NASCAR, North Korea and Iran

John Hancock
Tuesday, May 8th
Hancock discusses the possible sales of NASCAR, the president is scrapping the Iran Nuclear deal, and the North Korean summit

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This is John Hancock. There rather hug thereof as a all right. Who killed yesterday JD Hayworth. In my ethics to him my era I heard my way back from a doctor's office I heard about a three minutes on him. He are referred to me is something. Historic. Which probably would be true for those original. The 17100. Guy. Who rise who have no sons. And only daughters and so really anybody at this point it's are directed. They're going to be like Smiths and Jones and stuff like that and got meg going to be. My Hancock error error roots I have I have no idea Texas. I'm maybe some Germany but I don't think the Hancock for originated in Germany. But yeah I don't register and we're we're just a bunch of average people regarded dude but you. Problem. I don't know where to go with all this. I'm not going to be here next Wednesday either home a week from tomorrow. And all toll is said to I got some medical stuff going on men and it's not. It's fine. It's just I'm a pain or blood. Well actually not even met yet. There's been no shots. But. It's. That don't know. So anywhere as soon as I guess in the editorial tell you about two right now it's just tests and this that the other none nothing to be alarmed about Noah. No no life or death offenders who neglect data system forgot our. I got to take care of Phnom. And so love that's what I'll do is or go take care of it and so I got or all day ordeal. About a week from now. To it's gonna be like a seven hour deal in the doctor's office no inaudible conformed event can you begin to tell your. And and then Natalie does some other stuff and then Natalie dues some that'll probably lead to some other stuff enough. So low Mya my apologies in advance for anytime that I miss in the near future. But. I don't want thing I think I can say that many of you will be able to relate to is 65 plus Sox. And it's just a simple as that. So are we got to diabetes type tuned do you had diagnosis back in July. And that was the are beginning to just. A life of frivolity at glee. And so now we've added on us something else to that that just needs to be taking care of and no I'm not trying to talk code to you about a fire started to given years the specifics people would get concerned and there's no reason to get concerned right now. And when there is time road to get concerned and I'll tell you. Always self I'm pretty much an open book so will figure that one we have daycare that. The trust or remove that he's kind of been signaling for sometime withdrew from via Tony fifty nuclear accord with I ran today. Said this is they are horrible one sided deal that should have never been made it. He has said he didn't bring out calm it didn't bring peace and never will. He accused Iran of low lying about its nuclear ambitions which is essentially what to the Israeli. I Netanyahu has said and knows that the United States would be imposing sanctions on his country and that will take a while to do that and how they go about that at the sequence of how they. Go about that. But we'll have. Some time. Agreements to it. So. Once the sanctions are imposed in no way would effectively be out of the deal. But destroy kinda starts a ninety day countdown to the restoration of the sanctions. And which sanctions are lifted under the deal. Dead dead trump plans to reimpose I don't think the specifics around on Nash yet he has several options. He can do all they are more limited move and that would leave him some room potentially to to stay in the deal or some other members agreed to our toughen it. If he follows through on. The sanctions as they were. Then mound. Then that would. Topple the I radian no nuclear agreement as a whole. And total C were Woolsey were all that goes. This was a way he started the day by awarding the former secretary of state John Kerry not to metal in the negotiations this was a deal that was originally negotiated by John Kerry to start with. And accurately upper carrier apparently has been working behind the deal behind the scenes to. Try to reinforce it. He. This that this so follows efforts by a European allies to convince trump not to do that deal in the French president was here micron we. We knew he was added urging the president to and to not bail on that but he did. And in fact word broke up this morning that he had already called macro and is set Amman were or were were cut now. 4015 packed lifted most US and international sanctions against I ran they did that in exchange programme Iran agreeing to. Our restrictions on its nuclear program and made it impossible to have. Produce a bomb. And with that was to come rigorous inspections. Terms generally set for ten to fifteen years. The. Well Israel. Some congressional Republicans some gulf Arab states. Thought that the deal was just to give a way to Tehran to that ultimately would pave the way for nuclear armed I ran several years in the future. And so we'll see what do we'll see what all this leads to. Could do it could lead to some retaliation from Iran in the near future and what that actually means I'm not exactly sure that day any of us can define that at this point. And at Tehran the president there Hasan Hani. Said. Well you said earlier they warned of grave consequences if strong pull back on the agreement that was earlier than this week. Or late last week. What one of the factors leading up to the decision today was probably Israel's public lobbying it was a week ago that Netanyahu is Israeli prime minister of head Dell appealed to the United States to. There's this emit tirade Tehran had a had lied about its nuclear program and adherence to the pact. That would be stunning when and they've never done that before. Ono and I'm confused back nerve told the truth before now I knew it was one of the other. And but you know even say even the secretary of state to Iran that trumps a secretary of state in the UN agency that Dell monitors nuclear compliance is think that I ran so far has. Has lived up to it's a side of the deal so. More facts as they become available but that's the that's the big news right now that trump has announced plans to withdraw from the I ran nuclear agreement at. Those of you are long time Charlie GMs are natives. We had two deaths on Saturday. Dead to. Certainly comprised. Oh. Part of the history of the city from a media standpoint. Jimmy kill go. Gil goes Canty is gives ridiculous canteen. Is something I've heard about. The since just about the day I walked in to town and I don't know if that's because John kill go Jimmy's younger brother hired me here at WB to you way back when. And John reproach re re remains one of my favorite people and don't. T here here recap. My early days here is. It just one of the funniest things are now because he was the guy who had to take all the he'd take all the phone calls a known. But Tom. I I guy I I meant Jameer a couple of times oh over the years but never to the point that are really no. Know much about him but I knew of him. And for him to pass away I know that that was just a milestone for an awful lot of viewer 87 years old in. Founder is local fame back in the 1960s. And was a big part of WUSOCTV. When they went on the air. I was a big part of your youth when you went on the air. People like Larry sprinkle and Jack Daniel and longtime friends of mine. No word certainly influenced by air Jimmy killed going to is a media work back in the day he was. He was American Bandstand before American Bandstand was American Bandstand he was Dick Clark before Dick Clark was Dick Clark. Or at least just about the time of so my condolences to the killed a family I have not talked to John. I sending an email I don't know John Reid's email. I heard even notified John nutter you know if I have voted technically is right email address but two OP knows that I'm thinking about him and assembly. And so a lot of my condolences not only to the killer go family but to those of you who grew up below with Jimmy killed go because sense. That's bad that's hard when not somebody that. Played an instrumental part even if you didn't know them personally played an instrumental part in Europe but in your growing up in your. In your development your love of music cure whatever. And then the other death was. MSN hanky. Who wrote for the observer. End. Came to the observer in 1953. Now I came to WBT in 1990. And at that time they old of nation's bank building. You know that's what it was called them. Was about three stories high they were building it. I was at a hotel which is now the omni but at the time was the Radisson. And my room looked down into the hole that became the Bank of America building. And I remember being dropped off after an interview and eating dinner at man Giannone is on east boulevard. Being dropped off at 9 o'clock or 830 at night I decided I was gonna go have a drink in uptown downtown Charlotte and there was no other option for me vendor we go back below tell. And get a drink fairer because there was nothing going on uptown when Mike Collins drove Iran he showed me ET talked about how clean the city wants. Well yeah. There's nobody there to dirty it up. Now if I got here in 1990 end. And in slugs. So on Claiborne sort of thirtieth addition was the number one restaurant in town. Then went and mr. van heck he got here started writing about business in Charlotte in 1953. Had no idea. What he was getting ready to witness. 