NFL and The National Anthem

John Hancock
Friday, August 10th
Hancock reviews the Panthers game from last night as well as the Cam & Kelvin encounter, and the president is tweeting about the National Anthem protest last night.

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This is John Hancock. There were as of Friday as we can be. Love me some. Friday. It's a Friday with a dinner reservation. Forward Julia. Thursday a glass of red wine most. Hey here's Miami if you. But first. Well lot Tarlow veteran shovel off to a buffalo which was all about the Benjamin last night and continues to be those interest in London. And so on notice tonight guess some haven't but if you look at that video real closely. Cam looks like he's going to index kind of make amends. He's got his hand out to shake hands with coach Kelvin Benjamin Benjamin wouldn't shake his hand. And then I after he kind of pushed. Davis off. To say hey give us a minute. He puts his hands are pretty much behind his back in a very non threatening way and I can't want a lot of respect from a lot of people last night he dealt with a new issue man to man down enough. So we'll talk about that global literally that's kind of interest. Elsewhere there was milling and tweeting. Really. You know we've talked about that one guys ideal last week I guess it was last Friday who said don't just does he was a columnist for somebody I don't remember wrote to us. Just cancel the ample. Just don't play it anymore. And I don't think that that necessarily. What's the consensus. Cure for all of this but. How about if you you just don't air it on TV. Let me implement the stadiums. And and now that it's it's it is it is still story. If you don't aired on TV. And everybody quit talking about it then you basically kind of taken none. So he's still play the National Anthem you still allow people to stand there are collectively. What their hand over their heart and no respect for their country we talked about that I do think that there's something no to being in a group of fifty to sixty to seventy to 80000 people. Arm when I'm in a stadium and Aamodt. Bank of America Stadium and a National Anthem plays I think about my dad. I think about tech Colorado. About one in the lottery and being born in this country. I do think about all of that stuff. So I do think it's beneficial. On the other hand. I can give a rat's had to be about two. Looking over the sideline to see who's doing what you do it kinda has you trained a candlelight drug going into a restaurant Tuesdays and noticing all I got I have a straw. Because you know you get grown by the by the very media grooms you read. But if you didn't aired on TV. And it didn't become and it was say we eliminated and is a storyline. I didn't do than they did then what so what you have. I don't know. Take away the incentive don't take away the anthem. 70457 element and I'm. But I Glenn Miller tickets to giveaway. Which just aired a few seconds ago. Although I'm gonna tell you right now of a song were planning on playing is the same song that they opened the commercial with. For all of you living in Pennsylvania. Six and thousand. So anyway good military to to got to pair those two giveaway August 17 that deal Belk theater Blumenthal performing arts center so what thanks to. But to them for making me a pair of those available to us. New Jack in the Box that is out and it's due and exactly what it's supposed to do. It won't offend you to the degree that you'd be so offended you'll never go to Jack in the Box again. But did you know they had teriyaki bowls. Well you will you see this commercial. In you will only get finished talking about it I N and essence. Jack in the Box gonna put out a commercial and advertised that they now have teriyaki bowls. In order got no attention. Or they could have done something slightly provocative. And now it's getting all sorts of attention. And as soon as oh what 56 days seven days. Make an issue on our apology and full commercial and and and everybody only got teriyaki bowls. I think I can eat teriyaki bowl well I don't know it's quite right so would newbies so I you have Roy white rice didn't really good for the diabetic either. I'm speaking of food. Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. Talk a deal. And doctor Gail Harris teeter. And I'm talking to you Jeff. Peanut butter. And I'm talking all of you who are took the initiative to buy jarred peanut butter and sort of the girls in July over two tons. Of peanut butter 4256. Pounds of peanut butter goes to the second harvest food bank of metro liner. Who supplies about 700 charities. That feed needy people in nineteen counties in north no South Carolina. So Juan we got a really nice letter from a Lisa Marie nation nicely. Second harvest says food banks to community developer coordinator. Of the food and fund drives and she doesn't as a very nice thank you letter and but she ends it by saying there are no words to convey the importance of your continued kindness. And she's not just talking to beat Tunisia darker view. So what thank you all for making this yet another successful would drive this does beat our record last year and I guess we'll do this again next year and try to beat it again WBT. Raised over two tons. I'll vote peanut butter for our peanut butter in July promotion. And Harris teeter from the day that we thought up this. I think Harris teeter were the first people that we pitched on it and they could have said yes faster and they couldn't have been more loyal than what they've been doing us. And you couldn't get a better partner than Harris teeter in this area anyway not only because of the number of stores just because. There's so synonymous with the the Carolinas and Charlotte I mean they are the grocery store. So why that's the part where you want to get and then Najaf peanut butter. I need Jeff even when I'm not. Involved in a promotion. Close sodium. Natural. Chunky. Thing it is. So whether you go 4256. Pounds of peanut butter over two times congratulations and thank you. Very very much. All about the Benjamin last night in now. Although you gotta admit him going out no kitchen motives of four passes and a touchdown pass it's the. But nonetheless. Cam came back where they are drive that evened it up at 77 in and that was that but it was sort of the exchange itself was pretty interesting to watch. And I stood next to camp before and he's a big dude. And you kind of forgot about Kelvin Benjamin but he's a big doo doo. But I thought. I thought Kim won some. To respect last night from Mo an awful lot of people. I and in fact. Shannon Sharpe. Today on enough fox sports. Talked about this being a little bit deeper than football he says the emerging feud between now cam and Kelvin Benjamin is about a lot more than football. So cam walks across the field Kelvin certain era talk and a Davis. And. Cam goes over and kind of bumps into him in in in a friendly sort away. And has his hand extended to shake his hand. And Kelvin won't shake assailant and that's got they're depending on whether year old watched the video or not and some haven't some haven't but. You see cam with this look on his face like. Nutter shake my hand. And many drops his hand. And really literally puts it behind his back. In a non threatening position. But then looks Kelvin straight BI. And tries to have sparked a discussion. And now accountancy to be too it's an avenue of discussion. And he walks away and cam kind of falls in men. And finally that's the end of that and Kelvin walks away from the last time and cam gonna gives an. Okay that was your type of but I gesture or not he goes on about his life and kill them goes on about his wife and. And none and that's it. In these guys used to be pretty tight and that's one of the things Shannon sharp pointed out that was of man they used to hang out he said they can come to Atlanta and a ticket with a cam and drive camp's scars and when he first came into the league cam. Made a point. Tell us what he said last week about two cam not being the most accurate quarterback on the planet dumb. That's not necessarily breaking news. But Shannon Sharpe says that had nothing to do with football. When Benjamin said what he said this is Shannon sharp today. That was not football related this is deeper than the mess camp tried to handle this like a man he came up he had his hands behind his back. So he's coming up and and on threatening no confrontational manner. You know bro what's up. And cam and Kelvin were great friends. And I sharp uploaded to uploaded Newman forum Newton for a but I brushing out Thomas Davis off to the sides of the two of them David Newton a nerve Benjamin can have a private conversation. What I don't know is that that they. After the hand wouldn't shaken and make had to have their first part of their talk. As Benjamin starting to walk away they circled back over by Thomas Davis again. And Davis says something tune Kelvin Benjamin. And I'd love to know what it was he said I'm sure what nontraditional either I I think it was you know I would assume it was probably like oh c'mon man. Let's let's get this worked out however I mean. You can't even talk to the man. Some. So mom. Sharp said today for a Benjamin to take a