The Opioid Crisis and Baseball Stadium Food

John Hancock
Tuesday, March 20th

Hancock discusses the Opioid Crisis & the Presidents proposed program, and new foods that are coming to the various baseball stadiums for the new season.


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The. This is John Hancock. Other areas Tuesday is making big. Thank you for all Leo responsibly. Got good yesterday show what colors Randall and Jack Daniel loved. The long 'cause we have that bigger reaction do any single thing that we've done before mode. Jack and Gary and I were texting here there everywhere today talking about some stories that got missed yesterday. And so maybe willow do that again in the semi near future. I guess so me asking if this afternoon was to assume knows. They were that's early enjoyed that. Sotomayor warmest moments here it is radio stations have combo with. The broadcasts involving. For lack of a better term the old guard. On the people who went stood before us. People that made radio assemblyman many of us wanted to. Eventually get into although I never would've. When I was so listen the top forty radio in the 62. And made me that would be a way I could make a living. I don't know that I never thought I'd be holding court with the news talker. You just never know where your career may take you. Dig Charlotte, North Carolina for instance. I don't know that I've mentioned this show before but thanks to University of Maryland Baltimore County or it may be it's thanks to university of our Virginia but. Free pizza from little Caesars on Monday April the second or your of this. Caesars is already. What they're giving everybody in America free lunch after the upset over the weekend of UMBC over the number one the sixteenth seed over the number one seed. UMBC ended up losing in the second round but little Caesars is keeping its commitment that it made if any sixteen seed knocked out a number one they'd give try everybody AAF free launch. They Medved before the tournament. There was no reason to think that they would have to pay off audit. Sixteen seeds were ON 135. Against one seeds. So. You get to see the board meeting catch yourself what is as you know we ought to doing a lot of that be good publicity and we never have to pay off. Well there are gonna pay off they'll do it on Monday April the second from 11:30 AM until 1 PM local times. Free lunch boxes of a slice of pepperoni pizza Minnesota. Which little Caesars usually sells for five dollars each will be available for free. Two weeks well a week from next Monday April the second. So all low save this and and remind you of that because everybody deserves they are free lunch just in case you didn't read. And I meant to mention this yesterday we just never got to have. Staff curry. Sent a whole bunch of un released new shoes and swagger of the retriever for their game Sunday night that they lost but after they beat Virginia. And I guess. BUMBC is under armor school. As well but they don't get. They don't get stuff. Because of that here somewhere. You NBC said the issues were and released in between but actually the shooters were available as early as last Wednesday. You NBC and courier both signed two under armour armor under armour six year deal with UMBC expires this year. Curry's deal goes through 224. Curry is making a little bit more money than you NBC got a visit UMBC does not receive any cash for its deal with the under armour. They get discounted prices on shoes and apparel in exchange for wearing the under armour all logos on another. On their equipment and stuff. But maybe go get a new contract now that they have. And under armour some pretty good publicity but US cruel thing that hometown boy stuff Korea does systems themselves wagons and the mall brand new way issue shoes. After the game Sunday night tickets to Kansas State which they all lost. I told yesterday that Rhonda Sanchez's new coach at the air Charlotte 49ers basketball team. Carolina Panthers added another wide receiver are in the process of doing that Jerious right from a Minnesota. Has also worked for there turner before so knows the system that our new offensive coordinators bringing in to town so I don't know if that addresses the wide receiver. Our core for the year or not coming up on a draft in April. The defensive back they had signed fell through due to way injury couldn't pass the physical. And so. Does that mean we're going for a DB in the fifth attorney for pick in the draft I don't know. I think maybe you'll get to Rivera and or Ernie or both. In here before the draft. I was planning on getting him in here and then Bernie was up in the air. And I didn't wanna have Rivera and until we knew the general manager is going to be an and it's kind of slept often didn't and haven't really fast and cents. You're from Ron from time to time he got here waxed in noted judge Texan and yesterday during the EO Larry sprinkle show and when we're talking about Murphy in the morning and said don't. I remember Murphy from my time in Chicago. So. Third time and hear the Cabela's outdoor store near Caroline has been broken into guns were stolen. We think about that gun stores. What they do it night when they locked up. Hyatt gun shops right up the street from us on Wilkens and I haven't been over there I've never been an. But I assume the places the fortress that once closed. In this part of town and sore and so forth. I read this story about Cabela's outdoor storage heroines broken into guns were stolen third time in a year that that's happened at that location. And then it says on Saturday are rock was used to break a show room window. And I thought so they're big guns aren't. Secured an assay first art I mean I understand it would be a pain in the butt to have to put everything up and put everything down and all that kind of stuff but. If you can get into a gun store with a rock. Well no wonder there. Guns falling into the hands irresponsible people if it's that easy to steal it. Cabela's preferred gun. After retailer. That's your ultimate rock. And roll. Got an email yesterday from my body only cats who was very opened up Katz's deli for years they were over there by the arboretum another out enough. Valentine on that camp field street. And this is the closest thing to a New York Delhi you'll find here in town I can guarantee you that in his dust just excellent and I I don't live vote Nero Valentine anymore obviously so getting over there. As I've been an option but he knew he he's these rights you know news is it was on channel three. Now the other day it is an LSU some pastrami and a bag and WB TV refrigerator so on the way out last night and I grabbed it. I got home. And it's got a pastrami and then and mustard and it into slices of bread and it's so I can make my own sandwich. And norm or what he calls that stuff but it's like. Sweet noodle putting herself like that is like a sweet macaroni and cheese almost thing with like corn flakes over the top but I'm sure it's diabetes type two approved. And US scarves that downforce isn't going to find out that he considered to resort to have to go through this feature that's not hang on a diet. That I mostly male honors in this that are in trouble for a few minutes I'll be fine. It's got his stuff is so good it's the best Ruben. Ever. But anyway yeah thanks league cats. And if you're not familiar with the cats Billy Mueller around a Valentine you ought to get over there and grab yourself to go more durable more my hand right now. You have more options you can buy stuff by the pound enough. It's good good stuff he is not related to the cat is KAT easy. People in New York which is a renowned deli in New York. But he's every bit us. Qualified duke. Call himself a Delhi so. And that's a that's a word that sets like love that so that's a word to zoom way overused. But it's not an exaggeration no. Early camps that stuff. I'll the government shut down we got they are debate we've got to. Deadline on the Friday. So here we go again. There seems to be no deal imminent to keeping the government funded past the end of a Friday negotiations are said to be dragging on you wouldn't expect him bad come up with a agreement to bits about the way