Nathan Richie, Harold Ballard, Immigration Concerns

John Hancock
Tuesday, June 19th
Hancock remembers Natha Richie, tals with Harold Ballard about his retirement and discusses the current immigration situation.

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This is John Hancock. Arista days we can be activity Backus. Trip yesterday you'll love Boone. Legends date a lot of people in the media here in Charlotte could've made that trip in the last week others. Very well known note consultant by the name of Dan Valium he had just started. Actually the first one that they did was so open app state were they. Take on 20/20 five broadcaster young broadcasters people wanna get in the business and one. Shape form or another some of them on air some little behind the scenes some of wanna get into sales some of Monaghan and productions and Moammar new news some wanna do sports of all wanted to talk shows and they way they gather these 25 kids and and then put them in ten day. A workshop essentially were people from the industry go up there and talk about different facets enough. Lot of people of Oregon up from my Charlotte and no Raleigh area and so on and so forth enough I'm done now for a shuttled off. Seven or eight years or so like that I just absolutely love donut. I'm gets me around young people to start with and and I guess you're under a young kids that I can relate to because a day even though I've got a couple of years on me now I can still remember being the pavement and mine and and wondered if anybody was ever gonna hire me here. Give me a chance to to make this my living. And yesterday's group was especially good and great questions and it's and sing in the middle of a one of those conversations yesterday one other guys. Who who had asked a question note before I was introduced by Dan valley yesterday. And immediately acted telling had a good voice and that he spoke from his diaphragm and not from his throat you know stupid things broadcasters noticed but. Anyway out there amid the middle of Bob probably three quarters of the way through Meyer. My schtick. And. And this other kid raises his hand and since. Yesterday was Father's Day. In my dad died five years ago. And quite frankly I had a lousy father stood. I missed my dad I hated yesterday. In a woke up this morning and I was kind of un motivated to do anything as well which is kind of stuck with me so when you get into that frame of mind. For him. How do you. Do you get on the air. And do what you don't. And I said well I mean all most of us started off B and rock jocks in some way shape form or another. And you just kind of instilled in you owe a debt when your girlfriend broke up with you and it was just the end of the world. You can just couldn't imagine anything worse or whatever was taken place maybe a death in the family or something like that. Although he probably get time off for them they didn't necessarily give me time off for. Trixie donated to go to hell. Message you know you just indeed it just learned that big part of the business was you cried in between records. And now then you sucked it up and you've got to the tears at your eyes and nine new. Either got into the next record are you read though. Promotional card that you were supposed to reader you do what you're supposed to do when you went on to the next segment and and you just did that for three to five hours and then what it was all over which you went home and felt sorry for yourself all over again. But as it with a talk show and that was what I was supposed to talk about what's out into a radio talk show and I told them on that'd be coming out of the gate. Nobody can tell you how to do a radio talk show. I can tell you read everything I can tell you this I can tell you that I can tell you don't ever refer to listeners for you people are hitting boggles larger only talking to one person I'm just talking deal. Not talking to everybody I'm just talking to you. So you about a said done. It depends in your case if you were going on the air today and to do a talk show. And then I told him about Father's Day. My Father's Day. The one that we do on March the sixteenth and how it came to beat when my dad passed away and I came into the radio station and I opened up on. Phone lines have from all logos of my listeners at that time had done to my dad had been in a coma for ten days tonight. Said don't listen as you know I've been kind of preoccupied with my dad so Colin and tell me about yours and we fielded calls for three hours and it was the most honest radio we'd ever done. It was so there was nothing put on about it there was no fake about it there was gonna be was people talking about their dads and got emotional and it was real and it was unbelievable radio. And so I told him that story and I said this year or this next march we will do that for the 25 year. And I said so it depends on what you're willing to do with the talk show. You know you gotta decide first what kind of talk show or you're gonna do obviously you're doing a financial show or your doing very auto repair show or something like that on the radio. Then you probably don't want a lot of breakdown. Been been told bill I'll sucking your Father's Day ones but. If you've got to and a talk show and you're willing to open yourself up I said Mike Miley radio listeners know pretty much everything about me. They know my strengths and on my weaknesses they know I got a quick temper they know why I don't suffer fools gladly they know I had an illegitimate son. They know I got married late they hour with me when I met my wife they were with me when I asked her to marry me there were with me when I got married there have been with me through a two step kids they've been with me through. Grandkids and and now and and ups and downs and couldn't hear and getting fired there and you know I mean they've been through me they're getting stuck on nights were good to to pay my little. Oh penance for. Not having a good attitude. When I should've had a good attitude you know I went to they've been best of my listeners have been through all of that with me. And if you're willing to open yourself up in the show that you would do would be to get on the air and say yesterday was Father's Day. And my dad died five years ago and I miss him. And yesterday Father's Day sucked. And quite frankly I'm still feeling the ramifications of it today. How many have you missed your father's yesterday. I said steal my show. I'm any came up to new orders also and done with that he said can hide and I said yes. You ever get into a position where you're doing a radio show steel Father's Day. I don't know why every market in the country had stolen. So. I guy I just told martyrs and that has garrison was up there yesterday after me. Talking about better gathering news and doing news in this that the other. But. That would that was one of the neatest moments I've I've spent up there and he asked the perfect question at the perfect time. And I had the perfect answer. I'm for what he for the information he was seeking. And that's why I love going up to the killer institute every year Herby you know because. I'm not only Todd try to tell them what I know about doing a radio talk show. Don't stutter. It. Knows that go on Jun. But I got the experience of things like Father's Day to be able to impart on them and to say. You know if you're willing to open yourself up. If you're willing to beat who you war. If you're willing to let people into your life. When when you listen to somebody on the radio and they're not there for a day or week or something like that you feel avoid why is that because. You do you turn on that great it's hard very egotistical is not hard for some to some people are ego maniacs but it's hardy could physically to sometimes. Come to terms with the fact that. A lot of view. Tune in for me. And I can relate to that. When cal herds not on the air or you know when pat curry used to not be on the air hired employees alluded to it when they show lied generally listen to is not available. It's kind of avoid it's no big deal but it's kind of avoid and if they're gone for a week or ten days. Am what is this vacation Guinea isn't. So I understand all of that but you don't get that unless you open yourself up. In some way shape or form either they got either a bigger sense of humor or your knowledge of music or whatever it is somebody would be seeking. So I anyway that was my day yeah. Today just some great questions some great broadcasters want to. Now guys that's an intern here at the radio station this year is was part