Oprah, Congress and More

John Hancock
Tuesday, January 9th

Hancock is back from vacation. The discussion includes Oprah running for president?, Congress, I Read The News, and Shower Thoughts.


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This is John Hancock. Well I didn't exactly sound like him either. Loving god he had the FB creeping dread yet have you together hold of the gunman holed the last forever. Hey there are other other or as a back from vacation is so we can be. Which is more than you can say for Ken Dorsey and Mike Shula. The Charlotte Observer saying that strong candidate to be the new offensive coordinator for your Carolina Panthers could be Norv Turner. Who was the offensive coordinator for a Minnesota and was not head coach at Dallas for a while. It's head coach someplace he worked for the Rivera out and now they know San Diego for a while also oil. But I will save it that's news that has been breaking this afternoon near Carolina Panthers fired offensive coordinator Mike Shula and quarterbacks coach Ken Dorsey. I issue has been there for seven years video cease and such 4013 and that we thirteen is when Ken Dorsey are showed up to have to be the quarterback coach. And knows so well loved well we'll see the terrorists you just heard with a joke goes to a few moments ago he was Joseph loose to report. Yesterday the headlines. Or one of those articles are written by Brendan marks in the Charlotte Observer. Panthers staff changes all the latest someone leaves Ron Rivera says. Well knows he Wilkes is probably destined for. Public the New York Giants. We're Dave gentlemen gutter got a job all I was on ground break. And or maybe Arizona or maybe Indianapolis but I think everybody's kind of resolve to rusty Wilkes being gone NORAD coaching position good for him. And so all staff is gonna change in the ownership can change and so Colombians seem to see the coach got a two year extension and at some point I'm sure we'll get a chance to talk to him and we have not talked to Marty tourney since he returned either and I would add to speak to Walt. We'll get Marty Ernie and heroes some afternoon not talked to him still considered to be different. Then does then no but I don't think this is the week to ask. So. So we'll willow put that on the agenda also on the agenda is to I've talked to one of the Davidson via may have last documentary shown up on HBO later on this month. So while maybe that's a reason to signer for HBO offer do they got a trial thing on HBO. Can you try try can you try HBO over like a thirty day Dielman decide with a majority burn on. I NH feel for years and all Everett watched on it. Was. I'm fights. And then I got rid of it and I have never thought twice about it and I'm not a big movie watcher and and all that stuff so long. But I would I've seen male last. And and it into your neighbor brother fan at all I would highly encourage you to see and I just think it's as your tax won't. And there's a there's a few parts in there that are so telling. If you can actually read the tea leaves. Well about that band is and what their band is all about and what their band is all about is. Their craft. Music. Not make an hips. I also think it kind of gives you some insiders too low why there just to have good dudes dispute guys that took. In a way that that's that that's what's going on their. With all due respect. You go tigers. I'm so sick day this has got to be the way that they fell back in the sixties though with the Yankees. Would it be you know I just so sick Alabama vicariously straight I have friends that are big time ardent. I mean beyond ardent. Suzanne red. Did news forest down at the end when I was on time out. Just the most obnoxious. FaceBook. Bailout. Preaching the gospel to date the lessons of football pace Suzanne I love you to death. Shut up. Where you are sticking your team. Congratulations. Probably the greatest. College football coach ever. And I got nothing against him might just. I love excellence and a love dynasties in the same point I I find myself root against them. Com but then that's what makes it fun Georgia. Nothing to be ashamed of. Well you really should have a safety back there in the end zone for that last point. I'm. In fact I watched the whole game megs I've read all the Presley now after the game and a Georgia wasn't supposed to. Not gonna say it wasn't supposed to have a chance for Georgia was not supposed to win that football game. But they were winning that football game and in fact they dominated the first half he just kept on watching the first half and went well but 013. To nothing. And then they bring that freshman out what is it with freshman in college football. Because Georgia's quarterback was a freshman true freshman. When they bring that kid out whose name I can't burn outs yet because. It's just too early for meter of yeah I mean it aided takes me four or five tries to get mainly to legal mock up. And then his name is skewed vision. What's his name Cologne. Yeah they have Colo. Soleil but I mean meeting he was just. Freshman. From Hawaii. We think is the biggest crowd he ever played war. In Hawaii. 175. They were unbelievable. TJ as you well know produce TJ is a big gun dog. A fan and and so he's sort of. He's not happy today. And and the other part that today you well made out of really dawned on yet but with the exception well with the exception of what the pro bull. And some playoff games. Football season is college football season is done. If you're Carolina panther fan your football season's done. We still got to some pretty good. NFL football games ahead of us but they won't be long before that's done. And then we're back into the throes of the NBA. So wrong. I wrote a note to myself follows on vacation about the Rose Bowl trophy. The Rose Bowl. The granddaddy of them all. Why don't they have a more impressive trophy. It looks like a blender. Did you notice that it does it looks like a blender it looks like you could take the top off and make yourself. A slushy. Or milk shake for some like that. And then the other part and maybe this is regulated by how much you can spin on reward to give dual player in the NCAA because obviously the players are supposed to get anything it's voluntarily worth anything. That's for the administrators and they and and programs to make the millions off the players. But they gave away the most valuable. Player offense and defense awards and elect these little kid you know rode around. Glass. Plaques you know they targeted that are that have good laser etching in them and stuff like that when they're nice. I got one a couple of years ago for some stood for more than billiard exist anymore. Somebody made up a reward David Timmy just my bucks for a couple hours and then now we move daughter was correct thank you appreciated put another bookshelf. People walk in my office at home and lie about it. Now bozos given to me by the Pope. I'm a good bit I was looking at that you're you know them dear the most valuable offensive or defensive player in the Rose Bowl the greatest bowl game technically by reputation. In the land. And they give you one of those little things. 