Mosquito's and Real Estate Trends

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Saturday, July 7th
Sam Ivey of Ivey Exterminating joins Paul to discuss mosquito's and trends in the real estate business.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. Advice provided on the following program is on an individual basis as they should not consider today's discussion as a recommendation for. Many investment and should carefully evaluate before investing. This is your real estate today. Who's talking 1110 WB TV. Well hello and welcome to the show you real estate today happy Saturday to you all that nationalist behind I was looking at my yeah. Thermostat in my car and it's like 78 degrees. Home because interest. That's pretty darn amazing how long ago serve 97. To 78. And move coming as pretty as pretty wild until they. Well but nice. I like it. So welcome if you're first time listener of the show is about real estate everything having to do that whether you wanna. Buy a home sell a home rent a home and invest in home takes a home. Do something to the home change it updated. Modify it fix it now I'm here today with Sam IV in my. Friend and guess what diving exterminating so. If some crawled around the home Kleiner around my home or work in the crawl space. All those things. Are available for discussion today and we are saying come alive lump of coal arrive in Bieber sitting down here. So. Don't waste that opportunity if you're sitting at home and you've got a question. Pick up your phone and call 7045701110704. 57011. Tenths so let me tell you what happens you call that number. And we got red here he will just who will answer the phone he will quickly say what is your question quickly. And then he will get your phone number in case he presses the wrong button. And disconnection which he had been known to do only once hollow AI can count that towards double what she says. So if he will pitch he will get your phone number in case he does this connect you and we will put you on the air and asked the question now. Why in the world would you do that well romanced. If you've got a looming question we're here and we're here to not only answer them but you know what I've noticed that. Everybody calls me on Monday to ask me the stuff I wish they would a called on Saturday because. The questions that you Alaska are very very good and if you're helping. Yourself to an answer your probably helping someone else to an answer they may need or get some benefit from as well so. Please don't be shy and calling 7045701110. We have a lot to talk about today about we always welcome. Your input and interaction protect itself. Sam you've got a lot of topics to cover today we're gonna cover everything. From flees. To termite bonds are being that you talk. About a wide Specter man Jammal Brown you know we're gonna we're gonna do we're gonna we're gonna talk about you know we haven't talked much about please note we're going to spend some time without today. And are you spent some time this morning really thinking about. Trends right yeah. Trends or uninteresting things you look over periods of years some trends are predictable summer not. But. I'm always fascinated by. The wisdom that you can gain from the past. The streak so you know and hence I'm. I'm hoping that someday my children will garner the wisdom. And not and I think the most rewarding time in my life was when one of my kids said hey dad. Can ask your opinion about something. So I knew at that point I was no longer stupid thing that suffered a look at the go out. You have you can look forward that Sam are you in the sort of phase of your kids quality days they think they Miller returned yes of course and I just don't understand. Yes I thought. And you never will then go home so they want money. Yeah uh huh just showed today you don't understand it as usual that's player aria in understand them okay. All right so ago we're gonna talk about that but first of all I also just want to present my wife could not be here today. My bride turns sixty. And oh I was told that we're celebrating and all month. So I'm doing now without her and not. And enjoying that shows where you're happy birthday and to you and also. Her parents. Or flew in yesterday and surprised her showed that spend a lot of fun. Hang in Allen them you know party at your house yeah. And so we have a party at our house but thankful to have my in laws there and enjoy the time and happy happy birthday. And and join the time together so. There and that's not a public service America and that's a personal announcement so you'll have to live that that's fine all. All right. Thank you very cautiously and it's reflected always Kilroy you voted we'll Marty's night you're days since I was oh somebody got harassed me right yeah flags flags a couple good yeah yeah. They put a guy got up for that this morning okay so some of the Forbes trends in Tony eighteen you know Forbes. Tends to look at things on large perspective sought again recent trends right now for real estate according to Forbes. They had eight things. Of which I didn't. Actually. Total light there Allegheny front. Then out of five. Here are the ones that