New Law for Pregnant SC Workers, Birth Rate Down in US

Vince Coakley Podcast
Thursday, June 7th

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From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so the liberty. This is no fits Coakley radio program. Good Thursday morning welcome the broadcast glory to be back with you. Lots of interest in things going on. Here in the Carolinas and beyond. I wanna start off with a story. Of heroism. And it's not very far away. Not. Very far away at all. I don't know how many have you especially the F stated may have seen this story. The dramatic rescue an eleven month old baby. The family's apartment caught fire. This happens. On Tuesday. Part of the building was engulfed in flames the child's mother leaned out a window dropped the infant. In to be sure hands him a neighbor. Who's winning on the ground. My goodness what they're not scare you to death if you that neighbor. To be entrusted. We if catching. This child. My goodness. The mother would later escape the flames by jumping out the second story window. Of this complex this was in Anderson. Travis tore the Anderson fire department told the independent mail. This could have been much much worse. And we're very grateful that it wasn't. I know. How many times I get these texts. Of working fires. And should. They're a threat. Lives are at risk. So many times. And again. Here's an incident where. One person made a difference. Turns out. It was a marine who cut the baby. Not looking for any credit for his heroism. The assistant fire chief Michael Guest. Cindy just said who did what he had to do. The fire actually guided one apartment. Three others were damaged. The fires start because of unattended cooking you know many times that happens. That's probably one of the most common causes. The fires at home. Unattended cooking. So that's a word to the wise. It was definitely unintentional. Ends. He goes on the say we're so glad that baby. Was out. Without any significant injuries. The baby did suffer some bruising. But this story. Again big difference made. By this marine who is the right place the right time. Just stepped up to the plate to be good neighbor that's really all the years. Fire investigators are saying this fire started on the top floor. And one in the residence. Mentioning they were any bottom unit. So I'm just grateful we are all okay we love spoke damage our unit some my neighbors. Must even more than we did. But everybody's grateful specially. For this eleven month old baby. Just some minor bruising. On balance. I'd say that's a good ending to this story would you not agree. Another interest in story. On the local front. New support for pregnant women in the workplace. Passage of a bill that protects them from discrimination on the job. These South Carolina pregnancy accommodations act it requires employers to make existing facilities. Readily accessible for women to express milk and lost more frequent or longer breaks including bathroom breaks. And it enables women to sick more often their job requires stand. This is great common sense legislation. That's awesome. It has been signed into law by a governor Henry McMaster. They're requires employers to provide reasonable. And that's the key word here reasonable accommodations to employees for medical needs arising from pregnancy childbirth. Or related medical conditions. Justice and aside. I remember especially. The leak was the first pregnancy. For my wife. And I think the biggest symptom she experienced. Was exhaustion. She was just tired and sleepy. And there are times. For lunch breaks she would just crawl under the desk and go to sleep and take a short nap when it. I think that's the kind of team this is talking about here they're just you know what's interesting. With all of the focus on homogenized singing the sexual identities of people. This is not another reminder. Of the reality of physiological. Differences between males and females. And between pregnant females and non pregnant females. This is you know it's it's it's just common sense to recognize they're going to need rest they're going to need to go to the bathroom more often. And when they. Are in the situation. Whether taking care of a an infant. They're going to be some additional meets. Nothing wrong with a accommodating those this is not at all. Overly burdensome. For employers I would love to hear or your perspective on this and again this is something. That is for South Carolina. I think this is absolutely positively awesome. You know it's especially important in light of what I share which you few weeks ago remember what I said about what's going on with the birth rate. That we've reached a point. Where we hit a lull. In. Our birth rate. We need to reproduce if for no other reason. To continue. There I mean we can talk about continuing in the promoting America and Americanism. But if we're dying out if we're not any healthy reproduction rates. We will literally find ourselves. And it's. I don't know. Outnumbered on our own soil. So that I can ultimately happened we're not in the same kind of danger and make it very clear we're not in the same kind of danger. As Europe. I mean they are in a death spiral culturally we're not there yet. But this is another example of we can take that added step. Just to make it more comfortable. And make. Women and for new mothers. Is that a difficult thing to do. Is that complicated. I don't think so. I'd love to get your thoughts your perspective on this coming up. We're going to talk abouts James coldly and the FBI. Parts of report have been leaked doubts. And the conclusions about James call me. Well let's just say they're not very flattering that much more so we continue our broadcast of the Vince Coakley radio program on this Thursday morning. And we loved it sure perspective on this. And let's start off here. By eight. Ending something else that I think it is really essential. I've talked many times in this program about our relationships. I'm in the midst of working on some projects that include this program. And one of the things that's. I would like to see. And I hope you you will be with me on this is for us to move in a direction is more. Relationship and people oriented. Rather than tribalism orientation. Can we work on this together. And I think this conversation. In very much be an important part of this. We'll talk about this and much more as we continue Arthurs to broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Twenty minutes after Tenneco such and I wanna tell you about some breaking news developing right now in the upstate. Greenville county swat team has