Mueller Invetigation, Priest Behaviors in PA

John Hancock
Monday, August 20th
Hancock discusses the testimony of White House counsel Don McGahn, the actions of priests in PA, and the Life Celebration for Jerry Klein on Saturday.

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This is John Hancock. Saturday and Sunday. We did have a Saturday many of us went down to the creative still sinners not fall within the longer club hopes that are relevant news. Your degree you have spill sooner to anybody who has so friend Vera. The claims and Jerry Kleiner may be cut John gore got there one night of if Wilcox are. Even number of artists that probably got to step forward out of that place because Jerry Klein and no we that are more. Servicer jury that encompassed a lot of music. By a lot of friends of his. And some speakers so from people that know we monitor different stages of his life. And they are rabbi. Who put it all into perspective for us some of us who are were a struggling with our relationship with a jury to some extent or another. And it was. It was a new was nicely done and it was all it was total Jerry. And AJ Thompson no I came on down and Mary June rose came on down enough. Jibril was there are. Shouldn't start mentioning names but manager's mom and sister of course were there and Beckett Thompson who is say our good friend juries soon maybe one of the best friend he had to as far as I. Well I say that he has are one of the guys who spoke was a friend of his that. Had known him for some forty some odd years. But anyway as it was is very nice and there's. There's a difference between now being Jewish and being. Opposed to billion. Well there's a few. But no one is how fast they get to you when you pass away. 36 hours but a big memorial service. Christian. Or Rico Odyssey two weeks. Charlton. And Christians sometimes attendant. And I won't mind a quick. Let's go. 23 days whatever. So I'm. All of this is so good and and notes are all things health considerations that I've gone through this year in this that the other ministers got me. Focused on and and Susan and I have. I'm not about just making sure that everything is taken care of arms so if something were to happen to me or her probably more likely to mean than her. But you never know. Bet though we've pretty much defined. A home what what are wishes and intents are and everything is spelled out all bank accounts there's no book there's no world. Barriers or blockages. Two that I read an article one time about. Making sure that your bank accounts even if their joint bank accounts. Have a payable on death. Claus make sure that your own accounts are set up so that to your own significant other doesn't have to go jump through hoops and spend half your money where lawyers and so we've all gone about that and we've reserved spaces to. A column bury him and Estes Park co behind a church that I kind of grew up in say Bartholomew episcopal church. I'm not find so much peace knowing that that's were all that stuff goes I can't even tell you. I don't think it really makes a whole lot of difference. But there's still find peace in knowing that. And they that that the remains gonna Estes. And that my wife's gonna join me there and I'm in the process of putting music together. The event I'm an into one of the things that a jury was so into music but there he didn't have there was an out. There was an a CD there was an. Apple playlist there was an anything not to have liked playing his room Molly was in hospice or anything along those lines I doubt very manhunt. Told my iPhone in in my iTunes and now put it on shuffle and wanna go. So lob. Anyway it was nice and I felt they have been very good sense of peace when I walked out of there are none had a chance to has also done with. Of the people that should have been there were there. And I think a jury would root for. Would have respected. What was said in. And not in the way that people went about. Acknowledging him with a passion that they went about technology and a boat Thompson did a really nice piece on him this morning all I get to that before we wander around here it's 6 o'clock this afternoon. Uptown Charlotte over the weekend you had to pride festival in the pride parade and a record numbers 165000. People participated India. Course of the weekend that's about 151000 more and this is only like their what fourth annual. Fifth annual. So that's say that's. A weekend at a commemoration that's that's that's growing. I would tell you I just to remind you that on CBS tonight at 8 o'clock they're doing may our long and special. On. James Gordon and Paul McCartney. Other carpal karaoke. I don't know if you watched that video or not but this is some of the outtakes and this is a little bit more than and so they're doing to make him our special a lot of it last night. But I I'm I'm telling you right now. And I like James Gordon find I don't watch his show and I 'cause I go to bed before them. But this rose pretty special. In an inner breaks out into a concert. With McCartney. In like Al pub Ers don't and Rory and all the sudden it. If that that if I remember correctly the curtains open and also and you know somebody like goes over imports a quarter in the jukebox and it's you know. Pretty Avaya a way it's on TV tonight to CBS at 8 o'clock and there's Monday Night Football on denied. I didn't know that. Ravens at colts. The battle of Baltimore. Well kind of against and sort of around about. Sort of way. Mentioning things going on in the world trump the White House counsel and and our Giuliani and I'm Don McGann and and had John Brennan and others just all sorts of little things going on. Newt Gingrich. Had his name into the act today. I even saw Christie what's his name. No. Yes Chris Christie. Also we forget the former governor of New Jersey saw him on TV today. Thinking man where is he bin. Why is he back. Bring him back. Well all of my girl get to that in just a moment. Don Don. The government gun. White House counsel deal was and I may be prone to mispronouncing his harassment. In CG eight H in. This is a fascinating story. He also is a great. Representative. Of. I think. How the press. Can set the dialogue. Trump yesterday blast this New York Times story that says it is White House counsel Dan madame. Has some been cooperating extensively. With these special counsel Robert Mueller's team tweeting never gone isn't quote a rat like James Dean or Richard Nixon. Which is kind of the angle that the New York Times has taken trump said the failing a New York Times wrote a fake piece today implying that because White House counsel Don Madonna is getting hours of testimony and the special counsel. He must be a John Dean type brat. But I allowed him and others to testify. Didn't have to do. I have nothing dotted. Dean responded do what trumps tweet by saying he doubts the president has quote any idea what Madonna's told. Mueller. And also it Nixon. He says knew I was meeting with prosecutors because like told him however I didn't think I would do a tell them the tree he didn't think I would tell them the truth. So this whole thing is has the gone on over the weekend and started on Friday and it's been just a fascinating. And then Rudy Giuliani ends up on Meet the Press yesterday with Chuck Todd. And and then you get into the truth isn't truth. And then that's another example of the spin of the press and how they set the dialogue. And I I I agree when you get a remark like that on. I'd probably cap rod bar jumped on myself. Good you can somebody say you know depends on what but what is is by the way that was the university anniversary that was last Friday. I'm. But when you gotta do it when you when you get a guy like Giuliani saying you know truth is that the truth well then you'd you'd jump on that in many use that for whatever it is that you want the angle of your story debate. But in essence. Giuliani was saying. There are there are different versions of the truth. So we have trump says one thing and somebody else says another thing war which once true and which one isn't. And so ET tells Chuck Todd you know on economic. I'm not gonna throw the president. Into an interview with Robert Mueller and said he mob for a perjury charge. Based on. Truth isn't truth. Jim look I'm not going to be rushed into having him testifies that he gets trapped under perjury and when you tell me that you know. He should testify. Because he's going to tell the truth. And he shouldn't worry while that's so silly because it's somebody's version of the truth not the truth Todd says truth his truth. Giuliani says no. It isn't truth truth isn't truth. The president of the United States says I didn't. Todd Reid but then tried to hit targets and insist truth