North Carolina: First in Torture Flight

Carolina Focus
Friday, February 2nd
Christina Cowger, founder of North Carolina Stop Torture Now talks about her efforts to stop CIA flights from North Carolina used to transport suspects for torture in secret prisons in other countries. Valentines Day discussions with psycologist Dr. Sanum Hafeez and Jeff Gilman, UNC-C Botanical Gardens on their orchid sales. Chris Kroger, Mick Mixon, Jim Szoke and Bo Thompson talk Super Bowl.

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I'm mark Thomas. And this is Carolina focus on news 1110993. Different BT 1079 moment. 10256 and WS benzene that's where we look at issues events and happenings in the thick Carolina's Charlotte region and you. Welcome. Glad you could join us here this morning and give it. You do a lot of trolling at least I do in in my daily. Efforts to find different stories and different things going on for the show. And I came across a thing on the guardian of all places which. Many of you may be aware is. A British newspaper. Has been around for quite a few years and they have they started the US. Website. And America's website if you will and to bring more American stories to the rest of the world. And I saw something that that caught my attention I saw a headline on one of the sites I usually go to an assist rural North Carolina in the fight on terror something to that effect them at that. That's interest and and seen that before. And so I clicked on the link and the headline from the article itself CIA rendition flights from rustic North Carolina called to account by citizens. And the citizen who. Is really doing most of the calling to account right now. Is Christina Conger she is the founder and a leader of North Carolina stop torture now in she's joining us here in Carolina focused. Discover good morning welcome Carolyn focus. Good morning mark glad to be with now this is something that. I guess how this can be your attention. CIA torture flights. Oh what it's what brought this to your attention. In 2005. National media including the New York Times published article linking. Aero contractors are private aviation company based in that field in the Carolinas to the CIA's global rendition and torture program. And so those media accounts. Led us to look into the situation. And to realize that. Aero contractors. Were working for the CIA and essentially as a front company. To conduct. Doesn't intact eventually hundreds. Of torture actually quite and when I think torture actually. I mean that they were. Transporting. People who had been captured overseas. Swept up by it he porn proxy countries and for the most part allies of the United States. And transporting them to locations jail where they were being. And I held secretly outside the law. And tortured during her interrogation. No I think that the term CIA black site. Comes to mind is that what we're talking about here. Yes we're talking really about who's been one of CIA black site where secret torture prisons. The CIA sent up in Afghanistan then Eastern Europe. And the other one is. Transporting. He's. Prisoners to foreign proxy countries like Syria Lebanon Jordan. Egypt Morocco. Which were closely allied with the United States and where the security forces did the torturing during interrogations. On behalf from the CIA. And this went on for years. Heyday of the CIA torture program for 2000 one's starting right after the nine elevenths. Attacks. Through 2000. And during that time aero contractors based in that field and also in Kingston. Blue literally hundreds. Torture related flight. They. Conducted 69 renditions or secret kidnappings in transport. Of detainees. And that those 69 renditions involves 49 prisoners so some of them were flown more than one. And this is something that obviously was not advertised now you say that. The use the arrow company. Was a front company or was that a private companies that started working along with the CIA. Back at Kia historic account of how aero contractors which sounded started in about 19791980. I have veteran. CIA's Indo China program which was called air America. And and so that gentleman sounded aero contractors. Presumably. In order to continue serving the CIA with I Johnston county civic. You pay. So this wasn't took a company that says okay your professional golfer you're gonna fly on the PGA tour will go ahead and give you a lift Houston from Tampa or something like that. Basically this was set up. And with one customer. That is certainly the appearance of course and. This state of North Carolina and the federal government have never investigated. Contractors. A lot of the information remains buried but. If I look at this error contractors operate. For the city and. And if they have other customers we don't know how they are registered to do business in the state of North Carolina so for purposes that how. Our state officials look at them they are private company. That is license to do business here and that should be. Regulated and oversee such. And yet he says they also have a operation in his cynicism that the global trans park. That's correct yes state of North Carolina. As you probably noticed that the global and Parkinson economic development project to try to bring jobs to underserved area. In eastern North Carolina and aero contractors was one of their customers. Other their tenants rather starting in 2001. 