Most Unemployable College Majors, President Trump, and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, October 10th

Hancock talks about the president's negotiating skills, bad college major choices, I Read The News and more.


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Yeah. This is John. Well good maybe you're close to an end game on the it would say it would hear the fans that don't probably. I'm. It features a movement. According to having a baby here to Denver. They got an ESPN's. Anyway he says there's a movement to go on in the with the NFL owners to. To make any rule that you got to come out and stand for the National Anthem. And is Cowherd was talking about today it is Rolen in NBA. And and nobody is accusing them of being. Where everybody is being accused of being. So loved and in this story that we just heard Joseph with. With a Mike. Players are frustrated because there rode their original message is again now. Are the message that they're trying to get out is not giving out its. And so so maybe that maybe you were head towards an end game where we can. That a return to big game. And and get past all of bill to be yes. I hit either huh there we. TJ put a deal out yesterday about to Mike Pence and apparently it just blew up. And cash it's been a long time since I've gotten a much email and single evening. Some nice to have you here. Astros beat the Boston red sash last night to a when the American League division series three games to one Dodgers top the Arizona Diamondbacks. Swept their series three games to none. Yankees defeated via Indians so that's tied up in two games apiece the deciding game will be tomorrow. And the cubs beat the nationals two to one. Two game to one lead to end a game four will be played tonight. And just a programming note if you check your TV schedule it'll tell you it's at 530 but since the Dodgers. Arizona series is over the game has been moved up to 8 o'clock still on TBS I believe. So cubs and nationals tonight when they had a chance for the cubs to a move on and so that would be cubs Dodgers. And Houston whoever wins the the Cleveland Yankee series not technically. If you go by records MR right here it should be the Dodgers in the indians'. In a World Series. So they were able to roll that goes. I'd be at a college major and are you working in that college major. My wife as a college major from Ohio State University skews me. The Ohio State University. In fashion designer believe. She works in television. So a lot of the a career site. Zip via. Uses US census data to find out what the unemployment rate was for ages so people ages 2225. And various fields and found out which college majors. Had the highest rate of unemployment. And unsurprisingly. As has been fairly consistent for bashed in the beginning of time many of them involve the arts. Societal and communication but there are also was some that relate to science engineering technology math. On top eleven majors with the highest unemployment rates. Composition and rhetoric. Seventeen point 54%. Are. Are are not employed in that yeah I am not. Know what is that 7045711. Did no one of the most interest in glasses I ever took him by him believe me. Mean remembering classes I took back in college is not all that hard does or if there weren't that many. And last longer in college. And they get out I entered and are on here high school level I ever thought college is going to be dose of the governor jury I have no idea. Peruvian radio studio lets get on with this I'm tired I don't need to be senator class or so on. I took and of course called rhetoric of western thought. And all I remember was that the professor one of the most fascinating professors I ever had. Now again. The Internet that many. But he would start his first sentence about three steps before he would open up the door in other words. I don't know what tiger class started ten. And he would always walk in the door at 5 seconds after 10 o'clock and he would be on the third word of his first sentence when he walked him. And I always thought that was a great way to end your. It took us awhile to figured out. But then you knew that when that door opened. He was often right than he was the Atari started. And I thought it was fascinating I guess that's kind of what I've told a bow and everybody with the podcast that we do every week. Start this thing when we recorded as at 1230 on Thursday's. Start that tape at 1230. And if somebody's late somebody's life. And and and just start roll the tape let's go. And at some point or another will also welcome to the broadcast but I don't always I was kinda like that that method but I what is so what is the composition. While what do majoring composition very. It's like I had today I had that that things in life that. Make you feel stupid. What bet I'm sure somebody's gonna call until we ordered president of resilient all. Like writing compositions. Using. Music. And so what would rhetoric be mean I know rhetoric is but it. How would you major in rhetoric. Armed. The president has a new nickname for Bob Parker. And the way that he tweeted it today was LI DD LT. Apostrophe. So I assume. That he was saying little Bob carper you know like. But he spelled it LI DD LE. So I'm looking at that and I'm taken. Well I don't know what LI DD LE means. So I went I normally. And aren't there but you know Webster's horror. All that stuff nobody mentions little. Libel whatever it is. But the urban dictionary has. And I can't even tell you what they urban dictionary says it is but it has to do the form of something that apparently Harvey Weinstein did in front of women. In kind of a strange position ball below the said the other things so. I thought of that guy he could mean that toggle back and and Ezra my city garrison do you know the meaning of that word because I don't. But I vessel apparently it's just to play on words he's just basically Canada referring to Bob is kind of an infant little you know. But I think I was afraid if I came in here and just brushed over it that I wouldn't find out that it had a different. Meaning. Things that make you feel stupid. Major communication and rhetoric you'll study the complex ways in which we communicate with each other. Through the media and face to face with words and without. At work and at play. Communication and rhetoric majors studies and practice the exchange of messages. In all their variety. Well no wonder you can't find a job. Did you think you were going until when you decided that you that's the kind of major the U try to get. Did did you apply for when you're a freshman. Because you can't get into graphic arts Ernie fingers that's too popular so you start off in college with that one. And then when you get than it did you change your major to what it is that you actually wanna major in. Yeah what does talk selling a talk show host. Except I don't know that I've ever studied the ways in which we communicate with each other. I say stuff that I think I believe. Although sometimes. After. Oh analyze so what I've said and then go back and and decide to you know maybe I was wrong about one. And then and then you guys in me vile emails and and call me names. Well I'm not so sure that that's my idea of the exchange of of messages and all their variety. But maybe it is. So I'm