North Korea Changes Tune, Willing to Suspend Nuclear Testing

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, March 6th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of. Harris exposing alliance exaggeration. There are too many go to some street. We lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiate a better deal for the last like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. And good morning welcome to our broadcast. On this Tuesday morning and we start up some interest in news. I'm North Korea. You may have noticed spin and somewhat quiet on that front for awhile we went through a period where there is a lot of back and forth. Between Kim Jong-un end Donald Trump Donald Trump speaking mostly on Twitter. Now. We've got a pretty interesting development that is encourage the north Koreans. A basically saying now listen we'll stop our nuclear tests. If the US agrees to meet. To get some movement here. Additionally. Kim jungle and has promised to not use nuclear or conventional weapons against South Korea. He added he's willing to give up its nuclear weapons if military threats against North Korea. Subside. This is pretty interesting development. Here's more from the South Korean leader. The national security director had a meeting. With the north Koreans and here's what he said the north side clearly affirmed his commitment to the denuclearization. Other Korean Peninsula and said it would have no reason to possessed nuclear weapons. Should the safety of its regime beat guaranteed. And military threats against North Korea removed. Let's kind of intriguing to ensure thank. North Korea made it clear that while dialogue is continuing it would not attempt any strategic provocations. Such as nuclear and ballistic missile tests. Position this is certainly a step forward. In the ongoing conversations. No this particular leader. Mean national security director. But a ten member South Korean delegation to Pyongyang. For a two day visit. And here's how he characterized it that the north is ready to have heart to heart talks with the US. About the regime's potential denuclearization. And normalization between the countries. Can hear the big dream and have an effort to block more discussion about this in recent days. The possibility that one day. There could be one Korea wouldn't it be interesting to see that. Now for some they might look at this is a pipe dream because there's a long way to go to possibly get there. One example of this sure we've seen. In Europe with Germany. Divide it's for some period of time now brought back together and it's. Coming back very strong. But we take these steps. A step at a time. Because it's a long way before anything like that could be conceivably possible. North and South Korea of also agreed to hold summit talks in April they're gonna hold that those talks at the border. They're also going to establish a hotline. Communication channel. To try to lure the military tensions. This is a significant. Change in told reporter by Fox News after months. A bombastic threats. They've basically been threatening to develop nuclear. Weapons. And missiles. But the fact these talks have been going on is. The definite sign of progress. North Korea sent a delegation of athletes cheerleaders. In officials. To the Olympics. Thank you saw on all of the attention that was put on Kim Jung ruins sister. I've never heard this before have you heard this characterized this way they refer to Kim Jong wounds if vodka. And it really. She was at the opening ceremony. And Tibet in the South Korean presidents. Over the a three day visit. At one point she even wrote for wishes for closer ties in guest book. And South Korea's presidential office. So. I'd love to get your thoughts are you encouraged by this do you think this is a sign that some things are going the right direction do you think this will ultimately end up. With some sort of agreement and ultimately. With the north Koreans. Moving away from their nuclear and missile programs. Are you optimistic. The Eagles advantage starkly numbers 809 to 1110 Cummins since retirement planning takes line is 71307. I don't want to draw your attention to someone you may not heard of we're fed a lot of attention for obvious reasons in recent days. About the gun issue. As a result of the latest school shooting. And a good part of the media attention is gone through group of students were clearly pushing for gun control. And your familiar with some of the names associated with that particular group. You may not be familiar with Kyle cash share. There's a great story in town hall. Written by guy Benson. He talks about this conservative parkway and massacre survivor. Who's been largely ignore church. Here's what he says about his experience on that fateful day I was trying to calm people down. For crying hysterically. Letting everyone know everything would be all right. Kids for frantically checking their phones social media feeds for emerging information as they remain holed up waiting for swat teams liberation. Apparently happened about 430 in the afternoon they survived. Unfortunately seventeen others had not. You've been watching. So many of the news. Students. I would make the case. Continue to be used by the mainstream news media to promote this steady drumbeat. For gun control. Now everybody is on that page including. Cash of the sixteen year old junior. He actually reached out to guide Vincent through Twitter. I wanted to talk about his experience and what's going on of public debate over what happened in the school a few weeks ago. I'm sure as frustrated as you've been watching his classmates. Get all of the attention for their cause. And the impression would be. Then universally all of these students support gun control not so. He's very curious as to whether. Keep from the mainstream media really want to listen. Some of his schoolmates have gained prominence. As television mainstays in the aftermath the killings their opinions validate with verified social media. Status is amassing millions of followers the process. Cache of by the way is just as much a Parkland survivor. As those familiar names like David Pollack and Cameron cascade. Yet his views. They've only gotten a minute warm out attention to what does he actually believe we're gonna share some does not send perspectives. So I want you to be encouraged. Despite the drumbeat that your getting from mainstream news media that there are exceptions. And there are exceptions to the propaganda that you are being fed 24/7. Out of these television cable networks especially. And you hear more from his perspective as we continue our Tuesday morning broadcast. Your input welcome. Right here. 1019 