NC Primary Results, North Korea, and Things Wanted In Charlotte

John Hancock
Wednesday, May 9th
Hancock discusses the Primary election results, the return of detainees from North Korea, and what we want to see in Charlotte.

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This is John Hancock. I am here on about that. Biker. When jobs shooter router thing on this libertarian. Driven to Waco. And Waco a number of guns used to feel Ralph and I was over Iraq jumper over. Driving a van or. Texas Louisiana and Mississippi serves and Eckerd drugstore for the records and tapes in Waco is one of my. One of my stops every two weeks. Beautiful. Night quite Austin and not quite Dallas. Does Waco. Not even quite course I cannot just wake up. Whatever thought to lord of the hottest and television shows in the land fixer upper ordered him on a Waco. And then and now I watch fixer upper and I see these houses and what they sell foreign how much it costs to refurbish a man number amount to the standards that are chip and JoAnne brought remote doing you're. I said to us Susan a couple of times. He's changed your underdog by far thousand Waco. She's pretty sure I'm pretty sure. Then there either there or is Wednesday as we can be. If I just haven't kind of on New York Mets candidate. You just can't have bad out of order here this. The Mets got a games that they were Cincinnati. And the first remained in the first inning was bad out of order. Which is a Little League does it happen in Little League I don't know that I've ever seen that happen enough. India in the major leagues the the lineup handed to the umpires. Had. Cabrera. Hitting second and no floor a's batting third. And the teams intended lineup had forays hitting second and Cabrera batting third. The lineup was even on the scoreboard. Mores struck out Cabrera doubled to left Cabrera did not enjoy that hit for long because. The reds manager Jimmer Edelman. Should the home plate umpire gave morale as the a lineup card that featured Florio is hitting in front of Cabrera and so are Jay Bruce was a ruled out. What they have put out on the catcher to catcher. Baseball rules just in case you're wondering placed the onus on the opposing manager not the umpires and the point. I had to point out the lineup discrepancies and so it's in the best interest of the team in failed. To wait until the opposing club has gained an advantage from an illegal lineup but to a point out the error so. You wait until there's a hitter there somebody on base usually all the way we've we couldn't help but notice. So are there you go there. Somebody not that a Mariam cardinal fans. When we get George against Chicago did we sweep order we get to all the one game. Now federal nice series against the cubs which just which doesn't happen all log Alaska blears. And we got to Minnesota in Minnesota has just been killing us 921701. Well we QE can kill the cubs we get beat Minnesota. All right. So wins today's baseball talk that's about as far as I can go unknown. Unknown following known beer baseball well how about the election last night. I'm not gonna call and Gary McFadden but I had some deals. We are Gary's. Basking in is. You probably read the employee handbook and finding out so what's the difference between the sheriff's department in Charlotte Mecklenburg police department. What would Kenny do now that the couldn't do before what can't he do now that he could do before. And does he have to Wear that sheriff's uniform or Kenny continue to get by with a all the nice threads that easterly known to laugh. Not to Wear. And I would assume that the 287 G program assuming and I don't know what would get in the way of it but assuming he is indeed the next sheriff. He's he has no opposition. It can somebody walking and it's a letter writing and could somebody could we run against him. But that's. From all of you would ensue there wouldn't. John Hancock sheriff. I would Wear the uniform either. Let's I had to get a haircut when I and there are some sort of just figure there's going to be some sort of echoed some kind of address some barometer oh what's the deal with sheriff's no deputies face terrorists and the other. Plus I'd be afraid to have my employees had been thought it would work out well either ordered. Is a sheriff's supposed to be able to ride down the road does look in his rearview mirror and get nervous or he sees a cop behind him is that there's a lot of the qualities of a sheriff. Anyway we've got to know Gary McFadden over the years. And they were like Gary a lot. And we just kind of stayed moot now during re election. Oh for a couple of reasons quite frankly all I tell you exactly where my biases are one bomb I didn't wanna have to have all three of them on the air and an equal time thing would have got me on that. And does so a fight ahead McFadden on for half an hour what they had they had the other 21 for half an hour and quite frankly hadn't really wanna spend an hour and a half on the Shura source. So there. There's the honesty behind the scenes the other part of that is and I've I told Gary just off the air. I disagree with him on the 287 G program under the 287 G program is. Is is awarded. And until we ought to go away what I had a discussion about that I think we'll still have a discussion about that at some point. I'm I guess did the death is in the details. I would like to have more deet tails on exactly how the 287 G program was used. Apparently over a what twelve year period about 151000 people were set up for proportion. And Miranda and not that many were deported. But. So I wonder if we took advantage of the 287 G program in ways that may be we've. What might not of wanted to do their bit yeah but I'm all for finding hardcore criminals. And and and women and and and and illegals who are break the law and bill and beat women and. And I'm all for that. I'm also all for knowing who you just arrested and apparently that's one of the things that the 287 G program are provided was information on who these people actually war. And I don't know how you find that out in my issue have the 287 G program. Now McFadden says that this. Dissuade people. A Latino is especially from a cooperating with police but if you're illegal you're already. Not necessarily. Don't know about cooperating with police if you have something to hide your not going to be necessarily. Oh really volunteering. Assistance to a police. So I'm not so sure the 287 G program is necessarily the reason that people what you have a tendency in the in the African American community to why not talk not rat out not to. Silence. That doesn't come from the 287 G program. So you don't need reasons. Specific reasons by parts of society don't need specific reasons to not cooperate with the police. I'm so to me using the T eight to 87 G program miss one of the excuses for that. Was just that it was just one of the excuses for noncompliance with the police. If I'm speeding. Bungle on seventy miles an hour down Wilkinson boulevard. In a cop pulls me over. I all the sudden have just become not necessarily crazy about. Cooperating with the police now I say that another in a way of what would got be non cooperative but all the sudden. The sharing of information or saying anything that might. And all the sudden I would become less cooperative with police at that point too because why because I was in the wrong. And I got to find a way to hire the right lawyer to somehow or another. Either put me in the right or. Get me out of the wrong. Or talk down the points. Or stuff like that so anyway but congratulations to our Gary McFadden we like McFadden a lot and hello probably be the new sheriff. And passengers gone. Lost by about 800 votes so last time he beat Mark Harris by about 400 votes so that's a pretty interesting. And they got a new. Quarter cent sales tax and says come and guest in county and some new school bonds and so they'll be building a new middle school and now Belmont soon which will be close to south point high school which means that Traficant. My. Go to intersection well. With construction and everything else just become a nightmare. But I understand the value of schools and especially you know Belmont so we were all for off. For being on the right side of that sort of sing election night last night talk a little bit more of that and or Charlotte giant vending machine. And North Korea has released three American prisoners who will be arriving into the air force base in DC about 2 o'clock this morning so the president role will he stay up or will he all of get up. Some tells me he'll he'll stale. And go greet them and the scooter sharing me you may have seen on TV last night is on hold the city hasn't proved that. You can't stowed my shoe got city approval. Republican primary voters yesterday nominated guest several senate candidates do are deemed to have. Pretty good shot against Democrats vulnerable Democrats in the fall mid terms. They rejected some controversial candidates that party. Strategists. Considered a to be likely losers in the general election anti Washington coal baron Don Blankenship. Who had don't claim to be truck appear then