a major okay communication and rhetoric on the rhetoric major. I should get day. Well I don't know about a doctorate. But I wish I had an honorary rhetoric degree from somebody. Like may be very Sharia law school. All right be a college majors that have the highest unemployment rate. This is from moccasins zippy has ZIPPI a used to census data. And I found out what the under. Limit rate was four people 2225. Various fields in which college majors had the highest rate of unemployment and we just got finished talking about the number one composition and rhetoric. With a seventeen point 54%. Unemployment environmental science was number two. She got sounds like a major that would be. In today's day and age. Global warming them. And all the other are things that go with that. And anthropology and archaeology. Number three. Drama and the theater arts number floor that's been. And it's been alone producer for a long long time. Now rest assured necessarily mergers is probably an RO Wright's statement but I'm not so sure people who necessarily major in drama and theater arts are looking doozy. Well long term paying it. In less they are under some sort of well hope dream that bell he'd be one and a gazillion that. Becomes a Broadway star or movie actress or. Harvey Weinstein date. Runner. You know that I don't follow up stuff early don't know I don't care about patients don't care about I mean you know don't care. And I'm not really fallen Harvey Weinstein ending but I guess the thing that surprises me most about that is I just gave me. At the. Whether there's anything wrong with them. But it just of all the people that terror. Accused of harassing women are sexually or whatever they're here whatever the official charge is or will be. He's lawyer up now the times in The New Yorker of Gandhi's investigative pieces and every day something new comes out and some. Major somebody comes out miserable but. Now that's what surprised me about. All right I'm done with Harvey Weinstein. Number five the highest on the unemployment rate video film infant death photographic arts. Number six mass media. People growing up want to be AM radio announcer. And that's what you are you better be in your sixties. By this may not be a really replaced land a gig after an editor you know. 41 gonna go make it an AM radio. You know I heard what newspaper thing didn't work out. Tom. Fine arts number seven. Number eight. At how would you apply this to a two actual making a living out of this. Area ethnic and civilizations. Studies. What are you even look under under your dog and help wanted section of the they don't even have help wanted section of the paper anymore they do over a. Yeah it's it's. Is about it an inch and a half long. On and it's in it's probably mostly shut aced her sales gigs. Commission only. You got no shot. You're doing that you ever do one call closed sales. I ended. Met some of the nicest guys ever edit painted some of that nicest pictures of well how much you could make it where you would be if you just. All of their system. Inner cultural and international studies number nine on the list. Communication technologies. Again I've that I don't really know what that is. That wouldn't be like IT wouldn't be like engineering wouldn't be that on what it. Communication technologies. How to switch your radio from FM to AM on people would probably need counsel on that. What's this hole in the middle. That's for your cassette. And biology. Number eleven. So there you go bomb. Those are low ways that you can go to college I've got all of those are all are essentially. Probably great majors to declare so that you can get into schools so you can then once your end then. Re declare your major for what you really want a bill. My. Matt tried to get an oncologist graphic art yourself Mike Bennett and and I didn't get accepted by the school that he wanted it. So he should've gone in to something like composition and rhetoric and then changed his major after you're too. So there it is. Tips from John. Son Tripp knows what it was an undervote Thompson of and they started talking about the Bob corporate deal that was taken place all day yesterday and the president started doing tweeting pretty early this morning. Because I got on a treadmill but 5:30 this morning I know. Is tweaking surely they're after. And he referred to. To Bob corporate has little LI DD LE a little Bob corporate. And said the to do the failing New York Times that little Bob court her up by recording his conversations. And I mean it's wondered about. Eight years down the road. Seven years three months down the road. Eight years down the road. Next president. Does he used Twitter. To the extent that. Mean if you rearview analyze it it is a way for you to bypass the press. And to get an opinion out aura feeling out or. Just set the stage for what you want to be. Discussed that day. So I mean he has proven it to be effective. You may not like his style. In all cases but. But I gated but I guess my point being he's probably changing it for at least try to change a lot of things but he's probably changing the way that. Future presidents. Will communicate. Via via presidential press conference which is always been just. A futile. Drama. Now where you get some spokesperson out there to do everything they can to put all. Injured there the Sar us and expertise to. Don't put words in order without ever saying anything. And yesterday Bob co. Or her of Tennessee and no the president bash and each other back and forth. Spectacle coming escort crew has announced that he won't run for reelection in 24018. Also said it in New York Times interview that trump could just set the US court on rail path to world war three and that is threats towards other countries. And that and then trump sends a series between expected to our Corcoran charges him with being largely responsible for what trump called the horrendous I ran deal and intending to obstructed. Why else agenda and and having beg for Trump's endorsement for his 2018 reelection and and is deciding not to when no trump declined and so anyway it just went back and forth and back and forth. I NA later times interview core her in addition there was world war three comments also said that trump acts as if he was. On his old reality TV show and it nearly every senator Republican chairs his concerns about president. So today. The president was up early and as he always as and he's got a new nickname now for the Republican Bob corporate. And the feud apparently is a still on as of this morning I a little doubt that it would still be the quote the failing at New York Times said little LI DD LE Bob court her up. By recording his conversation. That's what trump tweeted. Then said was made to sound a fool and that's what I'm dealing what. In trump was referring to the interview that corporate gave the New York Times in which the senator likened the trump White House to a real out reality show and suggested that. Not reckless comments from the president could lead to world war three well. Since then the times has released excerpts from that interview as well as audio. And it's not. Quite sure what to burglar went what transmitted saying that the newspaper had said he had trump let that sent to court corroborative trance skip makes clear that Corcoran knew