it. Works if that happens that'll happen on Friday. And 1159. Or maybe even. 2:34. Saturday morning you know be one of those deals. Apparently Capitol Hill Democrats have rejected the White House bid to extend the protections for the so called dreamer immigrants in exchange for the 45 billion dollars in funding for. Other president's border wall. And. It's so one point three trillion dollar. Catch all spending bill. I disputes remain over immigration enforcement and ball funding. Democrats obviously don't want less than 45 billion. As well as major rail project that it's a trump against Schumer. And. Anyway both parties are. Are working on it but. But there's Friday deadline just in case you weren't aware of when the next deadline is sets that's so aware of that what is. The National Republican Congressional Committee dinner is tonight if you were listening to blow Thompson this morning along with a Pat McCrory on the Pat McCrory show from. 9 till 10 o'clock McCrory was in DC and that's why he's various for the National Republican Congressional Committee dinner. So that's going on note tonight. And you have a a snowstorm. Yeah but just an unbelievable. The northeast is getting ready for a what is going to be there or fourth. Nor Easter in the past three weeks. I mean to the point that they are talking about New York getting as much as fourteen inches of snow when it starts falling tonight. And aided by a by the way spraying started this morning or this afternoon at twelve under when I was fifteen or some orca. They think Washington DC can get 48 inches of snow they think Boston's likely to get up to eleven or twelve inches of snow weather the rain has already started in Washington and Baltimore. And battle turned to sleet and freezing rain and before. But today it ends and then snow moves into New York in time for Wednesday morning's commute and then little in Boston a little bit later on tomorrow. And winter storm warning is in place from Massachusetts. All the way down to western North Carolina. Also expected to wallop New Jersey and Delaware and parts of Eastern Pennsylvania Philadelphia could get more snow the New York wind gusts at 35 miles per hour expected bear. So that'll probably mean power outages. Add just 7 AM this morning. It 268. Tuesday flights had already been canceled that's primarily Philadelphia new York and Boston. The Maine or airports that are being affected by that. But people up and say east northeast. Just have to be thinking oh my goodness what is going on now we've had a pretty mild letter. And we're getting much needed rain. I don't know were our water tables aren't all that stuff but I consumer Hedman do last summer get ready for the hot weather with. With a pretty good base. But to the northeast is just I mean the last three weeks this is the fourth nor'easter to come on no pounded on in and they're just getting beaten to death and I can say over a foot of snow X is expected in a New York. So I'm. Those who were all of that goes. We were talking to. Danny had no and Three Dog Night a couple of weeks ago. And we asked him about his music being used in commercials. And how they felt about that. He said he had no problem at all. But at the. Hi and what. What about this were Cadillac. And I was thinking today. You know who ought to be used in Three Dog Night music. United air hobbyists. Who has suspended and they will no longer accept any new reservations for pets in the cargo department. I until May first. So it says so the airline can do review its policy. And in this case I think review its policy is code for. Figure out what the hell to do right. Because the cargo department had nothing to do with the death of the one dog bit apparently the flight attendant made them put in the overhead carrier. That was the first story then you had the dog that was flown to Japan. And then you had that dog Ville was on the wrong flight had I mean are remembers or they have they've had. At least three. Dog. Night stories. It's just me thinking out loud as they said CO. Three dog fly. Yeah a ago. I'd be president today called. Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on reelection frivolity ensued. Senator McCain is beside himself can't imagine why the president would do that. And apparently be a two of them discussed arranging hail possible bilateral meeting. Kremlin said in a statement that the two presidents also spoke about the need to coordinate efforts to limit the arms race and no closer cooperation on strategic stability and counterterrorism. Well one thing that they didn't discuss apparently was the poisoning of the you know Britain. To go underwater up. And trump include expressed satisfaction no with their apparent easing of tensions over North Korea's weapon program that came up in the conversation today. Trump offered highlights to what day he called a very good call with Bruton said that he wants to meet prudent in the not too distance future to discuss the arms race between Russia and the United States and said he also wants to discuss Ukraine that North Korea and Syria. And. I need you get with Mike Doyle and find out more about the wall on the visuals. Hypothetical let's say hello hypothetically I go on their London. Unbelievable. Dragster has unveiled his hoped you would epidemic planned. Calls for the death penalty for a drug dealers. Which I guess makes a great headline and now works well when you're Macon campaign speeches or cross country but. How we're gonna force the death penalty for some of those heinous crimes you can possibly think of didn't do you really think a drug deal is going down to the death penalty. But yeah I just say it it Bates. He's got a point. The drug dealer. Ken. And M in the guy out on the street peddling crap. I can take down in hundreds or thousands of people low with his irresponsibility. But if you gunning somebody down you spend your life in jail or. So from that aspect I understand that trump unveiled his administration planned for a tackling me oh you waited to make yesterday. Including a call to impose the death penalty on drug dealers. He was in New Hampshire. Live free or die. Which has been hit hard by the okay good. Problem. And will be focusing. All I know the penalties that I talked about previously for big pushers. The ones that are killing so many people and that penalty is going to be the death penalty. Close quote. Justice Department said the federal death penalty is available for a limited drug related crimes that would include violations of these so called drug kingpin provision. I'm not really clear if the capital punishment for drug trafficking would be constitutional. But some of the other parts of the plan that trump announced yesterday. He called for expanded access to proven treatment and recovery efforts. He called for greater public education and awareness about drug addiction and the dangers of open argues. He said the administration will work to cut the number of hope good prescriptions filled by 13 within three years. And he said building. Is. Long promised border wall and punishing Sanctuary Cities will help reduce the flow of drugs into the United States. Now that said. I'm read I've been carrying this around with me cents a week. Thousands of Americans die from prescription OP Lloyd overdoses every year. And. Researchers at Harvard University have found that OP ordered manufacturers are paying physicians. Huge sums of money. The more open yards a doctor prescribes the more money he or she makes. And we had talked about this and they're supposed to be laws in effect that keep this from happening but there's always a way around. A law. In 2014 and 2015 open or manufacturers paid hundreds of dollars as scares me hundreds of doctors. Across the country six figure sum source speaking consulting and other services. I don't like politics. You can't make bell large contribution. From a campaign standpoint. But you can pay a candidate or paper holder of office pretty much whatever you want to come and make a speech. Thousands of other doctors were paid over 25000. Dollars during that time says this. This information from researchers at Harvard University. Positions. Who prescribed particularly large amounts of the drugs work the most likely to get paid. This doctor Andrew. A lot named senior scientist at the institute of behavioral. Health. At the Heller school four school policy and management at Brandeis University co director of the ore grade research policy research collaborative. Says it smells like doctors being bribed to sell narcotics. And that's very disturbing. The Harvard researchers said that it's not clear whether the payments encouraged the doctors to prescribe the company's drug. Or whether the pharmaceutical companies seek out and reward doctors who are already. High prescribe burst. Doctor. Public health said I don't know if the money is causing prescribing. Or the prescribing is leading to the money but in either case it's potentially a vicious cycle. Follow the money. Two new analysis CNN along with Barnett and Harvard's doctor on new palm of Vienna. Examined to federal government databases and one tracks payments by drug companies to doctors and the other tracks prescriptions that doctor's right to Medicare recipients. And the analysis looked at 2014 and 2015. During which time more than 8111000. Doctors wrote prescriptions to Medicare patients. 