trump. I'd vote against him just her saying that. Just for the verbiage. That's like some of you who stopped me out from time to time itself. I'm not to say I'm conservative I'm like oh road to the right of ritual of Alpine lets loose bolts this conversation right now and generally. Let's just let's just move on. He lost to a former. Yeah Don Blankenship the trump here than trump got lost to a former lobbyist and a congressional aide to Patrick Morrissey up in West Virginia. In Indiana yesterday the businessman Mike broaden. Who are also mocked Washington beat the representatives Todd broke Kia and Luke messer. Who had called up for trump to get the Nobel Peace Prize and on the democratic side Richard court break. Who's the former head of the consumer finance protection bureau of beatle liberal activist and former representative. That you are Mano. Dennis Kucinich. And death. So they were running for the attorney general know Ohio in the governor's race to face the attorney who figured the current attorney general Mike DeWine. So I GOP establishment. Fair dealt fairly well in know some of the key primaries yesterday. I'm Mark Harris beats or Robert didn't juror that was uninteresting raced a wash last night passenger. And sometimes I just the way the vote comes on the passenger never vote were never led last nine. But it was you know Paris was ahead by 900 and an 80700. And and so it was it was kind of touch and go for a while there. I just tell by the way. Both Thompson and the reporters and garrison and air expand bird and the governor and I'm Gillespie. Mike don't our excuse me Mike Doyle. Mark. Thomas. Just did an unbelievably great job last night on the elections. That's always kind of been our Forte united all the way through the morning guys kind of housed as has kind of taken it. Although which is right there in lockstep with people like Al Gardiner and it's just always been known order of cornerstones of WBT go election coverage and they just knocked it out of park last month. So loved and in fact you had better information. More up to date information about listened to the radio last night than you would have watching any of the television stations including spectrum and I liked what spectrum did last night but. If you're looking for a local angle nobody did it better than WB two US I'm. Joseph all Ford and rod nieman road to long serving Democrats in the general assembly went down yesterday. The CM PD detective from. TV star Gary McFadden. And guest on the show a number of times. Beeped. And one in sleek and Irwin Carmichael and I guess the biggest news about that is that the U sitting sheriff her when Carmichael finished third. In in fact Antawn easily and are in Carmichael combined. But didn't get the amount of votes or. Percentage that they're Gary McFadden did. So so that was a pretty insisting no no youth movement in the county commission race to come back and not talk about that just a couple of seconds. And by the district attorney Spencer meriwether who was. Named to that post. Retain that post African American. May be the first to see the first African American to hold the DA's office. I heard that somewhere before so was that is historic in its own right. North Korea released every American prisoners today they're on the way home as we speak should write about 2 o'clock in the morning the president plans Viet Andrews Air Force Base to greet them when they arrive. That Pompeo those secretary of State's new one. Was so good in a North Korea and this has been rumored for some time but. When you know that would happen to know what happened to president. Treated Al earlier that they were in the air. And on their way back from North Korea. He said I am pleased to inform you that the secretary of state mark Pompeo is so on the in the air and on his way back from north. So willow. We'll see were all that goes this is all leading up to the meeting between. Can Jenin and and the president. And to talk about nuclear weapons and love alike. He three released today obviously in better shape then no auto warm blur. Who died in June of 27 changes days after he was brought back to the United States severe brain damage. So we'll see or all of that goes president also said somebody arrive today about no we're not meeting in the demilitarized zone but I don't know the time place and is an asteroid than not announced yet so well we'll wait and see what happens with where with all of that but. A three American prisoners released today by North Korea. That won't hurt his. Nobel chances. Either. Back to the election for a second you know after the last two of the last five presidential elections we. We saw a candidate win by getting a majority of electoral votes but to a losing the popular ones. Are Republicans George W. Bush in 2000 Donald Trump in 2016. So now we have ten states who have signed on to an effort in which should they would give their electoral votes. In upcoming presidential elections to the national popular vote winner. Effectively bypassing the Electoral College without having to pass constitutional amendment. Connecticut is the latest state to our join this effort. With the democratic governor and Dan Malloy is saying that he'll sign the measure passed by the state legislature he said that the vote of every American should count equally. Yet under the current system voters from sparsely populated states are awarded significantly more power than knows from states like Connecticut. The agreement won't kick in and tell us states slow with electoral votes totaling 270 or more have joined which is the minimum needed for a presidential victory. They are that about 172. Now. And if you were ever to go into effect you would likely face a legal challenge the ten states who have signed on are all this'll stone you broke Blue States. Since it was two Republican presidents that benefited from. The Electoral College vs the popular vote. Then you have to understand that this is. I'm being put up by Democrats and and Democrat and Blue States. And should the circumstances ever be reversed. Where. Where a couple of good Democrats are elected to office. Odd then you can bet that did the reverse would take place. The ten states who have signed on or all Blue States. And the polls show that they're Democrats overwhelmingly want the popular vote two or choose the president but 75% of Republicans think it should stay the way it is it as it seems to be working. A pretty good for the Al. So. So we'll sewer all of that. OC role that it goes the next big go political race coming up in November the one to keep your eye on at this point will be mark Harrison band crede. For the ninth congressional district that's the SE that is now being vacated by Robert passenger who lost last night to Mark Harris. And the observer had cementing views on that today in their editorial. Said Harris pulled the upset this time I'll likely making the ninth district even more vulnerable to flipping parties and it already was. Now ten years ago you would never have even believed that the ninth had any possibility of full flipping to a Democrat. I mean endured that was always safe. As a safe district remember when that virus. One that the one that we talked and at some point or another that. On May be the former mayor of our Charlotte might be interested in now intercept he decided he wanted to be governor instead. I it's like. It is by winning Republican districts like the ninth around the country the Democrats. It could take control of the US house and block president Trump's agenda says the observer today in their editorial. And they point out almost as notable as passengers lost America was a McCready is performance. I'm motivated voters to get to the polls and unusual numbers and they point out that far more democratic voters that Republicans turned out in district nine even though. It's a Republican leaning district and has had more competitive Republican primaries and a Democrat wants. I and that suggests that democratic enthusiasm. Probably will rein in November as well until the Republicans better off their hands. And what they've always thought was a safe ninth. Because Democrats are thinking that maybe this is one of the ones in the mid terms that could turn the tide North Carolina and three other states. Held the first primaries of the year judge Tuesday there will be more than follow in the upcoming weeks. And and then we'll kind of see how loved held November unfolds. The observer points out voters are unsettled. Some even infuriated. And their intent on being heard more than they have been in generations. Well I don't know if that's true or not. You observer says that they'll have their chance in November when 407. The US house and no senate seats in 170 North Carolina house and senate seats are up for election and I would agree with that they will indeed have their chance and in Mecklenburg they started Tuesday by kicking two incumbents Democrats jewel Ford and Rodney Moore out of office. So on November. Or is going to be a polity interest in that time. And some other low tides that you see off to the side. Approval ratings and I mean you read the