Now Is The Time To Protect Your Assets

Bulls & Bears Show
Saturday, January 13th

Markets continue their climb, and now is the best time to think about protecting your assets.


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This is a paid program from my training academy stock trading and investing involves a high level of risk and you can lose a significant amount of money. On the entry candidates personnel to not provide investment advice or make investment recommendations. Nor are they in business transaction trees are directing client accounts. Welcome to bulls the bears I'm your host Adam it's just go sit back and relax and enjoy it now draining weekend and fired up excited. So many things going on out there in the financial markets so many things happening here in the Carolinas and just pumped up and excited to be year. As always want to thank our sponsor online trading academy a school that teaches people how to trade and invest in the financial markets. 401K is ire raise independent cash accounts understand online trading academy is a school that teaches you how to itself director of portfolio. Talk to them give them a call 88875087238. At 888. 7508723. As always in studio coast of the Bulls and Bears senior coach of online trading academy a friend of mine and enter my senior coach Steve Champa what's going on chip. Yeah that's the weekend man lots of talk about just. Markets continue to go up got a lot of things that we've discussed at the listeners about how to protect against say significant move down but. Take what is given us has given us up movement I mean the tax reform bill would start to see the effect of that Wal-Mart just about said that a bunch of their employees are gonna have more money. And end of the year their paychecks because of the tax reform so I think we're gonna see some sort of reaction that which we could go a little higher in the broad market DS and no tree grows to this guy folks who got to be prepared protected against loss as the best time in the world to ensure and protect against loss when everything's good. And that's the time we to have that discussion about capital preservation of excited to be here. A little sad fraud Georgia listeners while happy for our Alabama listeners based on what happened this championship game last week had a opportune to be in the stadium. It was really cool my daughters that you see trumped by Sid I did see job but she said. Yes for our government city yesterday's out of that hey all I had to go you gotta have decent yet again that's been Dijjer idea what's the picture of the caricatures so. Just so far but I'm excited be back good to be reviewed jays usual in the Booth and now Los talk about the capital preservation key element of our long term success. We gonna have a discussion about that ran out of the gate I think. Absolutely don't forget to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio. And of course at any time 24/7 if you have a question procedure coached college coach hotline 877904. Trade. That's 877904. Trade we get great question coming up a little bit later I'm excited about that. Champion magic capital preservation you mentioned this market just continuously pushing up. As 2018 is out of the gates and you know what if the markets going up take it take advantage of the upward move as you always say as I always say be ready for the downward move the market. But she have a lot of field understand that you can be in the market taking advantage of the upswing and still protect capital as you. Earlier count and that's key to long term success. That you remember back to oh wait what 2000 people but older. Committees collapses. We're these markets that got totally extended overvalued and then they eventually came down and came with a call fair value. Were overvalued again and so there's a lot of impetus and a lot of reasons why the market's going up there's a lot of complacency. In the average investing community because they believe that things just it is this guy is good man it's Rosie Rosie skies. Everything's gone up we don't confuse being Smart as a savvy trader investor with a market that's going straight up. And we've had to go straight up since the collapse of 08. And so here we sit. At a record high at a Dow the S&P the NASDAQ draw record highs but what's problematic is that we look at some of the other countries around the world. They're not at record highs they haven't gone above their highs of 07. Before the collapse of 08 and so our market if you had to pick one bubble one bubble in the financial markets you'd have to say it's the US stock market. And that's where the bulk of the 41 k.'s are sitting and so now we get to the real issue. Many view of 41 k.'s main the listeners to Canada go to retirement program in the United States. And so India following K you able to participate in the movement higher in price so it's been a great run. But the reality is is it is that we get that correction we get that dramatic move down won't be seen historically over and over and over again especially after rallies like we had. Need to be ready. You to have protection against lost and the problem is most of you aren't prepared and so we get that stretch is not a matter of if it's matter win it has to happen is just math. But we're having this great right now we have to prepare in the key thing is that capital preservation are learning how to protect which you have. Is Paramount and the problem is male listeners are ready for that they're not prepared for the haven't learned how to protect themselves. And most importantly. Is that if they don't learn the skills are gonna give it back again and it's gonna turn a winner