Natural Alternatives to Heart Meds

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, February 17th

Dr. Ernst discusses natural alternatives to heart medications in this week's episode of the Dr. Ernst podcast. 


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The asked doctor and show his priests and live like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And it's for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment -- the qualified health care professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself. Which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour you learned from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Ask doctor there. Future hosts. Doctor Eric Hertz. Good afternoon happy Saturday to you you're listened to the asked doc turned shell hit the surf pounds or shed diseases dead agreed to be set free market health problems. I mean Rostock mariners then I'm here today to inspired coaching guides to living a full. Heart health month. In February is heart health month though I want to teach you guys some things about. The various medications that a lot of us are taking for our hearts. And now am. Give you some natural alternatives to those because. Nubian that I am an app for practicing physician and a chiropractor I'm holistic health coach a dilemma functional medicine detoxification. Makes that trip. It is not common for a lot of people to come see me. And say hey I'd like to get off the medication had been taking a long time for high blood pressure high cholesterol. Etc. so today what are we gonna do in honor of heart health month is reviewed the common. Sort of heart and adds that a lot of us might be taking discussed sort of some of the things in the actions and how they work and then let's talk about the alternative to those of you wanted to become less reliant on a medication. You know and that disclaimer whenever we talk about medications of course I'm not saying just go out stopped taking them. But down listen when you understand how they work and you understand that there are natural. Products and foods and plants and herbs and things they can give you a similar or same effect what if we were to start sort of you know. Adding some of the healthier foods into your life. And if you all of a sudden seats changes with being your numbers or your pressures or whenever. You can start to engage in conversation with fewer prescribing physicians say hey listen. What do you think about us cutting back on the prescriptions. That I can start actually you know use that as an alternative. And that's the topic for today is how to we either reduce or eliminate the reliance on a medication for our hearts. And in doing that helps you to live lives here full potential it helps to break free from the merry go round of medications. And down there you go sell some supplements are available to you to date in regards to the restarts. The content they were discussing any confined all of that web site ask doctor aren't suck com real simple AS KDR. ER and ass he dot com. You can go there you can download you can read all about what we're talking about today and hate and also I ask question if you have one for me direct. You know nine common throughout the week for me to get anywhere between a hundred to 200 emails of people sand he heard this I watched this I saw that. And you help with what should I do four and again it's a no co pay wake me to ask your questions to meet. Also head on over to FaceBook if you wanna see as visibly. We are in the studio vibe with the camera so I'm actually come to Nazi with a live stream feed. On FaceBook dot com slash asked doctors you can light you can share comments. You can indeed you can get in touch with that's in regards to heart disease high blood pressure it rid me as anything go down with your hearts. Today is a heart health day. So let's talk about heart disease is permitted. And listen Nina for those of you who have been listening for. Quite sometime you know that every show I do I bring a certain allotment of tickets. You know I have about fifteen available for absolutely no costs for mine. Heart health events which is next Saturday it's exactly one week away from today. At 11 AM at the Holiday Inn express here in Charlotte I have fifteen. Sort of the I. And you'll do that today by simply calling Mike calling a Tug about it each commercial break so we just need name whenever you now. And it again and I'm looking for someone who's going. I'm sick and tired of taking in this you know high blood pressure pill this dire Redick I am a wondered if there's an alternative to things like. Aspirin you know that PBS and the regain our. I'm on a beta blocker or a dire read it again if you're looking for a way to get off of a certain medication for your heart. This hard event. Is everything that have to do with what's the cause of heart conditions. What's the common medical approach how do you test yourself to find the cause what's the alternative methods. How can use lifestyle changes are detoxification. Nor. You know even diets to eat your way out of your heart health conditions so. That's the 24 11 AM and there will be several call