Panther Sale Finalized, Supreme Court Nomination, Senior Citizen Driving

John Hancock
Monday, July 9th
Hancock discusses the finalization of the Panthers sale, the upcoming US Supreme Court nominee, and when should senior citizens give up driving.

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This is John Hancock. There either and other horrors of but this week. Have one year closed. It just does Eric returned to my post number head coach. There's if you thought. I regulator may have good to a fourth of July. Day after the fourth all over the sore throat of suicide that I can the said the other and in my area all the Bo was without voice yesterday and. And it seems to be fairly strong today as long as I'm sucking on T rely imminent. But tell my head's all filled up with crude. So central to happen in July is that I made it through the flu season in the cold season and so. Pleased to have free reign are might not. Yeah. But is this unscheduled cold thing. Tropical storm Chris is just sit and off the coast of hatteras but 200 miles southeast over Cape Hatteras. Slowly moving about a mile per hour drifting south. I like 77. About what 515 in the afternoon at a mile per hour. So. Rip tides. Richard rip currents cross East Coast probably the biggest it's no problem with that although I saw some footage earlier of people out there and serves they're due to know. Servers are digging it. But anyway so that's the first the storm of the season it's having any kind of impact on us at all even Brothers announced that fellow played the thirtieth and the 31 until bush jingles coliseum. Cancel the show up in Oregon India third night about. Three night run up there because a man passed through a metal detector. With a gun. And identified himself as an out of state cop was asked to stand by for a manager to come. And is. That time he booked it. So from a safety standpoint a Brothers called off the arrest to the show no rescheduled their know Oregon. And I don't know that Everton termination on the go to get Arnold to pay ever found on the order of safety first. So that's what is there going on now with the David Brothers if you have. A Smart speaker. You should be able today I tried it on Alexa. Alexa. Played WBT. And that's all you have to say. And you should be able to get that it'll come back and say playing news talk 1110 WBT on radio dot com. And the other thing is is download the radio dot com app. So that you have that on your phone and I everything else but that's kind of our new platform on radio dot com is owned by. Intercom stations it owns the ownership group there owns us who. Just try recently bought CBS. Radio stations. Or merged with I guess would be more accurate. So while we're conglomerate into ourselves and radio dot com is canoe slowly but surely start to a player more prominent role in. In a platform for a music and sound and and access and so on and so forth so you can no longer get WB TR and tune in if that's the way that you've been used to getting us on not. I have. Amazon. Echo. A but I assume that this is working across all platforms no I just say WV Tebow don't play Alexa play WBT. You don't have to say radio Doug come in fact if you do it confuses or should know what to do. The other part that I have found is that you have to be fairly. I'm not sure you knew slur on WB tea out there you can you'll end up with some station an organ or something so you have to via. Fairly concise with with her WBT. But it was organs warning I was happy to see that and all you have to do is say Alexa played WBT and I should be able to get us and that's new as of on a Friday. So wound that's what going on there are hornets were all busy over the weekend Noah no big deal be bit mug beyond those back Tony Parker from most first same mind as a joined as a back up Kemba Walker. That should be inching. And and tonight's the big Supreme Court nominee announcement. Which job. Be special programming on WBT from ABC's 298 as you heard with the Mike Doyle a little bit earlier via truck nomination. Of the year a new Supreme Court justice to replace Justice Kennedy you'll be made about 9 o'clock tonight. So will start special programming at 806. On news talk element in 993 W Ricci that should continue through 10 PM and rebel include the announcement. Well the nominee. Which we expect about nine PO. And then back regular programming it to tambien son who's gonna be. I'm going to Cavanaugh. But it really is just crapshoot. It was interesting because when they don't watch and talks a little bit earlier in the arrested Shannon Bream and a whole bunch other people on fox who do you think it's going to be a nobody would answer the question. But it doesn't really matter. Out of the four finalists and we'll try to break it down a little bit too ransom mode good good stuff this morning celebrated down for a little bit on who they are in. But they aren't. Brent Cavanaugh Ramon calf George. Amy Conan Barrett who's the youngest of all of them and least experienced. And I Thomas Hartmann. All part of this list that started off with 29 names that had been vetted by conservative groups that trump released during his presidential campaign. And then after Gore's which was named. They you know revised that list to some extent. And in fact that may have been when a Brent Cavanaugh. Ended up on that list. But out of those four name's Brent Cavanaugh arraignment Katherine JA Nikko and Barrett and Thomas Hartmann. Should be your next. Nominee for the Supreme Court. And this. For those of you who held your nose and voted Donald Trump. Because of the Supreme Court. And I think that that number was fairly substantial. Armed this is. This is your payback. This is your pay off. This is why winning elections. Is very important. Even if do us some extent you're not necessarily happy with the overall makeup of the man who was elected. And disposition and tweet send. Another is something to be said for. For what's going on right now with the Supreme Court which is a legacy that the last four generations. And and who's to say that he doesn't get another four years following this and that there's not another name. And won't that be a battleground this one I think is. I think there will it be. That they don't let the negative press. Sway you too badly over the next a couple of months. This may not be as big a battle of swept day Bob at the next one would be. This one changes the make up to the court a little bit. Adam Kennedy was supposed to be conservative. And sided with the liberals on a fuel. Cases. But this one won't BA drastic change in the courts make up. In intact Roberts may now end up being the swing vote. Sure all that goes we'll talk about it and not just a second. And North Korea. Like deja Vu all over again and it. And then everything I read over the weekend just gives us say India. Like his dead sprint dad before him. I and there's but few options. But they also luck we'll talk about those as well third. Wives tale of the Panthers you're David Cameron has just been finalized is just can't read that they're close. He had David it's tapper. Arabs of the Carolina Panthers is now officially begun 2.2 75 billion dollars. So made official today. And Pittsburgh native I think you know all that minority owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Team put it by sale by for Richardson by Richardson and and so I think that's about all there is under a DT also I'm sure that things will start to rural fly. Little fast and furiously it does some point. Maybe even a oh word from mr. tapper two of the city of Charlotte and the fans of the Panthers and I don't think it's a clear it toward his immediate plans are for. Anything at this point. Minority partnerships we don't believe there will be some any for at least a while. Lots of speculation on the stadium and what other owners have done. Dallas Minnesota. He paper last couple of days yesterday. The Sunday observer ran male thing about how the Panthers could do to compete with new stadiums and minute. Apparently it sent a team up to a Minnesota to us see what they had him. We'll see what they're doing. One of one of the things that I don't understand it all. Are these field level suites the government Dallas. But you essentially are on the same level as though benches. And you can't see Jack. The players and everybody you're standing in front of you. So it gives you. I don't know I guess it makes you feel like you're a part of the game or something but I don't understand but the visibility aspect of that news you want to watch in the game on TV. Saw. What they'll do with the with the with the Panthers and no practice fields and we would assume that maybe that's one of the first things that would don't take place was that they will move the practice facility you're building new practice facility in the take the seven makers that the practice facility. Not currently sits on and turn that into some sort of a revenue generating. Which which could include parking him. Interactive fan stuff. The word from the Carolina Panthers dot com Carolina Panthers announced today that the sale of the franchise to David tepper the founder and president of global hedge fund. Apple lose a management LP has closed. I am thrilled to begin this new era of Carolina Panthers football and am humbled by the overwhelming excitement and support for the team 10%. On behalf of the fans