been activated after shots were fired at deputies this morning. Deputies from Greenville county sheriff's office responded to 383 Gibson drive. And there's a follow up investigation for previous incident that happened around 9:30 this morning. When deputies arrived on the scene they encountered a suspect who opened fire on the deputies refer going back inside the insurance. And this is an ongoing situation. When we find out more about this we will certainly pass it on you again. Swat has been activated after shots were fired Ed Greenville county deputies. Will continue to follow this story and bring you any updates as we get them over on the sex line. By the way. I want to drink a trickster who brought that story to our attention. We started talking about this new legislation that requires employers to make accommodations for pregnant women and mothers. This texture says I'm a 61 year old male I'm tired and wanna sleep all day do you think I might be pregnant. And I knew that was coming I know he's being facetious. But let's go out through comments here from. Ryan good morning Ryan. Print or dark you while you don't pay June last year. So I gotta tell you heard. I know IE you've got to her guns and whenever I hear this story that you regrettable that a proper straight. I can't help with snack bar out of a quarter. Create a market say some of the combat troops that we hear in the media about really cursory. Pray for it came time to retreat date night you probably read something about how automation is causing job. What what that story does it measures society and civilization I pool that we passed it that we are past eight years ago. Or or a hundred years. The overall in this scene it was back and Abby they have having to have a birth rate of four point five people per family. It is not the way it works anymore. And it shouldn't work that way anymore because we don't need nearly that many people at least. If we hold on a second Ryan I don't think anybody's mandating that we have to have. A certain number of people wanna I wanna be very clear about that and I would never tell anyone to do that but shoot you do understand the replacement rate rate. They you have to have yet to have more people born in dot. Exactly and any given any any given society or. Or country and it would you agree with me for instance that in places like Russia and parts of Europe. That's many of these places will not be the same fifty years from now just for this reason. And now we need Taylor that understand what you created grant for the got you it became your language will it be the same. What changes growth for growth is but it's critical we could say that we will be better. Rank. Jay Wright I mean you're you say advocacy your lover a lot in with your audience yet updated the way you communicate the audience. Better. What you save this story did you read matter and the word that you used. Latter finally got try to free people our effort to scare people. And you cannot make any money for Trojan. What I'm saying is that. The wave that you way to put it felt so terrible it's not where there are developed world has too many people. Retarded people Yemen and one point ignorant people Chris are they what are. Right right see each story that we have. Then that we and we present them we have to change yet I'm not singing when you when you offer propaganda believe me that it column. I I want to true maturity or Courtney Gingrich is the only blue light on the planet. Because we have so much so when you are right. Being told all the power and that type routine and it's short sale rock for sale what are what are you were not Sox know. Itself well. There are Nigeria I hear you Ryan Andy here here's here's the let me just ask you this question you agree. That this is an individual country issue it's certainly not a global issue in terms of people because as you described and the irony is. The places we have the least concerns about population are the places where they are least able to take care of themselves. Prefer compressed it's so it's kind of ironic and I thought this net even within our own country. Isn't it odd when when I see these people with these huge homes most of the time they have fewer children. We have an article without any achievements include American exceptional items. It's different here it is different the world the way we do things the way we've done and look into the future. We're not perfect. But I you have to understand without a patient with technology all the vote change that you know what you're going to hear people complain about how China taken over all that's. Because we allow them to two Q are manufactured. What what can happen all the main factory sector when street going becomes its current parliament tragedy be obsolete they're fair economy here crashed through. You end and again it's so hard to see that because the pool at the arts and try to you know dot our. It's all changed there's no question about it he always great to talk to your Ryan end. Certainly do you call again as quickly go to Chris out of more is real good morning. Amy I don't think women to have any more rights and they've already got. Lauren who were morning look at. Real I mean there are you know you want to be treated equally OK don't have a kid do the job. Hope this. He'll have a kid then you know you risk losing your job give me a story. That's sit down more just have a baiting you or did it work one of the to make a good month. Oh man Chris is story about appear thanks for your call Chris. I have a feeling they're gonna be some ladies colleague in the probably be some guys too that are going to take issue with what he had to say. But I you know what. I get where he's coming from from the staying stay import of emphasizing equality rights. These nets the message that is generally out there. But the importance of treating everybody the same T discos and the idea again of discrimination. Is it a bad thing to discriminate in a good way to recognize. That some people are going to have different. Needs we do this for the disabled do we not. Lots of interest in conversation including James combing the FBI coming up on the Vince Coakley radio program. Joining me eight minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. I love this text Vince gave a great job to stay home barefoot and pregnant with a great husband I'd love it. That is cool. This new law would not be necessary food tip keep from putting our once in front of our children's needs. Mom should be home with the children none out chasing the career somewhere who. What else do we have here. Well the issue is not too many people the problem is lack of productivity and efficiency and usually caused by oppressive governments. And or violence. That certainly. Is an issue. Pence to increase birth rate is great as long as they're being raised him provided for by their parents not government subsidies. I would certainly agree with that's. Great comment there from John out of topic in this and we'll continue to follow that breaking news out of Greenville county statements. This is this Coakley radio program. 