29 dollars and 93 cents. But a good series the Rose Bowl trophy looks like a blender it's little and it's squatting in the the Cotton Bowl were Ohio State played. And they get a big hit August oh a trophy that they probably have to get another plane to get home. So there you go it's gonna be back I'm a little. I'm not under the weather I feel great. In the middle of nude I mean Kirk coming right out Christmas Day Susan had the this cold. And and then a week ago today or a week ago tomorrow. I got it. We decided not to give each other anything for Christmas we're gonna travel on the money or do something like that instead but. She just loves me so much that she had to get me some sushi gave me this COLT. For a Christmas and I've never felt bad. And one day or I was probably not top of my game but Doug I've never really felt bad. He can't be the flu because I don't have any flu symptoms. But I'm just. I just got ahead full Duncan. Are all beyond T for probably the next vetted those of you won't have that and I know there's several of you are because it's going around a nor its float around this building. And I know what's all over the place. And it it just it's it seems to be on a two week proposition. So I was kind of opened could be on the backside of a buy and Alberto apparently that is not to be so while. So anyway that's so what you got there Mike Shula and Ken Dorsey are out. I congress is back. So does the government spending issues so is the dreamer issue Sowers the walled all of that has. Taken place a conversation today in a meeting between Republicans and Democrats and the president. I'll Wall Street of course everybody's kind of watch and given the magnificence of its 2017. Year we're all anxious to see what a dozen to 182018. On and I guess the biggest news so far actually come out. Which is is kind of ironic. Nobody watched the Golden Globes but Oprah is running for president. I mean they do you know law. Here's what it geologic campaign. Or just want to do it on the TV show that somebody watches the did the viewership for the Golden Globes was down like 11% this year. It was down and Kim can ruin her admirable what are registered a 5%. I'm in its chosen demographic which I assume would be 25 you're 24. But anyway people are watch and I need you know who's not watch an award shows. Conservatives Republicans. Why would we listen to that crap. Why would we let us know don't why would you want why would anybody volunteer to have a whole bushel leftist basically appreciate your for. Three and a half hours. Come off their pedestal and and and and talked all of so little setters. So I do you know that's that's whether that was the ratings are down because they've just turned in to. Politically correct. Scolding matches. And there's plenty to be scolded about. I'm glad to see the dirt bags of our society being. Held accountable further. For their dirt bag actions. I'm happy to see a society. That is finally decided that may be we should start to adhere to what. Many of our mothers taught us when we were young men and kids. As to how we should behave and how we should act. And the people that we should be or that we should strive to be I'm happy to see a society that still repulsed by people who somehow or another. Have missed those lessons along the way org all fallen into a society. That somehow or another. Looks the other way. When we don't meet higher standards. But. Anyway Oprah gets on the other day and she had delivers what I guess was supposed to be our magnificent speech I've seen it sounds. But I speech. But it was. It was delivered by somebody who has been in media for forty years. I don't know that it was so ground breaking that it was. It was me it was moving to a lot of vulnerable people. The people weren't that audience the people that wanted. That they wanted Oprah to knock them off their chairs. She did. But that's what she does that's up for her experiences she's. She talked Jimmy should she has to be admired look at what she's done of their life. I'm not only from a well standpoint or from but everything else but. All the sudden the speculation. Comes out of error and and you know it was pre planned because Seth Meyer who. Who emceed the thing made reference to it in his monologue. Said something about. Years ago it said did Donald Trump would never be president in many turned rebel Bernie's so it's a low price wanna stadium tonight you'll never be president. This is before she ever gave her speech Tom Hanks he will never be vice president. So the whole thing was basically. You know the whole thing was just basically. Manufactured. So here we are the biggest subject to the year so far. Predictably. Is something that most people can actually grasp a hold of because it doesn't take a whole lot of thought her homework. Oprah 20/20. Celebrity notice coming soon to a network gear you know. Really. I talked about along and nobody segment on that the I'm not even capable of talking. I call that letter that Burleigh dissertation right there says that we're heading into a great numbers don't back on the other side enough. So what do you think about Oprah for president who would win yeah. Oprah Donald. I enjoy what I think but I don't look for is that guy neighborhoods is named charles' job. The guy who I said today adult drug will never of VP nominee for president Tom Brady bill in the could she hang in a debate with the Donald. There about Ohio and thanks to Dave Thompson for our government knows Phil and him. Last week yesterday you saw yesterday yeah. Known Dave for a while. There's a local business owner. I he also hails from Minneapolis. And used to fill in for. Jason first. Recovery of stations up there. So. Anyway I had I diet I studies that are bent magnificent job and and Andy's here. If he's in the studio Leone's series driving the streets he knows so this Downey's. He's not a talk show in a box. That's a derogatory first turn that we use for. Talk shows and also on the same. But it was nice to have him on Oprah opening yourself to new to to come back and in Philly and in the future as well if that's indeed what he wants to do is pretty sharp guy. It was interesting guy because fires started reading some of the the comments on FaceBook. And non noted a WB TI dot com mail last week and any flame some people out he made some people mad. And then on the other hand he made some people happy so I figure okay well is doing exactly were you don't do. 7045711107045711. To an Oprah actively thinking about running for president. Makes a speech at the Golden Globes that obviously everybody just fell over themselves over through its rich. Was it. Ask not what your country can do for you to know didn't quite meet that. That level. Is that I ever seen a promise like no all wasn't quite that level but you wouldn't you what I thought was. And here's another one of those stories that does seem to permeate the press these days and that is sources. Said. Known names sources. This is the new journalism that we now deal with you don't need