shot at Newton from afar that's not football related some then went on something happened. We may never know for cam to go out of his way it's like bro what's up we used to be cool as what's this about. This innovative football this saint this is a shirt agenda sharp today that this data about no cover to. This is not about you missing out on a slant or you missed me on the back shoulder fade it something deeper than that. So why that was that was a pretty antsy little moment toe last night in the in the a panther game and then there were some highlights are some actually. Things are well under in the game and whether or not you can read a new thing in doing anything I did like DJ Moore thought to he was social and Samoa. Some pretty good stuff. First round pick. 75 yards on four receptions in just sits and reliability of a McCaffery look good. CJ Anderson was running against second third tee hers but to go and he decided he wanted to go off met four yard disk or you look like you it's pretty dominant that point kind of a Thomas Davis type of deal going Mendoza. Now Thomas Davis. Now that they're running back to we got out of Washington years ago. I must be on Friday are already. So I'm. So that was good the sage unknown Barkley looked good last night with his debut 39 yard gain with the giants last night baker made field looked like he was until a pretty good maybe. You'll shut. All through eventually. So you have all that stuff go and and then you also had some players testing me anthem policy. And he had colon camper nick way yeah. You had judge Donald Trump way. And quite frankly. Every time the president weighs then then it almost becomes a protest against this president is that much is it those of protest against equality and police brutality. Which is what it was and Virgil is supposed to be. And so to some extent I wish the president would do. But his attention on other manners and and see if they can't figure out just some sort of common ground here but obviously nobody seeking common ground. Are at least a good number of the players that have been involved in this for a while the Kenny stills of the world. They're out looking for common ground the aero look and continue to have. Fight this oppressive country that there isn't a billion dollars a year. North turner in his first season as Carolina's offensive coordinator and join the Panthers to a wealth of experience having coached 32 seasons in the NFL. Including fifteen seasons as a head coach and eleven as an offensive coordinator. Turner's been a head coach three times with the Washington and Oakland and San Diego around Rivera wasn't deep at the coordinator. Turner most recently served as an offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings from Tony fourteen to 2016. That's not coaching last year he was ready to return to a this year and. I still have good energy. Compared mash off. I'm I wasn't. Jump back into it just to do it revenge situation. This situation on the suit very many number one for the wrong. Our relationship. Number troops and throw vertical more fun time and then all through mid term work with some of the guys offer. Save big part of Turner's job is getting on the same page was quarterback Cam Newton. And he says that has been a great experience so far. An Asian power there's been great and the team he once they get better the things we're talking about who works harder while we're going. And I think he's great relationships. Are developed over time. Every day it's it's you know when you grow in that area. Turner was born a Camp Lejeune in North Carolina Jim Duffy news talk 1110993. WBT sports are. He's Charlie's new source for the last century total bragging rights. Is talking. I indict three WPP. Yeah. The only. Okay. And add. Are some I was looking in the TV section. But I didn't know failure homer live or none of whether or not this route to their own after NFL network. And sometimes they just rehash games that are already been played but there are live games tonight. Falcons at the jets tonight at 730 and alliance at the raiders it to 1030. And there are there's a lot game tomorrow vikings at the Broncos. Which you. On NFL network at 9 o'clock which could be a pretty good game if for no other reason the Broncos quarterback was the vikings quarterback last year and although we'll probably only play for about three minutes it could be. The most exciting brand minutes in sports. Or maybe not but anyway if Jones for some football. I enjoyed watching last night. But by the time you get to the third quarter fourth quarter even though you know some of the players although that's attended James to the rotation Rivera head on last night because all the sudden you see a CJ Anderson some big envelope. And Seymour cornerback. Who got burned pretty badly a couple of plays early he was played them third and fourth quarter I think last night so that kind of meant. Maybe you need some works and NFL players protested around the league. And down. Malcolm Jenkins of the Eagles should Dovonte Busby the Eagles cornerback. Chris Long had his arm around Jenkins says shoulder so I think that's kind of the scenario they've put down before the defensive end Michael Bennett walked out of the tunnel during the anthem. And walked towards the bench role it played. So that's more of a protest against the to me that sounds like more of a protest against the NFL owners. Proposal for what they wanted dead due to resolve this dilemma. That there are now in talks with the players association analogy could stay in the locker room. Intel after the anthem was over well he stayed in the locker room and then came out while it was being played in walked over to the bench. So that's sounds more to me like a protest against the NFL owners than anything else. Kenny stills. Really interest in receiver place throughout Miami as a player alone watching Kenny stills came out Oklahoma they was still there are two. But today he and Albert Wilson down at the with the dolphins they kneeled behind teammates lined up for the anthem and the defensive end Robert Quinn stood and raised his right fist into the air. In a game in Seattle three players went into the locker room before the anthem was played. So I don't all right here we were just done within our women that's kind of managed the story understand just me talking about probably issued just bored to tears. Albert has done what it. And air at some point you have to. OK we you've got everybody's attention to protest has been lodged week we we understand do it now were we going wonder when are we doing now. You can only put a fire out so many times what do you do now. Now word are we going to sets the next question but then the other part of that is. Yesterday we talked about this columnists idea to not play the anthem anymore. But we. In our conversation here last week I didn't see a whole lot of support for that. And the idea that this columnist Ted is that nobody sits in a stadium and thinks about the country above the law well I die I beg to differ. I think there is something collective about sitting no standing mirror. Our listeners the National Anthem with a 60000. Other people. Assuming that. Most of them are American citizens and having something in common north all those people and stop and down to think about. Maybe members of our family who served in the military or sons or daughters or yourself. And up for those of us who love love this country even if it's just that bit bit even if we just love the place were from a. As opposed to the hole. ID. You don't. Tenderness around and think for a while about and if you've ever traveled. There's no way that you can go to Europe I don't care where you go. You can go to Monte Carlo and stay in the nicest hotel there are by the time you get back here you'll still realize that it is the greatest country in the world. Even with all its faults. So I don't think you think about that during the national implement Nam but that may be don't eliminate the anthem. How about eliminating the airing of the anthem on television. About taken away the free advertising. How about announcers get over the fact that this is news anymore. You breakaway for a commercial. That way you don't have to to show on players on the sideline who are even protesting but our. Have their mind on the game as opposed to other mind on the National Anthem. To some extent it's kind of truth NASCAR tune you got drivers visited with their kids in this that the other enough some people are paying attention to the anthem enough. And some people aren't and so I just don't merit just don't put it on TV. Continue to play the National Anthem but don't make it part of the television broadcast. And so then. Big you don't really have the story anymore and who cares who stood and who didn't in this that the other. Let the announcers announce the game that's what everybody's there are four and and let the pregame take care of itself. Without all of the television cameras all lit up front for video for the protest there are protest protest. But take away their free advertising. And they may you'll come up with some little morsel of 70457. All of it to. They're up from a Cleveland and you know who I John Flanagan is from. And