8111000. To doctors. Writing prescriptions to Medicare patients. Of those nearly half road at least one prescription for oak yours. 54%. Of those doctors more than 200000. Physicians received a payment from pharmaceutical companies that make those open yards. Doctors. Were more likely to get paid by drug companies if they prescribe a lot of all we Lloyds. And they were more likely to get paid a lot of money. Doctors in the top 25 percentile. 72%. Received payments and of those top. Fifth percentile. 84% received payments the various biggest purse drivers of all VOA it's those in the top 10%. Then the top tenth of 1%. 95%. Received payments. On average doctors who told VOA prescription volume ranked among the top 5% nationally received twice as much money from the boy toy manufacturers. Compared with doctors whose prescription volume. Was in the medium. Does this tell you at all what that is going on here. Follow the money. I'm I you're not gonna. Yeah I get it take these guys and give them the death penalty. But boy you start revoke its medical licenses in custom people Samoa living our first. Paying doctors for speaking and just read this is the loophole you pay doctors for speaking consulting and other services it's legal. Pharmaceutical company payments to doctors. Not unique to oak VOA its drug companies pay doctors billions of dollars or various services 201548%. Of physicians receive some pharmaceutical payment. It's legal it till legal however. For doctors to prescribe the Dutch drug in exchange for kickback payments from a manufacturer. Doctor Daniel car lot. Said that. With other studies suggesting that money from drug companies does influence to doctors prescribing habits he says it's not proof positive but it's another very significant data point. On the growing evidence that marketing payments from drug companies are not good for medicine and not good for patient care. That's sometimes pharmaceutical companies pay doctors to do medical research. And they also pay doctors for promotional work. I'll like to speak with other doctors about the benefits of a particular drug and among the doctors who prescribe the highest volume of OP Lloyds. The analysis by CNN and Harvard found that the largest amount of money was paid for that second category. Which includes speaking fees consulting travel and food there were several studies published in medical journals in recent years. They have found an association between payments of pharmaceutical companies for various types of drugs and the doctors prescribing habits. Follow the money researchers from the University of North Carolina they've gotten to this all share that with you're just a second and I tracks and we go watches and our dog just coming back. It just me. And I've got a tour there had to share. No Jack no Larry it just me. I got another one Austrian. Knowledge about the so we are doing I cannot find this article to be fascinating to Morel believes doctors have prescribed to more money that they have make. And this was. A steady and an analysis firm researchers at Harvard university and CNN. Who put us all down together that a doctors who prescribe the highest volume of OP Lloyds. Analysis found that the largest amount of money was paid for that second category. So they get around any laws by eight making these speaking fees or consulting fees. Or for paying for travel or food or. So it is kind of like jail politician making a speech I can't give money to your campaign or I can't give this much money your campaign or I can't give this much money to your. Foundation. But I can pay ill an asinine amount of money to come and make a speech to my organization. The University of North Carolina plays and did this they examined to government databases. And found that when doctors received payments from manufacturers of certain cancer drugs they were more likely to prescribe those drugs to their patients. So some studies have looked at whether or not the amount of money that a doctor receives makes a difference. And so there are studies by researchers at Yale. And George Washington University Milken institute of public health and Harvard Medical School and they have all found. That the more money physicians are paid by pharmaceutical companies. The more likely they are to prescribe certain drugs. This doesn't shock anybody does that. Not all interactions are unethical or inappropriate relationships between doctors and industry. Our ethical and appropriate if they can help drive innovation in patient care. Or provide significant resources for professional medical education that ultimately benefit the patient. This of pain position by the name of stand house. Said that a Doctor Who gets paid biopharmaceutical. Company a prescribe that company's drug might truly and legitimately believe. That the drug is the best option for the patient. But another researcher. Harvard researcher. Who collaborated on the CNN analysis. Said he worries that money from all we Lloyd manufacturers especially large amounts of money could influence a doctor debris scribe OP Lloyd's over less dangerous options. Salt. In essence. And he told the money. And the more open your age doctors prescribe the more money they make. And that's about all you really need to know from all the intricacies of the study in the analysis therein. I talked about the one doctor that I used to go to here and I've probably would still be going to him because personally liked him. But burden. There'd there'd be a staff that he had a front desk. I just couldn't put up put them. They they were they were just the route his group of people I've ever met in my life and you could not get to the doctor I got I was going through an allergy thing one year. And all I wanted to do was talk to my doctor on the phone and I realize that's a big request in this day and age to be able actually have contact with your doctor. But he had given me a prescription the year before that had worked miracles and all I needed to do was get to him and ask him if he would re prescribed that. And I couldn't get past those Nazis of the desk. So I found this problem email address and send him an email and said. Don't. And now. He called me back and we talked for awhile and and then he had his assisted call me and she wanted to know more about that they wanted me to write a letter and fill out a former news on what that no. And I don't have time for that. So but the one thing that did the note that I make about him was and then later and then in the Charlotte Observer years later. It showed the number one. Money in takers. Doctors in the area they were getting the most money from the pharmaceutical companies and their his name was number one on the list. I could not sit and I think that are up and I was probably there are three times in all three times I was there are sporadically distance over a period of time. Pharmaceutical reps walking in the front door. Past the front desk in the side door and back into the back calls and I don't just mean one I mean several per visit. Enough 