North Korea Talks, Florida Gun Law, and Erik Spanberg

John Hancock
Friday, March 9th

Erik Spanberg of The Charlotte Business Journal joins Hancock to discuss the RNC Bid, the CIAA and the new UNCC athletic director. Hancock discsses the new Florida gun laws,and the North Korea visit.


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This is John Hancock. Then there are other other Arizona Friday as we can be. Nicer day outside X does walking around outside Villa bay. When a best on fleece vest on its. It's pretty comfortable. Rain by the time we get it tomorrow night and now Sunday looks like a washout but tell you should very. We should join us from breakfast tomorrow morning it sure Presbyterian Church from age 10 o'clock for our annual pancake breakfast Father's Day pancake breakfast. And yes we understand that a Father's Day is not in March. An hour's news and we'll have our annual father's they broadcast a week from today pending whatever the NCAA schedule. Has to say about that. If all of a sudden now the Tar Heels ended up playing up Friday afternoon game or something along those lines and that might to have been. Forces to move the game a move the fathers to broadcast to our either Thursday or Monday Woolsey. Solo balloon will keep you abreast of that but as far as I can tell little Pollard via a week from today and I always look forward to that but to tomorrow morning is when we all get together shared Presbyterian Church from 8 to 10 o'clock and not donations a benefit the amends I shelter of Charlotte and really it is that just that they are donations. Not come by an eight or pancakes and I don't know if we've all gotten our first 45 people RSC PR WBT dot com I assume we probably have but you might give that a shot via first 45 people get a Hancock Bobble head. Much coveted. And worth. Well I have I've seen Larry's sprinkles Bobble head in. Secondhand stores antique shops. A couple of times. Ranging anywhere from seven to fifteen dollars. So I would think that the Hancock Bobble head. Is probably worth those someplace in the neighborhood of 62014. Dollars. Speaking to Larry sprinkle. He's going to be with us next Thursday. And he's bringing along another guy by the name a Jack Daniels. A Jack. Was. My our program director in that the end when I left here in 1999 and went and did Jeremiah period of time out. And ended morning's down at the end with Ethan Weston Suzanne red and cast thousands. And a Jack has been in this market for ever. Was in this building when judge John boy and Billy. Started a team together and has been responsible for gosh she was at the fox forever and he was waves that he was the beginning of the end. And and just about six and a half seven months ago was released from money has a gig at the end after. Ash and so my teen years. 176 general were there when anniversary of the end zone at this point. Rosette still there are other rose excellent the originals. But to Jack and Kristen did a Budweiser allowance for a good many years so wildly popular show and eyed jacks just. He's just a veteran in this market and so is Larry sprinkle so. Jackson though compete is up. Means he can actually put his voice on the Charlotte airwaves again and so as a welcome one over and say goodbye to your audience on my show. So you gonna go by on Thursday and now saying about all usually in the listeners so. 'cause you can't do it unknown and our hearts channel because they fired him. So while we'll have in my career and then Vegas has a chance that that clarity command to because that seems recently. Every time we have Larry on the heiress to talk about the passing of Charlotte radio cause they they both go back to big ways. They've been in this market they remember I mean you know does sprinkled was. Mercy of the morning and and just didn't want to leave the Carolinas is it is and Jack is the same thing Janet I've been reading about Jack Daniel in the trades. Forever. And and that both of emerges synonymous with. Charlotte radio and and Charlotte. He amassed communications and so on and so for soil weather coming in on Thursday were discovered how to shoot the breeze about. Our radio past and if you want to you can call and and and reminisce with this as well solo we'll do that next just Thursday and ammo and I'm looking forward to them. I don't forget Sunday morning spring forward daylight savings time starts this weekend you'll lose an hour of sleep but you gave no a few hours of sunshine or light. So. Quite frankly I'm kind of hoping between now and one is supposed to end which is what November. That somebody passes legislation and says no we don't wanna do that I know I wish we learned yesterday you can opt out of daylight saving time mini state wants to do that can do that but. If you wanted to go to daylight saving time ended stay there you have to get to the government's approval. So loud. I don't know if that all there are states that are doing that I don't know settle I happen no you're not but it's time to spring forward reset those clocks. Go forward to AM on Sunday. But I you'll lose a full hour of time. And he'll spend that first week probably groggy disoriented. Or maybe even had been admitted. Which in essence means all for next week you'll be George. I. But other viral MRI and Jeter into this says groggy disoriented and maybe even under bad mood. He's a guy who manages the flow and would you call here so go ahead miss whether it. And Arnold join us and just oral five we'll talk a little bit about the convention bid for the Republican National Convention we are probably not listed as one of the favorites but. The the committee was say in town recently and found us GOP leaders said that they don't worry impressed by our. Our city and are a bit another seems to be some pretty good bipartisanship going on says were democratic dominated city. It's gonna take off a lot of effort from them to get the Republicans to come to town so that all seems to be working no Charlotte forty niners have a new athletic director and a we'll talk chair expand bird. About that and talk a little bit about the the mayor I know the spectrum senator revamped their. A web site this'll last weekend that indoor sports center. Seems to be. Out of favor again. So we'll talk Stamberg about all of that big news last night was breaking North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has invited president to from talk. And the president has agreed to medium by main where why of wind howled all that's still has to be worked out in the and that'll take awhile. I'm. Mara Longo probably not. Young Jane probably not. China. Maybe. South Korea maybe. So while we'll see where all of that goes for that was the the big news trump will be the first sitting US president to meet two you are. A north Cara. I'd go to North Korean leader I forgot to other media people do that too. North Carolina. We're we're we're programs. We can't say North Korea. We hero when your vocal chords in your mouth go to go north. Vineyard you're talking just a bit initially goes girl out. So it would be north. Korea alliance. So I whoever that's that's it singer that's got to press it all and then it or want to do it that. They are it's funny watching him last night CNN especially. But they were just all tied up last night they just couldn't believe that this was actually even a possibility and and now they're all saying oh well we're Andy's gonna. He does he he won't be prepared he won't. He doesn't have the diplomatic. Foundation that it needs to do whether it first place these are. Initially these are talks. Start negotiations percent of their talks. And second of all just just because. The last three or four presidents couldn't figure out a way to talk to the north Koreans sudden didn't mean that he can't. Well I was listening to rush coming and men he was saying that he thought trump may have voted kind of said okay. You're a complete loon. All take the complete loon aspect as well also if you wanna act like a crazy man then all all calorie you with with crazy man. But. For whatever our very good veteran