North Korea Summit, Success, Artificial Intelligence

John Hancock
Tuesday, June 12th
Hancock discuss the North Korean Summit, what does it take to be successful and artificial intelligence.

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The. This is John Hancock. There rather than other risk just visiting India right now I can't wait for. We'll be awhile on the way. You know speculate war. Yeah wait for the day or I can just take things that have happened today's value and then move on but my life enough read every. Negative. Side bars. They might my job kind of involves haven't ever read both sides and see what's going on and this is a another prime example of. If you read CNN or if your read The Washington Times or if you read fox or your read. MSNBC. Or if you read the new York times of the Washington Post theory de LA type you know I mean his depends on. The Wall Street Journal did it just depends on who you're reading. What you're gonna walk away way. How your going do for your opinion. On know what may or may not have happened last night. Assassinate. Iris fascinating. I didn't stay within all my alarm went to bed about 1045. But the the initial. Part I get now the limos they get into the hotel all. Coming across from. Trump coming in from the right side and Kim Jong-un coming in from the left. The shaking of the hands I'm not a body language reader but. Trump clearly had taken control of that. Kind of helping give John noon don't know which direction to go and the reassuring hand on the back enough and they handshake with the hand coming forward do grabbed his arm at the same time. You're my buddy. Two bogeys. And no it's fascinating one and and then they get into the little room with a translators and the press is a lot of nerve for like three minutes. And trumps doing that thing with his hands were is figures are spread open. And he's kind of bounce them off of each other which kind of shows. I would think nervousness but I don't know that I mean I've seen him do that before at that gets more room. A nervous habit than it is necessarily a sign of stress. And I kept on looking for sweat on Kim Jong news and and see any. Idea at a big. I mean I swim like Patrick Ewing of fell one and I did. Baylor had a bucket under me. And then they they do their thing and so you're stuck with the commentators on whatever network you happened to be on for about forty minutes. And as everybody has been prone to wanna say to you today if they've stayed behind closed doors for forty minutes that means they had about twenty minutes of conversation. He's you have to allow room for the translators. Now. I'm as interested in the translators is I am anybody anything other single element of the thing. Because. Accurate translating. Would be the whole key to. The statements that were made. But what you can't do the translation and now. Since. Is. Emphasis. Or tone or exaggeration. Or sarcasm. Or. Deep resolve. Seriousness. I he'll be in school about the person of speaking that you don't understand while they're speaking but the translator is just translating words. And then my other question about the translators news. For instance the translator that trump had. That would translate. What trumpets said. Back to them in Korea. And then Kim young guns translator. Who would translate what Kim Jong Hoon said into English. But both translators would also have the ability to really understand either language right. So what if trumps. Translator. Here is Kim Jong moons translator. Say something. That she didn't necessarily feel was accurate. Does that ever come into the equation. There's a translator ever question a translator or. At some point does the translators say to the president. When he said so and so I gotta tell Neil I thought he didn't mean what. I get audited. So that's that I've never been in our situation where you have translators. So I would think that would be a really tough way to communicate. Especially if you're sitting there awaiting for the translation. And you are no doubt be human nature to be size and the other party up while they're speaking you're not understand what they're saying anyway. So you might as well kind of you know. Check out their habits check out the prize check out there mannerisms or looks over I had just find the whole thing kind of fascinating. I thought the whole thing was fastening. I woke up this morning. And and it was fairly positive about what it taken place last night. And and everybody was stunned. That they had actually signed. A document. Because they weren't really expecting a document to be signed last night or at least not that's not what we were hearing yesterday afternoon. There were no high expectations for what was happening yesterday there was in fact there were no expectations nobody knew what was going to happen. For all we knew. Within ninety seconds trump was gonna say. This is crap bungalow home. So. I wake up this morning and I listened to. Charlotte's morning news. That was that was my first exposure to what it happened overnight. I'm on the treadmill doing my deal this morning. Well wondering why my jaw still hurts and I have a pain in the sooner might just even after I've gone through all that other. People it's two weeks. And and then I go back in the house and IA. I watched CBS. This morning. And I watch that for about 45 minutes and their I except not really analyzing the angle that they're coming in on. Com and into their more informing it that that particular time I'm not trying to absorb. Any kind of a angle. Or apply S or anything like that I'm really just trying to kind of get my bearings on exactly what happened. After I turned off the TV last night at 1045. And. Both Thompson this morning. Was playing bits and pieces of the tail end and then went back and refocused on. Parts of the trump press conference lasted for an hour. And so you got a little bit of a feeling mayor but she didn't at least in my in the aspect of me on the treadmill listen into and on Mara. And echoes speaker. You know I didn't really get the emphasis of Major Garrett questioning nor the answering of Donald Trump. But I have said that since CNET and and and Major Garrett asking him for specifics. And the president's kind of stumbling and a fact that there really weren't enemy. Their vacations and this that the others. So. Then I do what I'm I'm prone to do I go to fox. Online. Because I wanted a right wing view of what took place last night. In other words I wanted the positive aspects of what took place last night before I get into what I know if I go over to CNN. Is going to be a completely different angle I couldn't wait to get to CNN because the couldn't wait to see. What they were keying on as it's one of the things that's so fascinating about doing the show at any given time in the studio is that we have four televisions and here. And one of homes on fox in one of homes on CNN. So I mean I can look up there at any given time we'll hook it up they're now they're both in commercial. I can look up third at a given time and just read the byline it's float along the bottom and you can kind of see what they're basically talking about inevitably. CNN has never talking about what Fox's talking about Fox's never talking about what CNN is talking about but they're both dwelling on the angle that best supports there viewer base. Or their bias. Trump says accused human rights abuser Kim loves his people that's what I'm looking at right now on CNN. With when Brooke who I think goes to the same suntan parlors that the president does. 