NC Teachers Rally in Raleigh for Better Pay, Better Working Conditions

Vince Coakley Podcast
Wednesday, May 16th

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Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing lying. Exaggeration. There are too many young some street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good morning welcome back to broadcast it to be back with you hope all is scoring well in your world. A couple big local stories we will jump right into. We have this massive. Teacher demonstration taking place. In Raleigh which goes to a broader conversation about what's happening with the education across the country we've been talking about this for several days. Also. We have an official announcements. Of a deal a deal. Between David tepper. And Jerry Richardson to sell the team it is now. Official. This from the Panthers website. A definitive agreement has been signed to sell the team to David tepper. The founder and president of global hedge fund apple Lucent management and a well known philanthropist. Bring you the Panthers and NFL of the Carolinas 1993 was enormously fulfilling. For Russell into the media and all of our partners. Words of Jerry Richardson we're deeply grateful for the outpouring of support over the last 25 years. You've taken the Panthers into your hearts made them part of this warm and supportive community. We want to thank all of our past and present players coaches and staff. They're hard working making the Panthers are great success both on the field. And in the community the personal relationships we've enjoyed have been very meaningful to us. From David tepper I look forward to turning the stewardship of the Panthers. Actually this is a continuation of his message. He's looking forward to turning the stewardship of the transfers over to David tepper and enjoy getting to Norman this process. Confident he'll provide the organization with great leadership. In both its football community initiatives I wish David and Stanley. The very best as they enter this exciting new phase of their lives. We've talked about tempers background. Aside from the fact this guy is a multi billionaire. He's a minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2009. And he said this I'm thrilled to have been selected to be the next or the Carolina Panthers. I've heard a great deal about community in the team over the past several months. And I look forward to becoming part of Carolina's. I wanna think Jerry Richardson the other Panthers partners for all they've done to establish and develop the NFL and the Carolinas it's been remarkable. 25 your journey and I promise to build upon the panthers' success. On the field and in the community. This transaction. Is expected to close July Tony eighteen subject to NFL approval which is you know will happen. We have a conversation yesterday. David tempers already part of the club. They are not going to. Refuse his entrance into the club. So it is now official I only get your thoughts. This is not a surprise we've been hearing this news for several days it's really. Just been a formality now to have the announcement come out what are your expectations for this team on the fuel off the field. Where that field is going to be for that manner do you expect any changes in Hughes the other question are you willing to pay for those changes. When the possibility of a new stadium. Possibly new taxes. Who knows. There's all kinds of possibilities here. What does this mean I would love to get your thoughts along the way. And interestingly enough and this is such an interest in check juxtaposition of stories because you think about. One of the criticisms that we've often heard. Is we've got so many people. So many people. In the entertainment world. The sports world they're making so much money they're making a fortune. And one of the compare since it's often made. It's our poor teachers and I'm not trying to be facetious here but this is generally the line of thinking you get. He is Peter these these guys making a lot of money. Even these coaches. And these universities they're making a lot of money. And teachers. Raising questions about their value to us. Based on the money they are paid in fact they are demonstrating. In rally today. Thousands of teachers gathering there today to push lawmakers for more education funding. By the way the North Carolina superintendent of public instruction. Decided it would be good idea to be away from that today he's a hundred miles away. Meeting with school officials near the coast. He's indicated yet so we supports teachers but you won't attend the rally. Because it's on a school day and will affect students parents and other school workers who forced to deal. With schools closing. That day. Referring again to these superintendent of public instruction Mark Johnson. I'm also curious I don't hear from some view parents about how you're dealing. With this particular day what sort of changes did a prompt in your home. They require some additional childcare arrangements. Whatever. What are your thoughts year or you just supportive no matter what of the teachers. And you're okay. With this demonstration. We're also going to debunk this in gonna save this for after the break. But I was very surprised the news and observer. Ease debunking a mean that's been circulating around on social media if you heard this. I earned 53 dollars a day to educate. It's kind of set. Because even the news observer says disguised math is dead wrong. Really makes you feel really good about who's educating your children doesn't match. Anyway we will talk about this in fact we need to post this because this information needs to be out there. So people are aware of the kind of propaganda. And it if you concerned about teacher pay let's have that conversation. But it's not a good thing. Wind and information is put out there that is not good. Let's start things off in terms of calls win if a call from Chris in Union County good morning welcome. Chris. I work out there we really appreciate you. Some are friends of mine in my myself included who we all order. About this boat Carolina education lottery on. A much more you that they are awarded the money spent on it like hit the teachers get a little piece of that action. You know I saw a story. Just the other day in fact I'm going to try to get my hands and a story to find out what that amount I just came across that. We're going to answer that coming up after the break how about that said Ferran of Christchurch her arm or a thank you very much for your call. And one of the things it's the end I think you know this you know this. How important. Boy am looking the story because I did trek in town here and it tells us pretty much I thought it was gonna happen. When we first heard about this lottery nonsense years ago they always do what do a bait and switch I won't look we're gonna spin this on education. Or whatever it is. And then you find out that the amounts need percentages. And the allocations are not exactly. What you may have been expecting her. Yeah and we'll talk about that. And take your calls and were