45 minutes forty minutes whatever it was I would been sitting out there in the waiting room. These guys were common in like. Customers at a McDonald's drive through window. And so when I saw his name in the paper is. Having received the most benefits from the pharmaceutical companies there was no surprise to me at all. I'm not saying he's unethical. It could've been totally above board. Just sitting and waiting room told me an awful lot about the way that the business was working anymore. And quite frankly he was pretty ready with a pin. That if you had a concern nor. Hey my shoulder hurts a little bit or Meyer you know just so they're really looking more for advice and I was looking for pharmaceuticals. He's many had their prescription pad out ready to go. So follow the money the more hope we Lloyd doctors prescribe the more money they make. And that's. Just the way it is. Tags talk first event of a tradition it. Give back go out and lost. About a 2000 point drop in the. In a pretty short period of time after after a man we just were flying through the 23004. Very 4045000. Got to what 266. Now we're down 224 or whatever it is pretty close to 446 or. The blue bit better Dave and now we're just talking about total yards and near president billing is so good epidemic planned. Pulled through the death penalty for a drug dealers and we just shared AO study in an analysis of the study another more open Lloyds doctors prescribe more money that they make. Article in the guardian. Recently. US health care costs more than double similar countries. Turns out the United States spends more than double what tend other high income nations do on their health care because. Were terrible and just about everything when it comes to running our healthcare system US was compared to attend other countries UK. Canada Germany Australia Japan Sweden France Denmark Netherlands Switzerland. Found that the average salary for a general practice physician is more than double. I'm here in the United States they also found that spending for prescription drugs in the United States more than double that of similar nations. These other countries spend about one to 3% to administer their health plans we spend about 8%. Just on administrative costs alone the US also ranked last in life expectancy and have deal worst of maternal mortality rates. The United States spends twice as much on healthcare as ten other hide income nations. Driven by the high price of everything. From prescription drugs to doctors salaries. According to the American Medical Association journal of American Medical Association. Most countries get to lower prices one of two ways they either have a very strong price setter. Which is usually a government agency. Which we would like. Or they go more efficient markets. Via US says figured out how to do. But the worst of both. According to this article researchers used 98 indicators to compare countries across seven areas general spending population health structural capacity utilization pharmaceutical access. And equality and get an equity. And what researchers found was not a single sector with high prices but that every sector had extraordinary price tags. The average salary for general practice physician in the other countries was between 86000 and a 154000. On this rounding off numbers. In the United States the average was 2181000. Per capita spending for prescription drugs and other nations ranged from 466. To 939. Dollars in the United States it was 14100. In 43 dollars US also spends more on administrative costs. Other nations spend between one and 3% to administer the health plans we spend 8% of total health care spending on net. US health costs a percentage of the gross domestic product nearly double that of other nations to when he sixteen US spent seventeen point 8% of GDP. Compared to nine point six to twelve point 4% of other countries and at the same time. America often had the worst population health out outcomes health outcomes. And worst overall health coverage. We ranked last. In life expectancy and had the worst maternal. Mortality rates nearly triple that the United Kingdom. Steady possible weaknesses include. To protect comparability of good data. With different countries. Having modest differences in data collection so maybe that plays a role in the findings. But does the but the bottom line is we can probably do better in the way that we administer. And it shouldn't take more government regulation as well also implied in this. One. Section of the thing itself. Anywhere offer health care but I I just thought all that kind of stuff was sent singer Neil you're doing article Everest was officially go. I'm fascinated with because. As with so many things to be just follow the money. An annual. But he isn't saying that a few months ago we heard that these CEO of a Cambridge and Politico which is under such attack right now in FaceBook as well. And if you think this is this is the beginning of the tech companies this is another reason why the stock markets probably not going to be look at real great for awhile. Because Facebook's under fire right now. But. Get ready for the dominoes. Because twitters gonna fall. Because all of these companies are are doing this taking your information and making it. Under the but I under the guise of basically a baby making it to easier for advertisers to say all the skies looking for a pair of speakers. So there harvesting information they who we give up freely. Wind when you take and I do it till. I'll be on FaceBook and all seeing some stupid. Poll. That somebody's put up on their FaceBook page and I can't think of one as an example right now the one I remember was from a thousand years ago. And it was so which WK RP personality you're you know. And I took the bad took that test and I came I Johnny fever oh man under does that in my life. To exactly hello wanted to be. But you give up information in these stupid little holes from time to time. And and that's what they and that's why they're there are there that there are such QA and because. You wanna see where you fit. As compared to out. So we give up information we answer questions that seemingly seen innocent but they actually divulged. An awful lot of who you are. And then the other thing is is that as with the K average analytical thing apart read this correctly they get into your site. And they harvest your friends and they can kind of figure out where you're. Political leanings and still far through that as well. So were giving up all this information if somebody were to call you on the phone and start asking you questions of the information that they can call from the stuff that you make available to them in ways that you don't know you've made available to them. You would tell got the other of not arrangement question. But we somehow or another. Just just fully give up the information while big bid this CEO of Cambridge analytic up. He resigned a day or he's stepping aside. But. You'll walk away with some gazillion. Millions of dollars. You'll be shamed. Guilty ill ill take the brunt of if if he didn't have owned some sort of a criminal prosecution going to. But if he'll take the blame he'll be the fall guy and he'll walk away without does make it to figure out or have no idea 25 million dollars and now live fine for the rest of his life. So they give me 25 million dollars in free means a big union. Full blown crisis for FaceBook. Social network disclosed on Friday night that it is suspended his Cambridge analytic up from its platform after reclaiming the edited improperly obtained information on a fifty million user profiles. And can't they that they said that any data obtained through FaceBook Cambridge analytical said it was done so legally and fairly. And restarted find out that that's probably not true. FaceBook revealed the suspension of a Cambridge analytic on a Friday. They claim the data firm secured information on user profiles through a personality of quiz apt. From global science research without permission. That app collected information like your hometown India content of the users like you know and your friends as well as information from a peoples other friends. And and in this group business