to actually have a named source you just have to claim to have a source. Which keeps you from lying now. Which keeps you from making up. News Powell. Sources. Say. All I was the most missed talk show hosts in the history of talk radio over the past and there's sources. I do I can't divulge the names. Because met many of them are associated with other talk shows and they wouldn't want to vote. We'll be seen and known in your favor of well with those guys but they're sources said. Related. Although talk shows that went on vacation over the Christmas. Vacation season. I was I was the most missed sources sick. Sources say. Oprah is actively thinking about running for president. I realize this is old news by now because you'll probably talked about this yesterday. Because the Golden Globes were. Gosh. 48 hours ago. 48 hours news's. Pretty much a stale she accepted the Cecil B. DeMille award. Are at deal Golden Globes. There are some political strategists who have pointed out to in the past year Perot Fay mineral wealth could don't make early formidable Democratic Party candidate. CN that's that's would be had I guess these days not. How much money they have and how famous are they name recognition and money. None ideas. Not whether or not. They have the guts to actually do some of the things that need to be done in this country. Although we got that guy he's gonna do that right now and it. There was I was watching the discussion the other night about Wall Street. And it talked about. You know it everybody wants to give our discredit to the new tax Bill Weldon who did go dude dude the ramifications of the new tax bill are going to be in for a while. And infants and corporations that have come out so they're gonna get out congress they're gonna go bonus is going to be about raises and sorrows so far put the but the number of companies who have actually registered on matters probably you. A pretty small percentage of the total number of current but I mean that that's good bid that was big that was nice. And then hopefully that's the wave of the future and hopefully companies will start to invest in people and people will then be able to take your money more money than they had. Well last year. More of their money that they burned and be able to us spend it in the ways that they wanna spend that then put that back in the economy and that strengthens the economy in. And so and so and hopefully that's the way it'll all work. But. Regulations. We've got a president right now who is cut. A lot of regulations. Do I think he's in the statistical maniac yeah idle. But also think he's done some things that have been pretty positive for the country. I also think that there's two other things that we pointed on almost of the day he started to run for president. One he's a new Yorker. And unless your from New York. New Yorkers don't come off well. Sorry New Yorkers that moved North Carolina to enjoy the weather and get a lot of our New York. Problem. But there's a New York attitude that works well in new York and doesn't necessarily get embraced anywhere else and controls got that he's in new Yorker he's a straight in your face. Ego maniac. He also is a negotiator. You don't start off and a negotiation asking for what you want. You start off and negotiation asking for way more than you ever ever when expect to get. You start off almost in the absurd hoping that you'll get. Be able to compromise down to the reasonable. That's Donald Trump. The press death by a thousand paper cuts. Has taken everything that he's ever done and god does he just basically add fuel the fire every time me tweets out to open. Never thought about that strong supporters. I'm sure they'll find something else but. What would the Donald Trump presidency be without Twitter. What if he didn't have. A constant. Vehicle. Directly to the minions. What does he didn't half of so that's technology that's that's the new world that we live and so to some extent he's his own worst enemy now we've got Oprah and for all now it's all just talk. After the speech. Stedman Graham quoted as saying sure Iran's possible. Up to the people he told Los Angeles Times she would absolutely do it. Now her good friend Gayle King was on CBS this morning where she works. Denying that that's what Stedman miffed. But yes she would absolutely do it if I in Ida and I'll give her credit I think she'd absolutely do it if she thought aid. It would be good for the country. And be. If she thought that. Maybe she was. But the best candidate. I don't think that comes from an eagles' template and Doug didn't just tell us and I think it comes to Roma. I'm Smart I've proven that I'm articulate I've proven that. I can do just that much homered as anybody else I can learn the issues I can no surround myself with good people like him. She's also a liberal Democrat which show wins that politically I would like her but from Albert from a professional standpoint from a life well lived standpoint from an accomplishment standpoint. She's an unbelievable story. Oprah 20/20 7045711100. Yeah she does happy new lack political experience. She was asked on CBS this morning recently by Gayle King eager run for office she said there will be no running for office of any kind for me. I guess that settles it. Could not even a potential politician whatever say one thing and then. Do another. When they. Ray Thomas died. Founding member of the Moody Blues as early bloomer on the before pardon me expert on the Moody Blues. If you if you listen if you think of the body of work at the Moody Blues are responsible for. And then you go to the song that actually got them on the map to begin with. The first tip they ever had and what they went on to do know hardly even related. Leave or any news or. It's. We've roller. How the first did they ever had go go now Moody Blues. Operate Thomas sort of the founding members passed away at the age of us 76. And I won't give it away but what did we decide to do with 505. Lou I think we're still playing petty on Mondays. But did today's top Monday. Seems like minded me now I have no idea what we'll be doing know with 505 today Spencer here on WB take extra column how are you happy new year. No time or you don't I'm good thanks. Armed as far Oprah goes. Oprah Winfrey could walk panel on that boulevard. And shoot somebody in their head. And they would build for her. Well that may be a little experiment. Does she have bad but I don't think she's we're just talking about that. I don't know all may be political campaign but don't bring out things we did know but I don't know that she's got to go senator closet part of per say she certainly doesn't have the negativity ratings and Hillary does. She doesn't. Have any background. A bit of political background that would do that would put her in position to. Eyes she I don't know or weren't you find the negativity on her other than the fact that she's a liberal Democrat. China about the gaga over. I would sort of being sarcastic there. Yeah I know I I realize that but you would you'd have to come up with something to discredit her. I and I think that