in two loser again just like heaven 2002008. We hate to see that happen so we gotta have a better plan. To protect our capital well you know it's it's it's not complicated it's not difficult it's just different. Lot of people are focusing on going to work a lot of you are folks venting here mainly 2018 rose got resolutions. If right now your account is in the situation where if the market does pull back 20%. And you're gonna lose 20% you're not protected and that's what we're talking about being in the market taking advantage of the upward move but having protection on that downs and has a lot of ways to do that and his ways that you can do it within a 41 K capsule in IRA. And so there's things that the listeners can learn and slots give basic skills you can use. On a monthly basis and maybe spend 46000 month self directing your money in learning the skills how to protect as it grows. See if you know worst case scenario of the market collapse as you take a very small prix final lost. He'll participate in the rest of the loss that you actually profit from that moved down in price. That's a game changer most families that helps you hit those financial goals. Problem is is that no one thinks that Wacey Wall Street thinks that way but the average American is complacent they put it a 41 K they hope. There's that word hope that'll continue to go up and they scared to death of a collapses and when it does they get paralyze a ride it down. And they do give back to where they were 5678 years earlier financially. The problem is is that your where you were but you're six years older. And that's the real issue of learning how to protect the reserving his loss because you only get 25 or thirty years. In your career. Essentially to billion Wednesday. And if he takes five or six years to get back to you were five or six years ago you just pick a time down dramatically every two goals and that's why most people worry about run out of money before they die. And many people will and the scary thing is that. You don't have to do that but you have to learn the skills to. Not do that otherwise you might wind up like that and that's not we wanna be enough courses now where they want to be champion Noah and a lot of times people don't take the time to do it. The they have the idea they have the want but they don't have the drive and don'ts and the side that time. And that's where a lot of accountability comes in that's where a lot of times when people do talk about their portfolio their alone in this industry. And they don't have summoning count on the don't have someone they can trust and therefore they do nothing well what I love about our sponsor electric Gerri what really love about what they do is. People are looking for a way to say okay how I protect my forward gay how to what do I learned the steel. They teach you I love that and that's what was so passionate about having him as a sponsor Bulls and Bears because. They take this average person who has no knowledge of what to do in a market condition. And shows them the basics of how to protect preserve and grow regardless of direction. It's a team change for a lot of people that's why we love the sponsor exactly online trading academy the sponsor Bulls and Bears they know a lot of people out there wanna protect their capital they want to know there's a lot of people out there trying to protect their capital. That's not have a classic teach at their campuses the 500 dollar value is called capital preservation. Give a 41 KI RA if you have money in the market you're trying to protect while still growing this is absolutely the class freed you now wanna miss out on this is a 500 dollar class we'll have a few seats to give away we're gonna take callers ten to twenty pick up the phone right now and call. 84451. Trade that they 44. 51 trade for callers tend to wanted to get a 500 dollar class specifically on. Capital preservation from our sponsor online trading academy at 844518782338445187233. For callers to the Tony to get this 500 dollar class specifically on capital preservation. From our sponsor online trading academy again if you're in the market you're concerned about correction you're still trying to capitalize on the growth. Take advantage of this do not miss out 84451. Trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears. And welcome back the Bulls and Bears a little bit I sit there and it's nothing screams wealth intelligence like a little Sanford. Absolutely champ always have a good time to join time in the studio. If your other elicited don't forget to head over to FaceBook like SF Bulls and Bears radio and of course at any time you got a question for the coaching call 24/7. Coach coach outline 877904. Trade 877904. Trade. We got somebody from Charlotte, North Carolina coming up will be a great question Bob bitcoin today and just a concern and not a concern that I have too so I kinda wanna open that up and elaborate a little bit on that because there's a lot of sexiness surround this new. Crypto currency but you gotta be careful to man because Israel and a lot of value behind it so we gotta have a discussion mode that looks like absolutely jam one that things that we always talk about your ambles mayors. You know there's really some found a fundamental aspects of trading in this in the market there's fundamental. Things that somebody needs to know in the market goes up the market goes down we all know that one of the things that we bang the drum on all the time here in Bulls and Bears as you can make money in both directions. Lamar goes walking along the marquee make money when markets down in short the market you can make money whether on the mark is gonna