More On Sexual Misconduct, ACC Ticket Giveaway

John Hancock
Thursday, November 30th

Hancock has more discussion on Sexual Misconduct, ACC Championship Ticket auction, I Read The News, and More.


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This is John Hancock yeah. The Dow's up 1077. Point 78. 24 to eighteen point 46 is where it is right now we're broke 44000 more. NASDAQ up 35 point 47 S&P up sixteen point 77. New York Stock Exchange up almost seventy points as well so we'll look. Verizon now. 44000 extra risk. We have a new oil look at how fast we got to 44243. And 22 and when he won and Gloria I mean it's. If there's if there's any positive really use steadily positive. Influence. And you can't give him all the credit but. Any loss in the stock market in the economy has always been a matter of timing. Oh right now. This presidents are pretty darn good. Obama looked pretty good. Because when he got there is in the toilet when he left it'd Jerry improved considerably. Since there's still three years ago and in Trump's first term. He can also be the victim of a correction. And and that's for two skaters have been GB set of people my image. Because right now I can alike for my retirement savings are in I don't know that I wanna necessarily go through Torre percent to a correction. And there was my financial or talk a and talk retire rule but later on but. We're to my financial roller Carol Tucker Chris Carroll. Couple months ago or guests. And said. You don't since I have them. To make any sense to. Take the 401K and just freeze it right now. Because we're already higher than what we probably thought it was gonna be by the time I retired. But he assured me notes okay so we'll see if I hit their other home there or is Thursday as we can be. While we got all sorts of stuff Matt Lauer is issued a statement. Now we have more news from the improper behavior. All of shame. Updates on Alfred again updates on John Conyers updates son while we're gonna do when Russell Simmons. Is a stepping down spent almost his company's. Because of an allegation now from 1991. Did John Kristin Mary. The eye doctor. There was a time. Back in the early days of Lazard. We're Christian Barea owned this town I'm not so sure he wasn't one of the top advertisers in the city. In the 1990s. He performed the first lays six eye surgery in the Carolinas. And I mean he owned the lay sick. Market then there was an out more successful doctor on the planet. The John Kristin Barry. And then in 2011. AL woman claimed that he had stalked her. Sexually and exploited intimidated and threatened her. And that brought the empire two way you sudden stop and he settled that lawsuit out of court. And then tried to slowly but surely your are regain his footing and his reputation and and at one point. I was approached asking if I would judge consider doing lives spots forward. And I said no I don't think don't pixel. Because I have quite frankly. Are do was it because of anything I knew about him. At the time it was that. It was that. That the issue back in 2011 I just weren't quite sure that people would ever forget that even if he wants. Even if we never heard of an impropriety again well. Now he's. He surrendered his medical license. Amid these new accusations. That he sexually harassed former employees and so are you voluntarily relinquished his license and ms. Good due to the pending over the anticipation of a board investigation. And also Woolsey role that goes but we we we spoke yesterday I don't know that I even bring it up today. Because to some extent since this happened as some cropped up in 2011 it's almost old news. All the alleged news. But. We were we we we asked yesterday you know win will this. Avalanche of new entries into the improper behavior hall of fame. Produces some local names. And you've got to know there is so. There's some suits. Some make you bank yes yet this down who's been gone on. So. I'm not so sure Christa Bruce ago I was looking for Brent. But anyway you know there's there's one local injury and woes kind of wings who were all that goes I have up to I got news on mount on India improper behavior hall of fame. I'm so we'll get to that Jim Nabors died. Boomer files. Who is beloved character of beloved television show. That was based. In North Carolina the Andy Griffith Show early 1960s. Coomer pile. And then all the sudden you would see him on another TV shows and he would break out that booming baritone voice is that you'd say words that got Ollie guy. If we. Then moved to Hawaii. He had undergone a liver transplant in 1994. He contacted dec contractor hepatitis B. And apparently. This is similar room when he needed liver transplant but to passed away 8987. Years old. Died peacefully at his home in Hawaii after his son halted declined over the past year. Said his husband to stand and cad while under. Students pick some good news dude. For that. The process. We're working through. Tom. Goma. So there you of their next day another guy who died Anthony. Sooner Ricci. Sin nerve is that is that Cinergy up. Nvidia Anthony Cinergy yeah. He was the guy who inspired the ice bucket challenge for AL aspect in 24 team. Just seem like it's been three years since everybody was formed buckets of water over the everybody else says I guess accounted testament. He died this past weekend fourteen years after being diagnosed with the disease sale as he was 46 years old EA LS ice bucket challenge began. When sooner she is wife's cousin. Professional golfer Chris Kennedy encourage her to take part in dumped a bucket of ice water over her head. And the challenge went viral. On and I am I can't think of hardly anybody that I know the didn't go through it at some point or another. And you would do you would challenge somebody else to do it and announced and then you do and then that person would get junior did issue a challenge. And they went viral in a lead people across the country to dump ice water over the heads and a challenge of people that they knew would do the same thing. It also raised about 200 million dollars for ALS research. Which helped lead to. I'm new research breakthrough Kennedy told a time about the challenges said what started out as a small gesture to put a smile Anthony say is. And bring some awareness to this terrible disease has turned into a national phenomenon editors something that we never could have dreamed of 200 million dollars re also a research. Kids for should be so lucky by the way were in the middle of the kids first campaign were out our first week. This is always the slow start to we get off to we're really could usual help. I'm 34000 kids we've impacted over the years we got another 800 to a thousand that it won't have Christmas without our efforts again this year we're already obligated to them we cannot fail we need your help we need your help right now. I'm gonna Hancock page WBT dot com for information but if you'll just go to kids first of the Carolinas dot org you can make a job. A donation narrow obviously there's links to that at the Hancock page WBT dot com there's links to that at WBT dot com if you biker shortcut to kids first of the Carolinas dot org. KALOTC. Dot org we'll get you to the same place some big union. We do this with small donations but they need to add up to up big big sum of money. We'll do our bike drive on Friday the sixteenth at the fifteenth will do our on air auction. Two weeks from today. Really. On air auction two weeks from today from three to 6 PM. And our all volunteer day for people that either wanna. Show their kids what Christmas is all about come down and volunteer and wrap presents and help us set up the students that are gymnasium for the party that won't throw for 400 kids about half of the kids a wall of that will help on that to a Sunday. Which is close to the public but we are near an awful lot of help getting that