press on a daily basis and you just think God's. It's gonna be a landslide Democrats just gonna kill the Republicans got every day it's just a beat down on the president beat beat beat beat beat down. But people are saying between the lines. And they're starting to see that. No he'd be you probably don't know it's eloquent. Nikki Haley said the other day. And I literally like you say and I'm drug paraphrasing your barrel like his style. But I made a bad guy like an awful lot of his substance. And so it's what he's doing not how he's doing it that people are starting to look at and and find some approval and. I imagine a PO would take away all the other. BS. R&B. Slightly presidential. And do some of the hardline things that he's done like on tariffs and so on and so forth. I just animation wonder redundant. If he can be more effective than he already is. If his style was just a little bit more amenable. And that doesn't mean some of those undecided anything there's some obvious. But load it mean to the masses. And maybe that doesn't matter either. November's going to be plenty inching to watch really I can't I can't wait. WBT hi. There's a lot called Jumbo and I hear the kids are gonna turn out this election to. Well. Why would why would think that the odds are important work. Hey job thought about this you know these guys are over career comeback to my heart but I don't know how well we don't know about the and so what year. And I would just they don't get a lot CNN over where my current. So they get on the plane to come back and there are you know up umpire since late elderly get the ultimate Aurora quite human got out. We have the president Donald Trott. Well I think they know who the president is I I I don't know what to I don't know what kind of. Parliament from what what kind of press say don't as subjected gym and I'll betcha they know that the trumps the president. There and they met their match but out of the generously this land you know you were caught or. A record here are some came back and console cousin who would have ever. Oh. Yeah well if you're waking up from I evade your revenge winkle you're right if you're waking up from a long may happen. And you said. You know how how is. As President Bush doing that you'd you'd have a lot of catching up to do. Yeah yeah. Would our ballpark and underhill Jericho program we will all its. It's off it's all good did it's all fine I didn't mean to set the alarm bells awfully yesterday it's did I just in the 65 plus sucks that anybody that there are knows exactly what I'm talking about. What broke her own for and I know I don't call all take all of them believe me I will Obey and I appreciate that very much as I don't want anybody to have. I'm I'm I'm not I go anywhere. I got a good and I got a granddaughter to spoil sword go and work. Good job over to talk with thanks appreciate you off you go. Do. Who boom boom boom boom boom boom. And doom and who do you couldn't. Yeah there's. Been no. And now. Sister reference the three occur Americans. That are on the way back home after being. Held by North Korea. That remark Pompeo put on a plane and I headed back home with today will arrive at 2 o'clock in the morning. That the president will load greet when they arrive in no Washington. But to AMR I tomorrow morning he says I will be there to greet them. Kim Dong jewel. South Korean born US citizen and former Virginia resident sentenced in April 2016. To ten years in prison with hard labor after being convicted of espionage. He reportedly ran a trade in hotel service a company and and how special economic zone in on North Korea. At which I think is right on the border with Russia. Tony Kim Izzo one of those he was detained in a Pyongyang airport in April 2017. Solo about a year ago accused of unspecified hostile acts. Against the regime here are taught accounting at two young young university of a science and technology. And the other is a Kim Hak song. And ethnic Korean no born in China detained in May of 12017. For hostile acts. He worked in agriculture development in an experimental farm are run by air the Pyongyang university of science and technology same ms. Tony Kim and was which was sounded in 2010 no with donations from my. A Christian groups. So those are the three involved the color before had so it's only about a rusher how long they had to have been held not long and any of the case Kim Dong actual would be you know though one node has been held the longest almost two years. On the other two about a year. I'm sure. After we saw what happened to. Our alarm fire. That they are happy to be. On board the secretary of state zero point. So that's what you that's that's what you got there. During an article in the Wall Street Journal the other big. So been Saturday's over the weekend talking about. Told caps undermining congestion pricing. And told caps there is says something that. At least as it currently stands is so they rebelled do unarmed. The 77 told. Until they can back. States are increasingly turning to this free market solution for highway congestion says the Wall Street Journal opening and demand based tolls that rise in prices traffic builds the goal is to keep more cost conscious drivers in the free but slower lanes. And the prize to express planes hunting for those willing to pay for Spain. There's just one hitch. That the Wall Street Journal bases its entire article on in some places like Los Angeles and Miami. They have put their caps on tolls to spare drivers go to shall sticker shock. Such price limits make jams more likely in the express lanes. Which erodes their efficiency. And prompts driver complaints. Without a cap. Tolls on the nine mile stretch in Virginia. Have hit almost fifty bucks. Another day that they the science behind that is fuel. The busier gets the higher the told goes and so. You kind of convince people know the cost is too high and so they don't get over the air and that means the people that are willing to pay the price. But when you start to get up and astronomical figures. And at some point you get to the point that. You still have too much traffic in the lanes that are supposed to be guaranteed to go what 45 miles an hour. And if they're not doing and happened. Then people are gonna Arab accuse you of fraud. In Washington State outside experts recommended raising her eliminating the ten dollar cap on the fifteen mile interstate 405 express lanes just east of Seattle in Utah State transportation commission last year gave officials' authority to quadruple that. Top express lane no told lane. On I fifteen. No only a doubling his plan that in Southern California the top told the I ten and I won ten express lanes. Has risen six times since 2016 most recently in March and now stands at two dollars a vial. Greg Collins the president and chief executive of the American highway users alliance. He said the answer may be to add a lane and expensive approach. Instead of allowing higher tolls if most drivers won't be able to afford them you're just going to make people really angry he said but that wouldn't affect that wouldn't be impossible at lake Norman. You can't add another Alain. Now unless you we can't. In Washington State a 5405. Expressway lanes which opened in 2015 aren't meeting the state legislative target. To go 45 miles per hour or faster at least 90% of the time. And if you think about this. It's not gonna get better. It's gonna get worse. In a city like Charlotte. Where we are welcoming in more and more people every day traffic is gonna get worse more cars not fewer cars. And you couldn't tell me Alia you can build all the light rail systems and and bus systems and stuff that you want to bring your still going to have. Equal amount are more automobiles when it's all said and done with Intel the whole transportation mode of the country changes until we start flying it. And our own personal drones are. And hell if you can't drive down I 85 without getting into a fender Bender exit 26 on a regular basis. You sure you wanna put those people up in the air. You sure you ought to put those people and an elevation. So I just thought it was a thing because the tolls are still a they Burr under some people settled and it is still a conversation that is going on as to whether or not we buy out the Spanish company involved. What we do and how we deal with now wants the projects done and but if all the sudden the told caps are going to astronomical levels. And then the people that are paying astronomical fees are getting the guaranteed miles per hour they're supposed to get in that lane. Well then it's all BS anyway. URL of hasn't done all right Ed and Phil were last night did you know that. I had no idea. Gotta paid because see imminent and I was talking to Billy black our production director and he's a discounters been sold out so it's like the day it was announced months ago but I apparently just blew the doors off players last month. At a gonna watch that our period. And and the oldest guy in the room. The day I mean he's a throwback and sax player an area inherited breast section and now. Backups hangers and bungle player and I mean. Yeah are gonna