Online Sales Tax, and When Did You Become Invisible

John Hancock
Thursday, June 21st
Hancock discuss the Supreme Court decision on states collecting sales tax, and asks when did you become invisible to the opposite sex?

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This is John and there are those Thursday's big in big. How can one get inside get near the air conditioners the diamonds. Started big hole. Like there's like this because it means we're all hot. So most of never really been hot Carl lives so now we can say. How hot it's hot today as I was so when I was eighteen. So they mean right TJ. I was the show last night. Always the highlight will later Davis. How hard it blew me out. Of his legend. I mean even mayor knowledge that it knows some of their stage announcements. I had got a picture that. Don't friends who were those your brother manager sent me a picture of a Mickey Raphael. I'm playing with the David second the last song another set. And when harmonica player. And I thought that was sort of old Merle Haggard tuna thing. So. Hundred blazes out the last I want and pretty pretty toasty. But anyway I'll will became not only did you RC Willey which is grade I mean because that's what that is legend I don't auriemma says that's that's that's true Americana right there. She saw that guitar. I don't know where the guitar officially goes when no Willie goes but. As you said earlier that guitars should be in the Smithsonian. I assume the last person that'll ever truly play it will be willing. And now whereas it should be who can take a guitar like that that sounds that badly out of tune. And make it part of their sound. Mean it is you wouldn't. Heal with a brand new Marten. Just would think six pounds. If he did the same guitar solos that he's done over the last ten years whether they whether or a brand new markers on like that it would sound of plane do. It's almost that. Country twang the bag guitar has that seasoning that baggage or has that is one of the signature sounds a Willie Nelson. Anyway I will get its got to say got a nice review from they didn't Jane's this morning. And sort of David Brothers and I assume everybody had a good time last night and nervous said that Willie even look like he was probably have a pretty good job last month so well. He at some point or another came out and so does seems like I've been here before. And of course he had so that was a maker of show last night no so what TJ was out there today and that's probably why he's operating with one eye open today. Although he has left the UBB to traffic card. Not really. I got a phone call earlier from a Larry sprinkle who's going to be at a town this weekend so he will not be at the end Nathan ratio of a service on a Saturday in a boat Thompson also has a brother or brother in law getting married and so he's not gonna make it enough. They'll both of them Mara unhappy about them. But Larry said don't people don't know this but I knew Nathan Richie Nathan is the coworker that we lost this week. Last Saturday to a motorcycle accident. And and a guy who worked to clear channel for a long long time. I hearts. Tom and so there's good and net added I don't know of anybody that's been broadcasting in Charlotte for hardly any time and all that so wouldn't have known Nathan in some way shape form or another. He ended traffic of one time per John boy and Billy way back when and he was the WBZ white chicken. One of the few that are Redondo suit. And Larry said people don't realize is but I knew I've known Nathan says he was in his teens. Said dead today he met him one time and they were doing a commercial free jewels goma. I think he said jewels I've never heard of jewels gum. But he said Nathan I think was lip syncing some song and I was doing the voice over. But Nathan would have been and his team marriage years when he was doing that so our. Anyway our mom. I just say that I'm looking forward to Saturday but I am kind of looking forward to Saturday. I expected to be. Julio OO drug grand send off for off for Nathan. And I'm it's kind of strange media funerals especially Tom does Leo's funeral was. And and Henry Bogans funeral wars a collection of just about every media person you can think of in town. And I like that I like to respect that stood shown. Like when we aren't we we drop all of our competitiveness and and no stand together and salutes of one who has been instrumental in the success of so many inept as certainly. Describes Nathan he was a teacher if he was anything first he was a teacher. And so I'm looking forward to Saturday to celebrate the life of Vincent Richie. And to give windier Hogan terrorists. Introduce myself two or Jonathan and Austin. Don't care about the dead. So whether ago they're now armed. I just turned out to Weaver Iran in my door a newscast that registered 'cause I think he missed something rather big. Maybe this'll be a big story later on in the day. If in fact we get. To the big story of the day. Have you heard this. Or you you have heard it before. Once again today is supposed to be the end of the world. Did you even know that. Wouldn't think that you would noon leave the newscast for that. I mean if we're all going to cease to exist today sometime why would you think that that would kind of be. Maybe they're not trying to incite people are return riot her. It's the end of the world as we know what. Got to say it. Do you feel fine. Steve Fletcher is a biblical fortune teller. Who has been watching world events and he believes that the rapture. The battle Blondie song. Willow start on a summer solstice. That's today 607 AM this morning Charlotte's morning news brought India official beginning of summer. He equates recent events with numbers beginning with the death of evangelical Christian preacher Billy Graham. And Fletcher posted up on his website that quote time is up. And all hell breaks loose after January 1 is we June 41 48 team. We'll also want to look at the Wyndham. If that's all break adolescents are early it's really been. Overrated cinched it. Confirmation class had to be an all want to work. Volatile than that. It is hot out there. And you have to admit that. I don't believe that is brimstone. Yeah no that's just steel door oh. That. Pletcher is not alone by the way if you UK daily points this thing out if you typed rapture. That's within a. Well other racial and ovals on the completely divert our rapture. June 21 28 Jane and you do vehicle bring up over 87000. Videos of people who expect the end of the world to begin. Today. So. I don't know I would have thought it would have been more prominent in the news. I don't know what time. I mean if it's gonna happen. How about now I don't wanna have to finish out the rest of the damned show up for all the sudden what's the point. Got to do the whole three hours and in the world ends. But anyway at the world ends lower on the air when you know about it. Elect the last announcement thing about. Umar reporting that the station have been knocked off the air they boarded on to remove them what do you mean these are well but would it went through. Amos south and apparently is gonna reopen the gin mill is good you know Imus the owner took over. On the whole deal whole building and for gin mill but there's a section and a backed middle seat about 750 people there's apparently a new parking garage going on. India complex across the street and so that gives them possibly the parking that don't lead after 5 o'clock so what looks like Amos south end is going to. Well I have a presence back in the south end in the same building essentially. Our sometime after the first of the year. Before it sat. Thirteen hundred in this time middle seat about 750. And so that'll that means he won't get some of the bands he was able to get there before and and enjoy and so forth but don't. But it of their live music venue. Opens up and and then cool you yourself in coming back good to the south that don't like them. Fulmer just so you know try to get irritated Fisher of quicker I don't know what you good are you an NBA draft fans yes eleven. Or do are you this I cannot like the draft and I'm not a huge NBA fan. You know obviously I guess we sort of make the