also debug this stupid story about the teacher making 53 dollars a day. Pure unadulterated nonsense. That much more. On our Wednesday addition. This is Vince Coakley radio program. That you it's true stories developing in the Carolinas right now. The sale of the Carolina Panthers and also big teacher demonstration taking place in Raleigh. Plans will cover more of this including some information about what is happened. With the money. From the lottery where does this money actually goal. We've got some answers for you first. We've got someone in Charlotte wanting to address this issue with tougher and the Panthers it's got to Chris good morning Chris. Good morning sir. I got a couple I'd actually becoming an acute situation as well I've got us on restarting the intangible about to graduate to broaden the teaching field but. First on the Panthers. I really you know as the fan. The small business owner who are actually does some work for the organization. And is really wanna make a play for everybody out there are true don't forget the hundreds. And hundreds of employees in that building from maintenance to security to food and beverage and just a long long list of every day average Charlie opinions. Gore employed there are. And there's a reason why don't think Obama is because we have a great step over there when you go to facilities or we don't have. You know do you like people still hurting each dollar ought to mysteries arrests. The really great group of people that building. And you know obviously there's going to be some changes at the very high aux but I really hope this new guy lol long way. Arm and then and placing need to to support him if he. You know remain L leaves the people place sort of built that organization that are there that are just great people. Our man that that's still my biggest concern I don't think the owner who owns the team matters much to Watson's sand you're gonna be banned but. I really hope we don't just tell everybody autumn or on their tail bones and certainly staffing. Problem is for the Peter Byrne they'll myself on our brewer wanted to be an anesthesiologist. Or a dentist. But he pushed you to go really wanna be an educator they're really sharp kid is a brilliant mathematical mind. And said he wanted to teach math so we sat down with a that the numbers you explain enemies are dead this summer date to your work there's not much on maybe the benefits I can get. Jurors that says the ceiling of like a lot Brad worked so many years these are the pay increases. I I really couldn't argue with a mean it's it's just pretty good gig. And on I've I've I'm headed there and I'd love teachers you know one of these things. Where did you say oh. Norm against future raise the value against every student here against every teacher that they are they they get you on the spot where he puts it it's the children. But couldn't exactly you hate to did you opted out they also say it's fitted go to bed tonight. I I audit so that we can. Also fly into the here's another thing for a look into the ABC money the booze sales at the state of north Carolina's exclusively have rights too and the state of North Carolina. Those cells and the profits from the booze. Also sports are gonna help education and and that's a lot a lot of money is probably up there with the education lottery so there's another avenue where word this morning. That's a very good question and I will explore that as well and I do appreciate your call Chris end best of luck to your son. In he is in devers. Let's talk about money because crush was raised just few minutes ago what happens all this. Education lottery money you know this is one of the reasons why this is one of things I told Juba to hold we were discussing the gambling issue. And regarding the regarding sports the Supreme Court decision. Now these politicians to do troop all of themselves trying to figure out how they can get their share of gambling dollars. And this one of the reasons I'm I'm not a fan of gambling percent. But it it just blows my mind how good the government is and it's. Pushing everybody else out of the way to make sure they get their share. That's out works. Could just rocket should understand that. Here is information in fact this is a story. There's actually reported by a local television station. In new Hanover county North Carolina. And this raises. Actually addresses the question of what happened so all of those millions of lottery dollars. That are supposed to go to education. Well here's the answer that question. 30% of the money from lottery sales actually goes to education. 30%. In 2017. That was 622. Point five. Million dollars that's a lot of money. The North Carolina education lottery used to fund part of teacher salaries but according to media representative. Van Denton. Teacher salaries have not been included in the funds since last year. That's not explained by the way. The majority of all fund 63%. Last year's total went to a non instructional support staff. Which Denton said includes administrators and custodians. So 63%. Ford non instructional support staff. I just thought you'd find it interest. Where this money is actually going my contention and a good part of this is. We are spending much more than we need to spin now maybe we should have a conversation about giving teachers more maybe. But I think associated with that we need to have a conversation overall about what the heck we're doing with education in general. Are we trying to prop up an antiquated system. And support that system with more and more tax dollars. When the first thing that we ought to do is to take a look at. Are we doing this in the most efficient and effective way possible. I'm not sure we stopped asked that question we keep giving more and more money with the idea. That giving more money means better education. And I think that's foolish. Let's get a perspective here for impeaching good morning. Good morning. I was Berkeley just bring our. Check for median household in term well relevance to sell out 134 dollar. You know what sort of a even a fairly chilly. You know basically I think we sit there were income per kicker should stick itself. Sure I guess my my. Straight premiered it. Their first ever commercial. Medium household income of people that are paying the actions we spell them. The precursor to mount saint tickers are broke. Very. Very. Important and tough draw. The third or a job throughout their first. Many may controversial vote Rico extortion and their stuff that makes. That much more. I have or more kids. Are up more people before forgo important than even the picture apple look at and most sixty hour draw. And he's made a great point to repeat which is that there's got to be some equilibrium there between the people who are supporting the teachers. And the teachers. That that makes a whole lot of sense if you are talking about averages. And so that's. That's got to be an important consideration in this site do appreciate your call their Pete's. Worthwhile point consider again. I think it's worth noting. 