Nasif Majeed Challenges for NC House 99

Carolina Focus
Monday, April 16th
Former Charlotte City Council Member Nasif Majeed is challenging for the NC House Dist. 99 Seat. Melanie Hempe, founder of the Matthews based Families Manging Media discusses the impact of social media on kids and their families and how to keep it from getting out of control.

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I'm mark Thomas this is Carolina focus on news talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the link. 10256. MW FNC. Where we look at issues have been some happenings the perfect Carolina's Charlotte region if you. Welcome. So glad you could join us here this morning on Carolina focus. And at the election season is cranking up we've got a primary election coming up in just a few weeks. And do that and we wanted to take a look at one of the races that he is that going on that's. A little surprising I guess. Normally you don't see four challengers. Or three challengers to incumbent in a given race. But in this case we do and that's house district 99 for the north Carolina state house. And that we spoke with Rodney Moore few weeks ago. And we wanted to talk to some of the other candidates as well. And so we've made the offer for them to come in and sit down have a nice little chat couple coffee or glass of water in the case of our current candidate. And find out just what's going on why they're running and what you need to be aware of particularly if you live in house district 99 here in Charlotte. So joining us now is Nazi regime. Welcome to Carolina focus. Thank you mop for having me I'm really appreciate it. Well you know it's it's good to have you and we've never met you've been around your native Charlotte Ian. No relatives no I'm an immigrant from Raleigh in the locker OK well. Picked it. I'm not gonna I'm economic gonna do an immigration referring well. We'll see it the best for later. Case you're from the other side of the hall at river OK it is a game. Maybe north Carolinians and debit you've been in Charlotte for quite a few years. Yeah I came here in 1980 when I built and operator Burger King franchise. Here in Charlotte then though bella but I being shallow but there is either Shalit. Dothan Alabama and I chose this on though crowing natural shell kiwi shoddy lending. And it says that business situation and I've been here since it's comical moment this is this is home for me. Where you beat me by a couple years I got here in 83. So. Which I'm it was a different places and it's certainly was it certainly was you didn't. And are you remember the Krispy Kreme I don't know mind on ridges in the ball in the wrong on. This they release that is that was a nice surprise when I got to Charlotte the secrets degrees here. So but there's been a lot of changes over the years and you've been somewhat instrumental as a businessman. You know used obviously you decided you needed to. Express your ideas as a businessman I guess. And usurp our Charlotte city council for what twelve here eight years eight years she's. There wouldn't assault that occurred on all this it would pay it. And Leo we've got out things. The old what motivated you get in the politics well. You know it's department DNA added realized this but my uncle was the mail route it is my namesake so and his name's Claire slightly. It was all so it's certainly a fleet 1970s. And he was. On and not cross the house and senate. And now. All of my family on both sides of the people who community leaders community builders. And delved into politics what he has turn of the century and I guess you know just by being an environment. It it so the and you don't really that the agents' abilities to do but. Commandeer a utility shall I had no attention to begin in politics I was in the business you know. You are the sole whopper hey guess is that rewrite it that was you know very ghost in the community. In heparin out the in the community and got involved in the somebody asked me to be on his bullet that they hobby again asked me to be a much reasonable. It was like. Things it is completely day news. And that's it are okay do you look out and that's absolutely. So and ended how's that collected in a panic at least in Indian. No he was thus they would let you need to run for office went to aim at. And I'm in in in in politics but that was my plane but that was just got the work an idea do business. Allen leave it that it does today. You didn't choose politics politics usually yes that's done our work okay. And what you know what years were you on City Council 9129 in case you've been out of it for. Yeah almost I almost one year I took a little hiatus. I took I live there for quite a few years and I thought my Korean politics with. United in. And I do associates did that. Yes though fished and OK and up you know did Mac. Go woodwork and that kind of thing had been in and at fourteen you know I I get to bogey the fact you know he would always asked me he would leave around when you would do something NASA it. Not just that I was the an ruled that. But I got the fire and I ran for office and that was successful but that was it and and and now packing into the situation where it's not gonna house district nine an aunt. And actually. Write a book call me when they had the accident in several. Leads and he asked me to replace the yes okay and he said he was stepping down. And that's how I got back from this area and I have to be good now and and and which was a part of my City Council industry. And small with small though. And went out and office. So I. I in that they've been in that actually to the conclusion and I. I put my head injury in Edmonton. You know political apparatus rolling. And about those two people leaving full force it was made. He's in the hundreds of who I was baffled that an already got my Mac apparatus trying to and that could stop this we get the best actor Alec. So the political machine that you created the soap on a life