that this this company. Was targeting voters during the 2016 presidential election. Services that are provided to that trump presidential campaign. So it's no longer just a matter of and I guess say you do we we all should the numbness. But it's no matter aid. Case of coming up with a message that somehow applies to fuel in your ideals. Or coming up with. A solution to some of the problems that we have. Or being floor things that I'm for or being against things that I'm against or finding some reason that that this is my candidate now. They caddie get in there and and they target information that you'll see on FaceBook that waited with that would. That would help for your opinion and Alter your. It's vote manipulation is what this. It's not whether or not a candidate is running on a platform that you believe heard disapprove of our rev of our don't believe and it's it's vote manipulation. So on. The more we. And a note indeed. Computers. Or it vote how much we rely on no. Maybe we should go back to yellow pages and not index cards for. We have via school walkout last week. And then Saturday. Is when they're supposed to do the big march. Students from the Florida high school or seventeen people were fatally shot last month have been all over TV last couple days especially to a and they expect more than a million participants in this upcoming no march in Washington and elsewhere. Calling for a gun regulations that should happen on Saturday more than 800 march for our lives demonstrators are planned around the world on a Saturday sparked by the Valentine's Day shooting in no Parkland Florida. So we'll see what happens but that's the next read later date the fourteenth was Theo school walk out. And that by and large I think that a problem wasn't levels on essentials as California where they are they had problems. Mom and then you had a couple of students in Arkansas they've got Pavel. And I'll never understand why anybody allows their kid to get panel Blair school administrator but today even the kids said it wasn't done out of malice it was done out of got that story and or someplace. So op. So anyway we'll see what happens on a Saturday. I think this is being run being put on by the same. The way that the women who did the big march and got such great turnout. So well we'll see what to happens there. The president has hired dale Washington lawyer. Who are as a former US attorney. And will be I won't be ale lead role but he'll be an outspoken no player for the president. He pushes the framing theory that the FBI and the Justice Department are just out frame of trump. And truck broke over the weekend from the longstanding advice of some of his lawyers to refrain from directly attacking Mueller. So low so that's what changed a little bit but it way that's that'll be inducing a development. And I saw our poll today that said shoppers would rather deal with technology than humans. Do you find yourself more and more and all wanted to not deal with humans and you self check out at the grocery store whenever possible when. We do. In a low self check out if you got like ten or fewer items. Says here most buyers prefer to be left alone as they shop in store for items like apparel. And prefer. Four to say yea use in store technology for customer service over personalized attention from store employees. Here's what I want I want somebody available. If I need them. But I don't you don't have to Erika looked to me and asked me how I am today and ask me when I'm looking for asserting I can help Hewitt. If there's anything you can help me rest. And be there when I need somebody to help me where it. I especially hate are especially hated me usually happens with small wounded shop. We read an old guy in Savannah. Who had tunnel like area. A distressed wood furniture store type of thing but also sold art and I could not get him off my tail. He was solid every item under Dutch giant is a trial at 800 years old ozone above an advantage such as please give me a break. Just let me wander and if I got questions all all you know how much is this. But 85% of those surveyed wanna be able to check prices that price scanners and and the one place where we do want help is electronics. The trend it did not hold with shoppers looking forward to buy electronics. Around and that's where you're looking for personal assistance and information but everything else and if I need help be they're forming. But don't follow me around the store and try to sell me on every time. Spring has sprung. Up to nine days into the year. 286. Days to go it's march the twentieth. 1899. On March the twentieth Martha bill month place. We'll Brooklyn New York became the first woman. To be executed in the electric cheer. And that's where the phrase came. Know your place. There's no real moment. 1916 Albert Einstein published the major general theory of relativity. And that is they are relatives of Christmas we'll stay three days longer than what you really wish. 1969. John Lennon and Yoko Ono buried in Gibraltar. It's on a cruise ship once the throw went past Gibraltar. Who saw it. Tom. How Lyndon. Barney Miller 87 years old today and Carl Reiner 96. Years old sparring began at 1215. Tell that to the people of a New York where they're expected fourteen inches of snow. Pennsylvania and big storm system fourth nor Easter they've had in the last few weeks of good in the north. Vice president Mike Pence has a new children's book out and about a bunny. Time is quickly running out to use up your gift cards that babies. NASA are read the news today oh boy revealed plans to construct a massive spaceship to obliterate dangerous asteroids by bombing them with nuclear weapons. What could possibly go wrong. The FBI is overseeing a treasure hunt in Pennsylvania they're digging for buried gold lost during the civil war. And the coach of the UConn women's basketball team is being criticized for letting his team embarrassed the girls of Saint Francis by beating them. By 88. Points. And they beat UConn basketball women's record is unbelievable. But urged kind of tired of it. In this kind of like the Taiwanese baseball team at one point during the Little League World Series free ebitda also does. They gave me hear you guys take this trophy and just keep it forever. And lo and all the other teams by for the title. Itself driving over car killed a woman in Arizona crossing a street. And marks the first fatality caused by an autonomous vehicle Hoover said that day it was suspending North American test an idea. Of the assault driving vehicles which are currently going on and Arizona Pittsburgh and Toronto self driving car was. An autonomous mode with an operator behind the wheel. I don't know the whole deal about. As. Driver Lewis vehicles. And Williamson's. Drones and all this other stuff that those starting their problem. So sure I'm all excited about all of us. George said if they iron and this thing here's what George said Jersey here's the thing if you don't want the other teams scoring 98 rise again Jeff could second stop on. College isn't your thing do that George apparently they were unable due. But there's. An actual war. Or you could do that but that's what kind of frowned upon in society. If you can't handsome. Are you kidding I mean when they're going up for the audio gadget that's so I'd go would you suggest. We know reassure nor are normally broadcast program. Dan that gore ski. I'm probably already in Maginnis former world record treating a record number of big Macs have you heard about this guy it's that's not to me it's not about the same anymore gore ski will eat his. Thirty thousand. Big Mac in early may. Wouldn't know what else do eat if it weren't for big Macs he doesn't eat much. Keeps track of everything needs and no broken admits he has an obsessive compulsive. And it's six foot 2195. Pounds. He proves foods you should be viewed you don't. You know bid the big that you love don't have to make you fat. He's say retired Wisconsin guy he says I love big Macs. So much I'll keep beating him until I die in a pileup as long as my dad. All past 40000 of them. Now there's stuff that I love. But if you. At some point you say okay does that sit like I don't need that