More Sexual Misconduct, and Thanksgiving Facts

John Hancock
Wednesday, November 22nd

Hancock talks more abut sexual misconduct & why is it happening now, Thanksgiving Facts, and more.


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This is John Hancock. Hey there hi there oh there we are as. I have kids eat dog houses. As we can be. Hot down here for street turkeys which is like the fifteenth here that they've done this ever or my buddy Mark Parker started this and I thought that's the stupidest idea ever heard of well that's good. But it's not a stupid idea was just talking to Chris programs on the air with him over to offensive for a couple of seconds. And they're coming up on 800 turkeys that they've gotten donated today. And I don't remember how many dollars 111000 bucks or something along those lines so that's what we're asking you do is come by the FAZ other Coca-Cola doghouse for a minute morehead street. And I help these guys out and now we'll see if we can't get a little WBT influence on this promotion. If you can't make it here but you like to donate all blind if you go to Austria Turkey say if you text street Turkey's. To us 71777. The that'll take you to a page and you can now go through the process there and make a donation to the cause but we'd love to have you come by. You don't even really have to stop the bush feel Soledad Clyde there are people all over the place who will be more than happy to take that frozen Turkey here that donation of those canned goods. Write out your hands and into. Into these are two trucks that are waiting up to aside this is all benefit from loaves and fishes. And a second harvest food bank and with the holidays coming up I can guarantee that the need is there so. Before you elicit some heavy go to the store anyway right. Right grab yourself a frozen Turkey and numbering around animate morehead street let's hope the urgency. Well with their cause and none album breaks tomorrow record numbers so that's why we're here will be here till 6 o'clock tonight. And whether Scott could could weather could not be better. And we're in the shade and it's nice so loved. So come on down here and then the other part of that is they'll be here will be here till six but the F Lindsay guys will be here till seven. And you got to Christmas tree lighting ceremony that's go to Colorado crosses traded to Bank of America Stadium so if you're coming down for that anyway. Bring a frozen Turkey or bring canned goods or bring a monetary donation and and and help out because your way into the stadium for the tree lighting ceremony so that's that's where we are on that. Fifteenth annual. How honey bees have been down here Hugo was down here. There was a Turkey out there. Room do you when I got here the year first time I don't know what happened with the Turkey aside as head sale laying around it's kinda disconcerting to. He was gobbled up yes he'll surely may very well have been there's a whole bunch of food over to our right hand side I assume that's from the tilted kilt. Apparently we missed them too. Were you here for them during the tilted kilt. Our our runs. Was it it was everything you'd expect to begin. Darn homes or apartment you are they governed back up after the men and should I even be talking like that considering the era about things it's going on the east as well look talk a little bit of up to the sexual harassment done. Tipping point we don't we don't we we started talking about that yesterday. Guy called up but he said he thought it was all John conspiracy theory to take our attention off on O'Sullivan also and he couldn't quite decide what to the attention was that we were gonna take off of something else. And then since it's coming on now Republican and Democrat side good guys I don't quite understand the conspiracy theory that the that I started re. Articles last night about the tipping point why is this all happening now why has this gained so much momentum. When we've had stuff like this happened before. We've talked at length over the last week or ten days of about the fact that you know they pretty much led to Bill Clinton no slide. The addition of through impeachment but I mean. He he has for all intents and purposes up until just within the last thirty days. Bill in the Ronald Reagan of the Democratic Party. And I now people are starting to refocus I think it's so that they can put the emphasis where they wanna put it because this has taken on political lines but. Now they're saying gosh maybe we should help him a little bit more accountable back in the day dwelled too late now. His his political influences we have LLC in the Clinton machine has been beaten twice now. Trump beat him last time and Obama beat from the time before that so via Clinton machine does not do quite as strong as what he used to be. Com so you don't all the sudden hold him accountable now also watt. Mercado we talked yesterday about there there's a real strong possibility. That there's going to be so much charges coming down against him. On nothing's that are may have happened sets. He was. President of the United States and at 2001. Or yesterday there was a report out that he. Is facing a new round of charges of sexual assault on four women claiming incidents. After he left the White House you know that's gonna throw Hillary. But it visited a surprise anybody shouldn't surprise anybody he didn't think that he had just. Gone cold Turkey and just decided duties do where to Jessica and showing up for a Wednesday mass digit. The author journalist Ed Klein is the guy that was reporting their assets from the Daily Mail I would say that you probably could come over it may be a little bit more solid source. So we'll see what happens in the days to come. But he says attorneys have notified Bill Clinton that they are preparing to file for several lawsuits against him and the reports say that the women were employed in low level positions. Had an organization that was owed by this a billionaire by the name of Ron Burkle. And Clinton was using Oracle's airplane to fly around the country. And it was an Air Force One but it was or something or other one stars from the same letter so you could not figure that one out for yourself. Well the latest on this is. Is a representative John Conyers. And Conyers. Yesterday. When we were talking about Conyers who were talking about the list. Tigers comes out says you know I'm looking at these allegations on just a total amazement says he learned about the accusations of the story 7000 dollar pay off. Learn about it just like other people did Tuesday morning watching television. He denied. That he had settled a complaint from a former female staffer at 2015 for 47000. Dollars and that's what he said I you know I'm just watch in the stuff on TV and I'm just in total amazement. Well all. A day after all of that now he says. He reached a settlement with a staffer who said that today she was fired after rejecting the congressman's sexual advances. Online outlet published another story saying another female staffer tried to sue the Michigan Democrat over the sexual harassment. And a woman knew wasn't publicly identified in the article alleged that Connors repeatedly tried to make sexual overtures jurors towards him. So now he's got to sing a little bit different tune. So. What does that make him well I think as of yesterday it makes him a liar. Then you had Donald Trump who all but endorsed Alabama Republican senator Roger Roy Moore yesterday. After remaining silent for more than a week. Following reported accusations against more of the sexual abuse of the fourteen year old no sexual assault of a sixteen year old this would happen back in the 1970s. And trump. Who as we all know ahead is a little Hollywood chapo Mona. Not came out yesterday and say Roy Moore denies it. That's all I can say. He repeated that statement a couple of times he also noted that the allegations for were for the alleged behavior decades ago. And our question why they were coming up now which I think is a legitimate question when you're ever really tight race. Actually it wasn't tight when all of this came out but when you're in a really pivotal race. I think we all understand how dirty politics could be. In the certainly assert is a sign of that so he didn't come out and actually endorsed more but he did say we don't need a liberal person in there. We don't need somebody who's soft on crime like Jones Doug Jones would be the guy who's running against Roy Moore for the US senate seat. And trump is saving at Leo's supported Joseph Moore is. Well Morse leading in the polls right now. So willow global sea were all of that goes and then you all know about the Charlie Rose thing we talked about that yesterday CBS PBS and Bloomberg of all fired him. And I don't know that I've ever. Well I couldn't I Agassi can't say never because we fussy and an awful lot of things but I don't know that I've ever watch anybody's demise joining faster than it did for a Charlie Rose on Monday. Charlie was one of the most respected news people in the country and not today. He's done. He's a 75 years