No DACA Resolution, Tragedy in South Africa, Dad Deprivation

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Monday, March 5th

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I got a good. Empowerment self help. Character came home. You radio program. Good Monday morning welcome the broadcast it to be back with you and it's man there are lots of interesting things going on. Talk about trades. Are about the possibility of another special counsel. There's also discussion about immigration and daka an important deadline today. We will delve into all of those things also. We're expecting to hear from president. In just few minutes I believe he's meeting with. Benjamin Netanyahu is that correct and that will be speaking after that if there's a way to take that life. We will try to do so. There's always your calls your techs are welcome during the course of the broadcast. I wanna start here because today it's very important deadline. You may remember it was several months ago president Donald Trump announced he was ending the darker program. The deadline. March 5. Today is march 5. The idea was. Several months ago. Tech congress has six months to get its act together and pass something to resolve this issue. Well guess what it. Six months. Have now elapsed. There is no solution and it looks like. For the meantime the courts. What exercise what amounts to dictatorial powers. To uphold something that was never. Law. This is basically an edict. From a previous president I've been warning about this for quite some time. There were at a place in this country. We're sliding down the roach. George dictatorship. That's what's happening this country. One of the sad things about it too. We've also got an out of control judicial system. I mean it's yours when iron he's of this. Here you have the executive branch which is taken authority they did not have. To put doctor in place in the first place then you have a court that comes in an essentially affirms. That this ought to stay in place. This is not a good thing at all. So was Barack Obama gave us the deferred action for childhood arrivals program. Donald Trump. Set out to in this. Now we've got multiple court challenges. So this step by today it's worthless absolutely positively worthless and as I've communicated to you before. From my never to be humble perspective. When you have a president who has done something outside the law. Who is essentially. By fiat made a declaration. That skirts the law. It's pretty much a no brainer for another president to come in. And reverse that's. And it's not a big deal. Because what was done before. Is nothing wrong it's not law. Now according to the courts. Dreamers are waiting. On congress. Well the resolution may actually come from the courts. 700000. Doc recipients. Are not a place of uncertainty. Now we've got to separate federal court injunctions. That of hold the president's. Rescission and the doctor program. With the judges ordering the Department of Justice to maintain the current program as it was before Trump's announcement last September. On what authority do they do this. In January a federal judge in California issued a nationwide injunction. There are prompting US citizenship and immigration services to begin. Taking darker renewal applications again. So let's make sure you understand what's going on this is not just a matter. Of those people for already filed to those who already have the status. They've got to take applications again. This is an order from a courts. I ask you. On what authority do they do this do they make such a declaration. Since then docked a policy for renewals has been operating on the Obama era terms that were in place before it was rescinded. And February a federal judge in New York. Dinners where these federal judges are by the way. One in California the other in New York not a coincidence. The one in New York issued another preliminary injunction and also blocked trumps efforts to in the program. Currently new applications are not be accepted. But there were approximately 22000. Initial doctor grant request pending. As of January 31 2018. So these are still in the system last week responding to a Justice Department appeal for quick resolution. The Supreme Court declined to intervene until lower courts consider the issue. Not surprisingly the White House has issued a blistering response. The doctor program which provides a work permits and myriad government benefits to illegal immigrants on mice. Is clearly unlawful. The district judge's decision to unilaterally reimpose a program that congress. Had explicitly repeatedly rejected is a usurpation of legislative authority. Yes. We look forward to having this case expeditiously heard by the appeals court in a necessary. The Supreme Court. Where we fully expect to prevail. The president trump. We tried to get move quickly because we'd like to hope daka I think everybody in this room wants to help with doc about the Supreme Court. Just rolled it has to go through the normal channels. So despite providing its separate legal reprieve the court rulings have done little. To reassure immigrant rights activist I love how they use this frayed phrase immigrants rights activists. There illegal immigrants. What rights do they have. And dreamers. Despite providing a temporary legal for the reprieve the court rulings have done little to reassure. Immigrant rights activists and dreamers. And that's the whole purpose. Of how the media covers this story. Because. That after all is the main purpose behind this. This is all about the activist and the dreamers it's not about the American people. It's not about the rule of law. I love to find out what you think about this in the fact that we're all sitting in waiting for court to rule on something. That is essentially a no brainer. Those are arguing for darker as it stands now. Don't have a legal leg to stand dot. But knowing the courts. There may be riskier that they create one. We'd love to your thoughts along the way as we continue to broadcast this morning also coming up. The possibility of another. Another special counsel you having a good time watching this one in operation. Were there could be another one according to an upstate a member of congress. We will talk about that and much more. And stories from over the weekend including some curious comments from the president is about a lifetime presidency. China. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program that. I eat. Appreciate the opportunity to go into that South Africa story this is actually bit in my mind interestingly enough for several days. I mentioned it just meeting somebody from South Africa are few days ago and I've been dying to ask this person that question. About the circumstances they're particularly as a white person coming out of South Africa. You know I've been I haven't had the context the opportunity to ask the question why did you guys leave now. And what do you think about what's going on there. I think going to. Endeavor to have that conversation this week. Ands possibly share that conversation with you if everything works out okay. By the way. Let's check out our tech slighted 71 preachers seven before this gets completely away from me. On the issue of dreamers please stop calling them dreamers they are nightmares are nightmares. Not through her own fault by my dad's. All right. And we have the usual trolls on here isn't it wonderful. Other than that Vince every right must be looked at with the assumption they're given by our creator. Once that's established it would lead to a logical and reasonable conclusion for all. But the most obscure issues. My New Year's resolution is not to remain silent about god given rights no matter what the consequences John in cabins. I am with you man thank you. Thank you. For that commitment to freedom. Also this texas' lead in the trump administration needs to put its foot down publicly denounced the usurpation of power. Then ignored a court ruling and stopped taking applications for doctor. It will be interesting to see if they follow through on something like that. On the subject of weapons weapons that kill people of other helpful person should be banned. People who helped. Weapons kill other people should be executed. When you have in mind here are not quite sure. The context. Vince I'm not sure what rights illegal immigrants have under our law. And they don't have constitutional rights I'm confused. Well I think there are a lot of people confused. On the subject of South Africa all white people should leave Africa pull out all investment cut off all aid trade and food shipments but boy. This city can hear the words forward progress justice etc. First grab your wallet then grab your gun. Instead what you think that black black liberation theology is. Dream about these south African solutions the American race problem. You better believe they do. And another texture raises very interest in question Vince name one passage from the Bible that states. Any god rates mean. We'll have to think on. And we have this as I understand it there are no gun ownership rates in South Africa told this story be different if there where. Well you know hope they would be very different under the circumstance. Theory different. I mean what kind of recourse do you have your property owner. And there are people immediately say you know. This is ill gotten gains why do white people have anything in South Africa. I see arguments some make. Ends. On that basis. Pinch. Let's be honest your folks if you apply the same kind of reasoning remember the kind of people that we have in this country right now. Talking about the illegitimacy of the United States of America. So if you were to follow this through to its logical conclusion this really doesn't so much empower blacks. In empowers native Americans. Get a means that we all. Should basically give up our land to the native Americans. And become their subjects. Just food for thought here. It's 41 minutes after the hour of 10 o'clock. Another interesting thing that's developing. On the Sunday shows this weekend Trace daddy. I'm calling about right now I consider tray a friend. But he's made a number of network appearances the past couple weeks and we have been fun able to get him on this program. So I'm just putting out a friendly little message straight we'd love to talk to you. I know you're not staying around very long but we'd love to have a conversation with you here on this program. To discuss some of these issues. Including this one. Indicating that he nether special counsel may be unavoidable. Trade Yani. Is the chairman of the house oversight and Government Reform Committee. On Sunday said a second special counsel to look into the Department of Justice. In the FBI's handling of Hillary Clinton email investigation and possible collusion between president trump progression during the 2016 presidential election. May be necessary. Here's what he said. Over the weekend I'd turn it up almost two dozen witnesses the inspector general would not have access to. Where you alone conducting this investigation so I'd think would trending. Toward another special council because this unique fact pattern. And the fact there are witnesses outside the reach of the inspector general. And the question that was raised by Maria. Bartiromo. About whether a special counsel's necessary. How does one investigate itself. And this was the answer you don't. Tre Denny this is a typical tree got the answer we should have been able to grade my own papers in college and law school but I was not able to. I would have done better first of all but we don't put family members on the jury we don't put friends on the jury. You made an independent arbiter. And the Department of Justice cannot investigate itself. Horowitz can Horwitz