option times today says stick around for those. And as we talk about hard he's listening notices that the big deal for a lot of Americans yeah it's estimated at a million people. Are gonna have a heart attack at some point this year one million. And sixteen point five million Americans right now. Have some level of coronary heart disease going on in their body right now. Regardless of that they know it or not we know that by doing not sort of test and you know looking at children were seen lax in arteries are forming. As young as five and six and seven years old we know that roughly 795000. Strokes are gonna occur this year. Yes there's all kinds of stuff that's going on. And our hearts of course are vitally important we need him to be alive and this sad reality. From my perspective is if you got a hard issue your have a high blood pressure you've had a previous heart attack. It's kind of likely fall into this realm of well I take these pills that are supposed to make my heart healthy. And what I wanna share with you today B aspirins. The beta blockers the you know I'd diuretics the ace inhibitors the cholesterol drugs. All this stuff it's both to make your heart healthy year. Is actually just making your labs healthier that may potentially be causing more risk to you too. And the good of taking them so we're gonna break apart. What is an aspirin do how does that work what are dire red XYT taken ace inhibitors beta blockers cholesterol med. And in the best part isn't gonna walk you through for each of them what's the alternative. What's the thing you could do instead. To have your on one of them you can start adding this natural protocol this dietary method these supplements are these foods. That's scientifically Bridgestone to be very similar in action today Ber that very medication you're taking. Believe they're not a lot of rumor because this is wary they came from in the first place so. Stick around for that don't go anywhere here's Dell call option line to get those free tickets to next Saturday's heart health summit here in Charlotte. 7049062094. You're gonna caulk that if you're taking aspirin a day if you're on a beta blocker an ace inhibitor a cholesterol drug you're going to. Gosh there's got to be a way to get off the east there is. And they show you how to do it naturally safe at least you can ask your prescribing physicians to be let let's cut these back 74. 9062094. That's seven afford 906. Who's your ninth for your calling right now. For free tickets to next Saturday every two reports heart health summit. The Dow stocks currents will be right back. Happy Saturday welcome back here this enthusiast doctor and show. I'm your host doctor Aaron Aaron stands out what an incredible show topic apparently we've Marty scratch some nerves and opened up people's minds to. There's a natural safe effective way to take care of your hearts. February is natural heart health month and I throughout an offer to come at no cost. To my heart health summit it's sort of a called action if you're gonna. Blood pressure medication class drug drug if you're taking is that the elected I erratic beta blocker an ace inhibitor in your wondering can I somehow do something different. Yes the research is showing there's natural techniques there's alternative supplementation. There's dietary and lifestyle changes you can implement right now. And starts to improve the health of your heart without changing the chemical make up or that methods them stimulated. I use of medications so if you missed that call line. Seven afford 9062094. Basically what I'm doing is I'm giving free tickets away. For my events which is my heart health summit here locally in Charlotte. We brought fifteen tickets and my gosh are six of them given away in the first break I think you know by the time we do our second call to action. They're going to be gone so 704906. Whose 094 you can call that number. Give yesterday put every email and now boom no cost. You're gonna get myself. Probably close to almost a hundred other people who are coming to say once a healthier hearts so let's help you to do that. Heart disease is a big deal in the United States today. Estimated at approximately 50% of Americans are gonna deal with some affected their hearts at some point in life. So rather than popping pills dale and don't talk you through the alternatives. The probably one of the most common to simply because it's available everywhere. Is this idea. That down if you take this baby aspirin on a daily basis you can you know on clog. And you know sort of in your blinds that its adult gates and heart issue or if you had a previous heart attack. You'll be recommended to take some sort of a blood thinner to prevent yourself from having another what. And there's nothing wrong with the idea of like it makes sense doesn't it went bloody stand out my heart does that work as hard. Therefore I have a less likelihood of having things clog up or you know get them plaque with in my arteries that makes cents. But here's what I I don't think a lot of us realize. Is that when you're taking an aspirin on a daily basis it has some pretty heavy effects against things like your kidneys and