of its own and you couldn't stop no no no way to stop it OK okay what. So. In the sense even though you are running against rod anymore. You are not against Rodney Moore now and as such. Well he's friend but I you know I don't know his you know I keep his conclusions but I don't. You know we'll have who are qualified to handle the job you know. I have a good Grasso the situation in Raleigh. And I extended dynamics and and I have quite a bit X readers here and how local area with the government. And I think we can though because Buddhist. What do they were talking with messy messy Majid here on Carolina focus on your host mark Thomas he's a candidate for. House district 99. One of four candidates running in the may primary. And what my your your eight years on City Council what would you say you or. Biggest Tebow was the thing you most proud of from being on City Council what what you kind of like to point to a say. I was a part of that and I hope that the law. Well you know I I look all over this city right now as I travel around. And Mac and a seed fingerprints. As chief legal result you know because I'm with this that mimic the look the growth is solid. You talk about an eighty's would. We were talking when you say you came here and acumen 8080 when you came in 83. And Shalit. This nineties has has more than doubled in population. I think whose voice is nine is about 400 defeatism out below one point two million dollar. We won't put to leave people man in in in its its shall is overly of Mecklenburg County you know. Why notable is the good and breed of people moving in Charlotte is over 100 per day currently guy. That that according to one of our real estate people like Paul Jamison who has a show here on the weekends. The point that out to meet some months ago he put the growth here is justice for a problem that. And and and you know I look at the university area when we look. Look out anxious when I asked the guys now by Nicole was able. I. You'd be outstanding woman who annually he was Gus is 49ers that's exactly right here this is that right and and so we had coming down shop but. They'll count fascist and an I looked in that and that we really had a retreat with the neighborhood leaders council that mentally and tan. And the the corporate community you book called Beale the a lot of the giants you know it had been. We'll talk about them developing. And development and out of how big concern about this battle with Google for this hour program and what they do about it. And you know Leo yet and and the ideas and situations that they cute and Andy's do we need to put a moratorium Grohl. And I said no we don't heed and businesses who are whose free free free you know is that is a free country this is you know free in a press. As to what we need to do with infrastructure. In the Middle East Oakland University here we put an infrastructure and use the you don't put in for a stroke confers. You know it would attract BO ND they believe that tax base reduces demand for the destruction but we put it infrastructure. Rose. That Celtic it. You he built the the Bay Area. And Durkin was that the house voted Dempsey. CMC looking at a possible. And you know he gently bow logically it was a plot that form to. And east as armistice oh but as the big. Light rail station right via. Jim Gray blue blood mail. And so universities. It was bull. And so when a geochemical Oudin advocate all of his known as an advocate all the things we see I'm very proud you know that this one very proud and I'm also proud of you know in my district though I handle it feeds over to the dials it infrastructure improvement. And the cost you can oblique do you believe people. Their camera that when hockey hall council. That made the universe here was with cement its commitment issues that count people houses. Or Italy did a rabbit in 1991. People here how houses. And I go back out mail when I got the water it's who would do everything that some rules in net. These. Ladies who hit out jeez those new chemical. And we're talking with. Former Charlotte city councilman the seat Majid here on Carolina focus in his run for the North Carolina house in district 99. And he's got he's going up against incumbent Rodney Moore into other challengers. Hopefully. Get into the general election now if you win moved the primary though is they're going to be any opposition. For the seat yes. This there's not the Republican opposition but this is them. Mean the epic it perhaps it is. District so. It's a B of formality it would be it was it would be shocking upset you don't lose on November towards the end of snowballed and snowballed through its inhaled something like that yeah. A look at it it. But you wanna go to Raleigh and I guess it was a lot of things that Raleigh can do and there's a lot of things probably can't do. To change things that I guess all right you know talking about some of them some of the issues. That. Seem to be sort of lightning rod things. I 77. Moment patrol road. What it's. Deal like the idea have a fifteen year contract with a company from Spain. That's. Acting that's an aberration. I. They should have floated those bonds due early I don't know who after the fact come talking about road bonds it. They should the mid air additive opted to produce a bit that that that artery into it for that rule to be a bill. I think this that was a terrible situation I don't know how in the world got on the books. Is there anything that can be done to change because Ursula people in the northern part of the county that are adamantly opposed. To do is becoming a tolled road I think every other variable tolls because we were. You know initially it was said oh it's not gonna cost that much but then we look at some of those things where they have variable rates in other parts of the country. And you're looking at gets quite expensive real quick and they're saying well yes can happen. And it is happening in other place. I understand the gum they're