Overcoming Your Fears Part II

Kandas and Larry talk about what is stopping you from getting started.


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It's time to be rich and generous. Rank radios hosted by best selling real estate investing author Larry bill Owens and co host Candace. For the next hour they'll show you proven and effective ways you can be successful real estate. From the WBT studios the flagship station of the brag radio network. Here are your host the rock stars real estate Larry and Candice. What's up today at night and do an excellent are you nervous I don't they Chad spectacular. And we are. But over Iraq. So it to traverse that was in the bright radio your flip the station still. Changes anymore. Here at the flagship they broadcast and in love from uptown. Charlotte and it's that it took them. Right into the status of an up down it's up down. We have made that mistake foresee down. We're we're we're. What the differences is how. I don't know I don't know. I don't know it Charlotte disrupt the musicals and Upton. Part of his downtown and that says that across somehow lay on some part of Charlotte is giving considered downtown but when you're on the other side and how is that sounds like eastern western north sound the sound of mind that. I don't get caught up in. I have no idea that's crazy. But if you're just tuning in for the first time bride radio network. Is all about being rich and generous we teach people how to go out and invest in rules they would wanna be active investor or passive investor. And and the and we show you or encourage you to be generous today we try to college students every week. That though on the show that are being rich in generous that you know we've helped go out and make money and their help and others with their blessings like Candice. That's right it's it's really amazing to hear it different thing a ton of different things that. You know don't get really publicized come four of being organizations that need donations that need ton that. Eating him opulence. Involved with so here's students talk about in their local communities in their local areas and Sony's or even national place's. I think Israeli and mining. That is great that's awesome. So on last week's show we talked about. Overcoming your fears a year ago we've we've had a lot of people that email and call in and students and you know what I do about this were you on to so scared. And so this week we've had a lot of we've tried to kind of categorize a lot of the questions that we wanna be able to give you what you need. I've had so many students asked me and I know you and I talked about this and one of our many meetings we have today. About what what we do with how we do it. I've had so many students come to me wanna know you know. What if this happens what if that happens you know how you know I've just got to get started I gotta get started how can I started. Right and right and then was so we flip the question on armed so here's the thing instead of pink and you know. How do I get started how to write it started our question to you is what's stopping you bring in and started. And I got a lot of questions that are coming in about that different things and reasons that people. Are saying you know I'm not just aren't because of it yeah I could just do this right once I do this want to sit out partly perfect. So that you'll want you'll never have is lake avenue and baby from people there's not ever perfect and bringing it out in the world and you aim to disrupt your entire life. Everything. Tell that they're. It's like you know bringing their kids learning is. How they got on. That's the layer. Oh like that in me you bring in this whole new idea like from your head into the world in in in where they take money from your hat this earning money for. Kids who come early that I'm not a guy. And only barely pay the app that the and after that. It. After you and me and then there's me yet. So. The best time and so instead of you know that's an effort question back to some ideas how to fight started well let's stop me new engines started hearing now. So yeah when we started an email like that that's the only time in this group ears that will be a minute and Woodson. The user and it's been a very good. So click get you know what happened this island is one thing in ballots Alan's one response that I outline when asked the question app and you started they've got a full time job. Opening Soto. What was what part of your full Honda stopped and ran for and gains in its that you speak on the very. And I do. I want I want to speak on that but I also want negative. Kind of more of a broader. Response to that first or an honor a more a more broader. More broad. You know I got. Of glory but anyway. But. Working a full time job limit his. If if you want to do so today. Everybody has seen 24 hours and if you wanna do something everybody's got the same port four and I don't get to work eight hours or job or twelve hours a day on the job disliked we'd Reich and the so. It doesn't make you different. If you don't wanna do something we excuses just goes yeah. That's that's what for excess. That's what framework of frank in and we had blood shall we obviously of the day. And retirement actually something about last week something. And you know no I didn't do that anything about rules Stater business if they know what to do that he said one excuses it is yeah. Right so what can a full time job. You know. Most people who started in rules okay they already have full. Right most people getting started in the rules that it will be active investor pessimist. I don't care if you wholesale exit flip you won't be landlord won't bill portfolio world book of business and have. Massive passive income companies and you know it doesn't mean. Most people who start. Who gets started in rules they already half full time job but here's the thing if you missed. And I'm really glad that this is Donald question that