I've found were worthy of discussion. Are worthy of debate number one. Car living and community driven spaces will be a part of the real estate transfer 2018. There are. With increasingly large impacts on the multifamily industry coming not just nationally but as I shared the pass with you all in Charlotte. We're having a tremendous amount if you drive downtown. He can't even count to cranes. I'm the number of buildings in jobs jobs and more jobs and apartment complex is going up I think my statistic. Was in Tony eighteen I think they're expected 111250. Units and projected warning eighteen or Torre nineteen Tariq. And some are thirteen thousand units coming online with a vacancy rate of less than 400. So this kind of amenity driven. Property is armed and becoming more of a trend I think not just for. Around here but I think nationally. Com. I also think. That it provides a sense of security for her that the real estate market because eventually all of these people will be home. That's my hope. So yeah a don't know where we're gonna put them. But help people figure that out I'm okay short term rentals this is Ron I'm kind of squeeze in a yeah. That is the agreement on it says they'll be a rise in short term Reynolds created by a boo him an opportunity for large property owners in single family and Irish priorities range from running a room. Occasionally for extra cash to wring an entire vacation home. For three to five times the local and regional market. Since you now have access to legal world community alive a week. Caribbean the and except her ex senator senator. Okay. Short term Reynolds in the air B&B thing is a trend that seems to be taken off right now however. From artists need the tea. I don't like it as an investment strategy. I think it sounds attractive you get higher rental rate than you might in longer term morale. But I would bet after your first year. You would be willing to. Go to a doctor because you're gonna have a bruise on your forehead from pounding your head against the wall okay. So there we go that. All right number eight. Fractional investing. How stalker where my father in law mother are about this this morning about fractional investing in other crowd funding. Trend is just out there peer to peer lending crowd funding. Is in the mainstream and people are looking for. Greater diversification and passive investment opportunities. And real estate is certainly one of those in the last few years we've seen. Very many credible startups that innovate in this space and the next year could lead to individuals moving away from sole ownership too fractional ownership be a crowd fun. Yes that sounds attract. But. Let me just like when you put a crowd together around a piece of real state and or you you would have to do this wish either. Multi units. Or a portfolio of units because what you're gonna end up with is people getting in the weeds over stuff. And decisions that are being made by property managers or. In this case. Crowd funding managers. And you're gonna create a little bit of storm okay so. You know it is. Although it has some advantages in that you can own. Piece of a bigger pot with a little bit less risk on a one to one basis. So like you very much. Okay that's only to say about that. Took it. Smaller living tiny apartments and mobile living will be the solution to increasing housing density and overpopulated areas this will become more about Norman big cities in the drive up operating income and existing apartment stock. This likely won't have a huge effect on 2018 but it will over the next decade that I agree with two I think it's what's gonna happen in Charlotte man. Okay the new appraisal legislation lastly before the break. New tax bills may further restrict new home buyers from entering the market these appraisal management companies are going to be more regulated which means increased costs. And have a greater impact on our real estate business there will increase your cost of doing business which ultimately cost the consumer. Now an appraisal costs about 600 bucks. If somebody can't afford an extra hundred or two on an appraisal they probably shouldn't be buying a house anyway. So we'll see what happens but these are regulations do have an effect on the market and we will watch that. Current we're gonna come back with Sam I've got to talk about please after the breakup there's something appealing. But you're listening to the show your realistic today stay with us here and is 1110993. WBT will be right back welcome back. Just show you real is that felt like a game show. You know the thing. Hello dual headed yourself. Through that's behind door number one. Welcome back to the show your real estate to Dan Harris poll Jamison Jamison realty with Keller Williams Jamison property management and Jamison property investments. Here with Sam I mean without exterminating you know at the break we were talking about. The short term Reynolds now. And you know Sam brought up the fact that you know go the social media thing to you know that the one sided opinion. On this social media stuff. I mean if it's enough drug Kurdish or is it can be crippling him you know and in other