North Korea Threatens Guam

Scott Fitzgerald
Wednesday, August 9th

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So what a difference today makes. On the long ago it. Saber rattling and prevent temperatures from North Korea Kim Jung on the ball striking got off. Now it well the tables are turned. Some pretty strong language coming from the president of the United States yesterday. And seeing them sitting at the table. Reporters there. And his arms crossed you know crossed across his chest there and that it hasn't crossed twice it to. That's what he was adorned and he had some very very powerful language for Kim Jong-un and for the world to hear. North Korea it's best not made anymore as the rest of the United States. They will be met. With fire and fury. Like the world there's never seen. He has been very dressed. Beyond a normal state. And as I said they won't be met where the fire fury and frankly power. The likes of which this world has never seen before. I'm not a big fan of the kind of language but shoot 70457011. To of course Kim Jung and talks all big but. Didn't feel like there's a whole lot of weight behind it I mean he's not stupid. Crazy maybe Persian rug of trucks perhaps but what are the key stupid I don't think he's dumb enough to start something. Question is are we confident enough that that we can take them out rapidly enough. That it won't cause millions of people to die. Because if you take a look at what the with arranges for these supposedly missiles that Kim Jong-un asked. Bunch Japan it's South Korea it's China that probably won't go after them Philippines. Swamped. We have so many Americans consuming our allies within arm's reach. He's a two there's workers many very many good options. We'll talk about some of those as we make it through the morning here's what I wanna get your take on this 704570. 1110 and that beats telephone number here Chris real quick you got a song for issued today to be nice of a rigged Glen Campbell sought. We're working on that I'll have won this week. In memory of Clinton did not in anger and your honor Reagan art theory are there and I. I was down. That date FitzGerald. Came at Charlotte. Fact. And okay. It is. Me. Which he would have they can't big act. Now to go back. Tony Manhattan they've top. Lot not being there have egg. And he's done a dramatic sky is the guy he is now. The all really comic includes. It was a very but that was a bad when Crist I'm sorry you let me down today. Yeah absolutely did lead but Justin how you call 7045701110. North Korea's threatened. To a cat attacked Guam and we get some pretty strong words from the president what's your take on this. Com you know I think it's about time that we get a president that. Got the ball or like you know I'll redirect record and rhetoric for a moment and out bank bit you know our group they are buying it. And you know I'm not very politically correct my belt but I think is it makes. It makes us that the country. Feel better at and a beer better that we're not on there and take a more. Of the stuff that they both are very you know it we paper everybody else did it there that it's found all this stuff. So. I I understand what you're saying as far as we want and would like to be in a position were viewed as somebody who are a country that isn't gonna take things from other countries. Is it worth it at this point in time. I don't know if you know there's a lot more known but you know we can't sit there and let another country keep current president then. You know Crowell bought dominant one day they're gonna vehicle they do like they are now you know how all how lonely I won't you know how relate. I guess the question then becomes what what is the trade off what is. What is via the overall some of this particular game here to protect them out and take out an analyst and so a couple 100000 of those people. And then they take out a million. Of our allies would that be worth that just to keep Guam safe. That matters are not exactly and a you know but. You know say that we may you know kill the 100000 work in Iowa go to work everyday and I'll ever. No I I understand that bum in readjusting to see how the world would look at us and we're gonna that we considers to be. Selfish. To start something where we really aren't the ones that are going to be paying Ford you know remain so big guy that's what I have a hard time. Trying to come up with a balance about is yes. It was a great or is it worth it to that South Korea. Dave Mason was continue to negotiate because were the ones are gonna do the brunt of them so well that's kind of where I stand on that and appreciate your call Patrick gonna get to you next. The rhetoric. Should we follow through what this. Fire and fury like the world has never seen before. And reminiscent of what Henry Skinner Harry Truman. We say to the Japanese before we we dropped a little boy and it was a fat man and little boy. So can we be headed towards a nuclear war. The president has said the guard nukes now more powerful than ever that's a messages while your calls coming up 7045701110. Can't just take the field for that and so the president did not mince any words yesterday. Morning North Korea. Don't make no more threats against us. Another song came in response to reports that Pyongyang has got you know expanded nuclear capability where they need to put these small nuclear. Bombs on one of their missiles and hit blog. President says you know what fire and fury coming your way. Frankly power the likes of which this world has never seen before and North Korea. Yeah it was like kind of bring an island they say they don't seem to be. All that it Neal upset or or concerned about of this point in time. Find it ironic. North Korea has via a miniature missile. As well as a miniature leader within miniature mind Willie called 704571110. Graduate had a good morning. Able program and Tom. I want to ask you olives and make a little blog says make all of that well and they're. That's according job they'll do I don't know I on the bottom line. About do the borderline now and they're big they're still look so I saw it and let go buy your music off. I'm glad cause they're very you know he's happy that they've got a predator big balls or envelope mail server tables. The lab and hand there are many people simply don't. Well it could be had there been speculation that we go to war say you know that. No no I thank you reduce the percentage and do a little while Eric barrel Yemeni people want to go out there and our. And Dublin and they wanted to update on. All right so who wants to go to the DMZ and be right there on the end right there yet. OK I'll do it are appreciative willing to would you would you be willing go over their fight. Or is just kind of something that we need to sit back and watch and and let out of the aircraft carriers. The planes in the bombers handle. Because by a by most accounts that that I Everett. Supposedly experts there saying yeah strikes would take out quite a bit but it would take several days. Maybe a week week and a half to want to take out all of their their nuclear facilities as well as all of their artillery. And in the meanwhile. The held and fury in the fire that would rain down on South Korea and on Japan. Would be something that. The likes of that we've never seen before you know we're saying that they would never seen anything like what we will do same thing that would come our way or to our allies DSL greens. As well as Japan and some other other countries in that neck of the ways that the Japanese right down. They're very very concerned about a period they have turned into preparers. There's you know there's obviously drills and things getting you know they're preparing for they're preparing for help to break loose upon. And if there's any country that can certainly understand. And relate to what this could potentially be like. Certainly Japan as the one considering they're the only country in the history of the world but it has ever had nuclear weapons used against them. So what they think they kind of take this a little on the personal side that dimension. And I don't blame them. I certainly don't blame them. What would it take for you to enlist in one of the branches of the military to say yeah I wanna be part of this I wanna be part of what we do. To eliminate the threat of North Korea. I don't I don't know. I'm trying to think. What sort of patriotism what's what's sort of went on what sort of damage it would mean to cause to us. In order for me to go yeah you know weapon of throat all the wind and and we'll go after him. And I think that when it would come down to that decision. Currently from wrong on this but I have a feeling to be very few people who'd be willing to enlist to sign up to go over the I think it would be a much different situation. Then. The enlistment. Excitement. When he came to dealing with Afghanistan and tell me it as well as Iraq. My right with a some what do you think 70457. On 1110. Now all hope is not lost. When it comes to other ways to deal with the north Koreans. Both Nikki Haley. As well as us secretary state television are saying that negotiations. Are are not. Are not dog we haven't passed that there's still some discussion that we're gonna get face to face. With the north Koreans and sit down to the negotiating us down at the negotiating table and she will weaken due to short of trying to hammer out some differences. I don't know that there's a big enough hammer to do that but I think it would certainly be worth at least one more try Chris hi good morning on WB today. Good morning sir are Iran and live in large man leaving a bar behind me is much pop out because a lot of green lights went through that stop that and as many as I possibly can the a blue skies and little difficult though. OK go ride wanted to regenerate very now and I saw that this morning it was it was terrifying because it was Gary Coleman an intersection. No literally it's a more head and freedom drive in this Bozo with a Toyota pickup truck boom right through it is like hope Mahan. If I don't really had to guess I would really hit the gas adamant Tebow and in who knows what would happen to those. The other careful out there sir I thought Dublin no no I'm not a North Korea expert our foreign policy advisor or anything but just try to watch journalism and over the years. It seems like we're in the position where right now oh. Through negotiations. No negotiation that we touted as successful and that. Billions of dollars from what I understand what I'm not being used to procure air and up by the necessary. Items to get to where they are now