thing set up it we started to 1 o'clock in the afternoon. And we never get done before midnight. And sometimes and in the wee hours of the morning it's a lot of work a lot of presents to rappel onto Christmas trees to set up Santa's workshop and and again and already for the kids so Saturday is the volunteer day the sixteenth fifteenth is the big night out of south Mecklenburg high school 69 PM. Where are hundreds of cars drive through a drop off bicycles a new clothing and shoes and I toys and money and not at all that stuff but we really need to get a we are we're a guy I don't know how what I don't have the magic words to say to you and I'm gonna we're talking Sherron tomorrow. But Hamas I'm just tell you they. That there are kids out there there are homeless or nearly homeless and that's who we deal with we grabbed we we find the kids that fall through the cracks. We find the parents who have had a best bad year this year and don't qualify for. Or are too late to get on the list of everybody else. And that's that's who we cater to and that's who we take care of in the first question we ask when we hear of somebody that needs help is what are their clothing size and what is their shoes size. Because we not only try to supply Christmas for them toys and and a bike if they've never gotten a bike promised before. But we also. My try to take care of him other ways and make sure that they got good clothes and and and choose and and self esteem and and all of that stuff so why Obama can't do without you saw big union to help us out I don't care if it's five dollar donation. You won't help us believe me it will kids first of the Carolinas dot org should. On air auction until we get out of here right before 6 o'clock two tickets section 348 at club level seats. Just blow the press boxes or actually are about to five or ten yard wanna believe. Maybe. Metaphor Saturday's ACC championship game which is sold out between Clemson and Miami. 8 PM game face value on these us ticket says 199. Dollars apiece. And I got a couple of passes to go along with that to the private doctor pepper tension pregame party. From the Florida 7 o'clock on air auction all the proceeds go to kids first thanks to Marshal their worst of Coca-Cola for a making news available to me they could be yours just be a better now at 704. 5701110. Bob Matt Lauer has issued a statement did so earlier this morning about 25 hours 26 hours after we found out about his release from by the NBC today show at all. Share that statement with you and some other news from the improper behavior hall of fame next oh. And and I am. Yeah. Got your tickets club level seats section 340 that's right about five or ten yard run. I which would be the Carolina Panthers side of the field just by the way. Odd to Saturday's ACC championship game sold out between Clemson and Miami via college game day crew is here 8 o'clock for the game a 199 dollars face value of the tickets. And this also includes two passes to the private doctor pepper tent pregame party from 4 to 7 o'clock. And we're auctioning them off tonight willow will call the winner I don't know about 5 till 6 o'clock can now confirm and I give the tickets away then our bid is up to 550. Dollars. Which means somebody's out there readers thinking. All I hope nobody calls and ups might bid. Or somebody's got to thinking oh I hope somebody calls up and bit by bit and I can't afford that. One of the duke anyway I got those two tickets we're auctioning them off for our kids first of the Carolinas. And believe me 550 bucks into what we have already would be area would be. I'm pretty nice icing on the cake so I'm already happy kids first of the Carolinas dot org if you just like to make a donation to our cause. As we all love our wrap things up on our first week overly intense begging you tomorrow not. Two weeks from today on air auction two weeks from tomorrow's the big bike drive itself Mecklenburg high school two weeks from Saturday. Hope Sharon's not listen in right now because when I do this it just makes her nervous makes me nervous. Two weeks from Saturday is our volunteer days two weeks from Sunday we've got 400 kids that are expecting us to be ready for Ramallah and have Christmas provided. And we'll take care of another 500 kids. Or more. On in the week between. In that week leading up to Christmas. So our needs are great and we do it with a little bit from you a little bit from you a little bit for new and and every now and then somebody sends us a big Macs Jack gives us 5 X 10 grand something like that we've got some unbelievably generous people and of come to our aid over the last few years. And we don't ever count on them. To me and I'm not thinking about right now. But anyway if you can help us out and listen if you can no bid on these tickets and you wanna go to the city ACC game these Arab these pretty good seats. And had a visit to 550 dollar 7045701110. Matt Lauer finally issued a statement today everybody is kind of waiting for that to happen. It by go online last night read variety. I don't you know how you have the. I don't know what what would you call that. May ads. To do Oprah did to. Period. To act like that. I mean I'm I'm I'm used to rejection but. I did is there's some that are about. Presentations. Nuggets are you dog I'm the guy you had trouble walking across the gymnast and a girl to dance so. Chances of me doing it to. With my pants down or run origami would have been there and zero. But anyway the statement from Matt Lauer. He apologized obviously. The day after I NBC news fired him. He apologized. He said he's a sorry to lose access to so many hot night you vulnerable hot chicks on multiple floors in the city that never sleeps. Oh wait a minute that's not that's all right that's that's just my my sarcasm. I he said. There are no words. To express my sorrow. And regret for the pain I have caused others by words or actions. To the people I have heard I am truly sorry. As I am writing this I realized the depth of the damage and disappointment I have left behind at home. And an NBC. It's part of via mail our statement. In other words. My wife has always kind of known I'm a dog. But my kids never really knew. And now I've got three kids that I have to basically looks straight in the eyes and explained to them why dead. Decided that this was appropriate for him to conductors. Professional life in this matter. It sounds like it was written by Al Franken guy to me. Some of that in this is the part that out as some frank and since. And it. Some of what is being said about me is untrue or mischaracterized. But there is enough truth in these stories to make me feel embarrassed and ashamed. I regret that my shame is now shared by the people I cherish dearly. Repairing the damage will take a lot of time and soul searching. And I'm committed to beginning that effort it is now all my full time job. And you got that right. He said that the lab quote last two days have forced me to take a very hard look in my own troubling flaws. It's been humbling. I am blessed to be surrounded by the people I love. I thank them for their patience and grace. So that's the statement from Matt Lauer. And if you read the variety report I'm not even sure how I would go about taking what was in the variety report. And portray it on deal. Because. But they report allegations that he wants gave a colleague a sex toy with an explicit note about two how he wanted to use it on her. That he exposed himself to another female co worker. That he would question female producers about their sex lives and that he would talk about which cohosts he would like to sleep with. Did you see the piece that these short video clip. I endorsed the guy from GMC that I saw present at the first time but he wasn't on TMZ he was. Being interviewed I don't remember Entertainment Tonight are all I access all hardware was