John lanigan kind of a retired from me is a major gig. And has been doing another show is living in Colorado and he's been known doing a show and no Cleveland talk show on a remote type Padilla from his studios it is so home in Colorado. And know yesterday he decided to urged to live footage showed anymore and us always and I'm retired C if all talk about them just seconds. But apparently the program record committed finish out the shift. So. I would do better took him under contract. So I don't really wanna go get a whole lot of lawyers and evolved and all of that kind of stuff but I can guy can relate to lanigan to some extent I guess you know I I'm sure he still loves doing what he was doing and I still love doing what I'm doing but. He'd been on the air a long time have been on the air long time. We should be taken ninety Gator a six month sabbatical from football or from Maria are just so. Just something in me that really covers the idea of waking up for about ninety days or six months and just has nothing to do. And I knew that I know I'll just get so bored I won't know what decision. So and I say that member dale walking near or no I ever there were a walk out of stood you know I was at a good time and always enjoyed Dornan. You guys have always been great to me out Republicans don't like that so a bit anyway lanigan. I'll I'll talk about lanigan meant just sort of went out there at the National Anthem. We talked a week you go about eliminating the National Anthem entirely and that's not wildly popular and so I'd say well we don't want when we just don't take it off the TV. And our way you know the stadiums can still enjoy that camaraderie that I think exists. Moment but you don't necessarily have to publicize the protests. Walter Broward it's almost certainly think that's a great idea Walter your underwear EBT hi. I'd done you know call that a number times before and it and a lot of time dual layer on the same page but where I think we're a thousand miles apart and that's. This is the great country that the athletes. Play and they're given opportunity then. Any state can't stand further country. What do you stand for secondly what do now a few moments after the in some. True some Celtics sport and that they could then express themselves after looking at them but like place you should stand for the National Anthem it belonged to a in this country. Yeah and I don't have a diet I don't necessarily disagree what that but I I do load that the idea of going through another football season where we are just at an endless point of no point and no solution and so we just continue to hash over the same all things. And made. And I think cute to some extent you have to take commanded his word they claim there and it for a inequality and police brutality. And others claim that there are being disrespectful to a military in the flag and ion I I I get all that we've both gone through the conversation the 150 times. Tom so I don't say I say don't eliminate the amp I must say eliminate the publisher of the. Well again you know I think that we should keep the anthem I think it should be televised polite thing that we should give every individual a few moments after that. Fort self expression. Well that I violent what are what makes it's what makes you think they go along with that. And other guards are what makes you not think that they wouldn't still just go in there and just dub blow up the National Anthem. I I don't know but I think it's an option. And I think it's may be a a compromise. That hopefully everybody can live with. Do departure message out there after you uttered the country. That which sounded on the ability for you to do so. Let's say it. How do you I guess my second question would be how. How can you express your disdain. But there right now they're essentially protesting silently. If you give a much chance after the National Anthem how do you envision that. I envision that which hey if there's a group that has to be a universal symbol. Are universal. Be taking a mini being a great CNET since being at putting your head down being at praying. Are being hit just putting your head down enclosure rides to. You know where they are not my belief is that where there are certain will to compromise. Or is no way you didn't back. That that's in the equation and I don't know and that's where you lie are on the same page is that I don't know wanted to India equates and the ability to compromise. Would that be a moment of silence or. Yet that's what would it take could be a moment of silence so expression. Whenever you personally. Wanna make it. Care and Benton deny that you and I are on the same page that we can move forward and not televise that. Now well if you and I getting on the same page is not gonna solve anything they the protesters. And and the National Football League and the president of the United States getting on the same way you know what. On the same my page good. Because I I gotta tell you and maybe this is maybe this shows their effectiveness but the idea of having to go through this crap for another season. I have the same old argument. I just don't relish that at all. I I again. I agree and I yanked by you and I hate coming to an agreement keeps us off FM radio. On mineral matter and that I did I can I can do that roads as long as you don't take myself a lot of work. Except that I've. The other operational progress I appreciate your comment thank you very much I I I continue this have you home we come back on the other side. And then mullah talk about judge on lanigan. For those of you promote Cleveland who was just think we have quit right in the middle of is that WT AM to argue that. Never just quit her job and ever we ever flamboyant play ever left just left his job. I've told the textile mills story older radio announcers. Robert till the story again but he left with a flourish. So radio is fairly renowned for having some people that Devoe. On their last shift. Flamboyant Aaliyah and abruptly. You. Now this is not Glenn Miller. We do have a pair Glenn Miller tickets are beard and Miller a two and it'll sound just like the beginning of commercial bust. We got a pair tickets so what you'll be the first one call Georgia to a 704571110. When that Brad Miller to employers so we'll look. I got full final on the phone lines are now sorting happen to know I can guarantee you that. Talking about the National Anthem which is. There were protests again first. Pre season game other than the whole thing in game last night and so we're right back where we stood our restarted from owners and players. NFL players. Association. Are not. On talks to figure out if they can come up with some sort of a solution other than the one of the owners can hoisted on them a little bit earlier this year. And so that's what we're we're talking about Craig's up on WBT hey Craig. Don't burst open. If there. Over. A little bit me it was just a certain group here. They're also burn your actual air them. I don't wanna get out there. Export ships that are out there in the we're in their stadium there they've already gotten warning to Syria it it it is ordered the other similar countries we. Well either that ended and I god you know if that's the way it worked out that would be great. But I'm I'm not so sure now that the protest is that is much against the anti protest is that is for the original reason. I and every time every time the president speaks in on this then it starts to become a moratorium about him as opposed to what the original purpose Wallace. I agree and I think that is fair that's so very big is this sits there and there. Whether it's for themselves. Let you know in this league honor that says we live the way the effect that the flu that was the. Or not all you're you're you're saying it to the choir IA Dave including me and probably most of the audience but I you know whether or not your singing to the players are not I don't know. Appreciate golf and let you go because I can barely hear you are compliment speakerphone. Moral failure talking to us underground but so are we just had a bad connection Joey on WBT hi. And they jump. It just off to a great start we'll go to buddy on WBT anybody. I have now gone all you are. All right yeah are you and of course there's rebels fired its start or what about being on justice. You know not there and have our responsibility. Well sister lying in tractors either here or recorder about quartet and no black members sought by our government or so. You declare what the president does. Americans vote were so war torn curtain side here Berger can upload them we you know. We've we've got about disrespect in the military. Escort to Maryland burned out at the moment. Judge great have a conversation with a buddy appreciated Gary you're on WBT hi. They're they're lower. I mean every week though I'm no good solution to a problem. Oh what it is natural that some thought they put the camera on the black period until over and they may. Don't feel they do shall reflect the whole time and not I'd like that. And ancient old people do whatever they want and. I like that they have the counter argument would do that might come from the networks who are saying it. That if they're their to cover their game