isn't truth. This is going to become a bad name. And Giuliani says Donald Trump says I didn't talk with Flynn. I didn't talk about Flynn with Tony and Tony says you did talk about it. So tell me. What the truth this. And tenacity he challenged. Chuck Todd (%expletive) you're such a genius. Or it's the truth. But you know you don't know who has told the truth. So the truth isn't the truth. I understand what he was saying. It sets up for a sound bite that you don't necessarily want to. But then you get back to the times article. And the special counsel basically having what was it thirty hours for the meetings with. The president okay that the president said yes. For a lawyer to share as much with investigators scrutinizing his client is unusual but what makes it even more unusual is that the lawyer in question is the White House counseled on the gun in his client is the president of the United States. Until the New York Times reports that Madonna's now given some thirty hours worth of candid ball a voluntary and interviews. To the special counsel Robert Mueller giving up details on Trump's decision to fire James told me and his attempts to fire Mueller himself. And despite being shielded by attorney client privilege and executive privilege. And so. Trump. Tweets. Most transparent in history. Fury and I'm just curious tweets blasting the failing New York Times and it's due fake reporters for making it seem like the White House. Council. And turned on the president when in fact is exactly the opposite. And Don openness. Appears an complicated. It began as part of the trump legal teams strategy of cooperating with Miller in the hopes of putting the investigation to bed quickly. But the times reports that Madonna appears to have them. Become much concerned along the way that trump might be setting him up for re to take the fall for the Russian collusion White House says bull. Drugged and everything to hide Sarah Huckabee Sanders told Fox News the president in Don have a great relationship yeah. All share some other points of view of like Newt Gingrich and the Wall Street Journal next. The panthers' second pre season game has been scrutinized and evaluate studied. General manager of the panther party aren't we watched tape and I think there are a lot of good things to think they did. You know overall offensively we were from. We were good in a lot of areas obviously there are some areas we need to improve born and end there were a couple plays that you know either. Either protection nerd decisions things like that we need to get better but that's what this time nears for defense we have and the biggest biggest. Positive was his did they had field good very good field position. Inside our twenty several times and we on the field goals and I think there are a lot of there were several young players that it. Did step up in and keep improving that have caught our eye hearing. Being keep taking advantage of their opportunities so. You know is similar to the first game there's a lot to work on but there also was a lot of bright spots for foundation New England Patriots are next on Friday night and you just wanna show well the consists of her pre season game you're playing your starters. It's about now and then the patriots he can't get a better test ten. The stadium will be rocking so the airwaves of the station you're listening to now with today's print or a day Vick makes a report. There's talk 1110 993. I don't know how you could not. And lets you just adamantly are making sure that you don't focus them on. Or maybe it's easy to do a sense you hate this president Andre and our office have not speaking to many review. And so anything that has to do our new positive for this president you're just gonna write office but even possible. But Tom. This this council speaking to Miller story. And the angle of the New York Times. It's fascinating to me. Because so many times being. Press dictates. The angle. But all the sudden now. The press has become. The angle because this president. Who uses tweets like nobody who never used him before on and and that's not only exhausting but it's also kind of interesting because he can call. He can make a statement on anything immediately. On and that's not always done it but it's not always bad either. And if all the sudden. Somebody writes an article like this he can respond immediately go on jays this is exactly the point I'm trying to make it with the New York Times I mean this is. I waved all of that he's talking because I told him to talk we've gotten up and I'd. Wall Street Journal today Donald Trump have credibility problem but does sort of the media. The case in point is the weekend story that White House counsel Don Madonna has coop. Rated with special counsel Robert Mueller. The faces of the New York Times story is that mr. the guns cooperation. Cooperated in a way they can hurt Donald Trump in order to protect himself and because he doesn't trust the president in this it's the media narrative. That trump is covering as collusion know with Russia. Anders obstruction of justice and thus mr. Madonna must be scrambling to save himself. Yet lost to not resulting tempest is a crucial fact that appears to contradict this spend. Mr. trump had to waive executive privilege. For mr. -- gone to cooperate with Miller. Madonna is not Trump's personal attorney so attorney client privilege isn't an issue here. But ask White House counsel mr. McDonald represents the presidency. And the times reports that McDonald's attorney William Burke. Said on the record that mr. mug on cooperated only after trump waived any privilege claim. This in turn meant that mr. my gun. Would have to answer all of mr. Mueller's questions. Once privileges waved. But gone couldn't decide the answers say what trump told him about attorney general Jeff Sessions. But refused to discuss the president's state of mind when he fired James called me at the FBI. And without invoking privilege there is no legal basis forma gone to refuse to answer the question. So this isn't what you would expect if mr. trump is leading a cover up. Wall Street Journal goes on to say could be that trump let my gun cooperate with mr. Miller because he felt he had nothing to cover up this is precisely what does trump tweeted on Saturday. And keep in mind says the Wall Street Journal that Trump's lawyers cooperated extensively with Mueller for months. Turning over tens of thousands of documents. Also without claiming executive privilege. May conclude by saying that the bottom line is that the readers should remain skeptical about what is reported about Mueller's probe waiting to see the evidence that he actually produces. Although how much confidence to most. You haven't now. Russia's talked about done. Why hasn't Mueller. Gone after the facts that he can go after. And that is the dossier and all the everything that it did that involved with all of that. How this investigation came to be in the first place. As severe questions. Newt Gingrich gets into the act today. Tom says there is an hour and a piece that he wrote for Fox News says there is now no excuse. For special counsel Robert Mueller to asked to interview president trump. In fact. Rights and Gingrich. It is now clear that investigators. Have been given so much information about the president's actions and had such remarkable open access that they should just close shop and write their final report. They no longer have any grounds for going to court to get a subpoena to compel the president testified. Mueller's fatal mistake was revealed on Saturday in the New York Times story entitled. White House counsel Don Madonna has cooperated extensively in Mueller inquiry. Close quote. Michael Schmidt and Maggie high K Berman. Reported that there were at least thirty hours of interviews between Miller's team in the White House counsel. The undergone asserted throughout the interviews that he never saw mr. trump go beyond his legal authorities. But gone cooperated. Escude demagogues cooperation is historically unique because. President trump waved both executive privilege and attorney client privilege. President trump is so confident of his and a sense that he waved both of those protections to allow the special counsel to thoroughly questioned the White House attorney. And now we should be a. The end of a failed investigation. All right I there was an interesting piece was against Jesus papers and in that that that it did Saturday's paper Richard pearl opening up about the Russia probe. And he's one of them heads a video senator Intelligence Committees where the chairman. And he opened up about the investigation that they've now been doing for about nineteen months and said there's really no factual evidence today that