somewhat. Until I think a dollar since you last night. I should get to your name. Natalie Morales. Who was with The Today Show for ever. Through the through their curry and curry. Fiasco and there was a rumor all long long time ago that Natalie Morales and Matt Lauer had. Hooked up that one of the Olympic Games or. And I don't know whatever became of the rumor I don't think it was ever substantiated per say. And she's no longer with The Today Show I guess she's now doing their Access Hollywood or whatever those show entertainment or whatever the show issues she does it's on CBS 'cause I see it because it's on after our. I'm Maureen does the 7 o'clock news on note unduly BTV. Well she was on last night. And they were talking about this story last night. And. Maybe I just missed it there's a chance. But I don't think she ever referred to her time correct me if I'm wrong 704571110. I'm not so sure she ever really referred to her time. She may have made a slight mention to it but her time on The Today Show. She certainly didn't address any rumors that may have been floating around between about her a map. She really didn't say much of anything I lost a lot of respect for a last night. If you're gonna if you're gonna act like you were never were there or you're not gonna address the issue than take the day off. And that it was good to me it was the elephant in the room your ears here's a reporter. That was on The Today Show. For. A long long long time worked with Matt Lauer for a long long time and said. For the most part last night nothing. I diet that I just think that's gutless. And if it's uncomfortable. Then take today off. Anyway. Flowers Mary's got three kids. And mentioned the damage cities left behind it to NBC and at home. And you know it would be wanting to be. I think about stupid stuff like oh boy who worry is Matt Lauer last night. The comedian cities probably at a bar with Charlie Rose. No I picture him. In our really. Either very quiet house surgery allowed Allison unsure which. But can you imagine being. In that situation not only have you just been touted in front of your wife and your kids. But you are also the number one news story in the country. The number one news story in the country is. The urine dirt bag. Hey this guy that would that's. I can't even imagine the environment we've all had quite that we kids haven't we guys. I don't think they were necessarily caused by you that maybe in some of your cases it was caused by this good news but not in mind. I don't mind is generally more stupid like go to saying something dumb or. Act. I'm gonna Marshall humorous duo works over Coca-Cola I have but two tickets 340 section that's club level. Brought about the five or ten yard line on the panthers' sideline and two seats two tickets to Saturday's ACC championship game between Clemson and Miami sold out. Starts at 8 o'clock these are a 199. Dollars a piece face value on the tickets. And there are two passes to the private doctor pepper tent pregame party which goes from 47 o'clock. And all of that the two tickets in the two passes are up for auction. And of the proceeds go to kids first. And they bids are up to 650 dollars 70457011. General wait until we're about five or ten minutes out to. Over a 6 o'clock and now we'll call and confirm the up. Other winning bidder and and you can combine picked him up our turn to business due tomorrow. So Juan. Two tickets 340 section 340. Club level seats. I ACC championship game Saturday night Bank of America Stadium clams and in my and 399. Dollar apiece play or face value and two passes to the private doctor pepper ten pregame party. And they can be yours if you beat a bit of 650 dollars it's 704571110. And we'll put that every penny of it towards our kids first cause and which you know we are our first a week of a fundraising. I'm we could certainly use your help and have to be 650 bucks a could be six dollars and fifty cents eight we we can use every penny we can get and I hope you'll feel so inclined at some point or another. Kids first to the Carolinas dot org you can find information at WBT dot com or adopt a kid program is up WBT dot com slash a kid. You can go to the Hancock page WBT dot com that'll give you any information you need if you want to mail a check to our kids first there's the post office box there if you need to contact them there's a phone number there. I'm there's an email address there. Now we've got all the information that I think you could possibly need information on two weeks from today which will be our on air auction are big win. From my 3 to 6 o'clock go on these very airwaves are a big Friday night to six to 9 PM bike driving south Mecklenburg high school with the food trucks and hundreds of people driving on through. The information for that is up at the Hancock page WBT dot com and Saturday as the day that we need volunteers so if you can't afford to help us some monetary early. Or with a bike or something like that would be more than happy to use some of your time. Are wrapping presents and set up the gymnasium students generous south Mecklenburg for a big party for about 400 of the 1000 kids that we will take care of these are almost in near homeless kids. And we've been doing this now for 24 years but we do it because of the generosity of people like fuel. On and and the generosity of by Charlotte, North Carolina so I hope you'll be a part of it all this year kids first to the Carolinas. Dot org and the auction for the tickets to us Saturday night's game 650 dollar 704570. 1110. Taken bids until about 550 or 555 we just talked about Matt Lauer. And his apology John Conyers is in the hospital for a stress. I'm Nancy Pelosi are calling for him to resign. As good timing. To worry of sexual misconduct allegations. Conyers. Checked him into a hospital self oral hospital and a Detroit overnight. And it's a spokesperson is a guy by the name of Sam Riddle said he's resting comfortably in an area hospital he's doing OK as well as can be expected for a gentleman it's approaching nine years of age. Congressman helped his now what it should be and a lot of those correctly. You. Attributable to us via media assault. So that's that Al Franken has a new accuser. Army veteran is so one of two women who have come forward with new sexual misconduct allegations against Al Franken just days after the senator issued an apology and she's offering a story somewhat similar to our earlier accusers. Her name is Stephanie Kemp when she's 41 years old and she tells CNN that Franken touched her right breast. For five to ten seconds when he put his arm around her during AO photo op in Kuwait. She said it was longer enough that he should have known it was not it was an accident if it was an accident. And so we'll see were all of that leads and Russell Simmons. Hollywood reporter is error reporting that Russell Simmons has stepped down from the company's Def jam recordings. That he heads up. He was. Accused in November 19 of committing a sexual assault in 1991. By a model denied it. And then there's a Hollywood reporter op Ed piece Jenny Lumia. Courage. Lou met limit. Doesn't guest column and she basically. Shares her own accusation about two Russell Simmons Jeff Def jam recordings so he has he's. He has stepped down from mount. From his company's. Gupta Matt Lauer of Variety Magazine no peace here. Don't really know how I can go through it step by step and not keep our license. Com and the house has voted to a mandate sexual harassment training for a members and staff. I bet that's one of the most ludicrous parts of the whole thing is that they would actually have to. Vote to mandate. They had that they would actually have to that these guys need training series of the guys who campaign that they have all the answers. But apparently they need. Party training. 