anymore. But the burly this guy and got to that point you have 30000 big Macs. World. Little bit earlier about they are students stood down in Florida. That are helping to organize this march on Saturday expect a million people at this gun control march. Ando we talked about on no Valentine's Day it's fourteenth is when they had the school walk out and that there were a couple of kids that were paddled for that I knew that I had destroyer or someplace. Arkansas' word happened. Students who took part in neo walkouts last Wednesday. To protest gun violence. I knew that they might face punishment for their actions and so there were three students in Arkansas who reportedly disciplined. With an old fashioned paddling. Now I never went to a school that allowed it. That I know of a military school. But it left. It was that the administrators who were pedal a new way it was the what they called the old boys or guys that had been there. And that was part of the initiation you went into military school and and saint John's military schools like Kansas were I went when you win and you were wrapped. You were the lowest form on earth. You had to walk the walls which means you have to square all the corners and no he's square meals and do all that kind of stuff now that a deal that lasted for about six weeks and you went through tests and so on and so forth a menu of you eventually earn your what they called your old boy shields. And then they pasted your old boy shields on and a ceremony at night and they would put those things on they had those little pins and army you know with a little backing things. But they put those on your shoulders so all those. Blue pill whatever those things are called. And then yeah they would come down and I hit those things and those Lopez would drive into your shoulders and that was why are you got a hundred million got pinned. But you also. As an old boy after you reached a certain ranks were given a Pavel. Saint John's military school panelist celeb might hang and a garage someplace. And on some occasions. You were forced to discipline. Rats who wouldn't. And so you were allowed to paddle this is all regulated and and had to come down from the common out of the school was an adult knows that the other but some of those guys. And learned that technique with your wrist. And they can make it stick. But I never went to a public school that. Allowed any kind of corporal punishment or anything like that at all and I can't even imagine I understand none of those. Yardstick but. So I according to one parent. Three students and a rural very conservative public school. We were punished for taking part in the walk outs. They were given an option of a two days suspension or corporal punishment which was delivered with a wooden paddle. And they chose the battle. Quite frankly that two days suspension. Because that would depend on how your folks would receive that. When I was a senior always used to get suspended on purpose on either Tuesday as the Fridays so we have a five day weekend so we go to snow mass or some places ski. And that we did that twice. One time it worked great. But the next time it did work out so well I ended up digging drainage ditches is that that also over my dead towering Norman Tom. Greenbrier superintendent down in Arkansas says the students did god did not ask permission to participate in the protest in confirmed that they were given the option of a paddling. Corporal punishment is still legal in some districts in Arkansas. Now above and beyond all of that in this story. Would you allow corporal punishment by school system on your kid. I know there's so what do you say and yes but. One of the students willing Greer. Sounds like a pretty mature kid says the paddling was quote not dealt with malice or cruelty. And that he has the utmost respect. For the adults involved Lewis says corporal punishment has no place in the schools. So he understands that the people overdoing the paddling or. Carrying out parts of their jobs. You understand this wasn't personal this flows punishment for not following school rules. But it doesn't think the corporal punishment has any place in the schools and opened corporal punishment doesn't push in the schools either. Although I suppose an argument could be made that part of the problems we have today is too many parents not being parents. Tom I sort of follow up on that the next big deal is this weekend. And. This'll be the big march. That is being put together by the same people that did the women's march. That there was a so successful and that'll happen this Saturday and their expect him a pretty big turn out. Especially in Washington DC solo Woolsey were all that goes and how all of that goes. When you fly do you think your more susceptible to getting sick. See I would say yes to because too many times I got an awful plane and kind of felt that. But it's kind of like the flu shot in others where you can't get sick from the flu shot but people swear up and down that they got the flu shot got sick. Anyway traveling by plane greatly increases your chances of getting sick are so many young people think that's the case but. The latest research from Emory University which just by the way is the university and a specializes in trading pilots. Suggest that you are more likely to get sick on a flight. Much of it depends on where you set. New research suggests that airline passengers inflicted. With the fluid disease that spreads through the air. Are likely to infect other passengers who sit more than two seats to the left to the right or more than two seats in front or back. Of that particular person who's got a flu in other words your chances of contracting the flu from an affected infected passenger are slim unless you're sitting. Within about six feet of them. But how would you know. Which means that they did that technically you are more susceptible to getting sick because you're in a closed area for a compliant period of time. And you have no idea amid peak flu season how would you know. I mean obviously you know the guy showed tremendous symptoms. Read the news today away IBM has unveiled what it claims to be the world's smallest computer. It is smaller than a grain of salt. It will cost less than ten cents to manufacture. The computer will be a data source. For blocked chain applications it's intended to help track the shipment of goods. And detect theft fraud and noncompliance and also what can do basic. Tasks like you know sorting any data than it's given. Size of a grain of salt. Which would but you know that at some point. Don't think about the size of a grain of salt is going to be implanted in the back here hander something and that will act as your ID. And your credit sores and your. Sylvia that's where we are and it still 100000. Pay phones and American you have any idea. 1999 there were two million phone booths in America today there are 100000 pay phones a fifth of them are in New York. And 11100 companies operate the country's pay phones which brought in 286. Million dollars in revenue and 2050s. Monday White Sox are down. You'll be here on Monday when the big game. Jesse going to be here do you ballpark armada homes earlier in the week it looks nice I was looking at the weather forecast Tora Saturday. There's a chance for afternoon showers put upper fifties lows in the mid forties and and Sunday. You have a chance for showers as well are high and the low sixties lows in the upper thirties so I'm kind of hoping we get the rain out of our system and Monday turns out to be up. I'll take out sixties. Upper sixties. Middle 60s type by evening a baby into your ballpark. The first time duo wandered down there baseball season opens all week from Thursday I think. You won't have to pay attention to it until like septa. October if it. It's like basketball season you know got to keep track or your team has been rusher row baseball fanatic. Yankees will be a single watch this year. Cardinals are my teams all be watching them. They made some additions I don't know if they can compete with the cubs but whoa whoa whoa whoa we'll find out Dodgers were pretty strong last year weren't there. In the World Series. Now who was in the world or is Lester