Oprah for President, DACA Controversy and Callers Comments

Vince Coakley Podcast
Tuesday, January 9th

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Do. You putting the spotlight on the evils of socialism as progressive as a party Sanders is peddling socialism. To our children it's a dangerous and it's got a solidly proclaiming conservatism for a new generation got. And there's nothing author or source of our rights and you don't make America great again by giving more power to one guy in Washington DC mobilizing we eat the people. To reclaim our republic you make America great again by recovering a constitutional republic where Washington has populated by people. Poor service leaders who want to return power to the people into the community. This is my future this is my kids this is my grandkids and this is my country dammit my country. Up and fight score together. Yeah historically radio program. It's Tuesday morning welcome to broadcast it to be back with you it's all he's doing well in your worlds. And this is not just a monologue it's a dialogue the opportunity for you to join the conversation. If you like to do so Ingles advantage talk claim number 8092 elevenths and comments since retirement planning takes lined. He is 71307. Lots of interesting things to talk about including. What is expected to be a discussion between the presidents. And members of the house and senate. And how to proceed. On the subject of immigration and the budgets. This ought to be intriguing. Remember I told you yesterday. Scene in just cannot get enough of this Oprah story. KO king. I don't think Oprah is actively considering Iran. Really. Which. Contradicts what we're hearing yesterday. And the media is just loving this this is a great story the possibility of having that sort of contest in 20/20. It is quite amusing indeed. I wanna begin here where I'd like to begin. With stories of good news. This one related to the economy. Now if you understand the American economy. You know is whether I do when most important things about a strong and healthy economy is the health of small businesses. Small businesses. So it's not so much to big corporations were warming to watch to get a sense of where the country's going it's small businesses. This is inside reporting the engine of the economy roared back to life. US small business confidence hit a record high in 2017 a record high. Small business optimism index from the National Federation of Independent Businesses. 104 point nine in December. The average monthly reading the index and Tony seventeen moral four point eight that's the highest for any year. In history. That's pretty good. And the reason behind this I know some of you will be shocked. Both the NFIB CEO and chief economists attributed the boost in confidence to policy changes under the trump administration. So we have confidence in record. They record high. The optimism index came in at 104 point nine in December. And I told you about that average of 104 point eight. This is really good. What he did Doug who's the president CEO of the in F I BP in this increase in optimism on policy changes from Washington under president Donald Trump. A massive tax cut this year. Accompanied by regulatory relief significant regulatory relief. And she is predicting very strong growth millions more jobs and higher pay for Americans. That is quite an optimistic perspective don't you think. In fact. The chief economist for the organization. It builds on Kohlberg. Also credited trumps election for the surge in optimism. In now if you listen to this program way way back in January 1 of things I said Hugh. What I say. I said this country will breathe a sigh of relief. Because the business world is no longer under sold under attack and just taking that away. Will provide an automatic boost the economy. You don't even have to do anything else I'm not saying we should not to tax cuts ends tax reform. And there are there aren't other economic things that we should do. But just by the fact that this war. On the American economy this war on free enterprise. Basically came to an end when Barack Obama left the White House. That in and of itself is an improvement in setting the tone. For future growth. By pulling the plug on regulations and basically shutting down deregulation factory. You could talk about job killers. Well that's what all of these policies do they kill jobs kill opportunity. And ultimately. They eat. Really put weight on the economy. It begins sagging. In a repeat what I said last week pretty similar view. I noticed were. Triggered by what I had to say. But it's true. Barack Obama's recovery. Was actually worse. Than George Bush is. Recession. So the question is can we keep this momentum going. These chief economist for NFIB said the 2016 election was like a dam breaking small business owners were waiting for better policies out of Washington suddenly. They got from. And the engine of the economy roared back to life you know he's saying here. You just leave people alone. In this country won't work just fine. No this is in contrast to the progressive view the so called progressive view of American society. That you need intervention from the federal government on every single level. In order to improve. Our lot in life. This is why and people will curse me for saying this. I trust big corporations with our money. Let me rephrase that I trust big corporations with their own money. More than I do you trust the federal government with that same money. This is why tell you I have no problems with tax cuts even if I don't get some. Even if they just decide tomorrow. We're gonna give tax cuts to the wealthiest. Income people. Now what I be bothered by that sure would. But I'll tell you want I would celebrates. I wouldn't have Indy I wouldn't celebrates. I mean my paraphrase it I would celebrate the people who are getting a tax cut because I know ultimately whatever they receive in terms of a benefits. At some point it's going to impact me in a positive way and even from the standpoint of righteousness itself. If that corporation took in that money that's bear money. People function that company. If amongst the shareholders. Of the launch the employees. To blunt the government. Effective and less money that goes to Washington the better. Let's hope this prediction is correct. The engine of the economy roaring back to life and we'll see more evidences of this. By the way we're also seeing. The same thing on Wall Street's. They major indices hitting record highs at the open financial giants black rock JPMorgan Chase Wells Fargo. Set to report quarterly results later this week. Targets reported better than expected holiday sales. International markets also higher since a general atmosphere. Tough optimism. We love to get your thoughts. Do you think this is justified or are you encouraged. 809 to 1110. Haven't since retirement planning takes like 713 through 714. Minutes after the hour 10 o'clock. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 19 minutes after 10 o'clock this trophy radio program. Over on the tech slide at 713 jurors seven. Vince no to dock up these people were brought here. By their law breaking parents and raised by them they're the same as their parents. Against the American citizens. Already. Oh so there's no there is a difference between trumpet fellow Democrat Hillary so hard to follow you know it's not. Just engaged your brain that. It's all you have to do let me let me explain my comments by the way. When we just break it down. When I said to you that I believe in character. There's not a lot of difference between Hillary Clinton. And Donald Trump. Did I say they share the same things ideologically. No I did not that I say they have the same policies. I did not I said they have the same kind of character which is probably why they were friends. You've heard the expression birds of a feather. You've heard that before writes there's a reason people like that hanging out with a each other. Because they've similar interests similar. Ways of engaging life and I dare say eight. They are the same in terms of being part of an elite group of people with a lot of money with a lot of power and a lot of influence. Now you may think. That's. You may prefer one over the other. But it doesn't change the fact. There are a lot of similarities that's all. So there ego. Good morning doing great today so far question is so many people are against trump saying he's not done music genius I agreed. What is the difference between him building himself up up and Rush Limbaugh nobody says Reich has a mental illness fort. Very interesting I'm glad you've policy. Let me give you a prize for the best text of the day so far in terms of giving me the opportunity to get this another part for you okay let me tell you the difference between Rush Limbaugh. Because that's brilliant that you brought this up you see you you hear rush all the time he boasts about himself. And how important he is and how much he knows you know let's. Rush is a in entertainer. And you know what I you know what I've always loved about rush rush is a secure man in his identity. So he has no problem making these comments he's not defensive. Ends. I mean think about this this guy you wanna talk about somebody who's been under assault by the media. I never heard rush. One time. I can't recall a single time I've heard rush defensive have you ever heard rush defensive. Never never. Not a single solitary time. You're not gonna see him rush to the microphone or I've got to say a got to. You're the record so people don't think the Obama blew large. That's what a lot of people I know think her brush. But you know what is he so secure in who he is he doesn't give a crap. And he continues successfully and see you I'm so glad you brought this up because this gives me yet another piece of ammunition. This is a man who's been in the trenches on conservatism. Ford decades. You all the mean nasty things have been said and done about this guy. While Donald Trump was around funding democrats'. Funding both sides of people on the political IL. And now I'm supposed to rise up and defend every stupid. Idiotic thing this man does and see him as a victim no I refuse. And then all of this really has me fired up as I think about it. Russia's been in these trenches for decades. He's been there. Which is why hold this man in high esteem. I don't agree with everything he says and does. But I applaud. The fact that this is a guy who is firmly secured his identity he knows who he is and you know this comes back to family. Is it what is rush is he a third. I think it's the third Rush Limbaugh of third. And in order like I don't know the man. Never met the man in my life but you know what I can tell about this man he comes from healthy family background. Probably over generations. They've instilled such a sense of value in purpose. In children over generations. This is what family does. When you get with Donald Trump a man sent off to military school as a child. And I'm telling you and and I wish I could tell you there are things going on in my own life right now. That relate to this issue. Of identity and purpose. That are just. They just highlight exactly what I'm talking about. The wounds that are created. By terrible guaranteeing. Folks those do not just go away. I don't care how old you are. And I see this time in and timeouts. I'm gonna go off the reservation you're bit. And we from the text line even I'm having the most bizarre time in my entire life right now. And I'm not gonna see a lot of the than telling you. I have been. Challenged. With probably one of the most. I've been more of those most challenging seasons in my life these last. Nine years. You know it's almost like the tale of two cities the best of times the worst of times. There are things Afghanistan my like these past years it nine years has been extraordinary the trials that I faced in the last nine years have you in that absolutely monumental. And in the midst of those which continue to this day. The things that happened to be largest mine but let me tell you about something that happened I got time for this I've got to share this. As you know you've been viewed well no fewer regular listener my eight. My eight. Long standing walk with the lord as a Christian. And I told you. This has been a time of incredible trial for me. And oddly enough. The largest does not seem to lit up with divine appointments. I had when yesterday. I have sitting down extensively to have a quiet time and have dinner mounted a public place. They go right now I'm sitting down table with just happened to be we are waiting for fruit. Hence we end up having a conversation mixing you know this guy he reveals the depths of his arch and how he is. Searched everything. Everything. To the point of just seeing the futility and all of life. This came this was within three minutes of our conversation. And I'm sitting there looking up the heavens like what in the world is going on here. And we have the most extraordinary conversation for about 30 minutes yesterday evening. And I'm here I'm here they haven't liked. You know what's going on in my life right now why in the world do you continue to put the heat's conversations in circumstances right in front of me. I bring this up because this is all part of the same picture folks it really years. And yes family and relationships. That was part of that conversation to. The point I'm making here in going back to you this comparison. This techsters I'm so glad you sent this text and this is our take away. Can we do everything we can to build healthy identity especially as parents into the children were raising. And make sure everything is clear between them I'm growing this right now with my own children I'm going through and having conversations. Asking them are there any outstanding issues you have with your dad is being you wanna talk about any questions that you have. I wanna double down on this right now. And make sure. There's nothing. That keeps this healthy generational transfer from taking place. Look to get your thoughts. We'll get to more of your text and your calls and we'll talk about what's going on these conversations over the budget and with the possible doc believe it or not. It apparently is going to happen in some form Stevens. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 10 o'clock of its nuclear program instructed Gerald out of Calvin skid morning's. A bit more and vote there skew reserve opting CA now the Pope mobile crop threatened. They were placed statue of liberty what her ultimate can actually flat. Oh my goodness. Terrell I love you man you're. You're always come through for me. I wouldn't do well. Parents that care. Certainly better when you're part of the Olympic body weeks got secular body associates. If they give out some broad. I guess I'm still recovering from. Oh my goodness. I've got to catch my breath or 20 and by the way those of you who are a part of our share of the audience Jerrold. These are low by Gerald Gerald expediency. He calls in he has. These very quick points and most the time there really humorous. He also does the same thing on the text line. And they are just right. I don't know why they cracked me up so much it's probably because the just run this surprise you right now but. Hope you'll bear with me in my insanity for the C. That was his choice that was absolute choice. Com other text line ends. Include things I keep coming back to. You wanna see this its interest in here we've been talking about perceptions and the different screen Reich and trump into one of the things I also. I face and I'm facing now is just. Sometimes people are not going to understand you. Period it. I'm at peace with that. I don't have to. Forever explain everything I do once you give someone an explanation. About what my perspective there's a bureau that that I want to do. I'm not going to convince everybody no one's ever going to do that. And I can't fully get it. So this techsters said so there's a difference between hum trumpet any info Democrat Hillary so hard to follow you know it's not. You've just got to break things down and get beyond tribalism. Because I believe this is one of the reasons why this is so terribly discolored people are so determined I've got to defend you know what it. I'm I'm gonna go here because I was talking to the guy cheered during the break about this. Do you one of the reasons why we feel like we've got to defend these people. If a lot of times it's because of our own insecurities. And our lack of solid identity and who we are as people. That's part of its. We've got on some of some of us have gone all in for somebody. And we feel like that person's success. That has an impact on our happiness. And if that person doesn't succeed or even this is not perceived as succeeding. Then it's a failure for me. I'm all in for this guy I've got to be all in for him. And if he fails. Then not only does he fail. But people gonna look at week. As they're gonna say you were wrong about so and so. She I don't. I don't mind risking being wrong one way or the other. By the way. But wonder boy a speaker Paul Ryan. He is having a news conference now and he just says. If they want a dark cut compromise I don't like the sound of that already does that sound good to you. We want to aid docked a compromise. I'm curious as to what that's going to look like you. Aren't widgets more of these tax position really good stuff here. A texture made a great play big business is not above the law at least we have the option to fight back yes see that's what I liked. If you've got private people private businesses. And you don't like what they're doing just don't patronize them. But what recourse do you have against the government spending your money or I should say miss spending your money you've got zero. They can use the way to kill babies until we use the money to kill people and other countries in being involved in illegal wars. You have a darn thing you can do about it. But you what you get these companies are out they're doing really ridiculous things corporately. You can decide I'm not gonna patronize them. Have a choice there and that is a good thing great point here on the text line. Prince people don't understand the power base DC only has one goal to create a permanent dependent class that rule. There were basically. Perpetuate the power base period yep that's what it's all about Washington for both parties. Pence a general sense of optimism is a good way to sum up my feelings for the success of the economy it's diametrically opposed the feeling I would have had if Hillary. Murderer were to have taken this country and done with it what she want it absolutely no doubt about it. You sit there be no difference between a president Hillary or trump you set it to you were wrong IA said in character. Clarify this again I love this Dexter Vince please stop waste your time explaining about trumpet Hillary morons will be morons. You said that I didn't. Also. Everyone in Washington. Is a character they don't seem to act like real people pass from Adam. Yeah that's true then some trips supporter. Why you gotta argue about how Smart you are. If you're Smart to move up you have to prove anything. Now me I'm a dummy so I can arguing try to convince I'm Smart. That is straight. Street here's a person who understands that and again. You have to impugn the man's accomplishment accomplishments and C hasn't done anything. You have to do that at all. Another church texture add here to my point about family. Vince rush likes to tell stories of sitting around the living room with his father was father explains things like history and politics. Even when he was a little boy. Wow. That's good. Really good. Another text are saying here. You were in disagreement with rush rush spent a lot of time recently talking about oh how unprecedented and constant the attacks are on trumped. Yeah I'm sure they are. There's a difference between rush defending trumpet and rush defending himself. That's the point I'm making rush does not need to defend himself he's a secure man he's comfortable in his own skin. Better text says events. Just let your frustrations out. Vince the boasting of Russia's just dished it. People that know him say he's very humble personally gives to charity. Does this to tweak the dims yes I know that. SY can listen I couldn't I can mean big joy that I know he's not up there are getting bombastic ED I know that. You know he is that sweet lovable little fuzz ball. I've also met his brother David. And if further firms to be what kind of family. These guys came from. It just absolutely good stuff. So you're saying you're a different person from the person who did things the past amazing so how should we take Q are you. As you work. That's a good question but let me just explain this very briefly where all I hope we're all growing and changing. I hope. I'm not the same person five years from now in the sense. That I hoped that I am stronger. That my character is stronger. I hope for improvement and I do not want to be static and never. Never never never. Let's get your thoughts and they did anything I've shared here in the first part of the broadcast. Coming up we will delve into darker and much more. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 49 minutes after the hour 10 o'clock she called the Vince Coakley radio program what they get to work these text. The main difference between trumpet Reich is trump is president of the United States. Get over it moron. Yet it's. That's the wonderful place to go here wonderful place to go and you don't have an argument to request. Boy it's good you don't mind being wrong considering you're wrong so much of the time. If they sign a doctor bill before they go to wall and in chain migration. Then we only have a dock a law yeah surely they would do that to us with today not this congress. Herta. Hence I saw the president of the college football championship game last night 80000 people on their feet cheering forum not a word about it on the news today that is from Jeff. Maybe a stupid question you know the percentage of illegals that pay taxes not sales tax but income tax. That's good question I do not know puncher with that is. So it's okay for people to not understand you but the same doesn't apply to trump you re Ager with a guy every day. Bring each really is that you characterize it that interest in. Vince what I hate to see Aziz poor hapless doctor kids being used to sponsor a game of political chicken don't put them in this endless purgatory. Either deport them let them stay have grace for the human condition and I agree. That is really important. John out of Calvin says Vince there's an old saying if you argue with the media he will lure you to his level. Then beat you with experience yes suffered Allen. Oprah for president ha ha ha ha. Very good. I guess changing doesn't apply to others such as trump then. Whenever. Since I didn't quite catch we Gerald said about peace statue of liberty that major left could you repeat that please all you mr. Goodwin. He said he bent. Corporal were replaced the statue of liberty with the torch. With a statue of Oprah. With a can of slim fast. All right I know it's cheap humor. It really cracked me up in this. Yeah it was great. Pen stock has not think it is a figment of Obama's imagination cannot compromise with the illegal nine into the wait is Steve sheet. I guess again now. That everyone just lays down antics like a dog and the Pittsburgh will be fine for trump to defend himself and his family. I need have no problem with the person defending oneself not a problem with that. It's different stream defending yourself and being defensive. They're just he had difference there I didn't. When I despise most about liberals when they're running the show or control certain aspects of government they create the conditions in business and corporations. They can pinpoint who's being evil they create the crony capitalism that they supposedly despised forcing corporations to play ball. And get in bed with them of course they have no problem getting rich in the process despicable hypocrites. Amen to lazy fair competition. It changed my spelling doesn't have you got it you hit it right on the head out of the park. They do you know they create crony capitalism. And didn't they try to present that to the world. See these awful capitalists and what they're doing to perverts this country. Folks they you're masterful at that. And Republicans are guilty of the same. On the text line as well so when mouth suffered my wife or child I will defend them. If they make faux accusations about me I will defend myself that's being a man church duet. Go ahead. Since North Korea and South Korea agreed to hold talks which is good but why does trump I have to run to take credit for the meeting by saying it's because he put pressure on North Korea. That also undercuts the possibility of productive talks. Well if you believe that you are the parishioners here to save the world as stroke declared at a prayer breakfast no less. What else would you expect him to do you see this is one of my big problems this man has a an oversized view of himself and his own importance. Sometimes you just need to leave things alone. And recognized guess what this is God's universe not mine. I'm president. You know I'm not gonna come and fix everything. I can't. In and let me just say that's one of the things that I'm learning it I hope this is a good quality. Increasingly. I find myself saying you know what this is out of my control. Fans I'm not going to pretend. That Ali you have the power to addressed this. Or fix this I'm not Superman. One of the things I told you this guy was talking with yesterday said you know one of things have wrestle with I have a messianic complex I had one. Time's gonna come and I was gonna help save the world. And I realize I'm not gonna do crap. Iris I admire respect that that was one of my favorite conversations. In the past few months. I loved about it it was so real was so raw it was so honest. It was not boasting about what he's going to all of these are my big plans and ambitions for me today. You know what type sucks. Commitment a terrible time. Okay great let's talk some more let's visit. And you may sound crazy to you. But my heart is really close to people suffering and going through trials and it is people running off the mouth. And constantly preaching these multi marketing nonsense. I'm so sick that I really am it's plastic it's artificial. And it's not real. Because it doesn't work for most people. A man. He is the texture I can just hear I'm probably wrong here but I'm thinking this is a little old lady. Take a deep breath since it moved UK sweetie. Seriously I'm imagining a little lady Cindy that takes to me. Our Vince I wonder what's on your show would have taken on had you been on the air the time of king David. Cone that's got an interstate. Very good question that is for money. Based repeating the thing about Oprah I was getting out of the truck almost fell I was laughing so hard at this from Russell bled to entertain you. Goodness. Let's see one more thing here. How does try to be nice houses say trying to be nice large woman who happens to be the Oprah become the spokesperson for slim fast. If the base which she looks like on slim fast I'd say it doesn't work just saying. How important that's tough. Don't laugh and Oprah they left to trump to. Yeah there's more to this we shared coming up. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. Good Morning America. I was elected to represent. The citizens of Harris exposing real. Saturation there aren't too many guns on the street we lose 93. Million Americans today gun battle. Loony left and when Donald Trump says civil war. World well we're gonna negotiated better deal but that's like OJ Simpson saying don't run find the real. Howard ever do of the broadcast 6 minutes after 11 o'clock quickly get to these detection and talk about doctor. We have this for starters. Let's see here. Since you feel trumpet such a terrible person which I did not say about the way. Perhaps you should bring down your stone in preformed there's no stone here people. This is what cracks me up constructive criticism is throwing stones. And craw of people. Laid out your stone and pray for him which I do I do pray for this man Chris Jennings a lifestyle not a title I agree. 