1110 knighted and three WBT John Hancock. We are in the middle of an auction kind of an impromptu auction I got to a couple of tickets yesterday from mug avenue Marshall don't rust. Who works over Coca-Cola. And he can't use these so he has thrown them towards the kids first cause so there are two tickets up for auction as we speak. Oh we will auction them off in the next hour and fifteen minutes. They are section 340. Seats club level seats. The ACC championship game 8 o'clock on Saturday night between Clemson and Miami. And these tickets a face value of a 199. Dollars apiece to tickets section 340 club level that's like. 510 yard line. On the panthers' sideline if you're. If you wondered where exactly you can go find a Bank of America seating chart enough find them as well. And this also includes two passes to the private doctor pepper ten it's pregame party from 4 to 7 o'clock solo the whole package is up for bids. A 650 dollars as my current bid. Every penny of it'll go to kids first to the Carolinas KF OTC dot org if you'd like to help us out. And and the number to call if you wanna build on those tickets is 70457. Know 1110 and bowl loved what kind of keep you posted is too aware of the bids are but that's that's what we've gotten a much tickled to death we've already got 650 dollars that'll help our cause even if that's if we go no further than that. I'm kind of anticipating that maybe by the time we get people out of office buildings 4555. O'clock mayor Walt. I don't see a little bit of auction action but Bobo but we'll see thank you load to the person who through called in the 550 bid to the person who called in the 650 bid. Now for a for participating if you are planning on giving money to our kids first anyway. This would be a way for you get something for your money although. If there's so selfish part of me that kind of wishing you don't get the tickets and we still get the money. But I'm just say and if you were if you had budgeted do a thousand bucks worse. It's it's you know it's still a tax write off. It's a still 401 C three deals so wrong. I'm just trying to help. Just trying to help the house yesterday. Voted to require annual sexual line harassment. Awareness training for all members of staff. And staff. Amid a a push to reform the our culture on Capitol Hill. Any just like good to traffic court. The judge finds you and then you have to go to. Or in other words it did get their points. Or raised to know what they do. Both the launch of diverted traffic violation or member but don't they make you go to like. A three hour class Steelers up like that menus you get rid of the points. Some of them atlantis'. Resolution authored by Barbara Comstock Republican from a Virginia passed easily by voice vote. Measure requires members and staff to undergo anti harassment and anti discrimination training during each session of congress interns and fellows would also have to do it take to turning. Members and staff will have to complete the training no later than a 180 days after the second session of the current congress begins in January. I Jackie Speier. Talked about the importance of the of the legislation's called that a step in the right direction. She is say introduce legislation to overhaul capitol hill's workplace policies. So that house vote followed a move by the senate earlier in the month to require the training for its members and staff. The executive branch have they have had to take a sexual harassment awareness training. Prefer awhile. The gather some female lawmakers. Who have shared their own experiences with sexual harassment in recent weeks speier was one of them describe Deo chief of staff forcibly kissing her while she was. Congressional laid back there in the 1970s. So what their proposal that said this legislation. Would among other provisions wave what is currently. A mandatory months long process of counseling in mediation with the employing office. And under the Office of Compliance process. Cases resulting in settlements are paid out. From a special fund operated by the Treasury Department the Office of Compliance releases data showing that more than seventeen million dollars in settlements. Has been paid out since the late 1990s. So this is congress people. That have been accused of improper. On behavior. Than a block themselves out of it. We need the taxpayer pick up the tab. And and and we never hear about it. Settlements say include cases regarding workplace violations beyond sexual harassment like racial discrimination so it's not all sex. So it's not possible that taxpayers have paid out actually more than that that seventy million dollar figure. These speier guilder brand legislation require lawmakers accused of harassment to reimburse the treasury for settlements. And the Office of Compliance would then have to publish the names of employing offices involved in cases with settlements on its web site. So. So that would be refreshing. That they'd actually have to be accountable to the people that employ them us. Now there's an article today in. We're deck behind us. It must've found to me I would note found it. Our men really clueless about sexual harassment. I hear you have congress you have legislation it's just been passed. Mandating. Sexual harassment training. For members and staff of congress. And then you have a headline our men really clueless about sexual harassment six weeks after the first stories break about Harvey Weinstein. List of men accused of similar acts just keeps getting longer and longer and longer. Some offer denials. Others offered nuanced explanations. Charlie Rose said you know I always felt I was pursuing shared feelings even knowing now realize that I was mistaken. Al Franken apologizes. John Conyers so. Only offered through a spokesperson. The former staffer voluntarily decided drop the case the F Pixar John Lasseter apologized said due in part no matter how benign my intent. Everyone has the right to set their own boundaries and I have and have their respective. So these are all ambitious Smart powerful men. And surely they understand what sexual harassment is. Men who would who might know better than to behave that way. Mirren that actually may have had parents that tried to buy instill in them values that kept them from growing up to be that way. So why do they do with the article laughs and why are there are so many. And then they make reference to the meat to campaign. Which saw hundreds of thousands of women to women sharing their own stories of sexual assault the problem is rampant sadly. Let's say an exception than the rule. And so one possible explanation says this article. Points to be deeply ingrained hard to shake your society wide sexism that teaches men that women are less dominant. Many men and women for that matter still believe men do the asking out and the chasing. And then you set aside the flat out predator. And you have a misunderstanding. Of men's roles and may be that leads to some men especially those soon in the throes of sexual attraction. To let their desires override their it'll act. And their knowledge of what is wrong and what is right. Well sexual attraction can override an awful lot of good comments notes. I suppose. Harvey Weinstein today in his official statements that I came of age in the sixties and the seventies when all the rules about behavior in workplaces were different. That was the culture then. Now we know it ironic that in some ways this all started. I think TJ is the first guy who pointed this out to me. When you have her died. When Hugh Hefner died. The babes in the sand say is and and glasses of champagne and. That lifestyle kind of died. That. That Frank Sinatra. How long you broads been here mentality. As. As kind of fallen by the wayside in society. And and to but there is still so much evidence in this culture now that still backs up what everybody else was like a 67 days mentality. Maybe a little bit