drop anytime soon we don't have that crystal ball but I do wanna take it a moment talk about shorting the market because. There's definitely going to be opportunity when the Smart. Crash it's absolutely the key thing is is that when you understand how to make money in either direction it's a game changer really takes you to that next level. This Favre the probability of being successful. And think about this was only three things that the mark a stock and do our current year future of the market as a whole go up in good honor goes sideways that's it is not a direction. It can trend in these areas for awhile ago up for awhile doubtful while a trend sideways and while they you know they call it the trending market. And so but the reality is is this. Him average personally knows how to make money one direction. So if you own something and it goes up you make money but if it doesn't over goes on you lose money is even amid. Dozen movies you might not lose money but it costs you to execute the position gusher commission. And the opportunity costs of making money because you're not making money in my just sitting there are Italy. And how often as a martyr to stay flat so the problem is is that the probability of making money when you can only make in one direction are the three that it can do. I mean just basic math one out of three the probability is low or. If you only know how to make money one direction so we talk about making money when the market falls are shorting a short selling. Always do what is its open up another opportunity for us to profit because they're tired in the markets trending down. And a lot of people sitting on the sidelines and I'm gonna wait for to start to go back up and I'll buyback in in the missing tremendous opportunity to Dow move the market. And so the best and most successful traders and investors historically. Have made money in either direction up is good down is good in the problem is in many listeners. Lean in for Cigna is use your problem. You think that down as bad you think of the Dow goes down to the S&P goes down or a stock goes down that you won't that's a bad thing is not a bad thing it's a natural movement price. And so there's an opportunity to profit from that moved out if you know what to do its call shorting. And the masses for the most part don't understand it. Why they don't participated about Wall Street in the collapse of 2008 they talked about the largest transfer of wealth in the history of the financial markets can set. Transfer wealth so people say I lost money in 2008 I lost money in my 401K when the market felt you lose it. And we know where it is it's just transfer not your account but it's it's not with you anymore but it's still out there just what does somebody you understood how to make money when the market fell somebody who Schwartz. The market so we discuss shorting a short selling. We have to get people understand at first loss not a complicated thing it's very simple thing. The more importantly if you don't learn the skill short selling hype given it to friends and goes because the market goes up half the time down at this time historically. You're never gonna reach that the top of what you learn the skills of making money regardless of direction. It's a fact of life and the key thing is is that anybody listen to us could learn how to do. Well that's the neat thing about it you know I note people that are in their 20s30s and learn how to short the market they're excited about the next collapse and I know people that are in the fifties and sixties have been a market for years. And I've never learn shorting the market and they are scared to death of a downward move is just a matter of getting educated in how the market truly works and what your opportunities are. A lot of people champion notice they blindly contribute to their 41 K they have money in an IRA that some financial advisors managing and they can't short Foreman. They're in a situation where not only are they gonna lose money in the downturn they're not gonna capitalize and assist it's really it's not get this nugget. Well we images of the empirical evidence of the market as a whole. And the most successful traders and investors traditionally profit more on the move down. In other words there's more opportunity because his lets people know what to do. So we talk costly about the market being over the idea some peace price who by the Dow's price too we keep talking about a correction and moved out. You can profit from that moved out and you can do by issuing now let me give an example using an individual stock lake GE. GE General Electric been around forever. Component of the Dow mean big big company large cap blue chip stock. Treatment nineteen bucks this year they've taken a pounding a little bit of the last couple years while the market's been going up they really haven't had a atomic growth but still a staple company a strong. Value based company good investment potentially but. If it's at nineteen bucks a share do you think it's gonna go to sixty. You can profit from that move down that three dollar moved down to pressure can make money on that moved down and the way to do that is by shorting is what this means. Were able to sell the stock at nineteen now here's where a lot of people disconnect your they don't understand short selling or gets a little confusing for them. We're selling the stock at nineteen but we don't own it now that's with a disconnect when people say how can I sell off I don't own. We your broker owns. So you're trading throughout broker dealer. They allow you to sell shares of their inventories so once GE's it nineteen. You can sell your broker's inventory at