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Saturday, January 20th

Josh Costner of The Costner Law Firm joins Paul to dicsuss changes to mortgages and answers listener real estate questions.


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Investment advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Many investment and she carefully evaluate before investing. PCs you'll we'll see. Who's talking eleven and you'd be easy. Hello and welcome to the show your real estate today yeah she were a little off the clock today were a couple hours early. I don't think there's some kind of sporting thing going on that day so they moved to surround a little bit time here my name is Paul Jamison misses the show your real estate today I am when Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management. Here with our good friend Josh Custer with the Custer offer hey Josh I don't. Great to have you today so we're here and available for you to answer any and all. If we can your realistic questions. And if we don't know we'll find out it does not battered and battered as say I don't know. And find out there and act like you know and BW RO NJ. So. Anyway if you ever realistic question if you have something that you would like to talk to us about we love to hear from you. We're live from the WBT studio is so yes we're looking at same outside you are right now so if you're out and about on this Purdue today. Pick up the phone and ask us a lot of times people are. And in Monica baucus you know. And then they called me on. Monday I think so this year thinking it probably somebody else is 270457. 1110704. 57 now. 1110. Were sheer we will take your call puts you on the air we'll ask you this isn't a chastise show this is more of a educational type. She knows so 7045701110. Josh and are here we've got a lot to talk about as well also hanging on this we've got some things we hope won't be. Informative and educational for you today and thanks for being what disgust we really appreciated here in this early 20s18. Day with. Kinds of things going on in the news government shutdowns and all kinds of funky stuff. Story it's a busy news day today and in his first Saturday. It's on going on but you know. Come crystal sugar cereal and that's left after that effect yes that'll do it the other made the headlines today and I think the Schumer shut down hopefully it will not to. Last very long so we'll see what happens. I got a good feel it's. Configured about what that I hope so too I hope so too were used. You know we we don't we don't need the political stuff for need to get the country and keep it going so. All right Josh couple things you and I had they had talked about today we're gonna share. The CFP bewitched. It is alphabet soup to most. Has a lot of control over. What's going on in the mortgage and lending market right now so ready to send and yes it's you know. CPB was created out of the Dodd-Frank. Back to that came about after the the the fall of the real estate market. And it's there to help consumers are really that's the purpose. But it's been it has been an interest in entity. Since its formation. They don't answer to anyone. They are. They're funded by the fines they Levy. They make their regulations. By their. By their fines and it'll say here are the rules do they set the fines to. If not well not here and layered judge and jury I'll. And so and in the if you have an appeal to see it could be him it appeals to lose seems to be they use the appeals to. So it's it's a bit of him it's been a bit of a hard core. And scary. Bureaucracy. But. You know rose one of the things that books for wondered about whenever whenever present from an office would it still have its teeth. And it seems as though that they are. Going to try and remove some of those teeth so they'd put me direct replaced. Earned acting director I should say. And that's nick will they be so Charles you yeah I had Mexican guy yes concern he's. He's got to sit and I had totally believe it's right that it's. Is the judge injury and an end all be also so. You know we're we're still waiting to see what happens there is does this mean it more difficult to get loans is made. It's made a long process of closing process is called the longer and more expensive over the last couple years and no skin a lot of so we'll. We'll see what shakes out. Yeah you know I ever a good friend it's been knows him well maybe we need to see if we get him on the show with us. And he's an idea that you give us a fill in as to what he thinks about. The CF PB and you know maybe we can. It is front and I'm dizzy with that government should do right now wouldn't think so but you know maybe you know out you know may do well I'll put up 2.5 cents at least to get into a paper is what's a pay phone call stood at more I don't know if there's a do they have pay phones anymore. What's safe and cost if you don't wanna pay from Costa you've got to snell tossed 70457. Elevens and I haven't seen one in awhile you. But it looks pay phones will come quote just days and welcome staff at the you know it's so funny the other day I said some demanded my son about. Dialing the phone. Yes and he's like. What's