Mother's Day Show

David Chadwick
Sunday, May 13th
Marilyn Chadwick jons David for the Mother's Day program and the role of mothers.

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Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick and this is news talk 1110993. WBT welcome to the show. In case you don't know this is a weekly program that tries to intersect faith and values. With what's going on in our culture it's always a pleasure being with you now. Eighteen years what Iran it's been so much fun thank you for listening on a weekly basis I hope that shows over the years have helped you in one way or another. A well today is Mother's Day believe it or not Mother's Day while another one of those they keep coming every year. In I get so excited because I think I'm married to a great. Mom I think she's not only a beautiful and wonderful person that she is a great mom and she is my wife Maryland and amazingly. Next week on this day may the twenty years will be our fortieth. Waiting anniversary. Maryland thank you for putting up with me for forty years my wife barrel as my guest today thank you David how can this be forty years of anything now Mike is just liberal on these years off farm we have we really are and I wanted you to be on the show today because hey I do think you're a great mom thank you really have been and and raised our three. Beautiful children well. But also I think some of your insights into your journey he. About how you should be a good mother or insightful for our listeners and I think they'd really enjoyed. Hearing from you about you were mothering and what you learned good and bad so that's the reason you're on the show today thanks again you've done this on several occasions with the NR a regular participant thanks so much yes son it's than being here and sort of unlikely manner and heat thing yeah you really are because of our forty years together the first eight were spent without chilled. Yeah Abbott back up even before that because before you and I met you know went through a period of time where I was. Let's just say atheist might describe me I'm an hour and a little description yeah how much a political atheist I was very engaged in life can be seen napping on Atchison who believe in god so I. I guess that makes any other thing he said if there is a guy I'm never gonna Mary minister that is not the be a Christian and I would certainly never married minister pathetic and you know I also was really an in my career and I thought there. Foods kids not so much. Didn't really feel a yearning for that but the joke was really on me because it says. You know interesting that when we finally did get married and course I was thrilled to remarry because I've become a believer in Jesus and then I met you on a blind date a year later. Com and then you know a couple of years after that mean we sort of trying to have kids and wow we began to see there were troubles and that journey took us into some really difficult places in some mountain. Loans we need to recognize on Mother's Day that. There are women out there who really want children Watson in memorable ads it's a huge problem in America today. And you know you know like he said you know Mary we were married for eight years and four of those years we were intent. You know in the right in the thick of all the medical treatment somewhat not. And it's just interesting that Mother's Day rolled around of course year after year without a painful day freeze is very painful day for me. But you know as our journey went on in and I have to say it was a journey that went along beside it that infertility was the one track. But then started really trying to get closer to the lord until my faith and and an approach this whole thing with hope. So while it was painful I never. Gave up hope that was those with twin. To twin tracks a day filled with disappointment that day filled with hope and. And so each year that went by it became increasingly more difficult for use. Trying to figure out exactly if god wanted us even to have children and that Quinn and a people started saying to she might wanna think about adopting but as I'm six years older than you Warren we moved. Closer and closer to mar third eight and thirty injured as they cut off date for adoption yen net. That day because I worked in the current field of helping people through and went pregnancies you know and find an adoption form as a crisis pregnant center. But because of my involvement there I realized. Allow the adoption laws. -- more strict than people realize back in I think that's the case now but at thirty at the thirty was a cutoff and you could no longer get an aunt that after that. And we felt that pressure on Miller remember that vividly. Tom and yet god it was so faithful to after all those years of waiting yeah it was a miracle that there was there any and we don't really have time to get into all of it except to say they've been a lot of prayer and then one person in particular pray for us and kind of had it at what more Christians sometimes call a word acknowledged. That and that I was being healed. And Alice right but he hasn't here endometrial I am yeah it was just didn't everything was just drew a total yet. So but I went in for surgery the next day in the physician had been treating us was perfect relaxed. He came back shaken his hit to you I was in the in the repair program. But he came back tee going what happened. You know I've seen the previous reports and in the scarring the two of scars shut. It was a mass and I got in there today it was perfect you know that was the word used with the media tubes are perfect and I don't know why I can't explain it well as an as medical doctors are they demand evidence so I went and showed him my journal. You know that the prayer and everything and then I had his name in their Kazaa felt like this would be assigned for him. And he just might start coming our trip was tenuous and a neighbor saw faith curious in your dad in malice and I won a more beautiful parts about this but. It was