want settlement won't. Was it this week that the calorie count rules went into effect. The obamacare calorie count rules the one part of obamacare. The Affordable Care Act that. Somehow or other made it through the smoke. Rules require chain restaurants post calorie counts on all menus and a note and menu boards. Intend to do I know urge Americans to eat healthier and and we'll apply to chains with the least one resource. So if you got like nineteen stores. More broader. Was this aimed at Paula Deen. A restored this year have now we aided tell wanted to know Savannah. Some veterans sons Paul and sons. So it's called. In May it may be the single worst dinner I've ever had and restaurant. You're just by and fabulous say America it was a gut it was to aid just could not have been worse. The gift shop was nice. They try to clip you therefore. Some overpriced tourist off sons cookbooks and all that kind of stuff it's and it's it's a racquet congratulations and a guy. The guy who is really a killer in and out of all of that is the dad. He's married to her and the two sons in Durham as far as I can tell dad just basically hangs out at farm and. Sharpen the lawnmower blade or something and I have no idea. Calorie counts on menus so will be mandatory starting. This last Monday. With the F Food and Drug Administration finally implementing the Obama policy. That's the kind of have been delaying it for like had a decade or more. The food industry was not happy about this. Our restaurant chains and other food outlets that have twenty or more locations including places like grocery stores and movie theaters. And amusement parks and even vending machines. We'll have to post the calorie counts of the food they sell. There are several major change that have been doing this for some time. Because they knew this was coming. Starbucks McDonald's panera places like bats since the FDA had been expected to finalize the regulation years ago. Studies are unclear as to whether or not calorie labeling. Unknown menus affects the food choices that people make. And it's hardly the governments businesses it. The pony is stick of butter with hot fudge rolled over it that's. But does the labeling is expected to both push the food industry and restaurants to adjust their products because. I mean to some extent they do have a point. You order a cell edit out Panera Bread and then find out that it's got more calories in a big Mac. And generally. Salads at fast food restaurants. Our refined ride up until you put something fried on it or use they're dressing. Is there dressings are. Killer. Now as somebody you actually have to watch what they. Eat now. I'm probably less opposed to this that I would have been. But I still don't think it's any of the government's business for a guy wants to go in and like the guy who just broke the world record for what is it 40000 big Macs. 30000 on his way to 40000 I think the record is 40000. If that's the guy wants to do this life than men knock yourself out. I'm particularly interested in sodium counts. Because sodium low with my many years syndrome bad year or sodium. Exacerbates. Tennis isn't all sorts of other stuff. So I've always been aware of sodium. As part of my ear problem. And then but the diabetes type two gonna just a walk and of frigate hospital patient on a with the diabetes thing. It's kind of nice to know what's going on mirror but you generally I mean c'mon. Jeff I generally know that if it's got old white bread bunt on and and it's. Or if it's made out of ice cream I don't really need to see the calorie counts and all the other stuff on and I know that that's not just someone supposed to be eaten. Or if I do well I have two. Make amends for it for. So I'm. They did this article that I hair cut out on this at Wendy's Mediterranean chicken salad perfectly suited for waistline watchers especially that half size 240 calories. But then they pointed out some other salads that are on other people's menus that. It all sounds good and tell you get into the details of at all. Aniston just fast food and sit down restaurants that are affected by this like we said grocers and convenience stores and movie theaters and pizza delivery companies and they all have to. Have the menu labeling. The rules they hope will improve health. Public health. In fact the Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb said last week in an interview. He pointed to a study showing that enlightened customers order on average up to fifty fewer calories a day. So what small Fries instead a large Fries. But I guess I guess everybody about but is that the government's place to do tell you that or. So they go there. And speaking of restaurants. Charlotte fire of yeah the governor did you subscribe to Charlotte five dot com kind of a newsletters that is that the observer deal. There's Charlotte agenda. And then there's Charlotte five and one of them is there's a direct offshoot to the observer I believe but anyway. Charlotte five put out a deal today about the ten restaurant chains in brands people are dying to see in Charlotte we just got to shake shack. Apparently this Mediterranean. Restaurant called kappa alpha CA VA mirror that I never have. But apparently that was our recent arrival that people have voted just been begging for originated at a DC. So us that we told our Charlotte five readers and these are the ten of the change that people are dying to see in Charlotte. What do you think is the number one. Chain that people want in Charlotte. Yes in and out. Which hasn't gone any farther east than Colorado I don't think. So you're getting you'll get an in and out burger murdered the day that they legalize marijuana in the south. The first in N out hamburger joint opened in 1948 in California. Armed and and they're not looking to come beast but that's the one that everybody wants now do you think that's the one that everybody wants because they've had it and they love it or because. They wanna try it and they've heard every time you read a poll you read about it here so I've never had in and out burger until I went to the Super Bowl two years ago. And up in San Francisco. And there was an N out burger right down the road from my hotel and you guys say actually was a mini was most do you with a deck kind of taught me all the menu tricks and how to order does that the other. And it was great. But it wasn't. Brooks sandwich shop great. For a fast food restaurant it was great. It was windy ons when he's on steroids. You know it was it was at ten dollars bettered many fast food restaurant you've had. Okay five times better than any fast food restaurant the chief. But it wasn't so. Spectacular. So I think it's more or not I think it's more being told you can't have it. And wanting it then it is creating yet in less of course you were raised in California in which case now you can't have it you want it. Kennel like me would Jack in the Box tacos. Can't have those anymore. So without demon. Would doubt even looking at the list from my Charlotte 510. Restaurant chains and Graham's most people are dying to see in Charlotte. Now bullied or not when I first Saturn 1990 remember doing a show about Jack in the Box and have Jack in the Box here. And I just thought that was. They have seven elevenths hero maybe they did when I got here in the seven elevens disappeared off the face of the earth for. Like a decade or more and also they got seven elevens again I don't I never was coveted seven elevens but. But I just always thought it was weird bit. You'd be auctioned and Jerry Lewis telethon owners of the like bad and 7-Eleven would come at a given giant check and you'd think I'd Charlotte and even have seven elevens. They had among lost among them I got back again. Oh joy. So Bob. According to Charlotte five breeders'. The ten change that people are dying to see in our Charlotte in now birders. Home team barbecue. If you lived in low country. Near her home deemed barbecue home team barbecue. Barbecue everything barbecued salad barbecue nachos. Barbecue sandwiches. You're hurdle Weaver street market. Community owned grocery there in car Borough Hillsborough Chapel Hill. They say the vibe as little hippie ish kind of like an earth care. Pool. In Dag big battle long. Tim Hortons. Coffee and doughnuts emphasis on fresh coffee crafted up from 100%. Beams. Arabica beans. Houston's. There headquartered in Mac California. Menu is heavy on American classics items ranged from brisket to freshly baked bread. Sit down restaurant even has a dress code collared shirts or suggested for the gentleman visiting. And. Well I don't know and T shirts got to Colorado right. I don't they're talking about. Zora nearer to Zora got a restaurant it's. Features a bright variety of men's women's and kid's fashions. Hops burger bar the salt of the earth establishment based in Greensboro. Seasons 52 grill headquartered in Florida. Stresses seasonally inspired menu items. Rustic cooking techniques. Special menus available for begins vegetarians gluten sensitive but I guess and lactose dairy sensitive guests. I the players are very good she hang out Bennett. If you did people don't like