would be somewhat of a challenge the other part of that is you know she'd have the woman vote. Now I assume that she had the African American vote. Yep arm and given. A given though there have been Donald Trump standpoint mom I can't imagine that she would now. Pretty clear consensus of the democratic vote and probably an awful lot of them voted people who. We're on the fence for any given election anyway. Now some to interpret should call I. I'm not I just think it's an interesting I think it's actually and I don't mean the specifically against Oprah but. The fact that we've got to a point now where we're trying to come up with two of the best celebrity for being president of the United States would be as opposed to who would be the best person to be president you know I've states. Can't believe you're actually doing a search for who would be the best to be leading this country at any given time that would take some real thought. And research. Com. Other than the rough edges. And the childish behavior. And the fact it is an ego maniac. And a new Yorker. Yes have you ever thought critics that maybe the guy who's got the guts to actually take this in directions we need to go right now is. Oh Lebanon Pennsylvania Avenue as we speak. Right congress is back. We from the government you've got legislation that was extended till January the nineteenth. So that's on the agenda the are Republicans and Democrats met with president today. Undocumented immigrants. From deportation. That was on the agenda today the dreamers. The nations health insurance program for poor children that's so up for grabs today. Or with this new agenda this new world congress it's a coming in both parties need to make progress short term government to a spending bill that. Congress passed last month expires on January the nineteenth so that's. That's of the most immediate. Trump. Is use and his walls. As a leverage for the a dreamer so Woolsey were all that goes they had press conferences they had a good chance to see it. I doubt very seriously that what was said to dale have anything to do with though will still be talking about toes five and seven days from now. An instinct thing this is an underdog and not necessarily what it is based on politics or. Or or Donald Trump or. And special counsel Robert Mueller's. X investigators want to go speak with Donald Trump and and how that would be done and whether or not that would be in person Norwich written questions and I can control refuse. Mueller subpoena to answer questions no probably not. Talk about that in a couple of seconds. You had to begin. Story last week about the book. Amnesty abandoned back in the news and and Michael Wolfe's new book firing fury inside the troop White House. Oh and abandoned I did it's I don't know it's. Guys consultant books know that. To another one of those sources say man he's been on TV over the last couple days on NBC CBS morning shows. Did you actually spend two to three hours talking to the president has has a well at all does not expensive extensive amounts of time talking to the predicted that. Tell the more you investigate his Baltimore you find out that this is a guy who is so prone to. A right to. What he wants to believe as opposed to virtually what the facts. May or may not point out the doesn't matter. The book's got an unbelievable publicity the book will sell a time he'll make a ton of money. And then we'll move on. To have to the next book that'll be written expression overhead and towards the mid terms. In Florida today. Campus police at the. Florida Gulf Coast University. Campus police are presenting. Well known campus police are. In presents. In a pretty large number. Because there's a course. Being called white racism. It's meeting had to. Florida Gulf Coast University. The class will cover everything from ways to challenge white supremacy. I'd do it ideologies and its policies and its practices according to the course description the courses caused controversy Ted corneal. Is the assistant professor of sociology down there and he will teach the class and he said he received disturbing emails and voicemails. I after news of the class spread which is probably why it was devised in the first place. I university police wouldn't comment on the security plan that they've put up put into place but campus police car. Making a presence known. With this course called white racism. Down into Florida gulf. Coast university today. See if that pops up on the news. The president's fake news awards which were to be. Handed out yesterday. Well now leave. Is that the latest data I heard rush I thought I heard rush say something about tomorrow but I bowed my Muslim mind the latest information says January 17. The president will. Can't doubt his fake news awards. On January 17. He has cited a high interest in the news. These fake news awards there's going to be. Those are going to the most corrupt and biased of the mainstream media. Will be presented to the losers on no Wednesday January the seventeenth. He announced last week he'd do this. The most dishonest and corrupt media awards when he called them on no Monday. To highlight what he calls fake news. Tom Abbott now he's birdies push that date to back. So it'll be on no Wednesday January 17. Which you give us up to talk about. Well who do you suppose that'll base. You think CNN might be mentioned do you think the New York Times might be mentioned do you think Washington Post widely mentioned what's the guy's name on CNN that. Now Jack Jeffers a guy who fired pepper got into an argument with a guy the other day all the kick him off the air because he. And now the guy that. It's gotten into several squabbles with the serving alchemy Sanders during the oppressed through it and I can't figure was there right now because he didn't I guess I don't watch enough publicity Amanda. But I have to remember. Now do you think that said that the Donald will give any awards away. And his fake media order a news awards to fox. No bias is bias even if it's your bias. MSNBC should be there Washington Post of November leave would have should absolutely be an error. New York Times should absolutely be on their. Maybe I'm a victim of my own paranoia or maybe I'm a victim of hang around with people like you for too long maybe I'm a victim of being on talk radio station for too long. But I discount almost. Yeah I try. But if it comes if the source comes from the New York Times to the Washington Post or CNN. I pretty much of discounted it before have all star started to read it. Or survey at or studied it or. And I kind of hate that. In some ways you're supposed to our respect in New York Times you're supposed to respect the Washington Post. Because of their history and. But. When he does seem like there's conspiracy of oppressed but anyway the president won't do himself any favors with the awards but he'll. Ill love Gil feed the masses still. He'll take his base and make them happy and. And saw that's that's that's where that goes the attorney general Jeff Sessions job security in question again after last week. Where. His decision