is a fair guy but when there are two dozen witnesses. Then left the department works for another agency someone else has to do it and I'm reluctant to call for special counsel but I think it may be unavoidable in this fact pattern. So there you go the inspector general Michael or its issue he's making reference to. So I'd love to know what you think are you. Inclined to think it's time for another investigator to look into investigations. This becomes really convoluted doesn't it. Think he can be. A good luck sorting this out. This becomes very very messy dangles invented chocolate number 809 to 1110. Cummins since retirement planning text line 713 is your seventh time for quick call from Joseph get about thirty seconds before the break Joseph. Okay been felt owner who just saw a comment O'Neal step African. Report. That is what happens when you've. Who romanticize. Elements they should. I think about king Leopold I think about other countries in Africa that look island mass. In the atrocity that was done to the Africans in those countries and the resources that were stripped of stolen. Bad is that they'll proceed to Plante is in queen you do not take. We can't for your actions toward should inhumanity the main. And you allow time to take place. Being deceased germinate. Well they certainly are germinating here and we will see when it produces. This is still this Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. I'm Vince Coakley radio program. On the text line. It's actually like to know I wonder South Africa and got this idea from the black panther movie. Which I've not seen it yet. The cruel Christie that this weekend. Also the seizure of landless right after the civil war in the US the courts ruled it unconstitutional. In South Africa they said farmland. But are they taking all property. Another person asking. Asked the native Americans how gun control win with him. Vince as inevitable I'll be glad to take over the land great idea where to Weis signed up. Brady. We have another text year my god given right I believe in the lord is asked forgiveness ever writes. To at least attempted heaven that's ten to attend is that how this works at a rate. Since a South Africa's specializing firms Venezuela nationalized. Oil in 1976. Later nationalized farms look at them now. When oil was nationalized production went down because the price of import replacement parts went up by a factor of ten this stuff never works. They run off the people who know what they're doing yep. Todd works. You need a fair and level playing field is designed by law and constitution the Democrats are selling us out well I think you'd also have to argue Republicans are doing the same in some ways. Put a lot of effort called trade aid investment in food shipments. The Chinese are behind this. And don't be interest and concerning the taking your property in South Africa Charlotte has been practicing this for years they laid water and sewer lines in front of our house. Claiming. The right of way we later discovered they didn't have it we called it. People in the city of Charlotte for two years with no answer. They received a letter from the legal department stating they would not pay. Well. South Africa nationalizing firms. Nobody wins to sit on the plantations veranda sipping mint julep. Nobody wants to pick cotton. Ha ha. Live. See. This is kind of interest in raising some unanswered the question earlier bouts. God given rights. This texture says. To the texture wants to know what book and chapter and verse guide gives us rates start with John 112. Yet to all who do receive and to those that believed in his name we give them the right become children of god. From that point nine children and later as they mature become sons and daughters. The privileges and or rights multiply exponentially. Quite intriguing. Just some of the perspectives cheer from the text line. Ed sound. 52 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock a great opportunity for us to I'd take a look at the day in history what do you think. We if just a few minutes before our break from the top of the hour news. As we go down to our upstate studio. And she checked in with our Oscar viewing friend. Months ago. Is not funny at. I I couldn't resist man I had to call you out and I was just speculating that we don't say you told me out because that did you watch didn't know. Nokia and Motorola it's not the best awards show ever was on Saturday night so while and watch Sunday it was that a war. Boy no okay. Welcome back to that perhaps if time permits the blitz so start off with a look at the day in history on this march 5 2018. And we began in 1770. 1775. Anti British protesters were killed in the city of Boston in this event became known as the heat. Boston Massacre you are correct. 1946. This. British leader. Delivered his famous iron curtain speech in Fulton Missouri who was it 1946. Winston Churchill you are correct again. Another war era person after 29 years in power in 1953. This person died. 29 years in power over the Soviet Union. This person died caress it. British now. All who. Not cry each. Truly that would be Joseph Stalin still door with pollen and I didn't think that he was who live that long stuff. Yeah he. Kick the bucket in 1953. Ends. 196310. Years later all of these people died the other. Talk show Hawkins who have never heard of in Charles I was asking Charles he had no idea who these people are. At least two of the three. Cowboy hopeless. And Patsy Cline they all died. What's caused their deaths at the same time plane crash. You are correct. 