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Saturday, December 16th

Doctors Ernst and Crespo discuss biological denistry and its affect on overall health.


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The asked doctor Cho is preset up like doctor Aaron urged the board certified chiropractic physician specializing in spinal correction nutritional coaching and cellular detoxification. And as for informational purposes only it is not intended to be a substitute for professional advice diagnosis or treatment he could qualified healthcare professional before changing your health program or embarking on any one visit ask doctor Ernst dot com for more information. It's time to transform your hell yeah which one of the nation's leading men growing authorities in total health. Over the next hour he learned from experts on how to revolutionize the health of those you love most. Ask doctor. Here's your host. Doctor here and there. Good afternoon happy Saturday yeah you're listening to be asked doctor and self hate to sort out there's dead he's dead you can be debt free market health problems. I mean yesterday doctor Aaron our students are you coach and guide you minimize your fullest self potential we have an incredible show for you today and I have a special guests in the studio. Doctor at least Crespo from the holistic dental centers here in areas such crass but thanks for today. At Yankee shirts yes so we we are talking about the connection between New York heat or oral health. It have to do with your total body health and dad not Crespo is my dentist and he's also what we would term a biological dentist. And so just to queue up today's kind of conversation in comments. We're going to be discussing everything from what year Mal has to do with your health. Some of the hidden dangers that you may often find in there. Be that sort of like the fillings we have or just the various conditions that go on Mal and we're also going to be asking them questions about the good dentist here today. So we can figure out how to really take care of our health from the oral health perspectives. And down couple things that I want you guys to know this show is also streaming live on FaceBook and I highly highly suggest if you're at home at the other computer. If you have the opportunity to visually watch yes dude that. So head over to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Ernst. Hey you can ping your question directly to both of us while we're here in the studio. You can see you can you share this with anybody you know. It's I really really hope you guys take advantage of the fact that we have an expert indeed dental health field here today. Elegy utilize it milk every opportunity to have to do that so expressed by thanks for joining us today. And now I know we've got some very interesting questions that people submitted and we ever really hot and great topic to talk about. But down if you would for anyone that you just I share a little bit of what it is that biological chemistry is and more specifically you know just to the bit about yourself and why why you're here today and what you're open here with world. Sure yeah. Well I've been a dentist for eighteen years going on eighteen years. I'm a holistic dental and dentists working with a holistic dental senators. I work with. The beloved doctor Carl McMillan yes. Great dentists great partner great wonderful person. Well when I graduated a school my main focus was oh really wanted to work with. Those less fortunate. Some are so today. The vast majority in my career has been in public health industry yeah yeah but. Somewhere. Along the way. You know with my family and our own personal journey to you good health and you know the more I learned about nutrition. My eyes started to open up to how things were in it with conventional medicine and and conventional dentistry how it was becoming an what has become. And I started have a problem with that professionally and it made me question a lot of the things that I was doing yeah so let me. Estes thank you talk about kind of like are you questions sort of the traditional perch are taken what would you say if if it because this is actually question we had submitted for today. What is the biggest difference between regular dentistry and what you do this holistic or biological chemistry just the sort of open upsetting to people understand what we're doing today. Yeah. Route related dentistry. Itself is very similar. That the biggest differences in the approach a kind with the holistic approach first and it just to take a little. Bit from the hippocratic oath in our approach first do no harm. That's the first objective sis not necessarily just jump in and treat or fix. Whatever the problem may seem it's really look at underlying issues yeah. To essentially. Treat the mouth as it relates to the rest of the body not as a separate entity. Yeah and that right there just you know if you're if you're listening going like wait a second treat them out is that it's like a part of the whole body. See that's the biggest fallacy a lot of us courtesy our current health issues is something singular and Mike you know I have an issue and covered up and hide it. And the reason I personally is biological dentistry is because like you talked to a man it's it's involved with diet it's involved with the bacteria in your mouth were looking at. Functionality and why you have your current dental health problem. And rather than just sort of covering up sentiment cause you return