2000 intimidated and base. A larger Boeing business jet there and the reason was that the runway at the the field airport is too. Short. Or the larger plane that the CIA needed. Went their rendition. Program really got up and going. And we're speaking with Christina Conger who is the founder of North Carolina stop torture now. I I I think the global trans arc angle was a little bit interesting. If for no other reason the the the economic development angle. Because the global you know the trans park has been under a tremendous fire over the years because they're really not producing the jobs that they have promised them that sort of thing and I don't wanna get off on of that into. That when I saw that as part of this I thought and OK so they did they did get a customer you know finally but that turns out that it. Isn't necessarily the kind of thing that you. Who. One I have was a fairly business perhaps. For most people right. And I mean the reality is. That it didn't bring jobs to instant Arab contractors simply don't consult a hangar of course assuming that that was CIA funding that allowed them to do that that was. On that taxpayers nickel as well. And the global transport gave them EU entry pass. During their tendency there because they built a hangar. And then when they were done they held a hanger back to the state of North Carolina they just based. And aircraft there and and so it was not a job creating program. And I I guess the other aspect to you you mentioned the air America. You know as far as being part of the CIA operations in Indochina. But to that was also part of the operations is during the Iran Contra. Situation Central America. It was one of those planes that got shot down the kind of broke. That particular. Enterprise stuff up and exposed it to a public scrutiny and congressional hearings and so forth. So it's. Air America and aero contractors what order you wanna call him. Has has a bit of the past if you will. Now what exactly. Were they trying to do here I I'm sure some people listening are gonna think well you know these guys are terrorists and we don't it's not torture we do it. You know we need to get the information we've if it's gonna save one American life it's worth it. I've heard that phrase also coming from people like. Madeleine Albright talking about deaths of Iraqi children through sanctions that well you know. To quote another individual he got a break if you exit you're gonna make an omelet. Bruton who what I know what what does this say about us as. As north Carolinians of society as human beings. When the sort of things going lawn. In the first point is that Americans have been badly misled about how attracted torture is. It if you consider simply as a value proposition. We've been badly. Badly served by. The use of torture simply as. And it is interrogation technique. Tortured. Does not work for the primary goal of interrogation which is the fullest possible disclosure of the best possible recall in the words. Air force interrogator former air force interrogator Steve Kleinman. If you want to fullest possible disclosure of the best possible recalled when you don't want to be subjecting people physical psychological abuse. Because those things undermined memory and they increase the resistance of the subjects so what interrogators you know. Who are actually trained in the practice is that report based information gathering. Is much more consistently reliable for getting accurate information. The CIA's model would implemented without any. Research based. Results behind it. It was based on the idea. Breaking people down and making them we can help us. And then goals word to. Decrease their physical and mental ability to resist to create dependent. To create dread. That and hear it even worse treatment and these. Techniques are notorious for distorting. The information that is recalled and also pressuring the prisoner could being tortured to say anything to get to torture to stop. They're notorious case of that he'd been out Sheikh Ali he lived in man who was tortured. In several blocks right by the by proxy. And ended up dying and lived in jail under. Very dubious circumstances under Qaddafi machine. Supposedly disclosed the existence. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Which was then used to sell the invasion of you opt to the American people in the world. With the consequence is that we're now familiar. Choke you have tortured information very dangerous and. And making Americans. And really the world less safe. And less secure. And we're speaking with Christina Conger who founded North Carolina stop torture now. The organization that you founded. You live in the Johnston. Area of Johnson. Regional airport. You bake gingerbread cookies and gingerbread houses don't you. Actually that's. My good friend Allison Cason who lives near the Johnson County airport and knows several people publicly connected aero contractors. I am I live in Raleigh and yet there are many members of stop torture now who lives elsewhere in the triangle and around the state. Yes Alison has. Has. In. Raising awareness of this torture connected airline in our own backyard. For over a decade here in Johnson County. And she's paid a bit of a price locally. You don't make a lot of friends doing that's a. Yeah I mean definitely there are people who defend air and aero hash sort of deep roots in the community. But there are also other people who realized that it gives us a black. Reputation of North Carolina. As. First in torture and interest in flight. Is something that and spreading silently around the state that are around the country and internationally. And I we argue that that's not a good thing. From North Carolina to hold up we're better than. And state elected officials should be doing much more than they are to try to bring an end of this. This policy of hosting a torture contractor at a public airport. I guess when you say were better than that I would ask you okay with a what state isn't better than that where should this be located. And I asked that somewhat rhetorically obviously. I don't think anybody should be. Considered a good candidate for this that. Is and also considered. Pretty pathetic excuse for human beings. To editorialize a little bit. What. Mean you've gotten some you've gotten some help though from for example. Senator Richard