anything. Our can't eat anything. Three Zantac and every. Sweet dream. Fast casual Mecca for salads and warm bulls. They say pretty close to what resembles kava. Which we just got which I never heard of but then I'm out of the loop. And now Portillo is. Headquartered in Illinois American restaurant chain first opened as a hot dog stand in 1963. It was called the dog house today the restaurant to have features hot dogs. Birders salads sandwiches and even pasta. With all due respect. JJ is hot dogs. Special one down he's boulevard is as good a hot dog as you'll find greens is great. But JJ is this. But we drove past there the other day when all river restaurant we went to west packed. And JJ has looked like it was empty there was nobody up on the roof and it was a nice day. And like four people sitting up on the roof. And I thought to myself what's that all about as they've. That there could kill his killer. So anyway those are the brands that there Charlotte to enter a dime to see him like a say in the. Out birther radiating have to read articles and other that was going to be number one on the list. But you're not you're you're you're union and I think they just put in and out murder in no Colorado. And it's probably still run in line in fact can shake shack still run lawn. I haven't had shake shack yet and I'll probably try and although the stuff that they showed that it never custard what their go to primarily known for and I'm not there will be. Mean mean mean. I don't come along my wife. But no Jack in the Box to. You know they have palms and Morton's unknown. PF Chang's and all that stuff for around here are two new years ago and another now we are likely restaurant. Where were like I mean yeah everything you hear on national TV shows. Restaurant Charlotte is very well regarded from a restaurant standpoint and creative menus and local restaurants here and Johnson and Wales held at Johnson and Wales and right downtown so you have. You have graduates walking out there every day that have imaginations. That which people haven't tapped yet. Hey by the way David Burns tonight ovens auditorium retired about concerts ovens auditorium fifty bucks and up. David Byrne talking head guy at opens tonight. Buddy Guy Mavis staples and opens tomorrow. So that Bristol look publicity rocketed you can figure out a way to get into the night and hide behind one of the seats stick around for tomorrow until I don't think. Good luck about by the way Billy Joseph all 69 years old today it's made the 949. Days into the year 236. Days ago. Insiders say that the administration may ban the president's attorney Rudolph Giuliani from giving interviews and why. What's funny is that. You'll get up to speed. No reason to have your facts straight working for the president. New analysis of property our prices shows that the most expensive state is New Jersey with an average cost of a 196000. Dollars per acre acre he said. Wyoming is the least expensive at just 15100. Dollars per acre. And quite frankly you would think to me it would be exactly the opposite. As an acre of land in Wyoming probably has a view. An acre of land in New Jersey. Probably as wide. A landfill. That's not fair under Jersey government plans to the met area through their beautiful. Annual awards honoring restaurants and ships over given out on Monday in a restaurant in Birmingham Alabama was named the best in America. GE mails Smart compose. Will write emails for you this elegant nightmare. If you hate spell check like I hate spell check. And was of course that saves you occasionally. But when it. Rewrites your words are hates culture. Google announced a new feature called Smart composed which will suggests complete sentences within the body of an email if you are writing him. But I don't write emails always with complete sentences. Sometimes you just dating laundry list stuff. You will operate in the background and if you see a phrase puff of the July Q I hit the tab to selected and then the next willow. That the text will auto populated. Smart compose also recognizes context. For example is so if it's Friday it might suggest closing out your message where they have a great weekend. The wished you know you might suggest back too Smart to post. Bite me. Leaving get into a conversation within an inanimate object. Now before you destroy your Twitter machine. The pastry. Available for one week later on this month. Be limited edition Roy hill love doughnut. He shaped like a heart. Filled with jelly. And talked with chocolate icing and a strawberry drizzle. Now somebody explain to me what I'm missing here how does that relate to the royal couple in any way shape or form. It's only available participating Dunkin' Donuts for May fourteenth through May the twentieth. Plus are those New York, New York Dunkin' Donuts has a special treat the chain plans to offer royal rides through Central Park. In a beautiful bright pink carriage. Featuring the brand's familiar logo should. Or just shoot me I don't know if you're riding through Central Park get a Dunkin' Donuts brand. They guide horse still part of their discovery of a sprinkle it. Zenyatta revenues detailed why university of north. How they shy and introverted people are the hardest people to help when it comes to giving up smoking. Researchers think it's because. Shies smokers feel the need to. Feel they need a cigarette to help them I get comfortable and social encounters. But it'll look for a some of the most undue shy and extroverted people I know are the ones that they're can't quit smoking. We think it'd do people in this building right now. One of whom is an Dave price is an area is try and do was quit smoking as we speak and she is no wallflower believe. Steady. So how much did you pay your baby sitter and Tony Adrian. Well depends. Whether imagine just having a watcher babies for. Government to go there were changed. Do alert the going rate for babysitters these days your best bet is to ask other parents in your neighborhoods still they say good to have a general idea of what people are paying. Urban center. Sydor. Has just up put out its seventh annual national child care rates survey which reveals that the average hourly babysitting rates in major cities across the country in the nationwide average. Is about sixteen dollars and 43 cents an hour for one child. But the rates vary depending up on know where you live San Francisco for restaurants ranks as the most expensive city Dyer a baby sitter. And about seventeen dollars and 34 cents an hour. For one child while Phoenix. Has the least expensive babysitters in the nation at eleven dollars and 83 cents an hour. You did your wife out of go to Phoenix. Don't work or against them. According to the survey 38% of parents say that they hire a baby sitter at least once a week. Operation. Date night. Which can be very well be what led to the baby in the first place and Doug sale. Know your facts. Many word is though a little bit too sensitive these days. Mailed professor. Makes a joke in a crowded elevator and an academic conference now facing disciplinary charges after a feel male professor. Who was there filed a formal complaint. What could he possibly have said. Robert. Excuse me Richard knew had to leave no. Professor of international political theory at King's College in London. Was an a jammed elevator. When someone asked him what floor he needed to get off fallen. According to the Washington Post. And he said. Ladies lingerie. Now you almost have to remember back in the old days when they had people that actually you manned the elevators. And and ended they would say you know Florida before ladies night volatile day men Jews and and and governor symington but anyway that's a tough which on the I would say. Doesn't TJ. He was attending the international studies association conference in. Send prince is skin. And Simone I'm sure Roni professor of women's engenders study at Merrimack College. In Massachusetts. Was also present in the elevator. And she took offense. To him saying to ladies' lingerie. When somebody asked him what floor he needed to get off on. Not just tell me why that's offensive. What what I why don't I don't get it. It's not. Knees slap. Side aching funny. But what's offensive about it. She takes offense and several hours after the incident she files a complaint with the association which found all the Bo had violated the group's. Code of conduct. I would demand hearing. And then I would absolutely obliterate their code of conduct that. Via lobos made aware of the complaint he censure wrote me an email telling her I certainly had no desire to insult women. Or make you feel uncomfortable close quote he also suggested she may have quote. Interpreted mart remark out of context. I don't even know how out of context. Anybody offended by that. I'm moved I'm getting there I'm offended by offended people. I think I guess and good dude rape for Houston to. Too well the audience to call the united states of the offender under those silly like that. I'm. And Jimmy crack corn I don't care. We are we getting emails here all the time about people that are being offended we wait there's nothing