playoffs and it's kind of like college basketball final four are loved the big dance alone all up so well one blogger of the season. I'm so do you have any idea where we're going to I would go to number eleven pick Bob got a lot of folks think this like Kidman sex than if you Alabama qualities next to you be good fit especially these great regard everybody was assay as shy Gil this Alexander before who was very young get out of Kentucky's point guard to. And all of this is kind of speculation that may be a Kemba Walker. Not either we lose him after this year because he'll be a free agent or he get straight and I won't be watch in the waters does he get traded technically you get traded before that drab start and I happen will happen to you John the removal of he's golf. Terrific golf realm you've kind of got to got to us over the the nets are they're gonna buy a arms. Dwight Howard's contract out. But they'll negotiate a buyout and then he can go play for somebody else but he's not gonna play for the net. Now how about that so from a hornet's the interest into what happens out of all new coaching in new management of incoming asked him to be a whole grid and a thirtieth anniversary. Next year when they announced plans for that I know a lot of the players will be coming back and I assume LJ will be one of them and Albania because I don't think LJ spent a lot of time in town since he left although I think he does. And I may be wrong here but I think he does still not help solve the current river hills. On the lake fireworks what there was a time the hornets owned this town I made they added the pomegranate. Well if your ears if you are nude talent that you don't remember the wall that used to be a first union. Along with these giant mural of mugs Ian Alonzo Larry Jones dress and it was it was killer and no wind may when that broke up they've put up below what Glen Rice and oh yeah I don't brew and they are always Anthony Mason Harrison moved and sent and I guess mode Zito bugs me. No love it wake good stuff all right also what happens good luck to tell how excited were dressed in the like Christmas and new package children. Then you find out that. Rookies don't really big event in new. Here's a refund. I news talk relevant united and three WB to the S Supreme Court today did a pretty interesting thing and this is kind of been going on for a while all they ruled that these states. Can make online shoppers pay sales tax but this has very little effect on Amazon and they are so. Dominantly. So dominant and on line. Looking for a thing I've grown Hamels on the web intern room with me for forever. This is a five to four ruling today oh win for states who love said they were losing out on billions of dollars annually. Are under two decades. The Supreme Court made the decision a couple of decades ago that kind of set up the the age of mail order catalogs but it didn't really take into account what was going to be going on with the Internet and and Amazon and things like that. The F cases that the court overturned said that if a business was shipping a product to a state. Where it didn't have a physical presence that the business didn't have to collect the sales the state sales tax now one of the reasons that. Amazon is not really affected by this is Amazon pretty much has. Some sort of a presence in every state. We have fulfillment centers in warehouses and stuff throughout North Carolina and that's true for almost every other state. It big joke was in North Dakota that kind of led the charge under a state thing here because you know brought Dakota might be the state that doesn't have an Amazon told the road. I'm. Amazon already collects state sales taxes on products it sells directly so it it doesn't require independent merchants. Who use its site to do so that'll be a little bit of a change according to Wall Street Journal. You have on time online retailers like. Wait fairer. And overstock. And new egg. And they're not happy about today's decision and the interesting thing about the votes today as it did not break down along familiar Supreme Court lines. Anthony Kennedy wrote the five to four decision. He was joined by Clarence Thomas. Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Samuel Alito and Neil dorsett to. Those are the five who voted for. So against it would have been the Chief Justice John Roberts who descended. Joined by Stephen Breyer Sonia Sotomayor here. And Alina Kagan. That's just the most bizarre makeup of the Supreme Court and vote did you ever seen in your life and how dominant is Amazon we'll talk about that next. So we talk about the Supreme Court ruling that states can collect on sales online sales tax and the states want a better and know some of the big box stores and businesses did not like where fear and over stock in new Reagan know people like that it doesn't really affect Amazon. Because Amazon has a presence in just about every state so they were already collecting no sales taxes but. Amazon collects SS state sales tax on product city itself directly but it doesn't require independent merchants. Who use its site to do so. So was that will change with today's Supreme Court ruling well that got me to thinking about an article that I read about don't. Amazon. Showing the power. On Amazon. To which I suspect you already know there's an article Amir Charlotte Observer that I just just saw on Charlotte Observer dot com about the incentives that will be offering. Well Amazon opened up a distribution center near the airport. There's already a fulfillment center. As you before you just before you cross over the bridges into guest encounter. Which is huge. And in fact there are some warehouses that are not labeled. But there's always light step bands. In the parking lot all over the place. And I believe that that's either Amazon. Or that sub sub contractor subcontractor that is. Conducting the delivery for Amazon because that's were all those trucks are. So that whole area out there by old Dowd. That's Amazon country out there and other wanna do more out by the airport that's what the airports becoming as a conduit or warehouses for us some of these big companies in the Amazon included. This thing on this poll on Amazon shows that close to two thirds of Americans have bought something from the online retailer. Now it doesn't seem like that long ago to me that people were shy about buying stuff online and put their credit card number on line. You know there was a time when you would say I don't know I'm not doing that. But now. There was a time not too long ago that I said while not paid for Amazon prime I don't order that much stuff from Amazon prime. To make it worth what was it initially. Fifty bucks hundred bucks something like that. But now I'm Amazon prime and almost to the point that it's too convenient I mean I'll order you know some stupid like a Paris boxer I'm gonna just make an assortment. Us on the dumb and and all the sudden they delivered on Sunday. And you think we're all come on I really you know at that. Didn't really needed. In two days. But thank you. I'm gonna kill gut feel better about the guy outdoors for Sunday to get me a pair of socks are you also like that. Basically what it means is that 92% of Americans. Online shoppers. Which is to say almost all of us. More than 40% say we buy something on Amazon once a month or more often. That did the worst example I can think of right now is toilet. And then we we're and we we buy this northern whatever it is. Has its soft. At like we do we is divided BJ's and then we found out that we don't appear wherever version of the majors anymore so low we buy or Wal-Mart. In you get like I don't know what it is eighteen to 44 rolls on them like that. But I wasn't Aristide and the other day and I looked at it and it was like twelve bucks or something like that same. Same package and I said to Susan is this cheaper on Wal-Mart she said yeah but it's even cheaper on Amazon. And as we're walking down the aisle said two or I'm not order to put it on Amazon. The White House. If it's you know I mean that's kind of the world were and on whole foods. Amazon bottle. Amazon's Auburn discounts. All of the whole world is changing. Amazon