it was on the record. And also knew that the call was being recorded in net told the reporter that his staff was recording it and no hope you are too. So anyway. Different reaction is everything the president does is gonna get rid different reaction depending on where you go all the all the that the conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal thinks the court her spoke the truth about the president's lack discipline in short fuse and narcissus are men. Have been averted. Treaty even foreign heads of state is if thorough. Well this is the words of the Wall Street Journal Rosie O'Donnell. And it helps other top Republicans so follow coworkers lead because they think it might actually help. But really reaction has kind of been. Downplayed Eminem hasn't been that much reaction. NBC news rounds up reaction from mud top Republicans to other statements coworkers. And and the president and fines. Pretty much silence or shrugs her. Typical us cinnamon one came from Marco Rubio said you'll have to ask senator corporal what led him to make that statement I haven't made dead that statement and and trumps criticism comes just a week before the senate vote very important vote trumps a tax plan. And so we're all that goes I don't know but anyway he involved corporal. Are are making headlines with their refused to date now. The president. And we'll never really know whether or not Rex Tillerson called the president moron or not. But trump himself offers a solution to that. And us said quote I think it's big news but if he did that. I guess we'll have to compare IQ tests. And then the president just says an interview with Forbes and I can tell you who's going to win. Now. From being confident in his own abilities that's nothing new. And Rex Tillerson is pretty sharp dude himself. And I don't think you get to be your head of ExxonMobil with. But. But anyways so that's so that's kind of. That's kind of interesting but. In all many went through over under the old deal went through with Jeff Sessions. It's cattle like voicing your opinion on Mike Pence at a football game you better have a pretty thick skin to usury email that night may not be all that. Maybe I'll let nice to you. And same thing with politics in the same thing we're working for the president Jeff Sessions and I had to get it up and just take it in stride and and endure Rex Tillerson is pretty much doing the same thing. And whether or not ever called the president a moron or not who knows. Drug doubled down on his contention that Tillerson was wasting his time negotiating with the North Korean strongman Kim Jong-un. And so the interviewer then said Jack questioned. His public quote unquote publicity and publicly up rating was the phrase he used. Tillerson. And at trump said if I'm not undermining. I think I'm actually strengthening authority. So I don't guys two of the guys style is just a little bit different and and maybe that's. Part of the I don't know have you ever had. Good really conventional boss one that was pretty predictable did things the way that all your bosses have ever done that and analysts and ended up for the Boston. He just does things a little bit differently just Erica and it comes and angles that they're not quite used to always cuts amount. Some quirks he's got some. But ultimately it all depends on. Where you end up at the end and it. All right on further review room. The NRA actually does oppose a full ban on bump stocks last week they had come out and showed us a glimmer of light but they're. They're stressing their support to. For more limited regulations and what has actually been proposed. And Nancy Pelosi is now finding out and so is Chuck Schumer that. The Friendster really would like to have some hard line measures hardline Democrats told to lives. In return for the deck a deal. So mom. They'll look come by our meeting that they had had two everybody came out of the known Nancy was solo. On furthering no. Then deal with that president trump on on deck that the top Democrats spoke up last month is still work in progress. But they appear to be pretty far apart again ending a list of court and quote principles that were released by the white house on Sunday night. Trump's calling for some. At least had to them hardline immigration measures to to mitigate granting legal status to dreamers. That would include finding the border wall. And hiring 101000 new ice agents. In cracking down on unaccompanied minors arriving in the US illegally. I and that. At least in part lives up to why his campaign commitment to have immigration system that Depp puts the needs of Americans. First hardworking Americans first. And Democrats say they were appalled by the proposals. Which include cuts to a legal immigration. And they called. The illicit an anathema to dreamers say another word something that dreamers would be vehemently. Good than just like are opposed to. And to the due to the immigration. And immigrant community. I and they claim to the vast majority of Americans Chuck Schumer Nancy Pelosi are not happy we told the president our meeting that warrior open to reasonable border security measures but this list goes so far beyond what is reasonable. Another proposal fails to represent any attempt at compromise they said. And and in the giddy if you run it feel. Soon the trump White House. Sources from the White House telling Politico. Bet he'd hit then that trump that the administration sees this as a quote on quote opening bid for a deal with during immersed. So I guess they're both positioning at this point but that's that's stroke comes negotiator. You don't go in and start with what you want you go and start with. If you want a 150000. A year you started a 175. In all. If you all day if you're willing do bend a little bit you go in there with your original. Proposals and then you showed the ability to compromise after that that's what trump does. Even on health care he just brought up health care again today you think I'll give an arrest now are not gonna give arrest. She's gonna get something done. Now I say he's going to Democrats because it's not working its killer it's it's needed to break in people. So that's the way he works that say. 88 so called loses a battle. And many outcomes Bakken. And negotiates for mayor. So I don't know why I think better the American people are just kind of get used to style is supposed to run anything else under the Democrats still who guarded the majority so I mean they're gonna have to. They're gonna have to bend a little bit too bad that so it's all positioning at that point the National Rifle Association opposed the bump stock spam. They want a more you know they support more limited drug grow our regulations. Last week they kind of surprised all of us by saying now that they would embrace possible restrictions on bump start devices but then on Sunday the NRA drew the line non an outright bam. They were making their rounds of the of those Sunday shows. And Chris Cox is the NRA's chief lobbyist. And he said too much focus on a public focus on no limiting the devices rather than preventing bad human behavior. Said today it was the responsibility of the US Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives not congress to regulate the sale of bonds stocks. He said quote we don't believe that