to rescind the Obama era cold memo which gave states the space to legalize marijuana without the fear of federal interference. In essence what he's given is. Is his prosecutors do. To handle this in the way that they wanna handle it in their particular states. But now his job session as sessions job security in question again. I emphasize again. Mark meadows Republican North Carolina Jim Jordan Republican from Ohio have book called on sessions to step aside. He's getting criticism for Republicans and Democrats for the rescinding of the coal memo. Which gave states states that the space to legalize marijuana without fear of federal interference. By withdrawing that memo he essentially gives federal prosecutors are morally way to pursue cases of against the legal marijuana industry. Cory Gardner is a senator from Colorado. And he ripped sessions on the senate floor last Thursday accused him of breaking a personal pledge not to change the Obama era policy. Trump during the campaign says he thought it was a State's issue. The our president took the unusual step of sending White House counsel bond my gun to lobby sessions against recusal those are report last week also that bad but a sessions in the cross hairs that. This president who is well known not to applauded sessions to recuse himself. In the Russian investigation. So that's another. Do merit against us sessions. I trump administration official said don't know last Friday that there's little chance that criticism mar from a meadows Jordan or other congressional Republicans were under pressure recessions to resign in order to resign is gonna work and go. As soon as it just had given up. So I anyway Jeff Sessions this back on in the news again. And a part of that has to do with marijuana. Sessions is a guy who puts marijuana just pretty much in the same sentence with. Carol London. Com that shows us a particular. Degree of reefer madness paranoia. Ignorance. No send it. So I don't think that I don't think marijuana is is a positive. We're safer society. But. I don't think alcohol. Is a positive for safer Al preferred. For a society either. Well and quite frankly it's been proven now that prescription drugs for as amazing as the research can be. And the use can be in dealing with pain and other abnormalities. Health. And otherwise. By the abuse of those haven't proven to be a real positive. Aspect for society either overrated dirt abuse and and death is an unbelievable levels. Well right now marijuana seems to be don't. You take away the marijuana just to soon issue although the alcohol the more blogs have been ruined by alcohol that'll never be ruined by marijuana. And in the other part about that. He has. The TH you know I'll give feel a little latitude or won the doubles is problematic. When you have colorful packaging the same way that we sold. Sugary cereals to kids for decades. With cartoon characters and they come in gummy form and they come in this that the other. Yeah you're you're you're just begging for a problem the edible market really needs to be a lot more. Identified. And probably not quite as potent if one candy bar is in essence what is it 1632. Doses result like that. Thumb and you don't know. Are you're not paying attention that you eat that candy bar you're in trouble. Reduce high and then there's trouble. If a kid stays candy bar in the no. Chocolate candy bars chocolate candy bar. Whether it's our Hershey's bar. Or marijuana edible. Or a slab ex lax. Kid has no idea. Agencies piece of chocolate. So I'll. So the edible says has proven to be problematic but. You can take the marijuana away the actual blood the actual walk into a store and as somebody can go ended by a blood and Colorado. You take that away just as soon as you outlaw alcohol. To echo when do you predict that's gonna happen. Steve van hit a step down from bright our news. Served as the executive chairman us inside 2012 she does not do be a part of the trump. Brain trust. According to bright part CEO Larry also loved Steve is valued part of our legacy will always be grateful for his contributions and what he has helped us to accomplish ballclub law. Said Doug band and I'm proud of what the bright part team has accomplished in so short a period of a time. Well in building a world class news platform has pretty much all we go to vote gotten so far but does Steve for abandoned. Has stepped down from bright Bart news network to up caddie real quick on WBT had petty. I RE yeah do much until excited to be talking you know I want Italian I'm one of those sources there. Agree that you were at the as the old man. Oh. They. Every day economic remarks and the pilot and you and you just kill me out and I go common external debt. Guys you're at stepping in for you. I it didn't have a whole lot of content and any it would just hang up but people. And thank Christina conversation and then had met this guy Mimi fat. And I know those people waited a long time talking now. Let about two or. Point Doreen miles south tribute to be exact and that I out everyday. And our look at your car in your trot and like wind is coming back when he becomes an act. And I 1 morning and your sort it in the newspaper that beat that Lauren and outright. And if and how did I waved back. Did you get you'd Smart to get newspaper. You can you are beautiful yeah I just audio well thank you very much of the area slightly exotic. You are pretty well I don't think. That we appreciate you still think you. Think killed. Carter Center while the other debt awhile either. When did we ever decide to do with 505. She's still 505 Teddy. I guess we'll just have to wait till 5 o'clock. Find out. The geniuses decided. They never 92018356. Days ago. It's 349. Days ago 350 days till Christmas. Which means another 342. Days we'll be as if for money for kids first. Which by the way thank you very great here we took terrible lot of kids. A lot of kids. And some other people as well and it was all because you're generous donations that it was all because a bike night drive. 900 bikes this year. 846. On fight night. I got ready resolve that we don't break the record every year. Well it. We did this here. Joseph by as a 77 today Jimmy Page 74 today feel old. New version of Coca-Cola Japan includes a laxative. Do scientific teams I read the news today oh boy say they have seen another dimension. Troy your socks are. A couple of key apple investors are worried that the iPhone has to grated attraction to young kids. And we spent more money I read the news today oh boy than ever on weather disasters last year's strong three strong hurricanes and wildfires and hail and flooding and tornadoes. And draw out all my. The United States tallied the record hi bill last year for a weather disasters 306. Billion dollars. US had sixteen disasters in Torre seventy would damage exceeding a billion dollars. That ties 2011. For the number of billion dollar disasters but the number of the total cost flew way past the previous record of 215 billion which was set in 2005. Three of the five most expensive hurricanes in US history hit last year party cost 