different. Conversations gonna take place. And and and I think that's I think that's pretty interest to. The out. Carolina Panthers traded cornerback Darryl Worley today to the F Philadelphia Eagles throw wide receiver Torrey Smith. And that'll probably be like the they had the veteran presence that they want remember when we got Ted Jericho Cotchery. They always like to have a a veteran presence in the locker room and a guy who can still contribute and that's probably Torrey Smith these are probably not the same receiver it was years ago in Baltimore but. He's a veteran and so we if it turns out to be your fifth receiver he turns out to be your birds and buck or whatever around. Well we'll see were all that goes but anyway. Philadelphia needed salary cap us space. They're over the salary cap and so. Darryl Worley. Hardly costs anything. And Torrey Smith is. Think go base salary of about five million bucks this season so. So Torrey Smith will be coming to the Panthers finally they can finalize that until next week sometime but anyway that that trade was a made today. Duke and I UN. See tonight in the ACC. Tournament for the third time around that usually takes place. Atlantic ten Davidson and Saint Louis will be 830 tonight on NBC sports network Clemson and Virginia follow us tonight Ed Dunn news talk 11109293. WBT and on ESPN two. At just 7 o'clock pregame here at WBT's starts at six. Clones that are Virginia. And then. 9 o'clock tonight about 9 o'clock tonight UNC and duke. Which seems to be. Seems to me that the world is operating as it should. If that's the way those guys always seem to players one way or the other and either duke or North Carolina. Always is in the finals. Or not their mean over the last 22 years. One of those two teams. Gets to the ACC finals Duchardt North Carolina last on a final was played without duper UNC was 1996. When no Wake Forest and and I'm BJ at Georgia attacked a 7574. When that have been seven DNC 96 would that have been. Tim Duncan. Yeah I'm not so sure. Couldn't have been Chris Paul. So. But anyway so you get to early age you're looking for them to do on a Friday night and you didn't have a big plans and you were just kind of opened to a sit around and know what's a basketball you got the Tar Heels and duke tonight so. At works. And our farm all bro. Martin's screw relish. Sends do seven years in prison for defrauding investors. Had to have been a free on bail until a judge jailed him up. He member he would I'll bet offering 5000 dollar bounty to anybody who could dig get a lock of Hillary Clinton's hair last year. This is a little punk that. Just got to basically thumbed his nose in everybody and jacked up the prices of pharmaceuticals. Sin stead today to seven years in prison convicted last year of lying to investors in two failed hedge funds. Securities fraud is what he was convicted of cried as he told the judge that he had made many mistakes and he apologized to investors as lawyers are trying to get him eighteen months or less. Judge says says she didn't take in his outside actions and do you count seven years is is what are god and he's in custody. So off Villaraigosa Marty. They feel now. And I don't know of anybody that's Bryan for him and always trying for himself under the I was not. And my brother Florida governor signed the gun bill I mean literally as we speak. Breaking news just signed we were I was get ready to come out of this break to talk about the fact that we were still waiting on the Florida governor Rick Scott to sign a bill but. Three weeks after the Parkland high school shooting. I'm Rick Scott signed a gun control bill. And and no word just came that he has assigned. It. Would do. Take up the issue takes up the issue of the relatives of seventeen people slain on that February 14 the Valentine's Day a massacre it. Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school. The our governor had fifteen days to sign that it was pretty much Saudi wood sided today he did he could have vetoed it he could let it become law without a signature he didn't he signed it just moments ago the measure. Raises the minimum age to buy rifles from eighteen to 21 extends a three day waiting period for handgun purchases to long to include long guns. He had all luck create today a so called guardian program which enables school employees in many teachers to have. Carry handguns if they go through a law enforcement trading in their land their school districts agreed to participate. The other provisions in this. Would create new middle health programs for schools so and establish an anonymous tip line work students and others could report threats to schools. And the bill would also ban bonds stocks to that allow. Our guns to mimic fully automatic gunfire and that seek to improve our communication between schools law enforcement and no state agencies which. Hopefully that happens as I was good news we were just saying that I of second to myself. It's one thing to have all its one thing to sign legislation like that it's another thing to actually. Enacted. The good thing always remember about the Valentine's Day massacre was. The word of the press conference almost immediately following was how old this guy had been. Fairly well known as say as a nut case. And so they were telling everybody you know if you see something Maria thanks until somebody. But it we find out later that people didn't tell them. And none of the FBI had been. Before I warned about this guy or nobody did anything. So telling somebody is one thing but having people react to that is another signing a legislation is one thing having it actually. Having people actually carry out the steps to make an effective. Then that's another thing. In the aftermath of the shooting. Scott. Who had gotten top marks from the National Rifle Association Rick Scott. Broke with the NRA. And and is newsstands reinvigorated gun control movement down there. So. Scott gonna probably run for US senate seat later on this year and that'll be interest and and he's called for raising the minimum age to purchase any type of gun but he does not support arming teachers but. He wanted lawmakers to adopt his own 500 million dollar proposal to put at least one law enforcement officer and every school. The NRA opposes raising age limits to buy weapons and opposes a new waiting periods. I'm Donald Trump. Had congratulated Florida on this legislation before it was signed said that the a state lawmakers passed a lot of very good legislation. On a cabinet meeting yesterday trump said that the White House was working out a plan to a band bump stocks. And and and and that efforts to enhance background checks were moving along well and congress. Tampa Bay times reported that officials in these states Florida's largest school districts including Miami Dade and Broward counties. Have balked at the idea of arming employees and instead called for funding to support putting more police officers in schools. Florida teachers union and asked the governor Scott to vetoed the 67 million dollars that had been set aside for the guardian program. Who is under false Florida lost got. I could sign that built and that he signed today and use his line item veto power to eliminate that funding. From it and argued from what I've read so far I don't believe he did that. Teachers in some states including Texas can carry concealed weapons of they have required. The required training there's at least eight states now that allow but do not specified are specifically. Prohibit. Concealed weapons in K through twelve schools. The suspect in this attack in Florida. Facing seventeen counts of first degree murder seventeen counts of attempted murder for the massacre and the public defender. Has said that this kid will plead guilty of prosecutors take the death penalty off the table and sentenced him to all life in prison instead. Prosecutors have but not announced a decision on them. My gut reaction on that is know. You and then NY. And if you can do they get or the death though. I mean there's Indy is there any doubt that this kid walked into the school