trying to work on a different formula. I don't know well where they and that deliberation. It I know. That this may discuss. A different form of and maybe we can get those people that somehow. But. I think Kessel. Progress. So that's something that if you could change you would know most of them. Okay do you think let me ask you this even though it does it is going to be expansion itself was gonna happen I mean they're in Italy on the road open is another turn curtain pouring concrete into and all the things you do to make a road. Do you think. Even to do you think it's going to be a benefit. If it becomes a told road to the area to the economic growth in the area or do you think that may stifle some of that because I know. On a on a personal level. You know there are ways to get around I 77 especially if you're coming up 85 from Atlanta something like that you'll have to go through Charlotte you can run up 321 to I forty. And totally bypass the lake Norman area interest. You know I I I think very. That the Indian we have been don't know diploma that. Me and admit that that bad. United Richmond Petersburg temperament Richmond TP BP's return. They can't they can't say that I do you got me daddy used to be but told roll between Richmond and peas we're. Oh yeah and yet and for years they controlled and that's how that rule was built based old hole. You know now I guess they floated bonds too but this had paid off today but when they paid off today it. You know their noble told the world today. Is these days maintained that is they and I guess the group on the front of the gas tax. I think we should at a formal bid now hope that the government can come up with so all right. And take his crabby and in prize. Which epic has bleed bleed the people. And not been in honestly all honesty I think that you know the concept of private roads is something that is very radical in the minds of many. But that's how roads were built you know hundreds of years ago. They were pride and but what we're seeing here is not necessarily a private road it is a public private partnership. It's basically a government man government mandated monopoly for this particular company and its and it's there's a big difference between that and you know having something that is actually private media. Mines greater than mine have written extensively on how you could have private roadways and that would work. I just the guys dishonesty like it's in a gift to a company. I think as if it feels like profiteering. Yeah I think that it did that leave we need a couple of different form I just don't like that DO book private company. You know we had prisons and I think that's their fourteen years as a chaplain templates. And Republican races and they had some private prisons. And they rendered based on the bottom land. And it just didn't work out. Sales you know I was here in north Carroll that was you know cut and be in the Beebe did not department Greg has had to take it private prison oval. Because they would just look at the bottom land in. And it was a money making deal. And it is to work out. And I and I feel about this past 77 total rule. And you know it's interesting here we can swerve into the of the prison in the crime issue. Because it seems like you decriminalization of him as a pastor of CN. You know vice being sin as opposed to an actual crime. You know that's a that's certainly seems to be an area where. A lot of people and going to jail. For. Sin as opposed crime. What. And where I'm going on with images will. Do you see any any way to change some of the laws in North Carolina to reduce. Victimless crimes. Well. Or when you read and even relatives and their constantly. You know you know this marijuana situation. Happy without that the legalize marijuana. Owe it to suit people when did it in in ended in the prison system we're in flow they have a bare marijuana. And and that's a felony with a gets a regular news is it's hard to you know. Get that often they can't get jobs out in the community America all of the tips and repeat winner fullmer once. And its ebbs and of people and a program that. But yet they ripped it sort of what was that a population. Now. You know and ultimately the legalization of marijuana upload these days about one of the calls. Within two BP with the jail. Andy Andy don't can get jobs would be god via a dedicated to turn you know they've been written recidivism situation. Yeah yeah job and it and so I think that's only decent look at that something will look at it because if it was you taxes oh it's not a that. Obviously Andy's too many people being victimized. And this and and and and as a credible. It's right now. And I act and most of them have been theme that most of the African Americans got I mean that's what the human cargo would prove that went past eight. And and and and and statistics bear that there. I mean I'm that complement of talk about this argument but the most you're talking about drug law yet you know drug wars in prison more black men and anything else so so. You know best labs and we we need to look into that vehicles so. In this old man the circumstances. Residual that happen from you give them. UK. Jobs. Well I know if you have one Ecstasy pill. That's a felony. And if you give a felony record your life becomes very difficult very quickly but. Are you really any worse than somebody who had you know. Some other toxic Clinton. I guests you know I look back and we you know now we romanticized. The Abu lakers. You if you know of of the thirties and forties and fifties and sixties and seventies and even today in oh but. In you know a strict sense alcohol and drug as well and they are involved in the manufacture of illegal drugs yes. That is romanticized. On the other hand is so long gets caught with a joint. There in the joint. And yes right that's right so I think I think so we can go solve a lot of problems if we you know take another look at it. And goblins is intimately. You