No Tree Grows To The Sky

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, November 25th

No tree grows to the sky. With the market growing higher still, it has correct itself, make sure you're prepared when it drops.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On my entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401 k.s ire is independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 888. 7508723. Excited a lot of talk about today. This week from a distance senior coach of online trading academy the coast of Bulls and Bears senior coach online trading academy Steve chapel it's gone on Jim. Yeah at the weekend meant a lot going on down here studied Florida and Orlando. Avant. Component that time with the family but really excited about that we got a lot of talk about earnings to come out a couple of major companies. In the Dow and some of the major players in the S&P it's occurred in the market even higher. Record side exciting time but here's the reality folks. No tree grows so the guys. And we're expecting a significant pullback because all the guys we have to follow at some point what we do people better be ready to have a discussion about capital generation. Absolutely champ and I appreciate you joining us even though you're out with a fairly taken some time to join us here Bulls and Bears as always we got a lot to talk about you talk about no tree grows in the sky. And that's exactly what people are wondering how much higher can this market go on what I love about the financial markets. It can only do one of two things that he can either go up and McCain go down and we have to be ready we have to be worrisome we have to be prepared. But it can go up and down in a lot of people champion know this they're fine with the up with the minutes starts going down they have no idea what to do. Well that's the concern because we've been in this situation before we think that you a collapse of 2008. We got a record high at the market was over leveraged. There's really easy to get credit in this country in the cause housing bubble and credit bubble that ultimately caused the collapse of the market at 2% moved down in the value. Most people's portfolio most porn case most irate lot below 50%. And that collapse of two without making here which it yet. Fast forward to 2070. So that the low to the other night and yet deep bottomed out we've gone up for each street ears folks. Its street view of the game pastry is a higher prices do record highs were consulate in new record eyes. And now here was sitting in an area where what a frothy pop that all the experts are where we're sitting an area where we really can't go much higher because the stock. Better carbon yet empty the Dow rallied so dramatically it go that much more higher in value. And so visit significant. All back expected it's just the matter what it's gonna happen but here's the beautiful they had image you know what it does happen if you're ready and prepared for and know how to preserve protect. You go through like a problem like water production back but most of the listeners they're not ready. There along the market they muddied or in case they have holding that track yet and be there all we see that significant pullback debt collection if you will. A retracement of the price going up for eight years. There's gonna be below the street a lot of people they're not ready and the problem is that the maps have gotten very complacent. They've just got to expecting everything you've got to go up there and short memory we just eight years ago when the market collapse I was balling. And so the people are ready are gonna take that rear beating we believed. When the creek she comes but you have to be ready if you don't they can you ordered a bit beating. And because we know anticipate simply based on map that market could correct it all you have the opportunity and in my opinion you have the responsibility to learn how to protect you. Preservative lost because when it comes if you give it all back again in other words if you lose 23 quarter percent near point Jake can you afford that. You couldn't afford the lot that we can't afford at this time and the reality is that image you know. The problem is when people take those big moved out in the S&P and in that forward kick out. They can get back to where they were gonna take years some so here we are nine years later collapse the relate that many people back where they were. Yet we have another pull back you'll be collapsed again. And it might take you nine more years and here's the reality. If you have the same model money ten years older if he'd Eudora that you were. That is not a good plan because you'll run out of years. And every week and it's a goal because that time as some would never get back actually after prepared yet they have capital preservation in play. But not take a beating when them with a collection comes when you get all dramatic. Well and that's RI I mean champion you know there's going to be a winner there's going to be a loser. Obviously the masses they don't understand how to protect their focusing more on the growth there are no greed takes in a lot of people are thinking this is gonna continue to grow higher. They don't understand the idea that when someone wins someone loses and the simple idea of just getting ready for the correction. And what I mean by that is sometimes people don't even understand what they cash equivalent option is in their 401K they don't understand. What other types of things can use besides he mutual fund may be an ETF so many little things that are simple this is different to what they're doing in the just got take the time to learn how to do it. And you know what true capital preservation isn't just going to cash it's having a plan in place ready to go so in the market does stop going up. They can make sure that they secure the profits that they have and more importantly make sure that they don't take a 3040% hit. And the reality of what's going on right now that all body or K plans. As they're rolling