The one vitamin that cures all

Ask Dr. Ernst
Saturday, May 19th
Dr. Ernst discusses the powerhouse vitamin d and its connection to all diseases.

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Following is a sponsored program on WBT. The asked doctor show his pre senate like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit as doctor yeah. It's dot com for more information. It's time to transform yourself which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour and learn from experts on how to revolutionized that help for those you love most. Ask doctor. Here's your host. Doctor here and there. Saturday when a great day today here this enthusiasts are stern show heads seller pounds instead to beat this dead to repeat that briefed on the health problems. I mean Rostock fair haired stand down. This and I know it's a little do me gloomy outside Wright's been rain. But guess what were bring in the sunshine to you'd today. I have an incredible topic for you. It is the one vitamin. That according to science says if you have enough of this by him in your body you literally. Can't get sick can't have issues and if you do you have a current diagnosis. Of safe for example diabetes depression heart disease cholesterol problems even the scary ones like cancer. This one vitamin according to science again we need to be all the research today. Says goodbye sickness illness and disease. And I've got everything from the Susan G. Komen foundation backing this up to an article that I read on the Huffington Post. To another article that literally written by a medical doctor. Showing how this one vitamin could be the connection between why people are so sick today with in the United States so. We have. V powerhouse. Here today let's give every big round of applause to my interview. Of the big one doctor vitamin. And he. And I tried brighter try to bring it up so vitamin. The vitamin that's not a vitamin that's crazy incidents we gotta talk about this it's technically a hormone. And this one vitamin is these vitamin that you can't live without. You can't function without and you can't heal without. So the entire show today. Is it on my good friend doctor vitamin. Stuff so if you are struggling to lose weight. Listen to doctor vitamin. Your blood sugars you want more energy fuel mart vitality. In Haiti if you want a stronger immune system. Boom vitamin. If you are a male or female. Mean what else is there right. If you're a male or female and you have osteoporosis. Weak bones you have some sort of issue with. You're bone density. Vitamin. Calcium is a mineral. And what we wanna do here is figure out how to get more calcium in your pound guys they're fine now vitamin. Vitamin. This is written by a medical doctor. This list comes off of an article I've read says they're ready vitamin. Importance nutrient you need outposts link take till go to my FaceBook page right now FaceBook dot com. Class asked doctor Ernst. We fixed the camera my god like I'm so sorry last week guys. I saw myself on my screen I was comedies myself apparently I was talking myself cash with the only one doing it. Something happened it just didn't connect but you know why that is the last week was fun nominal within not. Biblical foods for healing what does that vital hazard died if you miss that go to iTunes. Hit the podcast cap type in ask doctor Ernst that's your key for everything and by the way that key unlocks a lot of stuff. It unlocks discounts on web sites in a mocks free downloads it unlocks access to my free dinner seminar that's coming up here in just a couple weeks. On June 12 the cake. Asked doctor Ernst is your coupon code for every website that you can go to if it works it works because it's for your health that it doesn't just go to differ web site. Okay asked doctorates dot com free console request last week I had seven people. Say I have this health issue I've been all over. No one can help me and all I did was they said send me your information Samir labs tell read over it for free me c'mon what doctors doing now. And I'll just point you Allstate code do this. I had I had a listener whose elicit my show for over two years email me and say I've lost weight. My numbers look good my doctor is shocked and I'm looking for the next step thank you please help OK I love it. Asked doctor or dot com it'll save request a free con salt and I'm gonna show you today why this one vitamin. According to doctor David under a butcher this some non. Doctor David some Monday says. You have got to have this nutrient in your body OK listen to what the doctor talked about with vitamin. Vitamin. Prove stick calcium efficiency increases so that you get better bone strength and bone density. Reduces the risk of multiple sclerosis in women and men. Strengthens and regulates your immune system regulates. Stabilizes and can elevate your mood depression anxiety that trip. Lowers your risk of cancer specifically. In this is a big one. Breast cancer for women and prostate from their days as the top two cancers that affect those two sexes breast for women. And get prostate ferment what is night indeed deal. Slash is at half okay. We're starting to recognize that vitamin. Seven. Out of ten people that I do a basic blood test on. And I did tax vitamin. MD