bands of ever worked on anything. What we have said has been very clear that if something transient it's something transfers. A semi automatic to function as a fully automatic then it ought to be regulated differently. So. Upon further review decked out and bump stocks. I'll might not be as close as what. You may have been originally. Unless your beliefs. All right let's sub is also a disrespect him some and suggested to him I don't nonetheless come wonders. He had Clark County Nevada sheriff's Joseph Lombardo. I yesterday revised the timeline on the Vegas massacre. Saying that the security guard at the Mandalay bay hotel was shot by the killer. Before. He opened up fire on the people attending the country music concert tour at 32 floors blown war on them second to. The guard is responding to a report of an open door when he heard drilling from Mo panics room. Panic who was. Lou and installed three cameras to monitor anybody approaching his room fired 200 shots down the hallway area through the door at the guard wounding him. And then panic began his shooting Rampage that killed. Well ultimately 59 people wasn't on. Just a few minutes later. The sheriff Lombardo had previously said that the guard showed up at the in the hallway after panic opened fire. On the concert goers. And may have stopped caused him to stop shooting but he now says he doesn't know why potter suffer firing. When a swat team blasted into the room Vatican RD killed himself. Mart also conceded these frustrated as investigators still don't know why he carried out the mass shooting. You may have any other theories on that. Ego. The individual personally. Purposely hit his actions leading up to the event and dead difficult finding answers to what towed to what those actions were. Now the three police officers who took part in storming a Vegas. Room of the killer. We don't there's been. At the Mandalay bay hotel. From which she opened fire on big country music festival going on. He was on sixty minutes Sunday. And they said they found a note. In the in the room and assert 32 floor handwritten. Calculations about no where panic needed to aim to maximize his accuracy to kill as many people as possible. One of the officer's name is David Newton. And he saw the note on a night stand and said quote I could see audit that he had written the distance the elevation he was on the drop. Of what his bullet was gonna be up for the crowd. So we had that written down and figured out so he would know where to shoot to hit his targets from their. So pretty calculated. The guy was so I think I kind of wondered about and I haven't heard any thing is where does he practice. In other words if you're GNU. If you're gonna use of bombs stock. You kind of got to know what your. Doing don't Jim I mean I'm just I don't know. So you would think that AEA he would have been out in the lead in the desert around mountains or so plays out the middle of nowhere. I'm at least getting used to the equipment that he was using. I am you know I ever heard any. Indian mere conjecture about them. Both stocks YouTube. Banned videos that show how to use boat stocks. This was after the Las Vegas. Tragedy. They were videos on there that show jedi used on stocks to convert guns to make them more fire more rapidly that's what this guy did this that the killer dead dead converted a semi automatic. News and a bump stock to make it perform like an automatic. And automatic weapons or are illegal in the US but bumps stocks to modify them aren't. And they YouTube decided to ban the video showing they're used to anyway. Spokesman said we have a long we've we have long had a policy against harmful and dangerous content. In the wake of the recent tragedy in Las Vegas we have taken a closer look at videos that do. And straight how to convert firearms to make them fire more quickly and we've expanded our existing policy to prohibit. Those videos. So I'd just a couple of things going on in regards to what happened in no Las Vegas. Oh last week. And bumps stocks in Minnesota and so far another was an article. And I and I'm not sure if this came out on Friday. Or over the weekend. But there are represented a Steve's release. Who was so wounded after a gunman opened fire on the Republican mayor of congress back in June 2 baseball game. Was on Meet the Press. Sunday. And and exclusive interview. And he's still opposes opposes gun control you still stands behind the unlimited right to bear arms. His quota on none Meet the Press was our founding fathers believed strongly in gun rights for citizens. So instead of passing new regulations in the wake of on the Vegas shooting. Which has put his back into the center of it gun debate again. He thinks that big existing. Regulations I should be enforced. So again I mean that's that's an inching ended that's lynching from a guy who's. Who's recovering from. Being attacked by got a gun. There's a new poll as of though last Friday Huffington Post slash EU gov. Conducted after the Vegas shooting and their revealed about 42% of Americans believe mass shootings can be stopped but that means most Americans believe mass shootings can't. Be stopped. Because that 42%. Is the lowest percentage ever in this ongoing poll that they've taken now for the last two years. I don't think you could stop them and I don't think you can I have a guy I don't think you can. I'll pass enough laws or or think well enough ahead if somebody wants to perpetrate evil on on people or. Our sons our adult figure out a way to do it. You can you could somehow or another miraculously take every gun off the street that ever existed. And you still have people. Driving automobiles down crowded sidewalks. And knives and dynamite and I know people are gonna figure out a way BetaNews guns that Oklahoma City they either used fertilizer. People are gonna people are gonna find ways to perpetrate evil sick people. Are going to find the means. It's that you know I and I Norman opposition with some of my friends out west but. Which is uninteresting. Dynamic by the way. A couple of friends of mine out Colorado who I just don't really correspond with me anymore know that lesbian but he's really leads me to believe it listen to the show. And I don't what walk in lockstep with that are far left views. Now that doesn't mean that that means they listen to this day and show for ten minutes and heard me say something that they just trying to be ludicrous because it's too far right for them. And so they branded me that way. And so they've decided that as a friend or not going to be my friend anymore because our politics don't match well screw you. I it's the same thing in some cases of some of you do just like you did yesterday with a Mike Pence thing. I mean I can't tell you how much hateful email I got last night cannot even describe it. If and if you did and if you think I've done this for 27 years and don't have a thick skin if you think your emails have any. Bearing on me whatsoever you're not you're ready a month. Also on the new deal here in the next few days. That's how scared I W. We we should be able to have discussions some way even when we vehemently disagree with each other. Oh without. Writing to guard derogatory things about Myer family and my granddaughter and my you know I mean eurozone is so why would I have