they're there to cover all aspects of the game ministers protest during the National Anthem then that's part of the story of the game. Yeah but they are important are your governor Purdue during the doll there's a catch 22. Is in short people. I called Coke and school officials the grounds ticket without help local kid I thought that was quite cute. Seeing or control the poll doesn't need the warrior wanna get flak yep injure just so glad. Apple now I like your idea I'm just tell you what counterargument is going to be so I'd Joseph are you ready. Joseph. Yes Joseph. All right Joseph still low dollar and how to operate the phone. And and who knows gosh maybe next time Milan actually understand that when you hear your name the U. You respond. When users joked I know we just say Joseph losers Joseph. Who's on first. I don't know where we're we're we're we're looking for Joseph. You've been good copy. Yeah yeah like the like golf. All right day then I don't know the we'll get to weigh a solution on the the National Anthem was and I did nick and not expect to. I'm not saying that last night's protest caught me by. Surprise. But. Gentry season just be pre season. Should the protest. I'd just be a regular season thing. Is it isn't just like practice do we area where there was no where those practiced demonstrations last night. Where were those guys trying to see how to how they were gonna actually do this this year or. But this is pre season is these games don't really count bill protest during rescind those really count or is just practice protesting. Is this what we can expect for the regular season or will they work on this over the next three weeks and maybe come up with some little bit more solid enough. Last night they kind of went back to the foundation they players to be need. And now Chris Long put his hand on no one of the putter shoulders in Philadelphia. Not a targeted last year so they've gone back down to the foundation so and now they've got what three weeks to work on something that though we'll really be effective. I have to sit through all of that all season. I guess that's the part that that's the point that I. I don't expected to go away. And to the last callers point. There is a story I was trying to tell him this what we just couldn't card to get to there there is a story in the news today about another shooting. Which. It gave police what would appear on the surface to be. Not warranted. I jumped the gun. Rogue police officer shooting. Now I'm still a believer that most cops are good cops but they're all obviously are so mom or are some problems. And and they're obviously is still some racial divide it and viewpoints. And reaction in this country that we somehow or another need to do better. I also understand that when you have such a high. Percentage of black on black crime. Then you're going to deal in some cases with that part of the population. I'm. More cautiously or with fury but with a stronger guard up than you might elsewhere. So I think that that has to be addressed as well also that we can start to get this back on people equal footing. Flesh and they put their but your right have the problem. Hasn't been solved yet and the protest still do have validity for what they originally said they were started off. I just wonder if there's a better effect more effective way they would do this and what showed that we've done so far. We can protest all day long until we start make good solutions are there until we start making some headway. Are then it's just play in the same old amber heard over and over and over again and quite frankly after you do that. People start to tune out and you become less effective. And then you just ruined the hand that feeds you. For the generations of football players that are coming up behind you. You know he rode the game and that affects them. And there's quite frankly another season of go and do the same argument that we've ahead on this for the last two and a half seasons. Is not only ineffective. I don't wanna do that anymore. So looks and let's let's figure out something and leaving it up to the NFL owners. They've been. Pretty inept on dealing with this from the get go. I'm so sure there are the want to go to the solution. Is nice to have NFL backing them. That's silly crazy about another season protests we talk about them. Not tackled in a few moments ago and he said they just put the my idea is just dead and don't air the National Anthem anymore still play of the stay in the stadiums just don't. Just don't aired anymore. I call a few moments ago first caller came out said he was sorry he didn't like that idea at all and then no ago a couple of callers ago guys had done today just fix that camera up on that flag. And and and stay on the flag for the entire time that two of the national anthems being played by whomever is get being inflated playbook. Or if it's a performer that so worth watching her. Was it last year that we just said don't worry. But up to here with a mediocre. Presentations of the National Anthem and the guts and issued tube but don't. But nonetheless you can still aired via a National Anthem and not necessarily have to run. I'm sure everybody what they don't wanna see. If it's hurting the NFL then. If if you're late your viewer basis saying no word or we're talking we don't. Which we don't want that is part of our game then don't make it a part of their broadcast. I don't. Our Richard is up on WBJ Richard. They've gone to appreciate Shillue. I guess I'll let that simply don't want somebody. They care about. Well they've they've already they already have another party Kyra. Stopped in place and I've gone back with the National Football League players association to discuss what they already had decided they were gonna do this year so. And promoted by the owners haven't had a good idea yet. They probably don't have more. Laura a fight about it goes. Air Marshal got right to their own political opinion but actually I can't express setup my job I mean I would leave it. So damage or not you're not argued not an entertainer or your not you know barrier a job on TV either. I and and you're not protected by up players' association liked bottom like why is so it's did their job is not like your job or my job. They have but are not that special and I'm sure they could arms and the ball players that would comedian in shield Hershey's. Now they doubt that's that's the point they're the best that there is. I don't we don't I don't think there. Missing the point sir there's other people that would gladly take her place. Yeah but there's been a bit but people would not watch. A lesser product. Well there. Not her body watching. Our problem though. The fog issues so that's not a bad enough people watch unit to make it be number one sport by a long shot. Who were. John Hancock. John Dillinger and then. But my real address. They do that he's in real life until I understand four. Stand up for the world of religion where a homecoming when you're watching you need to do that age can out there and put her hand over their heart on Russian children. Who people watching the game. Here are the people watching the end and they stand. Paterno or whatever are wrong I would miss in most cases no. Oh yeah then why should they expect the players should move Serb. People who don't expect them get geared that Washington does not give her bombshell. People in the stadium. Stand up. Because that's why you do if you're there alive. Who. I I understand that Chiluba due to people who were sitting on their living rooms. Washing your throat and charm. Oh gosh this is such and important moment there sessions stand up. And on her look like just wrong I met. Yes or on the deal all of them do they all stand ability is what dart over the interviewer while I'm thinking get up or thought. That we yards of the point that you Arianna do you you're trying to make I get that I think it's ludicrous but do I get the point that your daughter trying to propose yes. Are horrible bin Laden there's there's a difference a long thought their dad is and kind have another shut jacked Jeff you're on WBT hi. Our guard opened during Walter Berry meet do my solution. Would be to just. Take those high eight in applied years and Parker. He hit four page saying that my guy who probably god who he reputations. We wouldn't dual position and then made in Great Britain but. And it did so in the NFL and some jobs there are certain ethnic behaviors. Wicker expected. He mourned a greater if there are seats and in mesa well in the national and they consider staying in the award ever they want to do. But there are certain they behaviors. Good I expected in certain position banker says certain. Behavior impeached then there's expect they're proud of them in a perhaps the appreciation. They know. Would create reputation and they probably got in the big box that they're getting night. I guess I gotta catch a short but I got your point the problem is is that their bosses their owners. Have not made clear what their expectations are wrong. And and the idea that you would just fire or somebody who is the best at what they do look. Is going to erode the league and the league is a multi million if not billion dollar enterprise. And there's not an owner out there that is going to do dilute their product. By getting rid of the best people to perform. That's board. Bad that's pure economics. So you guys can living your little dream world and say that though we'll just replaced the players. But you'll do it with a lesser product and people won't accept that. Well it's too is your favorite or your lucky number this is your day it's the 222. Day of 2018 August the tenth a 143 days ago. 1846. Smithsonian institute chartered by the US congress have for 500000. Dollars given for us such purpose right. Scientist James Smithson James Smithson. 