and and and and getting killed these people. And I know than to get into the middle whole thing and others that the other protest. They were all Woolsey were all that goes with the Florida governor has officially assigned that legislation I happened just few moments ago and an and we'll see were all that goes now you have a gun safety bill. With support from both parties. Debt to should reach the crucial sixty vote hurdle that it needs to advance in Washington. At least that's according to the senate majority whip Jon court and he's. This legislation was crafted by him. Brings together some unusual allies the National Rifle Association the pro gun safety group every town for gun safety and president trump. It would still need approval from the GOP can. Troll house before it got to the president's desk but the house has already passed a version of that bill. Which was attached to a proposal that would have allowed people with concealed carry permits to take their guns across state lines. Cardin bill penalizes federal agencies that don't accurately share criminal records what we just talked about with the national. Instant criminal background check system. Which is used to screen people. I'm seeking to purchase guns for our criminal histories. So that's pending and no Washington but in Florida. Rick Scott has assigned his gun control bill that's been on his desk for the last 24 hours. And challenges the National Rifle Association fall short of what the Republicans wanted and what the survivors of the massacre had wanted but. But nonetheless say it is it is a couple of steps. I'm doing at least something. And I'm sure there's debate by all of us about whether or not this is that or the other is effective. But this is a measure that would raise the minimum age to buy rifles from eighteen to 21 extend the three day waiting period for handgun purchases to include long guns. It creates a so called guardian program. It enables school employees and many teachers to pare carry handguns. If they go through a law enforcement training. And if their school districts agreed to participate. So that's the news coming out of Florida. Harris never coming up after 4 o'clock has its way we'll talk about Serbia. Republican National Convention no bid and new media picked UNC Charlotte. Other things as well a new study out shows just how fast lies can spread on social media apparently twitters the biggest offender. We're the fastest defender. False information travels on Twitter six times faster the neo truth doesn't know reach as many more people. Hard to believe that we. We have us such a problem with facts. Communication is doing is they're given that social media. Which you integrated which actually would give us the ability. To be more accurate but instead we've decided to society that we'd much rather. Deal and crap than we would reality. Massachusetts institute of technology research. Looked at more than a 126000. Stories that we're tweeted millions of times between two. 1006 in the end of 2016 and found that fake stories. Spread quote farther faster deeper and more broadly than the truth in all categories of information. They calculated that the average false story. Takes about ten hours to reach 15100 Twitter users vs about sixty hours for the truth. And that false information on average reaches 35%. More than real lives and that probably is because false information. Has been enhanced. And so it's technically more interesting or more awe inspiring when you read it. Then the truth because the truth sometimes can be. Boring. But false information. It's been enhanced to make itself compelling. Scientists removed obvious bots which are automated accounts up from their research than they found that false political stories. And stories that were a surprising or anger provoking. Spread faster than other types of lives. In his I'm reading this I'm thinking to myself. And you think the Russians don't know this. That's exactly what they did was to put out. Crap that was compelling. Study author aside may already L. And MIT management professor said falsehood it. Was significantly more novel than the truth it's easier to be novel when you make things up. And so there you go. There was a millennial rant on Tumblr about how it was easier for his parents' generation blaming earlier generations for screwing things up for people his age has gone viral. So this millennial rant about how it was easier on his parents' generation. Discuss all sorts of speaking of traveling across the Internet faster the user irrational liberal wrote in his post. Called your generation about how his age his parents were able to by a four bedroom house in San Diego can put there are two kids to private school. Despite working as teachers he also wrote about how his uncle was able to put himself through college of law school washing dishes. But he can't afford to buy a home or afford children. He declared my generation can't buy a home when the average cost is 440000. Dollars and a combined income of two teachers is only 70000. And they have to pay 35000 dollars income in rent let alone trying to afford children. He also ran it about how members of his generation have tens of thousands of dollars in student debt. He poster also lashed out at government decisions that he blames for the current situation he says quote we're only 25. We didn't get into the war in 2001. We were eleven years old we didn't defund middle health institutions in 1975. We didn't decide that grants and scholarships should be funded. Less than tuition should cost more we didn't raise the housing market 7000. Dollars. Our 7000%. My childhood home was bought for 95000 dollars and sold for 750000. So twenty years later. My generation didn't do any of that. Your generation debt. But you might start by maybe got moving out of San Diego. They're very you can get a pretty nice house here for a lot less than 440000. Dollars and the other thing is quit and since. NW fifteen Y. On Friday as well I'm not. I hanging around in Savannah Georgia are doing something otherwise we are try to penetrate through their sham burn the new addition to Charlotte business journal comes out every Friday and he's a senior staff writer over there and covers the stuff that we can elect to work. Not to read about how are you today in my in my own. Doing right now I'm good I thought about you today I was reading about the NFL's investigating whether the questions asked of the LSU running back your own hero but yeah LSU guy. I Derek guard isn't good Joe Millionaire guy Darius Geist. They ask him. According to serious accident radio if he was gay and another asked if his mother's sells herself. Yeah I mean helpless horror. Is this whole thing oh. And who I guess my question is who was doing the asking. Because if it's just some putts that happens to be standing there with a whole bunch other people almost like got. You don't press day at the Super Bowl type a dealer. I and I imagine the same thing you got to hole a young almost anybody could probably get a microphone and get into the combines. Words that could so I. Thought this would the did the team wraps since Skelton dead dead interviewed employers I don't know that for sure Joseph and so but. Yeah they have at my impression yeah well then and then day and that's probably is true and they have not confirmed. Yet that that the questions actually took place at least according to the art to the league but. So what's the word comes out that it was so and so it teams representative asking him questions like that that. That's a good little Dicey. Yeah that's gonna get a lot Dicey. You know week we'd need some more details on this but the finish jolt. Initial look is not good is that. How is your IR euros as well as you do and know basketball is sure they. I would. Anything. Today are probably not going to be indeterminate they're a little bit over 500 but they made an early exit from the SEC tournament time I think it's it's very you're away from being back on your bracket. Now well I'm told to fly to boulder they can scrimmage with my team. But that and