nineteen you're able to sell their shares into the market on your behalf. And what happens is they now allow you to use their inventory because they want you to transact they want unit executed trade it's how they make money in commissions. So when you sell their share at nineteen dollars a share. You basically bring in the money on that sales so another and if you sell a hundred shares he just brought in 19100 bucks a year count. Now that Nigeria but you can't use because your short the stock on the would you have to replace the inventory. Of that stock back in your broker's warehouse. But you want to replace it after falls in price of one price false the sixteen you know I'll buy the shares back. If you buy the stock mega sixteen is sold at nineteen you'd look barred it from your broker sold at nineteen. It fell to sixteen you bought back the moment you buyback goes red making it broke his inventory that's three dollars difference between we sole form bought back four. That's your prophet. A stays in your account so 100 shares of Adrian a box on a thousand usually three grand on a three dollar moved down in the stock that you never owned. That's all it is it's a simple transaction limits say the key in the mystery of the markets. Buy low and sell high that's it everybody should know that. Sometimes selling hide it into Europe trade in a position because you've been president of fall is a good opportunity because when price falls and you buy back a lower price the moment you buy back. Because backing Abrams imagery you keep the profit that's your problem now imagine this imagine if you assured the class of 2008 and the S&P. That could happen again you gotta be ready that's all shorting is just basically learning a skill and putting yourself ahead everybody else. And that's exactly what we're talking about here rumbles of bears. Understand that there's opportunity a downward move the market. Online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears safety to class specifically on shorting the market. Is the class taught on campuses of 500 dollar value we're gonna give away to listeners right now every time we do the phones light up. We're gonna take caller fifteen to thirty pick the phone right now and call 84451. Trade but think 4451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty. To get a 500 dollar class and shorted the market from online trading academy. That's 84451872338445187233. For caller fifteen to thirty if you're in the market you're concerned about the Mark Recchi and you wanna capitalize in the next downward move this is your opportunity do not miss out on this or caller fifteen to 384451. Trade at 844. 51 trade get a 500 dollar class specifically on shorting the market from online trading academy is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears the bureau's data that Cisco has the blast have a good time and good classic rock and roll every president. Like that I do takes you back breeze we've been act day. I get a day don't forget to head over to FaceBook alike is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course we got a question for the coaching call 24 sevenths call the coach outlined a 877904. Trade at 877904. Trade get a good question coming up here few minutes. Champ talking about a variety of things one of the biggest components that somebody actually treaty is investing successfully. Verses somebody's not successful consistently successful in the market. Is who manages their money. And a lot of times a lot of people take the bulk of their wealth for one k.'s diaries TSB's whatever it is. They'll give it to somebody else and we'll hope for the best of that person takes care at the right way let's take a moment let's break it down. What does it look like for someone to manage their own funds you know it I column we call self directed what does that look like. Waksal stagger on because there in the Calabria at the class of 2008. As senior Coachella treat academy I had more money managers come limping in in my academy and came in our school. I mean people that it managed. Tens hundreds of millions of dolls of people's money came in saying wouldn't want to do. I mean I people literally made me swear to secrecy that I wouldn't tell students sitting next to them in our academy what they did for a living. It was amazing to watch. And here's the problem is a lot of good money man is that there's a lot of people out there that are making a difference for people but. There's a lot of people like you and I they can learn to manage our money herself. And when you talk about a professional in the financial industry you talk about a professional. A professional and any other area is somebody who's really good daddy steel. In the financial markets somebody's a professional is not let's say somebody's a good trader investor somebody passed the test that somebody got licensed. They had to pay they'd go and pay money gets sponsored by a broker dealer and go to a compliance program and learn what they can and can't say in the sales process. Of selling you into their investment programs. So don't understand something. A lot of Wall Street has the masses convinced that you're not Smart enough to major own money and that's the big lie wall should we talk more costly Bulls and Bears. It's really sticks in my craw that does a lot of people out there who are. Or don't believe they're Smart enough to do a better job managing your own money and I've seen people dumber than you I promise you. Who built wealth in the markets because it's not a complex system is just following a set of rules. And so what we find a knowledge in general we Friday Bulls and Bears a lot of people in