is the plays that most people start when it comes to shopping online. You you have so that you made. Even if you Google it. Chances are Amazon's gonna be one of the first two sources that you see. Maybe like if you word. Looking for a specific. In a bit him. Then maybe you would see the bit. Web site. Chances are it's gonna be big pins and it's gonna be Amazon. Or you just start and this is what did this is the point most people just start with Amazon and and do what they're looking for there. And inevitably it's there. So posted two thirds of Americans say they have bought sold them on Amazon that's more than 90% of all online shoppers. In. Even in the past two decades. Jeff Bezos. And with all the respect because I like David temper or not to have bad why and bays aspirants. What's he worth a 101 billion dollars sound like. How would you not by the of the Carolina Panthers and and move your other Amazon's center here and get yourself a house that knew Vernon. Not end here cliff hanger house looked around Asheville or something like that. Anyway he has have Bezos has transformed from male Honda driving online salesman or books to the world's richest men. I was on that path but. Edit I just couldn't. Tear myself away from my Honda. He. It did one of the most influential American companies it's got there via the attention of the president of the United States. Two thirds close to two thirds of Americans now say they bought something from Amazon 92% of American online shoppers. Have. 40% say they buy something on Amazon wants a month or more often that would be me. In fact when people shop online at their most likely to start on Amazon. One of the side things that we I've discovered when Amazon that we never thought we'd see. We have too many cardboard boxes in the world. My wife. Good lord. She can't throw a cardboard box can't throw away a jar either sometimes I have to wait until she goes to work so I go into the covered and I grabbed you know. She'll have like nineteen. Of the same damn jar and Saul basically Whittle it down to eight. And throw away ten or draw but I do this on Wednesday from the trash truck comes. And then the so by the time she comes I have to explain it but I do or don't visited were word word the zone of no return. Cardboard boxes if I did say if if I had not thrown out if I didn't weed out cardboard boxes. I'll wait till she goes to work and I'll go out there with a box cutter. And all cut Amanda. Pieces selected fitted into trash. Palm otherwise. We wouldn't be able to get cars in the garage because of boxes in two boxes she can't throw stuff away. Oh what if I need one. To know. You haven't needed in the last four years that box right there is dated 1986. Posted two thirds of Americans say they bought something on Amazon. E-commerce is it off hyper growth. Mode right now. On Amazon is king when it comes to e-commerce. Amazon's worth over 800 billion dollars the world's second most valued company behind apple. Which kind of surprising to me actually and employs more than a half a million workers worldwide. And do its critics Amazon has argued that it's not actually as dominant as it seems she just. We'll keep ahead of Amazon's consumer division told Lou Wall Street Journal on October I think there's a big difference between horizontal Brett and vertical depth. And in a segment we're gonna have. Strategic plan just wasn't only needs by all of us. Iran's Supreme Court today saying states can collect online sales tax. The vote breakdown for the Supreme Court justices was fascinating Anthony Kennedy wrote the decision 54 decision and he was joined by Clarence Thomas Ruth Bader Ginsburg Samuel Alito and Neil Gore's. John Roberts the Chief Justice dissented he was joined by Stephen Breyer Sonia Sotomayor are no Elena Kagan. So states can make online shoppers pay sales tax that's what the Supreme Court ruled today. That's a win for the states. Who have claimed that they were losing out on billions of dollars. Aaron doesn't really affect Amazon because Amazon already collects. A state sales tax on the products that it sells correctly. It don't they will affect Amazon or at least Amazon independent merchants because it didn't require independent merchants to use. It's a site tutor to pay the taxes so that will affect them. And that got us talking about article that I had seen no not long ago about Amazon and how dominant it is but then the the head of Amazon's consumer division is a guy by the name Jeff Wilkie and he says no we're actually others I had it was a big difference between horizontal breath. And vertical depth in other words he's saying we're not his dominance that it seems. Well you think that they are a bad and they are buddies has Amazon accounts for less than 1%. Of worldwide retail. I never really thought of that. And cited incredible competition in all of Amazon's different businesses but this is a good time to be doing that because the president's got to bring down their neck. In April Amazon said that more than 100 million people around the world pay for their prime subscription which just went up to a hundred in nineteen dollars a year from the 99 bucks everybody was paying. Hundred million. People. Essentially paying a 119 bucks a year rams on prime. Americans roughly 75 million online shoppers pay for prime 75 million Americans. Plus another 35 million use somebody else's account. Maybe that's the way to go. According to this site NPR Marist poll. Most Americans have never shopped for basic household goods or nonperishable groceries on the Internet. I don't think I have. Well I don't know household goods and Debbie told paper. Which we don't yet but I mean it mattered time. I could not find this a stupid as the stupidest thing ever done while not stupidest thing I've ever done but. I couldn't find the 24 ounce bottles of to sunny. I can only find the sixteen point nine or something like that so if on the Torrey find out her son. On no online and ordered those. And to up to 24 packs. That's a that's a bunch of weight. So I don't know what I ended up paying for those things by the time you get done and all that stuff but just dome. There's nice having those 25 ultra short walk. According to this so poll. Most of us don't buy nonperishable groceries on the Internet of people who have tried to but that stuff on Amazon. And other they got a whole foods. That would become more mainstream as well the main draw of online shoppers cite is the two day shipping. Even know I mean Amazon's associated with a because they kind of invented it but almost double retailers are doing that now. Bays has had originally appalled Wall Street when he announced to know what he promised to be a money losing proposition of unlimited two day shipping. To get people to pay into a yearly membership. And that's one trump kind of emerged as a deer tractor citing Amazon's relationship with the US Postal Service and of the bays us. Ownership of the Washington Post. He really got to load the post. If that's where the truth that's for Toronto there's problems when they should. There's also been talk that the president could decide that Amazon is too big and needs to be broken up. But you also have to remember that Amazon is super super. Powerful. In no Washington. If you're as big as Amazon you think you might be able to afford some pretty decent lobbyists. You think you might be able to buy yourself few. Good politicians were some campaign donations. I think humorous might got a company that's worth 800 billion dollars. I think he might be able to have us some sort of influence those two earlier long. Range growth potential. And as far as American consumers go Amazon hadn't heard the brand. Which there remains one of the most trusted this poll found a staggering 67% of Americans online shoppers. Say they have quite a lot for a great deal of trust and Amazon to all they protect their privacy and personal information. And that's pretty important though with what's going on on law understood so there you go Supreme Court says states can collect online sales tax and a little bit of good history on Amazon and how dominant they are. Are talking about the opening weekend of the 48 team college football season. Long way away America's tickets are available soon built college kickoff. West Virginia Mountaineers taken on the Tennessee Volunteers will be Saturday September deal first. 