One Year Since Special Counsel Robert Mueller Appointed to Investigate Russian Meddling

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Thursday, May 17th

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Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of saturation there are too many goes on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says to the world well we're gonna negotiate a better deal I mean that's like OJ Simpson saying don't rock find the real. Good Thursday morning welcome to the broadcast good to be back with you. Hope your day is starting off well fans. Oh I hope that day. By a starting with some good news. One aspect of Trump's agenda which I think is. Actually zipping along despite all of the other white noise that seems to dominate the headlines. This is going on behind the scenes we won't talk about if you're a bit. Also some really intriguing news about what's happening with fertility. We're not producing babies. What is going and we'll talk about how serious an issue this is. Because we have actually set a new record. It's not a good record it's a bad records and we'll talk about why. Controversy brewing about some comments from the president's. About some illegal immigrants. And a lot of people taking issue with this. I've even noticed on my social media feeds some interesting. Comments about this. From. Well it's not just political. We will address this and get your thoughts. What's going on at this summit is gonna happen. Summit between president Donald Trump and Kim Jung un is she going to pull the plug. We will see. If found this actually happens the latest. Words going back and forth on this the anniversary. Of the Muller probe can you believe it's been a year. One year it seems like it's been more like ten. Are you is tired of this because I am. PD is getting cut up old. Nonetheless. It's still going on and we'll also talk about Don junior. And speedy. Let's just say revelation next doesn't paint him. Any good light at all regarding his testimony of a notorious meeting that took place at trump tower. Just some things will talk about during the course the broadcast today. I wanna start off dealing with the judges. I think there's one thing. That's I they've learned a lot of people blunt. And I have one of for several years on the Republican side there's a great desire to see some fight. Because. Really for decades we've watched the Republicans. Basically laid down. When it's time for a fight generally they haven't shown up. They acquiesce. They bend over. And so sometimes we're attempted asked the question. What is the real benefit to having Republicans in power. And I think one of the few things. You know aside from the tax cuts in the regulatory reform. That is. Producing some lasting results. Judges. New York Times has an interest in peace Republicans escalate bitter fight over judicial nominations. They start off with a story of one Michael B Brandon. A lawyer in Milwaukee. Who vigorously defended the right of Wisconsin's Republican senator. To single handedly blocked it Obama administration nominee. For better federal bench seat in the state now for those of you not familiar with how this process works. Just put this into context. But say there's a nominee for. A federal judgeship. Ands. Let's say the here in the state of North Carolina. Richard Burr decides we don't like this guy. He can actually single handedly block the guy if he's from North Carolina. Similarly. There may be an instance where there's some judge who's nominated to a post in South Carolina. Dance we may have senator Tim Scott decide you know what. We know this guy here in South Carolina. And he doesn't belong on the bench. So. He could similarly. The side. You know I eight don't support this guy and that nomination is essentially dead. This is how this process has worked for quite some time. And I mentioned Michael Brennan because as a lawyer. He was defending the right. Of Wisconsin's Republican senator to block. An Obama nominee. You know what's happened now. Last week. Mr. Brennan was confirmed as a trump administration nominee. To the very same seat despite vigorous objections. By the State's democratic senator in other words. The rules that were in operation under the Obama administration. Now they're out the window. And. Mr. Brennan. Has now. Past. He has been confirmed. The times describes this as income gritty which it is. One of the most significant questions and Capitol Hill how far. We're Republican senators go and pushing through prison terms judicial nominees over the objections of Democrats from states where the potential new judges will preside. The answer pretty far. Now. I think it needs to be understood the person who brings this up. To discuss this issue and a lot of times people immediately say great it's time we start fighting back. Keep in mind right. Now that this has been done. God forbid next time Republicans. Lose control of the Senate's. And Democrats are in charge you can bet they're going to start to do the same thing I just want you to know that that's well. Let's take the spoils of this and enjoy the mr. Brennan was actually the second federal appellate court nominee confirmed despite were refusal. By one home state Democrats consent to the nomination. Through the longstanding senate tradition of signing a returning a blue tended form. This is known as a blue slip. Demonstrating acquiescence. In the presidential appointment. Now the Senate Judiciary Committee could send it to the floor a disputed nominee from Oregon who's opposed by both of that state senators. This is a huge break from cynic custom. I just securities. Are you concerned about this. About the next time the Democrats are empower. You know they will do this. Do you have any doubt Chuck Schumer is going to do the same thing. According to the congressional research service. This scenario I just described from Morgan will be the first time since at least 1979. A federal judge. Could be confirmed over the objections of both home state senators. Democrats believe it could be the first time ever. But Republicans making it clear they're willing to push the institutional envelope. Warned salty and what they have accomplished to date when he comes to remaking the federal judiciary. And it's certainly needs to be remade. Here's a final note about these judgeships. 