'cause they both have the same. Orange bus grand eyes. Seoul on. I don't know I'm done thinking that what I saw last night was really pretty historic. And Amal I don't think and while this kind of told arrogance does say. If I'm so. Terrible. How come some other president before me. I'm gonna point the finger at the last when welcomed some other president besides me has it been able to accomplish this. Well the angle this CNN gives you on that is this has more to do with Kim Jong-un and it does to be president. This has more to do with. What he is willing. But to do. Then what. Anything that trump has done. But this is the same network that told me three months ago that we're we're headed for nuclear war that this guy is completely off. Off his rocker that he's. That he's dealing in dangerous waters here that this is no way for a president to act that this is. Within the next thing I see there are sitting at a table and Singapore. And in Trump's show and in an iPod video. Well what life could be like with with a better economy and our. And then that my favorite part of the whole conference is when nine trump goes out to the parking lot with him and Jozy in the big east. Which is the car that. And you've got to think that Kim Jong I don't know Kim Jong Hoon from but you got to figure he's got a league look at it that liked. Well like I would be looking at a guy you had a 57 Chevy nomad I'll I'll want to borrow all what are those. So Kim Jong under second to himself well. If I can strengthen the economics of my country maybe I can get a beast. Killen is they'd quick somebody call Cadillac. Well now I've read all the press now I've been over on CNN now I've read all the negativity now I've read do. Net now I have a full understanding about two OYEO last night was not what I saw our walk go woke up with this morning at all. Now I have fully understand what a rude trumpets and how brilliant Kim is and how low we. Really didn't accomplish anything last night and the lawyer except a meeting that is never been possible before. Other counts for something that net. President and and our brand leader Kim Jong-un get together in a much anticipated historic summit enough Singapore last month. Sign a document before the cameras in which according to the Associated Press they commit to working quote toward complete denuclearization. On the Korean Peninsula. The before the signing trumpet praised the summit results he said that he and Kim had developed what he called a very special bond. And that they were going to take care of a quote very dangerous problem for the world. Kim. Said the world would see a major change. And more details on the agreement. Word. Expected to be revealed in this news conference with trump. That started at 4 o'clock this morning that would have been 4 PM Singapore time. But I don't know that whole lot of details. Came out about the actors I'm not so sure there were a whole lot of details to come out for that. Trump and Kim first came together shook hands before our row of alternating US and North Korean flags. I believe there were six US flags and six North Korean flags. And from what I've read over on CNN today the north Koreans will take full advantage of that showing that third equals. This is kind of the of everything Macon find. To make sure that there was absolutely nothing positive. About what took place last night. And then they break for lunch together. Although. I believe that would have been about 1045. Yesterday morning. For the time period there on. At seems early to launch. That's like well no us or even old people actual people would be old people dinner would be what five. He and Kim jump into the beast in the head down to BK NM cafeteria. Four so most soft jello and mashed stuff period. Vegetables. Before they turn and at 715. After watching the Huntley Brinkley report. And maybe. If if they're up to it. A half hour of a repeat of Lawrence Welk. Trump told reporters he expected that he and Kim would meet many times in the future and when asked. And Kim departed via Singapore site now long after that in the the president held his press conference and and the nose so that was that. And then everybody has proceeded to but I dissect this thing. And depending on this is a prime example of where you get your news. Depending on whom you decide you're comfortable with that will be the angle of the story you with which you all form your opinions. Now I think it's kind of a this is not related but it is related there were two surveys the results of two surveys were released. Yesterday. By the media inside project. And one of the American. But it one of the American public and the other journalists. And it showed that both of those groups agree on what they want more of in the news. Easier said than done because the answer to both of their rose surveys from the U. Journalists and the American public. Was that they want stories that are factual. And give contents. And analysis. However. A lot of the public doesn't feel like that's what they're getting. And 42% of Americans say that journalists. Go too far. Into commentary. But I would tell you right now that will not change. Because when you have networks that are dedicated to the news product. They have to fill time. And they can't. I'm thinking about this last night the original. Outline of headline news. And I don't think debt that they came after the original CNN right. But actually the concept of headline news. Is probably. What you should. That aide said that that kind of philosophy format is almost what you should. Discipline yourself to. Twenty minute segments. Oh very good news little bit everything. Maybe even some sports just to round out your imagination. Maybe a little pop culture of. In all. Anthony board Dane commit suicide. That would that be a news but government. So good rounded twenty minutes to thirty minutes and then get back I get out there. To sit there and dwell on a network. Hour after hour or day after day. Sean Hannity to me is just. Painful. And I and I lean more his side then I would. Cooper whatever his name is. Anderson Cooper. I I guess I find some sport in going through the TV that night. Just don't. See what angles they're taking. But I never. They never surprised me. They're both so one sided I understand that one of them preaches that build what you want. And the other one is the exact opposite of what you want it's all wind is. Fair and balanced and the other one is crap. But they're both correct. I think that's why I've taken to reading more of the Wall Street Journal and are ready anything else but. You don't know what is not the Wall Street Journal owned by Rupert Murdoch operator managed by eight I mean it is that the same deal now. Here's