we've received on collusion or conspiracy between Russia and president Donald Trump's campaign to know said he still open on the issue and hasn't personally I come to any final conclusions. But he along with the the panel's top Democrat Virginia senator Mark Warner. So far. They say they've managed to keep investigation free from extraordinary acrimony that is plagued the work of others. Says say he doesn't think that the a committee or shouldn't our rush to wrap up the deal weren't saying that the worst thing we can do is. They got nothing. So why that'll investigation to go on for a while another kind of couples who don't we just stood talking about. With. Trump waving his so privileged in his council talking to Mueller in the New York Times story and and everything else that goes on without him on the other big story from the weekend was the former CIA director John Brennan saying yesterday that he's considering taking legal action. After a trump revoke his security Clarence last week. But I thought the whole deal about them keeping their security. Clarence. Was so that they could offer council if asked. And the top administrators not gonna ask John Brooks in for it if any counsel because John Brennan. Well just what he had done with those root the Russia with Putin knows that he was guilty of treason nagged at united. Now laundered in over there do ask advice from somebody that's. Synnex and the stuff about your. So. Brennan says he's thinking about taking legal action and pretty much the trump editors and tweets of so far said bay bring it on. Dread trump brands been a pretty vocal critic of a trump. I'm. He has a few I don't know if you noticed from as a few critics. Yeah. So Bob. Brenda told NBC's Meet the Press that he may take action not just over his Clarence but to prevent trump from revoking. Security clearances from others who have spoken out against him. Other afraid that it's getting political. Yes that's getting political both sides. White House last week threat or revoked the Kurds is of several. Other people including the former top intelligence and law enforcement officials and a current member of the Justice Department all tumor critics of the president aura people that he appears to believe are against him. So I'm. John Bolten his national security advisor said on Sunday that or at least suggested that he thinks maybe the CIA director former CIA director John Brennan. Might have misused classified information and that the unprecedented leaks from the administration may prompt broader. Changes in how was security clearances are handled. Alden said my opinion is that he was politicizing intelligence. Wall of separation between intelligence. And policy. So mom. Anyway it's all exhausting. But it's all fascinating. And. And I realized there's not a whole lot of gray area with this president. Although I represented gray area. Well thanks guys supporting men his policies in nine a lot of what he's done on and I don't supported min non in his style in a lot of ways. Targets there is some gray area you can you can you can get into the issues and support. Do you could support his backbone for having me ability to propose things and do things that other presidents would've had the backbone to do. He obviously has and his entire almost two hour two years in office. If it's not really almost visitors were just August. You're in eight months in office. Arm has been the senator of investigations and I'm biased press and so I mean he's pretty much been assaulted since today got an office. I don't know that I mean I I suppose though Barack Obama could said the same thing. Not from the press. But. Pretty steady but does any president these days gonna have a steady assault of their ideals and their policies and their. Depending on what party they are. The New York democratic governor Andrew Cuomo. You know America's ever been great. Railed against trumpet the speech yesterday at a black church in Brooklyn. So he's escalating feud between those two guys he's been under fire since he made that America was never great to again. Statement a week ago. And he had knowledge that that quotas have been maybe somewhat in artful. Richard word. Buddy took aim at trump yesterday and he said to Mr. President you are not taking this nation back in time because we believe our best days are ahead of us not behind us. And we will bring the light. And we will overcome and we will vindicate this nation's better angels together. Well actually come. From an economic standpoint. And the stock market believed that the the idea of the our United States and China actually are getting together you heard this month and it appears that we are actually moving forward and maybe you'll end up on a more stable foundation among we started out on. Mr. Cuomo. The Catholic Church. It's best. Singled in the go field caller 2704571110. David's a fund WB TJ David. Magi I don't like great thanks my childhood and any talk earlier about bill. We're told about trump then you basically describe the difference between a cult follower and a truck support. Now a supporter somebody that support is positioned. While we're shoot he would tweet on March then we find ourselves what our hand covering our way and shaking our heads occasionally. Door is supporters. Don't do anything at all. Problem probably about an about him that I've seen this notion that you don't have a liberal you know. Senator Scott on the watch but after awhile I get told that there where you would go you know Islamic government. What gets exhausting com yeah but then I don't know that you could do. I don't know that. You know we knew we were long long long before Donald Trump we used to it oh lament about 20 what it would take to return the country around and we decided to probably would take somebody with pay your business acumen. And it would take somebody that was oblivious to. Criticism. And that could stand their and and and withhold. The press and the critics. And go about doing what he felt they needed to do well that is trump. I'm so I suppose anybody that was going to make wholesale changes in regulations and to take some hard stands on. Really. Things like trade and no tariffs and is that the other can go either way you know I you can win that battle and not be a hero you could lose that battle and really put us in a bad hole. I'm and you just have to have patience kind of wait and see. Well which you which one we end up in and so I don't know and away we kind of got what we ask for we just didn't get it in the package that I think we were gonna open formed as I. He does exhausts me. Tom and I think about a bit I don't know maybe maybe it takes that kind of personality. Did it to actually do what he's due one I don't know. You weren't on something else you know a lot of people like to talk about a personality and but they will realize it's like anybody in English Patient and why I had that exact same personality. They kind of goes with the territory. Well I guess that's true I mean gives a good until you do you don't suffer fools gladly when you get older and you put things a little bit different perspective when you quit trying so hard to impress people because you realized that. Not through a life of a failing at that you figure out there it's really not all that important. The other thing that we had gone back and neck campaign days was here's a new Yorker. And there's a certain attitude with New Yorkers that kind of rubbed anybody else in the rest of the country at least outside of the northern Nara northeastern seaboard. Got kind of wrong you know mid westerners don't really care for New Yorkers. Impressionists or personality so. He's a new Yorker tried to sell himself to probably three fifths of the country that don't really care for New Yorkers to begin with. Our group I don't know what I'm about trump no you never know why it kind of commodity mile. No and that's just that's what's exhausting. Although he doesn't exhaust me as much is and I don't know if I drive. Truly believe you're definition of followers and supporters but the people who can find never anything wrong or if anybody ever critiques the president not to their liking. I'll feel the need that they have to call in nearer our org or stand up and supportive because of these evil people and it just won't buy into him 135%. They exhaust the hell out of me. Now all I kept telling myself on the voting or well either trump or pro. Yeah well I got a guy I didn't vote for him I didn't vote for her either. Now but I Alltel I'm idea for no other reason. Mom. I'm and I'm glad that we got him out for what's happened was Supreme Court and what may happen with the Supreme Court. So from that aspect. My always talked that was the most important