on the Vince Coakley radio program. There is say yet news conference. That was just felt like Paul Ryan. Who is not pleased with the announcement about tariffs. From president trump he's calling free Smart approach. To target abusers. On the trade issue. We how abouts taking this live but he's already done he's calling for a more surgical approach. Then terrorists. That was. What was communicated just a couple of minutes ago by Paul right. Who raised the house speaker by the way of get some significant news congressional news. And suddenly I am thrilled to death to learn there's actually retiring. You know it's it's really frustrating when you see any you've heard me get on this so parched. Some of these old goats. Who don't know when to go home. No one iPhone is. Going to go home. And it's really way past time. I choose we pastime years ago and wait until I tell you would is conservative review liberty score is. This will pressure had to spin. If I can just add again. When we're gonna learn. When are we going to learn. Not to put these. Progressive from Republicans in office or keep them in office. Let me know we just put this. Little bug in your ear right now if you have races going on this year. You've got congressional candidates looking for your votes and I'm especially talking about you Republicans. If you put some of these. Lackluster at best Republicans back in and don't come complaining to me about the swap. If you put some of these people back can you get whatever they are cute deserve. You really do. This really ticks me off. Because in the case of this person a good referred to he should have been taken out in the primary the first place. If we're not for a Republican dirty tricks. One more comment before I get into this soapbox later on a more detail. I'm still waiting for the Republican Party to apologize. For some of its antics. And I would daresay racist antics. And I think the people who. Played a role in this several years ago ought to be held to account. They they think time is Preston you forgotten. You need to show these people you've not forgotten this was four years ago. And I'm convinced some of these people. They will race bait they will do whatever necessary to stay in power. The way speaking of race. He's just before I get back to this parkway and survivor. I did have a conversation. With this person I was referencing yesterday from South Africa. Dance. If all works according to plan we will interview him. I'm perhaps later this week or early next week. In the process of trying to bring that together in fact this was really cool. When I saw him yesterday. He actually said it's it's amazing I did not know. I thought you were talking about a different story when you talk to me the other day and I went and I looked up the story you told me about it. Abouts. Nutrient. Plans to forcibly. Kick right people off of land and give it to blacks. He said man this is. If this is. A repeat. Of what's already happened. In another field country which we're gonna talk about it. Any missed quite disturbed find out what's happening back. In his home country. Fortunately. I hope will come abouts in in the next few days that conversation. I think you'll be quite intrigued by this to get the perspective especially. Of a young man crews. Experienced quite a bit. Just in his. Early years in South Africa I wanna go back to talking about Ohio cashier. This is the kid too isn't conservative. This is in sharp contrast. To all of the kids you've been seeing repeatedly. Repeatedly. Calling for gun control. So he's kind of intrigued watching this in fact I mentioned Cherie reached out to guide Vinson. Of town hall. And I think what he's been concerned about its effect that people like him really have not had much of a forties. So guy Benson asked the question why do you think. You've gotten gotten much attention. So I don't know maybe because I don't use inflammatory language I speak calmly and logically. Brando kitchen trouble. There's this doesn't get much attention these days you've got to be an animal meaning to be drug jury here but she's got to be very. Emotional. Fence. Row boat and frankly sometimes obnoxious. That's what works for the mainstream news media. I don't necessarily make the best headline he says. He's politely refer in December is more famous peers. And their propensity to launch provocative and partisan attacks such as repeated assertions. But people would disagree whether political or policy preferences don't care about dead children. This one of the things that really ticks me off. We see these people and they use all kinds of hyperbole. To make it look like if you don't support gun control. You wanna see more dead children. You can have. Civil discourse. Talking like that you really can't. You're also heard this one. If you don't tell us support gun control period you've got blood on your hands. A lot of debt. Or here's another reason this kid is probably now I can get very much attention I'm a very strong Second Amendment supporter. And will continue to be throughout this entire campaign. As a right now my main goal is to meet with legislators and represented them. There are big Second Amendment supporters and our community. Through this entire thing my number one concern has been making sure the rights of innocent Americans. Aren't infringed upon I love this kid. This kid gets it. You do not compromise freedom for some. Myth. A security and I would emphasize to you it is a myth. That somehow if you take guns away people will be secure. Quite the contrary. Now he has. Also added here. He's gone to the State Capitol to talk to lawmakers shortly after the tragedy. He consistently asked for guarantees to constitutional rights. Of the law abiding gun owners would not be attacked or bridge. You know and this is equality of a lot of good leaders he cities kind of waded into this debate reluctantly. He realized she was one of the few conservatives in his school who were speaking up in public. Can't it's not even by my choosing. Is just come to that. How many of you been in this place. Your place where you see that all of people speaking up for people that you very strongly disagree. With. And you usually somebody's gotta say something. I think this is where Kyle cash if it's just a place where he's realized. You know if I don't speak up who will. It's gonna focus on the rights of law abiding citizens. He realized he was one of the few conservatives in his school was speaking up in public it's not even about my choosing. I feel somewhat obligated to do this because the other half of America needs to be heard. I am doing this. Because I have to you. And he gets here. I'm a believer in the never again cause. Even though that a lot of people don't want him to be part of that. They wanna tell him you know if you wanna be part of this movement you've got to be against guns. You know how this language G misplayed it and fortunately this brave kid. He's not playing along good for him. This is still this Coakley radio program. 