and myself I think Jerry Richardson for bringing the team to the Carolinas or for entrusting me with its future. Winning is the most important thing both on the field and in the community and I am committed to winning a Super Bowl championship. Together. I look forward to being a part of the Panthers family and just supporting this flourishing region so that's the statement on make. Airliner Panthers website Carolina Panthers duck are skewed me Panthers dot com. And the sale of the Carolina Panthers as official low sailed just went through. Today. And what that well I mean I guess will start to become clearance. There's a time rolls on. So run. Torricelli here this on a day. Wind. Bobby Wheeler. Good friend of Charlotte's everyone knows hopi for a long long time our ranch or the motor speedway for Bruton Smith an innovator. Belmont North Carolina native. Writes a letter to the Charlotte Observer in response to and in support of our Jerry Richardson's a statue of saying Richardson deserves the city's thanks. This was in response to all what all happened to the public tribute Stewart Jerry Richardson. If you read the message boards which Joyce attendant. Good hell of a hand basket and a short period of time. The ones that I've read on WBT here. Especially interesting. That the word Olympic Torch inject interest in that there's at the polite word I'm looking for. People can't believe there was all support keep that statue that was bulls brought try to. So there's a lot of support for the man who brought the unifil two or Charlotte. And then there's other people that say really if it is a question. So I've hobby Wheeler writes today there are few people in the long history of this area who have done as much as Jerry Richardson hopefully our new owner will keep the thirteen foot statue of him where it is. If not let us move it to the entrance of uptown not to honor any misdeeds but the tremendous achievement of bringing the NFL here and it's a pretty good football. We might even erect a statue of sports promoter Max moment. Who played a major part in getting the hornets and the Panthers here but Macs right up there with the Jerry. Letter to the editor from our pumping Wheeler today's Charlotte Observer. The sale of the Carolina Panthers is official today. And AS statement from Jerry Richardson has also just been issued and I will share that with you when we come back on the other side. A new struggle of intent WBT. 993 WNET FL. Failed earlier pastors and David tepper July 9. 28 team that's the date it just happened. Here's the response from my Gerry Ritz and we read you David tempers. Announcements which you moments ago. Jerry Richardson writes Roslyn and I want to express our appreciation to all of you prefer creating such a powerful passionate fan experience for the past 43 seasons. We are grateful to the Carolina community for the love and support you have bush on your Panthers. Your enthusiasm for football and devotion to the team has been a source of strength for us and now for everyone who calls the Carolina's home. We also want to thank Panthers organization for delivering great football great fan experience week after week for almost a quarter century. You're hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed you have made a a measurable difference and you made us proud. It's been almost sixty years since I last took the field. And I know how tough it is to play. This game. I have the highest respect for the men who Wear the Panthers Jersey. You inspire me every week with your commitment and your determination to win and I will always so be your number one fan I wish mr. Kemper all the best the team is in good hands the stadium is a wonderful place to watch a game with friends and family. Carolina is and will be a contender. From the thousands of people who come every year a year to training camp to the millions of fans who come to the stadiums. Or for all the team every day. We thank you for making a home for the Panthers football in your hearts with respect. Jerry Richardson. So. The new owners and the old owner is out. And and now look the many questions that have been raised. Begin to have to be answered. The other yelled. On top of that the big news but. Is that there will be eight it is Supreme Court nominee announced tonight at 9 o'clock special programming on WBT starts at 8 o'clock we'll continue up until 10 o'clock and that will include the announcement. The president trumps nominee which will come from four names. Brent Cavanaugh. USA. A favorite of the Republican legal establishment. He had a clerk ship with the justice Anthony Kennedy in 1994 the one who is residing. He joined independent counsel keen that the Kenneth Starr's Whitewater investigation. He is a George W. Bush appointee in fact all of them are with the exception of Amy Tony Barrett. Who was a Donald Trump appointee. The he dated Jack Cavanaugh became the top deputy to the White House that counsel Alberto Gonzales. For. Helping select judicial nominees. His twelve year tenure as. He has frequently have found that federal agencies including me a federal protection are the Environmental Protection Agency went too far in regulation. Amy Tony Barrett is the youngest of all. Seven kids. Has the support from social conservatives because of her Catholic faith and her belief that she may be a part of overturning Roe vs. Wade. Those are the social conservatives who believe that she might very. He parred in overturning Roe vs. Wade. Those same reasons could also make her confirmation the most contentious. She is a former law core two Anthony Scalia. Has been a long tenure as say a law professor at the University of Notre Dame she became a judge eight months ago after trump tapped her for the S seventh US Court of Appeals. Thomas Hartmann. Is. From the Philadelphia based third US Circuit Court of Appeals. Was the runner up to a Neil corsets last year. He has written opinions and dissents critical of laws limiting access to weapons. Suggested many could be influential and reexamining these Supreme Court Second Amendment doctrine. Two retarded man has shown sympathy towards arguments that secular laws sometimes must yield to religious objections. And Raymond cat three just a guy who over the weekend. Started to look like possibly go stronger candidate. While they needed to the middle of last week he is say. You served for a decade on the Cincinnati based sixth US Court of Appeals. With AA record of supporters saying. He is reminiscent of vote gore six. Tony sixteen he wrote the decision in favor of a group of Tea Party conservatives that alleged it'd been unfavorably targeted by the Internal Revenue Service he also. Has been I'm sympathetic to our claims by religious groups that they face inappropriate interference from the federal government. So those here for. The most contentious of them would probably be Amy Cody Barrett. There are some. That believe. This may not be as big a fight as the Democrats want you to believe the terrorists. Needs Supreme Court sits again. On October the first. So the goal here is to get this. Nominee named that'll happen by 9 o'clock to nine. Or did in that general neighborhood at 9 o'clock tonight. And to get this process started so that this person can be confirmed and ready to go on October the first. And if you were listening to Rush Limbaugh earlier he also pointed out that that would keep the Democrats from being able to get home. Two. Take up the negativity with the masses and it would also load there's shorten the time that the oppressed and. Demonize. Whoever the nominee is tonight and and make no doubt about it they will demonize that person. There are some other right that are calling judge kept George. The last fall we just talked about pay a potential suitor. Bed though there's no evidence and for this in his ten years of six corporate business Circuit Court of Appeals. The rapist that he ruled for immigration in some cases. But he also ruled against them and others among his many immigration cases that he has heard. He is analysis. In those cases faithfully apply the law. And as the Washington Torres a Wall Street Journal says today. And it's a shame. That immigration obsessive news on the right. Are now falling for the less trapped. A results based judging. Meaning that he has kind of fallen off the favorability list. Because they see him as possibly. A suitor. Suitor named by a Republican and then didn't really come through with. With the judgments that dead dead dead they were hoping for. Wall Street Journal contingent said the biggest gamble would be if trump went beyond these three to choose Thomas Hartman of the Circuit Court of Appeals parliament. Is said to be easier to confirm because he SA hardscrabble. Upbringing. But that's the suitor trap that's kind of why Justice Souter got in there was because bush his early life. Barriers. Took the lesson of the gores had success is that the best nominee is the one with the best legal and intellectual credentials are no personal skeletons for pertinent for opponents to exploit. Mr. Trump's support. Given mr. trump supporters are looking for a nice biography they want a distinguished legal mind who will interpret the law. As the constitution intended. Right always point to the left and saying that they are results based. And the right always contends that they are looking for somebody who will interpret the