18. Of the circuit judges and America have been imported by Donald Trump. And confirmed by this Republican senate. This is a post for Mitch McConnell. Who run the eighth. And how far we into this administration a year and some change. This could be very interesting term if nothing else. This could have a significant impact. On what happens with courts. Are you excited about this do you have reservations about. What happens in the future. If Democrats get control again. I wanna get your thoughts on this. As we continue broadcast fourteen minutes after ten. Is so thin. Vince Coakley radio program. Since nineteen other ms. Coakley radio program. I've started off talking reg. Home state senators have been able to block. Nominees from their state that's out the window now are you glad it. Because this. Further. And further allows Republicans to be able to stack the bench. 18. That was the figure I gave few. That's pretty significant 18 of the circuit judges and America have been appointed by Donald Trump. And confirmed by this Republican civic. There's a boost from none other than Metrocall. Because we're getting things done for the American people. I think you'd agree with us now continued to fight for the American people and get things done. Because I love Chinese money. Damages saying that sorry about that here. Like in this we had a significant conversation in fact homeless the whole program yesterday we were talking about education. And apparently. Apparently. But I've been able to gather here Mets would like to continue that conversation today. I don't love your show thank you petticoat and they show up well you're going got. I'm 46 thought or voice quite source Bristol words were on the floor. They hate and understand that they hate Littleton your show or any talk or yellow rush. The rating down to know. God's will also make Bruntlett it's not working on him but. But fifteen year old computer it says he didn't hear anything blah blah blah. It when he answered at. It dad or probable shows. He goes I don't hear any of the best I hate it oh yeah report got killed early today to ratio on the judges and art are boats. He does not want to vote. Few being raised now he cannot taught in school. In my my portable and to think just this morning. They're told don't talk about politics or religion. Don't worry about it they're being taught that age old eggnog that. I'm like can't we go what do you think you know because I don't care what inning. But a look at the best isn't the worst hit well a lot of quote it gonna happen no matter what happens yeah we'll okay. So any building. You're only one thing I feel like. They're OC in light of hope I don't care at all and it blew my mind. A forty year old brother in law and you'd better border sit at forty now he wanted to upgrade and eight field yet couldn't holes yeah told them thank. Don't talk about it. And in my egos were called. And he said today's generation never heard us called the comeback generation ago but cycle so called. That it looks great and perhaps my parents they're they're certainly. I don't dignity divorce your rights because you're an actor turned mid forties yeah I feel you'll braves five down. Do you parents and younger are nominal annual. We go to comebacks. Were called that because you were raised with the morals. And values but your parents from baby boomer generation. In New York the rate we are slow them. Push back Bob I'm Paula that's where they'll bring back. Those policies. Are fewer of our group no particular you've got it four hits in just so we other wanted to be sitting up and you love. Arm bent spear they go from where it once but hurdle and that guy and told don't so no more and don't be. Politician. I know they'll be our our our religious tradition to develop anything that they are not that well alt though it happened it happened don't vote who care. And it blew my street in mind. Well so was named to the straits indeed light's been Shapiro. They might like forty below but your kid is usually below anywhere near near you get a bucket. I tell them that she's liberal group about I don't care amount of the liberal at all. But I want Barack Obama and so we will give that. But he's available great tablet back behind liberals into that you have been careful to say he loved that. But I think you're out to do go out and saying that I'm I don't care no matter they're not gonna change all the thing. And again I'm not kill chemical for some unchartered. That's cool to the locals tutor kids. They rave now diagnostic front yes it is blurted out don't worry about it don't vote that a matter you're out of it did here. LaMont. Top point that is really something else. I don't know what to say to amend. I mean what would you as as a parent it's what he'd do how do you respond. I spoke but a back and I I'd go gaga column. Web sites amid love babble on being a public. I love that low so it's a bit with. They're well that's up and up above though I'm keeping them to be fact driven I don't care and I don't know I hope you don't mind my double didn't bother is to pair you'll. But you grew bewitched you're terribly terribly but it did happen yoga chain you're (%expletive) and hate in two years to be general life. But what happens. Just beat a much sacks and I know the truth and a sport that true. Reporting he rolled out a lot of fact that it might that you sort of like I don't care I'm gonna change a bit overdue and about. This pretty interest out there yet had that been good and mold as they if you don't vote were cool we have everybody else who will vote for lots. While that is really something else mad I appreciate your perspective stay on the line I actually like to give some information from you. To follow up on where this goes. It's it's really intriguing. You know when you do take away in in and this a question I posed for a lot of people had a conversation with an agnostic. Just a couple weeks ago and it's this. I'm very suspicious of what I would call. Highly exercised it announced it's clear that. Or atheists professing atheists these of people say I think somebody is a genuine atheist and agnostic they don't care. But when people are passionate and their angry. Something's going on there. And and that's where I want a probe and find out now in the case of this page particular person I found out. What's going on there and why there's this real. In in this case unfortunately was a guy who he and his mom at the end of experience a great deal of religious corruption. In the church that they were familiar with the and as a result. They have very hostile views towards god or anything spiritual. And I you know and I would suggest this to Matt note suit to ask what do what underlying things might be there. That are outside of the classroom the influence it's taken place that's certainly part of it. But can't you certainly can't take away from the fact when you've got this secular influence. That is. Pounding and pounding our kids day in day out in school in the media