1036 on the Vince Coakley radio program. How many if you find yourself. Find ourselves in place of being reluctant leaders. He's kind of pushed up to the plate or you find it people of you know if you're seeing those situations where you've got a bunch of people standing in straight line and somebody says who's gonna step forward and everybody else steps back. So very you are. A lot of times that simply says targets. And I went to finish these comments about Kyle cache of. Because he said he's a strong believer in the never again cause. He's also ostracized and ignored by people in meg group. Adults and students who disagree this conservative politics. He says it's quite setting because I support this never again movement in some aspects everything. The reason for gun control I fully support. But a lot of people the movement they view it is if you're you're with this or you're against us. There's no middle ground so either you support them on all of their policy ideas or you are an enemy. Now for honest and we do this sometimes folks. We can be this way. He goes on this is sad. Because I really do love this movie and I want to do a lot of good work. The simply because I have a different opinion on what needs to be done on guns are not represented. As a leading member. Something to think about. Be encouraged. Not everybody. Not all of the students. Crew survived that shooting. Body into the propaganda. This is one student who certainly can assure hope Kyle cash. By the way of we have some new information that's come outs. We've been asking this question quite some time we wonder who was given the order. Who gave the order. To not go into the school we had these officers pretty much standing outside the score hiding or whatever they were doing not meaning to be derogatory. But time is of the essence when kids are getting shots. What. When the actual directives. From the people in charge. Fox News now reporting the Broward county sheriff's office has identified Fox News the captain who according to sources. Directed responding deputies and units to stage. Or form a perimeter outside Stoneman Douglas high school instead of rushing immediately into the building. Multiple law enforcement and official sources said commands. In the initial moments after Nicklaus Cruz allegedly opened fire would go against all training which instructs first responders to go. Go goal. I mean this is pretty basic stuff. You have somebody firing weapon. Is that time to set up a perimeter you need to go go go and stop the threat. In fact the intent is to go until the shooter is neutralized. There's law enforcement arrived the shooters they did the exact location were still unknown multiple sources told Fox News. Captain Jay and Jordan was commanding officer unseen. An email responding to fox news' request for information. The spokesperson spokesperson with the department said. Her radio call sign is seventeen. 51 I believe. This is other you can identify some of the communications than to place on the radio. Sources told Fox News it was Jordan giving the commands because they were recorded on dispatch logs coming from Jordan's radio. In the email the spokesperson also shed some light of the allegations. Against Jordan's commands rating captain Jordan asked. If they perimeter had been established after the shooter left the building. Fox News replied each with more follow up questions but has not heard back despite multiple requests into its media relations office. The explanation from the sheriff's office about the perimeter commands might indicated strikes reported. Jordan knew more information that other law enforcement unseen and or commenced to stage and former perimeter. May have been ballots. To again. There's still some investigation to do here. Fans. There's not an interest I'm sure. On the part of this. Officer in speaking to the media. So we'll see how this sorts out in the coming days. Over on the text line would get caught up on some of the items that have come up in the past few minutes here are and the North Korea issue. The signs that things are. Taking a positive direction anyway. Someone finally convinced him that trump was not bluffing. So what else I just. I can just see Obama and Clinton. Ready up their accomplishments of this breaking North Korea going to happen in Russia to. Hot. And by comments earlier about the politician in Mississippi which we will talk about later. Vincent old goat just called and said he wants to sue for slander are being compared to a politician. I like that. Since this is a new play by North Korea. It's another plan to get rid of the US from the Korean Peninsula and take over the south in a coup supported by China. Kim Jung who wants to drive a nationalism wedge between the US and South Korea where that would be clever strategy. If it works. On this issue of leadership where we're talking about this student two's. Kind of standing alone right now in many ways. Texture says why me lord send Aron. Yes this what we do we want somebody else to go. If politicians want to protect schools. Just move their bodyguards to the schools save millions boy there's a great plan is and it's. If I mean to do you harm blocking marriage to firearms is pointless. If I do not mean you harm blocking my rates to firearms makes you know more safe. And is very true. Very true. Gerri. Welcome to the broadcast good morning. Are you banks are doing well. Odds are god and the but they aim and that we take that he loved active shooter training. And that you have a car here with you anecdote you divorce stats dictate you know that after everything else you drive. The first one to be aware environment AD and any possible anger. They noted that seniors exit in any facility did. If you aren't hot and stay there and secured that door but the last and the one particular artist is. Attempt to take an active shooter now the last resort. So I'll bet that's telling Iranians if you're in a situation like that I'd say that shooter that. You know it yet police boxer and I know many police officers and are sworn to didian you're exactly like they are supposed to go go. Predator and it kills civilians at no point you would certainly expect the police officer to go out. Yeah I think this is what a lot of people would have hoped would have happened in this circumstance. They would follow this approach go go go banks look