of that group yesterday I made he said an hour show with ours is dead listens. Hum his grandfather just died so that would be his dad's father I assume or maybe his mother's father bud. I said when you coming back in the civil we just lost my grandfather yesterday so I as far as I can tell that means they've lost his grandfather on polished. That's not been. But then there's not a and anyway that's where was yesterday and gosh I just love doing it and and I've told band valley that at some point I hope I can keep on going up there and just hang out with them for the week or ten days. Whether I speak to Lomas an ex broadcaster or not I just liked. And careful pass and out paperwork. I just enjoyed being around young guys that have questions and have a they a hunger and passion. And wanna do this for the rest of their life. In some way shape form or another this is an industry who's changing drastically like newspapers. I don't know what radio is gonna be in 101520. Years I certainly don't know what AM radio was gonna be like in five years. I'm. But it will lead to something. There will always be 000. And ability to communicate podcasts and in this than the other. I'm not couple all of that with the fact that this radio station in this building is in morning and it's not just us but it is several broadcaster corporations around the stone city. I'm because we lost a guy by the name of Nathan Richie who was working for us. And has been for the last number of months. Died in motorcycle wreck on Saturday morning. I knew mace or raise I knew on Nathan when I went toe when I quit here in 1999 and went down to the end he was a part of Dalton. Broadcasting which then became clear channel which is an ally heart. And he was there for a good long while but I don't think there's any broadcast company here in town not Beasley. Not my heart. Not intercom that hasn't been touched by Nathan Richie he has been a life here he got started is of Charlotte career as far as I know he was the BC white checkered. And he was in charge of our social media and so on and so forth and I he was. What you brought a spark of energy to this building and some knowledge to this operation that the likes of which we could have. Never known. He had stuff to teach us he loved being a teacher he was part of the killer institute last week. And he came by my desk. After he got off what it got back a week ago today he came by my desk and he said hey I did the killer institute yesterday I've wanted to do that for years. And I told those kids up there about him yesterday. And told them guys like me have wanted to have missed that eight years ago they invited Keith Larson did come up here and do this. Backed me off. I wanted to do it. And and sorted Nathan. So we operate over here with a hole in our heart and I'll talk about Nate little bit later on as the day goes on but. And those of you who have ever and you all help. One day somebody's here. And the next day they're not. And it's just life on a string. And that's string can snap. Any time. And it just as surreal. I cannot have. Oh walked in the Nathan's office today which has since been been stripped not go I think by his family. But I was so I was kind of sad that that they already don't come and picked up his stuff I was kind of opened a walking into his environment and stand there for a few moments and think about it. But distilled it. And it's just so weird deal it's just you didn't get a chance to say hey I really enjoyed knowing you or I. I I I can't even begin to tell you how much our respect you for the man that you are above and beyond social media. But for the character that I know you've displayed. With your partner and with your sons and what's your life and what your friends. And that was Nathan. And he wasn't just her a great radio broadcaster and a great social media guru. He's a great man. Really solid principles and really strong character. And know that kind of stuff appeals to me so to his sons Jonathan and Austin. And two. His. His forever love Wendy. Who with far as far as I know Nathan and Wendy were kind of beginning their relationship when I got to be around. And it's just it's just unbelievable that he's not. In the holes at one Julian price closed today or yesterday. I'm remiss a long we respected Milan will love him a lot of us who are you know I I don't think we knew we loved it. But we've when we know today. I can come back and executives are doing Harold Ballard who Harold does that here in the studio and just the other day that we had Jack Daniel and and Larry sprinkle in. Yeah I didn't Richie was a part of that is so well and I made our Harold is. He's just finished his paperwork around. 26. Years in television operations. 24 years in radio. The last ten to WB TV. I mean he's retiring today so I civil may come by and get on the effigy doesn't Watson talk to me for couples are just so we'll talk to I Harold Ballard New Orleans area. Career and I Charlotte long career Charl but I have a feeling we'll probably get himself back into it doing something none related but. But not here we'll find out birdies three retiring due next. Doctor William Rochester yesterday and I was singing to myself I don't really know when it's gonna be let down. Over. Oh well pastor halfway in time to go to Louisville and then some day I will look to build back on NATO. Because some and about 48. Years of photo broadcasting right now. 47. I'll listen time out in the middle to know some other stuff but it does some point we're pretty close to a 4950 years I assume a non all the side duel. No wonder often go do something else or. And I don't know what pedal feel like but I've told several people that I arrived just I can't wait to have ninety days 26 months were just don't like wake up in the morning and not know what I'm gonna Wear what to do that they are not really have anything. A concrete plan now I fully expect to get bored. But I don't know what that final day it will feel like but Harold Ballard does because he's doing he's on it right now ten years WB TV how are you Harold I'm good John good to be here herald came in here and sat in with the Larry sprinkle in hijacked annual American Richey and all those guys when we could get all of this stuff for a couple of months ago. Just came into your friends with everybody but just as you're kind of curious dude watch it all unfold. Exactly. I've known Jack since high school days yeah I've known sprinkle since our association with Carolina beach news toward Syria that's been our. About two decades while. And Nathan I wish jackets I I knew as well but I newbies work and I was a big plane. Everybody in town knew of his work because there's a bunch of the people in this building that a new love him before he came to work for us months ago or not. And then would just about the time that we were really starting to understand not only Hui was as a professional ball what kind of a character and foundation he was as a human being and we know what's most important we lose him yeah bad that's exactly right. Well I ten years at WB TV. 26 years in television operations twenty foreign radio got to give me your resume a little bit more alert did you start and men and where did you go we are now. It's how we get it is only two hours and twenty minutes left a so it. I started. And okay at August 31 1968. At the station and come apple this will actually license to command lists but. Physically concorde that no longer exist to spend dark for about two decades now what to say yeah. And from the air I went on to the other stationing Annapolis the idiom that. And the F famous now fought two hours is about to ask you lower it to the fox that's the can apple a signal that record right. And then off to UNC Chapel Hill. Worked in radio and Robertson county North Carolina that's how you pronounce it since some people say Roberson but trust me. That was the first thing I got called on the first that my first they only air Robertson. And I had the pleasure of working for a station WS MO that. Put a signal from about Rockingham all the way to ocean drive on 860 daytime. We didn't have sense enough to know that we weren't big time radio. It drew which is an event I've worked way in my early days I did neither and I was with a great days down. And then from Blair you're stopping at the post office instead RG the guy on the air you figured your big show on doors they're they're by the so how. I know you can't let. And then I gravitated to the other side of North Carolina Hickory Lenore morgans and sold off. And I think mile last radio stop prior to TV