leaked into the eighties in the ninety's. No other explanation for the problem of sexual harassment and won that several he has roots and sexism is that we still have a hard time defining. What constitutes. Sexual harassment and assault there was a recent survey small serving. They found that many men aren't actually clear on what sexual harassment is too and every three men surveyed. Didn't think that repeated unwanted invitations to drinks dinner and dates with sexual harassment. One in five didn't think sexual harassment should be a five arable offense. Now if US somebody out for drinks and dinner and a date and they say no. And you ask again and they say you know. Should you ask again. Or is that sexual harassment. I've ever told you the John and Suzanne dark story. Mike Collins and I go over to WTV guy where. The before mentioned Susan Geiger was working at the time to shoot. A promotional. Television. Commercial. Because Mark Russell all the political pundit was coming to town. And so we both show up there on morning. And this. Lady named Susan comes out. And she takes us into the back. And she makes is where these goofy stupid political hats. And we shoot this promotional deal commercial. For their appearance of Mark Russell being brought you by WB 28. And then we went our way it's meant to say that I hadn't kind of mentioned are noticed this. Woman named Susan. I just broken up with a local. I just broken up with somebody. And I was on Lloyd out of bed to Jacksonville Florida for the jazz festivals. So when I got back. On Monday morning. I called her to find out how the TV issue when I did the commercial turnout. I did not give a damn and other dirty TV commercial children. And at that point we talked in small talk and stuff for that while and I said tour. Hey would you like to go out to dinner on Friday night. And she said. No I can't. And I so long would Saturday be better for you and she said. No not really. And it's a Willis and I'll strategy as soon as best argue bubble lying up fungal Malek. Sultan caused me to caller back. Is that sexual harassment. He called back and I said hey listen I'm. And that's not like me I mean if I've been rejected twice and in three and a half minutes. I have been I gaelic you know I I'm kind of pay at that point I'm limping anyways so you know if there's no reason to try to run for the finish line. I'm. I don't know why I called her back to this day. But I did. And I asked her hey it just this Friday or Saturday work out. At all and she said. And well. AG give him a hard. And then she said and I don't remember exactly how she broke the news to me but she said. I'm really not trying to put you off but I don't know how did tell you I have two kids. In other words she was rejecting might. Invitations. Because she was afraid I was gonna find out that she had two kids and that would dis interest me. Like being rejected two or three times wouldn't that's the irony all of this to me is that. She was afraid I wouldn't be interested at five she knew I had page had two kids. But basically saying no to me three times she didn't think that that would. So I guess to some extent I'm asking. That's three times before I finally got yeah out. Let's go out to dinner. Was that sexual harassment. I don't know where along a video for a break so they care caller to a no no head on battle are read the news colleague John WBT hi. Yes yes you need us. I didn't want it that day you got that not sure they write it. Oh no I do I do back about the lie cameras says two out of every three men surveyed didn't think that repeated unwanted invitations to drinks dinner and dates. We're sexual harassment. I'm at that time I thought maybe it was under wanted invitations. But I think. Yeah. Well I mean at. Eight. I don't think that you know I mean it it fine and complicated creatures. Probably hit it you're brilliant bit about that itself. You're you're telling a mail all that you guys that you all are complicated creature you're telling me all that. Yes yeah yep yep I. Just like that with a lot sure that counts that he can't live without it can't make your way without probably a little better off their bad about it yeah. Ear don't like it you don't think the your older. That's why I think that way yeah it sure. Well she finally married beside could have been to bed. Narrowly beat you that you know it in desperate at that I think it's wonderful I Colin thanks to average age skull. All right it has 33034. Days that I into the year. 319. Days ago. And Christmas. Just what three weeks from tomorrow from three weeks from Monday. Personally start. Tomorrow is the first. Saturday's the second Sunday is the third fourth three weeks from Monday. I got two weeks from Friday. Here's the bike drive for kids first. And I got to raise tens of thousands of dollars before we get to ourselves we don't we are always hopelessly behind at this point but I just figured you know. If your plan to help us this year if you would please go to kids first of the Carolinas dot org and make area donation it would certainly help. Hope Solo asleep. Because obviously you have people ought to wait till last minute you know some people wait to see if we're gonna get system of the big bidders that'll come through and we don't know if they're coming through either so that's what makes the sport so stressful. Thousand kids regarding two we've already told a thousand kids we're gonna take carrier Christmas. I think that's a little back backwards but. The way we do it I guess. So I anyway kids or to the Carolina should fight all the information that they Hancock page WBT dot com or red WBT dot com or just go straight to our kids first to the Carolinas dot org and make a donation there. KF OTC. Two weeks from today we'll do our on air auction 3 to 6 o'clock two weeks from tomorrow is our bike drive itself Mecklenburg high school six to 9 PM 700 some odd bikes last year and three hours. I don't know we even come close to that figure this year can help food drugs and just all sorts of unknown Jim and it'll be out there oh at the barbecue and and the fire pit that we can all stand around if it's really cold. And and then now volunteer day is a Sunday. Are excuse race Saturday at the sixteenth. Where it just south Mecklenburg high school we can use as many people and their kids as possible to get that gymnasium and students that are set up for our kids 400 of them that are coming in for the party on Sunday. Which is close to the public but that's who will take care of the needs 400 of our kids and and Jared and her group well basically. Set off to take care the other Florida 600 kids. In the week leading up to Christmas. So what we need as much help if you say all of us and they they get big donations sometimes of I've heard him get 101000 dollars from one guy. They don't need my five bucks we need your five bucks. It's the five bucks in the 25 bucks in the fifty vodka donations that essentially add up to about 1516. 181000 dollars a year for us. So low we need Dell whole Lotta people doing a little so that we end up with what we need which a lot. So I hope hoping gun on you know kids first of the Carolinas dot org the Hancock page at WBT dot com. Top bishop Richard the Christmas spirit Charlie Brown Christmas tonight 8 o'clock ABC classic animated special. My wife was watching the Rudolph things the other night. I can't do that. No that's not animation that's that's like playing nation was abandoned there. Thursday night football tonight 820 NBC Washington is in Dallas to take on the cowboys. Thriller Michael Jackson six studio album release seven songs from the album would do a chart inside the top ten released on the state 1982. And experts report that the latest North Korean missile flew ten times higher than the International Space Station and even had power. To hit Washington DC. American men were arrested in Thailand for opposing four but self bees in front of me holy temple. We are in the world is Matt our. American Airlines is trying to fix a computer glitch that gave too many pilots time off for the upcoming Christmas holiday travel period the news today is that there apparently are getting us some pretty good response to a pilots stepping up. There Robby and offered what. Hey and I have to edit the work. Somebody told me the other day that airline pilot like for American Airlines makes 200 bucks an hour that right. So that would be if you fly it make 300. I don't know if that's true or not. I don't know that I necessarily think that's not true. Airline pilots I know do pretty well. And own houses in the mountains. Like Aspen. Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are reportedly shopping for a house. And according to Wallace hope hope YE is our least charitable states. Eric spam burgers back what is tomorrow. I'm a big weekend up 4 o'clock we should talk to us Samberg. Was in new video business journal Charles business journal website today. And he's got dale long exclusively must spend a good good deal of time with the Jennifer love Reynolds. And did an interview with her outgoing mayor and well about the election and now about her legacy and about her future and about this in the other so well that'll be one of the things that will look talk with about to Erica tomorrow so looking forward to them. Our top baby names of 27 Jane I obviously saw the story yesterday they come out with this every year the top 100 baby names announced at a bench patent Stewart accepted just their granddaughter. An and I thought well surely Emilia is not on that list Emilia is on that list so hot name right now as far as you know. It's odd name and our family. Turning in pregnancy web site compiled 500000 names of babies born into when he seventeen and combine those with a those that sound the same like. Sophia and Sophia like SO PH IV and as RFI aid. I'm creating a true measure of popularity in Sofia is the is on that a number one list Olivia. Imam Avon Isabella. Mia which is. Aria. Riley. Like how like Riley but does that candidate Tom boyish. I it's fine I had guys like that I think that's kind of cool like that name. There is no way in Emilia dancing thing is is that. Bring in a note Phil named their daughter. Emilia. But everybody's already caller media. Do names on the list because she's just that special. Our boy is Jackson. Leo I'm Noah. Aden Lucas Kaydon. Grace and Mason. A lie Asia and Logan. Well I guess the days of Matthew Mark Luke could jogger just gone right. Well Lucas. But you know mark and Dick. Carl. Timothy. George. David it. Jog and I mean did did that the names that I like good they'll grow up with. Where my good friend whose goal was tied. Todd was a name that got up into the fairly. Popular back in the sixties and seventies it's fallen completely off the list. Social Security Administration roll this tale more accurate list of top baby names early next year but. From a forms that the parents fill up a bit anyway that's that's true that when he goes. I and the other thing is it you know about the December Superman and expected to be the biggest brightest of maturity seventeen if you like watching the skies. Super moon. Comes up next. This Sunday. December the third. Subaru earnest when a full moon occurs when the moon is at its closest point to earth which makes it appear brighter and bigger than usual. National Geographic reports it'll all begin with the December full moon which officially occurs at 10:47. AM alma. On Sunday morning. December the third as the day moves today and tonight the moon will appear 7% larger and 16% brighter than usual and it will be at its closest pollute or point to earth. At 4 AM eastern standard time. On Monday December the fourth. So Sunday night into Monday as when you'll see that has said Ted it's a peak the super moon will be the fourth one we've had. In that 2710. There is that I saw this the other day the makers of the Eminem server created a sequel to their classic Christmas commercials that debuted twenty years ago that's been shown every year since the ad which first ran 1996. Shows the red and yellow. Aren't Eminem mascots and they run into Santa Claus Hillary gives sun no Christmas Eve. And both the red dead Eminem and Santa faint in surprise you remember that one. So they've got a sequel to that and in the new one. The yellow Eminem takes over to deliver Santa's gifts because sand is out cold. And so's the red Eminem. And so he he basically gets on the sleigh and he starts deliver in the presence in essence just throwing home down under the houses below. And I'd take somebody takes into the wrong homes. And at the end it highlights the spirit of Christmas says you have neighbors that are coming outside of their homes. With the gifts that are wrong. Or finding the wrong gift in their bushes or their yard or ever landed. And then they figure out and interact. With their neighbors. And everybody ends up getting the right gift. So he was close but not close enough. And so the ad which debuts. I guess last night during the Rockefeller Center. Tree lighting ceremony has all the neighbors in the spirit of Christmas. Greeting each other talking to each other exchanging these kids getting the right gifts to the right people. If UH pretty cool like the imminent characters anyway so it because of senators and it's pretty cool. Tom and our relative of a TJ is among more sure. Arrested after leading leading police on a 125. Mile per hour chase because he was late for work have you heard about this genius. This is that this is a way to take a bad day had to really turn it into a really bad day. Which within lady even more bad days because they you have. Meetings with your lawyer. Court dates. Sure fire way to make a bad day worse be late for work and and speed dinner with police chasing news Zachary ashen bock. Spotted speeding along a highway 43 inner Sheboygan Wisconsin recently and pursued through two counties. By officers who say that their patrol cars reached speeds of a 145. Miles per hour. If you ever driven a car at a hundred part of our miles an hour. Not even close. I've been over a hundred. But I don't think I've ever been I don't think I've ever been over 105 ever I chickened out. Why haven't been present I haven't done in thirty years. And in the second place the cars that I used to put up in a hundred miles an hour. He really stupid. Really stupid remember when you can hear the front wheel knocking even if he hits the Winifred does carry real shaking your hands and it's almost fully your shoulder on joint navy should be. Doing a 104 miles an hour. Passion box in crashed his car attempted to flee on foot he was apprehended charged with attempting to flee or alluded traffic officer. If I don't know what the final is under is whether he lost his job or not but anyway that's the way that goes. Although may start selling cars subscriptions. We'll talk a little bit more about. Kids first to the Carolinas and for those of you were wondering. Tiger Woods finished today. Eight back. At three under par. Which have probably sounds like a pretty good round for a guy who's trying to re establishing golfer turned. So all right Mario golf for a good career it's fine move fine. Clearly our new here remains despite conference until we won't. Waste to new records in America that be a fitting for everybody's in the news right now. Doesn't pay to be wicked but there are ways to be wicked Tom Petty 505 petty news eleven to an end and Andrew WB UT. We have but two tickets up for auction we've been auction them off throughout they afternoon no starting at 3 o'clock and so we've got probably about. Fifteen more minutes two to get higher bid ought not to ticket section 340 club level. For us Saturday's ACC championship game of