think you get any traction with your fellow representatives. And an army about medical marijuana in South Carolina but it will be and I think the phrase was the most strict medical marijuana law on. On the planet or something well you know I think. Dell other people who for different reasons some people look at its days as a social text actually. Some people who look elect for the medical situations. In and I think. A combination of those in. Possibly. Make enough to book get it to the house vote vote for those where streets. So you're saying. The penalties. The the prohibition does is destroying more lives Ullman can we let itself. Oh yes it is called the plots and because they've both been can't get jobs. And they divert that hit that bad in these two to crime in neighborhoods. And of course don't -- will want him leave that topic right there because I wanna cover a few other things too with you is does well. School violence. Ullman this is something that. Mr. Moore is as a result of the Florida shootings is proposing some restrictions on the purchase of certain fire and more background checks more restrictions and so on and so forth. Do you think that that's gonna would be thinking your mind. That's gonna business and probably that's the Second Amendment right yet they write bail on. The right self defense itself defeats. I agree with that. But I explain in today's panel would ease those ball to act cartridge guns. Machine knows that adequate actually go to machine. And the current health the mental helpful for a lot of people in this nation. I think we I think we did Bebo restrictive. People who could purchase these lines. And I think we should restrict the the ability ears. I don't I don't stimulus plan needs a military. A typo which he. You know I know people that protect the sales you know homes you know and feel safe but I think. When these and evaluate it. Because that is don't think they need to have an assault rifle. You know keep a tight well blitzer. Rightful. I think. In light of what's going all people who would schools people going to the it is people going to be doing some. Unconscionable they can you imagine it the uncontrolled things he would do it and until we we we've we've had to look at it and I think we'd be so restrictions and why do you think it's happening. Why do you think we're seeing all of its first well with some added does something we did lose his in this cup that the copycat syndrome I think. And two we have allowed people with mental illness problems. We have a lot of people would mental illness illness and and I think. Due to be what's going on to be in the society. Somehow we've got in a base pay that man is people out there as as a whole is well holders to stamp on review. And though and the people see certain things they carpet when one man shot some people at theater is another mansion to people the would what one person shot Rogers who has a military solution and it's it's slack a snowball effect. For some reason and we have people would mental illness and due to depression is in society I don't know verse president is actually. With Bradley out constable fab has changed I mean it's it's it's is something we got to deal with it we gotta have some soldiers. Well I was gonna say the you know the percentage of those two parent households it's been on decline. For the past 5060 years that's right across all social demographic that's right. That's in and out of it not EC well. Of. I think no the family that you know. We have book. A divorce rate is 7% assumption that it is an hour program community might be this did in the IndyCar community but. But whatever the as we you don't have that though I called it nuclear family. A lot of fans you know oh. People do domesticated. But though we we we you know we. We we we've missed that ballots fans will host of good good families make good community. Well let me ask you this we talk a lot about marriage amendments who's allowed to get married and so on and so forth. Would you favor. Rolling back. The ability for people to get divorces. Now without I don't think you could dictate it. I don't think should be there if there's all of it if the divorces are creating the problem we have a lot of divorces. And the laws were changed a number of years ago to make it easier to get it before this publicity. We should go back to the way it was to make it more difficult you know. I don't know what it would logically seem that. You know personally that could be something that pertinent but it. BP the company to candidate because as about that he will do what situation Lois. You know about B maybe spousal abuse that would have. And maybe you will see you hope we could you see maybe it's based UW we have the eagle separate ways. That Alfie who dictate there. But but but I don't think we need though. That's where the religious community comes in as we talked to people and counselors communism we talked to people and you know. It had ended it. Education. You know we'd. The education budget was could live we pre K who was cut down. And we supplement he and Mecklenburg County. But we we have a bet to expect some of the rural counties. But but we do a lot of people obviously is coupled single parent homes they don't get a lot of preparation at home. And they need preparation to be you know we should going for as we do you back gallery. And though. That pass into that that situation of those stable families. Children and be injured his lethally education. Because if you in the end it in this celebrated read on third grade level. They say you can have a prison. And talking with Nazis Majid here on Carolina focus. About his candidacy for house district 99. And we just got a few more minutes and there's a lot of other things we could discuss. But as you wanna touch on one. Which is in getting a lot of coverage. And has been on the minds of a lot of people. And it kind of released to something that we talked about a few minutes ago in