330 of Bank of America Stadium tickets are available bio simply logging on right now to Belk college kickoff. Dot com. Else start early and. And fill that does stadium up. There was a US Treasury Secretary as Steve mentioned announced today that your new 1040 tax warm all will be these sizable postcards remember when they did the tax breaks. They touted that you would be able to file your taxes on a postcard. And and so he put that process out today are designed to make the filing process clearer and simpler for Americans will be released to next week. Amusing to see how far that goes and how that goes. Because with the increased. Deductions. Family and individual deductions. They'll be more people just followed civil tax returns. We're now Turbotax feels about that. Not that it matters are just wondered. I have an accountant for years. Nice guy. Competent. We've cheap if you asked him to. Not that I ever did. But that I discovered Turbotax. Which is under you know how much it cost 5969 bucks something like that and I think I get a discount going through too reliant federal credit union so. And get a break on that. Takes me about two and a half three hours to do my taxes. And most of that's usually looking for how much I paid an auto taxes for the year related perceive that thing. So for a long long time I was pale and you don't to 4340s. On my iPad two Bernard 200 count and and so now do Turbotax and nice into the Christmas card. But I wondered if they got a lot of you know. 1040 form is the individual income tax return brought Republicans promised to simplify the filing process for taxpayers and they claimed that the uniforms would be postcard size and I'm sure enough that's what dated today the tax cuts in jobs act which was signed last December. Is the IRS and inadequate amount of our time to develop distribute and I collect new forms in accordance with the new law. And so but now they've had the adequate amount of time and so another struggle released that's just so your 1040 index war will be the size of a post. Works for me. We note couple that with the story that we told you yesterday about Donald Trump was correct about the economic growth. Americans have not only found good use for tax savings that are getting right now but there's they're spending and at their shopping. The economy grew almost 4% in the second quarter alone. When no the president said that he thought the economy would wrote about a 4% clip everybody say you are out of your mind. If you hit 3% you'd be doing well. It's 4% he also said at the time most telling reporters of the time that he's holding out for a doubling of growth the and he said 6%. While disputing now. So just opened some one of the positives that comes out on the president among all the negatives. Fumble on it try to trump goes down to the border today. Arrived at a customs processing center in now McAllen Texas you're gonna McAllen Texas do you think it's hot here but it McAllen Texas Wellemeyer down. I BM announced a trip came a day after Donald ended is. Separation of immigrant families that the border. And she was one that had kind of voiced her displeasure with what she was solid on TV a new vodka and toys to our her displeasure what she was the end. So which one do you think got his attention. I would say with all the other news that soon in the news that a problem Colombia and don't think it is appointees should do and everything you candor. Make her happy. That's when. Lonny is happy everybody's happy. So why she goes down to that facility that's holding about sixty immigrant children. About six of whom were separated from their appearance under the now rescinded policy. So I don't wanna thank you for your hard work and your compassion in your kindness you still talking to a workers at this place. And version so that the trip was entirely her idea adding that the First Lady informed the president on Tuesday and he was supportive of it. As with the many topics issuable continued to give her husband or his opinions on according to aggression First Lady previously you've spoken out about figure separations and I got her attention so does Stephanie Grisham as the work. Referring to at the which the first lady's spokeswoman. Spokesperson. So that's what took place today and and that's the that's that's pretty interest to. Now at the same time that you're doing that there's so a couple of articles that are run on all over the place about that executive order that he signed yesterday. Reversing the course on family separations. As a really change anything about the families who have already been separated. And in fact as I watch the news this morning and I read the Wall Street Journal and stuff this morning. Kind of just have a feeling that this is get to do about to get worse before it gets better. Because. I'm not entirely sure. If this has been so meticulously. Handled with paperwork and detail. That if they had to just start handing kids back to parents. That they actually. Could do that or know how to do that or could assure. With 100%. Certainty that they would be giving the right kid back to the right person or that they can tell a mother. Exactly where their child or children are. I may be wrong on all of that. But I have a feeling that this thing could turn into quite a fiasco the plans to reunite families. The Subaru Impreza counselor read this morning said. Are still in development. And obviously it would take some time there. So the cause the executive order doesn't speak to any families who have already been no separated. For the for the miners that are currently in the unaccompanied alien children program. These sponsorship. Process will proceed as usual that's the HHS spokesman Kenneth wolf that's what he told. The press yesterday but down. An agency puts out a statement from Bryant marry odd who's the senior communications official at the Administration for Children and Families. And he says none on and on and on mister wolf apparently has I think his word was miss spoke. And Mary I didn't say whether there was a clear path for putting children back with the parents that they had been separated from. Being admitted but. And then that's kind of where you run into the confusion and you wonder if they can actually do it if they had to if they needed to. So we said still very early were still awaiting further guidance on the matter. Sponsorship or process is built mainly for our children who come to the US illegally alone. But the decision to criminally prosecute all the adults caught crossing the border illegally. Resulted in thousands of children being separated from their parents and essentially defined. As alone. And then they were put into HHS custody. So the existing sponsorship process does not include any procedures for pro actively reuniting reuniting children. With parents who brought them to the United States and now may be in government custody. So it's a whole new territory that they're going through rather and the HHS secretary Alexei is our set in the Washington Post this morning. That. That his agency is trying to keep track of parents. We keep in touch with the parents he sets. But they may use the word trying. So there's a series of barriers that make it kind of vote difficult for the parents who have been separated from their children under the zero tolerance border policy. To reunite with them. And parents are supposed to call hotlines to find their children. Q this sounds like a great system already done that parents are supposed to call hotlines to find their children but that's difficult to navigate. And and I don't mean this disparagingly but you're not necessarily working with. So good in all cases with strongly educated organized people here and you go language barriers. And many of the families come from a remote areas of Central America and are unfamiliar with US systems. In in fact didn't know that they would be separated from their kids because of not read The Washington Times imposed or. The Wall Street Journal under way you approach to