vacation rentals that we have. The you know and it it's so ridiculous the reason why don't we we might not get a five star rating what it rained all week. And so we're gonna give you overrated yeah. I mean Barack. You know and it's just we have more on. Where we rejected attendant for a push around property we got a one star rating. And now I'm. There was a very good reason why we denied that printer. And I'm basically like. Would you like read or write the explanation of why I thought that the that you gave me a one star rating and why we rejected you would you like me to make that public probably not. Do I sound emotional. Moment for our need therapy for social media is just unreal. It's a problem. There there definitely is a problem and it's one of those things you to you need as well two and a growing. Asian technology and a whole lot of people very user and their needs to be away. To. There needs to be a way to. Make this I don't know they're needs to be some. Music and get fixed needs a little tweak it. You get the good the bad with the Internet it's everything good is real good and the bad as. Is Al Gore figured out what that we can needs to be. All right so if you wanna call it we're live on WBT. The show your real estate today if you ever realistic question. Pest bug question or crawl space question or renovation question 704571110. Call us we're here to ruby had a chat. All right. Sam. Let's talk about pleas for a minute we have not spent any time talking about please. I think there's an assumption out there and I just want to be clear on this first of all. You have to have a pet again please know you don't OK so if they don't come in on a path predicament. They come on you. For. But not me specifically. Yeah the photograph. So how can they come in I mean if they're not coming in on and I've figured it was all. You have a dog or cat or small pony I mean. And well it is today they did try they they intend to travel owned mammals and these female lays her eggs only those mammals and then as that man woman who's about whether Byrd rule rat mouse anything like that. They roll lol how well hats and the falloff that mammal. And then you've got an issue to deal with the crawl spaces there can be huge prowl for fleas. Our yards are huge problems and we we actually had one house 23 weeks ago. Where the home that I was being sold people are buying it live and intuit. While they were doing its work in the crawl space they realized they had a huge flea infestation in the crawl space so bad. Were the people that we're doing the work in the crawl space couldn't do the work and neither does succumb Mandela can be very costly for homeowner because you've got to get in there remove that vapor Bir Al and once you remove that vapor barrier you have to come back and and put a new vapor barrier backed him. You've got to spray under home that I vapor barrier in order to get those please get rid of all mom. So we came and we took care of home but. You know fleas are smaller about 2.5 millimeters. They have about 21 day cycle life cycle. And that FEMA can weigh in you all on perfect conditions that FEMA complain about fifty eggs today. On average is only about twenty today but you can see with numbers like that immediate infestation really quickly. You know you know and Donald won't pick you appear justice Arkansas hang on. We we had a house that you all did for us. That. The guy. Purchased and and when we took over possession of the house we found out really quickly. Because our legs got dinged up earlier that it had fleas and and so it was not a one step process it's not it's not a bomb and go we had that. Do that initial then you had to wait a certain number day yet of then you had to vacuum yeah after that then had him. Dude again he actually yes so what's the deal that. Yet slow burn that life cycle that week goes through egg larva pupa an adult. And turn that shall those pleas will go through different melting periods in that vacuum cleaner. On the vibrations has produced from. We'll send a signal that there is an mammals nearby. And so they'll come they'll actually hatch out of that and go into that adults age quicker. And that's how you can get those fleece sucked up quicker sick a lot tells where we go into doing and inspection of a home. Our technicians look like we're going crazy because they start jumping up and down and make no arms no visible and room because we're trying to create in the simulate that vibration. To see where the. Talk or do you come on now sit home all seriously. But we're coming back to this the dawn they hit the hit. I've I'd like to see Marty do that hard to tell Donald jump on whether it's our. Yes and Eric question about do you effectiveness so. Termite but he traps that are but around the exterior homes my old. Was about sixteen years old Internet Evan has termite actually will initially treated you know what was being built in. I had. I had it treated with a terminal or. And the pierce drilled and around concrete thing and so forth in the eruptions such and and then later rampant traps Al. And the parlor mouse pad out so I just curious system really Al back to that those straps are. Now Donald are you talking about. Little ground a little round green stations around the yard or a little rectangular ones you significant its foundations. This is actually two bait the bitter derailed. About. 