Morgan Wright on Wireless Networks


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You've got a wireless network at your home right now and who knows how many devices hooked up to it. I left tops your phones. Televisions. And guests watch they are vulnerable. In a way that it's we did not know about until just a few days ago this state law in the Wi-Fi protocol. Used to connect laptops and Smart devices to those networks. And it's the results could be someone could be eavesdropping on your system and you were data. Not good at all. Who else to provide insight and how to address this particular issue but man who is internationally. Recognized expert on cyber security strategy cyber terrorism identity theft and privacy. More direct who's back in the program with this before he goes back onto the Fox News Channel good morning welcome mr. But hey Vince sorry about yesterday ethnic Russians interfered with. That is great that is great you probably heard you're doing and actions and they didn't appreciate it. First off I ask you about this. The reached. Of this wireless network problem it's that it's just interesting to me how long have we been doing wireless networks. And all of a sudden this vulnerability is to into been detected what's going on here. But that doesn't standard old WPA which intra Wi-Fi protected access now that Tareq about thirteen years. Which actually like support it has been broke before and it happened at the close call call it happened what are we protect. Our own polls in all our mobile phone calls were that was broken Expos and so he asked about the walk that fine just it got a short while. And so they had to change and other public support also have a lot of bad it would work or. Wrong I mean. Four people realized it was wireless. I get companies like of Lucent you know our good old bell lab scientists intended no wireless. So yeah I mean the bad rap for wont I but we realize the necessity to encrypt. Spain and becoming more more obvious that the standard was just right for the ticket and somebody that. So Telus what we've learned what are hackers able to do now. Put some perspective for you look at that approximately. Acts we have to be able to intercept your one elliptical so. If you're in the middle of Montana and you don't see you're around your topic going to be fine. But don't quite work but there was a pure corporate network or a government as quickly. Somebody want to do that then they'll be able to. Potentially. Re generate heat that is protected by a encryption key so I can. I don't like with the router for the wireless network and to re using AT that was already big news. It's not a big bust you delete key every time you create a Newt go out conversation much digitally. All I can review that I can reset the quarter BC called counter respect. It makes the sitcoms go back and don't like can I have been out to crack that met or to comport that would be able to its. You pop it pocketed it and a roster package it may be able to rebuild everything you public secure and encrypted. Your tax like he passed or I can see Richard we non whites. Kept the court that and I did that I can you thought you thought he had Richard will be greatly appreciate what everybody would want. While this is pretty amazing. So how do you fix it what's the solution here. And I want they're they're a lot of patches and updates about this up and that would supply you personal album might raw. If you get some bribe never action pack and make sure you check in what that you're rather have a lot of worsening. So there are some status but I think that. You can do that doesn't quite what you thought they did you don't encrypted connection called a router or you just wanna be there. Called BP m.'s virtual private networks that it crips. You've got a lot of a lot of company. Album BP had so that they can have an encrypted communication open. Look what I or anyone by opening network so you'd like to search for BP and virtual private networks. But some externally they're not sure I think you know it may be exposed you wanna be BP ends that yes you know there's really no it's been pretty. Gonna cost you but there's some good ones out. Up there. Other site at opera in the bought the I'd get up in the UMBPS and end up I just don't to stop that picture yourself at the speed ordered Internet what you want everybody to see it. I would not wanna do that anybody and yeah that would be way too troubling which are with Morgan right. Give us a sense of the cost of this VP and network be of the set that up how pricey is this. I'm just maybe edit them I used to treat it won't. Obama I looked at what they were when you did you can put several devices not receive forty bucks here I mean it's not much. But it still the costs and watch it but like you're. At a or your laptop or your home computer he's the saint subscription and what does this. Just make sure nobody understands it he has. Everything the entire way but what does the protection from your house this Arctic and to the sort of trying to get a web site you know like you're despite their. It would encrypt it it's part that in fact and be able to do with the whole way above the support network Obama. But yet you put people will provide the most these are just there like an application that saw one patient load it subscribe imported as it is it is pitch you. To server a there are so the intimacy you know cried when I go on and he can't run out economic and didn't hear about your caught it and I'll it would I could make it a cup covenant or or cabinet. Or you know depending on the cover of coming across. While that's pretty impressive to be able to do this and how much vulnerability to do people have here because. You know a lot of times we hear about all these data breaches like with Equifax for instance whether able to get. Really a multitude. Of information from different people. Is this something where you can really only go after one person at a time does that kind of mitigate the danger here. It out and keep heat and the threat. I mean everybody individually. Is. At risk if you that they are about he used a wireless network that you used to this but again but the outside it. Well let me sitting in one location and be able to scan a thousand places and where you're although this one act require it. Presidential I would just like what we are. He robbed banks conduct our market so I wanna take your money or public to your network actually have to be within one strange. And your network to do that's meant to eliminate the risk standpoint but it she's just an industry standpoint it. How many people at risk could help everybody that so expert our different target. Under a thousand ways to get into the you know to breach the council Walt get ahead of the post that. I got one good strong draw operate like protected now there's a thousand ways that it can cap on that makes it exponentially more difficult especially Accuray organization. It copy that has without them why I work at Cisco. I can't take how many tens of thousands of Wi-Fi access point there are. Throughout fiscal globally and act that would put it would mean all about and those are exposed so I can go to any off the city where it actually acts that that network. While that is pretty amazing stuff and it's. As usual parishioners are able to bring a lot of clarity to this subject can help us in terms of making us feel secure or not just feel secure but DC here. In now what we do with our computers and other devices Morgan right thanks a lot for coming on broadcast its morning again. Yeah that.