difficult so I'm just really happy to be a mother to Danielle you know the Bible talked up signs and wonders the wind sign means to point to some chassis assigned to says now Columbia, South Carolina 77 miles or points to Colombia well here this article points to god and yet it clearly our faith again and now our oldest is 32 so wow after years later and if you don't know we have a 32 year old daughter who has. Four children our grandchildren we have a 28 year old son who is going to have a child. With his wife Jessie at the end of June and then nearly web a newlywed Michael and Cassie so when we come back let's talk about some of the things you've learned it as a mother that can maybe help our listeners today I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. What I'm David Chadwick and this is Christophe Clement in 993 W VT welcome back to the show happy Mother's Day to. All of you out there who are moms up for those of you are hoping to be moms I hope that happens really. Really soon for you dads and men listening just happy Mother's Day and go low on your mom well because you know what the truth is all of us. Have moms in studio with me is my favorite mom in the world that is my wife Maryland in case you don't know we have three children. Soon to be five grandchildren and if there's one thing I admire about Maryland and there are so many things I admire about her. On it is that she laws and is a great mom because the truth is. Honey mothering doesn't stop when the kids leave the nest does it know. It doesn't and you never are prepared for it. You know whoever gets a manual on and it has said earlier this sort of an unlikely mother was very. Many very fast in my career so when I became a mom bye that winner really really want it to. But online here tells you what to do I mean you really left with this didn't care of this entire human being so quite a journey but I love. All the things we've discovered together about raising kids and I think. I think a lot of it through God's word a lot of that through great mentors but we found some pretty get points along the way. We really have and try cliche infringed the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world. We've been all over the world and its interest being for those who are single listening today. In Africa every woman is considered a mother so yeah we heard that phrase before dinner learn every yeah I think you know people kind of don't understand sometimes. How women are treated in different countries and they always think oh in Africa they're treated like beasts of burden but it's not always the case I mean there's certain areas especially where they're more educated. And a friend of ours didn't really does tell us that to educate a girl in her wander for example. Is to educated nation he said and we call all women mothers. Because we feel like every woman has the ability to impact her little community and I think that's a beautiful way. So if there are women out there listening who wanna be children yet our great Sunday school teachers or even great teacher moved to scooters or volunteers try mentor. Younger children in a way they're really moms aren't that in mentor younger women in your workplace I'm hearing more and more now from young women. Then millennial age group. That they want and mentor and their life didn't have to be an official mentor. But they just love to rub shoulders with those of us that have traveled a pathway of the longer sometimes it helps them avoid a few potholes yeah. We want to honor you who are single out there who wanna be married you wanna have children keep believing keep have having faith hope in the lord. He is the one who answers the desires have on our hearts content but Maryland for those who do have children that we get questions all the time about. How to I raced these little ones well you recently pointed out to me a pew study. PEW. To study says our researcher prosecutor research firm that for millennia old attitude desires of their heart or how to be good parents and how to make their marriages. You work in an interesting because they were also least religious group we've had in. Generations but had to have that could be good parents must first have a have a good marriage to a second how to keep your life away. Was spared that's for yes and so we feel like all of those kind of get together and that that those to yearnings heavily influenced at least for me my parenting. I think as your earnings are deeply embedded in our hearts by god he placed them there. Because there's an order that he wants us to live by and good marriages and good families are his design his desire less the world I believe. Someone 271 is true unless the lord build the house all those whose driver laboring in vain. The health of the nation I think is still rooted very much in the health of the family which includes marriage to hand parenting so. Let's look at some of the things you learned about parenting and some tips you could give today. Two moms about how to beat the best mom they can be my wife Maryland what would be your first win. Well and this is instinctive and most moms really noticed the when I say it failings and oh yeah. You as a mother had the ability to see the beauty in your child. By nobody else and you know I always thought that was just original with me in and I found it in the Bible and and that the book keepers Chapter Eleven and it says here. By faith Moses when he was born was hidden for three months by his parents because they saw that the child was beautiful. And they were not afraid of the kings edict and that word for beautiful is only used once in the entire Bible. And it's got a really interesting meaning it means like urbane sophisticated artistic just the kind of child that would be raised well and the famous courts. And they saw that in him as a three or four month old baby I don't know how but I think it takes spiritual insight to see that your children sent. They knew that my positioning Moses in the Ferris courts and he had a chance to survive and not