1963. Charles is a big country music fan. I say he must not be. Because otherwise he would have known this so what you have expertise in countries who you would think that you would most for the super team sun country. Yeah he's reminding me effect I used to be a country music DJ for several years. And how I survive through juniors that every hall. No I didn't nuts online just a little she. No no no no so no one no Oscar viewing last night I'm no I'm not gonna watch that crap are you kidding. By the way apparently you're not the only one who didn't watch the ratings. For Sunday night's telecast. They collapsed by a whopping 16%. An all time low according to early estimates. Variety reports the eight to 11 PM portion of ABC's telecast averaged eighteen point nine household rating 32 share. In metered markets overnights. That's down about 16%. From 22. Point five and 37 rating by the 2017 Oscars. So it's an all time low for the Oscars the how will get some more numbers that distance price yourself. Briefly why did you watch. The real estate Folsom. Movie awards on Saturday night and we need did awards for a movie G actually go to C. Football poll. Good shot man straight shot. Our number two it's completely your third straight ahead save this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey Jack the putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children. It's a dangerous and it's got to stop boldly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Roman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again. By giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we eat the people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the communities. This is much you can this is my kids this is my grandkids this is my country dammit my country. And number of the fight score together. He's got this weekly radio program. I literature at the broadcast and we're glad reports that the Florida senate's it's. Has actually decided to stand up against. The efforts of some. To undermine our constitutional protections. Florida senator over the weekend rejected a proposal to ban assault weapons voted for measured arms some teachers. An amendment that would have banned assault weapons attached to a wider bill failed. Party line votes. This in response of course. Killing a fourteen students three faculty at Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. The road twenty to seventeen against the assault weapon ban with two Republicans joining all the Senate's fifty Democrats. In support of the proposal. The full bill. The Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school public safety act expected to pass the state senate today. That it goes on to the Florida house. After the set rejected the band. One of students treated this breaks my hearts. We will not let this ruin our movement this is for the kids. I'm sure your for the name by now David Hogg. Fellow student to his become one of the school's leading actress on gun safety tweeted elections are going to be fun. Elections are going to be fun. By the way an amendment to remove a provision to train and arm some teachers failed. And I'm sure you've seen all the protesters rallying outside the Florida capitol. Urging lawmakers to reform the gun laws. So it'll be interesting to see what develops here. Just few days ago by the way IE herd of really good interview. Believe it or not it was on NPR they actually do talk to conservatives and libertarians from time to time are great interview with Thomas Massie. But they also had a great interview where is Charles Cook from national review. Charles Cook is one of my favorite authors he's written a great book. Called the conservative Terry in agenda which is really good he talks about how important it is. For conservatives and libertarians to unite. To promote an agenda and I think part of his messages. And I've learned this I've learned this the hard way after this last election there aren't many of us conservatives. There are a lot of anti liberals out there but there are many conservatives. So as conservatives and libertarians. Because we're such a small number we've got to work together we've got to figure out a way to do this and defend protect our freedoms. One area where Charles Cook is very strong is on this one. As a relates to gun rights. He had some really good comments more extended interview we may share more of this later on but it was just on the money. And I think he does this. So concisely. I did a flying with the tragedy of that has taken place in Florida and yet at same time. Not allowing emotion. To take him to replace that war undermined. Our constitutional rights. Here is one of the highlights of that interview with Charles Cook. We need to give law enforcement as long as there is H a person's component strong due process component. Mall. Do you weigh in removing guns from people who have shown themselves to be violent or made threats. But in terms of sweeping gun control haven't changed my view and the reason for that it's not that and care about what happened all the time attempt. Think it was a disaster for those involved all the girls in Paris and effective I have children myself but because I just strongly disagree that the gun control is the way you'll stop this. And he's actually right you're not gonna stop this and this goes back to the conversation. Abouts. This kid was obviously a threat there were plenty of warning signs out there. And I have no problem with. Once you dotted all the I's and crossed all the tees. And there is due process. And there is clear evidence someone poses a threat yes. This kid. Who was the perfect candidate to have a weapon taken away. But there has to be a process. Unlike the comments from president Donald Trump last week. Where he suggested. Take the weapon first and have do precious later that's not due process. By the way I was talking about Charles Cook he's one of these one of the reasons that I really appreciate Charles court. It is easy legal immigrants. Who is very patriotic and very much loves America. And I find sometimes. Some of the most loyal Americans are those who have chose an America. Over somewhere else. They were greater appreciation for the country and they're able