1953. Is the year after I was born. They said guy in the paper Jim morals article that the city limits in did just south of deal or. I know I've had people tell me that type bowl or fair view ended write it Sharon road. And I was well past 1953. But as they as well as moral points out in the paper the city was about to embark on a Iran of growth and for nearly four decades and a Turkey. What's the one who chronicled it is the observer editor and columnist. And he died Saturday at the age of 89 after a brief illness. UNC Chapel Hill grad. But he witnessed it all he saw it all he got to know Hugh McCall when nobody knows who you McCall was. And Johnny Harris and other notables are listed in the article today by. By Jim moral but those are just two names that really helped shape. Or at least describe. The shaping of Charlotte. And so my condolences to all family members and friends involved brought my condolences to the city of Charlotte and anybody who grow up here because to lose van techie. And kill go Jimmy. All the same day is. I I think to some extent Cigna is historically significant. I just because of the role that they played. In know the growth of Charlotte another representation for their two mediums and also doesn't. Escape me that. Jimmy kill bill was at the was in May a year radio. And big ways for awhile. And that pesky was writing for newspapers and who would have ever thought that newspapers and they are radio. Might be questioned in their own future. And I and their own placement in a new media landscape. But we are. And both faced with challenges. For survival. In both still. Viable. But. Only because of the passion and hard work of some of the people still involved with it. All right. Should the deal in the paper today about NASCAR owners exploring the sale. France family loss going out on the beach. And after this crap. Let's held as empire and. And reap the benefits. Reuters yesterday at talked about the majority owners of NASCAR exploring options that include selling. May be moving. The possible move coming as NASCAR's. Seen falling TV ratings amid the loss of some of its popularity. France family controls NASCAR they're working out with an investment bank Goldman Sachs to identify a potential deal according to the report does cited sources as saying that the deliberations are really only had an exploratory stage. Although stuff like this hits the newspaper it's generally a precursor to solvent. NASCAR was founded by Brill bill France senior in. In 1948. And then polished and refined by bill France junior. And and now Brian France kind of runs the show. And that's. Pretty interest and and I don't know if that I admired my thoughts but I don't know if that's all of a white flag being set up that flag pole or or not. Because there'll always be a market for. Fast cars and. And embracing. But. They think you're gonna attract interest from a media companies in a private equity firms. It comes at a time when the industry's been grappling with declining sales and I don't know that they've officially. Defined. Exactly what that means. Obviously. Speedway motor sports. Via Smith family Bruton Smith and Marcus and they 09 tracks nationwide including Charlotte motor speedway. Some other total revenue fall according to the paper this morning seven point 4% last year. Be our current television agreements with NBC and fox expire in 20/20 four and the company has explored developing its own media network rather than licensing its content out again. But if it is dead nobody's doing that unless there. And a certain numbers are going down and our numbers are going down so they're not gonna get the same deal that they. But they got they just found out from monster energy that monster energy was in for one more here than there are out and so than they announced that they've kind of they're they're talking about. Reinventing their business plan or however they phrase that. But that doesn't sound like a healthy move that sounds like somewhat of a desperation move. They cite a number of reasons for the decline in their TV ratings it says including the retirement of fan favorites I. Just Dale Junior. If Dale Junior only being gone now for what nine raise those. So idea you can't hardly blame that. They have all whole bunch of I mean the Jeff Gordon's in the Jimmie Johnson exited the interesting thing about it was is that as great a driver is Jimmie Johnson is. Mean it's not like he's up against each laps he's been racing against some of the old school guys. And and and Jeff Gordon and I'm invented some of the new school guys and the bushes and sort of so forth. But he's never really kind of move the needle which I never have quite understand he's a good looking guys got a good look at wife he's got a good look at Geddes. He's he's one you know he's tied with petty and Earnhardt. For titles say you would think that that would be a guy that. You could certainly. Put on posters and and market. Sell tickets foreign. And duty just doesn't seem to a four observers another hasn't captured the imagination of the they've become such a caricature of themselves and that's my belief. Is that it used to be about. Trading paint and you know Earnhardt coming out and spin and somebody else a late in the race and everybody. Pedal like I'm never gonna listen to that radio stations again I mean you don't other kind of controversy that just hacked people off. I'm early in his career Kyle Busch used to hack people off I used to hacked me off because I was an Earnhardt junior fan and he didn't treat junior with a new respect at all. But that's what's good for the sport. And even Tony Stewart had a little bit out. Jury get him. Armed. And don't think the new guys the Kozlowski is in the lord god knows and for some reason other of these guys just don't capture the imagination of but and I can't explain why. Bill Elliott son. I mean they've got some young no Larsson I got some young drivers there that are good looking charismatic. You would think they would be able to kind of so I'm not so sure that people didn't just decide well this go around in circles for three and a half hours. You don't really have to be there until the end. In less you just wanna see Iraq. But. How many Rex can you conceive before they become god like though last wreck that you saw. So on. Anyway the word is today that maybe NASCAR's for sale and. No private equity or something like that would do. What would buy it. There was a time. In the last it is and they know not so distant past. Don't we were arguing that this was the third sport between the NFL and and the NBA. That it was becoming bigger than Major League Baseball which will always got to have an American pastime thing to it but obviously they lost the momentum low with the strike years and new generations and and the fact that now baseball. Shoot themselves in the foot by putting their games on especially the World Series games on too late for young generations to. And to be able to watch them so they've they've basically have sold out for money and now they've sold out a generation or two of potential fail on this and they can't understand why