to go to the roots just like. When we do that for any aspect of her health cell. Not knowing that what was it that made you kind of see steer away from sort of a traditional dental personnel going more biological. Six with. The problems I was having. Internally as to start kind of feel like a mechanic you more then more than a health care professional so to speak so. I made the decision. That I needed to make a transition and so I started working towards that and in doing so I can. No small miracle. Met doctor McMillan and the rest is history. Yeah and that's often not happened yet that one moment in your life and assorted opens up the door for. You know greatness in every avenue still am but that's been a little bit more on this kind of difference between now biological and holistic dentistry you know we talk. Abouts in Madison. That's what often the challenges is down with someone has a health issue it's it's like stay high blood pressure or they have a headache or they have something more serious like diabetes. The approach is always still controlling symptoms we have prescription medications given the kind of medications and make people feel better and with that we all ought to feel great. But found what would you say is the biggest difference in. How biological Dennis approaches a symptom let's let's just use an analogy of if I have a cavity that's my symptoms how would you guys approach that differently. Yeah. Well first and foremost that I would find one of the biggest differences to be. Education event we really really strive to inform our patients about not just what is happening. With. The reason there there was in this case let's just say cavity but what could that mean for the rest their body yes in other words. We talk a lot about the environment. So. Doctor McMillan who I was analogies and is really great wit relating things relating to patients. And what is analogies is. Is it the rats to bring the trash. Or is it the trash that bring rings around. Yeah as that we'll talk a little bit more about that only come back for next commercial break is this is really important that you understand this in reference to looking at the sentimentality vs binding function. And if you have a question for us again head on over to FaceBook dot com's let's ask docs currency gastric questions directly there. You'd like more information about doctor Louis Luis Crespo and holistic dental senators makes you call their office 7047653150. And as part of overdoing each commercial break I'm hosting a special dinner seminar coming up in January so we can hit the ground running with your help. I'm offering free tickets to my January asked doctor Ernst dinner seminar. You grab this ticket back on 7049062094. They're 7049062094. Its gas sector are still be right back. Welcome back you're listening to gas sector ourselves makes several pounds instead is needed that break beat Patrick audio problems. I got today doctor Aaron there's a lot with my special cohost doctor Luis Crespo of the hole with a panel senators and Cornelius. That's crass but thanks again pertain to gain for joining us you. And we are discussing the topic of your mouth health your oral health has a lot to do with your total health. And now one of the questions that we had. Before we hit that last commercial break was what is the biggest difference between biological dentistry as a traditional dentistry. And now one thing Allen a sort of partly and then you know doctor crest but he can definitely take this and and run at this is. You know it it's a philosophical difference and this is why I personally. Go see my entire at least these you guys as our dentist you know we treat you as our primary family Dennis. But I won a biological Dennis because I want somebody's gonna go after the root underlying cause and make sure that my health is my priority. That in my oral health is a reflection of that. And one of the biggest challenges that I see a lot in the dental profession as. They treat your teeth just like they would any other health condition Nokia high blood pressure your medical doctor is a drug acute lower rates. If you have diabetes against the drug to make in the Latin blood work look great. The viva cavity or have like. Gingivitis or gum recession. And I go to my classic then as they're gonna see that as the problem. And they're gonna systematically take care of it be it if it's a filling in north they're gonna just give you some sort of protocols. So knowing that that's the biggest difference what would you say. Is the main sort of approach that a biological this takes in that if I have a cavity how to treat that differently. An example data suggesting. He said because yet traditional. And traditional ministry that cavity is the problem right right fix this fix the cavity and fix the tape you're good ago. But. It's always. Baffled me especially now the the separation that seems to. Be the mentality of people that there's a separation between the teeth in this and the rest of the of the body right. But yeah. You know people in general Dennis as well can get hung up on talking about things like poor oral hygiene. Or poor nutrition and you know Lotta times we hear over consumption of candy leading cavities route. But when people. We're not to you know countless people ready. Terribly. Have never get a cavity yeah we're not taking into account cultures. Negative. Aboriginal cultures and Australia back in the day stay in every brush their teeth right perfect no cavities yep. And then you have the