who won the World Series Lester. And god. So used to do used to must be don't know used it was American League CIA guy that always kills me I had to I think Houston I still think National League. Referral I know I still think COLT forty fives. Yeah out back to the astrodome. I'm ballpark food is always a big deal it's not just. Popcorn Cracker Jacks. Hot dog and. Now you've got to a ballpark food too crazy stuff. In Boston frame relay in French toast. Fenway Park house made pastry cream and chocolate give notch. With Vermont maple syrup and Fenway farms strawberry sauce talk for the powdered sugar. Just for good measure. Don't you try any of us but I mean that the figures out. Do you have them have to have. I have to get up and go wash your hands busy just you're just you're just just stick monster. There's a restaurant on the river in. Mount Holly called. I'm taxes and I went there on Friday night. And one of their signature. Little items. Is of little small for sought covered with like this honey sauce. They're great. But you have to get up and shower after it's our way because you got to do is stick all over your hands there's no way to eat one without get sticky everywhere. So we oh we ordered we've set the bar on a Friday night. And though ordered dinner and Susan said and I don't want Chris sought. And he said really. And she said yet not all audit and he says you know more and more people said that Alaska always what's going on. And we ought to did tell him there too sticky. They're great. But. And so I you know I forgot to not. So why are obviously I had one and an embed division between the salad that it came with. And they and the main entree. And a back in a restroom. Didn't sticky off via but it is great I mean gathered to they're tasty as they can beat you just have to go take a shower after Denver the. And Detroit. And alluded to Detroit dog. Includes eight natural casing hot dog smothered in brisket Chile and drizzle with. Have an arrow caiso sauce. Drug that killed when you TJ. Pittsburgh. Greens and grains super loaded super food bloated. Big and friendly snack includes kale spinach. Roasted corn carrots can Mona that you pronounce them. I've eaten a lot of it recently. Brown rice cranberries sunflower seeds tossed in us a raunchy kerik dressing. Let them know so not Pittsburgh to me. Now you have good greens and grant I'm going over here to ramadi Brothers. Chicago White Sox being down on no Monday to play Euro or Charlotte knights they have Ed director mr. part. Cuban murder. And all beef hamburger topped with sliced ham. For incarnate is sliced pickles Swiss cheese yellow mustard and Mo Joseph saw us. Yes. I can do that. In Atlanta. This back. Cater. To very what that is in the second. And hide this Beck traitor I am in Atlanta. Your help pay us. Lots of all of failures. Hotter the better. And can't do Fries hot. Old age. I can still do hot but I can't do hot like I used to do. They read the Braves spectator. Is a Jumbo potato. Stuff for the hall pay no chatter sausage. Which is then bacon wrapped. After emerging from a slow smoking. These spectators then topped with cheese cream scallions and more whole thing you know. You got into votes. Then I'd try one. Texas Rangers the dilly dog Billy Billy. In a Bud Light bulb at your side chili dog is a deal pickle that is cord out stuffed within Angus beef Jumbo dog air which is then battered and fried to a golden brown. Anybody hungry. I would like one of those as well. I believe that would be one David Childers. Who is with Kyle Petty denied that the evening news 730 for a showtime their Kyle Petty you'll be with us in the July our studio with April vehicles racing season you're. I mentioned briefly this for a while palm. And he's been flirt around with country music I think he started playing places eighties but he's gonna. He's really get in an effort now on you Dana Childers and drew a number of dates and no one of amiss at the evening news tonight we Rhode gone through a no dobbs. Last week or so men they were sprucing up the news. In an all pain out no are doing to trim and medical grade. So are. But I and David Childers just one of our favorite people we we have had him on for a while we're really should get him back. And I just a great writer one of the south's just greatest singer songwriters. Band leaders. Always. Under the with a first time we are ahead of injuries in me an email afterwards and he said hey thanks for having us on the guys don't get much publicity. Those are cool thing for him to do they weigh Kyle Petty and David Childers tonight. And the evening news starts in about. 730. And you can probably get more information evening news in US EU. Dot com. Talking about ballpark foods crazy ballpark food for the other upcoming season the aside a dog. In Arizona. Eighteen inch hot dog. Nestled in a teller roll which is like a Mexican replica of what took a bit tortoise on. Like a French role Mexican. But they dusted with. Flour until again. So an eighteen inch hot dog. And had to be a pretty big sized French role. In a killer role with the Fries. Case old blonde go Carnie it's not a big go to guy ale and guacamole. Yeah absolutely. I'll take that we're and then the rocky mountain poll boy which you can get it to the course of the field in and no downtown Denver load no. Rocky mountain poll VoIP rocky mountain oysters that's. Just what do you think you herded us. Yeah don't tell best testicles I didn't. Think he's Israeli exempt. And talked with garlic slaw guacamole. Green Chile ranch. A Mexican cheese on a poor boy role. When you have one of those. Who it. You try to. What if it tastes like chicken. You know you know I don't know team. Cattle should have been recorder runner to start with. You today. The Honda. Is I'm trying to make the the world's fastest. Lawnmower. Nearly four years ago Honda mean mower when an average of a 116. Point 57. Miles per hour. Destroy Iran's are OK here's the turning. They did that gets just set the air record for the world's fastest lawnmower the record was broken now Honda is a drug re claimant would be obese that they have dubbed. The MK two. And cart record for a lot more is 133 point 57 miles per hour this got to do this can't be lawn mowers would blades can think. Said in that November of Tony fifteen by a Norwegian company Honda says they're shooting for at least a 134 miles per hour. The company didn't and also when they would be making their record attempt. And a hobby I used to have a stuffed animal. Eject it favors stuffed animal. George got a favors staff general. Derailed. A girl a news director and and now will spur Scranton roots Miller. Gave me a Garfield. Stuffed animal. Configured that try to writer was an opus. You have to us about it. For no other reason than it would just a really nice gesture on her part. When I first got to Wilkes-Barre Scranton I got narrative BP WA RM and I'd been there two days and her husband died. And so one of the first things I had to do was go to war funeral. And I just always remember that always remember her she's find she's still a radio as far as I know what they're. 40% of adults say they still interact with their stuffed animals when it comes to stuffed animals men are the real soft his new love study found. 84% of men still have at least one stuffed animal that's compared to 77% of women. 53%. Of adults have a stuffed animal from their childhood and 29%. Of people have a designated drawer for sentimental items and stuff like that. I've got an old beat up cap that I got somewhere good. I mean does he looks like a stray cat it's a black and white stuff that I had and I have him get thrown over in the corner. They does he digital he's just our Wragge yeah. I don't know where I got him don't know why I still have a of the I would fight you if you tried to dig him away from it. So there I've admitted. Oh. 31. 