what I can be when you somewhat have to understand about ownership. Ownership in a lot of cases. Doesn't care about the angle. But they're taking they care about whether or not the network or the newspaper successful or not. Intercom. Who owns WBT. Then give a rat's paternity. About. What angle we happened to take over here. Purse say. I'm sure they probably don't progressive talk radio stations and conservative talk radio stations. Are around the country. That they're they don't bet that they don't care they think they they don't care what we broadcast. And I say that. Well obviously WBT. Is take is on more of the right. Wing view that a left wing view. Except for some of you who are so right wing that anything would seem left wing do you. Though you would be the ones that have written Keith Larson and I calling us liberals. Insane. But then there's the other headline news model were you would tune in and you would get. I mean I go back to this poll. Journalists and the American public both basically said they want the same thing they want factual. Stories that are factual and give contents in analysis. And you could do the world. Just like Cronkite used to do just like Huntley Brinkley used to do and I'm not saying that they did it to the word terms that you would want it today but. If you give me twenty minutes of the world's news stories and you end their factual. And and in the content is accurate. And the analysis is even handed. You give a little bit of both sides and and let and let us be despondent. Let us. Absorb what we want awards or rather than trying to influence to absorb what you want us to wolves or. 42% of Americans say journalists go too far in the commentary and a half two feet. Because they get 24 hours to fill. And people. Unlike radio we know you know people will tune in here for about 812 minutes at a time and and they zip off someplace ultimately come back and and they come in and they come out. Very rarely does the doomed to people listen don't you know entire segments of and TV I'm sure is somewhat the same way. But that's not especially true with the news networks stumbled use it there and absorb that stuff power hour after hour after hour I don't know how you doing. Yes. Drives me nuts. It's total life. Hey this afternoon at 4 o'clock is when we're supposed to hear from the judge about the AT&T at that Time Warner. A merger it's silly it's. Ten years in the planning. Federal judge. Shouldn't take long for him to make his. His decision sometime this afternoon. Whether it's an official would deal or not if the government anti trust into foresters are prevail no blocked the deal or. Which was in both companies back to the drawing board at this US district judge Richard Leon. Will render his decisions post happened at 4 o'clock. And is so planning to announce in an open court. The culmination of this twenty month legal. Battle that has. Pretty much and old both countries. Those companies using. A win for AT&T Time Warner would vindicate their leader's survival of the of the biggest philosophy. Says there Wall Street Journal today and and then beyond that led the to a merger partners there I mean the AT&T Time Warner merger is one thing but they get a favorable position there than. You've got other other potential deals that are kind of wait to see what happens with this one Walt Disney and not a Comcast and now. Troy where all where we'll see. I say it's as Walt Disney and Comcast corporation's pursuit of 21 century fox. So while we'll see where all of that goes back to this poll that I think is inching especially today where you really do notice. That you are a victim of whoever it is that you've decided to run ahead uses your news source because. Because did I evade the major. News. Channels. And build a mass media as well all have their bias. Some album. There's some of them know what another solo home run don't have a clue about it. But they take this poll the American public and other journalists and it shows that view them both groups the American people and journalists want the same thing. Factual. Stories that are factual and give content analysis. And 42% of Americans say the journalists go too far and commentary and a commentary. In both the public and the journalist said that the media should give more information about its sources with 68% of Americans and 66% of journalists agreeing. And nearly half of the public saying that journalists should explain other story was reported as did 42% of the journalist. You can't read a story these days and cites a source. It sites that it had sources. But nobody names their sources anymore. Soul. I don't know about you but I'm a skeptic. What your source well I can't tell you. But every story you print you'd tell me you can't tell me what your sources so why my not to believe that you're just make stuff up. Or that your source is consistently. The same group of people with the same. Bias. Are the same ulterior motive. The one major exception and as these two poles to the general agreement between the public and journalists on what the media should be doing. Was on the issue of whether or not depressed. Should act as they watch dog to powerful people and institutions in just over half of Americans. Said that they should. Compared to an overwhelming 93%. Of journalists. So I just found that to be kind of interesting and especially on a day. When like I said. I watched what took place last night. And then I got up this morning and kind of got an overview of what had taken place in the document had been signed him. And so I you know I blew obviously walk into about the ADM hour of my day thinking man. An historic situation had taken place last night. And that the front critics were probably just gonna be beside themselves because he had just accomplished something their previous administrations have been unable to accomplish. But if you then surround yourself. With the rest of the media. And envelop yourself and do everything else that's being written. Well then if you're not careful you'll basically find yourself deciding that actually what you thought you saw us know what you saw all. Bob and that really this was one of the most negative situations that ever happened to the United States of America. And then 993 WV. The South Carolina. I noticed my wife has to work right. He have. President will have a little bit to say his influence soil in the Republican Party being tested due with those of of those primaries. South Carolina B one of the the key states were the influence of the president will be felt today the South Carolina governor Henry McMaster. Relying on voters who were pleased with the president's policies to help him beat to afford challengers. And and then you have good old Mark Sanford. A trump critic and now former governor himself who was you remember him as the governor right. Climbing those twin peaks down there in Argentina. The facing competition from may. In the Republican primary against Katie Arrington. AS state representative. Presenting herself as a staunch trump ally. Mark Sanford is not. You have primary is being held today you know Maine and none of bad