622. Point five million dollars from the lottery last year zero its teacher salaries. And it's 63% of the total. Went to non instructional support staff. Which includes administrators and custodians. Let me just say something and I don't hesitate to say this at all Kim we do a huge overhaul and get rid of a lot of these administrators. That's one of the first places I think we ought to look. When such a large percent. Percentage of state budget already goes to education. I think we need to ask a question where is that money going where does it go. We'll continue this conversation and much more. 29 minutes after 10 o'clock. Is still Vince Coakley radio program. Daniel raises this question should teachers get a paid day off to lobby our government for more money. What are the field can you possibly do this. I'm just curious. Putting out there I think it's a fair question to ask. Richard in. All welcomes your. Good morning band following departure. I liked it like a couple points at our might about that are in the the teacher part I have some more food at school teacher and we've had discussions about that and I have people all the time how many weeks there are a year in their 52 week from this fight date. That's 268 to our a year that most people. Apple war and they get do we paid vacation they might get ten days and holidays and sick days. All told it like it's quite fight they've got the bill working out like to learn 45. Based a year. On average. When you look at a schoolteacher. And her school year or 170 days. He's in the neighborhoods. Right at end. But there are complaining about it and it doesn't numbers just don't add up there's. I would want and not NBC yesterday and there's a woman on their saying. At this school teacher if they can't read all that senator in Greensboro they cannot live on it before the hour a day. Well we're actually covered this figure. Yeah we're gonna talk about the we're gonna talk about this mean it's been circulating around the Internet by the way Richard it's it is pure fiction and it's kind of nonsense. But unfortunately is causing. I think it's undermining whatever it is to trying to accomplish by re circulating this garbage because it's garbage. You're right and once that starts you don't you don't have. Down putting the stand on because people look at you they don't trust were just saying to figure out there you're you're pushing a lie because that's not true. And bet even a pay check it they'd put a comment on that screen which spoke B 17151. Dollars. And they come out and say that's going to be six dollar and OK just get paid every two weeks. They get paid every two weeks Serb. Nobody quite to the dollar and ninety cents an hour. So my point is look at all the facts and figures let's put it out there and say OK you're working X amount of days. And that's what you're getting paid let's look at that. Do regular work force applied workforce what do they get paid. You know every it would not get paid in comparison to. A teacher I mean what was thought ma you know the cops and and the third note EMTs then and people and and that steel. And I are not insert anybody who goes out to perform the job and are not occur don't but by the doubt they're carrying their own way. They are all deserving of a good absolutely everybody because those states have paid for everything and we don't question. And it would we questioning any more what our government is spending the only one that does that people liked your helpful or not he's not hurt me very. The numbers don't add up the cure all honesty because not enough people out there thank the numbers don't add up what are our work all the money go one. I think partly at the American taxpayer. When you do when you go to Matt get in our federal government our state governments are local governments are are. All the government federated bought their community government what do we spent a year for government just worked. And I. Boy that's an even bigger conversation Richard I do appreciate your call and thank you for. Your spirit of inquiry because this is largely with missing I think a lot of times our response in a reaction to these stings it C emotional. I was kind of do this hundred children. And and not being facetious when I say this. That a lot of times things that are purported to be for the children not really for the children there for the system. Fans somewhere in there we'd throw the children. And unfortunately we have millions of adults who are hiding behind children. That's what's really despicable. Tyrone will take Europe call here before we start talking about this false story circulating on the Internet that morning Tyrone. Still you know about. Social alcohol you want me. To make a point about some of what you're talking about was an education. For many years started out as educator. And your staff setup with the old system. That basically. Here is very political follies of real controversial time a year when politics and elections come out. For what I what the real problem thing I want to bring forward his. This issue. You know what happened to pay for performance. An issue that. You know in North Carolina listed in the top ten of public school system. I Plano were in the bottom you know why did they feel like they're justifiably. Wanna make money on that level when cotton and migraine can go to public school. Not just because of the teaching in the low level of continuing. But it also because that a secular humanist morality that they're perk that you're pushing. And it has done a hell and and that's who you are not even think. Who want to send their kids to public school with ethnic catered to protect them. So you know that that that's only three that I wanted to put in those creations are not want a good job ski jump. They don't deserve more money you're gonna I'm afraid if somebody else maybe afraid too. K fair enough I do appreciate your call I'd Tyrone and by the way if your teacher you know I welcome your call into this broadcast provider perspective here. But let me get this thing. And nail it effectively. News and observer is actually reporting the story have you seen this means circulating around the Internet. North Carolina teacher I earned 53 dollars a day to educate. The news and observer says his math is wrong. So we've got this demonstration. Taking place with the idea to raise awareness about the need for more education funding. One teacher stories gain traction. Teacher's name is Nicole's teacher from western North Carolina. This was posted on FaceBook. That is take home pay for April. Rose 17115. Dollars after insurance and child care and taxes were deducted. Today. He goes on I'm roughly paid. 53 dollars today to educate your child. To pull it affects. I would affect. Usually sticks to fact checking politic politicians pundits fake news sites and prominent organizational leaders. They've taken a look at this claim. Because of all the attention that is getting across the country. They reviewed this claim. We reached out to the teacher for comment on specifics of his salary did not hear back. We've been reached out to public school system. This is an stokes caddie where he works. Range information from public school teachers and all government employees. All of those are matters of public record. So the executive director of human resources for stokes county schools in the district's lead spokesperson. Provided poor little fact with the teachers information. Teacher's name Nicholas brand this works at north stokes high school and it's been a teacher for nine years eight months. That means and the State's salary schedule for teachers who bachelor's degrees he qualifies for an annual salary. 