well but I yeah I mean I can empathize with them how do you pull buses off the road end maintain your obligation to get kids to and from school you are you also had you're talking about Poland 20% of your lead off the road. And I I don't think that they've got a ton of spares they don't have 200 stairs bears sit in the parking lot now so. They've purse. Well dead dead dead that's good to know come right up until the point that do you tell parents that do their kids are going to be arriving home at about 8 o'clock. That simple or. Org you got to take your kids that cool yourself down the road the popular reliable and. Which isn't which isn't possible and everybody's case which will leave me no idea I would be fine with that is Perez de as a general rule of principled. Neighborhood schools and get on there yourself but. But that's not the world we live in anymore. Eric thanks I appreciate it IE and I don't think there are an easy answers and I don't necessarily think to see him as a being irresponsible but. It is kind of I don't quandary here is why did these two buses catch fire and and seemingly very bid the same model buses used all over the state and all over the area. Nobody else's suffering the same consequences and yes is a scary assured us. And Endy brings up a good question we want what if who what what if you don't. When ordered the driver doesn't detect there is the smell of burning some Big Brother or before hand Porsche got an offer an exit non. And a rear exit. Roberts up on WB TJ Robert. We don't. Assume that certain books in the at a certain restraint. Plus there's been told disservice yeah well it's sort of recruited an escrow Ramon sort Boozer broke. Removal that's and so pyramid that sort commendable. Now I don't know that they're I think they're checked more often than that I don't know that for a fact but I I think they've probably your I don't know how all I don't I don't know how idol they are they may be spares but I'm not so sure that they just sit dormant for weeks and months at a time. I don't put some moments buddhists if you will get in there and pin. There is time Bhutto ruled by expressed. Yeah or chill up wiring. Euro saw and I don't know if that it's a factory there and like I say I I'm sure the experts I mean here we are playing amateur sleuth their broader drive and critic. Thomas so I I'm you know I have no reason to believe that the people they got state local and industry experts say got manufactured of people from the people. From the people that manufacturer of the buses there. I mean I got everybody in their mother taken a look at this thing everybody that would have a viable answer in the knowledge of the buses and so on and so forth names haven't come up with anything yet. But you've got to bust wires so far. So I don't know why that I always. I just always attendant. So that was about to say think on the negative side of that and I think to myself I don't wanna be the guy that's always taken on the negative side of that about a negative person but. Yeah I just immediately think about somebody's screwed or analysts. So I'll hopefully we had an answer and I'll hopefully you'll get an answer are pretty soon. Now what do you think he'll be our way or what do you think you that you think you get an answer on the CMS buses or do you think you'll get answer first on. This. Launch. Above space x.s third national security Zuma today. Wasn't there a drink called zoom lower. Sima. And in that died a miserable death in that. Xena. And what was the name of the the Microsoft competitor to the iTunes. Soon. And and that the dead did dive miserable death and that. I remember my kid wanted one of those for Christmas. And I said why the Zune is who does I just think it's going to be to get to one that's gonna win though is kind of like the old. To set her eight track argument. Zune and Sima. The line being here. If you've got a product. Don't market where the Z. I have got news 11109293. WGT I read that is available is coming up. 505 petty had to after the 5 o'clock news. One of my favorite parody songs. You'll just have to wait or to David we go 7045711. Tonight David. Page I don't very good. I had a list. I'm not a car mechanically the local export clip. And so what I'm hearing more than likely lock or lock them or it is shelf alongside wiring all gage wire. Are somewhere in Portugal just by the botched the smell but the probably smell when shin insulation and open and barn and not the wiring. And then you have to Greece single line better than not launch in June to match order what's catching on fire there. Let's you read or you guys and the possibility of being short handed you might have somebody making repairs and not using the right gauge wire. There are now OK so we've solved that. Well I mean it. Say we you well I mean most problems are simple. Irish who will start saying about the most saw Harkin perimeter of the support now are usually the most called brutally cracked. They had the one bus that caught fire and they came men and and it was soon and maybe they've doubled say they didn't find anything but whatever they found was inconclusive. But wire get a gauge wire and stuff I bet might fall into that category. All adults suggest doing thermal imaging you know all the engine compartment and all you aren't the bar she opened the hood. You do terrible image that shows you what didn't opt. And how hard it is getting and I would think that it would probably lead them to the top. Now they'll good up odorless and I had an idea then again I I you know we assume I assume. This is old hat to them that they Bart reject this David appreciate phone call but did not find out his life goes on don't assume. People have done