and North Dakota and a Virginia. Here's went. But this was a good quote Katie Arrington had to say about Mark Sanford. Quote Mark Sanford. And the career politicians cheated on us. Bless his heart but it's time for Mark Sanford to take a hike. For real this time. So anyway that's so what's going on down there are a non. And I I don't know what time attended the polls close and south Carolina's seven. Where's your I voted sticker mister South Carolina. Or you gonna vote on well. There is boy good boy. Let's hear I voted sticker tomorrow. Like school. Or is he proved that you are read that a book. Or book report on our pictures that's what I want I want pictures. Especially if anybody go work in the polls donors cued in to assist those pictures. And I know not going to be pictures that. Maine is doing kind of uninteresting things Maine is going to use a and not today. Think it's today. Oh yeah I've made them today. Yeah that is today. Main. Is using a new system of voting in the primaries for its statewide races. Today. Called ranked choice. Voting never heard of us. In which voters rank candidates in a race as their first choice second choice. Third choice except for a Maine will be the first place in the country to use this system for statewide races although it's been used in a some. Local elections before. So you waited. Ranked choice. Voting. So you would still vote. As your first choice. From whoever you know you'd normally would vote for but then. I mean you know if you've got like five people running for a particular seat. Well then okay F five purity if your main guy if he doesn't get what you all would be your second choice. Who would be your third choice to be your fourth tours. Who would bring up the rear. In the system which is a used in races with a three or more candidates voters ranked the candidate in their party's primary in order of preference and if no candidate. Yet an outright majority. Then the candidate with the fewest first place votes. Eliminated the second place votes of those who supported the eliminated candidate with their first place vote. Then get distributed to be. Remaining candidates. In that process continues until one candidate gets more than 50%. Of the first place votes and has declared the winner. Jeff makes cents. Voters rank the candidate and their party's primary in the order of preference. In if no candidate gets an outright majority. In the candidate with the fewest first place votes. Is eliminated. C. The second place votes of those. Who supported the eliminated candidate. With their first place vote then get distributed to the remaining candidates and and that processing could continues until one candidate. Gets more than 50% of the first place votes and has declared the winner. Supporters of ranked choice voting say that giving voters more choices encourages politicians to appeal to a broader part of the electorate. And that reduces extremism and polarization. They also contend that it makes races more competitive and gives voters more above all race but always he said. Because they can now they can vote for the candidate they want even if he or she doesn't have much support without worrying. That'll be a wasted vote. But the opponents say that it's confusing and in Maine. That it violates the state constitution that says candidates only have to be elected by a plurality of the vote and don't have to have a majority. But anyway you might watch Maine tonight. Realizing that you're probably thoroughly confused at this whole process right now. But you might want to Maine tonight and see if this plays then into anyone's election. With this ranked choice voting. Which is being used in the primaries so today. Among the states that are doing remain is the only one. Interest and I didn't I had no idea I had no idea it urban used at a local level before. Now just to exhibit. How truly nuts we are in society today. There is a debate going on right now. That. Is absurd. Well there's a bunch of. But you've heard about the CEO of Twitter and square Jack Dorsey have you heard the story. He tried to plug his latter company. Square by tweeting that he had saved money by using its mobile payment service. The problem was is where he saved the money. He had the audacity. Two years this square. Payment system. One of the companies in the CEO of. And it chick filet. He bought a chicken sandwich. With this payment method. The fast food chain as you may remember. Although even the advocate today said that they fear that. The chain's reputation as being anti gays seems to be fading from public consciousness. I would say that's true to just about every chick filet I ever drive past because I've never seen a chick filet without a lot of cars. It may have something to do with the quality of the food that they serve. But nonetheless this CEO among the companies that he's CEO of his square. He uses their mobile payment service he buys the chick filet sandwich. The fast food chain is held in low regard by the LG BTQ. Community thanks to the CEO Don Dan cap these opposition to gay marriage. Because of his Christian beliefs by the way. In June just happens to be pride month. So this guy the CEO this company. Had the audacity to buy a chicken sandwich. Object full day in June. Oh my god. He should be what killed. Lynched. Forced to eat at McDonald's. CNN's Soledad O'Brien tweeted this is uninteresting company to boost during no pride month. That caught the attention of Dorsey who replied to her you're right completely forgot about their background. And that intensified. The controversy. So now is he not only in trouble for buying a chicken sandwich and a chick filet in June. But now he's in trouble for essentially. Kind of apologizing for what he had done. So now he's got both sides met very. In an editorial headlined Jack Dorsey chickens out. The conservative editorial page of the Wall Street Journal's finds it hard to believe that Dorsey was assailed and then apologize for eating at one of America's most popular fast food restaurant chains. And then Marco Rubio comes riding in on his white horse and explains that Ted Dorsey. Was bullied into an apology. And that the lunacy has gone too far. And so then Patricia Arquette the actress responds to rubio. Who says Betty it's conservatives who have gone overboard on this one. And then she uses the example quote. Special needs and sick refugee children are being torn away from their mother's arms at the border terrified. This is a crime against humanity but you are more concerned with chickens claiming slinging homer off votes. Again. The guy bought a chicken sandwich. At chick filet. So you can you can outrage anybody. Because people are sitting out there are waiting to be outraged. I just opened the first hour of the show talking about the North Korean summit last night we've outraged some people do. I'd Tuesday June 12. 