1546. Half a million dollars with a pretty good job or change. And if you never been to the Smithsonian. Don't even know how many buildings that comprises a new laws of but it's. It's just school's first ever. Archie bunkers chair and the original Howdy Doody you. John Glenn's space capsule. You walk around a corner there's something there were seen. In Massachusetts say construction crew demolished an old school discovered a time capsule from 1894. Can dating newspapers and civil war uniforms. I've read the news today oh boy. According to research the American diet is unsustainable. For the planet it requires far too much land raves livestock. But how much Landis taken for like vegetables and stuff like up. For all gonna have to go to tofu. Member of the Harlem Globetrotters nailed a long distance shot by tossing a ball into the hoop from a flying airplane. Getting very they'll go to the bathroom after they've landed the plane this guys shooting balls out of. Share is releasing a new album. And South Carolina. You heard about this woman who blew past stops like sixty miles per hour then failed a breathalyzer test and then told the officer arresting her that. He should give her a break because she's a very clean thoroughbred of white girl. Ben and Coulter I. This at the end. The anterior. And the University of North Carolina has revised day a textbook that refers to cancer is a disease of choice. Camp schedule by the way for the Panthers off to. Today. 310 to 510 tomorrow down at Wofford. 9:25. In the morning on Sunday until 1130 on the final practice for Wofford takes place on Monday in the morning from nine until 1158. And I assume that we'll take place I don't see our Rivera necessarily let them off early but. I don't know for bears ever don't matter now. And then now by the time my next week they'll all be back now back to Charlotte on a daily basis. They go to Miami next week so you'll be able to watch video of the protests life. Immigrant problem. Know many people all of us squeamish about the idea of eating insects. Health benefits might make it all worthwhile according to a new clinical trial University of Wisconsin Madison. Consuming crickets. Can have a positive impact on your gut health and reduce inflammation in the body. They also make it quieter in your neighborhood. But don't say that here but if you think about it if enough people Hillary crickets. That you wouldn't have all that chirping going. Study examined twenty healthy adults aged eighteen to 48 over a six week period in order to assess the effects of eating cricket powder. What researchers discovered over. As well as an abundance of good bacteria. Hi in the got. You figure. At some point or another you're you figure that god gave us everything that we needed to somehow or another. Drive. And some of it is just a little bit harder to adept to than others. I mean you know why would you have crickets in the first place. And baby that was his way of saying hey. Good healthy right there are. Free. And the reason notified their belt they're sharpen a ball player. Apparently Americans get pretty competitive about lawn care read the news jailed boy they say the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence don't tell that to four in ten American homeowners striving to make their yards the best one in the block. I have secured turf. They had new survey of homeowners examine just how competitive people get over their front yards and found that the average person what's been merely a Graham. I'm at twelve bucks if it meant that their outdoor space would automatically be the finest in the neighborhood. I gotta tell you one day in my admitted that I have guys that don't come out come along. And and I got emails from his admit there were just some good or just appalled that. Good to. I gotta tell you and I got almost an acre. And this couple. Charges me fifteen bucks to come out and cut. And we whacked can spray for weeds in the whole nine yards. And now quite frankly that's why I work. So I consider the house and drink as you watch them. Study showed that the competition can take a tall 77%. Say they feel pressured to keep their yards and outdoor spaces and chipped up. So much pressure infect their homeowners say they spend five hours every week in the warmer months working on their yard bought feel that pressure to its why stripped of cheaper books and let me know and somebody else to make sure my yard it doesn't just stick out. The 41% of homeowners admit to doing an improvement in their yard only 21 up there are neighbor. And for most homeowner's yard work isn't exactly work it's four out of five in many of he'll be able to relate to this and even I can guess somewhat relate to this. As four out of 581%. Actually find it to be therapeutic 53% say it's rewarding. From that standpoint I mean if you got a project in you know what you're gonna project and and I hear about the hot heat you're doing does that give them when you finish that project. There isn't a great sense of accomplishment and all of us. Clutter need to achieve that weekly. But I can achieve that by watching somebody else. It's kind of like every Wednesday when I rolled the big dumpster down the driveway and put a bid to curb. And a few minutes later the guys come by and they pick up the trash. Then I go back down the driveway and I get the dumpster and are rolling back up and I put it in the slot in the garage. And I always feel such a sense of accomplishment that I've got dumpster now that's completely empty that I can go for another week. I haven't really done anything except his role the damn thing up and down the driveway. But there's a sense of accomplishment there this hey I had the middle facilities to remember that it's Wednesday. And breathe and I'm still. Physically able to. Well let's just the way I roll. Buffalo Wild Wings is on the verge of letting customers bet few months ago here the justices in the Supreme Court. Ruled that a ban on sports betting is unconstitutional. And according to ESP and the chain famous for wings and beer and sports is looking at having sports betting. Edit establishments. In a very corporate mission statement a spokesperson said. As the largest sports bar in America we believe Buffalo Wild Wings is uniquely positioned to leverage sports games to enhance the restaurant experience for our guests. We are actively exploring opportunities including potential partners as we evaluate the next steps. For our brand. And if they're the first they'll probably do pretty well. It's been my other thought I don't know what to them in the second though we have talked about the NFL players are protesting the National Anthem of pre season games last night so here we are again. And out last week we've talked about a columnist who said quit playing the National Anthem and that was not wildly well received. So today after a fourth proposal that tell you still play the National Anthem but you just don't televise it. And and announcers. Good to just don't talk about it. The football games for people who tune and into well that hasn't on overall well either. So. Joy we've it was so it takes phone calls some some good some not and majorities of next on WB TA Jody. Page. That's on the car pool or and so you I borrowed the network are you civil court put the camera lonely job. And the media hyping it and just counsel and talking about it. Girls go unfortunately social injustices that never gonna change and like the former governor certain what you know what will it take for Augusta and I am but they have been there in the back at. I like the guy you called a few moments ago and said don't fix that camera up on the flag for the National Anthem I like that idea. Yes there are great but unfortunately I have no thank the but I hate being that I'm going boom that you won't do that complaint all right let's conquer works or. Well and they won't bomb and then there there is something to be said if you're going do I mean a network is gonna say from a journalistic standpoint if you're gonna cover the game you're supposed to cover all aspects of the game and upon protest during the National Anthem as part of the game and that's covering the games so. Yeah I get that in maybe that's a flimsy excuse so they can keep the story alive to abut. But there is something to be said for covering the game and if that slows still part of the game and I guess you've got to cover that Jason your on WBT hiked. Page on I Natal like heated political error at the news I really appreciate you pick in the call chair. Armed deported proposed new rule and maybe if you achieve automatic immediately