flip side where you have so many that really strives to be healthy. And they eat perfectly. And they had an awful cavities yet so the problem can't just lie database that question. Is this problem happening. Locally or is this problems starting systemically and as a result. Let's talk about every second because I mean I I'm I'm by trade not a dentist as you know I work more in the holistic field with chiropractic in nutrition things that affect. I'm I've always sort of not taken from the viewpoint that if you have a cavity that's the warning sign that there is a more severe deeper health issue going on. Specifically with the fact that of course you know there are healthy bacteria in our mouth that are technically supposed to protect our T. So knowing that that's the case what is sort of the biggest challenge that a lot of dentists teach patience. Or people to do that would actually destroy that healthy bacteria may be then leading them to be more likely to having a cavity in the first place. So you know any of our over the count our mouth laws. Antiseptic that you know basically. Play O. A look and or in the Euro environment. The same way an antibiotic would would see with a body you know were right not everything works out good and bad. And it's. A lot of times it happens is you're creating that again going back to the environment you create in an environment where the bad. It's gonna thrive. Yes I look at it as you know like I mean obviously having going to Dennis for quite some time. You know my classic sort of like I'd leave though I'd leave Mike Mike classic clean with that okay so. Here's a toothbrush here's your loss. Makes you rents makes you use this kind of toothpaste you know you what the ones that have. Anti materials and a new ones the ones that have you know floor right in things that affect. And my Mike and I challenge with that is best about lifetime and we did that for years and yet my wife has multiple cavities with Billings. I have a ceramic in the back teeth and I'm like I did I was doing everything right and yet I still ended up with poor health in time that you guys and he turned it around completely by addressing. The PH in the environments in the bacteria and even what I love about it is the brushing techniques of how. You know what were taught in about brush this way can actually cause more problems. And in the again it is it pains to the idea of it is about the whole picture we're not just looking at. Eight tooth an eight cavity and just you know drilling it out affiliates in OK off ego we're looking at the idea of how do we prevent this from happening in the long term. And broccoli make it's the you have the best or how possible. And so does so let's talk about Addai again this holistic approach is for me this is a huge huge aspect. On. The safety of the techniques and procedures that a lot of us use so again I know we're talking about the analogy of a cabbie just because I think the average person can associate that's the big thing I would go to CN Dennis sports especially a biological Dennis because if I'm trying to shoot for the other aspect. But some wanna sort of stir the pot maybe if you're okay with this open a little can of worms and talk about this massive controversy. Over the kind of filling that we have an arm out and I'd actually doing something good for Russert they doing some harm. And this isn't just something that I would say is you know sort of just now becoming mainstream news you know we have even some big heavy hitting famous you know like a celebrity doctors talking about this. So I'm gonna play a clip for our audience as they can hear doctor Oz himself talking about. The issue of amalgam fillings and if they're toxic and and like you were opinion on what he says so hey guys listen to this real quick. And they were gonna come back and talk more about that day issues that having these type of billions and amount. You've got you've built us a mouth here that we also did now there. And what's what he had them those those amalgam fillings that. We've been told that when you next Mercury wrestle for ten copper completely stable no Mercury vapor. Spots be released. And we're Angela demonstration to show. How much is released so by brush for example parsed teach that don't have any work you'll hear that should be a problem but jargon that I brushed down here. That it is a giggle in hopes of Russian what point should I be concerned about what level is it. General more than we're supposed and cover zero and stocks sell or 61 moment good 6161. My crafts. How can anyone dispute that Mercury is coming off an argument is. You really can't. You can't it's it's it's happening we have the devices we have the technology to measure that Mercury vapor and we are well above the limits that you would want to be exposed to. That Mercury is coming off the fillings in your mouth quite cross blood brain barrier in your brain. So I'd like talk about average second has not for those you're on the air of course I need to sort of a pre Fran it was a clip from a segment doctor Ross ran on I'm the issues of silver fillings with the amount of them in their mouth and what he did was he had a model of an entire mouth that had about four fillings in that he. And they have this environment was completely closed and sealed. And they have this device may be you know what it's called but it's that like a Mercury vapor monitor can determine how much Mercury vapors in the air. And I was reading zero when they started. And all he did was