40550. Dollars from the state first your teacher with a bachelor's degree gets 35000. He jumps above 40000 after ten years 45 after 1550. After 29. Years. They're also supplements from county governments still scanning that means. Brand this actually gets 4% of his annual state salary added to his stray from the county. There's more we're gonna break this down and tell you write this story circulating on the Internet is pure fiction and white needs to be rejected. The winds are cool are you surprised I'm not. Passionate issue and we'll continue the conversation. Is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hundreds took to rid your forever they have this subject off. Teachers and teacher pay really has stimulated a lot of interest. As demonstrated by the fact the phone lines are completely fool I wanna finish the story. About this guy this mean it's been circulating this guy claiming he makes only 53 dollars a day this is a joke. And you need to understand this the early investigative bipolar effect. They did some computations to find out. How much this guy's salary actually is how much additional money does he get from stokes county a supplement. To that salary. On top of that brand this is currently an assistant coach for the football and wrestling team so he receives an additional. 2300. Dollars for each year that he coaches whose teams. So that puts his annual salary 44472. Before Texas health insurance and childcare. 44472. Slightly higher than the most recent median income calculated for stone Tony. 42489. Someone made this point early which I think is get one. I think salaries need to be in line. An average especially if you're talking about public employees. It should be in sync with what the people in that area are making. Actually lower than the most recent median income calculator from North Carolina residents though which is 48256. The average sour for North Carolina teachers across the board including all levels of experience is 51214. Some teachers choose to only accept checks during the school year which runs from mid August or early June. Prentice chose to have his salary spread over twelve months. So as monthly income is about 3706. Dollars. According to the school system he's deductions for optional supplemental insurance to. Various other pre tax deductions as well this health insurance costs come out to about 954 dollars that includes child care. That leaves him. About 2752. Dollars a month. This further goes on to look at weekly and daily page. Excluding days off. And it comes out. To about 688 dollars a week. You know how much it is today. He says he makes 53 dollars today it's actually 137. Dollars a day. That's a big difference. 137. Dollars a day. So this I mean that's been circulated this story that's been circulated. Is really. A fraud. Just understand it. If you close this out to arrive at 53 dollars today figure for April. Brand this would have had to divide 17115. By 32 days however there are thirty days in April more importantly this whole system told Flynn effect. Brand this worked for actually 21 point five days in April service check for that month 1715 megabytes 41 point five. That's actually 79. Dollars 76 a day. That's the lowest you can get. So bottom line news. Demeanor is wrong. It's wrong. I added this is frustrating. There's how many people are probably going on right now touting the story in saying this is evidence that our teachers are underpaid. And I'm sure all of us can tell stories about how we're working how hard we're working. One job two jobs three jobs two every years. And there should be the understanding if you were a public servant. Your chest that public servant. And there are limits to how much. They you can be paid. Limits. Let's take a quick call here from Jim good morning welcome serve. The war mr. mayor Jerry don't they are doing well. Armed. I was there Mets employee every effort twenty years. You trot out but let me tell you that I love my job. I did not get spread a lot of money but I didn't come here to get paid a lot of money okay outlive their job or was like a lot. But I can't wandering and that assembled for the benefits group that was Paramount edge small. Sugar. You ever according to court this morning when you say you get court smalley about 15100 dollar a year. You're very good for you late to advance. Torture currently make it and it didn't try to love what I almost was our sector very. Now I do have will comply about about say yes Lauren of course is very gave you say. Say you know evaluation once a year. What they're never could quite understand what supposedly has to do with whether inauguration tomorrow. If you didn't get straight trip we should raise the cost delivered as across the pork. So they're very question has nothing to do with whether or not your work don't get why I think it's great yeah. I think that Rangers should be done it's far too perky performance because just like any other government. And you have more people would not go on things you did people go and everybody. You've future what I'm sorry has a whole yes you're not you're not paired on the bar for doing a good you're probably won't overlook. Are they disagreed with. Now granted twenty years ago we had a little over one million eager Squarespace. So school where we have over three million OK at feet square feet. In Charlotte Mecklenburg it is currently at all pink or this school district in the country. But I. We are extremely cup it's great like carpet just part of our government. You have more frustration than you do actual people going to war. And it is where we really didn't take a look at here's the we actually have secretaries clerks secretaries and that's kind of nestled back. Yep you make your grade point here I do appreciate your call Jim out of Concord and it kind of reminds me of what happened to any company in Kentucky years ago they were talking about how they were going to have fewer managers. Managing managers. And maybe that's the kind of approach we need to take the school system. We've got many more calls and she will try to get to some of them coming up next hour radius and. Is still thin. Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This system fits Coakley radio program. 