that he's 25. My youngest yes he's like dial. How do you dial. He says I press it. Mike. Nevermind go away bear fruit but but but but. So it rolled out the window and bullet yet you can't you know and now I remember years and years ago be in our party line. And you could hear people you know kind of listen and you know maybe there's somebody that knows what they form the military from actually go to. 7045711. Than if you ever realistic question we love to talk to you but you know what I do think we need to Richard reach out to make. Small thing and then see if he will talk with us from Obama tried. Data in this most would do that maybe next time your own mind doing simply give him to come on what is there. We'll get here who love to hear what he has to say he's been pretty accessible and that's one of the things I like about it yet is that he doesn't hide what did he said it yourself. Fifty cents okay all right about the price of and stamp no way to yeah yeah tell thank you for that if they're okay itself. You know one of the other things Josh that I like to talk about review. And there's a lot of debate around it is we deal with. He course on a tremendous amount of buyers and tell people moving up moving down movement and for the first time. But also very large portion of our business has to do an investment property you. And you do an awful lot of closings for us in north and South Carolina for investors. And there has been a lot of debate. Around and all cities and hang on Jack reach our site there there's a lot of debate around L cities. What are your. What are your thoughts there with the so you know. Setting up bill C is another layer of protection. And and we've we do recommend that that folks that I investment properties. Get an LC it'd just risen to about as some people get one for each property be advisable. Do want LC has been in and Bob most profitable one. In there are there are pros and cons to both those scenarios. But it does offer an extra layer of protection where were you. And that can be from liability standpoint. It can be from a granderson point. And in so. It's it's a process that is not very difficult. It's it summed up the company is not that difficult but you have to send up the right way. So a lot of folks don't take all necessary steps when they set up there. They'll see. You know they may think if he'd do something legal zoom or something quick like that are. And in there are a lot of steps you can skip that just don't set up the proper protection for you so. If you just run through the motions. Just signed a peace papers and office sectors state and then you end up getting sued. You know a judge can say well let's just kind of machine company and and we're gonna go directly to you. Called pierce the corporate veil so you really need to to speak with an attorney whenever you are unconcerned sort of Olsen in the game if you are in the it. Crosses by investment property is different sort of look at it and yeah I mean I'm a lot of people do and I have some as well what winners or break. Coming up all right so jacked you're gonna have to hang on whether it's after the break through will pick you up kind of first thing. But this is the show your real estate today I'm here with Josh Kostner with the cost of law firm I'm Paul Jamison your host. And we're here together the show your real estate today early. But happy. 11109 and three WBT welcome back. Show you illustrate today hall Jamieson here's your host Egyptian real good Keller Williams and Jamison property management. A full service real estate and property management firm along with Josh Costner. Josh has multiple offices around the southeast in we're not he's an attorney and law firm does a lot of closings and works a lot with our clients. All right Jack has promised help me fill in the phone GAAP. Well secured and your phone apps are else we still have to worry phones that are working. I'll have click OK get by the Arco outpaced our. You know what. It is isn't it interesting though how the language has stayed and the phones have guard and decide Joshua talk about rolling up your wind. Well exactly there's a lot of things like that that are being Jewish history that we still hears the prayers. As far as PayPal the only thing that I have seen anywhere recently. We're as I get rest areas on interstate. Now I don't know there's actually any bottom they're both very still have some bone bruise. Yeah occasionally. Fire recently we've got back from Australia and Israel and and they have a huge leapt over the year. But almost everything has gone to solve problems for almost everybody. You know let me ask you some Jack. Got you say you have to rotary haul off phones and home and they were cracked yes sir okay now. Have you thought about getting rid of the phone and just using a cell phone as your primary phone. Well OK my wife and I just did that because the only calls we got on the land line phone. We were from solicitors. We kept pretty matched. Now you know if you get a few phone calls my house later we're legitimate calls out our do you like you say a lot of over. Jumped twelve controls I get there unless cellphones to. Yeah I'm