Burr. He's provided he's on the intelligence committee in the senate and has actually give you some information that has helped reveal what has been going on here hasn't he. Yes of it's it's perhaps inadvertently on his part. Or maybe reluctantly would be a better term. But you're right wing and the Senate Intelligence Committee. Carried out an investigation of the torture program focusing on the black sites and goes. Prisoners who were held directly and tortured by the way. Senator were. Eventually did join the majority on the intelligence committee to vote in favor. Partially. The result of that report. Which occurred in December 2014. And we're told by Washington insiders. Pressure from within North Carolina on the part of people say including over eighteen heads of different denominations who wrote to him. I'm pleading with him to let the north carolinian. Let me know. What our tax dollars at its funding. That got played a role that decision now can stand he's done everything he can't undermine report by the intelligence community. And yet not hold hearings about it. He has gotten all the copies of the complete. I'm released report back from executive agencies. Really attempting to kind of buried in the dust in the history. And I I guess one person that I didn't in in looking at this article. I was a little surprised notably his absence. Representative Walter Jones. We've spoken to him here are Carolina focus on a number of occasions and he had been highly critical. For over well over a decade of the war on terror. Have you had any relationship with blow Walter Jones as far as this goes. We have we've met with representative Carolyn. And we Leah. Understand from him that he is opposed to the US structured program and that he does believe there need to be accountability. And he joined with friend and commentator. From Cox news. In saying that these are crimes as epic proportions and that their their should be criminal investigation. Representatives John. You know certainly should speak for himself that we has there was a brief statement of the doctor after the Senate Intelligence Committee report was released. Indicating that perspectives. Now we're because your organization is North Carolina stop torture now. He what can the state do or what has the responsibility of the state level have you gotten any kind of support any sort of legislation or anything to try to. Keep North Carolina from you know leading the country and in torture flights. From the beginning. Are. Delegation. Not to stop torture now. Organization in the eight communities it's simple that the community. Legal community. Have met with governors so governor Easley. The staffer. Governor Easley governor Purdue. We tried to meet with governor McCrory but we're read and we've met with the staff of governor Cooper. As well as attorney general Stein. All along what we have encountered I'm sorry to say. As has been an attitude as ignoring or brushing our concerns. In this community of veterans of civil liberties advocate. Well at the same kind treating peaceful anti torture protesters. The adversary. And. I'm sorry say that because I think that we needed attitude shift on the part of our elected officials. We need them to. Come out and say look torture is wrong. Torture is counterproductive. And torture has damaged our State's reputation. If we had to kind of even verbal leadership from our elected officials say. That investigations like the non governmental North Carolina commissioner in Korea torture could go farther. Com so we have had state legislature was 22 of them. Who spoke out who wrote the attorney general. Mr. Cooper. Back in 2007. And who introduced a bill. To give the attorney general war power intact and investigative grand jury. Which it's up to slash. In order to investigate and get kidnapped in Costa. As this wonder. Bill did not pass in the legislature went the first of its kind. Nationwide. And. But what the attorney general's office did at that time what would continue to do is the whole issue that arms went. Keep an eye on it but not supported not speak out not provide yet at least the moral leadership that we need. Do you think it's a matter if we just kind of ignoring this it might go away. And they would be the calculation but here we are twelve years after the New York Times exposed aero contractors and exposed. The fact that North Carolina conducted. 80% of the conditions in 20012004. And issued patent on the way so. Unfortunately. Our commander in chief is actively pro torture. And had waited several officials to top administration. Post who. Supported and condoned. The CIA's torture program. At issue is not going away partly because of our perseverance but also beat as. At the national level. There is definitely. The dangers that we might be engaged and we did North Carolina would be a prime place for torture related activity. And we're speaking with Christina covered who is the founder of North Carolina stop torture now here in Carolina focused. I mark Thomas your host I guess the where where do you go from here you have a I hearings such as it was a few weeks ago. Where you had people giving testimony. That was I guess. Kind of and I don't wanna say PR stunt. But it was an event that you put on but it really didn't other than people getting together and openly speaking about this. Do you see any. Any progress to ending the sort of torture flights as a result of what you've been doing and how are you going to be successful at that. That degree question so that it's hearing that was in early December way it's conducted by then nongovernment lecture on commission of inquiry. On torture as as you say. This is a blue ribbon panel of eleven commissioners from different walks like he'd been working for about a year in the search. And getting ready for these hearings. Perhaps of these commissioners are prominent