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Charlotte's 66 funny one I'm Marc Carroll so glad it's Friday. Are you hungry. Do you will be after this story way you are going to a stop by a Charlotte institution that is celebrating fifty years in business in this weekend. Little spot on south boulevard where a couple of generations now have enjoyed banana shakes and hot dogs and murders. This is always and our favorite place he's talking about the place known by the letter kick. That's mr. case became the team's match really small for most people here at the letter K is just shorthand for a killer burger or. But I actually case stands for terrorists. Mr. king he is feared or cares for the man who opened this place in 1967. Feet. Mr. Kaye is officially retired but his daughter Pam took his place behind the grill. She started working here cooking burgers whether dad when she was just well you never get tired equipment. No actually I don't. I really don't know what what don't you work so hard but actually I I feel like a plane around and hear a lot. And lunchtime handed grill is full of Berger Patrick. Big K no I mean what is the big case it as a court how caddy lettuce tomato many pregnancy. Crowds lineup for the big. Well Arthur live cams that opened mr. k's in 1967. After emigrating from Greece. Like so many Greeks who came here he just knew his slice of the American dream was in serving food. My father that says because he had we have limited language barrier he could speaking less than not that well and you know he he could cook. Good no when he first opened mister K just did soft serve ice cream then adding hot dogs then later burgers customer Mary and Hewitt remembers those early days. And we came in mr. cage when it is to win again. When you walked to the window and place your order. Therein lives in Chicago an album always stops by whenever she's in Charlotte. It's always wonderful. It's like hands. And her husband George know everybody who walks in the door at mr. gates mark we try to get to know every one of our customers. The thing that I enjoy menace to our customers we have a wide variety of customers. And they come from all walks of life and they're just. Very kind to try to treat them like family because they believe they are family. So when they come in the door you know we can always treat them and say hello call them by name it's another family is their children and then. You don't get that and a lot of places anymore. No not many places anymore like mr. king. And with the development booming on south boulevard developers would love to get their hands on this little corner. Good hands says this game. Rory you don't plan that's going nuts or we don't plan on going anywhere we love this place. Well hopefully maybe we can keep it around for a couple maybe me and another fifty years at least another 2.5 years. And that is welcome news to customers. Waiting on their big Kaymer. It's just old fashioned char broiled burger it's always a sign never changes. And not good folks here it's like coming home to appreciate that we like to think everybody's patronize that's about fifty years. We love golf. Well a nice family. Yes I had people asking to join mr. gay murder did you cheat on the healthcare you're darn right and ended today and I treated. But it was wonderful now important note here mr. case official fiftieth anniversary is Sunday and to celebrate you can stop by Sunday and have a free hot dog. As long as they last. But while the food is free they're hoping you'll generously donate to the Levine Children's Hospital they're hoping defeat you and raise a lot of money on a nice them.