116. Three days into the year 202. Days to go. 39 June the twelfth national Baseball Hall of Fame was a dedicated in Cooperstown New York. 1987. Reagan publicly challenge Gorbachev do Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin Wall that Brandenburg Gate. And on this date in 1994. So that would be what 24 years ago. Nicole Brown Simpson. You know. Aren't going to agenda Ronald Goldman know were murdered outside her home in Los Angeles OJ Simpson later acquitted of the killings stood held liable and they are. The civil court 24 years it's all that have investors start to believe. Former US president George H. W. Bush 94 years old today. The most well known brothel owner in Nevada is running for a seat in the state legislature. Why does that seem. Just about right for the ion air force officer who deserted 35 years ago found to have been living in California the whole time. Sonic has released its new pickle juice slush. Not try or those digital. And two former White House staffers revealed that they were paid do tape. Together important documents that Donald Trump could rip the party apparently have a habit of ripping neighbors. About Wendy's. Well what he's done reading them. But you gotta save that stuff for the presidential archives and all. Though they got people have been glued his stuff back. Maybe it's a breakthrough. Wonder if they're like here we have to buy your own. Does it regularly exercise make more money than those who don't. You're not an average fairly happy with your life regular exercise may be the key to your success they say. Whoever they are a new survey examined big correlation between physical activity levels and lifestyle impacts and found that. Those who are make exercise a regular have ever happier. And make more money than those who do not. Quite a bit more money actually in fact. And those who say they never exercised making about 49000. Dollars that's about a 25000 dollar difference. And if you're not a huge fan of daily intense exercise. If you consider yourself somebody who typically does a low intensity workout throwing some off high intensity interval training sessions and your normal routine. Could get you an average thirteen thousand dollars a year on average state sales according to the death. We're frankly don't understand. For correlation. Between the two. Discipline I guessed it would be a disciplined manager disciplined person and you. Have to go get. The new bad lip reading and video is out for the 201718. NBA season I don't know how they do this. Because they do this for football to I don't think. But then political stuff and and and I have no idea about I'm telling you what you would be hard pressed to say that those people are actually saying that stuff and how they match up audio. With the lips and do it I it's it's fascinating. Anyway the new videos supplement and cartridge going to be Tito come mom found it last night and center and watched it a couple of times and I'm not a huge basketball fan. So the content of it I didn't really care about but it's. It's the technology you know but the pace somehow or another kind you would just sort of got that that's what these people to say. So the editing and everything just fascinates you know men are bad lip reading. Tony 1718 NBA's is sees an open man guard page at WBT dot com dominoes is kinda doing managing thing. We got crumbling roads all over the country. So Domino's has decided to get into the repair business they are tired of thereof pizzas being beaten out by poorly maintained roads. They even have a website that shows in that graphic pizza box Cham di tale. The punishment of pizzas are put through when a delivery vehicle impacts upon hold. And total remedy that. Domino's has been hiring work crews to repair potholes and number city which would include Burbank California they fixed five bottles there. Barton's bill Texas. An impressive forty holes fixed in Milford Delaware and an astounding 150. Bottles filled in Athens Georgia dot. Just do it is on the road. And of course is the PR move as Domino's tags every filled bottles over their logo on the tag line. Oh yes we did. I don't know if everybody who had the means. It does go out there that do best that you would never be bottles left. We'll go for some bottles so when you get off work tonight where did you. My name off. Let's you and I had to go. Two the county we blow in Ireland. Two. To witness this. And. It's never you wanted to be you know. But getting naked in swimming my two VA very freeing feeling now a large group of women has so broken the world record for skinny dipping the strip and dip. Annual event Ed but Carol more beach and now county where glow Ireland broke the Guinness world record on Saturday June the ninth when 2505. Women got buck naked. And spend at least five minutes in the chilly water the event raised over 342000. Dollars per cancer charity. We have a new promotions guy here. Although I'm not necessarily suggesting that WB key sponsors. Who were dead the link could probably be. Would be okay well into it it's going to be better here TJ. I'm the sports station you can get Lindsay has got better looking women I know the link. Well they were good. And now we're just stick to the popsicle sticks and no I did duct tape that's all that's always need. Sigh and someone has their life together according to be a fitness app. Freel addicts. According to a survey these are the signs someone has their life together. You take notes DJC out. One owns a house. Does that mean owns a house. Or has a house they're paying on the mortgage. I mean technically you're a homeowner but you don't you're still paying for it. Anyway number one owns a house number two. Follows through on plants. Next year I'm going dumb mug or more beach and county with Lara Ireland for the annual. O. Skinny dipping world record. Brought to you by WS Lindsay. The regular exercise routine and we just told you people make more money if they exercise. Signs someone has their life together high paying job. Married. Who won at a five TJ not a bad listen there's twentieth Beers. Owns it pat. You know that's seared tuna. Doesn't drink heavily. You don't drink heavily. You drank lightly. Many times today. Wakes up before 7 AM. As the ideal candidate is me. 5 o'clock in the morning eyes open. And always been that way better way once I started doing morning radio Mitt just threw off my entire life cycles. Intel I got Goodell like when I left here in 99 went back down has started doing mornings again at the end. Then it was I couldn't get up to save my life. Around seven owns a car. Eight wears nice clothes. Described nice. I mean our tally Obama shirts. You know. And Lee Jeans. And shoes that are coming apart at the seams. So you nuts let's say a gave it depends on where you start or yours. Nine maintains eye contact. Ten. Smells good. That Angel loveliest and you're wearing today are Margaret. Has a nice haircut. Regularly travels. Signs that someone has their life together. There early to work. Well I Burley to work. I don't live to beer till three. Nice shoes. They were bargained over that there was. Reads books. I just don't read from. Dinosaurs love tacos to my granddaughter billiard just gosh it's a week and a half ago. It's a book. Up to date on politics slash news. During slot to water. With Scott Jim. So there you go those are the signs apparently that does somebody has so their life