was in and Dillon South Carolina. ID 100000 water on the I 82 point nine. Now Silva three originally from a no concorde will come over northern Concord guys you've seen a few yeah. So there there there's your association rejected an orgy are likely. So then how did you say to TV. It's it's funny. In 1991. I had to have near surgery and that required going in fondle. The repair some herniated disk and because of that there was a layering real trauma that rendered me pretty useless on the air. And I knew the station house organ for the time we shared tower space with WP DE TV in Florence the ABC a feeling. And they just haven't had master control opening. So. That's where it all started in from the air it went to WT BI in 1994 where Emmett future mrs. Hancock and also worked with a who's who just walked in behind you by the way in hell oh yes it. She's gonna take your picture you'll now build that out now volunteer for it this time of the Chesapeake and the then for a after WT VI I got the call I've been listening for that was WR EL TV five Brawley. Where I was for seven years in it was a great place to date and this is engineering out. Master control master control DB operations and some engineering yet. And and master controls were your leaving WB TV today that's right. And then from there time went a few miles down 42 the UN CTV. And Research Triangle Park stayed there three years. Band are are actually four years than three years in sterling Virginia at the control point where. All of discoveries channels are operated them. So you are you're just another communications guy couldn't even job that's right oh god stop at nothing you can. They had that talk about some of the people that you rubbed elbows with along the way I mean sprinkle in I know injecting an elbow and other got to be other people that good to our memorable to you. There are some others. Had a couple classmates UNC one rig didn't diss from Greensboro. And one his roommate so Tim Lowe who it later on became. CEO Scripps. So you know he's making a dollar to but I knew him only with Steve Roddy on the UK IX. And India and the d.s characters richt he is straight days now which show went on to become and LA DJ of much renowned yes. And that fact you know we had and a few RT DMP classes together. And he was always showing us how he could read the weather just like reverend Billy Graham and before casting. Forty days of hellfire and pestilence so can you can you pick a favorite between radio and TV or is it two ways it did it's kind of impossible. You know that one thing how saying earlier today us of the thing about television is that when you walk in the morning you pretty much snow who's gone on station in their best in case is a radio that wasn't case now. It's a pathetic. It's not quite that bad anymore you kind of at least get your ninety days notice before the FCC I and then here. You know I mean Jefferson pilot Jefferson standard we were owned by the same people for a long long long long time and then things started to change and end. Lincoln financial ended up well Lincoln financial was not a big guy. The difference from Jefferson pilot has essentially go to the core of executives remain the same right but then we went greater media. You guys went ray combo we went in her come. You guys stayed break come so it's into it's been interesting. And and not necessarily a great way. I like to when we were all under one employment umbrella and you that you guys are ray come now or were under intercom we still. Get along fine in the halls but there's not the same camaraderie where you were not on the same mall 401 k.s and stuff. Exactly and you didn't have the credit union up Stater worse now and then you don't now the now back to go live to go ended true reliant in in the cab and bill now wasn't as easy as walking across the street until another Christine I need a loan for a car down. So well listen congratulations on a great career along Ron thank you and your rate and your retiring to North Myrtle Beach well at least a few miles outside so you created and is the beach joy it's been a dream oh yes. The end a big fan of beach music and right and the radio that plays that for a lot of years and I hope I can gravitate my way back into it until maybe that's what you trying to kind of tinker around with him do yeah. And I'm also going to have to get out the eighteen in radio I happen Bluetooth to continue listening to Charlotte's most beloved every afternoon but you're trying you're you're kind to say that and whether or not you do that or notice totally up to you you can always line the next time we see now well. If that's a I'll leave that for a few. Future discussions hey it was a it was an honor to have you in the studio bonus. A couple of months ago and and it's an honor to be able to be your last stop before they take your keel way that opens up the gate to get you into one Julian price points and less the one now that I would use one more time today. Well congratulations. And an end and gridlock in retirement and now I'm right behind Jim by two or three years and although all packed up that lady from WTV timeout tendency to normally polite L on down the beach all right very good Harold Ballard after rail long career calling it quits today and not thank you very much much respect sir thank you John. PSA. Airlines. Which is American Airlines regional carrier. Apparently is trying to get back to a normal operations the technical glitch. That led do hundreds of a flight cancellations. Over the past couple it is has apparently been solved. The issue has caused unbelievable trouble. There have been stuck in an airport. Are you ever had do us stand in line and an airline count Earl Long way to get back there are two and a half 356. Hours later to do all over again it is the most frustrating thing. In the world. I always had this philosophy about your last steps into heaven. One they call that purgatory. And I envision almost probably I got this from the comic. For hours. The long lines. Waiting to. And I'm not so sure that you know my in some way is say in my. In my sarcastic mind that I don't believe that's your last true test. That you are standing in line. With a whole bunch of other people. Some who are guaranteed passage and some people who have no chance whatsoever. But there you are in the world's longest line. And that's kind of your final test. You have to somehow or another maintain. Being the same decent. Loving. God fearing. Person. That you have been. In your life. And if for some reason or another you blow a fuse and don't completely. Left field you may just blow your chance at the last second. Standard and that line purgatory. They are used to kid about my dad somehow or other talking his way to the front line. Well we didn't try that. I can't I can't imagine that he would as an episcopal priest who had too much reverence for god and Jesus Christ I'm sure that he was humbled by other. But I just in my own mind I've just always wondered Dickerson we have people hate lines an hate waiting. So badly that I just got to wonder boys wondered if that's your final test they just put you in the longest wait. And the longest line. For the greatest reward. And all you have to do is. Being patient. And now maybe have may be working on May be being in an airport like Charlotte Douglas international. Under two occasions and last week. Is just training for that for that final test. The glad she is an IT issue it just started on Sunday the issue caused it trouble with tracking crew assignments and getting crews assigned to planes correctly and I would assume that part of the recovery period is to. Somehow or another try to get the crews. And the pilots and everything where they're supposed to be for the planes that are supposed to be flown. So that's part of the recovery period today American Airlines said that the computer systems have been stabilized. I'm not so sure that's the word Abbie looking for a pubs and why if I'm one of those out of Charlotte Douglas international airport. And an awful want stabilized. To be the word that they're using I think I want fixed. But they say the computer systems have been stabilized. And they plan to operate on a reduced schedule over the next few all day news. As service is restored and Marcus say I think that probably has as much to do with getting the right people in the right places to. Demand the right aircraft to. The regional carrier which operates about 12% of Americans 6700. Daily flights canceled all flights the morning of Tuesday June 19. As it toe works through its schedules. Getting aircraft and cruise where they need to be a resume operations such a quote from American Airlines they went on to us saying. PSA while operator reduced schedule over the next few days as a restores full service the issue is not affecting any amount Americans other regional carriers. Or mainline flights. I'm Kodiak Katie Cody of the American Airlines said that they had gave out nearly 800 hotel rooms on Sunday night. And have been providing meal vouchers and refunds and attempting to rebook passengers on other flights. Cody said Katie Cody said don't worry incredibly sorry. But the issue impacting hundreds of customers. American Airlines canceled between seventy and 150. PSA flights are on a Sunday another seventy. 