that goes on this radio station that should be truly offensive to anybody. Some of us would like to be rooting radioed it actually could be truly offensive on. If they ever had the nerve to actually broadcast the brakes. Some of you would be morally offended. Comedies not funny. Well no comedy is a bit of bird colonies not politically correct. Know your audience in here I do. No professor facing us sanctioned event. Chilling example of political correctness. It is it is chilling. Now here's a story about workplace complaining is good for your mental health. Which I think what meg WB TD healthiest spot on earth. Sometimes we need to vent about our place of work whether it's long hours you put in are unreasonable boss or lack of recognition of your efforts are. Every workplace has enough fuel to ignite that frustration. A workplace complaining this article says is actually beneficial. To your mental well being. And to the productivity of the office. Vanessa. Put BA. Researcher University of Melbourne and Australia. Studied a team of nurses and health professionals and hospital in the United States and found that there were actually benefits to these kind of complaining sessions. Yeah you get it out your system instead allege that Foster festering your dad you get it out of your system. And not only that. But you find out why listening to others. That some of your frustrations. Or the same frustrations that they held. Which means that you're not alone in your frustrations. When government psychologist and I would have. She says it. Of people to process stress and frustration and you noticed palpable changes when team members engage in both activities. It no matter what kind of environment you working and there'll always be. A corner in the office or lunch room we're a small or large collection of employees are bidding to some degree. And whether it's politely debating the effectiveness of how an office runs or complaining about the bosses. She found that these gripes served as a bonding no function. And can even re energize our workplace helping staff work through their negative feelings. In other words they worked throw it collectively. Olivier believes that managers. Are often nervous about staff expressing negative feelings about their work. But provided that the workplace had not become seriously toxic and dysfunction all they should probably just relax. They should probably just relax anyway. Those gripes are not necessarily calls for change they are calls for commemoration and bonding. And just releasing that negative energy especially when using humor. Send complaining helps a team re calibrate their emotions. Recognizing similarities in how people are feeling when stressed out and being able to move past it. And she finally conclude that she does say that there are certain rules that should be adhered to. For example you should never target someone in a bullying campaign you can only gripe about people that are not in the room. For study found that coming together to joke about problems can help staff work through them by turning the problematic situation. Into a source of humorous. So. When your work tomorrow. Complained. That they can go blank. Mr. Rapp loves the music doesn't feel like do the Fillmore last night. Understand you saw a helicopter to. Including the opening match. Israel's. Now we should've gone. I open neck Greensboro are scares me down in Greeneville. Up down all around. Graduation trip coming up so we'll start running into other stories about two both parties seen one or an escorted what was of Florida university. And kids were dance and although it was a white usher and they were all black kids that we're dance and right. Graduation and a happy. And so this got overzealous usher who are whatever it was. Temple communal shuttle on these people off the stage and apologies have been flying ever cents. But we'll get into graduation season sooner and it is kind of disheartening when you're. Especially if you're sick you know you go to these graduation throws like 400 graduates. This is why eleven this is what grown up and small town this is my class 59 people. I mean we were out of there by 930. We were up in the middle Rocky Mountain National Park tap in the ticket 1015. We were in jail by 130. You know I mean Kuwait where are we still made our Saturday morning jobs. Still haven't centers through. A wouldn't do Sheridan Wyoming to offer undermines our graduation that same year he was graduating class of 465. People are so like that that is gonna kill myself. His last name is Randall. RE NN ER and they were doing alphabetical son. Hi how abernathy. And I had. Lose. They finally get to the artisan. And then I thought you know at that point we would slow the route but no we had to stay all the way to you know. Air exam Bonior what a ridiculous and they want. Well cheering and high school graduation is good cause Greenville, South Carolina patient parents are a thousand bucks a 1030 dollars. Or not and that's the emphasis is the story that our recent assembly and an administrator at Greeneville Hyde told students that family members can be fine over a thousand bucks. For yelling at seniors upcoming graduation. And district officials have said however that school administrators were not actually find family members serve our graduates for cheering. Officials say Greeneville police have the authority to site and or find people in the audience who created disturbance or disruption but a spokesperson for the Greeneville police department said. Police have not and will not ticket family members merely for cheering whistling or applauding during we are reading of names. The problem has is that if you carry on too longer than you obliterate the next name. And their parents wanna hear of their kid's name to a so it does take a little bit of. Restraint. Respect. Something that I guess over a little short on the east is an audience member who is continually disrupted could be asked to leave they say in Greeneville but that. That would be you know the duty of the arena staff. Our quick reminder I got myself today and me and Indian male. The annual letter carrier food drive is Saturday. It's Wednesday today C got a couple of days to go shopping for a beer canned goods and stuff like death is a great program. Residents in communities around the country are encouraged to fill bags with nonperishable food and neck canned goods. Which show will be collected by the local letter carriers I was afraid living in the outskirts of Belmont. Were we did that may related do this one island to Cameron woods all park road. They. You know there always are brought them brown paper bags buyer and I had just set it on your doorstep and no. And a Boy Scouts came and picked up and stuff like that they way they opened the letter carriers are doing it tomorrow are doing it on Saturdays so be sure your goods are out by your mailbox on Saturday morning and sign in our case we've got like up plastic blue plastic so. Shopping bag and so. They collect a ton of food over the air but not even it's just a drop in the bucket to what they actually need on any given nine year so why if you can help about helpful mountains. I don't know if the letter carriers like that are not presented Bruce is they're loaded you look at some of the vehicles that they we've been out kind of goes to the rural area where we are the vehicle of some days of the fans some days it's an old Jeep some days it's somebody's car. But I you know depending on how much. How many people help I would think about that little tiny old. US post office G probably gets filled up pretty quick. Gregg Jarrett jazz big spring has screen film about that Charlie Manson. Is about to get a whole lot bigger the producer is hiding. Burt Reynolds for the role. Four payroll. In this upcoming movie your once upon a time in Hollywood he is in talks Tarantino is to I'd join now up Brad Pitt. And Leonard DiCaprio in the film. Reynolds would play the role of George spar and who is a nearly blind elderly man new route to lire in and out is a Los Angeles property there spawn ranch. And to be used as the location for our western movies Charles Manson convinced bond to allow him and his family live on that ranch rent free for in the month spurred adopted the murder of Sharon Tate and six other people in the 1969 crime spree. I'm in addition to Reynolds Kurt Russell Tim Roth. Michael Madsen. In negotiations to play a smaller cameo style rolls in the film a movie should be out August 2019. And like I say they're in talks. Reynolds is in talks to join Brad Pitt and wondered DiCaprio in this of films so that can be your for your stick. This could do to come up. This week about demo geez tavern out there on rival wild road 151000. Block just to the other side of 485 there's Harris teeter shopping center and moved uses Specter in the corner. But and which used cavern the. Is. Supporting Jeff Newton. Who is my builder but Jeff is the guy who is now building his fourth saint Jude children's research possible dream home. That will be rattled off on our channel three. Starting probably fairly soon but the actual raffle I think