out they're not allowing you to go to the money market option at the cash option they require a day in mutual. And that would be to and it gets it yet for a lot of people gonna you can at least go cats when the market collapsing you've got to gain on. You can get really hurt battle. And so the powers could be that regulators there try and everybody it's an effect where they get beat in cash position became the key here is the cash position. You know there's no eat the charge kit charges being a kid double up on all on all the different load shares in early redemption eat everything open at tradition by the 41 K so there's a lot of these huge star out to a lot of companies that are transferring their or K program it to the situation where you hit every catch option. Think about that. So you don't understand how to protect him conservative mosque. And you can't go to catch you've just got to ride it doubt that the travesty. This thing that the listeners can do to protect the conservative lot they could use options but it's just a subsequent IRA and additionally a four K where they could have. Position that heritage. Well they haven't for a game that was protecting him off there the collapsed there's still kept whole. There's so everything militias can do but the reality is personal yet it is they understood their correction come in the second volume that they have a plan in place. To protect and preserve if you don't you gotta give it all back you can you really afford to do that. And most fuel can't champ they're gonna lose Tom they're gonna lose capital they don't wanna do that. That's why under Syrian capital preservation is Paramount our sponsor Bulls and Bears online trading academy understands individuals. Are trying to figure out how to preserve the capital that they have they don't wanna lose that they don't wanna give it back the market. Online trading academy as a class to right at their campuses a 500 dollar class. Has taught aren't capital preservation. Every time we get this way Durham Bulls and Bears the phones light up. I have a few opportunities to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now called. 84451. Trade that 84451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get an opportunity of a 500 dollar class. I'm capital preservation from our sponsor. Online trading academy. That's 84451872338445187233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class. I'm capital preservation from online trading academy. Once again 84451. Trade that 844. 51. Trade Jim we had a lot more to talk about I know you have occasion I appreciate the time. We had a lot going on here Bulls and Bears don't forget callers to the 28445. Up one trade does that mean champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears a little bit of separate himself. Left and greet well intelligence like a little bit. Absolutely and don't forget to head over to FaceBook. Like this at Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time again a question for senior coach Tony for Senegal the coach hotline at 877. 904. Trade at 877904. Trade. We got a question coming up a little bit later champ and if your question gets out area is get a prize pack and get something. So the Bulls and Bears related some excited about them. Absolutely and you know great big at that. We got like he cured in the baggage that some great lessons from our sponsor electric academy to really guide Abel prize package there. Exactly exactly chip we allowed to talk about one of the things have been addressing. Is understanding that the market goes up the market goes down we always bang the drum and talk about you know. Understanding how to play. And be in the market when both the market goes up and down and a lot of people get confused and a down market a lot of people get concerned unfortunately they get emotional. Jeff let's take a few moments let's talk about the idea and actually making money in a downward move in the market you know it's called shorting I know it's called shorting let's explain. Capitalizing headed downward move in the market. They got totally downgraded Dow up by some other agencies that look at credit worthiness of these companies in these stocks. And the stock was trading around. Thirty bucks a share earlier in the year but 25 dollars shares recently maybe thirty days ago on ET. And that's the geeks that's a big company PG that the blue chip large cap stock and they are getting crushed. And here's the beautiful thing. Upped its curtain down and see a lot of people don't understand that because of their bias is that when the market goes up that's good what goes down that's bad and see some. All that the bad day. And the reality of the market is that when something goes up that's a good day went up and goes down to today. Provided you understand how to profit from that price movements and what the great thing about the markets is that when quite all. It's not necessary a bad day match she obviously has got some things to take care on the air and but it doesn't mean that we expect the settlement but not big into that moved down literally the last thirty days but from 204018. And anybody look at what could've made out on a money on that but it doubles Xbox this year at chipotle understood a lot of proper regard to direction. And one of the most important attribute to understand that is learning how to short Dell call shorting the market. Well and that's the key thing chip and those a lot of people don't understand that you can make money in a downward move in the market everybody has their idea when the market sells off. Where that money goes in the reality is as it goes to somebody who knows how to make money when that position happens when that opportunity presents itself. Jim shorting is not difficult it's different we say that all the time here on Bulls and Bears I mean since it isn't something that the average person can do. It is and here's the reality of the market that one shot lead doesn't understand it it's a game changer which you hit it higher probability scenario. A