old so that doesn't help him at all but he he's done night I doubt you'll ever see Charlie Rose and you get a glossy decides to do an interview on not everything's calmed down and his own miss CBS a news this morning crew but I tried to get him don't comment and he's not coming to them either so well. So anyway it's just been kind of a weird week and then. You caps all that with the headline today that says 60% of women voters say they've been sexually harassed. Or harassed however you want me to turn out that. It's like you're in this you know things just change because so we've become so politically correct. I SO as it is as eyes have been opened over the past couple of months as to how sexual harassment is more pervasive probably more than some people thought. This new poll. Shows that. The substantial majority of women say they've been sexually harassed. It's quinnipiac. University poll that was out yesterday late yesterday 60% of female US voters say they've experienced sexual harassment. Majority of that work. Of those surveyed 69%. Said that the there harassment helped or happened to work 45% in the streets. Would that deal was wolf the solar up. And 43% said it did took place in social settings and by contrast. Just 20% of men say that they had experienced sexual harassment. I'm I'm taking about that I did Jerry ever. Giver is edited Jeremy because there ever a moment that you could say that you were the victim of anything like that how about that whether. You know you can predict Turkey down right now better. Join us I don't think I would say that I've ever been. I don't know whether that dec chaotic day did I don't think I ever have left speechless I don't think I ever would have expected to be. But I also. You know I had so I don't think I've ever been pulled over a car for being white either. I've been pulled over for a car for Vienna hippie. In Wyoming so I mean a vote from that standpoint but. 88% of men and 89% of women said it's a major issue 55% say that they have a better grasp of it because a vote of what's gone on in the recent media. And then that takes us back to what we kind of talked about yesterday for a few moments. And that is why is this happening now and what kind of explore one of the angles on that when we come back in just a second or at the doghouse bring us frozen Turkey canned goods or some money we're try to help out the guys from effigy. It street Turkey's. On news eleven did not united three WB two. At fifty dog house. PW effigy Coca-Cola doghouse where they are for the fifteenth here doing street turkeys at their live broadcast third under broadcasting live. Well we're down here until 6 o'clock am this is all of that effort for the second harvest food bank of metro line it loaves and fishes food pantry. And rescue you'd come by minute and morehead street. And Brigham frozen Turkey or bring canned goods or do a monetary gift and if he can't make it but you like to donate a couple of bucks to the cause. If you will let text street Turkey's. To 71777. That'll take you to a page you know you can decide how much you'd like to give to the cause but to other trying to set a record down here. And obviously as we get into the holidays and we approach Christmas. This is a a time when no harvest second harvest food bank in the loaves and fishes can use everything that they can get the need is always there and as always great. Clients over part of the cause down here Mobo Jake let down earlier in tilted kilt stood by it won't launch some of that's still out here being served. And cold beverages all day long and know the folks from true glider royally involved in this handout. I've been driving past this now for a fourteen years but now that we're all owned by intercom Charlotte were all low one happy family so I'm happy to be down here hope for the cost. And also my WBT global look come by here enough. Fury have stopped the car if you just drive by emit more hit there are people all over the place to take whatever your bring it out right out of the window of your car. Or park it and come on lie and just say hi. Mitt and morehead the WS busy Coca-Cola doghouse it's free turkeys and. It's. Thank god we are and these. No W effigy color code doghouse bit and morehead street for their fifteenth annual WS did see streak Turkey. There I doubt they're broadcasting till 7 o'clock tonight have all been done here since 6 o'clock this morning. And they are all looking for donations of frozen turkeys last time my got any count they were head towards 800 of them. So far. And canned goods and whatever you auto put in monetary early and I think there were coming up on 111000 dollars so that that's pretty healthy deep but. WB tees here now so I mean we should be able to help by Jack those numbers of forums so that's what we're asking to view is that come by the F Lindsay dog house. Million readers get out your car there are people out there on all sides of the street and if you want to hand in the frozen Turkey or canned goods or check or whatever the case may be. If you can't make it down here but you're up for a making a donation online just text street Turkey's streets Turkey's. 271777. And that'll take you a page where you can. Make a donation and know whatever amount you decide you wanna do low will be just fine with us. But it's a very great cause this all benefits the second harvest food bank of metro line and loaves and fishes food pantry. And with the holidays right around the corner you know the needs will be great there are so this will all load via. Be appreciated it will be used for the upcoming holiday season so I hope you'll look come on down here and part packer started this and after NC about fifty years ago mark packer buddy of mine. And now I remember him telling me about it they're Sierra college street church Jesus the other children missed the quality is dubious idea ever thought. Had no was I wrong. Again. It it's taken off for the last fifteen years don't we have since he's made or conduct Chris brokers over there doing his afternoon no show right now and Garcia and Baylor were here earlier in the Mac attack a little bit earlier this morning and all of a move put in their time on no made this thing work up. Tony's over here he's kind of making sure everything else stays in line enough. So it's it's it's fun one of the things that is a bit new forest and Minnesota new year or this year. Has been the it has been Billy Jeff Lindsay Walken and don't want Julian price place because we're now owned by the same company Entercom Charlotte. Hand so that means that Lindsay in the Lincoln and WBT are all under one roof enough and alike that it's not as it's fun having a sports station and in the building and it's fun having all those guys thrown around the halls that school or an atmosphere makes it -- up. Little bit more like a media center enough. So it's is it's been a good deal of for all of us that a lot of people ask me about my diet this Thanksgiving since you're all aware of bio. My diabetes type two or designation. In July. In fact I'm down here with the jury our chief engineer who. The zen of it did to do that video booted that they did today is the video out from that nobody shot there there is one on Davone site and I think we've linked to be remembered. Eric something to barter that should be temporary time. It played Tuesday some shooting and I thought I saw someone's FaceBook but I didn't know if that was a link to video or not Jerry had a heart attack stroke heart attack stroke stroke. Would have been when. And a half ago yes. Yes and sober way of first of all we're we're glad that he video made it through that his story is plain fascinating. Me and the help that he got is unbelievably fascinating. And it was like a blood clot and they gave him a drug and he said you can just all the sudden feel all your veins open up and lights come back and speech returned to non slurred Foreman hand not known anymore and no way is always got a story to tell. Com so while both of us gotta have a whole story to tell we were to sit down here talking earlier about our new diets and how that ties and a Thanksgiving. And I'll have addressing tomorrow I don't care but. But I've been so good since July and Jerry is the same way we're both back to exercising again we're both eating healthy diets and sort of so for the Susan my wife Susan. The two of us found a recipe not years or go on notre for dressing. And I don't know how to describe it but it's got all sorts of stuff and a sausage you know and cranberries in this at the other and there is no way I'm not even that there's is no way I may even if they said did he take to spoonful clue that'll kill ya I'd just probably say. Bye bye so. Hum hum hum habits of that and they're Turkey sandwich so off. There is not what I won't be having although I think just gut instinct Pringles has created an entire Thanksgiving dinner and potato chips form all right I don't know if you ever stood at the Pringles garner a militant all the stuff and and and holidays don't they come our special holidays stuff because they. But anyway if