starting to get them to earth where they even mask the number. Yeah or like it'll come up as my wife's number but it's not the person have you had that happened real NASCAR is yeah well. Yeah. We still got a couple of attached so boast because there are great don't get very good to. Unless they push want to. I I caught a pass code jags that's great well I hope we are great Saturday thanks you're going in leopard president art right. If you ever question about it and had a real estate or slow and still win and here's 70457011. Thank you Jack again for calling is great to talk to 70457. Or 1110 we're here to talk about real estate if you have anything you'd like to. Asked Joshua about property you know. A lot of the folks that listen to us also and we're gonna get to this a little later in the show. End up with properties and in a state yet and that is not simple Josh it's just not into. It well it's not. Difficult it's time consuming and a lot of folks don't. Don't plan ahead for yeah especially. Now we'll talk about this later especially at the closing table things that sometimes Josh does not have a room big enough. For the number of people that we have had to have signed. Our pace of the state property in the past it's. It can be it can be fun because you get here to see it spouses of energy you know all kinds of folks there have to get involved in signing. An estate property went. It's beginning to you might know that knows executive on this statement saying well that means I get to sign off from everything and that's not always the case in new. So. Some data when you have to property in the state if you're thinking about selling it on code go speak with an attorney. Our Josh quickly. Yes. Because we came we came. Tell you can take a look at the will and and hopefully gives tell you quickly who boldly decide in you need those folks not only just assign you a deal but they should also signed a listing agreement. So when you're put in the house in the market. If you don't get the right people disarmed listing agreement. If you're the win this really trying to get this estate sold. And you'll have long race signatures on listen remain in the end on the contract. We might not have heard about contract so you have to be careful with that suits you so you have give us call. Any time you're you look into the sole property that's in this state. And that when we can do to set off on the right track from Guinea. The I think it makes her a really big difference. We know about the that there there's their first three. Basic steps. For. And these are very broad further real estate transaction right you gotta get the house out there and get an offer on it right and then that passive acceptance. The second is as you have to negotiate through the repair period during. From the third pieces you gotta get that suckered the closing table and every bend the money's got Iraq threat or it can be able to release it yet. And that being able to release that part. Kind of is important yes yes but it is I don't know many people that wanna buy a piece of property and then let you keep it yet. So. That release that part is important because you certainly want title insurance and no additional claims coming up against that piece of property right. So obviously you don't have to. Have to get. Everyone in again and yet yet Peterson also approved by the spouses and especially north of there's different walls of South Carolina when North Carolina. If you will access to be so it. If somebody. Guys and and I'm here property deal will one I own it. Well now my wife all the sudden also has a better interest of that property as well my home so 1999. U one point 9% to that you see it. You get attachments to property that they knew that you just don't think about when when you noticeable passed away yet us who sell their properties. So dealer. So do your due diligence on that before you. You're ready to self apparent. You know there's an over encompassing theme. Around us and if you wanna talk about on state property 7045701110. Josh is here I'm here. There's an over encompassing theme that we act you've men on with me several times. Right now and then the do you overcome missing fame around the state property. Or any property. Is to get to you the attorney early wreck. That just I mean it blows my mind that. That. And that real estate agents don't understand how critical it is the second that contract is signed. It's in your hand. Like immediately. Yet I are constantly send that stuff directly over to you the second that contract it's consummate. Well there's there's a lot of people that hesitate to do that because they don't won't. Charges to start to. The crews were there client some reminder close but then you've got to worry about. Timing and so if you if you if you say well I don't give the contract until it maybe two weeks before work. This time close. Well sometimes that's enough time but it's kind of like you know you you you're digging into a title search you don't know what's going to be there. It you don't know what. What to unify it and it could mean that heinous could take a month to resolve for for some issue or another so the sooner you get