SC OP org crisis. Is there. We have not locks owned. Which is the anti overdose drug. There's talk about making it more available. For people what do you think we can do. If any if you think through the state of North Carolina can do anything. Two help ameliorate this this problem. You know they're over there is cause a lot of problems and of course and our society and again. Often so that is. You know while people to hoops and it's Friday it had been in the stealing things and in doing scoop those things in the community. We just have to addresses that is so is that this is a disease sickness that. You know it wouldn't. How they have be quite honest with you wouldn't happen in India after numerous community. Nobody you know say those news sent. That's that that the math problem but spree. All over and am. And it's beat tan and now it's our problem is lack is lag it oh he'll bite you you people don't really that's how we convicted. If you have cast the Ukraine in these two accounts is getting I'm a good pitches plug into your body the odd to you Bernie. So but we got to understand that when a certain segment of the society is having problems we all problems. Cost and while we have probably the people who don't understand conviction. I tell a story about these beat me know if Japan proposed but in these people into bold. And people accountable dealings I said. And it would have been ordered the people and available we will hold vacancies some time to get lights on them you know and people and abominable. Dean an innocent is having a war so long gas is insurmountable he says he says I'm critical errors that would deal and unpalatable. And so to catch it get a court order to get all the what do you all so it is a remote so a couple of big goal. People settle W against the sunlight caught in local news the Pentagon. Beat Tennessee and people accountable. To what was that if it would it owed eat the builders and government officials on and AC. And a malt distillery is you can have that mean even people in the applicable. OK okay so we have to. All out children's education is a problem all about you do need education we in this boat together. And of one parts thinks the whole bulls seats and if we can come over the concept I think we have you know we we can change some of these columns. Missy Majid. Ran for house district 99 here in North Carolina. Against incumbent Rodney Moore in two other challengers. It's it's been an enjoyable time heaven here on Carolina focus. And we wish you well in your endeavors and how are you still lose run in the burger kings know Russell Byrd. He's in 99 Mac in the mid nineties that Soderbergh keys that you know I'm doing a lot of commute to work man out several government recurrence of the cancer and a CNN. And weren't put yourself about this and we wish you well you hear about his support. And I hope you have a blessed week. Tablet. Thanks for listening Carolina focus on news talk 11101993. WBT. 1079 blink. 1025610. W a frenzy. Also available the podcast at WBT dot com. You're listening to Carolina focus on news talk elevenths and 993 WBT. 1079 win. 1025610. W captaincy. Is also available to podcast that double BT dot com under host mark Thomas in so glad you could join us here this morning. They have ways of managing media. Based in Matthews I believe. And Melanie Tempe is the founder and she joins us now here in Carolina focus good morning Melanie. Hit my name I could be here you're the founder of families managing media correct. Now does that mean you teach people how to hook up their TV and DVR and an electric stuff vin and I don't home entertainment senators in debt and so forth or what is that. We're actually get kickbacks. From all of there. Media. Addiction I guess its way. Outside here. I have my heart rate starts it's quickly lit. With what we would do you know with him play let our oldest of four children. But coming very addicted to video game years ago before anybody really do what that way. And he was a straight game and did very well in every other area that when he went to college he. Actually displayed videogames Mediterranean go to that fresh air that he did not finish first here and it kept dropping out. At that point acted try to figure out what was on time and I get a lot of research park a lot of positions all over the country. And found. Just answered in time you know this is an addiction for Arquette and came back into the man he's meeting internal fire at their school and see if it out with you know having problems with the amount cherry that we had the 116. People come to our first meeting. That was crazy and says that. You didn't have this in your home I hope. A movie cuts to. 116 people in your living room fire departments can come down on. It was typical of and a map right beside answering him and we had a share. OK if you look at. So that's how we started in its means immediately like to help me understand. That kind of symptoms. In addiction and all his. Teach them that science behind what's going on in your kid's brain when it's that it's going on timing error in I understand a lot about the call. Field but I I never really learned it in or go beyond what it can't do it such an economic and then of course social media came along with. My pants and I have a daughter he is we had been worked treat that with art well she is turned twenty. That would keep it that night school we decided that we. Hold off on the social media for awhile and see. If if she would be okay and she she did beautifully. She had to date scholarship athlete and a large school. But he schools that we that it now have 213. Year old boys twins. And I haven't really figured this out like I eat now we're at it it still has. Different struggled with different being added mark I have it figured out essential media that they it ain't so we're here and how people. Get it figured out to get our confidence back. And to get their kids. I sat on the right track but I think