try to get in the United States for a better life for whatever it is. The government doesn't provide any legal representation to the immigrants in deportation cases automatically so it's kind of to the detained immigrants to find lawyers who can help them. And and that's got to be difficult when you're. Oh being detained. So while. I don't know the more you read about this whole maze like says. W just start to think to yourself oh my god this is gonna turn out to be a nightmare the next story is that the left and and and probably reality as well the truth. Is gonna be. Oh we we can't. We don't know how to get the right kids back to the right parents right now we're working on it. The organizer of last year's white nationalist rally in Charlottesville Virginia that. Turned deadly remember them. When our counter protestor was a killed. The organizer of that has applied for a permit to hold a white civil rights rally in front of the White House in August. What could possibly go wrong. Of the dates that adjacent Kesler replied for August 11 through the twelfth. Would mark a one year anniversary of the Charlottesville events. He is our requests. In the application. That the be they permit before Lafayette park which should he says expects he expects about 400 people who take part and no states that. Its purpose is quote. Protesting civil rights abuse in Charlottesville. Now if he attracts 400 people than he's gonna attract another. 400 protesters who were protesting to protest. For the rally I guess I should Colin. So we'll see we're all that goes so Washington Post those were read just today they reported at the National Park Service had approved his request but has yet to grant a permit. And he told VO post that he picked Washington because he wants government officials to be aware of quote the civil rights abuse by the Charlottesville government. That led to the violence in no last year's rally. So world well we'll see we're all of us that goes. Well we'll do I read the news today oh boy Erica went up in just a second. There's a story out there about Bernard. And apologizing. For a World Cup stock can be heard about this seizure. It's just absolutely politically incorrect. Use a corporation cannot condone and being involved in things like this. And it's just. He is yeah. So it's it's kind of like Andrew Dice Clay you know you can't quite condone it it's. Pretty funny. Portable I read the news today oh boy which is next. NBA draft tonight starts 7 o'clock ESPN from the Barclays center in Brooklyn New York seven 172 days into the year. 193 days ago. June the 21. 1989 Supreme Court ruled that are burning the US flag as a form of political protest is. Protected by the First Amendment. Summer started official this morning at 607 AM. Jerry springer show is finally. Coming to an end. He's made a ton of money off that. That just goes to show you the mentality of America. What does that we've let the Judge Judy takes like it's like it's I'm not comparing heard Jerry Springer although about close to them. 45 million a year or something like that. How are we doing to eject. Bullies Alaska arrest avail manly weaving through traffic driving AO front end loader all under the influence. Gatorade entered using a shirtless version and statistics show that Mississippi has the most road fatalities of any state. I here's the Burger King thing this is just the worst taste ever I don't know who thought this was a good idea. So I think there. I still feel about there's just such a bad publicity. But there's still some burgers this is a pilgrimage in Burger King. You can't condone this. You can sniff Coretta. Bernard King says it's sorry for offering a lifetime supply of offers to Russian women who get pregnant from World Cup players. The announce it up fairly this was the Russian Burger King who made this. The Russians. The announcement was removed Tuesday for Burger King social media accounts but it is a still circulating among Russia social network users it took promised they reward to women who. I'd get the best football genes and ensure the success of the Russian team for generations to come. It was all don't adjust. I'll probably under a somebody under the influence of something I thought it was probably funnier than anybody else to. They're legalize marijuana in Russia. Overall scheme. California ski. If mr. Graham has one billion. Monthly active users now on an additional launching long form of video service similar to YouTube. They announced Wednesday they now have a billion monthly active users. But then that's for all the kids went right. Now where the kids don't know. Until we need that we need to supply we need somebody young victim basically say I don't know now there. Here. But the sun is the adults get their their dog night I talked about. Nathan bridges the late date and Reggie being on top of MySpace back in the early nineties saying this is some and I'm not sure exactly what it is deficits is something. Book was a limited then they adults she discovered it and and they want to FaceBook the very adults discovered it and they went good. Snapped jet she. And then that is so adult discovered it so you know there's some place right now our new bills haven't found a mere we will soon. But not before the next avenue is already developed for the kids go after we find a bit so wherever they are now she. Fool. My. Million. Losing. Falling out of favor now and now because of online shopping and nobody is going to anymore shopping malls right. Miami Dade County commissioners approved plans for a four billion dollar mall called American dream up Miami. Which would include amusement park rides NA and the continent's first indoor ski slope. Target sets the hook. But it's still a mall. Is they have mall up in Minnesota still I mean that's still the world's biggest is it still love wildly popular or is it now. One large. Cavern of emptiness. This developer out of Miami also owns Mall of America in Minnesota is sort of guy you must not be too scared I guess I'm in addition to retail and entertainment space to complex would include 2000 hotel rooms is expected that American dream Miami will. Pull in thirty million visitors a year. For comparison. Orlando Florida has 72 million tourists 82070. Much of those are going to Disney parks and no Universal Studios so he. You don't ask him for that he's just asking for slightly half the map. Less than half that that. So we've been nine summer vacation now for how long. It started or it wasn't. So it's been two weeks smuggle a week ago last Monday would have been the first in schools for outright so that would be five. 67. And then what six days. By news 1213. Parents want summer to end after just. Thirteen days. How long would for the first kids as I've board. A two. No surprise and as a steady appearance takes less than two weeks for moms and dads feel stressed several breaks thirteen days out from the water over with the soap hits it. Starting Monday. You gotta go back to school. It's certainly an airplane you get ready to bush take a flight. And one of the hear people look come up field. And say happy birthday. Does it freak out that they know it's your birthday. And do you know how much they know about you if you're sitting there and there's an article in was this a Wall Street Journal's morning yes. What's the airline what the airline knows about the guy in seat twelve day. Now I kind of noticed this the last time that we flew. From my New York. Because. We were sitting in our seats. And neo flight attendant came by and said. Good afternoon mr. Hancock. Would you like a beverage. And it was a Charlotte based crew and so I kind of figured did. It was the radio thing. But she did give me Leander indication that she had a clue I was on a radio and not one that went around saying do you know who I am so. I can't discount the better after awhile now on one to believe that she knew I was mr. Hancock because she's got that information. And that's all. Your flight attendant wishing you happy birthday is that cute or creepy. Airlines know a lot about you from the date of birth and home address to travel patterns to vacation preferences to beverage purchases. Where your last flight was good