took a dry toothbrush and brushed it back and forth across its Billings for about five or six times. And that meter shot up to 61 micrograms of Mercury vapor which. Would be according to even just standards sort of safety levels with OSHA and the EPA. A level of toxic vapor in the environment and of course. If we're brushing inhaling networking have deeper into our bodies tell him here's the here's you know the catch twenty questioned the mall. Are these feelings actually truly dangerous to behalf Mercury in them and other metals and in your opinion what's the biggest challenge behind having kind of filling. Well when you bring up. The 61 micrograms release from this brushing teeth in this particular video. And then you take into account. The World Health Organization just as an example. I mean they found there is no safe level right American right so any Mercury is is is that. And then you take into account all the composition. And an amalgam filling and fifty to 54%. Of that composition is Mercury right so. Is that all is leading towards the you know what we're trying to accomplices holistic dentists. And not. Specifically talking only about amalgam but in general and I'm sure it I mean if years right there where this yeah we're trying to limit toxicity out to the body SEC so. And in doing that and taken into account we look at. We're timeout brushing teeth well what else we do with him on what else is causing. Those vapors. Out guessing if you will. Throughout the day we're chewing. We're drinking hot he's hot coffees. Suing needing temperature related is gonna create. That environment again to release that America and it's not just gonna go out into the air. It's going into your body well that's the south course because you know we're breathing in January inhaling it that airs are exposure then to this sort of toxic level of Mercury within the body. And here's something unique beat the journal of occupational. And toxicology states that there is a study done where they actually determine like you said. Almost 60%. Of our physical exposure to Mercury comes from him problems that we haven't RT. And I think a lot of us think honor now now now that the Mercury from the fish you eat I stopped that. But we don't equate the fact we have 1234. I didn't see the people in my office at eight or nine or ten of these guys. And if each one is vaporized in listen to some of the symptoms of just entry level Mercury toxicity. It's things like mood swings and nervousness and your ability insomnia headaches high blood pressure muscle twitching weakness. And even decreased cognitive function and you know when you just listen to that it kind of sounds like. I have you know the flu or have things that people wouldn't even equates to Mercury toxicity. So I think you know it's sort of the next biggest question is going to be is there. A real risk by having these and what's the alternative to the net by half of them. And that I don't have them and I've been suggested that I get one what would be the alternative option it safer. Every if mrs. we've established that we know Mercury is being released. I think we can also communicate about. Concert at things that are going to be quite as controversial. For example. We don't know about metals we know they expand and they contract with temperatures. So. If you understand the science you know that an amalgam filling being metal is going to expands. At a greater rate. Then natural to structure Brett so over time. You're gonna see fractures. Is that guy is neck and a classic sort of route a look at some dramatically. Have the decade it needs to the cavity that thing gets filled with and not filling. But then attitude tends to kind of decay over time. Often you'll see more cracks in majors and minister to go to either a cap or crown than down the path that the route starts dying it if need be extracted. And that's again for me guys those dealers and that's the biggest difference between taking a biological approach in figuring out the underlying root cause he stopped at the K. Vs again just this symptomatic approach which is well now the feeling is working so let's go to the next step as a continue. Yes so you know it's so let's talk about down. We have a commercial break coming up and I wanna I wanna Segway what the next segment's going to be because we need to talk a little bit more about the stabbings a huge issue in so many of us don't realize that the very. Silver or amalgam based on their mouth could be connected to major health issues we have so we come back the next break we're gonna talk about. What are the risks of having a long term how do you actually go about potentially a processor remove them in a safe way. And then what's the alternative with this ceramic type fillings or discuss that. Yet a question for doctor Crespo myself head on over to FaceBook dot com slash ask doctor Ernst. You can ping it's directly very counsel what test on the video. You can call his clinic directly at 7047653150. With a holistic dental centers hearing Cornelius. And again during the commercial break is you guys know on our stock turnstile. I host various Danner seminars I have a January new year new you kick off. It's coming up in just a couple weeks in those tickets are free right now seven afford 9062094. That's 7049 or 69 for Yasser returns show will be right back. Good afternoon happy Saturday to get regular since Yasser carriage shows which are content says he's. Is he dead to be separate audio problem. I'm aerospace doctor Aaron