part of the the last election and that was the year future direction of the Supreme Court is that is. Beverly has as Obama has proven you can your policies and your initiatives can be torn apart and thrown to the wayside. In a pretty short period of time my trumps proven that but your Supreme Court nominations will last for generations. You know mile hole you know I know half the country is in no more little left the other half the moral right. I would want to live totally under Republicans that I would want to live totally under Democrat. Back in the day we reached a local people they went and and we worked where the man now nobody wants to work with anybody anymore. And our constant election cycle. And that's they have and that's the frustrating part is. People think compromise is a dirty word and immoral and and ordered us to quit stand and still and move forward we need to compromise a little bit enough people have to be less protective of their party. And more conducive to our progress are no where we haven't gotten there. There are about what what I appreciate you pick a Marco job but much like Humana ma ma. Pennsylvania's top law enforcement officials that he hopes these states Roman Catholic leaders will quote unquote sees their denials and reflections. About you are grand jury's report into sexual abuse of children by priests. Following a letter to the faithful. From Pope Francis. Condemning the attacks in their efforts to hide them. The attorney general up they're Josh Shapiro. Said that the letter that the Pope sent out today. In knowledge is painful truth. And the pope's letter said church officials quote on quote. Showed no care for the little ones this is one of the most despicable. Pieces of history. Religious history. Ever. The Catholic Church now for decades. Has lost their credibility. Because of bear. Inability. To police themselves. Now I don't know if I don't know what the solutions. But if you believe and what you stand there. In your marble palaces. And preach. Then there's an awful lot of people in really nice robes. They're going to hell do not pass go do not collect 250 dollars. I don't know how you can preach one thing well I do know your hypocrite. You don't truly believe in what you preach otherwise. You wouldn't be anywhere near. Where several priests are many priests are in the Catholic Church. If you are taking children. And victimizing. Children. And you have a backwards collar on. I don't know that you can get to hell any faster than them. I hope you can't. I I I hope. What do our faith teaches us. Is exactly what. They face. The Pennsylvania attorney general Josh Shapiro accusing cardinal dialogue Donald world. The archbishop of Washington. Who used to be in Pennsylvania. I'm not telling the truth as he attempts to defend himself amid criticism and calls for his resignation. He served in their by the way when you get into the nuts and bolts of the story whirls got as much. Going through parts of his story has sued the attorney general does in the angles that he's taking so where's the truth lie. I don't know. But the Catholic Church better get down to of finding out what it is. And. World served as the bishop of a Pittsburg for eighteen years. And he described as one of the bishops who help to cover up they abusive behavior in the Pennsylvania grand jury report. Now he has said in a statement that it confirms that I acted with diligence. With concern for the victims and prevent future acts of abuse. When a priest is that true is accused us of anything gets transferred to a different diocese are different stage. If you can't justify them. So the Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro is accusing the cardinal Donald world of not telling the truth. A cardinal in the Catholic Church not telling the truth. They're not so sure that's the way that's close to work there turner I'd turn the. News. And everybody out. Made here attorney general Josh Shapiro and accusing the archbishop of Washington who used to be the head honcho another Pittsburgh built not telling the truth. Because of what to pre suit food. Then kids road. Way too many stories now. Overall we need to many years. And just another chapter are coming out. Now. And then you have Larry in answer. Larry Nasser was the Michigan. Medical doctor. There was. India a charge of so many Olympic athletes who just went through this long trial and just turned out to be a rating monster. Affected so many lives. For us so many really talented. Dedicated. I'm sure if you got if you really like sausage dug deep into world. Gymnastics. And I'm sure it is and people have. You get an all sorts of storage that. Are hard to stomach stage moms and but and you also get him to some just incredibly gifted talented people Lou it is their passion and or a daughter and excel and I mean they've got to be amazed me they just turned female gymnasts and in particular just. Just unbelievable things that they can do and mail too by the way. But the disgraced former and USA gymnastics in Michigan State's his name Michigan State doctor. Larry Nasser. Being transferred to another federal prison. Because. There are hoping they can find one where he can be among the general population without being subjected to abuse. Well good luck on that. Because they're gonna know who he is wherever he goes. And all you have to do is have one inmate or one. Jailer bit knows who he is and mentioned it to somebody else and the word will spread. There's a lot of people that were abused I guess like I know this firsthand but. There's a lot of people that were abused as kids that are in prisons now on mount pearl they don't take to finally drew up people who abuse kids. And then there's this rarely. Evil. Thing inside me. Dude just says yep that's by the collar prison. It's not supposed to be pleasant. And. Adding I guess. I'm not supposed to I would say all garnered just. But if you let him out and the general population. Could you get tied up on the phone for about 45 minutes or so of them. It's probably not a the most Christian of attitudes are NASCAR Nasser was assaulted by fellow inmates that the united Torah states penitentiary in Tucson. Are within hours of being released into the general population. So then they put him and hold over facility because Sierra could not be safely housed at the Tucson facility. I do too when I do unified threat. And so now they'll try to find some else someplace else were they can put him. And good luck on that. There's a word will get out and then the word under the word we'll get out and then the word will get out that. Betty couldn't make it in Tucson because the general population turned on him and then that'll entice other general populations to make sure that. They don't give him a free ride as well. The story that I thought it was and sing in the news today is a federal judge Friday. Has authorized a psychologist. Chosen by the United States government. Do examined John Hinckley who you'll recall shot President Reagan in 1981 assassination attempt. In order to determine whether or not he deserves unconditional freedom. He's been living with his mom you know it that they've they've they started by let him out. What was it hours at a time. And then days at a time. And then weeks at a time. And he's been living with his mother in Williamsburg Virginia he 63 years old now. And eleven with his mom lots of restrictions on always travel and his contact with the outside world. This would have been thirty. Pretty did the of assassination attempt. So mom. He's been do and that's is about September 2016 when he was released from the Washington. It's a note now the psychologist. Will examine Hinckley to determine his quote present mental condition. And risk of dangerousness. Close quote. If he were released unconditionally aura subjected to a new conditions. He had orally asked I know I April the thirtieth for an unconditional release them and hearing on that matter is scheduled for December the tenth he was found not guilty by reason of insanity. In the 82 jury trial. I'm stunned by that actually because I would have thought if you. If you ever took a shot at the president of the United States. You would never see the light of day again. I don't know if this is a good or bad thing. All right Wednesday August the twentieth. 232. Days into the year 133. Days ago. Thank you 38 Lou Gehrig hit his 23 Grand Slam. Career Grand Slam 23 when a record that still stands. 