killed but bead of fulfill God's destiny so when lease seat. That little beauty springing up an Erickson you know and then maybe even as young as 34 months. We're getting a little piece of their destiny and it helps us raise them kind of in keeping with their grain which is kind of my next point has grown with a grain. So little interest pursued it with you just a bit more you're really not talking about physical beauty those that when Jimmy Carter and we all think our children are beautiful and hit a beautiful ever course but this is really that. Design and an honest guy and union their hearts and in that you're saying it's creation parents especially can deceive from the very earliest ages onward and sometimes. And in fact a husband and other people can't and that's why I think we're supposed to be their advocate in school and and in everywhere else ahead of a friend who want to youth workers say to me. He just seemed to really make sure that your child's teacher. Understands how your child is created in in loves that about them you know Damane and that sounds like. I'm wolf of course the TT just gonna love that she said not every teacher can see that beauty nude talent just make sure he have a teacher that ended it in Memphis public private school whatever. Just make sure that teacher is a good fit. For your child and it's good advice so for our three our daughter Bethany we saw. A gift with languages and verbal gifted writers from very early stages artistic ability to but at. Acting she loved to do those kind of things with David we saw him ball up socks and threw them through lamb PH a basketball I admire him jump and a wide and Michael jumped in the water to an early age and hasn't gotten out sense so he loves to swim. But then they were personality gifts with each of them too in those without these talents but in the personality gifts and it helped. I think state the way we had to race to read the three different parent totally different children one of them and that's island the first thing it talks about training up a child. And the way he or she should go. I'm in when they're old they won't depart from it and it really is talking about amplified Bible says in keeping with their gift or bent. In union rates him with a grain either find their beauty. And kind of study that child and then grown with a grain is. And that's your second fourteen right growth with a grain talks more about that that's what you see their design they're gifted as their passions their heart. They and is trying to find ways for that to be not only expressed but to grow the end it takes time. You know I don't think this happens in a one hour session with your child at the end of a hard day. Mean I think is this really goes back to. Letting them and building that relationship with him and watching them. And if you watch them and study them in and certainly pray I'm you'll get a clue as to how god has wired them. Com you'll start to see the kids in the talents and when I say grow with a grain. He really see that Ares of discipline some children can handle kind of a kick but tough to discipline others you just look at him and they mail. And I think it's important to read that child study imminent. Grow them with that crane puts a workload it's too heavy for them. What's so workload that fits well that's why we you know we had lots of different types of schools with their kids in all of them all waited magnet. Mostly public school that a private school at the end of their years. But we tried to figure out what's the best track here for this child. Given the grain in that got and has got a grain in them I didn't end so I'm gonna go against that grain. I'm probably gonna bump in the troubles down the wreck that is especially true I think when you're trying to pass along the faith to them. And I'm telling you I see a lot of kids that run from the faith. Because for whatever reason that come environments west cut it against the grain for them minute and made their faith walk look unattractive and and not restrictive and binding when in reality. In I think if you introduce the children to the lord in the right way they know he's on their side and there might Mae and he's gonna help me get where I need to go. Yeah and is fighting with elm and for the customer I used to be fulfilled it one other quick thought here is as I watched you mother through the years. If you ever fought their grain was being prohibited. Hindered or. Negatively impact your life someone. You would intervene immediately and try to either eliminate the option move to another place what ever. To allow that grain that gift to give. Need to grow share issues they were I just didn't united intervene often but you know who we live in a world that tries to push everybody into us. You know square hole and on the square people into the square holes and I just feel like it's important for parents to realize now my tells round. They don't need to be in that square holes so I'm gonna find the place where they best flourish and your guy's got a place they can flourish. Well you've always believed to dead if I don't do that as the kids mom yeah who will you you're not gonna have anybody out there fighting for your kids like you. They may not see him you know they may not see the beauty out I talked to one Michael swims coaches couple weeks ago an asset Allan thank you so much. For believe in and Michael Wynne nobody else did because I saw something in him and then Nash shared what I saw with Alan and I said would you be learning in promote him even though you know. BP don't think we're gonna lose in well now he's sort of Olympic hopefuls and their ties kind of scratching their kids' heads going how did this happen. But Alan and I just had a good laugh together because he said there was something in him that was it could have been easily lost and then. But you saw as beauty are solid and rainy kept throwing it he was a last in everything but but there was something there I think god gave me. Spiritual insight into his destiny yeah I think