2150. Flights. On a Monday. And and quite frankly traveling on the regional carriers. Is no luxury unto itself. But we've all been. We've all been on those. What do they seat 5075. People something like that launch some of them have vote. 22 seats on one side of the plane one seed on the other side of the play and and down. But anyway and the airlines working to resume flights following via technical issues that have impacted their Charlotte passengers enough for those of you were. I stuck at a Charlotte Douglas airport and have been Mike condolences because it is it is just there and it's not a do you know who I am type situation did say. You know I. I want leadership our. I'd like change underwear. I didn't you know bide my deodorant is admired pain luggage. Where is my name luggage. Did a good question. I guess you don't even wanna know about anything else like traveling when animals. Those lines. And as you know other airlines were providing diapers to before you don't think about stuff like that coming from mom's gonna travel bag she's got plenty of diapers for a what the day ahead this but not forward days ahead. So long I wish you peace and and and and quick resumption of your flights. Don't want. Our number two John Hancock radio program. You start element in that event three that would be chief. I clippers are in town tonight to play the Charlotte knights so homo home baseball a BB NT ballpark. Blu ray's name on chain is at Charlotte metro credit union tonight. I'm down there to music factory so world that's gonna. Looks like of the Roseanne spin off it is so moving ahead don't Roseanne will waive all her rights and no the news show will probably your revolve around to Sara Gilbert which. But a little surprised that they're not revolving or show out around our John Goodman. But. As I read I don't I don't care one way or the other I just was kind of I would have thought he would have been the second big name and and command or maybe that's not something he wants enough. I watched a little bit of the house oversight and judicial committee's. Not a grilling me Justice Department inspector general Michael Horwitz today it that was fascinating. And. Dowdy. Was. Trigger Audi from a South Carolina. Who is one of the house oversight committee chairman. Basically outlined. The timing of a string of texts between the two FBI. The agent lawyer. Stroke and page. Justice the Russian probe which stroke was involved in was beginning. And the more I watched trig Audi who's already announced that he's not running for office again. The more I think that is just a tremendous. Loss. Offer us. This is the kind of conservative. That you want. This is. This is no whack job. This is a a guy who clearly has his focus on reality. On he's not a means soul. I'm not implying that conservatives are I'm just saying that. I mean there's an article today. Nowhere is it. There's an article today about. And she's not elected anyway. But about and culture. Who made a claim on fox the other day about the the kids cried at the border being child actors. Which she picked up from some article but she's ready whose author has now since come out and said. If she didn't understand the article at all. But I I I could never had any respect for Ann Coulter. And still don't. And scares the BGB's out of me oh with those of you who do. But it's CN cultures of the world did give conservatives a bad name. Because people out there who aren't conservative. Are just looking for anything make confined to bland. A conservative is being. A hateful group of people. And that's not true at all it's just a different. Angle of compassion and an Indian and and and how do you get results and how do you how do you truly help people. Disciplining children. Isn't pretty to watch. But it has a pretty good effect. If it's done correctly. And to some extent that's the way I've always kind of likened those who. Lead with their hearts and her mind and with their hearts and in anyway and want to world. Who provide aid and compassion. But sometimes aid in compassion may not necessarily. Be packaged the way that you because medically the way you wanted to look. Sometimes aid in passion has to be done of this with a firm upper hand. Has to be done what they where it with a conservative. Result. I and and I think anybody that's ever raise kids understands that sometimes. You can't let the kid have their way you have to have. To split the essay isn't it isn't fun. But it's have been the winner having just celebrated Father's Day it's the Fritz the father's. Who didn't shy away from their responsibilities. That generally have the most love and respect later on in life for their children that they basically at some point or another pro or heard say. I'm never go I hate you or I'm never again are due to my kids what you've done to me. I gig I guess that's where I get my lesson on. Liberals and in conservatives I don't get it from the pun dents I don't get it from mom. I talk radio callers I don't get it from fox or CNN I don't get a from journalists. I get it from. Understanding that sometimes. I you know that stupid all phrase I hate to go back to but sometimes the foundation of truth is pretty simple. Give a man a fish eats for a day teach Amanda fishy Eads Eads for a lifetime. And to give that man the fish. Certainly seems like the most compassionate thing to do. But it takes the man to fish you're actually doing something a lot more valuable for him Muir lie Yuri Arab Yuri allowing him to stand in his own two feet. On and provide for himself. And sometimes that's the difference between so when I watch our trade Audi today. I thought he was magnificent in the way that he took these emails between this FBI agent and your lawyer. On and the timeline. Of the Clinton emails. And air and the Russian investigation and the behind the scenes and the bias that is so obviously. Coming out of the FBI. In cahoots to some extent with the Justice Department. On in a presidential race. Where you have key people that are involved in investigations. That deserve honest answers. Deciding that it is their job to Alter the outcome. To what they think. Is best for the country. He was magnificent today and then there's watching that whole thing today was. But you have to be open minded. To a bad two if you just take stuff on the surface sometimes but I don't know how you could not watch trig Audi today. Bomb. Or even the House Judiciary Committee chairman. Bob good bought today. Who question Horwitz today on whether or that apparent bias. Influence the initiation of the investigation under Russian interference with the 2016 campaign in Peru and potential collusion. With Trump's team. And and and Justice Department I G I attorney general of blood in my correlates answers. Well that's a matter that we got under review and are looking at right now. And that's knows. The fact that it's under review and that's news. So wound. Listen politics is nasty. If you're a figure that out yet and you're not paying attention. Politics is dirty it's that it's a dirty dirty business. I had the local level at the regional level at the state level at the national level. It these these are cut throat SOB's and operate in politics. Now there are good compassionate. People who want to leave for their country a better place and want to but. You better be willing to play hard ball or you're gonna get into politics. And. And that's what they were talking about today. Was hard ball in politics and and then goes back to what my dad taught me from being a lobbyist for a major finance company in a period of his life. That he always regretted later because. On he had sold out. For what he wanted for material things for the big house for the nice cars for the influential friends for the and I remembered and I've told the store before but I remember saying to him one day. A dog