or bad if you are filed a report the latest generation of hand held devices used by flight crews. I have overhead Deb been full of information about each passenger. You had no idea did you. Carriers are using it in an effort to improve customer service. They can congratulate customers on our reaching the three million lifetime miles or toaster couple's wedding anniversary some airlines can tell you if Cuba. It can tell if you really paid extra for that extra legroom seed or you're traveling on our. Restricted basic economy ticket. We're flying to Colorado later on this year. My first test of high altitude again following my little dude last year. And I got roll five. Which is the first row after a first class which skews you more leg room. And it cost me 39 bucks more seat. So they'll know that yes. So they should be nice to meet so I paid extra for that seat right. They're generally nice to be. Not right now airlines they say are trying to figure out though wind personalized. Interactions. Could be considered in no base if because you know you've got a lot of companies like FaceBook and Google and stuff like that that have been under of you know go about sharing information or having too much information or knowing your information. United has rolled out a new app for its flight attendants did better earlier this year. There has they say so much information about people that the airline has been reluctant to turn on all the functionality. The tool with united can show off flight attendants information on each frequent flyers five of previous flights. Now I'm a member of I am gonna do the AEA frequent flyer thing. So I mean in essence they can go by and say hey just go by the way how has New York. I don't know what follows I because I use American Airlines are credit cards so would they be able to say hey mister Hancock. Did you enjoy seeing hello Dolly when you were in New York. I would have put those tickets on that card. And would that freak you out or would you to some extent say. Well that's kind of nice that actually does some homework on me. Whatever just happened to the days of being able to get your seat turn on par on the headphones and and polls and B music just. Personal milestones like birthdays are a left up to the judgment to say the flight attendants the information is added dual phones and tablets that they have two up. Used to charge customers surfer suited no beverage purchases and stuff like that they say the devices can give flight attendants real time information. On a tight flight connections for passengers. So they would be able to kind of know. Arkansas unlike whether or not to failed wheelchair has been ordered for a customer aura keep track of unaccompanied minors I mean all that stuff that's great that's good stuff. I don't know if they have the ability but I mean if all the sudden they know that you or connecting flight is gonna be really back on a tight schedule. They have the ability to get you off the plane faster than everybody else serve. Carriers say that they don't flag problem passengers perhaps frequent complainer Zorro people involved in confrontations in the past. Airlines do banned people from their flights for altercations or abuses in the air transportation safety administration flags problem travelers. JetBlue is using a tablets now that are mounted onto the top of the beverage service carts. So that flight attendants get a a hands free visual picture of who you are you have no idea did you. These seed map will show a our birthday cake. NAS celebrants seat. Which could be kind of weird because if you're traveling with your family you might not end up in the seat to two tickets as you are so they could be saying happy birthday to you when it's actually your son's. The why it is can offer a complementary. By onboard product on a or our cards signed by the crew. I mean that would be nice but it wouldn't necessarily I don't necessarily need a cards signed by the crew and god don't even start doing what they do it restaurants I don't want a crew coming down their sing happy birthday to me. I avoid restaurants that do that. Besides that I don't want to hear a whole bunch of people singing happy birthday to be and and I noticed that both pilots are there. A. Archives. Airlines acknowledged via devices of a made the job more complex for a flight attendants. But apparently the flight attendants have. Have said that they actually got on that that they like him in the information. And that there's a concern that maybe they're not spending as much time staying alert to what's going on in the cabin but flight attendants judge generally say they like these new tools because it lets them do their jobs more effectively. I don't know you know you don't really have to acknowledge reevaluation of performing artists they have birthday QB has stepped up. You just have to say nicely you have to have to be a pleasant and I'll try to do the same. And I know you hate Diet Coke because it takes forever to force all trying to toward the Diet Coke. And just very simple. We'll cry and we'll see you still voice your information. Actually every T dot com hey John please ask your computer guy no way I can't get no UDT on Alexa. Thank sooner the better on journalism and WV. Started back and I said try this Alexa. Played WB Dion tune in. And I worked. And I know so just. Your information that's kind of what your editor because we're not a part of the are her thing. So an awful lot of the automatic stuff. As you know would I listen to KB CEO and both liberal arts fisheries to work with and so that's what they're on him just easy eight replicate BCO. Or Billy CLC which is a station I wasn't up to enough Portland Maine a lot. But just for us or Norah OWS Lindsay you're the link. Or stations that you can't get. Automatically you know maybe you're listening to those stations and other cities as well of justice say Alexa played so and so on tune in and see if that works where. A WBT on tune and is how you can get a selects. Enough for all of you who Lester radios on your high also for your dogs in your cats. Which are not home yet. On. If you don't mind me I just say. Alexa. Played W may TI until a man. Good. She should be playing when you get home. We do that from time to time and people do. We'll have a lot lady who wrote this and so did this year heard voices in her house but the when she got home. And it's couldn't quite figured out. So both India they're dedicated Veras and if you left the radio on men you'd have to already be having me on anyways so I've just heard increased the frequency. Yeah I know it's just don't know wherever. Alexa played WBT on all units. From Judea and. So we'll see them. The polled a thousand US adults who were aged 25 and up and and work in the gig it. Economy. You know what gig economy is. 50% of respondents had a full time job as their primary source of income while also earning income from a job. In the gig economy the other 50% rely solely on gig economy jobs as their primary source of income. And and so. Those of you who are retiring are getting ready to retire. If you're Smart you're retiring to something. That's not to say that you might not take some time marine just don't have to do anything but at some point. Just keep your mind sharpened. On and do just not go completely crazy. I mean even if it not for money if you're going to new doing something for other people what might be a great outlet. So kind of roll my mind has been recently is I think about retirement a few years down of one. What are you gonna retire to. And that would be you know got to get yourself gig. It yourself something that you can do little but that doesn't require forty hours a week or something you don't have to be either every single day or on a clock or anything along those laws. And then there's also says 50% rely solely on gig economy jobs as their primary source of income while there's some other things that are revealed. Nearly 40% of this poll say that they feel unprepared to save enough. To maintain their lifestyle during retirement. The only thing I can say to you on that is. If your ride your thirties or forties or fifties. Start but no Macs in a 401K and save which K. Are