it's gonna have an affect what you think. Michael Ian clue over good morning welcome to the broadcast Michael. What they're getting in Europe thank you like you'd like to try and what it generally either dead on about the children and know what they say. I got my belt fifteen year old daughter that. He's wired up and down G smarter than anybody like any fifteen year old. Anyway what they're trying to stay in school. Is that it doesn't matter which way you thought. When you look at where I really Dartmouth it don't matter. Democrats burned charred Europe or Republican curt art. Everything goes the way until it stays the same sort they'll take it your mommy they're still doing our thing that doesn't say the matter. And not what it here they. You know it's interesting that you say that that. Follow me and there's there's so much. Are on the challenge ahead of us in. In producing. Hope. I think this is some of what's missing here Michael there's got to be a sense of hope. And what is the source of that appreciate your call their Michael and providing get another perspective. I think I've made it clear where I believe that ultimately is. Think I'll share and other social media approached you'd grab my attention. That goes along these lines it's really on the other end of the spectrum won't share that straight ahead in the broadcast. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock Vince Coakley ready for the interest being beat perspectives we heard just a few minutes ago. Parents talking about the children with their learning in school these. Thoughts that they have. Brought the way. Over on the text line. We have a troll for starters. Judges. You told us repeatedly trump would appoint liberals stood image since it can't be that you were wrong. You must want liberal judges. Really people come on never ever ever suggested such. Contemporary people who also. I reservations about everything the Democrats to win there and power not just judgeships and for good reason. Very good reason. Did deep into Jordan Peterson he has been warning of this agnostic schism and atheism combined with. No I Elizabeth yes. I for a lot about this guy. Really good stuff. Not a good stuff and another troll on the text line Vince to show would make Paul Ryan proud and really drama and trauma. It. By the way who is it before Paul Ryan was even nominated. Was even recommended. To be the speaker of the house who is calling for Republicans to stop that I Wallace. So to me a break. Sometimes I really wonder about people but gunpoint. We told you before the break wanted to share post from someone in this younger generation this is a kid I know. Crew. You know I think key you know he does a lot of traveling the world and his lived in different places. Nice kid. But I think this post is going to give you some idea of the ideological. Confusion. And and I am being kind here it's ideological confusion combined with. What I would call a what I would call the gospel of wishful thinking. Pierce is post from seven hours ago I didn't notice this. A few hours ago. And it just it. A part of me wanted to respond to an anti you know what I'm not even gonna get into it with this kid I'm not. I would love to leave my children and your grandchildren a nicer world than the one I'm going to leave them. But bearing in mind my grandparents were born in a world of Hitler Mussolini. Franco Stalin and Pinochet. The legacy I leave them might not be as terrible. Sarcastically speaking trump Kim Jones-Drew and there's Iran Netanyahu as side. And I can keep going. Now I try to see this correctly sounds like he's putting all these people in the same category as the first group of people. Can mean. I mean there are two things that stand out to be one of them. And it and I hey I want the world to be better but I also you but. When you. Understand the nature of man the nature of human beings you understand. That human beings are not going to improve. Humanity. We have thousands of years of human history. To document that it doesn't get better it actually gets worse overtime. Civilizations. They. Flourish for time they decline and they fall. And human nature. I think he comedians demonstrated. Denny it's. Always in a decline and the less there is something that happens they kind of because his humanity to take some sort of quantum leap. And it's rare that that happens. These trajectories normally downward. All societies are in some form of decline. It's because guess what are made up if you can beat ex human beings cannot fix human being X. It's just that simple. See this is the lie of progressives and the somehow. Because we're modern because we have more technology because we know more more knowledge is available and technologies available somehow. We can have a better world. You know I think. There's a part of this optimism that I think is generally it's. Admirable. Why aren't the same token. You're not going to create utopia unearth you it's just not going to happen and that's usually dangerous. The only thing is the moral equivalency. C'mon. Putting trumpet the category with Kim Jong-un. And anybody who listens this program knows I'm not a trump fan. But to compare him to Kim Jong-un Bergeron. And as side. Come mind. It's it's really this is the kind of none and thought that takes place among so many young people. And a lot of this goes back to the root of the fact there's no. Objective standard of truth. Like spiritual values for instance. And because of that everybody just becomes. Their own judge. Of everything. And hero an expert by the way. Jean in green told good morning welcome sir. Yeah it was a lot of talk about blood. I wish taken by your conversation regarding agnostic and atheist. Maybe turn the way he. These people express themselves until pick two you know one amount about society. The reality is security is no such thing as an agnostic. There's no essentially say yes. We were created by god. To have Laguna art. They're extraordinary Clinton yes he's. Aren't you know has a hole and if we're going to be very clear to a well we keep them out. People who. As part of who reject. Column facilitate this for whatever reason they may call them you know you guys do registration manufacture of the reality is there any rebellion against their create war. They hate god. Most people call themselves do not sticks itself. There's a word take responsibility. For not wanting to know bill. You can blame all sorts of our religious institutions yeah I know I don't annoy your program you brought up. You try and a number of of situation where churches have to have broad variety abused your congregation of thank god as a way of saving those whom you were