I think we're. We're feeling similar pain are willing to listen to basketball. Agrees and applied to jump at it I read with interest last night your article one know what the and then I got to thinking about the DNC. And my first question to you today was gonna be is this. Isn't this a lot more than what the DNC requested. And I'm Marty found the answer to that is yes absolutely a lot more. It is quite. A specific list of requests. Slash requirements may end. I got this yesterday and started going through it ND you know part of me understood this this. Sort of the old brow Eminem's. Pick contract clause or rock band but still you know 2500. Upholstered chairs in the size and shape and color that we request and shuttle buses sixteen months before the event and just don't know what an honor and you know like so many things. A lot of this exists simply because. They can do this they have this highly coveted event and they can ask for what they want in there are likely to be multiple cities that will give it to them. And the time that there are turning about would be summer so when they make their our request for the spectrum to be available to them and this that the other that really wouldn't coincide it might wasn't special events like concert or something along those lines. But it wouldn't coincide with basketball time. Yeah which which is why this is very treatable forward not just this Serena but Arenas around the country because they do it in the summer. And some of the requirements are less cumbersome than they may look at first glance such as with the arena the main convention hall. The RNC asks for access. I think daily. Access. To the building may be a year revealed that more. But it's not as though they're going to come and take over the donated he'd be able get in there and look around at certain times so they can play and so. Faded a mixture of practical things then maybe less practical things but. You know all these goodies. That we're hearing about so far are going to be. Having to prove that they can meet each one of these. Demanded in China I didn't get to. Into a lot of detail on this but when you go through the HDC. And the electricity. And the requirements and to back up in this specific temperatures mean it is just a heads spinning what they are required to make sure their credit goes off ability. One of the things they Tesoro is a specific amount of space for a media and had to generated every reminded me that they took if you've ever walked past the spectrum over there on the backside you see the practice gym and Alice were they put the media last time is that enough space. Yeah I think did these conventions are. Similarly sized when it comes to the media contingent that will be covered it's so I would imagine it will be a very similar media set up. And as so many are Republicans and Democrats alike have said that in Charlotte across the states. It is a tremendous advantage for a city like Charlotte to have already hosted its. One of these national conventions because a lot of the things are very similar in nature in terms of what they want what they expect and what they need. The one of the interesting wrinkle this week John I don't know if you saw this Politico. Had interviewed some political operatives. And it asks for the favorites. For the respective conventions and Charlotte was not mentioned there was Miami New York San Antonio at Phoenix I don't know. How much that does or doesn't mean but it's just an interest single nugget we get into the I formal bidding process here in the near future. Yeah I and I guess my next question that would be defined political operative. Well of course yet and that that's the way so many these things go. You know how senior are they how much knowledge they have they just guessing and I have no idea but these are the kinds of things that are. Fronted chew on while we wait to get a definitive answer which will be probably months away. I was gonna say what is the timetable at this point. Are there at that Cadillac with the Amazon thing is there a date when all applications have to be filled out and end and then there's there. A time when they are break this down 20. Final asserted they just basically go through everything and an award though the convention to some city. So here's what we know so far the original deadline for the bids to be submitted was February 28 we note that that was extended for all cities not just Charlotte. What we don't know is what is the new specific date it is in the near future but we don't everything. More exact than that then. They would narrow to a handful of cities do site visits and my guess is that. Summer. Just ball they would will probably make a decision if it goes. The way that we had with the 2016 convention which was awarded to Cleveland in July 2014 which was two years in advance so which if they keep that timetable. It's pretty clear now that they decide dead that they want to use a different format or they just need more time to do X point lead. And then we have no idea where it's going to. You are at another article in US sites are Robin Hayes and this is a GOP leader I'm not disputing that. But but they did mentioning twist is that this is going to take an awful lot of blue people. Not to make this happen so that the red folks can come to town. Yeah and so far and what's been interesting misty here the red people have been. Really. The happy we have and the blue people so far obviously you have the mayor of viola isles has been very supportive of this but. From what I heard from people such as Robin Hayes stay centered and their ship and others side Democrats have been very willing to jump into and lend a hand of course governor Roy Cooper and other democratic. And a letter to the Republican leadership saying Charlotte would be a good place at the convention so I think. In this case they're playing pretty well together and have our call in 2012. In the lead up to that convention Republicans were equally supportive of Democrats because on both sides and they know. This brings a lot of attention and a lot of money and what constituency isn't happy with those two things. Tom little too early as opposed to tell the what's the post mortem on the CIA. Better than last year. Yes side got some numbers today actually in terms of hotel room nights in revenue up up about eight to 10% over last year. That's not so noteworthy because last year with a little bit off what is noteworthy is that it is a five year high. For those figures the are cabby out energized we still. Need to shut down a little bit how much impact there was from the Billy Graham's funeral about 2300 people attended that funeral you're going to assume most of them were from out of jail but that's. Comparatively small number if you say in the 100000 or so. People coming in for the CI double A half I think they did pretty well we still need to get some Morse spending numbers which will be about a month away. But it looks like they've recovered pretty nicely complete seventy. So you're saying a hotel room numbers and know things like that may be somewhat reliant on the Billy Graham crowd as well. Yeah I don't I don't think it would be the majority by any stretch but you just wanna figure out OK how much of the game could be attributed. Jews that some of the other the funeral attendance and that is something that will be much clearer once the visitors authority and NCAA are able to. Go over the same survey they do every year which is how they determined. How many people came to what how much money they spend what they spend it on so once you get a better look at that you can better determine what was exactly driving. That hotel Gaines most of it's probably going to be he had double play but not all that. We now we're on our way to Savannah last week and listen to the funeral on WB two till well past Columbia and then no acog probably the last twenty minutes of it on enough talks on a serious satellite radio. By this time last week I was about on my third or fourth blown glass wind up on the bohemian hotel roof deck. But I thought the