anything. Week from today at Thanksgiving. So wait for right now your miserable. Hansen done. Playing a prone position. November the sixteenth 320 days in the year 45 days to go 39 days till Christmas. Well. 2012. Hostess brands revealed his plan to file for bankruptcy. And liquidate its assets that would have been five years ago remember. No twinkies. Know Ding Dong Delaware's blows a while before twinkies came back on it like a year Jewish home. A world without twinkies. Pledged not to get beat them it's just that. Just knowing they're there in case. Great American smoke out as today. Used to be a huge deal. Now I'm the first one to even mention it all right. Jim Ball way and a military. Has said taken over the country confining the president 93 year old Robert Montgomery to his home. A flawless 163. Carat diamond sold for 33 point seven million dollars. What a real gray yesterday just sold for 400 and almost half of and at 400 some of Ford fifty billion herself like that. And then North Korean soldier defected to South Korea kept running even after you've been shot five times that's that's one now. That's that's the issue he wants unstoppable. NBA night 8 PM TNT it warriors and the Celtics. And they wanted tonight on NB CB Pittsburg Steelers host the Tennessee Titans Singapore sports to watch tonight. So Julia Stoltz. And I read that name last night and I thought is this the former mayor guest Tony I don't know the answer that question. But she was at a closed section here in Charlotte a Wal-Mart. Shopping for her son when she got an unexpected surprise it was a card on the floor on the card was inside a white envelope reading with love a man. In the back of the envelope bread if this card was has found you open it it's yours. So Julie are fairly open to DR card and found a hundred dollars in cash and written next to the cash was a message. May this gift to buy you a little piece today. One day please pay it forward. May the blessings of god beyond you always. Know the card was signed your friend. So if you're walking through store and you see someone and on the ground maybe you should. Take a look at. I told the story before about my mom and I when I was so I cut that have been like nine years old. And we were walking down a street and Saint Louis over the of their. And we both their room there was a water and in the dollar may be in a money clip for all I know. Lay it on the sidewalk. But it was one of those deals where we both saw it just about the time we are getting ready to step on that. And so we both walked past it because you panacea but did you know your mind has acquired registered. And then immediately we both go to turn around and the guy behind us picks it up. And I never have known how much money or anything along those lines but I mean it was a folded up a lot of dollars or bills. Always remembered that. Just for a nine year old anything that's green and why it represents money was a lot of money. And there was at least two dollars there and two dollars put a budget like four packs of baseball cards. And that's what my life revolved around at the time. Later life got more expensive. Playboy is like about 75. You saw the president yesterday I had in total Marco Rubio moment had to get a glass of water. And that's all the comics made the front of the plaza and why if you're talking in front of a group of people is all those that needed us way to water such a big deal. Like rubio is like. Ever so XP had a goes sneak a glass or you know gay grab the water drink it. And then if you watch the way the president grabbed the bottle like with both hands won't watch that all about. First time during get out of the ball serve. I don't know this is bizarre. Armed. Spaghetti burritos. You don't think that's sounds good. Probably never thought about stuff that are rolled out tortilla with spaghetti but. Creators on the YouTube channel healthy junk food have the chefs there. JP and Julio. Battled to make the best spaghetti burrito in the latest installment on the channel. Are hurt Julius creation involved putting spaghetti covered in marinara sauce inside a mozzarella cheese lying tortilla. And then now pan frying the whole thing and covering it with the oil parsley garlic powder and parmesan cheese and a baking it. Think you have to go to all that trouble. His version mixes meat she is and seasoning to form a meet longer. But he wraps and spaghetti. Covers in bread crumbs and than deep Fries. A budget because of my chef boy RD spaghetti and meatballs. Slap an auto burrito close one in. Roll it up. Any and it. If you run early gun nut put some parmesan cheese on this does not have to be difficult. That is half hour show those are usually introduce of the good just sit there and roll stuff but. I would be a different show. It's. Here again. When you're a kid. Compared to ever discipline you in a way that just was totally embarrassing to you or where your Q were your folks tougher on you the nerve. Your friends. Folks were on them. Mine were. Herschel were pictured. But. Or the first time we tied one on. We went up so early. Three of us. Stocked up on grain alcohol and burba a minute and all sorts of stuff and went up to the Syria and Rocky Mountain National Park we called the caves. And you had do love yet to go in this I don't know how we ever found displace. You had to go into this one below opening. Crevice. And then you had tool. Lay between two slabs of rock that worst you know like sideways and an ankle and then. Move your way across those and if the two of a mccreery had decided also to come in you're gonna doomed. And then that drops you into kind of a hole. And then you went down another. Rock it was at an angle and that dropped you into the caves. And