Nation Recovering From Another School Shooting, This Time Santa Fe, TX

Vince Coakley Podcast
Monday, May 21st

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty this system fits Coakley radio program. And good morning welcome to our Monday broadcast. Fans I want to give you a heads up two hours wall to wall. Royal wedding coverage right here Vince Coakley radio. Absolutely positively. And just reassured we won't do that. We will not do that to your. Hope you had a great weekend I'll share a little bit more about mind move later on. Hence we will jump into the important news that has been developing. In the past few days. You know it's kind of interesting because it's. We left you on Friday with a unfortunately. Yet another school shooting. I was reflecting on this. Throughout the weekend because. You know one of the things that I'm concerned routes. At the top the list for our nation is liberty. And one of my concerns is. With every one of these incidents. My concern is that we. Potentially chip away. Chip away at liberty. That's really the danger here. Because we have people. Who were absolutely positively convinced that the solution. To all of our problems. Is government. Whatever the problem is no matter what has occurred. What we need to do is. Do something. Out of Washington DC. So you'll see those continual calls. Its predictable it's just like clockwork. And one of my frustrations is in Ohio I'm. Listening to the radio to broadcast no matter where from over the weekend and this is that drumbeat. That's what it's continually focused on what is Washington going to do you. And we'll talk about that. Because that's. Is where this gross. This is not the case with all of our liberties that have been under assault especially over the the last few decades. And that have warned repeatedly it's not those frontal assaults it's the chipping away on the edges. The chipping away. I want to first bring you up to date on some of the developments that have taken place over the weekend since we left you. We reported since the shooting his breaking news at Santa Fe high school. A police officer also injured in the shooting. We learned that the shooter was male. We learned that there was a second student detained for questioning. The death told. Rich tend. Officials say explosive devices. Profound Brooklyn school campus and the surrounding areas. The suspect identified as seventeen year old Demetrius. Gorge she's. And it's part of his plan. There's been reported. He was intending to take his own life after the shooting. Used to shotgun and a thirty revolver. We learned that a total thirteen people have been hospitalized. A couple of law enforcement officers among those injured. And we also learn each that's the shooter used his dad's guns. We don't know the circumstances say about how he got these. Gorge she's is charged. With capital murder aggravated assault of a police officer. He's been denied bail. And we also learned that he. Shouted surprise. Before opening fire on the terrified students. Witnesses. Reported that the gunmen wore a born to kill T shirt a trench coat. Despite the weather outside. And army boots. As he stormed into the classroom. Among the victims a substitute teacher. And a Pakistani exchange student. Among those who were killed. The show man as information contained in journals on this computer. Has cellphone. Said not only did he want to commit the shooting. But he was planning to commit suicide after the shooting. He gave himself up admitted at the time. He didn't have the courage. Ultimately to kill himself. Days after that shooting. Now the attention is shifting to Capitol Hill. Lawmakers returning Baird today. And I'm sure you're shocked this is the CNN version of this story which I'm sure is being reported over and over everywhere. Lawmakers returning to Washington on Monday. But there's skepticism congress would be willing to take a decisive topics such as gun control just months before the mid term elections. Who's pushing for gun control. Do you risk the media narrative here that as if this is the thing that is supposed to be done. This is how they report it. What was going through my mind and I don't even remember who this wise it was. The glistening on satellite radio over the weekend and I heard a really extraordinary interview and I think it may have been. One of the victim's family said a previous school shooting incidents this guy was dynamic. And one of the things I loved about him. He was all about solutions he was talking about things that need to be done putting security in the schools. One of the solutions that's been discussed. Single entry into schools with metal detectors. These are solutions these are practical things you can talk about. To make our kids safe in the schools. This fantasy. Abouts some type of gun control that somehow that's going to solve anything it's just that it's fantasy. And frankly it grieves my heart every time I hear this discussion. Because it's the same thing over and over again. What are the practical things this what I wanna talk about. What are the practical things we can do to make our kids safe in the classroom. And it begins with things like security. Can we grieve for instance that the idea of gun free zones is a failure. Can we agree on that together. And move on and talk about practical solutions and I daresay. This is something that. Is not a Washington solution is so local community solution. And I think it ought to come back to something as basic as. How do we secure our neighborhood school. How about making that responsibility of local communities and neighborhoods. What are we going to do to protect our students. And basically tell the politicians. Go fly a kite. It's our kids were talking about. If protection is the goal there are specific things that we can do. But if the goal is political. If the goal is to go against the second amendments. And somehow. Score some political points. I'm not interest him. I hope you're not either. We'd love to get your thoughts as we discuss. What to do. What is the practical thing to do to make your kids safe. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley reading your career getting your thoughts on what is several obviously a school shooting and what is likely to be the clamor. From lawmakers or toward lawmakers. True to something this this to me is one of the most dangerous phrases in human history Jews something. Because too often. Do something turns into June the wrong thing just to make it look like you're doing something. Not always a healthy. Way to approach life. On the section line since it's a horrible can't turn back the clock for the lives lost but I question the sincerity of those observers who expressed great sorrow. But also spew hatred and rage against those who had nothing to do with the act at all yet. Parkland rage should've focused on the Broward Sheriff's Office. And school administrators and the FBI from lawyers telling you are correct out of Spartanburg. Another text you're saying here Vince what is set as well. Those lives you've been shattered will be looking for answers nanny and the answers will be 100%. Wrong. Those who have gotten the answers sane response as we dismissed out of hand by the media and the politicians. This Dexter responding to what I suggested it was not my idea someone I've heard talking about this. I don't believe we can make schools safe. Or should take steps to make them safer arm security officers instead of making these tragedies a political agenda. Another person saying simple solution single entry points security metal detectors the singles entry area. All other doors locked until emergencies. And scanned preached to zones are an overall success they're true purpose is to set the stage for wholesale massacre against the softest markets. That we have. Headlines. Written in the blood of dead children succeed in provoking great numbers to demand further restrictions on the liberty that is the most feared by tyrants. Yeah. You're absolutely right desist and ends up happening ever someone who's raising your question there it is. About single entry. Single entry of schools to prevent gunmen from entering the only result in the gunman waiting outside until school was dismissed well there's that problem. Do you see where we're going with this and this is can I just repeat what I've said. Quite some time ago. Maybe 23 school shootings back. We cannot. We cannot produce a society that is completely safe. It's not going to happen that is called fantasy. So we need to dismiss that idea completely. Are there things we can do yes but at the end of the day. There's evil this just going to happen the week cannot prevent can we just recognize that is reality. And not engage in fancy this semi we're going to complete it we're going to to be able to put together. They completely safe world without threats. It's just it's not going to happen. This is one of the dangers of progressive is on the idea we're going to be able to make the world has so much better place. Human nature is that's not the trajectory of human nature. And the sooner we realize that the better. Tim good morning welcome to the broadcast. Events. He says it I think he said he. Pressed about a minute ago when you sit human. We all have every human Arctic can either be. Infectious with a loving caring and compassion. Or or beat so he turned. Infected by evil and hatred. Your sinuses this society nowadays I mean we put. People pass through our own we protect those clocks are house's protect our credit LoJack on her purse. Mean we protect everything. Except. Paying attention to things that the next generation in my opinion. Focusing on. Recent break. Look the first signs. And a pair in this field too. Why are these guns locked up we have to be accountable some way how does he get this on. Solid golf again it's all we hear every single time the one ran last time he was refused about a weapons. It took its bid what are your game has done spec. There's there's got to be county outside as well. Tampa I absolutely agree with here you've got to have some accountability here appreciate your call their attempt. How easy these are. Questions are there a lot of things we still don't know about this circumstance as to how old this took place. The rise in where fours. This texture says dozens. Seem like anybody wants to her brother real problem how about raising fairly strict you correctly with morals and this is kind of what Tim's talking about here. It all starts in the home. Been terrorists sitting in my school cafeteria back in the ninety's. When a student fired for a few shots in a gang related dispute. Missed his target thank goodness. How bright. That's pretty scary. And I grew deck that really goes way back. Because I know certainly the time I was in school. Is that eighties. There was just no concept to this kind of thing happening. How things have certainly changed no question about that. Really good morning circuit. Don't good morning again. Well you know what it seems to me like some prayers and how really working any more on the you know why because there's no action all of those I can about it everybody wants to blame there's blame that. And oh yes so they just sit back because you know charms gonna make America great at forget about the school shouldn't because you're you're really care about that he cares about. Make sure they don't bust some all the crooked stuff that is done that the day he was in Neil watched. What does that have to get what we're really hello Willie. Well I'm trying to you know and then you're good you're cutting off ya know look out. OK can I really. Born. Seriously. And that if this gets back to part of what I'm talking about here. I it didn't read in due time we'll talk about the president and frankly something I'm concerned about. It's not we're talking about right now. It really is. No need to go to Iran to talk about how. You know someone's distracting with this and that the real question is what are we doing what's our role. The local community where you war. Because I went provoked this conversation. I wanna have a conversation about this at my children's school. What is the security plan what is in place to make sure. That we're doing everything we can't. There's not going to be a 100% safe place anywhere. But what's being done. And end this or anything I can do to help that's the other question. Oh my goodness Gerald out of conference. And this is a pretty interest in text prints these days people treat their pets like children and their children like pets. Oh wow. Diet is. Very true. My goodness. There is so much truth in that. Let's take a quick call from Bob. Redeem this year in this we just have about a minute cure for the break Bob. OK a little bit. Out there and I think it's going to require as much as I agree with you on a loss of freedom. When if you see the video games it all of a sudden the children playing. They don't pay attention to the fact that someone is actually killed or are on TV all the violent. And they don't believe that it is a reality that someone is killed and then the next day they come back the play in the video game yet. We probably have to have some restraint. On the freedom of allowing immediate to continue. Walking the fine art show. Oh my goodness. Well Bob I know who you are by the way let's I wanna hold you do the break did some time to talk a little further. Is that you have to break this down a little more and find out what your thinking specifically and how old. How we navigate to stay in balance out freedom and security that's always the question isn't it. We need a lot of wisdom on this. This is this Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock. I've been scripted radio program we were. Engaged in a call with Bob before the break didn't. And again this gets back to that tension between. Freedom ends. Security how do we balance this and Bob was talking about one of the aspects that is unfortunately a factor in this some of the school shootings. And that is the desensitization. That takes place with these video games. And I find these disturb I had this conversation just yesterday. With the English yesterday with a friend of mine and this is a young man who. I was just telling him that that could do we were discussing how some people. Can watch certain things and laugh at them and find humor. For instance there's there's this guy no he just love playing this clip over and over again and this guy getting shot no movie. Apparently he died it was so funny the relief well. And I was standing there staring this guy's like if you lost your free can mines. This is part of what happens when we become desensitized. You know we Sheehan and a movie what do we do about and apparently our our caller Bob is yours suggesting. We've got to do something with that what we have in mind Bob. Well Vince if we look back in history you know the late twenties and early thirties. When they had prohibition on alcohol we saw what happened when the liberal abilities. Try to. Change. Let's say freedoms that existed at that time in the sake of saying no it's going to meet up better result. Well in reality you saw what happened with the martyrs and the with the corruption in the all of backstop and that's why apple that would change. Well taken a step further and all of us that the Dugard decided that they get for my age it's change baker. Against the back go out all by prohibiting them. From being advertised and promoted him. So it figuring that's gonna solve the problem. Well today we have a situation where on video game oh we see as you describe that these integration in the white. It's not at issue to this particular child that really doesn't have got the capability understand what the real. The other you know end result is would you pick up a gun or got tight or any weapon. And you kills somebody and so in reality. I think we probably have to find a way to reduce the amount of violence on TV. And on video games. And therefore we are taking away people's rights. But the reality is this going to mean a child that is better centered and actually has a moral fiber not to make decisions. But similar to what's done in these school shootings. So are you talking about doing this for the force of law. Well I guess what. Apparently it doesn't work by parents saying no he would use the video game because he did it too busy or they don't pay attention to what's happening idiot child. You might just that they have a government saying we have to stop that kind of violence from being. As prevalent and truly usually videogame. Whom knew what this also extended groove race. I repeat that they are Satan do you think this should also extend to things like movies and television shows absolutely. We're talking censorship. Well it I told you now we gonna probably have to find unacceptable. Level of censorship and or reduction in the rights. Are those TV personality or making a lot of money but at the same time warping dot society from our earliest children. And now we we have a society now where life is not an issue. And that is not what we had back when Ozzie and Harriet played all the Father Knows Best. Or any of the movies we used to see when we were younger. And I think it's not a cause and effect. Okay that's fair now fake great to talk you'd get to hear from you again Bob after all it could write some time and so this show and paid thank you very much look forward to talk when you again soon insert. And what do you think about this perspective. This texture since I've played a lot of violent games I've never killed anyone I just don't get the argument. Instead of censoring the games this person says they're for the creative genius the people who make them why don't we try parenting. Don't start out by using. The TV or movies as a baby sitter boy that's a big problem is and it's. Person here arguing so smoking has decreased. Because it's been made it illegal for younger people anyway. You know they've still gotten at personally I think the answers to re empower parents and quit making them feel like it's. If they discipline their children they're going to have the kids taken away I understood that as a consideration to throw into the mix as well. David good morning and welcome. Character. Join grocer. Hey I just wanted to bring up the topic about the the what to do about these school shooting arm. I'm Amal relocated to Charlie here at the the last couple months from a former police officer indiscernible I'll. And I was actually involved in training. Our people are acting. She either. We are shooter. From. Just what statement I'd like to make is that people that we train at these schools are all student. However if you look at all the documentation. Almost 100 pursuit. So this shooter or shooters have been both students so they know exactly. How the training goes what to do who's going to be what building. All they know exactly what they're doing more trading on. No what do you mean by training them. There's a program. He's in certain there's a program called Alice. It's called. At the shooting. We we we do that instead of I'll actually all I know the area. Aggressive as the first thing. Students and teachers. Well what to do indicators are that the shooter. And we go your purchase. Schools. Businesses and we train people how to react. To a suiting situation. It's a great idea. However we order come at this school. We are actually training that feature killer mode the talk. You're saying there there are taking notes what the procedures are and they know how to go around the. Oh absolutely isn't half the primal sound bit that water access to a building would. We sold 90% of the problem and putting them both the character the only girl beat sector book. It's cool to private property that can they ever want to do a pat down before it will be. And that would outlaw the popular grant you access then and home. So you liked that idea the single access point with metal detectors. Yeah yeah and on our ferret actually army there's deep featured in the voting because. Teenagers are urged their mental state are still trying to figure things out and all we're gonna focus on there. That weapon that could be an hour. How but on the flip side of that go to custodians. Custodians you know every accept that ability they have minimal contact with spirits where they can actually if needed to be. Make it actually gates particular and so trying to pop them out because they've had building collapse were failures. That is pretty ocean. Yeah absolutely RT triggered that aren't good nurture our kids I don't expect them. To give up their lives for students are yet they they're they're they're protectors but they're designed to teach. And that's what should they they think should be totally focused on that. Look at literal speaking school shootings over the air bottles. Their abilities are totally locked down. Yep I hear year. David out European star break here stand maligned sadly I actually like to get some information from you and perhaps we can talk about this further another time. We're church retired officer. Has some very interesting insights. On how to address this particular situation. 