they can't get a now well it's because you didn't. Has kids aren't that good that I clutching your cards and more than I'll watch in your superstars anymore. Because you've you've you've you've sold out you. You win for a primetime ratings as opposed to a building your sport three younger generation for long lasting growth potential. I thought that was funny itching to see that Doug NASCAR might be for sale and in if I was a member of the France family had viewed in the backseat yes. And then you did here's my address and they might check. So we'll see we're all goes the other news today is some audio trumps. Popularity. Her husband's may wane back and forth. But. Malloy audio trumps popularity. Shows her with a 57%. Favorability rating up from 47%. And January she announced yesterday a new campaign to help kids call they'd be best campaign. The number of Democrats who have AF favorable opinion of the First Lady is up fifteen points since January. Think that had anything to do with her showing up for the HW bush. Are the Barbara Bush funeral and and carrying herself well and. The group picture of. Mean I think she won a lot of I think her popularity. That the gets early helper in that regard 54% of women now view her favorably. This comes as she has increased to probe what public profile. She orchestrated the F first state dinner for her husband's admiral administration last month. She yesterday unveiled the initiatives that she plans to work on his First Lady including the well being of children and cyber bullying. GM calls it Kirby best campaign. Which show got us to thinking that. That phrase may have come out with. You know election tells Donald probably be best you not be here right now. I. It's far be best if you try to hold my hand. Do. Last week we were out talking about Charlotte being one of the final contenders for the 20/20 RNC. Come to some may. He processed that several cities have decided not to Eric even apply for. I don't know if it's because this would be area at trump convention or if it's. It just cost prohibitive her. But does the Charlotte Observer weighed in on a Sunday in May pretty much said yeah. Tickets that's a Russian word in the Russians have some through with the elections. Republican National Convention 20/20 Charlotte appears to be one of three finalists along with Las Vegas hosting the abandoned apparently someplace in Texas. Although San Antonio says no atop them. Houston so they have not found an open I think Dallas that is not found so public and they're gonna love it. Now maybe Kilgore. Lufkin. Neck and coaches. Tyler. Yeah I don't know Duma's. Dal heart Amarillo. Armpit of the nation. And it's right Amarillo. They national conventions put the nation's eyes are the host city says the observer and attract tens of millions of dollars and no direct spending in Charlotte knows that from moderate successful run with the Democratic National Convention in 2012. They say. We know that the financial cost will include substantial taxpayer dollars in overtime for police and other public employees. There hero will be a small cost to residents convenience. And a sizable one for the shareholders of our companies like duke. Which is expected to contribute millions. In duke has already said they're all for it in the RNC and here they lost a ton of money on the DMC. But the observer says are real hesitancy. Stems from the benefits what are they exactly. There is the direct spending by visitors on hotel rooms restaurants and elsewhere those are real even if usually overstated in mill also offset by some taxpayer investment and and make the idea attempting but. The real motive. For hosting the national political convention is as much about indirect benefits the branding their reputation building delaying of the ground work for future corporate and convention recruitment. Hosting a national convention shows the world that you have. Big city chops and should be on the radar for expansions and events. But the observer states. Charlotte achieved that status sometime ago with the DNC into Saudi eleven if not before hosting the RNC and 20/20 wouldn't. Give us as much of a boost in that front. But it would be considerable. Refugee little risk. Love trump or paid him. If he's the nominee in 21818 the convention is going to be divisive polarizing controversial affair in Charlotte will be associated with a all of it. And I would suspect that that's five oil and on number of cities have probably said no I think we'll sit this one out. On cost and otherwise we already have kind of proven our shops and we have more hotel rooms now than we had been the DNC. And not only have we hosted the the RNC. But we've posted the NRA. So what we already have proven our shops and on and an awful lot of winners. We've hosted a final four. And we did that when. When we were not capable of providing what does the final four needed so we built. Eight slow inner came district. And it worked beautifully. Except for the people that came back to show whomever. They brought with them what our great city and now much great. No I'm telling you there was a fat Tuesday's right here. I'm telling you it was right here. North Carolina's reputation has already taken a severe dip from HB twos says the observer editorial. And other Republican and legislative shenanigans. And how much balance to our brand would we get. From hosting what could be one of the most Toxics conventions. Of our lifetime. Maybe that's why so few cities are after this event. Only seven cities took much avail look officials say and fewer than that went through the whole application process. In fact and this is from the observer editorial but in fact you'll recall that they deadline was supposed to be. March 29 was that and they extended that deadline. Because they didn't. They didn't have the interest that they wanted. That may not be the reason they gave you but that's probably the reason they extended it. Back to the observer editorial the compare op Ed page of notes and and trust is being. Compare that with the dozens of cities that have applied to host many previous conventions. This is all assuming trump is the nominee. If he worked we'd be all end. But we won't know that before the site decision is made this summer. So let Las Vegas have a and taken as a sign of how far we've come that we don't need to grovel. For this vitriolic affair. Already had. And in a city Arab leaders are already here and and it's the same as Charlotte has always been it's very. We wanted we wanna be able to improve ourselves a moon on the big stage. And I and I kind of agree with the observer on their like like trump or not like throw. This. He's the nominee and why don't see any reason why he won't be unless he decides voluntarily on his own that is not front and again. But. Just is it just the mere fact that. He would be running for office again and this would be his convention. Would make it. Pretty. Testy. So I ran out in the news. From the announces plans to withdraw from the Iranian nuclear agreement you just turned that was my Romans. I North Korea is a still on the news in fact. China says that be a president Chinese president C aging thing. Has met with the North Korean led to leader Kim Jong-un in. In an area in northern no Chinese port city. That follows cams march showed visit to a Beijing. China is a North Korea's only major I'll lie and although trade between them has a plummeted in recent months since Beijing enforces United Nations economic sanctions in response to our bill. North's nuclear bomb and ballistic missile tests the the meeting. Between nerve. Stay in Kim. Comes says Serbia says North Korea is preparing you know for historic summit with the president trump. So are trumped weeded out I will be speaking to my friend. President sale of China this morning at 830 and I don't know what drug developed between know memento particular. Our call me a primary topic she said will be trade where good things will happen. And North Korea where relationships and trust our building. So how much of that is true and how much of that is so not true. I don't know alone well we'll wait and see I didn't see any. Reaction from the stock market today in regards to any. Good news coming out on the tariffs between China via a Dow Jones say is up through the finishing the day at two point 692 point 89. Unfinished it territory for 360 