23 feet away from the the more brick wall yellow brick road trip would come and inspect ten turn airport at year where in the so they've got. Maybe in the air and then at that fact actually he didn't come back equipment that you probably have the poison. Sure you have that's termite baiting program. Then they they do work they're very hard com to really maintain properly there's some many problems that that we personally found. That are that arise all of that baiting program via. Landscaper runner renowned they get waterlogged. Com did. Technicians can't find them when they come back civilians stretch of the total that's a problem that's a big problem and then I mean there really has amassed while Wiig got rid of all we don't really do many termite baiting programs at all. Just because we believe taking care of over with a liquid the first time is the best way to do it. But the Breton bailing programs are a mean if you have somebody who's staying on top of it you're then you're checking it while. The technician is actually think he can be beneficial in some cases. But in most cases it's really hard and we we discourage it just mainly because. While these companies use it as as an excellent revenue producer. And then take they take advantage and they keep Jack can hear your annual. As you go along just they can give more money. How did you feel that program over the longevity of it. Well that's kind of what I felt coming added perk open here and it's a boat that they were government board that year reject common. You know I don't want to allow what should let me know you know when you're coming out. Because for the period I wanted to be there and watch the process and such and I never got a call a lot of time in life and it looked like they did not they didn't open up the it's he would end it disturb you don't my flower it's so. So discontinued the service. But I was just curious as to whether it was worth yeah you can also do it yourself. Through community which so stuff. Bottom you know whatever the term or untreated I don't know it would be good junior. You know two months. Yeah and so. And etched in your opinion that the best route should be the treatment. Yeah yeah no I would do that. As well and that's what I recommend others don't such a great question thank you for sharing that with us we appreciate thanks Colin doll. Tied 704571110. If you got a question kind of course. 3341616. For I'm no longer America home that's right and if you wanna get the dude dude treatment done the right way. We've got a lot more to talk about we got mosquitoes on the agenda and we got more trans. More conversations to be conflicting about in the real estate market so stick with us to show your real estate today news 1110993. Debbie BT will be right back. Your real estate today we welcome happy Saturday Taylor lives in the WBT studios. I mean post cold Jamison. From the Jamison family of companies Jamison property management Jamison property investments and Jamison realty with Keller Williams. A year with Sam ivy ivy exterminating. And we're here to take your calls if you choose. 704570111070457011. To and you have a realistic question. A pest. I really should I should know I can't I can't time my neighbor is I'm having an issue with related to real estate called. And we will talk. Through it with few and not just tell Cuba hopefully help somebody else start. So we were darken at the break about please then we're not gonna flee the police subject 'cause I'm not done yet but we wanna talk about mosquitoes to 'cause there. On and we crazy right now only. Wanna tell you that. Right now mowing heels. And I am word are. Remain our biggest Rand told poll right. So recently the millennial generation has nudged the baby boomers out of position as the largest generation in US. Not just for rentals but overall all right. So they're gonna be a key influence your and 2018 and bond beyond. So they. They have now own the top Reynolds spot for several with several years. So out of 45 point. Nine million households rented in the United States. Eighteen. Point four million. Of those households. Our millennial renters. And so Jessie asked me a semi Smart question. Gas may he said well. He set I would have expected it to be larger lesson well. Eventually it will be however a lot of those colonials are still live in with mom and dad. Room. I feel it's OK so. Ran roars need to think about. Renting Jamal and -- and some things that they can do to make it more attractive to the M word OK here's a few. Think about your location. And more energy and yet it's usually mole show the equipment so orbit for changing it for today's discussion. Broken. We change mole to microbial Golar growth so we're changing millennial now to be a morgue is gonna be like PM generation right. Central location most only error interest want to be as close apostle as possible to as many things. As possible and they prefer urban apartments Stalin. In most cases they're