laws to constitutional intended. In the Wall Street Journal is hoping that Republicans remembered. And and stay true to that. This is watching McConnell of MTV. Under the senate floor I assume. With the kind of kind of grinned they call that. Yeah that one. He was talking about Democrats being opposed to the nominee for the Supreme Court. Although it hasn't been announced yet. The dissolve pretty predictable. I just watch I'm not a big McConnell say I'm. I he's got a man be Camby. But he also knows the ins and outs amid it was it was McConnell that rattled off the Democrats a Supreme Court. A nominee. So. Garland. So I understand his value. Merrick Garland but. And I know a year ago I look at Mitch McConnell and I look at Chuck Schumer and I look at Nancy Pelosi and I just think to myself. Wow. Maybe that's why were in the shape we're in. Chuck Schumer has reportedly urged our president trump by missiles last week I believe. Like on Friday. Chuck Schumer has their reportedly urged the president drug to nominate Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court the federal judge that the former president Barack Obama chose. For a Scully a seat and Tony sixteen. Proposing a Garland to trump quote as a way to unify the country. And. And I'm sure the president seriously. Considered them. BS senate majority leader Mitch McConnell refused to bring up garlands nomination you'll recall that made the unprecedented claim that Cisco Leah had died in election year than it was up to the next president to appoint a successor or not. And and businesses there presidential election year. But then as did the other part of that is you know they're they're all pointing to the puck hypocrisy given all of his electioneering. Odd sources type of ballpark receipt okay. Let's go with that. Let's say that this is the hype about the autocracy. That they wouldn't nominate Merrick Garland because there was an election year this is election year on the Republicans who won the last election urge. Our that the height of hypocrisy. They're very comfortable that. OK other ago. Is there anything else. Washington prosperous reported on that trumps our nurse Schumer proposal. Knew he had day after the fourth of July. We Schumer and Colorado. Saying that trumpet phone in my two days earlier to discuss the Supreme Court vacancy and a CNN cited a source earlier to discuss the there's said the dead dead dead toward the Schumer had warned trump that if he nominated someone hostile the American care action Roe vs. Wade. That he would Debbie quote cataclysmic terror of the country apart and a way that hasn't bin for a sometime. And be bad for the president's legacy. Schumer. Trump has narrowed his list down to four candidates. Probably sounded too by this point beau Leo we assume earth before. And that mouse will be made at 9 o'clock tonight and special programming we'll begin to WBT. I had to eight continued till ten and include the announcement. McConnell had said to trump. In no talking to reporters at a news conference in no I'm not Capitol Hill. Debt without explicitly telling trump what to do. McConnell had to have been calling the White House a daily Ted dead did do you know had talked to said the other. But McConnell prefers that Raymond kept the bridge or Thomas Hartmann. Be the nominee. And warned that report did Def front runner Brett Cavanaugh poses two problems. Too long a paper trail from his twelve years on the US court of appeals for the District of Columbia circuit. And too much potential baggage from his years as the assistant to Kenneth Starr and staff secretary. To a president George W. Bush. But paper trail actually tell usually is. Today's a conservative that is rulings. Are made in in regards to the constitution. Is paper dress should be a strength. Trump. Apparently McConnell also told trump that he that he could lose two senate votes Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. Now with another apparent contender Amy coated Bryant. The past shows that Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins. Stay true to their principles. Tore their constituents back home but when actually comes to the vote. Are pretty loyal Republicans. When it comes to Supreme Court justices. I don't think that that means you ignore them anyway shape or form but McConnell was aware that the John McCain. Vote since he's always fighting brain cancer. I you know the GOP only has fifty votes and you've always got Rand Paul the libertarian out there who look could Debbie your wild card. But the times describes kept Regis they strongly conservative midwesterner who hasn't spent much time in Washington and heart ailment. As a reliable conservative who served with judge Maryanne trump Barry. One of Trump's sisters on the federal appeals court in Philadelphia. Somebody wrote on know FaceBook today that they'd like to see the president come out and announced that his candidate for the Supreme Court. Is Maryanne trump buried his sister just to watch Democrats heads explode. They woods. But anyway that's that's kind of where we are as we lead up to our tonight's announcement. About 9 o'clock. Regarding know whether or not Brent Cavanaugh. Brainy Tony Barrett. For Thomas Hartmann. Or Raymond captain rich. He is your next nominee. And president of Russia my way and then rush seems to think they've done no matter who out of those four gets to go. That. He cited good many articles in the New York Times and other publications that are basically. Trying to tell the left day you know everybody calmed down this is the end of the world. In other words whoever the nominee is tonight. Is pretty favorable to be. There'll be a battle in the area known in the media won't go down quietly. But do whoever's name denied is probably going to be your next Supreme Court justice and. They can't quite understand why the stock markets up today caterpillar did well banks did well. Not I don't ever take financial advice from me but. Why don't I get the feeling that today is. Is maybe I dig you shouldn't count announcing a whole lot moral for awhile with the trade war in the North Korean news and everything else that's going on. I don't I don't understand today at all. The Dow is up 320 point eleven closed at 24/7 7659. NASDAQ up 67 point 81 close 775620. The S&P. Up it would need four point her foot 35. Closed at 278417. So I just can't for the life for me exactly figure out though why that is but I just get the feeling with the news and I don't think this trade thing's gonna go low. I think it's gonna linger for a while. So I just kinda have a feeling that maybe today is a little bit above a misnomer and that were probably going to. The duo were were probably gonna. I mean this kind of puts us into. Positive territory for the year the Dow anyway. But I'm just not to so sure that this didn't kind of a last Iraq. At least for a while they were all that goes secretary of state mark from pale Michael bail and Sunday dismissed the North Korea's. Charge of the USA having a quote gangster like mindset a denuclearization. Talks. And a boy when you start to read. To what's gone on another North Korea another reaction to him when he left and. We pay a cent of those requests were gangster like the new world is a gangster. While it. Steve Miller said the world is a ghetto. Who's right. Well dollars and was Steve Miller were due to give us war. And her mind. Stern Celek McCrory to learn about music. We had. We had detailed. Conversations about the next steps toward a fully verified and complete denuclearization. So you've got to according to Fox News today and the guy by the name of Harry. Zain us. Who writes an opinion piece today are enough fox outcome. He's the director of defense studies at the sitter for the national interest. Now which was founded by air Richard Nixon it does some point. In recent vote you got three options and all of them suck all of them are bad. In fact he says North Korea is truly a land of lousy options. I fear we are headed right back to the brink with north Korea. All over again. He says the three. That did that the three sets of a face to face talks between now and Palin north Carroll and north Korean officials. And a historic summit between notre open Kim Jong-un. And America has received nothing but an ambiguous statement signed by Kim and our president trump in Singapore. And so he goes on to talk about. Trump making two major concessions simply by meeting with Kim. And then by halting joint military exercises between US and South Korea. Which was a long sought North Korea goal and I guess you can't put that thing on an awful why can't we just flip that thing back on again. We're better or their exercises planned for September. Now world. Let's do that. So there are three possible paths for the drug administration all of which are none of which are appealing. A full US military assault on North Korea to rid the world of Kim's weapons of mass destruction which is almost impossible by the way because you can't. Then the military can't guarantee the destruction of as many as 65 nuclear weapons the North Korea's believed to possess that are scattered all over the country and are likely go deep underground so. The can't be destroyed destroyed and one bombing or single rated. And then following a US attack on the north Kim would have every incentive to counterattack with whatever nuclear weapons he has left as well