225. Billion. Second only to 2000 five's Katrina. Well Maria our cost ninety billion that ranked third in Burma. Fifty billion. For the fifth most expensive hurricane of all times western wildfires fanned by heat racked up eighteen billion dollars in damages. That's triple the previous US wildfire record. Over 77%. Of web sites. Track you. According to new research that will surprise probably almost no one although the numbers pretty steep. Over 77% of web sites tracking users as they never great navigate around the web. Widely used mechanism for much of that tracking is an image file of lay a single excel. The researchers goes three and clicks. Examine a 144 million web pages and found that just under a quarter 22 point 6%. Used no trackers at all. 050 June. Pink it's will be doing the National Anthem. Does that mean she gets. We'll staged I would Justin Timberlake or not doesn't necessarily but I just kind of curious of other he might. You can be there are so him. Singer I had Debbie has been chosen to perform the National Anthem biggest football game of the year February 4 Minneapolis. That's big for paying content. I wouldn't know. Think if she was standing next to me. But when I've seen her on interviews and stuff like that at a cattle like her she seems to become an independent Dempsey bill caught up on herself. Yesterday is it was known is known was known. Shall forever be known. As divorce day. While most of us are moving forward a positive hopes her new year. On the first Monday of every year family lawyers gear up for what is known as their busiest workweek. Yesterday. Unofficially known as divorced today. The day when the largest number of couples around the globe begin initiating separation and divorce procedures. You really should of bought her what she wanted for Christmas. You'll love. Reading a lot better. Electronics show up again today in Las Vegas. Well they unveil everything that here from now all not to be aware of anymore because half of it won't really catch. But. A princess thing about it TV is this is always big on television and a new technologies and so Lloyd I'm sure he'll be here and NeuStar from TV's. Two years ago I bought the the though that the nicest I've pollute missed. Television you could pick up from you know what. We use it as a TV. So why individual that. I think it's most popular popcorn and you know Warner Carl up in the morning and go walk the dog and know all the big do would we use it for TV. Snoop Dogg teaming up with a California fast food franchise Jack in the Box produce Mary munchies meals for pot smokers you read about this. Well. Good idea bad idea I don't know there's some states you may oh well not go to our Jeff Sessions since about this. But did you have a better. Gigi jog at one of them died right. There's still I've bought them you know although that would be your other when. Willie would be a good one. Well it would be the ultimate we'll Snoop Dogg and actually be the ultimate ultimate. Com we told you that day yesterday was known as divorced a first Monday of the year is officially known as divorce day it's with the largest number of couples around the globe. Begin initiating separation and divorce proceedings. New Year's resolutions. Now gonna quit smoking or lose weight I'm gonna drop not. I don't know we're indicator for the post and the bigger the name that would offend anybody. That was my grandmother's name I think she was the last person ever named Ed nothing in the middle over otherwise there was a Mildred. Libya that's also a name in my family. Gertrude. And we just defended every Edna. And Gertrude and I'm. This is actually a winner is the season of the most breakups believe it or not. Survey shows that 38%. Of all breakups by singles occur in a in the jury months of winter. But never fear of spring is near and only 15% of singles break up in the spring. About 2523%. Break up in the summer and fall. 63%. A break ups are initiated by a. Women. And when they're done they're done. I mean I haven't been on that dating deal for a long long time. But have you ever if you ever run into old girlfriend or contacted an old girlfriend are even through FaceBook just to say hey legislator named fly by how you doing. They don't respond when they're done they are done. 4% say the hardest part of breaking up is getting back your stuff. Well the stereos I've lost through the years. Not to mention pretty good LP collection. They have the which I wouldn't have anymore anyway I think you know I've I've probably have at one point I had 181000. Albums. I was like my own manifest records and tapes. Two lead bidder radio along time ago all the free promo copies of all of that stuff so I had those peaches records and tapes over there for a while. And Ed peach creates. I mean. Fifty album or whatever was in the hauled around the country with new and all these records and tapes that I got was over in trouble with the IRS. I took a new used record store and literally got thirteen thousand some odd dollars for all of those. So either I think at this point I have a 125. Final records left out of the original collection. So you know. I wouldn't still haven't anyway. But tired just thinking back on it now I think it was a pretty good trade. The records or its final five. So Moody Blues. Okay. Okay. Okay okay. I. You. Craig Thomas died you sort of the founding members the Moody Blues. They're just get ready to go to the rock and roll hall of fame any. Then he won't make that. That's ceremony he had disclosed in Torre fourteen you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer and apparently finally got him born in England in 1941 no we played the first hit the Moody Blues ever had back in 64 called go now. Com not even close to what we expected from the Moody Blues and in the in the days of the future. In fact 1967. Days a future past says the probably the most famous Thomas flute solo with the knights in white satin. The legend of a mind I was gonna plated David I didn't think fit to our audience what they truly appreciate derby Timothy Leary theme. And veteran cosmic rocker was another one that. That we considered and bingo that you 505. Moody Blues for the ninth day of my 2018. Not only did ray Thomas pass away with a cutting rumors remembers that Moody Blues that number of emails today in fact. Roy just relative first album I bought days of future passed one of the first concept albums ever to masterpiece assault women know a concert at red rocks years ago. Their music is timeless and do our ray Thomas may he rest in peace. Jurgen dike passed away. Which she always had a had to play in the shadow of his brother. And unfortunately for for Jerry. If you ask anybody was a major autumn what's the worst television show of all time. They may very likely say My Mother the Car which was they are TV show that star Jerry Van Dyke. But he also went on to. Two star for several years in. ABC's coach. Well Pam stone used to hang out over the link guided afternoons over their for a good while she rooms what a ranch down in note. Brought the brought to Overton South Carolina. But