Aaron Savvis special guest in the studio with me alive today doctor Luis Crespo of the hole with a panel senators here in Cornelius. And we're discussing your oral health and how has a massive impact on your total health. If you're just dating and not listen we talked very briefly the biggest difference between a biological dentist. And it traditional dentist is mostly the philosophical approach a lot of the procedures the cleaning and things like that at the same. But it's going to be how we approach it from the nature of what's the underlying cause is there. A bigger issue going on with your diet or your lifestyle or your brushing techniques extension that would equate to the reasons why you have a health issue. So I think of them as like a a type of a dental profession as a professional that's gonna go after the root cause of your health issues which of course is why I asked him to come here take it that's where about finding the root cause. And we opened a can of worms by talking about the danger of those silver or amalgam fillings in your mouth we played a segment from doctor Oz. Where he was discussing how even something as simple as brushing your teeth. Can releasing toxic level of Mercury vapor. That you might be inhaling actually technically are. And how the paper over time can lead to eight increased level of Mercury in your body. Which can show up as strange signs and symptoms like high blood pressure headaches mood swings insomnia ex extra. And you know what we're discussing now is the concept of how do we know. If an amalgam filling an amount this toxic. Or if we should go after that so I think that'll be might might sort of like next question for you because I have several people last is OK I you know doctor pressed by half. 123456. However many failings. And some of them are those silver ones how do I know if that's one that's dangerous in a bicycle the route to having that removed. SO. We already know other toxic. And sue. Again it goes back to that whole topic of environment. This view as an individual have an environment that is and other words let's talk about detoxification. If you have something that you're exposed to you whether it be murkier or any other toxins if you're able to cope with that in a manner that allows your body to release it. And others detoxify from the body then you're not going to be susceptible to it as somebody else who doesn't. Right and then NC though so here here's the thing I think I am and help me if I'm answering this question properly. If you have an amalgam filling regardless of what is happening not that tooth is vaporized in Mercury we know for a fact the case though. How do we know offer fillings are doing it's just look open your mouth if you see this over one is vaporized in that the bigger question is. Is the vapors dumping your body can handle and yes our bodies can actually detox small and I mean small amounts of heavy metals like Mercury we have natural detoxification pathways. So those are open and working and I have one feeling I might not have any symptom ecology from it but it still toxic find the body. Now if I'm a person as one of these in my detox pathways are compromised. Where I'm not able to get rid of it and over time it starts to pile up in that we Steve Simpson mythology but I think a lot of our listeners may not recognize that your high blood pressure might be. Because yet too much Mercury in your body or those chronic headaches that you get that title doesn't seem to fix. Norte as your primary doctor or chiropractor award the dentist working with your off beat your team today. Doesn't seem to go away you know the insomnia the inability mislead the new changes eight might be from that and that's why in my opinion it's so important to. Considered getting an evaluation done or consider coming to see a biological Dennis. And if you are at that stage where you're like man you know this step is dangerous I've got these healthy as he's I wanna get rid of it. When Alec talk about now is why it's so important that you don't just skewed off here local. Dentists and say hey pop that filling out and replacement ceramics that can you give us like what does it look like a summit comes in your clinic. And they're going and there are you know wind because the process of getting anything safely renew. Right. Well. He brought us some great points there and the one that in both of our professions. Is key in that is treating another SP is treating everyone as an individual. So we mentioned that somebody may not detoxify as well as as another person. That's the heat treating don't treat everybody can see Evan amount of good as an analyst is Russian and pop it out there right see what's happening how are you being affected by it. Because a lot of times when you go to release or remove the amalgam you're really expose how your yank your opening exposure in the marketing exposure so. So how do we go about doing it well first thing we like for them to be in the hands. Someone such as yourself for a further detoxification articles. Yes and here's how I would do that so if you're coming to me in your stand OK my biological Dennis wants B to have these things are new I agree I went about two. We need to make sure it is detox pathways are open and functioning. We need to make sure that you know if you go to the procedure you're gonna be able to you late these medals out and you know we have a very specific sort of crap protocol there urinary tests and blood tests that we can get the green light that says