that Jimmy Carter guys seems like a good dude. Now on the surface politically my dad was a Goldwater Republicans so I can guarantee you that that comment probably just eight to the core and I mean did you know. But he didn't dead down he didn't bad mouth. Jimmy Carter. He didn't really say anything about Jimmy Carter he just looked at me and he said. Something along the lines of paraphrasing you're not exact quotes. Do you realize how. How well are you have to sell out. From your core values to even get yourself into a position to run for president of the United States I truly believe it. It's just a matter of what you will. Are willing to do will. To get the final outcome that you think would be best for. Cutting your incentive here the people of the world the people of the United States. And your long range growth potential as a politician. Your bank account your constituents. Your handlers. Your donors. Stock market opened this morning went down 300 points trade wars where everybody's worried about profits quadrupled down on China. And has directed the US trade represented is to prepare new tariffs on 200 billion dollars in Chinese imports. As the two nations a moved closer to a potential trade war and and that affected deal stock market the Dow finished down 287. Point 26 to close at 24/7. Point 21 NASDAQ down 21 point 44 closed at 772558. And the S&P down eleven point eighteen. To a close 2762. 57. So let's roll that goes over the phones we go before we head towards the a 430 news and chips on WB TA chip. I got an idea that definitely gets you excited. To catch it on your interpretation of conservatism or liberalism and I think there are a lot of there ought to be sent burying your point I'm just to kind of go along with that. Republicans flat it's certainly got enough. Gonna get them rot now I think the day. And that they do social media and reality TV that the Democrats are innocent don't look hipper and a national campaign they'll have better. He made it could be completely frank it got better public speaker you're not not a group corporate site which you put Barack Obama Bill Clinton up on uploading I don't agree wood 9% of what they play but they do a better. And what the Republicans can offer year in year out. And the Republicans are trying to do what Democrats have done for years in terms of what their. They're trying to offer. And certain foods citizenry. Like material and that you can't help the dude the Democrat in terms of what you're giving exercise immediate advantages they're. The the Republicans as long as they look at themselves or try to sit there at the party capitalism materialism. We're gonna darkening it. That they're going to be muted and selfish and and and dubbed Dorgan don't care about the common good that. I think they're going to be they're gonna director rebrand themselves are focused more on that we're trying to protect our liberties encountered or your make and person. He has given me at fish person teaching Amanda finish I think if you look at it from the same point again of protecting liberty. The whole standpoint of I don't. I'm not agree with what you do but I had a into the debt erupted there it could they can bring an argument for term capital economic not a great would you make him millions of dollars up to into the blue of the debt your rock and make and they did well. Now I'm not so sure that I don't believe people like Ann Coulter work for the left so they can give the Ryder bad name when Ann Coulter comes out with some of the just the asinine things that she does. My immediate it makes it so easy for. The footer for people who not really follow. Sun news and the developments on a day to day basis it makes it so easy to brand conservatives is being wacky and mean spirited. Yeah I'm and I decide I anybody that's got respect for and Coulter and her kind of good journalism in her kind of conservatism. Is mean spirited and un Christian. And and it in if you are and cult follower I have zero respect for you because I I think. That's not what true conservatives are all about true conservatives are every bit as compassionate. As the most liberal all of the liberals it's just a different way. God took get the best results. I couldn't agree more I think that's exactly the point yet I would agree with I'd adult and get. It's angry inning did that the patriarch that that folks are the main culprit for some but I think it's nonetheless maybe Al Franken nonetheless. That that they bring to the conversation doesn't doesn't heart dialogue quite the opposite put in count the the the situation we're in right now. And it like you're saying there's no. I'm. That whole concept of being compassionate I. I agree that we need to help police. It in the market and about it in our world and we need to do that I just now believe that government that the only way we can do that and and the best way to do it. I agree and like I gotta go I gonna get to news but I have been appreciate skull. Driving up the run up a flight of stairs I never hurt Katherine institutions. And try to do a commercial just. And let go. All right we're 170 days into the air there a 195. Days to go June in 1940 the eighteenth. Twenty B eighteen you said. Now there apparently is a lack of oxygen going to my brain. Oh my god he's had. Having a stroke. 1865. Over two years after the emancipation proclamation slaves in Galveston Texas were finally informed of their freedom. The anniversary is still officially celebrated in Texas and thirteen other contiguous states it is June 18 it was celebrated in Belmont over the weekend. The good. Celebration. Acknowledgment industrial park. And various places around the state and country today in 1910 the first Father's Day was celebrated and spoke Cain know Washington. I've been to Maine's okaying him got to bear and Elk Grove I'd ever seen nothing like network ever heard that. I am now nineteen in 1978 the why do I remember that. Probably heard that when I was fourteen. And that was of a couple years ago. Nineteen saves like super calloused fragile is to get PL a notions why am I taking up space in my brain for that when it was at. It doesn't hold the other stuff that it needs to hold. Keller fragile ruthless of Perella Carol whatever that those. Good I can't do that ignored appellate specialist it's still an ocean still shows selling as he has to tragic hello Rupe was really good. And save backwards and and fourth grade. It's just sit then there. Free use that. Pork. Wedding. Finally meet god. Don't just Alyeska to tragic Olympus do. That's correct. Here's some SPF. 1978. Garfield comic strip debuted so he's forty years old today at what Theo strip itself celebrating it would do to grow a little over a billion dollars in revenue with over a hundred dead in countries participating in the success. New survey finds that DC is the highest concentration of psychopaths. National trust west Virginia's a state with the lowest concentration beside the fact. Good news for privacy. What do we know reflection of West Virginia is she. The lowest paid and of all the stage they're the ones with the view it. Boston Globe businesses triggered one of its columnist for three months. For making things up. Now why suspended not fired I guess that was my first question I don't know the specifics have been. Details behind the story. But if your newspaper. Columnist. In your making things up. Why are you not fired for that. John Travolta's new movie Horry plays are realized gangster John Gotti getting horrible reviews. Which could very well mean that it's worth seeing guys usually when the reviews really sucked that. And if you're bored with regular cream cheese on your bagel then maybe you'll be happy to hear that Wal-Mart is now selling. Cookie butter cream Jews. Boy they just keep on coming out with stuff that you just really can't resist don't think. To hell with the diabetes. None of going to be a little late tonight I'm stopping by a Wal-Mart. Thank goodness I have a pickup truck so I can get it all home cookies broader. Cream cheese. And by the way the choice is don't just stop it Cokie better other flavors available include chocolate hazelnut I can pass on them. Honey Allman in the Mela. Blueberry and lemon zest. Cream cheese spread. Just not fair. It's just not fair site as a final reveal which is smarter dogs. Or caps. The smarter dogs. Forecasts. Dog owners say they're fed to the smartest because their bets loyal joyous. Can be trained. Her third training camp. Purebred cattle leash. And did it tried to take care of my my former cab. Grants. Below harness on her and try to take her outside. And why I tried to do that. May because it sounded like fun at the time. And she dug end. Shift she was not evident here that that's sale of the puppy by the way if you put out there Uighur when you put a puppy on elation tolerant you do I mean you you basically the first couple times take him for a drag. Anyway cat owners say know their pets smarter than a dog for a big exactly opposite reasons but it appears now that when it comes to raw. Brain power. Dogs. Are clearly ahead. The cerebral cortex is particularly dense it's about. It's all about efficiency when it comes to hunting. So it seems dogs have about 530. Million near runs. Calculating their behavior cat's. Only about 250. Million. It doesn't compare. With any other species. What about radio people. 