44 minutes after 10 o'clock on the Vince Coakley ran your program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock I'm Vince Coakley radio program at this hour attractiveness moments. We're watching the swearing the end of the new CIA director Gina Haskell we. Native listen to some of this but at this point we don't have any one of stature speaking. I'm we can just tell you this is taking place now the swearing end of the new CIA director Gina passport we've been discussing. Practical solutions we heard from a former police officer said hey. Who he really likes that idea of putting metal detectors in single entry. This solves. Good bit of this problem. Even the possibility of doing pat downs for students. Wow how times have changed with our schools. They've really changed agreed to yo Taylor out of Greenville good morning. I'm ordered sir how are you. Doing well. Wonderful wonderful just got a couple comments on the only shooting woman number one it is insanely tragic and it's deplorable beyond believe but here it is. Something from my perspective. I'm a 29 year old male. Got three beautiful children and a lot of them are there open Greenville, South Carolina where the school and in early 2000 dummy he. We never would have thought that something like that would happen at our school. Now. As a point nine year old male I've got kids that are going to be going to school they're saying that this is something that. That plays into my thought process on a daily basis depending I mean I'm thinking about what school to send them to an all this stuff. When I grew up. I was able to watch things like the longest day secure member of that film. I have not watched it but I if I'm familiar with this. OK he had great John Wayne classic about the date now. In mankind's best film if I'm correct in thinking it was rated PG though that was a sound that depicted or. You know I mean they evacuated because in the sixties is good. You take it Seinfeld and fast forward a couple of decades he has something like sort of crime there aren't they just clearly grated oh yeah. Now as a father. Who we make a personal choice to not have vials and home for both Oregon and all that but I don't want my children her girls. Scared of that but at the same time they have to learn. Could be or. Respectful of one another and to be respectful of firearms and weapons in general and I think a lot of the issue is nowadays the parent curse. So disconnected from their children in this yes they get them and I plan that are not a phone in this. Come to just be quiet we got to get Margate for their kids to get him outside. And get him back in church on a food. I hear ya Taylor are you you've got some great thoughts thanks it's good to hear from someone in your generation and thank you for Richard doing because it sounds like cure. On the track can be agreed parent. We absolutely appreciate that because we need more oath for re the people liked you brain now. We're gonna listen in on the swearing in ceremony for Gina hospital the new CIA director his president Donald Trump's. I want to thank you to dedicated men and women of the Central. Intelligence Agency that is a true honor. Just stand here today before the most elite intelligence professionals on the planet earth. Nobody even close. You face down our enemies you protect our families you stand and watch over our great nation. You don't do it for fame or fortune. Or glory. You do it for your country. America. Is forever. Grateful thank you very much. We're here today for the swearing in. A very special person. You are new CIA director someone who has served this agency with extraordinary skill and devotion. For thirty years. Gina Haskell. Jim congratulations. There is no one in this country better qualified. For this extraordinary office. Then you have by the way if you don't agree with that please let me know now reports too late. Immediate have to do it quickly. Do you live in this CIA you live these CIA you breathe the CIA. And now you will leave the CIA congratulations. You know. Okay that means we're keeping her right and that was that's what we're awaiting them. They love you they respect you. Pay respect to. And native of Ashland Kentucky G and his father served in the US air force. She spent much of her childhood overseas. From a young age issue is instilled with a knee deep love of our country which combined with a thirst. For adventure. That led her to the CIA. Throughout her story career at this agency AG it is truly done at all. She's completed seven field tourists served as a case officers. Recruited assets. Run stations. Captured terrorists. Then disrupted networks that proliferated. Deadly weapons. They send as weapons all over and you catch him. You need even better now. Better than ever before you the best you gotta be better than ever before and we're getting you the resources to do it. Our enemies. We'll take note. Gina is tough. She is strong. And when it comes to defending America Gina will never ever backed down I know our team. Spent a lot of time which it. Gino played a crucial role in our fight against Al. On the first day of the job the CIA's Counterterrorism. Center was September 11. 2001. And she tirelessly hunted terrorists for the next three years. Donald Trump speaking. I had the swearing in ceremony for CIA director Gina passable. Taking place at this moment and very well received there. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing the lie. Saturation there are too many guns on the street. We knew it was 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Carter virtue of our broadcast have been talking about the aftermath the centerpiece shooting and we'll wrap up a conversation a bit here with some of your calls. Something you've waited for quite some time field talk about this let's go first. To Caleb good morning killed. I can morning then. I mean Tony Earl the senate software here college. On Daytona comment on the previous caller that brought up the idea. Are banning or limiting. Violence in video games and other forms of media. Personally. My parent. I'm in great need pretty pretty liberally it's far is not much and violence not anybody video game but on the as I reached an isolated ascribing little whipped stink like steel arm. From the the core principle. That concerns me look can like what. How we viewed the world. They eat they decided it is okay if I charted. Playing more violent video game first person shooter still at the bank on I think what we need now in America is not. Any sort of restriction on meet the American Media are grown into the problem is with parenting. Com there is. I personally believe that I'm playing that you intercom made him more violent person in any way around. The games are are less about. Murder simulation ordered. Killed some long what do what they're not cannot training courses and how to kill people there this strategy that teaching you how to tell him how to work with other things from the the more more to multiplayer element on. It's it's not about learning to kill people it's it's about. Strategy in in in my most game having fun enjoying yourself it's not. It's not from the middle. A permanent effect vote. Disconnected from reality and believing that the government may do you wonder if that's not what other works. That's not how most people are affected by them on given the proper parenting they are harmless relic. And that's a key thing here proper parenting and and the very thankful and that's the kind of family that you've come from Caleb. What do you think and his southern miss where people raised the question what about all of the others out there. Who are growing up in single parent homes they don't have the supervision. And frankly the guidance stitcher blessed with. How do you guess that. Yeah armed. That's really tough and I think that's that's spoke fluent English be trying to aren't. All of personnel file cabinets I think. You become a little variety of both both areas than it probably should it again in quote it is going to be more willing and feel free to discuss. More personally with students think should not be afraid of insulting someone order. This tendering someone or whatever that is ridiculous things that people out to be worried about these stately should be good should be. There had as caregivers those educators they should be change its people along with the parent then. Un and taunted that you pointed out of the lack of parenting gate they need to be a part of that are additionally I think. Some people you can go to church more than a bit that's something that I think. So that's formed by the wayside it's because real problem of people have. There has something to look for the big try and find their meaning in life somewhere else decided. Helping a lot of lasting value and that leads still whole plethora of issues so yeah I don't I don't have an exact entered but I think that. That's the start we need it that's where need to look for that there's not any currently regulate these games out of we. Extricate our continuing to write the wrong crowd the media and make sure their. You can direct and immediate at the start with the latest buckle my boundaries aren't. The media itself which in fed beef. Supporting and we compared been in making. Elect decision that affected children and for the rest sort of like not just in the decision to play not play again. I hear you killed I'm curious to. What's kept you. Sort of on the street a narrow so to speak because. I mean I'm sure you've been an under assault just by being around people in general people in your age group the school system. In all kinds of sources of secularism and we've increasingly seen the pressure that that's exerted upon people your age how do you rise above that. I think a lot of it comes down to. My personality it's that much more laid back I'm not very outgoing I try to take a back seat to observe what's happening. Around me on the question I'd quote pretty quiet. But are going to call it a bit more or outgoing but. I think that's that's allowed readers can observe what's going on around me and on being racist should also certainly helped spark. I think having. Having. Perpich. It is really something. That's been ingrained into me any out of a meeting it has an identity in one car when I looked at something else. I I realize that's not that's not hope for that really kind of wake up call for me every time. Eight by a feel like doing it straighter whatever USA is just don't think they'll have meaning and I eighty I if you could many people around me that. Our. Meaningless and it got a couple bullet to it is not not dead. I hear you I hear you killed and it its I I really have enjoyed talking with you and appreciate. The insight you shared your in fact I'd look beautiful on the line as well. Idea it's an information and there are certain people along the way. And I'll talk more about this in the future abuse or some ideas I've been cultivating. About. Things that we can do lists of people to address some of the things in our society because this is not about an end and I said early on in this program. The solutions to the real problems that we face in this country in this community. They're not going to come from Washington they're going to come from people like Taylor. That's what's going to make the difference all the difference in the world. Joseph in Charlotte good morning. Depending entirely. Too and also there for well I don't wanna look. And it got hooked up into their true colors. I would my opponent more information ma. Through high school and already have existing extra security my understanding yes I think canning. As. I just I don't know anything about it I'd like to know more about. You know how work and how they like it students or teachers that work in the schools. And how effective it is because to me that's definitely. Their government and that going. I don't think I can keep threatening that they will keep happening. I'm not gonna matter. Nigeria and somebody would tell me to get in Canada art and actual black kid I never heard anything bat. And I was just wanna hear the collar it did you know introduce somebody who works in a situation like get out worked in and what they think that. That's that's really good observation joy appreciate your call you the point you phrase there that. Would be interesting to hear what should people or doing again because. This is one of the beauties of our our system as it is. We have the opportunity for all kinds of experience around the country not just states but also local governments counties. You know what are people doing their saying you know this is our solution. There's no need for this to be a cookie cutter solution again dictate Washington DC. But it's also good just to listen of young voices like Kayla calling from Woodruff. Communicating his thoughts about some. You know what needs to be done. And and he's rear you've been through this entire thing and and so many other issues you know really comes back to what we're