and I think that. We're just people waiting they're negotiating power gets stronger. And stronger. And stronger. And we just G1 and it taught it's like watching the polio there that live bacteria that. They'll consulate parades everybody and you're gonna watch him get. So more and more and more banker and you party paid him to not do those things and it's. At some point something Doug epic Devin. And we do have with it we could sell it we don't have an active military record at the start trapped or go send troops in the North Korea that we got plenty of honorable strong brave people are willing to go fight guardian listed they know what stopped so all. They are I understand we gotta talk about that we're gonna talk about the fact they were sending our love and want our family. Which I have family in the military facilitate these papers seriously. But it via the same token there's no question are just atrocities that are unimaginable Oregon with a North Korea people are about starting at that. And all that not only that but I ever have that. People on the area are throw themselves at some point this candidate and kicked down the road. They're the last 34 administrations. Are we going to just let them become a new York power sit at the table Russia. Then America and you know it's like we're all we have to either stop them. Or go ahead and let them get all powers and beat become all our global power that is equal negotiating powers that some of these dollars. And I just don't think that's the wise old bridge that's that's stop situation. And I hope that we can draw on tour at some some kind of conclusion well millions of people on the side by its let's look at worse and worse solid. Are yeah. It's certainly does. And I don't know that they would be projecting military power figure out got nuclear weapons would be more like. No we're the scorpion. In the cage and she's me the cave and will sting you if you come afterwards. But then again. You never know when people get desperate and the I think the only way that they would be desperate and off is if the regime is concerned that the people are gonna turn against them. And I don't know that it's our job to go in there to relieve the suffering. Of the North Korean people on. To me that's not enough to create that kind of devastation I've done high UWB to your morning. I don't know and right now. Part. You know there the guy. Two before. To be warming was talk about how many people would be willing to go offline and cannot fight. Right I'm younger I understand where you come on nobody wants to go to war right know. Eric you've got to talk to anybody who would ever in the military but the fact they never wanted to do it for big hit because the country you don't. And if you talk anybody that's in the military they'll tell you. 75 to 80% of the people that are in the military. Ordered for chop trop wanna overwhelm. And the reason why is simply don't want somebody who doesn't have the guts to say hey look if you keep doing this work com. Stand for anybody could say. Well you know I don't like there are thought nobody likes that kind of vault but no I don't care. You've got to sit here over there and the same thing happened with Hitler we waited too long how we people thought. There's a big difference between that Kim Jung on Hitler though you know are absolutely there's no way there's no way they Kim Jung on can do the sort of invasions. That that Hitler didn't take over an entire comment I hear what you're saying and I hear what you're saying about the military and other prepared and and they liked the fact that trump as well to be strong. But is it worth it at what cost is it worth it to unleash this kind of power. And didn't. Destruction and sadness across the world for some play time it is. I'm not sure they were there you're 7045701110. Your calls coming. I'm 34 is your time we it was some bombers. Over Guam and they jewel. He won beach the he wants for sure that there's a measure because of these are the days of the seas or the they receiving EF geez of not exactly sure partially a couple of fighter jets that went over the the top there. What do we do about it. What do we do to retain the mount. Do we continue to negotiate you know they have threatened. To to attack on it and of course the other president. Yesterday's should fire and fury. Unlike. The world has ever seen before. So and a 4571110. Randy either you're on WBT. Hope. All I hear it I'm living large man how are you. Here I am sure yes I can't. Hear you yes sir I can't. Okay sorry about that's okay. I was column based on your question she goes about their investments. Fit in light of what's going all of North Korea. No doubt endlessly slow down even when you're 181920 years old and still hear the news about so. They. Yes we will harmless. Side I don't and the navy when Vietnam still going on. I joined the navy because upper part that I the other branch is. Doing it also reduced my chances and owner Vietnam even know that was winding down. But nevertheless. I sound you heard that sound like Jack if you don't know what's gonna happen when you get this time of the military. I'm deep sense concert at the conversation wishing they react and how we're reacting it. I'm not gonna comment on I don't wanna comment honored here question about emotions. So you think you would go to the endorsements would go down there's no pictures sent. Yes yes I'm. People read the news you know it pay attention. Yes that's what's going on North Korea would probably hurt and listens at least temporarily. Yeah and I and I think that. The carnage would be. Almost unimaginable. When you consider that. That North Korea has one point two million service members. Active right now in another seven point seven million reservists. As a lot of folks you can put on the DMZ. It's a lot of folks that you put on the DMZ in that could that could cause some legal problems on both sides. Absolutely and for sure Atlanta's actors would this now here. Strong words came out of the other White House yesterday the the words the likes of which we haven't heard. Since Harry Truman hunt. If you know a lot of people making that comparison because the president's language sounded so much like president Truman. That was barrel on the warning that Truman had issued to give them into imperial Japan during World War II. And in the time period between the dropping. The first nuclear bomb but the world had ever seen. In fact. When he said when Truman talked about like to which the world has never seen. That was that was very much of the reality of the situation knows the carnage I'm. We know rule we know how devastating. The results of other nuclear conflict could be and in fact we have never been involved in a conflict. With a nuclear armed nation and we've learned that that North Korea has in fact. Made significant advancements in their nuclear capability since then so. It is certainly very concerning but we heard from secretary of T Rex Tillerson today in a way men took home the American people perhaps in a way that seemed. More like what we've become accustomed to hearing from American presidents that that the diplomatic channels are still open that Americans should. Should be able to sleep well let ninety knowing that. That this situation is being worked out. But bites there are still many people who feel like the president's. Language. Only further escalated this conflict and and and in a way that could have potentially serious drama. Well my guess is the the next step from North Korea will be more words there'll you know vote for trying to up the other language to verbiage to us to you know exceed what the president has put forth. Well let's let's hope not to let's hope that the one thing that we did see coming from North Korea today was an announcement that they intended to release a Canadian prisoner. Pastor who had been imprisoned. There for help three and then for health reasons was going to be returned to Canada in May be a sign. That they are trying to indicate a willingness to to work with the west to to not further escalate the tensions. But down said. We know beds when it comes to a war of words that's where North Korea has often felt like they could make more grandiose statements because. Because they didn't have the same military power that the United States did an and they certainly still don't. But the fact that they have been able and US intelligence confirms. That they are now able to miniaturized. Nuclear warheads does the breeze V and that expect her of this conflict and and the potential disaster that could result. It did to us and we've heard we've heard stories about what kind of weapons other countries. Have access to including Iraq with Saddam Hussein and weapons of mass destruction. And we knew and we know now that that ended up being a lie. So that we could take action and you know he was it was Cheney and his group of folks that want to go on in there. Good idea bad idea I think we've we've seen that move didn't quite work out the way that we had hoped. Could be the situation we North Korea may be were make consumption enough I don't know. I have a hard time trusting anybody who's in government anymore that Paul hi there you're on to be BT good morning. I I have kind of illustrate commemorate. Nine years terms about bombs. And nuclear. There was program. Started in the early sixties about a bomb for Germany. That was gonna take out a very small area code up proton ball. A pro time is like 2000 pounds heavier than electrons. They're doing what CLA has designed for what is. Battleships. And this small nuclear. Launch play. And countries in Europe heard about it they said no we don't think we win our territory. And they've made. Several room. Stand in 1992. I'm reading this saw fear that 1992. They quit making them stand in 2011. The last it was quoted deputy seventy was dismantled. All that we can do look at this stuff was still why don't we just build a few more he does is seventy can take out. A couple two square mile area. North Korea. What about anti personnel problems that would be something that would make it perhaps would make some sense because I can't remember what it called out to do some day in unison with the era we're called. But there are some bombs at so that we had that just take people out the other thing we can do is a big giant EMP. We're if we can figure out a way to shut off their electronics. Wouldn't stop the artillery because those are just generally not electronic era overall. Tired you know for the month for gunpowder and you know in the maximum whatever they call it was because the back of the hole. Strike