together. Retired up potholes couple seconds ago or read the news today oh boy pothole robots. It worked through the night to fix roads will be tested on British streets this is makes too much sense. The drone mounted devices can scare and roads looking for small cracks they then will be able to fly or crawl to the cracks. And 3-D print asphalt to fix them in less than a minute the robots will be a tested. On the roads. Sometime within the next few years there was a article today. Opened up my hands on auditors so astronaut yes senior executive at Citi. Financial people says that robots. Could replace as many as 101000 human jobs in the American banking giant with the next five years. They should scare the Virginia v.s out a lot of people because technology at robots and in fact I got a story someplace and hear about they are psychotic robot that they just developed. Hi guys in my I read the news to his staff offline it's giving you won't come back after a 5 o'clock. City the F president they're James ferraris. That roles and operations and technology could use these robots. Many believe that a large number of more straightforward jobs in banking and other industries like daddy entry will soon be replaced by automation. I what does that do the best saves money for the corporations that means the rich get richer right. What about the guy who. About the guy who has the data entry job. Shared. Prospects. Running back for his the second night tonight built theater. Have no idea what time muscles and it is bad for your time. He was like 730 summer customs under. Played last night let's get denied tell Willie Nelson's new lineup includes the eight Brothers they'll load B it to CEO pavilion on next Wednesday night. Well along with others but that's a remake for a concert that he couldn't toe play because of illness and now. The David Brody is a pretty nice little throw in bribes because there especially considering our hometown boys don't have up. Any dates in the Carolinas this year. A little later on this month they are head on out to our Colorado for their three days stand there that they've done now for gosh a decade. And ironically enough they play a concert I think they've done this now for the last few years. They play a concert in a Salina Kansas. Which is where I went to military school in fact they've written a song. Pulled Salina. So other place like Kansas and go under red rocks for a three meters of and they got to pick up forty someone dates left in the year. But the addition to the Willie show on next Wednesday to make up show that should be a great night at PNC music pavilions so well people going to that including our own TJ here's that article was just told you about. Artificial intelligence scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Have now created the world's first psychopath. Robot. I know you say give yourself below why would you do that this is like the beginning of a bad movie. They've trained and hey I Al dual rhythm and nicknamed. Norman which is in reference to the character Norman Bates in Psycho. To exhibit psychopathic tendencies by exposing it exclusively. Too gruesome and violent content from what they say. Is read it content page. Betty is dedicated to document and observe the disturbing reality of death. Now this isn't an actual physical walking. Robot. We present you Norman world's first psychopath. A I. Is what MIT says about this. Norman is born from the fact that the data that is used to teach your machine. Learning how go rhythm can significantly influences behavior so when people talk about ai Al Gore rhythms. Being biased and unfair the culprit is often not the oval rhythm itself. But the biased data that was fed to wit. The same method can see very different things in an image even sick things you've trained. On the wrong or the right data sent. Norman suffered from extended exposure to the darkest corners of red. And represents a case study on the dangers of artificial intelligence gone wrong when biased data is used. In machine learning algorithms. Now Norman's only capability. Is image capturing. Which means that the most damaging. The most damaging can do is produce some pretty chilling rorschach ink blot descriptions. But that didn't stop people from freaking out over the development. So Marissa it just seems. In a bad idea it does seem like a bad idea. And what avail I mean this is where every bad horror movie ever started out was no it's not an actual robot it's just. And then somehow or another it mysteriously gets transferred to weigh you walk and talk and a robot that. It all looks like beyoncé or something like that and and goes on to our wrecked Havoc throughout the the other go. The sad thing is is that by doing that. They've done it. And you know they're dead just like bad. Good the bad Frankenstein movie you know there's gonna be somebody that's gonna get capabilities some time. To do I mean these robots that you see there can do back flips and stuff like that that's freaking people out. So if you get somebody that can take bad idea and combine it with that idea. And we just talked about robots taking jobs it just Citibank and other things like that. But again big big can you foresee the day were all armies are robots. And I mean how. I'm suicide robot has no conscience at all later died. Yeah. Gather some dismal run of 65. You. Know yeah. However mentioned layer earlier on nothing hundreds you can do is around that in the ordering of the chicken sandwich by the app maker of. KFC is rolling out a vegetarian chicken. Any restaurant with fried chicken in his name probably doesn't just see many vegetarian customers for KFC wants to change that fast food company probably won't rebrand itself is a Kentucky fried chick peas anytime soon but. In the process of developing vegetarian fried chicken and an effort to add a healthier items to its menus the flow of meat. Will be a vegetable based KFC is said they're still in the early stages of testing out to a different top secret recipes you know what that translates injured area. Early stages of everything they've gotten so far Sox. But there you go that'd be a prognosis on my on my health from my doctor was. You need to go more Mediterranean diet. More vegetables morbid the war vegetables more fish. And so good it's got my wife August. Vegetarian. If she loves fish. Salmon. I hate salmon. And and hate I am not a big fish eater I'm a top forty fishy here a lot of shrimp scallops crabs. Lobster. But. You know it's got a tail and head. A does not believe. So between that and number or vegetables. And is just a light salad ever solace of adapting. But you gotta do what you gotta do. And I'm gonna do that real soon. It were and we're real soon. Okay. Many can't started up for everybody in the NFL today three days of Ohman then it's just the giant six week another. Which also means that the one time of year when people like Ron Rivera and his wife can actually get away on vacation. No is coming up from obviously I have no plan no idea where they're going but I know they're going. Leisure find out after the fact to know where they've been in this said the