you've ever wondered how you can experience Thanksgiving Day had dinner through AS acts weird do been. Find the Pringles they've created eight new flavors inspired by the holiday and they include Turkey. Yep Turkey dictatorships. Com it mashed potatoes. Stuffing cranberry sauce creamed corn theme yeah the and green bean casserole Mac and cheese. And no pumpkin pie now. I hit. Talked earlier about reading Kathleen purposes article about macaroni and cheers and I never knew that in the black community this is hallowed ground. That. It's not just Mac and cheese to terror is that there's probably somebody in the family. That does the Mac and cheese and nobody else does it. And it's a recipe has been handed down. And it is that it and so on looking for an African American calendar invite me for from a pick and choose which are probably not supposed to beaten. But. I mean it's a territorial it's it is a serious business there's lots of white people that think they can make macaroni and cheese when we take is some. From what I read in Catholic birds she was a Catholic person's story that the article in front of me. But she was. Asked to go. Speak to some kids at school. And one of the questions she asked was what's your favorite food at Thanksgiving. And if she said do you know everybody went through the visit Turkey in addressing like this all like that and then does some kids said macaroni and cheese. And all the white kids said hum. And do that for for Thanksgiving and all the black kids said yes absolutely. And then she said so what do I was there to teach the kids the kids didn't learn Iowa or meeting Kathleen purpose learn. And that's when she wrote this article about macaroni and cheese in the black community and one day. I mean there is usually somebody in the fairway that is designated. Well that's earned the right and and that's the only want to scan of them will be designated to make it it it is a serious serious. Assignment and a business. And I wanna I want it and I wanna try it you know I charger color grades all like that now let's get me also Mac OJ's. So I is that just a story never that I never knew I doubt very seriously that the Mac and cheese potato chip is probably going duo. It is probably going do. Stand up but anyway unfortunately the flavors they say won't be available in time for this year's festivities but anyway here's hoping for the future now my question is. If when they do finally come out if you take all of them and stuffed them in your mouth at one time. Is it like Kevin. If you took that Turkey. And the cranberry sauce. Would be like a sandwich. Him. Good question just I'm just curious you know who wanted to make it on the list. How the reindeer droppings Pringles. Well though those would be were those would be chips. Definitely effect. I believe and those government not a potato chip for a bit more about Erica nugget at that type of type of reform. Well you know is to be a great time to maybe take a break go back to the studio that we're back here at the WS visited Coca-Cola Dotel doghouse. John Hancock we are at the don't we have to take over Angola dog house met morehead street hit their fifteenth annual WF and C street Turkey live broadcast to rabbit to be a part of it. This is collecting frozen turkeys in canned goods and no monetary donations for the second harvest food bank of metro liner and lows nutritious food pantry. Tiles or will tell you that yesterday we all got Dwight but Howard Bobble heads because. This first. Horrid no -- city on a Saturday that'll be the our first 7500. Fans and attendants take home one of these Dwight Howard Bobble heads and that's your chance to only chance I think this year to see the spurs and Charlotte tickets start at just at 47 bucks and you can. Pitch tickets right now at hornets. Dot. Com we're just talking about Thanksgiving Wilson just walked in on talk to Wilson and a couple of second dutiful loser is coming up. Over the Thanksgiving holiday and in fact Wilson walked dinner with George Harrison and I'll have to explain it to you just a few seconds. The it's an island restaurant. Has a tradition for Thanksgiving. Where they offer a free take out Thanksgiving dinner. And it's it's not just for the four. But to anybody that's travel through town or people that are stranded in the community or you know anybody that wants to get in line and get one that they don't ask questions they just say they've been doing this now for eleven years. The restaurant has offered to serve free meal which was a created as a way for the restaurant owner in and the and then never heard himself Jimmy I'm not even gonna try to butcher your last name. And then they started doing this just to thank the people who. His adopted home. So his free meals aren't just for the poor and are just for the homeless but you know which is a case with most charities and so on. It's already residents or visitors or anybody who finds himself alone or isolated from loved ones or. You know years past the restaurant has given away as many as 3000 meals. To of people who line up blow at the door you'll find them at 4544. South boulevard. It runs. Tomorrow from 11 AM until 2 PM. And all you ought to do is so lineup for the front of the restaurant and and get your free mail no questions asked they it's all served by volunteers from the city's great American community. Which. I don't know that I've ever lived in a city course privilege are now for twenty years. Come but we've got such a strong Greek influence. In our restaurants here and our Charlotte. And Jimmy's just one of those that a Greek restaurant tears that is so persevered in the sky island restaurant is is. And legend in his own right but that they're doing the tradition again tomorrow for the eleventh straight year very very cool things that to Jimmie does to other. I guess as. As you order they did do designated by the times that worry him. The workers who portrayed the pilgrims. At this Massachusetts. Living history museum. Plymouth plantation. Have been involved now and a yearlong labor fight with management over pay job security and staff figured just seems wrong Bennett that the pilgrims. What you have been. That if you had senator with the Tea Party. They would understand to some of the protest but the but the pilgrims. Are using Thanksgiving the museum's biggest day of the year. To try to bring attention to their battle. The members of the society of Allied Museum professionals. It's a union. I have held informal pickets outside the museum's entrance did it over the weekend plan to unveil layup petition today. Up from supporters at Plymouth Rock. They are planning a strike saying that they that they don't want to two disturb visitors experience especially on Thanksgiving. But the union which was certified in December also represents a marked regions and maintenance staff. And native Americans who all dressed in period clothing for the museum seventeenth century village. But they have been involved now out yearlong fight labor fight with management. Former page job security and staffing workers who portray the pilgrims at this historic Plymouth plantation. My anal labor paid above fight it just seems like. It just seems like the son of our times does that not litigation with the pilgrims as they change the name from Plymouth Rock to implement the compliments country boy I don't know what. I don't know. The you Black Friday. Falls Thanksgiving as you well know. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season not a not sure how we ever really corner got to that but somehow or another that's exactly what it's become it's almost like the gateways. Two agreed. And Thanksgiving is such a great holiday because there's no. There's today is just food and family. Had been. Thanks and no reflection and and then more food and then less heavily. And then a and then there yet but in the top button and your parents and you take a nap and then that's a way that all works so. This I mean some folks are already they got their Christmas trees we'll talk a woman about that is comes out we'll talk to Wilson coming up next due to a close up what she's been doing now offering a number of years of Soviet 2525. Distribution street vintage handmade found a pop up market. Hash tag dude it CL she Wilson's due to pollute zobel find out what that's all about. And well in addition to George Harrison as well next. Well nobody Josh Wilson from a WCC. He is here. Hey there hi there how their words for Arnold it's your life and it's well under lineups are very goes and it's not Friday steal my stuff again velvet it feels like Friday night I cannot figure myself worse there expand Bergen thank you by the Gonzales love Fridays as Wednesday and are you ma'am I. I am not mad at its gonna be in you know I was California last week I think last time we're doing this was the Leo so football. It's an across the table from each other musical maybe sell into a little bit different setting a little bit a little bit but no thanks for your radio I just got in on the red eyes yes you're like exhausted that you had even started yet no we