is the first question. Most people have a full time job. They want to Lawrence. Real Tuesday. To get them out of their full. Right yet another and other people out there and we know people like this. There schoolteachers. Or firefighters. Or nurses I mean they love what they do that love helping people and they want to continue to do that. Right. It however most people who get started and rules that have a full time job. Now most of what other people were out there teaching about rules state. You have to go out there physically do it yourself you got to go out meet with realtors you gotta drive of the street she got to collateral appointment she got a look at house's. We'll see in the long long time ago but only about opium of the people's money. But also OPT. That other people's efforts. And one of the things that we teach that really sets us apart and this is not a pitch almost but it is it's great questions. One of the things that sets us apart is. I realize that most people started rules full time job. Everybody else updated its teeth to rules status teacher and everything you do what you gotta go out and do the stuff yourself. And what happens is you got two full time job you working nights a week is trying to do rules state you and what's your first job that you got to right. So that's wild what we have done every single thing that we teach okay. We try to simplify and on the council I can understand it and so I ain't got no college degree. So we try to. We are simple to my heart is in the business does not have to be hard it takes initiative you've got to put action into it just like anything else but this. The fundamentals. Of bills they are not hard. That's right that's right so you can do this tell people all the time and perhaps successful student that if you comply. Five to ten hours a week and that's not the nets won the two hours a day but it is that if you turn the TV on. You'd probably find out to watch TV and fifteen hours right to do five to ten hours a week. You can't get started in rule state so have a job. Is no excuse it's absolutely no excuse right Candice. I'm no. I have stood there have full time jobs and they're doing deals that help people. Don't quit your day job until you make more money in rules state that you all our job. I am him to come down experience and it's this question gets off are up about this about reasons people can't start. So he does give a 77 Larry go caller question investors kids. Come schedule a tour to come on the office and pick up the physical and if you're close enough eras different enix three day training and another thing into the month we're gonna take a quick break we'll be right back. You really didn't. Brag radio. You do what's happen within the high you'd villain in this here at Larry Allen. Invested in real estate to be rich in finances of the incidents you. Hopefully gave the call eight cents evidently. Investors it it's. We've been talking about real investors to. Very investor is AM. And we've been talking about. This show this week. With what's stopping you from inserted in real estate. We get a lot of questions and I get started I just need to get started and they wanted to get started well I have a question back to that every town has happened here and it started. That's the first thing I overcome to get those excuses out of the way. We've got to get those on. You know doubtful thoughts out of the way to get those limiting beliefs out of the way so that you can actually put action to what it if you wanna do so. With that the first thing that we talked about last segment was you know I have a full time job are instantly covered that if you missed that segment. Give in an in Ireland in a brag rated comic immediately for the show overeat and ticket also out on brag radio dot com are out in uploaded there. So this segment we got another one. Knowing that plenty of I had students. In in in the now unseen analyst incidents and I really wanna get started and real estate but I have worked with other real estate. Forget how he put it it wasn't the word mentor before. It was and as nice as outward you know SO. Oh lead programs via a word of another reels that program for. And it didn't mark out. So what how the network outlets. Part of that now that Imus saying. You've got to do a reality check in nature that you are not a problem. You've got to make sure that you could action in an in this not it's not really than the man it's not eaten. If we did everything ready yet. That's awesome so. The bottom line is I've tried other programs in the past and they didn't work out how are you different right is that I don't know if that way that he brought it to media what's going to be different this. Well first of on the start out by a slave and I wish I had a dollar. Every time somebody told me after we'd work with them for a while. I wish I had a dollar everytime one of our students told us how we sort of found first in maybe eight. It's so true it's so true so. First of all. You know I'm gonna sit and talk about. Other educators and trainers but the sad truth of it is most of the people who teach real state education. That are primarily teachers they don't do the business anymore guy. They teach it they don't do it they have big education companies and yes we make money in our education business. We teach people but we have successful students all over the country but around the world right that are due wouldn't rule state okay. And more than that they're doing it at a level where they have been able to not only better their lives but their battering other people's lives. Absolutely absolutely. There's people out there right now I gave me their name on TV an old radio. And and and they. A tribute there beginning successes. To anyone in my books in here coaching hurt us and our courses ever ball. You know they they attribute that if you let the new Google that you listen to podcasts and you hear people view me you'll see you're new here saying