establish a rule that and let somebody had something original or unique it say about this subject that they just don't call anymore. There's we've heard a million kinda admit they're all they should stand up Earl hire somebody else we've heard a million I'm polish air. It in and left but got the news we chant stop talking about it now. I'm Liz Hurley is kept the ball and they when somebody starts off and says we'll have the solution the how does not exist. Solution off like they are about I'm an hour ago but I'm pretty. Hitchcock thank you very much as Jason number one here's Jason number two a Jason. I got I'm a little expensive and you wouldn't. Now at the pressure's on now and adjacent. But I have I guess what what I would say is look at this station they're gonna cover at Nagano particularly on on the so I'd like he had he had just. Focusing on the on the flag during camp and I think that would be great but then I think they'll know that the station targeted do it. And so all my take on it and I'm sure it may be purchased the forehead as well. But they can't decide if it is if you're an individual who watches will follow him and you know it's not enough. Open up cents for you to say look I'm not buying tickets and I'm not watching the game. I'm gonna you know. Looked at and even though I thought well okay what they didn't you know except it and and move on it is a big problem for you. And stop I think it's an OP if enough people stop buying tickets. And stop watching in. Then the NFL didn't it definitely respond to that financial pressure. Sure well and they are responding to item there has been out there were people in the last year too and I can I skeptically heard him call and say you know I'm gonna grow watching the games and I thought to myself via right you're are but enough people apparently have court auction the games. That it has gotten the owner's attention but I don't think they necessarily know what to do edited with it at this point. I'm so the owners are in a big dilemma because this is a high. Money stakes game and now they've got a lot to lose so what's the solution and if you're an owner what are what is their solution. But they indeed don't you think it get too big got to the point where look you know we are it's no longer. A big money indicate you always wish well we're. The owners have just passed legislation that today a few moments are generated before they and Avalon PA got into it and you had to listen you will stand for the aisle have for the National Anthem. You may stay in the locker room if you want but if you're out on the field you will stand for the National Anthem. All you'll be fine and now you can't get much. More direct than that and already that's fallen apart. I got hit your payment and I I don't know just stated that it just weird weird he didn't. Country in the world now we're liquor thing I mean it's just I I think it. Everybody's got everybody's got a voice now maybe that's the problem is that everybody's got a voice now everybody has say you know wage to a left their opinions be known or. Or to a voiced their opposition men and you know maybe that's the problem. Now look I'm not gonna watch it more football and I'm not buying any sick it's still that'll pick what they don't want. And you know like if that's my personal solution. Now well I don't do what they're doing either but Alex and round on Sunday watch an NFL football games. I'm not quite frankly wants the national anthems over with I don't have a problem with again. I think they're catch rule still has some. Does some work to be done but. Model like the National Anthem either so so maybe I'm just be an un American by in some cases I just to kind of make sure I don't get there until the kickoff. That's not the American solution but that's mine Mike you're on WB to eight. Hey Mike. We are nearly. Hey I don't think you're taking my call personal sort jerked around my comment is that. I'm really tired people in the fifth got the players are protesting the black. None of them have their percent at their protests in the flying out. That's the way some people are taking up there in their protesting inequality and police brutality and that's what they boys and all the way back to camp. Exactly exactly he in my opinion. I think that people although that didn't distraction because. The point that they're trying to make is that they're protesting the police brutality. And some of the injustice has taken place you know against black Americans. So. A lot of a lot of the callers cant identify with that because they never user experience that ordinary you know ever seen it I mean up close and personal. And they won't and they won't take the players at face value I am appalled with that do they wanted the players at face value if that's what you say is my here's my incentive for doing this. And then I think you've got to take him at face value otherwise you're not gonna come up with a solution. Since I wish people would would talk about that vs talking about all their process and apply. That point did you think you've gotten it in the and that is completely and you're taken in a completely different direction. Now I understand that but. When using if you're using the flag or a symbol of the country no matter what. You're point is it's going to be taken wrongly by a lot of well meaning people it's. Radio program had been. LSD search visual aid PG. They only give. GA tournament is they're going on Gary Woodland is you know right now finished for the day I believe led to a ten under so he's in the club house Kevin prisoner is a nine under. Roots can't go eight under Dustin Johnson. And for Schwartzel. And Thomas Peters. And Rickie Fowler all at seven under rebel resistance around on the of course. Brandon stone Adam Scott in their it to six and five under and Frances lowland areas five under as well tiger is three under so he's had a better day today. The needs had day yesterday some of the big names and I've been able to pull Justin Rose minus four for the tournament Zach Johnson under four under. Hey go blue. Luke shot block him. All Tiger Woods is still out on the course through seven he's three under and Joseph. And speech. Is it three under but I believe he's finished for the day so he was so four under for the good days so he's had a better day to day as well and so has a tiger tiger still seven no shots off. But he still on the course so maybe he makes some up for. Maybe he falls back troubles me things secretary of the PGA that'll be big gift for your a big weekend Kansas is in town tomorrow night at Evans auditorium. Two original members guitarist rich Williams in the drummer Phil Earhart. And but. Point of known returned bill I think their sending a remixed version of that out to fortieth anniversary tour above that so anyway Kansas and down and ovens auditorium tomorrow. Charlotte folks society. Has their monthly gathering featuring live music from a blue gas veteran military balk -- and the dukes of drive that'll be at this evening. Powe show refreshments and jams and songwriter circle is all pulls all part of the PM that'll be at the great aunt Stella center. Which is a great venue. On and one that our buddy who still struggling. With his. Jerry Klein. Who is a still with us defying doctors' orders but tough can't figure both agree against Ellison without thinking about Jerry. I'll live on the grain twice monthly summer live. Music festival. I bring the kids and well mannered dogs and all of that stuff there are bringing in music from western North Carolina roots veterans acoustics syndicate will be there and national collective yellow feather. So are rock and bluegrass and alternative can a country that's free as well be at first ward park tonight from seven Intel about a 1030 and what is being billed as the LSD to work. And that has more to do with initials and it does what you maybe thinking. But if this isn't a great this is down at CM CU. Ample theater at the North Carolina music factory it is. Tomorrow night Ted yeah tomorrow night at 7 o'clock. And for those of you know singer songwriter. Lucinda Williams. Who Lotta love. And Steve Earle. Who everybody loves. And Dwight Yoakam. And that's the LSD tour Lucinda Stephen Dwight. At daddy ample theater at the North Carolina music factory tomorrow Charlotte metro credit union. Any help dot com. I'd check to see on tickets on that when they although such a back anywhere from a thirty to about 95 dollars and. Gushan sells agrees Sheryl. And like it unbelievably great show. Jason Mraz is set to this is next week Charlotte metro credit union apathy or he'll be down there on a Tuesday and no lady by the name Lori McKenna. Who is a great writer. He had been a couple of her tunes on my iPad are iPod someplace witness to your life would be one of home probably Evelyn glamorous in there somewhere as well. She if I remember correctly as they are Canadian and on Thursday night shall be at the stage door theater not party your big weekend but just certain Leo worthy of no circus away. Comes into my town is in town will be through Sunday. So you have a 730 performance tonight three and 730 tomorrow one in five on Sunday down at the Specter and senator this is the assert this so late cork