funeral was stunning I thought the whole week was rule uninteresting did you cover this year Earl enough and had dated looking back now on all of that what's your reflections. I knew we had a photographer had a pure I was not at the funeral service so they'll appear before earlier. As the big event transpired in terms of his death in some of the reaction. I agree with you that it would. Quite a piece of history just to witness. Particularly when you think about things like the reaction you know I discussed. I think we had discussed about the reaction you know whereas the procession came. Down the mountain so to speak to Charlotte then you have the viewing here with George W. Bush and Bill Clinton among others. Then you go to the capital then you come back here. With the current president. AJ just again remind you. The incredible influence. That this may have had over. 99 years in India I think you have made discussed this earlier I can't imagine. Or how long it will be if ever. But Charlotte has someone new with that name recognition and influence in the world compared with Billy Graham. Can either but I think there was an awful lot of people had kept this in its proper perspective and I think the gospel of Jesus Christ got out. As almost as effectively as. My applause for the life of Billy Graham and he must of he would've had to have been no extremely happy about that and not. People like me I don't know when it all was said and done with type it just made me wanna be a better person and and it's still has kind of stuck with me I hope it does I don't play. I hope it doesn't leave me I'll blow. I hope by explore ways that may be I can take my age especially after my career here. And maybe just do stuff for other people. And John I'm not saying this because it involves my don't say but I sort of the things it really resonate with me the most. Was the fact that the coffin was made by Arab prisoners. That's the Louisiana State penitentiary but you can put any state just fill in the blank but but I thought that. Mad dog false statement I love that until an annoying it's there it is Sydney in the rotunda. On the nation's capital. Tom mud and you knew that and you knew that it was lined with they what are cut out comforter from my overall mark I mean it say it I guess I thought all of that was was it was it was very cool. Yeah I thought that was great perspective for all of us so. Yeah really interceding. Week and a half or so here you know not not so and to be forgotten by anyone who witnessed and I think. Charles forty niners have a new athletic director he's a neighbor brother fan so a lot of books closed on now and no we are like kimbo will talk to you about. Mike killed when we come back. Back to where you stand her Charlotte business journal joins us on Fridays so whenever possible I don't think we'll have him on nine next week it'll be doing our Father's Day broadcast. And less the NCAA tournament. Forces us to move that to Thursday or Monday but two we should know oil was scheduling by the time we get around Monday or Tuesday SOA. I think it up IBO two weeks for we talked to you again. I might kill all new athletic director of the Charlotte forty niners come true ma Florida buddy I grew up and Clemson and certainly has ties to or Charlotte. Got his work cut out for him between the football program and our basketball program that. Doesn't operate nearly at the level we have expected to in the past from them he's got a lot of work to do. Yeah he really does John I mean I don't know people who are not fans UNC Charlotte or or haven't been paying attention. They have not been to the men's basketball tournament since 2005. I mean really hard to believe because they had a streak where they went seven of nine years starting in the mid nineties. That's the first party Mike Gilbert is going to go out and find a new basketball coach a little more price was fired in December there was then an interim coach. How much killed gonna go find a new best rock church that's I think one thing too is to start to figure out. How they can improve in football it's a new a relatively new program five years older and they've been just simply overmatched and overwhelmed. Moving into the bowl subdivision which is the top tier so. He knows that but he's been around big time athletics there at the University of Florida for 25 years and I think the best news his. He's very energetic and enthusiastic. I think he Rick recognizes the challenge he has but also some of the possible advantages being in this city is growing like different you'll see how we don't. The our basketball program still console bit inherited the football program on the other hand. Tom. As some they did they've got to sell the whole deal they've got to get the athletes they got to get the coaches say they got to sell the whole package because. They moved into division one pretty fast tonight as have been funds announce. No it is not been trying to and it it's so much harder for Baltimore expensive bigger teams. So that they've got their work cut out that's going to be a long term project but I would say how he does he get plant the administration by an inch. And a big crowd turned out for so I think people want to help him get this thing turned around. I'm pretty good halos and having a great weekend get out and do what you need to do tomorrow because the rain is coming on Sunday and I don't talk to you next Friday and I doubt that we will. We'll talk he had a couple of weeks. I have great thank god because there expand our senior staff writer Charlotte business journal journal business journal dot com another shot to win next hour about an hour away from right now but right now you've got to the top of the hour. To text scale SE ALE don't do this while you're driving okay. Text scale SE AL leads to 72881. And good luck. 68. Games are geared toward the 18297. Days to go it is march that night and don't forget daylight saving time. Sunday morning UAL. Spraying there. Forward Burlington days twelve days away from actual bird. Those eleven days. Are march 11 has also selection Sunday after we get done with all the other tournaments ACC action. And tonight you'll hear clubs in Virginia. Well the pregame start at 6 o'clock when we go off. On the actual game itself should start about 7 o'clock on news talk 1110993. WBT and then that'll be followed by the third meeting between. UNC. North Carolina and duke and that should happen about 9 o'clock or 930 and I'd just where your information if you're Davidson. A long month they play Saint Louis tonight in the Atlantic ten tournament and that should be on NBC sports network in about eight. Thirties so there you go in preparation for her marriage to Prince Harry. Megan Markel was officially baptized on Tuesday into the Church of England. New forensic research. Reveals that it looks like we've had DR remains a million Earnhardt all along. He. And McCarthy from Connecticut who was at the F courthouse on a car theft charge. Over was arrested again because the car that he drove to the courthouse for his trial was a stolen car. Genius. It. Veterinarians report that nearly all zoo gorillas have heart disease while it's practically nonexistent among wild gorillas and they say that the fault probably lies in the food debit guerrillas are given to eat in captivity and doctors and come back. Are protesting their recent raid is saying that they already make too much money and they want that raised go to others. Well that's truly American the both doctors in the back. Barbie doll made its debut at the American international toy fair on this stage in a 1959. Mandatory as BIG killed in a drive by shooting in Los Angeles on this date in 1997. And Dan rather on not only made his day BO. As the principal anchorman on the CBS evening news but also did his last broadcast in 2005. On this date march the ninth so there you go from. I live is new ally of our nine NBC at 1135. On a Saturday sterling K brown from this is us will be your host in the musical guest the English singer songwriter James bay. And a selection Sunday on TBS. Not