for your call their Jerry. Also on the text line here as we go to break. On the North Korea trump is putting fear the I have all the global us with the terror situation now that Ryan's Vince announced. Look for W to be close behind because he's upset the apple cart so what else saying it's a trap don't do it. And other tech sure like to know Vince if you watch blazing saddles yet yes I have I did watch it a couple of years ago for the first time. Absolutely hilarious. That is a pretty funny movie I understand life. So many trying to get me to watch that's for solo. Coming up. A look at the data history and much more. 1049 other Vince Coakley radio program. They are following up. Asking me about blazing saddles. Jim Jones who's playing the part from blazing saddles. Next manned moves and the brother gets it. You see where you're going with this. My goodness I should watch that again sometime that's what this movie's gonna have a copy of maybe I should duck. I guess I'm not sure that's on Netflix is its. It probably isn't. One of those you just can't have a copy of a wonderful life and then maybe a little inappropriate for some my family members and garlic into this. All right ten minutes before the 11 o'clock hour let's go I took off from Ralph in surely can morning. Good morning advance. And I heard this from one of Russia's Polly and it actually taken place I can't remember what state. But a city councilman called me and and they have. Police substation. And there are huge gold. Critique strategically good all over the city. And everything. It's. You know North Carolina they were Smart. In every new school they would allocate space. For a police substation. Brilliant. Brilliant everything and then who you know. Have met the eye of the team up for all serve in there and I don't you know Mehdi. Not all of them have to be at the school Polycom but they can be dispatched from Bayer but have they paid like a dispatcher or coordinator there. And everything and you have people want. Take adamant objects away a bit create you know the guy on this stuff but you know I just. The mental health of these people littered dole on the desk and you can't. Legislate morals and values. And and middle mail. Well you're certainly made a great point here and and this is we're we're up against in your ideas brilliant the Ralph I mean these police. Officers got to be stationed somewhere so well why not put him in schools. She bred them all over the city this will serve on number of other wonderful purposes at the same time thanks for your call Ralph. Can also add to that one of the things that there's been an emphasis I'm aware of in many communities this community policing. Part of the effort here is to cultivate relationships with community. Ends where better to start him with a young people especially with a all the negative information out there. And the negative. Malicious say influences. Encouraging people have hostile perspectives on the police. So we need all the help they can get it. Let's take an opportunity now to take a with the date in history. As we ventured down to our upstate studio in green drove with. Alonso good morning man. Good morning notes every man's rite of passage to own a copy of wounds yeah they sell like you have a copy. Course. Content being tuned. It's on VHS really even be a you've got several version was he can upgrade we need to upgrade more against her. That is true. Well let's talk about it's what happened on this day march 6. Tony eighteen is the current date we go all the way back to 1836. The Alamo. Fell to forces from this country after thirteen days of fighting. Mexico and you are career H mixing room. They tell us to remember the Alamo 1857. This particular court case was decided. Declaring slaves to be property not to be taken without due process. What was that case. 1857. Supreme Court decision. It's the name of a person by the way. Okay 'cause he three fifths of a person that sound familiar three truthful person. That's come MacLaine type right. All what. All. Talk about the beyond guns that yes exactly bug is. What are our fellow host at demure. Oh yeah. That was pretty good. The answer the question knew what I guess one more time with my own I do not Dred Scott stretched and got decision. I was eighteen through decent hour. This person in 1884. That a group of 100 plus women to demand president Chester Arthur support women's suffrage. What is her name. She has the middle initial that makes her very famous is NBA and yes. Very good again. And last but not least 1899. This particular. Drug his patented after Felix Hoffmann. An employee of Bayer. Developed a stable version of it. Aspirin you are correct. And you go three for four crowd that's pretty impressive. Hey I had bench trying to be complementary here and Weiner. Moya so I do need to oh. Check out blazing saddles and I'll do is surged two and see if I can get a copy of this thing and pretty cheap price I'm sure you'd find one for less than two and by extension think. I don't know is pretty popular movie. Think could be that that pricey to find somewhere won't you may have to pay 150. My god in this. That'll break the bank are sort of go from new page for him. They slut you just way too generous which is why I have so appreciated your friendship man I'm a giver man woman do. Yes you certainly are you certainly are I wanna see if I still have this. In my collection of materials that I was going to talk about yesterday but we ran out of time. And did you see that Kobe Bryant won an Oscar. Know whether NBA players actually done this she won an Academy Award. He was executive producer in the six minute animated short titled dead basketball based on a poem he wrote back in 2015 announcing his retirement. And I've that this is pretty cool as basketball players were really supposed to shed up to drool I'm glad we do a little bit more than that. It's kind of a dig on Laura Ingram who runs had some words for LeBron James so that's kind of cool is that. And Oscar winner Kobe Bryant. No comments from and so. That's the end of our broadcast for this hour hour. Mr. this is still Vince Coakley radio program. Hey are you putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as Bernie Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children it's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. Herman is not the author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing media people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power of the people into the communities. Eight this is much you can visit my kids this is my grandkids this is my country dammit my country. And nobody fight score together. He's got this weekly radio