point 21 NASDAQ up one point 68 posted to a 7266. S&P down point 71. Closed at 2267192. So no. No signs there of anything. Positive impending on the turf war with with China and others. So Woolsey were all of that goes. In the meantime. North Korea apparently on Sunday criticized what it calls misleading claims that president trumps policy of maximum political pressure and sanctions are what pushed. Pyongyang to negotiations. And then there's speculation as you just heard in the news as to whether or not the announcement by trump today to withdraw from there I Iranian nuclear agreement. How the north will react to that. Bum. So all out to moving pieces going on now with Britain with all that tough stuff as there is in everything that happens to. That that happens around trump. There's always thoughts of moving pieces. Rudy Giuliani. Along with that collapsed. He said yesterday. I Durbin day before yesterday. That debt trump. Doesn't have to comply if he's subpoenaed by a BO special counsel Robert Mueller. And he was on ABC's this week. He's now I acting as an attorney for trump. And he said we don't have to he's the president of the United States we can assert the same privilege that other presidents have. Bill Clinton resisted they are subpoena as part of the Monica Lewinsky investigation buddy didn't ultimately you appear but he did ultimately appear before a grand jury. I Giuliani didn't roll up the possibility that trump could assert his Fifth Amendment right to against self incrimination. Saying how can I think. Ever be confident of bad. So I don't know that I'd Giuliani's has been all over the board and and the president said don't worry you'll get a sack straighter and a Giuliani has pretty much said don't know or don't get my facts straight but you would think that you would have your facts straight before you start radio giant media tour. It could disputed Giuliani's media whore couldn't. Well yes yes EA was probably among the greatest mayors ever win 9/11 hit. But sometimes all that notoriety and fabulous saying can go to your head and I don't care who you are. And so it so maybe young man maybe he's. He's going to a little bit of that. All of her north retired marine lieutenant colonel key figure in the 1980s Iran Contra scandal announces the new president of the National Rifle Association yesterday. He's a 74 years old. We stood and he's hall's one day about 1015 years ago I don't even know why he was here. But we looked out into the halls and there was Oliver North. He was here for an interview with somebody. But it was just built in any kind of hung around or were you here for that TJ you kind of hung around. Ali you look up a window out into the hallway from the BT's studios where it's always been. He was standing out there. And now we got we told it many are talked to him for a couple minutes not about anything specifically just what you don't in the building and. I think that was back in the days when Fawn Hall was stolen. Was it was still pertinent question. But anyway 74 years old now is a member of the NRA board he is a stepping down from his position as a Fox News contributor to take the job. Because I don't watch enough Fox News to know there was a contributor there. The CEO of the NRA. Executive vice president CEO Wayne Lapierre. I called north hands down the absolute best choice. So what that news was breaking so you got to I ran in Korea and the NRA. And Rudolph Giuliani. And and I'm Mueller. Inching article about John Miller. We'll Mueller probe go dark during not mid term elections any thought about this. Ready for a if Robert Mueller's Russia probe doesn't wrap up. Reasonably soon you've got elections going on today election coverage starts denied by the way at 7 o'clock with both Thompson and company. The McCrory and others will be part of the coverage tonight election coverage on no news talk 111019100. Only BT starts at 7 o'clock. Tom with some local. Our races and four states including North Carolina all of the across here are some pretty inching stuff going on. Tom. Go to school board you you've got to a referendum for. School Barmes going up and gassed and counting. So when voted up there for that. If you were part of our belt how are on Belmont hometown tour a couple of Fridays ago you heard the mayor and others saying please vote for the but the bonds saw and one of the things that feel bonds the school bonds up and Estonia would do would. Would get would be a new middle school in. In Belmont. Which they need. Which would be built over myself quite high school. Which would. Make traffic. Or I am. Just a pain in the butt. And I voted world. So make the sacrifice their. When the Miller pro go dark during the mid terms. Former prosecutors say that if he probe isn't completed by summer. He'd be expected to lie low and stay quiet until November so the probe doesn't sway voters. Although it may be a little bit too late to that is now in the Russian probe already likely to sway voters anyway. Just because he went dark force say you're just because he wanted to neutral doesn't mean they're not everybody in their mother would use. What's been said and done and permitted to is. Is part of their election fodder it's it's not a legal deadline for Mueller but a political one. It to keeps with. I Justice Department habits. Mueller's investigating allegations of our Russia meddling in the 20s16 presidential election and trumpets call that a witch hunt. Insists no evidence of collusion between the trump campaign in Russia has been found. So there are people wondering whether or not Mueller will go dark or continue the investigation through the fall. At the same time that sessions is basically asks you know tell him come on let's get this thing wrapped up. So well we'll see were all of that goes. To factor trump is even handed. That he might take legal action against Mueller threatened legal action against Robert Mueller the special counsel. And his team of thirteen angry Democrats. Said just wait till the court CU. Get to see your and revealed conflicts of interest this is was a tweet from my trump. I don't know who the next president will be. But do you think he'll tweet. What with any of that regularity that our current president does or do you think he'll go boot. He has proven though that. This is a way to go around the press sore. RI AA bid that's why I think it's a legitimate question to some extent. Europe for better or for worse trump has. A direct line to the American people. In his own words. Again for better or for worse. But instead of Evan to drop the story and hope that The Washington Times or the in New York Post drew bill would do you know Washington Post or New York tower whatever. AP Reuters. Fox News hoping that somebody will pick up the story so you can get the word out you know I can get the word out you can now get the view out you gal can make the accusation you know can. Sparked the fire. So Twitter he has proven that Twitter is a direct link. To not only is the people. But to the press. As I said for better or worse. I mean and hold your oven till 739 election coverage starts on news talk 1110993. WVT with protons and in the governor and others had just 7 o'clock. And. Charlotte area ninth. District Republican primary pits the incumbent Robert Keppinger against mark Harrison note Clarence Jones. The guy in Mecklenburg. Democratic primary voters. Will effectively elected sheriff tonight. I district attorney tonight and three district county commissioners. A legislative another county races are also on the ballot to up for this evening. Your votes will count as much to on this election as any. Because turnout will inevitably be you know low. Primaries are usually kind of you'll attended. But this is where your vote carries the most clout. And so today. Mecklenburg go voters will. I decide their. They're neck sheriff and district attorney you know and in district commissioners and and and smaller and a democratic primaries brother where with no Republican or libertarians are running. There are other primaries for voters will. All of that put somebody into office because those races we'll have opposition but they are in such. But I county or generate assembly districts that are dominated by one party or the other. And then adding to the important. So the vote today is this new law that should mean fewer run Ross has candidates now need 30% of the vote not 40%. 