point strike unless I'm like yeah yeah. I'll consider the conversation on the other side too is we. What's happening in the world are we get closer to war. Liz get tickets are there then Wednesday June. Maybe did or did not know that Nintendo started out. The idea studio session musician phenomenal it's hard to make considered to be one of the best. Musical family came from. Consider a prodigy when he was six years old. Just listen how fast. I've seen him play with the Roy Clark remember where Clark he was considered relieve finest country guitarists of all time. Steve Warner country guy from. Vacuum team. This it was a little ladies and into the night. Phenomena the tourists as well. And Jerry read what they did a version of Amos Moses together and and I think very many folks to keep up with Jerry reed as far as the jobs in the front Campbell certainly today. So sad to see that he has passed. If you have not had a chance to see his movies via documentary I'll be me. It is worth seeing it is a tear Jerker and and again it's just a I'm a demonstration of how powerful music can be to bring people together as is he shared. Himself with a world over the you know over about a fifteen month courage time Michigan design is touring. So I North Korea talking about that this morning here and have it it does make me nervous I don't like the idea that we're going to be going in there. Particularly with our voice if we could do with -- with airstrikes and like kind of stuff and hey yeah that's fine. But I think we learned in both Iraq and Afghanistan that air strikes are not enough there always needs to be some sort of presence on the ground. And I don't know that South Korean news is wrong to be the fodder. To be the ones that make the charge. If you call 704571110. Good morning. Good morning. You know but. I was gonna say clarity better every two people on a hot dog. But I don't know that than I've got all that in me today there. And opt out so look they used pepper plant at Topeka deliberately. And Deere does a great job political legal and it towards you tonight. That's often nicely thanks go to and a libertarian quick hit here rain or don't. Do I really want a kilt gets. Here I really do yeah I think it might be a cool sort of I don't know that necessarily a trademark but does signature look if I can put the right outfit together. And it's a goofy word for guys to use when it comes to other little there close I don't want to call out its Halcyon climate. Yeah I have been notable upgrade it and eat eat very eat your act. Might tap in or might Harden. Orton. No I don't done but. On my mother's side. India the majority of the family goes back to to Scotland go for a few a few generations up and it's mostly Scottish. We look at what it would be actual problem would. Not. Much content and information here at. You have a line on the killer use and you look at killed dealer yeah you are. Yeah. Romantic comedy should Palm Beach in the Wal-Mart parking lot at midnight and again he remembered her yeah you know in the dark and I don't RJR I got it. What hugged. No regular column you wrote me a theme song to execute and follow him. Here is this when you're gonna sing you a sense it was a well well you know well Indian I you can probably compete. We're wrestling you know don't make your one lower brightly granola in addition to deplete our unity and they're easy to confuse Anderson I think. That's an internal political team okay do a real quick forming Iraq. Good action boot and couldn't do another play in neighboring Iran. Desk. Soon. We get to work so get ready basic he'd be in my boom. The path to peace. Well I appreciate that it's a compliment me for being a good villain for wilmots nugget I noticed that the comes from the bottom of your black little heart doesn't it they're going to let it. Hey Ed and I doubt you're able to well I don't shy don't be shy I need my my weekly at least those of aggravation so it. Hello hope that I can count on you moves forward here. We're actually government up to coordinate this. You know Craig curry and just went my biggest premiere elite. Unit that it can't. You're piglet tech lost her. Mean you don't base you don't ever and threw an initial submit to attack back to exactly and I agree completely blew up our own little. He's gonna do but he'd bombed pearl. Yet the had to get so much or 221000 artillery pieces a camera on the. Exactly or I didn't you know Larry Bigbie and can take a bit and that helped. But take a lot of because after Guam. Then I think the very next step would be to start pushing the buttons to go after after South Korea I don't think there'd be any reason for that weight. If they decide to go down that road and same. Well a little up and you you know I'm out and a lot of technique because I don't think we needy nuclear weapon and that would be a very. Well I election result worked. I don't agree Kazaa a that would that would change. How we are looked debt by via the rest of the world. It it would do none of the open a pandora's box and I don't know that we won't go down that road Franken morning you're on WB to. Yeah can you be OK I answer yes yes yes I'm with you real quick I've been trying to promote. The solution before I'm I'm against killing anybody and also port but I think it United States preferably problem. Would fire all wave after wave after wave for a whole month of each seeking to auditory green Christ church. Blatantly block it and pick up in the jungles and anybody else we want and then nobody really gets hurt on the long run found the article I. Heat seeking surpassed stories. Yup I leave here I'll be a messy they could do it Franken be a messy cleanup. Well when we went up and that they can do that we're a better luck. But different of course it's a joke always treated to a 90 yeah I mean it would be I mean it's nice to think about where it's kind of newbies to think about to be honest that yes. What help if you. You know send up and most fireworks at the end it's. Little less so are they loose change we both of whom believe that that's the kind of things you know let's just make them heat seeking depository didn't. All right that was my thinking port today. K well I'm gonna call McMaster. And Mattis. The folks that I know up there on the hill that are there in charge of these sorts of things. And so what I can do it until take your idea and run but it. Opponent for art itself Charlie Beck and call me and it somehow and I'm sure they know exactly New Yorkers are listening to this conversation frank they always do. Oh of our wonderful yeah wonderful dame and I appreciate your call it all right so and when the another idea they had his I don't know how you would deliberate. But they just busted had a big drug bust as it was in New York City where today. They got enough fentanyl. Enough sentinel. To kill half the people in New York. That's how much was there. Yes. So. Counseling early and chest forward anymore on the streets Kazaa terrified because. Politics is a little teeny tiny bit and then all of a sudden you know their way out of their minds so just imagine if there was a way that we could. Kim trailed. North Korea. With an incredible amount of fentanyl. And we just got to pick up the pieces are after. You wouldn't be and it would not be a cruel and unusual deaths. I mean just think about it they feel flying high as they as they get ready to go over the rainbow security in total. Georgians over the rainbow to see these supreme leaders that were there before them. Which I guess will be funeral song and Kim Jong ill older I think I get to enjoy the knowledge that for sure. So a break and back and little more Glen Campbell stuff coming your way and that I wanna talk about the other preacher who says that. The lord has given trump the go ahead. I think it's dangerous rhetoric dangers rhetoric but until you like him and beyond his 1110993. WB two. Ditto for help the lord has given the go ahead for Donald Trump to look ahead bombs are free kick him out did you know that. It's not necessarily in any newspapers that I read. On an image if and four of pressure and that god does present doesn't. Not the west and the future. But according to. Pastor Robert Jeffers. Who is sort of the spiritual leader for a the president. Believes that mr. trump has these moral authority to destroy Kim Jung un. He he asserted yesterday that god won't mind it if the president likes North Korean dictator Kim Jung un. Off the face of years. Let me repeat that quote forward and he says. God won't mind if the president wipes North Korean dictator Kim Jung on off the face. Of years. Forgive me. But how does he know what. What's on God's mind. Whether or not something would bother god. I was trying to to be the height. Of arrogance. For somebody to say oh it's okay. God will say that the gut says this is fine he's given that did that these given the sign off here he's given the big old OK the big okay were made of clouds in the sky. He says when it comes to how we should deal with evil doers. The Bible and the book of Romans is very clear god is in doubt rulers full power to use whatever means necessary including word to stop people. OK and I understand that that's what Slorc but now all of a sudden he's saying that that it's this is the okay from god. He's he goes on to say in the case of North Korea god has given trump authority to take out Kim Jung on. These are some heartened to see that our president contrary to what we've seen with past administrations who have taken a domestic sheep this stance. Course dictators and pressures. We'll not tolerate any threat against the American people. When president trump draws a red line you're not a racist movement or back away from it thank god. For a president who's serious about protecting our country. We get that I like that part. How do you how do you react. Obviously can July react IE. I'd they just weren't too. Can't give those people nobody. When they say the day you know what what God's mind is all about. And and it really bothers me when. When somebody in a position of power like this and when I say a position of power being you know the spiritual advisor to the president united states of whispering this in their career. But could potentially be the excuse that he's looking for. Bono. Well console is its OK. So where is that button again here but let me push that one which button does the lord brought me to push. Rural mr. Jeffers Nuba pop you push my button and and I think that. And your fool. To speak that way. You know. To be so specific about what it is that god says is okay. I think that that your daughter Madeline there