program it is our number two of our broadcast 6 minutes after 11 o'clock over on the text line. This person say more statistics need to come out about lives saved each year with gun protection a lady alone an elderly person. And soft targets. A really bad folks go the Second Amendment is is fundamental to our constitution is the first one most people don't know. The rights of speech is even banned in Canada. You don't have to go very far folks. So we are very often do not remember how precious our freedoms are and they are continually under assault. Unless star I was also talking about blazing saddles. Infect him looking. In from he had a piece of paper here that has say it information on where this can be purchased but it's a steep thirtieth anniversary special edition. It. Charles. So wonderfully brought over information on how I can purchase this for the whopping price. A five dollars at Wal-Mart with free shipping. That's pretty impressive you can't beat that. Another techsters here saying they saw this for five dollars in the bin Wal-Mart a few weeks ago so. There you go. In and so one way or the other I would probably go with the online option. Because they just this one of the things I've I've gotten to the point I don't like going stores I really don't. Adjusting to the other data or something. I realized we need to purchase nine but. I'm outta seafaring from the inside a mine is that would be the ideal thing some I have to run anywhere I just don't like shopping and really don't. Jennifer's a link here ten dollars. And Amazon where I'm sorry you've heard you've been outbid. Specially that yours. They don't work. Also on the tech slide by the way. Monsoon already. Already gone before. Into the hour. Comments there we were discussing Colby actually winning an Oscar. A couple of contrary opinions year. Honestly you think will be getting an Oscars core deserving Oscars an argument for talent approached by other deviant. Getting naked committing adultery in the name of arts yep that's cool that's. Or eighty. Seoul what else do we have here on this idea of someone made the points in the last hour about setting up police sub stations in schools such great way to provide security. FYI there are schools that sub stations for sheriff's departments. Where they work but ultimately the answer is to be snowflakes to stop bullying harassing and hurting an embarrassing these kids into wanting to kill them. You know that's we've talked about this on this program. That's another important aspect of this. That's before have to take responsibility for how we treat people Regis never no. We in people gonna reach a point where they reached their breaking point two. And yes at that point people were involved and they kind of behavior bear some responsibility. They really do. Run out of Taylor's good morning and welcome. More lived you know years ago who at forty years ago exactly. I've been globally as a lesson walk out school lot and that I couldn't hear odd. I wrote an appeal to the flag. And there was also. A violation of lawful authority. All by those in authority. And also the fact that it was determined that at certain teacher who softly in coach who's going to be dismissed. Military who were I don't know but. That they got so out of hand then everybody would go walk out. Personally I didn't walk although I would have been first in line to kill Freddie over. But no I can I geared to guys up firewall. And I wasn't too impressed what they were taken in the sixth neglect these are back. Run around you already knew it all right is that what you're saying rob. What are. You already knew it all right is that what you're saying now I just miss an international which we hear it and we wonder why are we weren't aren't you hit it. I don't. We fear that the whole point there I think we got a lot of problems leaving with a current situation. They Americans are being appealed to and some of whom are very you know I mean that was a horrible thing. But what is being understood is that foundational. Instruction. And the foundational principles. The establishment of the guardian in this case today. The constitution. And Wyatt says what it says and also the reality. That the founders knew what seemed was and they knew what abuse of power was when simple man. Where in the positions of political power. Let's do we do not here today in this whole conversation. Anything about we have to work with the same issue. What's going on in the government education system that is promoting and producing the table simple beat Avery we'll weird mental illness. Mental health food or define our. That becomes very subjective does announce. I think when you get it where I'm wrong I know you know the exactly there. Well there are pretty sure you have pretty hey great to talk with Iran and appreciate your call from Taylor's. We travel out to Charlotte and Matt's good morning sir. That's right sure you don't want to mosser. I love well my comment is trying to touch is a little bit on my well especially the I want to buy it shut them down upon shop for non Estonia and basically they just took my driver lies and some so called up the chair for the CA or wherever they call and I'm sorry about 1520 minutes later. There's twelve gauge have a MySpace or would you like a box bullets. Instead of OK nothing popped up on the radar that's okay that's gotta work okay so I'm not a registered oracle. But how I'll take in the half hour's time that it would take to get somebody just a quick psychological evaluation before handing him a gun. He didn't. That's pretty interesting question and and pat here's part you have so many. So many media issues that you open up your Mets because you're talking about employees. Vetting. The person who's buying weapons. You're talking various levels of intelligence. And various levels of political perspectives. What is that going to do your. Well I'm not sure or and I dare I it it's it's a valid ID it Kenderick you're reminds me of met the discussions about airline travel. About its how Israel. Deals with this issue regard to terrorism they they have a very very. Thorough process to go through to vet people before they're allowed to travel to fry. Well sure it out there and I think that's what you're talking about here do the same thing with the gun. And and I would only suggest if you do that. You've just got to have some really qualified people. That's dads know how old have what kinds of conversations to have end those people need to be of a certain time. Character. To be able to do that but even there I knew their people right now I think he did say I can't believe you're saying this but. I think the idea is to just have a cursory conversation