to articulate very well. What America means. Which is good stuff she Jerald I've captains good morning share. They got a lot of rubble may get all their talk from Balco. That match so well and who they want it marked a full capability. OK so park. Gaining topic she's formal part okay. Your whole big edge over you are. This double take what war. Rules were or not pollute our show. Did you know all what little regularly brought some occasional cigar district. Didn't want him so poor they. They need for a but he really built their duty. And or fire from that are jail. COLT you tell me what's gonna happen itself in its salt are all written and so he would get hurt. Well you raise some interesting questions there appreciate your colleague Gerald hopefully this will be entirely peaceful. I mean especially we have kids what do they press testing anyway they're concerned about violence. So I would certainly hope this remains peaceful. Dave good morning in Charlotte. Yet I wanted to point out but talk receipt of the Democrats claiming we need more gun laws to protect us from criminals while they ignore immigration law and protect criminal. Yep. Lutz of hypocrisy there. I am completely there with Q speaking out hypocrisy thanks for your call their Dave. We have this we are making reference to the media awards show yesterday evening that many of you did not watch. And a number of you posted something like this and social media last night here are couple of post for you. 500. Get a lot of this folks. 500. Armed guards. At the Oscars protecting celebrities. Who are chastising and brow beating America on gun control. Is that rich or whites. 500. Armed guards. If you are such a warrior against guns why don't you tell those people to leave. And put their guns down. We also have this from Donald Trump who posted this during the show last night. I don't know how much longer I can take this BS so terrible crash take us yours and he. That was actually pretty funny and good stuff. As we continue to broadcast he would have been stupid radio program fourteen minutes. After the hour of 11 o'clock. If you like during the conversation eagles' advantage to talk whenever 809 to 1110 Cummins his retirement planning takes lines seven through. This is still since. Coakley radio program. They didn't have. We're. Gonna nineteen on the Vince Coakley ran your program is good opportunity of coming up on the text line we start year. Since I watch the Oscars intermittently is all about women's empowerment celebrating immigrants and people of color and marginalizing. White men who are predator digs. Already. Since you believe all the Oscar stars are simply flattered that viewers are way down. Speaking their club reviewers is just that much more elite. How that makes sense. To David Hogg. Taking my god news also be fun. Avoid. It's you should see the protest for the NRA but he kids from the high school so not getting a lot of play out there were of course not. These Charles Cook book please if he is nominated Charles Cook book aide Charles Cook book. Please repeat the title I think it's called the conservatory and agenda great book and I haven't finished yet I need to give back to that. It's really good. But Charles Kirk. They wanna raise the age to by against Tony one. You know I have to registered eighteen. I think gonna raise that to 21 also of course not. This December everyone you know label which label which you attach to our president I think in many men he could fit and still win the election. Also 40000 vehicle related deaths a year in the US. Is this the fault of the cars. Can rude question. Bill in Charlotte good morning welcome. Hey hey man I don't want her closer it's supposed to remain in and I. Are you mentioned that gun control. Will not stop these men shootings. But do you think big gun control may stop one. From this seemed like everyone wants to just use one in meant it to try to stop this but I don't know probably. Banned in need AARP IQ there are sixteen being. Doing some of the extensive background check up. We have a penny a law that won't stop people from drinking and draft but we have. You know and so I'm just trying to understand your position. Well my position is here's one more question why would you pay the ER. Our own well yeah it's simply and that apparently you know. It's not revolver. I think people have a better chance if someone does not have big gun I mean you can shoot a lot of people on a short amount of time. Also the law enforcement will whip party our home try to stop this person we'll have a better opportunity. I mean meg they can put out there how suppression fire. So. On an end we've seen yeah I think it's being used a few times in these mass shooting. To taken allow a lot. Let me ask this question bill why do you think we've had why do you think this is a modern issue. We take at times throughout our history why is this an issue now. Well that's a good question I mean. You know things change devastated saying what you know we had things back in the sixties that we don't have anymore. You know and it it. Think Chang likes intact families. So what I liked intact families. Well I don't think is having in taxpayer and they're not incorrect ever because people still treat people really bad. We can impact ambulance and they prey even Cindy were Christian and you know. In a forty to keep. Did we have mass shootings like this in the sixties in seven means. And eighties. Expanding and a treat people really all. Like we're. What we worry what universe are you talking about don't look at Jim Crow law Jason this so those so that was that I. I agree with that just because those things were bad about the time does that mean everything else was bad bill. Jim we hold on everything it not bad now what I'm six years can we hold onto the values that are good. And at the same time reject that which is bad. Well what what I'm seeing and in it