CBS. TBS. 6 PM on a Sunday March Madness is here games actually start on note Tuesday that have been playing games right I think the actual big big action starts on Thursday. Selection Sunday is when the NCAA selection committee reveals the field for a the a 64 teams for the NCAA. Aid. Tournament with a little bit different tough format as we told you they'll tell you all the teams generated in the first ten minutes. And by the time off 45 minutes though broadcaster is oh over you'll know brackets and in there and all the stuff and and I can discuss after that Patel amounts in the first ten minutes all the teams that have actually made the big dance. And then they'll break it down from there so that's a little bit different than the wizard started out fast. In Colorado his son. Little town know right down the road from where I grew up above produce head out on the highway seventy peak to peak highway in many rounded the Netherlands got kind of a story of its own not try to global Boulder, Colorado. It's essentially where caribou ranch used to be judge and your seals place for somebody or rock bands recorded all their stuff back in the seventies and eighties. And a full Bloomberg lived. Technically in a better look at Colorado. Stephen Stills lived in Netherlands for awhile. And this weekend is the frozen dead guys days almost every town has a festival netherland. Has a frozen dead guy days our residents in the town. Author and 89 year old Norwegian man who was prior energetically frozen after his death in 1989 and then stored and shared in town. Local officials tried to stop the experiment but once they figured out there wasn't much they could did do residents decide to make it the focus of Leo winter festival and that's essentially what it is is. You had to have an excuse to have a festival. This is as good as any of them. And I don't want to mention little town there was a book that was being written about netherland at one point because. For about an. Eight or nine year period there. Is some mold minds up around there. For about an eight or nine year period there they had a series of missing hippies. Every now and then some frequent just. Use the word freak in loving marriage to be one. So it's a much hippie were just gonna disappear off the face of the earth and there was always rumors about whatever happened to moment whether or not they had been. Dropped in one of the oh mine's of around there and are supposed to be a book that came out and in the book never came on I knew the guy who was supposed to write the book and if you ask him why didn't write the book. He just got a clams up. I don't know what that means. Anyway frozen dead guys for the big weekend going on in general in Colorado today they say are cheating hurts even if you don't get thought if you think it only hurts if you do get caught think again there was a study that says it could kill him. According to heart specialist in London couples and long term relationships are less likely to have heart attacks than those who would cheat on their partners and the executive BI. Conscience type thing going up. Just ask him. I your partner's voice can reveal if they're cheating. You better watch the tone and. And that you take what that does stranger scientists have found that if a person's voice goes deeper. When they're talking to a person they find attractive there are more likely to cheat. So. And all ball skipped. University psychology researchers are right for the our conversation. About a study in which participants were all played recordings of people speaking and given no other background information about them. And most were able to choose so which voices belong to a cheaters. And women were better at it than men. And for now we don't know the IQ is that the participants used to judge whether out the voices came from cheaters but it could have been pitch. Women's voices are known to change during. A particular times when she is not using contraceptive pills and men find women's voices more attractive. At those particular times or more walking around Ontario court of balance. Another study found that when talking to attractive people men's voices tend to go deeper. And both men and women increased how buried their pitch was when they're around attractive people the researchers write. Practically speaking. Picking up on these types of cues could allow somebody to do decide whether or not a person they are talking to might be attracted to them or not. Bebe I mean they've David. Days of our lives have been renewed for the 54 season. Premier has a half hour drama 1965. Expanded to an hour a decade later why 52 Emmy Awards Torre seventeen days of our lives aired it's a thirteen thousand episode. We lost a lot of the old times soap operas soap operas he said. But last decade or so. Some of these all shows it'd been on forever and I remember. I never really watched them. And friends and Michael business that rejected 21 or the other or something like Batman. All I remember is that my mom used to watch one from time to time. And and I don't remember which one it was. But I've always remembered that I was home one day probably summer break or something like that and there was a guy standing out on alleged threatening to jump. And then four months later I was homesick from school. And he jumped. He did they take the story lines and they spread them out for. And then I graduated high school twelve years after that in any Landon. This. OK so I mean the last part of but I got a good series. He must've stood on that ledge for a month and a half. I think that's revealed more people would stand there at the bottom and take the job already there it's. A lot riding the subway. And I. You start looking old at age thirty. Speaking of cheaters women who are cheated on actually benefit from greater self confidence. And parents of daughters are here and read your own breed. Are more likely to stop that one kid. I'll share all that with you and will kick off the big weekend next can tell you about some of the things are going around town I including Steve Smith ignited a hornets gave next. Radio program are basics Dave Smith Bobble head night cheesy NCAA. A weekend. Well of course the big gala thing. Got a pancake breakfast tomorrow morning at Fisher Presbyterian Church we'll get things started about 8 o'clock in the morning and go to about 10 AM so you can be in and out and have your weekend and helpless benefit the men's shelter but it's all about dad's. Leading up to our Father's Day broadcasts which should be a week from today of pending any complications with the NCAA basketball tournament but we should know by Monday or Tuesday I'm assuming it'll be. Our next Friday marks the sixteenth so while going out tomorrow morning Schoen Presbyterian Church meet all the guys from WBT and W weapons they. And now maybe nag yourself I Hancock Bobble head thanks to Valentine did history cantina 1511 and famous toast three if you need information go to WBT dot com. Boom Shaka Martin. Steve Smith's night. And we get Steve Smith's day and a Ericsson skidded Bank of America and has been much time back there with Billy Graham who are present. We'll get Coleman's gone. And I guess there was some friction between us Smith and Rivera. More Smith to Rivero and another was remarkably but there are so I don't know if that's what. But anyway Steve Smith gets is a Bobble head night on a Saturday night. The spectrum with a game with the hornets. And that'll be against Phoenix. In no march. Does this so Saturday. Honoring. Steve Smith former Carolina Panthers wide receiver. For all the worked commuted to work that he's done through the years Steve Smith's night. And for 7500 fans in attendance can AL Bobble head of the retired panther which depicts him in a football version. Of the hornets classic style teal and pinstripe uniform it's like a football uniform but it's done in the order colors pretty cool. Hold on a football and numb. Anyway get there early. Smith and assembly I should all be there it'll feature fundraising opportunity to support the as Steve Smith Family Foundation this will also be one of the first times as Smith us. I'm promoting the Smith family wellness center which is a free clinic on central avenue that opened last year offers medical and family counseling services. And I think the hornets are supposed to be are giving us Steve Smith over a pretty nestled check tomorrow night tough for all of that so he was quoted duo way back when as saying I'm appreciative of the opportunity to promote to our work conduct. Spend an evening with the hornets. I never row would have thought that I would have a Bobble head and a hornets uniform I'm excited to see myself and a teal purple upper. He has seen himself now O'Neal likes it. I know what it's like do have the anticipation of seeing a Bobble head and hoping that your life gets and like mine he likes is. Everything's good but that's very cool and hopefully and I'm not that he's been hiding or anything but no hopefully we'll start seeing more and more Steve Smith no respect moment there Charlotte. 