yep you're detox pathways are open. Yes your supported. Now let's go the path of removing and what would it look likes and now I'm. I'm prepared and I'm ready and my pathways are open I'm gonna go in and I'm actually now have these things are new what does that look like. Pepsi coming of the office and we have a very specific protocol. You get in the chair and will put you on oxygen through nasal Candela. We're gonna cover your face we're gonna cover your whole body we're gonna isolate the teeth with. A rubber dam a lie and rubber dam. And you're gonna have my protection you going to be covered. And you guys have this unique sort of like air extraction process yet and we had paper has to get out absolutely bring this big filter that comes right up to the oral cavity. And that's inclusive of the suction that we're alert that the chair side assistant has already utilizing. And and for us as practitioners you know we also take precautions so we're wearing full respirators. With specific Mercury filters. We're also are not protection and we're fully gambled. And when we actually go to remove the amalgam with the famous drill right it's very minimal contact we just wanted to just get in get out so usually only takes in a short time to remove the actual filling the amalgam filling. And then. You know we wanna make sure all that is dispose of the office itself needs to have a separate here. Suit in the section lines of that data Nawaz I go and on the training getting back into the into the sewer system or whatnot and re circulated back. And yeah thirsty what I hear is that they vary specific targeted approach that you have to do to a protect the patient from additional exposure BE. Obviously protect you guys is the only use getting talks bite from this. And if you're somebody who's listening your like well none of that happened for me. All I had was I went in and they drilled and I left with that's ceramic. Hey it's time to wake up to reality you may have some toxicity issues that you need to deal with that's why I'm given a way that dinner seminar so we can find out are your detox pathways open. Are you function properly that's why it's vitally important that if you still have some to take out you consider meeting with you know. A biological that is like that progress though his clinic can be reached directly at 7047653150. That 70476531. Fives here is the holistic dental centers hearing Cornelius. Hey we got a quick commercial break come up where we go deepened this on. Again if I need to get to remove how to do it if I've already done and I kind of did it wrong what are my aspect never talk about the best part. The pilots of that history which is the foundational functional approach when we come back. Don't forget my free tickets are seven afford 906209. Florida 7049062094. Gas sector are so we'll be right back. Good afternoon happy Saturday at a since the gas stocks turn show its historic Condit said diseases did you separate audio problems. I resonate doctor -- arson if you're just tuning and we have a special guest doctor Luis Crespo the holistic dental senators. In Cornelius here today he is a biological Dennis he's my special guests today expert in the field of oral health. And that we are discussing this sort of controversial topic of our mouth and our oral health has a lot to do with our total body health. And up for those views are just in and we spent some time discussing the biggest differences between. What a biological dentist is vs what a traditional dentist is and you know if if if I was gonna say let's take five seconds dialogue that's good approach it's sort of how you guys look at everything. From the underlying roots of what could be causing your health issues in your mouth all the way down to even diets as we're gonna discuss now. Some things you probably never even thought had to do with the media environment and help your teeth which is things like. How are how we sleep at night and an ox to be in the position never tong and things that affect. We spent some time discussing the dangers of via amalgam or silver fillings and how even doctor Oz mentioned that. Small microscopic movement in your mouth like chewing gum or even brushing flossing drinking hot liquids. Releases of paper that you can inhaled it and toxic by the body. And then you know we discussed how you can't. Go about the process of getting nesting safely removed. And how there's a prep process the removal process and the technically we haven't discussed this yet but there's actually eight. Post removal process to then confirm that not only did we keep you clean from. You know the actual removal of the team but what about the fact that it is bad toxic five for the last 10152025. Years you've been inhaling those vapors. And they can get in the gliding in the boning get in the brain and there is why we see all these health effects of things like you know chronic headaches and you know that would be Mercury in the brain or forgetfulness the brain fog in Mercury in the brain or we see high blood pressure from Libyan lodged in the heart and things to that effect. So if you're somebody is listening going singer tonight I have these Billings. I I'd I don't think I went through a process the way you described. I got a health issue I'm trying to deal with it what if my teeth they're connected and I highly suggest you reach out to holistic dental setters in Korea as they are my dentist. I go to them my entire family does and that makes you you hit a doctor Luis Crespo. At FaceBook