in this week being that people held all know today is as good let's keep people separated and it held at the heart. They thought there was a good bad due to halt a you know they banned it. You know our great grandfather and grant all the way up or laurel award to but it wouldn't treat it like mid when he got back this country. Well people felt like that was a good bet you'd thing to do. Some people did but but here's the reality of this bill. That's never being good never ever racism has never been good Jim Crow he's never been good slavery was never good. It doesn't matter what people did. Mean what what bit are deep you're saying that the crime has made eight. It's just been issued at all beat Dingell what happened down the road at that you write very. Here's the point that I'm making bill. That is something about the character of our people has changed. That's what I think. No no no no I'm sorry. You cannot overlook the carrot to other people both ordinary and all they're all full character there what their character. Don't want their care to whether or not. In what way are you referring to all this talk about charity Eudora blunt statement you say people care. People pair Cabrera before now what our poll. It would appear every quarter to beat back beard. Could prepare for their part to do what you do now temperatures saying. Bolster Fayetteville friend now. Okay here so here but here's my question on the subject of school shootings. Did we have this problem in the sixties the seventies the eighties. Oh I didn't and so here's my question for you what has changed. And our culture because something there something about the character of our culture is obviously changed. That's now cause this to happen and happen with such frequency. That's that's the point I'm making bill is why don't we look at the underlying cause to try to figure out why this is happening rather than looking at guns because we've always had guns. Okay which which you're saying intact families. Did that cause this did Ahmad map about. I'm saying it's a major factor and I'm gonna share something about this and a bit bill I'd love you call back at some point because I do wanna share this. How do we have time before this break to share this. Him particular clip John it's something that I he sent TU I think last week we never got to. It was so segment Q beyond freedom. We had a conversation about this will probably save this for after the break. The bill do you call back out after we talk about this may be later in the week as I'd love to get your thoughts and your response. To this analysis. Of all pretty much every person involved in the shootings a Diana out of Pickens is next good morning and market. Good morning I would like to mention that I was born late this South Africa. Johannesburg. And I thought my accent because I haven't had too many years but I came over from there in 1958. And of course look at apartheid. And I have been back about ten years ago to visit South Africa but I have an article that I would like to read he would probably one paragraph long. From my ex girlfriend slept under the security here which is used them popping now. And she wrote an art lately had a fiftieth here. Notebook that was sent up everybody and I appreciate my managers and saw and articles from her story. Didn't do this in a minute because it's all we have left in this segment. Well I. You'll be a wait a minute are not as competitive it's about her and her family and how they have his little worn by family and friends says the settlers were coming into take over their house. Wow that's pretty serious stuff what would you hold this store after the break just I have I'm very intrigued by this for sure also coming up. Really share this clip that I mean I was intending to share with you last week as a matter fact meg should be fine net freedom. I had a really good interview with someone about this issue of school shootings and addressing the core issues that so we do on this program we're not about. You know dealing with platitudes ends. Fantasy we talk about reality here and try to get to root causes. You're gonna hear how root cause. Maybe a series of them as we continue the broadcaster 29 after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after eleven O clock on the mentally radio program coming up we're gonna share that really good. Insight on school shootings and school shooter who's. But first we were having conversation with Diana want to share some perspective about South Africa a Dana is joining us out of picky in South Carolina good morning again Diana. Yes good morning. I'd like to say that the little article I received from my friend and shift and Rhodesia Zimbabwe now. And you said this is just two paragraph right. Yep that that the partnership is continuing to let except for Virginia I was and I think that's what growing country in the world. Tobacco growing country in the world and he says. I nearly seven years ago that citadel about 1012. Years from now. Back twelve years we were white blue and the first pharmacy data by the that there are all war that's. In January and lieutenant in February the people moved and their first joint and that this first established themselves on these and Obama and and it began a terror tactics in fact I'm too worn by our workers. Do well quickly as they were going to be trouble and we managed to get you walk and I'm an overnight but kind friendly town. We moved into a farm next storm next thing they make they think calmed down but each time they came back with a hard atmosphere. And then she says that we can't become the next morning at all if he calmly drove. Yen and at the market going. And they sit them down neighbors were killed one of them yesterday they were angry. Can't be one of the people I've run across the road from behind stationary about the effect he knocked down by the farmer. And then they kill the farmer