31 years old. Most expensive year of your life. There was used it. Maybe ten dollars. Life is that generally expensive. But if you ever wondered which year. Had a a check clearing site called clear score crunch some numbers and determined that age 31 is the most expensive costing about 60058. Dollars. In a polled up 3000 people about 27% said the cost of getting married emptied their pockets around that age what do you parentage are Vera inject. Officially. Next month. That 27% that the cost of getting married emptied their pockets around that age Tony 5% said the cost of buying a house was very costly. Although it did generations. Millennial today don't seem to be has focused on not doing that. Real estate houses can be a great investment and also kind of tie it down falls and you want mobility if all the sudden. Nashville offers you your job news wanna be able to pack it up move it. I was kind of this this and the secret to my mobility was good not getting married early. And and not be in step down. But don't put but the pet the carrier put it carrier in the law for allude to and ahead of the next destination. 40% said starting are expanding their family was a major financial worry at age 31 more on this in just a second why age 31 most expensive C hero of your life. Clear 31 and the and you get married so that's that that'll. That'll take money out of your pocket by age 31 is the most expensive year of your life. 40% said this starting are expanding their family was a major financial worry at age 31. As. My oldest son just had my granddaughter six months ago. I Chiang. He was Smart he bought a house and there's about 25 or 26 relies fuel house. Matthews area. So. I don't know they kind of have figured it out and on this thing. In sequence but still. Underscore estimated that the cost of getting married honeymoon inning having a baby and looking to buy a house could add about 70000 dollars to one ordinary Costello in the course of a year. Another interesting find it nearly 33%. Of respondents ages 25 to 34 say that they still get money from mom and dad. So if you're still getting money from mom and dad. Obama then. You might wanna cut back on the honeymoon and you might want new plan a little bit more carefully on the baby. And. I don't know. I don't know what to tell you on the house. Did you have to adults out there did you have to borrow money from like your folks tune. Of Georgia first down payment. I did. Noted in a long time ago. But I think I was forty years something like that at the time and the house good news durum. The guy had 7000 bucks that I needed another 101000 to put down 10% on a 170000. Dollar house. I'm and so love mom alluded to me. But it but we live we drew it up with a lawyer had it done legally in the said the other so that there would be no questions and no. None of that and Osama paid it off I think and about ten months or so like that sent. No crime in that do what you gotta do. Right. They say taking a hot bath convert as many calories is a thirty minute walk. Most of that. If you dig an hour. Other room. If you if you named say that a new study. Pounds soaking NA 104 degree. Bath for half hour. Cause participants to burn a 130 calories. Bershard perspective on that that's about the same amount you burn in a thirty minute walk. It's believed dead that the rise in body temperature is what causes the calorie burn in these studied the just soak also lowered bureau blood sugar by about 10%. That's good news all the way around. Is a diabetics exercise program. There's at but they're called what's that. In peace bid something it didn't mean to you on what's that you now have more than seven minutes stunned send it. You know would you like them. How many times you put them on FaceBook as you go on back in the deleted. Potential responses on our FaceBook that I have been gone back and deleted. Because I have knee jerk reactions sometimes. Our most recent patch for the gap and extended the lead delete for every one period to an hour eight minutes and then sixteen seconds and in case you didn't know Gmail has a 32 and send feature. And telegram. Has a 48 hour grace period to delete the message that to you didn't mean to send an. Amazing science facts that will blow your mind. When you sent this to me. Insects out number us we knew that didn't we I think we've talked about that before. There are more in sex in just one square mile of fertile soil than there are human beings on the entire planet. Didn't I read a story once like when I was an eighteen or nineteen about cereal breakfast cereal and. There's all sorts of little. Microscopic. Atom sized. That makes you want to raise a brand and its. They have bowl bugs a the average person manages to consume about 430 insects every year of their lives. Whether they intend do or not. Never woke up the middle that I kind of choked with some in the back here throated wonder. Did I just breathe and something Baird and that they have got a sore throat. And you just don't know. A cloud to ground bolt of lightning carries between a hundred million and a billion vaults it can reach 50000 degrees Fahrenheit. Three to four times hotter than the surface of the sun. The acceleration rate of hopefully jumping off a dog. Is twenty times the acceleration of these space shuttle during launch. This may be more of a believe it or get out of here. But does what it's an amazing science facts but it will blow your mind. More humans are killed every year by falling coconuts than shark attacks. You ever been to the islands or any never heard. Or orbit standing next door where we were Jamaica I guess it was. I was probably stand in eight feet away from my and all the sudden a coconut dropped. And believe me if you're in the wrong place at the wrong time that they guy I could see how that would Killian a heartbeat. The microwave oven was invented after a researcher happened to walk while high powered radar to one day. And a chocolate bar in his pocket and melted. That's how they. And even to this day I guess you have to be older generation like me in George. But microwaves are still fascinating to me and some kind of a way because I mean I grew up with a timer if you wanted to eat something you had a very don't preheat the oven and uploaded in the air waves or absolve more than now. If you can't get a sixteen course meal and fifteen and half seconds and you get impatient. 10% of all humans who have ever lived are alive in the world right now. Is that right. 10% of all the humans who have ever lived. Are alive in the world right now. Well there's 300 million and so much just on this continent so there's. I don't know what don't the world population as. Here's a you have any idea with the world population is is it billion have to be some billion right. Six billion. 10% of all the humans who have ever lived are alive in the world right now. That seems wrong but that's what they sent. Amazing science fact that will blow your mind. While mom's chicken soup won't really cure your cold it will make you feel better. There are anti inflammatory properties in the brought that have been shown to reduce congestion any receivers. Seven point five billion people so best says that 10% of all humans who have ever lived are alive in the world right now. I guess that starts to make you more feasible and. The world's most dangerous animal. But yeah. Spilled just slightly. Bitter over that last divorced. Mosquitoes. Transmitting countless diseases kill more animals including humans than any other animal or plant on earth. But you wouldn't call a mosquito on animal would you. Scioscia said that now that makes me question the entire damn list. Amazing science facts. That will blow. Your mind. I want our water out here and make way for mark Pearson with the Charlotte is six in the way welcome back you're doing all over again tomorrow starting it to 3 o'clock and I appreciate you being here and my thanks again do reject an alert sprinkle for coming by. Oh yesterday which had more response to that. More emails more. FaceBook posts and so on and so forth and anything I can remember those do and in a long long time muscle that was fun. Quick reminder Kyle Petty and David Childers that the evening news tonight starts in about an hour and a half the evening And the buzz had an interesting. You know anonymous comments from one of their readers. Caps losing math. Buy a monthly pass pay 88 dollars ride links for free for a month. Or pay fifty dollars if caught. And I never touch anybody because they've ever check your ticket.