and you can almost tell me. But even almost to its. In my mind it ruins your credibility is a spiritual leader. To be sure. How can you ever be sure. How can you ever be sure of what what god has in store. Laura what got us thinking. And for you to do that you make in Butte it's you you you're trying to say that you have this amazing power and this one on one connection. Sort of you know I don't know maybe it's a facetime with god. Joy there your WB two was up. Good morning Kirk saw the problems that. No they're all we. And in that I didn't. We didn't know what Americans. Are on that list them all American leader since he no. Amid continued there in that regard here with you if the life god create. Well no doubt in my ma. Thought. Outcome that you may have lied and have a more open it. And can create a mild word the all over the world who have not met who who. At repair it. He is paying off profiting from you and I hate the whole time you look at the overall that we put up signs yet. Poem blew out well and I'm not saying that Kim Jung on. Is it good guy I will never ever say something like that but let's turn it around. And and then let's just say for a moment there's somebody on Kim Jung on this staff. Who who is a Christian and maybe the spiritual advisor to a to some folks within that regime. And he would use the same quote when it comes to how we should deal with the evil doers the Bible says cleared god is in doubt. And I doubt rulers for priorities whatever means necessary including war does not be able they would look at us and say that worthy evil ones. Well you know remain so it can be used both ways. And I assure that it has been done both ways. Oh yeah any it. He won't give her no problem well to justify what we do that you know I agree with it. And I guess the real problem that I have once again is the arrogance of this guy. To say that he knows the mind of god and and to me that's kind of delusional and you know when I used to hear voices of doctors that I need to take medicine. I can I can share my prescription this god wants. 1010 it's your time back with you and more to call 7045701110. This is a deeply good morning. So long we have the pastor here. Says that that god has given the OK to to attack north Koreans take out Kim Jung. And a similar to the tables return we know that there reap the wide. But there was turnaround of it they think worry evil so. We're both sides we just could just you know just run with a us. And there's no named this but this has done registering you make a moral equivalence argument between the US and North Korea. And rice so offended by minister saying the obvious what's not the obvious. It's not the obvious. How do you know that it's obvious that god has given Donald Trump the OK to take out Kim Jong-Il. Another is no moral equivalence between the US and North Korea and guess what you listen to a talk radio station in North Korea they would say the very same thing there is no moral equivalence between the United States and North Korea there was a that there are in the right. So as a matter which side the telescope that you're looking through president. Professor David chance joins us now here into expert in the world of terrorism and international relations. From other duke Stanford school of public policy and a dividend run that you would dispute today. We've we've heard a lot of heated rhetoric as far as international relations scope. Is this beyond the tipping point or do you still see some hope that may be calmer heads to prevail and. Well I certainly hope calmer heads will prevail I don't think we've got off rubicon. At this point. No I do think it's important to him since North Korea is developed and very strong nuclear capability. It is very important to deter. North Korea and just as we have deterred other nuclear countries. For many decades. By making it very clear that if any sort of attack with nuclear weapons as used on any of our territories or any of our allies for that matter. The North Korea you know essentially whoa he's good good there's art form. Well we will respond in kind and that has been about football other countries of the world that it is their weapons to your deter them from ever is enough. Well David I would look back in who'd say the Cold War when it came to the Soviets. And become the Russians here. Then the reason that the to tear it worked was because of mutually assured destruction. Only there would only be one side of destruction here that would be the north Koreans so it that that's sort of balance point is she is not really there. Well I think it's well you you're right they are led to believe that they're going to be under attack. Which is why is presenter with interest. But they believe that they are going to be attacked than they would say that so well. You know what there's nothing else we can do it Armageddon day. We should go attack first. To try to save ourselves. Oral so words we're going to try to defend ourselves using our weapons. So we should make it very clear for our rhetoric. And very careful. So we're. Discussions. Make it clear to north cook didn't. We do not intend to attack you we do not intend to topple your Beijing and however. Take one step toward using our nuclear weapons against ourselves and our allies and oracle oral. And your regime will come to an end and that's how we can do it are without. Stimulating men to essentially use the first strike which isn't what's illegal war. Yeah now what if they decide to not use nuclear weapons but to disarm well you know what we're gonna go it take out South Korea here and a muse 121000 pieces of artillery. To me that would be essentially the same thing as using nuclear weapons in that would and in their destruction right. Hall I think. The nuclear threshold is one is so well this should not be crossed. I'm. Very easily and of course were the only country in the world who've ever used nuclear weapons. Then I was under extraordinary circumstance. Depending a world or. Many allies who you lost to South Korea decides to attack North Korea. I'm excuse me doctor pepper reverse this North Korea decides to attack South Korea on unprovoked. If they have an opportune very tune called which meant that damaged but I think through conventional. Power to the door would be opened for us to use all our military mind. Send us centrally tried to do and the Brigitte. But again these would be suicide missions for controller. And has won the court desire. Is to remain in power. So again you have to ask what would possibly bring him to do that. Other than to believe. That these days were numbered it is going to be under attack. We don't want to attack on South Korea we don't want attack on Guam. Then we have to took power without the centrally frightening or provoking this very. Jittery leader. There the other issue that that really is involved tyranny and tell me what you think about this. The United States has said on numerous occasions that they will not allow North Korea to become a nuclear power. And if so that we will take appropriate action to denuclearization. I'm Linda and pretty much yanked their resolute no furry dangling things off of them. If we find out for sure beyond. Any reasonable doubt that they are nuclear now. Then will we and should week stand up to what we have said in the past that we will do if indeed they and develop that power. We're all aware which David you're referring to. Who has been nuclear power. Really from in the early nine at mid nineties as far as having when it was developing nuclear bombs. It's been developing a social programs are targeting nuclear capability. Now that nuclear capability is dancing or more than they've had missiles that could reach China and Japan. For a you know and a number of years already. I don't think we will make statements like that because there are or were you prepared to back them up that we have the means to. Stop them. That this. Corretja tomorrow I agree with the 100%. David cancer is up and what is your today. Expert and a domestic terrorism and international relations associate professor. We've seen at Stanford school of public policy at duke is also the director of the triangle center on terrorism and Homeland Security appreciate your insight here today. We're getting close to that red line and once we get across that red line will both decent in red. And I don't know that we can pull ourselves back it be nice to think that we can't gem hi good morning here at WB to what's happen. Does a couple of comments. We've been at war that are important basketball percent to five years ever followed wolf nano armistice on the kind of stuff you. Well yeah yeah I'm in the yeah yeah radar fell ago which we've got to involve longer here actually in the last three days certainly two years ago. They're Mercury. And let it at a bare metal mop my income America. And Americans especially consumer working class working days. We expect higher prices going forward. Lou that they operate a courtroom door all market in Korea but but the whole weight in Vegas area. Every other partners country at a Japanese duration car. And there notwithstanding this what the Japanese didn't do it all out war. Space is mostly done now every two years we're here is not economically. I actually invade our cartridge. And it and that's what we've what do I replied that the country had been rumors that he does he's not doing that. No no hold on Jim I'm gonna have to disagree with the and we're we're at a time should you and hold on till after the news. I'm good thank you again they didn't invade us. We're their products. We opened the door and invited them again. What's so let's really call a spade a straight here. That's what happened. We're greedy as consumers we won cool things and cheap prices. And that's what they've provided so we did this to ourselves a break and back Jim you wanna stay where this will be more than happy doing and if you want to us. Continued to address this evil verses none evil verses evil who's who and whether or not. Trump passing word of god to stand behind him argue against it all day long distances to the situation of extreme arrogance they would as we've had been. At thirty threes at times so. Right around a half hour before. Your next shot at 1000 dollars and you have five K okay give. Jimmy still hanging on here can we wrap up here your career cuts. Here are. The Rendell made their comment says. The US economy and operate is we'll I'm angry and distraught in the White House now the American worker is still this is. Middle class load workers and thought I hit by his Rudy or that is true it bigger than North Korea