as. Is that countless tons of chemical and biological weapons and so that would ensure that Seoul Tokyo. And maybe even Hawaii and some major cities in America West Coast would become mud the largest graveyards in human history. So we don't think got a real good option. He says your second option would be a US policy of containment of North Korea on no steroids. Or what the drug administration called maximum pressure. The idea would be to cut North Korea off from the world diplomatically and economically. Nikki Haley the US ambassador to the United Nations will call for an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council demanding a full export ban on North Korea. As well as halting all natural resources such as oil going to the north. But the maximum pressure campaign could be tough to put into place because it would be completely dependent on. China. In China is not happy with us right now that I can work with us right now because. We got the trade thing going on. Trump just slapped tariffs on the Chinese imports launched a trade war on Friday. So what 90% or more of North Korea's experts rolling exports rolling through China. In one form or another seems highly unlikely that Beijing has any incentive to help Washington. And then the third option that he elicits accepting North Korea as a nuclear power and moving on to deal with the bigger threat of containing China. And that would be like run away with your tail tucked between your legs when it. But he says it's America already deals for the other nations that have nuclear weapons Russia and China and Britain and France and India and Pakistan and Israel. Reality dismayed dictate that we must reluctantly accept North Korea as a member of the nuclear club. Trump which surely be attacked on the right for being soft. And on the left for changing his position if he accepts North Korean nukes. But doing this would allow the United States to increase to diplomatic efforts all over Asia to push back against the growth of Chinese power. Also with the nuclear issue removing. Being removed Kim Jong-un. I'm feeling secure knowing that his regime has the ultimate insurance policy in place. Many the other security challenges the north poses the United States could be settled once and for all your rights. For example. A peace treaty formally ending the Korean War could be signed he says. And then he says this. There could be major arms control agreements signed limiting the size scope and scale. A North Korea's weapons of mass destruction and missile programs with international inspectors on the ground to ensure any promises made. Our promises kept. Where is North Korea ever made promises and kept them. When does that win well why why would signing. Major arms control agreements. When they just re new egged on. I don't get that at all why is that even an option but I don't think this third option is an option just X. After North Korea as a nuclear power. So anyway those are the three options that this very dire writes about and I just thought it was interesting because. I'm because an album really are all that good and then when you start to tie and the tariffs. And then the the current climate between China Hoover so more reliant on to help with the North Korea problem. And their reluctance to support the United States at this point because we're and I'd trade world trade war with a right now. And then if you try to get the international community together. Well you've got a burned that bridge right now to which candidate in Mexico and and others with tariff wars so. There are smarter minds than mine working on this but we kind of walked ourselves into a corner. We're. We're where we we were kind of out on an island doodle a couple of different things that are going on. Between North Korea and tariffs and all of that stuff fumbles have seen where we go. The great negotiator. Cross your fingers and hope that's exactly what's going on. Sure driven news in the big local story of the day is that he has sailed to Carolina Panthers has become official today and David tepper is your new owner. And no Jerry Richardson is out. And we just got word deterrent Tina Becker. Is resigned her post as well as. Chief operating officer. She has redesigned our for the Panthers are nineteenth season served as a CEO since oh December of a 2017. When the Sports Illustrated stories came out on the Richardson. And kind of vote conducted business. Well throughout to all that time until the sale became official today and David Becker it takes over and. And and so. There you go David tepper. Takes over. Sure he's not going to be crazy about mean confusing him with. The guy who's married to a Spice Girls. When will soccer. So. Anyway I don't know what happens to a Tina Becker we are never really got a chance to meet her she was perfect for the Panthers she didn't talk to anybody. Just like the owner. Although we got a chance to have him in studio wants thanks to Marty tourney for a half an hour here. And and no that was a bigger opportunity there's than I ever really and ever new. Talk appreciate that opportunity thank you are hurting. And Tina Becker I'd love to talk to Becker just to find out. But all the to liked also beat though thrown into that situation and all the sudden you're one's going to be ownership meetings and is that the other and then where. Here's somebody who essentially. At least if you believe what there's been presented to you. And started off as a cheerleader and worked her way up through the ranks to become. I trusted lieutenant of the owner of the football team and when needed took over as the CEO CEO and and Randy operations until on the sale logos official and. So well that's. That's it that's that's pretty accomplished. You know well you know you don't know. Nobody so talking NASA's been neo custom over there aren't I don't know pampered camper and nobody nobody so pretty much says anything. So mom. You had AS statement from David tepper today. His that I am thrilled to begin this new era of Carolina Panthers a football and am humbled by the overwhelming excitement and support for -- for the team. On behalf of the fans and myself I think Jerry Richardson for bringing the team to the Carolinas and for entrusting me with its future. Winning is the most important thing both on the field and in the community and I am committed to winning a Super Bowl championship together. I look forward to being a part of the path or family and to sporting know this flourishing region. Build for reducing lol means. Mr. Richardson issued a statement. We achieve. Tim and his communications in the past is just a PR statement to me means nothing. I'll do I don't think it has one ounce of sincerity and it. There was no reason for me to believe that it has one doubts the sincerity and it's written in a professional manner the way that. Our party statements are supposed to be. But they don't reveal any thing they don't give you any true sentiment they don't reveal any of any truth. Any anything. It is strictly. For the record. And and I have to stood they are real disdain. Because I think it's dishonest. I like honesty. I like blatant honesty. I like people that look you straight in the eye and say. I don't like Q but. At least say they've got the guts to say it. And you know exactly where you stand doesn't say that I don't define that to be and had not uncomfortable. But I mean that's that's the kind I I've said for years been kind of a weird sort of way of somebody stood up in my funeral and said you know quite frankly was never my cup petite. I have kind of a weird respect for that guy. Instead of sitting there acting like like he gave a dale. I like honesty there's nothing honest about this but here's what it says Rosalind and I'll auto express our appreciation to all of you for creating such powerful passionate fan experience for the past 23 years. We are grateful to the Carolina community for the love and support you're showing your Panthers your enthusiasm for football and devotion to the team has been a source of strength for us. And for everyone who calls the Carolina's home. We also want to thank the Panthers organization for Diller and great football immigrated fan experience week after week. For almost a quarter century your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed you have made a a measurable difference than you made us proud. Now there is Protestant sincerity in this sentence here. It's been almost sixty years since I last took the field and I know how tough it is to play this game. I have the highest respect for men who Wear the Panthers Jersey. You inspire me every week with your commitment and your determination to win I will always be your number one fan. Hillary is that I think that there are some honesty and outline is because I do think that he relates to the players and I do think that the players have a certain respect for mr. Richardson. I think got Thomas Davis and I think to some of the other players that have gone. And they do have respect for mr. Richardson and that's why I'm using the term mr. right now because. That respect deserves respect. But as for a owner or somebody that was ever accountable. To the fans. I find that to be out. Not deserving of the title mr. He said I wish mister tepper all the best. The team is in good hands the stadium is a wonderful place to watch a game with the friends and family Carolina is and will BA contender. From these thousands of people who come every a year to training camp to the millions of fans who come to the stadium more follow the team every day. We thank you for making. The sale is final. 