tale. Supposed to be one of the better shows that they voted on in recent memory and you have the last. Of the gas downtown gas Tony a summer concert series tonight and they're doing an Eagles tribute band called on the border I've seen these guys before their their fabulous. So that I think the DJ gets started at 6 o'clock and the band takes the stage at just 7 o'clock call sponsored by the gas story east Rotary Club. And the city of gas Sony also the last of the summer concert series. For the city of Estonia and the guest Tony he's Rotary Club and that is tonight with the Eagles tribute. And that should be great so why go to nerve support those three so folks on the other side of the become a more just a second for. But I'll window we'll have a wonderful life just lit up we had a couple of tickets to go see a Glenn Miller. And George's son in the process of a finding on that person as we speak by the way WBT and you. And Harris teeter. And Jeff. 4256. Pounds of peanut butter that's over two tons of peanut butter that we raised for a peanut butter in July. So while my hat is off to all of you for taken the initiative Joseph bio jarred peanut butter or twelve another toss some of those barrels and Harris teeters for the month of July. We obviously beat to last year's record and I guess next July we'll try to do it all over again but 4256. Pounds of peanut butter. Over two tons of peanut butter goes to the second harvest food bank. And as I said earlier my thanks to Harris teeter who when we went and pitched this idea to them about five or six years ago could not have said yes faster. And you couldn't have a better sponsor than nine Harris teeter because everybody's got to Harris teeter. It does so location or another. And a Jeff. Has also been with us from the get go and that makes me very happy because I just happens to be coincidence my brand. And I a lot of peanut butter didn't used to but don't want to got that diabetes type two designation you find out the peanut butters one of them. What are the superffoods. And now they want me to eat three meals a day was some sort of timing regularity in this that the other but they also want me to eat something before I go to bed at night and a couple of doll also voted Jeff peanut butter does not just the we just what they're trying to do that's my favorite part of the day as a Eaton to work teaspoons of crunchy. Low sodium. Natural Jeff peanut butter. Are too good stuff. But anyway thank you all for your participation in peanut butter July oh got a really nice letter today from the now people it to a second harvest food bank in they ended Lisa Marie measly said via community development coordinator for food and fund drives a second harvest food bank of metro liner. Answer a letter to us saying there are no words to convey the importance. Of your continued kind of so that's not just me that's week. And thank you so much for allowing us to be successful once again with peanut butter in July on news talk 1110 WBT humane society is do they are clear the shelters thing this weekend. All animals will be a fee waived on Saturday. For one day only so you can go to hash tag humane Charlotte or. Clear the shelters hash tag clear the shelters. But that's going on on August the eighteenth so that will be a week. From tomorrow. Tomorrow's the eleventh. So what I next week that I just kind of wanted to let you know about that if you're thinking about go and get yourself a new buddy. Wait a week and a wave video feed. And now you can always go down to the humane shelter Americana. Do some eyeball and although that's hard. I'm going humane society it's a wonder if I don't come back with like him. A truck full of dogs. I can't I can't do that that's. I can't do them. Dirks Bentley is. At the PNC music pavilion tonight. Opens. Brother us are born Midland co opens up for video whole deal anywhere from a forty day and 99 bucks started to 7 PM. So. Dirks Bentley that at PNC tonight. The annual festival of India 24 annual festival of India takes place at Belk theater tomorrow and Sunday starting at 12 PM two day event to futures Bollywood style entertainment and yoga demonstrations and you know art and traditional food and serves to educate and entertain. And dad then you have wine connoisseur or magazine presenting their wine fest Charlotte 2018. And they've been divided that in 212 hour. Afternoon and 1 early evening tastings. VIP ticket holders commander an hour early for a there recession regular entry will be for the two or the 5 PM tastings. And Custer 25 to 35 bucks VIP 1 and 4 o'clock in three times. Compare Serena up in Concord four the whine fest Charlotte 20/20 PGA tournament we talked about just a little bit earlier Israel and on this weekend you also have bush NFL pre season games to tonight. Falcons that the jets at 730 on the National Football League got network. And lions at the raiders. Your first chance to see Jon Gruden. Back on the sidelines at 1030 tonight. And then there will be NFL pre season game tomorrow at 10:9 o'clock National Football League network vikings at the Broncos. So while more football if you haven't had your fill of that yet and the NASCAR guys are on at 230. On. NBC as sports network. The NASCAR cup consumers energy. 400 so all that part of your big weekend the nights are not in town for the weekend but do come back foray ought weeklong homestand though. Come back on Monday's school kids give away. And school supply drive and dollar hot dogs buffalo. Will be in town with tonight's and the game will start at 704 on a Monday and like I say they're in town all weekend long queen Charlotte Bobble head night is on nut Tuesday brushed his views on Wednesday. And if you wanna get tickets for any of those games next week and will be here all week long Charlotte knights. Dot com and I'll tell you about our buddy Daniel Costin and just a couple of seconds because he's got a couple more exhibits of his unbelievable work. Photography and musicians that evolved gold through our Charlotte's all tell you about that when we come back. Congratulations to William taped. He just wanted to discuss CEO Glenn Miller on no August the seventeenth so was this upcoming no weakened to Belk theater thanks to the Blumenthal performing arts center so well William to Kate wins tickets George what she's back. And I did a cost in my body dinner Cust and he's got a new show will. Or when the legends come to town that it cost and it's our photographer of record in this down. And he was on the David Brothers earlier earlier earlier earlier earlier. And he's got Dylan Tom Petty died he has Emmys because some of the shots of that he had taken it Tom Petty is just a great photographer. The dead milkman were in Rock Hill last night TJ was out there to see them I know the dead milkman from a 2530. Years ago when they want a contest and KB CEO and boulders station I was working. And he was out there last night I mean there's not a concert to come to town that Daniel Costa don't know about. Nor one day he was driving around town are driving home or something and you heard us doing the 95 anniversary. Hall of fame ceremony induction sober Henry Bogeyman. A rocket re Gooding. And so we came by the studio because he knew we had tied Boyden AJ Thompson and Mary June rose and all the guys in here and you know both Thompson and but I garrison and level that I know that I was gonna get in the spotlight that afternoon drizzle all but Daniel Costin was in the studio. Or shouldn't. Pictures of all of that so why he's got some my shows before. And his new show is called when the legends come to town it is open of the night gallery its spirit square. Over a hundred of photographs of legendary musicians playing in Charlotte over the past 22 years and it's certainly worth your time. Most of these have never been exhibited before he did a big deal of spirit square last year but this is all new stuff. And a lot of the stuff printed just for the show. The exhibit is open until the end of October and they'll have their official. Opening night on August the 23 from a six to 9 PM at uptown gallery crawl. And then he's got a companion show called your face sings at all. And that's going to be a tetris the the night spot the rock spot. And that'll be around for a three more weeks they're holding a show it Petro is. And so he'll be around for both of those two hours at one time or another so get itself out and take a look at some of the F photography of record mattresses in 1919. Commonwealth avenue just oh by the way of but to Daniel Coston really is to photographer record and especially when it comes to the music. In this particular area. And has always been a big supporter of the show. And has always been a big supporter of the David Brothers he's got pictures via your Brothers when they were playing a coffee shop down here in a building it's no longer exists were that are down here on morehead street general NBA Brothers used to. About the time they were trying to figure out what do they do when I'm bad Maybin before Bob Crawford. Although I don't know if there was a before bought drugs for. I'm. General thoughts. You're in the shower. You're alone. Well it helps or from the thought process of your own. And ordered