1938. That's a bad record stood for a long long time. 1969. All four Beatles together recording studio for the final time was different finishing touches on Abbey Road Robert Plant. Led Zeppelin seventy years old today and it's radio day. First commercial radio station eight MK. Translated now do WWJ. Begin operations in Detroit Michigan. Scientists in Hawaii of finally downgraded that emergency status for the to a whale volcano Nick Jonas and for younger children. I have made their engagement official. Party at. They always do Belmont that's. Jonas dad owns that. And he's seen a picture of her. Free on Chopra. PRI UY a NK eight Vijay. CH OPR tape. She is. Okay. And the German government says that it has no plans in place in the event of a space aliens landing in our country. People who need sugary snacks to help stay sharp throughout the nation probably be aware that you're just prisoner of your own beliefs. Steady Stanford University shows that the brain works just fine without regular shots of sugar and know people who believe there will power is limited. Previous studies have shown that middle exertion. Diminish his blood glucose. Levels and better persons will power can be rejuvenated by ingesting a sugary drink but. It appears people's attitudes towards about to will power may be responsible for that effective thought that charters into. Signal of renewed energy to the brain accuse that people without a limited view of will power used to pick up on. DreamWorks kennel club. Now. Thanks to break your protection to your sleeve. Be sure. Theory is that as an excuse. A study discovered that up to 35%. Of us have had a text conversation while still sleeping. You conversation which is mostly gibberish starts when our phone starts beeping or buzzing. Prompting our brains to go through auto pilot to return the tax. Well maybe that's why I've never even come close to that because I charge my phone in the office so the phone's not next to them. Because I don't feel the need to be in touch with that flowed all the time now. I'm not always gibberish these study found that men usually text about food. Women tend to get romantic. So we get text romantic text from here. Significant other or whatever classification that would fall under your but what does that wanna Texas. This year. Wake up. Typical restaurant meal if you volatile lose weight and keep them off you only have to do this so one thing. Eat normal food portions. Typical restaurant meal concede three people. So if you have do our readjust your idea of what is normal portion distortion. Could be the number one reason that we eat too much and typical restaurant meal of a solid and entree and choose sides and dessert. Plus soft drink has enough meal portions for three people. Well if you if they brought you the portions that they recommend. You wouldn't go back. How many times you've you've been in a restaurant. Where you order. And then his team play its come out for the table next year or so like that it save yourself almighty god. Take a look at the size of those salads are bad. The big yours arrives. You finish up. Guard Reggie you do. Cold barren comedy save a potential suicide victims and uninteresting story about a pair of a beer truck drivers. Here's their cargo to help save a man's life Jason gable and Kwame Anderson driving their daily delivery route when they say MSC a man clinging to a fence. On a bridge over the interstate in Saint Paul, Minnesota. They realized the man is considering jumping. They called 911. Anderson decided that he couldn't wait for somebody else become so. That I thought about Denzel Washington when he's acting as a cop in the movies and most of all I gotta keep this guy entertained somehow. Because if I wait for police this thing may be over. So the beer truck guys needed to two five times so they grab a cold to twelve back and they offered to share a beer with the guidance saying outside of the bridge. And the police arrive and the other driver of the Jason gable. And here's where race comes into this by the way who's white. Realized that they may not be the best people they handled this specific situation. Said he could feel the tension in the air like the potential jumper was intimidated so gable asked the police to let his beard truck partner who's black. We'll just try to talk demand down. And it took an hour. Of comedy. And conversation. And have bottled beer. But in the end would be jumper decided he'd rather have a cold one. And a few laughs. And he ended all painfully. And get off the bridge we'll know. Now don't you know every beer company in the world is trying to figure out what kind of fear that was. There's got to be a marketing. Don't kill yourself have a good. Old meg brewery lifesaving. It's just something. For all you do don't. Rhode Island woman is so I rescued ever apparently falling off of a sailboat being stranded for hours on an island big woman said that she fell off my husband's 39 foot sailboat sometime Friday afternoon. She was found on prudence island about 4 AM Saturday by a passing no voter who heard cries for help. Jenna mild hypothermia but she refused refused treatment her husband. I was out a couple hours earlier after he ran his sailboat ground. He man told police he thought his wife was below deck he didn't even realize she was missing. Son tells me this is not going to ever champion in this house. And then he had a woman passenger fall off of a Norwegian cruise line. And she was in the water for like a ten hours 46 year old British passenger fell off the back of a Norwegian star ship about sixty miles off the coast of Croatia. And I've been about sixty miles off the coast of Croatia so I kind of know what but anyway the woman identified as K managed to stay afloat for ten hours. In the Adriatic Sea. Long enough to be rescued by a Croatian cruise ship the scrambled and action to get the Coast Guard alerted. Woman said she was sitting on the back of the deck not clear again exactly how she fell in but she was still listed in stable condition expected she. I shouldn't affect your version before but how easy would veto. More of you know somebody watered down. Eliminate you from being. Itinerary. Six whoever you were. Part of which is true coming up the second. An article over the weekend. No parent wants to think about losing track of their kids in a crowd or anything along those lines. And does so they say best be prepared. Take a picture of your kid before heading to the beach or an amusement park or somebody like down. You're not only have what they're wearing but you've got the latest picture available. I literally thought about that and that's that's actually pretty Smart advice. Senate gets separated you'll be able to show good samaritans a very recent photo of your kid wearing that day's outfit nets one of those tips that to you hope we'll never have to use put. Could make a huge difference if you were due to do that this they also write your phone number in sharp piece somewhere on your child's body. Let him or her know if you get separated they need to tell worker and that tell mommy and daddy's cell phone number is on the and you can do that on the backer. Make sure you don't make a mistake because then you have to scratch and your kids government chirpy. Probably not gonna write it on its face either. And they say before you go hiking you know there was some guy that was a rescued after being lost on none out in L through week. So before you love you go off on a hike. Maybe send a photo of your current self and a trail marker before you head out. So people have an idea for your this happens upload a lot to learn and know where I'm from up in the mountains Rocky Mountain National Park. They were thought that was a pretty good to prediction. Average adult will drive out of their way to get a good meal. According to a survey. The average American is perfectly willing to drive what would you say TJ. How many miles out of their way to get some food. 31. So landlords should technically be what thirty miles 2530 miles. In this state 36 miles. Then that would have to be so specific right that would have to be. Well something some killer some led. Otherwise you're just going to. What do you could find. There was say. Two recent best of Barbeque listed. Speaking of pro things. This wall love. This will not sit well with North Carolina. If you read this. In the observer today your drew Jackson. Couldn't wine magazine. Names the eastern North Carolina skylight in is the best barbecue in the state. I never had it but. Then they do another. A mash up of time. Times money magazine and Yelp reviews. And they give the crown to Hayward smoke house. In the western mountain town of deals Borough which is about. An hour west of Asheville. But the only problem with Hayward smoke ousted as they specialize. In Texas. Brisket. Barbecue. And so if you got a best. Barbecue. In North Carolina and somebody's list somebody that's doing brisket. Before they're doing. Pull longer shoulder cooked oral would