then to get out of the cage there was another place that you dropped yourself back down and it was an almost like you shot back out of the bottom of the mountain. So we decided to go up to the caves. One night and we took all this stuff with us including. I metal can open or. And three cans of chef boy RG spaghetti and meatballs are somewhat. And we just got fixed. And that we ate that spaghetti and meatballs COLT. And then we proceeded to and it was what it was not a good night. Arm and so we get up the next morning and we have been sleeping on the dirt in this case is all night long and we it was cold and elicited so. We've we all wander back home about 9 o'clock my dad knew and all heartbeat what had gone on. You know the specifics it and nobody knew. Your hung over. My two friends went home. They went to bed. My dad. Told me to go put my stuff in my room and report back to him. And what I did he walked three we had and is this a giant place where he built all these condominiums we had like ten and a half acres of land up there. And he gave me a shovel. And sit me down to one part of the property and made me dig these old drainage ditches all day long. Until 6 o'clock in the afternoon in the evening. When he finally called me to come up again dinner. And and and so. I mean I don't know if I learned a lesson on that or not but I'm sure has had to do with my dad and I'm not getting real to be revoked or which furlough. Well parents have different ways a disciplining their kids and and and what works for some families may not work for others and after her son was suspended for three day deserves a Louisiana mom. By the name of Demetrius Payne who offered his free yard work services to anybody Unita dump. And in order to spread the word she advertise the services on FaceBook and so in addition to a photo oversaw and she wrote. My son's been suspended for three days from school. Up for discipline. And nine he'll be happy to do your alarm service don't break your yard mullet if you supply the mower pick up trash or wash her car for free minimum three hours. If anyone has a break they would don't like to donate that would be awesome and he'll do that to all for free. It's over the next three days the mother posted updates on her FaceBook account. I in the form of photos and from there are news of her unique discipline area techniques spread pretty quickly. And a lot of people were eager to have praised her for taking the initiative to show our son that something as serious a school suspension comes up. With consequences. So save. There's that moment I got suspended from school wants. I think when I was a freshman. And my mall march down to the school with me on the Monday morning when my suspension was supposed to start and walked into the principal's office no appointment. Told me to assert my butt down and looked at the principal Gordon riddle and said. He is not suspended I don't care what you're doing him. You can make him sit in the library and read told stored for three days but he wants to be out here for three days. He's not gonna be out here for three days he's all yours do what you want with them but he's not suspended he's coming here every single day. So all eyes at the library and read told stores for three days since final five. And yeah. And you don't. It helps to make. Oh well. Late word on Charles Manson is in the hospital the first source telling GMC it's not going to get any better for him. I know this is of great concern to many. Tom Manson rushed joy Bakersfield. California hospital over the weekend so wheeled around on a Gurney for a various treatments C three years old they say he looks ashen. So. Any time he should be able to our go to his next house. I believe as well. Maybe. I'm Twitter has reacted to the announcement that Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive. The only way I can understand Blake Shelton and being crowned sexiest man alive is if Steve Harvey announced it. Member he had a little snafu with the beauty pageant. To be a while to figure out or out. Woke up and saw Blake Shelton is the sexiest man alive. Get a bunch of celebrities dire some the last nine. Really what's there is a ditch pleas. I should color checker we do that yesterday gonna control. The ladies Dayton. Pop star. They were did they did it's ironic yeah Gwen Stefani. She's a lot and encourage him very you know embraced us about take care of it. Had to watch that show how we thought that was Dale Earnhardt junior. Through Gwen Stefani nothing can tell though that at the country got to cut sexiest guy alive and he wanted to look is a little stock here than losing out I I would just around the corner Margo what's Taylor junior doing that show. Twitter. I don't even think Blake Shelton is the sexiest person named Blake Shelton. Blake Shelton isn't even the sexiest man at this Waffle House. People want to and in my favorite of the whole list. Blake Shelton looks like the dead in a drug commercial where they list off the side effects at the end where your watch you build a bird house. Start up Blake Shelton sexiest man alive and they're action on Twitter is not a silly favorable but since they have so many women know go into of people magazine's sexiest issue. Is a parent's most important. And according to a survey of women know. Appearance actually is forced out of four characteristics. About what's the most important factor in the attractiveness of men. So low would be number one. I'd always heard since of humor. Number two. 33% since since you to humor. Number three. Sensitivity. In other words if she punches you in the nose supposed to hurt. Yeah argued she she knows that's a what they mean. And that appearance was or before 15%. But