China. Japan as well. There's a lot of factors government for over there and did we get the paintball at our borders open to their products really support her and I we've built up their car me he had the lord. Hello. I know I'm still here you're you're you're exactly right we did it to help build them back up but at the same time we got hooked. We became junkies on their products so once again we sort of have to take some of the blame. Ourselves huh something else that came out of the that the drug administration yesterday was the discussion on the appeal weights and and I was little shocked. To hear that. They did not really considered to be. A health crisis at this point in time and actually came from Department of Health and Human Services mr. price ABC's Brett milky is witnessed here today so we just need to tell our kids not to do drugs are bad does that kind of what you got from it. Well Elie you know imperative Tom price didn't say that they're treating it as an emergency and that they consider an emergency we would not do would actually advise the president to declare a national emergency got you okay is a big difference because of course. We declare a national emergency that opened up federal funding aid gives more power to cabinet members of the congressional members would be able to sort of clamped down on it. And to the fact that they did not take that extra step to declare the national emergency and that is what has drawn the ire of some drug advocacy groups. Right index has swooped I think we were all kind of under the impression that there was going to be a much stronger. Response and stronger action taken and it doesn't necessarily look like that's going to be happening and looking into any time soon Tom I know the Kellyanne Conley was saying. That we need to work on the supply. As well as the demand won't let that seems to be very simplistic statement. If you wanna shut something down you work on both sides of things supplying yeah that's a legal issue via the demand. That's a disease issue. Yeah that's right and it's worth noting that the president created this commission after campaigning on this issue you know and into several states. And then the commission that he'd sort of took its sweet time to create this report they missed a couple of deadlines having finally get issued their initial report. Good one of their core. A recommendation to the president would declare state of national emergency. And a few other things as well they said that get police officers across the country should be caring narc and no lacks sound. To keep people from dying if they do overdose of that church speaks to your your health treatment. Issue right there are the people of course has sort of had issues with the obamacare repealed built throughout their since. Do it because it's stripped money from Medicaid in the future that a lot of hospitals will tell you know you know who do often dealing with a lot of low income people. Who end up needing Medicaid committed to helped prepare drug cabinets. And then that the president also mentioned that Hedo but federal prosecutions of drug crimes had been down over the last several years particularly in the Obama administration. And he went to see more prosecutions both look when your is sort of taking the flight to Mexico into importers. But also to people here in the US that are smuggling are dealing. Right and than I can still kind of a hot issue and that there's a lot of police departments that are sank. We're not here is save lives that should be the end tease you know we're here to enforce the laws. And many of their police departments and sheriff's officers and I know my officers put in danger so. A bit of a a stalemate there. A he had a play and our candidate pelted kind of a controversial idea because I put it does is it doesn't change what people are doing a merely keeps them from dying right when they do overdose and so some people wondering if that ends up being the sort of get out of jail free card and it's getting good but what if when you're talking about the numbers here that pump price could tell that 52000. Americans died of an overdose and Tony has Teaneck. Pulling up Dodger Stadium in an emptying at all over the course of the year it's more than car crashes it's more than gun deaths Chris Christie said it if you just talking about casualties this would be like a 9/11 attack. Happening every three weeks in this country that is why he talking about do what is quoted an emergency is the question is how will be treated. Absolutely Brett look it would ABC. It's a it's a rubric it's a conundrum that there's no real solution too as of right now. But the problem isn't going away anytime soon so would be nice to see if we can continue to appears in good suggestions. Wait patiently. When the president says that what can we just need to tell kids the drugs are bad drugs or dorm. It's that's not gonna work. So tell your thirteen year old boy that. Sex is bad you know you shouldn't have six. They're going to. And you're fooling yourself if you think that that's not the case so. Finish on the different any Taylor's gonna be joining us here momentarily is a professor of political science at NC state university we're going to be talking about. Via the president and a North Korea and what we do in 1999. The president. Who wasn't president then was asked by Tim Russert about North Korea. You say that US president. Would be willing to launch a preemptive strike against. Colonel North Korea's nuclear capability first I negotiate I would negotiate like crazy and I make sure that we tried to get the best deal possible. In the man walks up you're screwed in Washington because this has happened of course in New York for the man walks up and puts a gun DOJ had dance is giving you money. When you read in no way he's coming from before had a gun in his hand and these people and three of four years ago we have been nuclear weapons. Can have those weapons point of all over the world and specifically at the United States. And we wouldn't be mineral solving this really potentially unbelievable and the biggest problem I mean we can talk about the economy we can talk about Social Security. The biggest problem this world has his nuclear proliferation. And we have a country out there North Korea which is sort of whacko. Which is not condone not a bunch of dummies and they are going out and they are developing nuclear weapons. And then I'm doing it because they're having fun doing it you're doing Teresa. And wouldn't it be good to sit down and really negotiate something and ideally negotiate now in that negotiation doesn't work you better solve the problem now than solvent later at ten. Yes and it's later I forgot how we can solve that amount a break him back Eddie Taylor from its users to be joining us here political options. It's an email to say you know what we need to stop having pacifist come up with solutions. Peace. I still think you'd get a chance for you know several 4571110. Figure much birdie at 1048. So wrap up the ideal freeway discussion here there will be the doctor Randy Taylor from NC state had a real quick what you got here. Dad hey there. Yeah yes sir go ahead real quick what do you. Our our people want to know why in the world at everybody's so called bit about the old Buick saying we end up being crack cocaine. It is bogus story whole neighborhood and family about them that the damage and no doubt that they don't think of that aspect because of the fact. They'll put in the minority. My neighborhood. And mail didn't go on through every neighborhood. Did you get the government stepped in on him but we can crack cocaine. Epidemic. You'll get a laughing matter because they were black people there will be an effective. Yeah and I remember and and still the state the the penalties. Are more severe for crack cocaine and there have been a lot of folks consider that to be you know obviously a racist decision and and coming to a road races conclusion. I don't know that I necessarily disagree with the GOP would seem to be. Fairly highly concentrated within the white communities so the good point Ed appreciate you calling today. I was gonna Eddie Taylor professor of political science in the school of public and international affairs at NC state university and a and AM I'm glad that you where this he's taught you in a regular basis when I was in Raleigh but I don't get much of a chance to talk to you here so the pleasures my answer. Thank Jeremy got absolutely so when North Korea here look at today's. These words it's a battle of words gone back and forth at this point in time and I think that many Americans are looking at the situation has its us and it's of them. And those are the only players when it comes to this conflict with to me that so that's an eyes closed kind of situation here. This would be a dramatic impact on all of the entire geopolitical structure would them. Yeah AM and particular either region of course. You know it'd be in the conflict does that and the world would receive price it does seem to be mainly between the United States and and and the north Koreans and of course. President trumpet and Kim Jong-un com. And vendors. Essentially dictator of north prayer and then there's personalities. But there are broader effects of course region they. And and current close allies that the United States standoff. Geographically. Very close to north carrier extremely. On edge about things that are going on supportive of the American position of course it's still. Very nervous down to taking courses South Koreans. I and the Japanese. And then the real sort of crucial factor in all of this is China. That North Korea the Chinese essentially. Prop up the North Korean. Economy. Without support from the Chinese. North Korea would be fully isolated. I made it pretty isolated that it is at its economy. They'll be narrowed it would be no customize. Forest natural resources Ahmanson the Chinese are our key here. Because we've now so supportive the Chinese. Already casket. Support of the Chinese the North Korean regime is in pain and travel and it was very important I think this week. You're sent back the United Nations that making an alien and secretary of state Rex skeleton a point is now the Chinese. Supported. A unanimous. That Security Council resolutions. Two up the sanctions on North Korea and so. That bit diluted that the principal. Other countries that are involved in this it's not noted she characterized it just. The United States against an Oscar. Grant Obama seems to me that China is it's almost as if they're giving them food stamps and and you know subsidized