190. Days into the year 2018175. Days to go it's July tonight. You know what I was a year ago this. Warning. Diabetes type 21 time ever heard that phrase. Just myself into an emergency room at best part Colorado medical center and found out that. I wasn't having heart attack. Remember what they called it. Traffic Carty or something like that about a mile high altitude sickness. I felt like such a weenie I was in my hometown. Couldn't figure altitude. Going back later on this year thanks see whatever pound. But walked Janet. I don't know about 1130. Our time. 930. They're time Saddam either got altitude sickness room and architect. Wound up there with that whole three and a half hours of frivolity. He's that I think you might be a diabetic queen can you go see your doctor. And Dutch and within about three days and so we read up on diabetes type two and a read all the symptoms or none about a thing. Knew it knew before I got the diagnosis were when I came back here. Haven't had ice cream and a year. There's other stuff I haven't had near either. Speaking of Colorado. I really need to get out of it. They're vice premier right. And you put that on a bolt. OJ Simpson is 71 years old today. They're having him. 1995. Grateful Dead played their last concert Soldier Field Chicago Jerry Garcia would pass away the following month. And today is test your doorbell day. There are you know fewer door to door salesmen these days so how do you know who works or not was too good test your doorbell. Go outside. Bush at all but. The dog goes crazy. Ports. To a network. Police in Florida have been ordered to our return to 40000 bucks to a strip of money was found in an illegal search or her vehicle. Which she claims came from tips and. That's in bed good maybe she just doesn't go to the bank is often looks. 40000 bucks and but for some stripper. Several people already been injured in this year's are running of the bulls in no problems Spain and the American Medical Association has aborting the UN that if you clean your grill all the wire brush. So that metal can stick to the grill and getting your food. We may be called fiber. Oh. Elvis Costello announced cancer diagnosis. Now battling cancer. To do our FaceBook on Friday said six weeks ago my specials called me and said you ought to start playing the Lotto. He had rarely if ever seen such a small but very aggressive cancerous malignancy that could be defeated by a single surgery. I was elated and relieved that our European summer tour could go on as a schedule. Post surgical guidelines for such surgery recommend three weeks to four weeks recovery depending on whether or not you were returning to a desk job burn occupation. That involves physical work or travel. It was impossible to judge others advisory would line up with the demands of traveling. As a musician playing ninety minute did you hour plus our performances on a nightly basis. Bad day or two were scheduled for Austria Croatia in Norway Sweden in the UK. And he's now been forced to cancel the rest of the tour. It's I don't wanna take my friends attending last night show and Amsterdam and those in Antwerp. The spirit has been more than willing but I have now. But I have to now except that this is going to take a little longer than I would have wished for me to a fully recover. And therefore I must reluctantly cancel the remaining engagements on the two were so well first brought to Elvis Costello. There was five years ago this month July the fifteenth. That twinkies. Returned. Studio store shelves after an eight month absence. If I'd asked you what you said five years. May recall that twinkies vanished from the LA and no late Tony twelve after a hostess brands file for bankruptcy. But if they're more twinkies over left over they would've lasted for the five years that they were. Wouldn't think the twinkies last forever. Diehard tweet he shares were excited that there are a favorite snack and their comeback but did didn't like CEO altered taste. Many noticed the new twinkies didn't have that same taste and consistency is the classic once. Hi Abe might be because unlike the classic twinkies the new ones were frozen before shipping. That was done to extend the shelf life from fifteen to a 45 days. I guess they don't last forever. In Seattle soda sales are down tax revenue on soda is up. For the city is made four point four million dollars since they are roughly 2%. Or two cent per ounce tax went into effect few months ago. Tax money is being held views you know for low income people child care programs college tuitions. Don't like GAAP. So you wanna lose weight. Didn't break out of pencil and paper our researchers say keep food diary anytime you've ever gone on any kind of up. Have been on Nutrisystem in my lifetime for a long long time but they'll tell you keep food log right down to you can forget what you eat. And that's what they say keep a detailed account of what you eat and drink and the calories that attacks. Powerful tool helping people lose weight their study involved 16100 middle aged men and women over six months found that those who kept a diary. Just about every day lost about twice as much weight. As those who did not. You say you think to yourself oh no I can keep track of that my head up and you know. Well I'll continue grabbed this and he grabbed that and grab this commitment to have that problem. Barbecue season full swing. I read that is to dale boy your chances of accidentally burning your finger or plumber your armor on the rise probably already know what you should do after area. Painful accident Nepal's your skin run me a burn under cold water and in a playlist bandage she knew that yes. Did you know. What you should never do. You should never put an ice pack on a per. It can damage your skin and worsen your injury he should also never pot blisters. How do you keep from doing that on the once again on the back here Gil and stuff like that I mean even if you don't do them but yourself they do they do. Some is gonna make you go. Anyways should never pop blisters or apply antibiotics or better. Fairly. Grandma's old remedy it was put butter on burns. All those steps breathing infection. Plus an excellent popcorn. Sale of the F Kansas did David ever finalized their press conference scheduled for tomorrow morning. At 11 o'clock. For all the oppressive and and everywhere and so on. That will be with mister tepper. And we'll see you it to. Which happens though there are 11 o'clock tomorrow is so when that took press conference will take place. He David tepper era of the Carolina Panthers organization has begun. 2.2 75 billion. And had no minority program about partners he made. In many. Takes a lot at some point but at least initially aid to stir you just wrote via check he had did say at one point that he. Saw benefits of having minority club partners in no would consider groups with the local ties put to. But initially there will be you know and he has pledged to keep the team in Charlotte. Which was founded here in 1993 by Jerry Richardson as you all well know. We started play in 1995. Inaugural season in Clemson. Many of us remember getting on broach tour buses and head down to clones and every week to. Into played out there was actually kind of fun. It took getting out of Clemson was not all that much fun. And moved into the updated stadium in 1996. Tepper said that he wants to continue to water the two state fan base. Which is wall we're called the Carolina Panthers. On and not to Charlotte Panthers. I'm thirty minutes after the announcement of the sale been finalized Tina Becker chief operating officer announced her resignation. She is have been with interest or nineteen years worker way up from. I dated a team operations after a mr. Richardson announced he'd be stepping going. The so the team is is also without a president because Danny Morrison are retired or resigned you'll recall back in the spring of Tony seventeen whenever really did understand why that took place. Here's a shocker Becker did not publicly address media during her short time in the position than did not comment on the allegations against Richardson the sale or the investigation. So she was perfect for that job because she was ordered for a guy who never talked to either. Pepper had already evaluated football operations according to the observer today this is the story that is written by assured Rodrigue. And Ron Rivera and no Marty Ernie. He said he was incredibly impressed by according to CBS sports' own Jason though a look at for a hernia and Rivera each have a contract that runs through a 20/20 and I would hope to both of those guys are safe vote to talk more tell us with and think. Investigation and rich and advances organization concluded. In June and sale was announced as a finalized today July in the ninth. When he eighteen the the new. Ownership takes command. Both have issued statements we shared those with you over the of course of the afternoon of from a David temporary manager rich soon as well. And nobles who have kept press conference has to say and produce tomorrow at 11 o'clock I I doubt that there will be any well I'd I shouldn't say that I we don't