that's what's so key is that you were given that spiritual insight because you're connected to him as his mom like no other so then I'm listening today they need to know that and I had to be his advocate I'm a pretty nice personality conflict. But I had to be a pretty firm advocate for him a couple of times and to step in and saying. You know ER that you don't read his address he not get this yet so see his beauty her beauty and then that would supply chain or the grain that there are created with by god. Just introduced the third room because that we got to go to break you'll talk about the other side it just goes right along with fan but this is something that we really believe was important our household help your children. Dream big. And. And that's the whole idea. God has created down with a purpose and a plan. And if our god is big surely our kids should have big dreams that he has planned for them. So our key is to get in touch with the almighty I'm trying to hear his voice for what his Willis for these beautiful little ones and he's given us. And you believe at all your heart that those dreams shouldn't be small but there's something big god has for them as we have had begun. You know or folks we are talking with Maryland Chad what my wife today on this Mother's Day happy Mother's Day to you all. About how all to raise great kids. And Maryland has actually even written a book about this side that she thinks is really important and it's entitled woman of the hour. I in the book she outlines some of these things we're talking about so if you like to get the book go to Your bookstores all of that. On and it's available to you when we come back we'll talk about this. Third one dream big for your kids because god is a big god and he's dreaming big dreams for them as well I'm David Chadwick will be. Right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick can just talk 1110 on the ninth street WDT welcome back to showed. My wife Maryland is in studio with me today happy Mother's Day we're going over some. Truths that she's discovered through the years on how to be a great mom and if you'd like to hear what we've already covered the program in its entire Eddie. Go to WBT dot com scroll down of the weekend shows the David Chadwick show is there and you can download it from the beginning to the end and here the program in its entirety. Maryland again happy mother's state to use those other three to do your children are almost five grandchildren yet. And you have been a delight to be married to and you wore a great mom and I watch you be a great moment I'll likely mom though well. My daughter inconvenient Bethany community as a means is that mark. He's not very domestic. Edict if he sees that Melamine out and got actually a ministry now what I'm doing a lot of work you know I'm past that stage. How the world did you do such a good job really not the most clearly what I can tell you that companies. Here is well I also remember when she was a teen Sheila dean said Halloween your life yet in Virginia one years old desktop America she has your life and then she married a pastor his church planted an ice in addition we're gonna let your you know Charlotte on Providence Rhode and now it's growing it's alive and she's teaching and studying and praying and being a great mom and a look at her ago. She's Merrill. But I think she has emulated you because then she saw something in you as a mom that she wanted and you have been a great mom and you've given some tips on how to be a great mom the. First went being easy to taos beauty like only you can and a beauty just means that the wonder of how they're made by god and then. Grow them with that grain you kind of being respectful of his creation act I can get away from the fact that I think mothering is a spiritual journey. And the more connected I am with the lord the better I am met pick an app on these clues that there really his clues from his word that's why when we get to this next point about how to dream big. Means Franken God's word blessed are those who fear the lord their children will be mighty in the land. The generation of apple app prime will be blast so when you are like me and you go from being an atheist and I sold them believer in Jesus. I just happen to believe his book I'm like hello I've gone the other way so if I'm a Christian. I'm gonna believe this book and there's no reason Amy how they might be a Christian I believe the book can't have it since coming and I used when I left to be in an atheist and you must sign up for the vote that. But the book is full of good news. And this one is wonderful that I love that your children will be mighty in the land solemn mass in anything god didn't want and I really don't want them they're going to be out this. You know hurting him broken world I want them to be the tail I want them to be ahead I don't want them following. But the stream I want them to be the leaders not that they have to boss everybody gets around that they need to be able to stand strong. And so that's part of this some challenging them to dream big David you and I've seen children dreaming big. In suburban areas and very broke an urban neighborhood as we have some great dreamers don't we W and then we've seen them. Globally we've seen children that grew up and literally trash heap summing. In the dumps in India and become Ph.D. SM ER Missouri says something's gonna wanna listen untouchable. And now she's a Ph.D. in like four different things that we just know that if it's a dream takes root in a child's heart arm and a friend in the end. There was an inner city school Bannon where was it it was at Reno whereas in Brazil and the receipt secrecy he still said to us in the course then get toned down their Scott a favela. And she said if you give a child Jesus in their heart. And a good education and a big drain. The favela leave their heart. Even before they can leave their environment and we saw what happened in the bank over and over and and insulin is a product of the get blown up Irvin get toned