reaching us and I want to learn how to mend my own money. I'm paying these fees to some license person who may ABC good trader investor may be not. Given notice when you're sitting in that certified financial planner that Reza best advisors office. Daily spit out a pie chart of things that you need to buy in other words you to buy some bonds due to bison stocks to buy some video some commodities. And they always have what's available for you to buy a new pie chart they have to sell you. Their amazing. And the gonna charge you feed. To manage the money. And yet everything that they can do from an investment strategy you can learn to do yourself an unpaid fees. And the problem is is that when you sit down with somebody like that. Because they're licensed you believe they have your best interest at heart maybe they do maybe they don't what you believe that they know what they're doing. I've met so many money managers and have no money. It's amazing. And so you wanna be a practitioner of learning the skills are trading investing so we talk a lot about self directing what that means is for the average person is you could spend six hours a month. Net to commit to this. Eighty to do a better job than most money managers could I've seen it. And I believe it's. That's not to say things just smarter than them because it doesn't take a high IQ to be successful takes them you can follow rules. This rules around probability there's rules around decision making that allow us to be safe in the markets. Yet still have great opportunity. And anybody listening to rush you can learn those skills and that's what we bang the drums so horrible habits because you're convinced that good you convention not Smart enough for sophisticated enough demand your money. And that's a lie. In his ways for you to go forward and do better and take control your money is call self directing take about this who'd you know. In a 41 K who's gotten wealthy uniform and Kerry who's built well think about that. Who he knows making a living in a 41 K and as wary did scared to death about a class in the market that give all their profits back. See we have to learn a better system and we learn the skills of self directed opens to do a few to do better long term more poorly have to pay those fees. In looking shell that money as well and grow that money. Direction becomes irrelevant up is good down as good this so many benefits there's no downside to learn the skills except it's gonna take some time and commit on your part. When you do it. The sky becomes a limit. Absolutely and online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears. They know a lot of people out there wanna softer act and that's what they have a class specifically on self directed a 500 dollar value of and a lot of times people don't know how to get started they don't know the questions answered don't know where to begin what brokered use. This class will definitely help with that it's 500 dollar values talk right at the campus we have the feces to give away we're gonna give way. Right now be callers ten to twenty and pick up the phone call 84451. Trade. It's 84451. Trade for callers ten to 22 this 500 dollar class and self directed from our sponsor online trading academy. 241 K and hiring you wanna manager money. This is great opportunity for your call right now 8445187233. That's 8445187233. For callers to the twenty to get this 500 dollar class taught at the campus on self directed your portfolio from our sponsor online trading academy that 84451. Trade. 84451. Trade for callers tender twenty to get this 500 dollar class. Champ it's a game changer for a lot of people once and ought to do it it definitely can separate him and again if you want this opportunity is self stretcher on portfolio pick the phone call 844. 51. To trade does that mean champ on Bulls and Bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears have zeros added it's just go and do much but the today here's the deal always have the last thing with the fellas. Diverted to head over to FaceBook like is that Bulls and Bears radio and of course and HIV got a question for the coach got the coach allied 877. 904. Trade that brings us to the our caller of the week John and then from Charlotte, North Carolina. They didn't job and from Charlotte. Up on the the big oil in other creek it's about it's Maria has denied them in their market. Up early in what other. Countries government in the saying that the question they eat. That's a good question Jonathan I appreciate the thought and we talked about that a couple weeks ago here on Bulls and Bears on every addresses. Talk about bitcoin. Somebody's got to crypto currencies are becoming popular and you know it's kind of a really important part of the millennial the millennial the age group tends to be leaning into these types of currencies. Well that the South Korea pull the plug on being able to trade on their exchanges in the crypto current Syria is a big deal. I mean that's just think a major country a major world countries saying. We don't believe in the value of this currency and we talked about this the other week Jonathan and I wanna referenced that again. The problem with the crypto currency the crowd would be torn as Amy because I want them to nineteen granite fell to thirteen grand lake and if in two days. Amidst this is highly volatile you know swinger miss. Penny stock hopefully swing for the fences hopefully it'll be crushed type opportunity in. You know there's a lot of money to be made a lot of money to be loss mean one of the things that we believe it Bulls and Bears and we're big proposed of his managing risk in the problem in that arena is. It's