dot com that's asked doctors because we live right now and I can see you guys through this camera. My question is can use the us so make he had over there. So outlets I have a couple questions for you as we sort of out around that are showed today. Ot my fear in us talking a lot about. You know the fact that still the Phillies are dangerous you have to get to remove the right way technically the only people who are doing this properly or those like you certified. In biological dentistry either through the international academy of oral medicine and toxicology so like this isn't just your average Joseph identities gonna do this. But I don't wanna listeners to think that that's really all a biological Dennis died so. A big question that we had sort of pained over the last commercial break is can I see a biological that is as my regular dentist. Or is it only for like these emergency cases. Yeah. Actually that would be ideal. We. If we'd love to have all of our patients. Becoming for routine care. Have our clinic as their dental home. But the reality is that we have. A lot of our patients that travel great distances for specific issues whether it's a health is health related issue that they from a fellow. Colleague. That seeking for example an amount memorable. Or other health issues related to deal or that there are finding toxicity in the mouth that they want something dealt with and they're traveling along way so it's not practical sometimes for them to be seen as. As a continuing care patient. But absolutely we were re we see everybody between. Doctor McMillan myself he sees. Mostly adults and some kids and I see mostly kids and and some adults are we see the whole again. So let me ask that a curious question because them knowing that end of the realms of biological ministry we you'd talk a lot about. Functionality. Making sure that. You were looking for root cause what would be an example if your if you're gonna work with the child so let's say if I have a child whose evening you know 2346. Whatever. And I'm bringing them to view. Again just to help people to understand the differences what is that sort of functional approach to keeping a child's seat and oral health. You know in tune biologically. Yeah. When we look at children. And I hear this all the time from parents and you know why is it about wire bodies T grad. You know what's going on here. In. And a lot of people say well my Dallas has Steve crowded my. You know it's a family thing it's genetic thing. And what we're learning more about you know things I get the genetics you know where were also going back to will be environment is as -- a big roll right so where is dead environment well. It's our bodies in this case and certain functional issues can begin even birds and when we begin the nursing we begin you know where they. Where they've breast fed where they bottle it you know all these things traced back to how. The harmony of the mouth the harmony of the jaws start to function. And is again to create that home estates is that harmony throughout life or is it gonna start to have those days functions. Which at that point can result in a lot of things beyond T beyond teeth crowd. So let's just say for example. The child's. Started to melt freed as a baby has an answer for whatever reason. Well at that point now they're mouth breathing. So if they're not able to agreed to their nose and their mouth breathing during the day they're certainly going to be mouth breathing at night and warm out for them at night then we're talking about some obstruction at some form at some point where there's the job as the withers a position. You're gonna have it some sort of obstruction in your airway. DNC's like damn we know that sleep apnea is a big deal for a lot of adults today. And you know again unfortunately I think if we look at it from the medical approach the off and say well it's because you're slightly over Wade's you know you've been snoring for years of weak muscles eccentric. But down from my perspective knowing that you talk a lot about functionality. It's again the fact that long standing throughout our entire health we never addressed that pour root cause. And what's wild about just something as simple as breeding is as a massive effect on our entire total body health. Not just an hour oral health. And so much so I mean I even have a health coach who may be can talk to this into how would you take someone in that environment and try to like. Retrain their body negated go back because I have a health coach he taught me once he's like one of the greatest things you can ever do is force yourself to brief your nose especially when you sleep at night. Because it helps to retrain the muscles and a function so he taught need to physically tape your mouth shots. And it would force you to brief here knows I've been doing this and I see a big difference in my energy my sleep my ox it's nation just how I feel. But knowing again that your do your your approach to dentistry is more functional. What does that look like as far as retraining the body to give us better oral health in the long run. Yeah now that's that's a great strategy. And that you do about it what we've and it is it works it works. But as what we're trying to do is we're trying to train the children. And adolescent Zito gave him other young break what. What these rather they're bad habits right now Harry they've created and have them be able to do this just naturally. And when that happens when your reading to your nose and your