paying more than the standard market value. And as long as they don't have to give up any amenities. So they wanna be located centrally. Ha hence look at downtown Charlotte you know 704571110. Buick coming on that maybe sort of all right so. Passion that really just think thing that this does not attend to is that tour three. So the ranch Tony 400 that's a premium brand but they got 3 am Lebanon. Mac the other thing they love as Smart home. Automation Smart home automation. And they love the technology and I. You know since we have a producer who is a M word. I did drill him a little bit on some of them automation things. They want to be able to control as many things as they can link to their devices they're gadgets and together in the cloud. Temperature writing security. All those things from their Smartphone are very attractive if you're renting to millennial thinking about adding a few of those things. I actually love that idea things like in this device things like come lightbulbs that that day you know attached to your phone inside outside. Offering free Internet. Security system the list goes on and on and think about those things. Okay here's one that surprised me all right. More than 7%. Or more means. Renters. Have pets. 70%. People. And of course. Jesse again in his wisdom in and Sam as well talked about some of the pets like a lizard doesn't count well. I then launched into my rant which I won't that this time things we have more things to talked about productively but. What do you do with. Poser but has had an alternate. You have helped you stare at it okay you watching replies I guess second big at the restaurant but that is not. A real estate topic OK so realistically that okay. So make sure if you're renting to a millennium. Or M word that the MNM generation. Then you put in good solid stipulate stipulations around pets and expectations. So that they understand. If the pat do it business inside. Prisons outside. That there is a consequence. For that financially. And forget. All so they like to. Control the process on line. So make sure if you are offering a rental or Europe management company horror or someone with a portfolio and your managing yourself make sure that the application process can be done around nine. VM generation also likes green features. And that means ample parking for Subaru just can't. It means a insulated balls energy efficiency. Etc. Okay. They'll like walk ability. Places to park their bike places they can go public transportation close by. Convenient. To everything. Figures they want at all. Next is compelling marketing are about property they do not want to be tricked and bamboozled. Or. Talk down to in the rental process they want it legitimate they want a professional and they want it to look good humorous marketing schemes and flashy signs. Are not what attract more males. Flexibility in the contract. They wanna be able to do. Have flexibility. They want they don't want to our long term leases they don't they seem to him two shy away from that and prefer shorter term contracts. That is one that they're gonna have to get over. Extra amenities that's always nice laundry jams caused by clubhouse is movie screening rooms don't have any of those. Things like that that's why some of the apartment where things were good. Security that's always a good thing. Our outdoor recreational well maintain property and eventually remember folks they were bought okay. They also don't want fleece and their property. Okay Randy he's got to do it ran he's got a question hang on 12 Randy so so lastly. When you're working and have properties that are attractive to colonials in those places communicate about the opportunities. For outdoor recreation. Things nearby and do a few Smart things to help them be attracted to the property Randy. How are. How are gonna help you sir. Hello there our own five rental properties and Indian trail. And I rent a couple millennial. And what are your current and app or some online source that they could pay at a rate to as opposed to meet picking up the right check every month. Yeah okay Randy. Yeah yes. OK like you know that is the last thing you need to be doing a man. Because if they've if they're not willing to bring it to you usually meego and again. They are all five within one mile of each other and like it. What the first of the month I just take a ride out in the morning and pick up and I like that keep an eye on the places do. Well that's that that has some merit to it too but you're acting more like a mayor than a landlord probably. So I am so what. But but I do agree that you know keep an eye on your property does help and it does help offset from some of the the hassles of that. So you know there are a couple of different ways they can obviously pay you by PayPal. They can do you know do a direct deposit. Do you. And you can easily work with your bank to get that setup men in very early in the business before I've. Opened my management company that's a way that I I'd like to do it. This is set up a direct deposit relationship with the depository and let them yes sir do you. Look so great note I thought I'd have to learn how to get an app