100%. Very very important. Also. Don't left and Oprah they left to trump too she had a large following from the get go it would be a sad day yes it would be. And you've you have this one as well. We did it become a frowned upon practice to discuss how our president could be better. No man is perfect thanks for bringing a different view and holding firm to your faith. Well thank you appreciate that just some perspectives on our text line. In fact if you like to join the conversation it is entirely welcome. But I want to tell you I want to urge you elevate your discourse. Tree and send tribalism. This is not a place if you are a person who worships people. Worships a political party. Well you're gonna have a difficult time here. But if you are interest and in a an ongoing. Pursuit of the truth and also. They pursuit of virtue for mainly for yourself. As I'm saying of myself. This is the place for you Ingles advantage starkly number 800. Nine to 1110. Kind of since retirement playing text line it's 71307. I wanna get to this docket issue and we've talked about this for quite some time. Because basically what we're looking at. This the Democrats. Are determined to get docket in some form. And what Donald Trump has put before them is an offers like look I would give you what you want but you've got to give me. Funding for the wall. CNN reporting did the Democrats and Republicans will sit down and meet with the president today. To try to move closer. On what to do about protecting hundreds of thousands of immigrants from deportation. But there is quite a golf here quite a gulf between the sides. Republican and Democrats involved in negotiations over the must pass January spending deal say dock of the deferred action for childhood rivals program. It's become the key to unlocking any funding agreement. Any funding agreement. And some are frustrated with how negotiations are unfolding Republicans charge Democrats to mobile hold talks on spending caps. Intel is a resolution undock. Which gives undocumented immigrants who came to the country's children a chance to stay worker steady in the US without fear deportation. Here's what John Cornyn said he is the number two Republican. In the Senate's seems to me Democrats are holding that deal hostage for a doctor negotiation. And we're meeting at the White House and a bipartisan basis with the president to see what that might look like. But I think that's going to make the January 19 date pretty hard to hit. Another person involved negotiations says it is a mess. A separate GOP aides to the broader environment for both parties simply isn't a good place right now you think. Democrats argue the White House has not been fully engage the degree it needs to be. And they're looking for a long and broad policy. With a list that they put out last week. Do this irritated Democrats working closely in the immigration compromise when Democrat aide argued the White House list was out of the realm of reality. Republicans can't avoid trumps wall promises in the dark in the docket talks. I'm curious as to where you are. Camel hair a set of California said listen I believe the border security I think it's very important we have to secure border but spending billions and billions of dollars on the small. Because of a political promise to campaign promises ridiculous. You know what's moronic abouts this statement. You know you're always concerned when somebody says but I believe in border security but. Yeah it really negates a good part of the time it negates what they person previously said no she doesn't believe in border security. She believes an open borders. So when I can spend money. Securing our border. We need to spend that on social problems social. Programs probably I'm sure she would be thrilled to death if we're putting more money in that direction. So I'd love to know what you think about this are you even comfortable with the idea of this being. A deal. And by that I mean are you comfortable with the terms of this. That trump is willing to offer doctorate in any form. Should this be completely off the table altogether. And again we have what should be a separate issue of funding anyway. I mean it always frustrates me win you have things that are totally under related. To legislation put together. And then the primary legislation gets held hostage. Over secondary issue. It's just crazy. And Republicans have allowed themselves to be rolled yet again now I asked the question again who's in charge. Who's in charge. You know all of this campaigning and all of the rhetoric we heard back during the campaign what it was going to be light. Republican house Republican senate and you have Republicans. Who basically act like they're not even empower. It's kind of ridiculous. Any case love to get your thoughts on how this goes down in which you expect out of this. Do you think. That there will be a deal here that you can live with. Or is there a sense in which Donald Trump's really already given away the store. By suggesting that its docket is within reach. 890 real intent text line 71 preacher seven scrub to Robert in rock kill a good morning. Well and yes sir. Say I did think it would deal with regarded wrote our book guy named fox. You talk about his tools. Yeah. Thank you accuse me yeah that's what. Happened. The I think between Tom and banned them I think they call each other every day. And I think you're good about them because they're eleven of them hard but the thought it would make it. See you think this is all justice circus. Yeah I do really. That's kind of so you don't think that period that this rift that occurred between the president and Steve Bannon is actually genuine. No I don't. Wow that's a pretty interest in theory know what what he accomplished by that. Well you haven't heard many people talking about. Direction thing. You think this is a distraction and under another distraction. For another distraction. Mean that is pretty interesting I appreciate your call Robert nets that's an intriguing theory I mean that's the way things have done the last. Eighteen months or so beyond. You know I. Anything's possible anything is possible but I'm sure most of you would agree. Luggage your thoughts 8931110. Text line 71307. Coming up. Who'll take a look at the data history. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 90 minutes after 11 o'clock Minsk group through radio programs brought to call from Gigi in Charlotte good morning. I can't bring in a rage. I carry that. Oh I'm getting a lot of feedback sorry. Am I wanted to say that I think that by the president agreeing to a deal I'm not. It takes one more issue off the table on the Democrat during the final eighteen elections. And the population I'd like to see is that they are not allowed to vote until they either obtain their citizenship. Go through the process like people who emigrate here at the yet legally have to port for 25 year after they're allowed the day. And then I think the Democrats vote the isn't it that the term. So what do you think this insult. I think he's gonna make it below and I I don't really think he has the choice and it and I the only thing that I would say it based on your earlier comment is I am. I think you need to separate the ineffectiveness of the congress. I am the president. That's my feeling on that I I don't hold any of the against a against the president I hold it against the congress but you're right and Republican to win and they faked okay. And on this issue though. How much of this end and this is where it's kind of confusing though because congress is very eager to do that they're eager to do the docket deal even Republicans are eager on the and honestly Donald Trump this signaled he wants to do would darken deal. So what what do what part of this is it you don't like GG. Well I don't. I think at some point you need to look at popular opinion. I am I think it's key if they can be a win win and I think if it gets something out of it poured making that deal and I think that's fine. And but what I would like to see is that they are not given a full rights of American citizen until and unless they get Teaneck citizenship through a crock that not be immediately granted it. And I believe that they were quick if they weren't restraint from bode well. That Democrats would not be nearly isn't it didn't happen and I I think it's frankly I think it all flights to. And bring in more you know. Bring in more people are except more people that are not and better at the voting pool for Democrats. Yep there's no question that's this long term strategy here hey appreciate your call. And I am there's no question that's the strategy we know what the Democrats have been up to for quite some time. I'm Bob in Charlotte as well good morning welcome. I'm good morning. Money issues that I just don't feel it's right to reward people for having done wrong. Not only does not have known in this issue of the people will Salvador. And I were the times this morning and a lot of these views should be here. There are saying anyway. Don't quit their jobs doing the I didn't. And ended this city year new role coming here this temporary these living we gave them they were actually already here illegally. There was a tour quick thinking this the amnesty groups some kind of memory information. But the big thing is we think people need help please stop bringing year to do it. What would you suggest that we do instead. Well and that they need stayed there and work so we provide some sort of money. Aid whatever. Do you stay in the country facing whatever damage they've got two earthquakes. Militia leaders they probably Puerto Rico right now and it's in America think has not yet not the issue he didn't know what they would do you work. Still I am the foreign in New York. You they're sixteen point your blog in Indiana gets the idea of helping people restore their own country rather than helping people escape. Might be better to to invest that money group. Here at Ford and here we get rid of them. I've I think you may agree pointer Bob this you know it's it's really interest in big slap your call. You're gonna find a more merciful people on the face the earth you really won't. And yet I believe that has been abused at least I don't remember what the figure is but it's a ridiculous amount of money. Then ends up. Going back to these countries. Because before earning the money here in their sending back. This is how it works. Over on the text line. As we continue this previous conversation apparently. Vince I'm going through trial there's this guy and the radio who thinks he knows exactly why I voted for trump. And keep saying cult this called fat. And he couldn't be more wrong. I'm trying to get nice to get along but he's so wrong it's really ticking me off help him and help me Jesus and me and amen. On each call we can talk about this I don't relish you know part of this. And when it when we talk about cult let me define colts. Cold is when your following a person. You're following a human being. And frankly putting their human being in a place were only god belongs that's a cult. I can apply to political things. Celebrities entertainment into a pledge church. We can make a COLT out of anything. Fans I think one of the signs pitcher in a cult is when you become defensive and you feel like you've got to defend something. Now it's one thing to. To stand and defend truth defend values defend principles. But a lot of times I think I see people defending. Something when no defense is necessary. I've never ever dismissed Donald Trump never have. From what I have done is I've brought some adjustment to the conversation. Because I don't believe he's the most evil men on the planet the Democrats or betraying him to beat nor do I believe he is the second incarnation of Jesus. There are a lot of people. Believe he is and believe that they've got to any time any contrary word is spoken. They've got to jump in a different. How dare you after all he's done blah blah blah blah blah that's what I'm talking about it. Any case. A correction ID gladly receive Oprah is spokeswoman for Weight Watchers know slim fast. She bought the company a few years ago. Also who. Would. Two we have here. As well as human as perfect no man is perfectly imperfect would be nice to seem energy was expelled pony up positives. As opposed to negatives out what do we do on this program. At the very beginning of the broadcast we talk about this positive do we very often. True do you Donald Trump is our Ulysses as grant he has character flaws but unlike our needs in McClelland she fights. But a person border security is a must for our country safety. Vince that leader you can call you sweetie is probably two star general as from pat from a a a pop up. Ala Simpson bill says Vince even heaven has walls and gave an extreme betting with a couple of that's did. This doc has BS. Half of them are adults are ready they won't tell you that it's. No doctor to build the wall no amnesty for darkness trump should demand chain in into change deportation as well. Prints no you literally didn't say you think trumps a terrible person yet your general opinions given loudly and frequently send that message. Plus threes and one person told you to breathe. And I said you should lead on you were stolen. Anyone I daka. Give them a seven your path to citizenship with the banning of any so called relatives from entry into the US. Ha. Here's my thing about the wall fans' minds at the border. Throw up some wire station National Guard in the border with orders to shoot on sight anyone crossing cheap and efficient while that's hard core. I believe Republicans should put anchor babies on the table if you read the constitution you'll find the children born here or citizens only if the parents are here. Under the jurisdiction of the government. Mean. Amen to that Vince one bill one issue all these convoluted bills to buy votes do nothing to keep voters in the dark. That's what our representatives really represents. Yet. Believe mr. troll here I'm not happy. No amnesty. For the dreamers period this is something I'm sure you just don't think could be possible from Orange Kool Aid drinkers just proves again. Just tell Roland you bend. And I'm sure you'll continue to do. OKMR Kool Aid drinker thank you very much. 29 minutes after 11 o'clock stable this. This is still Vince Coakley radio program. 