they're al-Qaeda off the rails right now if you do it needs. Well I you know playing games. I mean pinball a fiscal space before Clinton ball a lot. I've. I'm my name's mark and I'm like a pinball look gonna tell you. And so that I can partly OK huh. Gimme gimme that that theoretical hug. Do what but what makes it different. From you know people going out and playing pinball or pool you know I mean let's let's not forget you know. Mule yes you know. There's we got trouble with a capital T and current with pianist stands for pool. Hop in the way back machine to the days of the glorious days of the musical. RIA what. What's different what what is different about it because people. You know people get in people get addicted to a lot of things and you know air sometimes we call them habits. But you're saying this is different. But did that mean addiction. Pathway at the tip of the day attack lately pick your brain that stipulated when your on screen in a different sledge. For example. Just watch immunity or. It airplanes. Or anything like that it is it's happening in real time on screen discrete changes in debt. That stipulation that. Grades for a child especially. You know I'm we're talking about like hit one hit Tony right now. I'm not talking about it that's a whole other topic that it is that protection of debt could be dead did. Tremendous. Revive it and that it could be that is being produced when a child is on the screen is accurate or that their brain is about being staked out. That's only developed brain packet take when he tried geared for. Brain it developed a kind of from that the back of the brain that's their belt all the latest on court action the final quartet is the area brain. It has been executive functioning. Skill the ability to. You know after the break signs that with teenagers we we call it there on the accelerator and brake. That with these greens and the video game today they're very different intact and it needs it very different from arcade games. It'd been visual stimulation that confident divisional court packed. But what happens as the Olympic systems get stipulated after about twenty or thirty and it's a black arts that ships from around cortex. An Olympic system can now that's it's. Got his fight light mechanism engaged where he really the season. In you know you know battle real battle apparently don't that the difference. And same thing happened social media all the apparel out of media. In gaming is pretty parallel. It's very much like a slot machine it then gambling addiction is aimed tighten up. Assets addiction behavioral addiction and with gaming. When I started to understand that open or and a lot of people understand it when you say that your child about onscreen that get in Q what we call for calm. And that is there from court and we're shutting down in their brains trying to process all the stipulation. In it even in in the ER we can use it eightieth game instead of Korea medication but admitted that. Stimulating in and it's it's almost like interactive that way. You know making. Ticket to get it yet totally different world can't do. Dental. Mercury dealer and you can actually start these indeed think that currently I have to give them credit for action. There is a physical guy hit dead which is very different again if you're playing prologue. You're just leaving on real life. You're not like Ottawa mr. and that's how I can't explain it like you're chipping gorilla it's demonstrated that help monitors stay at the different. Yeah and we're talking to Melanie Tempe with the families managing media she is the founder of payments managing media down in Matthews. And I guess thing you talk about the dope mean hit the people are getting us the same thing that you get when you engage in sexual activity. Absolutely snort cocaine and as you mentioned the gambling and that sort of thing so you know. Did it the good thing I mean he would get it is not likely that her life it would be. Get this up in the morning that we each week. We feel good after we eat anything that you are getting your body obviously naturally wants to do things that you connect. Problem is and it's and it. I'm usually high account is that with its island area used to getting its estimate how much debt capital on eight while I Capcom why can't they expect. This is Alex writing. Feeling. What happened we you'd have to keep matches and natural. Now and get to meet its failure to have the means. But when it's too much in natural out your brain react regulates itself and it says wait and we got way too much backcourt we're down slightly but here. Not make it. Get way. Figured how that's played more in game it's like big gambler tested. Gamble water. It's like alcoholic tested to bring art art kids get condition. It is high last fall didn't mean it didn't he take it away. And it but if now. Decade get depressed and they get anxious and there has to be it theories that every Saturday. Out there in that recovery period that. It's not fair but it packet ever. In and market the rockets anxiety and depression is coming crown back. The steady Turkey about. Fifteenth three million. 