first volley go that route so I'm glad I don't have the. Yeah just had him go direct deposit her even use PayPal. Part of our that would also. Do you know much anytime firmer front have a good about yourself yes not my answer is sometime or write their Matthews come on C assailant. Thank you are prepared it take care to Iran. Our our let's get back to menace we got the next segment we've got to cover a lot of ground you Sam. So here's what we hear let's let's finish up the fleas we got what two minutes for the brick yeah fish protect. All right so fleas now what we said in the first segment was you don't have to have a pet to have police. You have to go you make sure you don't just spray and go you gotta go through multiple processes you don't hear them. OK is there anything you can do to avoid. Getting fleas. That you would recommend teams is believed control up part of the quarterly. Contractor or do you is it more of a proactive versions are reactive. It's really a moral approach proactive. Staff of the creature dog. Coming into flea collar did you do while different programs out there for your pads. You need the also girl around the property of your house explosion from a crawl space to make sure all of your defense are sealed up. You know I'm a mouse can go through an opening 2000 shirt button Iraq and its 2000 Porter forty pound rack can go through reform and opening. And so we see a lot of towns where Wal-Mart just gonna end they were for a little bit and and then move now and then rough behind fleas that now can work their way up into a house. Sam off. Unlike in heaven you handle that process that they are right because you already do that our house twelve if you please let me get rid of your fleas. Come on now. False yeah all the legends of chips hit Jessie had led to end up he would get it and he did it yeah all right so let me tell you what. The next segment what we have got to cover the week OK we got to cover mosquitoes because they were absolutely out of control right now that's right we got to welcome our I'd you've got to answer my aunt question. And okay as if you get a chance inside your pantry. He got generator all your food we're gonna talk about that because we're gonna get a break and fifteen seconds. And then we're gonna talk about. A little bit about what Doug called about earlier why keep a term I bond on your property we've got to talk about theft are. The show you real estate today stay where this we're live from the WBT Steve studios. Had 9931110. WB take. Show your aspects. Me. Until we until. Hall Jamieson your roast. The Jamison family of companies property management investment and real estate here was Samar they IDs germinating. Card Sam we got a lot to cover but if you wanna call you have a question 70457111070457. Though we 1110 and Carlos. Which on the air and you can ask whatever question you have related to real Stater pests are. Try to keep it in that area. Of conflict of the art. Sam mosquitoes and their outlook and troll land there insane it's crazy. You did it's Gracie oh yeah I'm telling you now. Pixels are called us and who have yet to look for I mean. I've not I don't ever remember it being like this is there a reason. Cause this is this is this seems to be the year net they're the hungry as they've ever been in. Both from reproductive season I mean as hot as skins are looking for any top water source taken from people are trying to run irrigation as much as they can cause. They're grass and sponsors create more moisture. More gets pulled up in different places and splash walks. Kids stories bird bath things like that has mosquitoes go and and mosquitoes right conditions she can lay up 200 eggs in the single way. So you just mosquitoes get out of control especially if you don't have any plan. In place to get rid of OK so you can actually he and we've talked about this in the past but you can actually tricked. Oh we do we come now we treat we treat on every 21 and 25 day cycle. Now we come round we far all the volume bushes around. I hear your guard calm those mosquitoes are are hiding up underneath that apparently is feeling on honey do. On those calls other insects in your yard that are coming up and attack from the plant and so there's mosquitoes feed off of it in the morning mammals in an area. That's FEMA she gets her blood mail and then she's able to reproduce and playing those aches and the cycle just keeps going on so we can come out we take care reform it. Choose crazy parent. Okay all right here's one that I. I wasn't sure what your answer was going to be there sir if I get dance inside my pantry. Do I have to throw away all the food. Depends. Crew took the effect it's one of those answers that he answers with the name of a brand of disposable underwear. Well go ahead I went backpacking launch for 21 days was starving found a doughnut in the words come with a chance and I either. And your proud of that. Yes. A couple of when you've been in the words 21 days. Had had any real food you know you feel almost everything I don't know I don't. But now it's into the tournament and you can't just. Good calls from. Than they can contaminate your food different