saying. Schulberg if you've been hurt at a church. You care run away and you're you're you're you're you're here to use those people and or if you run away from god. Well maybe you're never really had lost forgotten your heart to begin way. Because I do blues you've actual way. I here's here's the thing I would have a great complete your dog your gene because this is what's important. See. For a person like you need Jean who who has a relationship with god there's a resilience built him because just Christ lives in you you can fight beyond that. But if you're an atheist or you have no faith at all. This is devastating and it's separates someone and causes them to become even more hostile toward faith. And that's were I think we have to take responsibility. And do we can't to overcome those objections would you not agree Jeanne. Well you don't like. You actually know all all we can do no matter how much you argue it's a cheaper option. No I'm not sorry here's the thing I'm not talking about arguing gene on to worry about loving people. And showing them something they have not seen before so that's the point I'm making. The ideology and would actually argue I I wasn't I didn't mean argue. And you just might support the dollar from the bank that you don't you say you don't you don't need help bring up a discussion should never in that they. Yes it and that's the key and fortune rubbed against our great QG always enjoyed talking with you in Greenville and that's the key thing people need to see this. This eternal kingdom. The preview of that in this world right now that will blow the heck out of atheism and a master system. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after 10 o'clock. On the Vince Coakley radio program. But I have seen here. Several interest in tech's. Very carefully going through used to make sure there are no land mines can hear. I am not a trump fan of finally comes out in plain English probably why you voted for ever and make my off. Oh my goodness this is too funny you're acquitted name caller anyone disagree is is they troll. You don't like people most days smile or not you do you. This is really terrible. I don't know of in moments not just one troll here that's the sad thing about it by the way let me remind you the definition of troll is. People who are reactionary. And lacking in logic and facts. This would patrol eyes you gonna call me and you wanted to debate me on the merits of something wouldn't it doesn't matter what his. I don't mind if you disagree. Not for you guide. Is still throw these so leave things out their false accusations and other nonsense. I mean given up. People he worry about leaving a better planet their children when they need to worry more about leaving better children for the planet. Wow. Oh I like that there's a deep thoughts. North meditating on. And her children from the planet that is good. Crept up but at the next next year having him having no faith is easy just like lazy people that don't work. They don't have to get up and an alarm goes off working every day is hard for your reward with the paycheck. Just like having faith is hard but in the end the reward will be so much greater just like having faith is hard. In the end. The reward will be so much greater love love your show keep it up kids. Yes. I think this is that that's a great way to keep this in mind you're thinking of the long term there during short term challenges. They're short term challenges. Are also Vince from strawberry says god has given everyone a measure of faith so that none have an excuse that's your caller this is. If you later rebel against god you're never had faith is in direct opposition to the word of god. Are ready. This is true Jesus truly lives in your heart. Ask him to help you with your temper you seem to have the peace in your heart but Jesus should do if you really. Really. Come on. Temper. Temper who have great. What ever we will move on here. And your receiving temper out of me guys. Not meet how dare you suggest at. I'm afraid to say anything but not. Might give this this this is a fun day and that takes line their all out pretty amazing all. Home. At ten that would fret. That can certainly have an effect. Did you hear about this these fertility rates. The fertility rate in the US fell to a record low for a second straight year. We're not producing babies the same rates. This is extending deep decline that started in 2008 with a Great Recession. You know before we go into anything else and because this phrase here in the first sentence toe issue. Really everything you need to know and understand about what's happening in the country Merritt told you the country. Is not the economy. This is where I think so many people are at this stage. Of life we've become so preoccupied with money. That's really what we base. The perspective we have about how things are going. That's largely what we base and. Do we have a good supply of money. Our jobs careers. Are spending power or all of these things. So. It naturally follows. That if we don't feel confident about money. Just like we don't have babies. I think that's what's going on here. And there's more for protectionism that sets in and to defend what we have minimum height. If I told to this island re having this was a real conversation I had with a guy. He was talking about he and his wife for discussing whether they're gonna have another baby or get another issue vis. I'm dead serious. Because. Getting the SUV means the wife would need to continue to work to pay for the issue feet. But she would need to work if they don't get the issue feet. But it was kind of a catch 22 because they need to more space. You know for their courage child they needed different view if you have these conversations go anyway. Materialism. Fertility rate fell to sixty point two births per thousand women of childbearing age down 3% from Tony sixteen. The largest single year decline since Tony Tim when families were still feeling the effects of weak economy. For Tony rates. Are essential measures. I'm societies demographic balance if they are too high. That constrained resources like housing and education if they're too low a country can face challenges replacing its workforce. And supporting its older adults. Like in Russia and Japan. In the United States declines in rates have not led to drops in the population do you know why the population is not dropping here in America. What is the reason for that. I agree should you're correct job and which is another reason why the corporate world. Doesn't necessarily mind abortion. And doesn't necessarily mind the current. Let's just say lazy immigration policies. Because they will take the workers from wherever they can get them. In fact they probably prefer the foreign workers that they can pay less. It's a better deal for them. You have these you know be stupid Americans who are expecting to earn something after getting out of college. By the way I don't know the wheel gets this this week there's a story as sought. And where they gap between college grads and non college grads. In terms of their earning power it is getting from their work by the day. What is going on there. Much more as we continue our neighbor to love and complete radio program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. From the heart of the Carolina. Bringing the DC fans into focus the lens so liberty. This is no Vince Coakley radio program. Right. Our number two of our Thursday broadcast. 