1036. I'm Vince Coakley radio program 36 minutes after. 10 o'clock. We're talking about these new provisions of law passed in South Carolina that just basically calls for. More accommodations for women in the workplace who may be pregnant or. Lure new mothers who have babies. This again is in South Carolina getting your thoughts on this and how this impacts the workplace we had a caller actually suggesting you know these are special privileges for women shouldn't we all be treated the same. Isn't this what women have been pushing for for years. Jack what do you say. Well if everybody wants to be equal that's fine but there should also be provisions permanent. And what about other things that I read about recently mister Coakley is that smokers. There is somewhere I read an America where nonsmokers. Are suing their employer. For more pay because the people who go out smoking brakes are working last. I home my goodness that's pretty clever I liked that way and. Yeah I mean how parent let me just people of one of my job I've got Soriano and yeah I would try to get worked. And my guy he's up every 45 minutes are smoking for. You know what you make a great point they're jacked I mean. There's no way around the fact that the it has an impact on productivity doesn't. Yeah what a what happens next people or you are smoking marijuana like a my dad that's for Colorado. I don't itchy though. And I got the mind she's. So I need more time for our medical. Started to see that's fine but if you're the man you have a medical need part of an eight Asia about it and it. Or are people who pick up the slack men or women should get more money. While you give us a lot to consider their Jack I do appreciate your car this morning oh my goodness. You just never know where these conversations are gonna go to some times you really police say you're hungry. Then. You're always hungry. And it's my hunger parties not really big problem it's what happens after. Never brought it. Lets you group forgotten that takes it a what a. Let's see Vince I have the solution to the declining birth rates and a shortage of worker bees need fill jobs we need to round up the twelve to fifteen million illegal immigrants. And where is the rest of this. It's not an error that's not good. Anyway. Which we down here. All of these illegals along with these worthless dreamers deport them. Worker shortage solved well supposedly that's already been solved. As of yesterday we heard reporting by Baghdad are now more jobs than there are people looking for jobs. That's kind of cruel costly worthless. Pencil rough. Anyway also on the text line. When the world is this person saying. Equal opportunity feminist feminism equal rights. Well having a baby is an extracurricular activity you know special treatment I'm female events I've had two children. Okay. I'm a woman I really agree with Chris if you want children stay home and raise them at least stay home while there are still nursing. Anger eight. Two words inequality. Animal farm. Another sixty saying you're referring to Chris sounds like Chris probably never had a girlfriend. Today. Since now you think China is lifting its age old one child per couple policy got to replace those old worn out worker bees. In expand economic domination. Let us see here the first you made reference to smoking I've personally experienced that on smoking guys used to start smoking. Just to give more breaks at a plant in North Carolina. That's pretty lame. I smoke and I produce more from my company than for other employees put together it's not smoking hitch lace it yes. Late. And what else do we have here. Vince I need to save up to. Resisting from my back working case I wanna go home and make a baby's. Okay. All right. That Israel their interest in let's start by James combing because we have an interesting story developing. Abouts the internal investigation. Into the Justice Department. Here's the conclusion we start with the James Komi did five authority at times during his tenure as FBI director. This according to sources familiar with the draft report on the matter in other words there was a leaked this draft report. One source told ABC news the draft report explicitly used the word. In subordinate to and to describe comb his behavior another source agreed that characterization. But could not confirm the use of the term. The draft reports inspector general Michael Horwitz ulcer reviewed former attorney general. Loretta lynch for handling of the a federal investigation and Hillary Clinton's personal email server. Just sounds like there's lots of criticism to grow around. By the way. On Tuesday morning president trump complained of numerous delays the release. That final report from mr. Horwitz. This is expected to run several hundred pages long I often wonder. How do you producer report that long. I mean and and what's to what ends. OK here's skeptical Vince again. Where's this gonna lead silly including guys in subordinate or whatever are there any consequences. I'm betting not. Do you think there'll be consequences. For crummy or for the rail lynch of course not too. None of trump what is taking so long with the inspector general's report on crooked Hillary and slippery James combing owed that that's a new when there. So livery Jane Steve or me. Hope the report is not being changed and made weaker. There's no indication the president is seen or Woolsey a draft in this report before it's released Horowitz however. Could revise the draft report now the current and former officials mentioned amid have offered their responses to the inspector general's conclusions. Almost from the start the long way to report was expected to chastise combing. For his handling of the Clinton related probe. How I don't know you know where I'm coming from of this stuff. I'm not a big fan of these investigations. Because I think unless you're planning to do something amiss this possibility of being able to take some sort of action. I'm just not sure they have any value. You agree disagree. I need. You know I just think it's never waste of paper. Lots of paper not just a paper to print it on the but also the