20 win outright and that means more races will be decided by air Tuesday so every vote will count this is a blue moon election that's the first election since 2006 with no statewide race to help draw people in the polls. So turnout will be abysmal. It's the first since 1958 what no statewide election or referendum on the ballot. The 2006. Statewide primary turnout was less than 12%. Pages never exceeded 21%. For the last three decades. In Charlotte last September the mayoral primary saw a turnout of 8% that's the one elected via Lyles. Two. To righter did to our did you ever elected as the mayor. She won her primary with 46% of the vote. Less than 3% of the city's registered voters. I'll bet that's let loose and it's up to the voters have Tokyo. A low turnout elections every vote carries a moral weight so while that's what's holding going on tonight but the the elections are open until 730. It's I still have to kind of get my mind are around when I read articles that say Charlotte manager recommends hiking property taxes in a budget proposal. And then I start reading mad and and then I start seeing where O water fees. Our I gotta go up 43 dollars for water 6% for storm water 7% for garbage collection are also in this budget proposal meeting the most residents would they elect. Fifty dollars more. Or more. Combined with higher taxes and fees over the next year. And then. I sit there for a moment and I think to myself oh wait a minute. That's not me anymore that was me for 23 years but that's not me anymore. Now. We're voting on. Increase taxes. In in Destin Johnny for schools. And in an am favorite bad. And service several people have said. Are the taxes a lot more reasonable on the other side of the river than they are Mecklenburg in the answer to that is no not drilling. So overall game hit or get hit but it assistance to go after 23 years to start to read stories about Charlotte manager recommends hiking property taxes. And then remember it. Oh wait a minute. Those are my property taxes. All right Kate and 148 days he's been here 2018 there are 237. Days ago. Eighth. 1986. A pharmacist by the Obama name of Johns died perverts and if senator carbonated beverage that he would later call Coca-Cola. No huddle relaxed. 1945. Harry S Truman the president announced in a radio address probably broadcast here at. There's 11109893. About say news talk I don't think we're just talk that we were. You'll probably hillbilly music eleven Jen. No and I know died very. Truman announced the radio address the World War II it ended in Europe made this called BEE. Day. Victory in Europe. I'm 1961. New York the New Yorkers chose a name for their new national league baseball franchise the bats. We're born. Never forgive my dad's taken me 21 of the early early early met games that Busch Stadium in Saint Louis action may have been prospect field then the base they were called. The grifters. And Casey Stengel. But the manager. It was a doubleheader. Can't believe my dad took me to a double America's it's. Him staying for one full game would have been. But in between the two games about Casey Stengel out on the field that a big birthday celebration for Michael remember watching that. And he was old then. Bob Villa body 54 years old today and Tony to Neil. She would be the video about. The captain. Seven B eight years old. Esquire has the story of an Australian man who was abroad but. But then rich thanks to a mistake by his bank. And when his newfound wealth. He blew 40000 dollars turning out an entire brothel for four days. It didn't let you know you can't recall of that. You'll always have the memory. They probably walks funny. You about the woman who made over a million dollars by successfully picking the winners of five horse races in a row at the Kentucky Derby. Massachusetts homer Lizzie Borden liberal B. After being acquitted. Of the double homicide of her parents will soon be opened as a bed and breakfast. You go Lloyd yeah. BJ just stated a haunted hotel them Savannah. And then that's why they stay there. You need to go to Estes Park stay in the standalone. And then intact in the give. Shop and I've got the book somewhere. It talks about what ghosts are in what room. And I mean it's multiple rooms. And I stated the Stanley several times but I just got to tell you that you sleep with a one era in one eye open. You don't get a good night's sleep at the Stanley. Beautiful hotel. How women in Nebraska thought that she had a runny nose turned out she was linking brain fluid. I read the news to dale void Brazil's First Lady. Marcella team or. Jumped into a lake at a Presidential Palace to rescue her dog. Particularly a Jack Russell distressed in the water she threw herself in the lake fully closed to rescuer. Security guard who refused to help rescue the dog dismissed from their posts. After the answer that you think. That's Brazil also I don't know I heard if they don't act here. And what steps. Maybe they should. And the business that will replace the. Harris theater at the park broach topics are good morning closed down or I was all bond movie theater may have used to go to. Big and opened up and 1960s. Or something along those lines 1964. Underwent a two million dollar renovation in 1996. And they expanded from three screens to six screens. But they're kind of fell on hard times. But terrorists that it's park road shopping center earned it was kind of show on second to and movies and so they announced the new owners of park for a job consider announced that they were closing it. Now they've announced what will be replacing it. Meet the new boss same as the old boss their replacing the theater with a theater the AMC owned movie theater. A new one. Will open in the old part terrorist plot. After they had deuce and renovations and some new design elements and so my add some moviegoing amenities. Including reclining seats. Give the building AF fresh look while maintaining the property's historic nature. The AMC park terrorists six. Expected to open sometime early 2019. So your beloved movie theater is soon to be your. Beloved movie theater. Even uses. Comforted that dead now owns part or shopping center based in Columbia they're doing a massive pour over all of Atherton bill as we speak and so what they've got to park road including some of the rents that have been raised has been controversial but don't by and large. At least with the theater they're replaced. It was the theater that should make a lot of people have. I'm not being here yesterday and get a chance kind of reflect on the Wells Fargo preempt the tournament. Hi Tiger Woods didn't have a great putting no weekend. Not to say the least but to you apparently oh walked away from our Charlotte feeling now. That the fans would certainly treated him well enough. Observer says he. Delta love it and I said I won't forget so I assume that means a return trip at some point. But anyway the golf term was very cool. Jason Day wins the whole thing. I'm nick quietly. Tremendous second in and I assume you know most of the story of one of the wrestle or won't. I want to bully with all that stuff but to got the weather was beautiful. I was a walking out of parking lot for went on the air today a couple of hours ago and whether beautiful but it. Helps bring lasts for a while. We're supposed to be ninety's by the time we get to Friday or Saturday. But doesn't look like it's necessarily going to be. Here to stay but. You've got a taste to some pretty toasty weather. Well once we get to our closer to the weekend he single lava flow up in Hawaii just CAD Ted Ford Mustang. That's pretty amazing I was big gate that it came across them and a save somebody earlier today. You love you're put that out of the garden I was you know. Saw a lady on TV last night and I kind of cut the tail end of it but she was. Give an emotional because says she hadn't figured out a way to tell her son you know that their house have been. I've taken down and so that means that the sun you know immediately all his stuff. In that house. To which duo had depending on how all the years I mean that's his world. When it's. And it just moves so slow. But then again I want is like a mile an hour. But that's pretty fast when it's hot lava and it's imminent. When it's on the move jurors apparently the hornets of us settled on a head coach