and potentially head off a problem. Because you may get some indications. There's something that's not right here that might be worth checking out I don't know. Do you think that's a little creepy bad idea. Second Amendment challenge. Love to get your thoughts coming up simply I told you was going to happen on this band of selling weapons to people under 21 someone's doing it kept. This is so is Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 11 o'clock government Coakley reaffirmed its you know one of my favorite birds and sometimes. But in my administrative parts of this broadcast is ticking of the stakes line. This one goes in the category of the former. By the way the Eagles avenge talk when number 809 to 1110 cabins since retirement planning takes line 713 share or seven you'll know the reference to. I'm making here to take slide in just a bit we start with this one. I can't believe they just let an accused. Kind of trial out of jail just try to take my guns. Yes rates. Just made oppressed and FaceBook this morning. About how teams organize a nation might walk out the won't do anything about bullying. How that is a problem isn't. Enhance this is something we gotta be some additional self examination it's not something on the outside. This is something people have to take responsibility for. Pro too often I think we think of bullying as that state other person. And it's really not so simple sometimes. Let's fast more gun laws the criminals were Obey those rates raw of course they well. Met easily. Really bad idea you leftist. Not a fan of Matt's idea a card dealer doesn't have to query people before selling its car even though cars kill more Americans than guns do. I'm very true. If they can sue over nabbed a key UK why not sue over not selling a guy and same thing in my eyes. And you have a swerved into where we're going next by the way. Have a gun shop owner to a mental evaluation prior to gun purchase new truly believe in the constitution gimme a break. Men's that last caller may have had a point would you sell a shotgun to Ernest T bass. Also Vince the leftists are the ones who say you can't profile right. Yes a great close personal leftist. Let's talk about the story I told you it was going to happen it was just a matter of time before someone did this. We now have a twenty year old in organ. Pursuing Dick's Sporting Goods after being refused a record 22 rifle. Based on his age. His name is Tyler Watson. He claims he faced unlawful age discrimination. He attempted to buy the rifle on or about February 24 at a Medford Oregon field and stream store. Field and stream is a subsidiary of Dick's. Russian suit filed in the circuit court of organ for the county of Jackson's sister store employee refused to purchase indicated. He would not sell Watson any firearm including rifles and shotguns or ammunition for firearm. Because Watson is under 21 year result. The employee referenced Dix recent policy shift. Disallowed and firm sales any 120 once say the policies a reason for denying the sale. And here's where this gets very intriguing in this story reported by bright part. Watson sued religious Dix policy violates Oregon law against age based discrimination from people. Eighteen years and older in places of public accommodations. How do you dismiss this by the way. State law includes prohibitions against discrimination in stores that are open to the general public and this will news. Watson also filed a separate suit claiming it Wal-Mart store. In Josephine county organ discriminated against him by denying him a rifle sale on or about march 3 28 team. As with Dicks the Wal-Mart employee at the guy encounter allegedly told Watson rifles and shotguns could not be sold individuals under the age of toy one. The employee indicated ammunition for firms cannot be sold to anyone under 21 either. They say it was a matter of time here it is. Both suits once and alleges the defendants Dicks and Wal-Mart. Not only discriminated but advertised. Unlawful discriminatory policies by issuing a news release and other materials stating. The defendants were no longer Sony firms are ammunition 3% under the age of Tony one. So we'll see how this goes I'll betcha this case is going to go. Through the court system. This isn't gonna stay down. Any circuit level this is going to go up I would not be surprised if ultimately this makes it to the Supreme Court. And it's understandable the stakes here are very very high. The way speak you've got and sit and argue that clip license from us. Our our friend Dino lash but it's Meade dean a few years ago NEC packed. Defense was spent 34 years ago get to meet her and her husband Chris. And they're they're really coming out swinging as you know. A lot of people just turn the NRA into a punching back this past few weeks. Blaming the NRA for the shooting impart Clinton I mean it's just nonsense. So now. You've got to this new show that dean is going to be doing. And she's kind of putting out a warning here do we have that ready here is said Dana lashed. Calling out journalists listen up. We had enough on the rise this sanctimonious. Arrogance. Hatred and pettiness the state news. We are done with your agenda top undermine voters' will and individual liberty in America. So to every line member of the media to every Hollywood phony. Just a role model athletes who use their free speech to Alter and undermine what I flag represents. To the politicians who would rather watch America burned skin loses one ounce of their own personal power. To the late night hosts this sink their opinions are the only opinions that matter. To join and reads the morning Joe's been neat because she says he's staying honest reporting with partisanship. To those who bring bias and propaganda to CNN the Washington Post and the New York Times. You're time is running out. The clock starts. Now. Already and by the way for those view grew up mean and have seen this video this is running on FaceBook it's a a picture which you see the video. Is stayed with an hour glass you know at the end Sri she says your time is up. She turns the hourglass. I'm so down and you see that Christie singer and start to. Fall. So it's kind of cool very effective spot. They don't lash. Calling out the mainstream news media on this drug issue and we have this I think this is really cool. Do you have any idea were Dolly pardon stands. On these gun issues and other things. I don't. I don't have any idea. My exit has a great story. Dolly Parton role model I'm not in politics I'm an entertainer. She gave all other celebrities other the best example of how to conduct themselves in public. When a few celebrities she really gets it according to Laura