any respect for your opinion when you go there. You just another. I can't use that prison near. But I mean I really I did that I sat there and looked at. Thirty emails last night. Just hate filled. And we didn't say anything hateful yesterday we gave her opinion that's what I get paid to do I did to buy pin is not always right. And all you're gonna remain on the one who predicted that. Donald Trump didn't have a prayer of being the nominee of the Republican Party in when he was we came back and admitted it we were wrong. I'm just here to stimulate conversation. So. Anyway if we ever got a chance to meet today Aristide or anything like that to remind me about your email also likened. I'd tell you with first hand how what I thought of it. Without the SEC regulations. Burdening me. I don't. I don't discount the severity of Harvey Weinstein actions but I don't Paul Pressler bad I don't care. I don't follow the Kardashians. In fact. See their name I've completely go the other direction as don't ms. underdog. Stuff like that. I'm not respect her of people who were famous for being famous now there's so Harvey is as an accomplished movie director and. But I said earlier the thing that went Durbin just as an onlooker the thing that kind of surprised me the most was. I thought he was scared. Add another there's anything wrong with that. But then I get an email just now it is said hey John I think you're picturing Harvey fires dean overweight gay actor. The guy in the news as Harvey Weinstein overweight pervert director. And days are exactly right to kind of look the same division on both need to shave. So are. Like I say I don't really follow either one. I did see a thing to pop up on no one of the headline news or channels that Harvey is now a lawyer up is seeking counseling and no hopes two. It is. Get his act together and now they're going to be given a second chance. So. Jimmy record. And I don't care. Now then bomb. The York county sheriff's office. We re Loretta what it was stories for weeks ago five some like that where they had it was a one female deputy or two and apparently she was one. And how many other deputies like four. She was busy. And then yesterday. We find out that a couple of other deputies have resigned after admitting. Amid this internal investigation know that they had sex while on duty as well and I don't know that the original female. A sheriff's deputy was mentioned in the stories but. So anyway that brings the total to eight current or former deputies who have admitted having sexual encounters while on duty. It was August at Tulsa and they'd be the sheriff down there. Fired two deputies and disciplined for more after sexual encounters while on duty. We're revealed in men internal investigation. Need to deputies in the most recent incident H resigned at the end of September. And admitted. Two a relationship has spanned more than two years and no sort and so forth these play these are these sexual encounters took place. Now while one or both of the deputies were it says here on duty or in uniform but a pair apparently not. Partial uniform. Sacks in the patrol car with another deputy. Some place and there's a whole laundry list of a different places that they. That they. That this may have taken place so I guess my question is. AE in new York county. Sheriff's office. Do you. And our right to remain silent. And I'm. Well go ahead. In uniform. Does sad part about that is a better and others people just cringing in York county right now because day you are the butter you're going to be divided jokes are well. And there's no way around that. And as much as I tried nerve maintain my own discipline. Obviously. The. So there you go well she ever get a job again. I mean short of the paper doll. Just say they're that bad that's got to be plain embarrassing to have. That kind of be the center of the controversy you know. Anyway from there you go there you go there. Com to watch in baseball last night. Do you know that. The league championship in World Series games when they go six or seven games. Teams in smaller towns. As widest teams in smaller towns and not make it to the world to the Super Bowl as much. Our games like the World Series in the Super Bowl predetermined and they do a survey and 24% of women in 19% of men believe. Without a doubt that the winner of big games like the World Series in the Super Bowl are picked in advance. This is these are people at that it's all about money that they're dead or who need to do most or negotiate the best deal gets the win. These are people that were raised an all star wrestling this is not have a problem with the all star wrestling because they did did the red lifted the winner was determined before the match ever started. And you all bought that hook line and sinker so did I I was crushed when I was about what 21 what I found out. But it wasn't. You mean Dick the bruiser wasn't. You may hurt you Tonya it was a fake. They've played Rutherford David. They're charged got a bird David. Dale Earnhardt junior's got a birthday today how all of 283 days of the year 82 days ago. 2006. On this date Google announced it was buying YouTube for one point 65 billion dollars in stock deal. David Lee Roth 63. Years old today. Younger you thought. Philip feels like he's been around for seventy years. Bob Brett Favre is forty a pretty sure he's not doing a come back and Dale Earnhardt junior. Sure you know due to come back either 43. These. Richard Petty is. Card number of old. NASA wants to Alter the DNA of any astronaut to go to Mars to make you more likely that they could survive the dangers of space that's a little controversial. Researchers are read the news today at MIT it created technology that can see around corners. Pretty sure my mom had bet. And the police in Saudi Arabia detained a female driver who was caught breaking the law by driving before the ban on women drivers is due to be listed in June. Apple. Is not slowing down your old iPhone. They say. It happens every time apple releases the new version there IOS software people swear that the companies deliberately slowing down existing iphones so they'll load the interest have been buying a new model. Now now significant changes no significant changes. In performance between April 16 and 2017 of September. Appear that covers the release of two generations of new iPhone into new IOS addition so according to future marked the two most likely explanations for people thinking their hands that is slowing down. Are the psychological effects of taking the phone is now outdated. And the very real effects of upgrading to a new IOS sedition and some apps no longer running as smoothly as they may have a one time. The other thing I think that we told you was not to charge your phone overnight because it's lithium battery. And so when you charge it to its full charge and then you continue to charges that starts to. Lessen the effects of the battery and so your your battery life starts to diminish. I just went from a iPhone 5 to an iPhone eight in the eighth seems pretty damn quick. But. But I think a lot of that had to do with the fact that that I had a 54. I shall log warriors pump. Expect a slowdown after awhile. I'm sure you read the paper yesterday Michael Jordan gave seven million dollars to. A medical clinic for a