400 text live from the first hours. We showed up for this Vince don't feed the trolls they feed on attention they really don't care about anything but being acknowledged. Probably true. We're talking about the issue of children and children having children vs. Spending and stuff. David L says people on welfare. You know I care about finances and responsibility either. All right. Just how naive connect couple beat trend decide between an issue be in a baby. Looking back over and I've spent my kids. I could about the Love Boat. And a 747. And a helicopter hurt earth a I hear your as the father of 4 and yesterday evening. I visit with a good friend of mine who's the father of nine. Father of nine can you imagine nine children. It's. It's quite a ride these kids. On the tech slide as well Vince it's the climate change. In enough snow to keep us coupled out for a few days we back. Win there was a house full of yeah arrogance because frontier about a job it's so I guess we need to have you know some serious winter storms that'll help us out. A little more reproduction taking place you'd think Gerald. Vince education story I've to bring Ibuprofen to my daughter's school because she sprained her wrist apparently the nurse doesn't have any. There are also some pretty strict policies about giving medications students to I don't know if that also figures in. This question about a particular religion not gonna touch it with a ten foot pole. Now everybody's got to wonder what was the question and maybe I'll answer privately. Minced Chuck Schumer is an idiot MS thirteen are a bunch of animals and know my great grandparents didn't rape and murder people for their own amusement. MS thirteen does what is this about. Well it's about the next story broke cover. While railing against California for a so called sanctuary immigration policies as reported by the Associated Press president Donald Trump referred to some people. Who crossed the border illegally as animals. Drawing a sharp rebuke from democratic leaders for the harsh rhetoric. Trump's remarks at a meeting with local leaders from response to a complaint about gang members. OK let let's get this straight so he's referring to gang members as animals. We have people coming in the country trying to come in and we're stopping a lot of them. You wouldn't believe how bad these before these are people these are animals. And so we have up chucked senator and senate majority minority leader actually thank goodness he's minority leader right now. From New York. Respondent. On Twitter the president saying. With all of our great great grandparents came to America they were to animals and these people aren't either. Really so you're putting your great great grandparents in the same category as MS thirteen word in any attack. You see him talking about about using logic and reasoning this is what I'm talking about and a person who would make this this is what you call a troll. This a political troll a politician troll. And he's also a moron. And it's probably worse dissenting about this is because the man probably knows better. He knows that Donald Trump is referring to people who are criminals. And Chuck Schumer is not Smart enough to realize either he's not Smart to realize. That he is putting his own great great grandparents in the category with MS thirteen. Or he's just trying to score some points and so desperate to do so. That he doesn't see how nonsensical. This tweet actually it is. In any case at this meeting of the White House were mayor sheriff said the local leadership in California who oppose. The State's immigration policies. And they've applauded his administration's hard line efforts. The way this is another reminder. And enter a lot of people wanna write California off. I I gotta tell you I am in full support of breaking up California. Into several different states I'm all for that give conservatives an opportunity for some representation out there. I would love to see. One assemblywoman. Melissa Mullin did this this is your Republican resistance resistance right here against what they're doing in California. She does not like the policies of people like Jerry brown and others. Just wanna basically leave the door wide open for anybody and everybody. If it doesn't make any sense. Zero. Russert Tim in Charlotte good morning. I think the whole situation here's. The embark proportion. This is like. They're unique in rural. If you can get to pick up the but the. I put into it multiple times and every time I hear Trout say it says. Mammals. Mammals. Think well it's not animals just mammoth. Pop pop pop up so I think we are. And that's good Jim hey I like it great clever call. That was really clever with the button that opens up a and by the way. Did you know Jesus called people names. He did he referred to the religious leaders of his day as snakes and vipers looking up people looked it up. So the idea that you know quote name calling is always wrong and inappropriate. You know you can't really say that. You shouldn't. And if he gets it now the hard behind it is. Very important. Because it was not a the idea was not so much to even insult. It is to call people out for what they are that's the idea height it. You know so what I'm referring to. Someone like Chuck Schumer as in the nearer moron and the idea behind it is meant. Dude you need to do some self examination. Of your logic because you don't have any and when I cola trolls the same thing. Check yourself. Before direct yourself. That's really what you're saying you're you're giving somebody an opportunity you know you're so far off. The reserve their reservation. You really need to do some work. That's the point here. I really think even in Jesus communication. The harsh things that he said there was some hope that some of them might take a look at themselves and say you know what maybe I really do need some help. Maybe I'm screwed up you know the thing about it is it wasn't the corrupt immoral people. It was the religious types. He was calling out. Consider that went for a little while. An animal. It's an apple. We have people and that this is one of the sad things too especially you know we're talking earlier about children and how this generation coming up. You know they their perspective and how it is. Has been skewed by secularism. Atheism justice system you know it in it's one of those ironies. That's weird do you find human beings in the same time we're denigrating human beings by putting them on the same level as plants and animals. You noticed that. It's really weird to mixed messages to our young people are receiving. And yes. It is. They've loving god. Who says hey I created you into what my image. He might wanna think about what that means and how we can experience the full list. Oh that's identity. Can make all the difference in the world. Don't you think. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Nineteen minutes after heavily chronicled over on the take slide. Chuckles humor is an incredible moron can compete with. And about his own comments are my when asked a few native Americans about that you don't get their perspective. But texture about Jesus maybe he was having a bad day. Up. Tennis too funny so are you saying name calling is the Christian thing to do it can be. Another person you're quoted hypocrites whitewashed grieves yes. These words. From just anybody this it would Jesus called people. With the the other text or bids check yourself before you wreck yourself owed no you didn't. Who could opt out. This is due Friday. For Kaka. Amazing how Schumer in the dims are we see founding fathers says animals when they refer to the constitution. Or is some that were slave owners. Protection like to know do you think there's radio and Evan or an Al. Going to be interest in. I don't we need to think what that would be like radio I'm gonna make a note here. Seek Melissa and concepts. Read you in the hay un a year ago by the way. And it just shows been out for decades I think I've mentioned this before. But I was watching them. Ineffective starter back watching him. Hitchcock episodes. Alfred Hitchcock episodes and I also watched what was the other when Twilight Zone. There's is really good and I can't remember the name of it but this guy in his dog who die. And you remember that when Charles I love that episode. Where this guy goes down the road and you know after you know he and his dog they drowned. Bands. So it's definitely a specific point. Because they're they're walking on this road near trying to find there eternal home and and I I won't spoil it for you. Bride. I I will tell you this guy's basically saying hey look anyplace. That won't accept my dog is not worth going to. Start ups the clock is today and shoots it. Wherever you know I'm going to this place of this supposed to be heaven and they're not taken my dog a knuckle and there it was just. Hahn like this it's too much Vince the mixed messages. The appeal to feelings not logic. Everyone has feelings yep. That's how it works. And look at. Oh. This takes like sometimes it drives me crazy this is good today some great stuff. Person ASCII. The question about its radio and heaven or hell. There's there's a its Buick radio from good morning Vietnam the bright every pretty clever wouldn't it. Another text you're saying there's only wrapped in hell. Isn't that pitchers I was just talk to during the break. Because I was wonder I was asked reset that I that line check yourself for you wreck yourself immediately brought up a song from ice cube. And I assume that's where that's derived from. And just being being in the interest of full disclosure I hate I absolutely a pour wrapped cannot stand it. Well. Johnny I'm economy after years. That's all I can play on the air our own. Ish yes we do not want the FCC coming after us. And no it's not just about the lyrics I can't I just can't take it I really can't. How many times just in the past week I've been out somewhere. And in the concrete is vibrating under my feet. As I'm going out to my car. Oh my goodness idiots. It kills me it really does. Rose rescue is here how're you doing this morning rose. And they end up. You know Netanyahu be at the called Laura cannot. And I don't know wacky thing bringing humor. And up a low they and well I'm glad that treatment they we got a currently do you accept that and congress and how we. Netanyahu would know it got. And Bianca fact. So you think because they're Jews they should be much more friendly to Israel's what you're saying. I the F and that is simply not going to get absent like those court. The one billion in this country and at least not yet. Our rights are in this kind of isn't it kind of ironic that so many of these liberals. Would admit embrace some of these policies that are really not their long term best interest or they. And that inspect Iraq they had it not. I don't know that I left I didn't. Hey you are it's great to hear from you row roads in. Actually in new world. Any case I would just leave them alone for now by the way this is I mentioned earlier this is the anniversary of it ends Donald Trump in these usual style has come out didn't. Are limited to improve what is going would this ongoing investigation. Congratulating. Mr. Muller for affected his has been one year. Slamming the probe in his campaign's ties to Russia during the 360 election congratulations. America. We're now into the second year of the greatest which cut in American history and there are still no pollution and obstruction. The only collusion was that done by Democrats who were an able to win an election despite the spinning a far more money. Really this is one of things I can remember I told you about logic. And facts. It it really concerns me this is the kind of thing that bothers me. When someone makes a statement like the greatest which cut in American history what makes it fat. It's because it's about him. We miss this guy gonna get over himself stuck pit. Now. What do you career disagree with the investigation that's one think it's like people saying you know. Robert Mueller. I know what's his name called me is the worst FBI director in American history. These people obviously have no understanding or appreciation. Of history. History did not start when you were born. There are people there FBI people who didn't much much worse does the name. This is where we've got to be careful we've got to be focused on logic we can't get caught up in the emotion and that tribalism. And start beating this drum. Doesn't matter what you think of the investigation. Don't call