Ingraham host of fox deuce the Ingraham angle on Monday night. She contrast to recent ABC interview the country singer deal with Sunday night's highly divisive and political Oscars. You probably remember Dolly Parton maybe from nine to five. She repeatedly refused to answer any political questions in an interview stuck to her guns no pun intended. I'm not getting into any of that. When David Wright of ABC's Nightline kept trying to get her to comment on today's politics I've a lot of fans out there I don't want to fit offend anybody besides. I just don't get into that computer sending you. Meanwhile ask me something more serious. Jolt because I'm not going to answer it. Well. The interviewer later try to compare president Donald Trump to the villainous Boston nine to five. Pardon was having none of it. Keep your guard mouth shut you gonna stay in show business said pardon when responding to why she doesn't venture into political commentary. From. And that's pretty cool isn't. You know they're trying to beat her you how they do it. Commuted just know this didn't work let's try something else let's ask another question for all people know she won't take debate. And wisely cells. Oh and should not everybody can appreciate her and she doesn't. Separate herself from her for Ronnie so. Sounds pretty wise to meet Tony nine minutes after. This is Vince Coakley radio program. 36 after eleven on the Vince Coakley radio program over to the text line 713 series seven. Vince we don't need to make a gun sales for the psychiatrist. We don't need more laws. Was equal more taxes less freedom harms the economy. Have a great day of that trust Inco. Earlier I was making reference to a story about it's someone who was out of prison. You left out the part of the texture says about the pedophile be accountable he wanted to cut up a child and either. A bright. Also on this issue of choice. People are refusing to bake cakes because the customers through young. Yeah this T I think this really blows a hole and all those arguments have been made before. You know for growing to at least with. This should see. Protected. It's a protected. Group of people when you're saying someone has a conviction about something that's some arbitrary. Here. Any age. I think that's. A very different thing I'm sure many of you agree. Vince I believe we need to raise the legal age to purchase firearms or vote to 25 years of age and much is serving the military. Or have an honorable discharge from the military. When someone else here. With four keywords shall not be infringed. And it's. Pretty clear I'm gonna save one of these for last. You'll understand why a bit. This is usually have Chris on the left speculate dale lashes threatening them with physical violence when she says basically time's up. But stable whole movement called time's up sues they're time's up a threat. It's clear the only threat in this area that is the leftist media's lies about guns will no longer go unanswered. Thanks to their new TV show to Allen of Spartanburg. They're text or no idea where Dolly Parton stands on guns however the Dixie stampede in pigeon forge was recently renamed to. Dolly Parton stampede party. When it's different. Cake bakers do not serve the public cakes are made. To order on a contract basis makers cannot be constricted. Dixon wal mart's other retailers. Are open to the public they have good started advertised prices it is illegal to refuse a paying customer based on age sex religion race. Mean. That is pretty deep interest in. I'm trying to find here. Well and we have this I decide to save this for lest you understand why. Question where does Dolly Parton stand. Two abreast. Less in Charlotte good morning. Are you then asks her. Take it away. Could slow critical it is indeed there are you talking about Indian border. Probably. I and I'm more confirmed what a leader of the world are gearing out all the news out of Montreal and all the news media as an art world usually all the Spanish channels. Do lose weight you know I give you all the news. So what do you what do you think you're missing. Well learn our reporting everything that they'll report about the economy their report ready for virtually all about what school. This powerful military about the left us so controlled by the left. Sort of use. The Spanish channel all the all the these registries are controlled by the world. So what do you do how do you make sure you're getting the information you need. I'll watch Fox News I'm Jane without saying that you re the best call then you'd almost rather Fox News. Thermal paleness. Are welcomed a welcomed Cuba and the playing ground saying here with the media. Is from those same thing to do all of them these other continent country or control all huge. German newspaper says they pay you what they want chicken though only. They'll pay you rarely find. Everything control. They'll layer of only three channel for the whole country failure while that would appeal radio the future column walking TV. I'm on your trail will put you in jail broke every other year you know allowed to have a TV or radio in North Korea. Well Richard call or anything like that will courier or you concur I guess we'll go ahead homer. Do you think people have much in understanding. In appreciation for the rates they enjoy in this country. No I don't comment on that visit your program. I'll tell you what mr. operating bodies pare pare says he's he's only country that particular type so not a good there's tension comic. When they give my. Will be kids in the gore don't wanna get off your own Nigerians. Don't do that. I get it less I do call again grey it's great talking with you and great year perspective of someone who understands. The value of freedom you don't really fully appreciated unless you've been in a place. Where those freedoms are absent. You probably heard in the news this story. About the national mayor Jim Hammer I told you a couple of weeks ago I was praising this woman. Because she had the integrity to acknowledge what she did she didn't say issues part of a political witch on trading like this. She just came on set I had an affair it was wrong and I ask your forgiveness. Well now she's resigned because there's little lord of the story than an affair. She's resigned after pleading guilty to felony theft this is the mayor of Nashville. Tennessee. She announced her resignation a news conference this morning. After admitting to felony theft you probably wondering. I was a an affair relate to felony theft where you'll find out here. She said my time today as your mayor concludes. I sincerely hope humbly my actions were not tarnish or otherwise detract from all the great work. That leads you