usually doesn't check for vitamin. KY because it's not prescriptive. He'd go get vitamin. On line whole foods earth fare you know violent shop. And so they Walt. Tell you to test for a because they'll gullible we we we -- making money off this rights of vitamin. Okay so today. He got to recognize this is within your control. You need to know what your level is you know what your number is. You need to know how much to take. And you know why did do it because of your taking a medication what if you could replace the mad with vitamin. You can do that and they show you how to do it today what if you have high blood pressure high cholesterol high whenever anyone get healthy you can do it. And they show you how to do today what if you're ready to take the next step and say docs show me what to do for everything here's how you do that. Call this number 7049062094704. 9062094. I'm offering you the chance to come to dinner with me I'm buying your food for UN guest. It is on Tuesday. June 12 6:30 PM the boiling pot an incredible Asian restaurant here in Charlotte. It's on me guys 7049062094. We come back more about the powerhouse vitamin. Yes our turn to Woodruff back. Hey good afternoon and happy Saturday to you you're listening to gas stocks surge itself. I mean I was doctor Aaron Aronson hitless in his short pounder said. Diseases dead three be set free from your health problems. We have in the studio two day an incredible. Subject I'm interviewing his name is doctor vitamin. We are talking about how one vitamin could beat the nutrient the year missing to help you to heal. Copied about that a depression fix your blood sugar your cholesterol. Fix your health strengthen your bones fix everything boost your immune system makes that trip. And down. The topic today is what if there's a vitamin that if you could take kids at the right amounts. That you could get off of the medications because it's gonna help your body to naturally heal by itself. Okay little disclaimer. I am a doctor I'm not saying stop taking your medicate. Don't do that he'd need to have somebody help use adult just leave here and go hey hacker dot parents. He said take vitamin. You vitamin. Okay science has shown that it helps to lower your blood pressure. Which is hypertension rates if you're taking now ace inhibitors. Or beta blockers or some sort of blood pressure medication. If you get your vitamin. OK I work with a like kind that high blood pressure here's what happens they come in. We go full history examine console. I've run blood test EB your doctor hasn't run called functional blood test. We look for every thing it only find the cause which sometimes is my guy you have no vitamin. You only have ten units are both have a hundred does that eighty I'll tell you the units in a moment Kate if you come in deceiving your vitamin. Red flag healing issue. There's not enough healing hormone called vitamin. Attic leads both by definition in your body it's treated by a hormone mistreated as a hormone. Over the counter it's sold as vitamin okay. The connection is so strong that we have multiple articles stand lowers blood pressure. Bush is calcium in your bones decreasing your risks for osteoporosis and technically strength in your bones. Reducing multiple score like risks strengthens your immune system stabilized is regulates and elevates him nude. Lowers your risk for cancer and guys I pulled. From an article which again I mean opposed everything for you can sometimes they get emails going where to find this information is as fast they like to read more about what you just talked about tank. At the end of the show today. In the news feed all kinds of content for you guys to that's why I want you to go to my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. You will see the video right here right now were broadcast it live you can like it you can share you can accommodate. And at the end of the show you'll see this graph that I sucked out of the medical. Article is published. That says the decrease. In the incidence. Of these conditions based upon your vitamin. That was a big senate president okay translation a higher vitamin. When you're vitamin. Nanograms per ML in G over ML. The amount of vitamin. If over 660. Says you're risks for all cancers come buying. Are lowered by 35%. Come on you have a 35%. Less likelihood of all cancer. If your vitamin. Well I just pulled the blood test from my last physical idols the vitamin. Welcome to the sad reality that our current health care system does not want Q well I hate to say this. Ask your doctor taking you could buy an idea on here sometimes you're gonna hear this. It costs more. Not covered by your insurance are you sure you wanna do that's okay just say yes promises they cost a 120 dollars. Now right there. Two things are gonna happen you're gonna sake how this a lot of money I don't have that I guess the wall tested are gonna say that's it's. And if I find out what my number is I can heal from cancer or heart disease diabetes and asked parkinson's blood pressure blood sugars mall with Cloris his heart attacks yes. Okay you've got to figure out what your work and outspend what ever it takes for me to be healthy. Every TV around my family and my family family and may be if I'm lucky enough I can see a great great grandchild that's on student for. Okay this science says ready for this 83%. Less likelihood ladies I'm having breast cancer all right got. 83%. If your vitamin. What about ovarian cancer this is a big deal for a lot of women it's a 17%. A lot less risk to you have less risks listen to this one. The risks for diabetes drop by sixty to 70% chance here's another big win and asked multiple sclerosis. You might not think it's a big deal there are a lot of people have been asked. 