takes place summits this summer. Well mood she's always has this whole week of fundraising called move people lose a and it started on Monday and tonight I would draw a special attention to are you getting out there at 6 o'clock to hear this band called province of thieves. Who we have in the studio couple seasons ago a couple of years ago and at that they're excellent Ayman there's nothing minor league about these guys at all. So they'll be part of moot people lose it tonight and go out there and I grabbed so upload beer or glass liner. And some dinner. And catch province of thieves and then an 8 o'clock it's a dirty and Joanna it's an acoustic deal. I inside it because that'll be outside out of the patio province of thieves from 6 to 7:30 am just telling you. And you won't be sorry to take my advice and go and catch these guys they are excellent inside rust bucket and then no lipstick on a pig. His play and provide till 930. So. They're big men do Mac and that she's cook off and corn hole tournament or tomorrow and I'll have more bands starting at 6 o'clock inside and out. But to our province of these tonight most people lose a part of the fund raising efforts for a Jeff Newton and neo saint Jude dream home. And by the time that helmets rattled off. And all the tickets are sold and all of the in its its fund raisers like this a kind of defer the costs that Jeff has in building the house so that they can but they'll give an excess of a million dollars to saint Jude's. In builders do this throughout the country. One of the major fund raising events of a saint Jews which is an organization that is just phenomenal. What they do for kids what they do for families. Somebody has to take your child a saint Jude's research hospital in Memphis that's it you'll never see a bill. And they do one believable work all of Crawford oh by the David Brothers bass player from the David Brothers and has a daughter Hallie have been no direct. Beneficiaries. Of the great work of a saint Jude and here he'll talk to about saint Jude all day along. So while love I would encourage better go out to move Jesus fresher throughout their and that mental Matthews area. And on down not while road to get to that Harris teeter shopping center just the other side of 485. And wander around in a moot she's good food and great people. And a good night and province of the stars' plane at 6 o'clock so long that will be worth your time. My condolences. Go out tonight to other family. And the whole community of Belmont my on my newly adopted hometown. At the passing of Kenny Williams. Who has been the announcer. For red raider football games. Since about 1972. He died at the age of 72 this past weekend he was also the score keeper for the year red raider baseball games but. The south point red raider football is. It's almost like Texas schoolboy football out there a Friday night's ardent. The place is packed and has been long tradition lots of state titles while to football excellence. Just a distant it's one of the great things about live and in Belmont is that there's just a real community your habits built around south point. Half the natives that you ever run into. Went to south point high school so there's a lot of pride. And Kenny Williams has been the voice on the PA system and pillow lend murder stadium. The census in 1972. And his loss will be amounts. Because people are just used to that voice I don't know who replaces him but. There's going to be some pretty big shoes to fill so my condolences go out to a Kenny Williams and assembly and to all of book raider nation. How to know Belmont. To the passing over Kenny Williams. You've ever. Have been up and down south boulevard recently and seeing this big old tall clear glass box. Tall. It's a card vending machine. It's just. It's it's an eight story clear glass box. On south boulevard. And eighty Charlotte's first car vending machine itself owned by car Vanna. Which is the name it's on the side of it it's a bizarre looking thing especially now that they have cars and and the car van offender and CEO is a guy by the name Eddie Garcia. And the Charlotte mayor met machine holds up to 32 cars at a time now some people think it's kind of an eyesore cut about. But if you look to the footprint that they. It's a lot smaller car dealership footprint that would be if you had a big old lot. And the way it works is people started car van as web site. Where they can Bleier car on line and choose to have been delivered or picked it up at the vending machine and if you choose the latter. You go to the site where the vending machine is. Where they receive a commemorative oversized car van a coin and that activates the machine and transports the vehicle down from the Dutch hour. To the ground floor delivery day. Karma and also as when you vending machines in Raleigh in Nashville. Couple in Florida and a foreign taxes but the the initial Charlotte machine. Opened at 9 AM this morning be open Monday through us Saturday and next time you're up and down south boulevard you see a great big old glass tower wondered what it is that's car ban on in our car. Vending machine. Weird when. They're one of the stories in the news especially TV station tourists. Electric scooter service coming to Charlotte. Do you see the bike sharing. And you see the bikes all over sharp. But no south end. We see him up here pretty close to the station. Two people ride them to a I. And in the end another whole subdivision. Across the street from us what used to be a video prostitution exclusion zone is now via were driven back there. And they built a neighborhood back there I mean I kind of chart trucks that are Roby trucks and stuff like that coming and go on and also no right. Went to make that cut through that like I used to taken drove back there and there's all sorts or new housing and not the prostitution exclusion zone and longer it's pretty nice area back there are so there we see the bikes up around this area men and one of the things that have been no complain about to some extent as. Bikes tend to pile up in some places but listen. It's if it's turn out to be an unbelievable this ride share bike ride sure thing. Gets a lot of use. And it's turned out to be out. I sighed as opposed of fairly instrumental. While part of our. Transportation. Especially with millennial was young people that. To to soon jump on a bike to go a mile as they would do our job on a bus. So I knew ride share scooter program launched on nine Tuesday but that may now be on hold because the city hasn't proved it yet. And surely you understand that in Charlotte. Nothing happens and that's not approved. So it'd. Sign that Charlotte may be successful city for doc plus ride share bikes one company is are bringing electric scooters to the city. The one thing I have been able to answer about this I'm sure they figured this out but. You see the bikes the EU all you unlock these things without phone app. You see the bikes all over. And you just go pick one up and and unlocked or with your phone happened a know your take often. What happens when those scooter loses its charge. I don't quite understand that yet new motorized scooter ride. Lions' new electric scooter ride your program. And been approved by the city whether or not the US city wool load shut it down until it is approved don't of the that's been decided yet unclear whether they'll shut it down. Lime former Lille Lyon motorbike. Try to launch these things yesterday. Limon three other companies spin mode by Cannes oh flow are. All part of a pilot program launched by the city in November and each of them have both about 500 bicycles. Or they're allowed 500 bicycles which can be parked on sidewalks and any other parts of the city and right away. And are mostly found in uptown in a south Charlotte they come and bright colors are green ones are storage ones what's the other one yellow. And electric scooters would cost you a dollar to one block you do that with a phone app. Plus fifteen cents per mile. And they are unlocked with that cell phone app. The more expensive they're more expensive than a regular price for a doc will spike which is a buck for thirty minutes. And then the bikes in the scooters can be left anywhere the city said creating a high energy hyper connected safe community is the core component for the city's vision they're excited about the possibility of expanding their. Bike share program. They've been in discussions with shared electric scooter programs. But they hadn't officially said yeah you've got to go away and so at this point we don't quite know. But where all of that goes this company is launched the scooters in San Diego and Austin and San Francisco San Jose and Los Angeles. And she needed driver's license to use the scooters which have a twenty mile range. And can reach nearly fifteen miles per hour but like I say what I don't understand is. Once the charge runs out. If you just leave them anywhere they're not gonna solve charge last night I don't think there's so works. So I don't quite understand that would take those who feel like it would take a lot of vote maintenance student. Or some personnel to really