in the attorneys he has yet it made it cost someone additional money but. If it gets done quicker smoother. And if you avoid problems that culturally is close at four that's the truth then and that really. That's the biggest piece of that is that collect yet you fought hard to get it. Don't lose that got left. All right Donald leg talked to me about what's going on in your house are you. They're geared geared appreciate you know her show to the area of about a question a little amount quite awhile and I live Andre 19100. Square foot home. Built in 1979. To lecture him North Carolina. And both of my it's two and a half bath. Three bedroom okay and both bathrooms can be you know lottery modeling and rebuild. And I could be three years old and you know I'm gonna be eight being unfortunately had a target better than I did but. I'm looking at. He makes taking our Coventry our out. And you're making it a while in our. But you know my fear is as what I hear in my glory be hurting in the value of the home by removing occur the you know it is along with let's go have a carbon the other bathroom. And then when I'm also have an praise is about elderly parents and about him well what about a year behind them. I may have the move them in at some point or may actually wanna may not my math error. Awoke and hour but make mind what is now my other bedroom bathroom. They walk in shallow poor or elderly quote in all I care. And I don't know that it could I have an. I think our over the basket that hurt the value the whole match. Who are right. Well I'm gonna start answering her question and if you wouldn't mind we've got a hard break in about a minute I wanna from Russia itself can if you can hang on aren't going on here yeah okay. But let me start out by saying first of all your assumption is. Correct. In that. And as long as you have a tough one tub in the house you're not gonna affect the value. And and so. My instincts for use just give me the hand signal when I got to shut up okay. That I'm talking to my producer not McDonald's are all yes okay so the the they. I just got back into its signal but I don't hang on win because I wanna answer your question completely that's a great question I know a lot of other people are asking it to you. Start the show your real estate today. We are talking about real estate here would just caution or the costs are all fur ball Jamison Jamison realty were Keller Williams. For buying and selling are investing that's why we're here here on 1110993. WB DC. Welcome back to assure you illustrate today hall Jamieson here's Jamison will feel at Callaway have Jamison property management here would just caution her. Now we've got Donald online one and we're talking about. Don't call he's got. I he's talking about bathroom conversion. He like many of us are trying to figure out how to fund tub our space without. And they're changing its value as well as making it functional long term for family does that about sum and upright on mounted that McCain perplexed yes. Accomplished comic Paul. So be it the the truth of that is and what we were talking about what he's got to. Two and have bass boats have Tubbs. Tom to wanting to make sure. That. He doesn't affect the value so the first recommendation would be if you're gonna convert convert the master. That is primarily the one that you were good. Convert in order to hurt to hold that value and is the most common to convert into a walk in shower. This second would be let's say you do have parents said move in and you need that same kind of thing and you don't want showered in your back hurt. Okay. There are companies like bath fitter and many others that can come in. And convert our our the time you said the house was built. Every now and one coated cast iron in the end about we don't usually get CO. Byron black one piece written in the that yes you probably have liked to garden tub sizing your master. You know Rick Maher tomorrow here and trying to everything's small location in Dhaka the iron tub is in need. Hall bath. Yes you have to start back to back then how are they can't get back permit. You know I have to walk your your what my parents and our clear it would be a problem. OK so if if you're willing to do that that makes it easy I would only convert to one. But if they're if you're really gonna stay there long term and Europe come here they're creating the environment to help you stay there long term. Then I do whatever it is you wanna do to both. And there you know what's the worst case scenario that you have to convert one back to a tub if somebody threw a fit about it. That's not going to be. I'm very. Large expense one that. You know you can get a form fitted tub. To go back into that space for probably couple thousand bucks if we've got -- walk into it is yeah but the bath fitter has those I think those were that's got the door or whatever on a. Yeah you can get those at Lowe's home because it's really been looking at Lola come very much higher current home. We just don't know what the future holds. Her arm you know and you know it's interesting because you bring up a really good point about making changes to the home. Donald around you know how