36 minutes after 11 o'clock the Vince Coakley radio program every hole in Charlotte it's good morning. Good morning or anybody else serve. Yeah I wanted in my opinion about the whole thing with the its own immigration. I'll let you know ultimately do your Macs and I also got in another couple of vials. There's thirty years right I know the country well I'm telling you these few saw. Need to be accomplished grew to become all we wanna be right strategy that you didn't do it. All of us do our it would the rules you have to do quite a book fall into the dialogue you know can we be on. And I become more risk it and then I got my citizenship. So you know I'll become an American home years ago there was a profit. And the other hand. You can't put everybody else and won't cost of crude Matt every Latino ice cream you know. Well you do cricket stop he nearly got decent people men can be reached toward. Home so Brit. There was still a presidential wanna do you want to do the right way and if it's broken for years. Feel about doctor. Well yelled back are being given to understand. And the concept of a devilish people Salvadoran so what this country enough. Central America they got a lot O you know people award that I would which increased seat. All other than they've got the right place to do something you know their working years got to kind of hard when you're married twenty years. Working. Yeah based access. We never defeated and so India they had no I think that you know great. Off and think the United States of America I know who'll. Squarely at least we know who good note Tony would gunners should still be on rebuke they know who you are so they can't see because they're nice guys. Is it not been good so now we have a balance and that's my opinion. What is the balance here are are you OK with the idea for instance have. Money for the wall in exchange for. Following through with daka. You're bad timing compromise. Compromise me whenever they're in it but don't like your body by the way you don't go to this school eligible being rooted issues there Google. Board double whatever it negative thinking you're doing it out of view of the week. I mean you're compromised if don't have all policy and didn't care what the number one international called. The Republican wanna look who actually out of initial Latino vote you know that they. If so BS and as you know what really matter these people. And I hope I hope operate god. You know people don't know about that right. Hold got. Often their mind that they could come together to do something he does something good for the country would need it and when you got that will come together Ramallah Amman. On the first ever pulled a gun and I did I know. What few people elite but I don't care. Put out but after the data comes to get him a man and and you know what did you ask me what they need to know about Latino they got it up the United States. DC your country eat what you pay your taxes in doubt about it. He did this is bother you for instance we see these demonstrators who were. You know they're thereafter protesting with Mexican flags. Obama and freedom of speech or read anybody got there'd be a true. To have to do something put Internet and I update you gonna do it cannot be Mexican flag stop breathing at stake union had stayed in America will not. You know if you don't Mexico and Argentina Brazil cup or patient coming years stayed near you over so watch. Until he had stayed Argentina and in my heart my call to this are you can't. But I know united they have been I won't grab a guy on the golf by the Pacific country because this country in the vehicle lies four beautiful kids. I'll prosperity and sort that you can put up guys Obama clearly would that I think I'm I'm not a belt relic was gonna show continued into doubt. Hey thank you met always great darker view I appreciate your perspective. That's absolutely awesome. You know and and I think you know. If I may interject here again one of the unfortunate things about this conversation. Going all the way back to campaign and yes I know the media distorts things. But it's. Some of the let's just say he in artful things communicated by the president have really made this complicated. They really do play a factor. In the overall perception. In this entire conversation. Just saying. It is 40 minutes after 11 o'clock let's take a look at the date in history. It's time to reconnect with our good friend mr. Luntz a right so in our upstate studio in Greenville good morning man could morning. We've got itself for questions for you. Raging in difficulty. Beginning in 1776. And we started year. He publication of common sense. Slamming king George calling for complete break from England. Who wrote this. Common sense is the title hunt on. I'm gonna know done to people. On the go Thomas Jefferson hole you got Chris dame right you're taking a stab at the year's second name again paying. You are current. Its fifth state in the union man I can't even give any hints on this because this is a really pouring and state in the northeast. They became number five. When my first thought was Delaware but two we gave him that you lived there before slump. Plus it's the first states. On the go unnamed. Not me. Actually Connecticut's number five what kind of Connecticut clues can give guys anybody in here get any Connecticut clues. They're not known for anything and you know I'm not intending to offend anybody in this audience who. I do from Connecticut sorry 1952. This particular baseball player. Became the highest paid player in Brooklyn Dodgers history yet you know loaded the salary. 42000. Dollars I mean that's nothing today I mean players are probably getting that for one game. 42 K. Who was it. I can give you a hint questions on the go Joseph DiMaggio. Who. Was in Beirut I'm beginning you know there yet. He also broke the color barrier. Second round and yet. I knew Fred thrown that in that would of helped. This last when you're bound to get 2007. Steve Jobs unveiled. The first in this line of products. What was it went in on sale June 2007. I can't believe it's been that long ten years now I've grown you are correct. Steve Jobs unveiling the iPhone that is pretty cool. Awesome mr. Rachel could start could you get man. Yeah I was aren't. But a couple of they slow many will catch a review tomorrow lord willing on this broadcast. Over on the Tex lines and other items before we go to break. Vince or for claiming she doesn't wanna run whom I wonder she's being coy. Let's deceived people clamor for already changed your mind that's from MT you know who did that Ross Perot does the rest for a strategy. Prince I went last supporters won't run. My supporters what