bacteria that they've they picked up on the way in and around your home home surfaces and in your kitchen and and they can contaminate your friends say anything opened that they have gotten into you do want to get rid of Kenya I mean I mean so he got to take everything out of the pantry. He got to go through everything you got to look for stuff that's open I guess. Yes stuff let's open as it is remain concerned you know we recommend a lot of people Clinton on the food products in this plastic containers. Unjust because also you have the potential of getting their own sometimes a pantry past. In your greens here are familiar rice corn things like that they come in from Hershey store. And machine gun in this plastic containers you're gonna see one month and you're gonna have less must promise within getting into other food pantry. All the companies when they do their quarterly past treatments they treat only outside yeah. And what good is that gonna do vs. And three new insured. Welcome them the main reason behind all of is you can you treat all our national service we come and we treat the whole inside of the house. And ideas once we get rid of everything inside of the house were really only focused on what's going to be coming from outside in your house so when we do our quarterly treatments we treat around outside the home. The foundation foundation vents or windows seals. Door thresholds things like that so that we can get a good protection down. OK you know because I remember when we moved the first treatment you do it was like. A lot. While more intensive aroma inside and then if you know occasionally you're gonna have something that finds its way into the room for something like that are from. Crawl space and comes up. Well we offer free follow ups for anybody that we come and take care of any issue until you've always done that that's for darn sure you see something you call we're gonna get taken care yeah that's generally get. Okay. Why keep the termite bond. You know I. It's is here you know muffin and we've been doing this since 1954. And before. Was actually working for the company are common in the background behind the chemicals how long they'll last and stuff and and I didn't intend to keep a bomb personally myself on my own homes swallowed them or move to Charlotte that. After being in the business. And seeing how many these companies are out here aren't really doing the job properly. It is so important to make sure you get a trustworthy reliable company that comes out does termite treatment correctly. According to state standards. And that you have somebody coming back ever every year to take a look at it. Other state does actually recommend that you have a home work out every twelve to sixteen months. By a professional. On and so he is just important make sure that your protecting one of your largest investment. You know I agree with. Now if I'm always surprised when I sit down and number working with a family in a new listening. How many have let that bond lapsed. Sure well and most people even with a lot of these new start up poems tract homes that there are both home slavs and and most people are under the assumption that because our home is on a concrete slab that we will never have any problems. With termites and and that's just not true we see a ton of termites. Come up in almost leave early spring as one of the best times of the year free to really know whether or not you have because this warmer in the upcoming. Al into your hung on and you wanna make sure that you have somebody looking at him to make sure that they don't get in there and do the damage. Before him now I agree on the percent. A couple of things are wanted to follow up with before we go we got about a minute poem. I think I found a statistic. That I thought was really cool. We were talking about Smart home before yeah remember that oh yeah. 71%. Of homeowners survey. Are willing to pay more for not just a move in ready home but one that includes smaller home automation yeah 71%. Infomercial pay more for that I believe that that's pretty cool that's a good thing you know. Also. I think another thing was how they called it hadn't heard that. I hope I'm pronouncing this correctly. Gadget ten area ethos. Why have you had years that your business and this is like this is like really funny it's spelled gadget Terry. GA DGE. To. RIA Gadgetell area he takes a look. That's like got to be a quiz show question. This did you have a sense that go beyond the tea asks that shouldn't call Paul I can. Yeah. Also had. I don't know what to do when you do that. Yeah. And so also just note. That that that bet M generation. It is common. 209. A day in the region. People coming into Charlotte their big part of their common for jobs. Oh yes damn how to they get in touch with a diving give his call 7043341616. Or bug ivory dot com. If you wanna talk to us if you need help buying selling investing or managing property. We were allowed to talk to you the Jamison family of companies in the Jamison realty team. We are here to help 704. 846. Done as 704 rate for 63663. Or on the web at mine Jamison homes dot com. Happy birthday Kerry and covered.