housing it's like the bare minimum they need to to keep functioning. Somewhat functioning as a society so that they don't alternative refugees and decide to have to cross. Yeah I mean that's the that they're the principal. Worry that the Chinese have is that you know they may I suspect. President she yen and some others high up in the Chinese Government were very warm. The North Korean regime to go wide. But. They cannot afford to an abrupt regime change. Because of the impact implosion of North Korea would have significant negative effects. Aren't on Chinese economy and society. So they're in as sort of a tough position and they also don't wanna give the US and easy victories are. The Chinese are so that's. And and how we characterize their Russian and Chinese at the moment has sort of competitive. Or friendly but extreme right or something like that. And an obvious the the Chinese are trying to emerge as the preeminent power in the region. Which you look quiet stands assertive. Challenge the United States are infrequent basis sit there and are veterinary service strong sport is well and and managing it from that perspective it's gonna be difficult yeah I don't think the Chinese like to see the entire careers blunt. Peninsula it's essentially under the the umbrellas in those days and we'll run and hadn't and you know they've been very. Fearful of Korean reunification. And secretary secretary tennis and has spanned. With the you've got the fiery words were present trumpet under the behind the scenes secretary tennis and have made statement the other week that. The reunification. Was not all day. Goal of the United States. So. And we ever had a situation. And I'm and I'm trying to scan my brain to remember once where. One of the main players in a conflict us the United States. Could make a unilateral decision to take out certain portions of another country. Where word not the ones that will be impacted it's it's everybody else within worry. Everybody will be in part I mean I think what's really escalated to our attention in the United States citizens send me a present from detention is the fact that. You the industry and to capabilities. Now. And in and delivering a nuclear weapon. That they have the ability to do in the to Taiwan that now will reach US. Sovereign territory. The West Coast of the United States and we know for a fact. That serious in this RC BS them. I'm testing that's been going on. That they have. There will have the capability to launch a weapon that reaches. US territory rights and we don't even talk about Hawaii here we're talking about. The rules the West Coast the mainland United States. And that that does seem to there's a report in the wash gracious today has been picked up. Dot the north Koreans or that they've not tested it may have the capacity. Two miniaturized nuclear weapon and put it on. One of these. A nuclear warhead and put it on one of these weapons salute the US is I mean we are directly involved obviously there are. Our allies that are closer geographically am I'm I'm probably have more to lose in the United States. But it is noticed there was sort of kind of deciding to jump into a conflict. We really mentally. With dad to two to protect ourselves but also to protect our important balance. What is the rest of the world and I think if we end up going in there and we go nuclear club what. More hours and it had a big guy and Adobe is stormy night. You know from from from this particular point. I don't think. It you know that we would win many allies but he beat he had it there there this is. I eat an episode that's unfolding. Com and at the moment you have this sort of rhetoric in the treaty fiery Wright and and that an attempt to present tramp he's. Yesterday I. But we are owned life from not. That's good the United States have to be felt Tom and I think. In many ways this sort of buckled good cult try and citizens act may well. The last secretary to a sinister December behind the scenes and sometimes publicly that you know presidential bees get really angry about this and wants to be its project. Since the strength brought. You know we all we are willing to indict for the north Koreans need to know. They just can't it's. Scale it. And be able to readily use. You. It weapon right we just won't we just won't accept that on the international stage and and I do get that. Doctor Andy Taylor NC state university appreciate your insight into the Israel's geopolitical ramifications. What is happening with North Korean news about Paul man afford SBA raids coming up after the news. So they both the language. From the president yesterday. You oh lead other. Fire series all hell raining down that kind of stuff. Was absolutely his own words according to a White House official saying it was not a an official. General Kelley script. I'm north Tillerson script. Saw this is the president again making our decisions on his own too so what is that he would like to so to put up the word and put up the warning. That that he feels is vital destroying time and billions truly Kissinger. Not getting happier by any stretch of the imagination at this moment in time I do want to take a bit of a diversion here because I find it fascinating. And I find him fascinating when I say him I mean Alex Jones. With info wars and he apparently has got a big giant beef. With CNN. And he has likened CNN. To some very bad people in a very interesting way to listen to this piece of performance arts. That's how CNN has listened trump. She just stop using that Twitter I just twenty can cops aren't just didn't count in his basement straddles. Pliers on walnut oil. Soledad Fleischer a skull he's GO whether he'll. Just kidding there whether ask we only saw on the Arab Spring in mass murder every Christian parents don't really wanna show us why children's remarks files cheered stress. We want our girls star trader Bernard. Shaw stops. This and it's best for you hoosiers shot up. Let us put handcuffs on union and don't. I'm Ted Bundy pull up a non threatening yellow Volkswagen little non threatening silly jokes paint wanna go get some soda pop we'll meet me BC Iraq shell who can we get to sixteen year old girl is gone and he stood under and he said. Listen. Heard he's long utilities and comes on. There's still listening because he is good this can be all right how many Dickey out of this farmhouse. They take your guy on the base when he tortures her first few days and by two big chunks out of Merck's laughing at her say I. How do you just one run UBL I bet she could I cannot now and I got to tell you. Had a jobless woman crying and begging code no I didn't hear you I'm gonna kill you now I'm gonna torturing you to death match how CNN has listened trump. So just stop using that Twitter. British parties can cops aren't subject to count in his basement this tournament bundles of wires around. Almost smell a dead flesh that's all you GO otherwise you don't get in there with us and we don't wanna such watched shoulders remarks at a solid and fast. Hello Lauren or else. Jared. I just warming up. And that's found out he didn't just pass out for lack of oxygen while he was us doing that particular red. Who needs. Who needs movies from Hollywood. You know who needs who lays much of anything close as far as entertainment goes when Alex Jones is always there you can always got to count on him. I'm honestly don't know how he keeps an hour and a Randy savage type what's happened is. Not running flash flood a lot of pliers that are on a law. I can't do. Suspended yeah. Threw out Jones is a former wrestler just sounds like. And he does sound like he was one. Or if we're a former. Like carnival barker. You know like to do that and if you saw the movie attorney years ago it was a great movie where it was kind of a cult movie would Gary Busey. Robbie Robertson from the band. And Jodie Foster. And Gary Busey was this dude that's sat in the dunk tank. He was Bobo the clown think was his name in it like that come on it got an and you can't do that that can do about Iraq that. That's a media is well it's gonna sit Jones sounds like. Titus as one of the pass that along because I just gives me such dueling it means that. It's it's it's almost like watching a Little League Baseball game is just that there's just so much pleasure that it can come out of something like that. So I'll let organize your time. To get back to be the discussion about North Korea. And they have threatened to. The sensitive to threaten to us to attack Guam and the president has said that if they threaten us again. It's not if they do something. It's if they threaten us again then then then hell on fire and fury and Elizabeth was gonna rain down upon their heads so we'll talk about that. Thought in just a monetary though you called in at 704571110. Good morning. Yes my heart. Essar bless you my child. If you keep going at low key senator that discrepancy. That guy who we need to law do you think this would happen if you vote set faster owner Al Transocean well. Yeah I can but I guess in debt to yeah he's an all kinds of other stuff. He didn't go with human testosterone. Road course testosterone or someone. You don't think an armadillo or something and I mean sometimes some really weird creature. This has a turn demanded that. We're over distraught you know yes I guess get rid of some that Alice Johnston have access to many more. And but I will say that you remember Obama I am changing equipment Obama said bring a gun so nicely. And that was with his own people now we've got you know our president now initially against the some it's trying to kill us. So a lot about all the money. Not folding him on now on the rhetoric you may remember her care now I'm not watch it OT dot okay. Some are looking out for you you are looking out for me but it might have you did you numbers checked him. You know optic I'm going to I think you should and then nine you get back to me let me know how those work out because of all I'll be here to support your problems. I'll hold your hand and a you can do needles make you nervous. Scattered all then you're. Then you're you're good to go so there's there's a location in Morrisville applications behind bill I of their life goes CI there was and just to normalize since it was a very virgins here. Try to break him back talking to them about trump and then also like there's been a little bit on. DOD arrogance in this particular spiritual leader that says that it god has told him. That it's okay for trump to go ahead and drop the bombs so stay with a Chirac and German 10993 W be treated. And so the lord hasn't spoken. Travelers book it was 200 Robert