confounding interest and all of that kind of stuff preserve. No we had the recession. Manuel lost money. Scared him a G resent me. But DR recovery has been pretty nice. This dropped from 16600. Don't we are at two word is now words dropped like 2000 points. Because of tariffs and know some other stuff that the president's done an all hopefully he's gonna get us on more stable ground as time goes on so that's what I'm confident. And so that was a little bit of a setback but. But start save insult I told my kids wants if you save 10% of everything you ever make you never have to worry another day your life. But I also remember what it was like to be Torre in thirty years old and try to save 10% of anything browser or your making nothing to save 10% of it is impossible. If you're if you're eating Rama noodles and red and white Campbell's soup. Macaroni and cheese or a box set basically Guerrier heroes are your livelihoods. I you know I guess works hard to say. But 40% say they feel I'm prepared to save enough to maintain their lifestyles or retirement and numb boy that's a rude awakening of all the sudden your figure that out it. Sixty years old 65 years old. 67 years old. She for a second. Just 16%. They plan on having a gig economy job to support their retirement. Up and and I we haven't really talked about it yet because we haven't gotten that close to it yet but I would essentially oh I would think that I would probably still have some presence here. I don't think I would do to have a five day three hour a day presence here. But you know I think we can do a five minute I read the news today oh boy or commentary here. Well I'm sure there's a few sponsors that have been with me for twenty years that two would. Wouldn't mind. Continuing that relationship I wouldn't mind so you know and make a couple of bucks on the side do I do now. 12% of those who are outside hustlers. Say they will keep us side gig job as their main source of income after retiring from their traditional career. Journal poll like that title or not side hustler. Hustler kind of. So something devious Bennett. But if that's what they wanna call up until they wanna call it. I'll side hustle. I 20% of those who are. Full time diggers. Say they'll continue to do all picked up by incremental work India gig economy as their main source of income following retirement. So I'm not count on the main on the income but I take it. My momma needs to go to Alaska. Mullen need to talk rose. Granddaughter. The cost a lot of money to spoil my granddaughter of the way employment to. 81% of gig economy workers say they can't afford to prioritized. Saving for retirement. To which I guess I would say. Can't. Or won't. Yeah economy by the way is defined as though labor market that is distinguished by AB prevalence of short term contracts. More freelance work. Rather than permanent jobs in other words it's not a job it's. It's we'll dig into the Hillary. About retirement the gig recovery. Business insider. Beginning this year believe. Had an article about this is the age when your most likely to become a millionaire. Where he figured TJ 3233. About your two ways. Typical 401K. Millionaire is a low six figure earner. Who reached the milestone after age fifty according to the fidelity investment group. On average women hit the milestone. At age 58 point five while the average man became a millionaire at age 59 point three. I know millionaire sounds like a ton of money and by the way it's a nice accomplishment. But if you are retire at 67. And you have to be 87 or ninety or something like that. You rate rich. Doesn't reach millionaire status save over 20% of their income and invested nearly 80% in stocks. I think one of the reasons I love the 401K so badly is that. You just Max yourself out to it and then they take it out your paycheck and you get used to the amount that your paycheck is and that's what you make and it just kind of ignore your 401K. And although experts will tell you. You know don't over think it. I even during the recession. The advice was stay the course. That doesn't mean that it's not a good idea to have a financial advisor or somebody that you respect the kind of knows what they're doing to help you maybe put it in the right categories or. I used to use a dandy Fontana and no Larry Carroll. You know Larry Carroll comes in here all the time are used to come in here all the time that's who I do my financials with in January now. Is Carol financial. But. I would always anytime I'd see Danny and all know we had just you know a new year and started or some like that I believe tour to decide this say hey Danny. There were one wanna put. If you got all these you know. Categories of places where you can put your money I wanna hear that stuff fills. So Danny would say we'll do this induced dues and do this and so I don't take any advice in it always worked out pretty well for. And then when I got was a Larry Carroll did the same thing and sit down with well Larry and Chris Carroll his son who is part of the Furman. We've got to go over and we do state figure out how old I was so it's us let's say it's it's good to have somebody that knows what the financial fields all back I don't know about all that stuff. But I do know that you stay the course and you put as much in there or she can and no overtime you'd be stunned. I had to how much money you get off to the side. And how much peace of mind it is knowing meant. Not only was really did end MI take. My Social Security when I retired gambit uranium. But I'm not totally reliant on it. Reliant on it. But not totally reliant on that some people spend their whole lives working hard towards a seven figure savings that so what this article is all about Fidelity Investments. I told the New York Times that they felt that the typical 401K millionaire was an American with a six figure income. 287000. For women about 354000. For men that's more than most people I know. I mean included by the way. On average women hit the milestone at 58 point. Five. And several years before their full retirement at age 67. Fidelity says there are a 13300401. K millionaires on its platform. Women now represent about 20% of Fidelity's 401K millionaires. Nearly double the share of women twelve years ago. They say perhaps most importantly the stock market was the preferred choice of investment men and women who became for a one game millionaires held the majority of their. Saving 76 and 77%. Respectively in stocks. Ultimately those who start investing in their twenties. No matter the amount. Will be better off. Fidelity found it takes about thirty years of working and third and saving to reach the milestone the million dollar milestone. So. Ichiro 37. Or younger. Big goal at. Younger investors can take advantage of compound interest and have more time for investments to bounce back after downturns in the market the S&P 500 and average took. But 11% annual returns 666 but. Even more conservative expected to return about 5% can make a difference in your retiring. Savings at all. So the average millionaire. Comes in at about 58 point five. Which is about nine years before you or your Irsay again about nine years before you retire but get started. Pretty good peace of mind and tell your right now. Phil. Three year old go to their. I think Imus over the same terrorists are expected to be offended. That was actually talking to George anyway as something. The age men and weren't the age. That you. Began. To feel. Invisible. And by that I mean. Well and believed males case. The chicks just data look at it you anymore. Yes I'll love another slice of pie thank you very much. Every one will hit a certain age when AMA noticed that people aren't checking them out as much if you will. And it may be you. Maybe you never worthy check about stage I don't know. Says it is. Fairly generic in nature. I don't know that I was ever they are real hot check about commodities. I had friends that or I just basically. Stood there and took the cast offs. Worked out fine for me. They add new study are reveals women say they no longer turn heads by the age of 45. I disagree with that by the way. But didn't I'm old. 45 would be like robbing them great hope for