other but anyway our coach we know you listen about this time a disorder enjoy so much time off after you get through a Thursday or Friday and on and let us know where you went after you get back. That's the only time they get off. So five the though mini camp. Pretty Samuel that's one of the questions that is out there his ankle. I don't know whether or not kill globe via performer this you're not. Be nice to have him considering everything that we thought stood he might be able to be when they drafted him last year Ohio State got. Some new offensive coordinator gathered new new coordinators up and down the line. Offensive line no we lost nor would do a Jacksonville look for a big contract and finding another good dependable defensive end. To what goes on though there are. Defensive backfield of. Interesting with the draft picks that we gotten. So well. Anyway two more days of that in your headlines and also and by the time this weekend rolls along I think it gets stood there we just get to like off for weeks or there abouts of just. Nothing. But the bright side of that is in six weeks. We start talking about Wofford. And so that Manger just weeks away from first pre season games and everything like that so it'll be here before you know. I'll Americans on how to love how prepared they would be for an emergency I thought this was interest and I was remiss and PR newswire thing called the health care ready. They pulled a little over 11100 adults and revealed that 35%. Of us say that we could list all of our prescription deet tails including dosage. If we had to evacuate our home without medications or medical supplies. Read about these fires up there in Colorado and on Durango and stuff. Or volcanoes in Hawaii. Or who knows floods or people are forced to get out of their houses all the fire. All the time. And is it the stuff that you. It's interesting because with her recently I've been asked to. Before we did that part characterization. A week ago today. He told me actually is reassuring. Adversely did was give me. A prescription this was two weeks before we interviewed proceed. A prescription to run out of for nitro glycerin Social Security that are over there every well well I just means. And the wild would be dead by the weekend. And and then the other thing he's Sony was when we went to New York recently was I hate take a list of all your medications are numbered Richard Hydro. OK. So a lot better to wait and it's like a guy I've got a list of all of our prescriptions and saddle bags big I word carrier around. Fills in their from mother took to New York. 25%. Reported that they can only go two or three days without access to their medications or medical equipment before they began to experience negative health outcomes. 53%. Say they do not have any emergency preparation plans in place 53% that doesn't surprise me. There's this is always could happen to somebody else can never happen to be bigger Ron Rivera at his house caught fire a few years ago remember that. I don't think he was thinking about that. 42%. Admit that they are concerned about an emergency happening 51%. Believe it's either very or somewhat likely visited disaster could impact them in the next five years. 49%. Believe it's not bury or not likely all the that will happen. 32%. Believe that the federal government has enough funding prepare communities for disasters and aid in discovery in disaster recovery. And 30% in this whole field the states. Are sufficiently funded. Oh you know. Are you ready. Not sure I totally understand the emphasis is this a next article came out of the New York Post originates from MarketWatch. You've got not an inheritance TJ. My dad told me I don't remember how old I was and wanted to cruel way of NIH panel let me know that. And they're not going to be an inheritance. Chances borrow whatever. Your mom and I go through is going to be up. There might be something but. Never did they're we've been counted on. And I know we got kind of told our kids the same thing. Before both live on a nice long lives Susan's got a better shot than me. That's what I tell my mom suspended. We're flying. But this still media this article says one in three Americans say their financial stability is dependent on receiving an inheritance. One in three Americans seriously. I went to school with a kid whose dad owned a very. Popular. Pizza place. Everybody in town went territory we hung out in the and a winner when no all the tourists were gone in this tourist trap down in Colorado are grew up in. We all went to Tony's pizza. And and Mike peg Leo was in my class. And Mike. From an early age always kind of just figured that no matter what he did Howard did in school or otherwise he'd probably grow up and end up working for a the family business. The only problem was is that dead sold the family business about the values a senior in high school. Took on a partner actually. So the two of them it was and became Bob and Tony's pizza and at some point or another they sold the whole deal. And so Mike's plans to and take on the family business in other words inherit the family business kind of went by the wayside. So. I am a little surprised because that I had I looked at this and I thought gosh maybe you need to go examine the word inheritance but in a survey by Merrill edge. 36% of Generation X. serves 32% of bullet kneels and 20% of baby boomers. This say they are relying on their family fortunes. One and three. I don't know three people that are located that are murdered. Counting on their family fortunes. For generations they which would be age eighteen to 22 of the number jumps to 63%. Where you all infer reckoning. And then and then the thing is is that eighteen to 220. I mean you may have been you may have been raised middle class and always had very you know mom and dad have not saudis and house and always throws Javed cars and sort of so forth. Mom and dad may not be as rich as you think they are just. Twelve dead maybe you're just my mom and dad can also be living paycheck to paycheck. Still doing just fine but. As one of the other stories a kind of accompanies this one. Here's the number of people that are not ready for retirement and those are always got almost misleading because they lump everybody into one article and does so. That's a 38 year old and the 68 year old but there's a surprising number of people in my generation and are pretty. They don't have that didn't have a save the money and you should feel like the Lone Ranger here that vote because you'll have plenty of company. But one in three say they're relying on an inheritance I thought that if there's more just a second. I'm just many of the world's richest people have already transferred their money to their children Alter high net worth individuals will transfer three point nine trillion dollars. In the extent to the next generation by 226. According doing a study released last year by the global wealth consultant wealth acts that reflects 85%. Decline from the word reports of when he fourteen an estimated four point one trillion. Said the gap between the rich and the poor is widening I think we knew that. And if current trends continue the richest 1% all controlled nearly 60% of the world's money by 2030. But then I go back to the opening paragraph one in three Americans. Save their financial stability. Is dependent. On receiving an inheritance. And I just never grew up where even thinking that that was I mean if there's something left over. Well bonus. That would be great. But on the other hand my mom just turned 920. I don't want her saving money. I'm back again I go back to that deal we could touch on several times I'm kind of a self responsibility guy. I'm responsible for my own their retirement. If I didn't plan ahead or do what I was supposed to do. Shame on me. One in three counting on it. And if that's a reality and your family. Are your players looking to adopt. Are really good hearted. 