Jeffers do you see. Pastor it's so close ties to the president believes is front as the moral authority to destroyed can jump on. And NA we talked about this a little while ago here on program and a couple of folks that really really meant. And it took it when I said. They. 0111. Person sit. Apparently sky you need to read your Bible if you haven't but I do think you god wiped out evil leaders and their seat. This situation is a different person you criticized his writing or thinking in the thinking as. When it comes to according to pastor how we should do what people do or should the Bible on the book of Romans is very clear. But isn't out rulers full power to use whatever means necessary including war to stop people. And this is the case of North Korea god has given trump authority to take out Kim Jong none. So I guess and the question I have is his first of all. Is it appropriate fervor. Any religious leader to declare. What god has said or god is thinking about a given situation. And and and I would argue no. You might you might make inferences. Based upon what your read the Bible. But to say that a particular person knows for sure. That it's okay for Donald Trump to take out Kim Jung on. I think that's a bunch of horse push lucky. To be perfectly honest. And then there was the other thing is somebody got mad about is that. We here in the United States. Look at ourselves as the center of the universe turned and we think that Kim Jung un as evil. Because he's threatening to build a nuclear bombs away. Shouldn't I guess the question will be why. And is in the world. Only from our perspective. If you were to go over to North Korea. And sit around and I don't really palatial mansions. Of Kim Jung run. And listen to conversations there. Do you think that they would talk about themselves as being able. I would argue no. I think what they would do is consider us to be evil then. I think even if you're in it even if you watch in a movie. And there's a good guy right there when you're rooting for and the bad guys who you're rooting against. The bad guy thinks he's a good guy and his own movie right. He doesn't think of himself as the bad guy he thinks of himself as doing what is the most appropriate thing for him to do in order. And the good guy they think that they're doing the thing that she just right for themselves so evil is a matter of when it comes to human beings deciding who is Evelyn who was not. It's all based upon who you're look at that. Because you don't look yourself in the eye angle you're evil. Like I can't imagine. And all the Kim Jung on looks and the other Mary goes. Hey fat guy. Run on a haircut. But here evil. I'd I just don't see that I just absolutely don't see that. So there and then so other people writing in Ersan did I just you know here you. Make any moral equivalence argument between the US and North Korea. No. No it's it's not the moral equivalence but it is a question of perspective. I think North Korea's annual empire okay I get it you're dealing with a any moment. Who is some notes admitting it subjecting his people too horrible atrocities. No freedom no liberty there's no democracy. There's no love there's no caring for his people. That's all about him. So yeah I do think that he's evil. So. But to say that it's obvious. That god has decreed essentially according to his pastor. That. These are basically asserted that god won't mind if the president likes North Korea. And Kim Jung on off the face of the earth. I just say that that's a big step presumptive. On this pastors parked. Sounds good place political statement here every garage rock behind it. But I don't think it's his position of real sense of the month that 10 good morning RWB to Haider. They still don't god. Dan Dan AME. Double leg and bump. It's if you're saying then that the pastor asserted that blowing or are using new gun North Korea. It's something they've got certainly look at it and I have to agree media that's pretty pretty crazy but. That's not what part of your presentation. Set you you also said taking out that particular leader. Kim Jong-Il. So no don't put on a second in the one of the quotes is. The tread the pastor said in the case of North Korea god has given trump authority to take out Kim Jung on. Yeah okay let's go okay I'm good at different than what which first you know before the break given a new show but. I have to I have to take issue at the height I really did OK imagine imagine that somebody. That ECE. Pentagon. To somebody else's hit you also have a gun. You know the distortions crazy. They began to pull that trigger you can actually see what are you gonna do you didn't say oh you know this person just like you suddenly got. This person so it is spiritual belief that they're not evil is okay American relic terror and what have you. Where you don't erupted at another or are you gonna have to shoot that person. I agree with you and I did say that it was okay. I just said that from his point of view. He doesn't consider himself to be evil. And when he hasn't gone to somebody else's head to use your analogy. It's almost as if in his mind he's protecting his family that this is the only way to protect his family does that make sense. No wonder it's the Arab that he doesn't think he's equal pension and major people who really are evil. Embraces its not that they don't think that there is people. It's clear they have chosen to embrace her so I have to disagree with what he doesn't believe that he will therefore we have to have this excuse formed some. No I'm not excusing him at all. I'm not excusing him at all and I really don't think that he thinks he's evil I do think there are people out there who are evil and who do embrace it. But I I don't think that that's him I think he thinks he's the one of the most special people. Ever created. That he has the divine right he he believes that the universe has provided him in this position that that he is a gun to his people. I don't think he thinks he's evil. Can you can't prove that you know of course I can't prove that. And yeah I guess it's kind of blah and form nature content knowing you're not at all. But but but there are such thing as objective treat this as distinct. From people saying that what one police. Didn't troops from them. And what somebody believes that's the opposite is a true it's true that a no they're they're they're our objective real truths. But their dirty work is good something is either good or it's not excite truck. What more towards can be nothing can be a literal or eat we will know what he's doing and we know what other people have done who are like keep us. No going to be taken that I churlish past are going oh my god said this and that they keep saying that he gets some sort of revelation privately. It sounds pretty broad suits your piece saying that you interpreting the Bible to say that leaders have the authority indeed be responsive dial. To protect their people even if that he's the use of violence. At least to the limit on what the situations call for to protect people then he's right about that possibility video of the just war theory gets. That's what grounds. The bully me I understand what you're saying I get it and I agree with you like just for the sake of the argument though. He doesn't I don't believe for a minute Kim Jung. Honda thinks that he's an evil person he would think that this entire situation should be turned around the other way and he probably feels like. Whatever god he believes it would justify him. Taking up the United States because she considers them to be. Meaning she's a brick and again if you wanna stay with me for more than happy to conduct and finish the other conversation for you and the other side. And we can talk about some. Object of truths if if you're so inclined that's coming up the green eggs. Time is 1134 and Heidi and stuff it's just your about a half hour away from Rush Limbaugh. Join the conversation with the waiting with the the fate of Britney who to if you can say about the president's comments about North Korea and the firing period almost went to. So why before the break we were talking about. The truth. And the objective the object. Goodness of truth. And it's really it's really kind of a slippery situation here. Really it trillions. Objective truth would be something that you could say where there are no human preferences. Two color it. Sure. For emotion that goes along to you too tolerant because truth and facts are very very different things and I think that in this vanished. We we are being subjugated. And subjected to move to a media. That uses. Some facts or facts in a certain way to then declare what they believe to be the truth. Based upon. Their moral or human preferences. Because then it becomes subjective. In that whatever conclusion they're coming to is a personal conclusion. It's an individual conclusion and it has nothing to do with mood there at the subject at hand of the object hitting a it has to do with them. What I can say that it chocolate ice cream is great. And that's my my truth that's what the truth is to make you get a childhood history. And that would be your truth so you think that my truth was wrong. But we can also say chocolate ice cream contributes to diabetes. That would be true we go argue against Iraq because there is no more mum there's no moral decision about that there's no human preference. It's not an observation that some people see runway and other people's you know today by the way. There's no emotion involved with it has nothing to do with me as the subject being the subject so it's not subjective. So it is different meanings it it's tough and I understand that when when you might say no Scott not Scott knows god. You can't look at Kim Jung on and say that there's anything. Good about this guy. Well they're. Most likely isn't particularly from her point of view arm. But I still contend that he doesn't. Think that he's being an evil person. And we can look at him as a gay rights and can routinely X acute sense suppresses his people horrible person. That I would agree with commercial agreement that. But. Again from his point of view and his position. Is. He's doing what he thinks is the best thing for himself. Somebody else writes and sympathize in with one who kills family members. As if his self reflection delusions are excusable is delusional in itself. I'm. I'm not sympathize with him. Not for a moment. His self reflection of delusion give certain they are delusions that he believes them so to him their real. To us there they're sick and twisted. I get that and I understand that you know so that's not really the point