54%. Less risks if you can get rid of or sorry if he can boost your vitamin. Today are shutting down like crazy out of what Cuban IC DaVita dialysis clinics everywhere. It's like they're building this mega hospital dialysis clinic okay. The last stage health of the camp at a kidney is cancer. Kidney cancer is a massive deal there are a lot of pace that I work with that kidney cancers there's a lot of people out there that kidney cancers looking for answers. Cancer answer kidney Catholic and Iran says it. 49%. Less likelihood of having kidney cancer when your vitamin. Sixty guys that magic number at the minimum number is sixty now here's where it gets even crazier. Your medical lab tested you have Iran says your vitamin. They want the maximum. That you would ever reached to be sixty I'm telling you the minimum should be sixty according to diss articles that I found published in peer to peer reviewed journal articles sixty is the minimum. How high can it go doctor Ernst okay. Medically. It can go as high as 100. OK so by eight functional levels is between 16100. I ask you guys a question though you've been watching it long enough what number do you think I want. Of 101. Just so I can knock it out of the park estate nothing's touching me. And listen total transparency I test my by the 89 and Alec oh my god emergency. Like freak out mode. I'm like I am taken whatever it takes I'm going on the teacher gets that is going to sun. Taken this alternated by an indeed it's fermented and doing everything to get it back up it took me nine days back over hundred I love it I love it I haven't had a cold. Had any issues for years as I run a massive clinic. I work with hundreds of people per day they all come in with issues and I've never caught anything that they've come in with. I did people call and say doctors can't make my employment to have the flu and I say. The hook comment. Because I need to show you how to get rid of it in what they say why don't wanna get you or your staff for your patients sick. Don't worry about other people worry about yourself my staff for not gonna get sick as they do everything that idea because I'd let them do it to pay I don't get it. My associate doesn't get it by staff doesn't get it because we know what our body deals are the careers and they you keep getting sick all the time is you don't know your vitamin. Okay guaranteed. I don't know the percentages. Communist state I have a flip of the coin 5050 chance if you're watching me on his video or he listening to me through the speakers did you hear me through. You don't know what to buy him deals right now. I'd ask you right now Kate you do when you're on FaceBook post of Sarah doc turns my vitamin. If you adult I highly suggest either you get it tested you let me test you you go to your doctor and you say doc. I want my vitamin. BI. Doc how much does that cost I'll pay you in cash. And they're gonna look at you and go I don't even know. Okay do you probably don't even know what their vitamin. A health. And wellness practitioner. Who will say yes to you when you come in and say can you check my insulin. Can you check my sugars can you check my vitamin. Look I will do it for you if you like some help. Go to my website asked doctor or dot com. Click the request a free consultation button. But your name your phone number email I'll give you fifteen minutes of my time absolutely free the last time I talked to my MD for fifteen minutes I got a bill for 700. Dollars. It was insane. And only did he said this you're the healthiest patient I have your labs that beautiful. I actually don't know what I can do for you can you tell me how you do this I'm like you charge me for this but of course it's their time right. You can have it for free petty do that passed dot turn dot com you'll see a green button request a free consultation click it. And it fill the info out. My staff will call you can't what do you wanna come to my dinner where instead did over the phone you can physically seen meet face to face right and by the way I buy your food. And I'll show you how to fix your life okay. It is Tuesday. June the twelfth my god it's like acutely Verity in June June 12. Tuesday 6:30 PM it's at the boiling pot it's an incredible Asian fusion restaurant they have a private room it holds 550. Okay the last commercial I gave away twelve tickets. That were down into that whatever 3938. Something like that and do the math right. Tank call now 704906. 20947049062094. Who should call someone who's taken and that is going on sick and tired taken this. Owen get off of this but I'm a little nervous I don't know how to do that I'll show you how to do it 7049062094. Who ought to call somebody who's been the GM. Who's been having a personal trainer who's eaten smooth these and drink and rocks and sticks sorry drinking mideast. Eating rocks and sticks and is going I am not losing weight intact and gaining weight. Pick up the phone I'll show you how to lose weight it's connected to vitamin 704. 