really hard to manage risk and occur in that crypto cursed at bid cornering. Could it sold ball moved so fast it's so dramatic and it's movement and now they're creating futures slipped. Which July you know leverage that thing up even higher to three times what is really worth. And is gonna be a lot of people that make atomic though is going to be a lot of religious get blown up on the field. And that's not a good long term plan to sleep for most people you know one things is you know. If you don't wanna play roulette in the market you don't wanna hoping goes in a certain direction if it goes to Digi shielding crushed financially. And that's the problem most people as they don't know how to lose money the right way the reason more people unsuccessful. In the financial markets is a because and us monitors because they don't know how to lose the right way most people 2000 they got crushed. And the collapse of the S&P in the Dow when the bubble burst in the banking collapse. And did not lose the right way and if you understand. Risk management. And you understand how to lose the right way to those are you take a loss at the small prix final lost. That's the real key greens the long term success in the markets not swinging for the fences with the opportunity get blown up or. Taken off the field quickly that is not a good long term process now. One South Korea decided to pull. It off of their exchanges. What the reason main the main reason was because there's no there's nothing that backs up the value of the currency. You know traditionally the United States. Our currency was backed by gold we were on the gold standard this overstated for years and centuries. And then of us who are off the gold standard it became a Fiat currency the US dollar it was backed by the government and other words. Your government. Guarantees the value of your money. So this a powerful powerful force behind the value of the currency was behind the court. Who's behind. Mean there's no country that's gonna say OK when you have so much in bitcoin will give you so much value or so much of a commodity gold silver commodity. For the full though for a year for the amount between you have. If that thing blows up and goes zero people are gonna get hurt really badly as severely. So it's kind of really unique game it's it's count like they Russian roulette of the markets right now it's sexy. Did you make a ton of money and I know people person made a ton of money because I know people have made millions of dolls and between their friends of mine. But also to other people are gonna get wiped out. And so is Adam reading you wanna go into is that if you do wanna step onto what if there was a way we you could generate incoming cash flow in the markets. Using a regulated products something that has a backing that's Dave evolves or revolves around a currency that's. A global currency of Fiat cars he was some government to going to be active I of that piece of paper that debt that currency you have intense of these individually valued. There's all concerned it's disconcerting in NASA probably torn is that there's no real value behind. The point I mean there's nobody who's backing up the IU of it saying will stepping cover that. If it collapses. That's the real issue. There's lots of things that we can trade in the financial markets like currencies and futures that allow us to have a small amount of money. We can leverage a bigger position make a good return it was small amount of capital. And still be able to manage risk and protect against loss which is long term success in the markets when you learn the skills of doing that so risk management. Understanding how not to be wiped out one move is key to long term success the problem because crypto currencies just in the South Korean government obviously sees this. Is that there's no real value behind the currency and that's concerning right now enough there are some countries steps in says will back the value of bitcoin. And they've got the credit worthiness to do that that's a different game but until that happens be careful out there that he can't make money. They say you get really kill quickly as well the financial markets are bugging you don't get blown up financially you don't want that. That's what you gonna be dealing with his waist to your profit regardless of directional market using a safer instrument. And not have the ability to get killed so quickly in the financial markets by learning the skills of men's and risk. Well you know what a lot of people are out there's a similar to Jonathan they're trying to make some money they're trying to generate some income. And I'll there's so many different ways to generating come from the financial markets stocks options futures currencies. And that's why online trading academy to sponsor Bulls and Bears and a class specifically on trading for income Jonathan is not the only person out there trying to make a buck in the market there's many people that are trying to do so. And that's why online trading academy as a class specifically on this not your brand new to the mark you've never treaty never open an account before. Is a great opportunity for you if you are in the market you don't have consistency in need to get to the next level this is a great opportunity for you as well. There's a 500 dollar class taught on campus for online trading academy specifically on trading for income were into colors tend to twentieth because the phone call 84451. Trade. That's 84451. Trade for scholars tend to twenty. Get a 500 dollar class on trading for income from our sponsor online trading academy once again 84451872338445187233. For callers ten to twenty to get this 500 