referring to her staff. She pleaded guilty earlier Tuesday morning to felony theft of property your 101000 dollars according to court documents obtained by CNN. Very agreed to reimburse the city of Nashville 111000 dollars and serve three years of probation. You may remember she admits having your fair they have or security detail. Rob forest into when he sixteen and apologized. According to the Tennessean. That you were often partaking in domestic and international travel to work. For work which led Forester racked up 33000 dollars in expenses. And 50000 dollars plus in overtime. In Troy seventeen on top of his 84000 dollar salary. Nine of the trips. We're only attended by Berry enforced. Berry told the newspaper the times she wouldn't be resigning for office. From office over the matter. But now this is just a matter of fair this is the matter this is a matter of really. Misuse. A taxpayer dollars. Which is. Turned into a felony theft she will serve probation. Will have to serve any active time here. But she's being a high price. For her extra curricular activities. So. Any case this is the rest of the story. Coming up on the Vince Coakley radio program and all eyes on Texas today they've got a primary going on and and it's. There's a lot of concern. Because. They're Democrats and they are quite motivated. I'm not so with the Republicans. Can they turn this state flew into a tell you what they turn this flu and we're done we're really tough it. We'll talk about it coming yes. Or ten minutes before the noon hour on the Vince Coakley radio programs we come to the final stretch couple interesting stories going on in national politics. All eyes on Texas today. The first twenty team primary. And one of the big headlines the surge of democratic voters. Search. Early voting already suggest you record turnout for Democrats widespread speculation about what effect an endorsement by president trouble have a Republican candidates. Primaries being looked at now is a Bellwether for the rest of the nation has signed the red state could be turning. Purple more quickly than expected. Folks of this happens we're doomed. I don't know how else to say at. Political science professor at Southern Methodist University said with these primaries really boil down to is one issue trump vs anti trump. I don't like federal I really don't. And I told Judas. Any case. There's relatively little talk about the issues for either party. It's a race to the margins. Democrats are all against the president won't Republicans it's about staying close to trump. And whether that hurts or helps them. Well initially skipping some major Republican candidates in the lone star state. Trump would all end last week when a series of tweets supported a number of top tier Texas Republicans. He said I wanna encourage all of my. Texas friends to vote in the primary for governor gray gap that senator Ted Cruz lieutenant governor Dan Patrick attorney general Ken Paxton. They're helping me to make America great again vote early or around march 6. And those endorsements include Texas land commissioner. You know who beat Texas land commissioner is a very familiar name. The initials different. George P. Bush. The president saying the nephew grandson of two former president's back to me when it wasn't politically correct thing to do. And I vacuum now. By the way bush could be in trouble. Facing a tough battle against his predecessor in the land office Jerry Patterson. In recent University of Texas Texas Tribune poll found when voters were allowed to be undecided. Bush Muster only 36% of the vote in this race 36%. There's an unknown whether an endorsement for trump is gonna help or hurt him. And there's some speculating this could actually be the end of the bush dynasty if he looses. So go figure. But other sexual like to know how to we know the Texas ballots are not reach. We don't have a let's see. Vince so the initial mayor is resigning because of an affair I'm actually surprised because she's a Democrat. And they never resign amid scandal in his quite rare. Quite rare isn't it. The other story I promise to get to you and I won't have as much time to rant about this. But. Thad Cochran you may remember him humor to the old true to. For Mississippi permit that race Chris McDaniel that bright sharp young conservative running against him. He was gonna win that primary. Christmas Daniel had that primary won and guess what in into going to run off. And you don't have those dastardly held then it's trillions. In the Republican Party did. They said the touched him they got Democrats to turn out and vote for. This old coach. Who is running around with his assistant at the time who swore there was nothing going on. Between this woman and himself who's traveling with him all of those years while his wife. Was apparently near death. In a vegetative state hospital somewhere she died in December. And lo and behold in the early part of the following year they got married. I you know I I don't has stayed to say that that bastard should have been run out on a rail. And it's not only sitting in I need to bring up this list but it's not just sickening that this guy is scum. But it's seeking all the Republicans. If I remember correctly maybe even including some in the Carolinas. Who helped support this scum this campaign. Bakken Tony fourteen. Racist campaign where they were actually telling blacks to go out and vote. Ford Thad Cochran because Chris McDaniel was gonna take their welfare benefits away and circumvent their right to vote your remember all of this. This wasn't Democrats that did this it was Republicans who did it. There were principled Republicans who stood up and said. Republican Party needs an investigation of this behavior. Never got one. Now a lot of people just moved on and forgot I've not forgotten. It's about time I'm glad disguised stepping down April 1 so now there will be election for two seats. Severed grab my health has become an ongoing challenge. I intend to fulfill my responsibilities and commitments the people Mississippi in the senate. Who completion Tony eighteen appropriation cycle after which I won't formally retire from US senate's. Kind of kind of late for that it's. By the way do you wanna know at this guy's record is. Conservative review liberty score anybody wanna guess what his story is John one gets the what is or where it's not that bad Charles. You're you right on he has a 24. Score widely held view elector Republican with a 24 score. If you're gonna complain about draining the swamp. You elect another person like this. You get what you deserve. All right rant over I'm not have a great day for. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.