making it a the data comes from a survey of 2000 UK adults by a plastic surgeon. Other findings 46% of women say they wish they could go back in time and experience the same attention that they got in their twenties and thirties. And mend said that once they hit their forties they felt. A steep decline in their attractiveness. With many naming man boobs. Gray hair. Drooping Zhao holes. And double chins. As their most hated and physical attributes. To which I would tell you that if you do have man boobs gray hair drooping gels and durable germs you're right. People are still looking at you they're just saying you. I think. Now arrogant part of the attraction is doing the best thing I've noticed that Ellis been on the phone since we were talking about the airlines and all the information that they have no what they may say to you Alex you're on the Levy today. I got. OPEC are aren't. Yeah no cited known as your earlier you been on for some time. Yeah oh. A boat may get by art are forgot. And you're you're out very well with the spirit Europe there are dual thank you appreciate what. Oh what a pleasure. Yeah are you mentioned about airline. He's been cut down on your oh there you know. They got to know your frequent flyer to have habits they would know of it's your birthday they may know a whole lot of stuff about your. Yeah many know where where I don't problem there and you have corporate bottom they're they have built and are you get an area where you want to relax at all thought you. An article yet though I'm sitting there or are you wanna. Lock up your marble earlier question well how I look at how it got to get the morning or call. Well I and then I would agree with you but I would also you know I I think I'm not so sure there my mom sat down and they in is in the seat of a plane and somebody came up and said Dan Amos is Hancock how was your birthday that she wouldn't think that that was kind of a nice and personal. Oprah yeah my heart I guess our Arlo. And I mean I'm kind of with few it indeed did you know and I'll tell you what Ali in north. I thought hey it was my birthday. I record our Barbara that meant so I pay about thanks solicited or get. Yeah. I don't they aren't published. Good note. TJ as a credible man guard page the trailer for comedians in cars getting coffee. Susan number ten. Trailers pretty good. There was a lot of. People that are making appearances on the show this a year that I Ernie know who they are. Lot of people that are making a birds as they do know they are but don't watch the trailer was killer so we put it upon Hancock bridge WBT dot com. Already the WBT news or were marked garrison is a gathering things up to a wander in here a few moments for Charlotte have six to we'll take you to a 7 o'clock enough. India hoopla over the kids in the parents of the separation in the border in the Maloney a Macon trip down there are no that's the big news today. Yeah really as it was mentioning maligning at trump had a press conference she got a tour of the facilities are some of the kids are. Meantime a group of mayors from around the country went down there they wanted to see where the kids were held in the Border Patrol says man now go away. Now maligning a war code d'isere but you noted that said something about I don't care do you. Have you seen that now I saw Bob Bennett the press conference footage but I don't know that I noticed thick coat that's kind of she's wearing a green kind of like a rain coat type of both in and high style. Kind of a sea green on the back of it apparently is said. I don't care do you. I hope not I mean it does and and that's elegant trump attitude I didn't know she had dinner at the at bat. Anyway I thought that was very cool she would down there today and well like Maloney on don't have to what I do alike are I think because she's. I think she got thrown into a position which probably never really wanted to note and and should I you don't wish gears yourself with us some class solo that's that's a good pick. Tomorrow take your dog to work day was that I don't think that applies here no I don't think David let us bring a dog in the building here in China I think there's a rules her I don't know recounts policy is they've one point they said no I've ever Sherry lynch used to have her Boston bull terriers and they used to run around here. I mean just. Race and up and down the halls they're cute decision ever saw in your life and Angie had a pet pig for awhile I remember that he had and he has to snore around here from time to time and I think all the back in the day when mount Clapton was a puppy Malo west deal with a poppy I brought him a near one day. Did you yeah. But I I don't know what the new policy as I think you're probably right I think goad the building owners which you are not us any longer recall no loans that I assume they probably would frown on now bringing your lie have been here enough. Yeah I don't think they care it's taker dog workday tomorrow but an audience and see if many people do take their don't know what Kirk. Now but now. Take take your anchor to work tomorrow because that's what they're all the dude it's dirty restaurant Thursday so oh well what does really well on askew who are bit I'll ask you where. It is a popular uptown restaurant and it had to be shut down because it was loaded with roaches in fact looking here at the health inspections. The inspectors said. Basically. A rodent droppings and cockroaches everywhere infiltrating every box and bag in the place knew that. Well I think they call it possum seasoning don't think I. I think you're mixing storm Keolalai probably elements never happened before I don't quite understand remark heirs and is on his way and aerial love spent the next hour with your. Charlotte at sixth on news so talk 11109293. WBT. So we were just talking about Joseph when you become invisible wind you're attractive factor or congress tends to fail when people know they're not being checked out anymore and it's late forties for the most part men and women. When neo when it was when the gels in the June's enough in the green here in the and the man Bruce show up that's it you're done. Equality of a meal that you have in a restaurant can be impacted by many factors. Read this the other day. New study finds that for men one of those factors is the individual serving on the food. In other words. Men think that a male meal taste better if it served by an attractive waitress. I don't know if I believe better. How many just really nice people have you ever had as waitresses that. My most at mom like qualities. University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University researchers. Polled a 195. Adults and found men rated as meal. Are more delicious. When it was served by a waitress wearing make up with her hair down as opposed to a tired looking woman with bad skin and her hair up. And no cockroaches. I also when men were given a glass of Orange juice they reportedly said it tasted sweeter. When they were shown a photo of an attractive woman before drinking it. But can a restaurant or you guys go into this sounds like the Playboy club. That's the best in Scotch and water I've ever had in my life. Women were polled on the other hand and they were far more interested in the location in the noise in his of the restaurant of the attractiveness of their server had no impact on us how they rated their dining experience. Because that makes sense women aren't as. The anatomy and a good look at Nevada but they're not as hung up on looks they're more looking for equality I guess than men men men there's figure and all benefits. In time I had about five people look at him in the studio or or maybe your but I. So there ego night. John at six is coming up next NBA draft is tonight at 7 o'clock the and I don't think there's been in the trades. Kimba walker still look. A member of the team as far as I know so deal hornet's wolf picked number eleven. 45 they just got down when in the Dwight Howard trade remind Brooklyn. Which goes through Milwaukee yesterday and then I think they got from Cleveland. I'll leave you with Mark Garrison Charlotte at sixes next time vanguard Charlotte closed below that and we are.