troubled Charlotte community is pretty cool thing I know a lot of health. Is so it was via the beneficiary of this so personal gift. Michael Jordan family clinics will be billed by no bunt and will be built in north and west or northwest Charlotte. I was at the clinics will try to target some of the city's dances concentrations of robberies portrayal. It also talked about all of a he's got a house and here he's got a Condo here. And same place that if it's still the same were Cam Newton has his place downtown hotel. And then he's got 88 to ten who lives in Florida. And then there was another house someplace else. And this city owned lion that you talk. And I'm kind of surprised me. I'd love you to. I've McDonald's is bringing back decision once saw us for a good bit. For those of you though you Republican forty phonetics Rivera didn't get your schedule and saw so we'll tell you the good news in just a second. Well in my hometown of us. All news for a couple of bears broke into a pizza store of your business. Places called Antonio's real New York piece of it's located in May no place is to be a coffee shop called kind coffee. And it's right on the edge for anybody that knows Estes Park on. What has always been known as the all cordoned lodge. Which is an old now falling apart beautiful in its day but. The problem with Estes Park that big guy is that the people on the Stanley Hotel somehow or another figure out away were they can put the money into refurbish and bring it back to what needed to be. It's hard to do when a town that is seasonal. If you don't have twelve months of an Al Gore launches just fallen by the wayside. But anyway this so placed that. Antonio's couple in New York guys moved Estes Park and they opened up a real New York pizza place. And they were bird old on a Sunday by a trio of hungry Steve's bears mama bear and her two cubs broke into the restaurant's kitchen grabbed a bite to eat through the a food prep garner in the trash can. Eight dough and then eventually found their way to the salami. And so it's songs are about that last night of the national news. So the bears have. Come down from the higher elevation. First serve on the bears figured over the town centers wants us coming up next. All right I'll honor waitress 5 o'clock let me go over your tale of two or desire has been on hold for a good long while they Joe's I howry. About them yeah I'm doing yet about you can go. I thought man I'm actually low level weapons expert and I do you actually there probably two shooters that cult or he can't actually both our weapons from the pot pot. On the end that you do have to trying to bulk fire special with the ninth round mag Lockett but now it's actually harder umpire that. But it yeah. That was my question is one of the things they haven't uncovered and usually they find out is worthy guy practiced or where the guy became. Did did did. Efficient enough to do what he's dead now when it's someone I read a paragraph that says the devices talking about bonds stocks richer legal in Nevada found in his room. Included two scope rifles mounted on tripod star that would not have been what he was used in the bump stocks on. We are you can't you cannot now a lot flaunt tripod and bonfire because basically the upper distraught after the white Pollack's back import the umpire the stock state does it in your shoulder. Blocked blood sport he's back and basically quiet in your finger hit the trigger but sports retardant rifle in order them. Think you can't do the tripod. Now I would know I've I'm not a firearms expert what goes through there many times before. Yeah man they may not consider it followed Monday's I like that. It's. Coming and you have to trying to Bob first a lot of don't know about that but there's a finer firing trigger and actually start split among poll art they didn't you release says. Ballot either dummy way to do it. Well as. Here they are. He obviously knew what he was doing because the one thing that we that we heard last week was bump stocks are not great for accuracy but he had pretty much figured out del what he was doing and plus he had a wide area to shoot I'd just sordid accuracy was not necessarily some committee. I had depend point he just had do but I would just to spray AS a fairly wide area. Dynamic restrict thank him out boss. Yeah again the other iRobot say the can't we do you adapt extra. Care Bill Walsh looked over at the time the strong McDonald immoral we think that they actually don't. God they the incidents that are happening. I thought we need to figure out where to turn on shore. I mean we do we captured or something else shall we need maybe even have our security. Better armed security do what they are fifteen. To the. Hello again but yeah I mean all of the solutions that people come up with would not have necessarily. Helped in this scenario that we just got done with. I mean did that this guy you know I I I don't know the which came up with would necessarily have stopped this guy's jordin. Him getting to know what he wanted to get done. I I don't either which I don't think you can target I evil is gonna immunity evil is going to find a way. I won't tell you that is true that are straight. Up I eight does I thank you very much appreciate the intro. Our our I'd like altogether as. I assume what is Stalinist destroy an audio and on our. Never ever predator are claimed to be very. And firearms expert hoped for a guy here says once offs some of you it is a review an upset says run. And apparently people went to McDonald's on the wind it was supposed to be available in they weren't anticipating that the demand to be his greatest want to demand wasn't so they didn't have it and now everybody is. So are all you reckon Marty fanatics out there which apparently is where this all came from. The those McDonald's is Serge your your call and so they are announced that they will bring back the teriyaki dipping sauce. After their highly anticipated event over the weekend. Phil short. So the golden arches get your first taste of the tang a condiment in 1998 given the limited time release and promotion with this. I Disney movie end up fast forward a couple of decades and interest to against Pete thanks to the animated series Rick and Marty. And the character along for just one more taste of DO mysterious McDonald's make nuggets loss and just like that. So did everybody else so now McDonald's is announced they're bringing it back. For good. Thank goodness. America's long national nightmare is over. The tribal five. I don't know role it's OK. Okay. And now. You lose. Okay. Good. And you learn. News 11109893. WBT. And daughter Emilia may I'll went home today. He's now in her room that Phil and Rihanna have thus been so much time on the last just six months. Including a claw. So that is filled with so many supplies I can't even hardly it described material but I'm sure that that will start to be depleted as we speak I'm sure there's already a probably a few diapers that are open up. And I've taken out of this flyer stock but anyway she's. She's surrounded by all sorts of baby shower gifts and she's got enough clothes. Between editor did bid to bring out his best friend Mandy. Just had a baby I don't know how lowered or nine months. Which is gonna be a really neat thing because a break and