this the greatest which cut in American history it's not. It's not. Just because it's about you. I'm not increasing it or defending it. By the way. To add on to this. We had an appearance by mr. Rudy Giuliani. Who's calling for an isn't. He said it's time to wrap up this investigation. Told Fox News channel's Laura Ingram. Motorists has all the facts. To make a decision after twelve months investigating the Russian meddling in the election. Possible collusion. With Trump's campaign Mueller should now bring this to a close he said. It's been a year. Scott one point four million documents he's interviewed Torre witnesses and he has nothing. Which is why wants to bring the president into an interview. It's about time say enough. We torture this president enough. Did describe the investigation. As being like a big weight and the prisons back. He Giuliani team is still weighing whether to allow trump to sit down for an interview with smaller he told Ingraham. He's been asking what more expects to learn from trump in an interview that he doesn't know already. Kudos. And you know and I've said before and kind of player holds it's really gotten old. And media is up as usual reading ahead in trying to push ahead to impeachment over why it. Good luck with that. 29 minutes after eleven. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after the hour 11 o'clock on the Vince Coakley radio programs got a call from mark and rock you'll welcomes your. Are okay more about I'd like he can reveal more about laughter that got mad at them I would burden the appointment of judges. Sure. Bet that. Our president are due out all the remaining seven or eight from the number as federal judges he'd get the points. You're recess appointment. And that proves to me that followed. They're not part of my profound way. Elections have consequences. We walked unions. And we don't quite well put all local public are often too many toilets are those women who so wants you round. I'll. Brought. Good though. That's pretty clever they're marked. Nick Harper. Two winter recess appointments and in this all the pins on vacancies mark JD. Gets the vacancies to pull that off they'll be absolutely awesome. To feel the rest of those spots. Actually remember those guys are pretty young and they've been there awhile. And they're going to be there awhile unfortunately for us. Oh by the way. Whereas. There is nothing to beef rounds at least that we're aware of in this ongoing Muller investigation. One line of questioning about the conversation. Related to this meeting that happened at the trump tower the Washington Post says an interesting story. And honestly what I read this story at dot Donald Trump junior reminds me very much of Hillary Clinton. I know some of you are gonna win I can't play defense systems or expect. Well here's why. This story the Washington Post 54 things Donald Trump junior couldn't recall or remember in his testimony. 54. Things and you limit that parity song. That Russia is about Hillary I don't remember I don't recall. See in you and I can get the tribalism out of me. It's just as bad in just as annoying. When Republicans do this. As we in we have this from Democrats it's the same thing. Georgia some of them details of the trump tower meeting in general remember this is the meeting with. With Russians we're trying to get some dirt on the Clinton. Campaign. Bans. In general. I don't remember too many details of it. The presence of an eighth person dear Russian American lobbyists. In the trump tower meeting. As I mentioned in my statement people have said there's an eighth person I can't remember I heard the name I don't call now. I mean KG just remember could you just do the same kind of parity song would Donald Trump junior you've done. We if Hillary Clinton I don't remember I don't call. Whether the meeting's attendees were introduced I don't recall but I imagine that's likely. Mean the speaking with the Russian pop star June 6 and seventh despite phone records show phone calls between them. I do not call speaking. With her. It's possible we left each other voicemail messages I simply don't remember. What's your. And I'm just going through whether he was traveling at the time I don't recall that no. Whether Goldstone sought to set up any meetings with Russian government officials none that I were called no. Speaking with men effort on June 28 I don't recall. Whether he spoke but his brother jury or call on a blocked number in the afternoon of June 6 I don't know. I mean folks. Just you know. I'm not saying there's collusion. But this is this is pitiful and really years. This is not serves. Donald Trump for the administration well. Three this has been handled. It just looks bad. That's not saying. Still mystery as to whether this summit is going to happen. Donald Trump saying we'll have to see you free in store summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un will happen. US insist on. The president said we haven't been notified at all about whether Kim plans to cancel the summit. Present said Wednesday. We'll have to see. Speaking to reporters the White House president stressed he would still insist on the isolated regime dismantling its nuclear program. Asked if Kim is. Bluffing by suggesting he could pull out of the summit trump responded we'll see what happens. Ands that we will. Going to be interesting to see whether this actually develops. I think. My own suspicion is. He has to make this happen Kim Jong-un is not going to pull the plug on this. There's too much invested already. We shall see. 41 minutes after 11 o'clock. Time for a look at the day in history as we traveled down interstate 85. Toward Greeneville studio and Lorenzo who is eagerly waiting to answer questions. Welcome back. Thank you. Enjoy the laps today had a good time. I did I'm glad you've been thoroughly entertained. We have five questions for you. One of the meat is easy because we already answered it in this program and you've taken to refer to society and yes I just wanna say that no rap is not the music and LOB country western. They'd take your pick either one of those would be hell for me at Aegon and Patricia expect a a a a a. Under a tree in lower Manhattan 1792 the Bretton wood agreement is signed by 24. Brokers and merchants. What did they set up on that day Alonso. Brokers and merchants. In New York City. The stock exchange New York Stock Exchange you are correct. Awesome. 1875. This event held for the first time. He's. He's gonna hear that again very soon I'm sure get this lead Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky. What is this first of its kind event in 1875. Kentucky Derby Yorker. 