dollar class specifically on. Trading for income if you're looking to generate additional capital and again if you branded the market. Huge opportunity for you don't miss out on this pick up the phone 84451. Trade that date for four. Five wine trade is adamant champ fumbles in bears. Welcome back the bulls the bears that goes out of the fifth got to divide up poisoning him with the fellas. CIA spy on the glass a lot of people just want I want a piece of the action you know I'm thinner in person that's of people that while you they see it cameras that crowds or two idea. That CFM and you could CSI you could see his legacy aside FaceBook we do all these great clips waxy. We're gonna have a USU jail for all the Beers YouTube channel to gonna have some great content that are going to be poured out to the local masses about capital preservation didn't grow wealth and make you money in the markets though. Exciting times here Bulls and Bears as we. As we broached into the social media side of 2008 of the world yes you know for me this is a whole other analyst Jeff they get years ago we did you think yep I'm excited demeaning and I had a quarter my part of a pay phone that's when I act I Michael Baghdad for a dime gets a call so. Over to Dan over to face lookalike gets that bulls or bears radioed of course 24/7 if you got a question for the CU coach called coach not hide. 87790. For trade and again we appreciate Japanese call from earlier but she of one that they don't wanna talk about. Is a lot of people are in the market ness it Weathers that Dick calling conversation or people with 41 k.'s there's people all the time that are in the market for the wrong reasons that are the mark because we're told to be in the market there in the market vis a wanna gamble. Very few people have long term consistency or very few people ever get to the point where they have you know. Such consistent success they can treat as a business. Online trading can mean you know personally champ that when you are in the market you should be treated as a business let's take a moment let's talk about what's the difference to someone trading. In doing this long term as a business when we were the British student some becomes in the academy aces I wanna make some money in the markets are wanna grow my own wealth or ornaments minus day during I want to make money in any market direction. All the things that they begin to realize is available. We immediately tell them that first and foremost Jeff to treat this as a business in other words. If you get open accounting and put your hard earned money time capital energy resources into learning a skill. 'cause that's what it is you get a treat like a business don't it's not a hobby. And so when you start a function as a business and you have a plan in place and you have specific rules that you followed you have goals you set you have specific amounts of capital you wanna utilized. So when you have a plan in place and some film a structure. It allows you the ability to start to grow a business because what's great about the financial marches. I construction of the business but as I can write off like it I can set up an entity that does my trading and investing I can take a deduction from that I can take a write off liken. Be self employed if you will. Those a lot of people that the American dream they chase it is only owner owned business build equity grossed something and land of opportunity. And there's a lot of small business owners out there and you won't of his senior business owns you and I know what I've been a small business owner I was a contractor for years you know what drop morale letters on it's up my truck. Wonder why people more pain me wonder why guys won on the job. IE feeling your pain I empathize but what I found a financial markets when I saw this picture. But I can all the business were I had unlimited income opportunity. I did have to worry about liability insurance overhead workers club employees staff inventory leasing a building. I can literally sit in my home and if I had a good skill set if I had develop my skills to the point or. If I need to buy some my head people to sell it to me if I need to sell some people abide to me and I could take all the deductions and write it off as a business that's the dream. I commit money in my house not the recruit people wanted to sell a product. Literally just log on and I'm in business and if I have a good skill set I know a little bit more in the mass like can be consistent. That's the dream and that's what the opportunity is a financial markets in the prom is may Google don't look at it that way if the dream is a. Liven well it's America land of opportunity. Absolutely now light trading academy a sponsor Bulls and Bears have a class specifically on trading as a business what are your brand new the marquee been a market for years and you're looking to set this thing up where you can. Say yourself up to get paid on a weekly monthly basis is what's all about. There's a 500 dollar classes taught at the campus we're gonna given few seats away we're gonna take callers fifteen to thirty pick up the phone right now 84451. Trade. That they 4451. Trade for callers fifteen to thirty to get a 500 dollar class on trading as a business. From our sponsor online trading academy once again 8445187823384451878233. For caller fifteen to thirty to get this 500. Treating as a business from online trading academy if you bring into the market or may be looking to get into some sort of business and you want to this opportunity is all about this is a huge opportunity for you. Because fifteen to 384451. To trade adamant. Is that a good chance fumbles in bears.