proper regardless of what happens see all we can do is put that fit their probability in our favor. And if we can only make money one direction lower level that we proper political doubt we'd lose or we can't participate. There were limiting ourselves to be able make money only part of a time. And so we talk short shorts and allow the entry onto the field and let's take a stock like GE. GE as of recently buried illegal trading at 24 all share if we believe we. Could see the picture of GE. Solid six bulk shared outlook that we can anticipate. It's losing value. We could profited from that and the way you would have done better by shorting the stock short selling out give an example but she's staging unit report all share which was the last thirty days. And you believe it was gonna fall late. You could have gone into the market in the event and sold post docket when he fort all the sure not here's a beautiful thing. About shorter motion looked so we can sell something we don't hole. And that's what a lot of people get confused as to how might sell stocks like G I don't own it well your broker own. And because they own it they allow us as quiet out certain brokered we go into the market and we can literally. Sell shares of there inventory into the market. In anticipation of a falling in crises in other words when she would appoint what all wish you could have gone to the market. And even though we didn't old shares of GE stock we could've gone through a broker and short short short sold. Shares of GE stock and advance in other words there allowing that to sell their inventory our brokers. It's the market on our. So we all but stopped. We go to our brokerage left albeit short self 124 all share itself the stock into the market at twenty put all this year. So what what do we doubled just sold stock we don't own. Are brokered a lot of the use their inventory dispel into the market at the market price of 24 outlets our goal. Our goal of the buyback but the buyback TT. She is it that when he or we ballot. And I broke allowed just the unit there in Detroit you all must shares to sell 24. Because we anticipated and all of price won it all eighteen which then buyback. Elway buyback would buy for eighteen so what we sell we've sold reported or entered the position. But back in eighteen to close the position so what we've done it since well we basically sold twenty or oddity he changed it all this year should stay in dark out. That's exactly how happened what we short. In other words we're selling so we don't own it a bit hitting a double that point four went quite Allstate kiwi. Backed the moment we've Baidu shares back at eighteen we call it covering the short the stock immediately go back and our broken government or so what are brokered. They loaned out of stock that fell 24. And then buyback leaking them all by Beckett taking place this year back and they inventory to put a lot of back ought to Madrigal back in the inventory we keep the six to share. Think about that. So sergeant major Carter called an apology that you made big screen and on GE ought to stop it felt like bucks. Felt old cook 30% of its price value and you profit from that that's shorting and there are beautiful thing is that anybody can do that Adam include lifting to. And imagine that the mad that we have a collapse to the F and FN PUK. And there's so many ways could take money off this field regardless of direction because of this good in doubt as good. And we stopped understood that short selling a still ensure a simple process is it that you never alerted. And I you stopped it implement that in your strategy being a portfolio. Because secretary euphoria and ultimately it allows people to proper regard to direction. And it leveled the field all the big institutions Colbert back August they'll they'll these players because they're doing it as well. And now we don't have to worry about Donna writes we anticipate it would probably from a that's digging changer for most people into. Exactly and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears. They have a class specifically on shorting the market when I love about this classless it was brand new the market but the bit in the market for years and they don't understand how to capitalize and a downward move. This is a unique opportunity this is a 500 dollar value class and a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers tend to 25 pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that 844. 51 trade for callers ten to 25 to get a 500 dollar class. I shorting the market from our sponsor online trading again I mean that's 84451878233. 8445187233. For callers ten to 25 to get this 500 dollar class on shorting the market. From our sponsor online trading academy once again 844. 51 trade that 844. 51. Trade so you have a 41 K you have an irate your concern about the markets sign up you don't know how to capitalize figure out how to take that money use that money in the next downward move the market to take advantage of this. Pick up the phone callers to the 45 does a 500 dollar class on shorting the market. 844. 51. Of trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the Bulls and Bears I'm arrows and the Cisco added the last it was a good timing with the boys. Jet missing this week it down down in Florida but always a good time here Bulls and Bears don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike get samples of Bear's radio. And of course anytime 24/7 you've got a question for the coach college coach hotline at 877. 