tan. They would be being accused of murder how their country that are popular completely. Taken over by the fact they called them. And to this date and we always Beck. Think that on the farm that they have been and it would take over. The people and Rhodesia from popping out. I've got an effort to wrap realignment there they have no way of they did this great land in film and has nothing more to give them and they move on and misses but I'm afraid it's gonna happen thought that. Isn't this ironic isn't this what do you white man was accused of doing it in the past. A stripping and reaping the lands right and now what's happens. And not completely reversible because they are the people that live up the money maker of over the people they were farmers think that the people that the person that process. And now he's prospered people are having their land taken over by people that have no idea how to run the fact I've done that. Arms run any of the businesses. And the country is going bankrupt. I have my friends that live in South Africa still cannot lead because that they that they cannot take anything let the man I'm not to take their fun. They cannot take any can't they cannot take anything I have friends who explained that can be done met a hole. Section. Antique cars behind because they were not take much of the country. Wow sobering picture there appreciate your call their Diana. As I mean shouldn't I just met someone from south African very eager to have this conversation to find out. About their journey I'm Ryan in Iraq killed good morning. Hey man played aren't writes there. So you or else to go about. What's changed their culture in this say he's an enemy. I would opt for a lot of that this game is about our culture. Firstly people are more concerned with who scored the last part there include an office. People are more a lot more concern. Arm and would never even consider. Compromising our Second Amendment right. Be carrying the wind and a psychopath. So what does that what does that do every time we can tell that you need all the news or. Are are considering expanding recommend it some of our elected officials. In Iraq. It direct they're trying to they're all the law they protect independent copies yeah I say. Speaking to be all about stripping us of our second camera that's what's changed it. We we should never. We should never even computer. I abandoning our Second Amendment Rights just to feel safe passage saints. I hear you Ryan and I appreciate your call I want to quickly get to this clip I was going to share with you Matt QB. With conservative reviewed data clipped a conversation with Warren Farrell Warren Farrell. And this is about guns insecurity. An element of this that nobody wants to talk about it listen up to Warren Farrell. The biggest single problem that creation school shootings this thought. Process. Either minimal involvement with chance. That comes usually after divorce learn it also comes from the 51%. Of women under thirty. We're raising children without father involvement. Sometimes sponsor involvement in this starts the after two years. Not being married and 40% of fathers who dropped out completely it's so. Accounts for all of her school shooters. Nicklaus crews. On the right at Rogers who proof. That's their own ten enterprise voice we don't see this or girls you can see this. And soft voice and the solution is father's involvement. Getting father involvement starts with the constructed in school we can start that we've. Getting others involved in PTAs. Letting that changing the culture of learning and then go. That's the most important single thing they can do in their life. This not to be a warrior. Outside in the killing feels good to be a father warrior. Involved and not just PTAs and cub scouts and Boy Scouts. I'm in coaching. And and it is giving up high paying jobs to have more time with your children. And a powerful. Dead deprivation. That's really what this boils down to you. Know what's interesting now I. Was thinking about this the other day. Because someone was making in fact I think our caller from made this point. This does not seem to be happening on long black young man for some reason. What is the reason behind that I don't know. But it's. Quite curious. Dead deprivation. And we wanna address that problem of course not too. Does that requires responsibility on all of our parts we want to be able to just pass a law. And convince ourselves that things are gonna change they won't. David's import milk good morning. Good morning how are you this morning right surge had about a minute. Are in order for you to an article. Written about Walter Williams. You can find it if you go to drug can go down to his place. Skull another liberal created failure. He quoted statistics you rescue about what has changed since the 1970. According to a more quote according to a 2000 Turkey Wall Street Journal article by doctor before pouring from under the treatment advocates sooner. Shutting down middle hospital didn't turn out the way advocates promised. Cyril steady simmer a significant sooner chewing that untreated knowing he'll respond for papers of homicides. They're plea pursuant to jail and prison inmates more than production of the homeless if you compare that to this statistics in the Laura Ingram our articles. Can be found at the same place. I think did you find an answer some of the question dressed. Get by here you David choose a lot of factors here that we've got to dress but we keep focusing on an animate objects. It's not the object folks. It's people. Hints if you wanna get the heart of the matter is just what you get to get to the heart of the matter as in people. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio program. To account for some the items here on the text line. We began here. Dexter referring to bill. Talking about gun control bill get lies the are they are fifteen debt market with a score by itself and kills seventeen people the loser with an evil hearts did. Someone else saying we've had air fifteen since the seventies in the sixteens in the sixties. Him. Texting and driving kills more than school shootings. Let's take away their cellphones. Have you seen the TV series Waco I'm Paramount's I encourage you to watch very powerful and informing. Food. Toomey can news here and see you week true. Whom harmed here. Or it may be notes here. The other person blaming social media instant notoriety and disintegration of the family. At what point are we going to look at christianity as a mistake slavery is unfortunate. But it is what it is history the best. We can respect those who have self church. They used to learn and move lot longer we stay in slavery the more we are sleeps. You can outlawed guns all day long but you will not stop outlaws from having them. And sometimes you get on a Friday report ahead it's male caller had a point regarding character ritual and accept his viewpoint shame on you. Plurality. Pence to mention of the emotional touchy Feely logic progressive used to justify whatever goofy initiative they're pushing. Here it is worth it saves one life it'll be worth such. Microproze anyone operating a motor vehicle must Wear crash helmet it will save lives. And another first referring to John Second Amendment is not about hunting read up on battle of Athens Tennessee. Don't tell my hand behind my back and tell me I can still win the fight the fight then droughts. A bankrupt sheriff's bunch until we started tossing dynamite. Clues. No text you would like to know why Anderson Cooper isn't going to South Africa now ha ha yeah I'm feeling it's not going to be a big story. Regards to Rhodesia South Africa with a allies like the United States who needs enemies. But the person saying we did this to south after we saw a friend down the river to slavery. We did maturities your first. Now what is happening to South Africa. Who's ready. What's changed since 1950s once and is the church is given up it's got ordained great commission. Which is to advance the kingdom of guts. Everything hinges are for this failure. As to why. It seems like. This father list this issue is not affecting black young man in regard to school shootings. Mike young men have gangs a substitute fathers and you're shooting each other. Another person seeing black youth are busy killing each other same message year. Somebody ideas on the text line. Let's go right to Michelle and tall. Good morning welcome. He won't mind I just got a quick question I wondered if he could direct me. Correct is fine hair that can be just shared with us on bad deprivation. You know what's that is excellent IE real finest here's what I will do you just because you have mentioned this. I will reproduce this. And BW BT and W or 63 W or. So. In just a couple of minutes be sure to check that out and I he had these guys. Tint Charles John. We'll make sure that I do that by the end of this broadcast okay. Then in my. We love you joining us for this broadcast is well thank you very much and please share that far and wide because that's is carrying material needs to get out. Mitch in Charlotte good morning. Hey how are you been doing well. Hey it's a great champion Charlotte they they got a we have before us is basically abandoned the up political art radios being here in charge but it's great having you on your so. I was calling about they are fifty comment that was made earlier. Jake yeah it's it's absolutely ridiculous Stevens to make the statement that somehow a few band and they are fifteen to all of this is gonna change. I mean yeah a semiautomatic you might as well just the or didn't ban handguns as well and tactic if you're talking about high capacity I mean I keep that source speaking at a not in my house on the steps. Found because there has higher capacity is seventeen round. But as far as semi automatics we have to have somebody go all of the books for gun that is. And the fact that they're thinking that another laws and somehow. I would say people from getting killed this is ridiculous that the whole reason that happened was because the ball that we're already on the books or need to be enforced she. And here's what my questions rich what criteria do you set up to determine which ones to band. How do you do that. Yeah network that's the part that's so ridiculous is we already have laws in place. Automatic weapons already have regulation lump them. And if you even are qualified you get to where you can actually legally own one yet pay certain taxes on it to begin with. To go I didn't try to ban semi automatics just seems ridiculous sir even an AR fifteen black as there's a pistol grip on. You can use they are shifting all the time I mean. You know our Brothers and those tiles from what they are fifteen and so on are cutting what they are pitching is I mean they're great rifle there. If it's because of a capacity either and then what's gonna stop them from changing something else go to hell it's the only reason why would even think this summer we're trying to try to band and they are fifteen because of the capacity it's a but you're gonna do that you might as well Gordon band other other weapons they're good spurred the dance or perhaps it. I hear image and this is where it becomes slippery slope. And again why I was just even necessary to have this discussion. Between now this wasn't an issue ten years ago twenty years ago. We've got to continue to look at the issue and and I right here here's where I am on us. If we're not a hot I country that's capable of handling weapons of and our countries do yeah it's just that simple. Because we can't handle anything else either yeah that's the reality. Great talking with you were back tomorrow or willing herself as a great day and god bless you take care. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.