paper money. That was used to pay for this nonsense. You're Vince Coakley radio program. At 44 minutes after the anything it's gonna come of this at all. I'm just very skeptical. On the Tex lines and start what do go to whitehouse dot gov sign the petition for mandatory. So what else like to know why can't we hold officials in Sanctuary Cities for crimes on aiding illegals and I think that's fair questions. Should be a felony for anyone in this country illegal. You know instead of adding a misdemeanor would say you. Many and I'm all for it ball for it. You again what's the purpose of the law if you're not going to enforce it and if you continue to have difficulty. You might need to step of the classification of the crime. And the penalty along with it. And I think government official should not be exempt. Brand. This is this Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley radio program and I told you I don't spend this much time on. As others and in I'm not judging anybody on this on this entire home me. You know investigation. Going on with Russia collusion Muller. All this nonsense is that I'm convinced. Is 99.9. Percent white noise. Kind of reminds me there's expression I heard years ago. When all is said and done there will be a whole lot more said than done. I I think that's where we are. Including on this report. Once it's released. Now I would love to be approved draw there ultimately somebody's held accountable. Short behavior. That should be unacceptable. But it's not going to happen you know government pretty much. Government people do whatever they hell they want with impunity because they know there's no consequence. Bush out of mores Phil good morning. I'd go to my call them. I know that you ran for office once I wish you sure got him within your people like you. Thanks. Mike I have to question that you don't mind. The first one is. Any idiot governors like brown and California. But Clinton's new and Obama. When they gave all that money away to a rant. The one point seven million dollars or whatever was cut aiding and abetting and giving comfort of the enemy air force that is treason. For example the Governor Brown out there everybody else wanted them up thirteen gang members here. Whoever it is they're defending these people again after all American people I mean that's treasonous what he's saying. I am a hard time arguing against which you've said here I mean I ate. Here's the scary thing about it butch you've got these folks have a constituency. Right here in Thai American people and in their anti American makes me you know there their perspectives. They have an audience there are plenty of people who embrace. It's self destructive ideas. Will just put it that way. And as long as their quota is always are voting for those people how are you ever going to prosecute them. Well that's true I don't think it's gonna happen anyway. I agree I think it's pretty unfortunate but the question I have for you. Because I know your rent property but let me ask you this memo before your answer. This national debt that we have. Why can't the government that terabyte of cinema itself like any other business can do or homeowner. And just start from zero all of the view what you've got to say. How hold on a second free girl I'm not sure I crest pure question. He was something about starting from zero. I'm not sure what you mean by doing that I did me the closest thing and maybe this is partially where you're going with this. I think it's pretty amusing. And who is Ron Paul two years ago who suggested. That the Federal Reserve outages here up. All of the notes. All of the debt. That we all. Now there's this may sound kind of crazy and surface. But the truth of the matter is they have manufactured money. Is what he's saying. And there's really no money. That is changed hands here. This is all in many ways it's smoke and mirrors. And the Federal Reserve should just turn up. I may not be completely explaining this the right way. I think that may be close to explaining in answered your question. I mean the bigger question is indeed because it doesn't matter even if we were to get rid of all of the debt that we have now. If you Eddie and that we talk about 20/20 one trillion. Our unfunded liabilities. Are in the neighborhood of 120. Trillion. Dollars. So even if you were to get rid of all of the national debt today. We're still in trouble. And the reason is. All of the transfers that are taking place from one taxpayer to another. Using the US treasury to transfer money from one group of citizens to another. How many people do you know a lot there. Who were interest in him having this conversation. It is not happening. And you know why it's not happening nobody wants to talk about this. Because what it involves. If you're gonna have to make some cuts somewhere you're gonna have to see at some point you're going to have to stop. Giving people other people's money. So where you going to start. A certainly not gonna campaign on that I'll tell you that much to share our number two straight ahead right here the Vince Coakley radio program. At 54 minutes after the hour. We are also following that breaking news. We told you about just a few minutes ago swat situation in Greenville county. Deputies responded to to an incident Don Gibson drive in Greeneville. Reference to an investigation for previous incident that occurred this morning. When the deputies arrived. They senator suspect who opened fire on them. Before the suspect went back into the residence. At this point we don't have any update yet when we do. We will certainly pass that along to you. They were following any other breaking news that may develop. During the course of this broadcast no reason to go anywhere else. Conversation. Breaking news all of it right here. On this broadcast. Still this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. And I was elected to represent. The citizens of Pittsburg. Harris exposing real. Saturation there aren't too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for me that's like OJ Simpson saying don't go out and find the real. I would ever trooper Bryce just follow what we'll call we had and it was pretty much what I thought my. Program observer. Months ago. Was prompting me reminding me that miscarriage of his question was all we can we as a country declare bankruptcy. That's what it amounts due. Fans there's an interesting item on this. That goes back to when was the story. June 22 2016. In a discussion on CBS. About how he would handle America's crushing debt Donald Trump said he used the same approach he used for his businesses. Renegotiate