Reynolds is officially signed yet or not Jeff beret go. There's a assistant with the San Antonio Spurs. Have no idea. And now we will have no idea until. And we're we're learning about the hornets. Today. If they trade kimbo under they've basically. Include one of those. Contracts along whether Kim betrayed dude try to get some wiggle room to try to. In other words do they go back down. Enough and and try to build themselves back up. Or did they try to take some of what they have been turned that in. I don't know. So buoyancy it's a seems impossible these days. With the way that the NBA is now better in my shore race city. And Cleveland would be the aberration but that's because that's were LeBron is from. But unless you're already a team that can attract free agents. Or you tank like Philadelphia did in order to get number one draft picks just stood there and trade manipulate yourself into a position to be a pretty decent team. I don't know I guess it's always been a game to try to. Put together a winner in the games has changed. There's a New York City woman no arrested after police discovered that she was using obituaries to rob grieving families while they were out attending their loved ones funeral but the difference on this one is us. You hear about this where they find out that somebody died in that ball there'd you know while the funerals going on there rob that person's house. But this one was a little bit different officers were investigating a string of robberies and they noticed that the victims were listed as the next of kin. In funeral arrangements and then these spam those families homes. We're rob during the time that they would be attending the funeral services. So it wasn't the victims' families say it was the ones that were listed in the paper is knowing that they wouldn't be at the house because they'd be at the funerals. And technically if you had a team the crux. You can hit two or three different locations are one time. I detectives staked out the home of a recently deceased person that when a car that matched the description of the suspect's vehicle pulled up police say found stolen property from a February burglary. In that car is Kagan to help Pasternak Kenya. And lot's being made about Prince Harry getting married Megan Markel. Evans on mound made the night KG get invites the did you. I'm digit. That your hand one target. You probably got it Bubba to the general manager took it. Yeah I lost in the mail and then all of a sudden you will see pictures. You know it'll there'll be with Megan here he'll be with the prince area and and won't know. He's using your past. Quick what Terry's last name. So widely recognized he doesn't need a last name. But if you ever wondered what is surname as it turns out that's a bit complicated to for starters British royals don't typically use last names. And often include their territorial designation as their title instead. Forest is Prince William duke of Cambridge. The royal historian morally and Koenig told the Huffington Post a British royal signs his or her first name only. They don't use last names because they are. Of them some things. They are prints or apprentices of the the united kingdom of Great Britain or northern islander RS styled as of Wales of all your of Cambridge. So when Henry was so when Harry was a bad test in 1994 he was given the title Henry Charles Albert David. Making his full title his royal highness. Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales. Because his father Charles as the prince of Wales. So after Harry and Megan Markel get married unclear exactly what their new titles will be but people are speculating that they'll probably be. Beat duke and duchess of Sussex. Like Susan and I beat duke and duchess of Belmont. So we're not in the city limits. According to our regulatory commission. Idaho State University was fired last week for losing. Something a little important potentially dangerous small amount of radioactive weapons grade plutonium. The word that I put that. Too small to make a nuclear bomb could be used in the dirty bomb. Vice president for our researcher at the university has a blamed. Partially completed don't paperwork from fifteen years ago or to school tried to dispose of the plutonium. And a and you wanna hear it's like our prescription drugs Syria wanna throw more able what are you doing them they can't. Flushing down the toilet. Does that get to end of what do you do with them. Now prescription drugs you should be able to go to a sheriff's department problem often all lockbox or something there. Mr. plutonium what do you do with plutonium. Anyway some weapons grade of plutonium. As soon accounted for. No big deal the end of the world is coming. You'll have plenty of notice. And billion years. I won't be there with you. But TJ good luck to you. If they come up with something. To got a miracle drug. Ten billion years. Spent the next eight billion with Billy V tape. Nobody gets eight billion years for WB two. About ten billion years before the sudden used up its last bit of hydrogen expanding to 250 times it's a size and swallowing up the earth. Now I don't believe in reincarnation but. Or maybe you will be here. There's a Pennsylvania mom. Of two. She's been barred from activities that are son's school. After she confronted a bully on a school bus Tammy Atkins five year old son Carson was crying on the floor of the bus on the second day of school last August. When it arrived to drop him off from home. Or drop him off at home. Atkins are Akins contends that she asked the driver if she could get on the bus and he said yes. Aiken said she never went further than the stairwell or approach the bully but she shouted to the back of the bus. Where he was sitting and told him to stop bullying her son. She says she told him you won't look at me. I'm his mom. I will not have you bully my five year old son you know what I. I'm not doing doing it I hope everybody hears me. I'm not doing it yet this year. Aiken said that she was referring to what she'd tried to do with the year before. To stop the bullying of her older son. She says she went to the school principal the same day to report the bullying and she was told that the problem would be addressed. Although she said it wasn't. She explained the principles should have done her job. And I would have never been able to be in that position but being. That I have the they have failed my children on numerous occasions I needed to make it apparent to my children that I will always have their backs. The district obviously disputes. Her claim that she got permission to go on the bus for one and cited bus video and audio that they say also shows are quote verbally abusing kids. She claims that the full surveillance video. The footage. Should show her getting permission after the incident the gateways school district of Monroe bill bandit. Eakins. From her son's classroom and from field trips and no longer allowed her to be NA and to be a homer mom. Daughter go. To. Figure bully drugs give numbers serve me. There's one big kids. And Bob Jacobs. Publicly. So Bob told Tommy Franks today. Good pick and on Jimmy's friend of mind this is a bruised me. And then not Tommy Franken Bob Jacobs decided that they needed to ponder afterschool invites. It stands they did. And everybody knew Tommy Franks would be you know Bob because Tommy Franks was one of those. So his kids and those in the collapse tests and Bob Jacobs cleaned his clock. So that nobody reportable would be against. Don't ball moved. Thousand years ago 1981. I got to deal life. And. I went there a court. And I told the judge. Has set hours that you had to be pretty stupid to get it do you live and I still believe you have to be pretty stupid to get a deal alive. So you do what you need to do but I promise you you'll never see me in this courtroom against. And he said. Wow. I've never I've never had anybody. Admit side of that as fast as you did. So is that I'm given ya a hundred years a hundred hours of community service. And you better hope I don't ever see you and escorting your. So they had Ted they assigned me. Two a lady by the name of Jennifer Reynolds. Who works for the united way. And since I was say in radio. And I had already had an experienced public speaking. Jennifer Reynolds used me to go to businesses and talk to their employees. About joining this