that stuff. People who say I got my start with you you know you did the first deal because you. And they whittled to be successful and that sort of thing but. Here's the thing you want this guy. Education is going to be what you OK I talked to so many people. That they've ball course after course of course ball book after book after book. And they've never done anything. In my first responses. OK you got all this education. Where is the application. You know it's not about selling books and tapes or whatever it's about the results. And we do whatever we can't help people get to the results. Vary vary quick about a guy can missile while back. He was seldom been torn program. It was a 100000. Dollars. To sign up for his mentor program. And the student. Cannot even make an offer. For the first nine detainees. That are going through all the stuff I'm like man. Make it offers. That's the three most important things and rules state a make over nick offered a golfer at the planet earth things. Do with it had them on the I get it wrong key. You have zero chance of making any money and rules that it can only you know exactly. You know so if you drug courses you've tried mentoring programs you've ball books that you've gone to seminars. You know don't give her odd I do that stuff like education have been burned before. Right we have but it's likes to say that about this he likes the chickens and he loves and let it. Have given up and stay. Used at least. Yeah probably mean a bad state right hook that's exactly right. You can't do you weren't that ship and Alan no no not now honored all and and education takes wrist now. You also you to get some bad loans from just like if you do enough rules state deals you will lose money if you do enough rules state deals. You will lose money on the deal eventually asked me I want them. Eventually it doesn't actually if you're not here doesn't have to be urged. Make into your first Diaw is a home Ryan is so very important to alert and out of mama that's exactly what I was gonna say next you need to run us some money that's you know you'd like and you can trust to help you get that first home run. You gotta make sure your first deal. It's a home run from that is so important make sure your first deal is homeless so if you've trial of the programs in the past. It's okay it doesn't matter like us that we've had students. That is sent out which would of found you first I can't do anything about that but I can help you from hero now right okay. And and you just got to remember. It's not about education. It's about the application. Write a cut this program Muqtada program. Not only that but. We had some students. OK check this. Solid students I checked in some students. Compatible. And they can go out and make money with the book yet they can't I get emails all the time from Susan. He Leary a rigid free book gonna without me Somalia and I am I sound like. Paying. Which is forgiveness on a percentage of their profit. So it did have some people that they get a book. And the books OK they read the book but then they get a hold steady course and move in the go out and do a deal. That your home study course was a thousand dollars and I made it wherever the deal. They may tenth or your money back. In the end we have some students. That they need that arm around the shoulder they need some call old they need somebody to walk with them. It's like it's like Ron and our office when Bryant consultants he says you know that it doesn't teach swim he jumped in the pool with. Right alongside. So. It's a little different in this as well as some people need that some people need that hand holding. And need you to walk them and guide them through that deal right. Right. That's it you gotta be honest with yourself and know which one of those people you are we also have students that have. You know gotten the course and then sixty deals. And then they got into a certain level and they plateaued and so then they Cummins. And they want to know how to get their business more on either auto pilot or to the next level where they're doing and a hundred to 200 deals a year instead of the sixty that they were around. How to scale they're paying out and that's one of the things that we do if you're an experienced investor we help the experienced investors scale it's collect up till people. You know you talk about a book home study course or personal moral one coach human Torre. Here's here's the way to break that down. Do you wanna crawl do you wanna wall you run what you wanna do if you're in a position and you won't run. Then you need somebody to hold your hand at work with him walk you through would deal. And you up and run and absolutely as soon as possible to get your first deal close right right just like our student last week. Our student Jared last week. You know he signed up for our inner circle program. And his very first deal he made back twice the money on his very first deal. Right right. So you know do you wanna crawl into wrought you'll run but go I think it's an education. And not everybody's perfect there's a lot of great educators out there. That can help you there's a lot of good free information but remember you get what you pay for but there's a lot of good free education and information out there on the Internet YouTube videos all that. But you know we even have free information right. Right yes. So if you don't give a call 877 Larry guy you can get a free investors can and it's got a lot of good start of information a couple of copies of Larry's latest books a palm's app fop getting started the real thing they training. Scheduling office torque come on pick up the physical kid. If you're close enough to do so or we continue to digital it register for the next three day event and I would Allen coming up in Charlotte. Also just ask some questions about mentoring and that's something that you are already interested in with here announced today. We will be right back after this