Pam stone was a part of that to a television show van dyke passed away. You'll remember from coach many of us remember from mount. My Mother the Car. That is a TV star on TV with a series of memorable guest appearances with his brother Dick on now and his CBS sitcom here's 86 years old Jerry Van Dyke. Georgia think if your car served ads to you. I'll explain in a moment. It's about Jon Gruden Lou sliding window traders say ten years. Million dollars I don't know what Rem I've been able to read anything yet today under. On the outlines of that contract for how much is guaranteed or anything along those lines coast the raiders from about 98 to 2001. And then they traded him remember that. To the blacks. And Soria entered the Buccaneers I know beat the raiders in the 2000 two Super Bowl. Or whatever Super Bowl that was. So while. NFL coaches who have. Had a second act to their career how they've done. Ditka. With the bears and tell. 1992. Then he left for five years then he came back with the saints winning percentage with the bears 622. Winning percentage with the saints 313. Didn't work out real well Herm Edwards. We won't know the answer to that one part of what's gonna be a disaster of he was with that Kansas City 2006 to 2008 had a 306. Winning percentage went fifteen to 34. Really likable guy. Good TV guy. Now he's the coach at Arizona State. It's basic Colorado fan happy because we could probably take that. I'm so we'll see how he does Joseph Gibbs right now our own backyard. Legend Washington Redskins 81 to 92683. Winning percentage most successful coach in Washington history. Retired after the 92 season spent more time with family finds found say a NASCAR team elected to the hall of fame. Then eleven seasons later after he left the Redskins Daniel Snyder losing back he goes back. The Redskins. Get set to the playoffs twice in four seasons retires again this time for good. In early 2008683. Winning proceeds serve percentage first time around for 632. Time around. Dennis gray and 591. With the Minnesota Vikings he leaves in 2001. Goes back to the Arizona Cardinals in 2004. 333. Winning perceives civic. Bill Parcells. New York Giants. 8552. And 1616. Winning percentage. That goes to the patriots slash New York judge a jets. 542. Winning percentage. And then finally with the Dallas Cowboys 2003 to 2006515. So he stays above the 500 mark big tuna. Marty Schottenheimer Kansas City 612 winning procedure in president percentage 1989 to 1998. Into the Washington Redskins slash San Diego Chargers from 2001 to let 2006. With a 561. He got screwed in San Diego do you remember that. We got screwed in San Diego Schottenheimer. George Seifert. You'll be regarded farther. 755. When he procedure with the SF Cisco forty niners they went to the Carolina Panthers in 1999. After a B and out of it for three years and I went sixteen and 32 here. When they 333. Winning percentage and the guy that everybody points to hope and this is what. Gruden is hoping to do. It for real. Go to the Philadelphia Eagles from 76 to 82. Goes 57 and 51 with a 528 when he precision. He retires after the 82 season. Takes a job in television. Fifteen years later. The rams know Jim out of retirement with a contract that paid him a little more than one point six million dollars per year. Big money. Back in 1997. Pretty good money now to talk by the way it. The meal went on to lead Saint Louis to a Super Bowl championship in 1999. With a group of offensive skill players that later became known as. The greatest show on turf. He retired again before re emerging as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs in 2001. So here's a guy who left for fifteen years came back. And somehow or another recaptured the magic. Jon Gruden has been out for what is it 1011 years. Stayed close to the game but there's a difference between staying close and coach and every week. Well I know back with the Oakland Raiders and how that all work out I guess nobody really knows. I just have a feeling that within the next four or five years. Things may not be quite as rosy as what they think. But the Las Vegas raiders. I assume that the habeas got to play and destroy our old producers got. Kudos Scott. Maybe this is it body. Maybe the Oakland Raiders can go on to become big winners of the National Football League again. Many Danica Patrick could win a race. Oh. I know you guys have probably already rehashed territory seventy and then not all that stuff but the end of the year is always. I talk as we earth hidden into the end of the year a last year refer went on vacation. About the memorial m.'s. When you go down the list of people that you lose in any given year. Howard just always kind of I mean it just names on there that you forget. And made it and our Rickles. And Dan Rooney. And now Chris Cornell. And Tom Petty. And Roger Ailes and Roger Moore and Gregg Allman an Adam West and chuck parents and Chuck Berry. In Mary Tyler Moore which is one that I'd kind of forgotten about it just goes on and on and on Hugh Hefner. Jake lot of Jerry Lewis. A big part was Jerry Lewis that your Labor Day weekend growing up. Dick Gregory Glenn Campbell. Fats Domino Mel Tillis David Cassidy Jim Nabors and into the names say it just always kind of astounds me when you go through the well when you when you go to Melissa the number of people lost. And then there is for most of us the unnamed. 87 homicides last year in the city of Charlotte. Now those are 87 strangers to. 87 families and friends and 69 and 201687. Last year. That's a 26%. Rise. Now we've had an increase in population soul. Does that mean that we're getting more violent or does that mean that's just proportional took. The fact that the city is getting bigger. I don't know. 2017 was the city is seventh deadliest year. Nearly 60% were black men somebody needs to address that. That's not casting blame. That's identifying. When a big part of the problem is. We're not trying to cast play we're not trying to point fingers we want. We wanna come up with a or would it with good reason solutions. People who value to other people's lives more. Nearly three quarters were killed with a gun at a quarter of the 2017 victims were killed by a partner are close relative. At the end of the year city officials and community leaders announced plans for a set of very outset or were victims of domestic violence could seek help and a safer more efficient way which is worked in other cities but that's sitter is at least three years away from being opened why. Why. The philosophy can't be three years away. Charlie there's got to be. Surely there's got to be about a news an easier way a better way than going through some kind of three year bureaucracy to try to cope with the facility. That's ludicrous. Nine victims are younger than twenty years old. Just too stupid as a gimmick one of the rumors had now and do what 2018 is that Amazon won't buy target. And there was some mention articles last week about. Oh why that would be advantageous to Amazon and why that would not be advantageous to. To Amazon and whether or not what happened or not. I