attorneys law professors. Helped professional. And human rights experts from within North Carolina and half of them are from out of state. And it's a nonpartisan. Panel. Of experts. Who are bringing to bear a variety of perspectives on the problem and it did two days of hearings included testimony from. A survivor of North Carolina. As facilitated rendition and torture upload the wife of another survive. And what their testimony as well as at a psychologist and attorneys. Impressed upon us is that this problem is not over. I Ford's. Hundreds of people who swept up in the CIA torture program. And to experience the water tortures. Along. Disgust position that can't permanent nerve damaged. To prolonged sleep deprivation. And beatings caught traumatic brain injuries all of these. Techniques of sexual humiliations. That you know late. I'm he can have not gone away and these prisoners are still suffering. Whether they're in one condom or the most for the most part now discharged back into the civilian world. Are these people are suffering the consequences. Tortured that has largely not been addressed there's been no acknowledgment there's been no apology. And there's been new redress to try to help them beat the daylights. But the vast majority of them were never charged with a crime. And so there was no due process. Now. We argue. And I think reasonable people would agree. Some sort of. Acknowledgment and apology and rehabilitation. Is owed to these people and. That debt is both by them that the the nation. And also by the state of North Carolina. So. The commission of inquiry will be. Evaluating. That situation and also. Taking a look at what our obligations are. And making recommendations. Goes to the state and also to the nation. I know over the years you're probably familiar with the innocence project. Where we started off was a relatively grassroots organization. To show the people who were on death row who weren't necessarily the actual perpetrators of the crimes that they've been charged and convicted with. It sounds like you're kind of at that early stage with this that. Eventually there may be some progress but it's not gonna happen overnight. I think that's fair. One thing can happen without government action instead. Shouldn't you can get together and do things like to commission inquiry. We can make statement. Acknowledgment and of apology and we can do the same time put pressure on. Government officials to. To do their duty to provide complete transparency. So that the people of North Carolina can know the full extent that what has occurred I think that it. The first step up their needs to be transparency and acknowledgment. Of the problem but for a we can really atone or. But I think the great benefit of doing is that. We we leave ourselves of that moral burdened and we get ourselves back on the high food. And we get North Carolina. The reputation that it deserves which is a state debt owned up to problems. And tries to. Christina counter North Carolina stop torture now. We appreciate you being here on Carolina focus and how can people get in touch with your organization if they wanna help and maybe I get started more on a local level. That if they've been so moved. Have that would be wonderful we welcome all inquiries and are available to do short presentation. Is requested or course and literature or just provide access to resources that are on the web. And that people can visit our web site just Google. North Carolina stop torture now or go to www. And Kia TN dot ORG. At www. And T and T and dot ORG. As entry North Carolina stop torture now and there's information there about how to. Christina Conger we appreciate you being here in Carolina focus. Thank you so much that happens. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 1110199370. ET. 1079 link. 1025610. WF Lindsay. It's also available to podcast that WBT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas so pledging to join us here this morning and we've got some good news this week. Particularly pertaining to our parks systems here in the Carolinas. You may be familiar with south mountain state park in Burke county well. It's been named north Carolina's state park of the year by the division of parks and recreation. And it was actually selected from three regional nominees and include Jordan lake in fort Fisher as state recreation areas. Now the park was chosen for and I quote its exemplary contribution to the North Carolina State park's mission of stewardship public service and education. And also their exemplary leadership and service educational programming throughout the year. Was also cited. And it's specifically recognized for the work that went above and beyond in fighting the chestnut knob fire if you remember that from last year. And to fight the fire 97 park staff worked over 3700. Hours over the course of three weeks. And actually the fire caused the park to be closed for a total of two months park staff also provided training and helped out a neighboring parks. As well as they completed a major. Maintenance up project in house last year and the park is now offering 400 programs to 141000. Participants as well. And that included programming that staff developed that interprets the effects of wildfire and promotes the benefit of prescribed burns. And state parks director Mike Murphy was quoted as saying the staff at south mountain state park city new standard for what it means to go above and beyond the call of duty last year. They're selfless commitment to minimizing damage to the park and creating new educational opportunities from their challenges were exemplary. We are so proud of this park in particularly its outstanding staff who continue to set the bar higher for. Excellence in our parks. And if you've not been to south mountain state park it is up in Burke county. Itself by so maybe hour hour and a half drive from Charlotte area and you need to check it out they've got some great hiking trails and the waterfalls there simply magnificent. So when you get the chance. Check out south mountain state park. The 2017 North Carolina State parks of the year congratulations. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on who's 1110993. Didn't EDT 179 the link. 1056 NW RNC. It's also available to podcast WGT dot com I'm your host mark Thomas stick around we're going to be talking about Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl. You are listening to Carolina focus on news 1110993. WB 21079. The wings. 1025610. WFANC. Also available to podcast at WB ET dot com I'm your host mark Thomas so glad you could join us here this morning. And Valentine's Day is coming along ready you're not here it comes and we're gonna talk a little bit differently about. Valentine's Day right now with doctor some numb Hafiz. Is that that I get your name correct. If I did well welcome the Carolina focus doctor. And you're Columbia university and value also have your own practice. And what is that practice. That's. The New York City and and you've been on CNN and with doctor Oz and I got this email. That. Five reasons why more and more people are saying no way to Valentine's Day. And your name is very prominent in this why are people. Where people saying no way to Valentine's Day. Keep. And we just about everything these states right I think this deed. It. It's on I'm an expectation that on the outside aid but as you know and that a lot of I'm in a bag it might not outdated. You know. And it I think what people. And it could be as heavy. All that can go on holiday. And you know instead he put a carrying a lot of financial stress I'm just holidays Christmas New Year's. Bundled guests and not have to buy something about surrogate relationship. You know like I wanna hold on my money so. It would like that and they get it up is that a lot of money it. So by being at the need to set it. Need to relax your debt and it's a constant struggle like in and I society not a terribly mead. And we can on the ballot things at that price point and and that's I mean. Well certainly I mean nobody has unlimited funds I mean even bill okay bill and Melinda Gates have you know have a limit. I'm not sure what that is and if it's a lot higher than mine but I noticed the one of the things one of the stats that came out was. Being in 2017 the national. Retail but federation. Put the estimated total spending for on average at 136. Dollars and 57 cents per person. And that seems like you know when you when you say people are here. Her feeling the stress monetarily but people might say well it's not that big of a deal. You know 13040. Box sets that. And for me maybe if you're in New York City that's walking around money but for most people that's that's a little bit about it. Thinking college student or you know you gotta see what built the tape got one get it got rented that. Change in the -- a lot of money yea I think that might be embodied built. People are frustrated and and what people think only about I'd say is that. Something needs that type on it needs to be design it meets ditzy glitzy and and it can be meaningful it can be. You know it's it has sentimental value and the and that you know even equipment site. I'd bite at it whatever that you'd expect you know I can just thought well doesn't he has a big price tag on it. And a lot of people fall into that trap unfortunately but you know it's it's also you know the idea you're talking about nearly of the social pressure. That the people put on themselves and their the people that are meaningful in their lives that they might wanna do something with. It it's it shows a bit of a value judgment as well doesn't it that we put so much emphasis on something like this. When. In the long term scheme of things to have a positive healthy relationship. This shouldn't interfere with with your relationship Europe should. None at all and I think you know if you look back get a lot of extra that all of that that made and I certainly and by the bank and all of that makes. When you think about the relationship who Lleyton has yet and things like that a lot of weight. Delicately and hit probably lacking in some my Kennedy name. Exactly exactly it's got to be about more than just did you get me flowers on Valentine's Day because if that's the basis ran relationship. He probably it's a product and about the long term you probably gonna have more trouble than just that unfortunately. At at that we have am and the potential end. And of course in this day and age I don't think people wanna necessarily do. What what do you think about anonymous Valentine's Day gifts in this day and age is that a good idea or bad idea. I'm. I'd thought about the attic that. That happened that I would get absolutely you a lot of stories out right and need. I begin to think about elbit really at that out about that and yet to be so romantic and so cute and charge I. I think it's an age group saying keeping when you're young now at as they get that out will be very romantic but eloquence and green and hope. As they have. Need to local. Down to call. And romantic value like thank. I think I've been you know boy get a I think it would be realistic expectations that. It is looking at eight and get rapid decent amount I'd say they have prefix in the middle and and that can easily and iPod out on eight you know in a QB. And and even fight to get back and he sent back. The it might not buying a couple of goods and you know and nick at night mile. Don't edit a couple of candles a couple of candles is only. Doctor at eight and dining table. Our doctor Saddam the fees we appreciate you being here with Carolina focus and have a great Valentine's Day. I think you Agnes authenticated all you that says. You are listening to Carolina