that doesn't mean that's. One of the points that we're talking about but I also think at the real point is that it's not up to eight they pastor. To say hey. God says it's okay during the news. Trumpet as we moral authority to destroyed Kim Jong-un from our point of view absolutely 100%. And I agree that a 100%. And they would. I would say that to the president's face and I was say that to the pastor's face I would say that the Kim Jung has faced. Actually it would kick came Kim Jung on in the plums first visit to the back to his head as he's on the on the floor on the floor because I don't use a very nice guy. So I don't wanna give you a bear update. It wasn't until this year. That I I. I don't kind of got. Gathers fascination for India for the furry little creatures. Were big creatures in some cases because of bear sightings that we've had in the area. Because. Of their attacks. You know that the kid that is even. On his head was he hurt crunching noise and the bear was even his brain are trying to eat through his skull. And then attacks and in Alaska for runners who were killed. And then the other videos that we've seen here recently there was of them a fascinating video of the of the day that was of there was a couple that was in a car in this in these dudes were filming this bear. Literally. Opening the door of the car. And he was he he knew how he who's the door handle to open the car. And as these dudes were watching it is they were video at all my body's gonna go in there he's gonna he's come Billiton going to and in doing about it that just kind of watched. Banda and the muscle function hunter Jim horn guys when you drive towards the bear hug you or maybe even hit the bear then back up and get the heck on out of there. But they were too busy being Steven Spielberg. So but Ron Cornelius end his wife and Durango. Woke up the middle to late because there was a commotion going on up there in the driveway. And they're crashing and banging and what's sounding what sounded like a a vehicle hitting their mailbox. Which music's gonna wolf it was the they found their little Subaru their. Have been rolled out their driveway in crashed into their mailboxes some of those like no green utility bonds is nearby. And cops came out determined that it was a bear that broke into the vehicle. Ripped the steering wheel off smashed the back. Window and to be dampens it occurred. But the bear decided you know what I don't a couple of cuts took off but does the damage was done. So I don't know what sort of locks we need to put on our doors of the other cars had to keep fares will. Whoever can invent one of those is gonna make a million dollars actually got mega million dollars. A break him back big boobs gets you a discount at a restaurant do you think that's fair we'll come back toddler that coming up on WB too its. It's very said yesterday when I wanna get the news to judge okay. It was a big surprise because when a young man anymore. We've been around long longtime pro guitar for a long long time playing the guitar really really well for a long long time. There and it was sad to see. These the end of his world. When he announced that he had alzheimer's and a guess and it was 2011 I think is when that came down. And you know the things we're we're going downhill form. But he decided he was gonna make some new music and that he was going to go out on tour. Get cut number nine ready if you don't mind. Number no in the tour that he did was nominal. Absolutely phenomenal and a moon was made of it and you can watch it on YouTube and is on YouTube and its entirety itself probably may. And you can see that there's ins and outs we're workings there's some times and he's not there's some times and then tie injuries kind of in the middle. But that but the music never goes away. It's as if his fingers. Don't need his brain. All the things as his heart when things planned some of that music and it's just an amazing stuff and he did write a song it's it's called. Not gonna miss you and he was one of the last songs he wrote essentially it was about. You know those he loved. And the awareness that things were slipping away. Libya we're a country fan or not this man transcended somebody different boundaries what he did reach its. It was a listen. Soon hear good kid and all. He. Today it. Others and me myself. Yeah. June okay. All of this shoes. Is that true and poignant there and it I'm not gonna miss you. Because he understands that. His brain anger remember. But he's forgotten. So stuff. Master guitarist. Absolute master guitarist and I think he was so under rated. For a long long time. And any kind of blew everybody away came on the scene and arm. My late sixties. Into the facilities and into the early eighties he was like good dude Grammy Award winner. Here he first got to start is a is a session player in Los Angeles and he worked with Frank Sinatra. The Beach Boys. And actually when Brian Wilson decided not to go on the road anymore. Glen Campbell became a beach boy in late 1964 and early 65. And they actually invited and they wanted to bring. A permanent beach boy. And he said now would come solo artist and a and that's when things started. As long string of hits had a great relationship with a guy named Jimmy Webb who was a phenomenal songwriter. And so by the time I get to Phoenix. Which star alignment Galveston. Rhinestone cowboy. Southern nights. I think I ever vividly remembers the other forty fives and rhinestone cowboy in and so tonight's. And they were to run favorite songs I was a kid I first got into radio worked at a country radio station a couple of different country radio stations. I was always looking for an excuse to play guitar Glen Campbell record John hi good morning I WBT was up. The real good man cannot pump more apparent forbid everybody to allow grown up so it would look know what they're that they're down. But recently before it got to agreed to about a not found fascinating was that in 1968 he sold more albums and The Beatles that. I know that there are thought that are popular popular but I thought of that cute. Doug would that be just his own albums or albums that he'd worked on or contributed to be do you know and a. I don't know I just go to the third for the year 68 he'd be sold more records than Beatles. Well. And I'm trying to remember I know he hosted some shows I should be hosted the Oscars but he was like one of those go to guys. When it came into being master limited on The Smothers Brothers yeah he did he actually did the ever said that the replacement this summer's this summer Brothers smothers show. Yep and then they gave it don't so perk up Peter yet. Yup and movies to name a movie. Name one name movie. I can get but if they brought out outlet true grit. Yet yet who's in the original true grit true grit with John Wayne and you're right everybody did a horrible governor. That's right and got great reviews short built and any also did this song. True grip that was that was put over the opening credits. And I could actually listen to it Lhasa last night he does some phenomenal do is may not tell you what he. He played with Jerry reed on Amos Moses. And I mean Jerry irradiate no slacker. I don't comes to play the guitar and and run surpassed him and it was it was pretty amazing. So John good stuff and glad you get. Probably as good memories of of your parents would with Glen Campbell. Under my good good good thanks for call appreciate it. Hogan's life was not always sunshine and roses. Had problems with alcohol and and women. Trying to remember what it was the meaning that the usual cocaine in was doing quite a political game came out most of the public debt and and went through rehab and that sort of thing. I remember who had that to a crazy affair with. She honestly she was half his age at the time when mr. bump and boots. As a Teddy Tucker to any Tucker yeah yeah yeah there are Moroccan boots and in June and early twenties and a in his honor in her in his forties and I believe it was an SE a you know again revealing of alzheimer's in June to an eleventh. Farewell tour lists 1515 months 151 shows shall and if you if you would like to be moved. Then then do check out via the our beat me. Documentary cannot 1214. And it's phenomenal. And and one of the reasons I would suggest that you watch it is especially. If your parents are giving up an age. What this will do is in the Sony was a don't wanna think about what might happen when our parents get older and perhaps. Alzheimer's. Or some sort of dementia begins in the world. And we gonna deny it and we like kick that that idea can down the road. And is very very real and dementia and alzheimer's. Among seniors and older folks has become more feared. Then the big Siewert. Cancer used to be the one that we were most afraid but not here in the united states of events in surveys and when it when it comes to a to a two senior citizens and over folks. Dimension user is remember when fear. So it will give you some insight as to what she may in the be dealing with. Hopefully ill when not. But in the event that that it goes down that road for you or somebody that you love you know at least have an an idea where that could possibly go. I did mention that. The larger your looters are the bigger discount Michigan and restaurant right. Charles Charles is nodding his head of vision Charles is a wife is not listening to this moment because otherwise you couldn't shake ms. Hitler got. A so. And this comes at a China. Yeah there's an there's a diner they're called trendy shrimp. How big companies. For restaurant. Some in the drinking liquor and a bundle up guys come over the net for us and talking and smoking shrimp it. Well this is a trendy shrimp and got a sign outside. Showing images of women. We various to various breast sizes. And so according to the sign there. Women within eight cup. Teaspoon sized. Get a 5% discount. Those are they G cup. It is 65%. Discount. And if you've got an M comp. They just give me the damn restaurant. They had a manager there says customers love the offer and he claims his businesses went up 20% every put decide. Tom and he said some of the girls are we're very proud did nothing to hide. A couple of folks compliance we took it down literally my question is who had the job of making sure. Of what the size ones. Play higher end. Della career builder hurdle I go to indeed not Jersey zip recruiters but nobody incredulous. They appreciate your time. Okay they get quick and anyway again to a five camera handcuffed at 505 looting and where you tomorrow same time but until then I wish you and yours blue skies and relax take computers.