doing at home. And I wanna. Be very diligent myself in this area that's reminder to me how important. Guaranteeing yes there's no way to get around that. Coming up we will also talk about its own troops call for an investigation and how all these previous administration. Has engaged with the FBI we'll talk about it coming up. This is this Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock and we're gonna rip apart conversation been having about this. School shooting situation. How we address this I think we've had a really good discussion today and what I want I think it's cool about it it hasn't been the same garbage. You know how many times you can't control no gun control going to draw look yep I'm not that's not even a conversation for me it really isn't. Because we all agree most of us agree anyway Mercury than the sun in my voice the guns are not the issue. They really are not the question is what are we going to do to mitigate the danger. What are the common sense things we need to address and more fundamentally. What is things we do to address what's going on the culture in our homes and there are communities. I wanna try to get to these calls as quickly as possible so the concise and be sharp peer. We wanna get your thoughts and have the opportunity forum the remaining people to talk about this beginning with Linda good morning. Mourning them trying. You know I kept my dilute portrayed. Until they can aired a report at 8 o'clock toilet cleaners puck went Trotter could. He'll you can look at it about empowering teachers form content. I carried letters apartment while Obama until there. I wouldn't directly heritage dictionary there's no way your RV with a gun protracted war far. What I would advocate greater. It cool I can go through. We adorable beside me had all the bad speed away and collect some cool. But the people that are shooting other poverty. Available to them and are there. May rhetoric felt they prepared. You know I pay more and there are. Can't find. Our further apart from. But I'll be very willing to pay ten dollars trillion dollar. We need all the neighborhood mom. And Robert sort of cool will be very happy to paperwork about trick or school. They can dollars from every single trigger that I before I had children get forty years old. I would simply drag her to a school first but why I have no children at school. But I guarantee you inside the ten dollars. I'm a little background ballot drive would you paper medical center. Thank you very bright but for the people would do it yet examined further the Hulk for half an hour. Q so I mean I mean I mean I'd appreciate it could parliament. Blood in you for a week and that really held here through loving parent. Aladdin can't her parents we're going to McCracken night that he soared. Know you're an adult supervision and yep that's why I remember I arm could cure Newt well this week. I remember going through are the war whatever the tribunal are certainly had our air raid zero. Complex or Obama for all we giggle and a hallway and I. Can't get delivery date rape Saturday. And the for the second grade very great portrait. We have terribly terrible every single day I'm afraid of what shall be. But Brian Billick. Well my child who received forty years older than me. Cool green. White old young every class. I met recognizing. These children course. I'll retreat are have turned up. Yet we knew what rib too afraid afraid if things. Yep any we have people are going in neutral look if you got one at a crash we want to leak once a month or whatever. Try to recognize. Military called Mae and friend told me. Each hitter to a credit. You write about that in this politically correct atmosphere Linda this is this approach might appreciate your call and thanks for I sharing your heart that was really really good stuff there and this is one of the problems were replaced people kits can't talk we can't say with your thinking. Because sometimes they'll get in trouble fourth fifth thinking we created this kind of atmosphere. Thanks progressives for doing that Brooks out of Concord. Good morning. Before I meant sorry it's. I just finished the month long study try. Disgust but I don't I don't opt out about the shooting Colorado one of the actual name. That came about it daddy. Was at every single one. Love Pete shooters herb page I'll let it all the way aged 27 every single one of them was under. Yeah had to build L Ol bowl loss. All these drugs but local Perry I don't. Can't patent what this does. Is getting prepared me. Human body from puberty which track. Get through certain fourth quarter you'd feel good butchered cockpit. And and these are suicide. Everything what are these shooters as it out their frustration out there. What their violent. An active pilot. Dumb dumb or how old that we cool. Detonator and a girl should themselves. So that some people are comfortable. Don't want to face. I happen trillion dollar industry. Right now you're talking money Burks. You start going down a very dangerous road for some people why I do appreciate your call is that the drug element something we've not discussed lately. I'll be very curious to hear in this circumstance that this kid had an issue with depression was he using some of these drugs it's. And then you know how quickly. How quickly we are turning to pharmaceuticals as an answer. To some of these problems and I think there may be a better way to approach this I don't know Joseph wanna you will be our last call on this morning. Again so I mean the last about psychic tropic medication and it could say one quick thing about bash. And that it if your child at aching right psychiatric medication they eat it all into therapy. You can have one. As the drug without talking through some issues and learn from coping skill. Also the psychiatrist or psychologist out there and we're trying to can should be a warning play they're supposed to call. Here's the and notify and I think they're sometimes they don't they don't actually feel. Making a play but they don't call it that I'm wired is to make on your show is that the majority of the Khmer suitors. Our father. Incomplete neither Martin Holmes. Do you war definitely. And wouldn't win important Kurt. We girls. We usually fallen to get fashion boy what all of the harmful. And her fault activity map always. If the patterned it difference between. What can girl went out and what our culture. Will not recognize it. The difference between boys and girl trying to shoot culturally. Did commit imagine it valuable he can be unique. Yes there could be a good marriages. Ended in the country and now and our culture today at an incompletion it in an. He did admit the fact that married indentation. That crucial. To the health and well being held there. And and I think if you're important to. Resolving issue you have to be proactive. We can