down their herself now she has a master's degree in education. It is launching a chill. So what do you do when a child doesn't. Get that success at least immediately. Doesn't even bump up against the ceiling is just falling short of what. They're dream might be what would you say hello we are so thin air I mean I think that's just than. What part of parenting and and we knew reached that place and when the child reaches that place where either their experience and some failure. Or their bumping up at the top remember once when it was Michael's so when I had forty sin no wonder I can remember him better thought he can't remember others. That I affect that as I sat down and thought about it I've had but anyway and it's never wants where he had another lackluster mate and didn't get anything their recognition nothing. And that I suddenly thought you know he has worked so hard and I'm not going to depend on the system. For his reward it I'm gonna create map and little reward enact figured got an amount of cash that would be really awesome and I think. Might have been like twenty dollars I don't know what it was but I said to him you know when you have worked so hard to stomach this summer swingley. You've worked so hard I have watched you get up early in the mornings and watch you be faithful. He's not missed practice. And this is my little way of saying he knows this is an award for you in on the Toys 'R' Us and he picked up some. Awesome whatever price transformer toy. And for him at ten years old. It wasn't the same as getting you know winning the mean origami the race or getting a medal. But it was pretty darn good and it whatever it was it kept his if floated his bat a little longer into. Then that external rewards start coming up also used to say to me you know I know this is hard. But you sleep in this is later when he was in year round swimming in a couple of mornings he wanted to kind of slack off. That's it it's just give it 10% effort. App then years OC doubled the reward and there was dissent then about that. There is coming along Sabbath that hard work factor in a manner that is hard for all of us but just keeping that hard work ethic knowing. So we're encouraging parents to continue to encourage their children to continue to walk along each time down here and maybe it pushes this she can alone or at her Laura but I think you can read them sometimes has pushed sometimes as pullbacks and has its rewards sometimes. We've gone on a trip together you and I have with our kids sometimes and we didn't tell desk. But we thought we used spent disappointing loss season of whatever sport or whatever west for them just literal word. They don't know it's a reward but we're bringing some joy in lines that comes out some of the ram of XY or seen. Now we we have looked a son whose six feet nine inches tall and got a basketball scholarship to a division one school. But his dreams never wore fulfill the calls on knee injuries he had three knee surgeries and a series of other injuries as well. And what some of the chains I think we need to say that the for a lot of people they would look at him and say. Oh your dreams were fulfilled a really really fine high school player got a scholarship paid for all of college and his MBA right but but that level that he wanted to achieve he was not that cut play alerted collegiate Lee at the way he walks right here because of all the injuries injuries. It's a there was disappointment there so we had to work with him on faith. And believing that this a big win his son's appointment down. That wherever there is something that hasn't quite happened the way we wanted to God's in control and actually mailing and now some five years after college we can see how God's word he's all of those experiences in the call that he has vocational you don't have that's why this is not about getting what you want you know and this holds parent has journey is not about me saying. I want my child any president. It's really trying to read the child. Grant them the way god made them. Try to hear from the lord rested this destiny in the strain he's on their heart. Even as we can to help them work hard to get it meant you holder with a lease grip because he might have this child. Go do something else you didn't see the that was his dream for them though we believe Romans 828 is true that God's. Causes all things to work together for good. For those who love him and we try to teach our children that. In their disappointment got still working in dead and there's a plan and it's going to be good it's gonna be better even and you. Possibly couldn't imagine. Chino sometimes I agree on that but sometimes we have to be honest enough with ourselves to look at our town and think I'm. They want this but they're really not working hard enough to get this and so that's why my next point is always. He knew you build a strong work ethic in your child to me I think. I think dreaming is as natural as breathing for children. But working hard is not. And that's why that natural that's what god gave children payments. New accepted them to help teach. Except us to help teach them that natural self discipline that goes along with their dream and that that self discipline has to go hand in hand. Or else you know. I used to always say he's how sad is it for me if the one thing that stops the child from reaching their dream is the fact that I. Didn't take the time to get out of bed myself in the morning so that I could just you know the danger. Of sloth. And laziness in a person's voice works hard for all of this and that's why you know we've seen these children and these you know urban communities in in global communities with nothing. You have somehow managed to keep that work ethic and so I'm just very sobered. By the fact that god has given me this task and so he wasn't easy to get up early in the morning in in fix breakfast in college town across town at. 4:45 AM you know but I had to get my work ethic. In order to help that sound and I think history with whatever they want if if the