your liver and your stomach. And it even been linked. To sort of hearing loss. And it's this the ringing in the years and a higher likelihood of happening state stroke or actually. The inning your blood so much that it leads to like you know additional leaking of certain vessels with in your brain in your body. So down. Aspirin on a daily basis is one of the most common causes for kidney failure in fact it's also known as analgesic. If property which is where you start to have damage with in the kidney because the kidneys job is to get rid of things that are toxic. And aspirin is a type of an fascinated says a college town. It's that's how acidic acid and it's a chemical product that your your your kidneys are gonna say. That's that's not supposed to be there. So we wanna open up the floodgates to allow us to urinate a lot of about it though if the aspirin acids are costly for acute kidney overtime making cause damage. Same thing with your liver can all medications in the body or processors deliver. And if your liver having to sort of metabolize or detoxify. This sounds silly gas about it data bases that can lead to. Some liver failure. We know we know again this acid has. The ability to sort of bore holes in tears comic. And am seated as the second leading cause of most. Forms of alters. The first of course being active infection with H pylori so we have known causes for stomach authors that we know that aspirin daily use can do that. It's not that I don't think a lot of us have connected the dots with the idea that long term aspirin use has been linked to. Hearing loss and even in this slow sort of fade in the ringing in your ears kind of humble or this by operational sound technically it's noticed and it's it's it's no ideas. Any day sort of a hum Horace singing sound that your ears do like a reunion. And again long term aspirin exposure to the auditory nerves can create this year patient. Because it's a blood thinner we know that it can also accidentally be taken too much need and then your blood. Therefore. Causing the blood is sort of leak out between the vessels that's known as of version of hemorrhagic stroke. You know I'm wondering. Did you realize that aspirin is made naturally occurring. Sort of component to certain trees and parks right you can find it. In certain shrubs. And one of the most common in most famous is willow bark. And it leaves in the bark of the willow tree up plants so you know as far back his agent Egypt people use to use. These barks as natural sort of you know pain blockers and things naturally that laboratories the I would like to think of it like if you if you through stub your toe or if you had high blood pressure back in the Egyptian yours. They might estate got you on this willow bark. Right as early as the you know late eighteen hundreds he started to sort of synthetic we figure out what was causing the reaction what was making it happen. And this chemist from a company that you probably know of named eight year. Found day white powder that when it precipitated out looked a lot like this acid called south at a gas again. Boom there became this white capsule that a lot of us take for aches and pains and things like that. But it's now being used commonly as a blood thinner to help prevent. Further heart attacks and strokes and things that affect. But I want to give you some alternatives that work really really well know in that it's an anti inflammatory. And knowing that it job is sort of in your blood. And this this sort of supplement if you wanna call it data or this natural alternative. Has been studied to potentially not only replace house brand and a lot of medications that. To Emmerich is then being researched to be potentially one of the most common alternatives to almost any medication you can think up. So 88 could potentially replace aspirin can replace certain high blood pressure medications can even replace cholesterol drugs. It is extremely powerful and its anti inflammatory nature has been sound of that anti clogging. Anti from body meaning it curve it protects against sort of you know clots from break you know often have a thrombosis and being the suspect it's extremely powerful natural blood thinner and it's also an anti coagulant. It's been shown to. So you could sort of used to Emmerich as they'd natural version of aspirin and what a lot of the research shows it is. You need to consume roughly 1000 milligrams of its natural active component which is Kirk human. Even need roughly a thousand milligrams of Kirk human equaled the effects of taking a daily aspirin but the benefit of this. If there's absolutely no negative effects against your kidney. Against your liver in your intestines. Against your stomach. Like aspirin passed right. So in my saying just go ditched the aspirin and totally switch overs start eating too Emmerich now hole. Insane habits Emmerich first see if you start to get the effects Wear your blood levels are stabilizing. And then you can potentially start talking to your doctor about saying hey listen you know I think am gonna hold off on that unit aspirin every day. We also know that things like I'm magnesium. And ginger and just let's look