children. Your it would. If your wife but does the whole idea between Shia share our thoughts is so you're alone no distractions just you in the failure. Thought. Endorphins proved. Herself would've finished but what the gulf of. Ready to board has been cold shower thoughts we Steelers fell for a regular basis have done for awhile these are thoughts that come be a lawyer in the showers from your best thoughts come in the shower which is unfortunate because there you go into that mode of all remember that. And then you don't. Fit. That you don't write stuff down that you don't remember. Great song writers probably write down everything that goes through their heads that are great novelists are great because they understand it the word old all remember that we all have probably had a biography and autobiography in our heads most of it is gone by the wayside because as you've said oh all remember that. Great thoughts. So here's some shower don't. Brilliant inventors. Jarrett thought that this exact point in history. There are people living for months at a time and space. While others are still hunting with spears in the jungle. Pretty mayors. From people hanging out in space some people still. Factor though really origins of. What. Terrible. There's something comforting about cold toilet seat in a public restroom. Because you don't really want to wore under you. Don't really want to. If I don't like to think of that is. You worse. Solely. Not so royally. You know it. Your bed. Is most comfortable. Right after your alarm goes. Not just about as true as anything that's ever been stated. And it. Ever been mid dream and and try to get back. Stewart. Trophy one of those and then they'll be done and food and. Our thoughts if you fell into a bottomless pit. You would die of starvation. Think about that would respect. Bottomless pit be QB falling forever right. So what would you ultimately died of your not gonna land. You would die of starvation. When guys are guys grow our boredom. A guy's brilliant. And things of that kind of stuff. Somebody in the shower. Probably in one of what is it eleven or thirteen states in the country. Maybe Colorado. Everyone wants to be younger but no one likes to be traded like they're young. Ferret out is that about schoolteachers they shouldn't talk to everybody like they're in the second grade. Middle of schoolteachers but they've just been terrible way about the book. If humans could breathe underwater. We would take better care of the ocean. Jarrett thought fearful reincarnation is real. And may be flies and other bugs are purposely annoying because they want to get killed and be reincarnated into something better. So that amp but I saw Walken on the driveway today that was headed towards the inside the garage. And but I didn't know what. Feel but I don't go ahead of the moment of don't kill it. I didn't do him any favors. But then I don't believe in reincarnation so. And finally four leaf clover would probably be much more common if people didn't pick them every time they came across them. Because what one would bring another dad ever feel now. They go shower industrialist. As one originally we T newsroom where the guy who has toward an hour longer than I do this week. I should be standing by I think it's. He always a lot Sydor on Friday and gives us kind of a dirty look there's your own and I have to waiter and there are harder to terrorize. Him and could move the hell I'm hungry aria I'm starving and their lunch today cameras pretty hungry for anything. If you can go anyplace right now world ago Lexington barbecue. Yeah you are you're you're Ohio and Lexington love that's that's that to you lived here in this area for too long. But maybe we should take suggestions from callers were issued marquee eat tonight. Yeah I I go get I've I just wander on down to the lower part of the who in Africa Africa about it and I keep forgetting about tennis tennis should shrimp po boy I'm tell anybody I need to Triad and yet you a better brag enough to tell you right now the video forward Darko down there is. They take shrimp and they just him and honey NA hush puppy mixed grill and and it's still all there is their killer. Johnny for a hungry fat guy you are making my job tougher I know whether an hour ago Ina. Well listen I understand you know if you don't like this gig you wanna get off earlier go apply are to be a 911 opera. I'm telling you I spent time it says seem PD because a 91 operator 91 on operators here and across the country are quitting it's a stressful job you listen to these guys handle calls it's pretty remarkable. Turnover rate is 20% here and across the country for that job. I know there's a science to that. And they've obviously been well trained. Yeah but you know every now and then you'll hear a 911 call over some story that I guess because you already know what the outcome is or something along those lines. And sometimes they're just frustrating as hell because you view you'd think that they're going about it and a way that time consuming. You know and and I'm going to would probably do a follow up because and it you're exactly right some Angeles to a 911 call and you think what is this guy. Asking any questions he told you. But you don't get get an ambulance there but what is so interesting issue got one guy that takes the calls and he's taking the information and when he types added it instantly goes to the other side of the room to a dispatcher who is. Talking to the cop. So the 911 guys is trying to elicit as much information as he can while. But they don't tell you that and I think sometimes that's frustrating that you don't know that there's a second person dispatching the copper by ambulance. So let's say you kind of assume now you have to assume that they know what they're doing and they've been well trained and sorrows over assault sometimes when you're getting frustrated you assume well they must know what they're doing have you bought it but then a bit denial as soon as I say that one of your stories today is about a thing in Atlanta where you would just assume that they knew what they were drilling and now. Mom and and that might not have been your best advice either. This is a war museum that has a bombshell. There literally it this shall had been sitting on the shelf people can handle it some have dropped it. And a bomb squad came in the other day and as happened with getting go overtaking is now it's alive. Expects its funny wow yeah. Well the but you don't you were you that you were you run into situations all the time where you don't so home. Well they've been doing miss some of this place has been opened for five and a half years they must know what they're doing surely you don't have to know Jens that this could be alive MO now on and an amazing unbelievable hours Charles every Friday our Charles. Judge takes us on a trip someplace. Accessible to us shortly accessible. He's not taken is to tweet TI here know but the smoky mountain railroad which is really cool. In the western part of the state. It's in North Carolina not yes not and say yes it is it is in the North Carolina. The guy where where does she find the time to do all this I don't know it's every restaurant in town and he takes weekend trips all the time I just wanna see is expense account. And does he have one when I don't know every time I had mentioned and he just giggles. At the it's a good no I don't know of anybody on air that has one I know I know the sales guys most of liberties that we don't have but. Not that all of a seven dollar benefited from. Free steak or something go from my time to time. I can use a free state right now yeah I know you beggars are high and I. I'm gonna give you time to run our knitting machine they know originated dollar. So we'll love martyrs and all governor's second probably where they are pads pack of Lance crackers and Mayo and a jolt soda or somebody like better a surge sold or so under word have that story someplace around here. That. And I thought they edit it out Burger King surge soda is coming back. There was big in the ninety's I guess. Available at select Burger King locations around the United States only locations should be Coca-Cola freestyle machine will be selling the lemon lime soda. But through February of 2019. If you went to a concert TJ. And you learn while you were there that one of the main acts would not be playing. Let's say there was two or three main acts what was that like the Lucinda Williams Steve Earle Dwight Yoakam concert BL OST to earth thing that's going on. Say one of them couldn't make it. Online poll 17100 voters reveal what kind of refund they feel like they should be provided to the three got to play. Would you expect a partial refund a full refund or no refund. The at least half. 53% said partial refund 34% said full refund 12% said no refund so you're actually in the majority 53% that harsh. Remove ever been in the situation. I've been to shows that had to be canceled completely but I don't know that I've been due. Julianne else. So remember. What was your name again. All I nears here's mr. Lance crackers himself Mark Garrison do it take you up to 7 o'clock command guard have a great weekend LC on Monday Charles wells glove and out here.