focus on who's elevenths and 993 WET. 1079 the link. 10256 then the media frenzy also available as a podcast at WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas so pledging to join us here again this morning and you know we've heard about not celebrating. Valentine's Day but if you are in the mood and you are so motivated we've got a good idea. For something a little bit different this year and joining us now. From UNC Charlotte does its he's the director of the botanical gardens there UN CC Jeff Gilman good morning Jeff. Good morning. Or are they glad to have you on. You're doing something a little bit different this year a lot of people think about roses for Valentine's Day and chocolates and and so on. But you're doing something in a little bit different direction with what you got going on. So we do is orchids so we like to we like we think that people should give that you know that actual living plant not sound. Did cut off froze or something like better tacos to just disappear we think to get something the last so we tell markets. And how long have you been doing this. Oh and that we've been doing this served in many years. I think blast that at least. It'll hit me hit probably 1020 years. 1040 years services. Nothing new for you to now. I know from personal experience. Daniel stowed botanical garden has a massive. Or good display. That they have over there. And orchids are a little bit different when it comes to flowers they're not they're not like your regular rose bush or something like that they they really are something that. You need to to kind of care for a thank. Well you know something actually many of the orchids that will be selling are very low care plans on the need to ordered about once a week every. Two weeks that we purposely select oh orchids. To be. Low care low light plants that you can put into many different rooms in your house. And it is orchids are really here one of the most diverse groups to plant there about 25000. Different types of work it's. I I was I knew there were a lot now. 125000. That's that's mind boggling how donated patty how do you get that me what in what are some of the differences between. Some of the orchids. Short of their allotted to potential markets will be selling. Three has three main groups. Will be selling their known as the dancing ladies they actually look like little dancing ladies of Clarence do. And generally these have a really really pleasant fragrance policies selling the mock orchids. Mob tore kids. Aren't the common one piece the around quite a bit they take a lot of abuse they live really well in low light they don't tend to have much fragrant. And then we'll also be telling the late eighties slippers and the ladies clippers. Are just magnificent they had they look like lady slippers. The flowers. Generally don't have much fragrance they look great they're little they're they're a little bit unique. When we have this reality is that pays to come early and it paid come early because we have a much better selection early on. The really unique markets tend to go really quickly and then we're left with the plainer ones that the sale as a self progresses. Now you talk about the maintenance he says they only need water to but he may be every week something like that. And also the low light. Orchids are are different in the fact that they don't need direct sunlight. It depends on your market again with 25000 different types. Some like it some don't but many many of your to do especially knowing the will be selling our what are known as epic fights wouldn't appetite means does that actually leaves. Above serves the soil naturally. So many of these orchid actually live up in trees with the roots in trees in this situation that you still low light. And he's not getting a a lot of fertilizers in just a little bit of water that they don't respond to fertilizer. But they do well without fertilizer. And we will have other orchid that can take a little bit more light and certainly. Will point debt ceiling tent here that's one thing about getting marketed technical gardens is that we can tell you exactly what these markets taking what they don't taken. By the way we do have a really nice display so that when people come to purge the orchids they can also see. All the many different types of work to our out there now we got 25000 though we do have a pretty amazing collection of orchids here. So you can get you get really unique long lasting kind of a gift. And I would imagine based on the low light aspect of it. If someone. One of the put one in their office they all had a securely that's can't we don't have to have a we you don't have to have a go corner office with a couple windows and all that to be able loop to have an orchid in there. Absolutely not and in fact we have so many moth orchids which will be perfect for that kind of situation. Again. We're we have a lot of people here know a lot about orchids and we can. Pick out one that works for you or specific situation without any problem at all. And we're talking with Jeff Gilman who's the director of UN CC's botanical gardens. Here on Carolina focus now a couple of questions first of all I'll look on Acosta we look at that. Costs are gonna arrange anyplace between about seven or eight dollars at the low end. Two. Probably forty maybe fifty dollars to a high end. So really pretty much regard also what kind of budget you have you can you can pick up an orchid for your significant other as a Valentine's Day gift and it's not gonna bust the bank for. Exactly. We want to we want making everybody happy and remember we're on a college campus so will have plenty of lower cost Sorkin says that the so the students can get something for the sweethearts. And of course you say you are on the campus so I give us an idea of where so someone who isn't familiar with the campus that you and CC. How