have not started there it is good to be with you then in thanks for me ask me to come up today you are you walked in here with George Harrison can you explain that did George Hairston is my rescue dogs and if you watch now Wilson's Roland W ccb Charlotte nor indeed he did. The couple appearance easy Stevie he's pretty same muscle cell and he's accused him thing I have ever seen you carry around in this couch earlier genocide. It's also and you walk around the corner and there was this little terrier face now I've I've terrier fan anyway but he has he has just adorable I this dog if you have a chance to adopt a dog in India regularly I know everybody can't but if you can't do it because. Adopt don't shop there's so many great dogs out there your dog guy I know but I I wanna George come up and reach you now know he's a he's he's spirited citi's pictured in my wife's behalf. Him the URV and radio nor talk radio sometimes when I play in my accordion little shout out to my contrary there that he you how with me he'll sing with me he's probably asking you to stop well I let us go there but probably as we have seen on the Lima yes dutiful Lusa beautiful as it is Saturday part of small this Saturday over in south and com I think this is like the six or 71 we've done. Nowhere near good because I remember the first or did you brought me kind of a weird pipe. Card holder I do not think that I still have I think they alerted security because they thought it was a pipe bomb that it was and it was it was what are my vendors a guy. Takes pipes and made a card holder for your desk so now when did you get that way you wouldn't have this idea could do is this your idea or was this an idea that you is it helps dole because. Art because I was a fan of the pop up markets mean Arnold the pop up markets what they are people go together and they just cannot pop up at a place that usually doesn't have retail. And it's people that don't have storefronts for the most part some of them do most and don't these are people there are sell stuff on eBay on Etsy online all that kind of stuff. So this gives them a chance to kind of have a store for an afternoon and and that's what a solid so I love the pop up markets in Charlotte but. And now there's anything wrong with it but they they had some dude stuff Panetta got a girlie dish or have them throw pillows and going les and which is great it's fine it's just. Wasn't really as I do some I think so I thought hey let's do one for dudes and answer this game for so thirty you get your stuff because. Look at threw us over the stuff that I found on line right now and you've got stuff that they you know I did that the old of the post office box bank sees a new vendor that's awesome. Yeah and I've kind of seen that before Russia bit a bit about you come up with stuff that it is. There's like go bike may had a tools and no end brackets and and no weird stuff. And that's assay and you're relegated to years past you've been selling coffee yes they are not doing talk. This your coffee this year apart and it would blue Gil and if you follow me on Twitter if you watch the show kind of modeled my my thing in the morning as Elena did you laugh and I wanna get to help them. And trying to laugh and I can't help in the day when you know that's a great day -- good stuff so I've got you know the kids these days TJ back and sued the kids these days they like we're crazy socks so about let's go bounce in shots so I dissolve around Sox won and says laughing when and says health and has got the will sort logo on the here's the crazy thing. 50% of these soc is one of the Salvation Army Angel tree. Helping kids have a good Christmas you know they work hand in hand with kids first and just near its all about helping kids and stuff so yes it's a beautiful thing. When I genuine in the morning on a WC CV. I never know where your going to be how neither my era I was thinking about this the other day. Tom I had always said oh hell I know everybody in town I don't know that I that's true anymore because I quit talking to politicians and and all that kind of stuff but for awhile there I did I knew everybody in town now you know everybody in town. Pretty much. Pretty much as your or your everywhere you I I can't think of anyplace you haven't been and and then a year you get into places that I've never heard of before a vote by the time your segments over have a better idea what they're all about. Wc will take you for that W ccb Charlotte we're the only locally on TV station really left in the Carolinas major stations in the Carolinas and I it's a huge gifted debate hackles of let me kind of go on do my thing. And it's a little Charles Kuralt its old CJ Underwood it's it's it's it's a little Larry the Cable Guy and it's all kind of mixed in together with iron someplace different every morning Monday through Friday and I love it. But they let you be yourself yet they don't tell you how to address. And then I'll tell you what baseball had you have to Wear that day. Your kind of unconventional which I as you well know is a write down my Alley. Mom and no big people that you would do it did come in from out of town we'll take on how does that guy have a gig but then you admit your Charlotte scenario in Nigeria Euro idea you. Charles the second most beloved I like to say whether that alone not to use my fridge well. Not if you know it's it's a great thing but just let people didn't think I think local TV local print local radio we gotta let these personalities come through. You know what that's all about and that's what the let me do now. Roger buddy Jimmy Johnson of the tuck your reason I. I had I don't know a lot within this year kind of had a lot going on such kind of took a year off the NASCAR's up their Charlotte motor speedway some out there he's doing pretty good but of course NASCAR and you know Dale Junior and all like kind of stuff looking forward to the role oval next year's Charlotte motor speedway that's going to be crazy. Talked to Sam bass earlier this week you're there was this 56 birthday. All our fans just. Sam has so I mean you know the circulation deal of sorrows so. Fourth thing you know lost a half a leg and all that kind of stuff and now. My eyes looking for kidney and he's looking for pancreas and you know you expect good things to happen to good people and have done nicer guy on the planet in a Sam bass and you just think to yourself why is all this happened to him. Well he he's one of those genuinely good guys and I think he's got so many people routing form so I hope he's feeling that that wealthiest two he. Through won't go and all the ins and outs and I don't think I know all the ins and the outs but. You would probably I assume you had been to resolve our place and if you've got behind the scenes of the main show room. He had the back because there was all rock and roll our eyes and all van Allen refrigerator it was a gay was the ultimate man cave and I hate that phrase but I mean it was the ultimate. Man's domain and it also included. His artist's studio and all that stuff well that. He had to liquidate to pay bills and had to sell all that stuff often moved to a different location and I mean none of the guys really just been through their youth through the ringer had. So why you know we're all hoping for a better things for Sam bass that he and I got to talking about NASCAR you're heavily involved in NASCAR what is the problem. Hot well you know it it depends on when you started watching NASCAR because thirty you know they expand alike are to some of the historical tractors are great finger grown I got out to the West Coast started doing more and more out there. Lot of California people and then name they've always hit and a NASCAR got really got hit twice they got hit with. They lost everybody's marketing money but also the cards really got hit in NASCAR obviously that Lowe's home diva so they lost a lot of that then they changed the rules of the casual fans and really am apply in the kind of go. Pat only got one T shirt I don't understand this amount the segment thing that they started this year I don't get. And then I guess I don't care enough to go do my homework to figured out well you attack. Some of the drivers that don't get it you how's this for all some people have said to me you know I know when segment threes that's when I tunis. Now if you really follow a close my thinking as I think they went to point to try and make it like Tennessee football to make it more wager bowl some like that and I don't really know with the. That you think people like. Kyle Larson and and because I can't have a chance student to be a resurgence for the sport just like I mean I think he would Elliott now some of these guys some of the young guys are. I don't mean this to be derogatory that I don't think has last year and what gone on guys like that. Carry the mantle I don't know what for what reason or otherwise but but I do think that there's some young guys coming up that are charismatic can and an appealing and now all of this happening at same time when the Jeff George over Jeff Gordon and