the debt in other words walk Americans reform of national bankruptcy. Now when pressed. By the anchor at on this about the very severe consequences of such an act. These self described king of debt immediately reversed himself saying I would renegotiate the debt. Trump's talk about renegotiating not renegotiating the national debt came during a larger discussion as economic policies with CBS hostess. Norah O'Donnell. Here is. How was discussed the current plan and you put forward independent economic analysts have looked at it and said it would ahead. Gillen this votes. Thirty trillion dollars to the deficit. Because you going to reduce taxes you're not going to cut entitlements. There's some questions about this. Donald Trump said I'm going to bring back jobs going to bring back businesses Roy to have people come into our country I'm the king of debts. I agree with debts nobody knows debt better than me I made a fortune by using debt. I already. Just a little reminder. Of what happened back during the 2016 campaign. By the way here's one source. On this subject the total debt required by the federal government Washington DC is approaching 21 trillion dollars however. The bankruptcy code does not provide a chapter that would enable the federal government. To file bankruptcy. Fortunately. The United States of America has its own printing press. Corps who wrote this. I'm not gonna try to be nice tonight using words your described dispersant. How is that an advantage how is that fortunate. Then the United States has a printing press Kim week. Edit this in fact I need decision this person whoever posted this this is not true the United States of America does not I'm referring press. The Federal Reserve has a printing press. There's a difference. This is why Ron Paul says we outages tear this up. Because all it is is invade invented money. Notice earned this money nobody has produced this money. Someone who simply created this money out of thin air that's with the Federal Reserve has done they've printed money. Sure it. In oh really make you mad to even think about it. And this. Will continue. We just as far as I know there's really no serious conversation taking place. About how to stop the madness. It's. My goodness. And this is where I've said can you show me a difference between the trump administration. On this subject. Between the trump administration and the Obama administration. And the Bush Administration. And the Clinton administration. And the Bush Administration. What we're doing is continuing a pattern. That's been going on for quite some time and we really haven't changed at all. So. Here we are 28 team. 2001 and seventeen years ago we entered Afghanistan. What do we have to show for it. There's a part of me I India on this test me kick in the guts or maybe somewhere else. For those who have served. In Afghanistan or had family member members serve and they've lost their lives. Ashraf Ghani. Who is the president of Afghanistan has told security forces to cease operations. Against the Taliban until June 20 this is a cease fire. He announced a temporary cease fire with the Taliban until June 20. We don't know whether. The Taliban has agreed to. Why is the Taliban still exist after all these shears. Just asking what are we to what we've been doing what was all. Of that blood and treasure for. Can somebody explain this to me. In a televised address Ghani said that fighting against other armed groups such as the Islamic states. Will continue. He told security forces to cease operations against the armed group until June 20. Coinciding with the end of fasting month of Ramadan. This cease fires says is an opportunity for the Taliban's intra expect that they're violent campaign is not winning them hearts and minds but further alienating. With the ceasefire announcement. We have to minimize the chance the Afghan government will of the people for a peaceful resolution. To the Afghan. Conflict. Her gosh it. This is just so frustrating and so many ways. So frustrating. When I get your thoughts. Especially if you've had some connection to Afghanistan maybe you know someone who served. Maybe you know someone who. Lost a life or relative. Who lost someone over there I'd love to hear your thoughts about what we've accomplished there. Or not accomplish for that matter. Be very curious to find out by the way what did you shifts today. I mentioned the appropriations process. You remember him Mitch McConnell Mitch for Karl here amount. We're going to. Teamster senate in session for most of August we're not going to take our usual August recess. I don't care to Democrats wanna go out and campaign and spread lies about me and Paul Ryan. And how we are good and we're getting things done for the American people. I don't care about them. We go work they're sure hard to make sure we get things done for the American people and doing it a bipartisan way. Anyway. Yesterday. I was curious about what's going on the appropriations process Joyce center text. Too good for reminding congress I would share the contents of that coming up. On the Vince Coakley radio program 14 minutes after 11 o'clock. One of the stories. We'll also talk about coming up. I ate briefly touched on this yesterday. Today we're gonna jump right in and talk about it. Pure search ball almost seven in ten Americans have news fatigue. And you know where it's most predominant this news fatigue among Republicans. I think that's kind of interest. As a person who has worked in the TV news business. I can tell you I had news fatigue as I mentioned to you and I don't watch local TV news anymore. Doesn't know nothing personal against anybody it's. Just something I don't see much value. But let's me put it right now. We'll jump right in and discuss this and much more it's fourteen minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 20 minutes after 11 o'clock. I'm Vince Coakley radio program we're talking about Afghanistan the investment. Of lives. And of treasure. And it's you know I raised the question what do we have to show for this. Now we're seeing a cease fire declared by the president of yep Afghanistan. What was this all four. Maybe it's it's heartbreaking to me it really is. Let's get some perspective on this firm Chris good morning Chris. Other goal or an odor. Ha. That was pretty I thought that I don't vote their computer I'm sure you do my goodness. Yes there's that there's those of you not familiar there's a joke behind this but you may Syria and. But that they are. I saw I don't watch the new program on the History Channel. The eight the name of it fitted baiting me but it's that's