break. I'll about investing it's here it's in dinner and talking about. People that are in Allen and with how I get started paddling started and we're asking them question right back at those bullets stopping him and started now has stopped you before. And this kind of face in this thing and don't we got a whole Rancho right rash of them. A whole rash full big goalless Sonia a plethora. Them around the area thank you can't the good word got around many events and coming in today. Plethora of good for you. Up so we've talked about. You know one of the reasons people haven't been at least artists have a full time job. Another one is they track other programs before are we different. Aaron yes he never act and to show our cap some bright green dot com and since you how we tank and that those. And get some ideas hopefully for yourself but those are one of the few things that your face and another thing then I get a lot is. Affirmed you know. About the risk of real estate endurance and the wrong Indian suit what do I get sued because you know I did some banana wasn't supposed to do or whatever. So how do you patty in an Allen mr. Galen. Well how do you handle what it's like sued. Well the first thing is. Preparation this guy you build your business shall solid foundation. I don't care if you have a dollar to ninety chicken. Guy. It doesn't making that three dollars and please. I don't clear how much when you have a new technique doesn't make individual start your business. Almost solid sound foundation okay. Don't know what number one and number war. Good clean honest ethical business. Right that's key to good clean honest ethical business treat people. The way you wanna be treated treat people the way they wanna be treated right. Remember the golden rule and it's not used as legal rule that's not a guy. So. Do good clean honest ethical business. And run your business like a business keep that separate. From your personal business beat calls. The reason is. If anything ever did happen in you were ever to suit you wore your business to be separate from your personal life does that make sense. If you want your business to be differ from your personal life. Because if you're just doing deals personally and nod and an entity like an LLC or corporation nor trust or whatever. Didn't see the problem that's gonna happen is. If you're you know. Right and check writing checks on your personal Carol for materials or deposits. And for the grocery store. And for your leader in a car insurance and all that stuff you know it's it's one thing it's it's all in together with your personal. Life right so you wanna keep your business separate. That's very very important and so you can set up what's called an LLC. That's a limited liability company. And it could be taxes and as corporate could be a pass through entity or what the caller disregarded entity for tax purposes. And at some of the things that we can help you with the guys in fact we have an organization that we work with the all of our students can go to to get good sound advice. About what kind of entity. Entities structuring tax planning corporate credit and estate planning and that's one of the benefits of being one of our students as we help. Students be able to do that but. I'm a firm believer and keep it as simple as possible if you're starting now. Number one. You need to have. An entity if you're buying and selling a surrender buying and fixing flipping or you're buying it wholesale hole surely is one of the quickest easiest rank. Cause you to turn a hundred dollars in the 101000 dollars and I'm not overtake China not ever take title or not ever have. Any more money than a hundred dollars at risk right right. So you could do that. And that's probably one of the quickest ways there is to get started. So. You have an entity just for for buying and selling and buying and selling in my cellar. Now once you get to the point where you were going to buy in whole or you're going to make long term investments. Okay. You chunks of cash by Selma Selma cell in the and you build those hook you lets you get three or 4101000 dollar checks. And you turn around and you buy a water to runaway else's right to do lease option Judas or five minutes in these just street tramples. Right. So now goes into those properties are going to be held in separate entity. Which is typically a disregarded it to deeper tax purposes but it's also an Aussie. Now as you grow. You know you can have you could use trust. Trust is like a water to three page document where there's trustee. A beneficiary. Right. And and the trusted. Him. And those help maintain what's called anonymity. If you buy property trust which a lot of people there oh my gosh it cost hundreds of thousands of dollars set up a trust. No no not at all it's it's just one document. If this entertainment LLC is a lot of people think that it's really expensive to set up then and get it you know. Set up as a as an LLC. And it's not really. No not comparatively speaking it's not right it is a bit but you do need good sound legal advice I will absolutely. So you know you could start out with one entity. I'm so when you start buy and hold. You have another entity if you wanna maintain anonymity if you're buying let's say you're buying a mobile home park okay and I was say there's a little bit more risk of a mobile home park. Then there isn't just a single family house. So if it's a mobile home park you might wanna put it in separate trust or in a separate entity by itself right so. And and the large assets like commercial buildings multifamily or whatever you wanna have each one of those in separate entities as well does an excellent. Yet does so olive it protects you in situations are situation that could occur where you could be sued for them right but the key is. Number one have good entities number two keep your business separate from your personal rights and number three have good liability insurance. You are able to have good