know. There are so many questions about practice facilities and no stadium and on this that the other I don't know if there will be any decisive news tomorrow or announcements were mister temple Euro or not maybe you'll love. Not to some extent announce a a little bit of a chain of command tomorrow. I wouldn't assume that the Tina Becker news was sort of surprised to do to backer today she probably knew what I was governor and I imagine that mister tepper probably has. On some ducks in a row Alessio takes over are you paid 2.2 75 billion for some you've you've we were you probably do well a little bit of our work before you actually take the reins of did you think. Yeah I would imagine you probably do so we'll see what that press conference or produces tomorrow. And I would assume that you would hear that on the the news out of that press conference on the home of the Carolina Panthers news talk eleven to 993 WBT. We talk about the comment sections of. Well we're talking about to the comment sections of the Billy BT web site. But and they all. I don't know about you -- here real. All right unity generally they're pretty good for about. Two segments to two. To three cal matters and then it just gets in the there's some people in there. They just get in there too. I can't think of her name but there's one lady on the WBT website just gets in there just to get beat up. Because she does on a regular basis say I think she dislikes there the sport of at all. And. And then then there's live pretty much what you would expect. Which is where they just gets to be. Mundane and say. And there's really no value in reading it after a certain point because it's just. Stupidity. ESPN that you can add them to the list of major web sites that are less than thrilled with reader discussions these sports broadcaster is dropping its FaceBook linked comments sections across its web sites. With no plans to bring them back or archive the results. Is another here you don't hear his many phone calls on radio stations as you used to either. Because. He has gotten it is is part of the divisive and as a vote of them of America that we've all talked about. And it becomes a breeding ground for anybody that wants to Spiro. Any thing that they wanna spill. And many have met most of it a lot of it. Not to actual. Now opinions are one thing if they're based on some sort of. Strong foundation. But. They did one of the hard part to be in a talk show host is that you stand here and somebody quotes something about guns or. Policy error. Immigration law or something along those lines and you don't know if it's true or false. Or made up. Our comes from some whacko web site. You don't know. And so when. I mean most talk show host spend a lot of time off the air preparing to talk about what they're gonna talk about on the air but if all the sudden that conversation strays. Do an area and it does from time to time it could takes on its own legs from time to dump. There when you stray into an area that you're not prepared to talk about that day you can run yourself into real problems that's the biggest challenge is doing a talk show just try to decipher. Oh what's true from what's not true what's craft from what's not breath. Other ago. Period of these missiles again after 5 o'clock news. You're less vague about the 92 year old Arizona woman who are shut guilders 72 year old son because he wanted to senator new nursing homes. Tough. There's an article Indio Wall Street Journal today vowed to. The hard job of when to stop an older driver. I'm pro watch that in my family. I when they took the keys away from my grandfather. They just was not a good day. There's a guy who was a vice president of very general motors acceptance corporation for a good long while and drove an Oldsmobile. And guy he took care of that Oldsmobile I remembers a small Kinnear retired early got into our really are crucial car wreck that left him with a cane for the rest of his life. And took our very early retirement so he was pretty much are retired by the time I ever came along. I don't know what that would be an early fifties. So. He. He's to travel around to all of a goodwill stores and Salvation Army stores and secondhand stores and he became an expert on glass. And became an expert and antiques and. And Nassau I would jump and had Oldsmobile with him when I was down in Denver or when I was in from. Wherever we relive and at the time. And and we would go hit the second hand store soon know. And you know generally they have us someplace that. Back in the story you'd have like a temporary like a rope tied across Lou back area where it's a do not hinder or. You have ago a makeshift. Accordion fenced types you know barrier. In news they do not hinder or employees only or something like that that's where he'd start. In Delray go back into the area that you're supposed to be and and I go through all pill for altered all that stuff could that would have been all the new stuff that is just arrived. There's sale oil plating that hangs in my house today that has been in our office in my family forever. We call and chicken boy. But it is sale oil painting that was. Painted by a fairly renowned French. Peter. And my grandfather. Founded. In. Goodwill store or something like that. And it was all covered with dust and. And he would need anyone mentioned in the painting he was instant in the frame. And the frame was just it is it is. Elaborate and antique music and possibly very. So he got backed Erin blew off the dust off that thing and looked at the frame and carried it up to the front of the storms and how much you want for this ram I don't know what the price was. The guys that don't you all of those 35 bucks. My grandfather said argued you know. Fifteen for men and did their diet I have no idea what you don't pay it forward gate you're amid the numbers may have been higher than that but they work extravagant. So we got them. The other home. And it when he got tagged played in all more the dust off the painting he started discovering that there was a painting under there that was actually. Pretty damn good. So we took it to an art dealer and Denver. Instead clean this up and do some homework on it and now tell me what it is this anything. Yeah that's probably worth today it's probably worth about I don't know 111000 bucks. Back when he was still alive I think it was you know worth 56000 dollars when he finally. But anyway I've come when they finally had to go to my grandfather and take keys away from him it was just not a in which is not a good thing my aunt who just turned 92 and lives in Dallas finally gave up perky is but it took auto accident for her to do it. And I don't think that the accident was her fault but I I think there's an accident scared her to such a degree that she just do that to appointed. It made more sense for her. So there's this column in the Wall Street Journal today about the hard job of windows stop an older driver. Somebody writes in to this ask on core. And it says any guidance about. When and how to limit or stop an older. And increasingly frail family member from driving. My husband and I are facing this situation. With one of our parents. And there doesn't appear to be any a trouble free approaches are solutions. And this glad Ruffin knock. You are does this column called ask on core rights back and says there are. Any talks about his two Brothers wrestling with a very issue with their mother back when she was an early eighties is that the day after we told her that she couldn't drive anymore. After she'd been involved in a fender Bender. Devastating for her and us. And he says in hindsight I should have had done several things differently I should have listened to more closely to my mother's friends. Who had started raising concerns about her ability to drive. Should have talked with my mother about taking steps to assess her driving skills. More on this in a moment he writes. And by the way this column has posted on the Hancock page WBT dot com because it actually gives you a couple links. Where you can. Assess driving skills tests that you can. He says I should have given her primary care doctor more involved. And I should have had done transportation plan in place before she had to give up driving. He's in my vague assurances that we would figured out really didn't help much. So he says the best place to start with your parent is a self Quinn is something on paper or computer. Don't let older drivers who rate their abilities at home with little or no pressure. And one purpose of the self test just to soften a person's resistance to further evaluation but they but the primary goal here. Which you should emphasize with your parent. Is not to run people off the road rather it is to keep older. Adults behind the wheel for as long as they can drive safely regardless of age so the three organizations can help AAA foundation for traffic safety the University of Michigan transportation research institute. And then National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. And and it says AAA publishes a driver 65 plus check your performances. And that's real start to find the fifteen. Questions and the basics and and the links like I say this whole article from the Wall Street Journal is up at the Hancock page WBT dot com and. If you go through that kind of live I deal and it's tough. Than maybe you go read this column and