it does affect it's value. It and and and that no house that you brought just curious out of curiosity to house that you brought. How many years have you grown medal. Bonus for I think 23 years now we thought would Obey their five years you're 23 or come up with a foot stilts on the front. B or cotton picking and housing market collapse and contrary to do it again. But now it is yet don't do it right now. Yeah in college and got a junior college here are also all so in the house might turn out to be big enough here. In a couple of years but we got the pocket called upon you know that a small you should all mastered a small although some. You know it's so how hard they're two bedrooms that you can't that are are joined that you can convert into a master suite. Yeah they're not considered it to blow in and out front and when the real master bath Sweden mayor and the make and our bedroom and bath into a job. You know the gas speculation color I my degree there. And yeah but you know what's interesting about the reason I ask you a question is is if you look around you. Has the neighborhood turned over in other words now is it new families young families. Or is it folks it's kids are gone empty Nester now. We're lake view home late Norman and couple hundred grand short get a crossed jury all right when we moved here and we were beyond the neighborhood. And now or we're starting to become the older OR word like pediatric sir you are likely older. Oh this commitment and could now it's kind of it's kind of slipped a lot of money since they don't look so the light peak in and out of order right and that has really escalate due out yet. Yeah so so my point is this if if you're not planning to stay. The changes that you make would be more sensitized towards the younger audio it's so you would say to yourself OK if this is. 34. Or five year change. Then you're gonna look at changes that you would make. Solely based on who you're up and coming audience would be so you would not put in for example. You know things is that this younger group that is moving in there would not like. So so that's really that's really my point is. The changes that you're talking about Macon especially if you're gonna stay there don't really. Affect. Anything I hear you talking about doing. Can actually. Broke the master converting yet. It would be an advantage here regardless. Of who moves in there because most of their time you know as long as you've got to warm tub. I always asks a question one I'm showing property and I don't mean this in the way that it's going to sound. But I asked the buyer. I said our I had a buyer Doris said either one of them are either one of you converse. And I don't mean fat if I mean do you either one of you rely tilt so can atop. And I won't tell you only about one out of 56. Uses tough. And where they say they want to tub his grandkids. And kids. The other kids there so I think you're gonna great I think you're and a great position and I won't tell you this you're in a great location. Let anything out by the lake you've got to be smiled right now. Yeah it's been good in and we've enjoyed it's just the growth is. You know and it's growing like wow far nonconference Celtics finally go millions. Yeah that's that's that's a common problem. But you know it sounds to me like you bought at a good time you've held and you've got a lot of growth and equity where you lore. And that's always a good position to be. College is stuck in the vehicle how. You know the mile below appraisal or you don't usually. He yelled at a big help but I enjoyed out this buffer from column in the wants. Work your alarm over the virgin. Well thank. You and we sure do appreciate you remind him that we share we share a good Saturday to take your dog to make you don't I don't. 7045701110. If you would like to talk with us we Wayne will have to scarier we Josh. I can't be yeah well. Good beard you know there where you are don't want to hurt anybody it's a great man beard so that. You know candidates who works out okay and I'm wearing an old man sweater right now so we laugh from that come on now. My producer should definitely elements were there. Josh probably used to. Anyway I got a couple kids and the birthdays this weekend I got one turn and Torre found one turned 37. What is that. The movement's work you do we've Taylor of Paula I'm not going to ask him. Because I know you're familiar you are. Quiet so speaking of Donald's question I ask you this Josh. What do you think if you really do a kitchen. All right let's say you and your bride green do your kitchen and I. How much of those cost do you think you're gonna get back. When you said. I never assumed I give much of anything back from itself when it. I think it also depends probably on. The type the type Ella how how outdated what did you say on average let's just say on average you spend a 100000 dollar note you know man that's assays and it's. 30000 dollars renovating a kitchen then okay. What percent of that do you think you're going to the third. First pretty pretty close. But not quite sixty about just under 68%. I'll look at this pretty amazing an activist yeah. I'm a tea I'll cut him a despondent