9062094. Maybe you got this diagnosis and your like I'm freaking out I just at diagnose with this cancer. I have this issue. I don't know what to do Sinegal holistic Sinegal natural that I do what my MD's same Stabenow for. 9062094. Book I'd I'd people are now probably call and it is bid because they see the line is ringing. Don't give up okay. Fifteen is what I wanna give away and their plan off. Free food he can bring a guest became a bring your neighbor if you want don't feel bad if you like I just wanna come by myself more power to we pay 704906. 2094. Okay. Let's do a small recap because I feel like you guys your brains are exploding right vitamin. A second it's the hormone that you can't live without. So it's a vitamin and it's a hormone when we come back and it talks about what these hormones do inside your body. Okay the normal amounts according to medicine is between thirty and sixty minute grams per milliliter not enough it's not enough. Pay the research says you go over sixty and they are fighting. Illness sickness and disease we have an MD a Doctor Who wrote an article that I'll post few guys called vitamin. Doctor David some nine cents whenever Sam mighty the mighty. Here's what he says ready. Quotes. Vitamin. MS risks. Elevates your mood boost your immune system reduces cancer helps you heal does everything that you need for you sorry I embellish to put electric the end. I'm here Italian man vitamin. Your body can produce its own vitamin. So when we come back and it's so you have to heal yourself. Booster vitamin. 7049062094. That's free dinners take its. 704906209. Forecasts are charged jokes. We'll be right back and some. All right happy Saturday holistic gas dock turns out to seller account instead is these dead. We could be set free for all of your health problems I'm your host doctor and aaron's. What an incredible showed him my goodness I think I might my station manager just told me the phone has literally melting on fire. We had to get nearly the numbers say go we better place found because it was so hot from all this phone calls of all the views saying I wanna come to that dinner. On free food we get that can put too common really for the information hopefully. If you need free food and come I'll pay I'll buy you dinner but your your your your payment is going to be you know listen to me show you how to get well get healthy okay. If you miss that opportunity we do still have some laughs were down into the twenty's though Lehman got. A lot hold restaurants can be booked. Pay the dinner is on Tuesday June 19 I doctor Aaron Harris are taking you out to eat only to pick up the phone give me your name phone number email. You can bring a guest he bring in Avery can bring your friends he can bring your loved ones you can bring a family member and if you know someone that's got to help this year maybe you could be the answer to their prayer. You could come up to be like John or maybe tell me about this health issued a delicate help you can't and I just got to dinner free tickets there's a doctor he's holistic East Coast in it. Would you like to com. And see if he could help the party called him talk so he said he can help you. A pay 704. Pines here 62094. If you like but I haven't called you doctorate listen to the show today I'll show you how if you have enough vitamin. Help issued science is backing up. So now you know the condition they have which means you know that they can get well what's means you didn't talk to me because you're listening to me I'm telling you that it will work. That makes sense don't be afraid. Step in the gap sometimes people are looking for you to be their answer and you can do it. Okay I'll leave it if you if you call in the cook book about this if you call and you say I wanna come I don't know who I'm bringing guys thought the second ticket ass. But I'm gonna put a stipulation you have why it's now a week to tell me they're name otherwise proof that someone else is gonna wanna. Tuesday. It is the twelfth the tune it is at 6:30 PM at the boiling pot seven afford 9062094. Okay so what's the vitamin that we can't do without vitamin. If you have enough of him in your body. A recapping case you are just tuning in you can't live without this vitamin. All the research even medical doctors are saying you must have this decided you. When you have enough of bits in lower your blood pressure it reduces your risk for hypertension heart defects heart disease detect trip it pushes calcium in your bones. It helps to strengthen yourself that you osteoporosis or bone weakness you can reverse that around. Eight reduces your risks for multiple sclerosis in women and men it strengthens it regulates your immune system. It elevates your mood so if you're depressed if you're anxious you're nervous or worried or concerned. By him and seeking help with that. It has a lower risk of cancer and I spent a good part of the last segment saying the following. 83% less likely have breast cancer 17% less like it of ovarian cancer 66%. Less likely to diabetes. 