65 year old. Delegate. I heard it LE VP newsroom your Mark Garrison putting the finishing touches on our Charlotte at six which will be along in. And not by. About seven have been until mr. garrison. Hello John how are a year I'm god Raivio alert up admit hill yen a rabid fox. Tick after a dog in a backyard but did the dog's owner took quick check quick action and shot the fox. And fortunately the dog and it's a shot so all's well on that end but it's a reminder that rabid animals are out there. And and your animals and unvaccinated they need to be. I knew a rabid fox wants. What was her name. I don't when I met passes and a I thought about shooter. Hey did you have do you shots after Manuel no it just Jackson. And I didn't mean to go to a clinic but I was lucky at a problem. So what the trump summit I'd talk about this little bit earlier when I watched that thing to about 1045 last night I thought it was fascinating. It was instinct I don't really good proposed to be a expert on body language or anything act but it was just interesting to watch those two interact with each other enough. And then I went to bed net I got up this morning and I heard a boat Thompson and he was and the press conference was going on it's like caught bits and pieces of that. And and then I started reading closer into the news and what I thought was just a really uninteresting evening and so on and so forth. I don't know you view if you start reading all the negative press you just really think while what a nightmare. Yeah I mean they're real talk show with the Pentagon correspondent from a ABC there's a lot of angst among some pentagon generals that the president called off the war games. Near North Korea and also. There's nothing in there at least this first agreement that gives that that says says they will destroy any missiles or North Korea or that we can even go check and see what they're doing so there's a lot still to be negotiated. Because they were everybody was hoping for an absolute. And I don't remember all the words that Sean Hannity was using last night but I mean a foolproof. Check proof. Proof proof that that that they were gonna denuclearization. We don't have that yet that's for sure. This is dirty restaurant Tuesday Dave must be. It is at 635. Men we'll take did tell you about a an uptown restaurant that was serving some really old soup until health inspectors went through that stuff about the and her body Charles will be trying some fish and chips. Meanwhile maybe I should listen to them because my doctor just told me actually to be more fish your ego so yeah I don't think he necessarily those that I have more Gypsies and that's. And fish and chips typically is fried fish but hey you don't have to tell you morale benefits tried efficient. Millennial. He'll millennial. I thought you were I can remember when does Scott leftists I don't know if he was the only you know you are. So we learned colonials don't like up breakfast cereal because they have to like. Oh you don't wash the bowl or you got to put it in the dishwasher. And that is that is the most asinine thing I've ever heard of in my life because it can't be anything easier then. A bowl of cereal. But no too much work for millennial. The battery just last night. New study from men hill. Reveals that roughly three and ten every ten millennial prefer hanging out at the house ran at home. Rather than going out after work because it's just simply quote unquote. Too much effort. By comparison just 15% of baby boomer said the same thing. Dan narrowly as they are professor of behavioral economics at duke. And he says the anti social nature of millennia olds is something that they choose it's over it's a product of their circumstances. He explains it is so easy to say it's smaller meals and it's a personality traits and so Miami's that I don't think that's yet I I think. It's what the world around them is giving them opportunities for and sadly the world around them. Is not that hospitable. And I guess to some extent it would all fall back to the same thing that as always haunted. Youngest in generations and that is money. Mean it costs was accosted by a theater ticket now thirteen but supplicant. Saw and I guess if you adjust for inflation Nye EI mean when they were five bucks that was expensive for what we were making of the time 20 but. But anyway it's just too much too much canceled out listen. Nobody likes just hanging out of the house more than I do. But on the other hand I haven't been that way all my life when I was millennial age. Let's go. So. Just too much trouble. Likable serial. While I was gone last week Jerry mirror the last surviving munchkin on the wizard of laws died age of a 98. He. I just haven't B flash into the channels three or four days ago ran into the wizard of laws. I guess it's on all the time now someplace or another but. Mark or remember this back in the day it was a manual that one time a year The Wizard of Oz came by. And and you watched it it was you know when we had three channels and independent that was a pretty much yet. And it was magic to a young kid it was magic I think one of my favorite movies of all time. Is Orson Wells the time machine. Because. To me and my mind. Black and white and all that stuff but. The idea that you could get a new machine and go forward or backward. Or that you could end up with if that men do but it also had some appeal to me but. The time machine I'd just always thought was one of the great result I still wolf stopped on watch that for a few minutes. But today anyway we lost no one of the last month troops from the wizard of us shivered Joanna gains have been fine by the EPA for unsafe for practices while removing lead paint. They have to fork over 40000. Dollars. Now for chip and JoAnne games 40000 bucks. 1520 years ago may have been 40000 bucks. But what do they picked that out out of his money clip. The big failure I think they can afford the 40000 dollars. And they family of the late Chris Farley has filed a lawsuit against a bicycle company for naming its new fat stuff that tire. The Farley. And good luck to you on that want still trying to build that for just everything it's worth. Iverson of great evening I'll see you back here tomorrow at 3 o'clock I appreciate you being here John Hancock Charles Wolf a lot of Charlotte have six. Partners and is now.