about volunteers. That are fighting with our Marines and armed forces. Back Alvarado voluntary basis. Yeah and it's quite enlightening. These guys governor fight and they hit the other the biggest. Fitting that I hear them talking about is are keeping the fight over their keeping an op of American soil and helping the people of Afghanistan. On the turmoil and he and beat the rain of baht. Of these people over over the people that stand there I'll bet they're trading on their killed on the they're doing all these atrocious thing to home so you know we undertake to insult you suspect that. You know we're maybe not saving American lives on the same page that we are helping those that live. In Afghanistan. And it's really ought to put a perspective an award but these guys that are over there why are not on their hands up in the air what doting here wire what are the sport they. They feel like they've got to cause the mission. And they're dedicated it through that and I I hate I have a lot of family in the military have got a lot of belly has done to her dog there praise the lord that they all returned safely with all of their lambs. Umpire you know that that's basically in the day I think where we got to hang our hat is where these guys are fighting there. They're they're determination and and there are a motivation. You want to fight and their highly motivated. Yet there's no question about that and and we bring him nothing but praise for those who served our country in that way appreciate your call their Chris. You know if it's the politicians that screwed this all up that's what's so frustrating about this. We talked about Afghanistan and also our debts and our ongoing financial situation. This texture since two presidents get rid of the Federal Reserve notes and they disappeared. After that can you name them home. Yeah. Our next crisis will be debt driven. Team create all the jobs and economic growth you want it won't matter. There's no desire by anybody to do anything about it yep. This is what I've been expressed in the concern about. Other text you're saying these Federal Reserve notes is the same as bitcoin. Just made up has no value behind it. Another person the value of US currency is the eye of the beholder nothing more. Mikey for us chickens and cows are good at math. But. Even balancing the budget will be painful at this point the weight into the chickens come home to roost to even begin to care about addressing it. And that's how this works is niche waiting until crisis. Vince how come when the Republicans are in power we must do things in a bipartisan way below the Democrats are in power elections have consequences. Yeah I know here that all the time. Sad thing is until benefits get delayed the majority of the public we will not care about budget deficits when the national debt either. Here's Texas saying you're pretty much a politician really come lines. What are you smoking out there. Politician. Stand good morning welcome share. Than Terry is born right here. Alleviate some of the think about here come back plan error happened on Lebanon where you go out this year the open and say are Afghanistan's. If you had a problem and you haven't heard back over here. The first thing you would pit stop them would be to increase. The security put up or will keep people out. That kind of that kind of thing instead of what we did as we left the border open and went out there. Are. Going to command. I wish I could. It doesn't make any sense does it stand with our. We're gonna have to pay a nefarious treason then other than what we hope that we actually went out of there. Yep have you heard by discussion about Libya by the way. Are not we were discussing this just a few weeks ago. And and there's a story. Once probably you have to look back weeks to find this but do Google search you can find this. I'm. Our intervention Libby had absolutely nothing with a reason to do with reasons that we're given supposedly was. Concern about instability and terrorist and all this other stuff. The reality is. That's Bolivian leader Moammar Gadhafi was causing his people to prosper. And he was planning to set up an alternative economic system not only for Libya but for the entirety of the African continent. He wanted them to be free and independent. From the Federal Reserve and the IMF and all of these other. Robert parents. I meant that I want permanent government since. I don't wow you know the problem is just several local government at some point in the future. And all the what are you gonna have a world government is to have more current and I think that's what the ultimate goal is not think that's what works it's fine. Stand I think your right on the money here that's that's the goal it's all about control appreciate your call. On the money lose that creek on their lips pretty good. Preston you get about thirty. They bit analog and brother are frustrated out of Ali we're going to OK yes. I can whatever pastor commercial break you're like I got that backwards you know gives a preview that would give us a preview headlines. Basically the way if that works that yes. Not yet been made a lot of people out there doable locals in the know people like to get to the people here and neighbors of Afghanistan in order brought in order to have the biggest problem they have their decision. Didn't like quarterback until that time that you're giving people more and more literate. Not that you modern control Afghanistan that the public is over there's 80% of the people cannot read rights there quick enough margin and in modern society. What could be delayed volatile part of Obama who aren't so. Yeah that's that's a huge problem with got to put shut hold Preston. Yes we will hold true with a break into gene that discussion near the Vince Coakley radio program. And it's twenty eights minutes after the hour limit like. You know it's it's going to be interesting to hear more of this discussion with Preston and get his first inexperience. I've noticed the number of his FaceBook posts and you know I've wondered you know what is what is going on there are behind the scenes because he knows what happens with media attention it's dissipated. You know early on you know it was a sexy thing to cover. Q especially when you have a Republican presidents that you can blame for things you know like so called atrocities all that other stuff. Once you have Democrats empowered nobody cares and now it's just a matter of time. It's been seventeen years. Nobody cares about this place anymore I mean I'm just being brutally honest. Let's find out a little more of what's happening. And our conversation