145 from. It. So researchers at the university of self heard have been attempting to figure out why bad. Man's best friend has been no trying to tell us all these years and they have now identified some 47 different potential gestures. That they use in an attempt to communicate. And the researchers have managed to translate nineteen of them and surprisingly most of them mean scratch me not feed me. Oh that's right up their by the way. So while I was looking at some of the stuff like now feed me would include using their snout further ahead to move your hand on to two it's body. But does that. That means feed me that doesn't necessarily mean pat me. Holding one paw in the air while sitting. You'd think it means let's shake now. Paid me turning its head from side to side looking between a human another object feed me standing on its hind legs. Beat me. I'm a lot the same way by the way it. Tom using its mouth to throw a toy forward. Paid me to what these researchers say. Scratch me. Rolling over in front of you. An idea I'd done. And that also shows a level of trust because they leave them so vulnerable and. Pressing its nose against you or another object. Licking you rule or an object. Although that's not true if you just come in off the treadmill because at that point your hot and sweaty and very own bed they like the welcome on. They eat poop there you know they're not really selective and still swept salt. Muskie. You probably look you don't try to bury you. I've they live to Paul and place it on you. Scratch me you know pat me. Megan my Weston does that all targets of on the couch and just puts her paw on my arm. And it looks that you just too cute this session I mean it's almost irresistible. Almost. Gently biting your arm scratch me. Short shuffles along the air ground ball rolling over scratch me lifting a back leg while laying on its side. In the end exposing stomach or somewhat that. Rubbing his head against you while leaning against you. Scratch me. Play with me would be briefly touching a person with a single claw so how do you tell the difference between net. Lifting a paw and placing it on you and briefly touching a person with a single claw. Now we got to get to know your pet I guess. Diving head first under a person or object. Massage or my dogs are redundant. Reaching eight caught towards an object of interest. Would be play with me. Wiggling its body underneath they are person or object. Now Megan. Has a. She can destroy any toy it is known to made to demand. But a giraffe all the old cloth giraffe that she got in a packet from somebody of toys that she's destroyed has become her favorite toy. She's headed for years. And you pick that thing up and shall run around the coffee table and then she'll stare at you and bark within in her mouth and that means a month. I want you to chase you around the coffee table I want you to chase me around the room she just loves it when I do that Susan never does it Scioscia hadn't expected from Susan. But means at some of the most inopportune moments. She gets that drives that are about the man she growls and and does all that stuff and then we'd do we do this brand around the coffee table thing she wants to play total war itself like that and then one as she ripped it out of your hands she's so proud of herself she can't quite see straight. Opened the door for me. Lifting both paws off the ground and placing them on its owner or a nearby object. But didn't we see aid. Standing on its hind legs I guess is what I'm thinking about when I was feed me. This is lifting both paws off the ground in placing them on your owner or nearby object that means opened the door for me. Jumping up and down either on to an object. Or not. Well in the same location. That would be almost like they're on a trampoline under sensing some dogs do vent my dog doesn't the dog would kill herself she started to do it. But apparently according to the study that means opened the door for me. So there you go to. Some of this seems. Contradictory. That the movements would be. You could miss read the movements. For you know your dog and your daughter eventually gets the message across one way or the other and that's. And that's just the way it is. I. Former Montana traffic can now in my journal news coming up front around the corner we'll head into the 5 o'clock hour mark Harrison until 6 o'clock go probably talk a little bit more about Dundee and Richie. Who is they are co worker of ours and intercom. That. Was that killed a motorcycle accident on Saturday there's a huge hole over here one Julian price floors. But there's a huge hole and a number of other broadcast companies too because you worked prior heart medio. Formally clear channel formerly a date in our area. Dalton communication. Which was the end of magic before that. And we're all over and over here but we know that some of our. Told radio people around that town me and have been in this market in very pleased difference. Aspects. And he has missed by Mary. So want to won't mention him again and noble do that is the. I. I know there are some of the radio station that a party has done this I was not here yesterday it was up and Boone and perhaps state for the killer institute which is a gathering no vote 25 young broadcasters who wanna get into the business Sunday. Undergo a ten day. Pretty intense. Up presentation. Where. Media people. From all aspects of radio and television and journalism. Those are primarily electronic radio and TV. I'm go up and and talk to them about different aspects of the business and not been doing this now for 678 whatever it's been years. Awe and love it it's one of my favorite. It's always on Monday that I get to go I always get to go first on minute to 9 o'clock in the morning an app state to talk about how to do a radio talk show. So I was up there last you know I was up there yesterday. A week ago yesterday. And Nathan Richie. Was. Promote. From intercom. Always there and fruit bowl last few months. I don't know how long it's been because no 67 months. There's been that long. It had been long. But I know Nathan for over twenty years I knew when I don't quit W BT and none 1999 and went to worked for the end. I'm Nathan was already there and so was his lovely bride to. Wendy. And in fact if I'm not mistaken I believe they were kind of at the beginning of their. Courtship. So armed. Just an engaging. Nathan had a talent and I would've said this to you on this time. While last week. Jason had our Nathan had a talent of being able to look into the future and. Wind he and I had to lunch I think reject Daniel wondered. And this would have been slightly after I came back to WBT in the early ninety's. And he was talking about. MySpace. Online. And he's solicit tell honest and this is where all the kids are editor exchanging information back and forth the news was saying that. This is the beginning of something I'm not exactly sure what it is but this is the beginning of something somehow or another this is going to yeah. And avenues it's going to grow and grow and grow Nathan was a guy who was always six years ahead everybody else. Nathan was a guy who would always look into the future and see. What was coming before it got here. I'm Nathan did a fund raiser years and years and years ago. Which rival bill fund me long before bill phoned me ever became go find me. And for us to get Nathan Richie here as our program director for digital. Media. I was a big toe because of his background and he graduated from east Mac back in 1982. Any loved radio and he had been involved with just about every aspect of it that you could think of from marketing go to promotions to producing shows he was the first WC BY BC YE. Chicken. One of our producers. John Moore with the morning show says he has a picture home. Of him