want to volume 2018. Bedding linens and fitness equipment is what you should be looking out for January. TVs in Witter products what you should look like in February I'll try to keep that article around we'll keep you posted his fifth. We knew we knew where your best dies dot buys excuse me are. Well as the year goes on. Here's what you do in your spanking new Internet connected car when you approach or red or yellow light. Slowdown way ahead to creep forward slowly. Make sure you never come to a stop. And here's why you do it. If you stop moving your car will start serving you ads on the dashboard. Now I have. My trucks Wi-Fi. I don't know about how this works or not the auto tech firm tell now. Has just announced an in car advertising platform for cars to connect to the Internet tell nab wants to sell the system. To major auto manufacturers. And although it's probably the last thing most consumers want. Vehicle owners won't pay more for connected car services if they decline in the ads. They get you coming in Bill Belichick somehow or another. It's a biting headlines in my life. But the times Picayune. After the neural and say speed is for the third time this season though is just about us. Lowest you can go. Fear. A lot of that is already have a new order of the New Orleans Saints finish it and that in there it's a great headline to have gaga you know I'd do if you were on the other side of that it would be great headline fits pretty painful headline. But they should put set up a male locker room to listen and coach. Fiddler. Distract people off just MM remember preferred to you know Tom Brokaw thinks things change fan. Effective principal Jane down there at Bank of America Stadium today were looking for new offensive coordinator quarterbacks coach. Current term a maybe go this way you know we'll see that's the rumor. For the first names speculated but will have to wait and see what happens. Relatives of me that on the last day that we did know the Friday before Christmas we ended with shower thought. So let's start the new. Year off with. General thoughts. During the shower here alone with no distractions just you are your thoughts. From the read it board shower thoughts of people share what things they think of while in the shower. At least the credible stuff. Dog so the original. Fewer package has been delivered notification system. True and that Favre had another room in the house and I'm wondered if I heard the doorbell or so than Roy I don't need to feed the dogs not bark and I didn't hear the doorbell. We've butterflies fall in love do they feel humans and their stellar. That's because you're. Our thoughts. Smelling is just breathing normally. And thinking about it. Or. From the. Week. And underrated perk of being an adult is you know longer outgrow your clothes. It's fair. Bit they'd all I got to think about bad bad it's not necessarily true either. How many have you have so lives waste 34 payouts and your in your closet. That may never see the light of day again. And generated perk of being an adult is that you no longer outgrow your clothes that when it's questionable. Our thoughts there should be a version of Syria and Alexa. This is a greater deal of our word for children to teach them politeness. Free you have to say please for the commands and thank you afterwards parelta's stops doing what you ask you to. It. Are they parents don't seem to wanna watch instill those values of their own kids fit we'll get artificial intelligence to do it for your. And finally. Start thoughts. Big we will go to the gym to get smaller and smaller people go to the gym to get bigger and. And that's exactly true if you thought the robo calls were worse. In Torre's seventeen the answer is yes complaints about automated telemarketing calls jump last year they have Quinn toppled. Since 2009. The FTC the Federal Trade Commission report says that in 2070 in. The agency received over a set at 375000. Complaints per month about automated robo calls. Which is up from about 63000. Per month in 2009. That's a total of four point five million robo call complaints post an additional two and a half million complaints about live telemarketing calls. And for comparison there was 3.4 million robo calls in one point eight million live calls. In notorious sixty in about the report. Says that robocalls are steadily increasing because. Cheaper access to Internet calling services and auto dialing and because it's getting easier for spammers to hide their true identity. And location. That do not call list. I suppose it still effective. To some. Amateurs. But they've got to figure a way to to get around that. I read the news today oh boy just so you have a have to know bosses do not like love in the workplace. Not one bit. Someday I'm going to write a book about what I know about Subaru offices zeroed in Julian price place. I can write that book because I'm not very active participant the video of those stories. But I've been here 27 years and I heard about the story is twenty years before I got here. So when I walked by and sees solar and those office sometimes I think oh that's so once those office and sometimes I think. That's where so and so and they TV anchor so and so. Did Meg Ryan impressions. Have you heard any of these stories mr. garrison there are some stories in this building. I told a couple of near without ever mentioning. The one the one note TV anchor well as Jordan and anchor. But she worked TV. This is blog this was twenty years ago. Yeah at least twenty years ago. And she got so because some kind of she's young. She was doing specialty on air work for them. And she got on a scavenger hunt or something and it was kind of off color scavenger hunt. And there had to be a nude picture taken in a public place or something along those lines she and her friend came in here at 3 o'clock in the morning. Went on the TV set the channel three TV set and did a topless news story. Unbeknownst to them there was an engineer inside one of the in another room. Who was probably sit there half asleep and all the sudden he thought oh my god my prayers have been answered. And apparently there is a tape or was it tape of that floating around and I knew the TV engineer. Not dare divided ever see that their. I'm not that I asked. You I picked it. But no I never saw that episode taped a never saw her on the air again neither by the way by the time Monday morning and rolled along I guess it was early we'll know wanna take him. Placed. On the bright side I believe she won the scavenger hunt. Which was probably something valuable like six back here. So we won't moves on so. Bosses don't like love in the workplace one bit you may have your eye on the cutie in the next cubicle don't tell the boss survey says 43% human resource managers. Finds that more than a quarter think passion in the office as a negative impact on the work environment. And their ego. I'll see you tomorrow at 3 o'clock probably with the same damn voice in the same damn gold. But it sure good to be back and I'll leave you in good hands which Charlotte at six in March garrison now.