payroll withholding. Plan. They united nice in the united waste of dozens. And corporations. Back united way in and they encourage their employees to take a certain amount of their paycheck and donated to the united way campaign. And I'm not anti united way in any way shape or form. But it JP it occurred to me after a while and after several people had told me that. Companies that they weren't for that were involved with this program. They felt pressured. Do support the united way whether or not they wanted to or not because their employers. Knew. Who was on board and who wasn't. And so they were afraid that if they didn't. It will what would say to their employer about them. They're not caring people are there's another where there was a year as there was say. A certain pressure. On these employees. To become part of the united way campaign whether or not they wanted to or not. Because it was encouraged by the work place that they do them. Now have you in your. Corporate America. Ever had a boss or an employer. Tell you cool. Or what to vote for. I'll talk about that just seconds that's found a fascinating article in the guardian. That. Apparently happens a lot more than what you think you've made. You're in this article in the guardian. Do you think it's appropriate for accompanied rescind its employees a list of approved candidates from president to the state house or we are on Election Day coverage your starts at just 7 o'clock polls slows into a 730. In a North Carolina. Do you think it's appropriate for a company to send its employees a list of approved candidates are competing for president of the state house with a warning that workers may suffer the consequences of those candidates. Lost. And what if a company told its mine workers and attendants a presidential rallies during the 2012 election cycle was mandatory but no one was forced to attend. And you think that they would feel like they that they might be penalized for not attendance well the first question that comes up news. If an employer. Encouraged you to vote one way or the other how they ever now. Now I think and I'd I can't remember if it was here or not and there was it was a long long time ago but it may have been enough previous employer before that. But I can remember getting a. Under different ownership group. Because we've had several Asian well. That encouraged just to vote in a particular way because of deregulation. Or because of something having to do with their communications business or. What would be good for the company now consider we're our own note by insurance companies for a good long while. I don't think it was something that would have been. But anyway I do tend to remember having an an in an email encouraging people to vote for a particular. Referendum more cause. Because it would be advantageous to the company's. Well being or something along those lines but that's nothing threatening nothing. But even then do you think that's appropriate. These examples are real says the guardian and they come from Alexander heard Joseph Fernandez new book called politics at work how companies turn their workers and the lobbyists. The book details. An extraordinary prior practice. Whereas companies frequently tried to persuade or mobilize their employees to support politicians. And policies beneficial to the corporation. The employee mobilization. Examples. Like a company pressuring employees to give money to weigh corporate pacts. And calling out workers who didn't attend political events. Our company's stuffing their employee's paycheck envelopes with political messages. Or a curriculum for employee errors. To educate there employee EU's. Including arguments that the rich pay more than their fair share and taxation regulation and legislation can all make it more difficult for a business to make a profit and will in the end. Negatively affect you or me. No they're not tell you how to vote. But they're certainly trying to. But that they error. Sentiments or feelings. My into your head when you do. Now in some cases. You would want to. Vote. In a favorable way for the industry the company did you work for. Unless of course you felt pressured. Or. It. But isn't appropriate. Should an employer ever. I've tried to. Educate you worst way you rule or encourage you to vote in one way or another. Had another wrenching finding is that corporate managers think these practices are extremely useful in some cases. Corporate America. Too many bosses telling employees. Flu or how to vote. In his new book points out our company's mobilize their employees to support politicians. Beneficial to the company's cause appropriate inappropriate. Asking if he ever felt pressured by a boss. Employee company. To vote via a certain way and you think it's appropriate for our companies to send employee is a list of approved candidates. Or and. Well in this Khazei you know warning over you may suffer the consequences consequences being no they're not gonna know what you do when you walk into the voting Booth. But if you don't support a certain initiative or your vote does support a certain candidate. That that candidate may are there another candidate may not be advantageous. To the O line of work that president you worked at a bank. There would be 21 candidate that might be more pro banking and another so follow us on sort of wind that would be bad for the banking industry so they would encourage YouTube. And whether or not you find it appropriate or not I I for the life of me cannot remember. When I got an email but at some point in my career I got an email or a note or memo or something that basically encouraged us to vote a certain way because it would be best for the communications industry or something along those lines I don't think I ever felt threatened. That first day. But it was a pretty strong suggestion that. Did to that they vote not for this particular referendum or cause or candidate and I don't remember which would be a would BA had detrimental vote to the led to the company. Well let's think that's appropriate or services to leave it to themselves. But things happen is the way they happened John RW BTI. Hey John John talk in a while but. I got Barack Obama that I worked out you've got a big worry at all. Or having an opinion about Hillary Clinton during your yacht Belafonte. But I'll tell you about. There are about a month Democrat in the correct order call so were you. Hillary Loper. And I had it was Hillary ever Bill Clinton bush. So are better word actually brought back and corrupt and I would point out that no word with a bomb I want you re election that I thought you brought. ElBaradei I'd say don't call me out the way home worker heard argued that that I think are. They want it walk I have been really currently got a book economic why committed no walk. And whatnot would not put your finger off. I'll cheer because now make want my money on a lot happier with a much better come in black display. But there were net there wouldn't have been and European there would not have been in there couldn't have been any other reason. Now I don't know how to root. I think almost got out but an adult now. It's open there about our first rule the open he felt it a little baseball. You never had I mean that day there's that but you never. Had a company suggest that you vote and a certain way because it would be best for the but the company or the or the industry. Yeah well I'm like Bernard and applied by yeah yeah yeah I think the insinuation was pretty strong. Yeah I'm not I don't know I mean yeah yeah I haven't thought he'd want to but not better. What a way to doubt crept back door look great and here just about every Beck and evidently do but light. Now yeah I appreciate you started a project don't think very much. Territories are good river the golf or should remember what I know I've got one. And I don't know that I thought it was inappropriate of times. Although I'm pretty adamant sometimes when somebody's trying to Tilden did. I've been doing good to dole was going the other way just. In spite of your. Hey you wanna have a blade. Doing is they're granddaughter. I don't know what her plans are for. But I have been due to net the all American dream. A boy and a girl. Coach your parents did. They just had me. My mind just took me. I almost had a sister to work out. Well if you want to give birth to a son. Eat