01 of when the world favorite sons type of things although he didn't grow fear we sort of claim that. And miss and this number 89 on the football field let me ask you for a lot of people wanna say that. The it's kinda Saturday against Phoenix Steve Smith died bubble midnight. He last time there in town for a awhile alone until the 22 when they played Memphis. So last chance to see. You the L hornet's play at the spectrum for about a week and a half or something like that and an unknown Monday march the 26. That'll be the next Bobble head night and that's the Hugo Bobble head night. And that'll try to be wildly popular. Kevin Hart will be down at the spectrum on no marks the 31 in the Eagles roll into town on April the eleventh. Though they've gone out. Odd New Orleans raised New York City based standup comedian actor mark Norman. Is the headline and add to the comedy zone down at the Abbott exchange music a factory Friday no Saturday shows. You may know him promote Louie CK is so porous and Pete. Or inside Amy Schumer. Did a Comedy Central special don't be yourself. Which I think Schumer produced. And those two or three night stand at the comedies on this weekend and don't forget this is that this weekend but next Thursday twenty time Grammy Award winner Tony Bennett haven't at a town with his daughter Antonio pennant. Antony excuse me Bennett and they'll be in ovens auditorium next Thursday so off part of a big week. Got a note from mama Gladys Scott Brooks over it though Brooke sandwich shop. Just murder in town. Far none. And I mean bar. None over there are enough. Other corner of our north Brevard street. In fact go by the way if you got a copy of creative blow things new addition or you are you see one nab it. Because there's a feature in there in the food section the light rail is set to pass Brooks sandwich house but the restaurant is no stranger to change and it talks about all the change that they've gone through since they opened. Well when dad owned it when the boys took over and they are there is there's all sorts of development and everything taken place and they've still got that that small red cinder block building would no seating inside picnic tables outside. Talks about an earlier time when a textile workers use to get out there and and need to have breakfast and a lunch breaks with the liver Masha start today and and now Charlotte's new light rail extension bringing on more people along lines oratory anyway it's very cool very interest and and and it's is there's no two ways about it. But they also said de hey hope everything's going well I know we'll go smoothly your pancake breakfast tomorrow we loved our dead as you well know. Would love to come out to but our missions barbecue is tomorrow so another. They take all the proceeds from this and it goes to national and international missions. So go support the approach guys and not by buying one of their birders spoke by going by idle while the Baptist Church tomorrow from 11 till 7 o'clock. And I nab some of their Barbeque and help a good cause all the same time and believe me if further Brooks boy is. Our have anything to do with the barbecue. I imagine it's Friday and done the way who's supposed to be done. And find that article because it is it's a pretty long intense our goal of about to Burke's samba chop open Monday through Friday 7 AM till 3 PM the closed on the weekends. Which means that every time I think chaos Saturday I'm gonna go see you can't go see it. But they won't change that. And that's just the way it is bricks sandwiched house dot com you've never had one of their chili burgers. Odd then you have an experienced everything that there is to experience in Charlotte. It's just that simple. I'd G easy they are cold summer tour is in town non at the Fillmore on Sunday night. Get tickets from a live nation. And I think. Looking for the time yeah 8 o'clock. On a Sunday night down at two at the Fillmore. Bill Morris general admission and. I think it's president again losses stated otherwise sets a general admission standing room only you know venues so. Take note Carolina classic in performance cars posted by RK motorists. Is that taking place tomorrow from 9 AM in the morning until 11 o'clock so you can go by their over it to 5727. Lake view road in north Charlotte. And and feast your eyes on some really nice classic and performance Carson go out there and speaking of every second Saturday. Of each month march through November so the first one of the year the can apple screws them. Is going on tomorrow's starts at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon and goes until 7 o'clock that's in downtown Annapolis. And they do these like I said second Saturday of every month so this'll be the first one and then again on April 9 then again on May fourteenth and and so on and so on and so on. But they outmanned they put in some really unbelievable cars there are so come enjoy the accrues downtown can hapless 1 to 7 o'clock tomorrow. The first can apple is crews in the of the season which means we must be getting pretty close to spring. What I'm thinking everybody and for giving our problem that you. Tiger Woods played a golf tournament this weekend at the bell spark championship you can keep your eyes on that suns in town tomorrow night Steve Smith tonight we told you that Donna DO spectrum. You've got ACC action tonight at 7 o'clock we'll actually do the pregame following this show in no less than an hour about another third. For five minutes away from now. Our first game tonight will be Clemson Virginia. And than the second game tonight you North Carolina and do third time this year those two teams have met. And a cure. 830 tonight at your watch that on TV it's NBC sports. UNC duke will be on ESPN at nine and close in Virginia on ESPN two at seven. Yeah. We don't text and drive. Where to tell you everything. Tired. David Childers or buddy David Childers who has been running around no playing with Kyle Petty. Companies can join us in April. What the Davis put today's governor talked about all sorts of stuff just before the season kicks off on NBC. The NASCAR season kicks off on NBC will get dirt road and along comes as we put talked Kyle. Childers is up play and materials on Maine and rocky all tomorrow night. And us somebody called and said hey John forest hill high school is in the state championship game playing in the deemed dome tomorrow. And it's gonna be televised on WC CV. So I'm not exactly sure timing on that. But. Check your listings with the WC CB that's Wilson's station just in case you're. I think Morgan forwarded may work or two or more importantly it's Wilson's station. And four still high school congratulations to them that's a big deal state championship no kidding Union County ought to be pretty high happier with with that. So our thanks for the information I appreciate that a whole lot NBA action as part of your weekend be a NASCAR guys. Our monster energy guys our in. Arizona tomorrow rescues ray from the root of the bill monster energy racist Sunday at 330. The X edit your race is