1106 are never true Barbara just I cannot believe we still have full full compliance. Some you've been waiting here about a half an hour or so wanting to address this issue of teachers the demonstration taking place here in North Carolina today. Fans are we give as many of you as possible the opportunity to sound off on this. I've so let's begin where is the JBJ. In Charlotte good morning. I you do immigrant rights here. That great they're great I want you had a caller yeah. No problem about the also are scheduled with the troops. I am a high school teacher here in North Carolina and I'm in the area and anticipate one somewhat if you aren't full time. He turned collateral. You paid one tomorrow whether it can look at twelve mark you have sort of Kirkuk but it is 18 law. It and you talk about the growth. But what we look at all is what we going home in our pocket and that is there. And oftentimes if you Horry on Koppel with a child or. Family that as Lebanon PP to continue what you have now two children. You know there are some things sickened at Google can't strike and that's why you go to a restaurant before you leave it here you know co payers are used to each. So I think when you talk about pay for performance. Been teaching for about 24 years I have a master's degree a local that he and out he still. My knees won't let me get out of theaters he took for you load the I truly lucky. Microsoft IQ academy an account local go go Green Bay nickel right we have. I need to connect with you to help Paul one of my children with serious to go ahead. Be glad to. But when you talk about people formed and helping him edit what I've written that people talk about teachers government why can't I am so screwed look there are. It when I wanna talk about adding to a little bit more money Camara salary of right you don't deserve not a good way people call. Cool you know what we are all critical moments. I don't give me that at all. Give it to the stupid. Well there's one thing I do know it's not leave you with this. Whole would prefer cool how. Parents saw the first teachers are creatures and disciplinary look at children. So we'll go home so will the family. Community. And home he's. Paid and I'm based here. Knew the papal performers who the children. Being here in the first teachers. Well you know gold is in the public school in sure. You know when your children come to the classroom alert there they've gotten leaving the power forward so. We need to be what they India as a whole does talking about their deliveries and over the live real mess because we believe we are concrete system. And when you have a country at system you have your credit menus. That really. Don't treat. Our food and wail I do know that but understand something. I'm not a crop. How I I hear you Jake and we've got to get to some other callers year if there's one thing. I can happen to make your job easier to give you greater job satisfaction what would be. It would be make sure your child is low. Coal properly males do you see here. He is encouraged to learn and has been given the resource to the Internet. And all the opportunities. To where they have a little who aren't before they get in my class home. And then they'll work they'll a lot of neutrality cannot enjoy it. Jake which you hold on the line and I'd like to get some information for you present low to talk further about. What you do and so I mean the advice she's given is just right on the money and that this is one they had definitely. Understand appreciate and I'm very concerned about the fact that so many. Teachers are doing things beyond teaching. They're taking on responsibilities that the really never should have been pushed their way. And that is very much unfair Sherry out of state through good morning. I'm high. David that I'd hate the most intelligent person that I have heard all morning it. And that really applaud him for what he's doing I've been teaching and North Carolina applicant a hole I have been teaching here for fourteen years. I have sparking your experience with a masters animate 48000. I wanted to first address which he just get that teachers don't get paid every two weeks we get paid once a month. I know that you said a few minutes candidate she teacher she has only said. Check during the school year. My district doesn't get at Detroit because we only get paid for ten months we have to only take a check for ten months we don't get paid service summer. I'm so what I really wanted to address. Was. You know we don't work during the summer we have to do it and part of the primary attending meetings. We only have to get everyday is carrying that. I'm Fulmer can't get ready for the next school year that we get paid force that we have to spend. We have to spend. Wait to report our kids says that they will behave appropriately so that they'll be activated and do well on on their schoolwork. This here I had to back on the dollar match. All the school supplies for the kids the maverick maverick from parents are the two boxes of Kleenex and one bucks a tweak or pencil. It's a little bit donated sperm charts and about Iraq. Arms then that court first student are things like Kathy battles. Domestic issues such abuse I was just as an account at bank stating. I worked in public schools North Carolina charter school and I worked in a private school. I worked in a private school because when iron children Oregon I needed that I wouldn't have time to spend with them how. So I went to work in practice that I would halftime advantage and I'm just really disappointed what I'm here on the radio this morning because. It seemed to be locked on a lot of people including use. That teachers are not at a rally today about the pay their in Raleigh today because the money that's not being spent on our education set. OK can we stop their moment that these choices were those choices made cherry. What. About where the money spent. And morality. Our districts. Doesn't choose how much money they get each year. They're given a budget and then they have to do what they can with that budget must who doesn't have an art teacher. And that's because they don't have enough money and take. Hold it hold on second cherry because. And I did your telling me that the local school systems do not have discretion as to how that money is spent. They don't have discretion on how much money they see. OK I understand the received part. The seed you've had this is where I think some more interest in discussions probably need to take place on the local level I get where we're talking about receiving money. I'm wondering how many conversations we need to have about where that money is going on the local level. And going to things like administration and overhead. Because Cheri I. I want this understood. You work. You know I I I don't have any doubt about your work ethic I don't have any doubt about that whatsoever. I do have a concern about people making over a 100000 dollars. In bureaucratic positions in the school system. When you're not making as much money and you're on the front lines of teaching or chilled. I agree that your turning the conversation again back to how much he church play. Today is not about what teachers make it about what's being spent and on schools I don't. Whereas pressure you're talking to you what a whole lot more cold than the break. You say I think we're missing each other here. But I think we're actually in agreement cherry. We'll continue the conversation after the break. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley really firm were talking we shared gonna try to do something here and stuff. Put a couple people on the same time and added Sherri you have made the point here you're you're saying this isn't about teacher salary specifically you're saying. There's there's a call here by these teachers demonstrating today they want more money. Periods for educational. Yes we want more money first report their different things that if we were definitely wouldn't care app a salary thing might. Can't think that the money spent on testing to be spent on. Like differentiated testing says students that has special needs can be tested in different ways it just shows. That they can do anything just didn't get our way we need teacher's assistant said that children have better support and work counselors. Think like that there's different people on our school buildings that front get teachers like Erica said in an hour bus drivers we need them perhaps. What they need. That's it's not about salaries that the attacks are you happened. Defending everything about my salary. For about for the last I know. Is glad don't the aircraft salary. Well I don't think anybody saying that Cheri I don't think anybody saying you don't deserve your salary. And I could flip that Allard I mean quote people or Ed but I gotta say this to you Sherry in all fairness. I and see if you're if I miss something then I would certainly stand corrected just about everything I have seen and social media. Is about teacher pay. That's about all I have seen on social media for the last few weeks it's not about what you just said to me at all. How is that message not getting through. But it's not what I've seen that of course a lot of my friends or teachers. That I don't think they'll artists. Bill legislators. That's what they've been focusing on because they don't wanna become what the real issues are. That educators are China's said that on the real issues if you have a lot of friends there educators. You're not saying that it would pay the fact that you'll see today are not about pay thought that that the prime get out there. Okay I I hope you're right they're Syria do appreciate your call and I appreciate your clarification there as to where you're coming from because I think that is. Vitally important to understand that are kind of looking on the other side of this hi Jim pockets on the line good morning Jim good start critique insert. Warned him to great to have you back. Hey thank you very much stay Q what do you think of all you've been hearing now and an antenna curious to your perspective especially following on that last caller. About the need for more money. Completely. Four for schools. This is an infuriating conversation I've had every year for 21 years. And I've I've sort of wounded Mecklenburg County board of education but more along the border cutting commissions I have a little bit of a big back grow up well with the overall funding. Mecklenburg County gives roughly 50%. Of its revenues. To education. And we do run the rest of the talent on the same. 50%. That's the library. And the sheriff's department the jail records health and human services all the welfare or the old apartment Orton Rex. Building standards. Everything held in the county of Ronald approximately the same amount of money they're reduce the amount and then supplement. So they're staging top. Why don't I don't believe it to the revenue they get from the state. So we give a dollar to education and then we run the worst but the county for a ball and I ordered YouTube all I'm hearing. Live about teacher pay and you cannot have. A legitimate discussion about future pay when you saw I think we are not very different than the private sector and get your job is in no way reflective. Oh what the problem factory. You and I've been all along that I will be more than happy to pay private sector salaries. If you gonna have private sector work conditions. Well. Fifth. I its broad. A very different by the way I mean you're likely to be transferred over burn your career. That means that you can't have a recession that picture job the way into the recession proof. I mean you do not have a defined benefit retirement you do not have health insurance for the rest of your life. Do you stay employee retirement. Isn't yet or lowered just burned in the world. But North Carolina. They are solvent when no one Oakland fault. The province or the doesn't have but there's also if you and I wanted to buy my daughter's apartment over little individuals. Yeah I mean you're not part of Cuba public middle school picture. But. There is good but the fact of the matter is you can get a job as a first grade teacher. Don't hold your salary by the time you retire and you ever change jobs but never happened in the public and the private sector. If you enter the private sector doing jobs away. And you keep doing the job April arrest you're like the olden days you really go through that would help the Libyan we encourage you not figured. You're Perry double that in the same job you thought that they don't have the responsibility. That's not reflected in situations and so that's the frustrating thing I understand their concern. But can't say I'm not very good wedge in the CPA. And a bank when your job but nothing like this who commitment. And what about this question of you know our last caller is talking about getting additional money. Out of state in general. I mean or what's the feasibility of this. Well this this they also by the way to spend about half a they don't feel little more than half of the state budget on education. So there. Is bad enough I don't know I can tell you there's huge waves and public schools ultra portability. The Border Patrol virtual and we performed extraordinarily well with a fraction of both of. Well I know I'm very familiar with charter schools to. Yes but you're right we look at the overhead it's unbelievable the superintendent about my own base. It's just who's probably the best one in the nation today when he took over fired. Not foul play an overhead employees. And turn the building towards the towards the into a magnet school and after that though they're they're bigger role but I do believe it would not the only people. Drove there's just massive overhead anything about the way in this current budget clear message bird is going to put another layer of management. You're kidding me brought Jim how in the world do we since this is what I'm talking about and and especially if you're talking about money and and teachers. And ends you seem to be confirming what I'm hearing most of what I'm hearing is about teachers getting more money. This again. Makes this sound more more like a local issue that we ought to if you wanna have marches there ought to be marches in front of the the headquarters for these school systems. To protest. The high overhead in my right about this. You're glad you like this slightly while we're paying somewhere in the neighborhood it is thousand dollars or shout. Then the American we have nothing to do a child nutrition but he haven't been married young being married