not take I have a copy off some of those tests and this evening we have been officially here. Senior process and all its. Well we're all stubborn and proud of when somebody starts to. Analyze whether or not you're still confident views of the you're not. Doesn't usually go over the world and it won't rip me either I just felt quite do it better than from my family. So. Ownership to give official today David Jefferson new owner of all the press garb. Tomorrow at 11 o'clock and you hear that still alive on no news talk 1110993. WBT. 2 11 o'clock tomorrow so Walt. Here from the new owner enough find out exactly what they'll tell us so far and maybe a little bit about the structure of the organization Tina Becker retired are resigned today. For about a half an hour after the sale was announced his final the acting CO2 in a Becker. Resigned her post and none sore would assume that a new chain of command will take place to some extent Bernie you know and Rivera are obviously under contract until 220 and on that part of the team should not change. I and in fact the new owner David tepper said Doug on. You know good things about to do structure of the football operations and so and so forth so we'll just have to wait and see what he has to say tomorrow I don't know how much of it'll just be. Introductory press conference or on how much of it will actually be some substance on non. Here's where we're gonna mirrors what we're gonna do and I don't that there will be any monumental announcements regarding stadium were. Practice fields or anything along those lines but. 11 o'clock tomorrow on non news talk 1110993. W Ricci you'll hear the your first press conference when David tepper from a month panther stadium Bank of America Stadium. And and that should be up on the etched into him. And exciting. New owner is exciting. In Los of course you well worked for that organization in which case it's also older wrecking. By any new ownership that comes and says we don't anticipate any changes. Is lying to you that there will be changes. So. So what will Woolsey were all of that she were all that goes. 1968. Many of you or not even alive in 68. But I was written up. It's float around television you as those of you may notice my voice is not exactly strong right now because somehow another road the day after the fourth of July got a sore throat and ever felt bad. And as of yesterday. We'll start to lose my voice. And as of today. I'm finding out that. Three hour talk show is. Taxing. But anyway we'll get past this ought to feel fine just to sound like crap and permanent imbalance so anyway if your. If you're not getting myriad general fired non high fidelity sound are normally. And the government if you ask watch and TV over the weekend and as do did the other day into a CNN's the eighties. I like that don't watch rush CNN but I can take those and I saw a little bit of the ninety's in the last night they had the two thousands. Well I don't care about 2000 I've been there you know it's not that long ago. Although Y two K was pretty next thing I do remember us all of thinking the world was just gonna go. Completely. Complete Havoc was going to Durham because of Y two K. But then I saw a thing on CNN's website about. 1968. Now. That was fifty. Years ago. So. Three guys to have any remembers of it all you have to be at least 55 to sixty years old. I was a sophomore in high school. I was a year away from going to saint John's military school Salina Kansas because they just couldn't quite. Figure out. A direction for me. And in the summer of 1968. They caught me with. Two. Joints. And in 1968 that was reason. For your parents to have a certain amount of panic. So while. But 1968. Was one of those years that if you were around for it this is you know five years past the Beatles just rock in America to its core. There are few years that are remembered with such mixed emotions as 1968. The Tet offensive the My Lai massacre. In Vietnam. Cannot think of the name of that army officer lieutenant William Calley is that right. Things you remember. The black Panthers were becoming increasingly. Visible. The assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. 1968. Was the assassination of Robert F Kennedy. And the use of force. Against protesters during the Democratic National Convention. I'm not so sure that to some extent part of the stress. Or. Reluctance. You have the RNC. In Charlotte. In 22 Arnie doesn't come from the reality of what happened in Chicago. For the DNC. When the whole world will watch it. Because you you can't I was fifteen. In 1968. And I remember. That black and white television screen like it was yesterday. Apollo eight became the first manned mission to orbit the moon. You read Janis Joplin and read reshaping rock and roll you had Peggy Fleming and Tommy Smith bringing home gold medals from the Olympics. Tommy Smith along with John Carlos were the two that raise their fists in protest. At the Olympics in Mexico City. That's a scene that many of us. Will never raced from our heads. Lyndon Johnson. Announcing that he would not seek correct or re election. And in that led to some guy named Richard Nixon. Hippies were big in 1968. Shirley Chisholm who in 1968 became the first. African American woman elected to the senate. And Jimi Hendrix. Cesar Chavez. And so sure that 1968 wasn't a year for the Denver pop festival. Which is where I sort Hendrix. And the last. Concert that he had the experience. Later in the United States when the last on the Jimi Hendrix played the United States but it was the last time that he and Bob Dole reading and character but the other guys that. Didn't go on to be a way a long time. Just tell by the way. Those of you here used to hearing WB Dion tune in. I I did a driver on today with a lacks and us at Alexa played W BT and she played news talk 1110993. WBT on a radio dot com. So we've been making the announcement that you were doing just enough somebody told me they're still get that on tune in but I will tell you that if that is the case it's going to cease soon. But. I mean there's a day other than the mistake I've been making I guess was it's a to say I'm so used to saying. Alexa played WBT on tune in that I was saying Alexa played WBT on radio dot com. And this morning all I had to say well this Alexa played WB Tina I have to be released. Emphatic about the call letters. Of the wash alone computer use. Think she's program for four callers. That's that juror but anyway I you have to be a fairly precisely you're pro nuns see Asia enough. WBT. But. Just had to say Alexa played WB tinian. But a big. There was radio dot com as they website. That we you'll become more and more familiar with as time goes on and it is owned by in her column. Which is the term parent company that owns WBT and hundreds of other radio stations across country now. And radio dot com is a website that they inherited when they merged with CBS radio just recently. So not only did do well although CBS stations join intercom but radio dot com also is a website that will be utilized. Do a great extent. And they are I would daresay that we're kind of in our infancy. Oh with the possibilities for radio dot com to it and now. But the first thing that there will be just the platform for all radio stations so our radio dot com there's an app for no good downloaded. So you can grow with us. But and I can't speak for all the other. Smart speakers because I've got to they don't. Although I'm thinking about switch and that apple some say everything else seemed to have example. But anywhere right now. Alexa played WBT works just fine no with. With my hands on stuff so well go home and try that make sure that you're all wired in and ready to go but that's how you get us now. Alexa played WB TS should be only have to say. Tough. Supreme Court nominee tonight at 9 o'clock start special programming and 8 o'clock. I that'll run till about 10 o'clock including the announcement at turn nine there are around. CNN was running. Byline know a few moments ago that the president treasures decision. Now imagine this phone which are. So low. We'll find out at 9 o'clock something tells me that we'll find out before 9 o'clock that there will be. Somebody has suggested earlier that they bring all four of the men and just fire three of them are. I like the old. I don't think don't do that. But I would assume that the nominee will be seen walking into the White House or at some point or another there will be some sign that will tell us who it is before it's actually. Announced. So low we'll CO want to goes out with that the Charlotte Observer. On the night. The day after. The fourth of July. The observer had this story about job. Not to get back on the fourth of July so this would have happened on Tuesday. July the third. The story about Braxton will Winston. Raising some questions. About the RR NC coming to town. Now keep in mind than a week from. That Friday. The twentieth. Set a Friday. Is there's when they expected announcement. Will come down at Charlotte's going to be named in the city for the RNC or Los Vegas one of the two. Unless there's some got a real big. Weird. Upset. That's when the announcement is expected. So Bob. Braxton. Said the city needs to slow down and have a dialogue about. The merits of hosting the twenty Torre Republican National Convention we just talked about 1968 in the Chicago convention