54%. Less likely to have multiple sclerosis 49% less likely that cans of kidney cancer dark territory at these numbers you just look and blow smoke no. I pulled it right out of literature reviewed peer reviewed article that has a bunch of medical doctors names on it. And a bunch of Ph.D.s on it I will post it after the show you guys will see it can't. Here's the thing. We now know science says this. Vitamin. And technically it's not a vitamin. In your body it's treated as if it's a hormone and vitamin. Okay most vitamins like vitamin C for example is a co factor co enzyme. Your body needs it to perform its basic function and that's important Kate your privacy deficient big deal if your mineral deficient big deal. But the big deals because you're enzymes don't work okay enzymes require little keys to turn themselves on. And co factors. Like vitamin C vitamin EX xetra are required that now vitamin. It is a stabilizer it easy booster it is an actual hormone. They can land directly onto the receptors of your cells and make this cell deuce something C vitamin C can't do that. Piracy goes through the cell membrane and inside it attaches to a protein makes a protein mark you want that to happen. But you need something to tell the cell what to do and here's why vitamin. It's as a hormone can do that. There are studies that have connected the idea that by David he regulates your levels of other hormones your body as well so estrogen is a big deal for a lot of women. Because you have toxic levels that you you have high elevated levels of estrogen and most of time we don't have enough progesterone and estrogen makes things grow. Now with things grow too rapidly it sounds like cancer. And a lot of breast cancers are what are called estrogen positive cancers that can be heard about this. The ER positive it satcher are hers eccentric ER for estrogen so there. OK if you haven't estrogen receptor positive to America it means that estrogen will make it grow. Now listen to this. There is an article again and a publicist for you guys that says vitamin. When I said earlier that breast cancer can be reduced by a significant. Amount that he what's significant maybe 3%. Lower risk of breast cancer it's because vitamin. And when you have lower and healthier estrogen you don't feed. The cancer as much so it starts down regulate. So here's the thing the best cure for cancer to never get it in the first place right and the way to do that just had make sure you'd know what causes cancers. And David low a low level of vitamin. The big deal case so I told you earlier I'm gonna show you to day. How to make it for yourself for free I'd like to do it is to Kate he can go into your kitchen cabinet you can open it in you can go look analyst vitamin. And you can actually eat this stuff OK you already have the food in your house eighty. Actor Eric that's not Ria had to buy it. But they'll look you realize you're not to go umpire bottle vitamin. Hopefully you notice your body can produce vitamin. Caution. You put sunscreen on its not to do you block the UBB raised not to do it. You'd do anything like Wear clothing in the senate not to do that because your skin has voter sectors built incited them detonate vitamin. When you expose your skin to the sun. Doctor nurse I'm a parent you know now I'm ready had a affair scandal you know like myself up I'll show you some ways the don't have to worry about that. But you've got to let you by storm make its own vitamin. Here's the beauty of it it's all they needed vitamin. When we come back this commercial break and he did use the secrets in the answers to making your vitamin. All self. Qaeda phones have been quiet for the last three minutes that makes me nervous it seems the restaurant not to be full. And I want a full restaurants. And one of my your dinner once you divided friendly fuel to pick up the phone 7049062094. If dinner with me doctor Ernst. Tuesday June 12 6:30 PM seven a four nines here's six through their eyes for what we are back. Home hanging realistic gas sector itself it has doctor Aaron earns. And that made sense it's incredible Saturday maybe not so much because of the weather lately but because of our show topics. These vitamin neck cures everything. And I'll put a little TM after that and say you know listen how cures everything okay. Vitamin. If you want you know wellness if you want prosperity fuel longevity it is the hormone. The vitamin that you can't live without and I didn't just make a mistake there is a hormone it is the vitamin is something you need your body and if you don't have enough of it yet problem. If you're Justine and head over to my FaceBook page FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst AS KD RER and ST. You watch my live stream you can see all the content of the post a few guys during the course of breaks. You can also click a link if you if you are able to get through cause a phone had a couple people messed me your phone's busy how to write register I wanna come to the dinner. So they actually filled out the request to con salt. Which I was given away earlier right to free consultation aid to people just right now fill out the request to consoled and what it says what is your health issue they say can I come here dinner. Oh I love it you're not let anything hold you back okay. Don't do that okay Garko with a link under here we'll take you right to the registration page you can grab your tickets for you all you need to do is pitcher named for liberty Millen there. You can call us if you don't feel like you like teasing Internet. Or you're listening on the car on the car in the car. Or wherever you are 704. 