at it as an overall effect OK aspirin and anti inflammatory. So what can we do that would be naturally anti inflammatory will we can follow what's known as the anti inflammatory lifestyle. That's sort of the clean out of everything that causes inflammation in your life. Which if we return label it is mostly the foods that we eat and I'm gonna call them the crap foods. STR eight heat food. Simply because it's an acronym that will help you to understand the global inflammatory foods ready. Carbonated beverages seat refined sugars are. Anything that an artificial ingredients so collar greens and additives and eight. And heat processed or packaged foods crap. Right carbonated beverages refined sugars alternative or artificial sweeteners were ingredients and then processed foods are packaged foods. If you're just simply remove the crap from your life you'll see an almost instantaneous. Anti inflammatory response. And then. We can add further anti inflammatory foods to the mix that where removing this source. And we're actually bringing about a level of anti inflammation and this is your common classics that came most of you should hopefully notice. Leafy green vegetables. Healthy fats like salmon coconut oil. Grass fed meets Bolton Roth which is an incredible anti inflammatory. Nuts and seeds the T if blacks academia in the type that. Clean meets again grass fed beef and wild caught bass and then the big heavy hitter anti inflammatory spices. Emmerich and ginger was in ginger has an active ingredient. Known as gender all. Which is probably the therapeutic component of it does then again what is it. It's anti inflammatory. Anti prom body ache has the potential to sort of been out your blind. It has been shown to be something that naturally. Takes away a lot of the inflammation connected with cardiovascular disorders like hypertension. Like heart disease to catcher. So pop and aspirin every day maybe you ought to think about switching in doing something different. And if you're taking it for you know things like headaches and neck pain back pain because that anti inflammatory nature again with a research is showing as he get a bigger bang for your buck. With ginger. Termer Rick and an anti inflammatory diet because they have zero side effects. And yet when you look at again this side effects of something as simple as aspirin. You know gosh it's everything from you know additional bleeding within the body. Two also witnessed Dominic to kidney failure and liver failure so I kind of look at it say for me. If I can eat something that's natural vs meetings of these synthetic that's the way to I'm gonna go. So you know we're gonna switch gears just a moment start kind of just hit the delete these behalf. Beta blockers coming up. We have the die erratic coming up we have even ace inhibitors and we're gonna hit the heavy heavy hitters. Which is sort of what I've talked about before the idea that a lot of you'd think if I can keep my cholesterol levels low but take it Staten drug. I'm somehow protected against massive heart disease and heart attacks so I gotta have to dvds natural alternatives as weak. Roll through the show today that's or doing. And were also throwing out again call to actions if you're on a daily aspirin everyday if you're taking a beta blocker if you're on an ace inhibitor if you're taken at. Water pill Addai erratic. All of these are being used an attempt to make your body do something it should be doing by itself. My philosophy towards healing is okay if Europe retaining fluids. Yes you can take a medication at a healthy to urinate the ball outs thank god we have them. But we need to ask the question. Are you retain include the first place if you're on some sort of beta blocker or an ace inhibitor trying to change the rate in the rhythm in the pressure of your heart. Fantastic but. Why isn't it already doing that by itself. You know there's this concept. That our lifestyle is reducing the majority of our diseases. So often nine 98% of what we know is heart related is because of the choices you make a databases how you live your life and what you're doing to yourself. I'd love to teach you to the heart health lifestyle that actually reverses. High cholesterol high blood pressure high triglycerides. And healthy to not have to rely on the east if that's you and your looking for a way out. Pick up the phone call this number seven a four. 90620947049062094. I have eleven left eleven tickets ready for this. 704. 