Coles. Then. Life is a change and. Then Sidon words. When I got here. People didn't know anymore know what brisket was that fly to the moon unless they're spending time in Texas. Or may be out west a little bit. But brisket was junk meet you can buy a brisket around here for you know for instance of founders on them. It was just crabmeat and it's still not good if you don't do it right it still comes out as tough as the sole if you don't. If you're not patient you don't take care good long while this is on a national list compiled by travel and leisure using. The Yelp. Reviews Haywood. Ranked as the fifth best barbecue in the entire country. North Carolina restaurant doing brisket Texas style brisket barbecue. That North Carolina takes great pride. And east and west. You know Bill Carter and tomato Mac you know it's always been that way. And anytime you ever hear somebody like guys here are some talk about North Carolina barbecue he's talking about pulled pork he's not talking brisket. But maybe that's about to change. Hey would smoke house opened up in deals were on about 24 team. And brisket. Described as amazing. The best they've ever had. And right now on the heels of celebrity barbecue places but from Texas Franklin barbecue which by the way isn't what it used to be. And other high profile Texas joints. Brisket is so high barbecue fashion these days and slowly but surely has been making its way in here they acts. Next to the great risk. At best. Smoked brisket transforms cheap tough Betemit into something really Richard juicy. And in fact if they were really really really good brisket. You don't have to worry about barbecue sauce. You won't be good. All right I haven't. You're good Jerry Klein he surged. We had a memorial service for Jerry Klein on Saturday. He passed away Friday morning about a 630. People will vote Jewish if apparently don't waste a lot of talk. This could billions in Christian form hang on for you know we'll stretch that thing out for but to have. There were all a lot of Jerry's friends Rivera musicians that he knew and loved John Tosca music. Don't parties and I was there. And an association that Joseph went back to via gradient Stella senator were I used to hold his duties music parties Scott swimmer per month. I drums for a cure are drawn strong. Always there. I am. Mom and those are I don't know embarrass everybody is Maine that was there. Big African American guy sang the impossible dream which sounds hokey but until into the words were exactly perfect for jury. And he's just big guy he dug deeper into his soul to bill that out there was great. AJ Johnson was there emergent rose who hired him here at WBT was there. I was there Gibril was there are. His momma Sarah's sister was there there was David rule vote from on channel three. Was there and then again I shouldn't be mission to names that are just a ton of people Jim Brock the percussionist great great great drama. Was so there. Arm. And it gave us a chance to. And it is a rabbi by the name of butch there was there. And I think butch did the best job of all of us because. He bit. He was very honest about Jerry. And some of us said not seeing Jerry in awhile for various reasons and I think there was in some cases a lot of guilt in that room over people that maybe had not seen Jerry in the last you're too. Or longer. And we all found out that in some ways we had something in common as to the wise and where force of maybe one that was. And he mentioned it and he wasn't coerced into it so away all found out that we had something in common and not achieve in jury understood. Ultimately. I wish Nigeria two weeks ago today. Just about this time. And he was. Go in and out of consciousness and I walked in and I didn't recognize him. I knew I was in the right room but I was afraid I was on the wrong room. But I knew I was in the right room. And I said Jerry and he acknowledged yes. And I said John Hancock in. And he knew it was me. And I don't know he remembered I had but I was there are not. It's a nurse came in shortly thereafter and I went out of the hallway for about a half an hour and and came back in and he was. And I finally told him after a short period of time that I was gonna leave that are cared about it. And then that night he was moved to hospice and there are people like Beckett Thompson and others that just been a good deal of time with him and hospice and his son Joshua. And his other son Ben reach. I connected with him by phone Joshua was a narrow reading to him on a daily basis and apparently there was a quarter. Quite a time for the in the hospice room around Jerry and and Jerry very much new exit to he was scared about a loved I think by the time media finally went they after wreath today at. If anybody ever bought a record at new world records they knew where Jerry Klein or read our column and create a blow to many new Jerry Kleiner listened to a radio broadcaster WB two here at W a male open Washington. Or actually knows some of the concerts that you may have gone to a wreath or miles or the ripping tens or. John gore or a half I mean he was the responsible for an awful lot of the good music became a detailed. One of the first issues that ever really controversial issues that I remember appeared WBT taking. A big hand in. Was angels in America. Gay fantasia the gang of five. And down Mike Collins and Jerry Klein. Latched on to that and owned it. Many of you or remember doctor Ed Friedland. And Gerri a latching on to that. And I got to tell you that I am comforted. Are you with all the divisive no C even that today people that say they. Have no time in that they hate. Liberals. By people who live. Weighed in on my FaceBook page about Jerry. Within the first three hours after I announced his passing numbers 375. I don't like 86 message there was 3330. One's. People who shared. His impact was huge but I am comforted since his death of the people who are remembered his hardiness fashion some of his. Some of his detractors some of the people who like Tim the least. Remember Ohio who basically said that Jerry I had in greater agree with the thing that Jerry ever said. But he always treated me with dignity any always. And so I'm I am kind of comforted by the fact that oh is divisive this things have gotten when he first was hired here in 1994. It was it could be brutal. But it wasn't nearly as brutal it was when he got back here 56 years ago. And came back on the air filling in for me and otherwise I mean no. People weren't in the mood to listen to liberal and all it was kind of like we have duo said something about your sister you know I'm in an area. A day to receive Gerri well at all. But I am comforted to know that some of those same people have weighed in and and no wish dirge area area restful sleep and and then all of that stuff one of the first people that they're called me wondering no wanting to know more information not 1014 days ago with Randall Bloomquist. Randall Bloomquist was the guy that. I quit WBT over. Our Randall Bloomquist was the guy who fired jury back in 1997. Win now I went when I left here in 1999. And went and did mornings at the end for a couple years Jerry had already gone to Washington DC as of 2001. And he had gotten a job producing the Chris Plante stern show I had WM AL. And could have been five or six months that he had been there I picked up the trades and found out that W a male and just named their new program director. Randall Bloomquist. So all of a sudden here comes Randall the guy you would fired Jerry at WBT at Charlotte. And I remember Colin Jerry and say boy you does not live and well body. But with all due respect Tom. He and Randall did better the second time around Randall worked hard as a producer turned into a great producer. And Randall acknowledged that. And then they started a program up there where they took all of the producers and gave him an hour on the weekends and then out of that a jury got some time work and an 11 o'clock at night on M mail which is a legendary radio station. Like BT. And then they moved him up to 7 o'clock. So I Randle actually. Allowed for some opportunity. With. With the jury. Jerry and I disagreed on politics and we disagreed on religion but we shared a love for music and we shared a love for animals. And we share a love for humanity. And we have a commonality in the sixties and the seventies. And we both shared gilts but decisions that we had made in our lives that affected our sons. And we shared a unique bond of having sat behind this three letter call 50000 watt historic great colossus of the south WBT microphone. Were Kuralt who sat in Grady Cole has sat in cash boy just that and AJ Thompson is sad and many others Don Russell and my columns and many many many