do they won't even deal that's the question. On the system it's not broken illegals are choosing to break our laws and it makes all illegals criminals. Vince there's a big difference between compromise version is collaborates the letter except the voters' mandate the former does not. Thank you Vince nothing makes me better than illegals running through streets with. Bear flag did you imagine Americans doing that and someone else's country. Every liberal on earth would condemn them as insensitive and rude just downright mean am I wrong. Yeah probably. No texture as a theory on all of this Oprah met this. That's Oprah's actually paving the way for Pamela Harris to run or would that be. Kind of intriguing. And another texture says are you Alonso London not in the same building anymore it's really confusing. For theater of the mind. You'll get it Monday. Final stretch the menstrual period for. For reminders Tuesday. Ends. We see here we have this. Minsk and had. It is the federal and state for New York. That would have been a good clue. I don't know what that have been held for me who you know mr. right so we we can ask him whether he thinks that would have been helpful. Would that have helped you mr. Rachel. If I give you that clue. Bedroom no tape I didn't I mean bedroom state what that does that mean. It just means people sleep there that's it make her work in New York City. Thank you for the next the nation on film that are educated but I mean doesn't but it would not have done you any good do you know was the bedrooms today I've heard that before but I don't know that I would have guessed that I might leave even thought sword like Vermont and you have this idea of all these little tiny states up there to gather. And you know more mixed up so I get it. Fully get it. Just thought I would throw that out there Connecticut has pretty good college basketball team you cut this texture says. And you know there's another important headquarters in Connecticut mr. right so. Gerald Gerald brought this up. Really my old blood Ichiro seeing Jerrold if if we you have only Gerald give me that clue earlier. I could've said that the headquarters for the WWE. Which I would have gotten before even finished the question if you have eight you gonna stay on by the way. Because I got to share a few a couple of club at least one amusing story. Do go to this. A woman walked into a Costco. With her dead Christmas tree January 5 demanding a reef but you don't why. The tree was dead. Was there a label saying that the treaty wouldn't die when she purchased it. That's a very good question here's a guy his name is Scott Bentley he posted this on FaceBook it looks like. He said this I can't make this stuff up yesterday January 4. At my Costco shame on Costco or shame on this loser but it's going to start costing all of us. When word gets out woman in lining Carrasco totally nonchalant. To return her Christmas tree because it's dead on January 4 I saw the whole thing go down with my own two lies about thirty minutes ago. I didn't see it I wouldn't believe that someone had so little moral values or lack of conscience. Heartbreaking to think she may have needed that money so much she lost all self respect and dignity fort. I wish and folks are offended initially otherwise. I would have tried to talk Curran to find out what was going on. Makes me sad and sorry she did get a refund unhappily ago it was question verified purchase under account she reached. Shame to a small degree but I don't think it fazed her because she had no conscience. She didn't seem to mind that I took a photo instead. Are you serious. And here's here's a picture of a woman standing here at Christmas tree. Getting a refund because her tree is dead in January. Another thing is deep. Today a guy really thinks she had chain if you could try and do you have any shame at all and that's I mean that really takes a lot to. Look that Christmas tree. You know into. A Costco store you think you're still ornaments on. You know I'm looking at it now in fact when I thought I had Europe and I don't. I was gonna send this to you as well there's nothing on it yet you know the same. It's crazy. This tree doesn't looked dead to me. Look at and take a look at this John's history look like it's dad's dead. I know looks pretty lively from here I see a lot of green on this trailer. Al MacInnis you know here's the thing this. I thought. I. I. Hate you did not hear this program we had absolutely nothing to do with this. My goodness that is pretty shed break. Enjoyed talking with you mr. right so while we'll talk again can I go now you can go now you're excused. By the way another texture havens for that puzzled listener your special phone number in with a live continue 1110. Which must mean you were in the WBT studio in Charlotte. Yeah it's a pretty good guess I think this is a Smart listener who's picked up on this that's very good very good. Do we have time for this I wanted to try to share this before me in the broadcast. I think this is absolutely hilarious battle on. Nation's progressive suddenly in favor of electing TV personalities as president. In the US moments after Oprah Winfrey gave a rousing speech to the Golden Globe awards Sunday night and but some claim to be the south lunch or Tony Tony presidential bid nations progressives declared. They were now in favor of TV personalities running for president. I'm seeing your parents medically was a dumb idea when Donald Trump did it. Millions of Democrats who denounced Donald Trump for his lack of experience throughout the 2060 race announced they had changed their minds overnights. And they are now fully supportive of a television star running the country. Here's a quote. Even though I claim trump was an unqualified television celebrity all through Tony sixteen. And that we needed a real leader with real experience in the White House guess why it. Now. I have changed positions. We need Oprah in 20/20. One woman in California told reporters. I'm with her. I love this variation on a theme we need to bring that line back it works so well lest I break. At publishing time millions of Democrats can also reversed positions on ridiculously wealthy celebrities. Running for the presidency. Upon discovering that Oprah Winfrey is worth. Over three billion dollars. The latest from Babylon B yeah I'm serious if you want some good reading you just want to have some fun time. Just making fun of all kinds of stuff. Go to the Babylon B website is a parody sites. I believe it's Christian run so there are a lot of spiritual themes here. Really good stuff here's some of their headlines for example apple confirms all iphones program to self destruct. The moment the new model comes out. Is that cool. He biblical age of accountability raised to thirty formally meals. This is the kind of stuff they do it's great I'm trying to get these folks come on the program some time I would love to talk with them. Ever since you were a lot like mine that may be good that maybe better. Have a great day god bless you. This is still Vince Coakley radio program.