kind of feed off Mandy and ask questions and but no we also got on the shelves or go I think a ton accomplishment Mandy and went to the baby shell are never been to one of those before. Some places there there's a CU buffalo one's a but I don't know if they'll ever make it through the gauntlet of Ohio State to the people. Now rests on the candidate disappointed today no doubt grandparents are an important part of their grandchildren's lives. And I go again god I wish I could do. I wish I could do if there was any group of people that I can do sit down in the living room with I missed my dad. But I'm telling you right now if I could sit back and with my grandparents. I had two great grandparents. Who would be so proud of me and so stunned that I actually made something of myself. But. Always weird way viva my mother's mother was named Ed now. Parliament and then my grandmother on my dad's side was named I think his it lay you know but everybody Calder Tuesday. And my grandfather's name was Eldred which nobody would have heard of that it wasn't Tiger Woods. So to CNN Eldred or when I was a kid talk about my grandparents Tuesday and altered my friends would look at me like two and what alone. But just the sweetest people in the world. And I just think Graham first of the greatest things ever invent and I hope to I don't do it to be one of those myself a good one. But. Grandparents yes an important part of their grandchildren's lives but new research finds that there's really no obvious evolutionary benefits per person to live past the age of fifty. Edinburgh university researchers analyzed DTL family records from people born in Utah welcome you talk. Up between I'm giving ages sixteen and 1899 discovered certain genes promote men's survival past reproductive age but the same is not true for women. More on that in just. Yeah. I'll gave up on 8 o'clock tonight council take on the Washington Nationals suck cubs lead the series two games to won the game was originally scheduled for 530 but. Dodgers top the Arizona Diamondbacks last night to sweep that National League division series three games to none so they bump up the the game tonight till 8 o'clock I believe that's on TBS. I Houston Astros beat the Boston Red Sox 54 to win their American League division series three games to one we've got to or expand bird back with us on Friday. Until 4 o'clock and I believe he's been at some of those Astro Boston games he's. Raised in no Louisiana so Houston was one of the teams any kind of rooted for Texas Rangers would be another bad general area but anyway he was going to see the Astros play the Red Sox so that was producers for him. And the Yankees defeated Cleveland Terry Francona and company last night seven to three and that evens out there are. AL BSS series at two games each deciding fifth game will be played tomorrow but it's the cubs and the nationals tonight. 8 o'clock. Now we're talking about our grandparents a nurse and heavily. Mary need no evolutionary need for grandparents. I can't imagine. But it did my my grandparents we have to have a standing joke. My grandparents we get together. Every Thanksgiving every Christmas generally over my parent's house we all lived in the same city most of the time. And they all be you know talking about who wasn't gonna probably be there next year. And we did that for about twenty years. And now nobody's there and so I I long for the days that we can go back and most and a Tuesday and Albert and Edna those were their names at least the names I had for them. Talk about who wasn't going to be there next year. My one grandmother Ed Miller to be a 102. And my other our grandparents lived to be into their eighties. And it's judges ten degrees grandparents ever. But they're saying our research finds that there's really no obvious evolutionary benefit to a person living past the age of fifty. In Bern university researchers analyzed DTL family records for a people born in Utah between 1816 and 1899 they discovered certain genes from all men survival past reproductive age. But the same is not true for women. And the finding disputes the grandmother hypothesis which does suggest that humans lived beyond their reproductive years in order to care for grandchildren. And pass down important cultural knowledge. So I would assume that maybe more research is needed to a crack that mystery because quite frankly grandparents are just the greatest thing invented. I kidding really tell Phil and bring in our new granddaughter who went home for the first time today. Call me when she's three. And I think about that because it three. She can hold my hand and walk through. Pizza parlor or. I can't wait. The way that goes now also read a thing today about dads and moms used their time differently on their days often it's said the new fathers Phil. Spend twice as much time relaxing as their partners on their day off. And the study has to be valid bill. Because it comes from the Ohio State University. Well which all of you. Most of the grandparents most not all. But the bulk of the family or Ohio State fails. Now there's a there's a Colorado grandfather there's a Mississippi grandfather I'm not so sure what caring grandmother Karen know what her team would be. Maybe she doesn't have one. How refreshing. Ohio State University researchers monitored the division of household duties of 52 couples during pregnancy and through the first three months after the birth of the child. And they found that the men really kick up their feet more than the women. On a day when neither member of the couple was working men spent twice as long as their partners watching TV playing golf for a relaxing and some other form all the women worked. And on average women found 46 to 49 minutes to do nothing while men managed to find a hundred minutes of time to do and relax. It's also worth they say noting that men took 47 minutes of downtime before the baby arrived. And a 101 minutes. Three months after. The birth of the first child. The study leader is a lady by the name of Clair new Jewish. And she said quote household tasks and child care are still not being shared equally even among couples who we expected. Would have a more egalitarian view of how odd to our share parenting duties. My only thought on this it is. It's still thinks that he's going to get more. Three time then hurried. He might want to think again. I have a feeling that. Actually I have a feeling that it won't be a problem. I think he's going to be just one hell before it. So anyway that's what I that's what I was reading about last night. No evolutionary need for grandparents. And but. Every kid needs a grandfather with a checkbook. Is charged guard. Arm and the spoiled Jeanne. I was up early the other day. And run to the other side of town. Sometime last week but it was a weekend. And. And toss all the kids waiting for the school bus. Now first place almost from the day that it turned officially fall but the sun veteran exchange. I mean I notice are going home at night. Women's ignored in a bit in noted in the dead of summer it's. Just as bright as can be and at sunset going home now it will be dark pretty soon. But in a morning. I would I left the house at 530. And I saw kids stand at a bus stops. And I just thought to myself wow. Now I don't know if it was 530 