child. Is a really great acted in mission units of the parent when they're young to say what you know like Janet that whatever time I mean we're gonna try to create structure and boundaries around you. And we're gonna do the job of being parents. So that you can learn from us and build that self discipline again what channel comes out going I think I'll be selfish for. It doesn't happen is interesting that. The fruit of the spirit that so many of us war from relations five tweets you love joy peace patience kindness channel as faithful as. We often forget the lap down line control I don't control Tesla parenting makes us grow up I mean I really had to bring self control in my life. In some ways because eleven kids. And and you're saying to two parents of that. On the year the one that has to draw those and reach around your child. They can't go to their room and do whatever they wanna do you need to know what's on their iPhone you need to know what's on their computers especially those younger years you need to monitor that. And in face hey I wanna be a fantastic piano player and you see that there's an element talent there. And they really have that yearning aware that they wanted to or not if you just Herman after watching him being with them that they really want that. And at least for a period of time and we always have like a year at least for a period of time. We your point insist that you stick with it because we're not gonna let you quit before you inevitability to see that reward that's the job of being big people yeah where the parents you know. A truth in life that helps overcome most any thing is that great Winston Churchill story where. He went back to his high school that he had finished in the bottom third of after he become one of the greatest western world leaders ever. Getting his high school baccalaureate speech and here were his words were never give up. Never ever ever give up and he set down. I'm David Chadwick this is news talk 1110993. WBT. Will be right back. Hi everyone I'm David Chadwick this is just talk 111099 VW ET welcome back and show and happy Mother's Day to all of you out there it's such a joy to have in studio with me today. My wife Maryland talking about Mother's Day because she in my opinion is just a great mom she loved our three kids well and they have turned out well we're so grateful for that. And I ask for today to be Alicia to give. Her tips to moms on how to raise great kids and Maryland you have covered some so far we have two more to go and talk about always covered so far well brief. And let me just say to David it's a team I think we were a really good team and you know we can't. Go and have a whole show about you as a dad but had do you think that Weaver Weaver of of the same mind in all this is a week together did we learn had a C 2000 beauty. How to guide create this time what can we see that nobody else. Can see and then secondly how are we gonna grow that child. Sort of as a reference. In keeping with a grain of the way god made them you become a try to. Grow the child according to them that wiring that got a thin and challenging them to dream big. Apt as to help teach them how to work hard and then. Kind of this whole idea of it takes a village really does take a village because one of the things we did was. We tried to build. A team around our children and we sort of stated no they were on the team but we looked at our teachers and coaches and grandparents and whatnot. Police on our church community we just saw that are these people were working together and we just made sure that all those pieces. For part of the child so I. Folks that would reinforce reinforce what we were leading legal out raising these children have symptoms would knock my fatigue thing. Never knew we analysis a point being that I was pretty. Mindful as he knew was in that child's life. It's. To keep to this the way we side they didn't think our child was the best I'm not talking about that. But the kind of had to get the child and not everybody does and that's fine. But that's put appearance as good a find somebody that isn't shocking it's that talent echoes of Eleanor coaches who was so awesome. With our youngest son Sam let's give him a chance but if there's a coach that's not as good what do you do you know we've given a free country this death decision to stick you know you married you married for life you know have to have a coach for life with a not so you don't have to rat on him. But I just think quietly sometimes we've made into a better fit not a fan he's a great fit that's okay. So we'd just like to. You beat the ones that are going I think you're a good fit for this time. Into this is a good team but this child went in at one didn't work out again we didn't make many changes but there were a couple of times a step in you know that rested boot. Just don't think this is working. Yeah and you really are concerned too about your child's faith development. Had you certainly don't want a coach teacher or anybody you're watching her lives negatively about faith that we had one team that. We were concerned about one of our sons worthy in the influence of the teammate as her and good he had and it can sometimes that's okay. If the child is strong enough if they have their own interior I faith stronger and. This was sent an early middle school and he was one among many and I don't know we just like Dallas a time in life when peers are so important you're so. Vulnerable to appears without food osment the little changed so. Anyway building a team the kind of with an around your child could be a sports team obviously we're kind of a sports fan Lisa that was part of it. But it's true what ever community you're tauzin I mean are neighbors of were really big in the chest. There's a super big test community other I have to say I think there was a funny thing because. You know I try to get Michael attest that I think that's awesome and says he did that for awhile and then Monday he's an you know mama you found chest. But swimming found mesa ordered