906 Tuesday night for my event is next Saturday. The point four at 11 AM at the holiday and express suites. And all I'm asking is do you wanna join me so I can show you a beast the DD you need to do one test to get you can let your body heal by itself. It's yes accurate sell we'll be right back. Good afternoon happy Saturday you're listening to the asked doc turned show our heroes doctor Aaron Harris thank you so much for two unanimously. Credible incredible Saturday we're haven't a hot hot and lively topic the beginning some comments on our FaceBook feed. If you don't realize also to every show that I do I'm also signed a Caspian live with the video stream. You can watch us on FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst. AS KDR. ER and ST it also gives you a great way to serving deep in us directly during the show. By commenting on the video where lightning tyranny with your friends on the over the last break Weaver continuously giving away tickets to our heart health event. The come down to only having about six left sell stakes is it's and now we're gonna have two more opportunities during the show today. That you would like to get off medication for high blood pressure cholesterol. You know high triglycerides. Make such as if you're taking some the very heart of water pill an ace inhibitor beta blocker. Today's topic is some of the natural things that are. Had been sedated science to be equal to or had slightly better effects and at. And now I'm going down is listed the common heart drugs that most people that have a hard if you take you know what are the alternatives that. And now the event is gonna go even further into sort of like OK what's the heart health lifestyle that helps servers things and what are the tests that you can ask your doctor runner you can get done that can find the cause of your condition you know to keep Medicaid it. And now I'll throw that line out again to those of you who might be going boom that's me I wanna I wanna get off medication. Or my heart to be healthy. Seven afford 9062094. Against 704906. Who 094. And down we spent the first part of our segment discussing aspirin and how it's blood thinner. Summit this side effects associated with it how they're several anti inflammatory herbs and spices you can use. Read a shift gears now to the big hitters the beta blockers the ace inhibitors in the diuretics. And how do you know if you're taking a beta blocker well it's pretty easy if the drug your taking ends and. OLOLD. Have like pro open all the tunnel wall this group and all metro patrol and all all the animals right. Those are beta blockers and down their common interest. Right to change the rhythm. To treat chest pain and to reduce blood pressure and again. I've nothing against the fact that we have these let me thank god we can give you something in an emergency state. But I personally struggle with the idea. Of having it take this for the rest of your life if you haven't read Nia. We have high blood pressure because it's not addressing the underlying reason as to why. And that's I'm a big fan of it helping define the wise the tank. These drugs are pretty heavy hitters because what they do is they changed the way epic naff friend reacts on the hearts and and on you know various muscles with in your body. At different as you guys may know is sort of an adrenaline it's a rocks right so if epic nap for an lands on your heart your hearts beat faster harder and with higher pressure. So you know we sort of block at the naff print or adrenaline ability did do that your heart ache can keep your re low. And it can make your pressure good down but again Mike curious would nature would be able why answer happen deference so high I mean thank god we can block that connection but. What if we went after fixing your open effort response bank. Because open now offering is responsible for also regulation of you were airwaves and other muscles the one of the biggest reactions that most people get when there aren't a beta blocker is they start having difficulty breathing or they. Have asthma induced or if they have asthma they start having worsening about asthma another problem with these guys especially is over time. They tend to elevate your triglycerides. You're sugars and sometimes even your cholesterol. As a side effects. And then sadly you know what happens well you figures go up. Here's a medication for that a year year cholesterol hi we have a medication that he started with one now you're on three and again it's simply because. Not he seemed on the clause. So what are some alternatives to beta blockers that cable they're used for multiple things one of the most common is. Of rapid heartbeat or an irregular heartbeat fibrillation. So where your your party's kind of beating irregularly. Obviously there's been a huge connection between natural stimulants. So things like coffee and tobacco and alcohol and the irregular heart rates. On alcohol by the way has been shown to increase your heart rate especially when you sleep that night. Says he tended drink you know like a little bit here and there you'll probably see connections and that's we wanna sort of stay away from those guys. But there are some basic minerals that have been found to be deficient in most people that have a written years or have irregular heart rate including calcium. Potassium. And magnesium. You know even some famous cardiologists like down. Doctor Stephen Sinatra. And we have you know doctor Andrew wheel whose sort of an alternative guy even doctor odds who's. Famous cardiologist will say stuff like look basic minerals are required for electrical conductivity down the hearts. And they helped the signaling of York. You know the top and bottom of the heart to stay in rhythm so. Beat on the top bead on the bottom beat on the top speed on the bottom what fibrillation soft dinars to beat them at top