stay on top of it may be and maybe that apple also tell you where an uncharged scooter is so you can go pick it up from. I know how that works pretty it's been melt the world we live under. Imagine that this curators and art launches tempers Cisco but San Cisco lawmakers are cracking down on the scooter riddled start ups ups they error. After three of them unleashed their scooters that they eight in the city in recent weeks which has led to complaints of them being used in unsafe ways. And cluttering up sidewalks. And causing tripping hazards. These every Cisco board of supervisors vote today unanimously. In April. Two. To approve an ordinance to regulate the scooters and set up they are permitting process and so those startups famous hero will Limas one of them burdens Spinner the other two in San Francisco. Have deployed their scooters without getting permission from the city so that seems to be kind of their their business plan go there and do that you're either. The dad doc play short term rental scooters accessed via a Smartphone app just like here Costa buck to unlock fifteen cents a mile just like here they are our warnings on the gap that. Follow the law only by riding in bike lanes with traffic Wear a helmet. And but it but it's common to see writers around the city what do you know without helmets and and not riding in a bike lanes and so on and so forth on Monday. City attorney have their Dennis Herrera. Sent cease and desist letters to all three startups that called the scooters a public nuisance. And has said that the unlawful conduct in their use must immediately be stopped the letter cited things like people driving the scooters on the sidewalk or not wearing helmets are leaving scooters India. Public right away. So having problems with some degree I guess we'll have to figure out get a word that worked out but if you're. I mean people. It you can write instructions. All day long had to be people who follow them. I don't believe eighteen Israel remark yours is clear finish judges finishing touches on a Charlotte the six which wolf all of the Essex Fox News say hello mr. garrison. Hey John how are you have recovered from earlier election coverage last Silas and you guys are consider a lot of time all related give you. A more up to date than anybody else than you could find anyplace else. Com so I enjoyed all of your eyes of food critic work I'm the meat balls sounded like they were good Joseph were Mike Doyle was and all of you had your affair. Com. What what surprised you the most the the fact that the sheriff finish third or that that we have that Mark Harris though want. I was not surprised that Mark Harris one. And covering this I wasn't surprised at all I was surprised that her when Carmichael finished third. Had a feeling he would lose the night and think you would lose that bay. Does that say. That the majority of the people that voted are against the 287 G program or did that just. I mean that is is that a statement that Dana on the surface you would think it is but I I still wonder. It's hard to know I mean look let's face it the sheriff runs the jail that is not a sexy political topic that gets voters to the polls very often. I've never seen a sheriff's race with this kind of interest before I have to think it played a role was an all lot and I'm not sure. And do people know about they the the television show and and I and all that stuff I mean I don't know if I've been trying to get hold him all day long today and I can't get him to call me back so well. I can tell you why because we tried to get another interviewing him two in his campaign manager said that under strict orders make friends wife said we're going on vacation today you're not doing any more injuries for now. Now I guess we know who who Russa real loser real sheriff there. We understand who owns the caddies that's old Dora the masses a lot of maybe we should vote voted for her well got off. I'll have to ask mr. McFadden yes I'm sure glad I wanted to ask you in my today whether or not he has to Wear AIG's office. Uniform or whether or not he cannot keep Syria threads he's well known for concedes he's a pretty snappy drive in restaurant here it is I've had several people write me and say no he doesn't have to Wear the uniform review doesn't want to sew up and listen to you got Charlotte at six tonight oh so what so what your future there. Well Derek eighty who is running against Mark Harris Democrat and I'm the first interview that but about anybody's done with them get to know him a little bit because this will be a spirited race in November. Interesting that I read this in the observer today so I'll give credit where credit is due but he managed to get more Democrats to come out and vote in the ninth in the Republicans did. Get Republicans to vote in the ninth in the ninth has always been. Pretty safe territory for the that's Cimarex sold posted net. Oh it's been a Republican since 1963. So the Democrats are it's not that they know band crede very well it's just that they're hoping they can get it slipped to stop me and success at six just. And that has to do with. A guy who's found a lot of wealth at a laundromat. It's pretty interest in historic. Never tell you about tell my folks I don't washer dryer open to other condominium complex that doing grew up in another Estes Park and now I would sneak up there in the middle of the night still quarters and dimes. I hope ends meet you know you get about a 1520 bucks a quarter century and grab me even missed. If I had keys to the machine so well. Riches in laundromat and also I bet they took the keys away when they figure out what you were doing they never figured it out what I finally told them years later I think when I was about thirty years old etc. I used to drive up from Denver hour and a half just as part 2 o'clock in the morning again twenty some odd bucks out because that would get me through the weekend what a so you finally fessed up yeah. I don't think they ever missed that has some tells me or my folks were living off steel Washington guard machine no corner I don't know I was because that I would talk to mark gears in just couple seconds. When he comes in no with their Charlotte. Six Saudia have a BS job. London school of economics anthropology professor David graver. Has written a job has written a book called. Bull. Well BS jobs. Except he's spells out the whole. It. Our theory. In which he contends that millions of people around the world are working in meaningless unnecessary jobs. And that they know what. And need to find those kinds of jobs in this box interview. Graver said. BS jobs are jobs. Which even the person doing the job can't really justify the existence of but they have to pretend there's some reason for it to exist. BS jobs are often highly respected. And pay well. But are completely pointless. And the people doing this no this key indicator is that if those jobs went away tomorrow. It would make any difference. Now you know on the John Hancock coffee cup it says. A essential personnel. Because that we always find it rather funny when there's a snow day you're over here or something along those lines and they send out an email and it says essential personnel only. Who shows up. On air people. Producers. News people. Post. We don't see a lot of sales management. Essentials personnel. That be us. Asked for some examples of BS jobs graver sided. Corporate lawyers. Public relations for the corporate lawyer is probably a BS position up and tell you need one. And then all of a sudden. Public relations consultants. Consultants just. All I know about consultants or radio consultants say a note quite frankly. I've only met one that was never worth a crap. And the only reason I say that is so I can save some sort of phase because then all they can think is alive must've been the one. Telemarketers. Brand managers and administrative specialist. All listed by this. Agreed David graver in his new book BS jobs a theory. He said these kinds of jobs could Debbie should be replaced by technology stating. What if we just accepted that technology can perform a lot of the essential tasks and just worked less. But then. Who would be owner's son do. That for a living. So whether you don't one of our producers had an often speech today and I was reading a thing beach vacations can actually be bad for your health. LA and on the beach. Or awhile is you know it's there for many many days there's a great way to recharge yourself but they say. After awhile you get bored and anxious and you start thinking about work and things that go home that need to be done and and all the sudden then that's not healthy for you. So he recommends vacationers choose a place with enough variation of interest in activities that have you know depth for you to be engaged with. In other words go someplace to Joseph find fascinating and in which you'll feel. Like you be compatible. And in harmony with us. But not a place where you just would lay there and lay there and lay there and then all of a sudden your mind would wander back to work. Or back to things that need to be done at home or back to the troubles of life.