904. Trade it's 87790. Portrayed we got a couple questions for the coach coming up a little bit later on. Jim talking about a variety of things talking a lot about the market understand the market works in a variety of different ways. Sometimes champ individuals were utilized the market for long term obviously investment strategies we've seen that we part of that. But sometimes individuals will look to generate income from the market I wanna take a moment on a break it down for the listener what does it look like if somebody was to utilize the market. Where they could trade drink come whether it's on a weekly or monthly bases where they could just bring in additional money regularly for the family let's talk about what that looks like. Well the great thing is you can go without quit his job without leaving your business security here. I mean the majority of people that I know that trade effectively a short term income they have lights that couriers and businesses and they do it in addition to that in this spare time but so a lot of people here is a misnomer. A lot of people think that when you say the word trader. That you think about the guy from the movie Wall Street Gordon Gekko or the Wall Street or the movie trading places so Hollywood has. Put into the mind at that body a picture what do trader looks and it couldn't be further from the so people hear the word traitor they think high risk greedy gamble our. And that couldn't be further from the crucial the most successful trip progresses I know and I know that you know. People that are just. Very calm very laid back very rule based. They don't take big risks and they consistently profit from short term price change in the market think about that and so we talk about. Entering data read. I don't like go into the field abusing the market to create a cash flow well you could duel the Nile capital the great thing about trading in the financial markets that in the schedule we only spoke on stocks but there's other ethnic class available to you like currencies and futures and eat well or call leveraged product what that means that we can ticket bigger position. Control more. But why would that be trader bet it would left capitol. Because that leverage aspect so I've met people literally of amid the market with maybe a great attitude and their name. And they that can be it's gonna build a track record and it barely get to investigate the ball whatever Compagnie growth of their cap. And it started on a huge so a lot of people the first thing you have to do it. Get over the picture would a traitor restaurant because Hollywood and not Acker picture you know some of the most successful trader that Russia that I know. They get up in the morning that maybe spend thirty minutes looking at the market they'll put that trade on an up or they'll buy that. A good entry when it's long or short meaning that political upper Donna can profit. They'll find a target with a opted the fighting a wrist meant to position where they gonna get out a law that they're wrong which is really a small replied mop and the put all old parameters and they're brokerage account and the old shut the computer go to work. Think about that. And then today during the Dave price secure entry you're in it which you target may muddied the picture stop where you're meant to this you you lost a little crowded flip remark. So you can trade and bad and have actual real time activity in the financial markets while to open in Europe never in the mark will also open. There's so much great technology with a broker platforms and all the different. In that are available out there that day and age to you lied to streamline our vision be that you can become a traitor and literally to a throughout the week. You can create a consistent level a catch all using different things to the markets and never quit your job don't believe what you do and and do it in a way where if you're right made the return of you're wrong you take a very small Mohammadi a law. And you move past that it's a great way to play and want people begin to realize that they can take advantage of something like that in other words another streaming down. Well I haven't punch a clock without governor's job at a location to bring and that money you're really busy YL an eye opening experience what people and it gives them opportunity to buckle learn the skill more poorly. Create consistency overtime and that really Gigabeat nickel and has to learn how to do that. Well that's what a lot of people want to do they wanna get to the next level financially there. And they're not in the income that they want from their current employer they don't have an opportunity to pick up a second job is there's not enough time. A lot of times Jim and you know this a lot of people that trade for income. Is something they do their spare time maybe 23 hours a week at the most. They probably 70% has been an online trading academy. Global would talk hundred about the people all of the world trade investor mesh airtime they do is an action streaming and come. And what do gut it helps them on their trapped in a different vegetables and ultimately turned a lot more they become good it's been just a matter getting milk repetition under your belt it's a real real eye opener game changer for all people. Absolutely and online trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears they understand a lot of individuals are looking for additional stream using them they don't have time for full second job. And trading for income can be unique opportunity a lot of people don't know where to begin a lot of people don't know how to get started. That's why online trading academy as a class specifically on trading for income. And this class is very unique it's a 500 dollar value on the few seats to give away we're gonna take callers tenets when he picked up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that they 4451. Trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy if your brand new the market you've been in the market for years you don't have a consistency this is the class for you. 84451878233. That's 8445187233. For callers to the twenty. To get this 500 dollar class you do not want to miss out on this pick up the phone 84451. That trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears adios adamant just go ahead of the glass is always enjoys the time with the boys have a good time here bulls the bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite jazz and Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any given time he got a question for his senior coached 447 called the coach outline. 