continues with Preston after the break. This is so is Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock to Vince Coakley radio program. Before the break we started talking to Preston. Who. This just speculating about Afghanistan speaking from afar he has been there done that literally. And it's great to have the opportunity here from him again. And Tellme Preston. What is it like there are. Look alike there what you outside the problems in the American port operations basis. I'll a lot of but in the Third World countries. Powell. Basically does you know these these people have that all resources. And more education. Not a government vertical route as we know well. Pretty much it looked like on the border you know. You have an abundance you don't get a word in natural resources and gas development of the park here that that the burned tires plastic some. You know the place so they want the very primitive society in the way they survive. The very traditional problem the way they are. Other than listening to their regions. Well. You know the biggest problem about that they're still assert your life did you study ought to be collection that theirs is 7000 more. And Afghanistan they're very free and open societies via back at university in the city of Kabul and our other places. We'll be military involvement and then he sort of irony in there are those in the end zone there for Afghanistan. Not a militant Islam. They're an old game and took over the government. Over their ability to grow. Agriculture that is that they could circle to start drug or drugs then I hurt you know actual fruit and vegetables. And basically that's societies that corruption for the last. I'm 45 years old about that forty plus years. Kevin is it worse lately they're all. Inability to have the opportunity to do better and how these can actually get something setup and we're certainly gave people. And making the part about who is the other common basis invited freedoms and liberties in the other people have been deployed don't know how they'll note that they're there a couple of part of their farm subsidy. One thinks I'm curious about an and I just wanna be very blunt about this settle Preston. What is been the net. Impact of our intervention there over seventeen years. And I think there's not that'd be assault from ourselves or for eight years and then Mitt conduct of their greatness and in other countries. Just Kuwait Oman Saudi Arabia is by being the actual you know Arab countries involved developed. We have built them all of us that actually successful countries in these countries. In fact there's very little we're seeing more like the British courts have been waiting some say forty years ago received more than occupiers. Are actually rumors. Head is on the people in the industry that is in the case of the quality. But it bothers you dispute that rhetoric and examples of their surges. These people did get an art to be what does it for you have to get the wonderful about it over the bad that is education. And the other problem that is here. They did a major issue there. Oh man it's it's frustrating and if if we're gonna put you in charge. And you had the task of changing what we're doing there. To root to meet the needs issue described it based on your own knowledge and experience. What would you change. Of course led to the bar all the generals and other drugs in the government. They had me at your suburb Randy Wolf the elections and protect the people being intimidated some of the open. Hopefully we'll let me know that I Iraq. They re establish the government by the people for the people they didn't go public not yet know what to democracy well it's Republicans did not do. They'll be able standup with a nose right and everything up do the people there whether he's twenty years old city seventy years old is that they want everything in life. They also turned the ball security. They'll they'll be there mammals and outside of that in the middle of the freedom the thing that we have every religion freedom of press freedom of speech and how. Their second and right so there they do everybody here's got Afghanistan so that other words we're about that as a problem sometimes there's too many guns. I'm not a credit of that at the same target over there it's the underdog problem. So corrupt government control you know Afghanistan as a country that was not just him and as fresh water almost for the Asian countries don't have that. They'll Wallace or get help or I was a sudden you have an elevation. And then the president forever and the police and Afghanistan have all the best part of being tired of the bottled water was very important that we saw that water to drink out of the ballpark but it is. Now because they have better resources but I think Bob is what the government officials in the general's. It's hard and sold them all right the Chinese and Russians when they're coming in of their lower rate in this country environmental. Considered complain about the movie you're fighting here and those are things that you know this legacy began to recover things. Complacent averaged well. Over there at the strip and decided the Russians are coming in eastern got medals without doing anything to. Reclaim the Lander that is better than is available on the side and it's critical it. And other governments are selling out they're national resource they did actually. You know. Build plants so overall. Aggregate plant and until they get big result in totally carried some sort of capital of the world instead. That is sub sub out of the nation since a lot less blue green and about what the other was by everybody loves you know that opened up. There equal opportunity board every citizen I'm gonna get to vote pollution. From the sea level. The county level of their province bubble all of the sea level our problem government. Enunciated that the people that were jealous and the people of tolerating if you were souring us. I'll Harvick but the problem that that you the people that are not educated college scene. And out bad but aside passion. Not boy what a picture you paint there it's been so helpful Preston industry it's absolutely awesome to hear from you thank you for serving we're so glad you're safe. And it's you have just served us so well snakes love coming on the broadcast. Hey it's good to be back on the air live there Larry give that record of the reasons why hasn't been. Good morning feedback that was good evening didn't and it's great. Did you back in my background of the big thing about them that I meant that over the notes are good but here are some I've done it without it