many others. And we had people tell us we suck but we don't site. Cancer sucked. Botox and put in a real nice piece together on Nigeria Klein and all a play that Florian. Next to give you chance to it's still recorded with Jerry Klein and Jerry Klein's voice and how he felt about things when he got back here about a 2014 and the reception that he got. For Johnson was in Orlando all last week but had time mode when he got back to a put together radio piece that you played this morning injured climber thought maybe we'd share that with the. Or one news talk elevenths and maybe you don't find Kelly how why when I started on the air in nine before that was the first time I ever done radio. I I think ten year old eighth. Our principal but I have recovery if they had ever every license this. Well I'm glad to come. I had and two day and you know if this was my dream stage. Everybody's dream to be on the air guns. I'm Debbie BT from Cuba to Canada's yelling holy cow. I've been talking a lot of people lately. My age the or thereabouts I'm 43. Who have gotten to a point now lives where they're beginning to realize. There's they're probably not going to get. Where they thought they would or where they expected themselves to get when they were younger. And they're struggling with whether that means they're failure or not. And they're struggling. To figure out whether that means that they have. Resigned themselves to settling for. And the average. Life that they used to think this wasn't going to be flown from their legacy. I grew up with this nation. To. I was also. Playing northern born. In June so as soon as stock down. Early. And often and denying the strangely enough decided to be along here to be so yeah. That's that I developed personally lean left to send their viewpoints. In opposition to just some people. And traditions around here. I didn't make it easy for me to fit into the flow of others. In the emerging conservative and on talk radio milieu. You're both sides on WVU radio question on the ball very hot enough Rush Limbaugh has done this radius Jerry Klein. On 1110 W league team and then. I knew little ornery times and I certainly was in the ninety's when I was first on here. Kerry moved to condone people of America commander if you. Can work behind. On the pavement. And new clean prepared let me go back away. I can't Cordelia. In now you know you keep wanting to call over and over again I'd ride a popular right now hi Sean a copy I legacy talk mound now harsh. It's amazing to me that you continue to believe they you can impose what you consider what you believe to be. Morality and ethics on everybody else. And then you have the only right answer as to why can't you do that you never want her nine point kind of knew not where your heart your point of view is a broken record Cornelius Starr whining about women who have babies says they can't afford you start talking about all the rest of that stuff in it gets old. Thank you for your call Terry how are you hello boys ganging up on your ground you know let him try. I probably didn't know yeah. And I and and this is a business like any other. I learned a lot when it went up to DC as far as the radio industry is. Have grown up and I have matured I may be I'd smell you don't go through and lose a few years I've been through. And not to have your perspective on the world changed a little bit. I'm incredibly blessed with no new exaggerations. Thousands of people from all over the world. All faiths and all political points of view. I'm standing up for me coming through when I was we I was. Now we're on the streets. Almost dead. Then people came through for me and save my life. You don't go through that. Without stepping back a little bit and and and changing. And. I never expected to come back to Charlotte I really didn't. I went when I came back the size factor I thought I was about to die. I really never expected anybody here remember me. We've been twelve plus years. Really didn't think anybody who remember me I'm been blown away. And lonely people remembered me some people apparently. I miss me. I am welcomed me back. Reason protons for much Charles Moore and news put together. Are late friend Jerry Klein who we had a memorial service for on Saturday who passed away about 6:30 in the morning. I know Friday announced. Obviously our condolences to his a mom and as a sister and is a friends and none and none thank you for your. I'm messages many of which have been Reggie Jerry over the past two weeks and hospice care that were left don't know my FaceBook page story on me. I was Jerry Klein community page should remember. All the Doug got together on a Saturday to. I had music. To life stories and and not tell our good Brenda jury to arrest entries. Steady out. A few answers. Do all the work. You're up. Was the last time you ever candlelight sat there and exam under watched an ant farm. As such a terrible stepfather somebody gave my kids oil admiral was matter fill open their matter fills listening. Gave a matter of Phillip and farm wants for Christmas. The answer and everything. It took the answer outside put him in the garden. It took the end garden and I hit it. 'cause I just knew it was gonna turn out to be adjusted you know the bid and sooner or later we're gonna have an answer or Laura valves. Vieira watched. Not firing outs but I mean just like well I am pharmacy is fascinating. I'll be just watched and it's. Find some sort of dead something or other and Kerry and it off and doing this that the other and but there early notice to see if they're or answer or cut alike lagging behind you now. Like humans and that. What this study says that and it turns out just like humans some may have to work hard. Others. Not so hard. A new study that found that 30% of answered doing 70% of the work. That's about right admit. Essential personnel. While others will hang in the back and let the answer in the front do the heavy lifting. But the scientists basically concluded it's not about laziness. It's about efficiency. That can't seem to realize. That too many workers in one spot just clog everything up. And so researchers basically have come to the conclusion. That these principles could be used to program robots. Per tasking like digging tunnels. So for aunts and robots operating in confined spaces like tunnels. Having more workers did not necessarily mean getting more work done. Justice too many cooks in the kitchen. Give and each other's way of having too many robots entitles. Create clogs that. Can bring the work to a grinding halt. I just found that interesting. And especially on the surface. Interesting when you find out that 30% of the answer doing 70% of the work. Roy Israel Wally until. Gilbert. Not out on a lazy. I'm just increasing efficiency. So I peace in Billboard Magazine today were Eric Clapton is coming out with a Christmas album. Will release his full. First full length Christmas album on October the twelfth you can pre order now I did. Features they're cover illustration of a Santa Claus that he drew himself. Oh which is. Simple and effective and it actually pretty coy up. Now I have no idea if this album will be was a Boozer Dylan that came out the Christmas album it was horrendous. It's going to be fourteen tracks on this album including white Christmas silent night away in a Manger. I'm thinking about clapped and even in. Like your father's eyes voice and all I kind of stuff but he basically. He's originated in new track called for love on Christmas Day. Does a rendition of jingle bells that is dedicated to beechy. The singer. And an aberration that admiration for only DJ in need seuss was a suicide. He said don't quote I had my AI ahead in the and I started to figure out how to play the blues lines in between the locals. I got it down and no one of the most identifiable songs on the album the one that became the foundational style is. Have yourself a merry little Christmas. So well or available for a pre order starting today if you go to Amazon and know put Eric Clapton happy Christmas. You'll love when I did that today it came up with the vinyl album buddy fuel look click on. That then it'll also show you it's available in CD. And for this particular one our preferred evidence CDs since we don't have turned tables here in the radio station men know. But today anyway hard to save yourself video. Fourteen bucks or whatever it is. And you'll hear at this Christmas when we get closer to our kids first season and so foot pedal placement tracks off of it you can make that decision and whether or not you wanna. Shell out two fourteen bucks or Russell neglect has written today about streaming music companies are losing millions in revenue because of they say. Mile Lenny else. I