as a small boy said on John boys lap with the CB BC YE a chicken standing behind him pitch that was Nathan. Small world. And Nathan was killed and motorcycle accident on Saturday. And there is a huge. Hole in many hearts over at one Julian price place now mine included but. It's not just us. He and chuck Boozer work. Brothers. He and Errol Collins who you may have heard doe with the boos are on no bill Thompson's. Own morning show yesterday. Was extremely tight with him Jack Daniels. Who we've been on the show with Larry sprinkle not too long ago. And Nathan was in the room for that whole interview. Inject and don't go way way back. So we're all hurt a little bit over here and but overall were early worried about windy. Who where's the love of his life and and that's not just cliche that's just absolute. Fact. I he has two sons. Which he pretty much raised by himself Austin and Jonathan. You couldn't have a conversation with him without him talking about his son's. Are you I couldn't have a conversation with him when I didn't ask about Wendy. And she told me and and he told me they're very viewers appreciated that I stayed here late on Wednesday. Do I give some people stationed tour because the Valentine's industry people were doing a seminar here and he walked past my desk about 615 I would normally be here six event. And we got started about motorcycles and he told me that was his get away. That was when he was most at peace with the world and he and his dad and his brother. Has really forged a stronger bond between themselves because of motorcycles and he told me some stories stood regarding that. And and he died on a motorcycle on Saturday. But we miss him. And as I said earlier we loved him. I don't think we knew that we loved him. So we know that now she. And tonight judgment for Nathan does not being here and none in the halls has just. Surreal it's just bizarre. And just remind you is every now and then you get reminded of life. You're just women on the strength and that's for in his pocket and he talks. So we're all love we're all better people for no one Nathan Richey because a day he has said when Billy Graham died Nathan Richie was the kind of guy that made you want to be a better man. I and I hope that's lust and most of us we'll take what sort of rest in peace Nathan all of all mischief thank you Farrar of 320 years friendship I appreciate your. Just tell by the way I was just kind of opposed no. 2000 view and I heart my and other radio stations in the city. And that the lupus foundation. And that the a business marketing association. And that the Carolina school of broadcasting. And those of you who I knew Nathan through martial arts. He was AF fourth Dan black belt master. In that tae Kwon do and and Philippine combat disciplines. And to those of you whoever may have adopted they are rescued dog threw he and windy because they went through a few of those they loved animals. But especially to all my fellow broadcasting. People whether we worked for competing radio stations or not. I'm I know there are a lot of people that are hurt now to earth. In different broadcast organizations send a sore we over here and numb and I don't want to discount. You Weaver. I it's not just one Julian price place it's hurting today there's a lot of addresses a lot of radio shows that are opening on our. A better face and I'm sure deck Jack generalists. Is having trouble with his broadcasts. There are right now and and in Boozer with stood at all of us so well. My condolences to you to consider we really did Luzader really quality. Ethical moral. Strong foundation. Great character guy. Dedicated to family and windier and that's a loss. Why an error has called for more restriction of alcohol sales at airports. You know some people that cannot fly unless they just get I mean. Crazy. And you've created. Airline proposed a two would drink limit for passengers and a ban on alcohol sales in airports before 10 AM. My question is. It usually more than one bar. So how would they do that. I mean you could have. Two drinks in a bar on the concourse and have tutoring center borrowed no one of the concourse you know I mean. You can shop around you could still get so pretty totaled. The proposal comes after a flight from Dublin to it was a had to land unexpectedly in Paris on Saturday after three passengers became disruptive passengers. Had had a few drinks before boarding the flight. I'm actually surprised that alcohol doesn't play more of a role in. In no better port plane manners. You know that and get locked into a tube. And haven't some kid kick in your seat or have been some seat mate that. Or just being stupid in general and drunk. Number of our reported sexual assaults taking place on airplanes is increasing I read the news to sail board. Are rising by nearly two thirds in recent years according to the FBI which investigates crimes on planes. There were 63 cases of in flight sexual assault reported to federal authorities in the last fiscal year. That's up from 38 cases in net twice for team. Now an automated discount those but if you think of all the thousands of flights that are taken in does that the other 63 cases of inflight sexual assault. But atlas and I hear myself say that and and I also think to myself you know one is to committee. So long. Says most inflight sexual assault cases aren't reported. Sexual assault on airports aren't airplanes usually involves unwanted touching generally on long flights. When the cabinet in when the cabin is dark. Ever done Micah and and area JFK eight London or anything like that I mean you're on that plane for a long time YE. Fly at night. There you know they darken that thing down now everybody's so to have the people on the plane or asleep. They say that's when victims typically waking up from being asleep. Often covered with a blanket or a jacket to find the hands of a person sitting next to them. Inside their clothing or underwear. He would freak out when you. Anyway sexual assaults on planes are. And Ryan air is calling for more restrictions on non alcohol I wonder worthy. When you're alcohol and sexual assaults. Here's your better judgment. Oh no I shouldn't annoy shouldn't Bono I do it. It would take 98 people. To start life on a new plan. Colleagues today and when we come back. It's. There's an Indiana State trooper. Who put a tweet out there is gone viral. And if you're on the highways and by worries right now and you're in the far left hand lane in your behind somebody who doesn't understand the slower traffic get the hell overrule law. Then you'll love this guy because we've all been there before. Driving in the left lane car in front of you just won't move over. Indiana State trooper tweets out. To remind people about the State's so called slow poke or move over law. Sit out this weekend it's gone viral sergeant Steven Willis. Weeded out I stopped this vehicle today for a left lane violation on I 65. The driver had approximately twenty cars slowed behind her. Because she would not move back to the right lane again. If there are vehicles behind you you must move to the right lane to allow them to pass. State trooper tweeted out Joe's picture of it. In in his car and the car stopped in front of him. And people are going nuts over it. It's like relief. Ha finally somebody. I he added another. And our response that it isn't intended to encourage people to break the speed limit. And technically. We've talked about this before. Technically if the speed limit is 65. And you're in the far had left him lying going 65. Then common sense would say. Well no I'm right you're wrong. But states with this law. Are dealing per say what these the speed limit. If you're there are there's a lot of cars behind you you're the one in violation. So move over. In in fact the left lane. When more than one lane as president is supposed to before passing. It's not supposed to be for cruising. Course tell that to the guy in the pickup truck had done Wilkinson boulevard about thirty minutes. So I went back guys that that has gone viral everybody in your country is basically. Re tweeting oh that one and that's that's that's pretty funny OK here's the philosophy behind what I tease you with before we went to the news. One day earth will no longer be an habitable. Because the left lane drivers. And other stuff. Science and science fiction has been working for years on getting humans to another planet for us a much needed research and eventually colonization. And now researchers tell us that it would take 98. People to create a new human colony. There's just one