liability insurance and that's something that we can help you out with this well. Sure you can go to what to do and how to do it and have good liability insurance and if you're buying selling and I'm selling them bonds sullen buckle selling a fix and flips. That. It is is a business okay that's business income its ordinary income right it's not a real estate investment its business you buy and sell it. So you need liability insurance for that guy. Now over here owner buying buy and hold property injury investments. Right you also need insurance but it's a totally different kind of venture its liability from properties ordered the tenant has somebody come over. And their they have a party and their battle with that in the debt brakes. And falls down and hurt several people right right. That's liability property liability insurance for the actual property. Seen the insurers you need good health LL c.'s LLC's corporations. And and the use of trust the more you do deals. As well as I keep in business separate from personal. And you know you combine ideals. Even in your retirement account. Even in your retirement account and if you do it in your retirement accounts. You can also set up an LLC for your retirement account. In your retirement account invest in that they'll seek the and that LLC goes out and and sells properties so you can make money. In your IRA. And still be protected. From lawsuits. Even if you're buying houses in your IRA. You're 41 K or your agents say health savings account. Or even your yesterday your education savings account. You can have policies for all of those and on them you know you you and that's exactly what we do we have. LLC's for a retirement accounts as they are 41 K so even if something happens that LLC. Is separate from Austin separate from our our array. And and able it is enables us to provide asset protection is an excellent. Was not a good answer. I think game and that information that at least and they're confused they can reach out and get answers to. So even angrier and given that. Time. Well here's the thing sometimes questions breed more questions right. So that's true. On it you got confused what you want more information given the 877 Larry 877 Mary go. You can request clarification well docked today in your clips show notes in pilot brag radio dot Condit is two things as well. We also have the three day event coming up at the end of October that she get registered for. On either about Colin Agilent in it brag radio dot com or bat on the Larry Allen's. You can. Schedule in office tour to come by and pick up a physical investors kid is up constantly and give us a call 877 Larry yeah. Flood affected brag radio. You're playing in this so this week we have Heidi in gaming. With us. What's up guys. Hey Larry how are you. Do an excellent how are you. Do. You have a seat exciting glow. It. A game. The when you are expecting another child right. Congratulations. And a little bit earlier. That. The numbers. Saying you know what causes that. Should we have. You apparently. Well I'm I'm always and listen to mean you got for doing that that is also. And but I've always been of the philosophy you don't want them to outnumber you. We're outnumbered. Need to build our our real estate and. And I. A fine job correctly and apparently by byte hit real estate at. You go with them that it won't be long you have enough for a whole ball team to. So we're already does live. We are in the middle Tennessee just outside of Nashville. Awesome awesome and tells a little bit about Shura rules state business cut how you met us and that sort of thing in and then a little bit about what you're doing and rules state. Well Larry I beat Atlanta. Race Harry. Com business conferences. And we weren't looking at the time responding that we can take on as a family here and he is still work keen ain't professional job. And it needed to be something that I can run and currently get started might now and bring the older children Hollande by. And get the ball rolling up in the air and he can count on when he had the opportunity. And work on that final out for him to do it. I want. We heard you speak and talk about your Richard court that typically we'd get news out exactly what it was before because we needed anywhere. We can get out full control of its time that cake and we don't have a lot of guilt and home read seen or moderately active by guilt that that we particularly have that we didn't wanna have to spend a lot of time in the past. Or managing properties we don't wanna do that it would not interested in indeed landlord and that your program with a perfect fit for a. That's right in my background in marketing and the business degree that we really enjoy that aspect. Business in the system. Definitely enjoyed the opportunity to serve others. A part of that process as well and you we have explored other family based businesses in the path. Net network marketing at an example and it never really. Where are the dynamic of our family or do what we felt our our strength. And I seen real estate be successful with other people and we know that they're not make it any more land. And we just feel like we finally found a sit down that we could really pick up and run let. I'm really glad that yes Phil LA about the program that is that is. Our program that you found the homeland and not just the program Alec op let's see gusts have been in opposite right. No not yet out yet that we do you have personalized coaching. And that has helped tremendously is sturdier opted to cut it to your happen. Yeah you're you're in her inner circle your work at the head coach Bret that's. Certainly. Carolina I'll see you are planned in the video to come back. We are definitely. That's really good that's relief at the Albemarle you guys are doing that you just mentioned is our filthy rich as model which is for everybody listing that's where you pick up houses. I mean the really the kind of attack glad it is you know