lips are together. And your tong ideally should be in the spot which is a little spot right behind your front teeth on the palate. And when that time arrests there. Everything is in harmony. So those are three big issues try to target these mile functional strategies. And another one is how we swallowed and all these things are brought a sounding panel while Aaron how about that but yeah how we swallow affects things. If you swing you swallow it should be just a quiet swallow it just your throat muscles your your tongue muscles basically. But if you have a lot of activity with your shin muscles your cheek muscles your lips muscles you're going in the reverse direction. So you're you're mentally you just need to be grown in a downward in four directions so when your putting reverse. Pressure you're actually restricting that development. If there is if there was a war and you know his Bryant matter anybody if there is a war between muscle and down. Miles is gonna win all the time that's all right so it's the same principle with that the mouse so somebody that's not reading the tongs on the position they're not putting that. That art form with the tongue. There amount preinstalled area impurities are going on their teeth down their throat down and their respiratory system maybe they're susceptible now as a result of that for allergies. Maybe they have sworn consoles if yes all in Tulsa as you restrictive airway during the day and at night so there we go back to the sleep. As I hear it bring that to date that medical approach to be able to console this fall and let's cut announcement it's not addressed and cause I also like the fact I talked about down. But if we breathe in through our mouth throughout the day and throughout the night it changes the environment of the oral bacteria this it doesn't our time to sit their position something I've learned from you that I think a lot of our listeners in you know as your tongue is actually strong enough to. Move your teeth and keep them in the right position. So we have these additional stress there's across our jaw and our teeth and everything else again there's the cause because now we have access dressers applied to the tooth itself. It can create a breakdown which can then lead to decay and lead to cavities and everything else in the long run. Yeah. No I'm so let me ask you this just because I think you know as we're sort of you know finishing out our segment for today. I'm if there was sort of like I take home point that I could stay. The most important aspect that people can understand four. What is something they can do right now to sort of change there there there there oral health what would you say the biggest sort of like leverage point they have. It. As far as anything else in look at your overall health. If you in. How hurt so you know let's just not think a cast doubt it why is it. Maybe something else happened. Maybe it's a previous injury maybe it's not. Look at everything don't just look at. What you see your what you feel trying get to the bottom it's because some people that hurt so he takes a medicine at pain goes away for a little bit. But you're not treating the problem. Yeah. I also like to how you mentioned that the fact that that the greatest difference between sort of biological dentistry and traditional dentistry as. First do no harm we wanna make sure we're not increasing your toxicity by doing the procedures that were doing we wanna help you did he creature taxes these by. Making you aware of the fact that you know maybe there's something amount that's caused a problem. Maybe don't have that instead what you have is a Mel formation of sort of how your tongue since the nights or you know breathing properly. Where your diet soft you're creating additional city. I think for me big big the biggest thing I've learned from you is. Your mouth is sort of a window to your entire body. And if there's something going on with your teeth here comes your health as far as orally. It's an indication there's something going on deeper within sight inside your body. And I've never met a dental profession as or even just that a doctor like yourself who care so much is so passionate about. Teaching and educating and walking people through an entire life changed mean trust me not think at this when he go to your local dentist in the strip smaller other places like that. If you're somebody here today and you continue and go and you know what I've never you know walks into the realms of biological ministry sounds neat sounds fine. They should check out the holistic dental senators. A hearing Cornelius 7047653150. Is there. Phone number it's miles Raleigh dot com but that's because they have two locations one in Raleigh when it Cornelius. That's Crespo thanks so much for team and hired being here today as our guest answering questions. Makes you guys top FaceBook right now as those viewer a loyal listeners know would you four minutes a Feinberg and ask some questions. Sort of do little span and again as your last chance to join meet doctor Aaron arts from my new year new you dinner seminar. Is the first Tuesday of January coming up it's just a couple weeks those tickets are absolutely free right now 7049062094. It's seven afford 9062094. And again makes you hop on over to FaceBook dot com slash asked doctor Hurst it's four minutes of fine. With myself and doctor Luis Crespo guys thanks an opportunity down at Fortis in east every week especially as you wrap up this new year. Until then thanks so much that I.