none here and the Dale Earnhardt junior's and may even met Kansas are certain a walk or offer. Perhaps it's idea kudos to you on that Kozlowski and of you had weeks ago wow that was amazing panda tells you everything you need to know about Brad so I. You know he was nice and and I've got guys gonna go with all due respect to him I started off by saying I hate you. What he's used to that by now he's well I kind of what I thought is that dude went here's a thing he can make you not hate him. Now he's got a and he didn't let you know that I. I had a point with them but I don't think he ever gotten you know and Dallas he got it you'd wanna get well we got we don't when he won the championship. He did gain a lot of respect now. Com and then people before that he was just the guy that was always in trouble with Kyle Busch always in trouble was somebody had to when he won the championship. People had to look at it and a different white 'cause he wasn't just another big mouth driver. He was he actually wasn't just a hotshot kid out there he actually it's a credentials. Breakfast room. Well I had a shot this year not getting right isn't good breaks are great driver and you know to walk out on the analytical out of that car and go do what you gotta do you gotta have some. Some privatize as they like to say I am so yeah I could do it but you know I'm I'm I'm I'm Jamie Dimon Dale Junior guy I think the younger guys is your sand. You know maybe should've started hitting the younger guys maybe two or three years ago charts they were final catch up with that. Up next year's going to be a huge year for NASCAR and huge you for NASCAR dutifully as a is that 4545. Distribution street. Andy is at fill out the C three lab to lab over that we have tons of free parking is part of small this Saturday we got shuttle buses going all throughout south and so come park with us with a three part in. Come to mind and first thing go over well we got food trucks. Bomb but we've we've got beer by triple seat on its all local it's all good stuff everything you will find something and everybody here's the thing to do it blows it. It's a market for dude stuff but everybody's welcome on a picture of me knows that it's free it did you come shop for your views. It's 11 AM till 5 PM -- explain to me the shuttle deal with the south and you park your car in the south then and then there you'll you'll see the shuttles that are run and to hear they're merely another fourth they've shut down Camden and there's four or five different areas where the shuttle fuel stop and take surrounding go get some food over here go shopping over there should you really chemicals and Ayers is beautiful lose a yes there are other people doing pop up markets as well they're pretty much all like south in Charlotte stuff but none is as good as dutiful lose your. You aren't united they're out my bracket is announced impersonation step up and now I YouTube upward if it can feelings mutual pal. It's good to see you at Tennessee you know then next time you come -- George with an outrage or I think Jordan I wanted you to meet George naw I don't that there was tonight I need to go find me you're Georgia you know I don't west he's got those they can those those those did you much of that well the good young mutt I said earlier I need a truck dog yeah yeah yeah yeah and then that day did Andy's. But it. He's a carrier but he doesn't left like it Terry or not he's I totally ulterior schnauzer just in Ontario we can play fifteen minutes I get home and taken them now. Is it's like you won't want well listen guys we got word he tells a beautiful is online at Twitter and instead Graham and beautiful is all our thanks to you I did update my website Wilson's world dot com you know updated now good paradise. There's a martyr and a restaurant. All the time. It's awkward and we had to put out a memo to say god please Morgan are pretty please stop asking about and kind of awkward. The awkward I think she they're presenting that you. We jury riches and I think that's just that's the problem. I assumed all right wells that Wilson's world WC CB every morning weekday mornings so I had to an end of that one and I'd drop by 2545. Distribution street. Upon Saturday from eleven to 05 to get shuttle there at the S South Bend and go well wander around dutiful lose a and and don't forget to pick yourself up fail pair of Wilson Sox. We'll we'll Sox dot com Libby proceeds for the Sox goes to go Salvation Army operation army Angel tree all right in kids' Christmas very cool awesome recoup conceive them thank you my friend by George. Analysts daughters in a long long time. George George years of his that they regard very very very complex that Wilson for coming by and now what people showed up for is a dutifully as a they just got to count on no WFNC street turkeys were down that the Coca-Cola dog house. And they're doing their fifteenth annual street Turkey promotion Noah and asking people to come by with a frozen Turkey canned goods or whatever you can't monetary early. They've been diners at 6 o'clock this morning they'll be here till 7 o'clock tonight we're here between 3 and 6 o'clock. But you're coming down for the tree lighting ceremony at Bank of America Stadium their fourth annual. That takes place tonight that believe 7 o'clock 8 o'clock 7 o'clock. Com. Bring a frozen Turkey by your canned goods or monetary but your truck they are. They've collected 885. Turkeys I think that's surpasses even what they had. But they would do. And so far almost thirteen thousand dollars I think the last count I had was 121579. Dollars. So if you'd like to help us what the cause. Do so if you can't make it down here you can donate online just text street turkeys just 71777. And that'll take you a page re can make a donation. I look at my register is available in just a couple of things to ask don't tell you want brought over here from. We have since they were done of the Coca-Cola doghouse today for a street turkeys of fifteen here that they've had done this. And we asking you to bring us say a frozen Turkey Europe canned goods or make up. Monetary donation and if you can actually make it down the Mitt morehead street and I will tell you right now if you KM. They'll take this stuff right out of the window or your car you don't even hardly have to stop with appreciated if you'd slowdown you know 4050 miles an hour select have a but they'll I mean there's people out there do it take whatever you break or park it and no water on over your and a sailor look Chris Carter's over their broadcasting live were here told. 6 o'clock. If you can't make it down here but you'd like to be a part of the cause which looks like it's going to be a record breaker this year. But you can donate online by texting street turkeys to 71777. And that'll take you a page you can make whatever donation you want to there tarnished program director Robert WFANC. 885 turkeys is that more than ever done before you know we've got an 800 we don't we did a 1001 years of the 2000 they'd be outstanding. All right number gone for a thousand yet we can I didn't get there we got. To have more hours to get there wouldn't do it now you guys have been doing this for fifteen years tedious do you generally get a surge. Yeah later on in the evening we'll get a search bar right now and so whatsoever is it because I know the street by street fighting every fire. Tree lighting every year for the Panthers. This this time it's beautiful right now hopefully people walked by. And give us a little more of a bump. Bob it is it is a great turnout today for what we've done now fifteen years in a role is is by. Can figure out here since I got here in 07 with pac man who started this sucker. You'll fifteen years ago with a great folks at DJ stout and all the great crew over there that that I was sold a fortune to be employed by when I first moved they brought me down here and ever since I've been a part of this is is outstanding and have you here. Two days and even make a bigotry that is an explosives for a Bennett but does yeah WW WF Lindsay at WB TS is that we are enemies first say that I don't know that the 1110 was it an advance necessarily. Love to hear over in the holes and Beasley broadcasting military what they'll pack always spoke so fondly of you and I was there one time when you did co host it was my first journal seven you're there. You can infer visit with pack and housing and had jock had heard you at all and Johnson Josh really really good. You Jim and he's the best news talker sharply to the best talker shot I got big shoes to fill. And sure enough he did you know fill those shoes for a long time in a close is taken over in that time slot and just crushed it. But this is great having out menaces and cost of that great turnout and it helps so many of those folks in need and you do that to take kid it Santa coming up. In the middle of December the things we do Entercom shown are one of the kind and it's all to benefit this great city I'm proud to call home now. Steve in Chicago moving down under a new nothing about Charlotte. But over the years I've grown to love it and never wanna leave well and have always told people that coming near to go to work or whatever if you look Charlotte they'll love you back absolute that's just the way that it kind of worst eye you're 885. Turkeys are humorous out a few moments ago how much money because you raised 121579. Dollars and there's more coming in accounting right now so we only got to about. 