how to make more money on a run down 5000 dollar house nobody else Waltz the most investors make a 100000 dollar. But really it's just by a lower price houses. And then shalom for 2345. Even six times what you pay for. With owner financing and that's all without having to rehab it and without tennis trashed toilets and termites. But you're helping people become homeowners at prime time which is really the cool part about this isn't it. Absolutely hate you would feel so good to be able to help others through that process. As well as developing relationships with the real estate agent and other people we call our our power team. That can ate at the that product. Get it to 11 quick example we guys further to what we're actually doing. We gave a gift basket to our agent who had. You've been helping us identify properties that fit the model and he said that we were the first. Client that is that it never shown that much interest in what he's dealing in and helping him succeed as well that's it. In an immediate. Or are you need it how. Awesome that's great I love it love it we. Looking for a way attempt by Morgan that the very interaction has been and everybody's happy everybody's making some money at least and it does integrate the elite you know here. May not be necessarily Philanthropic and and that itself but everybody is making some money on the land not that good feeling. I think as profound I think been able to make anybody feel better about what they do and have announced. Haven't of value to what they do is only gonna help him. Yeah precisely. And I let the ability to. Bring my older children alongside him and explained well today we're gonna work on this and and start making these phone calls and at night all that night and I that added with its program together that first time and and afterwards we both looked at each other like can we start making phone call them. At daylight they called here at that that Larry and I that can I really good start calling. You're get them. My old and I just started making phone calls and calling on house's contention you know jumping up that diving board and giving it a try. Well that is at two of the three most important thing general state make offers make offers make offers. Yeah right exactly and that's part of what we're focused on really starting to automate a lot to build it to scale and if Colin are all of this. He just turned fifteen and he's really interest in graphic design and Adobe Photoshop in the light he's really taking on the responsibilities. Building our our. Template for the behind in postcard etc. so it allows him to tap into some of those other interest as well and add to it resonated he's focusing in on a regular. Are great in the couple minutes we got left tells a little bit about how are you guys are being generous. Sure though the first thing which really feel good is that we've been able to employ local contractors from our community on the project though. It with a minimal amount of work that needed to be performed an effort couple properties being able to keep that. Employment in the community getting that tax dollars in the local community has been a big part of it that's. That's really one small step in and really going into next. Next year we really have a vision for building a nonprofit arm and actually providing non profit community development and affordable housing. Did with significant Eden and Heidi can talk more about that yet it specifically interested in helping victims of human trafficking. This is an international problem. As though we're interested in raising awareness of this crisis and helping victims. That problem. You know get it the minimal amount of appetite and we've done so far this hearing people's stories about their unfortunate circumstances and that. Headaches they've encountered at not being able to qualify for traditional financing. Or being in I'm helps. Ship and looking for a way out and needing a place that day. If we really have a heart for being able to provide that type of affordable housing solutions in the new year. That's grated you know that's one of the best things about this whole model that we call filthy rich is is not only are you make a money. But you're able to help fathers. You know like you said you're able to employ local people stimulate the economy keeping people at work. You know I haven't things for them to do but also we're giving people a chance that maybe need a second chance to be able to do real state or be able to. To just find a place to live where they're not throwing their money away and rent right. Yes that's exactly right and it it feels it. To be able to even just donate to a certain. On tropic. Industry that you you couldn't donate in the sport you weren't working in real estate and making them larger and not at one time we don't want things to be paying your bill. And it just taking care your own lifestyle but it would be the problem happening in the world and that the agreement human trafficking you want to help. And it. If you don't have an extra info and you can't help but that's not a good feeling. All and it's so important Pratt for our children to see that we're getting back the community. Albert specifically reaching out to people groups who have a lot of that and they really need some help now. After a good deal of the work with organizations that are raising awareness on human trafficking. For more information about what Larry in Kansas discussed on today's brag radio leaving the world to be rich and generous got to brag radio dot com. You can also call 877 Larry go for a free investors get or to schedule a tour of the office or get more information on upcoming events that's 8775277946. Tune in again next Saturday as best selling real estate investing author Larry Collins co host Candace teach you the latest strategies and techniques the pros used to make money real estate. It's brag radio. Leading the world to be rich and generous on news 1110993. WTC.