to they find the botanical gardens. Cheryl write off of Mary Alexander wrote. Rest marry Alexander road. The head the corner of Mary Alexander and Dan landing in England is parking deck. And that's that's a good place to park and walk on down to gardeners can actually walk through the gardens. To get here. So he had read on but on the corner. At Mary Alexander and and then landing him as rely on looks that parking deck. And days and times that your gonna be having me or consume this year. Sure it sank so. Bulls open the sale on February 10 at Saturday we're hearing from nine until three Sunday will be one until four. And then Monday and Tuesday again rules these nine until stories. And that is at the UN CC botanical gardens Jeff Gilman and your annual or could sail you've never considered. An orchid as a gift. Now's the time I guess we should play. Now is that thank you. Very good thank you Jeff you have of what's weak Q tip. You are listening to Carolina focus on news of the tenth 1993 WPP. 1079 the length. 1025610. W a frenzy. Also available to podcast that WP PN dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas. Horse today is the big game that's right it's Super Bowl Sunday. And both Thompson and Jim's Oki that the DPP's morning news. Took a look at some of things going on with WFANC's Chris Kroger and play by play voice of the Carolina Panthers Rick Nixon. Let's welcome Chris Kroger back to the show program good morning. Good morning it's baseball league minus eight your identity now right now what you could pierce the good news. He'd actually is my this state there's no wind chill right now so that's the real clip of real. Built into the air so I Super Bowl 52 on the way here patriots and Eagles and I think the in the word of the day yesterday had to be. Brock. Everybody who ordered is that what you government could be on the football field they're good you don't create your guys you know he wasn't there last year you know also now the pictures come back from. Tony but what's so great to come back and really sports history in golf course and on the field but. You'd rather have opened not in so. If I think that's been the thing everybody was sweating out it feels like such a a big thing that changes the momentum of the game and really what about the evidence. Look like probably you can military security blanket on the feel about what they after the. Microbes I've only been to Super Bowls where the Panthers placed my only interest so I'm not really interest in the game that much but this one up but did the radio row being in the mall two part question. How's that experience been just a little bit different to have all his broadcast set up for all these global stations at the mall. We felt that we are going to be approved Cordova mall watch bought. That's a little body and then you get in there and he you don't work come up with better sexual elected exhibited resume your regular bill boot where. I wanna like forty who court probably in the place where you'll get all the celebrities and or players and current players a lot of viking players that are relevant to local all the period so. I mean you're out there and quell the people who thought it like five depicted these. I've moved around sort of car walked everybody's work is that they're doing a radio show speculative pretty court for our. As far as the Super Bowl the game goes. There's the grunt story but as you point out Tom Brady always seems to find a way and here we have a match up a blast and the Eagles were in the Super Bowl was against the same team. How are you feeling about this game a couple of days away. You know we didn't think all right it's like that like everybody tend to do restatement saying there. And I could really beat Philadelphia what this game would have if they get proper you know I think that kind of set that everybody keeps saying all week where Philadelphia is really gonna think they're they are to be beat mortality prima both sides of the ball in their gut or call that a player on all their political running back import of do your job you liquor line did an excellent they've got a lot deeper they'll without you are they'll start helped put as referee at Torrey Smith a Becker is a really decided. And nick all the videos that the other during the all those pucks so there are set curricula complete the percentage. After starter Philadelphia over the years go back through the results they're exactly the favorite car to work so. He's been really good when he heard good people around because good coaching good players and so like I really it would be shocked if Philadelphia wondered you is really really good but. You know there's a reason why Tom Brady and they'll either be things that I think. You know just from the seven minute they're being able work take a deep breath. All that partly to the Republican include Quebec can't start that up but the real but the feel good to have that luxury of people are most important position on the field. I Kroger so the last one here. There's a possibility that make fools Camilo winning quarterback in the Super Bowl. But as you talk to people from Philadelphia pushed for a sports talk radio whatever from Philadelphia. What's assignment obviously Carson Wentz is they're starting quarterback next year what what up next holes who could win a Super Bowl and then. The on the bench be trailer or it could happen next here. I don't you know that the we're gonna begin to think you don't feel like who we we we Olympics Europe Tuesday night it was so why don't we see new book out there being traded to Washington. That was logical Patrick behold their quarterback was at regular yesterday people looked like a teenager. And they're gonna bake at the starting quarterback of the that a Alpert says Beck Beers so it's just sick while quarterback hurt but demand. And it seemed like what you thought