to the cheapest. Of the of the superdome until. Let's talk about what we've been policy people that don't have any education and policy would talk about these multiple layers of a regional district of superintendent. Had only as always and only known. So if there's anybody ever presented a proposal to get ready these positions Jim yeah. Well yeah. Yeah yeah everybody talked about it nobody at all Abby you know they think it all on debit. And I mean I'm waiting for somebody to come along with the proposal and say. This is what we need to do let's slash all of these positions. Where where is that where's that leadership gonna come from. I have no idea the bubble and the public stage Google go to public school little bolder kind of soaked and say they don't ever really have many people from the the outside world if you will that come in and be aware of and and talk about how the private sector really work slowed the united. They're insulated from to a review every report to limit debate and vote opposite result of public education never Indy program. But our new ad or black. Yeah yeah you're right Jim Jim worked against our heart break here hold on the line just as I or one of followed with one more thing about this at. I can't believe we still have full four lines I want to continue our conversation with your pocket here. You know this is what my frustrations this is why and who complain about big government in Washington. Folks big government is closer than you think it's right around the corner. Hence if we can consider control and our neighborhoods and our communities. We may as well shut the whole thing down. Because we're gonna go bankrupt. Is still Vince Coakley radio program. Quite a discussion we've had today and Vince Coakley radio program about its education teachers and Saddam. I told Jim Puckett over. Biggest effect he's been serving as a public official for quite some time and getting that particular perspective and and discuss. This does not just my frustration about education it's so many other areas we are desperately lacking in leadership in this country. When it comes to managing. Public systems and I'm talking about local government county government state government. Where's the leadership it's gonna come along and say we cannot sustain the level at which we are spending we can't. And to ask for us to make additional expenditures. It's it's not acceptable. But unfortunately we've got people running the other way and Kentucky Republican and Democrat you can't stop them. From asking for more money. They're all doing the same thing which. And this what I wanna come back to Jim because we're at a place where. If she you know our economy is changing and so many ways to. And yet eight and you know this is a broader conversation we need to have about how we need to change education in general. We've seen costs. Not demonstrated and just as examples we have a caller talking about this earlier. Charter schools are able to do this for much much less. Well we are home schooling family we've certainly done it for much less than thousands of dollars a year. What's what's gonna change this this entire thing Jim. What's going to be that dog the one changed that's gonna move us away from this bloated system. Who were unhappy and store electing people were really stand up to him. The group B of the featured group the bureaucrats urge or whatever and start doing exactly what I'm Vermont to a now and debating facts. Not fiction and myth than than I have no interest in doing that if you won't come to me with facts and deal with the reality and I'll deal with it. But merger under the premarket protector of that. The big brouhaha right now about man accused of horrible began to have their own charter school is a fact is that. The IMF has failed those communities served very hour taking advantage of the fact that there is legislation that could be put in place. That they were distorted figure of educational. So without dolby audio bureaucracies and public schools in particular. Don't like the free the free market but that doesn't mean that you can ignored so the public will find a way. To get around this is just the problem just that we have. Have don't have a we wanted to bet and elect people who won't help them down that path. This all comes back to local controlled us in the gym. Absolutely. Absolutely all politics is local. And both groups are booted. But you also that politicians are really the you know stand up and saying yeah. Yes and I do and a double Volvo I'm. No 49%. Of people and radio and important paperwork so Romo like. And I've found over the years telling the truth. And an answering. Every question truthfully. You know at least if you want Clinton people in the Europe that makes them so let's have a debate. Let's have it for sure Jim Puckett great talk with you again I appreciate your call into the broadcast today sir. Always a pleasure would forgo an extra. I've I've got to decompress here fervent I mean this has been a pretty interesting today and act and and and I hope everybody understands what I'm saying here this is not a I'm not approaching this from strictly a numbers perspective. I'm just looking this bad this across the board. I mean I think of my parents telling me stories of these small little little schoolrooms. And it's penal. First thing they get to the school. Setting a fire. You know so they can keep the place warm I mean we're starting very primitive here. And somehow. You're you're not gonna convince me in many ways that we have. Children that are better educated now than they were back then. And I go back to the point there was raised by. Children need to be ready to learn as soon as they get to school and much of that preparation needs to be us. I am. The analogy my old feeling here I need to be more informed than I am. And it's one of the tragedies is that we're farming more and more votes as parents. I don't want to tell you and I saw this morning I because I don't want to stir that debate up. Lifts. Take a look at the day in history. If you're holding on the line you still wanna talk to the education issue we will come back to that page on the take a little break. Permits from this. And we can address this issue of education I'm sure we'll have plenty of other discussions on this beyond today and we should. What I'm calling for above all. Those of you on the line right now all of this if you Fuhrman in the sun in my voice. Is there a point we can all come together and again providing leadership on this issue because it's obvious to me politicians won't. They won't. They're gonna follow the path of least resistance. What are the groups that are lobbying them today. These the people Nike MI door asking for money. OK we don't give it to Rome or words they're going to run us out of office or whatever the consequences are going to be. They're gonna be portrayed as being anti child anti education whatever ideas. There's a point you've just got to say whoo freaking cares. We need to do what's right we need to do what is Smart for 2018. Not what's looked good back in 1970. And if they look the same. You gotta ask the question why why are weak. Or even worse. You've got more. Bloated administration now than you did before. Serious questions need to be raised here. Christopher provide the leadership to take us to the next level who's going to do that. Our rights. 