one on the bottom. Or vice Versa so what happens is it may just be did you actually are deficient in calcium potassium magnesium. And so many times that he is simply add those nutrients back into your diet. Or you start focusing on foods that are naturally high in them. And even the heart health bats and oils like that's standing in nacco it's our dean's. Which helps to strengthen the heart muscles and helps to lessen the stress on the heart we often find that boom do you start to seed fibrillation start to fade. And you don't necessarily need to keep blocking it with the beta blockers. A 2011 study in the American journal of clinical nutrition found that people with. Sort of rid me isn't it relations tended to have a lower fiber diet. And those who didn't have good relations. So much so that there was between a fourteen to 30%. Less risk. Of having this heart issue if you had enough fiber in your diet not guess where fiber comes from not swallowing a pill. Becomes their eating fiber fruits and vegetables so of course you know we can say look we could go back. And start focusing on our diet which is what probably got us into this mess in the first place if we do that we tend to see that the cause is now fixed. You know there's also been a huge connection between anxiety. And fibrillation again which is the rapid rates and beat your regular beats. That most people TDs beta blockers for so what do we also may be started using some natural call mean agents not just for the heart but for your body. Which again comes down to some herbs like actual conduct. Evens the nutrients like healthy and dean which goes to a load have been shown to help reduce the stress in your life which reduces the stress within your body. And so what we tend to see is that you'd you can do this actually get a better effect. So I like the savior on a beta blocker we can sum it up with a big heavy hitters right magnesium. Potassium. Calcium that's things like guy you know dark chocolate leafy green vegetables kale Collard. Sweet potatoes mushrooms on the cot as. The heart healthy fish like salmon and mackerel Spain needs entail except for a and then we can find you know calcium and a lot of the greens that we eat like broccoli and also nuts and seeds except for a and then you know vitamin. So you know they're that the key here is if again if you're on a beta blocker understand what they're doing is trying to change your happened Ephron and your looking for a way out of that wanted to join me Friday my event coming up next Saturday. Seven afford 906. User 94. We begin to take it the way elevate today seven afford 9062094. Will be rip back. I'm now happy Saturday welcome back. You just need Unionists into gas sector so this or content said the season he had every beat that creep me out problems when you activate your hidden health. It's not fair and Ernst and them one hour have been lightly conversation not only through the airwaves but on FaceBook through mine live stream. If you're Justine and now I don't know if FaceBook dot com spots asked doctor Ernst you can see that video of what we're talking now. We can help the comet that like and fair and we're discussing today your heart health as some of the common medications that we take heart issue. And work at a breaking down what they do and then some alternative to them. We spent some time time aspirin and beta blockers. We're gonna shift gears in Q what a lot of people use to decrease their blood pressure Richard diuretics. And now a lot of times dire medics competed as excessively a year and water out there also known as water pills. A lot of these guys have unique names. One of the most common in most famous. Is known as eight CTC. Hydro core growth by as died. And we also happen like that core a five as died of lower spine down. On though this is the group of medications that basically help you to eliminate additional fluid. That we tend to accumulate when we have a heart issue and a lot of reasons for that is because the top and bottom chambers of your heart. Also act like a pump that helped you poll fluids back up. Because gravity tends to. Hold on him pull fluids down. When your heart is sort of weak or the functioning at full capacity we Tennessee is swelling in the ankles and legs. Instead he you can sort of forced this stuff now I take it erratic. Or again you can use natural dye or red X. And go after again the cause of the problem. A little shout out to those of you taking diuretics. One of the most common again at eight seats easy and did you know that a Danish based study. That was published in the journal of the American association of dermatology. You'll see Wyatt the dermatology that second. Found it seven times increase in your risks of developing skin cancer if you're taking that common. Blind sort of and reducing drug known as the diuretic eights DT easy it was a Danish study and they found that the most popular. Prescribed direct HTTP. Resulted in a seven times increased risk of developing skin cancers so again. I look at these things and I'm like OK we always know there's a side effect associated with medication but man if it's not effective cancer I would want to