87790. For trade and if that time right now oh we got a question some would call them. From the hotline been this past week John from McDonough go ahead John. Yes my name's John. Them down and you'll get. Need to know well. Have a faulty Kevin from before I retired the iron into. But oddly didn't know who would be good that they've pulled it seven and has a lot of these. At that. A great question Joey and that'll Lott thanks for the call. Pom job at a ought to be governor capital they don't know what that is that are that literal or one K or or three B. It's great companies sponsored employee were sponsored. Tax deferred retirement out. And it's very similar to the trouble the other ones that I just mentioned anti gets beat out there all got a Talbot has been genre. Well managed account that attack perched that it and I used good job but yet also have a defined pension plan which gives you can't keep returning come. But that force 57 is a all of money that left the lead in Judah supplement that pension because traditionally what people get a pension. And not made a pity or Judd took back the bill wanted to Wear. Or somebody get potential when they retire they get the same amount of money till they die they get a certain amount of money only half. Or 40% of what your best years salary was always you know you ought to ought now. You've got maybe may let the income security get order percent a year working accelerate. Now that forfeit these seven that didn't. And still to wait as the public or could be seven job and the problem with a lot of those companies sponsored tactic for her retirement accounts you get crushed an upbeat. You just said it. Didn't killed in the feet and that's a problem because. When you pay somebody else manage your money when you don't sell direct we don't know how to. Put it an irate that a that they intact preferred status that you get in that will be seven then it could not potatoes beet then your. Susceptible. Getting crushed in those long term be structured accounts so. They riady has done it you do couple thinks my recommendation and I can't tell you what to do would be Q. Rahul left fought to be seven in Q8 self directed ire UPD debt. And then you can. Take a decision in that apple and that doctor Gary. That are no longer speed base. Now one of the things have a maturity John Keating your success if you are gonna sell direct your own retirement account is that he got to learn to basics skills. Now the beautiful thing about little big east Milton not a complicated problem not difficult it is different but you can put things in the higher that'll. You take the port 57. You roll into itself to retire in any good broker dealer. Will be to custodian of that roll your other words they'll take that money and move out of seven into the fire and you don't have attacked consequence because you're still going from one. Tactic or camera out into another attack caught quit it's gonna beat you this year. The good thing you deny you have backed that that money. Now what's exciting about Evan act that that money that you could now make money regardless of direction we talked about it earlier session of the show you can make money order out. She can't do that all 57. In a forum bedeviled the mark that date but it a market value lose. It is self directed arrow in the muck it up even when you go did a nice benefit increase increasing probability of office. Over time by being in itself directed irate that beautiful thing added to that is that you look at fatal beach you'll pay execution crop whenever you make your decision. Now what's exciting a lot of people ya wanna learn this guilt of self directing is that they understand that. They can proper regard to direction of potatoes beetle attack which allows them to get them consider to be in the profit. He won the most important aspect of long term success we talk about portfolio. In 2 o'clock I'll probably broke that a lower back and make money multiple multiple marked. And the market grows and ultimately it grows to a much larger level because of the compound returns over I'd bet that compound returns and what awful in the and we have the ability to get that in a cal what we can make money were gulch direction upward out. And when you have a or 57 at the market goes down 2030%. You lose 2030%. And yet you might be like get it back over time when the market rallied back up but. The problem is is that it might take 678101215. Years treaty get back to where you were we dug a lot better earlier run out of time. So the philosophy of putting it self directed diary gives you all the benefits. A tactic purge data. If you go to make money regard to direction up or down unlike the ought to be seven and billboard being so good no great of people. But a lot of people make that decision because they feel like I'm not Smart enough demand my money I'm not Smart enough to separate buy money. That's a light you on that mission information on Wall Street. So the best treated impressions I know are that highly educated when it comes the financial market they just wearable alert them. To proper policy direction it's a learned skill like any job already degree Riverhead jar at the learned skill and what you learned that deal it can really take you put it to that next level you detect all real life. And not have to worry about run out of money ought to be seven which is a big concern a lot of people. Because it is a fire at a lot of money. All political help yet you comported itself her entire regular some guilt. The big some good decisions should be able to create long term success and consistency in Compagnie growth. And ultimately jumped up to you but will be ready we can't and I really appreciate the call thanks again critical. John definitely appreciate the call and you know itself directing it what a lot of people want to do they don't know how to begin they don't even know where to begin. I'm meet people all the time that apple for one k.'s small IRAs and don't even know