medical abusive rolling quarterback. And there's obviously an ogre you can Rebecca that seemed experience I think more than anything typically fit the really great that they love the underdog role. And I think it almost feels like they could look at Nicole would order a good thing that ever came at a trip hilly area air out your peculiar that all people reported that a he's. Just two interceptions so I think those character they'll make peace with what at a pretty weird. I year old Paul has turned up pretty well Pittsburgh what they thought six weeks ago arc towards what bill. Are we talked to Mick mix in that Chris Kroger now next hour we'll talk to Eugene Robinson coming on the basis. For Super Bowl fifty do or don't forget 1025610. WS benzene this afternoon primetime. Star studded show no doubt live from Super Bowl on the Super Bowls radio row prime time with Chris Kroger Chris I appreciate you getting up early and joining us we. A medical oh under a blanket and green got a replica back. Rare earth felt yeah yeah yep I was thanks dad could that affect us. Whether dad get home for a purpose and a maggot that probably cost thirty book that's definitely a right that's Mick mix and is with us. Great to be on the boat show up and pumped up for the commercials. Tough tough dubbed the deep pain. I don't think anybody drove it over my sister might be it out. This we will put their budget please but a allies could give them vegetarian Turkey chili count thank. And we wolf will just sit there and ten and watch. And and I'll have a notepad. How are more interested though in how the game has broadcast how to cameras you know how many cameras and how they're used. How the announcers perform and then of course you know they had to have always been fascinated with why we buy what we do it. However typing messages come packaged our way. Already some interest during Super Bowl ads have kind of not leaked out they've been put out there which is part of what these sponsors pay big money for. Four I ask you about the game itself. You know you talk about watching it from a broadcasting standpoint. How would you think about the news that fox is taking over Thursday night football telecasts. Relative Sheikh has previously. The NFL has added a sort of a de. Dictate that. Whomever is their prime crew. Today. Get Thursday night football so we've had Jim Nantz and Phil Simms and variety of of a first line broadcast crews about buck and Aikman I don't think will be available box stays beneath. We'll be doing a World Series baseball yeah so little mission to see how they staff that has anything been announced an effort a couple of names you know Jake color. Gus Johnson floated around have you seen anything in the trades. Now but what you say makes total sense that I haven't seen anything other than just the announcement itself so. This is a question you know this is right for these sports talk shows of the world. But it's been floated around this past week in you having the tar heel. Pedigree that you do I'm curious your answer to this because. You know what more can you say about Tom Brady at this point if they lose this Super Bowl. He's still one of the greatest if not the greatest of all time and we know about bella check in that hole. Dynasty that they have their bit and that the questions been making the rounds over the past week. Michael Jordan or Tom Brady who's the greatest team sport athlete of all time greatest performer. And where do you come down on that or are even willing to come down on that. And my reaction is that. Is it I'm not try to be curmudgeonly or argumentative but mob not long time belief has been that this is. This is Q this is entertaining but. Hi we hear it's not possible to do we it would they're different terrorist different sports. Play quarterback vs planned basketball you got a sport that's travel barber system 22 on 22. Brady only plays offense Michael Jordan was great at the offensive end and the defense event. So it's it's fun kind of theater but I almost got up all the best biggest almost got a fist I would my best friend without a kid. Over who would win in a fist fight Mohammed Ali or wilt Chamberlain's. Now a member think and then after Mike found in May almost busted up our friendship as well to each other jaws this is not these hypotheticals are not worth the energy you put into. All right so let's talk about what is real and that is patriots vs Eagles are last time the Eagles were in the Super Bowl it was against the patriots. Course the patriots have been several more times since. What do you make of us Super Bowl 52 on the field. Well member when legal and the Panthers played I mean remember they can Fletcher Cox has just. I mean this is unfair. That he's even on the football field he look like. Unsettled air or broadcast the game must cities like Avant like Philadelphia evidence skid steer on the field. Then I realize that most many people don't know what just skid steer is the you know what it is. I'd I do not it's. This so bobcat at that many. Tank that landscaper she used to move Stults the ground and move dirt around you know we'll. It's got tread on Obama have wheels. That's Fletcher takitani he can just move people around. So I think it's gonna be intriguing to see how the patriots get a blocked up. That they can I think this. Made by any objective. X.s and those kind of measuring stick though I think. You know the pay it's hard to think of the patriots lose in this game but the best came as weak painfully learned Super Bowl fifty. The best team doesn't always win the game. Enjoy the Super Bowl neck and as always thanks for your time. Appreciate you both thank you. Thanks for listening to Carolina focus on news 11101993. Double BT 1079 in the world. 1025610. W I think she's also available to podcasted WBT dot com. I'm your host mark Thomas and until next time be well.