do everything I can't. To come up with an alternative for this. What dire ready to do is they help your body to increase its its then its recent of liquid. They sort of knew nothing about it opened up the floodgates for your kidneys two to urinate the extra fluids out. There aren't natural diuretic and again. On if you're on a dire Redick and be careful because the B is the natural directly taken that Redick you can actually excrete liquid. But them worth having a conversation looking this up to the I would if I can use these instead. Some of the most popular natural diuretic. Art dot I'd dandelion dandelion tees. Hot or bury which can be either consumed is like a supplemental form or if you're lucky enough you can actually get them. Horst hailed juniper. Parsley and even biscuits. That these are sort of natural things that tend to be either spices. Or a condiment added that decides to Parse that for example herbs like dandelion. And I don't think a lot of you realize the end alliance an actual green you can kings him directly you can eat the leaves. Yes you can add some dandelion your salad you can use the speed and the line viewer to think about it if we sort of data a dandelion. Parsley sort of shocked right needs use that down to a green sees shot glass take acting you're sort of boom. Dire ranking yourself if you will. Again warning to those you'd take these sort of medications that. You need to sort of monitor yourself because the natural ones works so well. If you're taking medication and you take you and natural met the same time you can sort of you know plot amount. The thing given this lady had high blood pressure to get medication and now it's normal because it's back to the 120 over eighty or wherever it is. And you start tossing in your diet natural anti inflammatory and natural blood pressure lowering supplements. And all of a sudden you start getting light Nader is the fatigue you may wanna start recognizing Michael. I'm I'm I'm doubling up on these guys and and that indeed becomes a kind east it's sort of wake up to the reality of while they're working this good. Rather than stopping them healthy foods and supplements and sort of the natural thing. Now we have a conversation but doctors say he could be lower than death that we work and he offered is that changing my lifestyle. You know almost at times you hear the commercials. And it's always like when diet and exercise don't work. Then ask your doctor what if you were to say OK listen you know. I've been died you know I've been exercising they're now working on getting better results he helped me get off the medications again sort of my approach to this. Next cat category are the ace inhibitors and these guys are big ones. They're the ones and in Israel's right within a thrill. Capped her portrayal Ben's a row except for. And down. Which are gonna stay with these guys is they are what are known as India tents and converting enzyme. Blockers are the inhibitors that something called and you tensing converting and that. Which is why they're called ace inhibitors inhibit this enzyme. And any attention to is something that town is the game. A process that kind of raise pressure so we can block that in approaching from from being expressed in what happens is weak and it's the easier blood flow. We can see baffled why dean and relaxing recede this sort of like opening up its of course but they do is they can lower your pressure again. My sort of question of Beulah wonder why that enzymes highly active I wonder why there's excessive amounts per team. Some of the side effects of these guys are pretty big right dizziness headache drowsiness muscle weakness does that make sense that because your opening your blood vessels you're sort of dial leading. So you can get light headache if you don't know led flipped your brain begin headaches entered the box again. Less blood flow drowsy because of again. Less oxygen nation exit from muscle weakness his muscles aren't getting as much blood flows normally would. And in the big ones right kidney failure and liver failure eccentric is again at the medication. Reprocessed. And them they're often prescribed for high blood pressure so here's something I find that a lot of us may not recognize. Who really really strong natural alternatives I'd like pressure. And one of them is that a food that is probably the least expensive. Yet greatest peace means sort of natural attitudes and entered guide to garlic. There was a double blind study where they gave people garlic and they just sort of measured their blood pressure to see what happened. And those people who consumed at least ten milligrams of the active ingredient the Allison in garlic. Saul an average of an eleven millimeter dropped systolic. And a five millimeter drops diastolic within just a couple months. So all it took was about four cloves of garlic to pull this off. And it's not yet to eat it raw you can if you want but typically roasted. Where your food is just enough to pull this off now ready for this in order to achieve that level of drop a ten milligram. Our third millimeter per. Per. Whatever you know the measurement that you like at ten drop in systolic