used to getting under way standing argument. With so my old telephone screeners. Not to mention genus name. I think it was YouTube TJ. This sort of gone back to rule. But we're trying to think of TJ the first music sharing. Napster. I used to tell. In fact like good night never could find the opus said dart band he lives in Nashville now of actually of a baseball back and forth with him John to set dart. Came out on an album I think it was called amnesia. Had a mime on the front cover just a great album never could find it finally found it on Napster downloaded to burn it to CD. And that's how I had it. Arm but. These two get in arguments about whether you know music must hurry it's not free you're you're stealing a year essentially stealing somebody's work. That's and in the same added but I am my my point being that generation. That would have been brought TJ 101213. Years ago. In some cases. The people who were deciding it was located take that music 'cause it was free. Are now what early 20s30 years old may be parents and maybe. So that mentality. Is still with an awful lot of people and Netflix and Hulu and Amazon are all battling each other from the attention of our eyes but they're also battling for dollar from a younger generation and it turns out that. Streaming subscribers. Are sharing their passwords and skirting systems to include two in increasing numbers creating an increasingly expensive problem offer these companies. Now. My kids were on. Netflix. Long long time ago. And my TV. My Smart TV. It's Netflix. And so there were two movies that I watched that I used their password to watch. But I felt so guilty about it that I guy did I don't know what. 'cause I I get that that. If you're stealing music you're taking money out of Scott and Seth pocket. Or lower or so. So recent figures say that about 35%. Of millennial share passwords for streaming services. And that's compared to about 19% of generation next subscribers. And about 13% of baby boomers. And actually add up they say do hundreds of millions of dollars in potential revenues streaming companies are looking Hulu they think. Loses in the neighborhood of about one point five billion dollars a year. So there you go. I know you could still tell yourself it's free. I don't think back Khalil practice again today I don't know what's going on the. Sore knee. The present. So are imbued in every game the other day souls who were all that goes left tackle probably could be a little bit of a concern but. James O'Keefe and Eugene. Endemic Nixon. And I assume coach and Marty show opened a weekly basis or. So on there way up and talk to a follows us a note to stay a few minutes. Monday Night Football tonight or ravens and the colts. So. I've forgotten there was Monday Night Football but don't. That's good. The James Gordon. Paul McCartney. But I think Colin. And have an informant. Car karaoke. They've turned into an hour special it's on CBS at 8 o'clock tonight that can be uninteresting if you saw the original video it's it's killer. On and a cordon is a likable enough guy here. Did you get carpal karaoke is start to get a little. But got to gets unbelievable people in the car or demoted to Linda Paul McCartney c'mon. And then that just expands into a completely different deal where it ends up in our club and if I remember correctly don't people go and are in no I hit the buttons to a jukebox or something and also in the curtains spreads and there's Paul McCartney play in you know whatever the song is in the in the curtain closes and now you'd we have been anyway it's it's it's it's it's stunning and there's. Cutting room floor material that's been left behind and so they've made an hour special on event and that can be a pretty execs so that's at 8 o'clock and I believe the Monday Night Football games start today to caucus well on my ESPN. And I don't remember who the announcers are free Austrian. This this year for Monday Night Football. They're new. Gruden gone obviously. Not Kurt Warner he's doing Westwood One radio stuff. TJ is sort of mentally looking. There was a great article interesting article today in the Wall Street Journal. That I wondered if was written for David tepper big. That says it is it time to sell your NFL team. Congratulations. You've just we've just given you an NFL franchise. Would you sell it as an unloaded right now or would you hang onto it. Then they start to assess some of the upsides of owning an NFL team. And then they assess some of the bad things about. Owning an NFL team. Tom they do point out that everybody calls you mr. Orman is. Even TV announcers. David tepper seems to be a little bit more relaxed than. And Alaska was. Jason Witten burger McFarland Lisa salters and Joseph tell a story that's your new lineup for Monday Night Football. And I'm Jo-Jo story but that's not a household name it will be soon. And Jason Witten. Or just enough of I guess lead over the weekend or some group. But the last weekend. And a border McFarland. Can you say border a move. Lisa salters is kind of a mainstay from under their purple anyway back to this Wall Street Journal thing written by Jason gave. Downsides of owning an NFL football team. You know when you lose everybody hates you know sort of so forth. But it said. Even worse. Are those NFL owners' meetings. And that talks about you see storm clouds and your business person and you're always looking on the horizon and you've been part of the greatest ride in professional sports. The NFL just grew and grew and grew enriching anyone know with a stake. But you are beginning to wonder if the party may be winding down you know we were talking when they are Panthers were just for sale and we hadn't come to a conclusion David tepper was going to be the new motor yet. Whether or not the three or four principles over pursuing. We're thinking the same thing. Jerry Richardson puts in 200 million dollars for this partners and all of a sudden so all the team for 2.3 billion. Twenty some odd years later. Well. On the same day that David tepper was announced as the guy who was buying the team. Supreme Court makes a landmark decision on gambling. So tepper apparently. Whenever he touches turns to gold because there will be revenue that'll come out of that. But what about the NFL. As it peaked. That's one of the things they ask in this article in the Wall Street Journal today the TV ratings aren't aren't climbing like they used do the NFL still dominates but. The inertia is concerning. Some of your brother and assume the TV when networks will keep lining up to pay billions and if not the networks the nerds on FaceBook and Amazon. But you're not so sure. Media as volatile sports betting could do make up some of the difference but who knows and you even. And you're having issues with attendance. You see empty seats on Sunday. Stupid HDTV. And it. The article goes on to say. We haven't even gotten to the healthy stuff part are the health stuff yet to concussion crisis some of your retired players come do you with. Worries about their lives their futures. It's agonizing to hear. But could there be a day when football goes extinct. Or at least get a lot smaller. And Jason gay in the yellow Wall Street Journal says maybe it's time to unload the team now. Find some young private equity soccer. You give you a couple of billion. Maybe more than that a couple. But a couple of billion Forbes things to turn good for three they've talked about teams that may be for sale soon Denver being one of them. It'll go for more than 2.3 billion and over three billion some. So it is divers are read this today I kind of wondered it to some extent they were not riding it towards David tepper but they were also writing a towards the guy. The people Lemond the teams the Rooney's and so on that a bone to teams for ever. And bawdy and even before Richardson came in at 200 million. These teams are worth a ton of money. You look at your kids you look at your grandkids and you'll look at your legacy and you think. Now me I should cashier and now. While there's still cash and ended a huge. Richard Sherman to regard to Twitter yesterday voiced his dislike of the NFL's new helmet rule. Blasted the new regulations and a series of tweets proclaim the NFL will be a flag football soon. Because a player safety mandates he says to all those people including those who made the rule I want a video of a video of you know. Running full speed. And being led by something and buy anything but your head while attempting to bring down a moving target you will soon realize it's impossible. There is no make an adjustment to the way you tackle even in a perfect form tackle the body is led by they had. The rule is idiotic. Well there you go. Pop off to panther talk we go.