a lot of breakfast cereal. Sort of says here party breakfast laced with sugar appears to a boost woman's chances. The odds of having discussed were so sweet. The odds of having a male baby also sharply increase for women who had at least one bowl of breakfast cereal each day. Compared to women who ate less. Then or. Equal to one bowl a week. Does say anything in here for sale about tell what kind of serial although it says a hearty breakfast laced with sugar so I would think what. Lucky charms frosted flakes. The F study published by in our proceedings of the Royal Society B biological sciences. Found that a lower calorie diet. Is more likely to yield a baby girl. So they go. Papa jocks problem though that would be a vitamin bill would probably tricks though because tricks. Her for kids yeah but that would be that would be plural that wouldn't be would although they're swayed her before. Or maybe you'd have a rabbit. Into. Which would do believed other rabbits. Author of the WEG news or heart garrison has put the finishing touches on our Charlotte have six which show follows us after the 0:6 o'clock news or little mr. garrison hi John. Well well Election Day did you vote yes spoke up for you guessed and counting it's the first time I've had a chance it was the last election was a Belmont city thing. And I'm not Belmont city on mountain they and they in the verbs. So wound up. So I actually had to vote today they're got a big school bond deal and now Gaston county and Nam so why so yeah I've got voted upon their. I don't know if you remember a former sales guy Mars named Jeff but doing he was so one of them. One of the election guys a third bush pretty cool election coverage starts here at 7 o'clock with a vote Thompson and know some guy named McCrory of. Yeah he will be there Joseph Gillespie and Mike Doyle and I will be out at the various campaign headquarters send. So we'll have a full night of it and the polls close at 730 series don't have time to vote though not many people have voted so far but there will. We'll take you through and probably by about 9 o'clock I would think we'll begin to nose from trans tonight. Election coverage has never exceeded 21% in these elections and knows more likely about 12% and this one's a specially. I would assume my I would be surprised to see this 110. No I think you're exactly right about that today could easily go ten or less I mean. Joseph the less we will challenge him I come here and 6 o'clock hour he went around polling places today trying to find voters in them but mostly I just heard crickets now. Yeah I heard Tyrone wanna you ask somebody what race are you interest it and it. At that and I expected her to say the black race and I thought no I'd sell or asking at all. And so on dirty restaurant Tuesday yes it's 635 an Election Day version we have to repeat offenders from nice uptown restaurant to remove scores. Move then there. And I think in my notepad up by the way last Friday we ate at 300 east and ran exactly what you said I won an object or scores got an air show scores are high and have consistently been higher maybe that's why they've been over for twenty some odd years now I don't think. Man ever in thousands of inspection reports and I don't think have ever seen a ban on on them. Now it was excellent and it was thought I love and also love the building anyway and I've been hired and fired in their. So. But the food was great in the service was great you know literally jordin all right go back to work on policy and you're just say a couple of seconds. A problem. Like in coverage starts at 7 o'clock. Now both Thompson and now Pat McCrory mayor cast of thousands. Polls are open until 730. I'm tonight. Ninth district Republican primary pits Robert Pittman juror and mark Harrison a Clarence go on that'll probably be the headliner for Mecklenburg bear fruit for this area. In Mecklenburg democratic primary voters will effectively elected sheriff tonight. And the district attorney tonight and three district. County commissioners tonight. I'm legislative another county races are also on the ballot so if you're on your way home I know you feel so inclined you might wanna go to join the party and and Caster balance. David Byrne is in town tomorrow night I was listen into what's guys named David tricks on petty channel on a serious sex him. And he had said that he just went and saw David Byrne who's the former front man for Talking Heads. And synergy get a chance to see this of their current tour. Go see it. And David burns and ovens auditorium tomorrow night at just 730. Ovens auditorium dot com if you wanna I wanna see about a ticket availability and all of that kind of stuff. So. Passing Talking Heads a thousand years ago and overseeing a David Byrne. We're dude. Good stuff. And on Thursday of an ovens. You might just wanna like hide behind the seeds go see David Byrne tomorrow night and hide behind the seeds and I'm crawl back out for Buddy Guy and Mavis staples because there and ovens on note Thursday. And I would do that all day long and so were also those couple concerts that are coming up that you couldn't. I take advantage retired about companies encouraging you to vote a particular way or not Larry called and Hillary how are you. Hey I'm good so our put the company years ago an insurance company and I strongly encourage you to vote. For a certain candidate that they encourage you to I didn't twist our net debt that we had a great interest mr. North Carolina believe his name as long. He was there about 2030 years that he was very clear we didn't think you know he really that for a certain the other side where he was unfair wouldn't get. Or get let them so we're definitely going to vote for him. I interviewed him a couple of times and and I liked him too and I always thought he was even handed in when did we interview him money never came across is so partisan so I'm unlike you I was that a a high level of our confidence in him yeah. He's great. The worst the worst come now or ever worked for a little local parcel service company. And then the early seventies and that's what loading but it was. There was a union and not I just I was young and come in my first here island familiar with unions that they stated only. So statement from a year finally get out that was the main reason the cost. Ever cute space somebody coming up tell myself you're never did you learn this company that you don't union. And I didn't have time to think about it. I was on the road all the time and somebody sit down explained it to me. You know not have been positive not knew that never get anywhere tech company. You know repeat consulate cabinet in pushing me to do a certain way yeah. Fail Larry I appreciate comment thank you very much. Quick reminder. The which is tavern now there are neo 151000 block of vital wilder doesn't sing for Jeff Newton my builder of the guy who's building his fourth. Saint Jude dream home that fell raffle off on not channel three. Sometime this summer. He'll raise an excess of a million dollars for saint Jude's and our research hospital they do these throughout the country it's one of the ways that they. My help finance I don't know if you're familiar with saint Jude's children's research hospital but. When a kid goes there that's there's no bills. It's most amazing organization ever. And this is suggests these same guys build my house for this is the fourth house that he is built and the more he gets involved the more he gets involved. Anyway there's a tavern out there. Just after you pass over. I'm 45. You'll see Harris teeter shopping center out there and who chooses on the corner and their whole week. He is a benefit for Jeff Newton and as endeavour's tonight is a band brew and barbecue party. With an acoustic jam open Mike starting at about 630. And Shannon's jam open Mike. On the inside stage. And then tomorrow night why not Wednesday local winery night. And tomorrow night at 6 o'clock province of thieves display NN we've had them in the studio where it was before and they are unbelievable what I'll keep you posted. But if you're out in that general area Matthews or mint hill that general area clinch the grab a bite to eat and none may be a rule over at their mood Jesus tavern Gucci's him double blow CH IES tavern dot com. On and help Jeff Newt know with his saint Jude's children's research homeless.