pressures. You would have to take sometimes one or two blood pressure medications to pull that off. Also get a five milligram per. Amid leader dropped indeed diastolic. Against it being one or two medications not required to do that that's something as readily available as garlic. Can pull off a very similar response why and it's anti inflammatory why because it has its Allison component. Which snow is also known to do the exact same thing and block the exact same enzyme which is it and it's dancing converting in time. Another 1 that I am a famous Doctor Who wrote the book the great Collette from it doctor Stephenson not for talks about is Hawthorne Barry. And hopper Berry is so powerful that sometimes it could physically be ladies and ace inhibitor is in stone. And now a University of Maryland medical study. You have what's known as the flap annoyed. That fall into this specific category that dilate blood vessels. We knew dilate blood vessels you decrease of resistance of blood flowing through the vessels and it does is now based in three natural method of blocking. That ends on this eighties and so it's sort of like you could ad hoc born author buries your diet. But what's unique about hot born. Is that they're also got several studies showing that it helps to reduce and eliminate that varies plaques that form with an arterial walls. You could think of it as an anti lack keen nutrients. Now Hawthorne is often going to be found in need to ride powdered form that you would consume in a capsule base. You know or again if you're lucky enough you might be a fine dried author of the Ares on liners have an effect but we have Hawthorne. Showing that it can reduce the plaque lower your blood pressure opened the blood vessels and B and natural eighth blocker. Again if you're taking an ace inhibitor you might wanna think about garlic humility hop ordinary. Because they work really really well. And then lastly the big one and I've done many shows on this directly if this idea of lowering your cholesterol to try to fix your heart health. And you'll know you're and it's a cholesterol drug if what you're taking and then the race baton. A case that we have like flew with that then the Staten we have app from bath and which is a type of the call it. Generic name Lipitor you'll also know you're on Staten because the name brand either Indian OR. OL crest the war. You Zocor Lipitor. And the new way in which is actually it's it's interesting that they called it's news that drug. Because it's a combination of two other class of drugs that fight pouring if you're taking Nat. It's simply just the attitude drugs most together into one pill. Because you know what they find is that most the time. Taking ones that isn't enough to fix your cholesterol because again the issue is not that the cholesterol is right seen. It's what's causing cholesterol to rise says sometimes he try to force the cholesterol down. Your body's going I needed that some Munich keep raising it and again the medical approach would be will take two or three or whatever. The drugs have a massive problem of reducing co Q ten with in your body. And guess like Cokie it is vitally important for the transfer of electricity across your heart. So the very drug you're taking to trying to help your heart is actually sort of the activating electricity in your heart. And so real quick some ways to fix your cholesterol naturally. We talked about cutting out the plant based vegetable oils that the big players dating they cause inflammation in the caught a throw to go up. We talked about actually eating good cholesterol to help you balance the now. Lose weight of course because the year the amount of that you have on your body is typically directly proportional to be not a cholesterol that you. And we wanna do things help to lower them like the anti inflammatory diets to Emmerich ginger. Using plants Darrell supplements which are really good it is ways to reduce cholesterol. And focusing on increasing your fiber because it helps you to decrease distress on your heart. Open up the blood vessels and pass toxins as it helps to enhance your still functions. Well where did today go. I got for me that's why as you guys know eats its and each other they do on giving tickets the way to the various seminars they teach because I'm really truly need. A good two maybe three hours with you and I can lay it all out right. The event is on I'm the point for the next Saturday 11 AM and have it take you through it higher heart health sort of a process from lifestyle change diet tested everything. If you're somebody who's been taking when these drugs to the dugout. If your on Staten if you're taking eight footer on a beta blocker be taking aspirin pick up the phone call this number 74906094. That's seven afford nine through six user 94 tickets are free. The phone call take seconds and I'll see you next Saturday at 11 AM pop to FaceBook dot com that's asked doctor aren't that form it's a fine. You need some more heart health tips. And that look for seagate eats every week this and at this. And every Saturday 3 PM here on news eleventh and Debbie BT with the guys next week thanks so much that I.