63. Million teens ages twelve and that team has has major depressive at this I mean this is nigh. I mean they're denied the normal. At the episode where it's depression it's appearing in gaelic and I think it's about 30%. Of the girls that quite partner of the boys totaling. Six cent and six point 319 all together. It in anxiety disorder and that according to national internal help. Anxiety acting it I think everybody understands that kid that it's now my view that you are you care of that. It did depression and anxiety with teenagers and a lot of that is coming around their social media let's talk about social media protect chants. I mean it was not designed for kids. It FY and I have a okay active active day. It is an area. Social media haven't her whole life for your brain and it pitcher Gil de. That's one thing for you wouldn't hurt for media that an adult that you are an apple last. Child that is. Not at that idea like at every morning be worried that your brain. Does I don't even know what that means there's obviously some days I don't I'm not really sure what that's supposed to mean anyway. This strikes me as being the latest buzzword my brand. And have traveling here because again I remember I remember TV shows like rawhide and they had brands let me tell you it's a complex that was. You know there's a visit downside beer brand sometimes it means you know we own you. Right well when your teenager you're looking for your identity your trying to figure out here you are. You everybody else is that you make things you are course or just but the part about our. And you look on his social media to get as answer that directly Pat White to black. They're not intentionally mature and we did not expect that should be. And down mount. Training and no count as a parent came in downtown. You know how Smart they are how intelligent they are gonna make it more mature. Let's hear it it didn't have time. And and we've seen recently over the course of the past couple of months people who created things like FaceBook and always various social media. Talking about how they intentionally designed them to become addictive. So you know it's not a it's not a flaw it's a feature. It's this feature in. About everybody knew what they need to do to make any market it's not a marketing a lot our attention. So we all I think in that ultimately Kirk as far. Iranians. Platforms and that's okay. It's so it's our job as a parent. To determine what kidnapped and let it ride accounts are jet market. Action in all the companies that are using this as an archangel. You know pick them I really haven't. The problem. With them I I out. You know I don't want my kids it's not so I don't buy cigarettes through them you know. I don't want to victory I don't buy alcohol for them it is at. Program at all leadership problem. And we need could be like coaches at our kids eat it has urged them. To get through this stage of their life Pete and we're kind of having that we've seen it actually if we get back to the basics. We teach them touted how to communicate in real life. It had a balance. In communication between her chances. It's nearing artificial right now there there aren't as our official occasions on their tax stamp on it social media and it's going to be good later went into the Internet community is practiced at that Crowley happy language. As a critical period treated comment and and you know what they're critical period to develop your computer language that I think you have a to develop your communication skills and and you are I mean it's not yet. How are you articulate something but is looking somebody ain't making. That can actually put them in reading your body language interface now. Expressions that their candidate they're collection all that it has saying it began with a teenage brain if you don't leave. Pathways Carolina and it can't. As tablet can be pregnant and you'll. The league that ability will be harder to recover that later in life and that's what I'm worried about our kids. So what you're saying essentially is that they're constantly looking at their phone. That eventually when they do mature and grow up and have to have real. Human interaction interactions with people that they're not going to have the ability to interpret. Body language and and that sort of thing is that kind of what your saying. Yet it takes practice. It takes practice. It's going to be very difficult they'll be able to. You know learn at whatever that it's going to be very difficult when you that we your time and don't grow practicing these saying. It becomes much harder later and I believe an art in our markets later these kids you know go to get jobs. That day they will be hired based on their ability to actually. Communicate to problem solve to have an education. To be and they bait and to think outside the box. Not just Google's something's not yet see like out there are dealing and not just print it out years that it channel that gigabyte like say. But to have individual. Pot and imagination it is extremely limited went out of on the screen the taxpayer time coming up with their and that isn't their head. What they think something should be there seeing it well done for them it would we need we use our imagination. We limited our ability to. Have humble. You have ties company that that day that it would be like to have a good day. And and I think I've received a lot of hopelessness. It changed. They're not able to conjure that. And the only on the East Hampton. As far as the video games themselves and the the types of activities that kids get involved with whether it's Grand Theft Auto or any number of the war games that are out there that sort of thing. Do you see any dehumanizing. Going on there as the way the way that kids perceive other human beings. Yes I absolutely do it and as a parent you sit down a lot mr. Spitzer claims. It's very. Very easy and see how that these since the invasion as a tourney. Every idiot game has found Allen at. Your character is going to die. That game designers have this theory well I thought about there's five or six different. Think they do to keep you hooked to your game and one thing is this your life that's been a debate about more than anything. And sent out every game you're trying to kill somebody that they Cilic you. And it is rather. Visual. You know graphic images that they are ever ever ever yet hasn't profound effects on their brain dead. But those visuals but don't ever go way. And it becomes very easy to kill you and your best friend got a video game. In happy and it gets its content sent its common sense that didn't gain deeper originally designed to train. Soldiers going into battle and it didn't really good job it desensitize them and it also trained them. Just hate and they in these simulations. To