the number one answer for what makes Aleman attractive to a woman. Intelligence. So there's our answer to your. You know. Well. The they buy the production for V. Julie and Julia Louise practices and show is have been no postponed it because she's undergoing treatment for breast cancer. So they announced that the HBO series. It gave an update Turkey producer. Julie is undergone. Is undergoing treatment for breast cancer that we all knew that Enron obviously postponing production of the show. We were supposed to have started by now while she's in treatment but the expectation is that we will shoot again and we will have one more season that we're doing now which show where credit's due incredibly excited about so while. I have seen seen heard tweet out. Several messages or not she should be taken this thing on like gangbusters. So. You think about her career. I mean sign Childress you know one thing that all the Carey Dolly actors and stuff from time Phil can win under. My tortures committed career suicide as a stand up comic one night. And he's pretty much just from limbo ever since Jason Alexander is a done fine. But nobody like Julia Louise Dreyfus. And she's she's one more Emmys are doing veep than she did they're doing science field. She's pretty impressive. Problem. I'm a G Saturday dialogue before that. Kind of forget about them. There's a coffee shop that is selling 200 weird smells and glass vials. Yeah I know I was my idea that was my thought too but oh weird smell could be baking bread. But when you think we urge you all seek and you just don't necessarily think good stuff do you. Anyway I'll share that with you we have come back keywords smells and again last mile being sold at this Norwegian or coffee shop by a Norwegian actually it's happening in Vienna Austria. And a Norwegian artist and researcher who is well known as the smell expert is the one who is created all of us. We will talk about middle age syndrome. Being a myth to help parents tend to favor the youngest child. And from an evolutionary. Perspective. Doesn't make any sense could be nice to. All that's coming up the traffic due after the news on news all of them did 993 W beating him at all. I guess that if you the only child you're the youngest child right. What are you TJ you're the youngest here the oldest of how many until. So you wouldn't be wouldn't have a middle child and your family. I would never although if I might buy it from my dad. And a half brother and a half sister that would make me the last child to load new middle child there either. But I wasn't raised with film iron into my mom I'm an only child. So. Parents tend to favor of the youngest child misery in his last night and thinking about demy new granddaughter. I'll most parents will deny they have a favorite child but science says that's simply not true. Premier university researchers found that these favorite child is likely to be. The last born. Excuse me. Yeah so pet parents tend to favor the youngest child not the first one. I would. Qualifier for that too. Also our I may have been the one that was most despised. Because I was the only Chelsea to basically take any title here and say. My parents didn't hate their children but if they ever did it would've been me. On occasion. When researchers looked at families with two children. They found since the youngest is usually perceived as the favorite. The child develops a stronger relationship with the parent which pushes them into a position of actually being the favorite. Meanwhile the older siblings relationship. With his or her parents didn't change regardless of whether they felt favored or not. So this professor and researcher by the name of Alex Jensen explains. It's not that first borns don't ever think about their siblings or end themselves in reference to them. It's just not an active as active a part of their daily life. He said my guess is it's probably aware that your parents will say to an older sibling why can't you be more like you're younger sibling. Now I had the exact opposite when I was a kid. I always. Ran around with. High achievers. But I was a world. So. I never can remember gallery's first name. But I ran around one guy's last name was dowdy and ran around with another guy and his name was Bob Jacobs Bob Jacobs was like my best friend in Bob Jacobs group grew open ended up being. I don't know as I disagree I'm sure is a doctor or a successful millionaires of the in dowdy John dowdy I think was his name. He grew up to be a doctor. It in me. Until my parents every now and then let's say we don't like it should be more like Barbara why can't you be more like Doughty. Well let's is like saying to a kid days you know. A loser if it. So loved and don't get me wrong I there was never time I didn't know and all of a loved but. Now the myth about. The children in the middle child fairways with three kids have heard that the middle child syndrome. Not doing well in school middle child syndrome not getting enough tension middle child syndrome always deflecting no blame and responsibility. Yet you guided middle child syndrome turns out it's all a myth. According to this doctor Catherine Solomon. The co author of the secret power of middle children while middle child syndrome doesn't actually exist. There are still some surprising benefits. To being born. The middle child. I'll tell you what those are just a second first. We go do. Three URE are you a middle or you first order you alas Cornwell you less foreign blaster to sort of because moments earlier in the same boat is a TJ yes. Before your first born. I'm good so confused JJ JJ is first born and his family your last order your business. And and I'm the only board and myself I think so there