looks. I hear you memoir will be in touch online as well because. I have some additional questions to ask so arrive great to talk review Preston. Who served in Afghanistan. Man isn't a heartbreaking. You know wish it engineer just a reminder Q how. Blessed we are here in the United States of America ends we're still benefiting from the investment of other people. From years ago. We're not and I would meet your argument we're not building upon our republic. We hear any preservation mode we're just trying to save what we can't of the republic. Because we're under threat continuous threat. And I would make the case. We have the same age education issue here just in a different for the literacy is not a severe. But we've got our own problems when you say. 44 minutes after the hour of 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program. And we have. Other patient callers have been on the line we will try to get to your calls after the break. Prior texture about bitcoin clearly has a lack of understanding the supply of BTC is mathematically limit it can only be ever. 21 million total. BTC. Ever produced the only way to bring a new BTC into existence sister actual activity in the market the US dollar printed notes. Can be continually traded into oblivion. This is only one of the many distinctions. Between the paper currency and an actual form are buying power like bitcoin. Fair enough. Fair characterization as we were talking about the money issue earlier. Coming up a look at the day and history. Final stretch of our broadcast. 1149. They stroke the radio program final stretch of on this Thursday. Scott has been very patiently waiting to talk this out of Greenville this morning good morning Scott. Good morning. Yes sir. All right so Lou I felt like I'm broaching the topic you haven't gotten to yet. But I did do one through my feet since then that that is. Acting director. CF PB the consumer finance and protection bureau. Apparently announced earlier today that they have. Fire all 25 members of the advisory board. Who's served as a battery members do this CF PB. Yeah there's going to be a good bit of uproar over this and all I wanted to point out. To your listeners and then to use so you can Vermont blisters when minister come up. The C deputy was created by eight a Democrat controlled congress and it was intentionally set up. To be an autonomous. Regulatory agency that answers to no one's. I guess when they set it up that way they thought they were gonna be in control forever. So you know you need to be careful what you wish for when you set up agencies like that. Can. I assume that you're in support of this. Well I know mix. I used to work for. A small community bank over in Sumpter South Carolina. Before relocating to Greeneville went back in 2009. Mick did stop by my office were about twenty minutes. And let me share my concerns with him all over Dodd-Frank which it up not bet that that time. So I AM. I I know Mick a little bit. I think he is. Sincere in his job duties I think he's fiscally conservative. I think there's a lot of reasons that he did this and probably won't. Not the least of which is to highlight the fact that. Lithia peavy was set up. To do whatever they wanted to do list and not cattle culminating what. So I think that he does this kind of a passive aggressive move on his part highlighting the fact that it was set up this way which it never should have been set up that's what. Yep I'm actually there with you and I mean you've you've given the story here essentially. This camp in many ways constitutes the beginning of the end of this CF PB the way it's you know been established and you know what I. Yeah I mean you remember Ronald Reagan what he had to say about these German agencies into the closest thing in this life to eternal life. Brand and that's absolutely true to see this kind of dismantling. I would love to see this same approach used with many other agencies within the government will nab a great idea. It's it really would mean there's a lot of things that we need to do in this country and examining these different alphabet agencies and determine if they really serve a purpose anymore it isn't one of them. One of the things that I wanted to see the trap administration do and I don't know what they've done this or not at try to do some research and I can't figure it out. If you remember those thirty some odd. Czar position. Oh my goodness yes. Then the dude did try out continue to or did he did indeed get mail although I don't know I'd like I was hoping that he would dismantle them. Let but yes I'm I'm I'm a supporter Mitt columnist Martin and I really think that part of the right place. Tell people a couple of left him saying that yeah they go ripping off consumers again. People who understand how the CF PB was set up. What Dodds frank says and the difficulty. That lenders have been implementing. Dodds frank especially what's known as trip. You know it's it's it's really regulatory state it's not a legal nightmare. I I challenged the average person. To read three sentences that trip and some USS. And this is all intentional you know how this works. I only lawyers can figure this out so it's it's very beneficial for them. Yeah and and while I say this I am employed. By a corporation. We've made a lot of money going in and helping lenders interpret and yeah true and it and enforce strict. So yells I'm slicing my own throat in saying. Hoping that it need to be written a different way. If I'm there with you Scott I do appreciate called thanks very much for us studying we're searching this issue. Ends helping to educates all of us on this very important development. This qualifies as literally draining the swamp don't you think thanks for joining us on the Vince Coakley radio program. In our final stretch. You know and I think it's a very appropriate in this call in making reference to. This CF PB. Agency. Ultimately I hope the goal is completely close it to shut it down. What do you think. Philip I give me about 730 seconds or less we F force. Hey you know more than I'll try to keep it quick as possible. As they Afghanistan. I think our party politics. Our previous the president visited a lot of our ports unfortunately. I think our party we try to wind down too fast FaceBook timeline between the people. And there's a lot of people they meet you bet that we're doing a lot of good. But importantly because someone I don't think we they could have jobs because that. I hear what you see in there I appreciate your service Philipp thank you for calling agreed to approached. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.