when rates are anyways about that the town was like I'm in you know let's get at a test but it means he'd had enough. And that was his way of saying you know you found Jess and in time it. You know you now recently re watched chariots of fire and that powerful scene where his air little sister doesn't want him to Ron cautioning his child called to be a missionaries and China remember his Faraci said. You know god made me with a purpose yes. And god made me fast and win I run and I feel his plans humorous pleasure and our Michael has had a said the same thing does using your god may need fast when I swim and yeah that's why he at this point pursuing that as his. Career option at least until his body says no more. It's right in our daughter knew the same thing he she knew god had given her an amazing gift with people and beautiful language ability and fluent in French and Spanish in her middle son was. So amazing in terms of his strategic mine we saw since I had to be three different payments. He had the math skills. He had a super super Smart intellectual parts in his personalities Willis the sports so this was a balancing act and think and how can we find a path for this kid. So each one of them. Had their around in again we thought they were pretty awesome because god put him in our path and every parent out there if you're listening as a parent you know I'm talking about keeping. Huge house awesome we should. He's took to keep children on some do you have one more idea of what is no way it used to serve with your child because on this it's not about me. If we could teach our kids anything we wanted to say yeah we're doing honest for you but guess what it's not just about you. So we will find ways to take them on missions trips we take him down with urban community to serve would bring people into our hand that with their friends are kind of fragile and broken. And I'll tell you what there's no great thing if you raise a great did. And they think it's all about them and. And we tried to teach them that it was all about god. It's all about his glory and seeking after him and then the more they learn to insurance serving haven't they would find life for themselves and you really did pushed a lot I'm so. Appreciative of it you would make sure that the kids would become self absorbed and think the world revolved around them doesn't and you have closed down two of our fertility of this world I remember him walk through the full of Allah in receive. They were also is through there and they rely they don't even have plumbing I mean assembly our house you know they mine and I thought our house is as big as one of their friends' houses. May get home and like we have a toilet you know hope we have the Stanley running water down the middle of this and they're in the Falwell's so while you know so all of this kind as they if there was an overarching theme I think it's most important task we have parents. It is to train your child here God's voice. In all these gifted me in this great planning your gifts you dream and bubble bath but it's in the day you know I felt like when I launch them. You and I felt like they needed to be able to hear God's voice for themselves. We hope that they would learn how to love the lord their god with all their heart soul mind and might end their neighbor. As themselves just who we really wanted more than anything else to teach them how to seek first the kingdom of god and trust that he would add all the other things. To their lives and I think they go through their bumps they've not been perfect kids but for the most part they have truly tried. To pursue god first and at the end of the day you and I sit back and that's what we wanted to being more than anything else. On you parents out there know what we're talking about an hour I think just to be encouraged someone encourage you to say if you're helping your children. Whatever age they are learning how to here cons voice he gave him the greatest gift that you can't in if they're not hearing got an an and that may be the case right here. You have no idea what happens when you start praying informed I have seen miracles of children of any age is when a parent especially praying mom like look out. Because god can step in Augustine was a hard rip roaring atheist member and his mother Monica kept praying for him how to do what age he turn Iran became a believer. But he changed a. Well later in life ends after he'd been pretty much a rapper Bayliss allowed man -- -- year everybody is his sexual proclivities all right well guarded area that's right that they're all North Africa FF but his mom Monica just yeah praying and praying praying and finally he was coached path with the RA is soaring Lorraine -- same thing he looked at the -- night he said one minute I was not a believer the second men and how was he says I am sure discuss I had a praying man and she was on her knees asking god intervenes so if there are those out there with children may want or nervous -- you say praying. And pray faithfully and you can't stronger you grow in your relationship with the lord get to know him really really well being as word of the day praying. He pray for that sound. And in just watch to see what got my hand in my takes some time might it and. Day without a problem or weight training. I don't give up folks Maryland thank you for being with me today. Welcome thanks for almost forty years of marriage or there's yeah unable celebrated together. Thank you for being a great mom and beating even get into the grand kids but this. Their shuttle Atlantis as well. I just appreciate you so much happy Mother's Day to you Q&A on moms out there SA happy Mother's Day. In grandmothers happy Mother's Day to you and all of you listening please if you could do two things. I would certainly be most appreciative love god with all your heart soul mind and might secondly. Love your neighbor as yourself especially your children and if you do so you have a lifetime's worth of work to do and I'm David Chadwick talk with you all. Next week.