the issue. So evidently how are we going to sue. If I hit a graphic. And it not be drug. Tests but it comes unhappy home I hadn't been that you came on a traditional home on it. Yes I don't yes I did not. I didn't. And album. I don't think any one that I know that I grew up with and I become. Harmful. Person or even an in jail. We're pretty give it makes all the difference in the world John Joyner I do appreciate your call here in Charlotte it's. These kinds of things that make all the difference the world hears. Just haven't a clue where I wanna go in the future what can we do it even as a listening audience. As people together again provide what we do provide solutions. Can begin addressing these problems ourselves. But again we're not looking to the government to fix anything. But what can we do if we're gonna have that conversation more and more in the coming days 29 minutes after 11 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock. Vince Coakley radio program. Time for us to take a look the day in history before we do. And I don't think go to mr. Rachel would mind me sharing this post with you. Here's what he sent me during our discussion few minutes ago. I don't recall hearing all these men shooters were avid video game players we've heard about the corruption of the youth since Elvis. The evil and violent Bugs Bunny must be stopped. He's occur after of the youth and is obviously Satan. I know you being somewhat facetious here Atlanta which you do make a great point about. You know some aspects of this violence just there are people that really do wanna ban these cartoons. You know there's a lot to us especially who will win Elvis came out of course we weren't there not even you were there. And thank goodness you know we've heard all the reports we've seen all the footage about you know. Elvis shaken his pelvis and corrupting the youth we've heard about rock and roll call Beatles may lead to. Roc pro group causing people to go along and kill people I mean. All these excuses are being made one really comes down to parent dean and also comes down to is some of these kids are just. Bad that's unfortunate. And and I should adhere this is really important sometimes. Really troubled bad kids come from great parents. That also needs to be pointed out here. Definitely. As IA I've certainly seen those situations where that you look commission think where in the world how does this kid come on this home. Kids make choices inch it's not predetermined by parenting and turning can make all the difference in the world but there's a point where. I can as a child I can reject every bit of parenting my parents have provided. He you know here's a thing real quick if you are prone to violence. It doesn't take something to. Spurred on Owen it's just this just in there and doesn't take video games it doesn't take music it doesn't take. A movie. But some people or just naturally violent it's unfortunate but that's how in this tip. PU and make your grade point here. Melissa take a look at the day in history talk about what is happens. And that. The 21. Of made this the 21 of may 2018. A special day for. Coakley send number three. Carl talk a little bit more about that a little bit later on because. About something I did this weekend. K Rockland county occurred. Two Coakley son numbers period yes. You know last Friday and we didn't get to the stay in history for that was my wife's birthday so happy birthday to her to. We're happy birthday to me. Join in sharing that message as well. Let's go with our questions back to eighteen in 81 and and the person by the name of Clara Barton. Founded this organization. He is known for responding to a lot of crisis situations. This is a private organization. Private cell organization responds to. Read tragedies yes the American Red Cross founded 1881 that's correct and Sinclair and on thought of was. Back to the future for the author of the yeah a big ego. I'd 1901 and. Connecticut the first state to establish this. Four. Travel. This is interesting. And at the time we only had country roads but they put this in place to keep people from non. Causing to much KS and on the roads what was it. War room. I didn't leave you well it's almost zoom. The police I'll give you way I played this role. Actually speed limits OK at the time fifty miles an hour and eighteen are wide and fifteen miles an hour. How good your audience tonight demand better clue just gonna I was pretty said. In nineteen Tony seven this person flew the spirit of Saint Louis across the Atlantic the first to do it solo five years later today. Who's also done by Emilia. Earhart who did it first. And I know the answer to does this person here's another clue later on and they re had a question about this earlier. In the year I believe because his son was kidnapped. Bloomberg you're correct Charles Lindbergh. C is that a better hit this time around. Yes those much better mr. cook. All right 1956. This. Was tested for the first time dropped by air over bikini at hole. What was its 1956. Keep in mind it was a bomb. Right there what is the typed his it was different from what was dropped in the forties atomic. That was atomic great. What was this. Country when I went when I was wrong. How was gone atomic was my answer film. Hydrogen bomb dropped in 1956. You know and I come wanted to say that I missed that on purpose because I wanted to hear the founder of me missing does that sound like a bomb. That's pretty did. You're such a small and intimate thing about it oh no no clothes on and if they noticed the crowd did here. All the time. As Charles Willett says. Yes ma'am why you food Charlton boss like I know well it's not Charles who's dropping the bugs it's our other person in here does that. And Charles is in your longer by the way he's in for quite a bit of the morning. By the way out. I wanna talk about some idea of weekend because it was so I'm pretty interesting. What happens over the course of the week and I wanted just basically check on my parents I tried to do. At least once every few weeks and so flew in Friday evening. And had a great time visiting with my parents. Also said they had learned Friday afternoon. A man I've known for quite some time. And his son posted just that he was in the hospital and close to death so first thing I'd I did is flew straight it's too. Upon arriving Kentucky went straight to the hospital got to visit would this friend. Spent some time with my parents Friday night Saturday morning stop back by a hospital Saturday morning. A decision I made late Friday night was turned out to be really important is every originally sprang to come back. Saturday evening. And for some reason I thought you know what I think all I think only need isn't enough time to you know I can leave for about noon por Michael and I did. I left at twelve noon arrived at 1 