118. Last year so we've ordered lump has been the monies are exerted their authority erector revenue. A record day with that and you'll keep a common that Tex signed is the first time we've done that gets huge. Before it was to stop on by but for those folks who can hear us and Annapolis in lake Norman always done before Millen rock Dylan Donna Valentine on what 2.5. FM guys bought the phone. Text street turkeys to that number and complete the process is that simple dollar fifty cents and eat you know this John. You'd be surprised what one dollar can give for family. It tomorrow well negativity get 500 people sort of look at because all traders 500 bucks where are right now for a 115. Dollar short. Of a thousand dollars so I can get a 115 Evian at Texas a buck still it. Do it street turkeys with an ounce. 2717. Sevenths. Evan and that'll take you to the page is the donations. Congratulations guys we Jenna held a job out and appreciate as always I come let me screw driver ID if you don't Tillis and urgency. And you don't know who Chris Kroger is. Come down here this is one of the young not a bright young broadcasters in the area an eviction and is and he knows it for a long long time. 610102. Point five you have permission to go listen to a review how much I guess he didn't come back back home to. 11109930. At WB chief. Eleven jet that it 93 WVG. We are live at the WM DNC Coca-Cola doghouse part of their fifteenth annual Ilia busy street Turkey's. I'll live broadcast their I think go on their way to lawyer record setting near we've last count had 885. Turkeys. Well if we get to a thousand or thereabouts that'll be a record forum that's a good thing 121579. Dollars. If we can come up with a about 400 may. 21 bucks. That'll lows that amount to about thirteen thousand dollars I'm sure they'd be thrilled that. If you can't make it down here but you'd like to make a donation c'mon WB teal tell these guys out. Street turkeys just text street Turkey's. Just 71777. And and that'll take you to a page re configure out to all kind of a donation you wanna make it earlier quarter. Chris Carter rather just what they are huge feast pizza in his mouth and so are we just put a microphone on -- has all mumble at a circle was like a quick break I got like ninety seconds and I get get back on here we're doing great right now John they brought in Roland we need to get to 900 turkeys we need to get to thirteen thousand dollars us the next milestone feet I think we get to thirteen we get to thirteen we get to fourteen we get to fourteen we get to fifteen you know when you were over year. We need somebody write a check for 2000 dollars a few hours ago by an audio yeah literary just walks in 2000 dollar check just like dad had to be AV dealers are much bigger durability guy must've been always there and I've been viewers Internet and that that happened. Head had to be all right give back to work great thank you for all you do happy Thanksgiving Day YouTube and thanks to the VT fairway it's good to be party you guys end up to Mumbai. WFAN to Coca-Cola doghouse Mickey Moore had let's keep raising money today and if you're coming down for the panther tree lighting ceremony 121616. Boxee thirty go so I wore on her way. I've you're coming down for the panther tree lighting ceremony tonight bill which starts about 6 o'clock. It's a great opportunity for you to drop by canned foods frozen Turkey and why you still got time to go by a frozen Turkey run into a grocery store program or frozen Turkey and numbering and. On down here this is all too benefit. The second harvest food bank metro liner and loaves and fishes food pantry. So it's a street Turkey so that was devised originally by our buddy mark packer. And they've been doing it for fifteen years so low we're happy to be a part of the cost six to 730 tonight as the Bank of America panther tree lighting ceremony. The percussion drum line will be there I don't know how many Panthers will be O wandered around their I don't know if the coach thoughts are brought top catcher leaders. Well blackened room blue crew will be down there. Why it's the biggest party that you confined. Before Thanksgiving in Charlotte which would then lead of course to the Thanksgiving Day parade. And that gets started tomorrow about nine now thirty you can catch the broadcaster that on WB TV at 1 o'clock tomorrow. But they'll love they'll record that's starting at 930 tomorrow the seventieth annual. Charlotte know bought health Thanksgiving Day parade. All launches at the intersection of Stonewall and south trial on streets and if I understand this correctly. If you watch the broadcast tomorrow 1 o'clock keep your eyes open for special feature RO NW VT engineer Jerry. Who I had the a stroke they came in and shot some footage and you'll get historian. And find out. Well why he's able to sit down here today and I know run this broadcast it's a that they. Airing that tomorrow during a Fred thank you John for mention about you know I didn't talk about it for me I talk to run for anyone who might go through and I went through the amazing. Peer health care that you get today is phenomenal. Well it is said to have because say you all the sudden. Oh yeah UB UBS you know you. We're sitting here office and I'll you're your speech figures alerted you so you had all the symptoms so you got yourself to a hospital. And they gave you our shot of the EPA which I cannot pronounce the name of Medusa miracle drug. Marino for oratory skills you are Georgia Petrino for the bloodstream phenomenal. Phenomenal you felt it you felt at work you felt the blood clot leave you fill your for your blood flow again and you'll be your language. Yes I come back and you're hand unknown men. It was our euphoria are Ari Ari have never experienced anything after my life hope it never experienced anything like that again but. If anyone has stroke symptoms. Are urged them go to the emergency room went on what to divide us. How should I think I'm having a stroke and it was phenomenal with that we'll churned every down their home where you go. But time is she is your is your friend on this when you've got it you've got to be there in time bit. You don't ever organize it originally its like art could be had a stroke you can beat everybody to synagogue as yourself but I was having a stroke. Yeah and I wasn't when I said in that room Estes Park I I 'cause when I walked into the emergency room and Estes Park I said. I'm either there is a high altitude sickness which I've never had before but it did got to be held to his sickness from having a heart attack. And and not unlike you people sort of fallen out of the ceiling and and they had. Next thing I know is the doctors say your heart beats coming back down your heart beats coming vector on your blood pressure's coming vector outs or so forth. In my case it wasn't a heart attack it was track McCarty are brought on by high altitude sickness. But it gave me all the same symptoms and ended the last thing they did was give me a blood sugar reading almost before they started to check me out of that so we decided doing your probably diabetic which indeed do I am diabetic type do so both of us have had kind of lay off. Our health to wake up call this last year. And both of us understand. In kind of a weird sort of way some I I described by diabetes type two is the best thing that ever happened to me. This this has been phenomenal for me it's it's there it's are weakening. Reality of the number of people. In the world in this city that we know that it had strokes now some have not been as lucky this are was always very blessed. Well we just lost one Rafer just. And and ray forget just had more energy and more vitality than anybody you'd ever meet before and this was a guy that I just kind of figured would probably live to be a hundred and probably stay active until it was 95. And then all the sudden a couple of years ago we had a stroke. And it it took so it was motor functional way and it took is this feature way this is the one of the great communicators of our time. And and so we lost referred go we can go on Friday. Com and do this bill that's assay if you if you figure if you think sums going on like Jerry says time is of the essence. Check yourself or get self help because medical sciences days. Is unknown. Believable. And hopefully years mullah turn out like juries are. Your diagnosis will be something that you can manage and work on a like mind. We just starting and better. And start exercising so. Are we are gonna actually just samarra that is to dale void. And I get I will tell you if you like to donate to the cause which you can't make it down to the W effigy Coca-Cola drug house. Text street turkeys to 71777. And make a donation and help these guys reach their goals to its final five. All of. You know. I. Well over 800 turkeys and just went over the thirteen thousand mark thirteen 1336. Dollars that the fifteenth annual WS busy street George you live broadcast. But which were proud to be a part of if you're coming down for the tree lighting ceremony at just 6 o'clock get to a Bank of America Stadium bring us frozen Turkey or canned goods. For a monetary donation worth the corner of mint. And up morehead street at the F Coca-Cola doghouse be a part of the success story that is probably gonna set some records of these guys today very cool stuff. No phone phone. Can mean. Stress here that math and fifteen more years known. This is Kennedy got shot. November 22. 