9062094. Guys in one shell I think we're gonna set a record in one show we have almost completely sold out that restaurant. That's awesome okay they can hold I think fifty people industry in that reserving. It's on the twelfth which is Tuesday I know you're like hi so far away right minus three and a half weeks from now doctorate I don't know I'm gonna do. Polite accounted I guarantee you there's not been on there. Most pivotal schedule themselves but a couple days out this carbon off. 6:30 PM the boiling pot I'm buying food for you and aghast 7049062094. If you want Jeffrey console to offer. I can review your labs I can listen to your history you guys just sat with me let me know what's going on with your help I will point you in the right direction even if that was me I'll stay he let go get this test. Ask your doctor do this. Is no cost. All and that's asked doctors dot com click the request a free console button. Bouquets of vitamin. The most important place to get vitamin. Inside your house is in your kitchen okay. There are specific foods that are fully loaded with healthy raw vitamin. A K there's a cabbie got some of you probably don't have these things in your house. But to go get them but I guarantee you some of you have these things already there and they have an incredible amount finding the inside of them okay so the first is fixed. Specifically two and a Sar Deans and salmon and of the three Sar Deans have the highest amounts of vitamin. That's parents like thirty K that's partly why your vitamin. Okay tuna go for it makes sure it's wild caught though be careful. He go on a farm raised piece of fish same thing with your salmon wild caught right mackerel Trout. OK but caviar Trout mackerel salmon are dean's tuna. Beautiful you can eat these things that tank. You wanna make sure though the two game wild caught fish especially when it's canned and if you can't. Makes today Candace free of a BP A in your plastic lining. That they use because the oil sometimes can interact with the metal and then we get heavy metals pulled across like ten or aluminum. OK so fish. Coated with healthy vitamin. The next and I guarantee you already have them but if you guys pay attention to my FaceBook feeds in my life streams we talked last week about how eggs are some of the greatest foods on the planet for your health they have a lot of vitamin. But a lot of your bind the wrong eggs. What you might be doing is going well. That twelve does and nags twelve dozen those twelve bags over here one doesn't. Are eight dollars. And over here I can get these ones and a styrofoam container 367. For four dollars. So I'm going for those 'cause they're cheaper OK there's a reason they're cheaper there's nothing inside of those eggs I mean you crack them open there's there's an egg in there but there's no nutrients in it. Kate and if you ever done this those you are my FaceBook feed see the color of this little spit filter and pop filter but that's like what you're classic. You know chicken egg you buy at the grocery store has for color Vizio okay. I'm looking around and Armenian here okay dark orange dark orange is where I said look like. Now like the suns said he didn't night like a reddish darkest origins what does it look like beat the yellow cake. The color of the yoke we'll tell you if it's healthy egg or not if you wanna do this at K look at the small investment aid dollars. By a dozen of the highest price eggs you can find kids you're gonna Steve cracking open and the outlook of the art that is okay. Vitamin. Eggs have a ton of vitamin. Pasture raised. Organic. Non GM though cage free eggs at the Hughes listed yet again. Organic. Farm raised pasture raised nine GM though. Thanks a tank you can get a lot of vitamin. Doc eggs have two times the amount of vitamin. Where am I gonna go get a dot gag pay walk around one of the lakes in the area and to steal one from now when the ducks on you can ducks are everywhere now right now now now that it had to duck inside of it. Go to Q a whole food like store okay and you can get. Duck eggs they occasionally have them. In the egg section sometimes you have to ask to keep in the back we go on line he can actually order these things okay. Here's one you may already have he might go I don't like them a notice a lot of the food that we don't like the once again Gil you okay. Mushrooms. Loaded with vitamin. By far Arafat's say there's a food. There is something you should be eating every single day because it not just has vitamin. Mushrooms are. Are phenomenal if you're like bored with Russians because you're sick and tired just as little white button once. Expand your horizon and there's a million different kinds of questions out there. But they're expensive doctor Ernst look food that is pricey is pricey because it will heal you. Because it was if he's healthy for you is loaded with nutrition it's harder to grow healthy food that