garbage disposal we know we have an all you did did you yeah yeah. That's our. Major kitchen remodel as you get about 70% but I think. Overall I think it's never a 100% payback except Warren I don't. I'll tell you what out there if you can guess what item. Is over 100%. Payback. It is an item. That you would die. Two. Do you renovations I'll send you a brand new Jamison realty logo hat. 7045701110. Take a stab at it. It's one item that pays back over a 100% it's the highest payback item that you could add to your home. How Sonya had. Not if you guess what it is 70457011. To it and you have to say. What that vitamins. My contract. So there. Truth if anybody's pain and it kept us it was the worst car was the worse the worse stardom. I don't know I may be in my notes here. It has that effect ultimately. Or what are the other things here's some other examples. Insulation. Pays back from a good amount pays back about a hundred per 616%. But that's still not behind us. Appliances. They packed pay back about 15%. That's probably one of the worst storm gas and heating and cooling. 43%. Hot water heater. Not much. Of the windows. You wrote it down every item that we need 50% approve of the solar demand isn't. I could act. OK all right I tell you what you all keep Carl 17045711. Timber that one item we got to go to break right. All right so we're gonna pick you all up in a lightning round after the break. And whoever gets. The most highest paid back items you can add to your home. For change at your home. We'll say he had so stay with us here on the show you real estate today here on eleven dead night and I've pretty. WB. Cherica real good today appalled Jamison yeah. Give us real fewer Callaway and James and property management here. Live from the WBD studios which. Us Custer with a cost a law firm OK so here's what we're don't know what will start here in a minute and and the lions are probably getting a busy signal but that's okay will try to get from you keep going if if we can. The number. What were or were asking people on you you win one of my brand new hats with our new logo on it. And I gave Josh a chance and he didn't get. What I know this is the question what I don't. Can you change doubting your home. That gives the highest. Rate of return. What item can you change out of your home that gives you the highest. Raped every turn 70457011107045701110. If you want to venture a guess. Four day. Beautifully designed Jamison ball cap with our name logo and are you ready first start here we go our. Vincent your first watching yes. RO. Water bowl sure our waterfall shower hit that is not right thanks for yes hi Jane. What's your guess. I'm bat earn. An item what is the item. I aid. Call it. Good guess but now got a flushing out on that one from Rick. What is your guests. I would really. Brought exterior door. Rick you are correct all. You you are correct and you know what the percentage of return is. I don't know but the reason it isn't in my life this county near our front door and work against panic around the front door and pays for itself I do believe in. Actor Ryan Howard gets a 120%. All right so Rick let me ask you a question for an extra bonus. Okay. Berkshire bonus argued they'll send you some Jamison pans on top of tonight. Which wine. You know Rick we can make this fun. We can say if you get this right. We throw in the pen's if you get you acknowledges kid would you get that had either way so Fred your pay and bonus. Which. Exterior door gives you the highest return metal or won't it. They're. A belief. The Bob Hope or there's. Our group does not without warrants that Syria or mental or would I didn't get a grip at all. You are correct. In his medal and you wanna know what the percentage return as. 147%. They're thirteen so what was he under the net. That's the level. So let me just tell you something that I say every day. Your wife is right. If. There aren't so Rick hold on. And Chris of get you get your address Runyan. Thank saw the play it and Rick you're the first one to do it so I hang on and we will get your address and I get that out taking okay thanks again I was terrified of percentages entirely through in this patents it cockpit door so I'm telling you man and the fact that his wife was right that's that that's bad about trying to. You know a slump like. All right so so yeah so he. If you've got another real estate question you'd care to ask you please give us a call 7045701110. And will be glad to talk with you thanks for those recalled then we got the answer we needed which was an exterior door thus far. But I want to do that again tomorrow and I just got the order hat so I can do and if you die okay. Art just one of the things I wanna talk about with you and I'm gonna kind of throw this out and we did not discuss it but. Years you can. You know you can fly right in there with the architect. One of the things. That I wanted to make sure that we talked about a little bit was the power. Of due diligence look at people do not understand it due diligence and how. It has changed. In commercial real estate you know that used to be the way we always do it yet right. And due diligence. The best way I