43 after the hour let's take a look at the day in history. To go down two months ago in our Greeneville studio. And so how are you doing today min. Until well hey welcome to the Alonso count since take your shoes off with Liu toes around decompress a little bit don't worry about the guys in the studio and the smell they can handle it's going to be all right. Thank you I so appreciate that. That's why you're here you come up those cornfields. Let's go to the first question in many teams warning now paid. The first awards of this type handouts is now. 1929. I cannot give her. All right and what is the original title what is the other name there no Academy Award. You're right and the reason I say this the first awards were handed out 1929. Did not become known as the Oscars until 1931. 1963. Gordon Cooper was his name. And he was involved in project Mercury emissions. What did he do as part of this mission. One in the space. Okay. That's a good thing. There's more to this but we're gonna have to get to and after the break as we've got a great coming appeared. We'll finish this London and go to the next question which is something it's driving me up the wall in fact I found a lot of people agree with me on this subject. Rula. Touch on that much more as we continue to broadcast. Is 44 minutes after 11 o'clock. It is 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch of events took the radio firm on this Wednesday and sweeps and a good part of it talking about teachers and please understand and I. Communicated during the last segment. I'm all for teachers I'm all for education. I'm also for. Reform. It's time for us to think about how we can do this. Much more effectively and takes more calls on this in just a bit were having fun with loans are talking about the date in history. And I I really. Put a difficult question to him and this one relates to you something that happened on this day in history. Way way way way back. And he probably was even born during that time so I got to cut them perhaps cool were you warned her not to. I was not actually this was two years before I was born. Really. Astronaut Gordon Cooper Prodi did you see. Orbited the earth 22 times it's never easy answer for 63. 1963 for. Grunin Cooper there's no way you have what got you know what she could about us this is not appropriate for me to. Tell you how give offenses you should just ask me how many times he orbited the earth. A year ago I mean I mine had a shot at a probably would know but at least that that's you know I told you it's very difficult thing 1991. And that this person. Became the first British monarch to address the US congress. Who once it. First person first monarchy in 1991. How to address the US congress. Prince Charles. Hall who. Was actually Queen Elizabeth the Second I figured it was it an Elizabeth when I was I couldn't remember how old do you want to use he's pretty old. She's up there. So I hunger it's a commitment ordinance for us to talk about age it's politically incorrect soon. You've committed the end part of us deadlines though you should be ashamed of yourself alive shame to queen like I care. Hey that's that's a good lead in are you going to watch any of the royal wedding that's coming up. I don't even know what it is and I know it's been mentioned on the news and everything out of paying attention not good for you. I'm glad you don't care you. Are still part of the guy club so. You taught literature and well as far as I don't feel like to see try to take my man card but still. Well news. Until. A junior Brad this story that happened this guy in Greenwood. There's this is one of the most bizarre story she'd come across for Tony in the morning Saturday. They spotted a naked man running in the road. Near recorder south main and curtsy avenue. This woman 56 year old woman and wonder why she was out for 20 in the morning anyway she Auburn obviously you've never been to Greenland. Or gave explains it. Any case the victim here. 56 year old Keith Norman Weytman. Very distraught told officers she was on the run the reason he was on the run the if you heard this yet this one on the this bizarre stories are senior. He was being attacked by snakes. That was why he was running around distraught naked. Now he explained the officers who was partly his fault he'd been looking for the snakes. Until he's looking for some support or it up or a oh my goodness and here's where it gets really creepy. That's when he says the snakes sneaked up on him and got into his pants. I don't see us at this is natural for this report it. He advised the states began to bite him while he was walking down the road it. Did he say where the snakes were fighting Jihad. Digital snakes bite him he began to undress on the side of the road in plain view motorists. When new and I didn't. He advised he then began running away from the snakes there or it is close. And the use trying to get the home a family member Wynn police stopped him that's when they came across some. No cops say they found only his pants. Near the Health Department on south main no other elements of clothing also said they did not see any snakes what a surprise. What do you think is the other important element of the story we're about ready to find out. I can't wait. I think somebody in the studio guests Charles. Tipping the bottle. He appeared to be intoxicated. The report sets but he denied having consumed alcohol prior to this snake attack. So anyway by the way way away as a public service announcement you need to find out what this guy was drinking and so people can stay away from the that's probably a good idea if the crisis is it a question of what he was streaky or the amounts. That could be a problem too. Any case officers. Offered him a ride taking to the hospital for an examination. Ultimately took a trip to jail but in charge of indecent exposure to other another question are there and dash cam Holland. Well I wanna know how many CD cops actually looking forward to snakes our new. Effort they've put in Milliken for Smith yeah I'd be curious to see how much time that probably took about what a minute or two written in the and we move on as something else. My goodness I'm really concerned sometimes. The things that police get pulled into the next time you come tout new and are gone Greenwood. Oh really what what are we gonna do agree with what for snakes well okay we'll look for states to. Well I'm gonna make sure that the bottom of my pants are very much secured so. I don't have to worry about them much creepy. Into places they do not belong. Alonso thanks for helping me in the broadcast on I'm a late knows have a little fun here. We will continue our conversation about education in many other important things don't worry about it. Any case have sells a great day and god bless you. Take care. It is still Vince Coakley radio program.