how to actually manipulate that account to do with the need to deal. Online trading academy as a class specifically on self directing your own portfolio whether you brand new market even in the market for years. If you're looking to take control where you don't have to lean into a broker you don't have to use somebody else to manage your money. This is the class free this is a 500 art classes taught right at the campus online trading academy. We have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now and call 84451. Trade that date for four. 51 trade for callers ten to twenty to get a 500 dollar class and so directing. Your portfolio from online trading academy at 844518782338445187233. For callers ten to twenty. That's polish 1284451. Trade does that mean champ Bob Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the says adios Adams is still have a good time and the flaps deployed is always a good time here Bulls and Bears. Don't forget to head over to FaceBook lite gets at Bulls and Bears radio and of course 447 have you got a question for the coach called the coach outline. 877904. Trade. Talking about a variety of things talking about the market talk about how to be in the market how to minimize risk how to capitalize. Jim ultimately a lot of people look at the market and it's an unknown thing form they don't understand how the 41 k.'s work they don't understand. How trading works they really it's just something a lot of fuel put on the back burner for a long time but when someone learns how to trade investor right away a lot of people utilize the market. As a business and Champa wanna take a moment I wanna talk about. Trading as a business what does that look like. Well I estimated because when you think about America Italy an opportunity how many people really commit to building a business. Now this is more like the limit to secure job with benefits. Because after World War II in this country after the great depression and and and rallied out of work to care in the prevailing might that America was were summoned help. And that's a tragedy because if everybody work or somebody else that VW art. In itself for a lot of people they get. They lose sight of the dream of building equity. You know building so that they can be mitigated it is at least indicated. And so what I like about the financial markets because I have been a total for years you know that we don't much story. About a lot of business that failed some successful businesses some failed. The good news is that it murky reached you can give poor. In other words if you will try to load up their church yourself and invest yourself and put time and injured some you all thinking grown to a diet. Or you fielded it and so. A lot of people out ode to try because they don't want allude to double takes some job JOB just go broke that make just a particular Puerto quit they'll never really old idiot what they were short for. So that that other people what they start small business and I applaud you that you are small and saw Robin a mob in order for a lot of years I've. And the pop a lot of small boat that you old business. And the business don't view. Think about that. If something goes wrong were they calling it a lot to get paid on payroll in Australia you're the one about there. And you'd put you'd at all these these issues that you have a deal on a daily basis like employees and workers competent liability insurance. Inventory and they're releasing a building I think all the big you have to go who'd be successful and yet many people tried and I thought that what level up market. I can have a bit. That's a small bit wherever any employee. Very low over no no workers crop no liability insurance no inventory after recoup my friend of the sell products are rapidly meeting. Think about that I didn't go my computer in the morning and I wanna sell something in the financial markets that somebody will buy it from. That file to abide to miss some little help from you by at least is that. And approach so I know what a good price by maybe a crisis relative wholesale retail equation if you will the critical limit. There's no limit on what you cheap. And you could structure or the business they call that's actually a bit at all the benefit of being self employed. And to a from your whole literally in the property you're all you can build this as they can create tremendous wealthy. That's the dream and that's why a lot of people when they get excited about the financial markets studio aperture and ability of the business which is open sir I too old the world and for all the lists that you're at the desire to be a bit the sort of be self employed. This is one of the best groups in the world trading at about that because like I said. You could start issued drink you have no limit on the potential profitability in Europe to deal allowed additional headaches most physical does that man know man it's the American dream alive and well. Exactly and online trading academy they understand a lot of people want to generated business they wanna have a business on the side or even maybe utilize the market as their main streaming come they don't know where to begin maybe your brand new to the financial markets may even in the market you never ranked consistent success this is a class on treating as a business from our sponsor online trading academy have a few seats to give away your listeners right now. There's a 500 dollar value you do not want to miss out on this have you ever wanted to own your own business. And you want to do with the financial markets is has the opportunity for you were gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now called. 84451. Trade at 84451. Trade for caller fifteen to thirty in a 500 dollar class specifically on treating as a business from our sponsor online trading academy at 8445187233. 84451878233. Callers fifteen to thirty to get this 500. 51. Trade champ appreciate each negative from Florida always good time here Bulls and Bears will see you next week this is adamant champ a Bulls and Bears.