is tea. Make mass production of these unhealthy foods. Beef liver. Now you're gonna eat an organ from an animal it better be a clean animal who because they're stinnett. Specifically deliver because of liver is the main detox the fine organ for every organism that has the liver tank. You deliver it through detox buyer if you're toxic at the toxic liver you knocked. Repeat do not eat beef liver from corn fed cal that they can be full of trans fats. All kinds of toxins. All kinds of bad inflammatory bats you do not want to eat the organs of corn fed beef. On the other hand grass fed grass finished healthy cows have an incredible clean liver. And believe it or not okay vitamin. Now when I grew up OK it was very popular to have liver and onions account a southern boy I grew up in Louisiana. Is I still stand off down. Okay like knowledge and the camp from waste out what Abbott your accent I got made fun of when I was younger so I got rid of it I mean I'm talking like deep deep south. Tank you guys know about liver much c'mon let's let's get a shout out to the locals are libertarians and those of you born in the south. OK come on right it's liver much of liver and onions icy gusts up like crazy data moved up north to go to school today I was made fun up. Beef liver is loaded with vitamin. It tastes okay tofu. Well doctor urge your Kelly let me hear that stuff like rubber it is bought is polluted with vitamin. And make sure though be extremely careful with tofu to soy based product. Most Soyuz at the modified sprayed a lot with pesticides so what kind till food to eat should you eat. Organic. Non GM though are meant it like a campaign or something like that miso eccentric fermented soy the best it can have a lot of ideas. Okay here's the ones to watch out for he doctor Ernst my milk says vitamin. I hate to burst your bubble but milk by itself doesn't even have a lot of by an Indian. You go milk at Cal-Maine. As a very little vitamin. If you're eating your vitamins through fortified foods you're letting some sort of lab tell you the vitamins that your gonna consume I want living the raw. Powerful foods right mushrooms dating advice and indeed those things got in nature did that. Beef liver as long as that how ate what it was designed to eat it's healthy and delivers healthy eggs. Those chickens at their farm raised pastor raise organic non Jimoh. There eating healthy foods there you oaks are really dark. If it's a fish that's wild caught tunis starting salmon mackerel. Even though eggs like caviar phenomenal. Bloated amounts of vitamin. Here's one that I mean give you guys 'cause it's cheap. And it's literally not as vitamin. And you might be like we got a kitty a tank have you ever heard a sonic on a port man's moment. Okay there apricot seeds by definition some people called and bitter moments they're so cheap. Because everybody throws the way the seeds from apricots and and so people who produce these things. Like if you ever by dried apricots are you by apricot powder what do they do with the cut billions seeds it can't. They're bitter it's a they called a bitter Allman and they do sell these things they're cheap compared the price of bombings. Apricot seeds are food aid with vitamin. OK you can go by raw bidder omens for like a couple dollars he could chew on them and you're literally swallowing vitamin. They even make apricot seed powders apricot seeds supplements because a long time ago. In a land far away in the 1970s we found and a molecule called lay a trail. Inside vitamin a fight in the insight apricot seeds and lay it trail was used for a period of time as an anti cancer. Agent Andy has been banned from the United States that it works so well that we said whoops we can't cure cancer here. We wanna get rid of this thing and it was found in in. A similar nature to what is found naturally in Africa feeds OK okay. Wow where on earth is the time gone I promise you I could show you how you can now go outside. And make by and indeed the guys is easy stops bothering your skin was sun screens because of use it Toxics on screen. Eight the toxins going your skin. Beat the UV blocking ability blocks UVB light which is the exact like that makes vitamin. The KB rhymes with. They're so you want to use that kind of lights make vitamin. Go outside and assigned as much as you can for about thirty minutes with absolutely no protect and Don. And let your skin. You know produced natural vitamin. What if I'm afraid of the sun okay it's a myth that the sun actually causes cancer came when I believe causes cancer is the chemical toxins. In those sun screens and we knew going Ellis signed. OK if your burning. In thirty minutes that tells me you're unhealthy but tank that tells me you don't have enough antioxidants you should be able to handle thirty minutes. Of an raw exposure to the sun with no issues without burning. If you burned that fast. Request a free console I got to help you get your health back. If you burned that fast your lol in antioxidants and low in vitamin. While what a great show. What a great show vitamin. Pop over to FaceBook dot com site asked doctor art performance of fine with me. And and call this number seven a 490620940. If your free tickets. While we gotta go thanks guys OC next week until then.