1963. Dallas Texas dealey plaza. John F. Kennedy assassinated. Texas governor Jon B Connally seriously wounded. Later the same day of I. President Lyndon B Johnson sworn in as the 36 president of the United States and even that was alive during that time period I was in fifth grade Goebel never forget it. Com. Now 54 years. Nineteen 68 on this date The Beatles released the a double double the white album The Beatles commonly known as the white album. John Lasseter co-founder of Dixie is Pixar is the latest name to take a six month leave of absence a response to allegations that he made employees feel uncomfortable. With his son wanted to hugging him. I think that's code for harassment. Zimbabwe's ID three year old President Robert Mugabe is has resigned Donald Trump pardoned a Turkey. Pope Francis and bluster of Lamborghini. I hacked her shut down the Sacramento regional transit system there you go they figure you'll probably gave about a pound over the holidays I read the news today oh boy that. The good news says you won't gain a lot of weight over the holidays. The bad news is you will gave some. And he'll pay for it they say 120 years for decades it was thought that the average person. Gained up to ten pounds over the holidays research from 2000 and then again and Tony fourteen finds that most of this game now a little less than a pound. However. We're not very good at are taking it off again so that one pound becomes twentieth a couple of decades and it's on not top with a weight that we gain in other ways as well. So I yell be careful out there but enjoy. And even those of us who are supposed to be on a new good diet. Not have to have dressing it's it's it's just the American way I think that's just the way it is Tom an. Okay. Okay. Midget 54 years ago Kennedy got shot you know we're all coming after school veil on this picture Thanksgiving. Via clothing that was so Warren the food to worry Malek and stuff. But now way we get later on in life we find out there was just there was just all loads. It looks there was true at all. Besides the big bird there's also other foods that are become. The traditional for the Thanksgiving Day meal but a lot of those suits were not on the menu for the first Thanksgiving. According to the mayflower web pages they made the pilgrims would have been a little bit surprised to receive both sweet potatoes or potatoes are you dams because. There hadn't been de introduced. Yet in New England corn on the cob. What the pilgrims called Indian Koren was only used to make cornmeal way to do that corn on the cob thing. I doubt they had land of lakes back in those days either did they found to have lobster student. They have lobsters do cranberry sauce the head Trevor is but they're probably didn't have a sugar yes so that was they didn't have that popcorn. Indian corn could have only been half flopped today day would have you'd probably would have tasted very good and pumpkin pie. They probably made a type of pumpkin putting. Sweeten my honey or serve for something along those lines verbatim of the pumpkin five. And I doubt very seriously they had the bids meter me up a condom no one of the other traditional sure of and offer Thanksgiving there you might feel surprised to know that we're all what was on the menu at the F first Thanksgiving was fish and seafood as Jerry just mentioned. Which was wonderful and coastal New England back in those days that would have been caught in bass and Il well managed as other like they're good he'll love Thanksgiving Day dinners are. And clams and mussels and stuff like that the other image of Thanksgiving. Would have been the clothing. The myth that we all the pictures that we all saw you all of the they the image that we all have in our heads of the pilgrims at the time of the first Thanksgiving back in what was it sixty and to want the U. One somewhat down. Is that men and no women who addressed only in black and white with the build up buckles on their shoes and perhaps is their clothes at all like a stuff. But I was watching a deal on the History Channel. And the idea that the pilgrim fashion that's all a myth buckles didn't become popular until later in the seventeenth century. And black and white close re usually worn only by well only on Sundays and it formal occasions. Instead women usually wore red cutter earthy green brown blue violet gray. And men wore clothing you know white invasion than maybe black earthy green brown. So our earth colors. So all I can envision as I would have had a taste of the team. Stronger Cracker Barrel got through to go. Brother yeah yeah do you have been doomed because that they don't have Panera Bread down there so you would have been able to get your ice team. After you were you you do you you'd been do there's we talked about yesterday the other myths do kill is that ditched the Turkey that makes you sleeping. You that it had tryptophan or whatever that's just call event you'd have to eat so much Turkey for that actually have an effect on you. They say it's a it's not the amino or the tryptophan. In the Turkey that make you sleepy. After eating the Thanksgiving Day dinner not enough. The decision dual food coma. National Geographic biggest players that PSI just pin the blame instead. Probably a little bit on drinking alcohol that would probably do it read one especially makes tired. Oh also has some good health benefits Oreo. The large amount of calories eaten during the average Thanksgiving mail go to dinner meal can also weigh you down and just relaxing after stressful work schedules. And the other thing would be. The Dallas Cowboys. Because if that doesn't put you to sleep these days I don't know what else would so there you go the I mean did those Thanksgiving on three counts dead in three minutes 38 seconds. With a 141000. Dollar mark down here and I don't know how many turkeys. We have it now it's well over 800 where you are down at the fifteenth annual pillow WS busy street Turkey live broadcast. Hi happy to be apart of and I've driven passes thinks its backers started this fifty years ago doubly offensive. The end to actually be able to come down here and I'll watch it all unfolded people drop by and not drop them off frozen turkeys in Macon monetary donations. What David de bugged added this year. Is that if you can't make it down here but you'd like to help the cause if you'll just text street Turkey's with a mouse. 271777. You can make a donation there that'll take you a page where you can now fill it out and then designate how much you want new a standard sort of so forth but. This for a good cause the second harvest food bank of metro line then no loaves and fishes Lola both benefit from this. Holidays coming up obviously Christmas right around the corner so the frozen turkeys will certainly out meet their needs and they'd the needs are always great. Canned goods or taken canned goods down here and anything monetary early. If you're coming on down here for the tree lighting ceremony which starts at 6 o'clock at Bank of America Stadium. I'd drop by men and more ahead of the Athens the Coca-Cola doghouse enough. And had just a couple of blocks or a British some canned goods or frozen Turkey we would be most appreciative to that food lion is some. Totally involved here. Pizza peel this brought a whole bunch pizzas down here about 45 minutes ago I never had pizza deal before it's killer who crossed his killer. Com and I tilted kilt as there today and vote jingles has been here today in the honeybees were here and Hugo was here and so was a big deal where have you. Two be a party or come Charlotte which now if Lindsay is as well. And to be a part of the cause. Like this idea that there help announced they'll help us with our kids first. Campaign which obviously will start to full throttle when we get back on no Monday. And they've helped us with her Father's Day and and we've helped so it's just I don't know it's just is just all a good thing. Whether it is fraught for. Yeah such as they stood at the turkeys are covenant as we speak we kind of expected there beautifully influx of home. I'll get a Turkey count before we get out here but I know they're over 141000 dollars and up. And that's excellent for. They have since he has been out here since the Mac attack it to 6 o'clock this morning. And Garcia and Bailey. Did their showdown here Chris Kroger is they're doing his show and know their lives down here until 7 o'clock we're live down here. For about another good twenty minutes. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season and that's coming up quake obviously. Console talk a little bit about other shopping. And Black Friday shopping and a scale month. They you've probably ought to be aware of Black Friday frauds expected to crop up and all that talk about that tube. Five US consumers. Have fallen victim of my head to head online to Phishing attack according to the F 2017 Cyber Monday fishing survey by domain jewels. And domain jewels director of product management warns that Black Friday can be. A precarious time as well sit converted it to you need to be O wary of a fake sites that don't play up the Black Friday frenzy. There are dozens of malicious domain registrations that touted up Black Friday connection. They cropped up last year beginning around November the twentieth though they're expecting the same this year. Just make sure you know who you're doing no business with this say some of the items that are probably not worth bygone Black Friday tools. Don't buy gifts for the handy person in your life until they get to a December. Black Friday will have its share of Ratul deals and December they expect even more drills and hammers and wrenches. I know oh Home Depot and no lows always have a tremendous deals going on. Tom fitness equipment they say while some of the deals on fitness equipment come out of Leo would work on a Black Friday there's actually a better time to shop for exercise gear. Shoppers today expect retailers to dive into deeper discounts after the new year because. No secret New Year's resolutions encourage a stronger work out regime people are gonna lose that weight. So they'll take advantage of that was some great prizes when her clothing twit think twice before. You spring out for cold weather gear the best deals arrive in January when winter clothing is discounted dramatically. And they say they expect to see outerwear for at least 50% off in December but you'll score some of those items for even less than that if you wait until after the first of the year laptop's probably not your best bargain not about Black Friday as well. Jameer from her computer purchases. No wait until Cyber Monday. Black Friday might do I have more laptop sales with Cyber Monday they say you had generally have the best laptop prices. Especially giving the market for like a mid tier model. And travel would also be something that you might want a weight of Bora and tells Cyber Monday not necessarily mono Black Friday. Curtain. I'm glad. Last count we are like 141200. Dollars down here so they think with last minute to enough people coming into the not tree lighting ceremony which shows starts in just about ten minutes over a Bank of America Stadium they should do they get pretty close to 151000 dollars that would surpass their goal. And we're well over 800 turkeys I'm not exactly sure where we were to vote last time they go I think a solid nobody 55. I think we felt we heard 8085 for awhile but they had downgraded that number but 855 so 855. Frozen turkeys. For the second harvest food bank and and loaves and fishes so food pantry. And about a 151000 dollars one it's also done with and that's a pretty good day's work for the guys over there it to W efficiency for their fifteenth annual WFNC street Turkey's we've been live it. Coca-Cola doghouse we just better from a 3 to 6 o'clock so it's been honored. To help put the causes they help with our causes it's one of the nice things that we like about to Entercom Charlotte is that there seems to be more about. Collective atmosphere. Though with the Lincoln effigy and and WVG. And I general why do we discount we were still like to feel all that. So congratulations to the guys at 610102. Point five WFANC are really successful campaign again this year. And thanks to food lion and thanks for the tilted kilt and thanks to vote genitals and thanks to the pizza peel. Pie and thanks to everybody that came down here to make this possible index's volume. Who have driven by today and you can still do so until 7 o'clock tonight with the frozen turkeys. There are people out there that'll take a ride out the window of your car saw literally have to do is a slowdown. And they'll take care of that. And the tree lighting ceremony Bank of America Stadium is just a few minutes away so that'll be a big heart tonight then you have both Thanksgiving Day tomorrow. Traffic around the airport is a completely different there was this Doug yesterday yesterday was the big travel day than me there won't be traffic at the airport but. Now but nothing like it was slow last night the W BT. Holiday on ice is open tonight. Not until 10 o'clock and tomorrow from ten to ten. Yes Thanksgiving Day from did attend and Friday ten to ten and Saturday tended to M and Sunday ten to seven of them were closed Monday and Tuesday. No we'll be back Monday to make sure that you know about all that but come on down to the hall of fame plaza and ice skate with us. And I would remind you that starting on Monday or all of B are on normal. Holiday blind to it'll about three and a half weeks. Not collect some 70000 dollars and and many bicycles as we camp. For a kid's first are on the air auction will be on Thursday a help or get my dates right here on December the fourteenth. I don't know what items will have yet understandable rookie goalie Jersey that may have made its way off from a Bank of America Stadium mile by way of Jim's Tokyo this week. So. The world but we'll have a good auction items again this year and then our big annual bike drive as south Mecklenburg high school. On Friday December the fifteenth. From six to 9 PM and if you've never been a part of that. Obviously we'd look you have to bring us a bike but I I at this point I just want people to come down and see it. It is just the most phenomenal three hours that we do all year long 6 to 9 o'clock. Cars lined up bringing us bikes bringing us toys spring and this money. To be part of the kids first campaign. And listen it's going to be a rough three and a half weeks. But we if you do you're Charlotte is never let us down this'll be I think our 24 year I gonna lose track I'm not sure exactly where we are but I think it's our 24 year. Well being involved with the kids first we take Carol homeless and near homeless kids. My share and came up with a figure this last year of blow we have impacted as far as we know. Have impact in about 43000. Kids the last warning for years and not just don't know that it gets any bigger than that. So well loved will start to be chart on that on a Monday I try to give you a break up until the last possible mall mobile we get back on Monday. Will be under the gun to our raised the money. And the raising of the money is the hardest part and I get to toys and and collect the food and everything will lead for the kids party that'll take place on that Sunday. Our volunteer day. If you can't help us with a bike for you can't did donate some money to the cause of something like that we could certainly use your time will set up south Mecklenburg high school. They're they're students that are in their cafeteria. For the kids party which is close to the public. Wolf we'll go below do that on a Saturday the sixteenth from about 1 o'clock in the afternoon on until it's finished that goes well into the night. So and a lot of people bring their kids downed. Kind of get the spirit of Christmas on that wrapping presents and getting things set up but no Santa's workshop and the whole nine yards so. Donate to us. Bias a joy adopt a kid you'll start to hear more about that on Monday we're gonna adopt a kid program. If it works like it has in the past basically you can now find a kid and it'll show you what he wants. And it'll show you what that cost and I think you just donate the amount of money to it that way you don't have to run down to our kids Toys 'R' Us or something along those lines. How will take care of all of that. And the the bike drive on the Friday and the the volunteer day on Saturday. And then not know Sunday we'll start to take care of about 800 to a thousand kids that kids Christmas party bravely as for about 350. To a 400 kids. So bomb but we are 633. Dollar short of 151000 dollars down here at the Coca-Cola doghouse. So while we're hoping to get away. Influx on that street Turkey's. You can text street turkeys. To 71777. And that'll take you to a page to donate if you can't make it down here live at the end doghouse that demented morehead street. Go side text street turkeys to 71777. And they give us a couple of bucks and lets get these guys have to a 151000 dollars and I'm sure by the time it's all over with probably about 900 frozen turkeys. And that my friends is a pretty good day's work thanks for us busy for having us. And I'll see you on Monday I wish you all very fulfilling Thanksgiving Day. And I had a four day weekend and back to you on Monday at 3 o'clock John Hancock Charles lost love and out here.