college game day is here as you just heard on the news Joseph blessed be down there talking to those guys is a sold out game between Clemson and Miami. These tickets have a face value of a 199. Dollars apiece. And that not only do you get the two tickets did you get to passes to the private doctor pepper ten pregame party from 4 to 7 o'clock. Were auctioning these off for kids first. We have a 750. Dollar bid on them right now. And if you'd like to upped that bid to a 704570112. In Georgia so standing by my thanks to a marshaled immersed from a Coca-Cola for making these available to us. Two tickets section 340 club level seats. For the ACC championship game Saturday at Bank of America Stadium between Clemson and Miami day 8 PM start time. Plus the two private doctor pepper ten pregame party had tickets as well. All of that is yours if you're the high bid at 7045701110. Anything approach your car sales. You see car buying ensuring and repairing process is too much of astle Volvo's got an idea that. Did you buy the incident at the 2017 LA auto show. Yesterday. Volvo revealed an entirely new way of owning and operating your drug card your vehicle for 600 bucks a month. The car company will sell you. And exceed forty crossover suvs 600 bucks a month that number now includes not only the cost to the car. But also the tax and delivery. And also with the insurance regardless of your Ager location. And access to Volvo's new concierge. Service. At all yet to do is pay for the gas it years they're calling it care by Volvo. And it's like a subscription for a car you'll still be able to buy or lease Volvo's if you prefer but that gives you another option. Kind of strange. Now that a better idea. In the world of mostly useless voice activated technology. Jim beam has finally created. Something worth having. They're new voice activated Dick can ever will pour you were shot on command. No bells no whistles no fancy Smart thermostat comptroller of Smart TV technology. Just an easy to use shot of whiskey. The first generation. Jail month. Device. Is voiced by seventh generation of mastered distillers Fred Noe. And is available in limited commodities Ed Jim beam dot com for 34 dollars and ninety cents while supplies last. So I assume you just say. Pour me a shot. And they haven't. Now for those of you on your radio is on early your radios on the Dell home onto a tick here your dogs are annals warrior just allow me to say. A lack self. Play WVK on to an end. There ago. They're gonna about a guy who I've got into way 125. Mile per hour police Jaycee was late to work. They clocked him in about a 125 miles an hour he just made a bad deal worse. Cry and then resisted arrest tried to run by the time they are finally tracked him to alum builder Taylor Gary on WB TA Garry. Hey John I love this show that's an every day thank you. I think a story about a guy that used to work for me. We in my in my line of business we do people who spend a lot of us wouldn't together they have to be delivered on certain days by a certain time. Let's put this guy and saw it live in Liverpool who came back Larry later that day instead they are certain I didn't lose their home on time. No explanation couple days later. At his expense accounts and the speeding ticket. But a lot of expense account and he says well the cubs took too much time writing up the ticket I didn't get it there on tour. He's no he's no longer with. Anybody avoided I Zumiez ceased to be with you just about at that moment. They're better about it now. That's pretty funny Gerri appreciate comment I figured I robot not a goes on. ESP and is reporting that the NFL and a group of players have reached an agreement. To our partner on a plan to address social justice issues that are important to African American communities and they area NFL commit 89 million dollars over seven years. To our national and local projects that deal with the criminal justice reform law enforcement and community relations and education. Players on each team will be matching contributions for the projects on the local level. Malcolm. DF forty players are negotiating now with the NFL about the about the controversial protestor in the National Anthem. That are hurt the NFL. In fact. Declining NFL ratings. Are set to cost the league's broadcast partners about a half a billion dollars this year alone according to a new report. Out kicked the coverage or have you ever read judge clay Travis are not he can be good better and different. It's controversial. But he notes that the NFL's broadcasters CBS ESPN fox and NBC have already lost several hundred million dollars this year and ad revenue. Com here's a league that set ratings records in 2015 and all the sudden now they've watched their audience fall by a 20%. And a lot of that attention has been focused on the protest now the ratings decline that won't cost the TV partners of the 500 million dollars. They say can actually be attributed to four primary factors. But only one of those factors and the last one in the article is the National Anthem protest the others. Are the decimation Novo 1 of the eastern neck kick off a window on a Sunday as bad football in the two new. And these are the feeling behind the Los Angeles Steele is second biggest he would television market usually got the best. Aims at any given time but now that they've got two games. Now they get their local jails and that's cut back on the television ratings. Tough for the NFL and think about that when they were put duke franchises in their division. Mac you would just feels. Trying to raise my kids first Marshall like cameras to Merck Coca-Cola made available to me two tickets. Section 340 club level seats. For Saturday's ACC sold out championship game between Clemson and Miami game starts at 8 o'clock these tickets have a face value of a 199. Dollars apiece on. It also includes two passes to the private doctor pepper tent pregame party which goes on from fort till 7 o'clock. I'm giving the whole package of the high bidder at 704. Five so I don't know 1110 mile high bidder right now is 750. Dollars you want to tickets. Bit higher than 750 bucks all of it goes to kids first. Is our 24 annual kids first campaign Christmas for the hour Carolina kids near homeless homeless kids. I'll be doing it for a couple of decades got Mayo a big need to fill again this year on and obviously we need your help we need your help every year. Oh were early in the campaign but we've only got two more weeks ago so worldly and then again no we don't have a whole lot of time so I need your help. We need money we need toys we need bikes we need new clothing we need shoes. At some point or another will probably be asking you for artificial Christmas trees will be asking restaurants to donate food for the kids party that will throw on Sunday the seventeenth which will be for about 400 of the kids it will take care of this year. And then another 500 to 600 kids on top of all of that. Other big bike drive is coming up two weeks from tomorrow. That'll be Saturday December the fifteenth that south Mecklenburg high school many of you have been to that 6 to 9 o'clock we'll have food trucks and it'll be a blast we got 700 some odd bikes and three hours last year I hope to see you out there this year two weeks from today. 