train them. It can continue to train entity that a lot of we think at this event yet. You know app that's an advocate went into the night as his body that is absolutely. Best actor there's no question. And I'm sure you probably think there is some sort of component too many of the school shootings that we've been seeing lately as well. Yeah and I think a lot of that comes tram. Isolation. That occurred when a child does it's great they become isolated front. There appeared from their parents from their society. That here you are and you're in this virtual world that eating your need to thrilling triple blade that you become very disconnected at the the real world and this is a problem when you haven't yet is being very disconnected from the real world. It has to be the area upset about he's not able to you talk about that he's you know they're not able to you have an attachment. It's like he's attachment disorder. Did things happen and it there is room for days and days and days ears seeing people on the end game. And you know that could see some people can't make perfect sense it's like day he and it becomes what they do you. And I know a lot of people don't agree with that. But I think it grant streets every day I I have can't wait that we work well. They have you know high school. Point for example that that their mother and chokehold on the floor. But has it occurred there way I haven't had as a black guy. It ain't my daughter is he took her away. And she can't stand. And he had written figure out there that are really kind of cried out there I. Only you know they think we need to gain trouble at that time that we went at the pump the only game that that your child it needs. You're in trouble in went they're happy he take it way. And when they're increasing their favorite time in each heat around it and what their claim. If you don't know what they're doing here you're traveling your kids are travel days of springtime interfere with their family time. For a chance. And again happened on nine to play these top signs of addiction and like I said I absolutely impede. It is play. Is it devastating. When it Talbot content. Family and their screen becomes more important that you have to function. And we're talking with Melanie have beat founder of families managing media. In Matthews and you've got a lot of events going on and now you you had won just recently. Regarding the classroom is that correct. Yeah eyes and I think I'm web site can keep it got cop and we keep our eight and page. You know pretty current at hair and Allah that comes BT if you haven't agreed preschool at church are great defense ALCON. Eight that we're going to be seagate actually a 26 I think it eat in tax which is green screen. I'm workshop we have keeping it works out to kids raises great that it is clean solution. And discretely. That we did yesterday was about. Screens in school that a lot campaign on it and it's so I think I can get this under control my house and actually. They're gaming were delaying the official media. Perhaps they just have and they official media account which is a great idea that you do not eat their social media check out that that doesn't make sense. They're not old enough to and it's that its content sentiment stressed. Stress or you know maybe at that point rally today you'd say you'd have your country hour and you get it back to me. We we say Ali Al with the basic sound like he should never have handed over our strategy chow that they really bad idea. There are a lot of the Indies on the screen solution we're not we discussed all this. Yesterday were talking about pre school in particular but had. Kids they're aiming to that reality this afternoon. Special be different kind of the day. Again at school now in Iraq that now in Egypt idiots that. Trying to do their homework first to our school. Bottom line and it's if you match. If not back in that it is to match. And we talked about solutions around what you do with here. School and with your teachers and how to find out. If your children earlier you know after the way to get attacked that appeared that way to try to get that off line it interact with it appears a little bit more. So we always see these workshops probably very protective. We're very positive. We are not against green at all we hang around in a widget happy using it rightly Marquette in Erie. We're very confident you know as a nation at all and at the 2000 parents that are following right now. It here mostly local. Bad parent you know expect for their chance at it did not analysts that. Turn it down you know better parent it's yet to use some common sense. They limit it. And it Mary equipped than peer pressure and that our culture the terabyte that the OK but it's not okay. So let me about it let's replay limited screen time with the real. Activities for kids that are going to make them happier and healthier and it. We know there are count we have teenagers at our house all the time. We and we make peace as we played board games. We prayer and the way we I don't know Linebrink if that you how I'll chipped over here and they that great but an attack sites I have one on it occurred to her. Thirteen conference that different plants typically recommend that he take a break for lack of Italian idea we have appropriate. Touching entity that. And she said you know after downing my seventh grade son and when he was at that point when I took it away he said but after. He came to me that you take it away for ticket touts how different you know. It's pathetic and stressful these are Clinton I think your way for the purpose. Indeed disconnecting can be very good. Melanie hippie families managing media dot com is the website. We appreciate you being here in Carolina focus here. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on new talk 1110993. WBT. 1079 the link. 1025610. W offends the fossil billable so podcast at WB TV dot com. Under host mark Thomas until next time he well.