o'clock back here in Charlotte lo and behold. You've probably heard what happened at 130. Blue grass airport Saturday morning Saturday afternoon. They claim ran off the runway. And fortunately nobody was searched. That's the good thing about it the problem is that airport was close. As the rest of the day. In fact I need to you know IA. Previously had a day year flight schedule for the evening and I got the cancellation text your flight is canceled. I'm sitting at home and you are Charlotte. And boy was I glad I had chosen that that's earlier flight is I would have been stock probably all weekend. And we had a way to today because everything was oversold all those people from the weekend we're trying to get back so. Then I was supposed to go get my friend my son's gift. Ends. I had overslept I was so tired Saturday overslept ran into the stores. I got to the store three minutes before they closed I'm sure they hate me for that. But I was able to get this very important gift for my son so quite timing this weekend that's pretty amazing isn't. I'm two for two and time it's pretty good isn't it. I don't credit that's myself. I think it was providential. Very thankful for both of those things working out working out very well. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program couple stories are definitely when he gets you before the end of the broadcast today. Up this wouldn't included. President trump announcing buy Twitter he's going to officially ordered the Department of Justice to investigate whether or not. President Obama's Department of Justice or the FBI. Infiltrated his toy sixteen presidential campaign. For political purposes. This comes after New York Times and Washington Post confirmed story first reported by the daily caller. That I Cambridge professor have been used by the American government to gain access. Into Trump's presidential campaign. This is just bizarre just for chuck Ross reported. The top secret CIA and FBI source who spied on to trump campaign advisors. Ending initiating contact with the third. Was all but out late Friday night New York Times the Washington Post. Provided a detailed description the source and articles published Friday night but didn't identify him by name. Said he concerns about its physical safety. But the reports matchup exactly with a Cambridge University professor first described in a daily caller news foundation report for march. That professor. Stefan helper. Contacted Donald Trump advisor Carter page. George puppet off a list and Sam Clovis. During the toy sixteen campaign. Donald Trump commented Friday in the existence of an informant. Reassert it was implanted. On the campaign for political purposes. Reports are. There was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted for political purposes. As we treated on Friday. So this is going to be interesting to see where this investigation growers. This is such a mess. And really years. How would you like to be this guy by the way. Now everybody knows who were years. Again what what kind of country are we if we indeed have a government. That is putting. People into campaigns to infiltrate. This C I think this is another sign weren't so much trouble. We're in so much trouble. Another interesting report out there are Giuliani. Is saying the Robert Moeller is gonna finish. The trump so called obstruction probe by September 1. That's an interest in revelation. I hope it's correct if not earlier I'm tired of hearing about this nonsense. It's really. Taking a wait too much time and energy. Another story and wanted to tell you about to say I think this is good news. What we reported. And I think we took a little bit of audio from Benjamin Netanyahu the day the embassy in Jerusalem opens. And losing sight I said it was really important is leadership because when you step forward and do something good. And you do something right sometimes other people who follow case in point. Paraguay has become the third country to open up an embassy in Jerusalem. Here's what Netanyahu told the president. We have no better friends than you. Compared re open the new embassy in Jerusalem Monday. With prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu hailing the country is a true friend of Israel. Making it the third country did you sort the United States in Guatemala opened their embassies in the city last week. So it is now official. And again this is what could leadership dies in this particular area this is good leadership. Chris now. Two other countries have follow through. When it. Other countries follow through and do the right thing I know there are people who are pinning this. I've got some friends on social media arguing about this and thinking this is a bad move it's gonna provoke war and in the so called peace process. You know forget it there is no such thing as a peace process. Just keep that in mind. Some live news that is developing and will continue to do so I told you keep your heads up for abouts. A little bit of a hint about something I'll be doing in the future. I wanted. With this program. Figure out ways that we can connect this people in communities all over the Carolinas. And provide practical solutions have conversations. Engage each other. Foster relationships. These are the kinds of things. That will make a difference. And who will be talking about more of these things were willing in the days ahead. I'm gonna get to use some of your taxi which we've not had the opportunity to do lately there's been a lot of calls today. This text says one thing amazes me about liberals they have no sense of mortality. As if they must live forever to enact their misguided policies. We don't have a sense of your own mortality you can't believe that god wow this is so. On the money in this specially might what I share with you about my weekend. And I'll be talking more about this probably tomorrow. We're gonna die. We are all going to die. It's inevitable. And the question is what do we do with our lives now I'm what do we do to make the best of those lives. In recognize stats were not invincible. There are some thoughts I just there's a premiums attempted to go into it now because they're so fresh. But I I want to do it tomorrow and you understand him. Three reasons for that. Com. This is one of the recent by the way the texture you didn't destroy you made about mortality this is one of the reasons why progressive ism and and liberalism and atheism and secularism. There altogether and why they're so important in today's society. Because they don't believe there's anything afterwards. We have to create heaven on earth today. Because there's nothing afterwards. When she dies it's all over I don't believe that. This is why they do so many dangerous things in the name of trained to create paradise don't fall for. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.