3 to 6 o'clock right here at news 1110993. WBT is our on air auction Marty no. I got a couple items that I know about but the one that to the marquis items so far is Luke key glee. I Panthers Jersey blue autographed. I'm expecting a ton of money for that. I'd like to get a little bit higher bit on the 750 bucks on the two tickets 340 section 340 club level seats. Two the ACC championship game and we will award those tickets in about two. Ten minutes yourself. So why if you want it on the bidding call now and no bid do more than 750 bucks two passes to the private doctor pepper can't pregame party from four to seven. And the two seats club level seats to see clones and in Miami. And all proceeds will go to kids first so and that's who you'll make your check out to just oh by the way at 704570. A lot of intent. But smarter dogs. Bird yet. We'll tell you just stick. I just daddy Al. And it says. The dogs. From our brain here than cats. A similar view vote in both were thinking the exact office or chip. It because cats so much you can almost see a kept thinking. Not quite sure what your daughter's everything. Or even if it is you know. It. Just lick any. Cat people and dog people often argue about it you know which companion is smarter and no science now has a definitive answer and it's talks. Vanderbilt University researchers counted the number of neurons. In need. Cerebral. Cortex of each animal. Little gray cells. Associated with thinking planning and complex behavior which are all considered signs of intelligence. And they discovered dogs have about 530 million of those neurons while caps have about 250 million. Humans just oh by the way by comparison have sixteen billion of the cells. Probably not all of them. I mean all humans. But I think we've been a few humans that did have more like 530. And maybe even in this building. The researcher explains our findings mean to me that dogs have a biological ability of doing much more complex inflexible. Flexible things what their lives than cats can at least. That's how some biology. That that people can figure into other discussions of who smarter cats or dogs is a dog's. It makes sense when you think about it you can trade in dog you can get straight again. I think they also from what I read they also have to be the New York Times crossword puzzle dogs people frequently did go to jail and better than most humans. Which can't be discounted the whole theory are. Last column they had tickets because video championship game. ACC championship game I've got June C section 340 that's club level. For Saturday's ACC championship game between Clemson and Miami sold out game starts at 8 PM these are faced valued at 199 apiece. Hi and the package. Includes two passes to the private doctor pepper tent pregame party from 4 to 7 o'clock and you got like sixty seconds. To up the bid from its current 750. Dollars at 70457011107045701110. Somebody wanna be that's 750 dollar bid. Are you got about a minute to get it done and then we'll look called the on. Another winning bidder and you guys can know pick those things have during business hours tomorrow and nabbed so far the time Miller should be good game Clemson and Miami Saturday night. Well and the private doctor pepper road tent broke pregame party probably should show up a little bit early in and take advantage of that as well 704571110. And wool we'll see what happens in the next couple of phone call also 750 bucks is a bit I have right now the money goes. Two kids first every single penny of it I promised. ESPN made some layoffs this week another round of them. About ten people on the Charlotte division. About 200 or 150 to 200 people. Bristol and otherwise. On and among the names that have gone Trent Dilfer. Danny kanell. And Ed werder. So are yours look for the guys it the names kind of known to people on the tube in Minnesota and so forth are on the radio network us Elizabeth. Those of the names the two lost their jobs ten people here in Charlotte out of a gig right before Christmas that sucks. All we are talking about dogs a few seconds ago dogs generally low bones they say exercise caution before you throw your dog won the Food and Drug Administration this week has received reports that about ninety dogs have been sickened. Went at least fifteen deaths. After ingesting commercially prepared bones sold in supermarkets and no pet stores. The agency didn't name specific brands but they said that health issues for a dogs that ate the bones included digested blockages in choking and diarrhea and vomiting and and cuts and other injuries in the mouth and ultimately that decision be really wary of these bones and know keep your eye on your pet if there are gnawing on one. Also I'd never give your in your dog chicken bones I assume most of you know better other bones that you book cook with as they can cause injury as well. I assume the once they're talking about these great big old bones that you see and the stores are like wrapped in plastic himself like that and a voice thought about getting my Westin one of those ones looks like it belongs to a Toronto Soros or just or just a watcher get confused but. No we've never done that anyway be aware of that and of one somehow put your dog. MLS is not coming to north Carolina at least not yet this is not a surprise for Charlotte. I can't get a little bit of surprise that Wally didn't make the the final four MLS announced yesterday. That it had narrowed the list of potential cities for expansion teams down before they are Cincinnati. Detroit. Nashville. In Sacramento I think we thought the Sacramento was in pretty much all along did we not think San Diego had a pretty strong bid to. National was the other one enough for this region that we thought was going to be strong or stronger over Charlotte went to what kind of new Charlotte was not going to be in on this round may be the next two. But our Raleigh I thought might have had a shot to. Charlotte's been essentially fell apart when the city in the county couldn't go opened an agreement on a public private debt financing mirror for the now for the soccer facility and and that was all headed up by Marcus Smith over Charlotte motor speedway. And and whether he's in for the next two teams I don't think he's necessarily specified yet whether he'll submit another bidder. Landed team and Charlotte his group was called MLS for Charlotte. And troubles have to wait and see what what he does long range but for the next two. It happened on 800 bucks is so we got a call that guy back and get his information and and Tony's got tickets. 800 bucks wins the tickets thank you very much as 800 dollars for kids first I could I couldn't be happier I am I'm mad I'm giddy about that in our backup was 750 bucks. So if 800 falls through the 750 Euro will call them thank you very much 80750. Bucks for kids first right now is. Is much needed. We've got a long long long way to go this this is the time a year in the campaign I ended Charles never let me down. And every year I go through this and I know those of you listen to me for road ever. Since I got here using an old oh my god we didn't get. And we always make it. But. But notably we probably always make it because I go through diesel routier's result. It. 704 are if you wanna make a donation Hancock page WBT dot com. WBT dot com slash hey kid if you wanna adopt a kid. Ballistic kids doing here in the studio right now that you can sponsor. Here's a little boy named Jonathan east ten years old. He. His Christmas list that he submitted he wants basketball shorts Lagos. The nerve gun rival with they are round yellow ammo. And nerves got an animal refill. He's he's blown it on the MG and a girl magazine. With your that'll set him back about 75 bucks and that'll probably include some close in this stuff as well and so if you would like to. I help Jonathan it's easy grow in order make you shop anymore us supply the 75 bucks and and click on WBT dot com and and below will take care of its so happy holidays from a kids first of the Carolinas news talk 1110 WB TN. Happy to have sixty and no 102 point five FMW Athens the on board this year Farrar. For our cause as well he cute it's Santa WBT dot com slash K kid Willard gets you two or Jonathan and some of his information. Hi and I will get you to our Charlotte it's sex with them. Mark Garrison and won't kickoff the big weekend tomorrow or expand berg joins us at 4 o'clock. Give up big weekend at five. And.