problem. Technically. The closest planet similar to earth. Would take 6300. Years to get there. Crocs a low speed is four point two of light years away and orbits within the habitable zone of bids star fox of us inventory. Making it a promising candidate in the search for alien worlds capable of supporting life. But they say you'd have to say 98 people in order to us and establish them on it. She. We're you gonna find 98 people were Bill Walsh. Some really well she. Well you're a lot of it maybe that divide in the newsroom now that would never have a baby in the traffic through but there's only room for one person there perfect so. Should it go to your room you'll probably be one of again today. Deacon in traffic reports Reuters there which is gone. Shot a blistering Toronto gets caught. Stealing clothes from Wal-Mart. The constable. Near a new. Arrives to arrest him. But is swayed moved by this eighteen year old story. Instead of pressing charges against him for shoplifting. He buys him. The clothes. That he was trying to steal instead. The teen's story that he was stealing a dress shirt tie and Sox. For a job interview. Constable. Ginny said lord a couple of days later. That kid got that job. Now I don't know if that's the way it's supposed to work or not. But that's a pretty good story. No liability a couple of times yesterday I went up to have liked to stayed for they make all the Keller institute in May gathered 25 young broadcasters. Are people wanna you know the broadcasting business oldest and aspects on or off here. And sales promotions social the whole mind arched. Television everything they grabbed 25 of their brightest to NATO put him through this ten day drill and and they bring all these industry people up like Jeremy. And Mark Garrison was up there as well in fact I did the morning session yesterday and how to do a talk show and he followed up well with the news segment. And as I've always told you about mark who joins us from the WBT newsroom. Tom if he's on the road and he sees somebody selling. Oh I don't know. Possum seasoning that's how he's gonna stop and do a story about it so I don't all feel like docket of the kids at Keller institute or not but I tested this and how was your trip and he said well I came back with three stories that. I had a great time with the Q as they are really Smart they ask good questions and then and it was a lot of fun but then after I left there I thought I can't be in the mountains and not find the stories so I didn't miss them so give ponson seasoning. Yeah we're gonna go this country stood before. That sells just this stranger array of stuff including something called pop some seasoning and it's that's because a guy named posse makes it for them oh okay so it's not for your boss said Centre right president and that they do have moonshine jelly it sounds like summing out of old Andy Griffith episode. Two little old ladies may get they apparently used to have a still may be still do but we think they're using legal liquor in the moonshine jelling now they're probably junior Johnson's. Ayman. The and did you try it. No they were sold out its they're from is their most popular item then the little old ladies and need to make some more exciting gets try it then were they are blowing rocker Adam Wright issue going to blow yet they know little ladies are Blowing Rock to lead the stores are right he's going to Blowing Rock era in 321 there's three album one family they compete with each other they have compete in the country stores while. That's why you funny I'll be darned. I I you do it's early and posting a merry yacht is testing Alexa worthy isn't it for well you can say alike so I need more towels alike so order room service they hope eventually to be able to say alike said turn on the television lower the lights. Com and Charlotte is going to be one of ten test cities in Marion uptown two to test this out energy said Alexa I need mortals had that would notify somebody at the front desk exactly yeah hopefully it's wired and as somebody who cares for and we'll deliver the towels or they just telling you it's Alexa and actually they have all the rooms might. Yes see I think there are a lot of questions here and eventually they're saying even hoped to tie your personal preferences from your home like sending your hotel Alexa. So that if you come in the music's playing you like can you could say Alexa played WBT. Do better motel com. Governor Cooper. Has and then he's not the only one who's doing this just this separating families that DO border has caused several governors to say. Well then I'm not sending my Guardsmen and Cooper horrible. Yeah and then North Carolina only S three Guardsmen down there right now but Cooper's pulling them back we might have a helicopter down there too he's gonna pull that back because he said the attack. He thinks separating. Parents from kids who come over the border illegally is and not something we ought to be doing. And the president of fact is a meeting as we speak I think with some Republican leaders on that very issue. Now balancing artsy UN here and and I'd just about four and a half minutes Mark Garrison Charlotte the six follows ups and not just say a couple of minutes. While Thursday is the NBA draft solo I was talking to our. On mr. Kruger. Who was up its killer institute today talking to the same group of broadcasters. Chris Kroger who has no video player by player radio voice of via. I Charlotte hornets and so were targeting him about the draft the other day. So that'll be good David Brothers joined Willie Nelson for the make up concert tomorrow add to PNC. Lol us and our correspondent TJ out to try to come back with a full report on know that tomorrow. I'm surprised I'm not going to register its school night and now. I've seen Willie and I've seen David Snow world. You know. Maybe all have second thoughts about that between now and not tomorrow and none and and then go anyway I reducing don't have a way to give me a neophyte. If I needed one. Helicopter pair parting. We're just talking about does separating kids from their parents at the border and then mark also mentioned in North Carolina may have helicoptered out that this doesn't have anything to do with the bad helicopter verdict. There have been glimpses of helicopter parenting has been. Linked to behavioral problems. Imagine my non surprise. New research university of Minnesota Twins cities. Shows children whose parents are over controlling. Helicopter parents. When they are toddlers are less able to control their emotions and impulses as they get older. The study looked at you know to what degree mothers of toddlers dominate play time and show their child what to do. And then studied other children behaved over the following eight years. Revealing that controlling parenting. Is linked to a number of problems is the child grows up. Does. You need to stub your toe you need to skin your knee. You need to get yourself in trouble you need. Have peaks and valleys that's how you learn. Lead researchers suggest to Foster emotional and behavioral skills parent should allow children to experience a range of emotions. And give them space to practice. And try managing these emotions independently. And then guide and assist children win or elf that task becomes too great. Some people of their own worst enemy. Take for instance seven time jeopardy champion Stephanie jobs. Who out. Who taught history. At a mid western college facing prison time now for allegedly accessing the computer records at the college. She was in court the other day she pled guilty. Jay-Z and beyoncé. Sprung a new duet album onerous. You have they had TJ. Have you heard it. Is it goods are wrapping eras that. Move and everything. Scott McCready. American Idol star. Shut married to a woman Betty first met when they were in kindergarten. But the good thing they waited. Scratch and sniff stamps will be here tomorrow. US Postal Service first crash says scratch and sniff stamps go on sale tomorrow actually in Austin, Texas. And on line. Mean look would have torn stamp showcases the work of Margaret Berger of Santa Monica California depicting whimsical watercolor illustrations of frozen treats and each one of the tend Stan is their designs. It includes two different streets. Like that what we're talking about news of the three G is the cookie cutter cream cheese now available at hallmark. You're gonna have a story on mass market. Cookie buttered dream jays. They would have been out like this dual ladies would be a moonshine jelly we could got factual things I'll see you tomorrow at three.