the whole world's watching it and armed police and Billy clubs and. They did yeah I don't mean to judge just total mayhem. And there's an awful lot of people that because of the administration that is in now. Concerned about what kind of an atmosphere that's going to create for a convention plus you have a very blue city here. That's probably just not crazy about hosting me RNC especially with strong being the president and this would be his nomination for a second term. Thought it was fascinating over the weekend that yesterday that's news was starting to break as to whether or not maybe Hillary Clinton might run again. Really. You guys can't come up with something better than that. Joseph Biden who will be a 107 years old is the other one. Elizabeth Warren has been but she says no she has no interest. No. Old honest. Just just really digs in her and her on that London. But. So Braxton says you know way we need to slowdown and have a discussion. Well your two weeks out. Did worry bin. Get ahead this discussion three months ago four months ago two months ago. Eight weeks ago seven weeks ago. Mean all the sudden now you're down new Charlotte and and Las Vegas and Vegas has even made an official bid. And now you wanna have the discussion won't where he then. Why has the discussion had been had by now you're here mayor by Lyles was. Been cushion under it's hard. Good economically for the city. Braxton says that. Bringing the national Republican National Convention do our Charlotte is should be more. Then an economic development decision. We would be asking the people Charlotte to host a celebration for a brand of politics. That has been highly divisive. And some would say dangerous to our community. Well quite frankly we brought those questions up when they first started talking about wanted to make a bid for the RNC. Of all they. Of all the times to make the bed I'm not so sure this is the RNC that you want but the problem but the big question is. Why are we having the discussion now. Why didn't this discussion started three and four months ago. Then there's the story talks about the F 2018 mid term election is shaping up to be a battle of bases Democrats are highly engaged this year. But enthusiasm for president trumpet the GOP agenda could get their hopes by retaking congress. These are. Could enthusiasm for trump undercut the Democrats mid term hopes if you read the mainstream press you save yourself no no there's no way because he's not that popular. But do when you start to look at the realities in the numbers. Study from pew research found that Democrats are more enthusiastic about the mid term the Republicans. But enthusiasm for the GOP has also gone up. And let's keep in mind. They won the last election. More on that in just a second and. Wander on over to the I think it might actually got about seven minutes left a voice than I should do it. I'm gonna hand it over to the art hears a noise sumo it is not for battling laryngitis. Well there's nothing going on today isn't necessarily Klein used in fact you. That's and there's a new owners treated our justice given but I don't know how many are we eight eight kids now eight kids in. And they'll start again in the morning getting and the remaining four out of there. And then the scout leader today even go back for him to sketch the parents and already said they forgive him he. Put out an apology over the weekend and then they were a lot of parents are very gracious toward him now I read a story few moments ago or I just saw a headline so I may have misinterpreted it but. My understanding is is that the parents don't know which eight kids are out yet so everybody's kinda still in the same boat. Clay you know I'm not entirely sure about that because I know one entire wing of the hospital they go to is set aside for those children it's hard to believe the parents don't know but I admit I think there is some confusion there has been who's out. We do know that the weakest. Kids who were in the war shape physically were the first ones out. I wonder how they made dose those decisions yeah. So they got the weakest outer first and and that's got to be and that's got to be good news for the lawns that are left I think senator yeah. They showed. With a Sunday jail today. What they were going through. And there's one point where they have to separate the child from the diver. Do you get them up almost certain platform mama and and and I guess that's the most precarious part of the whole ordeal this when no when you have to kind of let loose of the kids for a few seconds yeah. And Dave who what's interesting about this is they're two divers with them at all times and it's kind of in some ways like you know when you go to swimming pool with a little kidney keep the kid up that's exactly what they're doing. Except in very deep water and it's a very long distance that they have to do. Cigna swimming pools you've got a story about a seven year old who probably gets ice cream. Yeah I'm telling you they when you hear this 911 call it will majors a seven year old. The mother is screaming and hysterical because a one year old had fallen into the swimming pool so the seven year old calls 911 and gets help there and just does a bang up job during that time. And I any ideas on Supreme Court to pick I was a look at that does CNN and they said. The decision has been made and I thought I don't get how well again I think that probably kind of figured it probably would be by now and we're. Talk at 622 way ABC's. Top lawyer he'd he'd get has a couple of picks but he said really. As unpredictable. As this is it's really hard to know but it's down before. I don't disagree with Braxton. Winston for wanting to have the conversation. And I do think that there are some concerns about Joseph the RNC and especially for this particular convention and and all that kind of stuff and that's a great discussion and should have been had about three months ago watch and wonder what's the deal with do we. To go yeah that's the thing and Merrill isles I spoke briefly with her by phone and she sounded nearly panicked and wouldn't talk about it which is very uncharacteristic for her I mean as she basically is dealing with a revolt from some fellow Democrats. But there are several other Democrats who told me no we're fine with this so I mean I think I think what you're going to see this is a ploy by Braxton Winston. I think in many ways politically to keep his name out there and day he'll draw big crowds to the next couple council meetings he's not gonna like that assessment from. Now he's taken the spotlight away from dimples. And dimple has commended said she's okay what the convention coming in here. While. Did she said that before all of this started. The observer had a quote firmer the other data that effect and I tried to chaser candidate should return the call but today she has been from and economic development standpoint she's been for a death. Well unlocked honorable and he asked if she thinks 9/11 didn't exist so a lot of mayfield has no credibility. That's exactly right. All right I'll see you and are just gonna wanted to thank you very much shall we are talking about ticket enthusiasm for trump undercut the Democrats mid term hopes and I read all these positive things about. That that trump are re elections and so on and so forth Democrats expect high voter turnout in the primaries Republicans could offset that. Trump supporters give the president near 90% approval ratings higher than any other president since World War II. With the exception of George W. Bush in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks. Com it's all just fascinating because if you read the press. Or you listened to all dependents. Boy you would think that this guy and maybe and maybe even all catches up with him maybe North Korea catches up with the may be the tariff thing catches up with him maybe the combination of the two. Where you need cooperation from. Other nations that nudge China to combat what's going on with the North Korea thing Richard I get a get it because over a war with them on a terror of war and rub on trade this that the other. I you know maybe it all comes term. Or. Maybe this hard negotiating stance so opens up the Bombay doors by the time November rolls along and we've balls hadn't seen some of movement on a positive standpoint in North Korea. All right and all the sudden we're starting to see. Where trade is gonna be on the stronger foundation now than it had been ever. Because of this president's willingness to us stand his ground at all I don't know. But it's it's all pretty fascinating to look to watch it will be fascinating denied to see the president name his new Supreme Court justice. And and then you know let the character. Assassination began because that's exactly what they'll do they won't find out everything they can't about this. Particular nominee and they will do everything they can to discredit them. And throw fear into the American people as to what they may or may not be capable of doing. Up from being a member of the Supreme Court. But the fact of the matter is is that if they uphold the foundation of the constitution. That's the job. And they're not supposed to react politically or on their own personal thoughts. And that's what separates Democrats or Republicans. The understanding of just that. See you tomorrow at 3 o'clock shun hand.