or maybe more by the time I got out of the house and stuff like that 6630 some of them. I don't know what I might catch the bus but it seems to me there are my who's been a long while since I've been at school of it. 830 to 330 was that pretty much at 330 and always be in time. But I don't ever remember being at a bus stop. There's starting school before eight Salem causes depression and students this is a firmer the Rochester medical school senator Russ is remiss today. You get up suit her leaders of the you don't really wanna do. Did you like school. I know some of you do it communicated. I told the story before we never did figure out what to my problem was but I used to. When we lived in Saint Louis I mean I hated school. And I was never killer until we've moved Estes Park and I made a conscientious decision that I was gonna be popular were we moved just as part because I just. I just always got picked on and destroys you know. So I hated school hate hate hated school I went to Manning junior high school in Jefferson County Colorado. And I still go past that building and get queasy. Hey David Manning junior high school anymore. I used to standout in the front yard in Saint Louis and refused to go to school. And dad would follow me would make me go to school would make me walk to school and follow me in the car. And I'd walk in the front building the Brodeur the building and dad would drive off and I'd walk out the back door and go back and sit in the front yard again. Never did figure out what to deal was I hated school started second on the started school before 8 AM. Yeah. So there's that vision may surprise at just. Starting school before age thirty basic causes depression they didn't study for the university of Rochester medical center. And they found out that when school starts before 8:30 in the morning and increases these students risk of suffering from depression and anxiety. It's believed this happens because early start times put pressure on children to get enough sleep. The lead study author is a doctor Jack Peltz. Now I you know I do is a part of me right now it's reading the singer and I'm saying to myself. There are come on get over generation's accused of had to put operatives you figure that it teaches you how to put up with stuff that may not be your crazy about you know. But then again doctor Jack Peltz says kids should maintain a consistent bedtime routine and minimize. They are they're technology used. Before. Bed to get the best sleep any ads better sleep hygiene. Combined with later school start times would yield better outcomes and maybe that's true. But maybe that's more up to you to get them to go to bed early. So that they get that it did bad habit as opposed to the time that they actually get up. I don't know there's studies were big newspapers and at. So we moved into the new house we had this big go all of the above the fireplace. And Susan want to hang the TV there. And I never have understood hang in TV over the fireplace because it's up to high. Seed to me like you get neck critics. So I thought vehemently biggest thing in the TV it would look great there. But I just always seem like they were too high. No I have saluted back Mayo. But it seems illogical. You want your couch facing your fireplace. You are couch facing your TV. And right above the Mandel do you know there's that beautiful wide stretch of wall. So you hang your flat screen right there above the fireplace. I'm sure many of you have done that. How many have you moved in after awhile. You didn't like it up that high. And there's other reasons too you may have just made a mistake they say aside from the fact that heat rising. Is it really great for fancy electronics. You shouldn't hang your television above even a decorative fireplace. Experts recommended the top of your screen should be between fifteen and 35 degrees. From the horizontal plane of your eye level. They say aim for fifteen degrees out here. Which means there are flat panel mounted above the fireplace. Isn't just an eyesore it's a sore muscle inducing device. That's what I always thought that you've got a crick in your neck watching that stuff. So I anyway if you look in guys' ability for ammunition because. Oregon or you don't and whoever could if if you look at for ammunition against or your spouse who wants to hang on TV about our place. They're the same no better idea that means that they had a TV hung among the fireplace is too high for you to watch comfortably from your couch. And you should find another spot for your screen where can be a closer eye level and are farther from the fire so there you go. We sent ahead that for fifteen months ago when we were going through the oh by the way to get my way. I bought her a really neat. Large framed. Van Gogh reproduction that she's always loved the Italian cafe or something like that. And it's a grey wall and it was kind of grayish. Frame and so that settled that I just filled the hole and was something that. And in the TV had to go somewhere. Cost me about 500 bucks to get the TV or wanted to. But that's what they call compromise in a marriage. You just find out how to defeat her that's the way that were upset. Mother's favorite daughter's sudden dad's favorite sons is that is that. According to evade journal of consumer psychology which should TJ brought me his copy. I turns out that the phrase daddy's little girl doesn't hold much mirrored a new study published in the journal of consumer psychology looked at mothers and fathers and how they treat their sons and daughters when given me a treasury bond 45 bucks on c'mon. So is the methodologies thinks it can only be majority of mothers opted to give the ball onto their daughters in the majority of fathers chose to give it to their sons. Researchers say the same held true when the experiment was performed and a three different cultures there's a story the study co authors and doctor Christina to ranting. And explains quote the bias towards investing in same gender children occurs because women identify more with and see themselves in their daughters. And the same goes for men and sons. Now when we were trying to guess the sexson this granddaughter of him before really you know before anybody know. A lot of little girl is. I had a and Susan's got two sons. I was married a girl in 1980 that that little daughter named by the name amber. And I remember walking around with four year old amber hold in my hand go under godfathers pizza and I just felt like god I mean it just was the greatest and so I just am always wanted to daughter. So the fact that we ended over the granddaughter as of Saturday night trickles we have today. And besides that don't that your granddaughter will be a lot more fun to spoil them out. Now I don't know maybe not. But a granddaughter probably does mean that I won't be sitting back out of the Little League fine Villa find a Little League Baseball fields every Saturday. In a hundred degrees. No I'll try to be sitting out there at the Matthews soccer fields watching and hey whatever she wants. Is just fine with me. I won't leave you with us Charlotte assistant mark Pearson see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock appreciate being here John Hancock Charles most beloved out of here. Thanks John coming up in five and.