you could. Middle child says drug doesn't actually exist but some surprising benefits to being born in the middle. Middle children rely less on their parents. This was in 1998 steadied assault and and this colleague professor Martin Daly studied over 400 undergraduate students and asked them questions about their family relationships and in one part of the research. They were asked who is in their family would do would turn big turn for help. And parents or siblings and first and last Warren's opted for mom and dad and middle boards generally chose their Brothers and her sisters so. Middle children they say rely less on their parents. Another benefit to be a middle child more open minded. Middles. Tend to be more open minded and willing to try new things than their older or younger siblings and Sullivan thinks that that might be because middle boards are usually forced to be more independent. Which gives them an opportunity to find their own path. And that could make them a little bit more likely to experiment. And then finally middle children are better and relationships. Business and romantic. Then the ability to negotiate is valuable in many different areas of life including many career paths and that's something the Solomon says she observed in her research was that because middle boards are always pushed in the middle. They tend to have to negotiate for the things that they want they can't rely on being the baby. Or being the oldest. And the most responsible. So that kinda have to find their own ground so there you go the middle child syndrome is a myth. Coffee shop that sells 200 weird smells and glass vials will have that next. 61 for a high tomorrow. But down to 42 tomorrow night and someplace in between there is what's your ritual V one were all down at the holiday on ice tomorrow between know 7 and 9 o'clock probably have to see guys. Mobile link folks and and. No Bo and I and everybody to be downloaded to video holiday on ice grand opening of the ice rink star opens I think they start at 5 o'clock tomorrow. The law be down to between a 7 and 9 o'clock so if you wanna come down to kick off the holiday season dual ice skate at all famed plaza we would love to have you. Should be a good time tomorrow night and it'll should be chilly tomorrow night so world. Holiday on ice Charlotte dot com would be one website you can go to WBT dot com would be the other to get information on that a holiday on I Charlotte dot com we'll give you hours and and all that stuff but I think for the most part it's like 10 AM until 7 PM or something like that simulator than. Tom. And closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. And remember what I saw it checked out hours on them and their vision made that they're loyal they're open later than I don't think. TJ good performance or. Talk about a coffee shop. In Vienna Austria. But selling 200 weird smells and get glass vials. Do you get to pick. You find it. Yeah where is starting in May open. To generally. You know tune into into intended to end next week. But five to ten tomorrow night. And then seven to ten I think it's sometimes. It wait till 10 o'clock the bureau. So would you like bottled sent with your coffee that's what people visiting this super since pop up. Shot in Vienna Austria you're getting it's a gourmet cafe. And a recording studio. And a photo Booth. And a printing press that just happens to sell. Smell of memory kits 200 where's smells and glass vials. So little bit nervous thing it's kind of like you see him all the time your driver and on the road and you see your place oil change and brain surgery did you pay you gotta. Did diverse after it. The kids were the cats these smell kits were developed by us Cecil told loss. Who is a Norwegian artist and a researcher who is well known as they smell expert. And here create created abstract smells basically smells that you've never been exposed to before. They you can Smith and then well attached to a memory overflow what was happening when you smell that. You get all that. So he's not recreating smells like baked bread or something like that these would be smells that you've never smelled before. I don't know that's good or not. Numerous studies similar shown this smells trigger very vivid emotional memories. Gerri every totals take in. They put that gas mask or whatever it is over your face. And I've always remembered this smell that. I think it's because I was terrified. They had told me that I can have all the ice cream I wanted when it was over with but they put that mask on my face. And it used to be accurate count my hands. And smell and in my hands and I would smell that smell that they put on me and I don't know hollow was what 567. Somewhat ten. Now that Gator totals out that that that was a dramatic experience I remember I was in a war. With all like I don't know fifteen other kids when you wake up here and you heard a bad nerves like fifteen other kids in this room. And if you cry again they gave you were shot. And I hate shots. So large figure out early if you cried they gave you were shot. So when I felt like cry and I bury my head my pillow and if there and then cry and then and then I never got a shot. I don't know what the purpose when that was probably keep you from Pryor. On the fifty's mentality as you didn't wanna be around the fifties and we were videos. So hey why numerous studies so this the smells trigger a vivid memories in if you want to go to Vienna Austria and not find these super sense pop up job which is a mono bug. Nine the other things a coffee shop they're not. 200 weird smells and glass vials if have panel like being on the studio for the morning show. Or thereabouts Mark Garrison of Charlotte have six next.