1954. We have this ruling unanimous ruling. That to desegregate schools. Do you remember what it was called 1954. I'm not immune now I'm OK it's brown vs board of education that's or not the end of the work. 1973. The senate started these hearings. First televised hearings in fact making Richard Nixon very nervous. We're with the hearings about bargain you're correct. He started its work on television and Tony sixteen as I mentioned we gave the answer earlier. This person appointed as special counsel to investigate the 2016 election and possible ties between Russia. And the trump campaign and who was appointed to. From mower. You are correct. The court for five. And you get to stay with this because we have another funny stories talk about after the break so don't go anywhere stay on the edge of your sequence. Sitting there now are good I'm glad to hear that. It's 44 minutes after eleven. 49 minutes after 11 o'clock final stretch on this Thursday broadcast Vince Coakley really your program. And she blonde so. I assume you are still with this and hopefully you can be heard. Throughout our broadcast audience you still there I am still here. And you know when I hear me now so that means everybody else will soon. OK well good. We must had some sort of issue and for that we apologize for some of our listeners here. But we've juicy in this plan for a big park in Greeneville unity park forty million dollar downtown park. Yeah it's being reported our news right now it's pretty amazing forty million dollars a towel or a pedestrian bridge. This is going to involve about sixty acres. Of property in the event looks pretty interesting. This is going to rival the Granger falls parks liberty Bridget Tim Storey lighted observation tower. Bryson is high City Hall can be seen from countless vantage points across the city. It looks pretty interesting although I'm sure people are wondering. How it and I paid for this thing. Yeah how would be the first question you know I have to admit something I've never been to falls park. Do you have not been a false Parton see new bridge I've lived here for 2122 years I just never gotten around to it. What is wrong with you want so you should be ashamed of yourself I'm in the basement playing video games. But there you go. I had to share this story which you refer we go to said that this is absolutely hilarious. This guy who's running from police and start as a traffic stop. In turn into a high speed chase. With back to back crashes and arrest. Why do you think this guy ultimately got caught the real thing is that dumb thing that he did. I just turn signals on no. I don't know what led to him getting caught. His pants started falling down. They tried to pull him over for trying to cut through a parking lot. And this is in Daytona Beach, Florida by the way mean a hard right turn from the center lane. Onto another street and this guy just keeps going in he ran a red lights another intersection. And then he had a car light pole and you know Vinny even ran into the front of a store. After the crash he starts running. So what you what you're saying is he should've lived behind the Vince Coakley creed. Check yourself before you wreck years now. Tell me about it this guy actually got to the cars started running. His pants fell to his ankles. And he filled out and that's why they caught him. That is awesome Walters reveals some. Hey that's right that would be. Can have a whole lot of fun with Alan I mean it is supposedly a lot of these body camps are being used now so maybe. There's one out there showing missed. That would be absolutely hilarious too while you're the pursuing officer are too laughing at all. Ash I mean I know it's not laughing I don't know what he does did but wouldn't you idol plant now that the I would have to be I would have to last there's no doubt about that at all. They've lines are always great to talk with you men. Are great to talk to use those whom people can hear me. OPEC meets an even better. But there's some great takes here the turn on the take slain by the way highest. Should my goodness why I don't think we'll get to all of them there are absolutely hilarious. I was talking about the idea for instance some raise the question where there's two there's radio and heaven and hell. We have this. Radio and how has to include listening to a duet with Hillary and Nancy Pelosi Tony for a 70. My goodness. There'd be something worse than listening to a duet how about watching a lot watching the video of him singing yet watch and listen. Radio heaven would be commercial free when it was 63 WORD. And good rock stations radio fell in PR 447. Preset to a a that's pretty good. Are Hillary is the Tony forward DJ and held spitting AC DC's highway to hell post today. There you go I'm pretty sure hesitations to forest says soul. All leaves and blue grass are the only music allowed in traffic a insists it's amaze everybody has their own version of how this is supposed to work. Let us the all the controls are back I'll see this you are the worst radio host in the history. A radio were thank you very much I appreciate that may god richly bless you and yours as well. This is a safe to say economy is the worst FBI director in history who didn't Wear dresses. That's pretty good deal might actually have something there. Another person say if there's a radio and hell will be in PR OK. Man is really good. Vince I used to really like Q but I can't handle your trump negativity. Whenever I hear that I changed us stick shot. Just cracks me up folks some people just cannot handle the truth. It's been a year almost twenty million dollar spent on nothing you lived cards will never get it and there you go. Let's see it first grade and and holding my dog would go to heaven and so I said. I didn't wanna go either I was beaten regularly after that until I left Catholic schools are you serious. You can beaten with bats. That's pretty bad. Vince I think you intentionally troll for trolls which makes you a trailer. That. Since calling your name is the biblical but he did do the same feeling closer to god and. This is great I've been thoroughly entertained you today I don't know about you but I've had a great time this is really good stuff. Jesus also flipped over tables in the tabernacle because people. We're treating it like a flea market he rebukes them maybe we need to do the same thing to DCI Jack good not a bad idea at all. Let's see here just a note Hillary wasn't under oath Don junior wives. Allow. Yeah that'll. Have an impact on answers. Trump junior is as bad as Hillary did trump needs stopped firing him yet I'll be good fire his own son. Every day folks. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.