tomorrow at 204 o'clock penalty on fox. I mentioned the Valspar championship is that going on I know Tiger Woods played in now when so we'll see how he does and has a comeback hopes and then you've got tournament action not only ACC return an action going on. All weekend long and the ACC championship game after tonight's to us semi. Finals will be tomorrow night on WB TV and ESPN at 8 o'clock. And Natalie the B Clemson Virginia. The Tar Heels are duke. What do you think. You start predicted that Virginia that tar heel duke game we're just getting ourselves in trouble. But I'm thinking Virginia duke. What you beat Clemson Tar Heels. So I'm. You must start looking old at age thirty. They're making. There's a bit bummed me out. I know last birthday I have 65 and and and I'm not saying it's over but I just know that the answer to the question ever since the beginning of time is so when you ask any kid or any teenager or almost anybody. What is old the answer has always been 65. So. Now you know any 65 year old will tell Leo it's all under head. But that's 'cause he's 65. At that. So on. But thirty. I think the best year of my life was 36. If there is such a thing. I was are doing mornings in Florida a weighed a 163. Pounds. I was walking the beach every day I was ten eyewitness. Single. I was 37. Years 36 years old. Get off work every day like 0113012. O'clock I was doing mornings we Dave Scott who lives here in this area now. And beyond the beach at noon 1 o'clock latest. One Dushanbe now if you think hitting your thirties doesn't call players all of August you better think again because. A recent you gov survey of British people all that explains that it's British people. Found out most respondents agreed that don't want a person it's age thirty there are no longer considered young. Gores say you know if you are active mature. There's a benefit as they ought to act your age. I'm O. We have also found respondents in their thirties still considered themselves young despite not describing. And any others in that same at a period category that are likely most agree that old age doesn't really start until age seventy that's what this says I didn't make that up. Just got five years. It's only mile you could look bruising and that says mr. Doyle proposed. Mike Mike Doyle the useful Mike Doyle over there they had W Biggio newsroom I'll be right behind you I guess not only pitcher right thirties man thirties was. Just choice. You have thirty Guizhou not as stupid as you were in your twenties and you're young and you're strong and I mean you know that's you know I was working in Chicago in my thirties Lebanon you know. Marina city. Single I mean there was just it was just peaches but the other side of that as you're still making 865. An hour. It's not on there that was that was the best death a decade of my earning career goal was it that definitely was about I was probably American 40% more than it must make now now now I'm I'm in the best earning part of my career right now. And you deserve it probably why I'm still here it's on the other hand I don't that's why I'm kind of taken down and we'll be going after the sunset one of these days yeah just go it just leave go ahead go back your thirties at the and have a nice trip those were those were really good times anybody fear in their thirties in their twenties. Don't worry about it that is a that's a good time if you do go back to your thirties stop off in the forties and see if you can find my physique. Now and mine too I left my somewhere. It's better than theirs so ourself. Hunter's bill for I 77 extraordinary I think that's I think things will lessen terrorism are so stupid. We're right here it was a no win. Hunter's bill Ford I seven to seven next tore through. I education does get out of the office the Panthers made the trade today won't be official until a next week but two they are get wide receiver Torrey Smith from the Eagles for cornerback Darryl Worley. Now Smith this just 29 years old you may remember when he had us a couple of pretty good years in a Baltimore reform went to the Eagles cut 36 passes 430 yards two touchdowns for the Super Bowl champ but. Eagles last year and thirteen catches a 157 yards and a touchdown and post season. The Eagles are currently projected to be about fourteen million dollars over the salary cap so they really needed to shed some salary and so Smith was. No it was kind of a natural for them to do that any probably fills a need to Tierra Panthers have both said they wanted to fill in free agency and that's getting a veteran wide receiver in the locker room and I assume he's probably a good guy and we don't know a Jericho Cotchery and some other guys so through the years to get a veteran presence. They still got some young guys and add to a locker room and there's probably going to be some more coming. And I don't know what the absence of Baylor cornerback good girl world Leo says but it probably says that they have their sights set on that for free agency may be horror of the draft. Well so we'll we'll see what what develops and all that but anyway that was a trade that the that the Panthers made today a lot of activity going on. Jarvis Landry apparently got traded to the Cleveland Browns today. From the Miami Dolphins. That'll be interest in. Cleveland. Is probably going to be starting a rookie quarterback. But. Considering all the drafts that they've had recently and and players that they're signing and is that the other they may be pretty stout. That a rookie quarterback thing could be a little problematic below the global global sleep. So if you're a woman who has been cheated on it seems you're most likely 20 win new ad life. In the long run. You knew that right. A survey of oversell 5700 people from a 96 countries finds that women who were cheated on benefit mainly. Because they are no longer more than unfaithful partner. But also because they ultimately grow from the experience and learn to choose better mates in the future. So in addition all of that the data revealed that six months to a year after being cheated on women developed a higher emotional intelligence and self confidence. One more interesting find the researchers wrote about states logic and anecdotal evidence. Suggest that a woman who coached a man from another woman will not have a successful long term relationship in most cases. So you can take that for what it's worth. The character thing they be in they're going down to the very bottom on pull himself back up you develop some pretty good characters do that in May be you do come up with better judgment. And maybe the second time around if it's just the second time around. Maybe you will fall in love for all the right reasons instead of all the wrong reasons looks money. Amplify yourself an ugly for a guy that's what I'm saying. Turns out. One girl is enough for many parents. This is another study that says parents of daughters are more likely to stop one kid. I just had a granddaughter that's their first child. He'll listen and. Researchers looked at their fertility data from a 2008 to 2013. Found that there's a small indication that for the first time ever American families. May prefer to have girls. They I don't know. I would not have done well what they're good looking daughter. Maybe that's why this never had one. And I blocker in the house to she's forty. To make sure it's an immunity to pick up Tiffany here you think. That it. Jimmie those flowers. Are given tours my yard. So once they are family has a girl it makes them less likely to keep on having more children study authors say the shift could be thanks in part. To a preference for adult daughters or it could be a combination of things as other findings were all more in line with the preference for sons but. For example first and second generation Americans were found to continue having a preference for sons. And do keep on having babies after having a daughter but it also showed that in general Americans prefer child. Of their own their gender. I don't know I was really opened her granddaughter that I never have thought.