describe it videos. That. It's like put my house and lay away. Right here. You pay a negotiated amount of money for negotiated amount of time and you put the house and my wife nobody else can buy a during that period of time right. But. The secret to it which is really hard to understand for folks is it's just like play away the store if you put summon what a way to store and you don't come back they're gonna keep purely away money and they're gonna put it back on the shelf and resell correct that's exactly what happens what happens. Yeah I mean aren't you finding two that it's hard people go. What do you mean they walked away what was their reason they got to have a recent. Do they have been covering. No reason at all. Briefing if for any reason at all you can walk away if you just what does the legal definition of any. So it's trick question now it's me it's. Yes it no big you can walk away for any me like I just. Decided that it I don't like your house and more I think it's ugly now tea in the all the way. I just feel like I don't. I like this other house better now a little local it. Made doesn't have to be a good reason it can be you know it can be anything it's it's it's been. Still oil weeks I don't buy your house so yeah so any reason at all in India due diligence period you can walk away. Her and you absolutely can't and that's why it's so it's a it's an important negotiations. Present at that time is. In that matter when you get put it up. Yeah you know and Mary we'll be right where they hang tight from the they very interesting thing about. In due diligence. As as the change and I'm getting tone like. I didn't like it at first. But now. I really like it because due diligence to east cellar to cellar used to be left told in the bag right because that the repair contingency. Was this cloud hanging over their head. For an amount of money that was so ambiguous and who's gonna pay this and how much is it gonna cost to take a walk away not walk away. Threat right. Now. It's one of the most. Powerful negotiating tools that a buyer can half if they wanna buy a home in a multi offer situation. Yet because that money is not coming back. And it's it's a sign of being very serious. I mean do you like it Esther yeah I've always liked it and maybe because again it'd. It's it's clean clear it hey I've got until this day to decide. And time is of the essence on that date unless you change exactly yeah yeah. And we don't we don't have to get we're where we're involved in in in. In so many fewer. Personally disputes because if you can't slip during that time there's no dispute that there is what it is exactly. Exactly and I really like our Mary let's see we fed chair and how you doing. Hi how are you think how can I help you find I'm wondering am I tired looking food. A lot of technology. Available and under free purchased and all the way from. Cable hook up to do they expect line land lines are they looking for streaming. And took a mortgage your arm activated they hope. Look at my arms pretty stupid merit of the confederate flag but after. OK so so you offer a great question all right and let me answer it this way. Okay. I don't. How long have you been in your current home. Well I'm telling him that I gave them and then yeah it. It was built and I think that he got. Okay have you have you done any technology updates to doesn't have cable doesn't have. So. Had cable it has I am an Internet connections. Hard wire connection and it has landlocked. OK so cable is available right. Okay. There are certain lines that that time it's. People draw around that and you know home built in 1975 as long as you're able to get it wired it. That should be enough. I don't want you to invest in in any infrastructure to wire because technology takes less and less wires at this point. To become a high technology home and that's more equipment based. Then it is. Now infrastructure based anymore due to the fact that you can get wireless I just said to the fact that he gets from the side but anyway. The the interesting thing about that is you ask a great question because. If the audience is millennial. They look for the ability to have more tact. So. The expectation would not be for you and you will not gain value unless you are really in an upper market over 500000. Fully staged. You will need to have some tech. So if you wanna gimme some specifics on your home also air. Just call me at 846. 3663. Year old girl or shoot me an email Paul at my Jamison homes dot com and I can give you saw direct. Feedback. All right I appreciate your own the cable literally just are ugly in the second and then it just quite without a. Just talk on talk more heat this thing yet I can't tell them down in the hole. Yeah okay. Primary. Have a great weekend thank you so much Josh Fleischer billionaire and urged all your friends enjoyed it thank you for a great year and we look forward to a good year what do. On the show your real estate today are Paula Jamison if your buying selling or investing. For your individual investor needs property management policy for six god that. 8463663. God bless you talk to you next week. Retirement. And Justin WL and Ph.D. to Charlotte.